Centaur5faulkes-: Are you here?02:05
faulkes-Centaur5: you're welcome02:33
stmartinHello, I'm currently writing a tutorial on system installation and deployment strategies. I'm not all that familiar with the development efforts of Ubuntu currently. Is there a mechanism to manage what packages should be installed via LDAP or some such in Ubuntu? If not currently, is this something that is being worked on? Thanks.02:48
kgoetzpackages installed via ldap?02:57
stmartinYes. I would like to be able to specify in LDAP which packages should be installed, and have the client system maintain that. Probably something to do with cfengine.02:58
kgoetzthats an abuse of ldap i havent seen before02:58
stmartinWhy would it be an abuse? It is a directory server. That doesn't mean it just does account information.02:59
kgoetzno it doesnt, but i still think its abuse :)03:00
stmartinYou would hate Novell's eDirectory then I think. ;^)03:00
kgoetzgood guess ;)03:01
stmartinDo you know of anything in the Ubuntu-scape that addresses the problem of remote package management?03:01
kgoetzno i dont. launchpad may have a spec on it though. (if there isnt one, ther probably should be)03:02
stmartinThanks, will have a look.03:02
* kgoetz muses. wonder how hard it would be to get puppet to read its configs out of ldap03:04
kgoetzwonder what the schema would look like *heh*03:04
davidofHi all03:31
davidofanybody has /boot mounted in a separated partition from /?03:32
stmartinI see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ConfigurationInfrastructure looks like its trying to solve the problem I envisage.03:32
davidofI mean, /boot in /dev/sda1 and / in /dev/sda5. For example03:32
kgoetzdavidof: yes, lots of people03:35
faulkes-yes, I typically setup /boot as it's own partition03:35
davidofkgoetz, I need that menu.lst. I've lost it :'(03:35
davidoffaulkes-, can you give me your boot.lst?03:35
kgoetzdavidof: do you have access to the system in question, and a live cd?03:36
kgoetzyou can recreate it with grub-intall03:36
davidofkgoetz, I've launched grub-install but don't do that :(03:37
kgoetzstmartin: i stopped readin g at 'clients use avahi'03:37
kgoetzdavidof: but what?03:38
stmartinkgoetz: this one looks better https://wiki.ubuntu.com/NetworkWideUpdates03:38
stmartinbut fundamentally, I think its a partly a problem with Linux's Unix heritage (wrt configuration file management).03:39
* kgoetz shrug03:40
kgoetzi havent looked into it recently enough03:40
davidofkgoetz, when I launch grub-install manually from the live-cd... grub-install don't recreate the menu.lst :(. Sorry about my english03:40
stmartinAlthough this one looks closest to what I was pondering. https://wiki.ubuntu.com/NetworkWideUpdates03:40
stmartinWhoops, that should be /UpdateServer03:40
stmartinPuppet looks very interesting.03:45
kgoetzdavidof: you need to mount your partitions, chroot them, and then run it03:46
kgoetzpuppets meant to be cvengine without 500 years of legacy :)03:46
davidofok, I'm going to try it :)03:46
kgoetznot tried it yet though03:46
kgoetzbtw https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GrubHowto03:48
davidofkgoetz, I tell you what I have done. (sda5 = /, sda1 = /boot). # mount /dev/sda5 /mnt # mount /dev/sda1 /mnt/boot # chroot /mnt03:53
kgoetzdavidof: you need to bind in /proc and /dev03:53
kgoetzbefore chrooting03:53
davidofbut when I launch grub-install /dev/sda it says "/dev/sda: Not found or not a block device03:53
davidofbind? how can I bind?03:54
kgoetzmount --bind /dev/ /mnt/dev/03:54
kgoetzsame for /proc, and (optional) /sys03:54
davidofoh, thanks03:54
kgoetzand no, ln wont work, because you cant link to outside a chroot03:54
davidofuhm, no. There is no menu.lst. Maybe using dpkg-reconfigure grub?03:57
kgoetzyou are looking in /boot/grub/menu.lst ? (just making sure)03:58
davidofkgoetz, yes. I'm in03:58
davidofthere are device.map, stage1, stage2, .... but no menu.lst :S03:59
kgoetzbrb. work04:00
stmartinbe right back04:02
davidofI can create it, can't I?04:05
davidoftitle Ubuntu04:05
davidofroot (hd0,0) ? (grub partition)04:05
davidofkernel /vmlinuz-2.6.22-14-generic root=/dev/sda5 ?04:06
stmartinI'd help, but I'm not very familiar with grub myself.04:07
kgoetzubuntu mangleats grub, so i doubt my debian boot bears any semblence to an ubuntu boot at all04:09
stmartinupdate-grub creates menu.lst04:10
stmartinman update-grub04:11
davidofstmartin, !!!!! now it worked! :). I'm going to reboot "Crossing fingers"04:14
stmartinHere's a little hint for the future then.04:15
stmartindpkg -L grub | less04:15
davidofO yes!!! I works!!04:15
stmartinYou'll find no mention of menu.lst in there, ergo it must be auto-generated.04:15
davidofThanks everybody!! :)04:16
stmartinIf you wanted, you could also look in /var/lib/dpkg/info/grub.postinstall04:16
