Megaqwertybillybobo231: so the time might be different for you. (PST = Pacific Standard Time)00:00
billybobo231i'm CST00:00
billybobo231so an hour diff00:00
billybobo231oh wait two00:00
MegaqwertyYeah, I woke up and realized I'd missed the whole thing already ;)00:01
MegaqwertyLucky I kept my IRC window open.00:01
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duo_anybody here?12:59
duo_when the Ubuntu Developer Week begin13:00
KEB1so here?15:18
KEB1is nobody of 60 people avaible?15:45
naliothKEB1: please read the /topic17:00
naliothKEB1: support is in #ubuntu17:00
KEB1yes i know this, but cant we speak here about the next week?17:00
KEB1why are more than sixty people in this channel?17:01
naliothlots of people idle17:04
KEB1idle? what does that mean?17:05
naliothKEB1: it means to be here and not say anything for hours or weeks on end17:05
KEB1so theyre only waiting for next week?17:06
naliothsome have joined here years ago and never left17:09
naliothsome never speak17:09
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