crimsun_faketang: hmm?  The source is available since dapper.00:00
sorenfaketang: Did you try the command crimsun_ wrote?00:00
_Angelus_ah it would be good mjg59, because when first gutsy was out, i had to compile a custom kernel for my system to get it to work00:01
faketangcrimsun_ / soren: I see main-menu in the main pool for security, but it's not showing up in hardy00:02
sorenfaketang: type: "apt-get source main-menu"00:02
crimsun_also, is(are) your deb-src line(s) for main active?00:02
sorenfaketang: Or grab it from bzr. See https://edge.launchpad.net/main-menu00:03
taggartaren't there automatically generated diffs between debian and ubuntu packages? I found http://merges.ubuntu.com/ but it doesn't seem to have the package I'm looking for (ia32-libs)00:03
LaserJockhmm, for me it doesn't show up in an apt-cache search but apt-get source works fine00:03
sorenLaserJock: apt-cache doesn't show d-i compontents.00:03
sorenor components.00:03
LaserJocktaggart: patches.ubuntu.com00:03
LaserJocksoren: yeah, that's interesting00:03
taggartLaserJock: looking thanks00:04
sorenLaserJock: Not really.00:04
sorenLaserJock: They're not in Packages{,.gz,.bz2}00:04
taggartLaserJock: found it, great!00:04
LaserJocksoren: I guess I would have expected it to find the source package, but thinking about I don't know why I'd expect that :-)00:05
faketanginteresting -- as LaserJock noted, it's only in sources but not as a compiled package00:05
sorenLaserJock: :)00:05
sorenLaserJock: apt-cache showsrc main-menu will show it, thoug.00:06
_Angelus_mjg59: the guide worked00:06
LaserJockI just thought apt-cache search would be a bit more inclusive ;-)00:06
mjg59_Angelus_: Yes, it will do. But now you have vesafb, and so there's the potential for other things to go wrong00:06
_Angelus_what i did was , added fbcon vesafb vga16fb /etc/initramfs-tools/modules , and commented vesafb00:08
_Angelus_vga16fb from /etc/modprobe.d/blacklist-framebuffer. then updated the initramfs image00:08
_Angelus_mjg59: well, better then a blank screen or a bunch of words comming out dough00:08
_Angelus_mjg59:  can i make you a small question before i go ?00:09
_Angelus_mjg59: i saw nvidiafb commented in /etc/modprobe.d/blacklist-framebuffer.  is there only a kernel nvidiafb  or the binary package from nvidia provides an nvidiafb too? if so, which is better, vesafb or nvidiafb?00:11
mjg59There's only a kernel one, and it doesn't support newer nvidia hardware00:13
_Angelus_thanks alot mjg59 :) see ya dude, and try to fix the bootup splash for the next release :P00:15
emgentpitti, ping00:47
TheMusoemgent: He is not likely to be around at this time.00:50
TheMusoemgent: Either email him, or hilight him with the question/statement you would like to let him know about.00:50
emgentTheMuso, hehehe thnks :P00:50
* StevenK searches for 'bzr restore'00:56
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RAOFStevenK: Do you mean 'bzr revert'?01:07
StevenKRAOF: Yes. My brain was promoting restore, probably from the output of svn revert01:08
StevenKprompting, even01:08
StevenKlifeless: Do you have a highlight for bzr and svn or something? :-)01:09
RAOFlifeless: bzr has a serious bug.  It can't guess what command the user wanted to run when presented with a word that's similar to the bzr command they were after :)01:10
slangasekbzr needs smarter merging, it should figure out what I want to merge without being told01:11
selckins/bzr/git/ win01:11
* RAOF has unleashed the whirlwind.01:11
StevenKRAOF: Do you feel suitably abashed?01:12
RAOFEh.  Whirlwinds can be fun.01:14
* RAOF wishes this machine wasn't under such memory pressure that only my current task is paged in.01:14
ion_lifeless: Oh, btw, one of the annoyances: i don’t like that what goes to ~/.bazaar/locations.conf is, well, there instead of under project/.bzr01:15
zokeWhat are the specific reasons for not adopting a Fedora style philosophy for keeping packages more updated ?01:21
sorenAnd what is this "Fedora style philosophy" of which you speak?01:21
zokekeeping with upstream changes, bringing them quickly and keeping the delta as small as possible01:22
zokecould is be done via -updates or -backports ?01:23
mjg59-backports would be the appropriate place01:23
zoke-backports is unoffical though, yes ?01:24
RAOFNo.  It's official.  There are processes & such, and the repositories are hosted on Ubuntu mirrors.01:25
zokeoh, never mind then01:25
RAOFBackports *could* do with more people testing, of course.01:25
ln-if you already like Fedora, why not use Fedora?01:26
zokeI like Ubuntu, it's just some times the lack of sync with upstream irks me slightly01:27
lifelessselckin: really, thats quite a silly comment01:29
lifelession_: you can put most things in .bzr/branch/branch.conf if you want01:30
selckinlifeless: agreed01:30
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ion_lifeless: Can bzr push --remember do that?01:33
lifelession_: it does in tag supporting branches01:33
ion_Ok, thanks01:36
pochuAny archive admin who can do the sync from bug 189243 before slangasek changes the topic? Thanks02:23
ubotuLaunchpad bug 189243 in libcrypto++ "please sync libcrypto++ 5.5.2-1 from Debian testing" [Wishlist,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/18924302:23
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jaldharhello I'm trying to solve a problem in the Debian pgp4pine package where on Ubuntu the user gets *** stack smashing detected ***: /usr/bin/pgp4pine terminated02:26
jaldharbut recompiling it with gutsy doesn't help.  What should I look for?02:26
