jkakarWill PPA continue to support edgy builds when edgy is end-of-lifed?00:17
jmlthat's a good question00:18
elmono, it won't00:21
elmowell, I shouldn't be so definitive, but I seriously doubt and hope it won't00:22
elmoedgy won't be on archive.u.c, so PPAs would need patched to point elsewhere etc.00:22
jmlright. supporting things is hard. supporting less things is easier.00:30
holtmannCan I ask again for import approval of the bluez-gnome translation template.00:49
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ubotuNew bug: #192015 in malone "Bug importance should change from UNKNOWN to UNDECIDED when a project switches to using Launchpad for bug tracking" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/19201501:55
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robvdlHi, would this be right channel, if I wanted to ask for help on building a deb file?06:03
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jamesh_robvdl: depends on whether it is a generic question or one specific to PPA06:16
robvdljamesh_: I've just solved it, thanks. I had problems with building a python program, it kept saying arch amd64 instead of all, was an error in the control file I overlooked.06:20
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robvdlWhen you upload to your ppa, how long should it take before you can see  it on the web. I appear to have uploaded a package fine, but it hasn't shown on launchpad07:20
poolierobvdl, go to the "builds" list in your ppa, and choose "all states"07:48
pooliejamesh, i'm trying to script access to launchpad using curl07:48
pooliesomeone told me it would accept digest auth (rather than cookie auth) but this isn't working07:48
poolieis it just me?07:48
jameshpoolie: there is no digest auth support07:49
jameshbasic auth will probably work though07:49
poolieor basic auth?07:49
jamesh(which is relatively safe going over https)07:49
poolieit still seems to be sending me to +login...07:50
robvdlpoolie: it's not showing in all states either, I must be doing something wrong when uploading07:50
pooliedid you get an "accepted" mail?07:50
robvdlrejected, Unable to find distroseries: unstable07:51
poolierobvdl, you need to give an ubuntu distroseries07:52
poolielike 'hardy'07:52
pooliein the changelog07:52
robvdlok, I will have a look07:53
pooliejamesh, i'm still getting Unauthenticated user POSTing to page that requires authentication.%07:54
pooliei can see a basic auth header is being sent 07:54
jameshhmm.  maybe the auth headers are only being passed through for xmlrpc.launchpad.net07:56
poolieoh, it looks like the web site only accepts email addresses for logon, not user names now?07:59
pooliei don't think it used to be like that07:59
poolieok, that was my problem08:00
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paranoid_ndroidhello, I'm translating one project, and the translations are disappearing from my profile09:48
paranoid_ndroideven though they remain translated in the project09:48
Fujitsuparanoid_ndroid: Where are they disappearing from?09:50
paranoid_ndroidfrom the URL I pasted09:52
FujitsuYou've only translated one project, so why would multiple be listed?09:53
paranoid_ndroidmultiple translations09:59
paranoid_ndroidinside one projecto09:59
paranoid_ndroidI've translated several strings09:59
paranoid_ndroidshouldn't it display all of them?10:00
Fujitsuparanoid_ndroid: That would result in many thousands of entries for a lot of people.10:02
FujitsuNote that the page is entitled `Applications and packages translated'10:03
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paranoid_ndroidI see. Is there any place I can find my stats? nº of terms translated etc?10:03
FujitsuNot that I can see, but the karma stats may give you an idea of recent activity.10:04
paranoid_ndroidkarma summary?10:04
paranoid_ndroidok, thanks10:04
paranoid_ndroidI have another problem. The project owner wants to name me manager for one of the languages. He told he can't find where to designate someone10:05
FujitsuMy knowledge on the translations application is very limited, unfortunately.10:06
paranoid_ndroid""'Structured', only designated translators are able to edit or confirm translations for those languages", but they don't say how to designate someone.."10:06
paranoid_ndroidthis is what he said10:06
FujitsuI suspect you need to create a translation group.10:07
