BodsdaK4k, do you have to use sudo?00:00
nemilarillriginal: just ask, if anyone knows, they'll ask00:00
SlartK4k: check the bash manual.. there are switches for redirecting stuff..00:00
miltiadis21Irrelevant Question:If i want to describe a proccess in a client what diagram should i use? For example when we add an item an item can have 4 different actions00:00
nemilarK4k: If I remember correctly 2> redirects errors, but let me check00:00
prince_jammysK4k: 2>00:00
Bodsdamiltiadis21, if its irrelivent,.,.ask it somewhere else00:00
K4kk, I'm looking though the man file now00:00
illriginalDoes anyone know how to set the permissions for allowing FTPing to a domain?00:00
nemilarprince_jammys: is that both stderr and stdout or just stderr?00:00
K4kthanks a lot guys00:01
Che-AnarcI got Intel Corporation 82830 CGC [Chipset Graphics Controller]  not sure if its AGP or anything but DRI does not work...  I got modules loaded, etc... but glxinfo still says no rendering using mesa  :-(   what can I do?00:01
nemilarillriginal: you'll need write permissions for the directory00:01
prince_jammysK4k: error_prone_command 2>error.log00:01
nemilarillriginal: and write permissions for any file you wish to overwrite00:01
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miltiadis21i thought thaat someone from here knew but anyway thanks ;)00:01
PhotocopyHow do I make my desktop iconless? Icons make wallpaper look bad.00:01
astro76!ask | Photocopy00:01
ubotuPhotocopy: Please don't ask to ask a question, ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely answer. :-)00:01
prince_jammysnemilar: 1 is stdout, 2 is stderr00:02
Bodsda!help > Photocopy      please read pm from ubotu00:02
PhotocopyBodsda, astro76: Note I immediately asked after, I slipped and pressed enter by accident anyway.00:02
illriginalnemilar, I'm tryin to upload files to my website via FTP, but it claims that I cannot because I don't have the permission. How can I give permission to my Desktop?00:02
pmratpoisonhello! Canon provides deb packages for my multifunction which work on i386. Can I make them work for amd64?00:02
astro76Photocopy: I did indeed, and Bodsda you should check what triggers actually do before you send them to someone00:03
Photocopyastro76: That worked... Bodsda's command worked.00:03
kitchePhotocopy: it's an option in gnome's config editor name slipped my mind irght now00:03
Bodsdaastro76, damn,.,.i thought i knew that one,.,.whats the trigger for telling them not to just put help?00:03
Photocopykitche: Unfortunately I dont know what this config editor is00:03
BodsdaPhotocopy, he means it wasnt the trigger i thought it was00:04
frank__join #ubuntuuser.de00:04
prince_jammys!helpme | Bodsda00:04
ubotuBodsda: Avoid your questions being followed by a trail of "Please, help me", "Can nobody help me?", "I really need this!", and so on. This just contributes to making the channel unreadable. If you are not answered, ask again later; but see also !repeat and !patience00:04
sampoohow long is a ban for usually?00:04
astro76Bodsda: probably the one I did ;)00:04
Bodsdaprince_jammys, cheers dude,.,. ive been using !help--not good   lol00:04
Photocopybodsda: I thought he meant the ">" as opposed to the "|"00:04
MFenman, when you actually want an opinion, nobody has one00:04
Photocopyspdf:  ?00:04
astro76sampoo: you could ask in #ubuntu-ops00:04
spdfPhotocopy: open up gconf-editor, apps > nautilus -> volumes_visible00:04
Bodsdaastro76, no i was after !helpme    its more relevent to what he said then !ask00:04
BockBilbosorry.. my connection here sucks xD00:05
prince_jammysprince_jammys: :)00:05
Photocopyspdf: I meant that I dont want icons on the desktop00:05
PhotocopyThanks for trying spdf: I gotta go though00:05
spdfPhotocopy: Uncheck the volumes_visible option00:05
pmratpoisonhello! Canon provides deb packages for my multifunction which work on i386. Can I make them work for amd64?00:05
spdfOh well.. That's how you do it..00:05
sampoois there a beginners chat?00:05
ubotuPlease don't ask to ask a question, ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely answer. :-)00:06
Slartpmratpoison: depends.. it would be easier if they supplied source00:06
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Slartsampoo: this is it00:06
illriginalDoes anyone know how to give permissions to upload files to a domain via FTP?00:06
BockBilboillriginal chmod?00:06
pmratpoisonSlart: well, I tried installing the debs and they claim they are for the wrong arch00:06
Slartillriginal: eh.. what's the scenario here? you00:07
Slartyou've got a domain? a ftp server?00:07
sampoois there a plug-in to handle some xine streams not in synaptic?00:07
Slartpmratpoison: you can force install if you really want to.. you had to do that with wine some time ago00:07
Slartpmratpoison: but it depends on if it's a stand alone application... or if it will be working with something else..00:08
illriginalSlart my company is a webhosting company, they've given us a free domain and I would like to start developing.. I was told to use FireFTP (built in firefox extension) that will let me upload my files to my domain.00:08
Slartillriginal: ok.. and this doesn't work?00:08
pmratpoisonSlart: on i386 you just install the debs and modify some post script file. It doesn't have any special printing front-end00:09
illriginalno FireFTP claims that I'm having Permission issues.00:09
pike_illriginal: any ftp client will work of course. the issue is at the server side00:09
pmratpoisonhow does one force the debs to install? is this undo-able?00:09
illriginalSlart, in order words, I need to give my desktop and the folder, "website" permission to be accessed via FireFTP00:09
jdix123I'm trying to get desktop effects to work so I can run compiz, but I'm having no luck.  Video driver is ati radeon mobility 7500 w/ 32m vram00:09
prince_jammysillriginal: it's the server that's not allowing you to upload00:09
Slartillriginal: then I guess you have to talk to whoever runs the server00:09
kitcheillriginal: ftp server needs to be setup correctly00:10
elii'm having some issues with my virtual terminals in gutsy.  it's hard to describe, but TTY1-6 have all their text pushed to the right so i can only see half the screen00:10
Slartpmratpoison: yes.. you can uninstall just like usual.. you install using dpkg -i --force-architecture yourdebfilehere.deb00:10
illriginalThe server side?.. It was workin on Windows. And if I use the Java applet (web based) FTP, it'll upload without a problem.00:10
eliand the text seems bigger than it should be00:10
Whisperwhats the name of the sshd package?00:11
sampoowhat does xine-plugin no input plug-in to handle stream  mean I should do?00:11
astro76Whisper: openssh-server00:11
Slart!info openssh-server00:11
ubotuopenssh-server (source: openssh): secure shell server, an rshd replacement. In component main, is optional. Version 1:4.6p1-5ubuntu0.1 (gutsy), package size 241 kB, installed size 640 kB00:11
Itakudang it00:11
Itakuwine wont open my mirc00:11
kitcheillriginal: or look up on how to configure FireFTP correctly00:11
Whisperthanks alot! :)00:11
elialso, i noticed it started happening after i used System -> Start-Up Manager00:11
illriginalSlart, this is the error I receive when I double click on my Desktop folder which is located on my FTP: You do not have the appropriate permissions or directory does not exist.00:11
astro76Whisper: or ssh is a metapacke which installs both server and client00:11
tannerhow can i make devices from a pci expresscard automount like usb?00:11
Whisperastro76 okay thanks00:12
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as2hi people00:12
as2i need some help00:12
as2regarding linux in generall00:12
ubotuPlease don't ask to ask a question, ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely answer. :-)00:13
prince_jammys!helpme | as200:13
ubotuas2: Avoid your questions being followed by a trail of "Please, help me", "Can nobody help me?", "I really need this!", and so on. This just contributes to making the channel unreadable. If you are not answered, ask again later; but see also !repeat and !patience00:13
neverbluetanner, so you mean while your system is running, you want to plug in a PCIE card into your system?00:13
pike_illriginal: could it be a timeout issue? if you log back into ftp server and try immediately?00:13
as2my question is complicated regarding  finding where partition start and partition ends are00:13
Dr_willisas2,  'sudo fdisk -l' shows that info i belive00:14
illriginalpike_ that was the first thing I thought, and did exactly that. Quickly disconnected then reconnected, but FTP still claims that I don't have the right to access my files in order to upload them.00:14
as2i first do this: dd if=/dev/hda of=hidden.img bs=7741440 skip=993200:14
neverblueas2, if you would be so kinda as to state your question on one line, im sure someone would be more than happy to help you00:14
jmsI'm trying to copy a file over a local network from a windows machine. I'm a linux newbie and don't know the command, or the process, can anyone walk me through it?00:14
as2to extract a partition into image00:14
tannerneverblue: sorta, i want to plug an eSATA drive into my PCIE card and have it auto mount00:14
prince_jammys!enter | as200:14
ubotuas2: Please try to keep your questions/responses on one line - don't use the "Enter" key as punctuation!00:14
Whisperi get this error all the time just after a fresh install of ubuntu, what to do? [  983.617382] DAC960#0: Physical Device 0:6 Errors: Parity = 0, Soft = 0, Hard = 0, Misc = 9300:14
as2ok SORRY ! :)00:14
Slartillriginal: hmm..I'd love to help you troubleshoot this but I have to get to bed.. ask the room again.. put errormessages in a pastebin page and you'll ge4t help in no time00:15
sampoohow can i play a stream using xine when 'xine-plug-in: no input plug-in to handle stream' ?00:15
pike_illriginal: id suggest trying nautilus as an ftp client its a good as anything but .. are these files in your home dir?00:15
Slart!paste | illriginal00:15
ubotuillriginal: pastebin is a service to post large texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org (make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the #ubuntu channel topic)00:15
rxsais there a possibility or a program which can mount drives on start-up without entering the root-pw every time? (ahhh,  i'm a total newbie to linux, though)00:15
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illriginalpike_ they're in a folder named, "Website" inside of my Desktop00:15
kitcherxsa: yeah add th drive to your /etc/fstab00:16
illriginalthanks anyways, Slart00:16
rxsasorry, but how? *g*00:16
_Oz_Hello, Ubuntu friends!00:16
as2SO my question : i want to do that what is described here:  dd if=/dev/hda of=hidden.img bs=7741440 skip=9932   With an hexadecimal editor (like hexedit for example), I looked for the beginning of a valid partition, identified by the string "IBM  7.0" or "IBM  7.1". I found several consecutive partitions, that I extracted into six distinct files :    dd if=hidden.img of=diags.img    bs=512 skip=26850 count=15063 dd if=hidden.img of=diags2.img  00:16
pike_illriginal: maybe do a quick sudo chown -R $USER:$USER $HOME00:16
as2My algorithm to find the partition limits is rather simple. Starting from the beginning of the hidden.img area, I mount the file using a loop device, I obtain the partition size in 1k blocks with df, and I search the beginning of a new partition around the corresponding offset, in the image file. I iterate this algorithm with the new discovered partition, until the end of the hidden.img area is reached.00:16
FloodBot2as2: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.00:16
_Oz_Question: How do I change file associations?  I want movie files to open in VLC, rather than Totem (the default player).00:16
Dr_willis_Oz_,  under gnome? right cliock on one of the files - its in its properties somewhere.00:16
illriginalok give me one second pike_00:17
sampooalso, soes pes2008 run on wine? with some sort of plug-in for active x?00:17
JoetheoddWhat's xubuntu, again? What windowmanager does it have?00:17
ubotuXubuntu is Ubuntu with Xfce instead of !GNOME. More info at http://www.xubuntu.org and http://wiki.ubuntu.com/Xubuntu/ - To install from Ubuntu: « sudo apt-get install xubuntu-desktop » - Join #xubuntu for support - See also: !Ubuntu and !Xubuntu-Channels00:17
as2so since that what i pasted is too long00:17
Jangariin nautilus, can i change which columns are displayed in list view?00:17
as2somebody linux guru00:17
prince_jammysas2 #linux00:17
as2i will write it on private00:17
jdix123I'm trying to get desktop effects to work so I can run compiz, but I'm having no luck.  Video driver is ati radeon mobility 7500 w/ 32m vram00:17
Jangarii want to include audio information, bitrate and resolution, for instance00:17
pike_as2: id paste it to a url too00:17
prince_jammysas2 try #linux00:17
as2ok thanks00:18
JoetheoddCan I install xubuntu from the default ubuntu install cd if I select server and then install xubuntu-desktop?00:18
pike_Joetheodd: you can install ubuntu then in addition xubuntu-desktop00:19
Dr_willisJoetheodd,  installing xubuntu-desktop  would give you the full set of xubuntu  features. :000:19
Joetheoddpike_, the problem is I don't want to see what would happen if I tried running gnome on my target box.00:19
Dr_willisI tend to install ubuntu, then xubuntu-desktop, then kubuntu-desktop00:19
prince_jammysJoetheodd: you can install xubuntu on any existing ubuntu installation, including server00:19
Dr_willisi rarely have any issues with installing all the desktops00:20
Jangarigoddam redhat's only supporting outdated versions of sox!00:20
PicachooDr_willis any more linux free games.. best ones ?00:20
JoetheoddThis thing is 291MHz :P00:20
rxsakitche: sorry, but how? *g*00:20
pike_Joetheodd: didnt read your whole question in fact thats exactly what i normally do00:20
pike_Joetheodd: server install then X stuff will work fine00:20
Dr_willisPicachoo,  use the package manager to search. and look at that Linux game tome/Happy Penguin sites .00:20
_Oz_Excellent, dr_willis.  That was it.  Perfect!  They open in VLC now.  Thank you.00:20
Dr_willisPicachoo,  depends on what games you like.  Ive been playing Yoshi's Island lately. :)00:20
Joetheoddpike_, thanks, I'd just go the easy road except for I'm afraid this box won't be happy with me. Let's just say that dumpster diving could be an upgrade to it :P00:21
Dr_willis_Oz_,  yea. its a littel odd how you have to find a file you want to change the type for, to get to the filetype stuff..  if theres a nother way to find that selection/options. ive not found it yet.00:21
PicachooDr_willis i would like all famous ones. quality ones. can you name as many as you know?00:21
pike_Joetheodd: maybe install xserver-xorg fluxbox  then echo exec fluxbox > ~/.xinitrc  then just xinit to launch if its a very low resource box00:21
bidouyop all00:21
eigmaI'm having trouble netbooting 7.04 on a Cyrix 6x86 CPU - the kernel Oops'es very early on somewhere in native_cpuid (called from identify_cpu, ..., start_kernel). I want to recompile the netboot kernel (install/netboot/ubuntu-installer/i386/kernel) for the Cyrix CPU. where can I find .config files for the netboot kernels?00:21
sampoohow long does it usually take for some feedback here?...not trying to be subversive!00:21
Dr_willisPicachoo,  go get DOOM. :) theres a dozen variants/remakes of it for linux.00:22
K4kOk, so now I got X to run, but my mouse doesn't respond, any suggestions?00:22
jdix123joetheodd - check out fluxbuntu...can dl iso of ubuntu w/ fluxbox00:22
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PicachooDr_willis doom is not free00:22
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illriginalpike_ i tried the command but still nothing, do you happen to know the command to give me permission over everything?....00:23
kitchePicachoo: umm yes it is well not the doom but doom variants yes00:23
_Oz_Dr_willis: yeah, there are some oddities in Ubuntu, like that one.  Overall, I really like it, though.00:23
_Oz_Logic suggests that you'd change file associations in one global place rather than within a single example of that file type.00:23
pike_illriginal: that was it you do not need any additional permission on the client box00:23
mark17is it possible to see the network statistics for a single IP on my server (every IP uses a different network card alias)?00:23
_Oz_But...  hey...  Linux isn't always logical. :) Part of the charm, I guess.00:23
JoetheoddI'm aware that this isn't an ubuntu issue but I'm sure you guys know. I'm using an ASUS P2L97 mobo, and it's got 3 RAM slots. If I have a stick of 64, 32, and 32, can I stick them all in?00:24
prince_jammysillriginal: it is a server-side issue00:24
sangpraboHi, everyone. I have downloaded a *.chm file, and it seemed I cannot open it until I "unblock active content" by (if I use Windows Explorer) select Properties -> Unblock. How do I do that in Linux? I am using Ubuntu Gutsy and xchm. Thanks00:24
kitchePicachoo: and yes doom engine has been open source for quite some time00:24
pike_illriginal: open a terminal and try cd ~/Desktop/thatdir then ftp servername   then mput *  and see what happens00:24
illriginalhm... i guess so. But why does it let me use their Java applet in order to ftp into my domain?>00:24
rxsasoooh, i'm really a total newbie to ubuntu and all unix os' and have no clue how to mount drives on start-up without entering the root-pw every time?00:24
Picachookitche whats the exact name of doom freee version?00:24
nemilarsangprabo: have you tried the CHM reader?00:24
pike_illriginal: does the java applet require you to login?00:24
K4kanyone have any idea why when I do startx I don't have any mouse response?00:24
sega01hey. i am working on an ipv6 vpn for privacy, anonytomy, free speech, and wanted to verify that the most commonly used distribution can connect. http://eleuther.net/ if you are interested00:24
Joetheoddrxsa, that's the beauty of it. Only root is allowed to do that.00:24
nemilarK4k: pastebin your xorg log00:25
rxsai am root00:25
nickrud!fstab | rxsa00:25
uboturxsa: The /etc/fstab file indicates how drive partitions are to be used or otherwise integrated into the file system. See http://www.tuxfiles.org/linuxhelp/fstab.html and !Partitions00:25
illriginalyeah same username and password I use in order to log into the fireftp00:25
prince_jammysillriginal: because you're not writing anything to their filesystem00:25
rxsabut i just want to make more comfortable for me00:25
sangprabonemilar: thank you for your response. No, I've not tried it. I will install it soon.00:25
nemilarsangprabo: check out the gnochm package, it's what I use00:25
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K4knemilar: hang on, I told it to save the ouput errors to a file, I'll paste bin that, it appears though x started there were some errors present00:25
rxsathx a lot  i think!00:26
sangprabonemilar: gnochm? okay00:26
pike_illriginal: very odd. try gftp or nautilus... other than that not sure sorry00:26
kitchePicachoo: to many to name but one is doom legacy00:26
Jangarirxsa: firstly, are you sure you're root? did you actually go and  enable the root account, then physically log in as root? because you shouldn't really do that00:26
Dr_willis_Oz_,  comapred to the disaster setting default programs  under windows is.. Gnome is very logical. :P00:26
sampoohas anyone here successfully re-wrapped their kernal to enable touchscreens in an LG?00:26
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Jangarisecondly, rxsa, you should be able to configure your fstab to automatically mount partitoins on your system on startup00:27
K4knemilar, http://www.pastebin.ca/90452200:27
_Oz_Dr_willis: no argument there. :)00:27
_Oz_Gnome is great overall.  Really like it.00:27
K4knemilar: it appears I can't lock .Xauthority00:27
K4khow can I fix that?00:27
nemilarK4k: that can't be your entire xorg.0.log file00:27
_Oz_Just a few weird things like that to deal with, and they're no big deal.00:27
K4knemilar: no I said that's the error I get when I start xorg00:27
sangpraborxsa: I think you need to do something with your /etc/fstab file...00:28
nemilarK4k: the entire log would be more helpful00:28
K4kk one sec00:28
illriginalpike_ you mentioned to open up terminal and type: cd ~/Desktop/Website then type my domain's ftp, then type mput*00:28
Jangaridoes anyone know if the heron alpha 4 downloadable iso is a liveCD?00:28
prince_jammysK4k: ls -l .Xauthority00:28
prince_jammysK4k: who owns the file00:28
pike_illriginal: yeah or mput *.extension00:28
sangprabonemilar: What kind of package should I install / configure?00:28
Itakuwhats the development channel for ubuntu00:28
frijolieif I'm installing ubuntu on a fresh hard drive and making the partitions myself...00:28
K4kprince_jammys, erm...root apparently00:28
nemilarsangprabo: 'sudo apt-get install gnochm' should work fine00:29
frijoliehow do you allocate a seperate partition for my /home directory?00:29
kitcheItaku: well there is #ubuntu-dev but not what you think I believe00:29
nemilarsangprabo: it will install "CHM Viewer" in the Applications - Accessories menu00:29
K4kprince_jammys, should I chown it to myself?00:29
prince_jammyssudo chown your_user .Xauthority00:29
frijoliejust specify /home as the mount point?00:29
Jangarifrijolie: it should be straighforward with the gui installation00:29
Itakuit like has a 1 in it00:29
prince_jammysK4k: I own mine00:29
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prince_jammysK4k: i was trying to tell you this a while back00:29
sampoohow do i open a stream on xine when the input message says i have no input plug-in to handle the stream? I think i have all the right plug-ins installed?00:29
frijolieJangari: i tried that and nautilus didn't recognize the full allocated disk space00:30
sangprabonemilar: okay, thank you. I've installed it. Trying...00:30
kitcheItaku: #ubuntu+1 is for the next version of Ubuntu00:30
Dr_willisfrijolie,  thats the basics of it  mount /dev/sda2 (or whatever) to /home00:30
K4know it says -rw------ 1 ted root 0 2008-02-14 19:10 .Xauthority=00:30
Alysumhello Im using a laptop with external monitor and the screens are cloned, how do I set it to extend ?00:30
K4kbut for some reason it still gives me errors when I start00:30
pike_K4k: sudo rm ~/.Xauthority*00:30
Alysumwithout editing xorg.conf00:30
jrodanyone else have problems viewing videos on youtube.com w/ firefox???00:30
sampoothankx if anyone can help00:30
pike_K4k: itll be recreated00:30
illriginalright now terminal shows, ftp>   (how do I connect ftp using terminal?), pike_00:30
Jangarijrod: got flash?00:30
pike_open servername00:30
pike_illriginal: ^00:30
siriusnovahello - can i get some help with trying to play an Itunes shared Library via Rhythmbox00:31
jrodits very choppy00:31
prince_jammysK4k: sudo chgrp your_group .Xauthority  <--- let's just eliminate all doubt00:31
mjw-jrod: you don't have gnash installed do you?00:31
=== Luke__ is now known as Luke
Jangarii don't mean the flashplugin-nonfree, nor the gnash-player00:31
frijolieDr_willis: during an install? or do you just leave it as "free space" where it is automatically allocated to the /home directory?00:31
Jangarii mean actual flash, from adobe00:31
sangprabonemilar: I reopen the file, and it seemed that I only get strange characters like ËÉÿÅËÉÿÅËÉÿÅ... :(00:31
nemilarsangprabo: strange.. it's a .CHM file?00:31
Jangarii think it is00:31
K4kprince_jammys, ok I did that but it still spits out errors and mouse still doesn't respond00:31
mjw-Jangari the flashplugin-nonfree package is fine00:31
sangprabonemilar: similar with if I use xchm or another chm viewer..00:31
AlysumDual monitor help needed please00:31
mjw-and is the "real" flash00:32
jdix123jangari - dunno if it was answerred, but hardy is avail as a live cd dl00:32
kitcheJangari: well flashplugin-nonfree is the actual flash from adobe00:32
Jangarii've never had flashplugin-nonfree working00:32
Dr_willisfrijolie,  in my case i have a filesystem at /dev/hdb1 - the whole disk. That i tell the installer to mount to /home00:32
prince_jammysK4k: the exact same errors?00:32
nemilarsangprabo: hrm, where'd you get the CHM ?00:32
sangprabonemilar: yes, it came from http://www.supermemo.com/english/helpdown.htm00:32
mjw-jrod what does glxinfo | grep -i direct   return?00:32
sputnickanyone have a clue to repopulate my manpages-fr ? many people have more than 250 hint :  find //usr/share/man/fr* | wc -l00:32
Jangarijdix123: thanks, is there a link?00:32
PicachooDr_willis  the mirc beeps the system speaker on connect or message sounds. not the real sound. why so?  i hope if i install windows games. ill get the exact video graphic and sound quality in wine too?00:32
sampoois xine rubbish, and i should install something elso?00:32
Dr_willisfrijolie,  its allready setup for me - since its my old home. Its not unallocated.. In your case for the first time you may need to format it.00:32
nemilarsangprabo: I'll try it out over here00:32
Jangarifor me, only downlaoding a tarball from adobe and ./flash-installing has worked00:32
Dr_willisPicachoo,   the 'mirc' ?00:32
Jangariand i'm talking about more than ten different installations all on gutsy, so far00:33
prince_jammysK4k: paste /var/log/Xorg.0.log00:33
nickrudsampoo: xine is fine, vlc also. Some players seem to play some files better than others though00:33
PicachooDr_willis windows app i am using with wine. it gives a system speeker beep. not real sound00:33
sangprabonemilar: Thank you. I've downloaded smhelp.chm, the latest one (2006)00:33
illriginalpike_ it's askin me to login using username and password... how would I do this?00:33
pike_illriginal: just type your username hit enter then passowrd and enter00:33
Dr_willisPicachoo,  you do realize thers dozens of irc clients out OTHER then mirc. :) mIRC is rather lame in ways.. heh.00:33
illriginaloh :X00:33
Dr_willisPicachoo,  try the games and see.. is about all i cansay00:34
mjw-jrod: that's odd, youtube should work fine (unless you're on a quite old machine)...just make sure you don't have gnash installed... sudo apt-get remove gnash00:34
PicachooDr_willis yes. but i like mric. but the point was the why wine is not giving sound00:34
illriginalnah says, invalid command, pike_00:34
PicachooDr_willis can you give some sites where i can see rated /ranked free linux games?00:34
zzzaanyone able to install vimdiff in gutsy00:34
prince_jammysillriginal: are you doing ftp from command line?00:35
sampooxine seems to be default on mozilla, can i cahnge i to VLC?00:35
zzzavimdiff seems to have gone missing00:35
kitchesampoo: if you install the vlc-plugin you can00:35
illriginalprince_jammys, yes... unfortunately even if I can connect via Terminal... I wouldn't know what the heck to do.00:35
prince_jammysillriginal: if so try --->  user your_user_name00:35
jrodgnash removed... i'll load the actual adobe one and let u know what i come up with00:36
pike_illriginal: type 'bye' then enter then ftp servername  you will be prompted for a username then a password00:36
MushroomsI have a question regarding the structure of linux. In windows, when you install new programs, typically it gets dumped in 'program files'. Is there an equivalent of this in Ubuntu?00:36
zzzasudo apt-get install vimdiff "E: Couldn't find package vimdiff"00:36
mjw-jrod: apt-get install flashplugin-nonfree will fetch the correct adobe version for you00:36
Jangaritry at first testing youtube having uninstalled gnash, better scientific method that way00:36
Mushroomsjrod: I tried going to Youtube the other day, and firefox hung on me hardcore00:37
siriusnovaanyone able to access an iTunes shared library in linux yet?00:37
prince_jammysMushrooms: no, they dont go all in one place (and in windows they don't either, not exactly)00:37
mike16hi all i just install phpmyadmin, but i dont remeber setting a password, and its asking for one, is their a defualt, or can someone tell my how to set the mysql passowrd thanks00:37
nemilarsangprabo: it looks like they're using some IE hooks... I don't know if you'll be able to get it to work out-of-the-box in linux00:37
mjw-siriusnova afaik it's not possible to connect third party clients to iTunes 7.x shares00:37
Jangarieasy, siriusnova, so easy that i wouldn't be able to recount how to do it00:37
siriusnovamjw - damn :(00:37
pike_Mushrooms: everything shares directories youll notice if you type 'which gedit' it gives a generic bin path executables are in bin dirs libs in lib dirs generally00:38
Picachooi have just uninstalled many apps but still i experience slow speed. (speed was good at fresh kubuntu install though).  why so?00:38
Jangarimjw-: seriously?00:38
nemilarmike16: http://www.netadmintools.com/art90.html00:38
illriginal-.- claims that login failed. Yet I can connect with fireftp without a problem00:38
tumbleweed05whats up people?00:38
pike_Mushrooms: er.. which nano00:38
sangprabonemilar: is ther any other way to open it? If open it using Windows, could it opened in Linux after?00:38
prince_jammysMushrooms: a package will place its executables in /usr/share/bin, its documentation in /usr/share/doc, its libraries in /usr/share/lib00:38
mjw-Jangari last i checked, admittedly a few months back, you could only access itunes 6 or older shares00:38
mike16thanks nemilar i will bookmark thatn ow00:38
Jangaridoesn't an itunes library just operate as an ntfs file system as per normal windows file system?00:38
nemilarsangprabo: I doubt it... but you can get it to work in Wine, I'd bet00:38
sampooinstalled all the vlc plugins, xine still the default player for some streams?00:38
prince_jammysMushrooms: so yes in that typically everything is within different folders of /usr00:38
sampoohow can i change that00:39
K4kprince_jammys, http://pastebin.ca/90493400:39
sangprabonemilar: okay. I will try it. Thank you very much of your kind, nemilar :)00:39
Mushroomsprince_jammys: I see. In the "pidgin.im" website there are some instructions to close conversation windows using the Esc key, but it tells me to locate the .purple library first. I'm guessing that because it starts with a '.' the folder will be invisiable00:39
K4kprince_jammys, http://pastebin.ca/90453400:39
nemilarsangprabo: np.. hope it works for you00:39
mjw-Jangari no - it's DAAP based. nothing to do with ntfs.00:39
sampoouninstall xine?00:39
Mushroomsprince_jammys: sorry that should have been .purple directory00:39
prince_jammysMushrooms: if it's a hidden file, it's likely to be a personal configuration directory located in your home folder00:40
quitttdo you know a programme which can read the things for you?00:40
Jangarimjw-: whoa, you're not talking just about a simple itunes library on any old machine, are you?00:40
prince_jammysK4k: tell the other person who was helping you too00:40
pike_!festival | quittt00:40
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about festival - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi00:40
Jangariman, i'm glad i weaned myself off itunes altogether00:40
Mushroomsprince_jammys: I see, I should be able to see all of those in the terminal then00:40
mjw-Jangari I'm talking about the "sharing" option that is present in itunes.00:40
Jangarioh, right00:40
quitttpike_, festival? there is an app with that name?00:40
pike_quittt: yes or ktalk00:40
illriginalok pike_ i finally logged in... now what should I do?...00:40
prince_jammysMushrooms: you can see them in a gui also00:40
K4knemilar http://pastebin.ca/90453400:41
pike_illriginal: what files do you have in that dir? what extensions?00:41
Jangariscrew that, just mount the whole system in ubuntu and nav to it, and add the library to 'my places' or something00:41
Perrocomo hago00:41
prince_jammysMushrooms: enable "show hidden files" or do Ctrl-H in nautilus if you use gnome00:41
illriginalindex.html is in my website folder00:41
mrMisterHi, I just updated ubuntu and now flas doesn't work. is this a common problem or am I the ony sufferer?00:41
pike_illriginal: mput *.html00:41
sampoonow i remember where i installed xine and why, when i wanted to play a BBC stream...is there a better solution/streamer?00:41
Jangariwell, rhythmbox on my ubuntu installation and windows media player on my xp pro installation working from the same media libraries works sweet00:41
tumbleweed05ok people. i installed ubuntu 7.10 and just the other day my computer won't start up.00:42
tumbleweed05any reason?00:42
illriginalit uploaded.00:42
tumbleweed05it was working great.00:42
K4kmrMister, IIRC it's still broken last I saw00:42
Jangaritumbleweed05: what does it do?00:42
pike_illriginal: html is text so its fine if you wanted to upload a binary file like a zip youd type binary first then mput *.zip00:42
tumbleweed05doesn't even load the bios.00:42
pike_illriginal: looks like a crappy client00:42
jrodremoving gnash and loading the adobe player worked perfectly00:42
jrodthanks for the help00:42
tumbleweed05just flashes the caps, num, and scroll lock light and thats it.00:42
tumbleweed05just sits there.00:42
kitchetuna: umm if your computer doesn't even power on at all then it's hardware issue00:42
pike_illriginal: yes. use nautilus or gftp00:42
Mushroomsprince_jammys: ah yep i see it now thanks :) I was going to go ls -a and then locating it from there00:42
Jangaridoesn't show anything on the monitor at all, tumbleweed05?00:43
kitchetumbleweed05: soudns liek a hardware issue00:43
illriginalok brb pike_ im gonna download gftp, hopefully i have better luck than using fireftp.00:43
Jangariit does00:43
tumbleweed05dang it.00:43
tumbleweed05i like it might be the hard drive. but i'm not sure.00:43
Jangaridoes a liveCD work, tumbleweed05?00:43
pike_illriginal: gluck00:43
tumbleweed05i can't even hear it try to load up the hd.00:43
tumbleweed05jangari: i haven't tried yet.00:43
prince_jammysMushrooms: windows has hidden files so that you can't mess with the system, linux has hidden files purely for convenience (all those config files get in the way)00:43
Jangarihow did you install in the first place?00:43
tumbleweed05from the livecd.00:44
Dr_willisIve found so many weird hidden things under windows.. its.. scary. Empty folders that i cant delete.. but are 'system critical' and so forth. :)00:44
Jangarioh, just saw you said it doesn't even load the bios00:44
blubb0rdoes anyone know a good media player without gui?00:44
haxalityDr_willis, they probably contain OS files that are hidden by windows..00:44
haxalityblubb0r, video or audio?00:44
K4kyea, there is a way to show "system files" that are different from just normal hidden files00:45
kitcheblubb0r: mplayer00:45
Jangaritumbleweed05: old machine, or what?00:45
Siph0nhey...  is it possible to hide the network password from the /etc/network/interfaces file? googling for "hide key from /etc/network/interfaces" didn't work out too well...00:45
tumbleweed05not really.00:45
Jangarii.e., has it ever worked?00:45
tumbleweed05sony vaio vgn-n230n00:45
Dr_willishaxality,  it was totally empty. :)  i checked and was able to remove it under linux.   But its one of the mysteries of windows. Heh00:45
tumbleweed05it came with vista.00:45
tumbleweed05got pissed at it. and installed ubuntu.00:46
tumbleweed05i'm not a newb at linux. but it's been a few years.00:46
tumbleweed05install went fine.00:46
K4knemilar and prince_jammys either of you got any ideas on that log file?00:46
tumbleweed05used it for about a week when it happened.00:46
pike_tumbleweed05: i think youll be pleasantly suprised. just dont give up alot to learn00:46
Dr_williswell bbl00:46
danbhfive!info mpc123 | blubb0r maybe this will satisfy you, I just found it randomly00:46
ubotublubb0r maybe this will satisfy you, i just found it randomly: mpc123 (source: mpc123): Command-line Musepack audio player. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.2.1-1 (gutsy), package size 17 kB, installed size 80 kB00:46
tumbleweed05i'm gonna try the livecd. and if it can install just do a reinstall of the OS.00:47
prince_jammysK4k: googling, still a problem with .Xauthority00:47
sampooanyone help me with basics on how to re-wrap a kernal to enable a touchscreen on an LG tablet00:47
Jangarialthough, tumbleweed05...00:47
moumnyHi everyone, Which software is the best vlc/mplayer deluge/transmission/bitorrent???00:47
