doofy`is there changes with hardy in regards to how it detects disks?00:17
doofy2would there be a reason hardy isnt detecting my windows drive at all?00:24
ethana2it didn't shut down00:27
ethana2it was hibernated or crashed00:27
ethana2unclean logfile00:27
ethana2it doesn't mount volumes under those conditions00:27
doofy2even with sudo fdisk -l00:27
doofy2it should be /dev/hda100:27
doofy2nothign there... just upgraded to hh00:28
ethana2did your partition table get screwed up?00:28
ethana2does GRUB see windows still?00:28
ethana2is it bootable?00:28
doofy2i dont see a reason why it would have :-/ nothing shoudl have even touched it00:28
doofy2well actually come to think of it, its not even a windows partition... i think i made it ext300:28
selckin"notting should ahve touched it" "i made it ext3", thats where any sane person stops trying to help00:29
doofy2not just now...00:29
ethana2moment of silence for your data...00:30
doofy2what i meant was it was not a windows partition... i forgot that i had made it ext3 a few months back because i didnt use windows00:30
ethana2well now you remember00:30
ethana2..so are you still wondering anything?00:31
doofy2why its not showing up with sudo fdisk -l00:31
selckinbecause you forgot you removed it00:31
doofy2i dont understand why the upgrade to hh would have made it not show up with that00:31
doofy2maybe im not being clear with what im saying lol00:32
doofy2i had an ext3 partition before i upgraded to hardy heron. Now that im in hardy heron it does not even show up with fdisk -l00:33
doofy2forget the rest of what i said... it was all a matter of whether it was ntfs or ext3.00:33
dejv_ntbdoes NM work for you lately?00:37
ethana2it won't let me add or remove anything01:09
ethana2i guess i /do/ have a problem01:09
h3sp4wnWhat won't01:10
h3sp4wnwhat does dpkg -C say01:10
ethana2Apps -> add/remove01:10
ethana2oops, sorry01:11
ethana2ctrl + c doesn't do the same in terminal01:11
ethana2The following packages have been unpacked but not yet configured.01:11
ethana2They must be configured using dpkg --configure or the configure01:11
ethana2menu option in dselect for them to work:01:11
ethana2 language-support-en  metapackage for English language support01:11
ethana2 language-support-writing-en Writing aids metapackage for English01:11
ethana2eww... formatting...  should have taken gedit to that..01:12
hmullerare we talking about the effects of the latest updates?01:12
ethana2dpkg --configure language-support-en...01:12
ethana2aaand dependency problems01:14
ethana2ok, installing openoffice.org-hyphenation-en-us..01:15
ethana2and error code (1) from dpkg01:15
ethana2two packages include the same file01:15
ethana2and they are conflicting because of that01:16
h3sp4wnethana2: see what aptitude -f full-upgrade suggests01:17
hmullerhere's my two cents on this one:01:17
ethana2oh sweet01:18
hmullerErrors were encountered while processing:01:18
ethana2that's awesome, it knows just what to do..01:18
ethana2looks good..  looks good...01:18
hmuller /var/cache/apt/archives/openoffice.org-hyphenation-en-us_2.3-5_all.deb01:18
ethana2Score is 211?01:18
ethana2i'm doing what it says.01:18
hmullersudo apt-get openoffice.org-hyphenation-en-us_2.3-5_all.deb01:19
h3sp4wnethana2: yep it seems to always know what to do these days (when apt is going to trash everything)01:19
ethana2oh, aptitude failed01:19
hmullerE: Couldn't find package openoffice.org-hyphenation-en-us_2.3-5_all.deb01:19
h3sp4wnethana2: same thing ? pastebin some stuff01:19
ethana2FF3 just barfed on me01:20
ethana2i need someone else to pastebin this01:20
h3sp4wnIf I was you I would forcibly remove language-support-en temporarily01:20
ethana2i need to meet someone on another channel01:20
ethana2and send this text at them01:20
ethana2any volunteers?01:21
ethana2if so, #colemak is empty, meet me there01:22
=== crimsun_ changed the topic of #ubuntu+1 to: Welcome to #ubuntu+1 "Home of the Hardy Heron" | dapper/edgy/feisty/gutsy in #ubuntu | If you are here to ask questions such as "what repositories do i use?", "is hardy going to break for me?", update without checking what is to be updated, or do not know how to resolve dependencies with apt, DO NOT RUN HARDY | Help test LTS upgrade: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LTSUpgradesHowto
ethana2i have a bunch of text to get out01:23
ethana2but i can't get to pastebin01:24
ethana2i need someone to take this01:24
hobbsseeing a "disagrees about symbol" error in alsa between cx88_alsa from hardy linux-image-2.6.24-8-generic and snd-pcm from hardy linux-ubuntu-modules-2.6.24-8-generic -- it's a problem that's cropped up in the past, google will turn up a number of launchpad hits, but they never get closed01:24
ethana2wait, circular dependency?01:26
crimsun_hobbs: with 2.6.24-8.14-generic?01:26
crimsun_"cat /proc/version_signature"01:26
hobbsyes, that matches.01:26
crimsun_pastebin it, please.01:26
crimsun_I no longer maintain alsa, but it's likely the issue I fixed locally.01:27
hobbsokay, getting the info together01:27
profoX`Can someone confirm if this bug is fixed or not? https://bugs.launchpad.net/mixxx/+bug/183011 just install mixxx and check if there's a "JACK" option in the sound API combobox in the settings window01:28
ubotuLaunchpad bug 183011 in mixxx "JACK disabled in Gutsy PortAudio package" [Critical,In progress]01:28
ethana2giving up on it for now01:28
crimsun_uh, critical?01:29
crimsun_that's extremely inflated.01:29
hobbscrimsun_: http://scsys.co.uk:8001/1289501:29
crimsun_hobbs: that port is blocked for me locally01:29
crimsun_hobbs: I will attempt to look after I move wi-fi hotspots (ETA: 30 mins)01:29
hobbscrimsun_: http://rafb.net/p/oo5DZy85.nln.html01:30
profoX`crimsun_: yea, but thats for the mixxx package.. the actual package thats wrong is probably the portaudio19 package..01:32
hmullerall I gotta say is hardy may be slighty broke, but I like what the direction it's going01:39
h3sp4wnCan anyone confirm zsh-lovers is uninstallable for them01:39
h3sp4wn(simple fix the path for the divert is wrong01:40
hmullerh3sp4wn: there's a known issue with one of it's dependencies, at least in this channel01:41
h3sp4wnAll it is is - /usr/share/vim/syntax/zsh.vim should be /usr/share/vim/vim71/syntax/zsh.vim01:42
=== Spec is now known as x-spec-t
lime4x4is it possible to remove all network devices then have hardy redetect them?01:46
hobbslime4x4: are you having an issue with naming or what?01:46
lime4x4trying to get my nics to work on a reboot01:47
lime4x4i have built in dual nvidia nics01:47
lime4x4every reboot i have to remove the forcedeth module01:47
lime4x4then reload it with a different setting01:47
lime4x4the nics worked fine in gutsy but not hardy there detected but can't use them till i reload the forcedeth module with this  sudo modprobe forcedeth msi=0 msix=001:49
hobbsadd a file in /etc/modprobe.d with an 'options' line giving the options that you need to make it work? man modprobe.conf01:49
lime4x4tired that still no joy01:49
lime4x4i have to remove the forcedeth module reload it then do 2 network restarts01:49
lime4x4so i was going to remove all the nics then turn one off in the bios and s what happens01:50
hobbsthere's really nothing to "remove" on the ubuntu end. There's a udev rule for assigning consistent interface names between boots but there's no real need for you to remove that (unless the remaining one ends up eth1 and you'd rather it was eth0). If you want to try turning one off in BIOS, just do it.01:52
lime4x4tried that already same problem01:52
hobbswell then there's your answer.01:52
lime4x4i was thinking it was like a windows system that keeps a data base of installed hardware01:53
hobbsno, linux does things more dynamically than that. These days, at least :)01:53
lime4x4cause i'm outta of ideas01:54
lime4x4i even tried installing gutsy then i did an upgrade to hardy and the nics stopped working01:54
hobbsI don't see why the options line isn't helping you, having to unload and reload is very strange. But I would think it's an issue for kernel folks.01:55
lime4x4the research i did showed up that this was an old bug back in the fiesty days01:56
hobbslime4x4: link?01:58
lime4x4is it possible to rebuild the forcedeth module from scratch?01:58
lime4x4give me a sec01:58
hmullerlime4x4:  You tried addding "options forcedeth msi=0 msix=0" to /etc/modprobe.d/options  ???01:58
lime4x4hobbs https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+bug/13683601:59
ubotuLaunchpad bug 136836 in ubuntu "Ethernet (nVidia MCP55) is not working on Gusty Tribe 5" [Undecided,Incomplete]01:59
XiXaQI'm running hardy in vmware, with open-vm-tools installed. I can't get any resolution options though. xorg.conf seems very empty, and when I run dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg, I don't get any resolution options there either. Any ideas?01:59
lime4x4in gutsy they work fine02:00
hmullerlime4x4:  just asking, you created udev rules to persistently name the ethernet devices?02:06
hmullerI think that's what hobbs may have meant earlier, you should give that a try and see if that helps02:07
hobbsno, not particularly. udev apparently auto-creates rules like that now, but it shouldn't make a difference in the problem one way or the other02:07
hmullerhobbs: it might if the device names keep switching.02:09
hmullerlime4x4:  You might check to see what the device names and mac addresses are before, and then after you do that modprobe thing and then see if there is a difference02:10
hobbslime4x4: do you have an /etc/udev/rules.d/70-persistent-net.rules and if so does it have a couple of lines in it with the mac addresses of your two NICs?02:11
lime4x4ok i will give that a try02:13
lime4x4hobbs yes i have that file02:15
hmullerlime4x4: what about the last part of his question, does it have the mac addresses of your two nics?02:16
lime4x4i will check it on a reboot and c if they stay the same02:17
hmullerlime4x4:  They should, otherwise the rule is broken02:18
hobbswhat it really comes down to is that the options line should work, or else the kernel is broken or modutils (wtf they call it now) is :)02:20
lime4x4i think it's the kernel02:23
hmullerone would think options lines would work for all devices of the same module.  it is a curious problem.  I had problems before with interface naming, but persistent udev rules always fixed that.02:23
hmullerlime4x4: you haven't rebooted yet to see if they change  ; )02:25
lime4x4nope but i will in a few minutes here02:25
mphilldid openoffice break for anyone else?02:29
hmullerThere's a problem with one of the dependencies02:30
mphillhmuller: do you use java in firefox3 at all?02:31
hmulleryes, but I think it's not quite right in FF3, yahoo mail doesn't work, have to use yahoo mail classic02:32
mphilli tried to link the .so manually, no luck02:33
mphilli need aspirin02:33
=== Tuv0k is now known as darthanubis
* hobbs gives mphill naproxen02:34
hobbsbest I have ;)02:34
hmullerit looks like they are getting a handle on the FF memory leak problem02:34
mphillmy bluetooth is still foobar and i had to compile wine from source02:35
mphillother than that, i like it02:35
mphilldid the name of the restricted driver management package change ?02:36
hmullerI don't think so02:36
hmullerI'm still using it for nvidia02:36
mphillfirst think i do is remove that, what is jockey ?02:37
hmulleroh yeah, that changed02:38
hmullersorry, I thought you were talking about the modules02:38
mphillis jockey the restricted driver manager now?02:38
hobbsseems that way.02:39
mphillis there a high level change log for ubuntu that is updated regularly ?02:40
Dr_willisnever noticed :)02:43
Dr_willischangelog " updated the log"02:43
hmullerThere's a broad overview: http://www.ubuntu.com/testing/hardy/alpha402:43
hmullernot really a changelog though02:43
hmuller<laughs at the Dr>02:44
mphillanyone have an idea why my system only recognizes 3.2gigs of ram of 4?  The bios says 4gb when i boot.02:45
Dr_willisthats  part of the 32 vs 64 bit issue thats going on these days02:45
Dr_willisYou using the 64 bit release? or 32bit?02:45
Dr_willisthe 64bit disrto might let you see all the ram. - i researched this once.. and aparantly a lot has todo with the mb/bios/other hardware also.02:47
Dr_willis4gb i think the 'max'  address space of ram that a 32bit sstem can handle.. BUT  some hardware also takes up a bit of that max space of addresses also.. video cards and so forth.02:48
Dr_williswhich is why with exactly 4gb of ram. a 32bit sustem wont see it all.02:48
mphilli'm missing 800 megs02:49
Dr_willisOr so i gathered from my reading of a LOT of  forumx.02:49
Dr_willisand how much ram does your video card have?02:49
mphilli guess i need HIGHMEM64G02:49
mphillDr_willis: no video ram is used by this mobo02:49
Dr_willisPossibially. I have not tweaked anything - I just have 3gb ram here.02:49
mphillis there a big mem kernel02:49
Dr_willisso other then just reading the forums/ and so forth. Ive not looked into the issue any more02:50
hobbsyeah, a 32-bit system without PAE only has 4 gigs of physical address space, and not all of that space can map to RAM -- some of it needs to be used for other crap like video cards :)02:50
Dr_willisYep. :) i recall lots of terms like PAE and so forth - that i dident really understand.02:50
Dr_willisBut its fun reading/learning02:50
Dr_willisthe point ti rember it that its not just a  simple  '32bit can handle 4gb, 64bit can handle more' sort of problem.02:51
mphilli'm going to try something in bios02:51
Dr_willisYour video card has some ram..  :)02:52
hmullerdon't forge to check the mac addresses!02:52
hmullerbefore and after02:52
