LattyHey all. Running gutsy and I can't log into my MSN account with Pidgin - I can login via a web messenger - my details are correct.17:00
Gnineon system restart, one of 3 screenlets crashed and Evolution started with no prompt17:00
ubotuThe official ubuntu support channel is #ubuntu. Also see http://ubuntu.com/support and http://ubuntuforums.org17:01
PiciLatty: #ubuntu for Gutsy questions please.17:01
Lattysorry, I said Gutsy17:03
Gnineotherwise nothing major. but unexpected wierd behaviour. firefox seems to be fine without the suggested update17:03
LattyI mean Hardy17:03
* Gnine do not use pidgin17:04
Gninematter-of-fact i dont use any messenger service other than irc or email17:06
Gnineso i am no help17:06
PiciGnine: Me too ;)17:06
heret1cthere appears to be umpteen sources.list's available - in any other language than english.17:09
Piciheret1c: are you running gnome?17:09
heret1cpixi> kde, mainly. have gnome, too.17:10
* heret1c suffers the curses of both worlds 8-)17:11
Piciheret1c: In adept, go to Manage Software Sources and make sure that the ones you want are checked.17:11
Gninesecond time this week i hear that17:12
heret1cpici> yhanks. sometimes stepping over the brook to fetch water is dancing on your nose. 8)17:16
heret1conly thing linux REALLY needs now, is some all singing, all dancing, more-bbells-and-whistles-than-you-can-shale-a-stick-at mobile phone connection software.17:19
heret1cthat's  a major gap.17:20
heret1chttp://tinyurl.com/273fgw - force 5?17:23
heret1cerk, duty calls.17:24
jeffMASTERflexthe trash is giving me issues... it this related to the new vfs?17:27
jeffMASTERflexit persistently displays directories that were already deleted17:28
wastrelmobile phone stuff yes17:30
wastrelluckily there's a standard that works across all phones so it'll be easy to get broad support17:30
Gninecheck that your ~/.trash  is empty17:44
Gninethere is a known bug about it17:45
Gninejust screamed at it 'permission denied'17:46
Pici~/.Trash ;)17:46
Gnineyou'll know when you see it.. but i just tried that and it is not longer working17:47
Gninenew bug apparently17:47
h3sp4wnwastrel: For all features ? (the thing about the phones)17:47
wastrelh3sp4wn: just joking, there's no universal standard17:49
h3sp4wnwastrel: ah - I thought bluetooth was pretty universal17:50
wastrelah you're talking about that. i was thinkg about data sync17:52
wastrelyes bluetooth stuff i think is farily standardized17:52
h3sp4wnI can copy data etc from bluetooth but I have a common phone17:53
h3sp4wnI would be more interested in some way to flash semi recent nokia's (firmware change)17:54
PiciHrm. Is anyone else having issues with no menus showing up in gnome-terminal?18:04
PiciI think it may be a translation issue.18:04
h3sp4wnI have that issue18:04
h3sp4wnusing xfce4-terminal atm18:04
PiciI can click in the blank space, and have it come up... just wondering what bug/package this might be logged to.18:05
h3sp4wndpkg -S `which gnome-terminal` | awk -F: '{print $1}' | xargs apt-cache madison18:07
h3sp4wn(useless in this case but that is the way to find out - gnome-terminal is the source package name18:08
hyper_chhiho nice folks... I got a little problem. Currently I'm testing Hardy Alpha 4 with KDE 3.5.8 and Firefox 3 Beta 3.... now I noticed that when I want to open news in the browser from Akkregator it raises Firefox to the foreground. That is rather annoying. How can I stop that?18:30
Unksiset the focus stealing protection for firefox higher18:31
hyper_chUnksi: can you elaborate?18:32
Unksihyper_ch: right click the title bar, select advanced -> special application settings -> workarounds -> focus stealing prevention18:33
hyper_chUnksi: found it out ;) I didn't set any priority :)18:33
hyper_chUnksi: and so it failed to accomplish that workaround ;)18:33
Unksitick it on, put force and raise the level as long as it stops it18:33
hyper_chUnksi: thx18:33
Unksino problem :)18:33
hyper_chsomeone's having the same issue with konqueror but he can't seem to solve that18:41
andre_plIs there any way to get firefox 2.0 back?18:41
andre_plmy online banking doesn't work with 3.0 :S18:42
hyper_chandre_pl: there is :)18:42
andre_plthank god18:42
andre_plis it a pain?18:42
hyper_chin aptitude (and also synaptic and adpet I think) you can set a specific version18:42
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andre_plhyper_ch: it says 3.0~b3 is the only available version18:44
hyper_chandre_pl: then you might need to add a gutsy repo and force version from there18:44
andre_plhmm... ok18:44
hyper_chbut I don't really know if that is a good idea18:45
andre_plhmm. maybe I'll try opera or something.18:46