K4kprince_jammys, yea that's all I have found as well00:47
tumbleweed05whats that?00:47
quittthow do I use festival?00:47
tumbleweed05for ubuntu?00:47
siriusnovaok so now that I know i can't access an iTunes shared library00:47
Jangariif the bios isn't loading then no matter how you install, it won't boot, right?00:47
ubotuUsually, there is no single "best" application to perform a given task. It's up to you to choose, depending on your preferences, features you require, and other factors. Do NOT take polls in the channel. If you insist on getting people's opinions, join #ubuntu-bots and ask there.00:47
sampooyes, gutsy gibbon00:47
moumnyyes tumbleweed0500:47
siriusnovais there any way for me to import an itunes xml file in Linux00:48
Jangariin fact, without bios it shouldn't even boot the cd00:48
siriusnovavia samba00:48
tumbleweed05transmission for bittorrent00:48
pike_quittt: /join #ubuntu-offtopic maybe a number of people there use it i have not00:48
Jangariso that should be a good test, tumbleweed0500:48
tumbleweed05but i'm gonna give it a shot. if it's the hard drive i'm gonna be pissed.00:48
Jangariyeah, do it00:48
quitttit is not offtopic, since it is part of Ubuntu00:48
K4kprince_jammys, I just noticed this line on the second to last line "(II) Configured Mouse: ps2EnableDataReporting: succeeded" so the mouse should work?00:49
kitchetumbleweed05: it's probably more then the hard drive00:49
Jangariwell, if it's the hard drive, it's more easily replaceable than the motherboard00:49
tumbleweed05what else do you think?00:49
tumbleweed05ya. if it's the motherboard then i might as well get a new comp.00:49
tumbleweed05macbook prolly.00:49
tumbleweed05and dual boot ubuntu on that also :)00:49
prince_jammysK4k: i guess, there's a couple of errors i saw -- one involving DRI .  But the .Xauth business is a problem00:49
pike_quittt: i know its ontoppic i just dont know the answer and a few in there use it :)00:50
tannerhow can you setup ubuntu to automount eSATA drives?00:50
Jangarior you could try reinstalling bios00:50
prince_jammysK4k: does root own that file still?00:50
tumbleweed05ya. need to find it though.00:50
Helvascawheres the SERVER list for software sources stored?00:50
K4kno I'm the owner and the group for it00:50
DIL_power source sb checked first00:50
Jangaridual boot ubuntu and os 10.5 on a macbook would be nice00:50
sampoohello madmax00:50
Jangariexcept for the whole apple thing00:50
tumbleweed05lol shut up jangari.00:51
Jangariit should be easy enough to reinstall the bios, because that sounds like the issue, look into that00:51
tumbleweed05i'm using a mac mini now.00:51
Jangarisorry, but apple sh|ts me00:51
tumbleweed05k i will.00:51
mad_max02guys can you help me with something. I installed gdesklets but didnt like them and uninstalled, after reboot I can only see my icons/launchers on desktop like iconname.desktop and the open text editor when I click on them00:51
Jangarinot more than sony though ;)00:51
mad_max02sampoo, hello. sorry I was typing :D00:52
prince_jammysK4k: does root still own the file?00:52
K4kprince_jammys, no I own it completely00:52
Jangariproprietary software i can handle, sometimes, proprietary hardware though, man...00:52
Helvascawheres the SERVER list for software sources stored?00:52
sega01i am working on an ipv6 vpn for privacy, security, free speech, and wanted to verify that the most commonly used distribution can connect. http://eleuther.net/ if you are interested. i really need to verify that ubuntu can connect without problems00:52
prince_jammysK4k: is it rwxrwxrwx?00:52
kitcheHelvasca: /etc/apt/sources.list00:52
mad_max02anyone ?00:53
K4kprince_jammys, no it's -rw-------00:53
prince_jammysK4k: sudo chmod 777 .Xauthority  <-- and try again00:53
illriginalthank you very much pike_ conclusion is, FireFTP is not made for Linux lol... best to be used with Windows. gFTP works like a champ!00:53
Jangarigftp eh?00:53
illriginalthanks to you too prince_jammys :P00:53
Jangarimight try that myself, not happy with fireftp00:54
illriginalyeah gFTP works nicely and quickly :)00:54
prince_jammysK4k: actually not necessary, mine is rw00:54
Helvascakitche: Im looking for where the  list of mirrors is - ALL the possible servers00:54
K4kprince_jammys, still nothing, but I am getting the feeling that it's my vm that's messing up, not my install...I'll try this on actual hardware tonight maybe that will work00:54
kitcheHelvasca: it's on the ubuntu website I believe00:54
K4kHelvasca, there are a bunch in there that are commented out, but I recommend googling for sources.list generator and you will find what you're looking00:55
prince_jammysK4k : sorry, though it wont affect anything.... to change it back:   sudo chmod 600 .Xauthority   <-- permissions were correct, just checked00:55
asdrubalanyone here use dkms00:55
asdrubalI need help with "dkms"00:55
danbhfive!mirrors | Helvasca00:55
ubotuHelvasca: Ubuntu installation CDs can be downloaded from http://nl.releases.ubuntu.com - Mirrors can be found at http://wiki.ubuntu.com/Archive - PLEASE use the !torrents to download Gutsy, and help keeping the servers' load low!00:55
HelvascaK4k: I want to add a server to the list!00:55
asdrubalI want to compile lirc, but it requires dkms... so I have no idea how to do this00:55
sampoois there linux online course you can take, cos i'm totally lost!00:56
asdrubaldkms is a dell product00:56
asdrubalthat makes perfect sense00:57
asdrubalwhy is ubuntu using dell crap?00:57
sampooon how to use the terminal window for instance?00:57
mad_max02I actually resolved my problem :D00:57
K4kprince_jammys, thanks so much for all your help, I'll be back on later tonight and let you know if I keep having the issue on actual hardware. I'm off work now though so I'm leaving00:57
celi0ussampoo: read. search google00:57
Helvascadanbhfive: I want to add a mirror to the list00:57
prince_jammysK4k: ok -- we'll get to the bottom of it00:57
sampooi tried that, but dont understand celi0us00:57
mad_max02omg I'm in love with linux00:58
Helvascamad_max02: :)00:58
K4kprince_jammys, I hope so, I would really love to make this work. I'm trying to make an absolute minimalistic ubuntu installation with icewm and if it works it will have a < 200MB footprint and use less then 100MB of RAM for a full install00:58
pike_ubotu: tell mad_max02 about love00:58
danbhfiveHelvasca: scroll to the bottom of the page00:58
mad_max02I'm working in IT for about 12 years00:58
mad_max02and I'm with pcs from 198900:58
mad_max02but I never felt so good with OS00:58
sampooi think i need to phone a friend..bye all00:59
DIL_sampoo; this is ubuntu however the novell site has two books (pdf) that is pretty comprehensive of course it is geared towards novell but is good for learning linux (IMHO)00:59
mad_max02endless possibilities00:59
Jangarican i configure nautilus to show certain field in the list view?00:59
sampoowow thx dil00:59
mad_max02Jangari, you mean certain folders ?00:59
mad_max02icesword, hiya01:00
asdrubalsudo dkms add –m lirc –v 0.8.3~pre101:00
asdrubalError! Invalid number of arguments passed.01:00
asdrubalUsage: add -m <module> -v <module-version>01:00
asdrubalWhat the hell01:00
iceswordam i in ubuntu01:00
=== ConstyXIV is now known as constantine-xvi
mad_max02icesword, what do you mean ?01:00
=== sryder is now known as zzza
asdrubaloh crap!01:00
asdrubalwrong dash caracter01:00
ScuniziWhat represents a wild card in terminal?01:00
Helvascadanbhfive: this ? If you set up a new mirror, please add it to this page and send contact information to <NOSPAM mirrors AT ubuntu DOT com>.01:00
iceswordi think i am in ubuntu not sure01:00
ubotuI am ubotu, all-knowing infobot. You can browse my brain at http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi - Usage info: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuBots01:01
mad_max02icesword, what do you mean in ubuntu ?01:01
zzzacan someone running gutsy do a "apt-cache search vimdiff". I think I might be missing a sources.list url01:01
mad_max02ubotu u rule :D01:01
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about u rule :d - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi01:01
iceswordi am uusing a new irc client ,01:01
iceswordso not sure01:01
Jangaris'alright, mad_max02, i meant 'visible columns', but i've found you can only show a small set01:02
Jangariwhich kind of irritates me, i want to show audio properties for some folders01:02
mad_max02that I dont know01:02
mad_max02maybe u can set something like that01:02
mad_max02ask the mighty google01:02
adrianwhats up01:02
rxsagosh, i really read the tuxfiles for ¼ mount and /fstab but i still have no clue at all how to mount my vfat devie on start-up, am i so dumb?01:03
warriorforgodHey adrian01:03
adrianahh lol01:04
iceswordmad_max02where are u01:04
harveydI have set up my laptop to share certain folders, given my desktop hostname to be allowed access, when I go to network:/// on my desktop, i see USERNAME-LAPTO01:04
nemilarHmm... do you think my mom would be able to use Xubuntu?01:04
prince_jammysrxsa: want help?01:04
rxsayes plaese!01:04
harveydwhere my hostname on the laptop is username-laptop01:04
mjw-nemilar depends on how many bad windows habits she has to unlearn01:04
prince_jammysrxsa can't mount the partition?01:04
harveydwhen i click on the icon nothing is shown01:04
nemilarlol, mjw- ... basically I would just be showing her, "this is where you click to launch the internet" and "this is where you click to edit a file"01:05
harveydeven if I correct it01:05
rxsaits no problem to mount the partition via a little widget but i want my vfat partition to mount imideatily after start-up01:05
prince_jammysrxsa: is it in fstab?01:06
rxsai cant find it there#01:06
Picachoois there a need for speed game in linux. or alternative?01:06
ari_stressmorning all :D01:06
rxsawait a second, plz01:06
mjw-nemilar then she should be fine...just make sure you install the software she needs. xubuntu is, in many ways, simpler than xp and certainly simpler than vista01:06
danbhfiveHelvasca: yeah, worth a shot, I don't know anything myself, but I would email that address if you have further questions01:06
prince_jammysrxsa: sudo fdisk -l <---- and the line that says "VFAT01:06
chrisnI am having a really weird problem01:06
prince_jammysrxsa: don't pastebin, you can just paste that single line here01:06
nemilarmjw-: yeah, hmm... it's just that her machine is too slow to even run win2k :/01:07
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chrisnFlash is making my computer crash01:07
Juanhow can i record my desktop audio01:07
chrisnI cant figure out how to fix it01:07
Jangariwhatsort of flash do you have, chrisn?01:07
chrisnI am not sure,01:07
mjw-nemilar ram is the most important consideration, how much does she have?01:07
prince_jammysrxsa: type prin <tab> before your messages to prefix my name to the messages, so i can find them01:07
chrisnbut when pages like gmail or youtube are opened I have to do a hard reset01:08
harveydok, ill ask a simpler question, I have a laptop and a desktop computer, both connected to the same router, whats the easiest way to get files from my laptop to my desktop01:08
nemilarmjw-: haha, 64M of PC100 so it's nothin'   Really she just needs a new machine01:08
rxsa<tab> like that?01:08
seananybody know a "vista DVD maker" substitute for ubuntu???01:08
rxsafuck it01:08
frangelubuntu-es link  plz01:09
nemilar!language | rxsa01:09
uboturxsa: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family friendly.01:09
rxsaprin <tab> try?!01:09
prince_jammysrxsa: begin typing my name,but press tab after a few letters and it will autocomplete01:09
rxsai'm sorry01:09
mjw-mjw- yeah no ubuntu distribution is going to be good there01:09
Jangarisean, "apt-cache search dvd burn"01:09
chrisnI have tried searching google but none of the steps have worked01:09
nemilarmjw-: except fluxbuntu ;)  but that's way beyond her abilities01:09
prince_jammysrxsa: otherwise its hard for me to spot your message01:09
mjw-nemilar that was for you...and it most certainly is overdue for an upgrade. 10 years is old enough for any computer. :P01:09
harveydcan anyone even point me in the right direction?01:10
rxsaprince_jammys: its the device /dev/hda2/01:10
seanok Jangari thanks01:10
nemilarmjw-: that's just it though.. she doesn't understand that... I told her that it was 7 years old, and she didn't understand how it was possible that it could be outdated01:10
Che-AnarcI got phyton installed but when I do > python it doesnt do anything... how to run a .py script?01:10
prince_jammysrxsa: gksudo gedit /etc/fstab  <--- type this, it should open fstab in a window01:10
rxsaprince_jammys: was i right this time? *g*01:11
danbhfiveharveyd: please stand by01:11
umdoistreshi, wich plugin i need to watch youtube videos ?, cause they dont loading right...01:11
prince_jammysrxsa: yeah that's what i wanted to know, the device01:11
danbhfiveumdoistres: sudo apt-get install --reinstall flashplugin-nonfree01:11
Jangariumdoistres: "sudo apt-get install flashplugin-nonfree"01:11
rxsaprince_jammys: okay done01:12
prince_jammysrxsa there is no line there with that device right?01:12
rxsaprince_jammys: right01:12
Jangariprobably good to pastebin the fstab, rxsa01:13
danbhfiveharveyd: try this http://www.europe.eclipse.co.uk/Ubuntu/Ubuntu-on-win-network.htm01:13
rxsaprince_jammys: # /etc/fstab: static file system information.01:13
rxsa# <file system> <mount point>   <type>  <options>       <dump>  <pass>01:13
rxsaproc            /proc           proc    defaults        0       001:13
rxsa# /dev/hda301:13
mjw-nemilar man, if you were near to me, I'd let you cart off an athlon 900 with 512M for free for $20. lol.01:13
FloodBot2rxsa: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.01:13
rxsaUUID=0152a533-ec2c-4ec8-a92d-6cb62a990a19 /               ext3    defaults,errors=remount-ro 0       101:13
prince_jammysprince_jammys: did you make a folder where you want this partition to be mounted?01:13
danbhfivelol @ prince_jammys01:14
Jangaritalking to yourself again?01:14
_Oz_I'm in #windows trying to explain to a few gomers why Vista is such a terrible piece of software.  They're not very good at paying attention.01:14
prince_jammysdanbhfive: why01:14
quittthow do I make stardict read?01:14
Picachoowhat are the ways to run windows apps. some i know are wine (app layer), virtualbox(virtualisation)..    can you please tell me what are ways. and what are faster and what are slower accordingly?01:14
danbhfiveprince_jammys: well, it looks like you are talking to yourself01:14
christosi've freshly installed Ubuntu 64-bit. CDs and USB drives aren't automatically mounting. why might this be?01:14
warriorforgod_Oz_: have fun explaining that01:14
rxsaprince_jammys: normally its mnted /media/STORE (its now mounted as well, b.t.w.)01:14
harveyddanbhfive: thanks01:14
prince_jammysrxsa did you make a folder where you want the partition to be mounted?01:15
prince_jammysdanbhfive: oops01:15
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about stardict - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi01:15
prince_jammysrxsa: ok01:15
umdoistresoh.. the flash is bugging everything! almoust every sites that need flash plugin are incorrect, you know ? how i repair this ?01:15
ubotuTo install Flash see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats/Flash (for !Dapper and !Edgy, a recent version is available in !backports) - See also !Restricted and !Gnash01:16
harveydI just needed to change "unix nextwork" to windows network01:16
prince_jammysrxsa: do you care what users have access to the partition?01:16
harveydthen is worked fine01:16
rxsaprince_jammys: im okay with /media/STORE (default folder) but i have to choose a new one, i create one01:16
rxsaprince_jammys: no i dont01:16
sangprabonemilar: I've downloaded it, and it works! Thank you very much... :)01:16
prince_jammysrxsa you don't have to make a new folder - if you are, tell me the name01:16
sangprabonemilar: May be only md5sum problem..01:17
rxsaprince_jammys: im not, ill use the default01:17
mjw-umdoistres  follow the link ubotu gave you and also make sure you don't have gnash installed... sudo apt-get remove gnash01:17
prince_jammysrxsa one more thing, in a terminal:      echo $UID01:17
frijoliehow do you partition a /home directory?01:18
DarkmystereIs there a way to have Madwifi-ng snapshots automaicly downloaded to a dir? starting at a certain date01:18
DtortotI am in need of some advice/help01:18
umdoistresmjw-: i have gnash installed, thats the problem01:18
rxsaprince_jammys: nothing happens01:18
Dtortotfrijolie: are you using xp or vista?01:18
mjw-umdoistres then uninstall it using the command i gave you. make sure you close your web browser(s) too and restart them01:18
prince_jammysrxsa: echo $UID01:19
danbhfivefrijolie: are you running gutsy right now?01:19
frijolieDtortot: it's not going to be a dual boot...solely Ubuntu on a 200GB HDD01:19
prince_jammysrxsa: in a new terminal01:19
PhotocopyHow can I hide icons from the desktop?01:19
Juanhow can i record my desktop audio? trying with sound recorder but its silent01:19
frijolienot running anything, well I'm going to wipe Vista off a spankin new laptop and replace it with Gutsy01:19
danbhfivefrijolie: do you know how to partition, at least in general?01:19
rxsaprince_jammys: it says "1000"01:19
tannerwhat do i have to do for changes to /etc/fstab to take effect01:20
prince_jammysrxsa ok paste the following line into your fstab01:20
danbhfivetanner: reboot, or sudo mount -a01:20
rxsaprince_jammys: kay01:20
prince_jammysrxsa: /dev/hda2       /media/STORE      vfat    uid=1000,gid=1000,umask=000     0       001:20
umdoistresoh, the problem is gone ! thank you very much !01:20
frijoliedanbhfive: yeah, I know that I want to have 10GB for / (root), 2GB for /swap, and the rest of the HDD for /home01:20
DtortotI keep trying to install ubuntu as dual boot I have the partitions ready and all and the somewhere around 50% of the installation I get a message that says that I am missing one file and that the installation had to be stopped, I dunno what file that is but I have tried with 3 different dls of Ubuntu from 3 different mirrors in North America and they all failed01:21
rxsaprince_jammys: i have to retype it, right?! XD okay, geez :)01:21
PhotocopyHow can I remove icons from my desktop please?01:21
prince_jammysrxsa: and save: make sure there is one BLANK line at the end of the file, by hitting enter01:21
Jangarifrijolie: make it 20 for root, depending on the overall size of your hdd01:21
danbhfivefrijolie: then during the setup, just do that.  You have to set the mount points, so you will have to set the 10gb as / and just set the larger one as /home01:21
prince_jammysrxsa: cut and paste. don't retype01:21
frijolieJangari: 20GB for / ?01:21
Jangarii reckon01:21
Photocopyfrijolie: To be safe, 20g sounds right01:22
Jangarii have 20 each overall for entire ubuntu and xp pro, the rest is data, 120GB01:22
danbhfivefrijolie: the swap just needs to be partitioned as swap, no need to set a mount point for that01:22
adambOk I have a problem, I cant open more then 2 firefox browsers, it just hangs when i open up the 3rd one. Anyone have an idea on this issue?01:22
Dtortotany idea which file I'm missing01:22
_Oz_dtortot: I'd expect an error on the disc01:22
tannerdanbhfive: what do i have to add to fstab so that a device mounts rw and what not? (this is an external eSATA drive)01:22
rxsaprince_jammys: yeah, its a textfile, not the terminal, though! (D'OH!)01:22
frijoliedanbhfive: last time I did it, afterwards by right-clicking on the drive in nautilus and choosing properties it didn't display the correct size01:22
K4kprince_jammys, hey I'm back and on real hardware lol01:22
Jangarii mean, i've only used a small portion of that on ubuntu, but imagine if you ran out of space on / to install some new apps?01:22
DtortotOz: I have tried 3 different discs burned at different speeds and nothing01:22
frijoliedanbhfive: for my /home directory..it only showed something like 4GB when it should have been 120GB01:22
prince_jammysrxsa: select it, paste it, make sure there is one blank line at the bottom of the file and save it01:23
_Oz_dtortot: it's gotta be a disc problem01:23
_Oz_dtortot: all by the same burner?01:23
_Oz_it's either the drive or the disc01:23
frijoliePhotocopy: 20GB is a lot...but I do have a 200GB HDD01:23
danbhfivefrijolie: well, that's clearly wrong, do you already have ubuntu installed?  if there is a last time?01:23
adambOk I have a problem, I cant open more then 2 firefox browsers, it just hangs when i open up the 3rd one. Anyone have an idea on this issue?01:23
rxsaprince_jammys: thank you a lot, ill reboot now and try... i'm back in a few minutes!01:23
thinman1189how do I stop privoxy from starting on startup?01:23
Dtortottwo by the same burner and one by a different one01:23
Photocopyfrijolie: Not my laptop, but thats what i'd do...01:23
danbhfivetanner: im sorry, I don't really know01:23
Dtortotbut I have burned lots of things with both and they all work fine01:23
prince_jammysrxsa try this01:23
frijoliedanbhfive: no it's not installed yet...I'm at the part where I partition the drive now...01:23
Jangaridamn, 200GB is fine, opt for a larger / than just 10GB01:23
Photocopyfrijolie: Then again, im a retard with a 7g swap on a 80g drive... rofl01:24
rxsaprince_jammys: huh?01:24
prince_jammysrxsa actually yeah reboot, since thats what you want to test, sorry01:24
frijoliePhotocopy: we'll comprimise and I'll say 15GB for root01:24
Photocopyfrijolie: Better safe than sorry?01:24
danbhfivefrijolie: well, I personally have no idea why that would happen, you should be able to just do it during the install01:24
rxsaprince_jammys: yeah thx01:24
PhotocopySeriously.... ugh01:24
Photocopyhow can I hide all desktop icons?01:25
frijoliedanbhfive: yeah I'm about to start creating the partitions..i was just clarifying that I did it right because that did seem weird last time I tried01:25
Jangariwhat's the descrepancy in size displayed after installation, frijolie?01:25
iceswordprince_jammys:what program u use to edit .pdf on linux01:25
tanneranyone know what do i have to add to fstab so that a device mounts rw and what not? (this is an external eSATA drive)01:25
frijolieJangari: yes it was on a previous install...01:25
Dtortotdoes any one for sure of a mirror where I can dl ubuntu from that will work 100% on installation01:25
Jangarino, frijolie, how big was the descrepancy?01:25
DIL_left click icon and press del button01:25
danbhfiveJangari: 116gigs01:25
prince_jammysicesword: have never done it... i only view pdf, have never edit it. i know openoffice can export to pdf but thats about all i know01:25
Dtortotor is there a way to find out which file I am missing and maybe adding it to my existing iso01:25
Juanhow can i record my desktop audio? trying with sound recorder but its silent01:26
frijolieJangari: From what I remember, I made the /home partition somewhere around 120GB and it was only showing something like 4GB of free space01:26
iceswordprince_jammys:i see01:26
Jangarimm, righto01:26
meoblast001hello..... im trying to get a network adapter to work... a D-Link WUA-2340... i used ndiswrapper and installed NetA5AGU.inf..... and it reports that the driver is installed, but the network card doesnt have any networks in the network applet, nor does it give the option to enable wireless internet..... how do i fix this?01:26
thinman1189how do I stop privoxy from starting on startup?01:26
loquitus_of_borgis there a graphical app for Ubuntu Linux I can install that shows what processes are using each file on the system? or which files each process running is using?01:27
prince_jammysfrijolie: thats a big house you have01:27
K4kwhat is the file that specifies desktop background in icewm?01:27
Gary_inNYChi, i have 2 hds, the second one partitioned as /home 185GB, and /swap 2GB.  the first hd is not partitioned and / is 74GB.  is there a more cost effective way of partitioning my drives?  my monstrous 74GB / partition sounds a bit excessive01:27
Gary_inNYCi have 1.5GB of ram01:27
prince_jammysK4k: the problem was fixed?01:27
tudonomg this channel has more than 1000 users01:27
frijolieprince_jammys: Yes, this new HDD is 200GB on a laptop!01:27
DarkmystereI cant use my Router with Wep on Ubuntu everytime i put in key a few mins later it comes back asking again..01:27
K4kprince_jammys, no I'm on the "bloated" system that was my first try01:28
PhotocopyMy partition table is retarded... Gary_inNYC thats not horrible.01:28
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K4kprince_jammys, I originally tried stripping a standard install and it works well, but it's still over 2GB installed01:28
K4kway more then I want01:28
cferribydoes anyone know how to make my sound not so quiet. i reinstalled an updates a few weeks ago but the sound has decreasd in volume so that i can bary hear it any fixes??01:29
meoblast001what does "neta5agu : invalid driver!" mean?01:29
NigelS_Gary_inNYC: it is pretty unlikely that you'll need that much for / yes01:29
rxsaprince_jammys: yeah thank you so so so so so so so so so so much. it works! nice!01:29
Gary_inNYCic, what should i do to further divide my first drive?01:29
prince_jammysrxsa np01:29
Photocopyprince_jammys: quick one... how do i hide all desktop icons?01:29
=== kilrae_ is now known as kilrae
prince_jammysPhotocopy: no idea01:30
Juanhow can i record my desktop audio? trying with sound recorder but its silent01:30
cferriby??? idk01:30
K4kPhotocopy, type "gconf-editor"01:30
K4kit's in there01:30
NigelS_Gary_inNYC: well just dont have such a big / drive, create another partition and adjoin it to the fs tree with mount01:30
frijolieOk, it says (the installer/partitioner) I have 182642MB "free space" how do I allocate/partition that to my /home directory?01:30
PhotocopyK4k: I dont know how to use this program.. =S i hope i dont blow it up01:30
prince_jammysPhotocopy: i use KDE - so it wouldnt apply01:31
frijoliejust make that a partition whose mount point is /home?01:31
K4kPhotocopy, open that program and do the following...01:31
Gary_inNYCi understand that / doesn't need to be that big, but i'm not sure which partitions i should create.  /usr ?  or a /var?01:31
rxsaprince_jammys: nice to see that one could even be helped on friday night 2:30 am. XD I'll sure come back later to get on the experts nerves again. *g* gn801:31
Photocopyprince_Jammys: Understood, im used to xfce so there we have it.. lol01:31
chaosrlhello, everyone, i'm in a bit of a fix. in the last linux-headers update, something happened with my computer and i can no longer save or print things from certain applications. doing some digging around, i believe the problem lies in libc-dev or libc (libc.so.6 is causing the problem) does anyone know how to either rollback the linux-headers update or fix libc?01:31
Juanhow can i record my desktop audio? trying with sound recorder but its silent01:32
cferribyanyone know how to fix sound issue being mega quiet?01:32
PhotocopyK4k: Listening01:32
K4ktrying to find it lol01:32
thinman1189how do I stop privoxy from starting on startup?01:32
NigelS_Gary_inNYC: it doesn't need to be any of those - sure you could mount /usr seperately but you probably have no need for doing so - just use any extra space for your personal files, audio, films etc, call it whatever you want01:32
ubotuI am ubotu, all-knowing infobot. You can browse my brain at http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi - Usage info: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuBots01:32
K4kit's either "apps > nautilus" ...something01:32
frijolieor can I just leave it as "free space"?01:32
Gary_inNYCoh ic, so i should set up a volume partition between both drives for /home right?01:32
PhotocopyK4k: I dont see anything like that... =S01:33
K4kPhotocopy, apps > nautilus > and maybe desktop?01:33
Gary_inNYCim asking this because i havent used ubuntu long enough to understand its long term usage in terms of space allocation01:33
PhotocopyK4k: Theres no "apps>nautilus"01:34
K4kPhotocopy, then I don't know, there should be01:34
PhotocopyK4k: H/o I got it01:34
squishyhey im having some problems playing sound in streaming videos01:34
PhotocopyK4k: Thanks01:34
NigelS_Gary_inNYC: if you want to - the point here is that the unix model of a filesystem differs from the model that windows inherited from cp/m - that is to say that by having all files exist in essentially one large namespace we don't need to care about which bit of ferro-magnetic material it is stored on. All programs you install will place files in /usr/bin /tmp /etc so you do need to think about the greatest extent that they will take up01:35
squishyok some videos have perfect sound its just others that dont, any ideas??01:35
NigelS_Gary_inNYC: having said that many of the items that take up the most space on windows are games and many linux users will install those into their home dir - i.e. they are not provided as packages which will use the standard layout of a linux system01:35
achandrashekarhello. I have a postfix box that when you connect from the internal network allows you to telnet on port 25. Id like to change that, such that no-one can send any message. Any ideas?01:35
rodolfohi guys; I am trying to install StepMania from source but I keep getting this error msg "configure: error: No OpenGL library could be found." when I enter the ./configure command. Any idea of what it can be?01:36
chaosrlis there any way to reinstall libc6? i can't seem to do it through aptitude01:36
super_radhi, i've got a few problems with xubuntu. it starts without any panels, i can start the panels by running xfce4-panel in the terminal but also settings manager, window manager settings or any of those wont open01:36
alothafaginaany idea why my 2nd monitor isn't working on ubuntu?01:36
alothafaginado I need to do special stuff?01:36
super_radeverything looks really ugly aswell, when i click settings manager everything changes and looks nice then goes back to how it looked before and nothing opens01:37
thinman1189how do I stop privoxy from starting on startup?01:38
Drk_GuyIs there any workaround for framebuffer console problem at start-up?01:38
Gary_inNYCkk, thx NigelS01:38
tannerwhats the fstab option so that when i mount my drive my user can read/write to it?01:38
adambOk I have a problem, I cant open more then 2 firefox browsers, it just hangs when i open up the 3rd one. Anyone have an idea on this issue?01:38
Cyanide1what kinda of iso burner can i get for ubuntu01:38
prince_jammystanner: one way is with umask -- if you paste the line here i will show you01:38
Drk_Guyor gnome baker01:39
iceswordtanner:right click on the fdriver ion01:39
tudonwhat else? :P01:39
iceswordtune it uself01:39
NigelS_Cyanide1: loads, nautilus cd burner will allow right click burning; k3b has lots of features01:39
tannerprince_jammys: UUID=ec8bf9ba-764a-4c69-bca2-54de08f282d5 /media/XFS_eSATA_Backup xfs users,defaults0 001:39
prince_jammystanner only you can write?01:40
tannerprince_jammys: currently only root can write to it01:40
Cyanide1Nigels where do i find that01:40
danbhfivefrijolie: hey there, im here01:40
anuragHow can i change desktop icon font clolor?01:41
anuragi want to make it black01:41
Cyanide1NigelS_: where can i find that01:41
prince_jammystantanner: UUID=ec8bf9ba-764a-4c69-bca2-54de08f282d5 /media/XFS_eSATA_Backup xfs users,umask=027  0 0      <---and only you can right, group users can read-write, and everyone else can't do anything01:41
prince_jammystanner: *write01:42
frijoliedanbhfive: sorry, you just seemed the most apt to help me...do I need to specify the remaining "free space" to ext3 and have /home as the mount point?01:42
prince_jammystanner don't forget to back up the file if you change it01:42
frijoliedanbhfive: or does the free space just become dynamically allocated to the rest of the OS if I leave it?01:42
danbhfivefrijolie: yeah, that's what I would do01:42
danbhfivefrijolie: no, you have to format it as ext301:42
frijoliedanbhfive: ahh...I didn't do that last time, maybe that was my problem01:43
chaosrlis there any way to install old versions of the linux-headers?01:43
tannerprince_jammys: perhaps another option, xfs does not understand the umask option01:43
prince_jammystanner: says bad line?01:43
frijoliedanbhfive: so partition it to /home or just leave it as free space? Sorry I don't totally understand UNIX filesystem yet01:43
danbhfivefrijolie: yep, that would do it, partitioning is the one thing that an OS can't handle itself, it must be done during the install phase01:43
tannerprince_jammys: XFS: unknown mount option [umask].01:44
nix_how do i apply a theme in emerald? anyone?01:44
danbhfivefrijolie: partition it as ext301:44
NigelS_Cyanide1: the same place you can find everything else, in the repository - just use add/remove apps or synaptic to locate cd burning software and particular software01:44
danbhfivefrijolie: then, set the mount point, to /home01:44
prince_jammystanner mmm never have done it with xfs01:44
logankoesterHow can I determine what process has the soundcard locked?01:44
frijoliedanbhfive: ok, I'll do that. Thanks...01:44
mjw-nix_ emerald-theme-manager01:45
tannerprince_jammys: any other solutions?01:45
seancould somebody tell me what the ubuntu symbols beside certain things in the synaptic package manager mean please???01:45
prince_jammystanner: one more try:::  UUID=ec8bf9ba-764a-4c69-bca2-54de08f282d5 /media/XFS_eSATA_Backup xfs uid=1000,gid=1000,umask=027 0 001:45
nix_mjw: i have to install it?01:45
tuxhi, i have problam about totem http://dpaste.com/3525101:45
nix_mjw: i have emerald, but when i click on a theme it dont apply?? wtf?01:45
prince_jammystanner first  ---> echo $UID in a terminal and see if you are user 100001:45
Veeger1logankoester: The sound link for troubleshooting covers getting multiple programs using the sound card use      /msg ubotu sound01:46
NigelS_sean: that they're ubuntu supported packages, part of the main ubuntu system as opposed to the community maintained ones01:46
mjw-nix_ it should be installed with the rest of compiz automatically01:46
tannerprince_jammys: now only root can mount it01:46
logankoesterthanks Veeger101:46
danbhfivefrijolie: it might be that you actually do it all in one step, I don't remember.  I think you set it up to partition, then right click, and set the mount point somewhere01:46
simmerzis there a correct method for building ones own kernel from the ubuntu sources? I want to enable PAE on a desktop kernel01:46
tannerprince_jammys: adding users to the options i get unknown option uid :-\01:46
nemoHey folks, you're probably busy what with the alpha release...01:46
seanok NigelS_ thanks =)01:46
MushroomsMy list of problems on ubuntu just never seem to get smaller01:47
NigelS_prince_jammys: iirc, umask is not a valid option for XFS01:47
prince_jammystanner ok obviously an xfs thing so i don't know, sorry ...01:47
nemobut, I was wondering. since the plugin dir has changed in ff 3.0 - do I just go ahead and copy the contents of /usr/lib/mozilla-firefox to the new dir, symlinks and all?01:47
nix_mjw-: its just not working. whered i go wrong?01:47
nemoor is there a more-correct method?01:47
frijoliedanbhfive: yeah, I know how to physically partition the drive using the installer. I just wasn't sure which was the best configuration.01:47
NigelS_tanner: as root just give ownership of the drive to your user01:47
Drk_Guynemo, there is a deb for 3.0b01:47
mjw-nix_ what happens when you run emerald-theme-manager01:47
tannerNigelS_: to the physical drive?01:47
Drk_Guy nemo Dont worry01:47
adrianhey this adrian i deleted my bottom bar on the desktop the bottom panel how do I bring it back01:48
NigelS_tanner: or to a folder on it that you mount somewhere useful01:48
danbhfivefrijolie: ok, good  :)01:48
nemoDrk_Guy: my mom had to be moved to hardy due to sound issues in gutsy - she wants her flash plugin back :)01:48
adambOk so just installed ubuntu, and I cant open more then 2 firefox browsers, the 3rd one just hangs and firefox browsers dont respond. Anyone have an idea?01:48
Cyanide1ok i need help i used the apt-get to get k3b and now i dont know where it is01:48
nix_mjw-: it opens up fine but when i add themes i can't apply them01:48
nemoDrk_Guy: I'm just hesitating to muck with package management by adjusting symlinks n stuff manually01:48