hmullerand that's forget not forge02:52
hobbsthat was someone else ;)02:52
hmuller<laughing> that's what I get for having another beer02:53
crimsun_hobbs: uname -m, please03:00
mphillno such luck in the bios03:01
mphilli heard to look for a remapping option03:01
mphilli lack that....03:01
crimsun_hobbs: that's pretty straightforward, actually.  It was compiled for an older ALSA version (1.0.15) in linux-image-2.6.24-8-generic, but you're using ALSA from linux-ubuntu-modules-2.6.24-8-generic.03:07
crimsun_linux-ubuntu-modules-2.6.24-8-generic has something slightly newer than
hobbsoh, are there alsa modules in both and they're getting sort of overlaid?03:08
crimsun_I believe this precise issue was raised in #ubuntu-kernel this past week, but my memory is fuzzy.03:08
=== danielm_ is now known as danielm
crimsun_hobbs: right.  I bet cx88-alsa will work with linux-ubuntu-modules-2.6.24-8-generic removed.03:10
crimsun_keep in mind that's a horrible kludge; it requires mangling a bit more complicated than currently available.03:10
hobbsalright, let me give that a whack. I don't think anything particularly needs that, linux-image-generic just brought it in.03:10
hobbsand I guess I'll need to reboot or at least unload all sound stuff to get the newer ALSA out of memory03:11
crimsun_sure.  "sudo /sbin/alsa force-reload"03:12
hobbsthat's handy, I didn't know that was there. :)03:12
crimsun_probably best if you do that after removing l-u-m, logging out of your graphical environment.03:13
hobbsyou caught me too late, but it didn't do any harm. Just nuked my mixer and amarok :)03:14
crimsun_log out and back in, then.03:14
hobbsand yeah, I agree that's a bit ugly, but understandable. As long as it's a known issue I'm cool with it. Thanks for the help.03:14
lime4x4hmuller and hobbs on a reboot they udev file didn't change but now i got a new error  eth2: ERROR while getting interface flags: No such device03:14
lime4x4SIOCSIFADDR: No such device03:14
lime4x4i don't have a eth203:15
lime4x4i have eth0 and eth103:15
hobbscrimsun_: I've been rolling my own kernel for ages, decided to switch today to make nvidia and virtualbox easier, and this bit me.03:15
Assiderr question.. how do you send CTRL  ALT DEL over tsclient03:15
hmullerlime4x4: so when you run the modprobe with option, you get eth1 and eth2?03:16
hobbscrimsun_: I used to _need_ to roll my own, but nowadays everything I ever need is in tree or packaged by Ubuntu. Guess I can't complain about that.03:16
lime4x4when i do a network restart from the command line it shows eth0, eth1 and now eth203:17
lime4x4udev shows eth0 and eth103:18
mphillis there anyway to install application when dependencies are broken03:20
mphilli can't install anything because of openoffice03:21
hmullerlime: udev meaning the persistent rule?03:21
hobbsapt won't do anything that doesn't unbreak your current situation. It's like being in check.03:21
hobbsYou can still use dpkg but that's more a "for emergency purposes" thing :)03:21
hmullerand when you restart the network it shows three network devices?03:22
mphillso should i just wait until they fix it03:22
lime4x4yes but i only have 2 i don't know where the third nic came from03:23
hobbsmphill: well, I'm assuming OOo isn't working for you anyway in that state, so if you remove it you'll have apt back. Or if you can find an older (matching) set of packages from when it wasn't broken and manually install them :)03:23
hmullerlime: do you have a wireless nic?03:23
lime4x42 built in nvidia nics 10/100/100003:24
hmullerifconfig reports which eth# devices?03:26
lime4x4both my nvidia's nic nothing about eth203:27
Assidanyone updated today/yday ?03:29
Assidcompiz fails to start here03:29
DarkMageZcompiz finally works here ッ03:29
Assidbroken to hell here03:30
Assiddoesnt even start03:30
mphillcompiz is working for me03:30
hmulleri'll restart, see if compiz is working.  not working now, but I just did update earlier.03:30
DarkMageZerror message ya?03:30
Assidyou got all the updates?03:30
mphilli have some other broken stuff03:30
mphillAssid: are you using hardy-proposed ?03:30
Assideh ?03:31
lime4x4hmuller  http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/4632/03:31
Assidi got whatever the updates came out03:31
Assidor whatever partial was available03:31
Assidi think cause of XGL03:31
AssidXlib:  extension "GLX" missing on display ":0.0".03:32
AssidError: couldn't get an RGB, Double-buffered visual03:32
Assiddammit.. it used to work03:32
DarkMageZit's not detecting xgl.03:32
DarkMageZwhat graphics card?03:32
DanaGOh yeah, wanna' know what sets what ethX numbers are used for which device?03:32
DanaGLook in /etc/udev/rules.d/70-persistent-net.rules03:33
Assidnvidia 8600gts - using nvidia-glx-new last time i checked03:33
DarkMageZAssid, ah. did lrm fully update?03:34
Assidnah.. past few days.. i get only partial updates03:34
lime4x4hmuller http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/4632/03:34
hmullercompiz definitely not working on the amd64 (core2) platform03:34
hmullerlime: is that before or after the modprobe that gets them working?03:35
mphillhmuller: you can use compoiste in metacity for the time being03:35
Assidis the repositories finally complete? or still partial updates?03:35
hmullermphill: Not really concerned, as it'll get fixed later03:36
hmullerhardy will break until april, and maybe a little bit afterwards03:36
hmulleri like the new artwork03:36
crimsun_err, we can't afford to break it all the way up until April.03:37
DanaGultrastarng: pcm_params.c:2351: sndrv_pcm_hw_params: Assertion `err >= 0' failed.03:37
DanaGAborted (core dumped)03:37
hmullerthe new background03:37
lime4x4the only thng that changes is before modprobe has no ip addy then after modprobe has an ip addy03:37
Assidsomeone should fix the usb permission issues to get scanners to work03:37
hmullerlime: what do you mean by addy?03:37
DanaGWhat's this about a new background?03:37
crimsun_see the new ubuntu-wallpapers03:37
hmullerafter the update/upgrade, new wallpaper03:38
lime4x4etho and eth1 or set to static ip addresses while br0 receives an ip address from my router03:38
mphillits like a crane03:38
hmulleralmost a fractal crane ...03:38
hmullerlime: bridging is beyond my paygrade, I don't have the practice or knowledge yet03:40
Assidso what about my packages?03:40
DanaGHmm, no changelog showing up.03:40
* Assid is stuck with a broken compiz03:40
lime4x4well i have the same issue without the bridge03:40
regulatedebconf: DbDriver "config": /var/cache/debconf/config.dat is locked by another process: Resource temporarily unavailable03:41
Assidmphill: you using hardy-proposed?03:42
Assidmphill: and yours works?03:43
mphillbut my system is fucked03:43
Assiderr why?03:43
mphilli can't install anything03:43
mphillopenoffice is bustes03:43
Assidso i shouldnt used proposed?03:44
Assidwhy does Xgl not work is something i fail to understand03:45
hmullernothing wrong with testing the possibly more unstable packages in the unstable release ...03:46
mphillwhat video card do you have?03:46
Assidhmuller: i "kinda" use this machine for production03:46
Assidmphill: nvidia 8600gts03:46
Assidand yes i do have nvidia-glx-new03:46
Assidatleast i did last time i checked03:47
mphilli install from the nvidia site03:47
hmullerAssid: then you will have to accept problems as hardy isn't production ready yet.  but it's getting close.03:47
mphilli don't know if that helps or not03:47
Assidmphill: why not the hardy restricted drivers?03:47
Assidhmuller: i do.. thats why i am testing it on my machines.. so if i find bugs now ATLEAST they will be addressed03:48
Assidone issue i do face on my laptop is appearance manager eats 100% cpu.. EVEN if its doing NOTHING03:48
hmullerright on, file early and often03:48
hmullerThat is file bugs early and often03:48
Assidthats something i dot know how to file.. what am i to say " one issue i do face on my laptop is appearance manager eats 100% cpu.. EVEN if its doing NOTHING"03:49
Assidthats not really a bug report03:49
Assidman gnome needs better ftp clients that WORK03:49
Assidgftp sucks..03:49
Assidi cant copy an entire directory recursively without it skipping or failing something03:49
=== danielm__ is now known as danielm
Assidatleast konqueror does a decent job03:58
regulatestill can't dpkg -i custom kernels03:59
Assiderr i installed: nautilus-script-collection-svn04:06
Assidbut how do i access it ?04:07
h3sp4wnregulate: why ?04:07
h3sp4wnregulate: how are you building them ?04:08
h3sp4wn(if its with make deb-pkg that had a bug fixed in 2.6.25-rc1 - but kernel-package should work fine)04:08
Assidapps through wine even when idle eat up cpu04:11
regulateh3sp4wn: make-kpkg04:11
Assidoh did they fix wine yet ?04:11
regulateh3sp4wn: was postinst fixed?04:12
Assid0.9.55 was broken last time i checked04:12
DanaGHmm, that new Heron artwork IS cool, but now I'm finding myself wanting a new theme to go with it.06:31
DanaGI like the 'nodoka' theme of Fedora 8 (once you make the blue darker), but it doesn't work in orange.06:31
ionstormdid the latest updates break glx new06:33
ionstormXlib:  extension "GLX" missing on display ":0.0".06:33
ubotuLaunchpad bug 153196 in ultrastar-ng "does not start on amd64" [Undecided,Confirmed]06:34
ionstormFail to query the GLX server vendor.06:34
ionstormwtf happened to glx06:34
ccqnvidia drivers are broken with last update06:43
ccqi cannot play openarena anymore =(06:43
ccqand what is all about 2.6.24-8 rc kernel if release is out?06:44
DanaGdangit, ultrastar-ng won't run with PulseAudio.06:45
anolisnvidia drivers seem to have broken, has anyone else encountered this issue?07:06
anolisweird all i did was upgrade then restart07:07
regulatei use like a month old version with 2.4.2207:07
regulatewhat kernel are you running ?07:08
regulateand where do you get ur driver07:08
regulatefrom repositories? or nvidia's site ?07:08
anoliswith the driver manager07:08
regulatewhat card btw?07:09
anolis7900 GTX07:09
regulateso what makes you think the driver is broken ?07:10
anolisglxgears doesn't work07:10
anoliscompiz-fusion doesn't work07:10
anolisfusion-icon doesn't work07:10
anolissecond life doesn't work07:10
anolisanything 3d actually07:10
regulateany usefull error logs that you can pastebin?07:10
anolisyea lemme see what i can make07:10
DarkMageZanolis, "glxinfo | grep direct"07:11
regulatedoes 2.6.24-8-generic have dri support enabled for that nvidia chipset07:11
=== Dana1 is now known as DanaG
DanaGHmm, nvidia driver seems fine to me.07:15
anolisok driver may be ok.. but what's up with the 3d not working?07:15
DarkMageZanolis, what version is linux-restricted-modules-2.6.24-7-generic ?07:18
DarkMageZ2.6.24-8-generic *07:18
anolisi'm lost what are you asking?07:18
DarkMageZanolis, it's a system package. asking for the version number07:19
anolislemme see07:19
* DanaG has 3D working fine...07:20
DanaGOh, I see.... I didn't update nvidia-glx-new.07:20
DanaGI generally try to avoid updating things without reading changelogs first.07:21
anolisim just along for the ride, anyways, how do i check version number?07:21
DanaGaptitude show nvidia-glx-new07:22
DanaGVersion: 169.09+
DanaGIt looks like perhaps a new version was uploaded too early, or something.07:25
anolisoh well it will automagically be working before the end of the week lol i love riding through alpha07:25
DanaGFor now, you can just downgrade the package.07:26
anolislast alpha i went through i was using the terminal for a few days til they fixed whatever it was that was missing depends07:26
DanaGOh, another thing that bugs me:07:27
anolishow do i do that?07:27
DanaGhpijs NEVER EVER shows changelogs in update-manager.07:27
DanaGYou can use aptitude to downgrade stuff.07:27
DanaGjust run 'sudo aptitude'07:27
anolisyes, how07:27
DanaGand then hit slash to search, type nvidia-glx-new, hit enter (and 'n' to go to next item), and then hit enter on that item and it'll open a new tab with version numbers available.07:28
DanaGYou can also do the same thing by using "Force Version" in Synaptic.07:28
DarkMageZ... l-r-m-2.6.24-8-generic should be version and nvidia-glx-new should be 169.09+
DanaGmy lrm-(-8-generic) is Version:
DanaGI'm still using the old nvidia-glx-new.07:30
anolisok, well im not a dev so i have noo idea what y'all are saying and im tired etc07:30
anolisdun wanna mess with it, will just dist-upgrade tomorrow when i boot back into linux07:31
DanaGyay, persistent mode.08:00
DanaGin Pidgin.08:00
abescullyis anyone else having trouble with openoffice.org-hyphenation-en-us?08:01
DarkMageZabescully, i have problems with it ッ08:12
sveriwhen i entered ubuntu+1 konversation told me that special things are broken, but i cant see that mentioned in the topic08:14
DarkMageZif that was the only broken thing then it being in the topic would be justifiable. tho they do mention that the entire thing is a developer release and to not use it.08:16
sveriDarkMageZ: hm, it was the first time i read this, but i think i just didnt see it before08:22
ethana2abescully: you asked if anyone else was having problems with openoffice hyphenation09:21
ethana2that was exactly my problem09:21
ethana2it remains my problem.. if you're even still in this channel09:21
ethana2also, something keeps eating my CPU power... i don't know if its the system monitor, pidgin, or firefox3..09:21
ethana2looks to be the system monitor...09:22
ethana2aand he happens /not/ to be in this channel09:22
Assidokay guys09:27
Assidi tjhink im gonna shift back to windows09:27
* Assid feels bad just to say it09:28
ethana2Assid: you should ^_^09:32
ethana2Assid: we need to do better at keeping stable installs around.....09:33
