* jpatrick got the logbot back16:59
PriceyWith irssi-proxy I somehow have an almost 9 second lag :/16:59
Priceyjpatrick, where'd it go?16:59
jpatrickPricey: lost in netsplit16:59
naliothPricey: get it right, you're tunneling through Oz to get here16:59
Priceynalioth, nope16:59
PiciDo we have a 'how to ask' factoid thats not !ask?17:00
PriceyIts america, but still 9 seconds is excessive, especially when bip was near perfect.17:00
PriceyThis is really wierd :/17:01
PriceyAh that's much better... odd17:02
Priceymaybe it was just wierd while I synced17:04
PiciHello from the future17:04
Seeker`by the time you read this, I will have wasted 9 seconds of my life17:07
Pricey"weird" grr17:09
jussi01can someone remind me how to add the date timestamp to my irssi?17:10
Pici/set timestamp_format 17:11
jpatrickLjL: ubuntulog has joined #ubuntu-irc17:12
=== mc44_ is now known as mc44
jussi01Pici: thanks, now could you remind me of the variable syntax?17:13
Picijussi01: no idea.17:13
Picijussi01: but I bet its on the irssi homepage.17:13
Seeker`timestamp_format = %H:%M:%S17:14
jussi01Seeker`: yeah, but what about for the date?17:14
jussi01Pici: if you have the date, could you call that without variables and tell me?17:14
Seeker`'d guess %d %m and %y17:15
Picijussi01: %m/%d/%y or just %D17:15
jussi01Pici: ahh, thank you17:15
Picijussi01: http://irssi.org/documentation/settings#a_c17:16
* jpatrick likes to keep irssi compact and just has %H:%M17:16
PiciI'm using %H:%M:%S, nice for knowing if someone in the past was flooding or not.17:16
ubotuIn ubotu, nikoPSK said: !typo is Please try to write your messages with the least amount of spelling mistakes possible so others can make sense of them.17:43
PiciLjL: Floodbots aren't kicking when someone ctcps the channel, only setting the ban.17:46
ubotuIn #ubuntu-bots, DaSkreech said: ubotu: nick is By default, only registered users can send private messages - Information about  registering your Freenode nick can be found at http://freenode.net/faq.shtml#userregistration. Live CD users! Try changing your nick from ubuntu to something else with the command /nick mynewnick it may help you to get noticed from the many other livecd users18:28
DaSkreechhi Just sent in an amendment to the nick factoid18:28
ikonia!nick 18:32
ubotuBy default, only registered users can send private messages - Information about  registering your Freenode nick can be found at http://freenode.net/faq.shtml#userregistration18:32
ikoniadoesn't look like its updated18:33
Piciikonia: because hes not a factoid editor.18:33
PiciDaSkreech: I personally don't think the addition is needed, but we can wait for some other op to show up.18:34
ikonianot many users in as "ubuntu" based nicks18:35
DaSkreechPici: I was kinda asking for opinions18:35
PiciGuest77003: Hello.18:44
PiciGuest77003: How can we help you today?18:45
=== Guest77003 is now known as mysterycool
mysterycoolok so see18:45
mysterycooli was a windows user and today i installed linux. but i was stupid enough to make the partitions while the install of linux so my windows were deleted18:45
Picimysterycool: This isnt a support channel.18:45
mysterycoolyeah its not for this that i want help with18:46
mysterycoolso i need to join #ubuntu to ask quite a few stuff for getting started cuz online guides can get a bit confusing18:46
mysterycoolbut it says that im banned :s18:46
Pici!proxy | mysterycool 18:46
ubotumysterycool: Many Ubuntu IRC channels prohibit access from !proxies such as !TOR due to a high level of abuse. You can however obtain a hostmask cloak: see http://freenode.net/faq.shtml#cloaks18:46
Picimysterycool: We dont allow java irc clients into #ubuntu due to abuse.18:47
mysterycoolooh. well i was gonna download an irc client18:47
mysterycoolbut i have NO idea how the hell u install it on linux18:47
mysterycooland online guides didnt really help18:47
mysterycoolso i really need someone to explain18:47
DaSkreech!synaptic | mysterycool18:47
ubotumysterycool: synaptic is Ubuntu's Graphical Package Manager. For a good howto see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SynapticHowto18:47
Picimysterycool: If you are running gnome, there already is one installed, applications>internet>xchat I believe.18:48
mysterycoolno xchat :s18:48
DaSkreechPici: Nope18:48
no0ticPici, xchat isn't installed, only pidgin is18:48
DaSkreechNo IRC is installed by default with ubuntu 18:48
DaSkreechNot counting pidgin18:48
