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robvdlHi, I've just uploaded my first package successfully after a few goes.01:55
robvdlHowever, it seems to be source only https://launchpad.net/~robvdl/+archive01:55
robvdlHow do I get it to show the DEB? everytime I do try to upload the DEB, I get errors that it is binary only, or mixed, and it rejects it01:56
robvdlIf I build with dpkg-buildpackage -S it uploads it no problem, but it's source only01:57
robvdlany ideas?01:57
robvdlah, it's come up now, but...02:21
robvdlmake: dh_pysupport: Command not found02:21
robvdlfailed to build :(02:21
robvdlit builds here at home on Gutsy02:22
Hobbseerobvdl: sounds like your package is missing a build-dep on python-support - did you build in  a chroot?02:26
robvdlI don't know02:26
robvdlI will add python-support to the control file and try again02:27
robvdlit now says Build-Depends: debhelper (>= 5), python-support02:27
Hobbseethat should be more promising.02:28
Hobbseedear launchpaders, please don't assume that people are on VAC for only a week.  thanks.02:42
Hobbseeoy, Fujitsu 02:55
Hobbseesee query :)02:56
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Hobbseecprov: how'd the session go?03:51
robvdlyay, package built successfully, thanks04:22
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pochu_Does a team owner need to be a member of the team to be able to administer it?13:56
RainCTif I want to get all the files from a bzr branch but without the bzr stuff, is there something better than   bzr checkout --lightweight ...; rm -r .bzr  ?14:59
Nafallobzr export15:00
RainCTNafallo: great! thanks15:07
SeqHi, what causes a "Failed to upload"?17:34
geserSeq: different reasons, if you are the uploader you should got a mail with the reason17:35
SeqIt was verifying binaries, then had an "Unhandled exception processing upload"17:36
geserSeq: can you pastebin the reason from the mail?17:37
geseror was this the complete error message?17:38
Seqgeser:  http://pastebin.com/m17b4dd7917:39
Seqgeser: I put the whole email in there incase I missed something17:39
geserSeq: I haven't seen this error yet so I can't help you.17:40
gesercprov: ^^^ any idea what went wrong?17:40
cprovgeser: let check17:41
cprovgeser: weird, linux-libc-dev_2.6.24-8.13~mactel1_amd64.deb: debExtractControl() 17:42
Seqcprov: any ideas? I just rebuilt the package, and it failed again19:33
cprovSeq: no, I don't know exactly what is wrong,  processing the binary manually results in the same error, although raising a python and using apt_inst manually seems to work19:35
Seqfailed to transfer again, that is19:35
cprovSeq: did you add anything to the rules file ?19:35
SeqThis package built fine on my personal PPA (this is an upload to the team). The only thing I modified was having it build the 386 flavour in addition to generic on i38619:36
Seqcprov: from default, I believe I added AUTOBUILD=1 to debian/rules19:37
mtaylorkiko: is there a plan to have a team be able to add their own sprint/meeting? 21:41
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RainCTHi again. Is there any other interface to Launchpad than the +rdf pages?22:25
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thumperRainCT: a launchpad api is in the works22:32
RainCTok, cool22:32
thumperRainCT: if you are after something specific right now, ask a question on the launchpad project22:32
RainCTthumper: I'll wait for the API :)22:40
ubotuNew bug: #192511 in launchpad "[PPA] if a superseeding package is deleted the superseeded package is not reshown" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/19251123:21
pixelpapstgood morning23:35
pixelpapstany launchpad admins online ?23:35
pixelpapsti have a question about registering something... (not a FAQ :-)23:35
Fujitsupixelpapst: I'm not an admin, but there might be one around, so ask your question.23:36
pixelpapstwe have been developing a CDD in-house23:37
pixelpapstand want to open it up more to the outside23:37
pixelpapstand also move over to Ubuntu (possibly gobuntu) as out base23:37
geserhas somebody an idea what happend to the "ispanish" package in hardy? It's gone missing. https://edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/hardy/amd64/ispanish/+index shows that it got moved from universe to main but now it's gone completely.23:38
pixelpapstevaluating that right now23:38
pixelpapsta while ago, i asked sabdfl: "if we move to ubuntu, should we register as a distri in LP" ?23:38
pixelpapstand he said to give you 23:39
pixelpapstand he said to give you guys (LP team) a poke when we need it23:39
pixelpapstso, with the release of 8.04 we want to switch over to ubuntu underneath23:40
pixelpapsthave been evaluating it, and it looks _good_ :-)23:40
pixelpapstso i'd like to register the distri with LP now, and build up the process around LP in the coming months23:41
Nafalloweekend though23:41
Nafalloyou usually have better luck during weekdays23:42
pixelpapstso my question is, should I register as a project first, and you guys change it over to a distri ?23:42
geserilithuanian is in the same situation as ispanish23:42
Fujitsugeser: Oh good, that bug has appeared again.23:42
LarstiQheya pixelpapst 23:42
pixelpapstNafallo: ok23:42
FujitsuIt's the same one that killed everything just after Christmas.23:42
pixelpapsthi LarstiQ23:42
geserFujitsu: someone forgot to feed LP again?23:42
Fujitsucprov: I believe Soyuz is eating arch: all binaries again.23:43
LarstiQkiko: ayt?23:43
pixelpapstjust wanted to get the registration finished before the Developer week :-)23:43
Fujitsucprov: See ispanish, ilithuanian, and probably lots of others.23:44
Fujitsugeser: Have you found any non-arch-indep binaries that have been eaten?23:47
gesernot yet23:48
geserFujitsu: perhaps, but I'm not sure it's the same problem23:50
gesersuperm1 is missing packages from the last mythplugins build23:50
superm1yeah a fairly sizable chunk too.23:51
superm1soyuz must be really hungry23:51
gesersome got published but only on amd64 and powerpc (according to packages.u.c) but i386 seems to be missing23:51
Fujitsugeser: I don't think a.u.c has been updated in a couple of days.23:56
FujitsuSomething is borked.23:56
FujitsuSoyuz is eating things, but I don't think mythplugins is one of them.23:56
Fujitsu(mythplugins on i386 was published a couple of days after the rest)23:56
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geserFujitsu: a.u.c not being updated would explain why my sear upload didn't appear there yet. I remember a.u.c getting the newly build debs quite fast in the past.23:59

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