superm1StevenK, thanks for catching that issue with bluez-utils.  I was starting to get rather frustrated that my BT mouse stopped working a few days ago.  I just apt-get source'd it and then saw your changes :)02:32
StevenKsuperm1: No problem :-)02:32
TheMusoStevenK: Get that SDL stuff sorted?02:34
StevenKTheMuso: Nope.02:36
TheMusoStevenK: Damn.02:36
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Talcitehey guys, I'm looking for the Totem-plparser 2.21 source code. Would it be sitting it bugzilla or anything like that?04:23
pochuTalcite: svn.gnome.org04:31
Talcitepochu: thanks04:31
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thegodfathersuperm1: do you have any idea why mythfilldb and mythbackend are crashorama?05:36
thegodfathersuperm1: and btw.. the Predepend thing is wrong.. because we run the backup in preinst, at that time mysql is still down. it means that we need to do some more hacking in that direction i think05:37
thegodfatherPredepend will try to configure mysql before mythtv, but that guarantees only that the mythtv postinst will run after mysql is up05:37
superm1thegodfather, the backup doesn't happen in the preinst anymore05:45
superm1the backend process does it itself05:45
superm1after it starts up05:45
superm1so the predepend should be right now05:45
thegodfathersuperm1: ok cool05:46
thegodfathersuperm1: did you ping anybody to get mythtv-common out of NEW?05:47
superm1libmyth-python is whats stuck in new right now05:47
thegodfatheryeah i know that :)05:47
superm1i haven't since there is a very large line ahead of it05:47
superm1but if you'd like to feel free :)05:47
thegodfatherwell more than i like, i need05:49
thegodfatherotherwise my frontends can't upgrade and connect to the backends :)05:49
superm1have you seen any performance problems with recent packages?05:49
superm1because I change mcpu/mtune to march05:50
thegodfathersuperm1: not sure really.. i noticed some skipping with dvd player, but i can't pinpoint the problem to be mythtv05:50
superm1and i've seen some indications from people that its not working as well for them.  I've been having issues myself performance wise before that, but wasnt sure if it got worse05:50
thegodfathersuperm1: the main frontend is slow generally05:50
thegodfathersuperm1: can you be more specific on what kind of perf problems you see?05:51
superm1well particularly video playback on higher resolutions is where the issue would see05:51
superm1like > 720x48005:51
thegodfatherwhat kind of video...05:53
thegodfatheri have that setup (>720x480) but i got it running 2 days ago05:53
thegodfatherso i don't have much to compare05:53
thegodfatherand no HD sources yet05:53
thegodfather(real HD)05:53
superm1ah i see05:53
superm1well i'm doing some ppa builds for users to compare with the old cpu/tune and the new arch to see if there are performance differences05:54
superm1so those will be ready in a few hours05:54
thegodfatherdmb: hi, are you awake by any chance?06:15
dmbcan i help you?06:15
thegodfatherdmb: one quick question.. are you the same dmb that has been hacking on the HVR4000/HVR3000 in cx88 driver?06:15
dmbi'm guessing no, because i don't even know what that is06:16
dmbwhat is the cx88 driver?06:16
thegodfatherdmb: hehe ok thanks :) worth a shot06:16
thegodfatherdmb: v4l-dvb upstream06:16
dmbdidn't know any other dmb's existed besides me :P06:16
thegodfatherwell no big deal.. just curious :)06:17
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warp10Good morning06:39
superm1cjwatson, I branched from cdimage at http://people.ubuntu.com/~cjwatson/bzr/cdimage/mainline/ to add a mythbuntu alternate disk.  Would you be able to review if these changes are sufficient for building us an alternate disk?  I don't have the ability to build a local mirror as that calls for, so I can't verify it.  I pushed them to http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~mythbuntu/ubuntu-cdimage/mythbuntu-cdimage/06:40
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dholbachgood morning07:09
ion_good evening07:12
dholbachhi ion_07:12
AnAntHello, I filed bug #191933 and #192053 , who should I subcribe them too ? and are there any tags to add to them ?07:15
ubotuLaunchpad bug 191933 in mozilla-firefox-locale-all "mozilla-firefox-locale-all conflicts with firefox 3" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/19193307:15
ubotuLaunchpad bug 192053 in ubuntu "update-java-alternatives does not handle alternatives for firefox-addons-javaplugin.so" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/19205307:15
slomoslangasek: FF did not happen yet?07:40
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tkamppeterh pitti07:52
tkamppeterhi pitti07:53
pittiGood morning08:05
pittiemgent: contentless pong08:05
pittihi tkamppeter08:05
emgenthehehe :P08:05
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pittierk, why is ndiswrapper in main? *shudder*08:28
slytherinDoesn't synaptic support the 'Homepage' field yet?08:32
tkamppeterpitti, it seems that your upload of s-c-p got stuck.08:38
pittitkamppeter: I saw your mail08:38
pittiI didn't get a reject mail08:38
pittiI'll just reupload it08:38
pittitkamppeter: done08:41
tkamppeterpitti, now I got a reject message telling that mandatory info in the dsc file is missing, not telling which info. Strange, as I have only replaced the upstream source, I did not change anything in debian/control or so.08:51
pittitkamppeter: what does it say exactly?08:54
pittitkamppeter: hm, that's weird, it didn't even get signed here08:55
pittitkamppeter: I'll rebuild the source pakcage here and try again08:55
LucidFoxseb128> yes, I did post the F-Spot galleryexport bug upstream, and it already got fixed in SVN :)09:02
