persiasistpoty: Thanks for fixing nvidia-settings harder, although even Dapper had a sufficient version of nvidia-glx.01:16
TheMusough wrong tab...01:49
keescookasac: any idea how to get paste-into-window-loads-URL to working ff3?  (they changed it in ff2 too!)02:04
keescookasac: oh, nm, it's middlemouse.contentLoadURL still ... seems it forgot my setting.  :)02:05
* Hobbsee waves02:19
Hobbseecan someone extend my ubuntu-members membership here?02:24
asackeescook: oh ... i think thats a bug ;)02:24
minghuaHobbsee: You should be able to extend it yourself, AFAIK.02:24
Hobbseeminghua: that requires me having my launchpad password02:25
asackeescook: thanks for reminding me ;) ( i had a patch for a similar issue in ffox 2)02:25
Hobbseewhich is on my home laptop.  as is my password safe, which didn't seem to get transferred over here.02:25
minghuaHobbsee: Oh okay.02:26
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calci picked up an old style corded phone and was able to prove my phone/dsl trouble was ATT's fault03:42
calcso they are coming to fix it tomorrow :-)03:43
* calc had thought it was his crappy 'inside' wiring03:45
calcits probably not too great either but at least its ATT fault so it can get fixed sooner that way03:45
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calci actually have no dial tone but the dsl is sorta working04:13
Hobbseecalc: since when do you want a working phone anyway?04:14
lamontslangasek: you around?05:15
warp10Good morning!07:09
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j1mchi all - does anyone know anything about linux-meta on xubuntu?  it's been producing "uinstallable binaries" for a good while now.11:34
j1mci've mentioned it around the xubuntu-devs, but it doesn't seem to be getting fixed.  i'm not sure what the issue is - does it affect other xubuntu flavors?11:34
persiaj1mc: Likely to be examined and fixed next week.  This being a weekend many people are doing other things (especially the kernel folk).11:42
j1mcpersia: ok... is it a known issue?  i think i've seen it for the past month.11:43
persiaj1mc: It's at least reported, but I don't know to who it is known.  To verify, try searching the bugtracker, or asking in #ubuntu-bugs.11:44
geserMithrandir: could you move libxstream-java to multiverse as it build-depends on sun-java6-jdk? Thanks.13:34
geserMithrandir: please move libini4j-java to multiverse too as it build-depends on jetty. Thanks13:36
persiaMithrandir: Please don't move libini4j-java to multiverse: see bug #19233613:39
ubotuLaunchpad bug 192336 in jetty "Please migrate jetty from multiverse to universe" [Wishlist,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/19233613:39
mjj29are multiverse things allowed to depend on non-free things?13:50
mjj29(or doesn't sun-java6 count as non-free over here)13:50
persiamjj29: multiverse maps roughly to contrib + non-free, but only roughly.13:51
mjj29ah, right13:52
mjj29I thought restricted == non-free?13:52
elmono, restricted is non-free drivers only13:53
mjj29ah, right13:54
persiamjj29: There are two separations: main/universe and free/non-free.  These are orthogonal, so we have four different targets.13:57
mjj29ah, right, I see13:58
slytherinpitti: may I bug you about a powerpc bug?14:29
jwendellopenoffice is broken my hardy updates...14:56
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geserasac: any idea how I can get my LP cookie out firefox 3 into a file that works with python-launchpad-bugs? it should look like the cookies.txt from firefox 217:26
pygimr_pouit, ping18:20
arcticpenguin380if i want to use reiser4 would i have to recompile the kernel?21:13
ScottKarcticpenguin380: Please see /topic.  For support see #ubuntu or #ubuntu+1 if you are running Hardy.21:14
selckinif you have to ask, you don't want to use it21:14
ScottKThat too.21:15
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keescookgeser: eek.  I hadn't run into that yet, but I'm sure to soon.  :)21:43
lifelessyay -8 doesn't boot at all :(21:48
keescooklifeless: really? odd hardware?21:53
lifelesskeescook: D43021:53
lifelesskeescook: kernel comes up, initramfs then spins forever; I use cryptsetup21:54
lifelessbut no password prompt occurs, nor does it time out to a shell for me to manually mount root21:54
keescookah, fun.  haven't tried a cryptsetup boot yet21:54
Ellyhey, random question: anyone know how to get root on a vax running openvms with physical access? We found one (someone threw it out) and we need to log in =P21:55
lifelessI probably need to do a stop=premount or some such thing21:55
lifelessand fiddle21:55
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keescookgeser: http://people.ubuntu.com/~kees/scripts/cookies-sql2txt22:23
geserkeescook: thanks22:24
superteddoes anyone know how often the language packs will be released in hardy ?23:31
superm1if any members of ~ubuntu-archive are around this weekend, would you mind looking into why something hasn't published after 23 hours?  It's not in NEW or anything like that, but yet it is still not on a.u.c.23:42
gesersuperm1: some packages from mythplugins (e.g. mythcontrols) got published on amd64 and ppc23:48
superm1geser, that's odd.  i386 hasn't seen anything yet23:49
Fujitsu./win 623:51

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