kgoetznow dont delete it again :p04:16
stmartinYou will see that it runs update-grub.04:17
stmartinA quick check of update-grub(8) and you can figure out the rest.04:17
davidofNow... What do you think of vmware-server (it's free) vs another options like Qemu or the other.... (don't remember the name). I need it to run windows to give support in my work04:19
davidofI have always used vmware, but I remember since a time to now, lot of people is using another alternative...04:20
stmartinI'm currently running Ubuntu quite nicely inside VirtualBox running on FedoraCore. Runs quite nicely, but VirtualBox is a workstation product, not such much a server product.04:20
stmartinSound doesn't work though, and XVideo isn't enabled on the host (no privs), so I can't try out the desktop effects in Ubuntu.04:21
stmartinI'm also using it to try out Solaris04:21
davidofahm... oki04:21
stmartinUnderlying hardware is a 20" iMac (but running Fedora)04:22
davidofDo you prefer Fedora than OsX? I never used OsX04:22
stmartinI should mention we're an academic institution, so the license allows us to use the vendor-compiled version freely.04:22
stmartinNo! I much prefer OS X. But alas, this is a departmental machine that I am testing software on currently.04:23
davidofahm, ok ok :)04:23
stmartinMy upgrade (coming shortly I hope) will be a 24" iMac running Leopard 8-)04:23
stmartinWhat are your requirements?04:24
davidofhehehe. I'd like to test Leopard on my x86 Laptop. Only to see OsX04:24
davidofrequirements? for Virtual Machines? Very poor. Only contability programs (Visual Basic + Access programs) and not much more04:24
davidofno... uhm, bad translation... I'll look for the word04:26
davidofManagement and accounting.. right?04:27
stmartinWell, then ideally you would want something that has the ability to make your windows applications share the same desktop space as your native apps. I'm not terribly familiar with the Linux virtualisation space, so I don't know if VMWare Workstation offers that capability. Parallels might, its another cross-platform program. Ubuntu has it available via its partners repository.04:28
davidofstmartin, wine?04:30
stmartinthat is a possibility. As an IT professional, I would perhaps feel uncomfortable with that as a solution from a stability and support perspective.04:31
stmartinQemu would be another obvious choice. Free too.04:31
kgoetzi saw parrallels get slammed in a review (trying to remember where)04:32
stmartinperformance wise? It depends on the host platform. I've not used it myself (using VirtualBox).04:33
stmartinalthough VirtualBox is currently unreleased for Jaguar.04:33
stmartinI do like the look of VMWare Workstations specs with regard to virtual networking. Up to 10 virtual switches. Seems a bit arbitrary, but at least you can have more than one (via the GUI anyway).04:37
davidofwhat I like of VMware is that you can create your own Virtual Network, with several VM machines (caution with the RAM) in the same network, being totaly isolated from the Host04:40
stmartinStrange though, I don't see any desktop convergence features in any non-Mac hosted products. eg. Parallels Desktop for Mac has its Convergence, and VMWare Fusion has its Unity, but no such feature for Linux or Windows hosts (that I can see)04:41
stmartinI'm very tempted to write a manageable software ethernet switch, since I teach networking at uni.04:41
stmartinLots of interesting applications for VM stuff there.04:42
davidofdesktop convergence? You mean to put a window from Xp (for example) outside Vmware and being integrated in Linux? No.. I think this is not possible04:42
stmartinYou can certainly do it from a Windows guest onto a Mac host.04:43
stmartinRather effectively too, from my (short) playing with Parallels and Fusion in my local Mac store.04:43
davidofoh thats amazing. but you have to run the whole machine, haven't you?04:44
davidofI mean, can you run only an aplication? (less resources usage)04:44
stmartinNo, all the OS is still running, but any running applications are merged into the desktop.04:45
antdedyeta colleague of mine installed MS Vista & XP instances on gutsy using VirtualBox-ose last week and now runs them simultaneously04:45
antdedyet3G RAM total, 1G for Vista, 512MB for XP, remaining goes to host04:45
stmartindavidof: is this for one or many users?04:45
davidofstmartin, only for me. But I use vmware server because is free :)04:46
davidofor was...04:46
antdedyetdavidof: on ubuntu gutsy and newer: sudo apt-get install virtualbox-ose04:47
davidofwas in the past. I'm not sure if now it is free04:47
antdedyetqemu/kvm is also free, but the GUI is more complete for VirtualBox04:47
stmartinI see the virtualisation market becoming a bit like the browser market. The basic apps will be free, in order to compete.04:47