paranoid_ndroidFujitsu thank you very  much, maybe someone will helop :-)10:07
paranoid_ndroidthere is one already, created by the owner10:07
paranoid_ndroidof course I've already searched the answers but couldn't find any relevant info.10:11
Fujitsuparanoid_ndroid: OK, I think I see now. You need to create a translation group (a special kind, only admins can do it, I believe), then assign a normal group per language.10:11
paranoid_ndroidbut there is already a translation group for this project. what kind of special group is it? is it different?10:13
paranoid_ndroidI've created a test project. It lets you choose a group, but only the main groups i.e. ubuntu translators, debian translator group etc10:17
FujitsuOnly the existing groups, correct.10:19
paranoid_ndroidhmm. but it doesn't let me select e.g. the stellarium group10:19
FujitsuRight, that's not a translation group.10:19
FujitsuThe page to create translation groups is not linked, and the page is forbidden. I suspect you'll need an admin to do it.10:20
carlosparanoid_ndroid: a translation group can only be created by Translations admins, please file a request at https://answers.launchpad.net/rosetta10:20
FujitsuThanks carlos.10:20
Fujitsucarlos: Could that be added to the help tab on that page?10:21
paranoid_ndroidcarlos but isn't it possible to assign only a Team?10:21
tarminhi... all..10:21
Fujitsuparanoid_ndroid: One team for all languages sounds slightly strange.10:22
carlosFujitsu: yeah, I guess is a good place to put it...10:23
carlosparanoid_ndroid: no, because we need to link languages with teams10:23
paranoid_ndroidthe project needs to have only one editor for one language, i.e. everyone may suggest translations but only one revisor can approve them. this is what we need10:26
paranoid_ndroidhave a head-translator, a revisor10:26
paranoid_ndroidit doesn't need to be a Team, much less a group10:27
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paranoid_ndroidand I guess it doesn't make sense to create a group only for one person10:29
paranoid_ndroidok, I've filed the request at rosetta. thank you kindly for your help10:36
carlosparanoid_ndroid: what name do you want for your translation group?10:48
paranoid_ndroidI don't want to create a group, I only want to be the reviewer for one project (the admin doesn't know how to assign me to that language)10:51
paranoid_ndroidit's only me, I don't know if a group creation is the best solution. But if you have to, you can name it: stellarium translator10:51
carlosparanoid_ndroid: oh, so it's not really your project?10:52
paranoid_ndroidno, but the admin for that project wants to do that10:52
paranoid_ndroidi.e. assign me to be the reviewer, but he doesn't know how to do it10:52
carlosparanoid_ndroid: he's using Ubuntu translators10:53
carlosand thus, the only way to be a reviewer for his project10:53
carlosis becoming an Ubuntu Spanish reviewer10:53
carlosI misunderstood your request....10:54
paranoid_ndroidoh I see. Did you mean portuguese?10:54
paranoid_ndroidhow can I become a reviewer then?10:55
carlosif he wants more concrete persons as reviewers, he needs a translation group specific for his project...10:55
BleSSHow to delete a project in LP?10:55
carlosparanoid_ndroid: oops, I assumed you were talking about Spanish ;-), yeah, where I said Spanish, read Portuguese.10:56
paranoid_ndroidno prob, it was just to be sure :-)10:56
paranoid_ndroidthere is already a translation team for that project10:56
BleSSis possible to delete a project in LP?10:57
carlosparanoid_ndroid: If you follow the link to the team that handles it for Ubuntu (from http://translations.launchpad.net/+groups/ubuntu-translators) you can see the instructions: https://launchpad.net/~ubuntu-l10n-pt10:58
BleSScarlos: sabes si se puede borrar un proyecto de launchpad?10:58
carlosparanoid_ndroid: that team has no effect for the translation permissions10:58
carlosBleSS: please, file a request at http://answers.launchpad.net/launchpad explaining why do you want it removed.10:59
carlosand an admin with enough rights will handle it10:59
paranoid_ndroidMembership:42 active members10:59
paranoid_ndroid137 proposed members10:59
BleSScarlos: thanks10:59
paranoid_ndroidlooks rather grim10:59
carlosparanoid_ndroid: is not a matter of just request to join it, you should follow the procedure explained at http://www.ubuntu-pt.org/Wiki/Traduzir 11:00
carlosBleSS: you are welcome11:00
