jjessehow pathetic is that i'm a regular at an airport resteraunt01:16
jjesseevening btw01:17
crimsun_why would that be pathetic?  Nearly all the decent coffee shops with free wi-fi within a 25-mi radius know me by name.01:18
jjessea coffee shop is different then an airport resteraunt01:18
jjesseespecially a resteraunt not in my home state01:18
crimsun_this isn't my home state, either.  In fact, it's not even my home country.01:19
jjesseah :)01:19
jjesseit jsut seems a bit sad01:19
crimsun_sad?  I prefer "dedicated," thank you.01:19
jjesseyeah i guess01:20
jjesseevening nosrednaekim01:31
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stdinRiddell: Re: KDE 3.5.9, sounds fun :)03:31
Hobbseewhat's the plan?03:31
* ScottK2 would help with that.03:32
stdin-> [14:27]<Riddell> stdin: KDE 3.5.9 is on its way early next week, do you fancy putting it into a PPA for gutsy?03:32
* ScottK2 would vote for stuff it into hardy and then do a proper backport.03:33
stdinScottK: it'll go into hardy first of course03:34
* Hobbsee can give the uvfe for it, if jr's going to package it.03:35
Hobbseeor if he's going to upload it03:35
ScottK2stdin: Yes, but I'm saying let's do a proper backport rather than a PPA.03:39
ScottK2If it needs source changes, I can upload them now.03:39
ScottK2jr doesn't have to be stuck with it.03:39
Hobbseeoh, you got core?03:44
ScottK2Along with TheMuso and three others.03:44
* ScottK2 is going to make an early night of it, so good night.03:47
* stdin notes kdegraphics-kde4 needs a rebuild03:50
stdinwell, it needs rebuilding against the new libgs803:52
Hobbseeyes, but where?03:52
Hobbseenot why.  where :)03:52
stdinwhere what?03:53
stdinI'm not quite following Hobbsee, it's late and I need caffeine :p03:54
Hobbseegutsy?  hardy?03:54
Hobbseeclearly you do.  here's your drip!03:54
stdinhardy, lemme just check gutsy03:55
stdinyeah, just hardy03:55
Hobbseestdin: blink.  hppa only?03:56
stdinHobbsee: all, it needs someone to do a "dch -i "Rebuild against new libgs8 (LP: #191487)";debuild -S;dput ../*.changes"03:58
Hobbseeoh, meh.03:58
Hobbseeso not that type of rebuild.03:58
stdinI was going to report a bug, but it was already files (under a strange description), so I just changed it03:58
* Hobbsee is on holiday.03:58
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nixternalsure is quiet in here06:08
Tm_Twho is this sure and why he/she/it is quiet in here?07:23
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RiddellScottK2: the trouble with a proper backport is it takes too long10:47
Riddellthe low priority means it can take day for something to compile, when you have a dozen packages to compile it takes a long time and if there's any problems it all falls apart10:48
SXanIs this why KDE 4.0 isn't being backported to Feisty?  It is a pretty large chunk of software.10:49
RiddellSXan: it could be done in the PPA same as gutsy, but mostly there isn't the demand, if you want the newest KDE changes are you're on the newest distro release10:52
SXanYeah, that's not an option for me.  Gutsy breaks my laptop.10:56
SXanWell, I should say that I lose a lot of functionality that I need when I boot into Gutsy.10:57
jpatrickRiddell: bug #19235011:05
ubotuLaunchpad bug 192350 in semantik "[Feature Freeze Exception] New upstream release" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/19235011:05
* Riddell discovers progress_indicator = 2 in dput.cf and rejoices11:05
jpatrickyeah, I had that last month :)11:05
Riddellmaybe I should turn that on by default in the package11:06
jpatrickI have it in dput global options11:06
Riddelljpatrick: do I need to do something with that bug?11:07
jpatrickRiddell: you're part of ~motu-release?11:07
Riddellhmm, I suppose I could be if it was useful.  supposing I was, then what would I do?11:08
jpatrick+1 the upload11:08
* Riddell makes it so11:09
RiddellSXan: if you want to do the feisty backport that would be welcome but I havn't heard anyone else ask for it so far11:10
SXanI may try that.  Is there a standard place to ask for things like this?11:12
Riddellhere :)11:12
