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Nafallodrunk and still remember my passwords00:34
Nafallothis is no good00:34
erUSULNafallo: yep; they are too easy00:34
LjLNafallo: hey you aren't identified to services00:34
LjLfix that fast00:34
Nafallo00:35 [FreeNode] -!-           : is identified to services00:35
LjLNafallo: way not drunk enough00:35
NafalloerUSUL: easy? at least 15 chars with letters, caps, numbers and special chars.00:36
LjLand i can read perl00:36
erUSULNafallo: ;) then you are not drunk enough00:37
PiciPerhaps you could read perl drunk..00:37
Nafalloyou guys should come to London :-)00:37
LjLPici: that i can't exclude - however i'm not myself drunk00:37
PiciIts a bit far for me.00:37
LjLi should for sure00:37
Nafalloget proper drunk and then start abusing our powers ;-)00:38
LjLhm? why would i need to be drunk to do that?00:38
erUSULXXDD hey i can not do the same here....00:39
Nafallohehe. I never abuse my powers :-)00:39
Nafallowould probably destroy humanity if I did ;-)00:39
jpatrickLjL: now I am what's up?09:51
jpatricklemme guess, logs not showing up09:51
jpatrickLjL: logs, yay, http://irclogs.ubuntu.com/2008/02/16/%23ubuntu-irc.html09:54
civijahy guys12:04
civijai need some help with problematic user which is opening channels in ubuntu-* hierarchy and calling them official12:04
civijai.e. #kubuntu-hr12:05
jpatrickcivija: what's up?12:05
civijajpatrick: we from #ubuntu-hr have problem with some user12:06
civijahe has opened #kubuntu-hr and calling it official croatian kubuntu channel12:06
civijahe has just copied topic from #ubuntu-hr and changed a few letters12:07
jpatrickcivija: there does not appear to be anything in that channel12:07
jpatrickcivija: but we can have it closed down if you wish12:07
civijawe have tryed reason with him and explain him but he just ignores us and has kicked us12:07
ompaul  Channel: #kubuntu-hr  Registered: 1 day (17h 52m 18s) ago12:07
civijajpatrick: maybe he has left in meantime12:08
civijalook at #kubuntu-hr and #kubuntu-cro12:08
civijausername was djankov12:08
jpatrickI see him12:08
civijaor CroGNOME12:09
civijajpatrick: please try to explain him or close it down12:09
ompaulelkbuntu, you awake?12:09
jpatrickcivija: so, you'd like to have both closed down?12:09
jpatrickone mo, I'll see what I can do12:10
civijaok, tnx12:10
jpatrickcivija: there's a dodobas in #k-hr12:11
elkbuntuompaul, yes, 'sup?12:12
civijajpatrick: his a member from #ubuntu-hr, he also has tryed to explain him12:12
civijai'll tell him to quit from channel12:12
jpatrickelkbuntu: scroll up12:12
elkbuntucivija, are you the croatian contact?12:13
civijaelkbuntu: i'm member from #ubuntu-hr loco team12:14
civijai'm not contact from #ubuntu-hr channel but i can tell him to join here12:14
elkbuntucivija, requests of this type need to be made by team contacts12:14
civijaok, one moment12:15
* jpatrick is talking to the guy in #k-hr12:15
ompaulelkbuntu, that was what I called you for - sorry I left the room for rejoin lag12:16
* jpatrick gets the #k-cro guy in12:17
jpatrick06:24 ** mode/#kubuntu-cro [+b *!*n=jon@*ubuntu/member/jpatrick] by djankov12:18
jpatrick06:24 ** jpatrick was kicked from #kubuntu-cro by djankov [djankov]12:18
civijaelkbuntu: do you need a contact from #ubuntu-hr channel or contact from ubuntu-l10n-hr team?12:18
elkbuntucivija, the loco contact12:18
civijai see he has kicked jpatrick :)12:18
jpatrickcivija: not very nice...12:18
dodobasim loco contact for croatian team12:19
civijaelkbuntu: team owner is ivoks (ubuntu-member) but he is not here right now12:19
civijai'm team administrator12:19
elkbuntucivija, team owner is different from contact. contact is the person we communicate with the team through12:19