ubotuGnome bug 516620 in General "[0.4.2] GalleryExport makefile tries to delete /usr/lib/f-spot/extensions/GalleryExport.addin.xml" [Normal,Resolved: fixed]09:02
seb128LucidFox: ok, thanks09:03
seb128LucidFox: see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuDevelopment/PatchTaggingGuidelines, following that would be nice09:03
pittitkamppeter: ah, you gave me two different sets of files, one with a broken version number09:03
pittitkamppeter: I reuploaded, should have worked now09:04
LucidFoxI'll follow that in the future, thanks09:04
seb128LucidFox: thank you09:05
pittimvo: hm, I got a cron.daily email now09:11
pittimvo: http://paste.ubuntu.com/4603/09:11
pittimvo: can this be quiesced?09:11
mvopitti: thanks. I know why, it will happen only once or when the key changes. but its probably best to file a bug so that I can ensure that the initial one is quite as well09:12
pittiok, will do09:13
pittimvo: bug 19207409:15
ubotuLaunchpad bug 192074 in apt "uninteresting cron mail about key update" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/19207409:15
MacSlowargx... package retrieval is broken09:25
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pittimvo: any idea about bug 75273?09:40
ubotuLaunchpad bug 75273 in apt "Apt constantly sigsevs on edgy" [High,Fix committed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/7527309:40
mvopitti: let me check09:41
pittimvo: at least a shallow apt-get update/apt-get install/apt-get dist-upgrade test would be nice09:42
pittito know that it wasn't broken for some silly reasons09:42
mvopitti: right, I add test instructions09:42
mvopitti: sorry for delay09:42
pittiNP, I just thought it was a bit urgent09:42
mvohm, there are test instructions already, I will poke bdmurray or pedro about #7527309:43
pittimvo: and update-manager 0.45.4 sits in edgy-proposed for ~300 days now, too09:44
mvopitti: what is the bugnumber for it?09:44
pittibug  #10921609:45
ubotuLaunchpad bug 109216 in update-manager "upgrade not possible with 0.45.3" [Undecided,Fix committed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/10921609:45
pittimvo: there might be more, -proposed has two versions09:45
* mvo checks09:46
mvopitti: bug #109216 updated09:52
ubotuLaunchpad bug 109216 in update-manager "upgrade not possible with 0.45.3" [Undecided,Fix committed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/10921609:52
pittimvo: I sub'ed sru-verification09:53
mvothanks pitti09:53
mvoI do #107716 next09:53
ion_I really, really, really wish Hugin 0.7 gets released in time to still get to hardy.09:55
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pittiRiddell: can you please seed jockey-kde? I just NEWed it10:28
Riddellpitti: ok10:30
tjaaltonpitti: hey, aren't you _the_ hal-wizard, or do you know one?-) I've got a problem with hal-set-property, it refuses to work when run from a hal script, but the same command works when run by hand. sent an email to hal list but so far no replies10:36
pittitjaalton: it's run as different users?10:36
tjaaltonpitti: basically so, hal scripts are apparently run as haldaemon? but it's strange that it can't connect to hald which is run with the same privs?10:37
pittitjaalton: I have only used it as root so far10:38
pittitjaalton: usually hal addons are run as root10:39
pittibut they might choose to setuid() of course (and some do)10:39
tjaaltonhmm, ok. I'll try to debug more10:39
tjaaltonthe script would set the xkb layout etc for input-hotplug..10:40
BenderUnit22Sorry. :/10:40
pittiyay we know your password now10:40
BenderUnit22Nah, cat. :)10:41
tjaaltonoh she knows it as well?-)10:41
FujitsuCan somebody please give back geda-(gattrib|gnetlist|gschem|gsymcheck|utils) on all architectures?11:24
pittizul: ping @ 18958911:28
pittizul: ^ bug11:28
pittiFujitsu: done; next time, please use {a,b,c} shell globs :)11:29
Fujitsupitti: Thanks, will do so in future.11:30
MacSlowis there anyway I can inject a -j4 for make when doing packagbuilding to leverage the two cores of my cpu?11:45
MacSlowI just want that to be locally maybe picked up from some env-var instead of stuffing it permanently in the package (some file under debian) itself11:46
awalton__MacSlow, I think there's a variable called MAKEFLAGS you can set that will be passed to all the children of make.. it might get nasty though with lots of recursive make calss.12:03
asacMacSlow: dpkg-buildpackage has a -j flag too12:03
asacaccording to man it will set MAKEFLAGS accordingly12:03
ograin pbuilder its --debbuildoptions (gets handed through to dpkg-buildpackage)12:04
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slytherinCan anyone please explain this condition - db_get bcm43xx-fwcutter/cut_firmware || true12:26
pittitkamppeter: just looking at the Brother Software Open License Agreement; this looks sufficiently free for universe to me; do you think otherwise: ISTR that you wanted to have it in multiverse?12:27
zulpitti: hi12:29
zulyeah we didnt realize they were in universe already at the time.12:30
pittitkamppeter: oh, I see; no source code12:30
pittitkamppeter: (I was just reading the license before)12:31
mjg59pitti: Haha12:32
pittizul: 'they'?12:32
zulpitti: dendorbates12:33
zulill close it12:33
pittiyou guys confuse me today :)12:33
slytherinpitti: I tried testing the latest jockey for broadcom chipset. I have one question though.12:33
pittizul: ah, you mean xen-3.2 binaries are already in universe; ok12:33
pittislytherin: sure?12:34
zulpitti: yeah sorry about it I just woke up as well12:34
* pitti hugs zul; sorry, was just lacking context :)12:34
