miniuxHi, does anyone know where the ubuntu-desktop installer looks when it tries to attach old users prefs to a new install?05:03
evandminiux: that depends entirely on the operating system it's importing from.  Windows XP or Linux?05:04
miniuxAn old ubuntu install... 2 partitions.. / got nuked, /home is still alive but when I attach it to the install as the new /home it doesnt want to import any users05:04
evandIt's only going to try to import the firefox bookmarks, gaim/pidgin settings, and evolution settings for each user.05:06
evandIt's not going to import the entire contents of /home/$USER.05:06
miniuxok, thats exactly what I wanted to know.  so I should create a user with a different name and move the pref's by hand afterwards?05:07
evandHowever, if it doesn't import the settings I mentioned above, please run `ubiquity -d` from a terminal on the live CD and attach /var/log/syslog and /var/log/installer/debug to a new bug report against migration-assistant05:07
miniuxWould that be the new or old /var/...?05:08
miniux(live cd's or old install)05:09
evandon the live cd05:09
evandnow as to your other question05:10
evandyou can use the live CD to manually transfer /home/{$USER} to the new partition.  Just mount both the old partition (assuming you haven't formatted it) and new partition after the install is complete, copy /home/$USER from one to the other05:11
evandif this isn't the same as the user you created during the install, then you'll have to create an account for that user post-install05:12
miniuxAlright perfect, thanks for the help, sorry for the channel abuse05:12
evandit's late, no one would be talking here anyway05:12
evandbest of luck to you05:12
miniuxthanks again05:13
evandyou're welcome05:13

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