hyper_chandre_pl: how about opera for online banking?18:47
hyper_chandre_pl: maybe there's an ubuntu .deb on the ff homepage18:48
hyper_chandre_pl: or try to download the .deb from package.ubuntu.com18:48
andre_plgood options.18:48
andre_plhey, here's a wierd bug, totally unrelated.. anyone else noticed this? sometimes my 'new terminal' shortcut gets changed to just 'n' so every time i type an 'n' it opens a new terminal...18:49
andre_pljust have to hit alt+f n and the shortcut changes.18:49
andre_plyou can change any shortcut just by pressing a key with a menu entry highlighted.18:50
andre_plit doesn't do that for you?18:51
andre_plin gnome-terminal?18:51
hyper_chwhat's a gnome-terminal? ^^18:51
andre_plthe terminal in gnome. ;)18:51
hyper_chwhat's that? ^^18:53
hyper_chSysinfo for 'xubi': Linux 2.6.24-7-generic running KDE 3.5.8, CPU: AMDSempron2400+ at 1683 MHz (3371 bogomips), , RAM: 996/1010MB, 158 proc's, 12.34h up18:53
andre_plI used to love KDE, but it doesn't seem to work very well for tv-out/dual display stuff under ubuntu, and I do a lot of that... i still miss kde.18:55
hyper_chit's my first kde install in the last 3 releases18:55
andre_plError: uncaught exception: Permission denied to call method Location.toString18:56
andre_plthats the JS error thats preventing me from banking.18:56
andre_pli forgot i have 2 other gutsy machines in the house :)18:59
hyper_chno clue about JS18:59
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arcticpenguin380how do i enable the nvidia driver?19:02
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hyper_charcticpenguin380: sudo apt-get install nvidia-glx-new19:03
hyper_charcticpenguin380: at least that's what I think19:03
arcticpenguin380its installed19:03
arcticpenguin380but not enabled19:03
hyper_chsystem --> nvidia xserver settings?19:04
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arcticpenguin380not yet enabled =(19:08
hyper_chthen I have no clue19:09
kristjan_then is hardy heron CD with kde4 going to be released? how long do we hate to wait?19:12
toresbeHas Hardy gotten to the point at which it is unlikely that your system will catch fire?19:19
hyper_chtoresbe: runs fine for me19:20
toresbeHow many months is it from release?19:20
hyper_chhardy is 8.0419:21
coz_toresbe,  it should be release at the end o f April19:21
toresbeoh, April. So it should be getting better by now.19:21
toresbeOnce they fix dpkg, I'll upgrade, and keep my cat in another room lest it catch fire.19:22
theunixgeekAnyone use GNUstep? I need help opening Project Builder.  I don't know where it's located.19:22
toresbeNo, nobody uses GNUstep. That's why it's broken all the time. :)19:22
coz_toresbe,  yes it should and the version numbering is 8.04 which is 2008 4th month19:22
hyper_chapril 20 - if I'm not mistaken19:22
toresbecoz_: I know what the version numbers mean. Just didn't know the version number. :)19:23
hyper_chtoresbe: the release number indicate the date.... 8.04 --> 2008 april (04)19:23
toresbeI know.19:23
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arcticpenguin380is it safe to remove the older kernels20:06
tretleis anyone else having issues installing from the live cd20:10
Rotlausi have them remove without any problems20:10
tretlewhen its loading the live cd it enters busybox20:10
tretleno matter what option i choose20:10
tretleI can use hardy when i do a dist updgrade but Id like to be running from a clean install20:11
astabenoI am running alpha 4 in a VMware virtual machine with the vmware toolbox installed.  When I open the toolbox it runs fine for about 20 minutes, then the toolbox closes for no aparent reason.  I can start the app back up again and it runs fine.  I am not running it from a terminal, and I am not closing the app.  Has anyone had this problem before20:27
arcticpenguin380why isnt the firewall enabled by defualt?20:29
Tuv0kThe following packages have unmet dependencies:  libselinux1-dev: Depends: libselinux1 (= 2.0.15-2ubuntu1) but 2.0.55-0ubuntu1 is installed20:39
picard_pwns_kirkI'm trying to set up a dual-head configuration with xrandr20:41
picard_pwns_kirkbut I need to resize the xorg virtual desktop size20:41
picard_pwns_kirkwhen I add a section to my xorg.conf file, xorg blows up in my face20:42
picard_pwns_kirkis there any other way to do it?20:42
Tuv0kE: /var/cache/apt/archives/libselinux1-dev_2.0.55-0ubuntu1_amd64.deb: trying to overwrite `/usr/share/man/man8/selinux.8.gz', which is also in package selinux-utils20:44
picard_pwns_kirkanyone have any advice?20:48
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astabenopicard: have you tried envy, it sets up the xorg.conf for you.  It works for nvidea and ATI cards20:51