Assidethana2: ive got issues with other stuff09:34
Assidethana2: wine + dreamweaver eat up 2 cores even when idle09:35
Assidthunderbird doesnt show image attachments inline09:35
Assidcompiz doesnt seem anywhere near stable and personally i think it will take atleast another release for that to do so09:36
Assidi still need to keep windows for my gaming09:36
sveriAssid: play ETQW :-) and dont use dreamweaver09:36
AssidETQW ?09:37
sveriEnemy Territory Quake Wars09:37
sveriruns fine under linux09:37
ethana2tremulous, nexuiz, openarena, warsow, sauerbraten?09:37
sveriand compiz sucks, thats true09:38
sveribut kde4 effects work very fine09:38
sveriat least, nobody needs compiz for working i thinl09:39
sveri-l +k09:39
ethana2compiz lays on the high end heat09:39
ethana2it blows vista out of the water without the bloat09:39
sveriyea, but its buggy09:39
ethana2....but the stability of windows...09:39
ethana2whether we use it or not, we can be very glad it exists09:40
ethana2for the sake of compisiting in kwin, xfwm, and metacity09:40
sverithats true09:40
ethana2and kde vs. gnome?09:40
ethana2i like, let's see....09:40
ethana2kde vs. gnome ^_^09:40
sverikde kde kde09:40
sverifor the win09:40
ethana2i like that we can have fierce competition09:41
ethana2with freedom and interoperability09:41
ethana2some call it division, but to think..09:41
Oli``I assume compiz being knackered is a known issue?09:42
ethana2egos driving foss development09:42
ethana2many known issues like as not09:42
Assidwell.. i do play other games besides quake09:42
ethana2halo works in wine pretty much now09:42
ethana2i think we only need like one .dll09:42
* DanaG wishes Creative's "Host OpenAL" thing would work with Wine.09:43
Assidheck.. i avoid FPS .. im one of thos small population which gets a headache with fps games09:43
DanaGThat way I could ditch Creative sound cards in Linux, too.09:43
Assidand yes kde4 looks promising09:43
DanaGI can play HL2 all day without getting dizzy, but the minute I start watching somebody else play, I start becoming dizzy and nauseous.09:43
Assidmy issue is.. to do my work.. i gotta jump through hoops.. lose cpu cycles AND not use something im used to09:44
AssidDanaG: 1 hr into gamin.. my eyes turn red.. i start getting dizzy and nauseous09:44
DarkMageZAssid, have you played guitar hero?09:45
sveriAssid: what programs are you used to use under windows?09:45
DanaGgamin?  Haven't played it.09:45
DanaGI wanted to try ultrastar-ng, but it doesn't work with PulseAudio.09:45
DanaGOoooooooooooooooooooooooooooh, the 2.6.24-8-generic kernel seems to fix ALL the CFS issues I had had before!09:46
ethana2but of course09:46
DanaGHallelujah!  (I'm not a religious person, but the word fits.)09:46
ethana2i'll go get a baptist09:46
DanaGActually, my family is Jewish, but I don't pay much attention to religion.  And that's off-topic anyway.  And now I'm going to go to bed (1:47 AM Pacific Time), knowing that now I can let folding@home run again!09:47
Assidsveri: dreamweaver primarily.. got others like flashfxp (still i personally think the best damn ftp app) but that doesnt work right in wine. and apps like photoshop etc09:48
Assidwhatever s required for web development09:48
Assidprimarily DW09:48
DanaGI think what probably changed is the version of the scheduler itself.09:48
Assidand no for guitar hero09:48
sverihm, i am in webdevelopement scince 8 years and theres nothing better than the bash, gvim, imagemagick and quanta, it really saves a lot of work09:49
sveriand i hate apps like dreamweaver09:49
sverihonestly i see no reason to use them09:49
Assidsee thats the thing.. im used to it.. and it does me good09:50
sverimost friends of mine use eclipse for web developement, but i think thats an overkill for xhtml09:50
DarkMageZpsh... it's called gedit & firefox (plus a box with sftp & lamp)09:50
Assidas for the php section of my code.. I use phpedit (Atleast used to) but right noiw trying out zend ide09:51
Assidbtw. got official phpedit license which once again i was ready to overlook09:51
DanaGAre there any nice AutoCAD equivalents for Linux?09:52
DanaGOr equivalents for "OrCAD PSpice"?09:52
DanaGI know there are some schematic thingies, but I haven't tried them.09:52
sverithats one thing linux lacks, good CAD programs09:52
Assidso thats the thing.. i love linux.. really liked ubuntu (if anyone remembers.. iw as one of the main servers during pre-release party)09:52
DanaG(I know I sound foolish saying "thingies" about something that I use as part of my major at school, but hey, it's fun.)09:53
Assidalteast on gutsy09:53
Assidbut i cant have anything compromize my work09:53
DanaGAnybody here use Asus notebooks?09:54
DanaGI'm wondering how they are about battery reporting.09:54
sverifinally its a matter of personal believe, no offend to you Assid, but imagine to use something like dreamweaver makes my head ache09:54
Assidsveri: right.. matter of personal requirements09:55
DanaGMy current Gateway seems to do a good job of it -- discharge time accuracy is profiled to be 100% between charge levels of 30% and 90% (and I don't often use it below 30%).09:55
DanaGCharge time is accurate from 30% to 100%.09:55
Assidewrr... ever since we entered alpha5.. my laptop looses battery far faster than it did09:55
DanaGDoes it actually drain faster?09:56
Assidactually does09:56
DanaGDid you try PowerTop?09:56
Assidyeah.. i pastebin'd it to you09:56
Assiddidnt know what else to do09:56
DanaGOh yeah, and does Hardy have the hpet=force patch in the kernel?09:56
Assidwent from 2.5 hours to 1.5 hours- 1 hr 45 mins odd09:57
DanaGHmm, what video card do you have?09:57
Assidthe laptop? ati radeon 9000 mobility09:57
DanaGAah.  I haven't used old ATI in a while, but I seem to remember hearing that using radeonfb somehow helps with ... well, something, but I don't remember what that 'something' was.09:58
DanaGOh, and 'htop' is useful; it's easier to use than plain 'top'.09:58
Assidi like the break up per core10:02
DanaGPerhaps there's something using CPU, or something disabling hard drive power management, or something keeping the GPU busy, or such.10:04
DanaGAnyway, now I really WILL go to bed now.  Good night.10:05
oly-hi, i did an upgrade to try out hardy last night and hit a small snag, my left mouse button does not work corectly are there any known problems11:03
oly-basically to use the gnome menu i have to hold down the mouse button, if i click it the menu disappears11:03
oly-and i can not select files they just get opened11:03
oly-anyone able to give me some pointers on where to look to try and correct this ?11:04
=== neversfelde_ is now known as neversfelde
t0n1Hi. I've problem with upgrades at the moment. http://ubuntuusers.de/paste/39569/ Can anyone help me please? Or is it a known problem?11:51
Chrononauthad the same problem but i think i solved it now11:53
t0n1how do you selved it?11:54
t0n1solved, sorry11:54
Chrononautnot a very good solution.. i forced the removal of language-support-en. i use a different locale so it works for me11:56
t0n1Chrononaut: i will try it. thanks :)11:56
Chrononaut"sudo aptitude remove -f language-support-writing-en"11:56
t0n1Chrononaut: does not work for me...12:01
Odd_BlokeHey guys, could someone remind me how to upgrade from Feisty to Gutsy?  ISTR that last time I upgraded to the development version of Ubuntu, dist-upgrade was the wrong way to go, but I can't remember what the right way was. :p12:20
Odd_BlokeAck, I totally meant Gutsy to Hardy.12:21
Odd_BlokeOh, wait, my fifth set of slightly different Google terms showed it up.12:23
c1|freakyis the firefox2 browser still available in hardy?13:27
lemonadec1|freaky: i guess not, i have 3.0 only in repos13:38
c1|freakyok :\¨13:39
lemonadebut it's not that hard to install it from gutsy13:39
c1|freakyhm, how to?13:42
lemonadei guess the packages from gutsy still work in hardy - if not, you could make packages by yourself13:44
lemonadegrab files from packages.ubuntu.com and compile a deb13:44
c1|freakyhm, hm13:44
c1|freakythank you :)13:45
lemonadeand by the way...13:45
lemonadethere is 2.0 in repos...13:45
lemonadefirefox-dbg is still 2.0 for some time :D13:45
lemonadebut it includes some debugging code13:45
c1|freakyhm, ok13:46
c1|freakyi have another problem btw:13:46
c1|freakyi installed openoffice, now upgrading doesnt finish, it says13:48
c1|freakywait need to translate13:48
c1|freakyoh wait13:48
c1|freakydpkg: Fehler beim Bearbeiten von /var/cache/apt/archives/openoffice.org-hyphenation-en-us_2.3-5_all.deb (--unpack):13:50
c1|freaky Versuche, »/usr/share/myspell/dicts/hyph_en_US.dic« zu überschreiben, welches auch in Paket openoffice.org-hyphenation ist13:50
c1|freakyit means "error while processing /var/cache/apt/archives/openoffice.org-hyphenation-en-us_2.3-5_all.deb13:50
c1|freaky"trying to overwrite /usr/share/myspell/dicts/hyph_en_US.dic which is also in package openoffice.org-hpyhenation"13:51
c1|freakyi moved that file to another place but it still says the same13:51
c1|freakycan someone help me please?13:51
lime4x4c1 https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/hyphen/+bug/19231013:51
c1|freakythank you13:51
slytherinIs anyone able to play VCD with latest gstreamer update?13:59
Oli``Anybody having issues with lsdvd?14:29
mohbanahow can i find out what going, i am getting like high cpu usage and i aint doign anything14:39
mohbanawhats going on14:39
slytherinmohbana: try comman 'top' in terminal and tell us who is eating your CPU14:43
Odd_Bloke(OM NOM NOM NOM)14:43
h3sp4wn_Has any one else got a screwy gtk ?14:59
h3sp4wn_(emacs22-gtk:14194): Gtk-WARNING **: Unable to locate theme engine in module_path: "murrine"15:00
ccqmodified synaptic edit repositories feature look like... it should not exists. they should just make button which runs "gedit sources.list", if they wanted to make sense.15:02
loaExcuse me, is ther problems with last update of hardy15:07
h3sp4wn_gtk ?15:07
loaNop, apt goes down15:08
h3sp4wn_My machine is in a complete mess at the moment15:08
loahe didn't want get update15:08
loaall from cache15:08
shirishhi all, I put up some documentation in openoffice. Then while saving I saved it as an .rtf file. It contains a table & some bullet points. Now if I view the same .rtf either with leafpad or with gedit I don't get it the same way, now who's at fault here, leafpad or gedit or is it openoffice.org issue?15:08
loaAnd there appear packet conflict, there are one file in packet, wich have another installed packet15:09
loaand i don't know how i can fix it(15:10
loadpkg have got force option?15:10
shirish it has got it15:10
loacan you show it?15:11
shirishloa: do dpkg --force-help it will give u all the options15:13
h3sp4wn_Remove the meta-package one forcibly I would go for15:13
loai hvae conflict for this packet openoffice.org-hyphenation-en-us15:16
loadidn't you?15:16
h3sp4wn_I didn't15:17
ubotupastebin is a service to post large texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org (make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the #ubuntu channel topic)15:17
shirishloa: paste the contents at the link give above.15:17
shirishhe might be able to help u out.15:18
h3sp4wn_The stuff related to this issue was still on my screen15:18
shirishI'm installing it as we speak, let's see15:19
shirishloa: if its an update/upgrade issue, you can always file a bug giving the package, and copying & pasting the contents which appeared on the console.15:20
loahere it is15:20
shirishaha, ok I got the same issue, filing it as a bug.15:21
h3sp4wn_actually I use aptitude so it may well have just said to remove it anyway15:21
loathis package?)15:21
FrankQsame package conflict here15:21
shirishh3sp4wn_: use aptitude too ;)15:22
shirishloa: the same package.15:22
loaAnd another conflict that apt didn't want to update(15:23
loaall goes from cache(15:23
loaAnd another problem that apt didn't want to update(15:23
shirishloa: do "aptitude show openoffice.org-hyphenation-en-us | grep Version " & paste the version no. which comes.15:25
loasudo dpkg --force-conflicts --force-overwrite -i /var/cache/apt/archives/openoffice.org-hyphenation-en-us_2.3-5_all.deb15:25
loahelps me15:25
loawhy apt-get update didn't load new information about packages15:27
selckinnotting new15:28
loaThis situation is still from yeasterday15:29
loai think new pacakages must be)15:29
shirishloa: filed bug 192401, confirm it :)15:30
ubotuLaunchpad bug 192401 in openoffice.org-help-en "Installing openoffice.org-hyphenation-en-us invokes a conflict" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/19240115:30
loaoh, i fix it already +)15:31
loaWhen stable hardy will appear, my alpha version will be like gentoo :D15:34
shirishloa: I mean if u confirm it, then the guys will fix it & others won't have an issue.15:34
loaand another isue... that in last update my stable version of firefox 2 updates to firefox 315:36
loait is like a joke)15:36
FrankQwell, that's what it's supposed to do i think15:36
FrankQnot sure but i think they replaced it15:37
loaall my plugins works wrong under firefox 315:37
loathere are different api(15:37
FrankQthat's why you're on alpha. some applications are updated with potential compatibility breakage and instability15:39
FrankQeventually most extensions will update to firefox 3, depending on if they're still maintained15:39
loawhen firefox 3 goes to stable version)15:40
FrankQdunno. Hopefully before Hardy has to be released :)15:40
loaYour think so... I think stable version of firefox will be in a year(15:41
FrankQFirefox 3 is very stable already15:41
FrankQIf firefox gets to release candidates before heron gets released i wouldn't mind if they released it with a release candidate.15:42