tannerNigelS_: what do you mean?01:48
Drk_Guy nemo Not nice01:48
nemoDrk_Guy: what isn't nice? :)01:48
Drk_Guy nemo, compile01:48
adriandoes anyone know how to bring the bottom bar on the desktop back01:48
Drk_Guy nemo Yeah, compile from source01:49
Drk_Guy nemo And see what happens01:49
nemoDrk_Guy: ... compile... adobe flash? wha?01:49
Veeger1adrian: right click top bar and add a new one then pull it to the bottom of the screen01:49
Drk_Guy nemo Werent you talking about FF 3.0 b01:49
nemoum. ok. anyone else familiar with the new directory layout in latest hardy release?01:49
OpenglockTHERES OVER 1000 in here01:49
nemoDrk_Guy: yes, which has been released in hardy - it has a new plugin directory01:49
nix_anyone know why my emerald theme manager doesn't apply themes?01:49
mjw-nix_ odd...i'm back on my non-emerald box but clicking on a theme should apply it (assuming you're actually running emerald, of course)01:49
nemoDrk_Guy: I'd like to update the contents correctly.01:49
adambhttp://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?p=4272269 - I seem to have same problem, anyone know if  fix to this?01:49
Veeger1nemo: You should ask in #Ubuntu+101:50
Drk_Guy nemo, flash comes in a tar.bz2, extarct it and copy the .so file to the plugins folder01:50
adrianhow do you bring the bottom bar back to the desktop01:50
nemoVeeger1: aight01:50
Drk_Guyive got a better idea01:50
adriandoes anyone know01:50
nemoDrk_Guy: I know how to do that stuff manually :)01:50
Drk_Guygo about:plugins01:50
NigelS_tanner: when its mounted change the rw permissions for the folder01:50
nix_mjw-: yea thats hoiw it worked on my other machine too. but not this one. i reinstalled emerald, its up to date but it still dont go01:50
nemoI'm just trying to stick within the package management01:50
nemoDrk_Guy: sounds like you don't know though. no worries.01:50
Veeger1adrian: I posted that to you a minute ago01:50
corporal_clegghello, I want to make automatically shutdown the screen after 5 minutes of inattivity, but the gnome-powermanager pref, blocks me to 11 minutes.01:50
nemoI'll try #ubuntu+101:50
Drk_Guypkg mngmt, huh?01:50
tannerNigelS_: i did chmod a+rw and nothing still01:51
simmerzanyone? I tried building a kernel with make-kpkg kernel_image modules_image but the kernel won't boot and claims that it can't find /lib/modules/ even though it exists01:51
anuragHow can i change my desktop icon font color?01:51
MushroomsI've been trying to get my graphire4 tablet working as of about 30 minutes ago, and i've been searching the ubuntu forums on how to do so, and came across "http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=25151&highlight=graphire" this entry. MusicMetalAddict has advised a few procedures to fix this by modifying xorg.conf. I'm a bit scared to do this since last time I tried to do dual monitor with modifying xorg.conf I couldn't boot into 01:51
Mushroomswondering if anyone could give me an opinion.01:51
Cyr4xi've got a big problem01:52
adambhttp://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?p=4272269 - I seem to have same problem, anyone know of a fix to this?01:52
Cyanide1ok i need help i used the apt-get to get k3b and now i dont know where it is01:52
jay-oh-enCyr4x, what is it01:52
Drk_GuyHow can one fix the framebuffer console problem?01:52
Cyr4xi was shrinking my home partition to make some free space for larger swap01:52
Veeger1Cyanide1: It should be in your pull down menus01:52
tudonwhat framebuffer console problem01:53
Cyr4xgparted on slax01:53
Cyanide1in apps?01:53
anuragCyanide1: Under App-->Video and Sound01:53
Cyr4xbut there was 4 mb space free01:53
NigelS_tanner: change ownership of the mount folder to your user - it should work as normal - there's no user ownership option for xfs that I'm aware of; normal permissions will work01:53
Cyr4xso i enlarged /home01:53
Cyanide1ok there it is thanks01:53
Cyr4xto add this 4 mb01:53
Cyr4xand after this operation gparted made an error01:54
Cyr4xand now it doesn't see /dev/hda6 (home)01:54
Cyr4xi can't lost all my documents and settings01:54
emma /join #ubuntu-ops01:54
tannerNigelS_: yes but how do i do that?01:54
Cyanide1is there anything special i have to do in k3b to burn a iso01:54
K4kI have the nvidia legacy proprietary drivers installed but glxinfo says that glx is missing on 0:0 how do I enable direct rendering?01:55
Cyr4xsystem starts but there's simply no home partition01:55
adrianVeeger are you stil there01:55
Cyr4xcan i get it back any way?01:55
Veeger1Cyr4x: Were you running live cd when you did this?01:55
adrianwhen i minimize things on the new panel it dosen't go there01:55
Cyr4xall unmounted01:55
adrianit disappers01:55
anuragCyanide1: Well just right click the iso file and choose open with K3B i guess01:55
Cyr4xnow system starts ok01:55
anuragCyanide1: I usually use the default burn to CD option01:56
Cyr4xbut gparted sees whole disk unallocated01:56
Veeger1adrian: You make a new panel and it disappears.. Under the other one?01:56
nortywhat is the command to login as another user through the terminal?01:56
Cyr4xpartimage see / and swap partitions but no /home :(01:56
NigelS_tanner: the chown command, you'll need to be root01:56
Drk_GuyHow can one fix the framebuffer console problem?01:56
Cyr4xfsck doesn;t help01:56
kenadenorty: su01:56
tannerNigelS_: i've done that to the mount folder, however it doesnt do anything01:57
adrianwhen i have other apps up it when you minmize somthing it should go there correct but however its not going there01:57
Cyr4xi have to get back all my files they're important01:57
Cyanide1anurag: thanks01:57
Veeger1adrian: You need to add that feature to the taskbar..01:57
NigelS_tanner: unmount it then remount it - did you change owner while it was mounted?01:57
adrianso whats the feature called01:57
warriorforgodadrian: right click on the bottom panel and click add to panel.01:58
Cyr4xthey probably phisycally exist on the disk, but there is no /home partition01:58
warriorforgodadrian: add window list and workspace switcher.  That should fix it.01:58
Veeger1adrian: WIndow selector?01:58
=== speeddemon8803 is now known as Alan
K4kwhat is the command line for the add/remove programs app01:58
=== Alan is now known as speeddemon8803
Veeger1warriorforgod: thanks.. I knew it was one of those01:58
warriorforgodVeeger1: np.01:58
Cyr4xerror occured just after the partition resizing01:58
warriorforgodadrian: np01:59
Odd-rationaleK4k: aptitude01:59
pocketdrummerIs there a way to fix Flash things like YouTube? It doesn't work in firefox even though I have flash installed.01:59
K4kno, I mean what is the command to actually pull up that gui app01:59
tannerNigelS_: still nothing01:59
ubotuThe Flash plugin installation has been broken for some time. A fix has been released now, although it might not have yet reached all mirrors. If the update fails to install Flash, try « sudo apt-get --purge remove flashplugin-nonfree ; sudo apt-get install flashplugin-nonfree »01:59
Odd-rationaleK4k: sudo synaptic02:00
MasterMelis there a player for ubuntu wich plays winamp playlists?02:00
K4kOdd-rationale, is there a way to filter to see just what's install in synaptic? I couldn't find it02:00
MushroomsQuestion:"Also, if you have already added lines to your XFree86/Xorg configuration file (XF86Config/XF86Config-4 or xorg.conf), you should comment them out and restart X. Since we'll be stepping through the entire process, we need X to ignore the tablet until we're ready. Otherwise, X will just get in the way." when it says "X" in this case, what does it refer to?02:00
warriorforgodadrian: did that fix the bottom bar?02:00
Cyr4xmaybe i should do a new partition with the same file system without formatting it?02:00
K4kOdd-rationale, er...nvm found it02:00
adrianwell it did but i do i move the icons like move them where i want them02:00
Odd-rationaleK4k: k02:00
adrianhow do you move the icons in other words02:01
adriani tried click and drag but that dosen't02:01
Jangarican i stop links to mounted file systems in /media from appearing on the desktop?02:01
Jangarii like minimal desktops02:01
Cyr4xJangari use ubuntu-tweak02:02
Cyr4xthere you can turn off this option easy way02:02
Jangarithanks Cyr4x, i'll look into it02:02
Veeger1Jangari: yes gconf-editor  apps metacity  somewhere in there02:02
prince_jammysMushrooms: X is the name of the server that powers your graphical session02:02
Cyr4xSo, any solution to my problem?02:02
Mushroomsprince_jammys: ok. I understand. Thanks!02:02
neolith2099Any vbox users that figured out how to run a vm in window mode without the status and file bars?02:03
prince_jammysMushrooms: it's a server because many machines could actually hook up to your computer and view what youre viewing02:03
Veeger1Cyr4x: In livecd what does sudo fdisk -l show02:03
adrianwhen the bottom bar is created how do you drag the icon over to the left instead of having it in the middle02:04
pocketdrummerVeeger1: thanks, that worked.02:04
Odd-rationaleadrian: right-click --> move?02:04
Mushroomsprince_jammys: so does that mean anyone can see what i'm doing?02:05
Odd-rationaleadrian: You might have to unlock first. And unlock everthing in the way...02:05
JangariVeeger1: found it, it's in apps > nautilus > desktop > volumes visible02:05
prince_jammysMushrooms: if you set it up that way -02:05
MasterMelis there a player for ubuntu wich plays winamp playlists?02:05
Mushroomsprince_jammys: yep, kinda like a remote desktop concept right?02:06
prince_jammysMushrooms: it's powerful stuff -- as a normal, single user you only do a little bit of what it can do02:06
adrianno it works fine02:06
adriani was albe to move it no problem02:06
prince_jammysMushrooms: right02:06
prince_jammysMushrooms: it allows multiple users to have a graphic session on one machine, either independent of each other, or connected02:07
Veeger1Jangari: great, sorry but I am not on my regular computer and didnt have my notes handy02:08
Mushroomsprince_jammys: I see, that's far more poweful than just a remote desktop instance. This isn't enabled by default I hope?02:08
VistaDidItAgainDoes anyone have a good suggestion for a vista-related IRC channel?02:08
prince_jammysMushrooms: no02:08
Veeger1pocketdrummer: great02:08
Jangaris'alright, you pointed me in the right direction02:08
Jangari#vista ?02:09
prince_jammysMushrooms: well, you can log in as another user without losing your session by default -- but thats not a big deal02:09
prince_jammysMushrooms: if you create another user account and switch user you'll see that you can switch over and then back, and X will be running a screensaver on the other account!02:10
CyanideDok i need help i just burnt the iso for ubuntu 7.10 on to a dise i go to load from disk on boot and it brings me right back here why didnt it do anything02:10
tdjacr|awayIs there a utility to check and repair ubuntu02:10
tdjacr|awayKDE and Gnome both freeze up02:11
Cyr4xi'll try this02:11
Mushroomsprince_jammys: I see, I'll have a go at that later today then. It really does help to understand what all of these things are02:11
ubotuFor upgrading, see the instructions at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UpgradeNotes02:11
Veeger1tdjacr|away: Is that kde4 by chance?02:11
tdjacr|awayVeeger1: It failed on GNOME so I tried it in KDE and both freeze02:12
Veeger1tdjacr|away: Understood, but that did not answer my question.. thanks...    Is that kde4 by chance?02:12
CyanideDcan someone help me02:12
=== tdjacr|away is now known as Thedjatclubrock
ThedjatclubrockVeeger1: It is the version from apt-get kubuntu-desktop02:13
amenadoCyanideD-> what is a dise? can you clarify what you said?02:13
Veeger1CyanideD: Certainly, please just ask your question02:13
prince_jammysMushrooms: X sets up the whole video, mouse, keyboard --- then something like gnome or KDE sits on top02:13
CyanideDi just burnt the iso for ubuntu 7.10 on to a disk i go to load from disk on boot and it brings me right back here why didnt it do anything02:13
JangariCyanideD: you might have to change the default boot order for your machine, though it should boot from a bootable CD first by default02:13
Mushroomsprince_jammys: oh ok is that why it's called xorg.conf02:13
prince_jammysMushrooms: most things in this set up are detachable, which is why you have so many options and configurations02:13
eck090hey guys02:14
chronehello all02:14
Veeger1CyanideD: Sorry, missed that.. you need to define what you mean by brings you back here02:14
achandrashekar hello, i have box running mail on a box which has both internal and external access. I am running this at a school, and noticed that i could send a message as anyone via telneting to port 25. Is there a way to prevent this??If kids discover this "feature" they can send as anyone.02:14
amenadoCyanideD-> it brought you right here? how was that possible?02:14
Jangarihis/her normal installation, i assume, Veeger102:14
prince_jammysMushrooms: it's not like you uninstall Internet Explorer and break the whole system --- you have to try hard to break this system02:14
chronei need help on flashdrive hotplugging02:14
mattgrieserI don't want to step on toes, but I had a linux question. Is there a protocol to getting help here?02:15
Che-AnarcHow to install an rpm file?02:15
Veeger1Jangari: Did not want to assume02:15
eck090is anyone else having trouble with TS on ubuntu?02:15
prince_jammys!ask | mattgrieser02:15
CyanideDbrings me back to ubuntu 6.06 dapper instead of loading the disk02:15
ubotumattgrieser: Please don't ask to ask a question, ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely answer. :-)02:15
Veeger1Che-Anarc: not advised02:15
mattgrieser!ask ?02:15
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about ask ? - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi02:15
Che-AnarcVeeger1  is acrobat reader02:15
prince_jammysmattgrieser: :) thats the protocol02:15
eck090Che: i dont believe you can install RPM on ubuntu safly02:15
chroneeverytime i eject my flashdrive, this error message always popups: Cannot unmount volume02:15
=== SVI is now known as DBO
chronewith its details: cannot remove directory02:15
VistaDidItAgainSorry guys, is there any way of doing a windows system restore using linux?02:15
amenadoCyanideD-> is your system setup to boot from CD first? you have to modify your bios to make this happen02:15
ThedjatclubrockVeeger1: It is the version from apt-get kubuntu-desktop02:15
Mushroomsprince_jammys: lol you never know, newbies like myself can be pretty capable of that sometimes. breaking stuff that is02:16
mattgrieserIs there a way to undo an "rm"?02:16
Jangariyou should probably use windows to do a windows restore, VistaDidItAgain02:16
Jangarino, mattgrieser02:16
prince_jammysMushrooms: careful with the sudo, that's all02:16
CyanideDi went to boot menu pressed boot from IDE-CDRom02:16
Veeger1CyanideD: So the disk is not booting?  Did you md5 the download?  if the disk does not boot, and your system is set to boot the cd first, you have a bad burn a bad download etc02:16
mattgrieserfair enough. Anyone else using snippits?02:16
cellofellowDoes anybody know a way to open PowerISO DAA files?02:16
JoelitoHi all, what's the name of the package that when right-click a ".deb" file opens a GUI for installing it?02:17
Veeger1Thedjatclubrock: What do you mean by didnt work.02:17
JangariCyanideD: do you still have the iso image on your machine? check the md502:17
BidouDo somebody speak in French ?02:17
eek_i'd like to know how to change a pfd to .odc  anybody know how?02:17
CyanideDcould the burn speed have something to do with it i had the same problem when i made my 6.006 live cd02:17
VistaDidItAgainI cant, windows isn't booting . . . gets stuck at crcdisk.sys or the green-bar load screen Jangari02:17
Veeger1!fr | Bidou02:17
ubotuBidou: Allez a #ubuntu-fr ou #kubuntu-fr pour de l'aide et de la discussion en francais.02:17
Mushroomsprince_jammys: yeah that was anothing thing i wanted to ask, is there some sort of convention for using sudo? like obviously sudo lets you do anything, so it'd make sense to not use it unless you really need it02:17
CyanideDhow do i md502:17
Jangaritry #windows then02:17
cellofellowJoelito: gdebit-gtk02:17
Jangari!md5 | CyanideD02:17
ubotuCyanideD: To verify your Ubuntu ISO image (or other files for which an MD5 checksum is provided), see http://help.ubuntu.com/community/VerifyIsoHowto or http://www.linuxquestions.org/linux/answers/LQ_ISO/Checking_the_md5sum_in_Windows02:17
mattgrieserBidou, probably not enough to say "oui"02:17
Veeger1Mushrooms: Please also see /msg ubotu gksudo02:18
VistaDidItAgainThanks Jangari :-)02:18
Jangarino worries02:18
ThedjatclubrockVeeger1: Gnome shows an empty error dialogue and freezes02:18
Joelitocellofellow: thanks :)02:18
prince_jammysmattgrieser: the whole question about snippets ::: best chances of having someone who knows answer02:18
eek_i'd like to know how to change a .pfd to .odc  anybody know how?02:18
kcynicesomeone would like to tell me how to uninstall scim?I have a new input method installed. but the new method could not work because of scim02:18
Veeger1Thedjatclubrock: Obviously it did not alwasy do this since you got the second desktop installed.  What other changes were made to the system, and non-official repos etc?02:19
eck090does anyone else use TS here?02:19
prince_jammyskcynice: normal way of uninstalling didn't work02:19
prince_jammyskcynice: ?02:19
eck090i cant get voice to work02:19
MushroomsVeeger1: awesome, that would be quite helpful02:19
JangariMushrooms: the convention is only to use it when not using would solicit an error message "you don't have permission to do that? or "only root can do that", and only when you know what you're actually doing02:19
JangMunhokcynice: fctix? just apt-get remove02:19
Veeger1Mushrooms: np02:19
kcyniceI want to use fcitx02:19
MushroomsJangari: ok I understand. thanks!02:20
JangMunho kcynice: sudo apt-get remove scim*02:20
K4kwhere are the programs specified that start up with ubuntu at boot?02:20
Jangarieg., the command sudo rm -R * would be disasterous02:20
ThedjatclubrockVeeger1: Repos? I just tried to dual-boot Debian, but when I got to the partitioner I decided that Ubuntu is better ;) and quit02:20
Cyr4xthat's from sudo fdisk -l /dev/hda02:20
kcyniceok,i will have a try02:20
elm1im having a problem using firefox02:20
Cyr4xit seems /dev/hda6 but something is wrong02:20
JangariK4k: system > preferences > sessions02:20
K4kJangari, erm...im not in gnome02:21
Veeger1Thedjatclubrock: can you get into recovery mode.. a cli?02:21
elm1i am not able to browse when i enter the worded address onli by ip, are there any solutions?02:21
Jangarii'm on gnome and it is for me02:21
ThedjatclubrockVeeger1: Recovery mode from what?02:21
Jangariwell, they're programs and commands to run on login02:21
neopsycheHi.. i installed usenext.deb.. but.. apparently it is spyware? how will this effect me on linux / ubuntu?02:21
eek_i'd like to know how to change a .pfd to .odt  anybody know how?02:21
K4kJangari, isn't it in file somewhere on the drive?02:21
neopsychethey said that there is spyware in accounts.exe.. does this still affect me on ubuntu since i installed it?02:22
Veeger1Thedjatclubrock: I dont know how much help I can be with an aborted debian install...on a dual boot...    recovery mode is usually accessed from the grub menu02:22
neopsycheits not avirus. apparently just spyware02:22
elm1anybody have any ideas?02:22
mattgrieserI deleted a snippits example entitled "date" that pasted the current date. Anyone have the text of that file?02:22
Veeger1neopsyche: You installed it under wine?02:22
kcyniceJangmunho: and what's the difference between dpkg -r and  apt-get remove?02:22
ThedjatclubrockVeeger1: GNOME will work in failsafe02:22
Jangarisnippets for what, mattgrieser?02:23
neopsycheVeergerl.. no installed using .deb02:23
mattgriesersnippits is a text replacer02:23
Veeger1Thedjatclubrock: I would not know where to begin to untangle that. sorry02:23
Jonyjoin/ suse02:23
ogrewhat is the directory that contains the  init directories? is it /etc ?????02:23
ThedjatclubrockVeeger1: Recovery seems to be working, Thanks :)02:23
Veeger1neopsyche: accounts.exe was in a deb?02:23
JangariJony: /join*02:23
Jonysory bout that02:24
Jonystill, i can't get in02:24
neopsycheveegerl.. yup02:24
Veeger1Thedjatclubrock: Sorry I dont have any good answers for that02:24
JangMunhokcynice: dpkg will just operate one single package, but apt-get will deal with the dependence02:24
Cyr4xmy sudo fscp -l /dev/hda result02:24
Starnestommyogre: /etc and /etc/init.d/, as well as /etc/rc(0-6).d and /etc/rcS.d/02:24
Jonywho do you do it exactly?02:24
elm1hello, im having a problem with browsing in firefox, i can onli go to sites via IP, any1 have any solutions?02:24
Rolovery happy with ubuntu, only one problem: it can't read some small files from a DVD burned in win xp. win xp reads them with no problems (with the same computer). Path must be 128 characters. Other files are read normally. Any suggestion?02:24
Cyr4xthere is ff id and System BBT02:25
mattgrieserJangari it's snippits, not snippets. It is a text replacer02:25
Veeger1neopsyche: I assume it was not from our repos?  But an exe in a Deb with a virus/spyware.. I need more info02:25
kcynicei have run apt-get remove scim*,but when i press Ctrl+space, scim remainly can launch02:25
Cyr4xi don't know what's this02:25
Jangarii got that the first time mattgrieser, my silence was code for 'sorry, as i have no idea what snippits is, i can't help', but you might want to try learning some regular expressions02:25
hikenbootgreetings all anyone know what package provides ld.so.nohwcap ?02:25
prince_jammyskcynice: apt-get didn't give any errors?02:26
Veeger1Thedjatclubrock: From cli the first thing I would check is sudo dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg  if that helps at all02:26
JangMunhokcynice: try sudo apt-get --purge remove scim, and log off when the process finish.02:26
kcyniceprince_jammys: no.02:26
neopsycheVeegerl.. http://www.usenext.de/usenextde/download/usenext.deb02:26
Jangarianyone know how nautilus can show more that the default columns in list view? I want audio properties02:26
kcyniceyou mean,i should restart my computer?02:26
mattgrieserThanks Jangari. I just wanted to make sure! I'm oh so new...02:27
elm1hello can sum1 help me please?02:27
prince_jammysmattgrieser: this "date" file is just a sample that came with the program?02:27
Jangariprobably best to refrain from rm'ing sh|t then, mattgrieser02:27
JangMunhokcynice: log off, not restart. Ctrl+Alt+backspace will do the job02:27
mattgrieserprince: yes it is02:27
Jangarior, reinstall snippits02:27
prince_jammysmattgrieser: did you try reinstalling the program so you get the file back?02:28
ogredoes gutsy come with a C compiler? if not, what is a good one?02:28
Starnestommyogre: GCC is installed with the build-essential package02:28
mattgrieserJangari I think i should have used cp instead of mv when I moved the sample02:28
prince_jammysmattgrieser: why not reinstall?02:29
Jangarioh, if you only used mv, it should still be somewhere02:29
mattgrieserprince: I have not tried that. I'm afraid the muchas configuration it took to get it working will be lost02:29
CyanideDthe download is fine02:29
CyanideDso its the cd right02:29
ogreStarnestommy:  2 for 2 thanks alot02:29
=== Jannita is now known as Johanna
prince_jammysmattgrieser: if you're concerned about that, you could try copying the configuration files (though i don't think reinstalling would overwrite them)02:30
ThedjatclubrockVeeger1: What would sudo dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg do02:30
mattgrieserJangair: I used mv to get it to my actual folder and out of the examples folder, then I needed to change it and rm it, thinking it was still in /examples02:30
eek_how would i open a pdf so i can type over it in linux??02:30
prince_jammysmattgrieser: check this --> ls -al | grep snippits02:30
CyanideDdoes anyone in here use k3b to burn Iso02:31
JangariCyanideD: how about opening the update manager? it should (don't really know) offer to upgrade your whole system to 7.1002:31
prince_jammysmattgrieser: or just ls -al if you want to spot it yourself02:31
CyanideDchecking now02:31
mattgrieserprince_jammys: ok, i see it... now what02:32
kcyniceok,my fcitx works well now. Thanks very much.all02:32
prince_jammysmattgrieser: also .... did you just move the date file but don't know where it is?02:32
Jangarior, mattgrieser, if you want to be thorough, try ls -laR / | grep snippits02:32
brazilian812can anyone help me solve a "cannot initialize HAL" error?02:32
prince_jammysmattgrieser: is there a file or folder DOTsnippits02:32
Jangarioh, forget that, you found it02:32
mattgrieserprince_jammys: no, I said --> rm ~/.snippits/date02:32
Jangariwell then, 'oops'02:33
CyanideDi get no option to upgrade02:33
c01100011old debiant user, I always default to using apt, not very antiquated with synaptic. Stumbled upon the add/remove programs button in the menu. Can someone tell me about it? (where does it aggregate it's lists and ratings from)02:33
prince_jammysmattgrieser: ok , so it's gone.   copy that configuration file somewhere, like cp .snippits snippitsbackup02:33
neopsycheVeegerl.. did you get the link?02:33
Veeger1Thedjatclubrock: It would reset some basic video settings that might be causing a problem, but other than that No decent ideas02:33
prince_jammysmattgrieser: don't put a dot in front of the backup , and it wont be a hidden file02:34
Mushroomswell i'm gonna be off for now, thanks for all of your help today prince_jammys, Veeger1 and Jangari02:34
mattgrieserIt's not a crucial file or anything, I just couldn't find the contents online anywhere I checked02:34
Jangarican't help you CyanideD, its either the disk or your cdrom02:34
prince_jammysMushrooms: bye02:34
Veeger1neopsyche: YEs I did, but I dont care to install the deb to try and help you02:34
prince_jammysmattgrieser: you may get an error if its a folder and not a file... if you do, replace cp with cp -r02:34
brazilian812can anyone help? i get a "failed to initialize hal" error when logging in...02:34
CyanideDok then what program do you use to burn isos02:34
Jangaribut one last resort, CyanideD, is go into the bios when you restart the machine and make sure that the cdrom is the first startup device02:34
Veeger1neopsyche: I dont know why they would have a *.exe inside a deb.. and how did you scan it for virii?02:35
=== jd_ is now known as linuxpoet
CyanideDill do it again02:35
elm1hello, cud i have sum help please, im very new to linux and im having sum trouble browsing, im not able to go to site via the url, i can onli browse using ip, any solutions come to mind?02:35
elm1hello, cud i have sum help please, im very new to linux and im having sum trouble browsing, im not able to go to site via the url, i can onli browse using ip, any solutions come to mind?02:35
prince_jammysmattgrieser: this, btw is almost definitely unnecessary, but since you're afraid to lose the configuration, might as well copy02:35
Starnestommyelm1: looks like a DNS issue02:35
elm1thanks but how do i fix it ive been looking at the forums but so far ntn ha worked02:36
Veeger1elm1: You have a dns lookup issue.. but I dont know how to fix it..02:36
martinyea elml looks to be dns issue02:36
Starnestommyelm1: is your IP static or assigned by DHCP?02:36
JangariVeeger1: virii is not the plural of virus, not even in latin02:36
martinyou using a router or modem?02:36
Jangarithough i agree it should be these days02:36
cycomelm1: does /etc/resolv.conf have anything in it?02:36
Veeger1Jangari: Thanks for the spell check02:36
mattgrieserprince_jammys: Thanks. it copied fine with cp -r02:36
Starnestommyelm1: try sudo invoke-rc.d networking restart02:37
nortyHow do i edit the menus on my taskbar such as Applications, Places, Systems - i dont want some of the things under the submenus like internet, office etc.. (ubuntu 7.10) ?02:37
gummybearxhey jon02:37
cycomelm1: nothing?02:37
mattgrieserprince_jammys: I'll try reinstalling02:37
brazilian812hey gummy02:37
Starnestommynorty: use System > preferences > Main Menu02:37
gummybearxso what r u trying to do?02:37
Jangarinorty: system > preferences > main menu02:37
elm1lemme try it again02:37
brazilian812fix my HAL problem02:37
prince_jammysmattgrieser: after you double check that the copy is there, look around to see any other snippits stuff, though i doubt -- copy if you find any and reinstall02:37
Jangariah, beat me Starnestommy02:37
MrKeunerhi, there is a problem with my mysql-server-5.0 installation therefore it does not start. I would like to remove --purge it but dpkg gives me error. I would like to force it to do that but could not decide which force options I should be using in order not to break anything. could anybody help?02:37
cycomelm1: cat /etc/resolv.conf. nothing is in there?02:37
joeaminedvideo streaming on firefox sometimes doesn't display correcty (audio works but video shows green lines)02:37
nortyStarnestommy, when i do that i only see Applications and System menus, not places.. ?02:38
martinelmi i suggest you do a sudo /etc/dhcp3/dhclient.conf02:38
martinand add prepend domain-name-servers;02:38
elm1no i get my nameservers02:38
brazilian812gummybearx: when i log in, i get that "fail to initialize hal" error02:38
martinto the file02:38
CyanideDnope that doesnt work either02:38
Jangarijoeamined: try the restricted extras package02:38
gummybearxbrazilian812 ugh....so whats it doing? just complaining each logon?02:38
martinto add opendns servers02:38
Starnestommynorty: it's under System > Preferences > Main Menu02:38
brazilian812yea, and i dont see my dvd drive02:38
Jangarisorry, CyanideD, i have no idea02:38
cycomelm1: so there are nameservers there.02:38
gummybearxbrazilian812 u try the gizoogle?02:38
elm1uh huh02:38
martinand see if you have any joy02:38
Starnestommy.w 1302:38
=== co_kenter_fs is now known as ^CoRo_PsYcHo^
brazilian812gummybearx: yea, but it was just rude02:39
prince_jammysmattgrieser: the DOTfiles in your home are personal settings for your programs, and are hidden by default so they don't get in your way....02:39
brazilian812gummybearx: nor did i understand the solutions02:39
Veeger1Jangari: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Plural_of_virus   re virii02:39
gummybearxbrazilian812 heh, well lemme lookz02:39
Jangarigimme a minute, Veeger102:39
eck090hey, how do i disable my sound card, i use a usb headset02:39
elm1im gonna try martin, one sec02:40
eck090for some reason ts still picks it up02:40
eck090and it wont use my usb headset02:40
node_6which is the repo for tracking multimedia packages (mplayer, transcode, etc.)?02:40
node_6tyvm :)02:40
prince_jammys!medibuntu | node_602:40
ubotunode_6: medibuntu is a repository of packages that cannot be included into the Ubuntu distribution for legal reasons - See http://www.medibuntu.org02:40
jrodhow can i get different wallpapers in different workspaces?02:41
shbla99hello. how can i disable cron from logging to syslog?02:41
gummybearxbrazilian812  what kind of cd/dvd drive u have?02:41
martini have the same problem with debian ased distros and that fixes it for me. OS cant seem to get settings via DHCP02:41
elm1martin it says command not found02:41
mattgrieserprince_jammys: the install worked, and "cp date ~/.snippits/date" from the recreated example file worked fine. Now I can say 14-Feb-08 _so_ easily!!! Thank you for the help.02:42
prince_jammysmattgrieser: np02:42
brazilian812gummybearx: its a dvd rom, cd-rw one...dell?02:42
nortyStarnestommy, i only see applications and system menu when i go to system > preferences > main menu, there is no menu for places there....02:42
mattgrieserJangari: Thank you for your help. It is solved02:42
gummybearxbrazilian812  i mean the manufacturer02:43
Jangariglad to hear02:43
JangariVeeger1: i feel totally vindicated02:43
rodolfohi guys; I am trying to install StepMania from source but I keep getting this error msg "configure: error: No OpenGL library could be found." when I enter the ./configure command. Any idea of what it can be?02:44
gummybearxbrazilian812 ok so maybe its DBUS02:44
Veeger1Jangari: As long as you are happy02:44
gummybearxbrazilian812 here, do this: sudo rm /etc/rc2.d/S20dbus02:44
brazilian812gummybearx: my hardware manager wont open, so lets assume dbus02:44
daurnimatorhey all02:44
daurnimatorI'm trying to install kde402:44
elm1cycom, i havent had any luck02:44
daurnimatorbut there are missing deps02:45
brazilian812gummybearx: says cannot remove, doesnt exist02:45
Veeger1daurnimator: Better answers in #kde402:45
carterUm...I installed a 8500 gt g card, installed the driver on my windows, and now it won't work on my linux, (screen not found), how do i install the driver...02:45
daurnimatorthanks Veeger102:45
brazilian812gummybearx: dont argh me, help me!02:45
daurnimatorbut i think its a repo problem02:45
cellofellowcarter: "Screen Not Found" is a xorg.conf problem.02:45
PaPaFDI am mounting a drive with this line in fstab    /dev/hdb1       /media/Samba      vfat   rw,user         0 0      IF i want anyone to be able to read write what should it look like?02:46
cellofellowcarter: sudo dpgk-reconfigure xserver-xorg02:46
carterrun that in the recovery mode command prompt?02:46
cellofellowcarter: yes02:46
Jangariooh, 'information available', never got that message before02:46
c01100011there should be some sort of warning if a user decides to hide alacarte02:46
cellofellowcarter: in recovery, sans the sudo02:46
carterok, i'll try that.02:46
cellofellowc01100011: that could be useful02:46
Jangarioh, it's just telling me to restart firefox,02:46
Amaranthc01100011: right click on 'Applications' and choose 'Edit Menus'02:46
Jangarithat ain't information!02:46
mouseboyxIn gimp how do you move something that is selected? the move tool, only moves selections, this seems stupid.02:46
cellofellowc01100011: but one can always type Alt+F2 and run it there.02:47
c01100011I didn't know the name, had to apt-cache search for it02:47
Amaranthc01100011: right click on 'Applications' and choose 'Edit Menus'02:47
c01100011it isn't a big deal, just something i could see panicking my grandmother02:47
cellofellowAmaranth: he already knows, he's just offering advice.02:47
Veeger1Jangari: You are right.. that ain't right arent it02:47
cellofellowc01100011: maybe submit some spec.02:48
seanyo peeps...02:48
Amaranthcellofellow: I'll mark it Invalid :P02:48
c01100011eh, grandma will be fine, I'm lazy02:48
Jangariare you having a jibe at my sub-standard dialectal use of phrasal negation?02:48
martinelm1 should be sudo gedit /etc/dhcp3/dhclient.conf all on one line02:48
martin then there should be abit in the file which looks like the below02:48
martin request subnet-mask, broadcast-address, time-offset, routers,02:48
martin  domain-name, host-name,02:48
martin  netbios-name-servers, netbios-scope;02:48
martin domain-name-servers,02:48
FloodBot2martin: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.02:48
seandoes anyone know what client i can use to connect to a RealVNC4 server on a windows2000 box???02:48
chrisnfirefox is crashing with flash02:48
chrisnit is really making me mad02:48
mouseboyxIn gimp how do you move something that is selected? the move tool, only moves selections, does anyone know, http://lists.xcf.berkeley.edu/lists/gimp-developer/2006-October/016537.html02:49
seanKrdc wont work02:49
Amaranthchrisn: that's because adobe makes a crappy flash player02:49
Veeger1Jangari: Of course not :)02:49
Jangarigood then, because i loves my grammar, innit02:49
chrisnAmaranth: is there a workaround?02:49
c01100011speaking of grandma, what is the cleanest backup and restore process. (hate to say it, but i am looking for a time machine)02:49
Amaranthchrisn: Don't use flash02:49
yagodoes anyone wanna chat?02:49
elm1ye martin i c that, then?02:49
Amaranthchrisn: or, if you just want youtube and such, use gnash or swfdec02:49
Veeger1yago: Sure, go to #Ubuntu-offtopic02:50
cellofellowmy biggest beef with Adobe Flash is how Flash always has to hide the HTML.02:50
yagook sorry!02:50
Jangarisean, applications > internet > terminal server client02:50
PaPaFDI am mounting a drive with this line in fstab    /dev/hdb1       /media/Samba      vfat   rw,user         0 0      IF i want anyone to be able to read write what should it look like?02:50