SXanAh.  I posted a thread to Kubuntu Feisty Software forums a couple of months ago asking about a KDE4 backport; it's gotten something like 123 views, so I suspect that there's *some* interest ;-).11:14
RiddellSXan: create a PPA for yourself, upload the libs and base packages and if it all works I can give you access to the kubuntu kde 4 PPA11:15
SXanOk.  I'll give it a try.  What's the load for maintaining a package like?11:15
SXanI used to do this sort of thing for Gentoo, but it was pretty time consuming.11:16
jpatrickSXan: well, the packages already exist, you just have to make sure they build in feisty11:19
Riddellmostly you can get away with making sure they start to build then throw it into the PPA11:19
SXanOk.  URL of a documentation for this process?11:20
SXans/ a //11:20
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stdinRiddell: did you see bug 191487 ?11:33
ubotuLaunchpad bug 191487 in kdegraphics-kde4 "kdegraphics-kde4 needs rebuilding aginst new libgs8" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/19148711:33
jpatrickSXan: stdin's an expert in kde4 backports11:34
stdinwell, I don't know about "expert", but I've have a bit of experience there ;P11:35
jpatrickstdin: pastebin your backport script11:40
jpatrickoh wow11:42
Riddellstdin: hmm, needs shlibs fixed in ghostscript11:45
* jpatrick wants kmail-kde411:55
* xRaich[o]2x wants akregator-kde412:00
* emonkey wants *-kde412:11
Tonio_Riddell: I'll upload kwin-style-crystal with _stefans_ patches in a few minutes, and then finishing kdesudo and kdesudo-kde4 for -u option to work12:15
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TuXmanAnyone who is interested in making a Debian-based lightweight KDE system, join the channel #AirOS14:27
stdinit has nothing to do with Kubuntu, aka -> spam14:28
smarterAnyone who is interested in making a Debian-based lightweight KDE system, stay here :}14:30
TheInfinityn+1 distro - bah.14:31
jpatrickKubuntu rocks14:37
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ArtimusHas anyone considered a KDE ufw frontend for Hardy?  It seems like it would fit rather well in systemsettings.  I was messing around with KDevelop, it looks like it wouldn't take too much: http://img238.imageshack.us/img238/8100/kufwmockupud3.png15:56
ScottKArtimus: We are past feature freeze for Hardy, so it's a bit late, but it sounds to me like an excellent idea for Hardy +1.15:59
ArtimusScottK: Oh, ok.  Wasn't sure on the timeline.16:00
ArtimusUnfortunately, I think the plan is to rewrite ufw to be a PF clone for hardy+116:00
ScottK2If you act fast, you could get it into Hardy +1 and then into hardy-backports.16:01
ArtimusI thought hardy-backports would only accept packages already in hardy16:02
Artimus(just newer versions)16:02
ScottK2Not at all.  New packages get backported all the time.  They are actually among the safest backports because regression risk is zero.16:03
ArtimusHow much time would that give me?  I can't seem to pull up a development timeline...16:06
ScottK2The archives for the new release usually open two or three weeks after release, so you could upload to Hardy +1 in mid May.16:08
ScottK2Artimus: A KDE4/QT4 solution would be preferred at this point.  KDE4 will be the default KDE for new Hardy installs as I understand it.16:09
ArtimusYeah, I thought about that...16:09
ArtimusAnd I'm sure Hardy+1 is also going to be mainly KDE4...16:10
ScottK2Even more so.16:10
ScottK2Gotta run.  Good luck with it.16:11
ScottK2Also, you'll want to write a spec for it for Hardy +1 when the time comes so it's officially on the list.16:11
nixternalEclipse never stops impressing me, that PyDev plugin for it is awesome, finally a way to get real completion with Python16:38
nixternaland it even does PyQt and PyKDE completion16:38
nosrednaekimRiddell » ping.16:38
nosrednaekimnixternal » what app does that?16:41
nosrednaekimsorry, I got here just a bit late;)16:41
nixternalEclipse with the PyDev plugin16:41
nosrednaekimah... shoulda gotten that the other day when I was on cable :)16:42
nosrednaekimKate is just slightly underpowered16:43
iRonnixternal: Does PyDev support code refactoring?17:04
ryanakcauh oh... after upgrade, KDM doesn't want to start17:20
ryanakcawell, it starts fine, just doesn't show me anything17:21
