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Kanotseliot: did you use the kernel 2.6.23+ hack for avm drivers?13:18
tseliotKano: I don't use avm drivers13:19
Kanotjaalton you?13:20
Kanotjaalton: do you use the objcopy hack for avm?13:22
Kanotjaalton: similar to: http://aur.archlinux.org/packages/fwlanusb/fwlanusb/PKGBUILD#13:24
Kanotjaalton: needed for all13:24
tjaaltonmeaning I don't use avm13:34
Kanodidnt you package it?13:52
Kanowithout nothing will work13:53
Kanoso apply it13:53
tjaaltonno I didn't14:08
Kanobut you changed 2 avm bugs14:12
KanoTimoAaltonen 14:12
Kanobut you dont know anything about avm?14:13
tjaaltonthe bug about pci_register_driver is fixed in hardy14:21
tjaaltonwhat's the other one?14:22
KanoBug 12830114:25
ubotuLaunchpad bug 128301 in linux-restricted-modules-2.6.24 "2 usefull missing avm drivers fcpcmcia and fcusb2" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/12830114:25
tjaaltonthat's not closed14:26
tjaaltonI just moved it forward14:26
fdasfsadhi guys15:13
fdasfsadcan anyone tell me where I can get the em28xx alternative driver from mrec15:13
fdasfsadseems like mcentral.de is down15:13
eradicuswhy am I getting  error: linux/module.h: No such file or directory15:17
eradicusi'm trying to compile a kernel module, i have the kernel sources & header in /usr/src/15:18
fdasfsaddo you?15:20
fdasfsaddoes /usr/src/linux point to the kernel source folder?15:20
eradicusfdasfsad, yes15:20
eradicuslinux -> linux-source-2.6.2215:21
fdasfsadyou're trying to compile a kernel module outside the kernel?15:22
eradicusyes, so later i can insmod it...15:22
fdasfsadwell then check if there is some absolute definition for linux/module.h or check the makefile - maybe it points to a wrong folder for includes15:23
eradicuswhat do you mean by absolute definition?15:25
fdasfsadlike #include "linux/module.h"15:25
eradicusnope i'm using <>15:26
fdasfsadthen check the Makefile15:27
eradicusnot using makefile yet... i'm trying to compile the basic module, i.e. hello world.15:28
eradicus#define MODULE15:28
eradicus#include <linux/module.h>15:28
eradicusthe first two lines ^15:28
eradicusthen i have init_module() and clean_module()15:28
fdasfsadthen what options do you pass to gcc?15:29
eradicus-c 15:29
eradicusany other options needed aside from the above stated?15:30
eradicussorry newbie here 15:30
eradicusfdasfsad, what could be wrong? i have recompiled the source before diving into module writing.15:34
eradicusanyone who can help me...15:43
anakronsomeone there?16:42
anakronim looking for kernel developer16:42
JanCI'm not a kernel developer, so not sure if I can still help you?16:45
anakroni only wanna report a kernel panic16:48
anakronthat i found in last upgrade16:48
anakronwhen i do dist-upgrade, kernel 2.6.28-8 wasnt added to grub, so when i restart i cant choose it16:49
anakronthen i update grub,and reboot i choose 2.6.24-816:49
anakronwas kernel 2.6.24-8 sorry16:49
anakroni choose it but kernel panic appears16:49
anakronso i try to use 2.6.24-7 but Desktop was unable to use, so, in terminal, i built dependencies of mount and then kernel 2.6.24-8 was configured 16:50
anakronnow im using kernel 2.6.24-8 without any problem16:50
anakron:) thats what the problem16:51
anakronthe upgrade was a problem cause dont built dependencies16:52
JanCah, you're testing hardy16:54
JanCbest you can do is file a bug report I guess16:54
JanCif nobody else already did16:54
anakroni dont know where i can find that log messages16:56
JanCI guess they will tell you if they need them  ;)16:56
tjaaltonI don't understand the problem..16:57
tjaaltonwhat does "built dependencies" mean?16:57
anakronwhich is the log file where boots messages are wrote16:58
anakronfoir example, /var/log/syslog16:58
anakronbut i dont found my kernelpanic16:58
tjaaltonthat's irrelevant16:58
tjaaltonsomething went wrong with your update16:58
tjaaltonwhat did you do to fix it?16:58
anakronbuild dep of mount17:02
tjaaltonsorry, I don't follow17:04
crimsun_"kernel panic"?  e.g., the initramfs not being rebuilt?17:55

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