slytherinpitti: jockey is supposed to use b43-fwcutter for firmware extraction right? And it (jockey) should show a dialog for selecting a local file or downloading from net right?12:35
pittislytherin: it currently doesn't show a download dialog, no; it leaves the downloading and install to b43-fwcutter12:36
pittiI'd like to add the dialog for local files again, though12:37
slytherinpitti: Yes, that is what I wanted to ask. Also I am trying to fix a problem with b43-fwcutter. Can you explain what this condition is - db_get bcm43xx-fwcutter/cut_firmware || true12:37
pittislytherin: I think it tries to guess the answer from the old bcm43xx-fwcutter package12:38
pittithus, if you already answered the 'download?' debconf question for bcm43xx, it won't ask you again12:38
pittitkamppeter: *grumpf* this brother thing uses /usr/bin/brprintconfcl1 and /usr/local/Brother</data stuff>; this is horrible12:39
slytherinpitti: What if question from bcm43xx-fwcutter package is not present? Will it assume the answer to be true? (|| true part)12:39
jaldharI asked this last night but I guess no one was around12:39
pittislytherin: no, the || true just means that the script doesn't abort if the answer is not present in the debconf db12:40
jaldharI'm trying to solve a problem in the Debian pgp4pine package where on Ubuntu the user gets *** stack smashing detected ***: /usr/bin/pgp4pine terminated12:40
jaldharbut recompiling it with gutsy doesn't help.  What should I look for?12:40
pittihi jaldhar12:40
pittijaldhar: does this result in a SIGSEGV?12:40
pittijaldhar: in that case, apport should have picked it up and generated a crash report12:41
jaldharheh actually it just kills my xterm12:42
jaldharno crash report12:42
pittiyour xterm? wow, that's harsh12:43
dholbachMOTU Q&A session in 17 minutes in #ubuntu-classroom12:43
slytherinpitti: Ok. if I understand it correctly the script will go ahead and try to download the firmware if old answer is not found. This is kind of problematic as the user may not have access to net and it will throw an error. Please let me know when you have added the old dialog again so that I will file a bug against the fwcutter package.12:45
jaldharpitti: the debian bug is #457947 if you would like to take a look.  The submitter has provided some extra information12:46
pittijaldhar: ah, I see, SIGABRT; we explicitly ignore this since we got too many crash reports for cases where abort() was called, which weren't actually package bugs12:48
pittijaldhar: I'm afraid that involves a real gdb session12:49
jaldharok.  So let me see what I can come up with.  Thanks.12:50
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SlimGArneGoetje: I got some issues with my norwegian characters (they look like this now: æøå, they should look like this: æøå) at my keyboard in kubuntu hardy after the last update, Riddell told me to ask you, here's the output of locale (three errors): http://pastebin.com/m2192547413:01
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MacSlowasac, ah cool thanks for the tip13:25
MacSlowmvo, just wondering... do you know why zoom was kicked from compiz-fusion-plugins-main?13:26
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mvoMacSlow: zoom is part of the compiz-plugins package, fusion-plugs-main has ezoom13:27
mvoMacSlow: do you use zoom? I found ezoom superior in  a lot of ways13:27
MacSlowthe only use for zoom I have is taking closer tools to certain UI-elements now and then... and for that I prefer this "zoom-to-selection" of the normal zoom-plugin13:28
MacSlowezoom does not offer that13:28
mvoMacSlow: ok, zoom should still be there, no sure if we enable it by default, because of ezoom13:30
MacSlowmvo, only moved in category13:37
slytherinis there a problem with main mirror?13:45
LucidFoxIf any buildd admins are here, please rerun build for midori https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/midori/0.0.17-1 on architectures other than i38614:14
LucidFox(they failed due to dependence on a package in NEW)14:14
pittiLucidFox: kicked14:17
* pitti looks at ogra -- "etc/ /" and "usr /" in classmate-tools-0.1/debian/classmate-tools.install ???14:21
ograpitti, do ysou insist in having a makefile ?14:23
pittiogra: no, but I wonder why you install upstream /etc/* and /usr/* into /14:24
ograoh, the slashes14:24
pittisholdn't that just be "etc" and "usr" ?14:24
ograhmm, i wonder why they dont end up in /14:24
ograyeah, actually it should, but the binary looks ok14:25
pittihm, dh_install should fail on that14:25
pittiogra: ok, if it actually works, fine for me; I just wondered, because it looks weird14:25
ograwell, its surely ugly14:26
pittiogra: man dh_install says "the14:26
pitti       installation directory is given relative to the package build directory."14:26
ograbut the result is ok14:26
pittiI guess that could also be interpreted as "whatever you specify, we'll prepend debian/package"14:26
pittiogra: ok, thanks for the heads-up14:26
ograi'll clean it up anyway14:26
pittijust confusing, but apparently it is correct under above interpretation14:27
pitti"useradd -c "ClassmatePC Admin User" -m -p '$1$HNdD8xtG$ZYTwxGjrIBCyw3DYvtUoA0' -s /bin/bash" in classmate-settings.postinst?14:30
pittiogra: ^ I heavily object to a static default password; that's not really a secret then :)14:30
pittiogra: shouldn't this be locked by default and instead get a debconf/other interactive dialog to set passwords?14:31
pittioh, it's even written in a comment ("edubuntu")14:31
ograthat wont stay this way14:32
ogra(see pm for details)14:32
jdonganyone know where isight_usb went with the latest hardy kernel?15:00
jdonguvcvideo can't cope with the isight15:00
