asacmozilla bug 41358318:23
asac^^^ thats the corruption bug upstream18:23
ubotuMozilla bug 413583 in GFX "cairo xlib buggy_repeat not detected correctly" [Major,Assigned] http://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=41358318:23
asacUbulette: ^^^18:27
asaccan you try the cairo patch in there?18:27
asac(its a workaround afaik)18:27
* asac has to run18:27
asacred lines has beend duped btw18:28
Ubuletteyep, read that too.18:46
Ubuletteas for trying the patch, i can't at home (nvidia) but I can push it to my ppa18:47
[reed]asac / Ubulette: seen mozilla bug 394103? how many people are seeing it19:09
ubotuMozilla bug 394103 in OS Integration "All elements are HUGE (when doing dpi autodetect?)" [Normal,New] http://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=39410319:10
Ubulettei don't but we have bugs and reports in the forum19:10
asac[reed]: i looked in code yesterday19:10
asacits for people that have a dpi higher than 14319:10
asacthe fix is to force dpi 96 everywhere19:10
asaci initially thought it was easy to fix, but then i found that the culprid is the image scaling19:11
Ubuletteasac, http://www.sofaraway.org/ubuntu/debdiff/cairo_1.5.8-0ubuntu1--1.5.8-0ubuntu2.debdiff19:11
asacyou cannot scale images continously19:11
[reed]can you comment in the bug and/or produce a patch? I can get it to be a blocker, but it needs an owner.19:11
asacso you can either have 1:1 ... or 2:1 ... thats why you get the sudden boost in size of icons when crossing the 143 border19:12
asac[reed]: yes. i can take that19:12
[reed]ok, cool19:12
[reed]so, what does the image scaling?19:12
[reed]libpr0n? cairo?19:12
asac[reed]: no its in thebes device context19:12
[reed]ok, I'll move to GFX: Thebes19:12
[reed]and renom for blocoking19:12
[reed]and you can assign to yourself19:13
Ubuletteasac, seems the kde team guys are daily building in their ppa19:14
asac[reed]: try yourself ... set layout.css.dpi to 144 and you will instantly see what they see ;)19:14
asac(those poor people that invested soo much in their monitor/laptop) :)19:15
[reed]asac: ok, go assign the bug to yourself19:15
[reed]I'll get it to be a blocker :)19:15
asac"mid-air collission" :) with reed19:16
asac[reed]: do you have a form thread at hand that complains about it?19:19
[reed]forum* ?19:20
[reed]if forum*, then no. Ubulette might, though19:20
[reed]however, see the other bugs that have been duped19:20
asacyou wrote that there are lots of complains in the forms ;)19:20
asacdidn't you?19:20
asaci would like to get a few testers in this channel that have such a screen19:20
asacwell 2 testers would be fine ;)19:21
Ubuletteask in the bug19:23
asacUbulette: let me now test the cairo patch19:24
asacUbulette: did you manage to use all hunks?19:24
asacok i see19:29
Ubulettepushed to my ppa for testers but it's crowded in there :P19:30
[reed]<Ubulette> i don't but we have bugs and reports in the forum19:32
[reed]that's why I said that19:32
asacUbulette: works :)19:36
Ubulettewanna sponsor it ? :)19:36
asacUbulette: can you please test if scrolling the preview in wiki.ubuntu.com is slow as hell for you as well?19:37
asac(without that patch)19:37
asaci am not sure. vlad probably would have applied that patch if it was a good idea to do so19:37
Ubuletteit's not19:38
asacafaik they still hope to figure the real cause for that19:38
asacUbulette: maybe attach the patch to the bug for now, so we remember. we have it set to blocking beta19:38
asaci will try to talk to him19:38
Ubulettewell, we can still drop the patch if/when they really fix it, that's why i've said workaround instead of fix19:38
asaclet me try if scrolling is normal again after backing out this patch19:39
asacUbulette: maybe you can try if its slow for you with that patch as well?19:39
Ubulette[reed], what's a beta bandaid ?19:45
[reed]wallpaper fix for beta19:45
[reed]instead of the real fix19:46
[reed]umm, it means that it might fix the problem, but it's not the real fix19:46
[reed]temporary fix19:46
[reed]until the real issue can be found19:46
[reed]but a fix needed for the beta19:46
Ubulettebut it's committed anyway ?19:46
[reed]dunno, check bonsai19:46
Ubuletteyes it in b319:47
Ubuletteasac, so there's no problem for us either19:48
Ubuletteok, built19:55
Ubulettebug 19219823:47
ubotuLaunchpad bug 192198 in firefox-3.0 "rendering problem on firefox 3" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/19219823:47
Ubulettearmin76, [reed], seen something like this ? ^^23:47
Ubulettelooks like the miro wrapping bug (miro built with xul 1.9)23:48
[reed]known bug23:48
Ubulette# ?23:48
Ubulette[reed], bug number ?23:55
[reed]bugzilla is not responding23:55
[reed]give me a sec :)23:55
Ubulettebug 18677123:56
ubotuLaunchpad bug 186771 in firefox-3.0 "use more GTK stock icons." [Low,Invalid] https://launchpad.net/bugs/18677123:56
Ubulette[reed], ^^ what do you think ?23:56
asacUbulette: please don't invalidate bugs that need to be send upstream :)23:58
[reed]invalid on your side... please send upstream23:58
[reed]Firefox :: Theme23:58
Ubulettewell, part of it is solved in b4pre23:58
asac[reed]: well ... we should not close them _before_ they are send upstream. And even after sending them upstream we should keep them open. otherwise it will trigger dupes here.23:59

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