mysterycoolyeah i only have pidgin18:48
* DaSkreech boots up from live cd often enough to know18:48
PiciDaSkreech: ah, I've been spending too much time in Hardy.18:48
DaSkreechmysterycool: That does IRC well enough to get connected18:49
Picimysterycool: pidgin can connect to irc.18:49
Tm_TDaSkreech: and Pidgin isn't counted, because...18:49
DaSkreechPici: It comes with xchat by default now?18:49
mysterycoolbtw one question. with wine i can make all software of windows run on linux?18:49
DaSkreechTm_T: Cause one doesn't open up An instant messenger which pidgin is clearly labeled as to go on IRC ?18:49
Picimysterycool: No. And like I said, this isnt a support channel, its only for operator issues.18:49
mysterycoolok so what i need is just to be able to join #ubuntu18:50
no0ticTm_T, pidgin isn't configured otb for joining #ubuntu on freenode. It doesn't know anything about irc nets18:50
mysterycoolhttps://help.ubuntu.com/community/SynapticHowto -> this is for what?18:51
Picimysterycool: how to install software.  Install xchat and you should be good.18:51
mysterycoolwait, so synaptic is a program that I can download? -_-18:52
DaSkreechmysterycool: No Click on Applications -> Add/remove programs18:52
DaSkreechIt shoudl be easy from there18:52
mysterycoolah k18:53
mysterycoolthanks downloaded ;)18:54
mysterycoolcya and thanks again ;)18:54
mysterycool(sry for asking all those questions but i am really a newbie on linux :p)18:54
DaSkreechay matey!19:06
DaSkreechThar she blows!19:06
jpatrickhttp://irclogs.ubuntu.com/2008/02/15/%23ubuntu-ops.html - woohoo19:08
Picijpatrick: how long was it out for?19:08
jpatrickPici: less than a day19:08
Picijpatrick: What do you think about adding information to the !register factoid about using the nick 'ubuntu'?19:09
* DaSkreech laughs at the small size diffrential between kubuntu.html and ubuntu.html19:09
jpatrickPici: what DaSkreech suggested?19:09
Picijpatrick: yeah.19:10
DaSkreechPici: it also lets people know they can change thier nick with /nick19:10
DaSkreechit was two messages I was trying to akwardly tack in :)19:10
jpatrickPici: should be in a different fact, like !liveuser19:10
DaSkreechjpatrick: How about the ability to cahnge your nick with /nick should that be under !nick ?19:11
LjLthat's already aliased to !register19:11
LjL!no register is <reply> By default, only registered users can send private messages - Information about  registering your Freenode nick can be found at http://freenode.net/faq.shtml#userregistration - Type « /nick <nickname> » to select a nickname to use.19:12
ubotuI'll remember that LjL19:12
DaSkreechYeah something like that19:12
ubotuBy default, only registered users can send private messages - Information about registering your nickname: http://freenode.net/faq.shtml#userregistration - Type « /nick <nickname> » to select your nickname.19:13
Picispam protection.19:13
LjLPici: yeah, was just to show they were the same19:14
DaSkreech!nick | Pici19:14
ubotuPici: By default, only registered users can send private messages - Information about registering your nickname: http://freenode.net/faq.shtml#userregistration - Type « /nick <nickname> » to select your nickname.19:14
ubotunick is <alias> register - added by LjL on 2007-02-09 18:13:3719:14
DaSkreechThanks :)19:14
jpatrickHYPOKRIT - #ubuntu- troll?19:25
jpatrickPici: yep, he is to me19:36
ikoniaahh your already disscussing him19:42
ikoniacan someone do someyhing with HYPOKRIT19:42
jpatrickikonia: one more chance19:43
ikoniagetting a bit tedious19:43
jpatrickthen we ! ----asda ops19:43
ikoniaenoguh now19:44
ikoniahe's telling people to reboot19:44
* Pricey wonders why he's now seeing plus signs before all messages.19:45
PriceyIt wasn't doing that before though...19:45
PriceyIts happenning in #ubuntu too...19:49
Priceyexcept sometimes there are minus signs19:49
crediblePricey: that would be the result of /quote capab identify-msg19:49
crediblePricey: that would be the result of /quote capab identify-msg19:50
Priceycredible, lost you.19:50
crediblethe + means the user is identified, the - means they're not19:51
PriceyAha right.19:51
PriceyThat could maybe kind of be useful sometimes...19:51
Priceycredible, do you have any idea how it could have been randomly turned on?19:51
crediblethere's a script for irssi that lets you creatively format it19:52
credibleso I put ~ in front of unidentified nicks19:52
credibleno clue :)19:52
PriceyHow is it turned back off?19:52