void^hardy is lts, i don't see how they can release it with a non-final firefox :)15:42
FrankQthey probably wouldn't.15:43
FrankQbut i wouldn't mind, myself.15:43
FrankQfirefox 3 beta 3 is actually more stable than firefox 2 for me so far.15:43
loaLet's compare it with opera)15:45
FrankQOpera's stability on ubuntu is a joke15:46
loa<shirish> my comment is there)15:46
loa<FrankQ> But it didn't going down on sites, where firefox goes)))15:47
FrankQwhat do you mean?15:47
loaThere are some sites where firefox 100% files, and i didn't understand /why/15:48
loai mean15:48
FrankQuses your computer for 100%, you mean?15:49
loaAnd goes down15:49
loawithout any message15:49
FrankQwell, bugs.15:50
FrankQand 100% firefox usage might be caused by flash stuff15:50
loai found using 100% of cpu when there are problems with ajax15:50
loawhen firefox can't make connection with web-site using ajax technology15:50
FrankQif you're talking about firefox 3 you should probably file those bugs15:53
loaOh, another question.... do you have problems with sound after suspend or hibernate?15:54
void^i've had some issues with ff3 and javascript with high cpu usage too15:54
loayou using ajax in your javascrip?15:55
FrankQi don't even try hibernate or suspend because they're bound to mess stuff up here15:55
void^that was just generic javascript i think, but it shouldn't make a difference anyways15:55
Arelisis the new artwork already here?16:14
avsa242Can anyone using the intel X server on the Hardy LiveCD (I've tested 915gm, 945gm) confirm that the Lavalite screensaver is only partially visible when previewing (more or less the bottom half of the lava lite is not visible)?16:28
soca friend has a laptop (7.10) but can't get networking running (both with cable and wirless)16:29
soccable: SIS 191 GBE Adapter Rev. 0216:30
socwireless: Atheros AR5006GE 802.1116:30
sochow big is the chance that 8.04 will support at least one adapter?16:30
loa<soc> i think he made something wrong ><16:31
BUGabundotodays updates, left my machine quite unstable!16:39
PriceyBUGabundo, /topic16:39
BUGabundoI loose keyboard after a while16:39
ubotuIf you find a bug in Ubuntu or any of its derivatives, please file a bug report at: http://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu  -  Bugs in/wishes for the bots can be filed at http://launchpad.net/ubuntu-bots16:39
BUGabundokmail locks16:40
BUGabundoanyone else experiencing this?16:40
PriceyBUGabundo, its a good thing you aren't using it as your primary machine for production then.16:40
BUGabundohum.... I'm guessing it's the new kernel update...16:40
BUGabundoI'll reboot to the old one, until a new kernel comes out...16:40
BUGabundoPricey: I'm testing Hardy...16:41
BUGabundosince I've found this new simptom, I want to check with others..16:41
BUGabundodo you expeirence this Pricey?16:42
BUGabundoanyone with the new kernel?16:44
loashow uname -r16:45
BUGabundoLinux rhino 2.6.24-8-generic #1 SMP Thu Feb 14 20:40:45 UTC 2008 i686 GNU/Linux16:45
Assidsup Pricey16:46
loatoday updates?16:46
BUGabundoyep loa16:46
loai haven't got any updates from yeasterday16:46
loaI have such kernel and all is okay16:46
BUGabundodon't remember seeing anithing for kmail (or kde) but still kmail just crashed again.16:47
loahmm.... try to disable framebuffer support16:47
BUGabundothere goes my 1280px splash screen, lol16:49
loahehehe) other solution downgrade kernel)16:49
Assidi want some good widescreen wallpapers16:49
BUGabundogrrr there's goes kmail again... it happens when I use copy and paste!!16:50
BUGabundorebooting to old kernel16:50
loa<BUGabundo> =)16:50
BUGabundosee you guys/gals in a bit...16:50
mphillloa: do you didn't get any update either? i always seem to get new ones at 7:37 AM16:51
loa<mphill> nop...16:52
loai have no updates about ~15 hours16:52
sverihm, apt-get tells me the new kernel is kept back, any idea why?16:53
loai think i have problems with apt( it didn't fetch new packages info(16:53
BUGabundoLinux rhino 2.6.24-7-generic #1 SMP Thu Feb 7 01:29:58 UTC 2008 i686 GNU/Linux16:54
BUGabundolet me do a few tests!!!16:55
BUGabundoif no probs arise, I'll report on LP16:55
BUGabundonope! I still crash apps using copy-paste!16:55
Heretic43Hello :-)16:56
BUGabundohya Heretic43... did you solve your dpi porb?16:56
Heretic43vugubundo> thibk u conf me with sbdy else.16:57
BUGabundoweren't you trying yesterday to increase your text screen size?16:58
Heretic43oh, that - yes. it only works for sydyrm windows, not applications.16:59
* Heretic43 misunderstiid16:59
so1loa: sorry, went offline17:00
Heretic43                 oo17:00
=== Heretic43 is now known as heret1c
so1what did you say?17:00
heret1cBUGabundo> my main hassle now is to fix apt* - can't install or update anything, get a flurry of errors.17:02
hyper_chanyone experiences Kontact crashes?17:02
hyper_chand a missing language package?17:02
loa<soc> i think he made something wrong ><17:02
BUGabundodo you mean lock files heret1c?17:02
BUGabundohyper_ch: I am17:02
BUGabundoactually kmail....17:02
heret1cBUGabundo> nope. w8...17:03
hyper_chBUGabundo: dunno what crashes it... it just crashes kontact for me ;17:03
hyper_chBUGabundo: already opened a bug report?17:03
BUGabundohyper_ch: came here to search for anyone else with probs since the late bacht of updates17:03
BUGabundohyper_ch: I haven't... its to fresh...17:03
BUGabundoit happens with copy and paste for me17:03
BUGabundoand you hyper_ch?17:03
BUGabundolet me check #kubuntu17:04
hyper_chBUGabundo: what copy'n'paste?17:04
hyper_chBUGabundo: I have the kde crash handle report17:04
sveriwhat exactly do you c&p?17:04
BUGabundowhen I try to copy or paste any text on kmail it just freezes.... I'll have to kill it, sveri17:06
sverihm, please be a more specific17:06
sverii'd like to see if i can reproduce it17:06
sveriinto an open email?17:07
heret1cwhat is the url for pasting much text, again? forgot to bm it.17:07
sverior just in the plain inbox folder17:07
sveriheret1c: take a look at the channel topic17:07
hyper_chfiling now a bug report17:07
sveriheret1c: oh, sry17:07
hyper_chBUGabundo: for me it just crashes shortly after it's started17:07
sveriheret1c: take this one http://pastebin.kubuntu-de.org/17:07
BUGabundoI'm trying to reply to emails... any acction on the To/cc/reply to boxes will crash kmail.17:08
sveriok, lets see :-)17:08
BUGabundotrying to copy anithing from the preview windows will also freezes kmail17:08
hyper_chBUGabundo: for me it's also kmail that crashes17:09
sverinot here17:09
BUGabundodid it start happeding after todays updates hyper_ch»?17:09
sverii can copy anything into the to fields17:09
BUGabundoand copy from the preview windows?17:10
heret1csveri> it's not that - a dutch ubunyu site, afaicr..17:10
sveriheret1c: you can use that one too17:10
sverinobody forbids it :-)17:10
BUGabundoI just crashed it again while trying to reply to a different email17:11
theholyducki just found something rather hillarious17:11
ubotuLaunchpad bug 192432 in kdepim "kontact crashes (on kmail)" [Undecided,New]17:11
BUGabundocan't click on any part of kmail now, it won't respond17:11
theholyduckif you rightclick on a .tar on the livecd of hardy, or double click. nautilus crashes17:11
BUGabundowon't even close, I can just kill it17:11
nomasteryodatheholyduck, nice bug17:11
nomasteryodaalpha 4?17:12
theholyduckalso. i cant seem to be able to backspace more than 1 character at the time.17:12
nomasteryodacool... had not seen that one17:12
theholyduckthuogh im only testing the livecd17:12
BUGabundolet me check it and subscrive17:12
theholyducknomasteryoda, it really suprised me thouhg17:12
theholyduckhere i was trying to extract my xchat configs.17:13
theholyduckand suddenly nautilus just crashes17:13
nomasteryodai know the grub setup does not like my setup... it made some bogus mounts for my gutsy partition but a second set that work17:13
nomasteryodause tar  from terminal17:13
theholyduckhmm. this happens on loads of other things17:13
theholyduckcertain folders. hardrives.17:13
nomasteryodastill ... its alpha17:14
theholyducksure. but still.17:14
theholyduckits a really weird thingy.17:14
theholyduckit might be related to gnome mount segfaulting a while ago17:14
sverii wonder about that kmail bug, on my computer it works flawless17:14
nomasteryodai usually wait till beta2 to even try a new version17:14
theholyduckafter that happened. nautilus got all screwy17:14
theholyducknomasteryoda, i've used all the other ubuntu alphas17:14
nomasteryodamight be a config file for kmail17:15
theholyduckfor 6.10. 7.04 and 7.1017:15
theholyduckbut i never seen anything like this17:15
theholyducki guess its because for once. they are adding loads of features?17:15
nomasteryodaya, but this one has so much more new stuff... like the new permissions model17:15
nomasteryodapolicy kit17:15
BUGabundoit might nomasteryoda17:15
nomasteryoda= police kit17:15
BUGabundoI'll remove mine and start fresh17:15
sverinomasteryoda: new permission model? where can i read something bout it?17:15
nomasteryodapolicy kit17:16
theholyduckisnt it just using selinux more with some more gui stuff for it?17:16
nomasteryodamore granular user level permissions17:16
theholyduckor. am i mistaken?17:16
nomasteryodathink similar, but easier to deal with17:16
BUGabundoas I see it, policy kit, would not allow or allow the use of kmail... shouldn't make it crash after it was open...17:17
BUGabundospecially after user input, as it is my case17:17
BUGabundoremaning kmail.conf17:18
nomasteryodai've seen lots of issues with kmail... i moved my wife over to thunderbird after it kept losing all her addresses with upgrade to new version17:18
BUGabundostarting kmail fresh17:18
nomasteryodashe was not a happy camper with linux at that time17:18
sveriso this policy thing is only for gnome17:18
BUGabundoI can repeat it too17:19
BUGabundowith new kmailrc17:19
BUGabundoand no old accounts loaded, if I open a new email and type anything kmail will freeze17:19
Assidhave they fixed X yet?17:24
Assidever since the last update..  i cant get XGL17:24
Assidand my framerates look bad17:24
Assideven on metacity17:24
BUGabundoI give up.....17:24
BUGabundoI'll try again latter... maybe there are new updates!17:25
Heretic43gaim crash.17:33
=== Heretic43 is now known as heret1c
heret1cthis is an odd error; $ sudo aptitude17:47
heret1csudo: unable to resolve host HereticHQ17:47
hyper_chheret1c: sounds like your network isn't properly setup17:48
WorkingOnWisewhat do I install to have glx working? Nvidia GeForce Go 6100 laptop.17:49
cuscoI am running hardy right now and I don't have numpad....17:49
cuscoon the keyboard17:50
cuscoanybody experiencing this as well?17:50
heret1chyper_ch> indeed. something happened during the hardy upgrade.17:50
hyper_chheret1c: can you run any other sudo command?17:50
hyper_chheret1c: e.g. sudo ls -al17:50
h3sp4wn_Am I really the only one with a broken gtk ?17:51
hyper_chh3sp4wn_: yes, you are17:51
cuscoyou can't say that17:51
hyper_chh3sp4wn_: "normal" people don't use gtk ^^17:51
cusconormal people use gtk217:52
h3sp4wn_I ment gtk2 sorry17:52
hyper_chnormal people use QT ;)17:52
h3sp4wn_But not being able to run emacs ?17:52
sodokucan somebody help me with package conflicts of language packages?17:52
cuscoI dunno your defenitio for "normal peopl"17:52
cuscobut if you say "majority" then gtk2 is the thang17:53
h3sp4wn_normal aint me17:53
hyper_chsodoku: well, same issue here... the deendency isn't available I guess17:53
heret1chyper_ch> same result. the error, then it executes the command without errors.17:53
sodokuthat's bad17:53
h3sp4wn_But I really haven't messed with that17:53
sodokuas I can't install software17:53
hyper_chheret1c: output pls17:53
cuscosodoku: what is the output?17:53
hyper_chsodoku: use aptitude instead... it should offer different alternatives ... just select one where the langauge package is being ignored17:54
cowbuddoes anyone else see a big problem with say Add-ons also being called extensions. This has been a firefox issue in general but it becomes completely apparent with the new firefox 3 push. I go to Tools->Addons. I see Extensions and then I see Get Add-ons wtf?! pick one name..17:54
heret1chyper_ch> too much to paste. om?17:54
hyper_ch!pastebin | heret1c17:54
ubotuheret1c: pastebin is a service to post large texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org (make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the #ubuntu channel topic)17:54
sodokuhyper_ch: I tried aptitude, but it doesn't work17:54
sodokuis complains about openoffice,org-hyphenation17:55
hyper_chsodoku: what did you try with aptitude?17:55
* heret1c dips hat at ubuntu17:55
h3sp4wn_dpkg -P --force-depends language-support-writing-en17:55
h3sp4wn_(check that is the metapackage first17:56
sodokuh3sp4wn_: ill try17:57
heret1chyper_ch>> http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/56247/17:57
h3sp4wn_You can force overrwrite also if you read the logs of this channel this has been discussed at least 3/4 times in the last few hours17:58
hyper_chheret1c: pastebin:   cat /etc/hosts  and   cat /etc/hostname17:58
sodokuh3sp4wn_: sorry for that, ill do this the next time17:59
sodokuwhere can I find the channel logs?17:59
hyper_chsodoku: that depends on your client18:00
h3sp4wn_sodoku: Its not a major problem but people are more likely to be terse after a while18:00
RyoushiHey, for some reason, X is reading a left click and release as a double click...18:00
RyoushiIt's causing a lot of problems.18:01
sodokuhyper_ch: I am using pidgin, so I guess it doestn have this feature18:01