martintry to reopen a web page using the url and see if you have any luck usinh open dns02:50
mouseboyxCan someone help? how do you move selection contents in gimp? is this possible?02:50
Jangaricellofellow: that's partly because there ain't any html in a flash element02:50
elm1one sec02:50
Jangariwell, not much anyway02:50
Gary_inNYC@find Bullet For My Valentine - Scream Aim Fire - videopimp.mpg02:51
seanthanks Jangari i will give it a shot =)02:51
elm1just with the file open, where shud i add the 2 is u gave me?02:51
Jangarimouseboyx: you might have to do something like 'layer via cut'02:51
elm1IT WORKED02:51
chrisnAmaranth: Ok thanks02:51
elm1IT WORKED02:51
elm1thanks martin02:51
Veeger1chrisn: may I suggest you try tis option   /msg ubotu flashissues   for a way to get it going02:51
cellofellowJangari: but in Windows, DHTML stuff can float above flash. In Linux, it just doesn't happen. Most annoying when a website has pull-down menus that end up behind the flash widget.02:51
mouseboyxok just ctrl x ctrl v02:51
chrisnYou know... it seemed to get worse after ranting to a friend about how stable ubuntu was lol02:52
martingreat glad to see it worked :)02:52
Jangarioh, i see what you mean, cellofellow, i thought you meant as in the bundled flash code blocks the user from (easily) seeing the code02:52
elm1thanks alot man02:52
Jangarichrisn: find out what flash plugins you have installed, somehow, it can't be too bad, then uninstall them, remove them and purge them, then do "sudo apt-get install flashplugin-nonfree"02:53
brooksbpwhat is the command to run .deb files from the command line? THANKS!02:53
elm1now onto my usb issues, i cant detect my external drive any thoughts?02:54
kadamhello!  I'm trying to get a PHP develoment platform going on.  I don't necessarily want to install a lamp server, as this is already an established machine... I only want to be able to see local PHP files as they should be rendered.  I installed php5, but no luck.  Any ideas?02:54
daurnimatorhow do I remove/delete compiz?02:54
Jangaritry another usb port, elm102:54
cellofellowkadam: I think XAMMP is something like that.02:54
Veeger1daurnimator: compiz --replace   but ask in #Compiz for details02:54
CyanideDok i just got the cd to work im on it now. i just have a few questions before i install it02:54
Cyr4xi've tried everything and still nothing02:55
kadamcellofellow: I'll look, thanks 8)02:55
Jangariit should at the very least recognise its existence, unless you have to configure the device on a windows machine, which would bite02:55
Cyr4xeven kubuntu installer from live cd doesn't see any partitions02:55
Jangarigood, CyanideD02:55
Cyr4xbut fdisk lists them02:55
CyanideDi burnt it wron with k3b02:55
Veeger1Cyr4x: Try the hirens cd  or gparted cd....02:55
elm1trying jangari02:56
nortyhow do i edit my path environment variable? i want to add the path /usr/local/pgsql/bin and ive tried adding this line to both .bash_profile and /etc/profile - PATH=$PATH:/usr/local/pgsql/bin but when i do echo $PATH it doesn't show up in there anywhere...?02:56
CyanideD7.10 when i install it will i lose all data02:56
orbisvicishow is compiz started in ubuntu ?02:56
Jangariyes, CyanideD02:56
seanJangari, that worked, but i had to disable secerity for it to work... any ideas?02:56
chrisnif I upgrade to 7.10 will I have to re-setup my wireless drivers?02:56
elm1nope jangari no joy02:56
brooksbpWhat is the command to run a .deb file from the command line????02:56
Jangaridisable security, sean? how do you mean?02:56
CyanideDok, is 7.10 just like 6.06 when it comes to the command line?02:56
cellofellowchrisn: are you using ndiswrapper?02:56
Jangariwhoa, what are we talking about here?02:56
cellofellowCyanideD: actually, more stuff is changed in the underlying bits.02:57
Jangarioh, vnc02:57
Veeger1CyanideD: Yes the installer formats the /  root partition but can be told not to format the others02:57
CyanideDok so it still uses sudo right02:57
Jangariif you were fine on 6.06, CyanideD, 7.10 should be easy02:58
prince_jammysbrooksbp: to install a deb:::   dpkg -i filename.deb       i believe02:58
seanon the realVNC server on the W2k box, i can only connect to it if i disable authentication02:58
Jangarisean, what did terminal server client do?02:58
seanJangari, ^^^^^^^^^^^^02:58
nortyhow do i edit my path environment variable? i want to add the path /usr/local/pgsql/bin and ive tried adding this line to both .bash_profile and /etc/profile - PATH=$PATH:/usr/local/pgsql/bin but when i do echo $PATH it doesn't show up in there anywhere...?02:58
Jangarioh, i see02:58
brooksbpprince_jammys: tytyty02:58
CyanideDok the main reason i wont to switch is to give that compiz-fusion a trh02:59
Jangarihmm, you should't have to disable authentication, as long as you authenticate with terminal server client, sean02:59
jribnorty: the file needs to get sourced.  Restart your terminal02:59
jribnorty: or maybe logout and log back in02:59
seanwhat do you mean authenticate with terminal server client Jangari ?02:59
Veeger1CyanideD: Lots of fun.. what video card?02:59
krammerall of a sudden my root password is not being accepted02:59
shbla99hello. how can i disable cron from logging to syslog?02:59
JangariTSC (terminal server client) asks you for a username, and hitting connect should prompt for a password02:59
jrib!root | krammer02:59
CyanideDnvida 620002:59
ubotukrammer: Do not try to guess the root password, that is impossible. Instead, realise the truth... there is no root password. Then you will see that it is 'sudo' that grants you access and not the root password. Look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo02:59
martinelm1 try to run from a terminal lsusb before and after its plugged in to see if its detected03:00
eck090anyone else use TS on ubuntu03:00
Veeger1CyanideD: I run a 6600 you should not have an issue03:00
eck090that cant get thier damn mic to work03:00
Cyr4xgparted doesn't see anything03:00
carterCan someone help me on a driver issue03:00
Cyr4xwhole disk unallocated03:00
jrib!ask | carter03:00
ubotucarter: Please don't ask to ask a question, ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely answer. :-)03:00
elm1its not picking up at all03:00
CyanideDalright well ill be back on here later im sure thanks for all the help. now its time to install03:00
elm1cud it b a driver issue?03:00
Jangarigood luck, CyanideD03:01
Veeger1Cyr4x: Hirens has some recovery tools...03:01
=== grim76_ is now known as Grim76
Cyr4xyes but now i can do nothing03:01
Cyr4xeven burn a cd03:01
mattgrieserI'm having trouble using avant window nav in 7.10. When I click on its icon... nothing happens (that I can see)03:01
kcynicei want to use wsdfast,but i could not know how to start it.it can be found in /usr/bin.but I type wxdfast in terminal,there is an error about loading shared libraries: libwx_gtk2u_xrc-2.6.so.003:01
Veeger1Cyr4x: Use a different machine to get that cd.. the more you try now the more you run the risk of losing more03:01
prince_jammys\msg ubotu03:02
Cyr4xif i would have it...03:02
node_6is there a cannonical way to say "Run this command and then shut down" ?03:02
krammerhow can i get netcat to show on my desktop i have installed it but I can only run is from the cmd line03:02
node_6unattended shutdown, can't do  sudo halt  b/c no user will be present to enter pw03:02
Veeger1Cyr4x: Sorry cant help you.  If you cant do anything and you cant find a friend with a pc you may have to say goodbye to your data03:03
jribnode_6: COMMAND1 && COMMAND2  runs COMMAND2 if COMMAND1 completes successfully.  Use ; if you don't care that it is successful03:03
node_6jrib:  what does that have to do with my question?03:04
carterFatal error no screens found - error message after installing new graphics card on windows, help!03:04
chrisncellofellow: yes03:04
jribnode_6: make COMMAND1 your command and COMMAND2 your shutdown...03:04
node_6jrib:  I know that.  the trick is making the shutdown unattended03:04
prince_jammysnode_6: COMMAND1: run this command COMMAND2: shut down03:04
LjLnode_6: the fact that he told you how to run a command and then another command, which might quite possibly be the shutdown command...?03:04
davidofI've just installed Ubunto on my laptop, But I thing I've done something grong03:05
LjLnode_6: sudo sh -c "command ; halt"03:05
node_6okay guys.   sudo halt  will *not* work for me b/c it require a pw.  if needed I can type in the pw before the first command is run but I do *not* want command 1 to be run as superuser03:05
davidofI have separated /boot (/dev/sda1) from / (/dev/sda3), and now grub fails03:05
davidofCan anybody help me?03:06
LjLnode_6: err... i guess sudo sh -c "sudo -u username command ; halt"03:06
eromerohi fellows, how can i tell ubuntu not to open the usb keys when they're connected (and run something instead)03:06
amenadodavid-> what is the error?03:06
davidofIs it posible to have /boot in a separated partition from /?03:06
astro76node_6: you could edit sudoers and allow your user to use shutdown without a password03:06
node_6that was my sol'n, too.  just wondered if there was a ubuntu-provided way that was simpler :/03:06
eromerodavidof: you probably need to update your grub.conf file03:06
astro76node_6: or set a cron or 'at' job03:06
prince_jammysdavidof: yes, many people do that03:06
SekkeS8#connect gamesurge.net03:07
Jangarigotta restart03:07
davidofamenado, prince_jammys  grub failed when tried to install. At 94% of Ubuntu's installation03:07
kadamastro76: I did that, allowed users of group sudo to not have to enter their PW... Didn't work on my desktop, was flawless on my laptop... Strange, tis03:07
node_6thanks all.  good nite to ya03:07
davidofIs it possible to repair that without having to do a new re-installation?03:08
amenadodavidof-> gives you any error? how do you know it is grub that failed?03:08
nortyHow do I edit the Places menu in ubuntu 7.10?03:08
VarangerHas anyone installed the lastest NVIDIA drivers? Ubotu isn't much of a help with and old wiki page03:09
LjLVaranger: well, ubuntu doesn't *want* you to go and install the "latest" NVIDIA driver to begin with, it'd much rather have you use the ones from the repositories, which have the added benefit of not breaking on kernel updates and stuff.03:09
davidofamenado, yes. The Installation process failed at 94% (Don't remember the error message, but was Grub install failed...)03:10
nortyHow do I edit the Places menu in ubuntu 7.10?03:11
tazhi roomis03:11
VarangerLjL: My PC came with Windows. It'd much rather  have me use Windows and I installed Linux after all...03:11
amenadodavidof-> it is preferable if you complete the install instead of attempting to kind of repair to complete, you dont know what it has not completed, later on you may start wondering what went wrong03:11
tazany one know how to burner 7.10 Ubuntu  ??03:11
=== ablyss_ is now known as ablyss
no0tic!burning | taz03:12
ubotutaz: CD/DVD Burning software: K3b (KDE), gnomebaker, serpentine, graveman, Nautilus-CD-Burner, GToaster, xcdroast (GNOME), wodim (terminal-based). Burning .iso files: see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BurningIsoHowto03:12
LjLVaranger, well, *our* suggestion (no, call it a strong recommendation) is to keep using the ubuntu-provided drivers. do you know for sure that you've got anything to gain from the "latest" drivers? from what i've heard, there's more added bugs than benefits. and in any case, if you do that, be prepared to have a text-mode only system every time there is a kernel update03:12
davidofamenado, I could not continue the installation :(. I see there is no menu.lst in grub directory (inside of /dev/sda1)03:12
davidofamenado, Is there any way to install grub from the beggining?03:13
tazok im looking for add/remove.and what called name of ""-------"??03:13
Gnine /join #ubuntu-offtopic03:13
amenadodavidof-> is your /dev/sda1 your /boot partition?03:13
davidofI mean, I want grub to install every files (included menu.lst)03:13
prince_jammystax what?03:13
prince_jammystaz what?03:14
chrisnmy flash is fixed now!03:14
davidofamenado, I have started ubuntu with Live CD now. And I've mounted /dev/sda1 on /mnt03:14
chrisnholy crap!03:14
nortyHow do I edit the Places menu in ubuntu 7.10?03:14
kadamtaz: Adept?03:14
no0tic!synaptic | taz03:15
tazi found k3b .. so i will download03:15
Optimus55hey is there any way to have ubuntu icons automatically line up on the desktop to the right?03:15
ubotutaz: synaptic is Ubuntu's Graphical Package Manager. For a good howto see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SynapticHowto03:15
amenadodavidof why not just re-install? if you have the know how to install grub and initramfs etc..then maybe you would not be asking here :)03:15
RootyRootRootW00Hi Gome  won't recognize which directory I'm in when I'm saving a file or untarring a package. Any advice please? Also it often deletes the filename from the saveas dialalogue when navigating directories.03:17
nortyHow do I edit the Places menu in ubuntu 7.10?03:17
chrisnerr spoke too soon03:17
davidofamenado, re-install is 2 hours :(. I thought there was a quicker way to solve my problem :(03:17
prince_jammysnorty: you can only add bookmarks, i don't think you can delete stuff from the menu editor03:17
amenadonorty maybe within  gconf-editor03:18
nortyprince_jammys, ive edited the applications and systems menu but places doesn't appear as one of the options to edit from the main menu03:18
tazthe reason my cd linux ubuntu 6.103:18
prince_jammysnorty: right03:18
tazso  i decide to get new cd with 7.1003:19
prince_jammysnorty: you can only add stuff, but can't remove stuff ...  you can however, get rid of the menu if its in your way03:19
nortythere's gotta be a way to remove some stuff..03:19
prince_jammysnorty there is a way but you really dont want to mess with it, trust me03:20
tazi bough new cd rw  .. then  2ubuntu-7.10-alternate-i386.iso03:20
taz(12923 downloads)03:20
norty... :\03:20
tazgot it ??03:20
chris062689Is there a Ubuntu Mobile iso yet??03:20
{Nathan}What's the command to "start" gnome, kinda like start-kde?03:20
chris062689{Nathan}: startx03:21
prince_jammysnorty why dont you just remove the menu, and add your own with the stuff you want in it03:21
{Nathan}chris062689: I'm in a VNC server03:21
tazhow it work with  ubuntu-7.10-alternate-i386.iso (12923 downloads).. should save or run then burning to cd ??how it work ??03:22
amenado{Nathan}-> gnome-session &03:22
{Nathan}amenado: Ah, right. Thanks a ton ^^03:22
talonzhi guys03:24
Veeger1chris062689: Mobile.. live cd  or usb  or livecd with persistent mode..  your choice03:25
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nortyprince_jammys, how do i add a new menu, i can only seem to get it to be a submenu of applications or system03:25
merinettethere you are. :)03:25
chris062689LiveCD Persistant Mode?  Whats that03:25
RootyRootRootW00Hi I have this bug: https://bugs.launchpad.net/gtk/+bug/93396 but they have fixed it. How do I install the patch?03:26
toresnin fluxbox i have some icons in the tray ... but they will only appear in the workspace i opened them ... how do i make them appear in other workspaces as well?03:26
Veeger1chris062689: You boot the livdcd, but all changes are held on a usb stick...03:26
merinetteAnyone want to have a shot at my audio problem? http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=69713903:27
chris062689What would be best inside a Virtual Machine?03:27
darkcrabhi merinette03:28
Veeger1chris062689: You would need to read and decide for yourself03:28
chris062689Where can I find just a Live CD to test it out03:28
merinettehi darkcrab :)03:28
chris062689Without usb saving03:28
darkcrabdownload the regular distro version chris03:28
darkcrabthat is a live CD03:28
talonzcan anyone help me get my linux box share internet with my windows box ?03:28
talonzim a linux noob ;[03:28
sithreeI'm running gutsy with nvidia driver and if I maximize a window, the main area of the window goes black until I restore to a smaller size, any ideas?03:29
thechitowncubsI am setting up a Samba Domain Controller for my home network and I own the domain name lambrechtsfamily.com03:29
thechitowncubswhat is the right way to name your domain03:29
RootyRootRootW00sithree: r u running compiz?03:30
darkcrab<merinette> Anyone want to have a shot at my audio problem? http://ubuntuforums.org/show thread.php?t=69713903:30
davidofAnybody has /boot in a separated partition than /? I need a menu.lst with that configuration03:30
Veeger1!download | chris06268903:30
ubotuchris062689: Ubuntu installation CDs can be downloaded from http://nl.releases.ubuntu.com - Mirrors can be found at http://wiki.ubuntu.com/Archive - PLEASE use the !torrents to download Gutsy, and help keeping the servers' load low!03:30
cycomdavidof: check out gentoo's documentation.03:31
pyrakif resize and move around my windows and ubuntu partitions, will GRUB get confused?03:31
cycomdavidof: they do that standard.03:31
davidofcycom, oki, thanks03:31
cycompyrak: depends on how much moving you do.03:31
darkcrab<merinette> Anyone want to have a shot at my audio problem? http://ubuntuforums.org/show thread.php?t=69713903:31
RootyRootRootW00I had a similar problem in compiz. It was caused by the graphics card not being powerful enough (The black window bug). The solution was to have the CPU do the graphical processing (by a compiz setting). Not sure if that will help you (I'm a newb)03:32
pyrakcycom, right now it's big windows partition (ntfs), and small ext3 with ubuntu03:32
pyrakcycom, i want to make windows smaller, move ext3 back to fill in the space, and enlarge it to the end of the drive03:32
cycompyrak: that should be fine.  as long as the order is the same.03:32
cycompyrak: is this a desktop or a laptop?03:32
pyrakcycom, lappy03:33
asdrubalbrtfs is going rock03:33
Veeger1merinette: Looks like you just need to install build-essentials   go to alsa and get the 1.0.15 driver and compile it03:33
asdrubalwhat do you guys think?03:33
cycompyrak: good. :) built-in ups03:33
darkcrab<merinette> Anyone want to have a shot at my audio problem? http://ubuntuforums.org/show thread.php?t=69713903:33
cycompyrak: what are you going to use for the resize?03:33
RootyRootRootW00Hi I have this bug: https://bugs.launchpad.net/gtk/+bug/93396 but they have fixed it. How do I install the patch?03:33
darkcrabThank you Veeger03:33
pyrakcycom, gparted03:33
ol_dude67what the deb line i need to add to get vmware?03:33
cycompyrak: good! It'll work a treat.03:34
darkcrabShe already did that veeger03:34
pyrakcycom, so i guess i'll use gparted to copy the partitions to an external, then boot from the cd and use gparted to do the moving03:34
Veeger1merinette: /j #alsa if you need more help.. I dont have my notes handy or I could help more03:34
cycompyrak: Backups even?! WOW!03:34
cycompyrak: your other option is to use dd or something like that to create an image on the external03:34
cycompyrak: that way you don't have to overwrite the external, just create a file.03:35
pyrakcycom, that might make more sense03:35
pyrakcycom, console command "dd"?03:35
Veeger1darkcrab: That page she gave didnt show what I suggested..03:35
Darkness89hi guys how i can replace initial ubuntu's logo03:35
cycompyrak: yeah. read the man page first though03:35
RootyRootRootW00Hi, how do run CRON? pls03:35
cycompyrak: a mistake with dd can mean big problems03:35
ubotuTo select the usplash artwork you want, use "sudo update-alternatives --config usplash-artwork.so && sudo update-initramfs -u" - See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/USplashCustomizationHowto for adding your custom artwork03:35
cycompyrak: well, a mistake with gparted can mean the same :) It's no worse than that.03:36
merinetteVeeger1: thanks so much. i already did that though, actually, with module-assistant. no dice. i guess i'll try #alsa03:36
cycompyrak: just don't confuse input and output files :)03:36
Veeger1Darkness89: that usplash was for you03:36
Darkness89thnx ^^03:36
Veeger1merinette: With module assistant?03:36
pyrakcycom, i think i might just use gparted then :P03:36
spudraticqwhich room has support for compiz?03:37
cycompyrak: it's pretty hard to mess up 'dd' if you're careful.03:37
usr13Wanting to use wall, but cannot get it to bring up a window on the gui desktop.   (Need to set some sort of  cronjob / reminder for my 80 year old mother-in-law to take her breating treatment at 9PM. Any suggestions?)03:37
cycomdd if=/dev/<drive> of=/path/to/file03:37
kcynicemy computer was restarted when i was installing some software.but i can't re-install the same software again now.How should I resolve such problem?03:37
Veeger1usr13: YOu want to use wall from effects?  have you installed ccsm?03:37
usr13She's usually playing games on her Ubuntu desktop about then....03:38
usr13Veeger1: Don't think so, I'll see.03:38
pyrakcycom, and the "of" is the destination, and the "if" is the drive to be copied?03:38
cycompyrak: precisely.03:38
Veeger1usr13: It is actually compizconfiguration-settings-manager  somthing close to that03:38
brazilian812im trying to force install something of a specific version, but synaptic has the option of FOrce Version grayed out.  how can i do it in Terminal?03:38
cycompyrak: read the man page, like I said03:38
pyrakcycom, ok, reading03:38
cycompyrak: It has some good examples03:39
ol_dude67so no one knows the deb line to add to the repos for vmware server.03:39
cycompyrak: Sorry, that came out far more rude than I meant it to.03:39
spudraticqanyone here having a problem getting the cube to work been through it again and again does not work03:39
usr13Veeger1:  Couldn't find package ccsm03:39
asdrubalspudraticq, what is the cube03:39
cycompyrak: those two were supposed to be one long line :)03:39
Veeger1spudraticq: not hard..   Do you have ccsm open03:39
prince_jammyspyrak: output file , input file ---- careful with that command, btw03:39
pushpopis there a way to snmp on ubuntu I want to monitor ubuntu bw with a windows utility?03:39
spudraticqfor compiz03:39
ubotuTo enable advanced customization of desktop effects in Ubuntu 7.10 (Gutsy), install 'compizconfig-settings-manager'. A new option will appear in your appearance properties - See also !compiz - Help in #compiz-fusion03:39
PaPaFDI have a small internal drive  hdb1 vfat file system that I want to share with other users through Samba.   Right now they only have access rights.  what should the line in fstab look ike to give them read write permissions?03:40
brazilian812need some help force version-ing software...03:40
spudraticqdid that bot lol03:40
BigDaddyevening all03:40
BigDaddyNeed some help getting my vista laptop to read shared folders on my Ubuntu box03:40
pyrakcycom, don't lose any sleep over it :P03:41
cycompyrak: XD ok, I feel a bit better now03:41
Veeger1spudraticq: double click general above accessibility go to desktop   size and enter 4 in the top and 1 1 below that03:42
fingazif somebody could answer this question easily for me i'd appreciate it. I have 4 HD in my machine. one had a NTFS partition running windows the other partition is / and swap partitions. The second drive is my /home drive (these 2 drives are SATA)  Drives 3 and 4 are 200G IDE drives. When I installed the system they were /dev/sdc1 and /dev/sdd1 now half the time I boot the machine they mount correctly as those devices the other half of the time they are /d03:42
fingazev/sda and /dev/sdb how do I get them to stay as one03:42
brazilian812Surely theres someone who wants to help me force install a version03:42
BigDaddyWhen ever I am on my vista laptop and I open the network, I can see my ubuntu machine. When I enter my ubuntu username and passwird, it says it cannot connect. It also changes my username to my laptop_machine_name/ubuntu_machine_name03:42
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Veeger1spudraticq: Then ctrl-alt   left mouse button and move mouse03:42
cycomBigDaddy: samba has a different un/password setup than just your linux login.03:42
cycomBigDaddy: you can set them the same03:43
prince_jammysPaPaFD:  blah blah   blah    VFAT uid=1000,gid=1000,umask=000    0  0    <--- if your user id is 1000, check with "echo $UID"03:43
cycomBigDaddy: as in you can set your samba passwd to your linux password, but this is sent as cleartext IIRC03:43
BigDaddycyccom, I have Samba Server Configuration Tool 1.2.50 ... cleartext??03:43
amicrawlercan any body help me03:43
amicrawlermy system is very slow03:43
cycomBigDaddy: I think so. Can't remember.03:43
amicrawleron load03:43
pyrakcycom, one more thing, can i dd while a partition is mounted?03:44
RootyRootRootW00Hi I have this bug: https://bugs.launchpad.net/gtk/+bug/93396 but they have fixed it. How do I install the patch?03:44
amicrawleri have a  intel core2duo03:44
cycomBigDaddy: in any case, you set your samba passwrd with smbpasswd03:44
cycompyrak: I wouldn't suggest it.03:44
PaPaFD prince_jammys: thank you03:44
neolith2099amicrawler: did you check your inistal services03:44
cycompyrak: I would say do all the dd stuff from a liveCD03:44
pyrakok, i'm booting from livecd then03:44
Veeger1pyrak: yes you can dd a mounted partition03:44
amicrawlerwhat are thoes ?03:44
pyrakmeet you on the other side03:44
BigDaddycycom: so do I do that in the Ubuntu Users & groups or the Samba configuration?03:44
neolith2099amicrawler, they are the initial start up processes03:44
brazilian812isn't force installing a version super easy? maybe someone can help me for just a few minutes?03:44
prince_jammysPaPaFD: now should be: rwxrwxrwx03:44
cycomVeeger1: yeah, but what if it gets written to while he's doing the dd?03:44
fingazany idea's on making ubuntu detect my drives the same way every time it boots?03:44
amicrawlerwhere do i find that03:44
neolith2099amicrawler, most of the default ones are not necessary and lag the boot time03:45
cycomBigDaddy: smbpasswd is a command line utility. I don't know of a gui way to do this, but I'm sure there is one.03:45
amicrawlerwhere do i find that03:45
fingazit's annoying I've made entries to /etc/fstab and they mount fine when it detects them right but if it's going to make them /dev/sda and sdb is there a way to force them to stay that way03:45
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usserBigDaddy: just do sudo smbpasswd -a username03:45
asdrubalfingaz, unmount them in nautilus, then go to "my computer" then click on the drive, and select "properties" and I think in there you can select the mount point03:45
BigDaddycycom: thanks. I am going to google smbpasswd and go from there03:46
cycomfingaz: I'd say mount them by uuid too.03:46
usserBigDaddy: and type in the exact same credentials u did when u installed ubuntu03:46
cycomBigDaddy: Good luck mate!03:46
Veeger1cycom: You can see the wiki for detailed info on that.. I dont have it handy03:46
fingazI can mount them fine it's how ubuntu detects them03:46
brazilian812its a very basic thing.  im sure someone can just tell me how to force install a specific version of software and i can leave03:46
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neolith2099amicrawler: try sysv-rc-conf03:46
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fingazhalf the time I fdisk -a and they are labeled one way then sometimes the other03:46
BigDaddycycom: do I need to reboot or restart samba?03:47
prince_jammysfingaz mmmm, ask around but you could try identifying them in fstab by UUID instead of /dev/blah03:47
cycomBigDaddy: I don't think so.  Maybe restart samba03:47
fingazoh I see what your saying03:47
cycomBigDaddy: /etc/init.d/samba restart I think.03:47
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fingaznever used uuid03:48
wahyuuI cant boot my ubuntu, cause I got power terminated while updating kernel, the error msg Kernel panic - VFS: Unable to mount root fs on uknown-block(0,0). how can i fix it? thx03:48
fingazbefore. Pretty long number like a mac address03:48
amicrawlerneo do not have it installed03:48
prince_jammysfingaz: try ls -l /dev/disk/by-uuid03:48
neolith2099amicrawler: this will help clear things up for you. https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuBootupHowto03:48
jack-desktophow can i find out what CPU0 and CPU1 is?03:48
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r007niXessa sala tem brasileiros03:49
prince_jammysfingaz: sample fstab line::: UUID=3b2d147d-9dc7-4bf1-9105-64c7597403e8 /               ext3    defaults,errors=remount-ro 0       103:49
Helvascahow do I find the status of a device03:49
Helvascawhat sort of probe do i use?03:49
LeeKnuxI have Gutsy and have installed the PPTP plugin for network manager several times, but when I click on the network connection manager I never see any VPN options only a "Manual Configuration" option. Any idea on how to fix this?03:49
prince_jammysfingaz: just changes the first field --- but all this is a guess, by the way03:49
electrofreakDoes anyone here have Ubuntu running on a Santa Rosa MacBook Pro?03:49
neopsychewhat do the three little lines in nautilus file permisisons mean?03:49
cycomVeeger1: the ubuntu forums disagree btw, they suggest unmounting to prevent corruption in the images.03:50
BigDaddycycom: HOTDAMN!03:50
cycomBigDaddy: it worked?03:50
fingazwith / being the mount point03:50
cycomBigDaddy: my pleasure :)03:50
BigDaddycycom: yes. perfect man03:50
mortuis99WOW is UBUNTU supposed to be so slow and lock your computer up al the time?03:50
cycomBigDaddy: cool beans!  Enjoy :)03:50
prince_jammysfingaz: yes, none of that is any different --- only the first field03:50
fingazI think I can figure that out03:50
mortuis99this is worse than MS03:50
cycommortuis99: PEBKAC.03:50
jack-desktopshould my swap always be at 0?03:50
BigDaddymortuis99: elaborate03:50
neolith2099amicrawler: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=8949103:51
fingazweird though the OS won't give them the same device name each time I boot. Making it a pain really03:51
mortuis99i cant rune more than 1 app or it locks up. when i try and load a web page it locks up etc03:51
LeeKnuxAnyone know why I'm not getting the VPN options for Network Manager, even after install the PPTP plugins and restarting?03:51
neolith2099amicrawler: follow that guide and you will be up and running in no time =)03:51
cycommortuis99: how did you run the setup?03:52
prince_jammysfingaz: check your fstab first if you havent, they might be that way already :)03:52
amicrawlerin red means not needed and green means needed03:52
mortuis99are there memory set up options i am missing03:52
fingazI made the entries for them in fstab03:52
prince_jammysprince_jammys: ok03:52
mortuis99from an ISO i DLed from www.ubuntu.com03:52
fingazthey weren't plugged in when I installed the OS03:52
cycommortuis99: what kind of machine?03:53
HelvascaHow do I find the status of a device?03:53
cycommortuis99: and does dmesg say anything of interest?03:53
electrofreakDoes anyone here have Ubuntu running on a Santa Rosa MacBook Pro?03:53
ThedjatclubrockCan I get some help03:53
usserHelvasca: of what device?03:53
prince_jammysfingaz: well, it's worth a shot --just comment out the old lines and try cut pasting the copies with the UUID03:53
Helvascausser: its a dvb card03:53
mortuis99it is one i built not a dell03:53
BigDaddymortuis99: that is not normal performance for *buntu03:53
fingazyea see if it works03:53
mortuis99was running FF and went to GG and it started03:53
BigDaddywhat version of Windows did you come from?03:53
aroonihow do i find the file blacklist.rb in a directory (i know its in this directory or a subdirectory)... i tried:  find blacklist.rb .  .... and it started returning all these files that aren't the one i care about03:53
Helvascausser: dmesg and grep/03:53
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usserHelvasca: lspci | grep03:54
vladimir_hello i have problem displaying Cyrillic characters, can anyone help?03:54
cycommortuis99: what's the output of dmesg? anything about segfaults or anything?03:54
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fingazI've been using Fedora Core for a few years. Just decided to try ubuntu out.  Little different03:54
ThedjatclubrockWhere can I find the list of gnome startup scripts03:54
prince_jammysgrep what03:54
ThedjatclubrockWhere can I find the list of gnome startup scripts03:54
cycommortuis99: also, what are the specifications on the machine?03:54
K4kerm...ok, so my jump drive I can see in fdisk as /dev/sdc1...how do I mount it?03:54
K4kdo I have to add it to fstab first?03:54
BigDaddymortuis99: I am going to leave you in the hands of cycom. he seems to be more knowledgeable than I03:54
BigDaddycycom: thanks again man. That was bugging the heck out of me.03:55
prince_jammysK4k: if you add an fstab entry, they will be auto mounted every time03:55
cycomBigDaddy: no problem mate! glad to help out :)03:55
etariphow do i change file permissions in terminal?03:55
Helvascausser: how would i find out the process thats using it?03:55
hoseini have a problem on coonecting to internet03:55
K4kprince_jammys, it's something that doesn't always get mounted though...03:55
Helvascaetarip: chmod03:55
etaripthanks Helvasca03:55
mortuis99umm 2 gigs a mem a 80 gig and a 250 gig HD and a AMD ummmmm (not sure the processor)03:55
K4ki put it in and take it out a lot03:55
hoseinWvDial: Internet dialer version 1.5603:55
hosein--> Cannot get information for serial port.03:55
hosein--> Initializing modem.03:55
hosein--> Sending: ATZ03:55
ThedjatclubrockWhere can I find the list of gnome startup scripts03:55
FloodBot2hosein: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.03:55
cycometarip: chmod, chown. be careful man.03:55
RootyRootRootW00Hi I have this bug: https://bugs.launchpad.net/gtk/+bug/93396 but they have fixed it. How do I install the patch?03:56
ThedjatclubrockWhere can I find the list of gnome startup scripts03:56
prince_jammysK4k: oh, well then you dont need them in fstab03:56
Helvascaetarip: yes very careful03:56
usserHelvasca: oh i have no idea sorry03:56
K4kprince_jammys, but sudo mount /dev/sdc1 says I need it there...03:56
Helvascacycom: I was just about to say be careful!03:56
mortuis99FF rean great then GG SUCKS03:56
ThedjatclubrockWhere can I find the list of gnome startup scripts03:56
cycomHelvasca: :)03:56
fingazprince_jammys, AH I see. that's simple enough. Half the entries are already in there that way from the install for my / swap and /home partitions03:56
cycomHelvasca: One of the guys at work has a simple solution to permission problems on macs.03:56
UncleChevitzHow can I find exactly which version of Apache I'm running?03:56
johansjais there any place I can tweak to localize ubuntu so that it will shows date, currency, .... format in my country normal format?03:56
Helvascausser: thats ok :) teh card was working until after a restart03:56
prince_jammysK4k: oh that's because you can't mount that way03:56
cycomHelvasca: chmod -r 777 .03:56
Helvascacycom: smash it?03:56
Helvascacycom:  lol03:56
Helvascacycom: that works :)03:56
K4kprince_jammys, then can you enlighten me of the ways of mount...lol03:57
jack-desktopshould my swap always be at 0?03:57
cycomactually, that exact command wouldn't, but that's intentional, lest someone try it :)03:57
hoseini need help03:57
ThedjatclubrockWhere can I find the list of gnome startup scripts03:57
Helvascausser: how do I list all running jobs ?03:57
usserjack-desktop: what do u mean at 0 as in not used?03:57
prince_jammysK4k: with that command, /dev/sdc1 is treated as a mount point and expected to be found in fstab03:57
usserHelvasca: ps -Al03:57
solexious[q] Can any one help with moblock?03:57
hoseinhow can i do now03:57
KuroachiaI need some help with burning a CD, I know it sounds silly but hear me out. I pop in a blank CD and am prompted with the choices: Ignore, Make Audio CD, Make Data CD. I choose to make a data CD and in returned get "burn:///" I snot a valid location03:57
prince_jammysK4k: the bad news is i forget how to do it03:57
cycommortuis99: you still haven't answered my question about dmesg...03:57
darkcrabAww, K4k, don't cry.03:57
usserHelvasca: ps -aux gives more info03:58
darkcrabAww, K4k, don't cry.03:58
prince_jammysK4k a quick man mount03:58
Helvascausser: time to kill jobs till i find the one using the card lol03:58
prince_jammysfingaz: worked?03:58
