tjaaltonwhoa, i386 built \o/00:08
mjg59tjaalton: \o/00:09
tjaaltonwhat the.. why is the lpia* lrm's versioned -7-lpia*00:10
tjaaltonI don't remember having to touch the rules too00:13
tjaaltonwhy the hell did I miss that00:15
tjaaltondpkg-parsechangelog | grep ^Version | sed 's/.*-//;s/\..*//'00:24
tjaaltonthat would get the abiver from the version string, like I thought it would do :)00:24
tjaaltonrtg: sorry for the delay, hopefully it's ok now00:25
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hermanhey! The autor of aufs is juliank?08:31
Kanohi rtg 10:13
Kanojust saw an interesting commit for the kernel. do you work on dmraid45?10:14
Kanoalso please update aufs when you update the rest10:14
Kanotjaalton: MAKE[0]="make SYSSRC=\${kernel_source_dir} module IGNORE_XEN_PRESENCE=1"10:27
Kanois that YOUR big trick ;)10:27
Kanovery simple to find that on your own10:27
Kanoi mean for dkms10:29
tjaaltonI haven't played with dkms at all10:30
Kanohmm then it was somebody else with a similar nick10:31
Kanobut it really seems pretty interesting that dkms10:32
Kanobtw. dkms in ubuntu has en error13:12
Kanothe uninstall trigger can not work13:12
Kanowrong parsed13:13
tjaaltonKano: you mean the lrm package?13:15
Kanoarch=`echo "$line" | awk '{print $4}' | sed 's/:$//'`13:15
Kanono the debian/kernel_prerm.d_dkms13:15
Kano: not ,13:15
Kanoi think nobody REALLY tested remove13:17
Kanobtw. why is only uninstall and not remove triggered?13:17
Kanodo you think somebody installs it again13:18
Kanothat works now13:20
Kanortg: http://article.gmane.org/gmane.linux.alsa.devel/5153613:23
Kanodid you see this13:23
tseliottjaalton: why did you remove this lines from the debian/rules of the lrm?14:39
tseliotexport DH_COMPAT=414:39
Kanotseliot: did you find the uninstall error in dkms14:39
tjaaltontseliot: I did?14:39
tseliottjaalton: either you or someone else14:40
tseliotKano: uninstall error?14:41
Kanowell try to delete a kernel14:41
Kanothen uninstall should be triggered14:41
Kanobut instead you get an error14:41
Kanobecause of a stupid typo...14:41
Kanomaybe you could even trigger remove, not only uninstall14:42
Kanofixed version there14:42
Kanoor check /etc/kernel/prerm.d/dkms14:43
tseliotso the problem affects DKMS itself, doesn't it?14:43
Kanoonly the debian packageing14:43
Kanoit is in the debian dir14:43
Kano: not , in arch line14:43
Kanois the fix14:44
tseliotdid you file a bugreport about this?14:44
tjaaltontseliot: that's not exported in gutsy either, and first time I touched lrm was in November ;)14:44
Kanoi uploaded it to my repository, that is faster *g*14:44
Kanoalso this is -5 not -4 directly form dell's website14:45
tseliottjaalton: ok, maybe the problem affects only the packaging scripts I use for Envy. I just wanted to make sure that it didn't break the lrm14:45
tseliotKano: I would like the get the fix into hardy14:46
mdomschKano, what's my typo?14:46
tjaaltontseliot: k14:46
* mdomsch is upstream for DMKS14:47
tseliottjaalton: thanks for your prompt reply, as usual ;)14:47
Kanomdomsch: arch=`echo "$line" | awk '{print $4}' | sed 's/:$//'`14:47
Kanosed 's/:$//'`14:47
Kanosed 's/,$//'`14:47
Kanoi mean14:47
tjaaltontseliot: well, I wanted to be sure about it14:48
Kanomdomsch: how about using remove instead of uninstall in that file?14:48
tseliottjaalton: why do the nvidia packages suggest nvidia-settings when there's no nvidia-settings in the repos?14:49
tjaaltontseliot: it's in NEW14:50
tjaaltonhmm, actually it should be accepted14:50
mdomschKano, it should be uninstall; we don't want to nuke the driver for any other kernels present14:50
Kanomdomsch: it would not nuke it14:51
Kanobut it keeps the binary14:51