picard_pwns_kirkI have intel20:52
ubotuenvy is not needed or supported. Use the Resticted Manager to install binary drivers and see « /msg ubotu binarydriver »20:52
picard_pwns_kirkthat's why I'm using xrandr20:53
jussi01picard_pwns_kirk: isnt there some randr tray thing in the repos?20:53
picard_pwns_kirkI can add the monitor20:53
picard_pwns_kirkI need to set the virtual display size20:53
jussi01picard_pwns_kirk: what are you adding to the xorg?20:54
picard_pwns_kirkSubSection "Display"20:54
picard_pwns_kirkVirtual 3072 307220:55
jussi01picard_pwns_kirk: if you dont mind, could you pastebin your xorg?20:55
picard_pwns_kirk(in section screen)20:55
picard_pwns_kirkit's not very descriptive20:55
jussi01thats fine20:55
picard_pwns_kirkI just ran "sudo dpkg-reconfigure -phigh xserver-xorg" and restarted x20:56
jussi01oh yeah, I have one like this also20:56
jussi011 moment20:56
jussi01ok, IIRC, you need to have it like this:20:57
jussi01SubSection "Display"20:58
jussi01 Virtual "3072x3072"20:58
picard_pwns_kirkin which section?20:58
jussi01 EndSubSection20:58
picard_pwns_kirkunder screen?20:58
jussi011 sec20:58
jussi01yeah, under screen20:59
jussi01I think it was that you forgot the quotes and x20:59
picard_pwns_kirkmmkay, gonna restart x21:00
Matirjoin #mesa21:04
coz_whoa just did updates and firefox is way over size text  and icons21:04
coz_here's a screenshot   http://www.speedyshare.com/388127500.html21:05
MatirAnyone else have problems with OpenGL apps on Intel?  Particularly i96521:06
picard_pwns_kirkbut now, it doesn't display test21:07
Amaranthcoz_: you somehow managed to zoom the whole UI21:07
coz_Amaranth, no just did updates and opened firefox :)21:07
Amaranthcoz_: do you use a custom font setup?21:08
coz_Amaranth, no21:08
coz_Amaranth, all default clean install of hardy21:08
coz_even theicons are larger21:08
picard_pwns_kirkwould reboting help?21:08
Amaranthpicard_pwns_kirk: no21:09
Amaranthcoz_: try changing the dpi in firefox21:09
coz_Matir, which apps are you talking about?21:09
Amaranthabout:config, layout.css.dpi21:09
Amaranthtry 7521:09
coz_Amaranth, ok trying now21:09
picard_pwns_kirkAmaranth: what do you recommend?21:09
coz_Amaranth, interesting it is set at  -121:10
Amaranthpicard_pwns_kirk: I've never used xrandr or any of that, I have nvidia21:10
Amaranthcoz_: right, that's the default21:10
Amaranthit means "figure it out yourself"21:10
picard_pwns_kirkI'm gonna reboot21:10
coz_Amaranth, setting it to    1   fixed it for the most part21:11
Matircoz_, right now, mainly world of warcraft under wine21:11
coz_Matir, do you also have compiz fusion running?21:12
Matircoz_, nope21:12
picard_pwns_kirkback in x windows21:14
picard_pwns_kirkjussi01: how did you do yours?21:15
jussi01picard_pwns_kirk: I have ati, but I used to have intel. cant really remember21:16
astabenoI am having a hard time keeping vmware-toolbox running longer than 15 20 minutes on alpha 4.  The app keeps closing21:19
coz_ok I have to play with this firefox  since none of the addons even themes for the most part work any longer21:31
wastrelnew firefox freaking me out21:32
gQuigsI'm using 2.6.24-8, and grub2.. and it stops booting at "Time: acpi_pm clock source has been installed"21:39
gQuigsfollowed by going to busybox because /dev/hda1 does not exist21:39
gQuigs2.6.24-7 works fine21:39
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Oli``My dmraid package is broken. I'm not sure if this is just a broken hardy thing or if it's a proper broken thing. Either way, I don't know how to progress. I need to install things yet I can't because it keeps complaining about dmraid being knackered21:51
Oli``I don't need dmraid anymore so I'm happy to nuke it but apt-get remove dmraid throws the same error as when trying to upgrade21:52
danielm_cool! new wallpaper :p22:07
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sistpotyhi there... any gnome user with an nvidia card and an amd64 who'd like to test a version of sensors-applet built with nvidia support for me?22:28
ethana2can it measure GPU load?22:30
jussi01sistpoty: any chance it woulld work on kde?22:30
ethana2it's a gnome panel applet22:30
jussi01ahh, okies22:30
ethana2i think..22:30
sistpotyjussi01: then I wouldn't ask, as I'm running kde myself *g*22:30
sistpotymaybe there is some super s3cr3t trick to make it work, which I'm unaware of though22:31
jussi01sistpoty: heh, fair enough22:33
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h3sp4wnIs there any stuff for pulse audio to add an analog tube compression type effect ?22:58

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