jack-desktopusser, yes, 0%03:58
ThedjatclubrockWhere can I find the list of gnome startup scripts03:58
mortuis99 not sure what dmesg is03:58
electrofreakDoes anyone here have Ubuntu running on a Santa Rosa MacBook Pro?03:58
prince_jammysK4k: the standard format might do ya03:58
UncleChevitzIsn't the swap partition used as virtual memory?03:59
StarnestommyThedjatclubrock: I think gnome-session reads /usr/share/gnome/default.session or ~/.gnome2/session03:59
fingazprince_jammys, changing the entries now03:59
usserjack-desktop: its a good thing really... means u have enough memory03:59
cycommortuis99: fire up a terminal03:59
usserjack-desktop: its only gonna start swapping if u run out of it03:59
neolith2099amicrawler: read through it carfully..when in doubt..leave it alone03:59
K4kprince_jammys, what is the standard format?03:59
jack-desktopusser, k, i have 3gb of ram, so I guess it is a good thing.03:59
cycommortuis99: dmesg tells you the output of the kernel03:59
cycommortuis99: so once oyu have that terminal open, type dmesg03:59
=== tehmass is now known as lpbt
prince_jammysK4k:    mount -t type device mount-point03:59
KuroachiaI need some help with burning a CD, I know it sounds silly but hear me out. I pop in a blank CD and am prompted with the choices: Ignore, Make Audio CD, Make Data CD. I choose to make a data CD and in returned get "burn:///" Is not a valid location? Anyone?03:59
K4kprince_jammys, ok04:00
neolith2099amicrawler: for the most part you will be ok following the guide04:00
usserKuroachia: sudo apt-get install k3b and use it instead of gnome built in one04:00
usserKuroachia: u'll find it to be alot like nero04:00
amicrawleri run ubuntu on a mac mini04:00
prince_jammyssudo, of course, and make the directory where it will  be mounted04:00
UncleChevitzAnybody know the command to check which version of Apache I'm running, services just says 2, but I want a more specific answer04:00
cycommortuis99: anything?04:00
hoseinWvDial: Internet dialer version 1.5604:00
hosein--> Cannot get information for serial port.04:00
DocfxitHow can I figure out the what the device name is for my floppy drive. It's not fd0 I tried that.04:00
hosein--> Initializing modem.04:00
hosein--> Sending: ATZ04:00
Helvascausser: it looks like it was mythbackend :-/04:00
hosein--> Modem initialized.04:00
hosein--> Sending: ATDT971201004:01
hosein--> Waiting for carrier.04:01
usserUncleChevitz: apache2 -v04:01
mortuis99multiple lines like     [125432.279981] atkbd.c: Use 'setkeycodes e001 <keycode>' to make it known.04:01
hoseinNO CARRIER04:01
fingazprince_jammys, uh having a brain fart what's the command to re-run or init fstab04:01
hosein--> No Carrier!  Trying again.04:01
hosein--> Sending: ATDT971201004:01
hosein--> Waiting for carrier.04:01
neolith2099amicrawler: i bet you biggest slow up is readahead04:01
hoseinNO CARRIER04:01
ubotuHelp! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) - Mez, LjL, elkbuntu, imbrandon, DBO, gnomefreak, Hobbsee, rob, ompaul, Madpilot, Seveas, CarlK, crimsun, ajmitch, tritium, Nalioth, thoreauputic, apokryphos, tonyyarusso, PriceChild, Amaranth, jrib, jenda, nixternal, Myrtti, mneptok, Pici, Jack_Sparrow or nickrud!04:01
Kuroachiausser: Thanks I'll try that. It's not neccesarily that I need a GUI to do this... I just wondering why the auto prompt is stearing me in the wrong direction you know?04:01
amicrawlerthey are x'ed04:01
prince_jammysfingaz don't need to ,, just umount /path/to/partition and then mount /path/blah  ...both sudo04:01
amicrawlerreadahead and $04:02
fingazoh I can mount them fine that's not a problem04:02
fingazI just want them to mount on their own when I boot.04:02
prince_jammysfingaz: it's having them detected04:02
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pocketdrummerDoes anyone know how well an ATI x800 works with Ubuntu 7.10?04:02
fingazI'll test it soon as this download I'm doing is done04:02
prince_jammysfingaz: right, sorry --- i don't remember either --- man fstab04:02
mortuis99[125564.604993] atkbd.c: Unknown key pressed (translated set 2, code 0xd9 on isa0060/serio0).04:03
mortuis99[125564.605005] atkbd.c: Use 'setkeycodes e059 <keycode>' to make it known.04:03
fingazprince_jammys, oh yea detects them fine every time it just assigns them a different dev name each time I boot04:03
lgcHi. Is it safe to format an empty chunk of my disk located AFTER my partitions without doing it from a live CD?04:03
mneptok!paste > mortuis9904:03
prince_jammysfingaz every time? if so try rebooting and see what happens ..04:03
prince_jammysfingaz: i wonder if it does that with mine and i don't notice04:04
jay-oh-enif i have superkaramba installed will it slow down my computer04:04
neolith2099amicrawler: when you go through a reboot it should be a faster.04:04
fingazprince_jammys, the uuid thing will totally fix the problem if it works for me. Then it won't matter if it mounts them /dev/sda or /dev/sdd04:04
mortuis99mneptok i cant run tooo many things it will lock my machine up04:04
prince_jammysfingaz: try remounting now before rebooting, to check whether the fstab lines contain error04:05
fingazprince_jammys, I'd like to know why it loads them up differently but it's random when and how it's going to do it04:05
mneptokmortuis99: that is not the channel's problem. do not paste to the channel.04:05
mw__i left it04:06
ryanwHelp! lol. I just changed the default screen on my ubuntu laptop and now it wont boot gnome04:06
hoseinbut ihave problem04:06
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darkcrabCan someone please help me with this? http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=69713904:06
mortuis99it was 2 lines04:06
mneptok!paste > hosein04:06
darkcrabI am at a total loss04:06
ubotuTo install the Ati/NVidia drivers for your video card, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BinaryDriverHowto04:06
Cyr4xi made a new partition04:06
mneptokmortuis99: you *really* don't want to argue with me about this.04:06
Cyr4xi left it whole i needed a working system04:06
ryanwanyone know how to change the default screen by command line?04:07
hoseinWvDial: Internet dialer version 1.5604:07
hosein--> Cannot get information for serial port.04:07
hosein--> Initializing modem.04:07
hosein--> Sending: ATZ04:07
FloodBot3hosein: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.04:07
Cyr4xhow to set it as home in fstab now04:07
Cyr4xit's still /dev/hda6 as in fstab but doesn't work04:07
Marfihow do i burn a .img file in ubuntu?04:07
Cyr4xprobably UUID is not the same04:07
ThedjatclubrockCan someone help me, GNOME only works fast enough in Fail Safe04:07
MarfiThedjatclubrock, how much ram do you have?04:08
prince_jammysryanw: it's in /etc/xorg.conf --- you may even have an older backup that *might* work (files named /etc/xorg,conf.1 or .2 and such )04:08
K4kprince_jammys, I got it to mount, do you know how to setup automount?04:08
fingazprince_jammys, brb see if it works04:08
ThedjatclubrockMarfi: It used to work, untill this afternoon (can I restore) 512 ram04:08
K4ksimilar to what nautilus does, but not with nautilus...04:08
prince_jammysK4k: fstab you mean?04:08
mortuis99once i have pasted to the pastbin what do i do?04:08
Cyr4xi've got a partition at /dev/hda6 how to set up it as /home in fstab?04:09
K4kprince_jammys, I guess if that's how gnome goes about it04:09
ryanwprince_jammys, how would i have the backup replace the current one?04:09
MarfiThedjatclubrock, could it have been an update?04:09
prince_jammysK4k: actually you know, i think can put it in fstab and still have it NOT mount automatically with the noauto option04:09
zero88Ok. Problem: Trying to find driver for wireless network card. Background : I have a Gateway T2080, It uses a realtek wireless driver, its .exe is the D20246-001-001.exe and works perfectly in Vista. Tried solution : I've downloaded ndisgtk and ndiswrapper-common and have gotten the .inf file from the .exe but doesnt seem to work. It tells me hardware not present. The wireless card is on. So, I was wondering if there is any other s04:09
zero88olution's out there. Any help will be appreciated. Thanks04:09
ThedjatclubrockMarfi: I also tried to install debian, but I quit it early because I decided it wasn't nesessary04:10
prince_jammysK4k: i can show you that if you give me:: device (eg /dev/blah) , mount point, type (ntfs,etc), and your UID (do echo $UID)04:10
MarfiThedjatclubrock, it may have messed w/ some configs. =/04:10
erichDoes anyone know where or not the new 4gb Creative Zen will work in Ubuntu?04:11
ThedjatclubrockMarfi: Can I fix confings (is there a restore feature)04:11
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about 5.1 - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi04:11
MarfiThedjatclubrock, i think theres one if you use the alternative CD. anyone else know for sure?04:11
clintonThedjatclubrock: try apt-get --reinstall install <packageName>04:12
pocketdrummerDoes anyone know how to make my on-board 5.1 surround work?04:12
K4kprince_jammys, device is /dev/sdc1, format is vfat, mount point is /media/disk, $UID=100004:12
clintonpocketdrummer: alsamixer04:12
clintonpocketdrummer: your sound may be muted04:12
Marfianyone know how to convert / burn .img files to a cd?04:13
prince_jammysryanw: they are text files -- first make a copy of the current one (important in case things go wrong), then cp back_up_file xorg.conf will copy it if you are in the /etc/X11 directory04:13
rsvampirecan anybody help me with this inittab file configuration? I need to know what the problem with it is http://krypton.fhda.edu/~lmeade/inittab_cp.JPG04:13
ryanwprince_jammys, thanks man i got it now (y)04:13
pocketdrummerclinton: Yeah, I figured that was it, but I unmuted each and turned them all the way up, but there's no sound from them. :-/04:13
erichDoes anyone know whether or not the new 4gb Creative Zen will work in Ubuntu?04:13
clintonpocketdrummer: this may sound silly, but you'd be surprised: your speakers are plugged into the correct ports and turned on with the volume up, correct?04:14
ryanwprince_jammys, alright so before i end up doing this again, is there a way to send svideo out to a tv?04:14
aditsuhi, is there a page explaining how to update a ubuntu system to fix the vmsplice exploit?04:14
prince_jammysryanw don't know04:14
clintonaditsu: sudo aptitude update && sudo aptitude dist-upgrade04:14
clintonaditsu: that will update your system04:14
prince_jammysK4k: permissions you want?  rwx etc04:14
jay-oh-enif i have superkaramba installed will it slow down my computer04:14
aditsuclinton: is that all? and safe to do?04:14
ryanwprince_jammys, alright thanks man04:14
clintonaditsu: yes to both :)04:15
aditsuclinton: thanks04:15
pocketdrummerclinton: Yeah, I checked that too. Don't worry, I used to work in tech support. No offense taken, lol.04:15
K4kprince_jammys, yea full permissions04:15
clintonaditsu: no problem, when it asks for a password, just type in your password04:15
mortuis99are there performance setting i missed?04:15
usserjay-oh-en: if its running with lots of widgets then yes, the fact that its just installed doesnt affect the speed in any way04:15
clintonpocketdrummer: it doesn't hurt to check :) What is your sound card?04:16
jay-oh-enusser, i meant how many widgets does it take to slow down a computer with good specs04:16
prince_jammysK4k: /dev/sdc1       /media/disk      vfat    uid=1000,gid=1000,umask=000     0       0   <--- and everyone can rwx   (try after umask=000,noauto and it may not automount)04:16
pocketdrummerWell, I have an X-Fi, but the drivers for that are still glitchy, so I'm going through the on-board sound on my DFI Lanparty SLI-DR.04:17
K4kprince_jammys, what do you mean by automount, like mount whenever present or try to mount on boot?04:17
clintonjay-oh-en: that will vary from computer to computer and depends on which widgets are installed04:17
usserjay-oh-en: dunno, depends on the widgets too, heaviest i had so far was liquid weather, 4-5 i say, more will slow u down04:17
prince_jammysK4k: mount every time you boot04:17
Marfihow do i convert .img to .iso?04:17
krammerwhat do i do after this tar -xzf nc110.tgz04:17
krammer 04:17
rsvampirecan anybody help me with this inittab file configuration? I need to know what the problem with it is http://krypton.fhda.edu/~lmeade/inittab_cp.JPG04:17
K4kprince_jammys, what happens if it's not present when I boot?04:17
clintonMarfi: rename it?  Have you tried to burn the .img?04:17
jay-oh-enusser, alot?04:17
prince_jammysK4k don't retype -- copy paste it cuz fstab is picky04:17
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pocketdrummerClinton: forgot to put your name. It says nVidia CK80404:18
Marficlinton, yes, and i also tried to mount it04:18
vontuxhi, I am having trouble w/ getting my grub to come back after installing windows04:18
usserjay-oh-en: a lot?04:18
=== vontux is now known as Obama
jay-oh-enusser, lol dont correct me04:18
joshobrien77Any one have experiance with an HP 1000 USB Printer?04:18
prince_jammysK4k: you would mount with just        sudo mount /media/disk04:18
clintonMarfi: mount it how?04:18
Obamahey clinton, how's the board of directors of walmart? ;p04:18
jay-oh-enusser, are there any other programs that are like that but not as graphical04:18
K4kprince_jammys, o ok that makes sense04:18
prince_jammysK4k: and it would know what to mount there because of fstab04:18
jay-oh-enusser, kinda like conky04:18
RootyRootRootW00Hi I have this bug: https://bugs.launchpad.net/gtk/+bug/93396 but they have fixed it. How do I install the patch?04:18
Marfisudo mount <nameoffile>.img /media/temp -o loop04:19
usserjay-oh-en: gdesklets should be faster with ubuntu since its gnome based04:19
krammerhow to install tar ive done this so far tar -xzf nc110.tgz04:19
clintonpocketdrummer: you might have problems, see https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux-source-2.6.22/+bug/17419904:19
clintonObama: what are you talking about?04:19
Marficlinton, i remember i ran into this problem once before...and there was a program that i had to download. the name has left me, though04:19
prince_jammysK4k: try it after you copy the line to see if there's errors by first      sudo umount /media...   and then sudo mount /media/disk04:19
ObamaClinton: Hilary Clinton was on the board of director's of walmart04:20
pocketdrummerclinton: Looks like I picked a winner both times, lol. Thanks man04:20
clintonMarfi: since I don't know what you're trying to do, I don't know if the solution has ever entered me! :)04:20
clintonpocketdrummer: sorry dude04:20
Spencericalgreat...political discussion again04:20
Marficlinton, im trying to burn the file. if i can convert it to a .iso to burn it, so be it. =)04:20
clintonObama: ah, you need to realize that Clinton is my given name and has no political association to it, henceforth political discussion is unwanted and is also off topic for this channel04:20
Obamascrew politics now04:20
=== Obama is now known as vontux
clintonMarfi: have you tried to use k3b?04:21
StarseedWhen is the next release due out for Ubuntu04:21
clintonStarseed: 8.0404:21
StarnestommyStarseed: I think sometime in April04:21
vontuxClinton: don't worry, I wasn't that serious :)04:21
Marficlinton, i tried gnome baker. let me try it on that computer04:21
Marfi*flies off for a min*04:21
RootyRootRootW00Starseed : exactly 6 months from previous release04:21
Starseedahh, ok04:21
RootyRootRootW00Hi I have this bug: https://bugs.launchpad.net/gtk/+bug/93396 but they have fixed it. How do I install the patch?04:21
Starseedcoming up04:21
clintonRootyRootRootW00: perform updates04:21
vontuxdoes anyone know about problems w/ loosing their mbr and not being able to get grub to appear after being able to find /boot/grub/stage1?04:22
clintonRootyRootRootW00: if it's a security risk you may see it sooner than later04:22
K4kSo i still would like to know how gnome recognizes that it's been inserted and automounts it then, any idea how that happens?04:22
clintonvontux: no, but you may need to "grub-install <harddrive>"04:22
prince_jammysK4k: scans fstab04:22
prince_jammysK4k: i doubt it's a gnome thing04:22
talcite_hey guys, I'm looking for the totem-plparser source code or somewhere to get the 2.21 code.04:22
RootyRootRootW00clinton - I am fully updated (up to one package which appeared yesterday). Is that the only way?04:22
talcite_any idea where I can look?04:22
=== talcite_ is now known as Talcite
clintonK4k: it may be a combination of hald and dbus, may be04:23
mortuis99is this a problem i can fix?04:23
vontuxclinton: do that via the live-cd to the device?04:23
clintonRootyRootRootW00: with ubuntu yes, unless you want to download the source, manually patch it, and reinstall the compiled version that you patched04:23
prince_jammysK4k: cant be a gnome thing, will work even with no desktop04:23
vontuxClinton: so like "grub-install /dev/sdaxxxxx"04:23
clintonvontux: I would recommended chroot'ing into your install and doing it that way04:23
neopsycheI need to modify permissions on some folders but am having some difficulty, could someone help me?04:23
clintonvontux: yes04:23
clintonneopsyche: which folders?04:23
usserneopsyche: whats the problem?04:23
RootyRootRootW00clinton: Thanks but i"m too much of a newb to compile w/out a walkthru04:24
clintonvontux: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=24575  should help you to get started on chroot'ing04:24
clintonRootyRootRootW00: you might have to wait on the next release then04:24
vontuxclinton: thankyou :)04:24
clintonvontux: np04:24
prince_jammysneopsyche: what do you need them to be (for yourself, for your group, and for everyone else)?04:24
clearzenI'm trying to use my tv out on a nvidia card. It is giving me this error unable to find display devices for screen 1 (my tv). Any ideas what I'm doing wrong?04:24
K4kprince_jammys,[mntent]: warning: no final newline at the end of /etc/fstab04:24
RootyRootRootW00clinton damn. thanks anyways04:25
clintonRootyRootRootW00: which package is it, anyway?04:25
neopsycheclinton: the folders are in var/www I need to modify the permissions to be correct for the joomla installation I am using as well as allow the web browser to play videos from the folder "videos" on the server using the allvideos mambot plugin.04:25
prince_jammysK4k: yes put a blank line at the end --- picky fstab, forgot to mention04:25
neopsycheusser: please see above comment to clinton04:25
clintonneopsyche: does your joomla documentation describe how to do this?04:25
K4kprince_jammys, works now thanks04:25
clintonneopsyche: if this is somethign joomla requires, it should be documented04:26
RootyRootRootW00clinton: https://bugs.launchpad.net/gtk/+bug/9339604:26
neopsycheprince_jammys: I need certain files to be accessable only by the joomla installation.. some files need to be accessable to be played in the browser like videos.04:26
neopsycheclinton: im not sure if the joomla documentation covers this04:26
Talcitedoes anyone know how the Ubuntu repo structure is like? I'm looking for development/testing packages04:26
Talciteis there an ubuntu repo for that? or should I just grab the source and build myself?04:26
prince_jammysneopsyche: mmm server permissions, i thought it was simple file permissions04:26
clintonRootyRootRootW00: doesn't look like a security issue, you may or may not see it before april, likely not04:26
neopsycheclinton: i think this is a more specific problem relating to the allvideos plugin.04:26
clintonTalcite: go to #ubuntu+104:27
neopsycheprince_jammys: the apache server is on my ubuntu box.04:27
prince_jammysK4k: did you try the noauto?  it would come at the end in that comma separated list04:27
clintonneopsyche: I'm not familiar enough with the requirements and therefore don't want to give you the wrong advice, sorry04:27
Talciteclinton: I'm not looking for hardy stuff though. I need debs compiled for gutsy04:27
K4kyea I did that, but I haven't rebooted yet so I don't know if it worked or not, but I saw another line with it so I assume it does04:27
Jordandoes the server version of ubuntu install a gui04:27
Marficlinton, k3b did not work for the .img file04:27
zero88Ok. Problem: Trying to find driver for wireless network card. Background : I have a Gateway T2080, It uses a realtek wireless driver, its .exe is the D20246-001-001.exe and works perfectly in Vista. Tried solution : I've downloaded ndisgtk and ndiswrapper-common and have gotten the .inf file from the .exe but doesnt seem to work. It tells me hardware not present. The wireless card is on. So, I was wondering if there is any other s04:27
zero88olution's out there. Any help will be appreciated. Thanks04:27
HinHinhmm... what are you looking for?04:27
RootyRootRootW00clinton: thanks at least I know where I stand. Am DISAPPOINTED though, but that's life.04:28
Jordandoes the server version of Ubuntu install a GUI?04:28
clintonRootyRootRootW00: yea.. one day you'll learn enough to try and install what you want exactly how you want it :)04:28
prince_jammysneopsyche: well if they are just file permissions you need to change, i would just need to know the name of the user and group and what permissions you want ---- but i'm not sure that that's what you need04:28
neopsycheprince_jammys: what do the three little lines mean in nautilus when trying to switch permissions?04:28
CyanideDcan someone help me with installing the drivers for nvidia04:29
RootyRootRootW00clinton: That day is coming, soooooooooon (I hope)04:29
clintonMarfi: check out http://www.cpqlinux.com/cdrw.html  it may give you some insights and direction04:29
Jordandoes the server version of Ubuntu install a GUI?04:29
neopsycheprince_jammys: here is the problem i am experiencing.. http://forum.joomlaworks.gr/index.php?topic=3045.004:29
Sonjahow do i burn files on a data cd?04:29
Marficlinton, thats with a .iso image. i need a .img04:29
clintonRootyRootRootW00: if you *really* want to get your hands dirty, and I mean truly muddy, learn the workings of Gentoo.  Before you try that tho, at least learn about it first - it took me four attempts over 18 months before I finally got it right04:29
clintonMarfi: there a .img example04:29
K4kanyone know of an article that discusses how to minimize the size of a ubuntu installation?04:30
DG19075Got a ? for you audio folks: I have an SiS AC'97 as my sound card....audio quality is rough and distorted even with Audacity showing the levels well below 0 VU. Any ideas for a better driver, etc?04:30
Marficlinton, my bad. =)04:30
DarkmystereErr i cant get my Wep Key to work in Ubuntu..04:30
clintonMarfi: ah, here you go: ccd2iso file.img file.iso04:30
Jordanmarfi: you can convert a .iso file to a .img file04:30
prince_jammysneopsyche: i normally do this in command line, but it seems that --- means "doesn't apply" because they are folders04:30
chrisnfirefox is crashing so badly that I have to hard reset04:30
Darkmysterei put it in and specify hex because i know its hex and it doesnt connect just after a few mins it pops up asking for the key again..04:30
RootyRootRootW00Gentoo: Then I will look it up. Right now I'm trying to decipher a cron script, with little coding capability. I'll check out Gentoo as a good starting point for this stuff04:31
neopsycheprince_jammys: could you talk me through it?04:31
Jordandoes the server version of ubuntu install a GUI?04:31
clintonchrisn: you may need to remove your ~/.mozilla/firefox directory, but I recommend copying your bookmarks file out of there first04:31
O987987hi all, what is a good dynamic dns client updater for ubuntu?????????04:31
K4kJordan, no04:31
TalciteRootyRootRootW00: clinton: gentoo isn't that bad. I hopped from Ubuntu to gentoo on my laptop after 8 months. You can have it usuable, but to get everything working nicely you'll have to stick with gentoo for awhile, and read alot.04:31
iteryeah building everything from scratch sure isn't a waste of time!04:31
TalciteJordan: what are you planning to use the server version for?04:31
clintonTalcite: that's just what I did too.. my problem was trying it for the first time after buying a Dell E521, which wasn't fully supported in the *nix world yet.04:32
RootyRootRootW00Talcite: So Gentoo is a distro not a language?04:32
prince_jammysneopsyche: i'm not sure i  can --- i'm reading the link and it seems there's more to it than just changing file permissions04:32
Talciteiter: my laptop's a 5 year old 1st gen P4 with 512 mb ram. It sure isn't a waste of time when you want every ounce of performance04:32
clintoniter: your argument is moot for those who know and understand the benefits04:32
TalciteRootyRootRootW00: yes, its a distro04:32
clintonTalcite: you got that right, enjoy :)04:32
swubooI've been having problems with Nautilus hanging the last day or so since patching Feisty, has anyone else?04:32
Marficlinton, <304:32
itersheet I been using BSD since you were knee high to a grasshopper04:33
chrisnclinton: ok, i'll give it a shot04:33
RootyRootRootW00Talcite: Ah. Which langauge or software tools should I start to learn on for linux? (As a hobby)04:33
iterstill a waste of time to build normal stuff from source04:33
blazinfirealright i'm just starting off with ubuntu i'm trying to think of nessasary applications that isn't already installed any idea's??/04:33
DG19075 Got a ? for you audio folks: I have an SiS AC'97 as my sound card....audio quality is rough and distorted even with Audacity showing the levels well below 0 VU. Any ideas for a better driver, etc?04:33
neopsycheprince_jammys: thanks04:33
neopsycheprince_jammys: any help appreciated ;-)04:34
iteralso shouldn't the gentoo discussion really belong in #gentoo? just sayin...04:34
prince_jammysneopsyche: ok let me get an idea of whats going on04:34
CyanideDcan someone help me with installing the drivers for nvidia04:34
prince_jammysneopsyche: are you familiar with how unix permissions work?04:34
swubooNo one's been having problems with Nautlius in Gnome under Feisty?04:35
jpetermanswuboo I haven't04:35
TalciteRootyRootRootW00: give C a shot04:35
iteradditionally, I would argue that someone trying to "deciper a cron script" probably shouldn't be encouraged to ditch Ubuntu for gentoo ...04:35
RootyRootRootW00Talcite: Thansk!04:36
jpetermanHere's a random question, I'm on Gutsy, I've got 8 avi's that I want to combine into one continous video. What's a good program?04:36
TalciteRootyRootRootW00: bash isn't really programming, but that's pretty useful too04:36
cellofellowjpeterman: mencoder04:36
iterlol C04:36
iterRootyRootRootW00: definitely start with bash scripting04:36
RootyRootRootW00Talcite: Ah. Am still working thru bash and early cron (tonight). Next Mysql, then I guess C and Gentoo04:37
jpetermancellofellow: is mencoder pretty gui-easy?04:37
antonio_i have a problem on a acer aspire 9420 laptop, regarding integrated webcam, anyone can help me?04:37
jpetermancellofellow: i'm kinda a nub04:37
cellofellowjpeterman: I have yet to find a decent Mencoder GUI for Windows.04:37
cellofellowjpeterman: I meant Linux. :?04:37
prince_jammysRootyRootRootW00: do you have good docs?04:37
jpetermando you happent o know of a gui-full program that can do it?04:37
cellofellowjpeterman: not really04:38
OmegaCentiprince_jammys: recommend some and I will check them out, I have scoured internets for good resources.04:38
CyanideDcan someone help me with installing the drivers for nvidia04:38
RootyRootRootW00prince_jammys: I use google and learn as I go. Just NOW I got the Amarok backup script to run ---Finally--- I am full of win tonight04:38
cellofellowjpeterman: mencoder and other transcoding programs have so many options, it'd be really quite inpossible to make a fully-featured GUI.04:38
prince_jammysRootyRootRootW00: for starting bash: rutebook  abs-guide <--- both available thru apt .... ultra user friendly (beginner): http://linuxcommand.org04:39
OmegaCentiAlso, sometimes my keyboard just hangs in boxes that need keyboard input sometimes in gnome. Any suggestions?04:39
mortuis91i installed GG  from FF and am now having performance issues04:39
cellofellowjpeterman: there is a gui for mencoder called acidrip, but it's only for ripping DVD's to AVI.04:39
mortuis91can someone help?04:39
prince_jammysRootyRootRootW00: general linux stuff, huge reference tutorial04:39
jpetermanhmm. thanks anyways, cellofellow.04:39
OmegaCentiRootyRootRootW00: I highly recommend rutebook. REAL REALLY recommend it.04:39
neopsychePrince_Jammys: im not too familiar with how the permissions work04:39
prince_jammysRootyRootRootW00: ^rutebook04:39
iteryah linuxcommand.org is a nice resource04:39
cellofellowjpeterman: just a second, let me get the options you need. It's not that hard. :)04:39
RootyRootRootW00prince_jammys: Thanks for the tips, I will use them for sure, rutbook? Am looking it up04:39
fingazprince_jammys, Yo got it working. Took a reboot or two but it's working thanks for the tip04:40
prince_jammysRootyRootRootW00: the first two packages come in both pdf and html, files are stored in /usr/share/doc04:40
ComradeMirror`hey guys04:40
prince_jammysfingaz: good04:40
ComradeMirror`Im in need of some help can anyone assist me?04:40
prince_jammysneopsyche open a terminal04:40
fingazprince_jammys, now I can have my music and video's again :)04:41
ComradeMirror`If I want to install windows xp and ubuntu on one drive I have to make partitions right?04:41
prince_jammysneopsyche :   cd /var/www/relevant_folder04:41
=== etho is now known as |twiser|
StarnestommyComradeMirror`: yes04:41
ComradeMirror`With the ubuntu live cd can I create partitions?04:41
cellofellowjpeterman: mencoder -oac copy -ovc copy -idx -o outfile.avi infileA.avi infileB.avi04:41
macogwComradeMirror`: yss04:41
ComradeMirror`or do I have to make them before hand04:41
ComradeMirror`is what I wanted to ask04:41
trendwhen I ssh into my box, it takes ~30 seconds or it to log me in... I put UseDNS no  in my sshd_config.. but that doesn't speed things up.. ideas?04:42
cellofellowjpeterman: that work for you?04:42
prince_jammysRootyRootRootW00: apt-get::::  mysql-5.0-doc   perl-doc php-doc         (perl-doc a gem)  doc it up04:42
ComradeMirror`Will the Live CD allow me to create a partition of the drive or will I have to do that before installing?04:42
RootyRootRootW00prince_jammys: and here was me with synaptic!04:42
iterComradeMirror`: boot into the livecd and run gparted to repartition04:42
macogwComradeMirror`: yes04:42
ComradeMirror`it won't mess with my windows partitionn though right?04:43
CyanideDwhats the commands to install java04:43
|twiser|it allos you ComradeMirror`04:43
ComradeMirror`okay thanks04:43
DocfxitI'd like to create a bootable floppy. When I use sudo gurb-install /dev/fd0 I get an error saying /dev/fd0 does not have any corresponding BIOS drive. How can I fix that.04:43
iterComradeMirror`: generally speaking, no but repartitioning always carries some risk04:43
prince_jammysRootyRootRootW00: all html browsable, pdf printable, all stored /usr/share/doc/blahblah find them after install and load into web browser04:43
jpetermancellofellow, i haven't used it yet, i'm still converting from flv to avi. thanks though! :)04:43
ComradeMirror`iter what is the worst case?04:43
iteryou lose stuff not backed up04:43
macogwCyanideD: sudo aptitude install sun-java6-jre04:43
prince_jammysneopsyche: i'll be right back04:44
cellofellowjpeterman: you could do all of that in one command.04:44
ComradeMirror`I'm willing to take the risk04:44
macogwCyanideD: thatll get you the java runtime so you can run programs. if you mean to write them get -jdk too04:44
iteryeah usually it's cool04:44
ComradeMirror`I recently formatted anyways04:44
|twiser|i used acronis disc manager04:44
cellofellowjpeterman: which codec are you using for the AVI's? xvid?04:44
iterI've used gparted dozens of times w/no prob04:44
ComradeMirror`it will obviously partition the free space right04:44
ComradeMirror`even if the free space is part of the current partition04:44
ComradeMirror`Im sorry I don't really do this often04:44
jpetermancellofellow, that's a good question. i'm not sure, i downloaded flv's from youtube and im converting them into avi with whatever codec www.zamzar.com uses04:44
jpetermannot sure if they even use divx/xvid04:45
iteryou can shrink the current partition, create a new partition, and install to that partition04:45
ComradeMirror`with the live disk?04:45
ComradeMirror`or just before hand04:45
iteryes with the livecd04:45
ComradeMirror`okay then cool04:45
iterhowever.. this will overwrite your mbr04:45
RootyRootRootW00prince_jammys: installling04:45
iterso know how to fix that should you want the windows mbr back04:45
iter(basically, boot to windows recovery mode from cd and issue fixmbr)04:46
yangerhi, getting odd messages in dmesg: [531963.792504] printk: 1 messages suppressed. | [531963.792512] MD5 Hash NOT expected but found (71.10.xxx.xx, 1283)->(, 8990) .. any ideas?04:46
cellofellowjpeterman: try this script: http://cellofellow.homelinux.net/flv2asp04:46
ComradeMirror`iter is it hard?04:46
RootyRootRootW00prince_jammys: Can you tell me why this shell script defaults to my home directory and not to tthe external drive I'm wanting  it to point at?04:46
ComradeMirror`its just a normal windows install cd right?04:46
jpetermanhmm im sorry cellofellow i don't understand it. :/04:46
cellofellowjpeterman: converts flv to avi MPEG4 ASP with two codec choices: ffmpeg or xvid.04:46
ComradeMirror`and I would boot up this way how?04:47
cellofellowjpeterman: download it and put it in ~/bin/04:47
iternot hard, boot from normal windows install cd to recovery console04:47
iterthen run 'fixmbr' (if we are talking about XP)04:47
ComradeMirror`so what does this fixmbr do?04:47
iterreplaces the MBR you replaced with the default windows mbr04:47
cellofellowjpeterman: also run chmod +x bin/flv2asp04:48
ComradeMirror`okay sorry for asking what does MBR do?04:48
ComradeMirror`does it affect linux if I replace the MBR?04:48
itermbr is a pointer to the boot partition on the hard drive04:48
neopsycheprince_jammeys: ok04:48
iterwell.. think of it that way at least04:48
iterit's a little more complicated but that's the gist04:48
cellofellowjpeterman: the command syntax for flv2asp is `flv2asp -[xvid|ffpeg] infile.flv`04:49
cellofellowjpeterman: produces infile.avi04:49
RootyRootRootW00prince_jammys: I installed rutebook. Am opening it now04:50
ComradeMirror`it doesn't affect linux though when I do the mbr thing yes?04:50
jpetermancellofellow, and just follow yourprevious command to put multiple videos into infile.avi?04:50
iteryes of course it will04:50
ComradeMirror`what would it do?04:50
iterwhen you install ubuntu to your 2nd partition, you are going to install a boot manger, probably GRUB04:50
cellofellowjpeterman: yes04:50
neopsycheplease message em04:50
iterinto the MBR04:50
cellofellowjpeterman: you need mencoder to get both of these to work. :)04:50
iterwhich will allow you to boot to either windows or ubuntu04:50
jpetermani got it from the repositories04:50
iternow if you delete ubuntu and want to go back to your original setup you should replace the mbr04:51
iterwith the windows one04:51
neopsychewhat is ubuntu04:51
SasukeUchihashut up iter04:51
cellofellowjpeterman: and LAME MP3 codec and XviD MPEG4 codec.04:51
=== SasukeUchiha is now known as Glazseesi
ComradeMirror`I can't switch between them?04:51
neopsycheubotu: hello04:51
ubotuHi! Welcome to #ubuntu!04:51
jpetermani have Lame...and im pretty sure i have xvid04:51
ComradeMirror`or is this if I want to totally delete ubuntu04:51
* Glazseesi hugs iter04:51
iterComradeMirror`: right04:51
neopsychewhat is ubuntu04:51
RootyRootRootW00prince_jammys: This book is amazing! It is the intro/ref manual I've been looking for. Thanks /me reads up on ip ...04:51
neopsychewhat is ubuntu04:51
ComradeMirror`so if I want ubuntu gone I delete it then replace the mbr04:51
RootyRootRootW00neopsyche: what do u mean?04:51
Talcitedoes anyone know where to obtain the libcamel source? I don't even know where the development happens04:52
ComradeMirror`okay then04:52
ComradeMirror`I'll be sure to save this convo04:52
ComradeMirror`you've been a big help04:52
cellofellowjpeterman: I know that the command line isn't what you wanted. But video encoding works so much better with the command line.04:52
iternp :)04:52