ompaul!staff | <DigiMasTer> my new script http://rs97.rapidshare.com/files/91484126/mirc.zip19:57
ompaulbanned in #ubuntu19:57
PiciI have my capab identify-msg set to stick ? in front of un-ided users.20:00
Dave2Pricey, you can't turn it off20:01
PiciHe could unload the script.20:01
Dave2do you possibly use irssi-proxy?20:01
PriceyDave2, I can't even turn it back on.20:01
PriceyI do yes.20:01
Dave2with xchat?20:01
Priceyhaha yes20:01
Dave2Yeah, that'll do it; xchat sends CAPAB IDENTIFY-MSG20:01
Dave2it then has no defaults to deal with it, which is somewhat annoying, but you can tweak it to display it.20:02
Priceymeh i'm fine with it displaying again if it appears20:02
Priceyaha yes, a disconnect then reconnect and they all appear again.20:03
PriceyThanks Dave2, credible.20:04
Dave2It breaks /mes in irssi unless you load a script to deal with it20:04
ubotuIn #ubuntu-offtopic, recon said: !no, SYN is <reply> ACK20:05
Dave2also, since it's quite useful to know whether someone's identified or not in general, you can `/set irc_id_ntext ~` and modify your channel message event to be "%C2<%C$4%O$1%C2>%O$t$2%O" or similar.20:06
Dave2($4 is the variable showing IDd status)20:06
PriceyYeah I'd noticed the /me's... that last bit I think I'll read over a couple of times to work it out :)20:08
mneptokbut first, the tranya.20:33
naliothmmmm tranya20:34
naliothdid you bring enough for all of us, mneptok ?20:35
mneptokof course. i hope you relish it as much as i.20:37
* Pricey finds toma.w's format_identify script20:48
PriceyHaha, just noticed the "auto_bleh/chanserv on steroids"20:56
Priceyscript for klining in there20:56
* Pricey hits his enter key20:56
ompaulPricey, you is not plus the right stuff or that would be very dangerous :)21:02
=== Amaranth_ is now known as Amaranth
PriceyI see that http://ircarc.com/network/ is logging us.21:52
Alohais anyone officially in charge of #ubuntu-us-hi anymore?21:53
PriceyAloha, kitofhawaii still owns it. I believe he was going to give it to a "scott"?21:53
Alohai havn't seen either one of them in ahwile... Scott was supposed to take the lead but I think he flaked21:54
PriceyAloha, I'd suggest sending him an email to see what's up.21:55
ompaulnalioth, remind me if ircarc were given permission to log here 21:56
Priceyompaul, http://ircarc.com/freenode-ubuntu-ops/4.html21:57
Priceyread the end of that21:57
PriceyI assume it isn't being logged anymore, hard to find dates.21:57
Priceyoh wait... date at the very top... I'm not very good today am I.22:00
Alohawhat steps should i take if i don't hear back from kit or scott?22:01
PriceyAloha, I would suggest you get hold of kit.22:01
emmaHello is LJL here?22:35
ompaulit would be rather late in .it so LjL may not be here22:40
emmaOh he's Italian?22:41
ompaulwell he sure as whatever ain't Irish22:41
Priceyompaul, :)22:41
emmaI don't have any information to go by. 22:41
ompaulor for that matter English22:41
ompaulPricey, ack22:41
ompaulPricey, root kit my machine and make it do "stuff" please :-)22:42
ompaulemma, what is on your mind?22:43
Priceyompaul, people keep PMing me, despite my signature saying not to and why, then asking me to ssh in to their machines and fix them for them.22:44
PriceyThen they get annoyed when I suggest I'm evil and random, and am going to be installing something evil.22:44
ompaulPricey, na I know what you are - and I said stuff I really don't care ;-)22:45
ompaulPricey, would not ask if you were not evil22:45
ompauletc etc etc22:45
ompaulemma, what is on your mind?22:45
emmaWell I'm embarrassed to say I was banned from ubuntu-offtopic a few days ago, so hopefully eventually I can talk to someone and start over.22:45
Priceyemma, remind me, (i do remember, i actually just want you to explain) why you were banned.22:46
Alohayay kahrytan's at it again22:48
AlohaPricey: how do you do that? is that an op thing?22:49
emmaI was saying some things about the philosophy of voting that could be construed and political. So I was kicked. I got miffed and made a sequence of passive aggressive comments that pushed my luck too far.22:49
Priceyoh for pete's sake..22:49
PriceyAloha, /notice nickname message22:49
emmaMy comments were not really productive but they were not directed at any of the ubuntu channels or any of the ubuntu-ops, and they were not vulgar or really very malicious. It just happened that I should have probably left chat for a while and things would have been fine. So hopefully we can work it out because I am very reasonable and I know the ops here are too.22:55