mdomschok, I see the bug, fixed now in my tree14:51
tseliottjaalton: aah, as I removed nvidia-settings from Envy's packaging scripts as well. Ok, I'll wait for the package to be approved.14:51
mdomschah, we're specifying kernel and arch14:52
mdomschok, remove it is.14:52
tjaaltontseliot: binaries are built, but needs a push14:52
tjaaltonsame for the lrm btw14:52
tseliottjaalton: ok, I'll just make sure that EnvyNG installs that package instead of building its own nvidia-settings14:53
Kanoremove is definitely cleaner14:54
tjaaltontseliot: yeah, I think it's wise to use the one that has sources14:54
tseliotKano: I gave you credit for reporting the problem (and the solution) about xen kernels in Envy's changelog :-)14:55
tseliotthanks again14:55
Kanotjaalton: did you see that new thing in 171.05 called nvidia-smi?14:56
Kanoi dont know what to do with it but it is there...14:56
Kanoworks only with 171.0514:57
* tseliot reboots and tries the new DKMS patch with a xen kernel14:57
tjaaltonKano: what is it?14:57
Kanono idea14:57
tjaaltonthat release is for some professional setup14:59
Kanowell it works too for others ;)15:00
tjaaltonyes, but no changes for them15:00
Kanowell i like to try all ;)15:00
mdomschKano, I"ll fix this up and let superm1 help me get it uploaded15:02
tjaaltonoh crap, moving libglx turned out to be a bad ide15:16
tseliottjaalton: I was about to report it15:16
Kanomdomsch: did you test what happens when you execute remove and it is the last entry15:17
tjaaltonI can't understand why it doesn't load it from the right path when you have nvidia15:18
mdomschKano, not yet15:18
Kanomdomsch: in that case you can only use uninstall or is there an option to leave the source?15:18
mdomschKano, no such option at present15:21
mdomschhence uninstall; with remove at uninstall of the package with the source15:21
Kanowell maybe tell upstream to add this option15:22
Kanosomethink like --keep-source or so15:22
tseliottjaalton: this line makes a dead symlink:15:24
tseliotusr/lib/xorg/modules/libglx.so.@@VERSION@@ usr/lib/xorg/modules/libglx.so15:24
mdomschthat's going to mess up packages with prebuilt binaries in them15:24
mdomschI'm going to leave it as uninstall15:24
tseliottjaalton: in nvidia-glx.links.in15:24
Kanomdomsch: i like that feature to create debs15:24
tjaaltontseliot: oh15:25
Kanofor my new nvidia script i basically write the conf file, add it, then create deb and install the deb15:25
Kanothen the module is compiled and you could even uninstall nvidia-dkms..15:25
Kanowhen you dont need it, pretty funny15:26
tseliottjaalton: there's a broken link in /usr/lib/xorg/modules/ . Ok, let's fix it.15:27
tjaaltontseliot: yeah, thanks for spotting *headdesk*15:31
tjaaltonmoving it made it work, I'll upload a new version ASAP15:31
tseliottjaalton: great15:34
* tseliot tries the new fix in EnvyNG15:39
tjaaltonluckily the binaries were not published yet15:41
Kanortg: can you change the lum package that it compiles without disabling d-i als when debian/d-i/kernel-versions is empty15:56
Kanoi bacially only compile a custom flavour without d-i modules15:57
rtgKano: patches will be considered15:57
Kanorules.d/2-binary-arch.mk:#binary-arch: binary-debs binary-udebs15:58
Kanorules.d/2-binary-arch.mk:binary-arch: binary-debs15:58
Kanothats a stupid hack15:58
Kanobetter would be when binary-udebs would not break when the file is empty15:58
rtgKano: the kernel has something like that, the disable_d_i flag for flavours that don't have any d-i bits.16:01
Kanortg: well i modify both packages usually to compile only the kanotix flavour16:02
rtgKano: send a lum patch to the kernel-team mailing list that works for both of us and I'll consider it. In the meantime, I've got my hands full with some other issues.16:03