* ryanakca looks at the logs17:21
ryanakcaoh fun, looks like the nvidia module broke :)17:22
iRonwhich one -- kdm3 or kdm4 ?17:23
nosrednaekimthats why I like fglrx, X will work without the kernel module, you just don't have 3d accel17:23
ryanakca"(EE) NVIDIA(0): Failed to load the NVIDIA kernel module!" in /var/log/kdm.log17:23
ryanakcaiRon: kdm3... its because of a broken upgrade over here... *will try to fix*17:23
ScottK2Is there an approved feature freeze exception for continuing KDE4 updates or 3.5.9?20:36
jpatrickprobably,  we've done it before20:37
jpatrick3.5.8 was uploaded a day before release iirc20:37
ScottK2I know we're going to upload it, I just want to figure out if it's been OK'ed.  I'm trying to fill out https://wiki.ubuntu.com/StandingFeatureFreeze so people don't get suprised.20:38
jpatrickthanks for the ack on semantik by the way :)20:38
ScottKYou're welcome.20:40
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jpatrickI'm still marked as Maintainer?21:56
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Tonio_hi there22:34
ScottKHi there Tonio_.22:35
ScottKTonio_: Do you have a moment for a klamav discussion?22:35
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ScottKTonio_: In klamav 0.42, upstream removed klamd and gave up on on access scanning, but left the U/I for it (not working).  It seems reasonable to me that we ought to patch the program not to provide U/I for functions that no longer exist.  Does that sound right?22:37
Tonio_of course22:38
Tonio_well I previously released a patch for this right ?22:38
ScottKTonio_: Also, looking at the Debian Klamav package, the one thing they have that we don't is a patch to use the system virus database instead of a per user one.  I think that makes sense to include in our package too.22:38
Tonio_we just have to rewrite this one I guess22:38
ScottKTonio_: No, you did a patch to remove the update functionality.22:38
ScottKTonio_: I can probably do it, just wanted to run it by you first.22:39
ScottKTonio_: I'll ping you if I get stuck.22:39
Tonio_hum right, the klamd thing was still there22:39
Tonio_ScottK of course, please ping me if you need help :)22:39
crimsun_Tonio_: what sort of mactel audio issue did you mention previously?  Has the kernel team ACKed any action?22:39
Tonio_crimsun_: I didn't ping them yet22:40
Tonio_crimsun_: basically, we investigated a patch together for feisty, and that patch was removed for gutsy22:40
Tonio_crimsun_: I can write the patch again, but I have to take a moment to ping the kernel team on that point22:40
Tonio_crimsun_: I'll send an email today with the patch and you in CC22:42
Tonio_ScottK I agree on the system virus database thing22:42
Tonio_ScottK I thought it was handled by klamav as long as the per user one doesn't exist22:43
Tonio_ScottK am I wrong on that point ?22:43
crimsun_Tonio_: ok, thanks.  I don't have access to e-mail, but I'll read the Web archive.22:43
ScottKTonio_: No.  The first run wizard defaults to a per user one, so unless you change it to the system one, you get a per user one on first run.22:43
Tonio_crimsun_: did you loose your access to ubuntu/launchpad/ML ?22:44
Tonio_ScottK, ah oki22:44
crimsun_Tonio_: no, I'm traveling.22:44
Tonio_ScottK I didn't work on klamav for a long time now, and since I don't use it anymore, I'm a bit lost :) sorry for this22:44
Tonio_crimsun_: ah ;)22:44
Tonio_crimsun_: okay, sorry for the question, bt it looked strange to me ;)22:45
ScottKTonio_: No problem.  If you'd rather I just dealt with it, I can, I just check with you because it's originally your package.22:45
Tonio_ScottK sure ;)22:46
claydohA quick question, if I may :)22:46
Tonio_ScottK but you are free to make your own decision now !22:46
Tonio_claydoh: fire away :)22:46
claydohkde4 and Feisty: no go due to needed dependencies, correct?22:46
Tonio_crimsun_: just grabbing the feisty kernel source to get the patch for alsa and macbook22:47
claydohas the alphas, etc were in feisty, have a forum poster wondering why no kde4 for Feisty22:47
claydohyou'd basically have to update enough libraies, etc to be running Gutsy22:47