mjg59jdong: Fabio's the right person to ask about that - he touched it last15:01
mjg59My hardware got stolen, so I've no clue15:01
dholbachmjg59: ugh... what got stolen?15:03
mjg59dholbach: My Mac and a Dell15:03
dholbachshit :(15:03
mjg59Plus some other bits and pieces15:03
dholbachhow did that happen?15:03
mjg59SOmeone broke in through the back door15:03
mjg59Which reminds me, I need to phone the insurance company15:04
dholbachit might be tough to find something there, but did you check on ebay?15:04
mjg59Heh. Not really worth it15:04
dholbachI at least tried it, when they stole my car15:04
mjg59No important data on it15:04
mjg59And this way I get a hardware upgrade :)15:05
jdongmjg59: ouch :(15:05
dholbachare the buildds/archive/something in manual mode or something?15:06
pittidholbach: no, why?15:09
dholbachoh, I'm still waiting for the fix that asac uploaded this morning15:10
pochusladen: hi, am I late for FeatureFreeze? The topic here says the archive is open for development... is it ok if I upload a new aMule (universe) which also finish the libcrypto++ transition?15:10
pochuslangasek: ^ that was for you.15:10
pochusladen: sorry15:10
pittidholbach: given that I chase binary NEW since this morning I can tell you that the buildds are operating full speed :)15:10
asacdholbach: the mirrors still don't have those locales?15:10
pittipochu: that sounds like a bug fix15:11
pochupitti: yes but it's also a new upstream snapshot15:11
pittipochu: if it has new features, please ask the new motu-release team15:12
pochupitti: alright, thanks.15:12
=== pitti changed the topic of #ubuntu-devel to: Archive: Feature freeze | Development of Ubuntu (not support, not application development on Ubuntu) | #ubuntu for support and general discussion for dapper/edgy/feisty/gutsy, #ubuntu+1 for hardy | #ubuntu-motu for getting involved in development | http://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuDevelopment | See #ubuntu-bugs for http://wiki.ubuntu.com/HelpingWithBugs
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asacdoko: Xb-Npp- headers got lost for the sun-java plugin packages :( ... maybe commit them to svn and send them to debian as well (I assume you prefer to sync)?15:47
\shdoko: could you explain why we can't ship the java-doc zip packages, which are needed by sun-java*-doc package? :)15:47
dholbachbdmurray, thekorn: do you think it'd make sense to upload py-lp-bugs / bughelper to the bughelper-dev team ppa for older releases too?15:53
dholbachbdmurray, thekorn: it's not really supported for older releases, but it might make sense - what do you think?15:54
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doko\sh: read the license agreement they require, on download15:55
dokoasac: really? I'll look at it next week15:55
asacdoko: thanks.15:58
bdmurraydholbach: so kind of like backports? that makes sense to me16:03
dholbachbdmurray: we just need to make sure we upload it as    <version>~gutsy1 , etc16:04
bdmurraydholbach: okay, I'll try to get to it before the class next week then16:05
dholbachrock on16:05
* dholbach hugs super-bdmurray16:05
* bdmurray hugs dholbach 16:06
sistpoty|workdholbach: just had the idea to maybe use gobby for the library session during the open dev week... do we have a gobby server somewhere, which I could use?16:10
dholbachsistpoty|work: gobby.ubuntu.com16:10
dholbachIRC could work too :)16:11
sistpoty|workdholbach: cool, thx!16:11
dholbachmako: nxvl_work just told me that there is a edubuntu meeting at the same time we plan the CC meeting16:11
nxvl_workmako: 20 Feb 20:00: Education Team16:12
mathiazdholbach: and there is a server team meeting one hour after16:12
dholbachnxvl_work: I mailed him in case he's not around here16:18
nxvl_workdholbach: i think he must be online, as he has just edited the wiki, just not pending on the IRC16:20
nxvl_workdholbach: but thats ok, i will wait :D thanks!16:20
makonxvl_work: you are off by one day, i think16:26
makonxvl_work: proposed cc meeting is *at* 20 on the 21st16:26
makoapparently, i typed it incorrectly into the wiki :)16:26
makosorry about that!16:26
nxvl_workmako: not on the wiki16:27
nxvl_workmako: heh, ok16:27
makosorry for the confusion16:33
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tgeltermorning all16:57
tgelterI can't get a custom config I've created to be recognized by debian/rules when I try to build16:57
tgelter$ AUTOBUILD=1 NOEXTRAS=1 fakeroot debian/rules16:58
tgelterbinary-thinkpadmake: *** No rule to make target `binary-thinkpad'.  Stop.16:58
tgelterany ideas?16:58
tgelterall: ping17:00
seb128does anybody knows why we use /media for windows partitions mounting? the fhs describes it as "This directory contains subdirectories which are used as mount points for removeable media such as floppy disks, cdroms and zip disks."17:19
seb128I'm having a discussion with the mandriva GNOME maintainer about how what gvfs should be listing17:20
seb128and they have the windows partitions mounted under /mnt so they think /mnt should be listed17:20
seb128where we use /media and don't list things in /mnt in nautilus17:21
persiaseb128: I'd prefer unmounted partitions not to be in /media.  I have a couple partitions I only mount manually, and it is odd that there is a difference between calling `sudo mount /data` and double-clicking the icon for the partition in nautilus.  This isn't directly related to Windows partitions, but I suspect a change for Windows partitions would also address my use case.17:29
persiaThe justification being that fixed partitions not listed as automount in /etc/fstab aren't "removable media".17:29
