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CIA-44ubiquity: evand * r2464 ubiquity/ (debian/changelog ubiquity/filteredcommand.py):02:21
CIA-44ubiquity: * Catch exceptions around the processing of each components run()02:21
CIA-44ubiquity:  function.02:21
CIA-44ubiquity: evand * r2465 ubiquity/ (14 files in 5 dirs): * seteuid as a regular user until we need to do something as root.04:01
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CIA-44ubiquity: evand * r2466 ubiquity/ubiquity/components/partman.py: Missed a few points in partman.py where it needed root.05:06
CIA-44ubiquity: evand * r2467 ubiquity/ (d-i/manifest debian/changelog):05:09
CIA-44ubiquity: * Automatic update of included source packages: partman-target05:09
CIA-44ubiquity:  52ubuntu5.05:09
CIA-44ubiquity: evand * r2468 ubiquity/debian/changelog: releasing version 1.7.805:18
xivulonevand,cjwatson I received a few reports confused that the windows partition is mounted in /host and not in /media/host11:26
xivulonthey simply fail to find it, and current documentation does not apply11:26
xivulonwould it be reasonable to add a mount bind /host -> /media/host in fstab?11:27
xivulonthat would be an issue if people use umount -f but otherwise should be okish11:28
xivulonbug #192116 (patch included)13:25
ubotuLaunchpad bug 192116 in partman-auto-loop "Bind mount /host to /media/host" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/19211613:25
evandhrm, seems reasonable, but let me give it some thought.14:27
xivulonmy main concern is that "umount -f" might break the toy14:28
xivulonnot sure if there are other implications I have not though14:28
xivulonbut I guess we might have it in alpha-5 and if we see any bug remove it later14:29
xivulonfor wubi, can you pls remove the line "!define MUI_UNICON ..." in src/wubi/wubi.nsi14:30
xivulonsince the uninstaller icon should not be branded14:30
xivulondo pull my changes of yesterday night first!14:30
xivulonalso data/version.nsh > thanks14:44
xivulonignore first part, just thanks14:44
xivulonAs a note there are 2 icons, 1 is displayed in the tasks panel and can be changed at runtime, another is the one you see associated to the fiename14:47
xivulonand that one is the defined at compile time14:47
xivulonthat means that unless we do multiple builds (defining DefaultDistro at compile time), you will see a Wubi or Ubuntu icon when you look into the Kubuntu CD14:49
xivulona minor issue of course14:50
evandI think that's ok.14:50
xivulonon the same tune the uninstaller artwork is not autodetected at the moment14:50
xivulonehi but who would want to uninstall anyway??? ;P14:51
xivulona simple solution is to have !define DefalutBrand Wubi in data/version.nsh14:53
evandthat should be fine, imho14:53
xivulonso that the icon associated to wubi.exe and uninstaller are branded as wubi14:53
xivulonthe above require copying vertical -> Wubi-vertical.bmp in data/images14:54
xivulonin fact vertical.bmp should be renamed Wubi-vertical.bmp anyway14:56
xivulonthe icon/artwork displayed in the actual window will be distro-branded anyway, since that is dynamic14:58
xivulonDefaultBrand in fact affects also other dialogs such as message boxes15:00
xivulonwhich will display the icon15:00
xivulonDefaultBrand = Ubuntu will do15:01
xivulonto be fully consistent we should have 4 builds  using make BRAND=${x}buntu15:03
evandxivulon: latest CDs are up and I'm getting "Invalid CD detected" when launching umenu: http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/daily-live/current/15:58
evandusing --debug gives me: cdinfo=true, distro=true, version=15:59
evand.disk/info has: Ubuntu 8.04 "Hardy Heron" - Alpha amd64 (20080215.2)16:00
evandand with distro=true I obviously end up with "true CD Menu" and it not finding a series of images.16:03
evandcuriously, if I pass the contents of .disk/info to debug it works fine16:11
xivulonhmm no16:25
xivulonah I know16:26
evandshouldn't exedrive be exedir?16:26
xivulonno that will be the dir were umenu.exe is16:26
evandah, indeed16:27
xivulonuse messagebox mb_ok "$X"16:27
xivulonin detect_distro16:27
xivulonmessagebox mb_ok "$exedrive\.disk\info"16:27
xivulonmaybe that is not what expected or it might have double \\16:28
xivulonalso check "$filename\casper\filesystem.squashfs"16:28
xivulondo that16:29
xivulonVar $drive16:29
xivulonstrcpy $drive $EXEDIR 216:29
xivulon${If} ${FileExists} "$drive\casper\filesystem.squashfs"16:29
xivulonFileOpen $4 "$drive\.disk\info" r16:30
xivulonevand ^16:32
xivulon${andif} ${FileExists} "$drive\.disk\info"16:34
evandok, I'll commit that, build a new version, stick it on p.u.c, and trigger a new CD build16:37
xivulonwubi.exe has to be in the same folder of umenu.exe16:37
evandI hardcoded D:, but I tested it with EXEDIR 2 and it shot back C:16:37
evandso one can only assume that will work16:37
evandyes, the wubi integration worked fine16:38
xivulon${If} ${FileExists} "$drive\casper\filesystem.squashfs"16:38
evandthey're both in the cd root16:38
xivulon${andif} ${FileExists} "$drive\.disk\info"16:38
evandright, I already have that16:38
xivulon^one after the other16:38
xivulonhave to go now16:38
xivulonsend me an email over the w/e if there are issues16:38
evandwill do16:38
xivulonI'll also be on jabber16:39
xivulon(on mobile) if keep it on, that's probably the quickest way to solve things16:39
xivulonbye now16:39
evandugh, still doesn't work for some odd reason.  Will investigate further later in the day.17:57
CIA-44ubiquity: evand * r2469 ubiquity/ (bin/ubiquity-dm debian/changelog): * Drop priviliges for gnome-settings-daemon in ubiquity-dm.18:41
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