davidofantdedyet, and what about the speed? Becouse for example, I tested Qemu some years ago, and it was toooo sloooowww04:47
antdedyetGUI = mgmt GUI04:48
stmartinWhere the virtualisation market will differ is in the enterprise integration.04:48
antdedyetdavidof: kvm is the hardware accelerated version of qemu.04:48
kgoetzqemu virtualises a full system04:48
stmartinThe virtual data-center is where the money is to made in the virtualisation space.04:48
stmartinvmware server still appears to be free.04:49
kgoetzno cost at least04:49
antdedyetVirtualBox was really about the same with and without the cpu instructions enabled04:50
stmartinbut it would have a better upgrade path should you decide your enterprise needs more of this virtual stuff.04:50
stmartinI found the VT-x instructions did make it go noticably faster. I was installing Solaris at the time, I think.04:51
antdedyetnon-distro packaged software has a better upgrade path?04:51
stmartinGranted, it wasn't a _whole_ lot faster, but noticeable.04:51
stmartinno, what I meant that VMWare has a better upgrade path if you want to scale up your virtual infrastructure.04:52
davidofOh men! Here in Spain it's 5:53 AM... I think I should sleep a bit :D:D04:53
faulkes-welcome to late night and early morning #ubuntu-server04:53
davidofThank you all very much, and see you!04:53
faulkes-the best cable access show around ;)04:53
stmartindavidof: you think you've got it tough... I have to get to the gym.04:53
kgoetzi raise you being at work still :p04:54
stmartinwork != #ubuntu-server ??? wtf?04:54
kgoetzwork == using a vi release from 199604:55
kgoetzVersion 1.79 (10/23/96) The CSRG, University of California, Berkeley.04:55
kgoetzsilly yanky dates04:55
stmartinew. What OS?04:55
kgoetzFreebsd 4.104:55
stmartinForced obsolescence does have its attractions.04:56
faulkes-I still have 4.1 cd's kicking around04:56
faulkes-in fact, I probably have older versions as well04:57
faulkes-and slackware cd's from err, hmm, '9604:57
kgoetzslack was on cd in 96?04:57
faulkes-yes, ordered from cdrom.com back when jfk was still doing freebsd05:00
faulkes-err, jkh even05:00
faulkes-4 cd jewel case, red label iirc05:00
* faulkes- is an old old man05:01
faulkes-when I started using linux, you had to walk up hill, both ways through stacks of floppies 8ft deep, fighting off rabid packs of wolves05:02
kgoetzwhen i started you put in a cd and waited a while :p05:03
faulkes-none of this fancy "cdrom" technology05:03
* faulkes- fondly remembers dd'ing install floppy images05:04
faulkes-0.99p1 was the first kernel I ever compiled05:04
faulkes-like I said, an old old man05:05
faulkes-now get off my lawn or I'll start talking about bang path addressing and how we wore onions on our belts, that being the fashion of the day05:05
stmartinBah, _real_ hackers didn't bother with any of that, that just let a butterfly flap its wings, then digitised the wind on the other side of world and wrote that onto disk. :-[ Actually, that might explain the stability of the early Unix systems.05:06
stmartinxkcd - A webcomic of romance, sarcasm, math, and language - By Randall Munroe <http://xkcd.org/378/>05:07
stmartin(shamelessly adapted by /me)05:08
faulkes-however, +0 for the attempt ;)05:18
faulkes-anyways, 00:39 EST and time to try to get some sleep before my phone goes off tomorrow morning05:39
kgoetzlater mate05:40
sommeranyone else experience hardy not tab completing sudo commands?05:42
_rubenhrm .. trying to get qemu working on hardy alpha4 .. (no kvm due to lack of vt flag) .. getting "Could not initialize SDL - exiting"07:07
_rubendoh .. its an "access denied" issue07:41
_rubenand now my keyboard aint working properly .. not on the console (within qemu) nor over vnc .. guess i'll stop experimenting with this for now08:03
AnRkeyi have two samba servers on my network and they seem to mess each other around a bit. how can i see if they are fighting?08:05
AnRkeysoz for the "special" explanation :D08:06
spiekey_soren: are you there? :)09:44
TrioTorus_what is the recommended web-interface to an ubuntu server? Will anything be put forward for Hardy server?10:38
Kamping_Kaiserhm. ebox perhaps. not sure10:39
TrioTorus_I was looking at ebox, but it seems it is a complete distro of its own. Is integration with Ubuntu possible?10:39
Kamping_Kaiseryeah, people are working on it10:40
TrioTorus_Looks very good for what I need though. On the forums I saw some talk about including it with ubuntu?10:40
TrioTorus_okay, where should I look to follow it up?10:40
dexemIt's intended to have some ebox packages for hardy10:40
dexemmost of them, if it's possible10:40
TrioTorus_that would be truely fantastic10:41
dexemTrioTorus_: last meeting log is not ready yet, but when it is ready you can see what it was decided10:43
TrioTorus_great, thanks10:43
foo/w 2010:46
Nafallono, /win :-)10:46
