hbonshi, where do i propose a alternate theme to ship with ubuntu?00:15
_MMA_hbons: On the wiki.00:17
hbons_MMA_: ok, thanks:)00:18
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TuxCrafterhello everybody08:20
TuxCrafteris the fluxbuntu artwork creator in this channel?08:20
nothlittroy_s: ^10:07
troy_snothlit: ?10:07
kwwii_ok, so apparently my packaging skills suck10:08
kwwii_anyone here want to fix up the wallpaper package?10:08
troy_skwwii_: What is there to fix?  Makefile hell?10:08
kwwii_troy_s: no, just some funky changelog stuff I don't get10:09
nothlittroy_s: someone asked for you earlier (flux art) :)10:10
troy_snothlit: Oh missed it.10:10
kwwii_apparently the last version was wrong and now my version is wrong as well10:10
kwwii_I'll figure it out10:11
kwwii_personally, I find that having artists do packaging is silly10:11
nothlitisn't there a whole desktop team of developers who can package?10:12
kwwii_nothlit: well, nobody is interested10:17
kwwii_it took me two days to get one of them to even look at the source packages I made10:17
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xivulonkwwii: added a few basic icons yesterday, in effect was quite trivial!11:48
xivulonI had been looking for some "tools" to generate icons within inkscape the day before did not occur to me to try save as in gimp...11:49
xivulonI must say they look far worse than the ubuntu one though...11:50
xivulonall these to say that I still need (proper) icons, but not that urgently... :P11:52
kwwiixivulon: cool, I'll add that to our team meeting and maybe we can find someone to help11:54
Toma-im looking for an article or guide on creating kde themes... anyone?14:32
kwwiiToma-: there is no general article on such stuff14:40
kwwiiToma-: but I am pretty good at it :-)14:40
Toma-what did you do to find out how stuff works?14:40
Toma-is it all plain text stuff?14:40
kwwiiwell, I have quite a few years experience (did all the suse artwork for 7 years)14:45
kwwiigotta head out now for a bit, bbl14:45
Toma-hmm ok thanks anyway14:46
thorwili just learned that the artwork for the annoying bugs and brainstorm sites have to be modified, to not contain any hint of the ubuntu logo15:15
andreasnthorwil: hey!15:15
andreasnthorwil: thanks for your e-mail with the gtk logo15:15
thorwilthat all because people on different levels have different ideas how official or "community-driven" the sites shall be15:16
thorwilandreasn: hi. np15:16
andreasnI think it looks great, we should probably add the thinner "inside" lines so it looks transparent15:17
thorwilso this is what you get for investing days. upper management kills it and never talks to you15:17
thorwilandreasn: bbiab15:18
thorwilandreasn: rl interruption, sorry15:42
thorwilinside lines?15:42
andreasnthe "inner" dudes are slimmer15:43
andreasnI can add that to your version, if you dont want to do it yourself15:44
thorwilandreasn: cool, it's your logo ;)15:44
andreasnIm really glad that someone with real perspective drawing knowledge took a look at this :)15:44
andreasnI kind of slept through those classes...15:44
thorwilandreasn: that someone is called Blender ;)15:44
thorwilwhile i can do that manually, i took blender to have it absolutely perfect15:45
thorwiland for being able to fine tune the proportions by moving the camera15:45
thorwilkwwii: do you see a conflict between my annoying_bugs and brainstorm logos and the ubuntu logo trademark policy?15:50
_MMA_thorwil: Can you link us to something saying there was a conflict?15:51
thorwil_MMA_: private mail from henrik, so no15:52
thorwili'm only disclosing this since the decision will be out for everyone to see and maybe i can get some argumentative help15:54
_MMA_Well if this was private, I dont think it should be brought up here. But generally speaking, I can see why people would want the logo gone. At least for the Launchpad bugs one.15:56
kwwiithorwil: well, good brand policy says that one never changes a logo but I am not sure how well that fits in this case16:56
kwwiithorwil: who told you this?16:56
thorwilkwwii: henrik told me. he said that the company actively works to avoid abuse of the logo and he implies its somehow in the trademark policy17:00
thorwilwould anyone say google has a bad brand policy?17:01
kwwiithorwil: hrm, I'll ask him about whether this is his opinion or whether he got that from someone else17:01
thorwilkwwii: no need, i guess17:01
kwwiigoogle is a special case as those changes are part of there short term branding17:01
thorwilkwwii: this _might_ come from the global head of oerations17:02
kwwiiare those logos for official sites?17:02
kwwiithorwil: I doubt that it came from anyone like that :p17:02
kwwiiI know that we allow people to change the logo for non-official sites17:03
thorwilkwwii: seems it has just now been decided to treat the sites more like community projects and less official-canonicalesc17:03
kwwiihrm, then it should not be a problem I think17:04
kwwiiI will check into this...the work you did was really nice I would hate to see that go to waste17:04
thorwilkwwii: thank you, this is what i was hoping for! :)17:04
thorwilmaybe i should have PMed you, but earlier today i was a bit angry and thought everyone should know about these communication issues :/17:05
kwwiihehe, no worries, I can understand your frustration17:07
thorwilphew :)17:07
kwwiiwell, I am off for the evening, bbl17:15
kwwiithorwil: got a quick response from Henrick...it was a pretty official decision but I am discussing it with those who made it, I'll let you know what happens17:28
thorwilkwwii: ok17:28
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