jpatrickelkbuntu: I could set Riddell on you ;)12:19
djankovIN YOUR FACE!12:20
elkbuntujpatrick, only if he's wearing his kilt12:20
elkbuntudjankov, please dont troll12:20
jpatrickelkbuntu: he is the contact for all #kubuntu* channels12:20
elkbuntujpatrick, loco channels are independantly managed unless assistance is requested12:21
elkbuntusuch as now12:21
* jpatrick off to lunch12:22
civijabut he doesn't have a loco team, he has just opened channel and called it official12:22
elkbuntuompaul, i'm inclined to side with dodobas and civija, based on djankov's display of idiocy12:22
elkbuntucivija, i'm not doubting it12:22
ompaulelkbuntu, +112:22
dodobaselkbuntu: we tried to talk12:22
elkbuntudodobas, i believe you12:22
dodobasthere is just no way12:22
elkbuntuhe's shown us that quite categorically12:23
ompaulcivija, there is a process that needs to be gone through so that in cases where the claim is not valid it does not happen12:23
civijaompaul: ok, np12:23
ompaulcivija, this is not a reflection on the person making the claim, it is a protection for those acting on any claim, it makes it easy to help / administrate12:24
elkbuntu*sigh* as per usual, no staff online :(12:25
Nafalloelkbuntu: Dave2 wrote text less than 10 minutes ago12:26
elkbuntudodobas, do you wish for the channels to just be forwarded to the existing channel (#ubuntu-hr) and ownership transferred to the #ubuntu-hr owner (ivoks)12:29
dodobasno forwarding is needed, or ownership12:31
elkbuntudodobas, so just close and lock?12:31
civijaelkbuntu: yes please12:31
elkbuntudodobas or civija, please list affected channels12:32
elkbuntuDave2, we needs your staffer-fu in a sec12:32
civija#kubuntu-hr and #kubuntu-cro12:32
civijaelkbuntu: you can forward #kubuntu-hr to #ubuntu-hr but please close #kubuntu-cro12:33
elkbuntudodobas, are you in agreement with civija's last statement?12:33
dodobasyes, those channels are problematic12:34
civijadodobas: do you agree that they forward #kubuntu-hr to #ubuntu-hr?12:34
civijathis would help if someone tries to open #kubuntu-hr again12:35
dodobasand if anyone would like to maintain #kubuntu-hr, it can be removed12:35
ompauldodobas, that is the idea12:35
dodobaskuul, i agree12:36
elkbuntudodobas, i personally recommend having #kubuntu-hr, #kubuntu-cro and #kubuntu-croatia (and if non-existant, #ubuntu-cro and #ubuntu-croatia) forwarded to #ubuntu-hr12:36
elkbuntuthat means you have more chance of people getting to the channel with guesses12:36
dodobasright, please make it so12:37
elkbuntuDave2, if it's not too much to ask :) ^^12:37
ompaulcivija, pm12:37
Dave2I just need to check who has authority over the #ubuntu- and #kubuntu- namespaces first, not sure how long that'll take12:38
elkbuntuDave2, i'm part of the IRC council, we've had our GCFs in for like 5 months now12:39
elkbuntutechnically seveas has authority, but he retired from the role several months ago. freenode is dragging the chain12:40
ubotuSi busca ayuda en español por favor entre en los canales #ubuntu-es o #kubuntu-es, allí obtendrá más ayuda.12:48
ubotuDeutschsprachige Hilfe fuer Probleme mit Ubuntu, Kubuntu und Edubuntu finden Sie in den Kanaelen #ubuntu-de, #kubuntu-de, #xubuntu-de und #edubuntu-de12:48
ompaulcivija, ^^ like that kind of thing12:48
civijaompaul: yes, i get it now :)12:48
civijawait just a moment12:48
ompaulcivija, thanks12:48
civijaompaul: Odgovarajući kanal za Hrvatski jezik je #ubuntu-hr, molimo Vas da se pridružite tom kanalu ukoliko trebate pomoć za Ubuntu, hvala.12:51
ompaulcivija, ok12:51
civijaompaul: Odgovarajuci kanal za Hrvatski jezik je #ubuntu-hr, molimo Vas da se pridruzite tom kanalu ukoliko trebate pomoc za Ubuntu, hvala.12:51
civijaplease use this one12:51
