rhpot1991Tuv0k: that package should be done, dunno if it takes a while for it to hit apt or not though18:05
Tuv0kupdates are dry atm18:06
rhpot1991what happens if you apt-cache search for it18:06
Tuv0kI did get the backend from launchpad though18:06
rhpot1991I know superm1 got the perl upnp done a few days ago, had to get it in before the feature freeze18:09
Tuv0ksays "in progress"18:10
Tuv0kand thats for filing it as a bug!18:10
rhpot1991so do both of mine18:11
rhpot1991dunno when they get switched18:11
rogue780_superm1, hi20:28
Tuv0kunable to update libmyth-perl21:09
MythbuntuGuest65im using mythbuntu but how do i get in my xfce ?22:07
adaptrinstall xubuntu-desktop22:08
adaptrif your actual question was anything like it looked like to me....22:09
MythbuntuGuest65better downloaded xubuntu and installed mythbuntu with apt22:13
adaptrnext time, download mythbuntu and install that :)22:14
MythbuntuGuest65damm i love debian - commercial crap22:17
Tuv0klirc-modules-source is still missing the /lib/firmware/haup-ir-blaster.bin in order for the remote to work at all22:18
Tuv0kthe package however does not fail to compile, just does not have this important file22:18
SadaraxMy hauppauge pvr-150 is not showing up when I try to run the mythtv setup. I have the ivtv-utils installed, but still nothing. Suggestions?22:20
Tuv0kI just posted remote info for that remote22:22
Tuv0kI have the same one22:22
Tuv0klirc-modules-source is still missing the /lib/firmware/haup-ir-blaster.bin in order for the remote to work at all22:22
Tuv0kyou must have that file22:22
Tuv0kwhether you use the blaster or not22:22
SadaraxI'm not worried about the remote (I don't have one).22:22
SadaraxOh, so I need that just to get the card to detect?22:22
Tuv0knot the card, the remote22:23
SadaraxI don't think I was clear that, when doing the setup and picking my video source, the card does not detect22:23
Tuv0kif you have one22:23
SadaraxI don't have a remote, just the card22:23
Tuv0kthe video source is not the card22:23
Tuv0kthat would be the channels22:23
Tuv0kyou can add the card straight from the frontend22:24
SadaraxYeah, that is where the problem is happening22:24
SadaraxIn the past (with KnoppMyth), I just pick PVR-150 in the from end and my card is detected22:24
SadaraxThis time in MythBuntu, it is not happening (detection failed)22:24
Tuv0kyou have to go to "capture cards"22:25
Tuv0k"new capture card"22:26
SadaraxThanks, but that is the problem. I do that, exactly, and when I try to add the card there, it fails to detect22:26
Tuv0kcard type22:26
Tuv0kvideo device22:27
Tuv0k= /dev/video022:27
Tuv0kor =/dev/video122:27
Tuv0kjust had to do it again myself22:28
Tuv0kI have a webcam hooked up, and sometimes it steals the /dev/video0 slot22:28
Tuv0kthen I have to reselect my pvr-150 as /dev/video122:29
Tuv0kits a pain sometimes22:29
Tuv0khope that helps22:29
SadaraxHmm, I don't think I picked /dev/video1 last time. I will try again22:29
Sadarax(I can't try now, I'm not home yet)22:29
Tuv0kwe have the easiest card to use with mythtv22:29
Tuv0kwell I'll be here22:29
toorimaTuv0k: i have the same problem but its the analog part of my pchdtv5500 that steals video0 and I fixed it by blacklisting the module and then load it later in the boot process22:43
toorimathat way the pvr150 allways gets video022:43
Sadaraxpchdtv? What is that? a remote of some type?22:44
toorimaSadarax: its a capture card for hdtv22:46
SadaraxAh, okay22:47
toorimai have a pvr150 for sd channels and a pchdtv5500 for hd channels22:47
Sadaraxtoorima, nice setup. Probably easier that finding a dual HD/Analog card.22:49
SadaraxThough I was considering getting a Fusion 5 HD card, since they seem to be very well supported22:49
toorimawell the pchdtv5500 is dual hd/sd but i had the pvr150 from my first mythtv box so i dont use the analog part of the pchdtv550022:51
toorimaand the sd part of the pchdtv5500 is only software based so the quality isnt as good as a pvr150 because of its hardware decoder22:53

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