neopsychethansk rootyrootrootWOO: just testing autocomplete script04:52
RootyRootRootW00neopsyche: please clarify your question04:52
jpetermani know, it just takes some patience for me to figure out. thanks for helping me out04:52
RootyRootRootW00neopsyche: lol04:52
cellofellowjpeterman: use this command to join FLV files: mencoder -ovc copy -oac copy -of lavf -idx -o c.flv a.flv b.flv04:52
amicrawlehey guys  i hosed my services04:53
cellofellowjpeterman: almost the same as the AVI one, but the -of lavf stuff makes it so it uses the FLV instead of AVI format.04:53
EnsGabeHeyo- my processor isn't scaling at the moment- I've got the governor set to performance and have the processors loaded, but it's still clocked all the way down04:53
amicrawlei can;t get back in to my  system  is there a how to  for this to get back to default04:53
cellofellowjpeterman: Mencoder doesn't complain about puting FLV encoded video in an AVI file, but most players hate it when you do that.04:53
iteramicrawle: can you login via ssh ?04:53
pawanhow to repair grub04:54
amicrawlei'm on my winblowz computer04:54
pawaninstalled winxp and lost ubuntu04:54
ComradeMirror`in your opinon how much space would you partition to ubuntu if you were just going to use for work and maybe movies04:54
iterhow much drive space total do you ahve04:54
ComradeMirror`well "poor person is poor" applies to me04:55
ComradeMirror`I have 13gbs of free space out of 12004:55
iterah 5gb then04:55
ComradeMirror`the 120 being two combined drives04:55
iteron the drive you're thinking about partitioning, how much space04:55
ComradeMirror`it wouldn't happen to be possible to make a partition that uses multiple drives04:55
ComradeMirror`one of them has 12free gbs the other has 804:56
neolith2099amicrawle, use the recovery cd04:56
ComradeMirror`I miss read04:56
pawanhow to repair grub04:56
ComradeMirror`the 12 is the one with my windows on it too04:56
mortuis91am i still here?04:56
Starnestommymortuis91: looks like it04:56
cybergigDoes anybody know if theres a virtual cam application to let other people see my desktop for ubuntu?04:56
ComradeMirror`I'll probably do 5-6gbs like your original suggestion04:56
mortuis91thank U04:56
amicrawlehow do i get root  from the shell04:56
amicrawlewhats the password04:57
ComradeMirror`the install itself takes 4 gbs right?04:57
AlangaraQuestion... is it possible to have a website open on start-up on a set desk top?04:57
itermmm to be honest I haven't looked recently04:57
CyanideDcan someone help me with installing the drivers for nvidia04:57
neolith2099amicrawle, it's the same password you use to make system wide changes from your gui04:57
ComradeMirror`actually I think im gonna go see if I can free up more space04:57
mortuis91i am having issues after having went from FF to GG04:57
ComradeMirror`Cause I might want to torrent stuff too. Legal of course.04:57
mortuis91can someone help me straighten them out?04:57
amicrawlenoe i hosed my  services04:58
cybergigamicrawle how do you mean, do you mean log in as root04:58
prince_jammysneopsyche: back04:58
amicrawlelog in as root04:58
Starnestommyamicrawle: you don't need to.. sudo works perfectly fine for administrative tasks04:58
cybergigare you an administrator of the computer?04:58
iteramicrawle: issue sudo -s04:58
ubotuI am ubotu, all-knowing infobot. You can browse my brain at http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi - Usage info: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuBots04:58
amicrawlethanx people04:58
amicrawlei know that04:59
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about sushi - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi04:59
amicrawlei can not log into to my user or any04:59
cybergiggo to system > users and groups04:59
pocketdrummerThe bot lies, lol. Sorry, that's my last offtopic for the day.04:59
iterdid you hose /etc/pam* ?04:59
cybergigyou have to set the root password if you just installed04:59
cybergigor havnt set it yet04:59
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about opengl - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi05:00
cybermadmy client need to send document with images, but they need to compress the image, how to do that in ubuntu?05:00
ComradeMirror`will I beable to access NTFS drives05:00
iteryou are probably locked out.. try booting from livecd, mounting your partitions and copying data off05:00
ComradeMirror`on linux05:00
StarnestommyComradeMirror`: with ntfs-3g, yes05:00
ComradeMirror`is that a program?05:00
mkquistComradeMirror`: yes u can05:00
cybermadis there software that can compress image quality and have feature to compare the result?05:00
iterthen probably a reinstall will be easiest and fastest for you to get back *05:00
cybergigamicrawle you find it?05:00
rkjCan someone help me figure out why the commands I have put in my crontab are not executing?05:01
Alangaradoes anyone know how to have a website open on ubuntu start up? (but not be the starting website when the browswer is opened05:01
iterrkj: how did you edit crontab05:01
iterrkj: was it with crontab -e ?05:01
rkjiter I used crontab -e05:01
amicrawlecan i mount my  partions from live cd ?05:01
cybermadany help?05:01
neolith2099amicrawle: did you disable the lvm service?05:01
iterwell.. that sounds good then05:01
mortuis91ummm i just left the room?05:01
mkquistAlangara: huh? 'but not the starting website?05:01
amicrawlenope just what was in the list05:01
=== mortuis91 is now known as mortuis99
iterrkj: the other thing to check is environment variables05:02
neolith2099amicrawle: you can try to mount them from a live cd05:02
iterrkj: cron scripts don't (necessarily) run with your same env05:02
Alangarai want it to start the website on a spacific desktop without defaulting it as my browsers home page05:02
neolith2099then try chrooting into you system05:02
toresnwhen i open pidgin in a workspace, an icon appears in the tray ... but when i try clicking that icon in another workspace, pidgin opens only in the workspace i initiated it05:02
amicrawleis there a defalut  service list i can add back05:02
toresni would like it to open in the current workspace05:02
rkjiter I got that idea from the man page, but it doesn't seem I should need any - I put executable commands with the explicit path to them05:02
rkjiter but I did a test with "echo 'hello world'" and that worked - an internal bash command05:03
iterrkj: consider writing a shell script and putting it in /etc/cron.daily/ (or the appropriate cron dir)05:03
Alangaramkquist: i want it to start the website on a spacific desktop without defaulting it as my browsers home page05:03
Alangaraspecific *05:04
neolith2099amicrawle: here is a details page http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=65686605:04
rkjiter do those run with my environment?05:04
rkjiter I can give it a try05:04
CyanideDcan someone help me with installing the drivers for nvidia05:04
iterrkj: no they don't so be sure to consider env05:05
prince_jammysneopsyche: hi05:05
pawanhow to repair grub05:05
rkjiter but one of the command needs to run at exactly 9 pm on wednesdays05:05
Alangaraso any idea?05:05
blazinfireis there any good download manager's for linux that will actually let me pause and resume downloads if my connection would go down?05:05
iterrkj: you can pastebin the script or what you have if you want me to look at it05:05
warriorforgodCyanideD: you need to go to the restricted drivers manager under System --> Administration --> Restricted Drivers Manager05:05
blazinfirei used getright for windows05:05
chrisnclinton: firefox is still crashing05:05
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rkjok, let me see if I can figure out how to do that!05:05
ubotupastebin is a service to post large texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org (make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the #ubuntu channel topic)05:05
CyanideDok its there but how to i access its options so that i can put my desktop on to my tv05:06
prince_jammysblazinfire: there's a super command line called wget (really good), but i don't know the gui ones (though there are many)05:06
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about cronjobs - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi05:06
chrisnthis is getting really annoying05:06
Alangara!Cron jobs05:06
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about cron jobs - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi05:06
pawanubuntu is installed but not displaying on startup05:06
mkquistalangra, u could try tweak ubuntu, and just click save sessions settings, just have that page open when u shut down, see if that works05:06
gold44how to fix master boot record? hda1==win xp, hda2==ubuntu. in win xp i deleted hda2 partition. now no can start xp.05:06
Alangaracan i use cron jobs to open only the website?05:06
prince_jammysblazinfire: wget will just download page, a file , or an entire web site05:06
mkquistgold44: just start w/ur windows disk and fixmbr05:07
pawanubuntu was installed in my system and then i installed winxp05:07
itergold44: lol I just covered this w/someone else.. boot to windows cd, recovery console, run 'fixmbr'05:07
blazinfirewell the one problem i have is my connection will go down every so often for some reason. i just need to make sure i can pick up the download later if i was to get disconnected05:07
mkquistgold44: but this really isnt #windows05:07
pawanand after restart it removed the ubuntu entry05:07
pawanhow to reenable it05:07
mkquistpawan: just reinstall grub05:07
prince_jammysblazinfire: wget will continue interrupted downloads EVEN AFTER you log out!05:07
amicrawlesay dev/null permissiondenied   what the message sayes when i log in  my user05:07
gold44mkquist: i was trying bootcfg /rebuild and fixboot command on xp disk. hm... let me try again05:07
SoylentHi, does anyone have experience with having to use OSS to hear sound because you have a creative labs extreme audio sound card that alsa doesn't support? I need some help.05:07
blazinfireahh cool05:07
pawanhow to reinstall grub05:08
pocketdrummergold44: You can fix your windows boot loader by booting from the disc, entering repair mode, then typing fixmbr. I'm not sure about grub though05:08
mkquistgold44 - just use fixmbr or fix boot, see which one does it for you05:08
* neolith2099 reinstalled grub yesterday05:08
iterpawan: grub-install /dev/hda05:08
amicrawlesay dev/null permissiondenied   what the message sayes when i log in  my user05:08
gold44iter: yeah, i was going to wipe xp anyway, all data were on backup05:08
itergold44: no need it's all there still05:08
pawancurrently i am in winxp05:08
chrisnwhat should I do about firefox causing the kernel to crash?05:08
amicrawlecan this be fixed05:08
pawancan start ubuntu05:09
prince_jammysblazinfire: i'm sure there are gui's too -- wget is pretty straight forward unless you have fancy requirements -- it can also download a list of files from a list, etc. all kinds of stuff05:09
iterpawan: boot to ubuntu livecd05:09
mkquistpawan: u can just reinstall grub, dont have to reinstall whole o/s05:09
warriorforgodCyanideD: yes?05:09
Starnestommyamicrawle: try sudo chmod a+r /dev/null05:09
gold44mkquist: ok, thanks. i was looking at ubuntu start up disk for a command to fix master boot record. anyway, i have to run upstairs and try that fixmbr05:09
=== Luke__ is now known as Luke
mortuis99i installed 7.10 and am now having performace issues.  Can someone help me correct them?05:09
Starnestommyamicrawle: or sudo chmod a+w /dev/null05:09
CyanideD ok its there but how to i access its options so that i can put my desktop on to my tv05:09
blazinfireyea i just messed around with it. i manually disabled the connection and started it back up it works05:09
blazinfirethanx alot05:09
Alangaracan i make a start iup program open up in a specific browser?05:09
mkquistgold44: naw, gotta use the windows disc for that one =p05:10
warriorforgodCyanideD: ahhh.  I see what you are trying to do now.  Just a sec05:10
neolith2099amicrawle what are the permission settings of /dev/null?05:10
=== Thedjatclubrock is now known as TDJACR|Away
neolith2099amicrawle: $ls -l /dev/null05:11
amicrawleno idea   when i log in  the shell comes up right away and sayes that05:11
Alangarastart up* sry05:11
rkjiter I pasted the contents of my crontab but I'm not sure how to direct you to it05:11
warriorforgodCyanideD: sudo apt-get install nvidia-settings05:11
gold44mkquist: mandrake 8 or  9 had an option to recover old boot record. it works. i ve tried that before. but i guess ubuntu no more05:11
gold44thanks everyone05:11
SoylentDoes anyone have experience fixing sound for a creative labs xtreme music card that uses the 20k1 chipset (one alsa doesn't support)?05:11
iterrkj: copy past the url from your browser location bar05:12
mkquistgold44: did not know that... interesting.  farely new to linux myself, little redhat, mostly ubuntu05:12
ubotuIf you're having problems with sound, first ensure ALSA is selected, by double clicking on the volume control, then File -> Change Device (ALSA Mixer). If that fails, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Sound - https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SoundTroubleshooting - http://alsa.opensrc.org/index.php?page=DmixPlugin - For playing audio files, see !Players and !MP305:12
Alangaramy main reason is i dont know what the command would be to add to the current command05:13
mkquistSoylent: try the secon page listed05:13
rkjiter, ok I think what you need to know is: http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/56038/05:13
CyanideDok installed now how do i get to them05:13
neolith2099amicrawle, the out put of that command should like this05:13
neolith2099crw-rw-rw- 1 root root 1, 3 2008-02-14 17:40 /dev/null05:13
Alangaramkquist: i figured out how to have a webpage start on login05:13
mkquistAlangara: how did you do it?05:13
Soylentlike i said05:13
Soylentalsa doesn't support my 20k1 chipset05:13
mkquistSoylent: ic my bad05:14
jordanSoylent, So are you trying to get OSS working?05:14
SoylentI have OSS and it made it so sound is audible but I am at a loss when it comes to changing volume05:14
neolith2099amicrawle, with a few other number..but the first part is the important thing05:14
SoylentThe deal is that the volume control has a red circle and an X05:14
iterrkj: got it... ok does that exact command work when you issue it from the shell ?05:14
amicrawleneo can you pm me  kind of hard to see all of this05:15
Alangaramkquist:  System> Preferences > Sessions > start-up programs > Add... >browse for the .url file05:15
SoylentI can change volume from ossxmix, but I would like a way to set my shortcuts to change the volume05:15
Soylent(for my media keys)05:15
mkquistAlangara: nice05:15
SoylentSorry, i probably should have given a better description of my problem up front05:15
neolith2099anybody know of any nice pidgin smiley themes?05:16
rkjiter yup05:16
Alangaramkquist: "/home/drake/webpage.url" would be what it shows if you placed it in the document folder05:16
iterrkj: what are the permissions of the destination directory05:16
gold44hey hey hey, my windows works!!!05:16
itergold44: :)05:16
Alangaranow i just have to figure out how to force it to open in a specific desktop05:17
amicrawleso how do i get get root permmison05:17
chrisnIs anyone else having the problem where firefox crashes but also makes the system inoperable?05:17
mkquistgold44: lol good,good05:17
prince_jammysamicrawle:  sudo command05:17
neolith2099amicrawle: su05:17
amicrawlei can not even log into my user with out05:17
prince_jammysamicrawle: where command is whatever you want05:17
amicrawlegetting the message05:17
CyanideDWarrorforgod you there05:17
jordanSoylent, try ossmix05:18
jordanSoylent, For changing the volume with OSS, I think that is the OSS mixer05:18
iterrkj: ls -l /home/rkj/mp3/Radio05:18
Soylentbut do you know how I can get my media keys to change the volume?05:18
neolith2099amicrawle, once you are root the run the ls -l /dev/null command and check to see if permission are setup correctly05:18
Soylentsince the normal volume control isn't working05:19
gold44is there a service i can run on ubuntu to support PXE? i want to install linux on that computer where i just fixed.  i think my cdrom is bad, so i want to try a network install on my own intranet.05:19
neolith2099amicrawle, if not then chmod them05:19
rkjiter according to nautilus - the paernt directory has permissions of "owner can create and delete files, others can access files"05:19
itergold44: PXE boot is supported/not bupported by the BIOS05:19
prince_jammyshow did his /dev/null end up with the wrong permissions/owner?05:19
iterrkj: try setting them to 777 (everyone can do everything)05:20
prince_jammysthat means you don't own nothin05:20
jordanSoylent, http://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/OSS may be helpfull05:20
richee!ubotu help05:20
ubotuI am ubotu, all-knowing infobot. You can browse my brain at http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi - Usage info: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuBots05:20
gold44iter: PXE is supported on that computerB.  computerA is ubunut and has the ubuntu.iso file.05:20
neolith2099prince_jammys, no clue, but apparently his init scripts got messed up too05:20
Soylentthanks jordan, i'll read that05:20
iterchmod -R 777 /home/rkj/mp3/Radio/PianoJazz05:20
ubotuBeryl has been merged with Compiz to form Compiz-Fusion.  New Beryl installs are discouraged. See also !compiz05:21
gold44iter: i also am using a 10 feet cross over ethernet cable.05:21
ubotuCompiz (compositing window manager) and XGL (X server architecture layered on top of OpenGL) - Howto at http://help.ubuntu.com/community/CompositeManager - help in #compiz-fusion05:21
itergold44: ah I see you want your ubuntu machine to act as a pxe-boot server, right?05:22
rkjok that makes sense, I'll do that.  Can you help me understand it though? Who owns the process that executes the crontab?05:22
itergold44: http://wiki.systemimager.org/index.php/HOWTO_Net_Boot_Ubuntu05:22
gold44iter: yup. thanks05:22
speaker219does anyone know where eggdrop is installed to when i use apt-get?? thanks05:22
speaker219does anyone know where eggdrop is installed to when i use apt-get?*05:22
rkjiter ok that makes sense, I'll do that.  Can you help me understand it though? Who owns the process that executes the crontab?05:22
davespeaker219 did you check to see if it was in the man page?05:23
speaker219dave, no, i'm a noob, and didn't rtfm05:23
prince_jammysspeaker219: you want to find the file eggdrop that you have installed?05:24
amicrawletried su and sudo -s  will not let me log past it05:24
speaker219prince_jammys, i want to find the eggdrop directory that has eggdrop.conf in it etc05:24
speaker219I checked the man page, not there05:25
prince_jammysspeaker219: try        locate eggdrop05:25
amicrawletried su and sudo -s  will not let me log past it05:25
Alangaraubuntu uses GNOME desktop doesnt it?05:25
dashhowdy. I just upgraded my thinkpad to gutsy from feisty and now X locks up periodically (uses 100% cpu, kill -9 has no effect on it). this is with an ati r300 using the open source driver; using or not using compiz seems to not affect it05:26
CyanideDhow do i install flash drivers05:26
dashanybody seen this or got ideas on what to try?05:26
dashAlangara: that's the default, you can install others05:26
iterrkj: each user has a crontab, whose script run as that user05:26
speaker219prince_jammys, returned nothing05:26
speeddemon8803!flash | cyanideD05:26
ubotucyanideD: To install Flash see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats/Flash (for !Dapper and !Edgy, a recent version is available in !backports) - See also !Restricted and !Gnash05:26
prince_jammysspeaker219:       find  /usr -type d -name '*eggdrop*'05:26
rkjiter also, if I set the MAILTO="..." in the crontab file and set "..." to be my actual (e.g., verizon) email address, will error messages get sent there? I would guess that these commands were generating error messages that just went into a bit bucket.05:26
speaker219prince_jammys, probably have to upddb05:26
Soylentarg my net died again, can i please have that link again jordan?05:26
ahorriblemessevening everyone05:26
haydncdoes anyone know if there has been any announcement of system requirements for 8.04 other than the alternative install being for systems with under 320Mb RAM?05:27
Soylentmy wireless is another thing I'll need help on after sound hehe :D05:27
speaker219server@server:~$ /usr -type d -name '*eggdrop*'05:27
speeddemon8803If I do a command, you do not have to go right behind me and do the same command, just read what the bot "ubotu" says :)05:27
speaker219-bash: /usr: is a directory05:27
rkjiter well if that's the case then why wouldn't my permissions get the job done?05:27
jordanSoylent, http://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/OSS05:27
speeddemon8803Ok CyanideD?05:27
ahorriblemessI would like to create a Gutsy installation CD from my current system, including programs, plugins, driver configuration etc. Has anyone used this method? http://www.howtoforge.com/ubuntu-linux-mint-livecd-with-remastersys05:27
prince_jammysspeaker219: find /usr -name '*eggdrop*'05:27
Soylentthanks, should i get the OSS binary from the link inside there? or keep the one I already installed? (new to linux, don't understand a darned thing)05:27
iterrkj: my guess would be environment variables05:28
speaker219thanks prince_jammys, sorry, i don't use linux too often except for an irc server that i have :p05:28
neolith2099amicrawle, so when you were working with services you messeup up your /dev/null device?05:28
rkjiter I mean, if it's running as me, and the permissions give write access to me?05:28
speeddemon8803CyanideD, did you see what I typed and what ubotu said about the flash plugin?05:28
dashoh yeah, other question: since upgrading to gutsy i'm getting an error on boot05:28
katylam I right in saying that anything in /etc/cron.hourly should run every hour on the hour?05:28
dashwhere it says /dev/sda1 is busy and can't be mounted05:28
rkjiter well anyway, I set the permissions and we will see what happens. thanks for your help.05:29
prince_jammysspeaker219: and find /usr -name 'eggdrop*'   (no * at the beginning)  and if all else fails, the somewhat timeconsuming     sudo find / -name '*eggdrop*'05:29
dashand it puts me in single user mode05:29
dashis this an evms bug?05:29
* speeddemon8803 sits back and looks around05:29
iterrkj: np :)05:29
dashkatyl: /etc/crontab should say when cron.hourly stuff gets run05:29
dashkatyl: here it seems to get run at :17'05:30
neopsychehow can i set all folders in a directory tree to chmod 75505:30
davespeaker219 /usr/share/doc/eggdrop-data/examples/eggdrop.conf.gz05:30
SuyyBot-6889¶Ô´ó¼Ò˵: wgefygd,vd 05:30
iterdash: katyl: me as well (gutsy)05:30
zozobradoes deborphan have a history of not being very accurate?05:30
prince_jammysspeaker219: the time you got an error is because "find" is missing at the beginning of the command, so -type d is ok (finds directories only)05:30
bazhangSuyyBot-6889: english please05:30
sxealex_anyone know anything about .Xauthority and MIT-MAGIC-COOKIES?05:30
dashneopsyche: 'chmod -R 755 some_path'05:30
speeddemon8803!en | SuyyBot-688905:31
ubotuSuyyBot-6889: The #ubuntu, #kubuntu and #xubuntu channels are english only. For a complete list of channels in other languages, please visit http://help.ubuntu.com/community/InternetRelayChat05:31
dashsxealex_: they're magic fun05:31
zozobraneopsyche: chmod -r 755 *05:31
sxealex_i disagree05:31
sxealex_they are not fun05:31
sxealex_seriously tho05:31
sxealex_anyone know how to disable them completely05:31
amicrawleneo yes i did05:32
rkjahorriblemess I want to do the same thing, have you tried it?05:32
prince_jammyssxealex_: i thought were needed to start X session05:32
sxealex_yes... well you can make it so anyone can start an x session05:33
neolith2099amicrawle: I dont know what service you could disable to casue that sort of issue..:\05:33
sxealex_which is insecure05:33
sxealex_but... i don tneed it to be secure05:33
amicrawleso how can i get back to the service list from start up05:33
neolith2099amicrawle, was it a fresh ubuntu install?05:33
sxealex_I had a php script that runs a sudo command and uses the computers display05:34
amicrawleover 2 years05:34
amicrawleand been updated05:34
sxealex_it was working for a bit05:34
sxealex_then it stopped working05:34
prince_jammyssxealex_:  and now permissions problem with .Xauthority?05:34
sxealex_www-data user can open x display05:34
=== shrek_ is now known as _nando
sxealex_even when i ssh and sudo su www-data05:34
prince_jammyssxealex_: tried a chmod 666 .Xauthority ?05:35
sxealex_i cant run stuff on DISPLAY=:005:35
sxealex_err i think so...05:35
sxealex_i copied the .xauth files to every folder05:35
canthonyyou php script used the display?05:35
sxealex_php script runs a bash script that runs a brgram that uses the xdisplay05:35
neolith2099amicrawle, can you boot into textonly?05:36
speaker219how do i05:36
canthonyhow do you port to end user05:36
prince_jammyssxealex_: are you that comp now?05:36
speaker219how do i "un-gz" a file05:36
iterspeaker219: gzip -d05:36
iterspeaker219: or tar zxf05:37
sxealex_i modified gdm.conf so it will auto login05:37
iter(which will handle .tar.gz files)05:37
sxealex_so i can restart05:37
biltekwhere can i get a program that makes a noise wen im near a hotspot?05:37
neopsychegood video editor for ubuntu?05:37
sxealex_prince_jammys: why?05:38
prince_jammysneopsyche: avidemux kdenlive and more05:38
prince_jammysneopsyche: cinelerra is a big one05:39
prince_jammyssxealex_: so you could check the permissions05:39
blink_ubotu, hey could you help me?..05:39
sxealex_yea i can do it on ssh05:39
Starnestommyblink_: ubotu is a bot05:39
Lartza_ubotu is a bot05:39
ubotuYes, I can confirm that I am a bot. http://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuBots for all information.05:39
prince_jammyssxealex_: check it out --05:39
ccqomg ubotu is a bot! my heart is broken!05:40
Soylentcan someone help me understand what to do for the section of this website "Using your multimedia keys with OSS"  http://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/OSS please05:40
daurnimatorbiltek: kismet05:40
SoylentI have already made the three scripts, I don't know what to do though since I am new to linux05:40
Soylentor more like I don't understand what else to do05:40
prince_jammysSoylent: what kind of scripts?05:41
viktorhey guys does anyone know of a great screen recorder to use05:41
blink_master_of_master, sir..could you help me?..i cannot enable desktop effect after i got my sound back...05:41
clearzenI have a tv that I am using with my computer. But I cannot get the proper resolution on the tv. Could anyone here help me with that?05:41
prince_jammysviktor: recordmydesktop05:41
katylViktor: istambul works rather well05:41
viktorwhere can i find this05:41
Soylenton that site are scripts dealing with allowing me to control volume with my media keys05:41
prince_jammysprince_jammys: apt05:41
SoylentI have followed the instructions but something isn't working right05:41
Lartza_Soylent: you cant now?05:41
katylviktor: sudo apt-get install works on both of those.. or search using the package mangaer05:41
prince_jammysSoylent: do they execute?05:41
Lartza_Soylent: did they previously work?05:41
sxealex_prince_jammys: if i am running the command sudo .Xauthority needs to be in the root homefolder right?05:41
Lartza_Soylent: I mean media keys05:42
kent__is there any hope for enabling a M$ v300 webcam in kopete?05:42
prince_jammyssxealex_: .Xauthority is not a command, its a config file05:42
Soylentno no no, because i had to get OSS.. Actually i remember doing something to get them work on my last ubuntu install, but i can't remember what05:42
neopsychehow can i set all files to have permission 755 in a particular directory tree?05:42
prince_jammyssxealex_: just ls -l .Xauthority, and paste the line05:42
blink__max, max...can you help me?..i cannot enable desktop effect after i got my sound back...05:42
dashneopsyche: chmod -R 75505:42
Lartza_Soylent: the guide is for archlinux so it doesnt work in ubuntu i think05:42
Soylentoh, someone gave me that guide ;_;05:42
dashneopsyche: assuming you mean "from the command line"05:43
prince_jammysneopsyche: cd the_directory and then chmod -R 755 *05:43
neopsychedash,from commandline? im using gnome05:43
daurnimatorhow can I make firestarter open in my tray when I boot?05:43
SoylentI guess I need even more help that I thought then05:43
prince_jammysneopsyche: DONOT chmod until you are in the directory05:43
sxealex_prince_jammys: i know its there... im saying that does it need to be in the root home folder during a sudo command05:43
dashneopsyche: ah05:43
Talcitedoes anyone know why I'm getting this compile error?  warning: macro `AM_PATH_CHECK' not found in library05:43
[dcr]Excuse me, is there any way I can possibly get some help playing Guild Wars on Linux?05:43
TalciteI'm building rhythmbox 0.11.405:43
neopsycheprince_jammys, what should i do then?>05:43
Talcitedcr: wine05:43
blink_Starnestommy, could you help me?..pls...:(05:43
[dcr]I am using the latest version of Wine05:44
speaker219Now i can't find where eggdrop logs are stored!!?!?!05:44
[dcr]I installed it and everything05:44
prince_jammyssxealex_: i think it has to be in the home directory of whoever is logging into X05:44
dashneopsyche: right click on the folder, click permissions05:44
[dcr]But when I go to run the game, it goes to the loading screen, loads 100% than closes, followed by Wine closing05:44
Starnestommyblink_: maybe.  What do you need help with>05:44
prince_jammyssxealex_: each user gets one05:44
katylspeaker219: anything in /var/log?05:44
Talcite[dcr]: http://appdb.winehq.org/objectManager.php?sClass=version&iId=919405:44
Flannel[dcr]: You might get better help in #winehq05:44
prince_jammyssxealex_: so /root /home/suzy /home/blah05:44
sxealex_prince_jammys: right but if the command is run as sudo... that is the same as root logging into X05:44
Lartza_Soylent: go System > Setting  > Key shortcuts05:44
Talcitethat probably has the documentation you need05:44
Lartza_Soylent: or something like that05:45
Soylentthe shortcuts are set05:45
reza_20hi any female?05:45
dashneopsyche: 755 is 'others can read and access folders and files, owner can read and write folders and files'05:45
Soylentthey don't work though05:45
dashneopsyche: so pick those options05:45
Flannel!offtopic | reza_2005:45
ubotureza_20: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, #ubuntu+1 supports the development version of Ubuntu and #ubuntu-offtopic is for random chatter. Welcome!05:45
neopsychedash,yes.. how?05:45
viktorwhere can i find record my dekstop when finished installing05:45
prince_jammyssxealex_: ok so try         ls -l /root/.Xauthority05:45
dashneopsyche: and click 'apply permissions to enclosed files'05:45
JDLimbotrying to customize my desktop, I want to change just the logoff icon05:45
Soylenti believe it is because I am forced to use OSS as alsa doesn't support the chipset of my audio card, so the default volume control is not working, lartza05:45
reza_20hi any girl?05:45
dashneopsyche: i'm running hardy so I don't know if nautilus looks different here :)05:45
blink_Starnestommy, my ubuntu cannot enable desktop effect..05:45
Flannelreza_20: please take it somewhere else05:46
Starnestommyreza_20: this isn't a social channel.05:46
sxealex_prince_jammys: -rw-rw-rw- 1 root root 319 2008-02-14 04:02 /root/.Xauthority05:46
neolith2099neopsyche, just open a terminal and run the command05:46
dashreza_20: only robots here05:46
prince_jammyssxealex_: yep, that's 66605:46
reza_20no problem05:46
Lartza_Soylent: can you change volume?05:46
Starnestommyblink_: do you have the appropriate restricted drivers installed for your graphics card?05:46
prince_jammyssxealex_: beats me05:46
Soylentnot with the default volume controller, I have to use ossxmix05:46
JDLimbodoes anyone here know how to change just individual icons, specifically the logoff/powerdown button?05:46
sxealex_prince_jammys: is there anyway to shut that stuff off?05:46
reza_20privet chat?05:47
sxealex_prince_jammys: i tried xauth + but it didnt help05:47
reza_20i am prince05:47
prince_jammyssxealex_: i don't know05:47
Soylentnote that, when I use my media keys, it does show the icon on the screen that is shown when "changing volume" it just doesn't work since I am not able to use the default volume control05:47
nickrudreza_20: type /j #ubuntu-offtopic05:47
richeecan anyone help me to put startup scripts when booting ?05:47
Lartza_Soylent: so you have messed up sound conf on purpose or accidently05:47
richeehow do I do that ?05:47
n2diyHow can I restart/reset a comm port? Every couple of weeks my external modem appears to be busy to Ubuntu. Even when I disconnect  the modem, kppp tells me it is busy, so it seems to be a software issue?05:47
reza_20ga makhor harum zade05:47
SoylentI have no messed with sound conf05:47
Soylentubuntu did not support my sound card05:47
reza_20hi oz05:47
Soylenterrr alsa05:47
Soylentso I had to get OSS05:47
Lartza_Soylent: ok05:48
reza_20any iranian girl?05:48
speaker219Does anybody know where the logs are stored for eggdrop!?05:48
Flannel!ops | reza_2005:48
nickrudreza_20: please stop05:48
ubotureza_20: Help! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) - Mez, LjL, elkbuntu, imbrandon, DBO, gnomefreak, Hobbsee, rob, ompaul, Madpilot, Seveas, CarlK, crimsun, ajmitch, tritium, Nalioth, thoreauputic, apokryphos, tonyyarusso, PriceChild, Amaranth, jrib, jenda, nixternal, Myrtti, mneptok, Pici, Jack_Sparrow or nickrud!05:48
=== macogw_ is now known as macogw
blink_Starnestommy, i dont know..but i have perfect desktop with sound before i update..it all happen after i update my ubuntu..05:48
Lartza_so you had reason to change and didnt mess up accidently05:48
JDLimboreza_20, you're in the wrong place05:48
GreenByteHi all05:48
n2diyreza_20: try #ubuntu-offtopic05:48
Soylentwhat do you mean by mess up though?05:48
=== Charitwo is now known as Truth
GreenByteWhen I try to extract rar files it always says: password required. But I'm sure it got no password05:49
amicrawlei have home user05:49
Lartza_Soylent: when you mess up you.. do something wrong and settings change05:49
n2diyGreenByte: use your regular password.05:50
GreenByten2diy: is it normal that I get password?05:50
viktorrecordmydesktop dosnt work any other programs u know of guys to record my screen05:50
Lartza_i can't find how to get those work with oss05:50
n2diyGreenByte: yes.05:50
Soylentwell the thing is, I didn't mess up05:50
GreenByten2diy: why did they do that? 0.o05:50
Soylentthe volume controls never worked in the first place05:50
chumphey guys i installed phpmyadmin and i can't get in whats the default passwordfor phpmyadmin on gutsy gibson05:50
Lartza_Soylent: yes i know05:51
neopsychedash,Operation not permitted05:51
vrkhanshi , I my external hardrive is not mounting automaticacally what should i do.05:51
n2diyGreenByte: you did it, when you installed, just use your password.05:51
blink_Starnestommy, help me coz im tommy too...:D05:51
iterlol reza_20 "I am prince"05:51
Starnestommyblink_: what kind of graphics card do yuo have?05:51
n2diygutsy gibson?05:52
Lartza_Soylent: I can't treally help since your using oss, maybe try to find guide how to get your sound card work with alsa?05:52
mneptokiter: the horny iranian formerly known as prince05:52
blink_Starnestommy, intel express..but i can enable all the effect before update...05:52
vrkhansmy external hardrive is not mounting automaticacally what should i do.05:52
iterseriously too bad I was afk I would've used that line or something similar05:52
Soylentalsa does not support the card, period. I have searched about 300 different web results which all say about the same thing05:53
Soylentit is the 20k1 chipset more specifically than the card05:53
Lartza_Soylent: well try to start topic on ubuntu forums about multimedia keys on oss?05:53
iterSoylent: at what point does getting a new card for $10 become worth your time?05:53
Starnestommyblink_: I don't think I've ever used that particulat graphics card before05:53