ompaul!no hr is <reply> Odgovarajuci kanal za Hrvatski jezik je #ubuntu-hr, molimo Vas da se pridruzite tom kanalu ukoliko trebate pomoc za Ubuntu, hvala.  Croatian language support in #ubuntu-hr12:52
ubotuI'll remember that ompaul12:52
ubotuYum! Err, I mean, APT!12:52
dodobashehe, nice bot12:52
ompaulcivija, thank you for that12:52
ompauldodobas, source is available12:52
civijaompaul: thank you12:53
dodobasyeah, thx12:54
ompaulcivija, no problem12:54
jpatrickcivija: anything else, just ask12:55
civijajpatrick: ok, tnx :)12:55
dodobasompaul: source is tha force :)12:55
ompaulRichard loves ya!12:56
dodobasmaybe our chanop would be interested12:56
ompauldodobas, pm12:56
* jpatrick wonders what is with the pms12:57
ompauljpatrick, not irc loco things12:57
jpatrickompaul: ah, ok :)12:57
ompauljpatrick, getting translations of stuff12:57
dodobasjpatrick: its just another conspiracy theory :)12:57
elkbuntudodobas, you weren't supposed to tell him! now he knows we're plotting his downfall!12:58
ompauldodobas, why is it always the same people with the conspiracy theorys :)12:58
civijahahah :)12:58
dodobaswhat's the difference, he is going to fall anyway12:58
dodobasthis is more interesting, now he will fight till the last breath12:58
elkbuntuyeah, but now someone else will get the glory :(12:59
dodobasits more fun to watch12:59
jpatrickelkbuntu: what's a GCF?13:00
jpatrickah, wait, Group contact form13:00
* elkbuntu pats jpatrick on the head13:00
elkbuntuoh we're a clever one13:00
Dave2elkbuntu, sorry about that, unfortunately I'm not a GCF person so can't really accelerate the process, as much as I see that it's needed.13:13
elkbuntuDave2, so i'm not listed as GC then?13:13
Dave2I'm not sure, no GC people have been around yet13:13
elkbuntuyou mean there's no way for you guys to check other than ask someone?13:14
Dave2Though if you could get Seveas to poke me, then I know that at least one of you will be a GC, and I can do it.13:14
Dave2Not at this point in time, no13:14
elkbuntuthat is rather lame... this is the internet age!13:15
Dave2We're planning on a web-based system to aid this, but it doesn't exist yet, unfortunately13:15
SeveasDave2, prod13:16
SeveasDave2, I'm current group contact for Ubuntu13:16
Dave2I agree that the major delay is somewhat of an issue, but unfortunately it's what we've got at the moment.13:17
Dave2Seveas, right13:17
* Dave2 scrolls up to see what was requested again13:17
Seveasbecause freenode has been horrendously slow processing our gcf requests we currently have this mess13:17
SeveasDave2, so either process the GCF of elkbuntu's requests :)13:17
Dave2Unfortunately I'm not a GCF person, so can't do anything to speed it up.13:17
Seveasyou could poke the relevant people Dave213:18
ompaulDave2, you have the instruction that is what he means ;-)13:18
Seveaselkbuntu, sorry, dutchism there (of is dutch for or)13:18
Dave2ompaul, yup, that's what I'm just checking13:18
elkbuntuDave2, hobbsee would even lend you her pointy stick if you asked nice enough :)13:18
SeveasDave2, I find it rather unacceptable that the largest community on freenode has to wait many months for processing GCFs13:18
Dave2#kubuntu-hr, #kubuntu-cro, #kubuntu-croatia, #ubuntu-cro and #ubuntu-croatia -> #ubuntu-hr, right?13:18
elkbuntuDave2, yep, thanks13:19
Dave2Seveas, I'll do what I can to attempt to get it sped up, but as a non-GCF person I don't have any direct involvement; I know it's definitely not good.13:19
Dave2#kubuntu-croatia, #ubuntu-cro, and #ubuntu-croatia appear to not exist, so I'll let the relevant people deal with those13:23
dodobasDave2: can you create those too, so if anyone tries to guess a Croatian support channell with those name will be forwared to #ubuntu-hr13:25