hyper_chsodoku: I guess you will have to enable logging there18:01
hyper_chsodoku: most im/irc programs can log... some have this turned on by default, others not...18:02
hyper_chsodoku: if it's not turned on and you enable it now, it'll probably only work for new posts18:02
heret1chyper_ch> http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/56248/18:02
Ryoushiany ideas on mine?18:03
heret1cah - blacklisted ipb6 disappeaared during the ypgrade.18:03
WorkingOnWisegill disabling composite disable glx?18:04
hyper_chheret1c: hmmm, that's not what i suspected... seems to be fine there.... the other day i did not have the right hostname in my hosts file and that gave me a lot of problems with sudo18:04
hyper_chheret1c: it just sounded like you have a similar problem18:05
hyper_chheret1c: actually ;)18:05
hyper_chheret1c: if I'm right, you need to boot into recovery mode and add just HereticHQ also to your /etc/hosts18:05
Ryoushi...X keeps reading a click and a release as a double click.  This is becoming a major issue.  Please help.18:05
hyper_chheret1c: right now you have an entry HereticHQ.tellus18:06
hyper_chheret1c: maybe problems will be solved if you add: HereticHQ18:06
crimsun_WorkingOnWise: no.18:06
hyper_chheret1c: sorry, HereticHQ18:06
hyper_chheret1c: try that :)18:06
heret1cwill do.18:06
WorkingOnWisewhat do i need to install on my geforce go 6100 to enable glx?18:07
h3sp4wn_glx should always be enabled18:07
cuscoWorkingOnWise: sudo dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg18:07
cuscochose to load glx module18:07
WorkingOnWiseit isnt according to glxinfo18:07
h3sp4wn_direct rendering is not glx though18:07
RyoushiX is reading my left click and release as a double click.  This is quickly starting to annoy me.  Please help18:07
WorkingOnWisecusco: what if that doesnt work?18:08
cusco"what" doesn't work? glx module is loaded18:08
RyoushiIs anyone going to even attempt to answer my question, or should I just leave and give up?18:09
cuscoWorkingOnWise: are you using the restricted drivers?!18:09
WorkingOnWisecusco: yes18:09
Daisuke_Ido!patience | Ryoushi18:09
ubotuRyoushi: The people here are volunteers, your attitude should reflect that. Answers are not always available. See http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IrcGuidelines18:09
cuscoWorkingOnWise: im going to install binary nvidia driver... be right back...18:09
WorkingOnWisecusco: k18:10
h3sp4wn_WorkingOnWise: http://jonsmirl.googlepages.com/graphics.html (that will let you understand the terminology)18:10
ArtimusI accidentally removed my KDE Launcher from the KDE Menu in KDE4.  How can I add it back?  I've got a launcher on my desktop, but I can't move it into the panel...18:10
ArtimusRight now, the Task Manager is taking up all of the panel.  If I remove it, could I add my launcher back and then the TaskManager Back?  I don't want to remove my TaskManager is the code isn't there to add it again.18:11
heret1chyper_ch> done.18:12
hyper_chheret1c: you're on another machine?18:12
heret1chyper_ch> no - why?18:12
hyper_chheret1c: you were able to edit the hosts file as root?18:13
heret1chyper_ch> indeed.18:13
hyper_chheret1c: hmmm.... then it was definitively not the same problem I had ;)18:14
WorkingOnWiseh3sp4wn_: my problem is that for some reason, glx is missing, which is breaking my wine aps. I know it had to be present at one time because I used Google SketchUp with no problems last week, where I cant now. I do a glxinfo anf it reports that "Xlib:  extension "GLX" missing on display ":0.0"."18:14
cuscoWorkingOnWise: is working fine... compiz fusion is working fine (if thats where you wnat to get)18:17
cuscoWorkingOnWise: let me show you my xorg.conf18:17
cuscoWorkingOnWise: http://rafb.net/p/Roc80M77.html18:18
cuscolook at the last lines in there18:18
WorkingOnWisecusco: actually I intentionally disabled composit trying to figure out a wierd opengl problem in wine. I see in the modules section, it specifice glx. without that, would you have glx?18:20
cuscoI don't think so18:21
WorkingOnWiseif I enable composite, cf works great....18:21
cusconot sure tho18:21
cuscotry to load glx mod18:21
WorkingOnWisewhat fideo do u have?18:21
WorkingOnWisethats the same family as the go 6100 right?18:22
cuscobut uses teh same driver18:22
WorkingOnWiseis there a good reason why it stopped working? glx i mean....18:22
cuscoI dunno18:22
cuscotry add it to the modules bit and restart X18:23
WorkingOnWiseI'll use your config as a template and figure it out. thanks18:23
heret1cheret1c: hyper_ch> the apt problem persists -news at18:23
cuscomy keypad is not working anybody experiencing the same thing?18:23
hyper_chheret1c: pastebin:  sudo apt-get update18:23
heret1cheret1c: hyper_ch> the apt problem persists -news at http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/56250/ :)18:23
hyper_chheret1c: sudo apt-get autoremove18:25
cuscothat won't fix it18:25
WorkingOnWiserestarting x..brb18:25
heret1chyper_ch> sudo apt-get update at http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/56251/18:27
hyper_chheret1c: sudo apt-get dist-upgrade18:27
heret1chyper_ch> have to be afk dor an hour or two.18:30
heret1cit's dl'ing now.18:31
rskmy firefox icon got black after i installed firefox318:33
rskany way to fix?18:33
hyper__chheret1c: is it installing?18:33
heret1chyper_ch> w8...18:34
heret1chyper_ch> dma is disabled, so things are s l  o   w....18:37
heret1chyper_ch> error persists. hae to afk, dinner appointment. bb is an hoyr or two.18:39
ZambeziAnyone having problem with rtorrent? I have errormessages on several files after last upgrade.18:56
kalpikZambezi, a lot of things are broken atm18:56
rskZambezi: works fine for me18:56
Zambezirsk: Only unfinished files have the errormessages.18:57
Zambezikalpik: It's pretty good here except rtorrent.18:58
hyper__chZambezi: nope, compiled it from svn18:58
void^!info rtorrent hardy18:58
uboturtorrent (source: rtorrent): ncurses BitTorrent client based on LibTorrent. In component universe, is extra. Version 0.7.8-1 (hardy), package size 351 kB, installed size 948 kB18:58
hyper__chZambezi:  *** rTorrent 0.7.9/0.11.9 - xubi:7147 ***18:58
hyper__chZambezi: runs perfectly...18:58
Zambezivoid^: Didn't get the info. I have antiflood-script.18:58
ZambeziThis is the errormessages: Storage error: [File chunk write error: Cannot allocate memory.]18:59
ZambeziSpace free, memory free.18:59
void^using too many upload/download slots and running out of virtual memory?18:59
hyper__chZambezi: well, seems like you're lacking diskspace19:00
hyper__chZambezi: 500mb will be saved and not touched19:00
Zambezivoid^: Don't think so.19:00
Zambezihyper__ch: I have 300 GB free.19:00
void^right, could be filesystem issue too.. or a filesystem that doesn't support mmap() or has funny mmap bugs19:01
Zambezivoid^: It's the first time I experience this.19:01
hyper__chZambezi: df -l19:03
mohbanahave adobe put reader into the repos?19:05
hyper__chmohbana: apt-cache search acroread19:07
Zambezimohbana: Not in mine, but I don't mind. I prefer xpdf.19:09
mohbanathere isa huge difference in fonts between evince xpdf, adobe trashes them all19:10
Zambezimohbana: I only view scanned documents so it's fine with me.19:12
LimCoreubuntu is so full of bugs :(19:29
LimCoreI found 2 bugs in last 30 minutes19:29
ZambeziLimCore: Which?19:31
ZambeziIt was problem earlier with unmounting my iPod, USB-memory etc.19:31
LimCoreZambezi: kgpg crashed ; kmail do not clear data after rm -rf .kde/shared/apps/kmail19:31
LimCorefor example, after   rm -rf .kde/shared/apps/kamil  # die bitch, DIE!!!!1111    still my settings, accounts and identities in kmail are preserved... is that expected? what to delete to get rid of it19:34
smallfoot-i use alhpa4+updates, when i select System->Preferences->Appearence, and select to use "deskop effects" it say it cant19:47
smallfoot-but it worked before, but not anymore19:47
LimCoreare there any plans to make ubuntu as good as window-world, regarding number of bugs in popular applications?19:49
smallfoot-when update manager download new version of X, please just restart X instead of restart the whole computer19:50
aLeSDhi all19:56
aLeSDwhat I have to install to have the windows where I can set the advance settings of compiz ?19:57
aLeSDcompizGnomeManager ?19:58
smallfoot-compizconfig thing19:58
smallfoot-search for compizconfig19:58
smallfoot-CompizConfig Settings Manager (CCSM)19:59
aLeSDsmallfoot-:'t the window ... I installed it but no ... I haven20:00
aLeSDI installed it but no option in aspect preference20:00
aLeSDbut with ccsm works20:01
aLeSDI mean the binary20:01
aLeSDfrom the console20:01
* heret1c returns20:08
heret1chyper_ch> u there?20:17
weedarI know this isn't a popular question, but still...Changing gutsy-references to hardy in sources.list and then apt-get update + upgrade will upgrade me to hardy, right?20:22
rskweedar: update-manager -d20:23
heret1c    sudo :)20:24
weedarrsk: I'm on kubuntu, but couldn't find any upgrade option similar to update-manager20:24
rskit didn't work?20:25
weedarupdate-manager -d doesn't exist in Kubuntu, unfortunately20:25
smallfoot-and nobody is in #kubuntu+1 :(20:26
weedarsmallfoot-: I know, I tried that channel after lack of response in #kubuntu20:26
weedarIt's so weird, I find all kinds of pages explaining how to upgrade ubuntu, but for kubuntu there is none20:26
RyanPriorIs there a way to get Java working with Firefox 3?20:27
rskRyanPrior: hehe dunno, it's broken for me20:27
RyanPriorWhen I go to a page with Java it always brings up the message saying I need to install a plugin.20:28
RyanPriorDoes anybody have it working?20:28
rski have it working in that sense20:28
rskbut it's broken displaying pages like crap20:28
RyanPriorWhich plugin do you have installed?20:29
effie_jayxI try to update hardy and I can't :S20:32
effie_jayxdo I have to use full-update now like in debian?20:32
=== marko-_-_ is now known as marko-_-
heret1ceffie_jayx> sudo update-manager -d20:33
heret1ceffie_jayx> assuming u habe gutsy.20:34
effie_jayxheret1c,  I upgraded from gutsy20:34
effie_jayxbut some things are still not fully installed20:34
heret1ceffie_jayx: I try to update hardy and I can't :S20:35
heret1ceffie_jayx: heret1c,  I upgraded from gutsy20:35
heret1cmurually exclusive. :-)20:35
heret1c   t20:35
effie_jayxheret1c, but I run updates and it just doesn't upgrade20:36
rskeffie_jayx: about ubuntu, what does it say?20:36
rskand what updates did you run?20:36
heret1ceffie_jayx> sudo update-manager -d20:36
effie_jayxheret1c,  it is downloading now20:37
heret1c d(ist)20:37
rskheret1c: dist-upgrade wont upgrade to hardy20:37
effie_jayxrsk,  it doesn't say much... it just retains packages20:38
effie_jayxwhen I was in feisty and upgraded I only used dist-upgrade20:38
effie_jayxI know debian has changed this to full-upgrade and so on20:39
rskeffie_jayx: yes that works.20:39
rskeffie_jayx: that is an supported official upgrade.20:39
effie_jayxI get an error with an openoffice-hyphenation-en package20:39
heret1cubuntu isn't debian. debianBASED is.20:39
rskeffie_jayx: dist-upgrade will only work if you changed sources.list to hardy20:40
effie_jayxrsk I did20:40
heret1c s/ubuntu is d.20:40
effie_jayx262 pacakges retained20:41
effie_jayxit is one borken package from openoffice20:41
effie_jayxit seems lke an openoffice package has broken dependencies20:44
heret1ceffie_jayx> use synaptic, edit > fix broken package20:45
effie_jayxI am reinstalling20:45
RyanPriorDoes anybody have Java working in Firefox on Hardy?20:45
effie_jayxcan't be fixed20:47
effie_jayxit says that the package openoffice.org-hyphenation-es-us_2.3-5_all.deb is trying to overwrite '/usr/share/myspell/dicts/hyph_en_US.dic', which is also in openoffice.org-hyphenation20:52
Andre_Gondimeffie_jayx, try this http://en.andregondim.eti.br/?p=1120:54
effie_jayxAndre_Gondim,  thanks...20:54
Andre_Gondimeffie_jayx, :D20:55
regulateRyanPrior: yes, using icedtea-java7-plugin20:55
RyanPriorregulate: I installed that, and Java pages still don't load.20:56
RyanPriorregulate: I'm going to try restarting Firefox now, in case that's part of the problem.20:56
rbs-tito!hi | Bjwebb20:56
ubotuBjwebb: Hi! Welcome to #ubuntu+1!20:56
Bjwebbrbs-tito: lol20:57
Bjwebbanyway im on an alpha20:57
Bjwebband i can't get terminal!!!?!20:57
Bjwebb(live cd)20:57
RyanPriorRestarting Firefox seems to have done something -- at least now it recognizes that there is a java applet rather than asking me to install a plugin.20:58
rbs-titoBjwebb: You can't run gnome-terminal?20:58
ZambeziBjwebb: What happens when you try?20:58
Bjwebbit just doens't appear20:58
ZambeziBjwebb: Where is it in the menu?20:59
Bjwebband ctrl+alt+f1 just has a load of squashfs errors20:59
rbs-titoBjwebb: If you need to run a command immediately, youu can press ctrl + alt  + f2 to open a text session20:59
rbs-titoThe ctrl alt f7 will take you back into X20:59
Bjwebbi know that20:59
Bjwebbbut ctr+alt+f1-6 are filled with squashfs errors20:59
rbs-titoIs your media definitely intact? Did you check MD5sums or run the media test from the CD menu?21:00
effie_jayxAndre_Gondim,  dkpg fails to do the trick... dpkg: se necesita una opción de acción21:01
RyanPriorDoes anybody have the IcedTea Java plugin for Firefox?21:01
RyanPriorThat is, Firefox 3 beta 3?21:01
Andre_Gondimeffie_jayx, wait a few21:01
ZambeziBjwebb: Why are you trying Hardy? Just curious.21:01
Bjwebbhmmm, i downloaded it over bitorrent and verified the burning in k3b21:01
BjwebbZambezi: because i fancy trying ubuntu (im a kubuntu user) don't want to mess my kubuntu setup (extra gnome apps) and thought ill try the newest stuff21:02