paranoid_ndroidI see it has an approval process. The use of ubuntu translators by the admin of the project I need to get in was probably just a test. He doesn't want to define Ubuntu Translators. It can be anyother group.11:03
carlosparanoid_ndroid: then, please, ask him to confirm that in the request you filed at answers.launchpad.net/rosetta11:13
carlosparanoid_ndroid: so I can go ahead and create it11:13
paranoid_ndroidoh ok :-)11:16
paranoid_ndroidjust one last thought: if the assigns the ubuntu translators group in the structured mode, it means that anyone from the ubuntu translators group pt has the power to edit , review , etc in the said mode?11:23
paranoid_ndroid*if the admin for the project assigns11:23
paranoid_ndroidand I still can't understand for what's the use of a team: e.g. https://launchpad.net/~stellarium-translation11:25
carlosparanoid_ndroid: that's something the owner of the project should answer, he created it...11:26
paranoid_ndroidok, thank you :-)11:27
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ArmedKingHello all, I have a verry old account but i cant remember the email addres used for is and password. Is there a way to fix this? or perhaps delete that account so i can make a new one?13:14
matsubaraArmedKing: you can create a new one and merge the old into the new one. What's the account?13:18
ArmedKingThe account is armedking13:19
ArmedKingThe new account i created is Laurentius van Gulik13:19
ArmedKingsorry the old one is armedking the new one is armedking-live13:21
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matsubaraArmedKing: do you have access to the email address registered for the armedking account?13:24
ArmedKingI think not, I recently changed out all emails because i didnt used the old ones anymore13:25
ArmedKingI know itś verry sloppy but it's been a long wile ago13:26
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matsubaraArmedKing: I've filed a request for it: https://answers.edge.launchpad.net/launchpad/+question/2471013:27
matsubaraa LP admin will take care of it.13:27
ArmedKingmatsubara Oke thank you verry mutch13:28
matsubaraArmedKing: you're welcome13:28
ArmedKingmatsubara: how will i know when itś succesfull13:28
matsubaraArmedKing: you can subscribe to the request.13:32
ArmedKingmatsubara: oke thank you for the help. Have a great day13:32
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kikoArmedKing, I can't find your account.15:07
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kikoewww defective17:02
mtaylorhey all... is it possible to get a project renamed? 17:34
matsubaramtaylor: yes, request it in https://answers.launchpad.net/launchpad17:34
mtaylormatsubara: great. 17:34
mtaylormatsubara: thanks17:34
matsubarayou're welcome17:35
mtaylormatsubara: can teams be renamed as well? 17:35
matsubaraif they don't have mailing lists attached to them, yes17:35
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andrea-bshello, could somebody tell me when the MailingLists will be stable released?18:55
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vemonhi! how can i completely remove a package from my ppa?19:17
vemoni've tried the delete function from the user interface but it only seems to "hide" the package19:17
vemonif i try to re-upload the pkg i get "The source whysynth - 20070418-0ubuntu1 is already accepted in ubuntu/hardy and you cannot upload the same version within the same distribution."19:17
vemonand i don't want to do an increment on the version number since i'd like to have the same version in the ppa that i've uploaded to revu19:18
holtmannCan someone please approve https://translations.launchpad.net/bluez-gnome/+imports20:18
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NorthernLightsHello all22:06
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NorthernLightsSorry to bother you, but i spent the last 30 minutes trying to delete a serie i added to one my projects on launchpad by mistake. Would someone help ?22:07
NorthernLightsIs it possible to delete a serie on launchpad ?22:09
NorthernLightsgoing to ask on answers, never mind.22:11
NorthernLightssee you22:11
jcastrowhat's the method for closing a bug in lp with a bzr commit?22:44
Fujitsujcastro: There is none.23:05
kiko-afkyou can say --fixes, though :)23:06
jmlwhich will link the bug to the branch.23:06
jcastrok, that will do, thanks!23:08
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