abentleyIn general, you want to know that the commandline works, and that the library stuff is well-implemented.00:00
beunoabentley, uhm, right. I'll take the plunge than00:01
beunothanks  :D00:02
abentleynp.  Got to go.00:02
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vinc456hi, i'm trying to use the /contrib/bzr_access script to limit user access. The script successfully blocks users from connecting to the shell account and upon branching, authentication is successful02:46
vinc456but after Secsh channel 1 opens, i get an error "bzr: ERROR: Unable to start sftp client ucalgary.hopto.org:9922; EOF during nego"02:46
vinc456any idea how this i can fix this?02:47
Pengbzr_access and sftp? I thought bzr_access was only for bzr+ssh.02:57
vinc456oh that may be it, i will do some more investigating03:03
vinc456ok that fixed it, thanks03:05
PengI guess bzr_access should handle sftp better though.03:20
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abentleylifeless: BB now shows the last branch nick just above the commit messages.06:51
lifelessabentley: thank you!11:14
ubotuNew bug: #192365 in bzr ""bzr plugins" error: unexpected keyword argument 'verbose'" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/19236512:23
gioeleis there a way to show the diffs along with the messages in bzr log?12:30
datonot at the moment, no12:30
datoI also miss it12:31
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mtaylorwow. bzr is seg-faulting on me14:00
jdongwhee, just finished upgrading all my LP branches to packs :)17:00
RainCTIs it possible to ignore *everything* except the files in a certain directory?17:49
RainCT(if you only want to have that directory versioned but don't have the .bzr dir inside it)17:50
beunoRainCT, you can only version stuff that's inside the bzr directory18:19
james_wRainCT: I'm not sure but set .bzrignore to * and then add the directory you want may be the way.18:20
james_wRainCT: there is also regex support in .bzrignore I think, so having a negative regex of the directory name may also work.18:20
RainCT* works, thanks18:25
awilkins_Has anyone seriously tried running Bazaar in IronPython?20:10
kedmccabe_So wait, is 1.2 out or not20:15
jelmerkedmccabe_: There is a RC out20:17
kedmccabe_Oh.  The download page says that the current stable version is 1.2, and that's what easy_install grabbed.  But, bzr-svn seems to be angry if you try it with 1.220:19
jelmerahh, I guess it's out already then20:22
jelmerYes, I haven't released a bzr-svn compatible with bzr 1.2 yet20:22
* awilkins_ refrains from upgrading20:26
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pygihello folks20:32
pygiwhat's the status of bzr-webdav writing plugin?20:32
johnny_can somebody update the bzr changelog link for 1.2?20:33
kedmccabeIs it recommended to run bzr-svn against svn trunk, or svn's 1.5.x branch?20:40
kedmccabeit seems to fail an assertion when run against trunk, at least on Leopard.20:40
jelmerkedmccabe: What sort of assertion?20:40
kedmccabegc stuff20:42
kedmccabeI've been mostly following the OS X 10.5 install instructions, though if I run the perl scripts against bzr-svn it doesn't even recognize https as a valid branch20:43
jelmerkedmccabe: I don't think I've ever seen that error before20:43
kedmccabeI'll try it against svn-1.5.x and see what happens.20:44
jelmerkedmccabe: What exactly do you mean by "doesn't recognize https as valid branch" ?20:45
kedmccabeJust spits out "Not a valid branch" if I try to branch from the same URL.20:45
kedmccabeor "Not a branch"20:46
jdongawilkins: I've tried doing it (ironpython) before, I didn't put too much effort but it seems to run slower and took A LOT of UTF-8 coercing to even get bzr rocks to work21:06
jdongthough the performance issues could've been entirely my fault21:07
lifelessjdong: hmm, we're very careful to keep unicode and byte strings separate; it shouldn't need any coercing unless its doing something fundamentally not-python.21:07
jdonglifeless: no no I think it's just not 100% cpython compliant yet21:08
mathrickI get this crash21:31
mathrickbzr.dev updated 2 minutes ago21:31
mathrickis that known?21:31
lifelessI would guess a file whose name is invalid in your locale's encoding21:49
lifelesstry LANG=C bzr rm --keep Downloads21:50
mathricklifeless: ah, lemme try that22:14
mathricklifeless: however, my locale is UTF-8, and the error talks about ASCII22:14
mathrickyep, still crashes with C22:14
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lifelessmathrick: yes, it talks about ascii cause its transcoding22:33
mathricklifeless: well, hmm, LANG=C is of no help22:34
lifelesswell, please make sure there is a bug; you can run with BZR_PDB=1 to drop into a debugger and figure out what path is causing the problem.22:49
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