Priceyone moment emma 23:00
Priceyemma, have you read the ubuntu-irc irc guidelines?23:10
emmaYes I've read them now. 23:12
PriceyDo you agree to abide by them whilst in Ubuntu channels?23:12
emmaYes. 23:13
Priceyemma, next time...23:14
Pricey1) Calm down, go grab a cup of your favourite beverage, and do something else for 1/2 an hour. Realise that the intarwebs don't really matter.23:14
jdongPricey: (1) favorite (2) realize (3) didn't you mean "mattre" so I could correct you and say matter?23:15
kahrytanAttention all -ops and IRC Council members, Any continued harrasssment of myself from any -ops member will result in report to Ubuntu Community Council. If they fail to correct the problem, then it will goto Canonical. The problem the continued harrassment and respect of IRC Ubuntu Ops and Council members. I will not tolerate it any longer.  This not a empty threat, it is a promise that continued harrassment will be reported. Do not 23:15
kahrytanprivate message me for at least 48 hours and correct your behavior. Violation of Code of Conduct will not be tolerated. 23:15
Pricey2) If you are still a little miffed, /msg the user/operator you've been annoyed by and try to sort it out in a calm manner.23:15
PriceyHe practised that....23:15
PriceyHe's talking about me by the way.23:15
jdongPricey: he forgot to split his first rant correctly23:15
jdonghow am I supposed to know what I'm not supposed to do?!?!!23:16
* jdong runs around in circles23:16
jdongoh nvm it was wrapped23:16
Priceyemma, I have removed the ban in #ubuntu-offtopic.23:16
jdongwait, do not correct behavior or is that not distributive?23:16
emmaOkay thank you.23:16
PiciPricey: How did you 'harass' him this time?23:17
kahrytanOh yeah, I forgot to mention. any harrassment or respect from Ubuntu Community Council or Canonical will result in contacting UK Ambassador to USA. 23:17
* Pici rolleyes23:17
jdongerr... what will the UK ambassador do?23:18
Priceyjdong, I'm trying to think of a witty british spelling to reply with.23:19
credibleat least he doesn't live in the same city as me anymore :/23:19
mc44not the ambassador!23:20
Priceyemma, anything else we can help you with?23:22
ompauljdong, take have him arrested for harassment?23:24
emmaOkies, thanks very much, see you all later (or maybe hopefully not here :) )23:24
ompaulcheers emma 23:24
* Gary giggles23:26
Picid0nuts, LiENUS, can we help you?23:26
* mc44 will help Pricey flee to the cayman islands23:27
PriceyI thought you said "fly" for a second...23:27
PriceyI'm very impressionable atm, was just reading about swallows.23:27
mc44the canon doesn't have that much range23:27
mc44*cannon too23:27
ompaulguess not23:28
ompaulplease note the topic 23:28
ompaulif you have no direct business here you may be asked to leave23:28
ompaulwho is that mc44 guy anyway :P23:29
Garydunno, some troll23:29
mc44I'm the UK ambassador to the USA23:29
mc44I'm here for a Mr. Child23:29
ompaulLiENUS, how can we help you?23:29
ompaulmc44, grow up :P23:29
Picimc44: psst, its Mr. Price23:30
mc44Pici: he has many aliases, is a slippery fellow23:30
ompaulPici, my pun and no one said anything23:30
Piciompaul: ugh.23:30
PriceyI'm not looking forward to learning how to ban ipv6 cleverly.23:42
* Gary sets mode +b *23:44
Garywould that work?23:45
PiciGary: You're the staffer... why are you asking us?23:45
PiciAnd probably not.  needs to be in the format *!*@*23:46
Garyin answer to priceys question23:46
PriceyI know.... but learning which sections of it mean what.23:46
* Pici shrugs23:46
PriceyFor example ipv4 addresses in ipv623:46
tomaw(Any present but banned and voiced users can still speak, just not rejoin)23:46
LjL* alone is invalid, technically23:47
PriceyI'll figure it out when I need to :)23:47
LjLalthough i think the server would turn it into a *!*@* automatically - not entirely sure23:47
Piciirssi doesnt let me set +b on *23:47
Priceyit does23:47
LjLPricey: that might just be your client doing that23:48
LjLjust playing devil's advocate you know23:48
LjLanyway yes it does23:49
ubotuLaunchpad bug 191691 in xchat-gnome "To prevent dcc exploit, default port should be 8001 for irc.ubuntu.com" [Medium,Confirmed] 23:50
* Pricey files a bug on ubotu not giving both statuses23:51
PriceyThe xchat client from hardy now defaults to 8001 for freenode.23:51

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