Andre_Gondimeffie_jayx, try this sudo dpkg --force-all -i openoffice.org-hyphenation-en-us_2.3-5_all.deb21:02
Bjwebbrbs-tito: but no, ive not done the media test21:02
rbs-titoBjwebb: Might be a good place to start. But Hardy is still pretty early in it's dev cycle, so you might not have any luck21:03
ZambeziBjwebb: But trying an Alpha on LiveCD isn't the best way then cause it's updated very often and many things changes.21:03
BjwebbZambezi: oh, im thinking of installing21:03
rbs-titoGutsy is still fairly new, and very stable21:03
effie_jayxAndre_Gondim,  done... one happy hardy user :D21:03
RyanPriorInstalling Hardy is a good way to find bugs, that's all I'll say. Because you will find them, in abundance.21:04
Andre_Gondimeffie_jayx, =]21:04
Bjwebbmain reason i want terminal is to kill firefox21:04
rbs-titoBjwebb: Can you alt + f2 for the gnome run dialogue21:04
rbs-titoand use21:04
rbs-titogksudo killall firefox-bin21:04
ZambeziBjwebb: Then I suggest Gusty, then upgrade to Hardy.21:04
Andre_Gondimeffie_jayx, I will replace this in my blog21:04
effie_jayxAndre_Gondim, funny how it was your blog post that prompt me to update my hardy box21:04
effie_jayxAndre_Gondim,  and you who helped me fix the issue21:05
BjwebbZambezi: oh, is firefox run as root on live cd?21:05
ethana2The new kernel is part of the weasel series!21:05
rbs-titoBjwebb: ubuntu is based on sudo, the root account is disabled21:05
Bjwebbi know21:05
rbs-titoBjwebb: But you'll probably need sudo to kill the firefox-bin process21:05
ethana2at the end of the day, when vista's ripped off of us as much as it can...21:06
ethana2we use 1/4 as much RAM21:06
rbs-titoBjwebb: Is alt f2 not working?21:06
Bjwebbwell, it pops up21:07
Andre_Gondimeffie_jayx, :D21:07
Bjwebbim not sure if the command is running21:07
Bjwebbbut firefox is still being tricky21:07
rbs-titoBjwebb: Are you using gksudo?21:07
theAtomwhat happens if I type: sudo update-manager -d  ?21:09
rsktheAtom: you upgrade to hardy21:09
theAtomwhats hardy?21:09
rsknext version of ubuntu21:09
theAtomhave u done it?21:09
heret1cunriddle me this (synaptic error) - E: gnome-games-data: subprocess pre-removal script returned error exit status 121:10
theAtomany good?21:10
theAtomrsk, any different?21:10
rbs-titotheAtom: The version of Ubuntu that isn't finished yet. It isn't stable, maybe not safe, and is only for experienced users and developers at present21:10
theAtomrsk, are you mentally handicapped?21:10
rsktheAtom: no21:10
theAtomrbs-tito, not safe?21:10
rbs-tito!coc | theAtom21:10
ubotutheAtom: The Ubuntu Code of Conduct to which we ask all Ubuntu users to adhere can be found at http://www.ubuntu.com/community/conduct/21:10
rbs-titotheAtom: Yes, there is no guarantee that we have identified all of the security problems yet21:11
theAtomrbs-tito, i was just asking because rsk seems to say "dunno" a lot21:11
rsksomeone please ban him?21:11
ZambezitheAtom: Are you done here?21:11
heret1ctheAtom> ir's an alpha version. means it's inheretly unstable.21:11
rski have only said dunno _once_21:11
theAtomrbs-tito, so its safer to stay with 7.10?21:11
rbs-titotheAtom: Absolutely21:11
theAtomZambezi, define "done"21:11
rski wonder who's the handicapped21:11
theAtomrbs-tito, ok thanks21:11
rbs-titotheAtom: Hardy will be finished in April21:11
theAtomrbs-tito, it started when I typed: sudo update-manager -d21:11
theAtombut I stopped it21:11
theAtomhow do I reverse it?21:12
rbs-titotheAtom: If it caused a problem, technical support is in #ubuntu21:12
theAtomit didnt21:12
theAtomruns good21:12
rbs-titoThere we are then :S21:12
heret1ccd / | sudo rm -f *21:12
theAtombut I stopped it 10 secs into it21:12
rbs-tito!coc| heret1c21:13
ubotuheret1c: The Ubuntu Code of Conduct to which we ask all Ubuntu users to adhere can be found at http://www.ubuntu.com/community/conduct/21:13
theAtomrbs-tito, can I ask u something quicjly?  u got 2mins?21:13
rbs-titotheAtom: Yes, but for the sake of the channel you might be better off sending a private message21:13
Bjwebbwhat is the livecd passowrd?21:13
rbs-titoBjwebb: Should be blank21:13
heret1cubotu> sorry.21:14
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about sorry. - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi21:14
rbs-titoheret1c: Ubotu is a robot :D21:14
theAtomrbs-tito, i have 2 HDD. My internal one runs as normal with Windows.  But during POST, I press ESC and it shows my external hard drive, which then loads Grub, and then Ubuntu.   But I forgot how I got GRUB on my second hard drive.   Can u help me?21:14
theAtomrbs-tito, ok sorry21:14
heret1crbs> i know. 8)21:14
Bjwebbrbs-tito: hmm im giving up with this21:14
theAtomBjwebb, with what?21:14
crasher52008hi I am trying to install Hardy Alpha4 but I have a couple of problems that prevent me from starting the installation. They have been documented, but there is no solution yet. Can someone help me out?21:15
Bjwebbrbs-tito: mayabe it would be better to upgrade21:15
bardyrcrasher52008, wait for alpha5 or download a daily build :)21:15
Bjwebbi have an old feisty partition, so maybe ill use that21:15
rbs-titotheAtom: I'm not sure sorry, I don't know much about GRUB21:15
rbs-titoBjwebb: Possibly. Can you not install from the CD and take it from there?21:15
theAtomrbs-tito, I think it was: sudo grub-install /dev/sdb21:16
rbs-titoBjwebb: Or use the alternate CD, I prefer alternate21:16
Bjwebbrbs-tito: i dunno21:16
rbs-titotheAtom: I'm not sure what you've done; I don't really know how GRUB works. Isn't my area sorry21:16
Bjwebbim a bit apprhensive about installing with this cd21:16
rbs-titoBjwebb: Alternate is an Ncurses installer21:16
theAtomrbs-tito, pok np21:17
ZambezitheAtom: Grow up kiddie. I don't need to define anything. :-)21:17
Bjwebbrbs-tito: yeah i know21:17
theAtomZambezi, u dont if you cany define the word21:17
theAtomZambezi, so np daddy21:18
rbs-titoZambezi: This might be one of the nerdier channels, but I think we should still be courteous to everyone; it says so in the code of conduct.21:18
theAtomrbs-tito, thank you21:18
theAtomZambezi, yeah, listen to rbs-tito , he is a nice person21:18
Bjwebbrbs-tito: yeah, but alternate would take time to download and burn21:18
Zambezirbs-tito: That's why I erased and re-wrote another, more friendlier answer. ;-)21:19
theAtomBjwebb, alternate worked for me, the liveCD didnt21:19
=== afflux_ is now known as afflux
rbs-titotheAtom: I don't mean to be rude, but this channel is where we actually talk about Hardy, you might be better off in #ubuntu or #ubuntu-offtopic, we all have lots of work to do before Hardy release.21:19
theAtomZambezi, be friendly from the first comment, that way u wont need to rewrite anything :-)21:19
theAtomrbs-tito, ok,understood21:19
Bjwebbhmmm, does ubuntu do a netinstall cd?21:19
crasher52008so can anyone help me install Hardy then?21:19
theAtomill just sit back and read and learn instead :)21:19
theAtomrbs-tito, i didnt realise you were a developer21:20
heret1c&me is miffed by being told off by botty on a (faulted) technicality - he missed the crucial -r 8-)21:20
theAtomrbs-tito, if I upgrade to hardy, can I still login to my banking website using firefox safely?21:20
rbs-titoBjwebb: AFAIK, but don't take my word for it, you can point the Debian net install CD to the UBuntu repositories. Research first though, because i'm not sure how safe it is21:20
Bjwebbill not risk it21:21
Zambezicrasher52008: It's same process like other Ubuntu version.21:21
rbs-titotheAtom: My bank doesn't even let me log in with the dev version of firefox. I'm on the bugsquad, not the developers team.21:21
theAtomrbs-tito, ok, but will firefox still be secure if I upgrade?21:21
crasher52008Zambezi care to look or?21:22
rbs-titoI couldn't tell you. We address security issues as they come, but Firefox 3 is still in beta so there can be no guarantees that everything is perfect.21:22
Bjwebbrbs-tito: hmm, im going to reboot into my actual system, ill probably be back to hassle you in a bit21:22
Zambezirbs-tito: Oh. There you said something. I haven't tried to login on my bank after getting FF 3(b3).21:22
rbs-titoBjwebb: I'm here til 4am!21:22
theAtomrbs-tito, thanks , ok understood21:23
rbs-titoZambezi: Mine, Natwest UK, doesn't even allow it with the beta builds of firefox.21:23
Bjwebbrbs-tito: hopefully i won't be here that long21:23
rbs-titoHere's to hoping :)21:23
Bjwebbrbs-tito: so, they allow firefox, but not betas?21:23
Zambezicrasher52008: I think you can make it, but we're here to help. But if you haven't used Ubuntu before, then I suggest Gutsy instead.21:23
rbs-titoBjwebb: Yeah21:23
Bjwebbthats interesting21:23
rbs-titoBjwebb: Makes sense.21:23
Bjwebbi dunno21:24
Bjwebbif they block firefox betas, they ought to block windows users too21:24
Bjwebband couldn't you get around it with a user agent switcher anyway?21:24
rbs-titoMost likely, but on your head be it. It's only your details you might risk, your risk, your loss.21:24
Bjwebbbut, has anyone ever successfully exploited something in a firefox beta? especially one that is running on top of linux?21:25
rbs-titoI'm not sure, Firefox has had it's holes, the difference is in OSS the fixes come within hours. In Internet Explorer they come in months, if at all.21:26
Bjwebbanyway, cya21:26
\u2665can anyone get the nvidia drivers to work?21:27
Mark_MWhat card to you have u2665?21:28
\u2665nvidia 930021:29
\u2665err, 730021:29
Mark_MI have an older 5200 ultra21:29
Mark_MSo the nVidia drivers don't work?21:29
\u2665well, I've been hacking around with my xorg.conf for a while21:29
\u2665and nothing seems to work...21:29
Zambezirbs-tito: Works fine for me to login. :-)21:30
Mark_MI am using version 100.14.19 but I am still on Gutsy21:30
theAtom\u2665, ill try21:30
Mark_MThe live CD drivers work but they aren't the optimized nVidia ones21:30
crasher52008ok I have been using ubuntu for 8 months21:30
\u2665nvidia-glx-new loads21:30
\u2665but doesn't give me glx21:31
crasher52008I had no problems with Feisty21:31
* \u2665 agrees21:31
\u2665and then gutsy came along...21:31
crasher52008but ever since Gutsy I have problems with my HDD21:31
rbs-titoZambezi: Natwest UK?21:31
Mark_MI have no problems with Gutsy21:31
crasher52008that is why I was hoping that Hardy will solve those21:31
Mark_MI am thinking about jumping into Hardy today because of my webcam not working in Gutsy21:32
Mark_MIt works in Hardy and Feisty but not in Gutsy21:32
\u2665I might just download the nvidia binary installer21:32
rbs-titoZambezi: " The Internet browser you are using is not supported by online banking. Use the link below to see the complete list of browsers we support.21:32
bjwebbim back :D21:32
Mark_MI had success with the nVidia installer in Feisty21:32
\u2665Mark_M: the gutsy kernel triple faults about every half hour for me21:32
Mark_MDidn't need it in Gutsy...it installed natively21:33
Mark_MI have version 100.14.19 running nicely in Gutsy21:33
crasher52008I run the installation in sage graphics mode but I get this bug : https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/wireless-tools/+bug/18828221:33
ubotuLaunchpad bug 188282 in wireless-tools "hardy install alpha4 loops: broadcom: no firmware file" [Undecided,New]21:34
crasher52008plus I can't start X to start the installation21:34
crasher52008anyone wants to help?21:35
rbs-titocrasher52008: Comment on the bug report saying you can confirm it. If it's a bug then you likely won't be able to get around it until it's fixed21:35
bjwebbis there much chance that the hardy install will fry my partitions?21:35
bjwebband would you recommed alpha4 or nightly?21:35
rbs-titobjwebb: It didn't fry mine, an I joined at alpha221:36
ethana2btw, is the open office hyphenation conflict gone yet?21:36
rsknope ethana221:36
ethana2i have abiword....21:36
Mark_MI just checked the box for gutsy-proposed in update-manager21:36
ethana2will it go away if i just remove openoffice?21:37
Mark_MShould I take the plunge?21:37
bjwebbthat reminds me, is OO.o in ubuntu going to have OOXML (Obviously Obfuscated XML) support before OO.o 3?21:37
ethana2Mark_M: that's not hardy i don't think21:37
ethana2microsoft has no right to make standards until they abide by them21:37
ethana2i will not use ooxml, period21:37
rbs-titoMark_M: Gutsy proposed is different to Hardy21:37
ethana2until Office supports .odt..  then I'll use .odt anyway21:38
crasher52008ok, I have problem with X ... it says Fatal server error: no screens found waiting for X server to being accepting connections giving up. xinit:Connection reset by peer (errno 104): unable to connect to X server xinit: No such provess (errno 3): Server error21:38
bjwebbethana2: hooray to that!21:38
Mark_MI guess you are right21:38
rbs-titoI use ODT for works in progress and PDF for finished documents21:38
bjwebbrbs-tito: yeah, makes sense21:38
Mark_MI forget how to activate the hardy repository21:38
ethana2.pdf confuses me..21:38
crasher52008i just can't set it up correctly i guess21:38
ethana2i don't know whether its an open standard or an adobe proprietary thing21:38
heret1ccrasher52008> have u tried using an old xorg.conf?21:39
bjwebbi think its an open standard21:39
bjwebbisn't it?21:39
rbs-titoheret1c: Is that a good idea? Considering the big upgrade to Xorg21:39
ethana2bjwebb: perhaps...21:39
crasher52008i am installing Hardy right now, i don't have an old xorg.conf :(21:39
rbs-titoheret1c: My xorg.conf looks nothing like my pre 7.3 xorg.conf21:40
Mark_MWhat is the best way to install Hardy?21:40
ethana2it'd be great to have an online xorg.conf generator21:40
bjwebb:S, download from cdimage.ubuntu.com is slow21:40
rbs-titoMark_M: sudo update-manager -d21:40