n2diyHow can I restart/reset a comm port? Every couple of weeks my external modem appears to be busy to Ubuntu. Even when I disconnect  the modem, kppp tells me it is busy, so it seems to be a software issue?05:53
vrkhanscan any one help me05:54
iterah laptop nm05:54
Soylentmy time is worthless05:54
nickrudSoylent: you should say, priceless05:54
Soylentno, priceless assumes it has some sort of value, if not monetary =p05:54
n2diynickrud: thank you, and right on.05:54
Soylentworthless is more like it haha05:54
blink_Starnestommy, but did you ever heard same problem with me?..no sound after update?..adoi...:(05:54
Soylentinsinuates* not assumes05:54
iterwoo 50 cent word on irc05:55
Soylentno i just used the wrong word before >.>05:55
iterand I don't mean 'werd to ya moms'05:55
n2diySoylent: you lose time, whether you want to or not, make the most of it.05:55
vrkhansplease help me in mounting my external harddrive05:55
Soylentokay i was just hoping to find help on irc, i suppose I will get more specific help on the forums though05:56
Soylentthanks for your time lartza05:56
speeddemon8803Soylent, what kind of help are you looking for? Ubuntu specific or what?05:56
speeddemon8803nevermind then.05:56
Lartza_he was trying to get multimedia keys to work05:56
Lartza_with oss05:57
speeddemon8803nobody could help?05:57
=== chaky_ is now known as chaky
Lartza_because his sound card doesnt support alsa05:57
badkittygood evening mates05:57
Lartza_i didnt and nobody else responded05:57
[dcr]how do i get sudo rights when looking in the file system?05:57
speeddemon8803!hi | badkitty05:57
ubotubadkitty: Hi! Welcome to #ubuntu!05:57
Lartza_i tried to help05:57
=== ubuntu_ is now known as pawan
pawanhow to repair grub05:57
speeddemon8803!hi | pawan05:57
ubotupawan: Hi! Welcome to #ubuntu!05:57
=== badkitty is now known as ph0rensic
Flannel!grub | pawan05:57
speeddemon8803!grub | pawan05:57
ubotupawan: grub is the default Ubuntu boot manager. Lost grub after installing windows: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RecoveringUbuntuAfterInstallingWindows - Making GRUB floppies & other GRUB howtos: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GrubHowto05:57
Flannelpawan: first link05:58
pawanwindows installation wiped my grub05:58
vampyre2000Hi there ;-)05:58
ph0rensicpawan: Its better you install widows first btw05:58
Lartza_Hi :)05:58
Starnestommyblink_: I've heard of problems with updates, but have never actually had to fix any outside of a small grub problem05:58
[dcr]how do i get sudo rights when looking in the file system?05:58
speeddemon8803Pawan, click the first link of what ubotu just gave you in the room :)05:58
Lartza_sometimes you cant install windows first05:58
Flannel[dcr]: What are you trying to look at?05:58
vampyre2000Hi , I need some help with a sound issue on a X38-ds5 motherboard05:58
pawaninstalled windows05:58
iter[dcr]: open terminal and issue sudo -s for a root shell05:58
n2diydcr, run sudo nautilus?05:58
vampyre2000Sound is choppy when playing games, cannot find anything in the logs05:59
speeddemon8803Pawan, please click the first link of Ubotu's reply to my command.05:59
Lartza_pawan: how to recover grub > https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RecoveringUbuntuAfterInstallingWindows05:59
Flanneln2diy, [dcr], gksu nautilus, never sudo05:59
ph0rensiciter: What's difference between sudo -s and sudo -i ?05:59
blink_Starnestommy, so where can i ask help?05:59
robvdlwhat channel can I talk about packaging debs?05:59
ph0rensicn2diy: gksudo is for graphical implementations05:59
_nandoFlannel, why never sudo?05:59
SaadS|AboutUsORGone is for ninjas others for clowns?05:59
Starnestommyblink_: here or the forums05:59
iterph0rensic: -i runs login scripts05:59
n2diyFlannel, my bad, what about gksudo?06:00
ph0rensicSaadS|AboutUsORG: Oh ok got it .. clows are -s ..06:00
pawani am at grub prompt now06:00
Lartza_pawan: what is the problem?06:00
Flanneln2diy: gksudo and gksu are equivalent (now), so yes, that's fine.06:00
n2diyph0rensic: roger.06:00
ph0rensicn2diy: Over and out.06:00
pawannot getting the ubuntu option on startup06:00
Lartza_pawan: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RecoveringUbuntuAfterInstallingWindows06:00
n2diyFlannel: roger, been awhile since I've been here.06:00
SaadS|AboutUsORGmy questions is, my DVI display is cut in half, like the right half of the screen has moved to the left and there is a break in the middle06:01
n2diyph0rensic: QSL?06:01
ComradeMirror`iter you still here?06:01
GreenByten2diy: It still keep asking 'password'  :(06:01
iterComradeMirror`: yup06:01
SaadS|AboutUsORGjust did a clean install of 7.10 that is06:01
Flanneln2diy: no worries, we apprecitae it ;)06:01
ph0rensicn2diy: ??06:01
iterfor a minute at least I hear the wife brushing her teeth06:01
=== Truth is now known as LieDetect3000
pawangrub> find /boot/grub/stage106:01
pawan (hd1,6)06:01
* speeddemon8803 sips my Coca-cola waiting for something i actually can help with.06:02
ComradeMirror`so how do I partition this sucker?06:02
n2diyph0rensic: QSL is the same as Roger. N2DIY is my Ham Radio Call sign, thought you might be a Ham too?06:02
speeddemon8803!partition | comrademirror06:02
ubotucomrademirror: Partitioning programs: !GParted or QTParted (also "man mkfs" for formatting) - Mounting partitions in !GNOME under !Dapper: System -> Administration -> Disks - For !Edgy and later, see !fstab and !DiskMounter06:02
iterComradeMirror`: http://www.howtoforge.com/partitioning_with_gparted06:02
speeddemon8803THanks iter :)06:02
n2diyGreenByte: how do you log on without a password?06:02
ph0rensicn2diy: Oh ha, Not ham.. have been around radios before though06:03
mneptokComradeMirror`: dual boot?06:03
[dcr]Why dont I see my .wine folder? or am i looking into the wrong area?06:03
speeddemon8803.wine is a hidden folder, do you have show hidden files clicked?06:03
ComradeMirror`gpart come with ubuntu right06:03
vampyre2000speeddemon8803, if you are bored you can help me ;-)06:03
ComradeMirror`mneptok yes06:03
speeddemon8803right comrademirror :)06:03
Starnestommy[dcr]: directories beginning with a . are hidden by default06:03
Flannel[dcr]: You don't need sudo for that, if you'r at the terminal, make sure you use -a, in nautilus, make sure you show hidden files (ctrl-h)06:03
n2diyph0rensic: 10-4 :)06:03
GreenByten2diy: I'm talking about extracting a .rar File!06:03
mneptokComradeMirror`: it's on the LiveCD.06:03
GreenByten2diy: Not about logging in06:03
=== LieDetect3000 is now known as LieDetect10000
[dcr]so do in terminal: nautilus -a06:04
speeddemon8803Vampyre2000 I will try but no promises in success buddy.06:04
ComradeMirror`speeddemon8803 it comes with in the live cd yes?06:04
mneptokComradeMirror`: dual boot with Windows? how big a drive in total?06:04
Flannel[dcr]: no.  While in nautilus, hit ctrl-h06:04
speeddemon8803It does comrademirror.06:04
blink_Starnestommy, so anyone could help me here..coz when i check on forum..its so hard to understand...06:04
Flannel[dcr]: and, close the one that's been sudod.06:04
vampyre2000speeddemon8803, no worries, I wont get my hopes up too much ,06:04
SaadS|AboutUsORGok so how accurate is Wanda the Fish?06:04
=== LieDetect10000 is now known as LieDetect9999999
ComradeMirror`how would i access this?06:04
ComradeMirror`I'm reading the article right now06:04
vampyre2000speeddemon8803, have a sound issue, all works fine, but the sound is sometimes distored06:04
[dcr]okay I did the ctrl+h deal06:04
n2diyGreenByte: I know what your talkinig about, how do you log on to your system without a password? That is the same password you need to extract your file.06:05
[dcr]and i still do not see .wine06:05
speeddemon8803Go to system.....administration.....comrade..you should see something about partition06:05
neohi to all06:05
meekolopehey ph0rensic06:05
Flannel[dcr]: Have you run wine or winecfg yet?06:05
=== corporeal__ is now known as corporeal
neopsychejoomla permissions on ubuntu server is confusing can anyone help?06:05
iterComradeMirror`: ctrl+f2 -> gparted ?06:05
[dcr]I've been trying to play Guild Wars06:05
ComradeMirror`partition editor?06:05
ph0rensicmeekolope: hey06:05
[dcr]and the people in #winehq havent helped at all06:05
Talcitehas anyone noticed that clicking links in xchat doesn't past over properly to swiftweasel?06:05
ComradeMirror`yes it says gparted06:05
vampyre2000speeddemon8803, yeah, like the sound is choppy at times06:05
speeddemon8803yeah thats it comrade :)06:05
[dcr]Their just babbling off to themselves06:05
Flannel[dcr]: what does (in terminal), `ls -al ~ | grep wine` give you?06:05
ComradeMirror`yeah I've never tried the dual boot before06:05
ph0rensicmeekolope: Whats the good word06:05
iterok bedtime gnight06:05
neosome times applications take longer to start.......        help required06:05
Talcite[dcr] .wine is hidden, use ls -A06:06
vampyre2000speeddemon8803, videos on youtube etc are all fine, but when ever play game  sound is choppy06:06
GreenByten2diy: I used the same password!06:06
meekolopeph0rensic: not much just watched some LOST. now i was gonna hang out and chat for a bit/ do some scripting06:06
Talcite[dcr] or ctrl+ h if you like gui06:06
[dcr]says no such file or directory, wtf?06:06
speeddemon8803Vampyre, all games?06:06
Flannel[dcr]: That definately shouldn't say no file or directory.06:06
[dcr]I've ran Wine and WineCfg already, I even have GW installed06:06
ComradeMirror`oh god now time for horrible math06:06
[dcr]Using Wine..06:06
=== LieDetect9999999 is now known as Charitwo
ComradeMirror`how much is 7 gbs of space06:06
ComradeMirror`mbs wise06:06
speeddemon8803hehe comrade you can do it, :)06:06
vampyre2000speeddemon8803, yeah, Scorched3d, alien arena and freespace206:06
GreenByten2diy: how do I extract rars as root? :)06:06
Flannel[dcr]: If that says no file or directory, you have bigger issues.06:06
prince_jammys[dcr]: you can run wine, but have no .wine?06:07
[dcr]Like what though?06:07
[dcr]Apparently so06:07
Flannel[dcr]: Like ~ is no longer aliased to your home directory06:07
speeddemon88037gb is something like 1024*706:07
vampyre2000its a x38-ds5 motherboard, and Nvidia 8600 vid card06:07
Talciteindeed. are you even running linux? 0.o06:07
prince_jammys[dcr]: when you go to winecfg ->drives , where does it say your drive c is?06:07
speeddemon8803yeah :)06:07
n2diyGreenByte: run gksudo nautilus06:07
[dcr]Dude Im completely new to Linux so I have no clue what you're talking about06:07
[dcr]says C: is in ../drive_c06:08
speeddemon8803vampyre, im not leaving you just multitasking....06:08
speeddemon8803heh :)06:08
Flannel[dcr]: Are you sure `ls -al ~/ | grep wine` gives you no file or directory?06:08
Lartza_pawan: does grub work now?06:08
vampyre2000speeddemon8803, no worries dude,06:08
[dcr]I can take a screenshot if you'd like06:08
Talcite[dcr], just goto your home directory with the file browser and hit ctrl+h06:08
Flannel[dcr]: I'd like that, actually.06:08
Talcite[dcr] and please do06:08
ComradeMirror`how do I resize this?06:08
speeddemon8803as far as your game problem...im not exactly sure what could be the cause...06:08
ComradeMirror`Im using the Resize/Move thing06:08
prince_jammys[dcr]:    do -->   locate drive_c06:09
speeddemon8803Hey can I get some help here?06:09
amicrawleok got root  now06:09
speeddemon8803someone take comrade and i can take my buddy vampyre2000?06:09
prince_jammys[dcr]: screen shot not necessary just copy here06:09
amicrawlehow do fix my user account06:09
[dcr]Want to know whats weirder?06:09
speeddemon8803Comrade has partition issues for whomever picks up where i left off.06:09
[dcr]I just did both the commands agian06:10
ComradeMirror`hmmm I can only change/resize the windows partition by 8mb06:10
[dcr]dioni@dioni-laptop:~$ `ls -al ~/ | grep wine`06:10
[dcr]bash: drwxr-xr-x: command not found06:10
[dcr]dioni@dioni-laptop:~$ `ls -al ~ | grep wine`06:10
[dcr]bash: drwxr-xr-x: command not found06:10
FloodBot3[dcr]: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.06:10
prince_jammys[dcr]: type in terminal ->         locate drive_c06:10
vampyre2000speeddemon8803,  I have upgraded BIOS, I am now using latest Nvida driver,06:10
ComradeMirror`I can't reduce the partition >_<06:10
speeddemon8803!pastebin | [dcr]06:10
ubotu[dcr]: pastebin is a service to post large texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org (make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the #ubuntu channel topic)06:10
prince_jammys[dcr]: no quotes, no `06:10
[dcr]I figured quotes would be "06:10
Lartza_[dcr]: drwxr-xr-x is not a command06:10
Flannel[dcr]: No, ditch the quotes entirely.06:11
n2diyHow can I restart/reset a comm port? Every couple of weeks my external modem appears to be busy to Ubuntu. Even when I disconnect  the modem, kppp tells me it is busy, so it seems to be a software issue?06:11
Lartza_[dcr] chmod drwxr-xr-x is i think06:11
PaTeeLAhey wll, why would i not be able to do anything on my desktop? and have no icons all of the sudden?  gnome problems?06:11
[dcr]I wasnt trying those commands Lartza_06:11
speeddemon8803bios...nvidia upgrade..anything else you did vampyre?06:11
ComradeMirror`apparently I am unable to resize my window's partitions06:11
[dcr]dioni@dioni-laptop:~$ ls -al ~/ | grep wine06:11
[dcr]drwxr-xr-x  4 dioni dioni  4096 2008-02-15 00:07 .wine06:11
prince_jammys[dcr]:   so its there06:11
Flannel[dcr]: Exactly.  There's your wine directory.  On the same token, you should be able to see it in nautilus06:11
PaTeeLAlike i cant drag a folder to my desktop anymore?06:11
nexacthey all, I'm trying to boot Ubuntu on my amd2800 and it's stuck on "Loading hardware drivers..." any idea of how I can fix this ?06:12
PaTeeLAand the trashcan is gone, as well as home and mounted drives...06:12
chaosrldoes anyone know how to print normal text within a math formatting in LaTeX? for example, units06:12
speeddemon8803Comrade, windows can be a royal PAIN IN THE MMHMM....when it comes to resizing partitions.06:12
[dcr]so just run nautilus -a in terminal ?06:12
speeddemon8803please dont ohmy me guys, i DID in fact censor that :)06:12
ComradeMirror`so is there anything I can do?06:12
n2diynexact: from the live CD?06:12
ubotuПожалуйста посетите #ubuntu-ru для получения помощи на русском языке  / Pozhalujsta posetite #ubuntu-ru dlya polucheniya pomoshi na russkom yazyke06:12
amicrawlecan any body help me messed up my services in a user06:12
amicrawlei have root access now06:12
nexactn2diy, the live cd works perfectly06:12
prince_jammys[dcr]: what do you want to do?  i was stuck on the fact that you didn't have a .wine06:12
ComradeMirror`since for my partition with windows on it it displaces no unused space and for the used it displays ---06:13
=== wng-- is now known as wng-
n2diynexact: did the install work, or is that what is failing?06:13
corporealanyone else having trouble installing things like language-pack-en-base and language-support-en?06:13
speeddemon8803Comrade, i have no answer for you..as I have run into the same issue..with no solution myself on my own computer.06:13
[dcr]My overall goal is to figure out why Wine keeps closing after the 100% loading screen of Guild Wars06:13
[dcr]and the people in #winehq aren't helping me a bit.06:13
prince_jammys[dcr]: did you check whether wine can run that properly?06:14
[dcr]Thats supposed to be the top program that Wine can run, according to winehq.org06:14
ph0rensicComradeMirror`: So your having trouble resizing partitions in windows is that it?06:14
speeddemon8803Sounds like your hard drive has a "physical block" on it..so where you cant physically change partition sizes or whatever.06:14
blink_anyone...could help me...06:14
speeddemon8803thanks ph0rensic :)06:14
ComradeMirror`yeayeah ph0rensic I am06:14
speeddemon8803Can you pick up where i left off mate?06:14
blink_odd_ where r u...06:14
ph0rensicComradeMirror`: Is it giving you the ol cant pass sector 1024 deal?06:15
speeddemon8803Have you been following myself and comrade's conversation ph0rensic?06:15
blink_Starnestommy, he's kinda could not help...06:15
ph0rensicspeeddemon8803: Not really06:15
ambarhow can i connect to DC++ ?06:15
nexactn2diy, sometime it boots up, sometime it just get stuck on loading drivers ..06:15
ComradeMirror`actually I can increase or decrease more than 8mb06:15
ph0rensicComradeMirror`: Well what does it say, what are you trying to use?06:15
speeddemon8803Have fun mate :)06:15
ComradeMirror`well basiclly when I try to resize it with gpart it wont change more than 8mb06:15
* speeddemon8803 cant help with that, i tried.06:15
ComradeMirror`I might just free up space on my other harddrive06:16
n2diynexact: are you on a network?06:16
ComradeMirror`will it still boot up if they're on seperate drives?06:16
ComradeMirror`it shouldn't matterright06:16
ambarcan anyone please help me to connect to DC++ ?06:16
speeddemon8803your root partition has to be on your master drive if thats what your trying to ask.06:16
ph0rensicComradeMirror`: No it should not matter as long as the drive can be read at boot06:16
nexactn2diy, yup.. but dhcp is disabled in /etc/network/interfaces ..06:16
Talcitewow this is pretty ridiculous06:17
n2diynexact: ok, but your dhcp could be changing anyway, right?06:17
speeddemon8803Can I "try" to help you talcite?06:17
blink_hey..help me.......................................06:17
blink_help me..............06:17
TalciteI just spent 2 hours trying to build the latest ver of rhythmbox so that I could use the new style plugin and it still doesn't work06:17
blink_help me..........06:17
HorizonXPhey, I do I tell apt-get that I just want the package that I specify installed? i.e. don't install the extra pacakges06:17
blink_help me.......06:17
TalciteI already patched the code... ugh06:17
ComradeMirror`I need a new monitor x.x my monitor resized to fit linux06:18
speeddemon8803!ask | blink_06:18
ubotublink_: Please don't ask to ask a question, ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely answer. :-)06:18
ComradeMirror`and now I have to resize it to fit windows06:18
speeddemon8803!repeat | blink|06:18
ubotublink|: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. You can search https://help.ubuntu.com or http://wiki.ubuntu.com while you wait. Also see !patience06:18
ubotuAPT is the Advanced Package Tool, which together with dpkg forms the basic Ubuntu package management toolkit. Short apt-get manual: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/AptGetHowto - Also see !Synaptic (Gnome) or !Adept (KDE)06:18
blink_no they just dont want to help me...:(06:18
speeddemon8803Sure we do06:18
speeddemon8803you just keep repeating help me without stating your problem..so we cant.06:18
prince_jammysblink_: what is the question?06:19
neoHELP NEEDED!!!!!!!!06:19
speeddemon8803!help | neo06:19
ubotuneo: I am ubotu, all-knowing infobot. You can browse my brain at http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi - Usage info: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuBots06:19
ubotuPlease don't ask to ask a question, ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely answer. :-)06:19
speeddemon8803!ask | neo06:19
ubotuneo: please see above06:19
speeddemon8803heh, this bot is getting MAJOR usage tonight!06:19
HorizonXPcan someone help me tell apt-get that I just want the package that I specify installed? i.e. don't install the extra pacakges06:20
FlannelHorizonXP: apt-get does just install the package you specify06:20
_nandoneo: are you using feisty fawn?06:20
prince_jammysHorizonXP: if apt-get wants to install extra stuff, it's because the package you want requires the extra stuff06:20
speeddemon8803Neo: Please, if you do need help...state the issue you are having. Thanks.06:20
HorizonXPFlannel: but it tries to install packages to fill the dependencies; I don't want it to, because I installed a new version from source06:20
SuyyBot-6889¶Ôprince_jammys˵: please 06:21
blink_prince_jammys, i just updated my gnome last nite...after update no sound..then today i try to fix the sound and i get my sound back..but my desktop effect cannot be enable...06:21
FlannelHorizonXP: Theres a reason they're called dependencies06:21
SuyyBot-6889¶Ôprince_jammys˵: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuBots 06:21
SuyyBot-6889¶Ôprince_jammys˵: (14:18) <ph0rensic> !ask 06:21
SuyyBot-6889¶Ôprince_jammys˵: (14:18) <ubotu> Please don't ask to ask a question, ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely answer. :-) 06:21
SuyyBot-6889¶Ôprince_jammys˵: (14:18) <speeddemon8803> !ask | neo 06:21
FloodBot3SuyyBot-6889: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.06:21
Flannel!caps | neo06:21
ubotuneo: PLEASE DON'T SHOUT! We can read lowercase too.06:21
n2diyHorizonXP: check the apt-get man page, you can tell it to ingnore dependencies.06:21
HorizonXPFlannel: yes I know.06:21
FlannelHorizonXP: You'll need to create dummy packages to satisfy those depends06:21
prince_jammysHorizonXP: smells like mess06:21
HorizonXPFlannel: but like I said, I installed it from source06:21
FlannelHorizonXP: Package management doens't know that.06:21
blink_prince_jammys, you know?..:(06:22
HorizonXPFlannel: lol, I realize that. that's what I'm trying to get around!06:22
iceswordhow to compress some file to .tar.bz206:22
FlannelHorizonXP: Like I said, you need to create dummy packages to satisfy those depends06:22
HorizonXPn2diy: thanks for the suggestion, that seems to be the term I needed to google.06:22
PaTeeLAhey all-anyone know why i dont have icons on my desktop and cant put any there? like no trash/home/comp and cant make new ones...06:22
GreenByten2diy: I still get: password required when I run as root... How do I use another program for extracting rars?06:22
ripp3r666PaTeeLA, what window manager are you using?06:22
canthonyhaha bots talking to bots06:23
prince_jammysblink_: did you try #compiz06:23
iceswordhow to compress some file to .tar.bz206:23
n2diyGreenByte: can you log out, and then log in to this box?06:23
PaTeeLAgnome, ubuntu default06:23
PaTeeLAi believe06:23
=== _max is now known as max
ripp3r666i've never run into that probelm06:23
prince_jammysblink_: because at the moment no one (including me) knows how to fix that, apparently06:24
nathan__Cpudan80, greetz06:24
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about tbz2 - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi06:24
blink_prince_jammys, join them?..06:24
PaTeeLAripp3r666: reinstall desktop maybe fix?06:24
GreenByten2diy: why restart x?06:24
nickrudicesword: tar -bcf file.tar.bz2 /path/to/compress06:24
Flannelicesword: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FileCompression#head-8c8cdebc8a9b8160cfc4f071448dc63f4f7783a006:24
ubotuFiles with extensions .tar, .gz, .tgz, .zip, .bz2, .7z, .ace and other archive file formats can be opened with file-roller (GNOME) or Ark (KDE) - Also see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FileCompression06:24
n2diyGreenByte: can you log out, and then log in to this box?06:24
Cpudan80nathan__: hi06:24
ripp3r666PaTeeLA, shouldnt have to come to that06:24
=== nathan__ is now known as natlinexnewb
PaTeeLAripp3r666: tried enabling in gconf-editor, but no joy06:24
prince_jammysblink and get ready your video card info06:24
speeddemon8803Can I request a ban on suvybot as its just a nuisance that isnt going to ask questions, only mirror whats being said back into the channel?06:25
HorizonXPk, I just did sudo checkinstall. hopefully that'll work.06:25
PaTeeLA_nando: oops im not registered w/this nick hold on06:25
=== PaTeeLA is now known as mkquist
nexactn2diy, does loading drivers include configuring eth0 ?06:25
n2diynexact: if you want to play on a network, yes.06:26
nexactn2diy, mm okay, how can I prevent it from loading it ? ive checked messages and it seems it keeps trying to get an ip06:26
iceswordnickrud:but i want the best compress,highest compress,how,need i force -9 or something06:27
n2diynexact: I haven't been following your thead, please give me more info?06:27
Flannelspeeddemon8803: What are you talking about?06:28
canthonywhats the comand to switch nicks again06:28
nickrudicesword: hm, I never worry about that, I'm not sure.06:28
Flannelcanthony: /nick [nick] usually06:28
GreenByten2diy: help.ubunt says: There are several versions of rar and the newest version, 3.0, is not supported by any free tools. If you store your data in a rar archive, then you will depend on Rarsoft...06:28
canthonynick not nickserv06:28
speeddemon8803SuyyBot-6889....came in..and started repeating what i was saying back into the channel...like....cloning what i was saying.06:28
=== canthony is now known as sweetsinse
nexactn2diy, sometime, my server hangs on "Loading hardware drivers" .. I need to restart it and it comes back, I'm trying to figure why.06:29
iceswordnickrud:i know u are genius,u said u do not worry,what u mean06:29
Flannelspeeddemon8803: oh, that bot is already gone, I wouldnt owrry about it06:29
nickrudicesword: I mean I've been satisfied with the standard compression. I'm not sure what it defaults at with tar06:29
speeddemon8803!caps | neo06:30
ubotuneo: PLEASE DON'T SHOUT! We can read lowercase too.06:30
n2diynexact: is this a cable or satellite modem?06:30
nexactn2diy, it's right into my cisco 2950 switch. ;)06:30
n2diynexact: is this a cable or satellite modem?06:30
iceswordnickrud:yeah,thank u,i want 15%06:31
natlinexnewbanyone help me with permissions? I have Ubuntu 5.04. I have made a folder that windowsXP CAN see but cant log into. I made a user specifically for using that folder but I dont know how to assign that user so that Windows can login.06:31
nickrudicesword: if you want fine control, you could tar it up then run bzip2 on the tar I guess06:31
n2diynexact: I'm guessing your ISP is changind your IP address? So DHCP would help you here. But, I run dial up, so that is all I know about it.06:31
natlinexnewbhairy hedghog06:31
speeddemon8803isnt that unsupported now?06:32
monziemy laptop seems to overheat on Ubuntu 7.10 AMD6406:32
monzieI am on an Acer Aspire 292006:32
neopsycheim having major problems with this issue.. not being able to play videos with allvideos mambot on localhost.06:32
iceswordhow much mem06:32
iceswordnickrud:it is,06:32
monzieIs there a way to manually keep the fan running on at all times?06:32
natlinexnewbprobably. I'm downloading 7.10 atm, but i want to practise the permissions for when i need to do this again. or is it different in 7.10?06:32
iceswordmonzie:overheat?how.can use to make meal?06:33
speeddemon8803i believe its different but im not 100% positive.06:33
monzieicesword: put on egg on top of it!06:33
speeddemon8803!overheating | speeddemon880306:33
n2diyadd some ham too06:33
=== ubuntu_ is now known as pawan
VanGuardHello, i was wondering if someone could explain or give me a link that can explain KDE and Gnome06:34
pawanhow to repair grub06:34
natlinexnewbVanGuard, I have one. Let me find it06:34
VanGuardthank you06:34
prince_jammysVanGuard: confused about what they do?06:34
speeddemon8803!kde | vanguard06:34
n2diyVanGuard: what do you need to be explained, the are both Xwindow programs.06:35
speeddemon8803!gnome | vanguard06:35
VanGuardjust wondering what the differnces are06:35
natlinexnewbVanGuard, http://www.psychocats.net/ubuntu/kdegnome06:35
n2diyVanGuard: sounds like a job for Google?06:35
VanGuardthank you natlinexnewb06:35
natlinexnewbVanGuard, no prob :)06:36
natlinexnewbVanGuard, Might not be the best but it helped me.06:36
ComradeMirror`oh god06:36
ubotuvanguard: KDE (http://kde.org) is the !desktop environment used natively in !Kubuntu. To install from Ubuntu: « sudo apt-get install kubuntu-desktop », or see http://help.ubuntu.com/community/InstallingKDE . Latest KDE version is 3.5.8 for Gutsy and Feisty, 3.5.6 for Edgy, and 3.5.5 for Dapper. See http://kubuntu.org for more information.06:36
ubotuvanguard: gnome is a project that provides two things: The GNOME desktop environment, an intuitive and attractive desktop for end-users, users, and the GNOME development platform, an extensive framework for building applications that integrate into the rest of the desktop.06:36
ComradeMirror`by some sort of magic06:36
ComradeMirror`of me smashing my computer with my foot06:36
ComradeMirror`I am able to edit the partition06:36
speeddemon8803Yikes ubotu is lagging.06:36
iceswordpawan:what is wrong06:36
iceswordpawan:u computer did not boot06:36
pawanubuntu is not booting06:36
pawanwindows is booting06:37
prince_jammysVanGuard: both are desktop environments that sit on top of everything else in the system, so you can actually install either one.  they are not tied to the system so you can uninstall one and replace with another ... differences are : appearance (different looking buttons/menus and so on) and features (they way you set up things, and what's available in the default programs)06:37
timandtomDoes anyone know where Pidgin saves its chatlogs?06:37
Soylentis it possible to keep track of a variable in a script? (trying to make a simple volume control script for OSS to be triggered by a shortcut mapper) so far I have /usr/bin/ossmix vmix0-vol $106:37
VanGuardok ty06:38
Soylentbut i would like $1 to be an offset of a variable the script keeps track of06:38
n2diySoylent: what kind of script?06:38
iceswordpawan:do u know grub for dos,u can use it to boot ubuntu06:38
Soylentim not sure, I have no experience with linux and i am just modifying this one... it starts with... #!/bin/sh06:39
pawani have 7.1006:39
Soylentdoes that tell you what type of script it is?06:39
iceswordtry google it06:39
pawancurrently i booted from 6.06 livecd06:39
ComradeMirror`how long should repartitioning take?06:39
speeddemon8803Comrade, depends on your drive size.06:39
starkedDoes anyone here think they can help me get gnome-do running? I had it installed, but then I uninstalled it and tried to compile from source, which didn't work, but now whenever I try to install and run it, it fails with an error about gtk-sharp.  Also, I still can't compile it. Any ideas?06:39
prince_jammysVanGuard: you can have both installed in your box and that's ok.  Each comes with it's own set of preferred apps, but theyre not mandatory..  Example: gedit is the default gnome text editor, kate is the kde text editor ,,,,, but if you want, you can run kate in gnome,   its just that kde apps work optimally in KDE and the same goes for gnome..06:39
n2diySoylent: ok, try the #bash channel, that is a bash script.06:39
neoprograms take longer to start some starts very quickly06:39
Soylentalrighty thanks06:39
Soylentis it on the same irc network?06:40
speeddemon8803Soylent, yes.06:40
Soylentgreat thanks :D06:40
n2diySoylent: yes06:40
iceswordwhat?u said u windows can boot06:40
iceswordshit,mirc is responding like a turtle06:40
speeddemon8803!ohmy | icesword06:41
ubotuicesword: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family friendly.06:41
pawanwhat is grub for DOS06:41
iceswordneo:what program is starting slowly06:41
quaalxwhat else could be forcing newly created directories/files to have 755 permissions when every terminal i run umask in tells me 002 (775)06:41
chris062689I have an urgent question.06:42
chris062689Is there a log of synaptic package manager?06:42
ComradeMirror`how long should a 60gb partition being reduced by 8gbs take xD06:42
chris062689I accidently installed a package, which installed a bunch of other stuff and I don't know what all packages it installed.06:42
Flannelchris062689: /var/logs/dpkg.log06:42
iceswordpawan:google it06:42
chris062689I uninstalled ubuntu-moile, but that didn't remove everything else06:42
chris062689I had those stored in RAM06:42
chris062689Im on an EeePC, never thought I would need them :(06:42
macogwchris062689: apt-cache show ubuntu-moil06:43
macogwchris062689: the dependencies will be listed06:43
Flannelchris062689: Start removing them, until it wants to remove something that looks important ;)06:43
neosometimes firefox   ,image viewers ,some games,editors etc....       at this time everything started to function normally      ,,,,,,    but usually problem is there06:43
Grueliushow do i view symbolic links in the console?06:43
prince_jammysquaalx: this happens when you "touch file"?06:43
quaalxit APPEARS to be working properly now06:44
quaalxi'll keep an eye on it06:44
ComradeMirror`oh it finished06:44
quaalxprince_jammys, no its mostly files that deluge creates06:44
prince_jammysquaalx:  so if you touch blah  -- blah is 775?06:44
peepzhow do i browse my iphone in ubuntu???06:47
nexactwhats the difference between ubuntu 6.06 and 7.10 ?06:47
ph0rensicnexact: Enough that you should upgrade06:47
meekolope!ubuntu 7.1006:48
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about ubuntu 7.10 - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi06:48
ubotuUbuntu 7.10 (Gutsy Gibbon) is the latest version of Ubuntu. Upgrading to Gutsy:  https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GutsyUpgrades - Downloading: http://www.ubuntu.com/download - New Features: http://www.ubuntu.com/getubuntu/releasenotes/710tour - Please use bittorrent to download if possible, see !torrents06:48
ComradeMirror`what partition type should I use for linux?06:48
peepzno support for iphone in ubuntu??06:48
meekolopethats what i was lookin for06:48
nexactive just installed it on my box and I have weird problem.06:48
ComradeMirror`can I access my linux partition in windows to say throw files in?06:48
meekolopenexact: what is it?06:48
mneptokComradeMirror`: yes06:49
speeddemon8803comrade, not unless you partition your linux as ntfs06:49
mneptokComradeMirror`: http://fs-driver.org06:49
mneptokspeeddemon8803: incorrect. see above. :)06:49
speeddemon8803or...do what mneptok says :)06:49
ComradeMirror`can I partition my linux as ntfs x.x?06:49
ph0rensicComradeMirror`: You will need a certain tool for windows to see your linux file system06:49
nexactmeekolope, process isnt launching, having problem to boot it 1 time on 2..06:49
ComradeMirror`does fat32 work?06:49
mneptokComradeMirror`: no.06:49
pawanwhat is grub for dos06:49
mneptokComradeMirror`: use ext306:49
pawanhow to repair grub06:49
nexactnow gdm keeps restarting.06:49
mneptokComradeMirror`: ext3 is superior to both06:49
speeddemon8803i forgot, was it ntfs or fat32 :/06:49
Flannelpawan: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RecoveringUbuntuAfterInstallingWindows06:49
ComradeMirror`for my "mount point" what should it be?06:50
ph0rensicComradeMirror`: I can suggest one if you can find it .. by run time software called....06:50
meekolopeComradeMirror': i have a fat 32 partition i use as long term storage for both lin/win os's on my system06:50
=== ozzloy is now known as aska
speeddemon8803one of the two windows formats can actually be done "without" the 3g program06:50
orbisvicisanyone here use ytalk .. what doe the auto-invite function do?06:50
ComradeMirror`should my mount pt be /boot or /window06:50
=== aska is now known as aska__
pawanhow to access ubuntu partition in windows06:50
speeddemon8803comrademirror, it should be /windows as i believe linux ALSO has a /boot partition06:51
speeddemon8803or...folder i should say.06:51
mneptokComradeMirror`: it should be /06:51
Flannelpawan: Follow the instructions on that page.06:51
meekolopeComradeMirror': are u trying to access a WIN from a LIN, or a LIN from a WIN?06:51
=== aska__ is now known as ozzloy
ComradeMirror`"No root file systme is defined Please correct this from the partitioning menu"06:51
mneptokComradeMirror`: / is required06:51
FlannelComradeMirror`: You need to go back, delete /, apply, create the (same partition is ok), and reselect it as /06:52
FlannelComradeMirror`: Or at least, if you already had a / selected and it wasn't working06:53
ComradeMirror`its sayingg something about swap points now06:53
ComradeMirror`I changed /windows to /06:53
chris062689where were the logs for synaptic stored?06:53
neosometimes firefox   ,image viewers ,some games,editors etc....       at this time everything started to function normally      ,,,,,,    but usually problem is there06:53
mneptokComradeMirror`: uh.06:53
mneptokComradeMirror`: was that your windows partition?06:53
ComradeMirror`it was my ext3 partition06:53
chris062689where were the logs for synaptic stored again?06:53
ComradeMirror`I created a new one from freespace06:54
OnyxIs there a way to tell gedit what file types you want it to use syntax highlighting for?06:54