sergevnIs there an good solution to give remote login users only an handful of commands in the login shell?11:13
_rubensergevn: you'd probably need to set up a restricted chroot environment with only those commands available11:53
moos3anyone have issues with setting up slapd?15:25
moos3anyone wake this morning15:47
faulkes-did you fix the spelling mistake in your configuration file?15:48
moos3include is the only way i know how to spell include15:49
moos3I have tried with a capital I and no difference15:49
faulkes-not the I15:50
moos3the du needed to switched to ud15:50
moos3yeah I fixed that but no go15:50
faulkes-ok, is it spitting out new errors now?15:51
faulkes-even with debug on?15:51
moos3I'm thinking something else is stopping it from running15:52
faulkes-ps -ef | grep slap15:52
faulkes-and have a look at the log files again15:52
moos3ok thansk faulkes15:52
faulkes-if it is exiting abnormally due to an error, it should report it15:52
faulkes-morning mathiaz15:52
mathiazhi faulkes-15:53
faulkes-anyways, I'm off to the doctors15:53
sommerhey all, I'm migrating some Tomcat java apps from CentOS to Ubuntu, everytime the apps connect to the db and do a prepareStatement or a createStatement it returns a NullPointer Exception16:00
sommerI'm not a Tomcat expert by any means, so I was wondering if there was some config I'm missing?16:00
sommeralso I've extraced the connection and query code into a test cli app and it works fine16:01
sommerso I think the jdbc and everything is setup correctly16:01
sommerhere's the error: http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/56084/16:03
CarlF1lvm vgscan says  "No volume groups found" - it was there yesterday.  what tool will search for it?16:20
sommerCarlF1: did you use sudo vgscan?16:21
sommeralso do you have dm_mod loaded?16:22
CarlF1yes, du no.16:23
CarlF1yes.  used by 416:24
sommermmm... I take it vgdisplay doesn't return anything either?16:25
CarlF1vgdisplay =  "No volume groups found"16:27
sommerare you using lvm+raid?16:28
CarlF1fdisk shows sda1 start1 end 17847 (whole disk) - I can mount it and get the 100m boot fs.  iv never really looked at how it is setup16:28
faulkes-sommer: offhand, it looks like a permissions issue, from the stacktrace16:28
faulkes-sommer: I'm now actually off to the dr.'s I'll check in when I get back16:28
CarlF1lvm yes.  it is on raided drives, but hardware - so linux just sees sda16:29
zulsommer: you arent missing a jar file are you?16:29
CarlF1yeah, dmesg just shows sda: sda116:30
sommerzul: I don't think so... I've symlinked the jdbc driver to /usr/share/tomcat5.5/common/lib/16:32
sommerit's connecting to an Informix db16:33
zulthe user that you have created is allowed to connect from your new machine?16:34
sommerthe tomcat user?16:34
zulthe database user assuming16:34
sommeryep, that user can connect16:34
zultry google? :)16:35
sommerzul: heh... yep, but haven't found much16:35
sommerIt'd be easier if it would give me a jdbc error or connection error or something16:36
sommerbut freakin null error seems to be a million possibilities16:36
sommerthe code, queries, and everything work on the current box16:36
sommerI'm currently comparing conf/*.xml files between the two, and hoping :-)16:38
CarlF1sommer: i have used jdbc in jython - might help16:47
sommerCarlF1: do you mean to run the app from jython?16:48
sommeror test the connection from jython?16:48
CarlF1test the connection16:48
sommerCarlF1: gotcha, the connections good.  I created a test script in java using the same credentials and it worked fine16:49
sommerafter adding the cp /path/to/ifxjdbc.jar anyway16:50
sommerall jar files in /usr/share/tomcat5.5/common/lib/ are  added to the class path correct?16:50
sommerI would think that if tomcat didn't see the jdbc driver that it would have a different error than null exception16:51
sommerbut I could be totally wrong about that one!16:51
CarlF1guessing no source?16:58
sommerCarlF1: no, I have the source... very home grown app by an admin no longer here, which was also used to learn java, so not the most professional of applications17:01
CarlF1oh hell...  error handeling seems to be the last thing people bother to impement17:02
sommerheh... or learn about in java class17:03
sommerI'm thinking that's my next step to troubleshoot this issue is to whip up a test struts app17:03
CarlF1fdisk shows sda1 start1 end 17847 (whole disk) - I mount it and get a 100m fs that looks like /boot (kernel, grub/...)17:05
nealmcbsommer: i haven't caught up with the whole email thread, but http://doc.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/server/C/ and http://doc.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/serverguide/C/ still have no version information, and no indication that they aren't 2-year-old dapper documentation (based on the copyright dates).  what are the plans for versioning of the guides and how they will show up?17:26