heret1crbs> no harm trying. worked for me once.21:40
ethana2you pass it your lspci and /proc/bus/input or whatever, and how many seats you want..21:40
Mark_Mthanks rbs-tito21:40
Mark_Mbackup a few things first21:41
rbs-titoheret1c: I wouldn't say there is no harm in randomly messing about with xorg.conf. I remember a while back someone made a video to change the frequencies in xorg.conf in order to set a CRT monitor on fire!!21:41
Mark_Mlike xorg.conf21:41
heret1c(assuming the original is backed up, of course)21:41
bjwebbare there any cdimage.ubuntu.com mirrors?21:41
rbs-titobjwebb: Virgin media has one21:41
ethana2rbs-tito: that's hilarious21:42
rbs-titobjwebb: http://ubuntu.virginmedia.com/releases/21:42
heret1crbs-tito> apparently, his former xorg.cong didn't turn his monitor to ashes. hence: ... :-)21:42
theAtomim upgrading to Hardy now :)  once I do that, can I just keep upgrading it till final realease comes out?21:43
rbs-titoheret1c: Haha21:43
theAtomor do I then need to remove it and install from scratch?21:43
bjwebbhmmm, no daily21:43
theAtombjwebb, u talk to me?21:43
rbs-titotheAtom: Theoretically, unless one of the development builds breaks the update-manager, then you will need to doo it from scratch21:43
theAtomrbs-tito, ah ok, gotcha21:43
bjwebbtheAtom: nah21:43
bjwebbrbs-tito: do mirror of the daily builds21:43
rbs-titobjwebb: Oh, I'm not sure, is the main server not going fast?/21:44
theAtomrbs-tito, but if all goes well, then I can just keep upgrading and when final hardy comes out, ill already be running it, is that right?21:44
bjwebbrbs-tito: 50K/s21:44
rbs-titoWell, you'll end up doing an dist-upgrade about 4 or 5 times before then21:44
rbs-titobjwebb: Oh :s21:44
theAtomrbs-tito, im not worried. I bought Acronis Trueimage, and have already backed up Ubuntu. So I can restore it if anything goes wrong with Hardy upgrade :)21:44
underwatercowis there a way to tell ufw to block icmp requests?21:45
Mark_MI thought that I would just keep updating the pre-release until it becomes released21:45
bjwebbrbs-tito: hmm i was seeding torrents21:45
bjwebband i stopped them, and it shot uup21:45
rbs-titounderwatercow: If you know the method for iptables, use that. I'm not used to ufw yet!21:45
underwatercowrbs-tito: I'm not real familiar with iptables, but I guess now's a good a time as any to learn, right? ;-D21:45
rbs-titobjwebb: Maybe your ISP is anti-torrent, most are in the UK21:45
ethana2encrypt everything21:46
rbs-titounderwatercow: If you are learning from scratch, ufw is easier to learn, I'm just set in my ways. Firestarter is a nice graphical utility though21:46
ethana2'that's not a torrent, I'm just using skype with 273 people'21:46
underwatercowrbs-tito: yeah... I've used that for a while... shouldn't iptables-save print my rules?21:46
crasher52008download utorrent.com and force encryption21:46
crasher52008promise it will work :)21:47
rbs-titounderwatercow: It dumps it to stdout21:47
underwatercowrbs-tito: when I type it, I get nothing21:47
rbs-titounderwatercow: iptables-save > iptables.txt21:47
Ayabarashould one think that Hardy would have better support the hardware in my relatively new Dell XPS M1530 than Gutsy has?21:47
rbs-titounderwatercow: Do you have any rules21:47
Mark_MIf I update to alpha 4 can't I just keep updating through the betas until the RTM version?21:48
underwatercowrbs-tito: Firestarter shows rules, but I'm not real familiar with iptables as I said21:48
nrpAyabara: yes21:48
rbs-titoAyabara: Dell have a good track record of helping new releases work with their machines21:48
Ayabaranrp, ok. I have issues with webcam and sound card, so I thought maybe I'd upgrade to hardy now21:49
Ayabararbs-tito, sounds good21:49
rbs-titounderwatercow: sudo iptables > iptables.txt21:49
Mark_MAyabara, my webcam issues are why I am thinking about upgrading21:49
rbs-titounderwatercow: then cat iptables.txt21:49
Mark_MI just don't want to have to reinstall the complete distribution later unless I can do it over the top21:49
underwatercowrbs-tito: Ah, yes... forgot I needed to sudo it... there's a lot of stuff...21:50
rbs-titoMine's tiny21:50
rbs-titoTwo rules21:50
underwatercowrbs-tito: when you type "sudo iptables-save" you only have two rules?21:51
AyabaraMark_M, ok. someone says we can't keep apt'ing our way thru the alphas and betas?21:51
rbs-titounderwatercow: Yeah, I use a hardware firewall21:51
underwatercowrbs-tito: Well, my router has a firewall too... but when I look at my iptables rules, there's like, 20-30 lines...21:52
Mark_MAyabara, are you saying that we can't go from alpha 4 to beta 1-3, then the release?21:52
rbs-titounderwatercow: Did you make them yourself? Or do you use a load of software making it's own rules21:53
underwatercowrbs-tito: I've tried both ufw and firestarter now... not sure if they are both adding stuff in or what...21:53
AyabaraMark_M, no no. I just thought that was what you meant on your msg 22:48 :-)21:53
underwatercowrbs-tito: all I really need is two ports open and then icmp disabled with the exception of pong21:53
rbs-titoWell, if it works I wouldn't worry about it21:54
Mark_MAyabara, ok.  I have always stuck with the released versions21:54
Mark_MMy update experience is with Unix System V from the command line21:54
underwatercowrbs-tito: I don't like having a lot of rules in there that I didn't add... lol21:54
AyabaraMark_M, ok. I used Gutsy from .. Beta1 or something, and it worked out well then at least :-)21:55
Mark_MI am still getting use to the apt stuff and how it works21:55
Mark_Mthen it is time for me to type update-manager -d21:55
AyabaraMark_M, I'll join you. (for some reason I think about the final scene in Thelma and Louise)21:56
underwatercowrbs-tito: is there an easy way to clear all the rules I have?21:56
Mark_MI never watched it, but I think the final scene ends tragically right?21:56
rbs-titounderwatercow: Do it in firestarter21:56
Mark_MI have yet to click on "Upgrade" Ayabara21:57
Mark_M...and away we go!21:57
AyabaraMark_M, the two women hold hands and drive their car off a cliff :-)21:57
Mark_MThought it was something like that since I saw the Simpson's version21:58
Mark_MNow I did it.21:58
AyabaraMark_M, ahh. I saw that one too, upgrade running here as well now :-)21:58
Mark_MI forgot to back up my repos file, but it says that it will just disable them21:59
Mark_MAyabara, I feel more comfortable with this upgrade than a Windows update where you never know what will  happen21:59
theAtomrbs-tito, so u want me to report any bugs to you direct?22:00
rbs-titotheAtom: No, report them at launchpad22:01
Mark_MAyabara, now I just sit back and let it suck down 1 GB of data22:01
ubotuLaunchpad is a collection of development services for Open Source projects. It's Ubuntu's bug tracker, and much more; see https://launchpad.net/22:01
jak3Mark_M: with one update in 7.10 all wxwidgets and java apps stopped working like VLC...22:01
jak3so you never know what will happen with ubuntu update too22:02
theAtomrbs-tito, once upgrade is done, waht do I do after its rebooted?22:02
Mark_MThanks jak3, but I never had that problem with Gutsy22:03
rbs-titotheAtom: Log in22:03
theAtomrbs-tito, how do I then keep download updates to it?22:03
theAtomrbs-tito, after I login :P lol22:03
rbs-titotheAtom: Like in Gutsy, the update icon appears in the notifcation area22:03
Mark_MAt least if VLC or Miro doesn't work, I'll have an idea why?22:03
theAtomrbs-tito, excellent, easy as abc22:03
theAtomrbs-tito, I dont need to change servers?22:04
Mark_MFor some reason Gutsy broke many things that worked well with Feisty22:04
rbs-titotheAtom: Updates alter your apt sources for you22:04
Mark_MHow's the update toing Ayabara22:04
theAtomrbs-tito, I dont need to change servers in sources.list?22:04
rbs-titotheAtom: They are changed automatically22:05
theAtomrbs-tito, wow, you guys thought of everyhing :)22:05
AyabaraMark_M, 10 minutes remaining :-)22:05
Mark_MI have about 31 minutes remaining22:05
theAtomrbs-tito, I dont understand why you guys arent all millionares. you a lot smarter than MS guys :P22:05
Mark_MIt is going slow for some reason22:05
AyabaraMark_M, ok. I get ~750kbps22:05
Mark_MI'm at half that for the moment22:05
Mark_MI should register with this irc server to send private messages22:06
theAtomMark_M, rivate messages from unregistered users are currently blocked due to spam problems, but you can always message a staffer. Please register!22:06
Mark_MI know theAtom which is why I am trying to figure out the command to register my nic22:07
Mark_Mnick that is22:07
rbs-tito /nickserv register password22:08
Mark_Mthanks rbs-tito22:08
Mark_MI don't use IRC that much anymore so I don't remember all of the esoteric commands22:08
theAtomMark_M, I found the command22:08
theAtomdamn rbs-tito beat me to it :P i looked for nothing22:08
Mark_Mthanks theAtom22:08
theAtommu upgrade is 80% done22:09
theAtomit had to dl 900MB22:09
theAtommy upgrade is 80% done22:10
theAtomwish I could remember how I installed Grub on my external HDD :P22:10
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Mark_MHow's it going theAtom and Ayabara?22:18
theAtomat 90% :)22:18
Mark_MIt seems that all of my nicks are alreay registered22:18
theAtom8mins to go22:18
Mark_MI have about 10 minutes22:18
theAtomthen I hope it reboots ok :P22:18
Mark_Mme too22:19
theAtomif not, then ill restore 7.10 using Acronis Trueimage :)22:19
theAtomi couldnt live without my Acronis Trueimage22:19
theAtomits helped me a lot22:19
Mark_MHopefully my nickserv messages that failed wern't broadcast through here22:19
theAtomMark_M, is saw them22:19
theAtomI saw them22:19
Mark_MI should have bought a copy and made an image22:19
theAtomMark_M, yeah best thing I ever bought22:20
Mark_MWhat did you see theAtom?22:20
theAtomacronis trueimage is awesome22:20
Mark_MI heard that it had great reviews22:20
theAtomMark_M, no i didntsee ;) just teasing22:20
Mark_Mand works well22:20
Mark_MOh.  I attempted to send you some private messages22:20
theAtomMark_M, it never let me down.  and new version out.  I bought Trueimage 11.022:20
Mark_Mbut it seems that all of my nicks are already registered22:20
Mark_Mworks on Windows and Linux22:20
theAtomworks on anything22:21
theAtomext3, NTSF, etc etc22:21
Mark_Meven images hidden by Dell and others22:21
Mark_Mpartitions that is22:21
theAtomand i created a hidden partition where i can press F11 to load it22:21
theAtomDell uses Acronis to create those hidden partitions I believe, because I created my own hidden rescue partition22:22
theAtomAcronis Trueimage does it all22:22
Mark_MI think they use Norton Ghost22:22
theAtomnot sure22:22
Mark_Mmy hidden partition comes up as Norton Ghost22:22
Mark_MAyabara must have rebooted22:22
Mark_Mmy connection has slowed considerably22:22
theAtomi created my own and its already helped me many times :)22:23
Mark_MNow I have about 15 minutes left22:23
theAtommine says 5mins22:23
theAtomhopefully ill be right back when it reboots22:23
Mark_Mno I see him still listed as being in this room22:23
theAtomif u dont see me, then it broke something :P22:23
Mark_Msame here22:23
theAtomand ill have to restore from trueimage22:23
Mark_Mand I'll be rebuilding the partition from scratch22:23
Mark_MGood Luck theAtom22:24
ethana2for the open office hyphenation thing22:25
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Andre_Gondimethana2,  try this http://en.andregondim.eti.br/?p=1122:27
ethana2i tried the thing from my link22:27
ethana2worked great22:27
ethana2same thing22:27
underwatercowhas anyone else had a problem with the numpad random moving the mouse instead of numbers?22:29
ethana2do you have cursor keys on?22:29
underwatercowit turns on randomly22:29
ethana2hmm, nope..22:29
underwatercowI have had to turn mouse keys off like... 3-4 times now22:29
underwatercowand now it's reversed so it thinks numlock is on when the light is off22:31
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doofy`after i upgraded to HH my ntfs partition /dev/hda1 is inaccesible and unmountable. any ideas?22:37
alexrudd0did anyone else run into that nasty oo.org hyphenation upgrade problem?22:39
ethana2and i pasted a link to the fix22:40
ethana2i love how it's two lines of text22:40
ethana2'I have cancer'  'pop these two pills and call me in 30 minutes'22:41
alexrudd0ethana: yeah, I fixed it22:42
ethana2it's a well known bug, so the fix should come soon22:43
ethana2like, in the repos22:43
alexrudd0ethana2: just wanted to see how widespread it was22:43
ethana2everyone with openoffice on hardy22:43
ethana2ohh, wait, are you saying that you're the person who packaged the fix?22:44
alexrudd0I wish22:45
Ayabarawell, this did not work out the way I planned :-). After the update manager finished and restarted, Ubuntu tries to startup for a long time, before it takes me to some initramfs/busybox stuff. This is my cry for help ;-)22:46
alexrudd0Ayabara: I know what you mean - I had lots of blank boots.22:47
alexrudd0Ababra - what does menu.list look like?22:47
alexrudd0*ugh, I suck at spelling names22:48
Ayabaraalexrudd0, how do I find out? can I move around to find out?22:48
alexrudd0move around?22:48
Ayabaraalexrudd0, bad sentence :-)22:48
alexrudd0less /boot/grub/menu.list in terminal22:48
alexrudd0for me hardy had added a few options to the kernel line22:49
alexrudd0namely "vga=xx" and "quiet"22:49
alexrudd0I think the vga one screwed me up, and quiet just sucks in general22:49
Ayabaraalexrudd0, I'm only on the busybox prompt, and can apparently not reach /boot from there22:50
Ayabarashould I do a livecd boot to find out?22:50