seb128persia: well, they should not be in /media then, but they are17:30
seb128persia: and unmounted partitions are nowhere since they are not mounted17:30
seb128persia: nautilus uses gnome-mount and do the mounting when you double click on something not mounted17:31
persiaseb128: Right, but if I double-click the icon in "Computer", it mounts to /media, whereas if I run `mount /dev/sdb1` it mounts to /data.17:31
persia(maybe I have a different issue, and should go research it and report a bug)17:32
seb128why would it mount to data?17:32
seb128when using mount you need to either have it in fstab or specify the mountpoint17:32
persiaseb128: Because there is an entry in the fstab to mount it there, but not to mount on boot.17:32
seb128ok, that's something you added17:32
seb128and gnome-mount should probably respect it17:32
seb128that's a gnome-mount bug and I different issue than my question ;-)17:33
persiaAh.  Nevermind then, I have a different bug.  I'll dig up some details, and report it then.17:33
persiaI still think fixed disks aren't removable media, and support not mounting them in /media17:33
seb128well, that's not what we do now17:34
seb128and why was my question ;-)17:34
sistpoty|workseb128: /mnt seems an equally bad choice (temporarily mounted partitions) to me... not too sure where it *should* go then though17:36
jeromegseb128: once metacity 2.22 is released, are you against a backport to gutsy ?17:36
mario_limonciellseb128, now that gmyth is in universe, I've attached a patch for totem to that bug to activate it (it just modifies build depends in control.in), and verified it.  slomo_ offered to upload it, so was there anything else related to this that would be troublesome?17:36
persiaMy memory of Mandrake (which may not apply to Mandriva) is that there were many subdirectories under /mnt used to mount different things.17:37
seb128jeromeg: no, why should we? I'm not in the backport team and don't do backports anyway17:40
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seb128mario_limonciell: I've seen that but I've quite busy at the moment, will look later17:40
mario_limonciellseb128, okay thank you.17:40
jeromegseb128: yep yep, I know, but as it's maintained by the desktop team which you are one of the leaders, I just wanted to know your thoughts on this17:41
seb128jeromeg: I don't see the interest, that's only a window manager, new versions are not bringing a lot and I don't expect many users still running gutsy when hardy will be available17:41
jeromegseb128: well, it brings the compositor17:41
jeromegexcept that, yes, it has no real interest17:42
seb128echos I've had is that's it not that fancy and quite slow for many users17:42
seb128but as said I'm not part of the backport team, they can backport it if they want, I've no objection17:42
seb128doesn't seem a priority to me though17:42
jeromegthank you17:43
seb128you are welcome17:43
jeromeggot to go bye17:49
persiaseb128: No evidence that this was the basis, but the best documentation I can find is https://wiki.ubuntu.com/PartitionConfigure18:13
seb128persia: that spec has been deprecated18:15
persiaseb128: Right.  Like I said "No evidence that was the basis".  Still, if that was discussed at uds-mtv, it may have germinated the discussion that led to the current state.  Anyway, I can't find anything else :(18:16
persiaseb128: Maybe https://wiki.ubuntu.com/PartitionProber (although old and possibly pre-specs)18:29
persiaAha!  https://blueprints.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+spec/mount-all-local-filesystems specifies /media/18:30
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mario_limonciellbdmurray, ping, i had a question about one of the debugging pages you wrote19:20
bdmurraymario_limonciell: okay, I might have just been the last person that edited it but what is your question?19:21
slangasekAmaranth: I see that you set the milestone yourself for bug #184720; is this being worked on?19:21
ubotuLaunchpad bug 184720 in compiz "readd intel 965 to blacklist" [High,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/18472019:21
Amaranthslangasek: ah, well...19:22
mario_limonciellbddebian, well I'm attempting to debug a suspend related issue as described here: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DebuggingKernelSuspend, and after the failed suspend continue to reboot.  well since the RTC has a completely wrong value due to the nature of this, fsck is forced.  this ends up taking longer than 3 minutes, and institutes a reboot afterward as well19:22
mario_limonciellcorrupting the rtc and losing the valuable data19:22
Amaranthslangasek: I'd have to talk to bryce, tjaalton, and mvo about what we're going to do with the 965.19:22
bdmurraymario_limonciell: "You can avoid a long fsck delay by using 'tune2fs'"19:23
mario_limonciellbdmurray, oh but nvm it looks like i completely missed an option above19:23
bryceAmaranth: yeah we need to get that sorted out soon19:23
mario_limonciellbdmurray, sorry for bothering you :)19:23
bdmurraymario_limonciell: np if you discover what options to use somebody seems to have asked about that19:23
slangasekAmaranth: ok; I'm marking it as 'beta' for the milestone then so it doesn't distract from critical bugs that should be worked on immediately for alpha-5, but please don't let that stop you from working it out sooner :)19:24
bdmurraymario_limonciell: I mean the default ones19:24
Amaranthslangasek: just need to get everyone on at the same time to figure it out19:24
AmaranthI just pinged them, maybe they'll show up :)19:24
Amaranthoh, here is bryce already :)19:24