CarlF1is there a list of apps on the u-server cd "fix broken system"17:28
sommernealmcb: http://doc.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/server/C/ is the up to date dev version17:29
sommernealmcb: I think the copyright part just hasn't been updated in a Makefile somewhere17:29
nealmcbsommer: will it ever say "hardy" or "gutsy"?  Will it ever have links to versions for other releases?17:30
sommernealmcb: there will be a water mark saying "draft" or something similar17:30
sommerthe other releases are at: https://help.ubuntu.com/7.10/, 7.06, etc17:31
faulkes-sommer: re: credentials, aside from login/pass, does the user have appropriate privileges within the schema?17:31
sommerwe could also put the version number there somewhere I guess17:31
sommerfaulkes-: yeppers17:31
nealmcbhow does it relate to https://help.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/serverguide/C/index.html17:32
sommerthe serverguide/C/ is the source for the ubuntu-serverguide package while the server/C/ is the help system17:32
nealmcbpointers to those other versions would help a lot, I think17:33
sommerwhat Matt proposed was to develop in serverguide/C/ then sync to server/C/, we've been doing the reverse until now :-)17:33
faulkes-sommer: LIES! err, I mean, ok, hrrmm, let me think for a bit on it17:33
sommerfaulkes-: cool, thanks for your ideas so far17:34
sommernealmcb: I'm not sure I see how pointers would help?17:34
sommeraside from being convienent17:34
faulkes-sommer: it's been awhile since I've done java/jboss/tomcat type stuff17:34
nealmcbsommer: Besides a "draft" marker, will the front page (or all pages?) indicate which version the guide is for?17:34
faulkes-sommer: I take it the test script you ran, runs the exact same query as the live app?17:35
nealmcbwhen someone stumbles across one of the server documentation pages, they should be able to see what version it is for, and how to find the version they need17:35
sommernealmcb: sure, I guess... at this point I'm just happy to have the docs built somewhere on the web17:35
sommercan you reply to the thread with your ideas for the frontpage?17:36
faulkes-nealmcb: https://help.ubuntu.com/7.10/C/17:36
faulkes-nealmcb:  iirc previous versions are listed at the top right17:36
nealmcbfaulkes-: not found....17:37
faulkes-err, https://help.ubuntu.com/7.10/server/C17:37
sommerfaulkes-: what we're thinking is to have the same type of thing here: http://doc.ubuntu.com/17:38
sommerwhich is the development version of the docs17:38
nealmcbfaulkes-: right - I'm just asking that the url that I posted to start with (the latest, at  http://doc.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/server/C/ and/or http://doc.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/serverguide/C/ ) indicate what version it is, and link to those other versions.17:38
sommernealmcb: I'm sure we can do that, but I think Matt East is the only one outside conanical with access17:39
=== mathiaz_ is now known as mathiaz
* faulkes- nods nealmcb17:40
* nealmcb writes to the list....17:48
sommercool thanks nealmcb17:48
nealmcbthanks for the updates, folks17:48
nealmcbsommer: speaking of versions.... is there a bzr section planned in the Version Control chapter?17:50
sommernealmcb: I've actually been meaning to enquire about that myself17:52
sommerin the logs there was at one point, and in the ml archive there's requests for one, but now there isn't17:52
sommerI think it may have been because bzr was pretty new at the time, but that would need to be confirmed17:53
nealmcbor git - that has some very cool features17:53
sommerthe other thing may be that there mostly desktop "style" apps17:53
sommerbut covering setting up bzr, git, etc servers should be covered17:54
nealmcbdesktop style?17:54
sommerheh... my term for used mostly on development desktops17:55
sommerat least that's mostly how I use them17:55
nealmcbI keep wanting a nice version control profile for versioning stuff in /etc et al.17:55
nealmcbbzr seems to do it fine, but I haven't had to use it in a crisis17:56
sommerthat would be cool, I copy configs to a folder in my home then commit from there :)17:56
nealmcbgit might be better there because of its security features (sha1 on everything)17:57
sommerthat's cool... haven't used git much myself17:57
nealmcbgit - the filesystem - the platform:  http://www.advogato.org/person/apenwarr/diary/371.html17:58
nealmcbrandall schwartz talk on git at google - http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=-399995294461924578017:59
nealmcb(better than the talk there by linux....)17:59
sommerheh, I'll have to check those out... I did watch the one by Linus17:59
nealmcb"hear linus rant about cvs" :-(18:00