crimsun_Ayabara: choose the older gutsy kernel, boot into it, and regenerate the initramfs for hardy's kernel.22:50
heret1craof :-)22:50
crimsun_Ayabara: unless you use crypt for your root fs - that's a known issue.22:51
setuidNoticed that GNOME font changes are completely ignored in Hardy. I've searched the BTS, but nothing comes up for that.22:51
alexrudd0ugh, I don't know what to do w/ busybox.    You can also figure out the boot parameters by pressing "e" during grub to edit them22:51
Ayabaracrimsun_, on my way. I don't crypt my rootfs22:51
setuidAnyone know if this is known/reported/fixable?22:51
crimsun_setuid: more precisely, please?22:51
Ayabaraalexrudd0, ok. doing what crimsun_ said know :-)22:52
setuidcrimsun_, I see what appears to be a FreeMono font on all window manager windows, Firefox menus, GNOME menus, Sawfish menus, etc. I changed the fonts in gnome-appearance-properties to 6pt BitstreamVeraSans, and it is ignored.22:52
Ayabaracrimsun_, "regenerate the initramfs". could you elaborate on that? :-)22:52
setuidChanging to any font is ignored22:52
h3sp4wn_I have noticed somehow my dpi is hardcoded at 96x96 (According to xdpyinfo)22:52
h3sp4wn_Thats messing up my fonts22:53
alexrudd0setuid: from Appearances?  I just changed the app font and it took effect instantly22:53
crimsun_setuid: current hardy?  persists across logoff/login?22:53
setuidcrimsun_, Yes and yes22:53
setuidalexrudd0, Today's package updates do not reflect that.22:53
setuidAs of about 1 hour ago22:53
ethana2gahh, my gnome panel is unresponsive again22:53
setuidI checked in gconf-editor also, and it reflects the right font, but _visually_, the fonts aren't changing22:53
crimsun_setuid: namely, I can't reproduce that symptom on either hardy machine (first is dist-upgraded from breezy->..., second is a plain alpha 4 -> full-upgrade)22:54
setuidcrimsun_, Maybe some font db corruption22:54
crimsun_setuid: ok, is it reproducible with a new user account?22:54
setuidcrimsun_, Let me quit xchat add a new user and try it22:54
Ayabarawhat's the current kernel version in hardy?22:55
ethana2z-ordering with child windows from the new gnome clock is all jacked up22:56
crimsun_Ayabara: 2.6.24-8.14-generic by default.22:56
Ayabaracrimsun_, so than it's: "update-initramfs -uk 2.6.24-8.14-generic" to regenerate initramfs?22:56
alexrudd0That was updated really recently too, IIRC.  Maybe 2-3 days ago?22:56
crimsun_Ayabara: 2.6.24-8-generic22:57
h3sp4wn_Anyone noticed any of this wierdness with gtk - http://rafb.net/p/Pnn8hd40.html22:59
Ayabaracrimsun_, kewl. now it boots, and I'm going to bed before I run into any more problems :-)23:00
ethana2h3sp4wn: that looks like the stuff i used to get all the time23:00
ethana2when i /really/ jacked up my ubuntu install23:00
h3sp4wn_I haven't done anything particularly dangerous on this one23:00
h3sp4wn_(other than just install the updates)23:01
ethana2is it giving you any actual trouble?23:01
h3sp4wn_Well that happens for quite a number of apps23:02
h3sp4wn_and gnome is hard locking pretty often23:02
h3sp4wn_I am just using wmii atm23:02
ethana2my panels just crash...  i just ctrl+alt+F2 kill them and they come back happy23:03
h3sp4wn_That is ok but some apps are wierd with it (amarok using 2 screens for example)23:03
h3sp4wn_I end up back at gdm23:03
ethana2well that's a kde app23:03
h3sp4wn_yeah but wmii just uses xlib afaik23:03
setuidcrimsun_, I can confirm that Application font under any user, new or old, is completely ignored.23:04
setuidChanging the other fonts work, however23:04
setuidDocument, Desktop, and so n23:04
setuid*so on23:04
h3sp4wn_setuid: Any idea where the 96x96 dpi is hardcoded ?23:04
setuidIt looks to be a 10 or 12pt font, and that's like billboard size on my 15" monitor23:04
setuidh3sp4wn_, No, but you can hardcode it back in your xorg.conf23:04
h3sp4wn_setuid: Not working23:05
h3sp4wn_(specifying displaysize)23:05
h3sp4wn_its not an even multiple to use X -dpi either23:05
h3sp4wn_It is in section monitor it should go right ?23:06
setuidcrimsun_, Any ideas where I can reset the Application font, so it behaves like the other font choices?23:06
* heret1c hiccups - (Reading database ... 292535 files and directories currently installed.)23:11
setuidOk, that didn't work either23:11
setuid$  xrdb -query | grep Xft23:11
setuidXft.dpi:        9623:11
theAtomit will only load 2nd kernel, not the first one23:15
wolverianI'm pretty sure there should be a kernel upgrade for me; I see it on launchpad. however, apt doesn't see it in the repos. is it possible the two are out of sync, or something is wrong with my apt? it's possible I'm just seeings things. :)23:17
wolverianthat is, I have nvidia-glx 169.09+, and I see -8.24 on launchpad.23:20
wolverian(it's relevant to my interests, since it's supposed to fix an amd64 bug with libglx.so)23:21
Mark_MillimanI had a USB device fail in the middle of my upgrade.  What is the best way to recover?  I have already downloaded everything via update-manager and I was installing the 1000+ packages.23:23
Mark_MillimanI am half in Gutsy and Hardy23:23
Mark_MillimanX11 comes up but only a little of gnome is runnings23:23
alexrudd0usb device fail?  what do you mean?23:23
Jordan_UMark_Milliman, Failed upgrade?23:23
wolverianhttps://launchpad.net/ubuntu/hardy/amd64/nvidia-glx-new/169.09+ this is the package on launchpad, but I don't see it in the repositories.23:24
Mark_MillimanI have a flaky USB TV tuner that connects and reconnects23:24
Mark_Millimanit disconnected and crashed X1123:24
alexrudd0unplug it?23:24
Jordan_UMark_Milliman, During the upgrade?23:24
Mark_MillimanIt is now unplugged23:24
Mark_Millimanyes during the upgrade Jordan_U23:24
wolverianhmm, okay. http://packages.ubuntu.com only sees the -8.22 version23:25
wolverianI suppose it's not my apt that is broken, then :)23:25
heret1cMark_Milliman> tried reinstalling the driver?23:25
Jordan_UMark_Milliman, I believe you should be able to simply "sudo dpkg --configure -a"23:25
Mark_MillimanForget the driver23:25
Mark_MillimanI could care less about the stupid TV tuner23:25
Mark_Millimanaaah dpkg --configure -a!!!23:25
Mark_Millimanthanks Jordan_U23:25
wolverianMark_Milliman, could or couldn't? :)23:25
Jordan_UMark_Milliman, That may not do some post upgrade clean up but should leave you in a pretty good state at lease23:26
setuidSo far, other than fonts and hald being broken, everything works great23:26
Jordan_UMark_Milliman, Wait23:26
Mark_MillimanForget the TV tuner wolverian23:26
wolverianso, has anyone else noticed no upgrades arriving in the past ~15 hours?23:26
Mark_MillimanIt is off the system23:26
wolverianMark_Milliman, I'm just remarking on your english, sorry.23:26
Mark_MillimanWhat Jordan_U?23:26
Jordan_UMark_Milliman, You may have some problems with an open-office package that is currently broken23:26
Mark_MillimanI am typing fast23:26
Mark_Millimanand not thinking because I am fustrated23:27
theAtomim back to 7.10 :)23:27
theAtomfrystrated about?23:27
Mark_MillimanI wish I had an old image the Atom23:27
theAtomlife is too short to get frustrated23:27
Mark_MillimanI'll worry about Open Office later23:27
theAtomMark_Milliman, I bought Acronis TrueImage23:27
Mark_MillimanI just want to get the system running again23:27
theAtomin 2mins im up and running again23:27
Mark_Millimanall was going well until that happen23:27
Mark_MillimanI know theAtom23:27
Jordan_UMark_Milliman, I guess there is no way to avoid it if you do so you might as well just go ahead and --configure -a23:27
setuidhrm, I wonder if there's something wrong with the theme manager... maybe that's why fonts are a mess23:27
theAtomMark_Milliman, thats why I never do anything until I backup an image with Acronis Trueimage23:28
theAtomMark_Milliman, its a good investment, buy it23:28
theAtomMark_Milliman, what happened anyway?23:28
Jordan_UMark_Milliman, But IMHO update-manager should not depend on its GUI front end such that it leaves you in a bad state if you lose X23:28
theAtomJordan_U, place a report23:28
Jordan_UtheAtom, I think I will23:29
Mark_Millimanseeing many python updates failing23:29
theAtomJordan_U, you need to tell the proper people feedback like that, not us :P23:29
Jordan_UtheAtom, I know :)23:29
theAtomJordan_U, good for u, tell them23:29
setuidOk, confirmed... gnome-panel ignores theme changes in Hardy23:29
ethana2it'd be great if the new clock would do the time zone math for me instead of just giving me the offset for multiple locations, by the way23:29
ethana2i have three locations to keep track of, being my home town, current location, and GMT23:29
Jordan_UMark_Milliman, Failing in what way?23:30
theAtomanyway, im back to 7.10.  upgarding to 8.04 broke my system.  thank goodness for Acronis Trueimage, because it only took me 2mins to get back to working Ubuntu 7.10 :)23:30
Mark_MillimanI must say that I like the GUI better because I know what is going on23:30
=== Dante is now known as VanDyke
Mark_MillimanJordan_U, packages seem to be installing23:30
theAtomMark_Milliman, go here:  acronis.com :)23:30
setuidLooks like the latest GNOME has removed more useful features23:30
Jordan_UMark_Milliman, I usually prefer CLI apps for the same reason :)23:30
setuidI swear, at this rate, GNOME will be 1 button in a year23:31
alexrudd0such as?23:31
Jordan_Usetuid, But it will be one 'sanely defaulted' button :)23:31
Mark_MillimanSome dependancies are failing around Python23:31
Mark_MillimanI assume that I can clean up any problems once the system is up and running23:32
heret1cMark_Milliman> same here.23:32
theAtomMark_Milliman, it wont load?23:32
Mark_MillimanStill updating packages theAtom23:32
theAtomwhy doesnt ubuntu load for u?23:32
theAtomah ok23:33
theAtomwell mine woildnt boot23:33
theAtomi had to chose older kernel23:33
theAtomthen it booted with many error reports23:33
Mark_MillimantheAtom, I had a flaky device crash in the middle of my upgrade23:33
Mark_MillimanI am still updating23:33
theAtomso I restored my 7.10 image23:33
Mark_Millimaneven after the crash my system came up23:33
theAtomill wait till April :)23:33
Mark_Millimanwith the old kernel23:33
theAtomim not in a hurry23:33
theAtomall the best Mark_Milliman23:33
theAtomsee u23:34
theAtomJordan_U, see u23:34
Mark_Millimanthanks theAtom and to you23:34
theAtomty :-)23:34
Mark_Millimanlooks like a am still rebuilding the scrollkeeper database23:34
setuidI just wish they'd stop fscking with fonts... I *HATE* these 10-point billboard sized fonts23:37
setuidWhere are the GNOME "Application" font preferences stored? Perhaps there was some upgrade corruption?23:37
Dr_WillisHmm.. I thouhg 10 point would be tiny.. but billboard would be large...23:38
setuidLatest gnome-panel seems to have limited the minimum height to 25 pixels now...23:38
setuidDr_Willis I use 6pt fonts, generally23:38
Jordan_Usetuid, Perhaps you need to change your DPI settings23:38
Dr_Willisupdating now.  lets see...200+ updates23:39
setuidJordan_U I tried 96 all the way to 120, they're identical23:39
Dr_Willissetting my panels to 36 pixles high. :) just to test23:39
Dr_WillisHmm.. some issue with openoffice.org-hyphenation-en-us_2.3-5_all.deb (--unpack): trying to overwrite `/usr/share/myspell/dicts/hyph_en_US.dic', which is also in package openoffice.org-hyphenation23:45
setuidOk, looks like 75 dpi is what the latest GNOME requires, but the previous version worked fine with 9623:45
void^the oo.o issue seems to be problem-of-the-day23:46
setuid dpkg -P openoffice.org-hyphenation23:46
setuidProblem solved :D23:46
Dr_Willislets try that one.. :)  been trying to remove that package and its been cussing at me.23:46
setuidWorked for me23:47
Dr_Willisnope. dident like that either.23:48
setuidWhat error?23:48
Dr_Willisdpkg: error processing /var/cache/apt/archives/openoffice.org-hyphenation-en-us_2.3-5_all.deb (--unpack):23:48
Dr_Willis trying to overwrite `/usr/share/myspell/dicts/hyph_en_US.dic', which is also in package openoffice.org-hyphenation23:48
Dr_Willisdpkg: dependency problems prevent removal of openoffice.org-hyphenation:23:49
Dr_Willisim getting my error messages goofed up. :) let me clear my terminal and try again23:49
Dr_Willissudo  dpkg -P openoffice.org-hyphenation23:49
Dr_Willisdpkg: error processing openoffice.org-hyphenation (--purge):23:50
Dr_Willis dependency problems - not removing23:50
setuidWhat does 'iU' mean again with dpkg?23:52
rskinstall = i23:52
rskU dunno...23:53
setuid1,498 packages are on my system in that state...23:54
setuidThey all work, but they're in that state23:54
crimsun_setuid: ~/.gconf/desktop/gnome/interface/%gconf.xml23:54
crimsun_setuid: also, ~/.gconf/apps/nautilus/preferences/%gconf.xml and ~/.gconf/apps/metacity/general/%gconf.xml23:55
setuidcrimsun_ Right, that all looks right23:55
setuidI don't do metacity, but I'll keep looking23:55
setuidSeems those values are ignored23:55
crimsun_setuid: is the ubuntu-desktop meta installed?23:55
setuidThe %gconf.xml files are correct, gconf must be ignoring them23:55
setuidcrimsun_ No, that package is broken23:56
crimsun_well, is gnome-settings-daemon being invoked properly?23:56
setuidgnome-settings-daemon is running, apparently with no args23:57
setuiddesrod    9356  0.0  0.2  18356  5612 ?        S    18:45   0:00          \_ gnome-settings-daemon23:57
setuidIs it supposed to run with args?23:57
crimsun_now, why is ubuntu-desktop broken?23:57
crimsun_i.e., presuming your sources.list(5) is configured properly for hardy with a current apt cache and {full,dist}-upgrade has been issued, where is aptitude hitching?23:59
setuidI don't use aptitiude23:59
setuidI use apt-get/apt-file/dpkg23:59

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