bryceAmaranth: tjaalton says 965 with greedy turned on, exa is ok.  I'm not sure what we'd need to change to make that the default for 965.  Maybe just some dexconf logic?19:24
brycefor non-965 I think we'd like to stay with XAA for now19:25
Amaranthbryce: That'd be something you'd want to do for only that 965 so it should be a change inside the driver itself19:25
bryceI could probably code the change, but I'd need more direction about exactly what the change needs to be (I've not tested with greedy yet myself)19:26
mario_limonciellbdmurray, ah yeah I'll add the default one to that page.  Thanks19:27
bdmurraymario_limonciell: thank you!19:27
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tjaaltonbryce, Amaranth: right, change the driver itself since changing dexconf is always fragile, and it doesn't help those who upgrade19:39
Amaranthtjaalton: You're going to do this, then?19:39
tjaaltonbtw, my irssi doesn't highlight the channels where my nick has been mentioned other than in the beginning of the msg. did I break my config?19:40
persiatjaalton: I'm fiddling with recommends for nvidia-settings, just in case you happen to bump into the same thing.19:40
tjaaltonAmaranth: maybe we can coordinate this with bryce19:40
tjaaltonpersia: lrm suggests it, isn't that enough?19:41
persiatjaalton: Except nvidia-settings has a versioned Recommends: on nvidia-glx, which wasn't satisfied by Provides: .  I'm testing a solution (as even Dapper has a new enough nvidia-glx we shouldn't have to specify a version), and will upload within the hour.19:42
tjaaltonpersia: oh ok, please fix it :)19:42
persiaThe issue is that the driver recommended the settings package, which recommended the old driver, which self-conflicted :)19:42
brycetjaalton, Amaranth, I can take a look at making changes to the driver, if you can give me a bit more detail about what would need changed specifically?19:44
tjaaltonbryce: I need to look at the code first ;)19:45
mario_limonciellwhen suspending with g-p-m, is /etc/acpi/sleep.sh still called, or is it all pm-utils stuff that doesn't touch sleep.sh anymore?19:47
brycetjaalton: what is the option that needs to be switched on?  (grep -i greedy in the source returns nothing)19:48
frafuHello, I would like to have a piece of information about mir and feature freeze: mousetweaks is a module in the process to pass mir. As feature freeze has passed, a freeze exception is required. My questions: Who is supposed to ask for the freeze exception: the person from the mir team that accepts mousetweaks into main, or the person that submitted mousetweaks to mir (that would be me) ?19:54
bryceah, Option "MigrationHeuristic" "greedy"19:54
tjaaltonbryce: yes, it's actually an option for EXA, so maybe it's passed on to the server19:56
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eddieso, is the latest version of hardy doing?19:58
tortoiseI'm the developer of onboard and python-virtkey which are both in main, who do I contact to update them in Hardy?19:59
persiatortoise: You've just missed the deadline to make it easy.  Your best bet is to file a bug, and follow https://wiki.ubuntu.com/FreezeExceptionProcess, although https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DeveloperResponsibilities may help you identify someone to help.20:01
ScottK2tortoise: Additionally, indicate if they've been updated in Debian already as sync'ing from there takes a lot less work and is considered lower risk.20:02
mvoslangasek: the "Could not calculate the upgrade" you reported, did it mention firefox anywhere?20:03
brycetjaalton, Amaranth, ok, working on a patch...20:03
slangasekmvo: update-manager said nothing except for that error message, which seems to discourage debugging. :)  apt-get dist-upgrade reports a firefox problem, yes.20:09
mvoslangasek: ok, thanks20:09
brycehmm, just need to sort out how to pass an option back *up* to the server from the driver.  hrm20:14
tjaaltonbryce: or match the device there20:15
tjaaltonand patch the server too20:15
bryceyeah possibly20:15
tjaaltonor only the server20:15
brycetjaalton: hmm, so far I'm not finding other instances of options being passed back to the server; perhaps it's not allowed to do it20:21
tjaaltonbryce: jbarnes seems to be online, why not ask him directly :)20:23
tjaaltonif this is possible or not20:23
brycetjaalton: heh, that's exactly what I was thinking... already asked20:25
tjaaltoncool :)20:26
ion_Re: the new background image: WTF? :-)20:41
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jwendellseb128, around?20:51
seb128jwendell: yes20:52
jwendellseb128, does hardy support system-bus activation ? (This is a question in a bug I've opened)20:52
ubotuGnome bug 513138 in clock ""Set" button in locations doesn't work" [Normal,Unconfirmed]20:52
seb128jwendell: yes20:52
jwendellseb128, thanks20:53
seb128jwendell: the service is installed and bus activation is working20:53
asacbryce: stupid question. should XRenderComposite work for all drivers?21:07
bryceasac, it should for most of the major drivers, but no, not all of them21:08
asacbryce: are there different operations, where one might work for all and some other operation won't work (e.g. especially tile)21:09
asac(sorry i have not clue at all ... just looking at cairo code :))21:09
bryceasac, not sure - Amaranth may know21:09
asacbryce: ok, one more: is tile an operation for xrendercomposite or is that something different?21:10
Amarantherr, Render compositing is different from the Composite extension21:11
Amaranthanything that has to do with Render should work everything21:11
Amarantherr, everywhere21:11
bryceah ok21:11
Amaranthworst case (most of the time, actually) it just happens in software21:11