mneptokComradeMirror`: are you now installing?06:54
ComradeMirror`not yet06:54
n2diychris062689: locate is your friend.06:54
ComradeMirror`its asking me about swap place stuff06:54
mneptokComradeMirror`: hang on.06:54
chris062689I know it's somewhere in /var06:54
chris062689But I can't find it06:54
chris062689I need to ind a log of my Synaptic installs, quick :(06:54
n2diychris062689: locate is your friend.06:54
chris062689someone had said it earlier06:55
chris062689But my XChat crashed :(06:55
AyabaraHey. I have a problem with the mic on my Dell XPS M1530. In alsamixer I can only see Master, PCM and Front, and the mic is not working06:55
neoprograms take longer to start!!!!!06:55
ComradeMirror`should I reduce my main partition I was going to install linux on by 256 and make that into swap space06:55
ComradeMirror`thats what the thing is telling me06:55
chris062689think anyone could search for it real quick?  It had "/var/" in it, shouldn't be hard to track down06:55
mneptokComradeMirror`: see PM06:55
chris062689should be like.. 5 minutes ago06:56
Rat409chris062689: /var/log/kernel.log; etc.etc.06:56
starkedHey, could anyone tell me why when I try to compile evolution-sharp it says it can't find package 'mono?' I know I have mono installed, but I don't know what to do with the env variables it mentions06:56
speeddemon8803!locate var06:56
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about locate var - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi06:56
zer0nestupid internets06:56
zer0neall going out on me06:56
orbisvicischris062689, there are irc logs06:56
speeddemon8803oops :(06:56
achandrashekarcan someone help me with a basic email server question specific to telnet and port 25?06:56
chris062689!irc log06:56
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about irc log - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi06:56
ubotuA list of official Ubuntu IRC channels, as well as IRC clients for Ubuntu, can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/InternetRelayChat - For a general list of !freenode channels, see http://freenode.net/faq.shtml#channellist - See also !Guidelines06:56
natlinexnewbchris062689, sec06:56
ubotuThe people here are volunteers, your attitude should reflect that. Answers are not always available. See http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IrcGuidelines06:57
natlinexnewbmacogw chris062689: apt-cache show ubuntu-moil06:57
natlinexnewbmacogw chris062689: the dependencies will be listed06:57
carpediemstarked:  sudo apt-get build-dep evolution-sharp06:57
neohelp!!!      programs take longer time to start!!!!!06:57
chris062689it was a little farther up06:57
natlinexnewbchris062689, further than that?06:57
chris062689I don't want it to list dependies because then that would remove everything else06:57
chris062689a tiny bit further up06:58
natlinexnewbchris062689, Flannel chris062689: /var/logs/dpkg.log06:58
chris062689yeah thanks.06:58
starkedcarpediem: You're my hero06:58
starkedcarpediem: Thanks, lol06:58
neohelp!!!      programs take longer time to start!!!!!06:59
OnyxIs there a way to get gedit to use HTML syntax highlighting when it sees a .shtml extension?06:59
starkedcarpediem: Except the configure script for do-plugins still can't find evolution-sharp, :( Any ideas?07:00
speeddemon8803!xubuntu | neo Neo, I highly suggest you try xubuntu if programs take a long time to start, especially if your using a computer thats around 4+ years old.07:00
ubotuXubuntu is Ubuntu with Xfce instead of !GNOME. More info at http://www.xubuntu.org and http://wiki.ubuntu.com/Xubuntu/ - To install from Ubuntu: « sudo apt-get install xubuntu-desktop » - Join #xubuntu for support - See also: !Ubuntu and !Xubuntu-Channels07:00
ubotuneo Neo, I highly suggest you try xubuntu if programs take a long time to start, especially if your using a computer thats around 4+ years old.: please see above07:00
Filled-VoidOut of curiosity if I wanted to upgrade my KDE on my Ubuntu Desktop to 4.0 instead of the 3.5 I have. What would be the procedure?07:00
lobo_nzMy video freezes up after a few minutes of playing, happened ever since gutsy upgrade, I re-installed but still freezes any ideas how to fix it?07:01
Rael-can someone tell me how to fix it so that when I login as root I keep the same setttings and preferences as my other login07:01
jordanFilled-Void, http://kubuntu.com/ link near the top of the page07:01
jordanRael-, Do not log in as root. Period07:02
neoperformence is very good    except for programs taking longer to start07:02
PaTeeLARael-: i think you would have to set up root account just like ur user accouont to do that07:03
=== sourcode_ is now known as sourcode
neoprograms like vlc player takes one second to start07:03
Rael-how do I perform commands in windows as root? I know how to do it in the shell but not within the gui07:03
PaTeeLARael-: but like jordan has pointed out, u should not be running as root, except for maintenance anyway07:03
carpediemstarked: perhaps ./autoconfig or something....looks for something that starts with auto in the root of the source package.07:03
n2diyHow can I restart/reset a comm port? Every couple of weeks my external modem appears to be busy to Ubuntu. Even when I disconnect  the modem, kppp tells me it is busy, so it seems to be a software issue?07:03
neobut other takes longer to start      i.e. firefox,terminal ec07:04
_nandoneo: you must edit /etc/hosts07:04
PaTeeLARael-: gksudo then whatever gui u want like nautilus.  Is that what u want?07:04
Filled-VoidIm sorry jordan I think Im dense but I did the InstallingKDE wiki and thats how I got 3.5 on my system but it doesnt mention how to move to 4.0 if I wanted to :x. I think Im looking at the wrong place. COuld you point me to the actual link.07:04
starkedcarpediem: I think I figured it out, I misunderstood what the build-dep command did -- I went back and actually compiled + installed evolution sharp, lol, and I think it should work fine now. Thanks!07:04
neo_nando wht to do with hosts file?07:04
jordanFilled-Void, http://kubuntu.org/announcements/kde-4.0.1.php07:04
_nandoneo: r u using gnome, right?07:05
Filled-Voidthank you very much jordan07:05
ph0rensicAnyone tried clonezilla?07:05
jordanFilled-Void, np07:05
carpediemstarked: sounds good07:05
n2diy! clonezilla07:06
starkedcarpediem: Yep, everything works perfectly now, thanks a bunch!07:06
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about clonezilla - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi07:06
neowht next?07:06
PaTeeLARael-: or does this help? http://www.psychocats.net/ubuntu/graphicalsudo07:06
_nandoneo: put localhost on the first line07:07
_nandoneo: and your-computer-name on the second07:07
starkedcarpediem: I don't suppose you have any idea how to get snippit working? :P I have that one installed, I just can't get a global hotkey set up to make it run the command.  I put the command in the "Commands" part of compiz's settings, with a key combo. of Ctrl+backspace, but it does nothing. Any ideas?07:07
=== PaTeeLA is now known as mkquist
ComradeMirror`I think the guy thats helping me walked away for some smokes because my lack of knowledge frustrated him xD07:08
n2diyclonezilla looks interesting.07:08
jay-oh-enhow would i do this on link http://www.labnol.org/software/browsers/speed-up-firefox-run-fast/2065/07:08
neoit is already there07:08
meekolopeComm what was your problem again?07:08
ComradeMirror`Im doing partitions right now07:08
ComradeMirror`for linux07:08
ComradeMirror`what is a swap partition07:08
_nandoso put in the first line localhost your-computer-name07:09
RedHeronIt's virtual memory space, ComradeMirror`.07:09
ph0rensicComradeMirror`: kinda like windows page file or whatever07:09
Ububeginwhat is the command ... to open 2 vim windows side by side....07:09
ComradeMirror`what is a good amount?07:09
* RedHeron 10gb of swap, has used up to 4gb of that.07:09
Rael-I'm trying to be as root while in the window messing with files and folders..cause it won't let me make links to the files07:09
kuchchahey all07:09
ph0rensicComradeMirror`: between 1-2 gigs07:09
kuchchai have ubuntu installed on my HDD07:09
* RedHeron *has* 10gb of swap, rather.07:09
_nandoneo: i dont know if this will work for you because I had this problem on feisty fawn, in gutsy this problem is supposed to be fixed07:09
_nandoneo: but try07:09
ComradeMirror`Im trying to set up linux on maximum 10gbs07:09
kuchchaim plannin to install debian using hd-install07:09
ph0rensicRedHeron: you have 10 gigs swap?07:10
ComradeMirror`just want to try it out07:10
kuchchahow shld i edit the GRUB for that?07:10
mkquistRael-: u can sudo nautilus if you would like, or gksudo nautilus07:10
jay-oh-enhow would i do this on ubuntu http://www.labnol.org/software/browsers/speed-up-firefox-run-fast/2065/07:10
ComradeMirror`so what would be a good amount fitting everything in 10gbs07:10
RedHeronph0rensic: Yes.07:10
ComradeMirror`some someone said i should have 4 partitions or something07:10
ph0rensicRedHeron: wow how big is your HDD07:10
RedHeronComradeMirror`: Probably 1gb would suffice.07:10
ComradeMirror`1.for my windows 2.linux 3.swap 4./home07:10
RedHeronph0rensic: 120Gb07:10
* kuchcha waits for attention07:10
ph0rensicComradeMirror`: 2 for linux 1 for windows.. what would the 4th be? ghost drive partition???07:10
zcat[1]ComradeMirror`: If you want to fit the whole install in 10G I'd go for 9G / and 1G swap, only 2 partitions07:10
blink_hohoho..without your help, i fixed mine...hehehe..07:10
ph0rensicRedHeron: Why so much space for swap?07:11
neolike localhost unknown  (unknown my computer name)07:11
RedHeronph0rensic: A /home partition on its own partition allows replacing the OS without losing much.07:11
trance_techau compiz --replace Checking for Xgl: present.  Checking for nVidia: not present.  Checking for Xgl: present.  Enabling Xgl with fglrx ATi drivers... Starting emerald inotify_add_watch: No such file or directory07:11
ComradeMirror`in english07:11
_nandoneo: yes07:11
RedHeronph0rensic: And my reason for so much is that I'm a resource hog.07:11
ComradeMirror`how would that benefit me07:11
trance_techauanyone know that dam error07:12
ph0rensicRedHeron: haah oh i see.. yah i suppose that would work07:12
neo_nando should i restart now?07:12
ComradeMirror`and how big would me /home be to benefit me?07:12
=== Kwitschibo_ is now known as Kwitschibo
speeddemon8803comrademirror..your home directory on a different partition would benefit by making it so where if you accidentally "wipe" your main partition..all of your stuff isnt totally gone for your user account.07:12
mkquistComradeMirror`: thats not alot of space, youll likely run out installing programs...  If you trying to fit windows and linux on one 10gig drive, if thats what you mean07:12
RedHeronComradeMirror`: 1gb would allow you essentially 1gb of RAM, though it's slower on a HDD than it is in actual RAM.07:12
credibletrance_techau: there isn't anything particularly bad there07:12
trance_techauwhen starting compiz, emerald is crashing07:12
ComradeMirror`Im jsut trying to fit linux on 10gb07:12
credibletrance_techau: how do you know it's crashing?07:12
trance_techauexcept emerald won't full load07:12
trance_techauit just hangs07:13
lindzeynI have a raid0 array (2 X 750) and a 74GB Raptor.  I am trying to install ubuntu onto the Raptor.  The installation goes just fine; however, when I restart, GRUB gives me an error 25:  disk read error.07:13
mkquistComradeMirror`: oh then just a 1gid swap, rest for linux07:13
_nandoneo: first try to start the app again... if the problem stills maybe its a good idea to restart07:13
credibletrance_techau: is the Window Decoration plugin enabled?07:13
trance_techauwithout it load i dont have any menu's. exit minimise etc07:13
RedHeronComradeMirror`: 1gb /home should suffice.07:13
Rael-thanks. I tried that but it did not solve the problem...I'm trying to make a link on the desktop to the windows drive that I mounted. it will let me make links to the other foders but not that07:13
zcat[1]ComradeMirror`: I wouldn't split root and home if you're trying to do a small install, you'll just end up with one or the other being too small, while you still have space on the other..07:13
mkquistComradeMirror`: u can put ur home on another part to save if u need to reinstall i guess07:13
ComradeMirror`so 8gbs linux 1 swap 1 home07:13
RedHeron4gb Linux, 4gb Windows07:13
ComradeMirror`the whole drive is 6007:14
ComradeMirror`Im using 10 for linux07:14
RedHeronComradeMirror`: Ah, that makes a difference.07:14
ComradeMirror`Im poor xd cannot afford big drives07:14
ComradeMirror`though I have 2 60gbs07:14
ComradeMirror`I have 14 open on my other drive07:14
ComradeMirror`I might beable to use07:14
neoi think its ok       thnks vry vry much               i was actually thinking to reinstall the system07:14
RedHeron1 drive Lin, 1 drive Wintendo?07:14
mkquistComradeMirror`: id just use a 1 gig swap and the rest for linux, keeps it simple (its not the size of ur drives, its how u use em anyway =p)07:14
ComradeMirror`so I have 16-20gbs at my disposal07:14
meekolopeComrade, hey thats not bad i only have 60 gigs total from two drives :P07:15
zcat[1]ComradeMirror`: 9G root, 1G swap.. forget splitting off home, you can easily backup and restore home to the windows partition with ntfs-3g or ext2 drivers in windows if you need to reinstall07:15
ph0rensicRedHeron: Have you tried clonezilla or bacula??07:15
neothnks nando07:15
trance_techaucredible - in where? compiz manager07:15
RedHeronzcat[1]: Most people *don't* back up, is the issue.07:15
ComradeMirror`so no home?07:15
_nandoneo: :)07:15
RedHeronMaking a separate /home partition makes better sense.07:15
mkquistComradeMirror`: agree w/ zcat[1] myself... no home is made on ur linux drive automatically07:15
spazi just installed ubuntu (coming from freebsd...har har i know)07:16
zcat[1]RedHeron: for keeping home, copy to windows.. for 'backing up' -- something on the same drive is NOT a backup!07:16
RedHeronComradeMirror`: What do you plan to use Linux for?07:16
spazand i tried to boot07:16
ComradeMirror`school work and media07:16
spazthen it freezes at "Setting system clock"07:16
mkquistComradeMirror`: linux will creat a home for u if u dont mount it somewhere else07:16
ComradeMirror`Windows for gaming07:16
ComradeMirror`and such07:16
spazany ideas?07:16
ComradeMirror`mount it somewhere else?07:16
RedHeronzcat[1]: But having a separate /home partition if you fubar Linux = much, much lower chances of losing data.07:17
fx__Lost is a shitty show.  Its season 6 and theyre still on a fucking island..  I think a better story would be, they live in the jungle for like 2 seasons, and during that time they turn into savage killers from living like guerillas in the jungle..  So then they finally get rescued, but when they go back to civilized life theyre all traumatized from life in the jungle and having to eat eachothers guts.   And now, they cannot cope with so07:17
* ComradeMirror` flails arms07:17
spazgood to know.07:17
Rael-its only season 407:17
mkquistfx__: not, like off-topic or anything... =\07:17
fx__but yes or no?07:17
ComradeMirror`can I use my home on a different drive then linux07:17
RedHeronComradeMirror`: Yes.07:17
mkquistComradeMirror`: yes07:17
zcat[1]RedHeron: I wouldn't think so.. how are you going to foobar linux? rm -rf? /home is gone anyhow...07:17
ComradeMirror`okay then07:17
* spaz screams at his hard disk07:17
neoanother problem         >>>>>>>       while plugging in the pin of my headphones in to system the pc speaker doesnot mute and sound comes frm both speakers and headphones07:17
stdin!ot | fx__07:17
ubotufx__: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, #ubuntu+1 supports the development version of Ubuntu and #ubuntu-offtopic is for random chatter. Welcome!07:17
fx__sorry all07:18
RedHeronzcat[1]: I've done it just with software installs.07:18
mkquistspaz: whats up?07:18
RedHeronfx__: That has what, exactly, to do with Ubuntu?07:18
ComradeMirror`so Im going to be doing 8gbs for my linx 1 for swap 1 /home07:18
RedHeronComradeMirror`: That makes sense.07:18
ComradeMirror`swap and home can be on seperate drive then linux too yes?07:18
spazmkquist, i go to boot ubuntu, then it freezes at "setting system clock"07:18
Rael-I think I need to change the permissions on the /mnt/windows folder . but that option is greyed out07:18
fx__RedHeron: sorry i am in OT now07:18
RedHeronComradeMirror`: Yes.07:18
jordanComradeMirror`, Yes07:18
ComradeMirror`okay then Im going to try this07:18
mkquistComradeMirror`: that would work fine if u wish07:18
zcat[1]RedHeron: no matter how much you mess it up, you can still get the files off by booting into a rescue disk, or booting into windows and reading the partiton with ext2 drivers07:18
spazmkquist, relatively early in the boot process07:18
ComradeMirror`would a home of 1gb really help me?07:18
* spaz hugs ComradeMirror` 07:18
mkquistspaz: tried hitting escape?07:18
ComradeMirror`I'd have to know how to use home wouldn't i?07:18
RedHeronzcat[1]: I didn't have any way to recover the partition.07:19
ComradeMirror`I'll come back later to learn that if I don't figure out how07:19
spazmkquist, the keyboard locks up...07:19
spazso that didn't really help :p07:19
RedHeronzcat[1]: As in: the /home partition saved my butt.07:19
mkquistspaz: ewww,,, bootlive cd and check the logs..07:19
mkquistspaz: see what its 'thinking'07:19
RedHeronComradeMirror`: /home is where the user accounts are located... it's where YOUR files are stored.07:19
jordanComradeMirror`, /home is where your documents / settings are most likely to be stored, if 1 GIG is enough for your documents then it's fine, if not ... :)07:19
spazmkquist, i turned off the bootsplash and quiet optoins07:19
spazlive CD does it fine07:19
ComradeMirror`okay then07:19
ComradeMirror`I understand now07:19
mkquistLieuwe: hello 2 u07:19
ComradeMirror`what would be stored on my linux drive then?07:20
crolle17hi pastie!07:20
* RedHeron has 60GB on the /home partition and runs out of space due to work requirements.07:20
RedHeronComradeMirror`: Linux07:20
mkquistspaz: livd cd/check logs on system...07:20
ComradeMirror`isn't linux only 4gbs?07:20
Lieuwethis lol server07:20
spazmkquist, ok07:20
spazugh lag07:20
RedHeronComradeMirror`: It allows you to install software you need, such as instant messengers, Skype, etc.07:20
Rael-can someone tell me how to allow permission to access a folder to my main user07:20
neoanother problem         >>>>>>>       while plugging in the pin of my headphones in to system the pc speaker doesnot mute and sound comes frm both speakers and headphones07:21
ComradeMirror`I might make my home bigger then07:21
mkquistComradeMirror`: RedHeron is not wrong on this, but up to you...07:21
ComradeMirror`2gbs of god07:21
ComradeMirror`hmm I might make my linux 6 then07:21
RedHeronComradeMirror`: That's the point: this is a decision only you can make.07:21
jordanComradeMirror`, "linux" is only a kernel, how much your space your Ubuntu install is going to require depends on what applications you install07:21
ComradeMirror`yes Im thinking07:21
ComradeMirror`how much space would it take07:21
jordanComradeMirror`, It can be 50 meg or less TOTAL if you really need it to be07:21
RedHeronjordan: Thanks, that was what I was trying to say.07:21
ComradeMirror`to get extremely large amounts of eye candy07:21
Lieuwe 07:21
Lieuwe 07:21
Lieuwe 07:21
Lieuwe 07:21
Lieuwe 07:21
Lieuwe 07:21
Lieuwe 07:21
twosouls82Lieuwe: please behave07:21
mkquistComradeMirror`: work/school, back it up.. like cd/dvd... =)07:21
Lieuwe 07:22
ph0rensicsorry folks pidgin keeps crashing .. ol trusty xchat though07:22
RedHeronFlooder troll!07:22
Lieuwe 07:22
spazmkquist, not a single thing has been logged07:22
jordanComradeMirror`, But with the default apps it's about 5 GIG07:22
Lieuwe  07:22
FloodBot3Lieuwe: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.07:22
ubotuHelp! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) - Mez, LjL, elkbuntu, imbrandon, DBO, gnomefreak, Hobbsee, rob, ompaul, Madpilot, Seveas, CarlK, crimsun, ajmitch, tritium, Nalioth, thoreauputic, apokryphos, tonyyarusso, PriceChild, Amaranth, jrib, jenda, nixternal, Myrtti, mneptok, Pici, Jack_Sparrow or nickrud!07:22
Lieuwe 07:22
crolle17pastie: hi!07:22
natlinexnewbi have a silly funny question07:22
mkquistspaz: find that hard to believe... hmmm =\07:22
spazmkquist, believe it or not07:22
mkquistspaz: are u checking the live cd log or ur installed os log?07:22
ComradeMirror`does compiz fusion work with ubuntu?07:22
RedHeronComradeMirror`: Yes.07:22
ph0rensicComradeMirror`: Yes is comes with gutsy!07:23
spazmkquist, installed OS log, but live cd boots fine as i said07:23
natlinexnewbI have 7.10 .iso on the desktop. Can i install 7.10 right now over top of my 5.04?07:23
spazit just doesn't like being installed i guess07:23
jordanComradeMirror`, Yes, the basic features are installed by default07:23
mkquistspaz: but ur are like cd'ing to media and looking at the right log?07:23
jordannatlinexnewb, You would need to burn the iso to a CD or some other media07:23
spazmkquist, i'm picking all the logs, and most of them contain (nothing logged yet)07:23
mkquistspaz: cause its gonna be a mounted disk ur looking at07:23
spaznatural i assume, since it freezes before the FS is mounted07:24
mkquistspaz: not the base system07:24
ComradeMirror`when I used linux before it never seem this flashie xD http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E4Fbk52Mk1w&e07:24
ComradeMirror`but yeah I've used linux before just not with partitions like this07:24
spazmkquist, ? explain07:24
* spaz shouldn't be this confused lol07:24
jordannatlinexnewb, You should be able to upgrade 5.04 to 5.10 then 6.04 ... but it is no longer supported and there are no guarentees :)07:24
spazbeen a while since i've used linux...BSD brain contamination!07:25
natlinexnewbjordan,  thanx :)07:25
mkquistspaz: still find that hard to believe, cd / to root then check /media and look at ur hard drive(s) mounted there, if there is like hda or sda then cd to there and check the logs there07:25
zcat[1]my own opinion, if you don't have 8G free for root and still a sensible amount free for home, it's better to just have both in the same partition.. that way one or the other won't be too small until you actually do run out of space..07:25
spazmkquist, that's what i'm doing07:25
ComradeMirror`are those just plugins for the compiz fusion thing07:25
spazi can access my ubuntu partition inside my current OS07:25
spazerr ubuntu disk07:25
starkedWould anyone here know why the command specified in Compiz Config --> General --> Commands won't run when I press its associated key?07:25
natlinexnewbis there a human readable thingy of my devices on this box?07:25
spazand as i said mkquist, logs empty07:25
mkquistspaz: u got me then, theres gotta be something logged, i mean its trying to start sooo...  i'm thinking there has to be something in the log..07:26
RedHeronComradeMirror`: I'm not sure what you're meaning... are what?07:26
zcat[1]and if you only have 4G in /home you can back that up on a single DVD if you ever need to reinstall07:26
mkquistanyone can help spaz... he says theres nothing in logs on a system that wont fully boot when he checks w/live cd?07:26
* RedHeron agrees with zcat[1] on that.07:27
natlinexnewblive CD doesnt touch the HD afaik07:27
mkquistspaz: sry, i dont know if there is nothing...07:27
jordanspaz, Is your Ubuntu partition currently mounted?07:27
RedHeronspaz: Where are you looking for logs?07:27
mkquistjordan: wont it mount w/live cd auto or not?07:27
ComradeMirror`okay hows this sound instead 8gbs for linux 6 for home 2 for swap07:27
mkquistRedHeron: i think hes looking in the wrong place, but he says not07:27
jordanmkquist, No, you need to mount internal drives explicitly07:27
ComradeMirror`since I might be torrenting unlicensed cartoons xD07:27
RedHeronComradeMirror`: Still only need 1 for swap.07:27
ComradeMirror`okay then07:27
ComradeMirror`7 for home07:28
zcat[1]ComradeMirror`: how about 30 for windows, 30 for Linux...07:28
spazRedHeron, in /var/log of course07:28
RedHeronComradeMirror`: Sounds good. :-)07:28
mkquistjordan: ty, then thats the prob...  spaz gotta mount the drive.. check w/jordan07:28
ComradeMirror`okay then07:28
spazi'm a un*x veteran...but this has me stumped heh07:28
ComradeMirror`I should have defragged my drives07:28
ComradeMirror`before editing my partitions07:28
RedHeronspaz: Are the logs being written to somewhere else?07:28
spazmkquist, i did mount the drive :P07:28
mkquistComradeMirror`: it really all depends what ur putting on it.   Like windows u install a lot ull prob run short... w/10gigs07:28
natlinexnewbis there a human readable text file or "easy" list of my devices on this box? I'm looking at Device manager at the mo and there are lots of strings.07:29
spazRedHeron, i don't think so...07:29
RedHeronComradeMirror`: That would help, yes.07:29
spazshouldn't be07:29
RedHeronspaz: Could be, it's worth checking into.07:29
ComradeMirror`mkquist my windows has 50gbs x.x07:29
spazRedHeron, lemme look...07:29
nickrudnatlinexnewb:  lspci07:29
RedHeronspaz: Also check to make sure permissions are correct for logging.07:29
speeddemon8803hmm...nobody in #freenode is helping me with my hostmask cloaking :/07:29
jordanspaz, What is happening when you try to boot?07:29
mkquistComradeMirror`: well thats fine, but i mean ur linux part...07:29
natlinexnewbnickrud, in terminal?07:29
zcat[1]I've resized a fair few Windows partitions and I've never defragged first... and I've never had one go bad either07:29
nickrudnatlinexnewb: yes07:29
ComradeMirror`you said my windows part might run short with 10 gigs07:30
ph0rensiczcat[1]: I saw it happen to a few folks07:30
mkquistComradeMirror`: sry meant linux07:30
* RedHeron has never had one go bad, but there is the possibility (remote one) that you could lose data.07:30
nickrudthe one time I resized an ntfs, it went bad. The machine was only a couple hours old, luckily07:30
jay-oh-eni got my webserver up now how do i add stuff to it to make a website show up07:30
spazjordan, it locks up when it goes to to "Configue system clock"07:30
ComradeMirror`can I increase a partition07:30
ComradeMirror`after I install linux07:30
zcat[1]I advise people to backup always.. just in case..07:30
nickrudjay-oh-en: put your html in /var/www , use sudo07:30
lindzeynI have a raid0 array (2 X 750) and a 74GB Raptor.  I am trying to install ubuntu onto the Raptor.  The installation goes just fine; however, when I restart, GRUB gives me an error 25:  disk read error.07:30
ComradeMirror`say I free up more unaccolated space07:30
RedHeronComradeMirror`: It's possible, but not recommended, in general.07:30
mkquistComradeMirror`: better to fix ur part size before install id think07:31
ComradeMirror`okay then07:31
jay-oh-ennickrud, thanks07:31
=== jordan is now known as Jordan_U
natlinexnewbnickrud, thanx. perfect.07:31
zcat[1]I just let the installer resize it.. but whatever you feel safest with07:31
spazi bet $10 there's some kernel option i can use to fix this07:32
jay-oh-ennickrud, how do i remove a dir full of stuff?07:32
ph0rensiczcat[1]: any good backup software that clones the whole system?07:32
spazsomething related to the system clock07:32
jay-oh-ennickrud, sudo rm -i?07:32
nickrudjay-oh-en: to remove the directory and all it's contents,  rm -r /path/todir07:32
erawfishjay-oh-en: by using rm -rf VERY CAREFULLY07:32
RedHeronComradeMirror`: Linux doesn't stop you from doing stupid things... like using a Windows partition.07:32
jay-oh-enerawfish, thanks07:32
jay-oh-ennickrud, thanks07:32
ComradeMirror`and that means what?07:32
zcat[1]ph0rensic: partimage is OKish .. can only restore to the same size partition though07:33
nickrudjay-oh-en: I'd suggest -r, use f only if -r fails (and you know why)07:33
jay-oh-ennickrud, ok07:33
speeddemon8803rm is a scary command when run under sudo :(07:33
ph0rensiczcat[1]: What about clonazilla ever used it?07:33
RedHeronspaz: Yes?07:33
jay-oh-enthanks nickrud07:33
ComradeMirror`should all my partitions be ext3?07:33
spazi think it's a /sbin/hwclock bug07:33
nickrudspeeddemon8803: I destroyed a carefully built lfs that way once07:33
zcat[1]jay-oh-en: rm -rf -- /path/to/dir07:33
spazor it's doing something it shouldn't be doing07:33
RedHeronspaz: That's.... weird.07:33
spazRedHeron, indeed it is07:34
spazlet's see07:34
jay-oh-enzcat[1], got my answer already07:34
ph0rensicsudo rm -Rf / hmm not a good thing i guess07:34
zcat[1]-- means any files with -- names won't be interpreted as more switches07:34
neoanother problem         >>>>>>>       while plugging in the pin of my headphones in to system the pc speaker doesnot mute and sound comes frm both speakers and headphones07:34
RedHeronph0rensic: Nor is: cat /dev/zero > /dev/sda07:34
zcat[1]nor is yes > /dev/hda07:34
Jordan_Uspaz, Out of curiosity try chrooting in and running 'date'07:35
ComradeMirror`ext3 is the best "type" or format my partitions should be set too right07:35
spazJordan_U, good idea07:35
OnyxDoes anyone know of a good tool for cutting out precise clips from mp3s?07:35
Jordan_UOnyx, Like Audacity or something more specialized?07:36
spazi'll have to burn another livecd...freebsd can't chroot into linux stuffs :(07:36
spazand i have the alternate iso07:36
spazah well, no pain no gain07:36
erawfish!info mp3split07:36
ubotuPackage mp3split does not exist in gutsy07:36
zcat[1]alternate CD you can alt-F2 and get a shell07:36
erawfish!info mp3cut07:36
ubotuPackage mp3cut does not exist in gutsy07:36
nickrudspaz: I think the alternate has a recovery option, drops you into a shell07:36
Jordan_Uspaz, Can it do it with the Linux emulation ( never tried it, and I am curious now ) ?07:37
spaznickrud, o: it does07:37
OnyxJordan_U: Just looking for something that can cut things by like 100ths of seconds, if at all possible.  It doesn't have to be ridiculously high tech at all.07:37
spazgood point07:37
erawfishComradeMirror`: yes07:37
spazJordan_U, no because it only emulates 2.4 right now07:37
spazand i'd also have to mark the binaries in the install :(07:37
zcat[1]Onyx: audacity?07:37
spazwell i shall bbs07:38
spazi hope07:38
Onyxzcat[1]: Jordan_U: I'll give audacity a shot (installing now)07:38
Rael-what option do I put in to allow all users to access a mounted drive07:38
natlinexnewbI have 2 PCs. WinXp is my main one that I email from using Thunderbird. I want my Linux box to be able to email as well using the same account, but NOT remove the emails from the email server. How do I go about this?07:38
zcat[1]natlinexnewb: use IMAP on both machines if your mail provider supports it07:39
nickrudnatlinexnewb: get imap :)07:39
natlinexnewbwhats the differences?07:39
* RedHeron wants a PHP script that pulls raw email through Gmail into a database.07:39
glickis anyone running ubuntu D830?07:39
RedHeronWoops, wrong channel.07:39
nickrudnatlinexnewb: imap always leaves messages on the server, you can sync any client any time07:39
ComradeMirror`okay guys Im trying this07:39
OmegaCentiHow do I tell if I have framebuffer in console?07:39
ComradeMirror`wish me luck07:40
zcat[1]see if they support imap.. otherwise set both mail programs to leave mail on the server07:40
natlinexnewbso this is a thunderbird issue not a ubuntu?07:40
RedHeronComradeMirror`: Good luck!07:40
=== max is now known as max`
nickrudnatlinexnewb: sort the mail into folders on the server, both clients see the sorting07:40
zcat[1]pop3 you can just leave the mail there until you delete it, or for a few days, so that both mail programs get a chance to pick it up07:40
glicki tried the kubuntu live cd but couldnt get sound or my network card working07:40
OmegaCentiHow do I tell if I have framebuffer in console?07:40
nickrudnatlinexnewb: yes to thunderbird/pop307:40
natlinexnewbah. thanx07:41
glickbut i heard that kubuntu isnt as polished as ubuntu07:41
lobo_nzhow can I restart the audio server in ubuntu07:41
natlinexnewbzcat[1], nickrud thanx07:41
prince_jammysglick: wrong07:41
ComradeMirror`geeze I gotta learn the controls of linux now07:41
glickwhats wrong prince_jammys ?07:41
prince_jammysglick the kubuntu thing you heard07:42
CyanideDwhat players can i get to stream videos07:42
zcat[1]CyanideD: vlc, mplayer07:42
glickseems like ubtuntu gets the limelight prince_jammys07:42
prince_jammysglick: kubuntu: plenty polished .. you might even say, we'll let's not07:43
ph0rensicSo i hear windows is polished ......07:43
OmegaCentiAnyone know how I can tell if I have framebuffer in consoles?!07:43
prince_jammysglick indeed ubuntu is getting the limelight07:43
glickshould i install both?07:43
prince_jammysglick sure07:43
ph0rensica polished turd haah ok sorry i need food im delerius07:44
prince_jammysglick does no damage07:44
nickrudglick: absolutely, ubuntu is better, prove it for yourself ;p07:44
glickhave you tried the kubuntu edition prince_jammys ?07:44
prince_jammysglick see what you started?07:44
nickrudkde is very good, I just love bad jokes. Don't mind me07:45
prince_jammysglick i am on it as we speak07:45
prince_jammysglick don't you forget that yakuake while youre at it07:45
prince_jammysglick sudo apt-tra lala....07:46
=== mkquist is now known as PaTeeLA
CyanideDwhat players can i get to stream videos07:46
clearzenI have a dual monitor setup. One monitor is a HDTV the resolution is almost perfect, but I don't have any window borders. What would cause this?07:46
spazirssi sucks in the rescue shell07:46
spazbut ah well07:46
spazi can do date apparently07:46
spazeven though it thinks it's around 3 hours than it actually is07:47
spaz*3 hours earlier07:47
spazmake that 5 hours...07:47
Jordan_Uspaz, Can you try removing the "splash" and possibly "quiet" kernel parameters when you boot to see if any useful info is being printed ?07:48
neoanother problem         >>>>>>>       while plugging in the pin of my headphones in to system the pc speaker doesnot mute and sound comes frm both speakers and headphones07:49
spazJordan_U: actually...that's what i did to discover what was freezing the system07:49
CyanideDwhat players can i get to stream videos07:50
zcat[1]damn, speech recognition in ubuntu just isn't there...07:51
=== ktogias is now known as ktogias-CTI
RedHeronzcat[1]: That's because it's not really important to the base operation of Linux.07:51
spazzcat[1]: same goes for all open source OS'es07:51
_coldfire_hi! one short question: has anyone running Pinnacle pctv dual sat pro card (4000i) with ubuntu?07:52
spazhell even commercial ones07:52
natlinexnewbit will be in the future07:52
zcat[1]trying to figure out spynx2 .. what a nightmare..07:52
RedHeron_coldfire_: No.07:52
RedHeronnatlinexnewb: Oh?07:52
spazbleh i hate having to type /redraw every 3 seconds07:52
neoanother problem         >>>>>>>       while plugging in the pin of my headphones in to system the pc speaker doesnot mute and sound comes frm both speakers and headphones07:52
natlinexnewbRedHeron, Yup. Speech recognition will be supported ... eventually :)07:53
RedHeronneo: Driver.07:53
=== PaTeeLA is now known as mkquist
RedHeronnatlinexnewb: You konw something I don't, in that case.07:53
natlinexnewbRedHeron,  say goodbye to your keyboard07:53
RedHeronnatlinexnewb: That would be nice.07:53
* RedHeron actually despises his keyboard due to repetitive stress syndrome.07:53
ComradeMirror`I must say07:54
FD_Fis ubuntu support ICH9 sound card family ?07:54
ComradeMirror`I learned something today07:54
ComradeMirror`thanks to everyone who helped07:54
spaz:( ugh07:54
ineedhelpI might be able to fix your repetetiveness07:54
RedHeronComradeMirror`: Learning is what life is all about.07:54
* spaz eats his computer07:54
amaxI have bug with latest todays update in Hardy - with Firefox 3 -  Could not find compatible GRE between version 1.9b3pre and 1.9b3pre.07:54
ineedhelpfd what brand07:54
amaxanyone please fix Firefox3 bug..!07:54
zcat[1]a friend of mine has dragon NS, alongh with JAWS screenreader and a whole bunch of extensions .. works really well, except after about three sessions it totally screws up and won't run... takes a reinstall to get it going again. I imaged his system in linux so now he only has to boot to linux and restore it, and keep user data elsewhere..07:54
ineedhelplatest ff is 3b3