sommerya, I thought he was unnecessarily rude in that talk18:00
nealmcb"rant, Linux, rant!"18:00
nealmcbs/linux/linus/ !!18:00
moos3when i run smbldap-populate -u 3000 -g 3000 i'm getting the following errors and I'm not sure why http://pastebin.org/1975618:16
sommermoos3: looks like you need to execute the command with user creds18:19
moos3like sudo command18:20
moos3because I'm all ready su in as root18:20
sommerI think more for the ldap user with rights to modify the directory18:20
* faulkes- would agree18:21
faulkes-sommer: on the last three lines of that stack trace, how difficult would it be for you to add some error reporting?18:23
moos3I can't figure out how to specify a user tho18:24
sommerfaulkes-: shouldn't be to hard, is there something specific I should add?18:25
sommerfaulkes-: there is a try and catch around the getConnection() statement18:29
* faulkes- nods18:32
faulkes-I'm not a java guy perse, however, you should be able to pull out additional details on what happend18:32
faulkes-normally, for me with php (try / catch) I usually increase the verbosity of the messages18:33
sommerokay, I'll do some digging and add some18:33
moos3faulkes you have any idea on this topic18:33
faulkes-on how to specifcy a user?18:33
moos3all the tutorials just say run it18:34
faulkes-give me a moment18:34
moos3ok thanks18:34
faulkes-I would check those settings in /etc/slapd.conf18:38
faulkes-or wherever slapd.conf is located18:39
faulkes-you'll excuse if I may get a little confused, 10mg's of diazepam is kicking in right about now18:40
moos3what did you have done, surgery?18:41
faulkes-I have 5 bulding discs in my back as well as some other issues with my muscles18:41
moos3dam dude, I have a good idea what your going though my dad has 18 inches of discs fused,18:42
faulkes-yes well, I'm not one to let it stop me, "suck it up, walk it off" and al that ;)18:48
faulkes-but yeah, overall, not fun18:49
moos3yeah, I know the idea behind just suck it up and walk it off, consider I'm in the army I know the feeling I delt with cyst on my tailbone for the past 7 years and ignored the pain19:04
moos3I got it to work19:04
moos3but now auth-client-config wont accept my custom profile19:05
faulkes-heh, most army folks are familiar witht he suck it up / walk it off concept19:05
faulkes-"but I've just lost both legs!", "that's an order trooper, now move!"19:06
moos3I dont think I could ever work in the private sector again19:07
* faulkes- <heart> private sector19:07
moos3i doing now and i hate it19:07
faulkes-public sector here is teh suck, unless of course you are a private sector consultant to the public sector ;)19:08
moos3lol yeah I'm a IT advisor to a few non-profits and a couple for-profits19:09
moos3while i'm home for a couple more weeks19:10
moos3auth-client-config: error: option -p: invalid choice: '/etc/auth-client-config/profile.d/open_ldap' (choose from 'ldap_example', 'lac_ldap', 'kerberos_example')19:11
moos3is the error i"m getting running auth-client-config -a -p open_ldap19:11
faulkes-check that open_ldap exists, is readble and has the appropriate setup would be my first suggestion19:12
faulkes-noting that I'm not an ldap expert19:12
moos3its there because I made the file and the perimissions are right I'm assuming its something in the file that is breaking it19:22
moos3heres the open_ldap file http://pastebin.org/1976919:25
Goosemoosehey dendrobates, how's your AD integration coming along?19:31
vipacaIm having trouble getting apt-get to work with my http proxy19:31
vipacaIs there something that I missing19:32
dendrobatesGoosemoose: It is in universe in Hardy.19:32
Goosemoosedendrobates, will your download on https://launchpad.net/~dendrobates/+archive work on gusty?19:32
YacineI am having problems with updating my ubuntu server!19:32
YacineAny help?19:32
dendrobatesGoosemoose: perhaps19:33
YacineI get error messages like Err http://us.archive.ubuntu.com gutsy/main Packages19:33
Yacine  Could not resolve 'us.archive.ubuntu.com'19:33
dendrobatesGoosemoose: I haven't tried.19:33
YacineEverything see,s to be ok but no way to update or upgrade!19:34
Goosemoosedendrobates, i dont see the file to download and try19:34
Goosemoosedendrobates, or is it just in packages.gz?19:35
dendrobatesGoosemoose: add the line 'deb http://ppa.launchpad.net/dendrobates/ubuntu hardy main' to /etc/apt/sources.list19:36
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dendrobatesGoosemoose: or go here http://ppa.launchpad.net/dendrobates/ubuntu/pool/main/l/likewise-open/19:38
Goosemooseok, looking19:40
zulYacine: do you have a network connection?19:44
vipacadoes the server come with a text based web browsing app?19:45
vipacaor can someone give me a good way to test my http proxy19:46
vipacaright now Im having problems using apt-get19:46
sommervipaca: it does w3m http://whatever_site20:02