asacAmaranth: i have no clue. i just see that if cairo uses XRenderComposite for tiled backgrounds we get garbage for some drivers, and if we use XTile it works :)21:11
Amaranththis is why EXA is important, actual hardware accelerated Render :)21:11
asacthe garbage happens for XAA21:12
Amaranthasac: what drivers?21:12
Amaranthwhen using XAA with intel and ati basically the entire Render extension is done in software21:12
asaci know about fglrx, ati and i think intel (but not sure about that)21:12
asacAmaranth: do you have intel?21:12
asacyou could try by using preview on ubuntu wiki with ffox 321:12
Amaranthnope, i have nvidia21:13
asaci think jorge confirmed that it happened for him with intel + XAA as well21:13
Amaranthfglrx, ati, and intel would all be using the same software version21:13
asacyeah ... where is that?21:13
Amaranthnvidia has their own code21:13
AmaranthSomewhere in the X server, I guess21:14
asacmakes sense then21:14
asacbryce: ^^21:14
ion_asac: That looks like a good mode to browse the Ubuntu forums. You’re guaranteed to get more informative and sensible content.21:14
keescookokay, this always eludes me, and I can never find good examples.  If I'm moving a file from one binpkg to another binpkg in the same srcpkg, how do I set up the conflict/replace bits?21:14
mjj29from A to B then B replaces/conflicts A (<< ${binary:Version})21:15
keescookmjj29: hm, perhaps I had it backwords.  I will try again.  thanks!21:16
bryceasac, I've not seen that particular issue with firefox 3 on -intel with EXA21:16
bryceasac: maybe pop into #cairo and we can question cworth on it?21:17
asacbryce: read above: XAA21:17
asacbryce: well ... cworth already knows about this issue :)21:17
brycetjaalton: ok, hacked up a couple patches to fix exa / 965, posted to bug 17749221:27
ubotuLaunchpad bug 177492 in xserver-xorg-video-intel "EXA is balls-achingly slow" [Critical,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/17749221:27
tjaaltonbryce: that was quick21:28
brycetjaalton: I've not tested that they apply or work or anything21:28
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sistpotytjaalton: are there plans to make nvidia-glx a virtual package?21:35
brycetjaalton: lemme know if you get a chance to test those patches; I'm going to grab lunch and then get back on the xrandr gui stuff21:35
tjaaltonsistpoty: no plans, what's the use case?21:36
tjaaltonbryce: yep, I have all the hardware right here ;)21:36
sistpotytjaalton: no idea... just saw an upload of nvidia-settings from which I guessed that21:36
tjaaltonsistpoty: ah, no there was a "conflict" before that change21:37
sistpotytjaalton: ah, k... I'm adding the proper conflicts now btw. :)21:38
sistpoty(maybe not proper, but rather defensive...)21:38
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tjaaltonbryce: intel compiled, xserver failed but probably not due to the patch22:42
brycefailed on compile or boot?22:43
tjaaltonbryce: btw, intel needs another patch to force xaa for !I965G22:43
tjaaltonright, I had some git master version of mesa sources22:45
tjaaltonanother try22:46
tjaaltoncould an archive admin push the latest lrm (built) to the archive? there was a silly bug which makes nvidia owners very sad22:57
tjaaltonbryce: ha, now the build failed again22:57
tjaaltonbryce: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/4623/22:58
brycetjaalton: er, odd I thought I left that out of the patch, one sec22:58
tjaaltonhmm, maybe I had a wrong version then22:59
bryceoh whoops no I see my error22:59
brycethe xserver patch should say:23:00
bryce+    if (pScreenInfo->flags & EXA_MIGRATION_GREEDY) {23:00
bryce+        pExaScr->migration = ExaMigrationGreedy;23:00
bryce+    }23:00
bryce 23:00
bryce...uploading fixed patch to the bug...23:00
jdongbryce: schweet! fixing -intel slowness?23:02
brycejdong: yeah23:02
jdongthat's always a good thing :)23:02
brycejdong: well more of a workaround23:02
jdongmeh fix workaround.... X will be faster :)23:03
brycejdong: but tjaalton says it'll let us close a whole mess of EXA/965 bugs. dell, intel, and many others will become happy23:03
tjaaltonit's not perfect but satisfactory23:04
jdongawesome, that's good to hear23:05
brycetjaalton: originally I had implemented my change by adding a new boolean parameter migrationGreedy to the pScreenInfo data structure, but then I realized it would be better to put it in the flags param since that'd be less invasive and wouldn't risk ABI issues23:06
brycebut I forgot to change that one part of the xserver patch over23:07
tjaaltonheh, right23:07
tjaaltonbryce: ok here goes..23:19
jdongtjaalton: aaah X doesn't start anymore (kidding :D)23:21
tjaaltonjdong, bryce: starts, but the hack doesn't seem to work yet :/23:27
tjaaltonI got broken shadows and stuff23:27
tjaaltonthere's no mention on the log about forcing it23:30
brycetjaalton: ok, well I'm in the midst of xrandr hackery, but will plan to look into it more when I get some time23:33
brycemaybe one of the other options also needs set or something23:34
bryceor maybe there's too many checks in the patch, and something is preventing it from turning on23:34
tjaaltonbryce: maybe the first defined(I830_USE_EXA)?23:35
tjaaltonhmm no23:36
brycedid you build the -intel driver after installing the patched xserver?23:37
bryceif it's done the other way 'round, then the greedy stuff won't get compiled in23:37
tjaaltonok, another try23:40
tjaaltonnope, the same23:42
tjaaltonbryce: I'll check it again in the morning23:45
tjaaltonnight ->23:45
brycetjaalton: thx, night23:46

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