Dave2It's probably simpler for someone directly involved with the channel to register and forward them13:26
elkbuntuDave2, dodobas may need instruction on how13:27
Dave2The two channels which were registered are now forwarded13:27
civijaDave2: tnx13:27
dodobasso we need to register the channels, and then13:28
dodobasi dont know how to forward them13:28
ompauldodobas, join and13:28
Dave2Ah, right; once the channel's registered, /msg chanserv set <#channel> guard on, then /msg chanserv set <#channel> mlock +nif #ubuntu-hr13:28
dodobasDave2 tnx, ill ask, our channel op to do that13:29
civijathank you all for your help!13:31
elkbuntudodobas, i suggest you do the registering yourself asap, then transfer contactship to ivoks13:32
elkbuntuor the troll will quickly move to them13:33
dodobaswe are doing it right now13:33
Dave2No problem, and sorry about the slow GCF processing issue :/13:33
dodobasjust one more thing to ask13:40
dodobashow to change contact on a channel13:41
dodobasthat is currently set to freenode-staff13:41
Dave2if you're a group contact for the project, you ask a member of staff to give it to you. in general channels registered to freenode-staff are closed or redirected, though.13:42
dodobasoki, we'll deal with it if there is need for it13:45
dodobaselkbuntu: ivoks is no logner loco-contact for Croatian team, i'm currently appointed13:48
LjLi got mail from RT15:39
LjLjpatrick: i'm not sure if it means i have to do something, or it's just meant as a notification15:40
jpatrickLjL: about ubuntulog in -irc?15:40
LjLyes jpatrick15:40
jpatrickhe's here no? :)15:40
LjLjpatrick: yes but15:40
jpatrickyou got the mail because you were subscribed15:40
LjLjpatrick: i can't close that ticket15:41
LjLbecause i have no login or password to begin with15:41
LjLand i never received a ticket number for my request15:41
jpatrickLjL: it has been closed15:41
LjLok, so was just a FYI15:41
LjLwasn't clear15:41
jpatrick"Fri Feb 15 17:05:55 2008   nick - Status changed from 'open' to 'resolved'"15:43
jpatrickand krap that's danroj at the top15:43
jpatrickLjL: I'm going to try and get ubuntulog into the -offtopic channels, ok with you?15:44
LjLjpatrick: yeah, he came in yesterday. but are you quoting from that page?15:44
LjLjpatrick: uhm, no, likely not15:44
LjLjpatrick: the offtopic channels were always meant as not logged as far as i'm aware, i'll ask rest of council15:45
jpatrickLjL: no, from "https://rt.ubuntu.com/Ticket/Display.html?id=652"15:45
LjLah right15:45
jpatrickLjL: well, if you need logs for other channels, I've had luck with the Canonical guys15:46
PriceyI don't think the offtopic channels should be logged.15:48
LjLjpatrick: well, hopefully RT will get smoother for everyone. i don't like the idea that one gets them to do stuff only if they know people15:49
LjLbut i think this issue has been discussed by the CC15:49
Priceyjpatrick, do you do rt?15:49
Priceywait no i'm silly15:49
Priceymaybe not15:50
jpatrickPricey: no, but I seem to get the Canonical when they're around15:50
LjLPricey: yes yes, you're silly, don't worry15:50
jpatrickLjL: it's not just one guy, they just need more people (appartently)15:52
LjLjpatrick: sure, not blaming anyone, i don't even remotely know them so that would be silly - just saying it's not an ideal state of things15:57
ergunare there Ubuntu 7.10 users here?21:07
erUSULergun: for help go to #ubuntu21:11
erUSULergun: that's the support channel21:11
erUSULergun: this is a channel for ubuntu related channel ops21:12
ergunsorry what are you doing here21:14
jpatrickergun: this channel is for internation ops21:19
ergunok have fun guys ! see you21:22

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