* ogra_cmpc reads the "academic free license"02:45
ogra_cmpc... 5) This section intentionally omitted. ...02:45
ogra_cmpci wonder if that the academic part of it ...02:46
* ogra_cmpc shakes head02:46
johnnyogra wtf is is a classmatepc02:48
johnnyhmm.. btw.. i'm not impressed by bzr so far02:48
johnnyi was hoping i'd like it better02:48
johnnyoh.. their olpc competition02:49
johnnyi forgot about that thing02:49
ogra_cmpcno competition if you look at the HW02:49
ogra_cmpcor at the strategies02:50
kgoetzfor what value of 'no'? heh02:52
ogra_cmpcOLPC tries to develop new concepts for hard and software based on sociological studies about human interaction in teaching02:53
ogra_cmpcthey are a scientific project ....02:53
ogra_cmpcintel is a HW manufacturer ... they want to give every kid in the world a usable laptop and earn some money with it02:54
LaserJockogra_cmpc: somebody tried to sneak OLPC's squeak into Fedora saying it was "MIT" license ;-)02:54
ogra_cmpcLOL !02:54
LaserJockI'm surprised they use squeak so much given it's non-freeness02:55
ogra_cmpcespecially since fedora really just turns into a second debian regarding their license policy changes recently02:55
kgoetzLaserJock: how does olpcs squeak differer from normal squeak?02:56
ogra_cmpcthere were some silly removals i heard of02:56
johnnyi've had this prejudice against rpm that i cant shake02:57
johnnyhave't used an rpm based distro sine 200102:57
kgoetzthier being hyper caustios02:57
LaserJockkgoetz: it's got some special stuff to work with OLPC hardware03:00
LaserJockand then they've built a lot of goodies for kids I guess03:00
LaserJockusing etoys03:00
LaserJockI've recently spent a week with Fedora when I didn't have an Ubuntu alternate disk around03:01
kgoetzLaserJock: i was wonderin if olpc's version was less-free then the standard squeak, or if its just the normal 'non-freeness'03:01
ogra_cmpcand ?03:01
LaserJockit was definitely better than openSUSE03:01
LaserJockbut some things are hard to get used to03:01
LaserJockI had a lot of problems with networking03:02
LaserJockthat "Just Worked" in Ubuntu03:02
ogra_cmpcreally ?03:02
LaserJockyeah, Fedora won't work with my uni's VPN03:02
ogra_cmpcthey claim their NM works better :P03:02
LaserJockNM isn't even turned on by default03:02
ogra_cmpci had some discussions with warren :)03:02
LaserJockI had to go into the service config thingy03:02
ogra_cmpci didnt know that03:02
LaserJockand enable it03:02
LaserJockthen go into the network config thingy03:03
LaserJockand tell it to let NM manage the interfaces03:03
LaserJock*that* took me some time to figure out03:03
ogra_cmpcyeah, i can imagine03:03
LaserJockbut the VPN issue was the hardest03:03
LaserJockUbuntu has network-manager-pptp03:03
LaserJockwhich makes my uni VPN a breeze03:03
LaserJockbut I couldn't for the life of me get Fedora to work with it03:04
LaserJockthey're really wanting to beef up Edu stuff though03:04
LaserJocknot just LTSP03:04
ogra_cmpcwell, from hardy+1 on we'll do that too03:05
ogra_cmpcfor hardy i just want the cd change to work03:05
ogra_cmpcin hardy+1 we can finally take care for some apps and for filling up the CD03:05
ogra_cmpcwarren tries to merge k12ltsp into fedora ...03:06
LaserJockwhat is the CD situation03:07
ogra_cmpcbut he just starts03:07
LaserJockI saw cjwatson making seed changes03:07
ogra_cmpcthe seed and germinate chnages are done03:07
ogra_cmpccd build changes are still missing03:07
ogra_cmpcbut should be done next week03:07
LaserJockI had wanted to try to get a little more onto it03:08
ogra_cmpcalpha5 will definately have the new setup03:08
LaserJockbut squeak is taking most of my *buntu time at the moment :(03:08
LaserJockthe new octave3.0 is supposed to be a real good Matlab replacement03:08
ogra_cmpcwe need to find a way to only have langpacks on there that are not on the ubuntu cd already03:08
LaserJockoh, that's a good point03:09
ogra_cmpccurrently we waste a lot of space03:09
LaserJockltsp is also on there as well, right?03:09
LaserJockbut that doesn't take much space03:09
ogra_cmpci'm not even sure anyone uses the langpacks from the cd03:09
ogra_cmpcno ltsp on there03:09
LaserJockit might be worth having all the gcompris sound packages if we don't already03:10
ogra_cmpcmoodle, postgres, apache, php ...03:10
LaserJockthose things are a pain to download03:10
ogra_cmpceverything in /live will go to addon03:10
LaserJockah, shipaddon has then03:11
LaserJockI spent a good part of the day in #gcompris03:11
ogra_cmpcwe'll have the old edubuntu desktop again ... but with the difference that it depends on ubuntu-desktop03:11
LaserJockthere's a new release of gcompris I'm gonna try to get into Hardy03:11
LaserJockit should fix a bunch of crashers03:11
* ogra_cmpc thinks he finally found the right combo of apps for a speedy and blingy cmpc desktop03:12
ogra_cmpci've tried a good amount of docks now on this HW ... cairo-dock is the first one thats not stuttering ... really impressive03:16
LaserJockI talked to the gcompris Debian maintainer and he said he'd have the new version shortly03:18
LaserJockI'll file a UVFe/sync request after that03:18
achandrashekarhello. I had posted to the list with my question(s) as well. Hoep someone can answer here as well.07:32
achandrashekarWhen installing in standalone mode. I first receive a message on a single nic device that I need to edit /etc/default/dhcp07:32
achandrashekarand then i notice that once installed NOT all packages are installed to make to serve ltsp07:32
achandrashekaras a result, I completely re-installed ltsp-standalone07:33
achandrashekarthen..re-edit the dhcp.conf.07:33
achandrashekarThe question is - Am I going about the standalone correctly?07:33
achandrashekarNext question is about failover-dhcp07:33
achandrashekarI couldnt get it working following the directions to the T on wiki07:34
achandrashekarbut i had only one box installed, do i need both to be up?07:34
achandrashekarI couldnt even get the image to boot on my clients.07:34
achandrashekarbut if i try to get a simple config of dhcp.conf...then no issues.07:34
achandrashekarall right we will try the mail lists....again.09:43
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lowercase_greetz everyone10:38
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edu_help_plsis there anybody who can help me with an issue?20:24
edu_help_plswho can help me with an issue with edubuntu???20:27
laga_edu_help_pls: ask a question and wait - someone might have an answer20:27
edu_help_plsi have tried to implement a project  with edubuntu. 1 server and 20 diskless clients. 10/100 24 port switch. 10/100/1000 nic. I need to run Firefox on all clients. But when 3-4-5 clients access a flash website any other client does not respond as the network is suffocated20:29
edu_help_plsthe network reaches 12MBs traffic20:29
edu_help_plsis flash doing so much traffic????20:29
laga_edu_help_pls: relax with the question marks. i don't have an answer (other than flash playback probably takes a lot of playback as each picture is transmitted over the network).20:31
laga_maybe someone in here knows :)20:31
edu_help_plsbut i hope there is a sollution because otherwise i'm dead20:32
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