vipacathanks I got it workingi20:04
vipacaAre there any windows managers included in the distro?20:31
Goosemoosedendrobates, i added that line to the sources.list on my server. now what would i need to do to get it installed via preseed? I dont see any documentation yet20:59
vipacan e one have experience with NIS on ubuntu21:15
antdedyetvipaca: I don't ... sorry21:20
antdedyetGoosemoose: add pkg 'likewise-open' to the preseed pkg install list21:21
Goosemooseantdedyet, ok, thanks, ill do that, what do i need to do to configure it21:21
antdedyetGoosemoose: I don't know the technical details of your preseed, but I will help you find them if you need.21:21
Goosemooseyeah, that would be great21:22
Goosemooseive been having a hard time21:22
antdedyetbaby steps. :)21:22
antdedyetGoosemoose: what documentation are you using to setup your preseed?21:25
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Goosemooseantdedyet, just an example file that one of the guys here gave me21:38
Goosemoosei have it working except for likewise21:38
antdedyetGoosemoose: can you pastebin the config? I don't have a record of it without digging thru a pile of logs.21:40
Goosemoosesure, just a sec21:40
antdedyetGoosemoose: ah, ok, sorry for the delay ... got busy with client work21:59
Goosemooseno problem21:59
antdedyetGoosemoose: on the line: "d-i     pkgsel/include string ..." (... denotes the rest of the pkg list, append "likewise-open" (no double quotes)22:01
antdedyetGoosemoose: http://pastebin.com/d7f3b0c9822:03
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adm2can someone help with boot command append to get past bug in debian-install22:06
adm2install freezes on libc6-udeb22:08
Goosemooseantdedyet, ok22:11
antdedyetadm2: What ubuntu source are you using for the install?22:14
adm2ubuntu-server 7.10, ive found some posts in the forums, but no solution so far.22:15
antdedyetadm2: have you tried the alternative installation iso?22:17
adm2not yet...22:17
antdedyetseems like the alt cd may only be applicable to the "Desktop" version22:18
Goosemooseantdedyet, my problem is more how do i configure this package to work22:18
antdedyetGoosemoose: by using a "d-i" line for "domainjoin-cli" after installing likewise-open, I would imagine.22:23
Goosemoosewhere can i find info on that line22:23
Goosemoosei need it to join a domain called dhs.local22:23
antdedyetGoosemoose: i installed the pkg and ran 'domainjoin-cli -h', there doesn't seem to be a man page supplied though22:25
antdedyet"domainjoin-cli join dhs.local adminuser adminpass"22:26
antdedyetinsert your correct values for adminuser and adminpass22:26
Goosemoosedarn, dendrobates left too22:26
Goosemooseok, where did you find that?22:26
antdedyetGoosemoose: I installed the pkg ... :)22:26
Goosemooseok, let me test on a machine22:27
antdedyetI like to know things work before adding them to an automated installer. :)22:27
Goosemooseso the d-i line would need to call a script?22:27
Goosemoosei couldn't just write it directly, correct?22:27
antdedyetGoosemoose: probably safer to write an executable script22:28
antdedyetGoosemoose: s/safer/cleaner22:28
mathiazGoosemoose: you should install the likewise-open in your preseed and then use the late_command to join a domain.22:29
antdedyetGoosemoose: but I don't see why you couldn't put the values directly in there, assuming no problem with shell escapes and such (remember, I've never did a pre-seed install -- just learning as we go. :) )22:29
Goosemoosei dont think you can put commands directly in, not sure22:29
Goosemoosemathiaz, you saying to run a script with the late_command or call the command22:29
antdedyetGoosemoose: either way will work with the late_command22:30
Goosemoosealso can i encrypt that password using md5?22:30
Goosemooseahh ok22:30
mathiazGoosemoose: Add the following line to your preseed: "d-i pkgsel/include string likewise-open"22:30
mathiazGoosemoose: that installs the likewise-open22:30
Goosemooseyeah we got that part22:31
mathiazGoosemoose: and then to run a command: "d-i preseed/late_command string domain-join join ...."22:32
antdedyetGoosemoose: add "d-i preseed/late_command string domainjoin-cli join dhs.local adminuser adminpass" to your preseed after the .. yep, mathiaz22:32
Goosemoosei just tried to do an apt-get install of the package just on one machine to play with, but it says it cant find it22:33
antdedyetexcept, the command is domainjoin-cli for me in hardy ... :)22:33
Goosemoosei added dendrodytes server though22:33
Goosemooseim using gusty tsill22:33
mathiazGoosemoose: yes - you need to have your repository configured correctly.22:33
antdedyetGoosemoose: "sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install likewise-open"22:33
mathiazGoosemoose: likewise-open is not the archive yet.22:33