ScottKTonio_: OK.  Thanks.22:48
* ScottK will ping if I get stucj.22:48
Tonio_claydoh: maintaining kde4 is a lot of work, and due to feisty not beeing lts, it is probably better not maintaining it atm22:49
Tonio_claydoh: especially since kde4 isn't quite usable daily long yet22:49
Tonio_claydoh: better keeping the effort arround hardy atm :)22:49
claydohok good enough reson for me, just trying to correctly respond22:49
Tonio_claydoh: sure :)22:50
Tonio_claydoh: also the userbase if feisty is pretty limited, due to not beeing LTS, most feisty users have gone gutsy now22:50
claydohthanks Tonio_22:50
Tonio_claydoh: you're welcome22:50
Tonio_crimsun_: the patch needs rewrite since the codebase changed a lot23:00
Tonio_crimsun_: mind reviewing the patch after I finished writing it ?23:00
crimsun_sure, just ping me with a pastebin URL23:00
Tonio_crimsun_: yep :)23:00
crimsun_I'm away for a bit to locate another coffee shop.23:01
Tonio_crimsun_: I must say I can't write it myself....... way to complicated for me23:11
Tonio_crimsun_: I can do but only with your help, as I know the pin_configs to add23:11
Tonio_in fact one of them is to be modified, but I don't know how to identify my machine in the list of machines23:13
Tonio_crimsun_: so please (if you can) ping me when back :)23:13
Nightroseclaydoh: there was someone here who was interested in packages for feisty23:14
Nightroseclaydoh: forgot his nick though23:14
Nightroseseemed like he will try to backport23:14
Tonio_crimsun_: you have from STAC_INTEL_MAC_V1 to STAC_INTEL_MAC_V5, one need to be modified, so I just need you to help me find which one (possibly without testing the 5 ;)23:16
nosrednaekimRiddell » ping23:19
Tonio_crimsun_: I think I'm done with the patch ;)23:35
Tonio_crimsun_: thanks to one year old irc logs I found what you asked me to look at the for sound card infos :)23:36
Tonio_crimsun_: http://paste.toniox.org/281323:36
Tonio_not sure if it was better doing a V6 or V3_S23:36
Tonio_crimsun_: I did a _S to match what you previously did23:36
nosrednaekimapachelogger » hey..... jpatrick said something about you putting patches into 4.0.1 for a multi-row panel.. is this true?23:38
Nightrosenosrednaekim: it is working already - you just need to open enough windows23:39
Nightroseit should work (TM)23:39
nosrednaekimah there we go!23:40
nosrednaekimthats a heck of alot of apps :)23:41
nosrednaekimanyway to force it to do two rows?23:41
Nightrosenot yet I think23:41
apacheloggernosrednaekim: why would you want to do that?23:41
Nightrosehey apachelogger :) - we missed you23:42
apacheloggerI missed myself as well23:42
apacheloggerNightrose: btw, I still can't reproduce the rendering issues23:42
nosrednaekimapachelogger » uhhh, cause I want to :) I'll just put some icons down there to force the panel to be smaller :)23:43
Nightroseapachelogger: very wild guess: you using kdm or kdm-kde423:44
apacheloggernosrednaekim: lol, that is one plausible reason ;-)23:44
apacheloggerNightrose: yes23:44
apacheloggernot anymore23:44
Nightrosekdm-kde4 here23:44
apacheloggerwell, I used -kde4 since .0 release and didn't notice the issue either23:45
apacheloggerso it can't be kdm related23:45
Nightroseneither did I until I told you ;-)23:45
apacheloggerwould be rather strange as well, since kdm-kde4 is pretty much equal kdm23:45
Nightrosehmm ok23:45
apacheloggerNightrose: btw, murmur läuft23:46
apacheloggerNightrose: ich versuche gerade die config so hinzubiegen, dass es über rokymotion läuft23:46
apacheloggerradio. ist etwas sehr merkwürdig für nen murmur server :P23:46
Tonio_apachelogger: don't tell me they used kdm-kde3 codebase for kde4 !!!!!!!!! :'(23:48
Tonio_kdm is SHIT compared to gdm...23:49
apacheloggerTonio_: not much improvement in the code.... from what I saw it's mostly a straight forward port to qt423:49
Tonio_apachelogger: :'(23:50
Tonio_I hope they'll consider a from scratch rewrite in the future.... really23:50
apacheloggerTonio_: "they" is actually much of a "he". IMHO none else within KDE really cares about KDM as long as it "works"23:51
Tonio_apachelogger: that's a big problem imho23:52

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