Kanortg: could you update aufs in the meantime ;)16:04
rtgzul: xen doesn't build with the -9 kernel. (nor does -rt)17:20
zulrtg: ill take a look17:23
rtgzul: I also just dropped a note to the kernel-team ml.17:24
zulrtg: where did it fail?18:32
rtgzul: somewhere in the compile phase.18:32
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zulrtg: fixed locally20:09
rtgbeam me up scotty20:10
zulcan I just send you the patch?20:13
zulie put it somewhere you can get it20:13
rtgzul: yes - just announce a git pull. 20:14
j4k4hi folks20:50
tseliottjaalton: why doesn't fglrx-kernel-source contain 7.1.0 in its version while the other fglrx packages do?20:56
tseliotif it's not an error I'll make Envy compliant with this as well20:58
tjaaltontseliot: I'm not sure..21:07
tseliottjaalton: having a consistent version scheme in the fglrx driver would be of help21:08
tseliotwould it be possible to make its version as it was before?21:09
tjaaltonwhat do you mean "as it was before"? it's been like that for some time (releaseversion+kernelversion)21:13
tseliotsomething like 1:7.1.0-8-02+ etc.21:16
tseliotlike xorg-driver-fglrx21:16
tseliotwhich means xorgversion+releaseversion+kernelversion21:17
tjaaltonimho the xorgversion part should be dropped instead21:18
tseliottjaalton: ok, but can it be dropped for all the fglrx packages?21:19
tjaaltonmaybe some time21:19
infinityIt was, historically, part of the complete version.21:20
tseliottjaalton: this is causing problems with Envy :-/21:20
infinityWhen we switched from Xorg 7.0 to Xorg 7.1, but the fglrx version didn't bump.21:20
tseliotinfinity: would a change break anything?21:21
infinityThere had to be a way to bump the version of the package, despite the fglrx version not changing.21:21
infinitytseliot: fglrx had two modules shipped (one for 7.0, one for 7.1), and when we changed the packages to use the 7.1 version, the binaries needed a new version.21:21
tseliotyes, I know21:22
tseliotbut now it seems to be no longer the case21:22
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infinityThis is all, perhaps, "historical" now, though I imagine the exact same thing happening again with a new Xorg ABI change some day.21:22
tseliotinfinity: I see your point, however all I'm asking is consistency between all the fglrx packages21:23
tjaaltonright, it's not long ago when they didn't know what version to use (8.41x -> 7.01 -> 8.42? -> 8-01 ..)21:23
tseliothaving all either with or without the Xversion21:24
infinityI'm not sure how it looks these days, but fglrx-source used to ship both Xorg ABI drivers in it, hence why it didn't include the Xorg version.21:24
tseliottjaalton: yes, ATI adopted the same version scheme as their Windows Catalyst driver21:25
infinityGranted, I haven't touched lrm for a couple of years (thank god), so I'm not sure how much of my hackish packaging lives on...21:25
tjaaltoninfinity: :)21:25
tjaaltontseliot: the driver itself still thinks its 8.4xxx21:25
tseliottjaalton: yes, if you extract the installer you get something like 8.4521:26
tseliotbut the "official" version is 8-0221:26
tseliotat least this is (more or less) what they told me in the mailing list of ATI21:27
tseliotas I'm a beta tester21:27
tseliotI'll make EnvyNG's package compliant with Ubuntu's version scheme then... *sigh*21:41
tjaaltontseliot: I think the cleanup is best left after hardy21:46
tjaalton+to be 21:46
tseliottjaalton: no problem, I'm hacking on ATI's packaging scripts now21:46
tseliotI'll make sure it's all compatible with Ubuntu21:47
* j4k3b makes a launchpad page21:58

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