Goosemoosei did this:  add the line 'deb http://ppa.launchpad.net/dendrobates/ubuntu hardy main' to /etc/apt/sources.list22:33
antdedyetmathiaz: he added dendrobate's PPA to his sources.list22:33
mathiazGoosemoose: you can configured another repository in the preseed too.22:34
Goosemooseunless i need to restart something22:34
mathiazantdedyet: ah ok. I was thinking about the preseed file.22:34
Goosemooseright now my server acts as apt-cacher22:34
mathiazGoosemoose: you'll have to configure dendrobates PPA in your preseed file.22:34
Goosemooseshouldn't it pull it from the server?22:34
Goosemoosewait, right now im just trying to install it on the server itself22:35
Goosemoosei added the PPA but it doesn't work, do i need to restart a service?22:35
antdedyetGoosemoose: You will need to "sudo apt-get update"22:35
Goosemooseahh just saw that22:35
Goosemooserunning now22:35
antdedyetGoosemoose: that will refresh all sources that you are pulling pkgs from22:35
Goosemoosehmm, broken packages22:36
Goosemooseunmet dependencies22:36
Goosemoosegotta instll a few other things first i guess22:37
GoosemooseThe following packages have unmet dependencies:22:37
Goosemoose  likewise-open: Depends: libc6 (>= 2.7-1) but 2.6.1-1ubuntu10 is to be installed22:37
Goosemoose                 Depends: libkrb53 (>= 1.6.dfsg.2) but 1.6.dfsg.1-7build1 is to be installed22:37
Goosemoose                 Depends: libldap-2.4-2 (>= 2.4.7) but it is not installable22:37
Goosemoosei just tried installing libc6 it says i have the latest22:37
antdedyetok, so now we find out that dendrobate's pkg is not compatible with gutsy!22:38
Goosemooseyeah he wasn't sure22:38
antdedyetyou never know, until you've journeyed22:38
Goosemoosei wonder if the normal likewise-open package is22:38
mathiazGoosemoose: probably, as it has been built for gutsy.22:38
antdedyetGoosemoose: the one off likewise's site is for gutsy.22:38
mathiazGoosemoose: but you may not get the same version.22:38
antdedyetI saw it successfully install on a desktop Wednesday, but we were unable to make it join the domain22:39
mathiazGoosemoose: I think that dendrobates has a more recent version than the one from likewies.22:39
antdedyet(at least via the gui)22:39
antdedyetmathiaz: you're correct.22:39
mathiazantdedyet: what was the error ?22:39
antdedyetmathiaz: hmm, I don't recall, but it hard locked the machine22:40
Goosemooseok so off the likewise site is: http://www.likewisesoftware.com/bits/likewise-open_4.0.0-1likewise1_i386.deb22:40
mathiazGoosemoose: yeah - that's an old version.22:40
Goosemoosewhere would a newer version be?22:41
mathiazGoosemoose: It hasn't been put on the website I think.22:42
Goosemoosewill the old version work?22:42
mathiazGoosemoose: you could try to take the package from hardy and rebuild it for gutsy.22:42
mathiazGoosemoose: I don't know. You should try.22:42
Goosemooseim not an advanced linux user, i can run my lamp servers, been doing that for years, and admin 500 computer windows network with 7 servers22:43
Goosemoosejust learning preseed and this sort of stuff22:43
Goosemooseok ill try the old one22:43
antdedyetUnfortunately, the machine that the 4.0.0 is on here is shutdown and I don't have login credentials for it ... the guy is out of office helping Kiwani's setup for Pancake Day tomorrow22:44
antdedyetah, I get 'domain can't be resolved' on my laptop w/ the hardy pkg22:45
antdedyetresolv.conf is using the win2003 ad server for dns (it serves dns as well)22:46
* antdedyet logs22:47
Goosemoosei tried installing the deb package, told dependicies were missing22:48
Goosemoosetries install those and told i couldnt but to run22:48
Goosemooseapt-get -f install22:48
Goosemoosei did that and the likewise started and asked me for the domain name22:49
Goosemooseentered it, clicked ok22:49
Goosemoosegot ldconfig deferred processing now taking place22:49
Goosemooseso im guessing it work, or is trying to22:49
Goosemooseleia@Leia:/var/www$ kinit22:51
Goosemoosekinit(v5): Cannot resolve network address for KDC in realm DHS.LOCAL while getting initial credentials22:51
Goosemoosetried getting a ticket22:51
* antdedyet sips fresh coffee22:52
* antdedyet hopes there will be a README.Debian for the final hardy pkg22:54
antdedyetah, new release availabe22:54
adm2ah well, thanks for your help23:04
moos3anyone see anything wrong with this http://pastebin.org/1976923:11
antdedyetdoes this denote a bug can be filed against likewise-open now? :23:31
antdedyetor does the bug report fail later in the process?23:31
moos3anyone made a auth-ldap-client profile before ?23:38
antdedyetmoos3: I don't see anything wrong with that profile. Have you verified proper settings in /etc/nsswitch.conf ?23:46
antdedyetwelp, time for me to shutdown and play nomad.23:46
antdedyetbbiab, hopefully.23:47

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