[reed]I didn't mean close00:00
[reed]I just meant it's not an ubuntu bug00:00
asac[reed]: invalid < close :)00:00
asacthats true ;)00:00
asacUbulette: a while back we established the procedure to tag bugs that need to be posted upstream as mt-postupstream00:00
asaci did that for this bug now00:01
Ubuletteok ok, i don't mind00:01
asacno :) ... i just want to talk about bug procedures. there are things to revisit ... for sure00:01
asacthere is also the feature in launchpad to add an empty upstream target (e.g. just add upstream bug, but don't fill in upstream bug id)00:02
asacthen you can search in the advanced search for for "bugs that needs to be forwarded upstream"00:02
asac"Show bugs that need to be forwarded to an upstream bug tracker"00:03
asacthere was a bunch of different opinions on how to set the status once the bug is posted upstream.00:04
asacsome said "invalid" - because its not valid for ubuntu00:04
asacother said "wont fix" - because ubuntu wont fix it :)00:04
asacother said "in progress" - because from ubuntu point of view the bug is now dealt with, just by upstream :)00:04
Ubulettei wanted wont fix but it's not there00:05
asacnot there?00:05
asacits there for sure ;)00:05
Ubulettein the drop down list00:05
asacanyway, it should be wont fix not before the bug is posted upstream imo.00:05
asacUbulette: strange ... i have it there for 6 month or so now00:05
asac"incomplete" "invalid" "won't fix" ...00:06
asacUbulette: which bug is that?00:09
asaccan you still not change the importance? even though you are in bug-control?00:10
asachmm ... maybe wont fix is related to that00:10
Ubulettewell, it's an old tab00:10
Ubuletterefresh is different now00:10
asacgood ;)00:11
Ubulettethere are 2 more options in that menu now, including wont-fix00:12
Ubulettethat means i've changed the other one before you bug-controled me00:13
Ubulettemozilla-devscripts needs an update now that ff3 needs mozilla/memory to build00:13
asacUbulette: right.00:14
Ubuletteis that enough to be pushed ?00:15
asac[reed]: why do you use your own memory management now? (instead of using glib?)00:15
asaci know that its good for windows, but is it good for linux as well?00:15
asac(or isn't that whats in mozilla/memory ?)00:16
asacUbulette: yes, but now we need a freeze exception :)00:16
Ubulettethere's jemalloc in there00:17
[reed]jemalloc is FreeBSD's default malloc implementation00:17
[reed]it owns00:17
[reed]we've already seen huge perf wins with it00:17
[reed]over normal malloc00:17
asac[reed]: yes right, i know that this is a problem on windows, but why do we need this on linux?00:17
asacthere is already glib_slice stuff and all00:17
[reed]because it's better on Linux? :)00:17
[reed]let me show you some graphs00:17
asacwhat is better? jemalloc? then glib?00:17
asacgo ahead00:18
[reed]well, jemalloc is better than the default malloc we were using00:18
asacUbulette: we are in feature freeze now ... meaning: all new packages need an exception. i think there is an exception for this exception for in-house development though. i will figure out00:18
asac[reed]: thats not difficult :)00:18
Ubulettefeature freeze ? so soon ?00:19
asacUbulette: you should really subscribe to ubuntu-devel-announce :)00:19
Ubulettetwo months without updates ?00:19
[reed]even I'm on ubuntu-devel-announce!00:19
asacand maybe all the other ubuntu-devel* lists. even if you don't read them00:19
asacUbulette: well ... we can get exceptions.00:19
asacand i think that software developed by ubuntu is treated different00:20
asacits just for upstream software00:20
UbuletteI don't have time to read ml. if there's an rss feed, i can add it00:20
asacwe want to prevent intrusive changes to be introduced now. to stablize00:20
asacUbulette: -announce is really, really low traffix00:20
asacsomething like 2 messages a week ;)00:20
asac(if at all)00:20
asac7 messages this month so far00:21
Ubuletteso gnome will no longer be updated either ?00:21
asacgnome has a card blanche00:22
asacbecause our release cycle is aligned for that00:22
asacwe will even update gnome in RC freeze00:22
asacsame for firefox btw ;)00:22
[reed]asac: if Firefox 3 misses hardy, will you all take final as soon as it gets released?00:24
[reed]as in, upgrade to final00:24
asacwould we have a choice?00:24
asaci hope this will not happen, but we agreed that we can chew to release an RC00:25
asacand of course, we willl upgrade00:25
asac(we upgrade to latest through security anyway)00:25
[reed]it's going to be close00:25
asacyeah ... i still hope for a perfect match :)00:25
asacsynchronous release: firefox 3 + ubuntu hardy ships firefox 3 :)00:26
asac[reed]: technically we cannot push things on CD after release, so it will be shipped in -updates00:29
[reed]that's what I thought00:30
asacbtw, firefox security releases get immediately propagated to -updates from -security because only -updates is widely mirrored00:31
[reed]how many things are treated this specially?00:32
[reed]kernels, I would think00:32
asaci think just kernel, xorg and firefox00:32
asac... oh and of course openoffice :)00:32
asacthe biggest beast of all00:32
asacbut openoffice and xorg don't get updated that frequently afaik00:33
asacand firefox is the only package that has card blanche to ship complete upstream releases as security releases00:33
asac(which is especially painful for me :()00:34
asacon every security upload i convert to a religious person :)00:34
asacbut i think that you dveditz has the same problem :) ... given the track record of regressions and regressions in fixes for regressions and so on :)00:35
[reed]we're discussing Opera being mad at us00:38
asacyeah :) i read about that ;)00:38
asacwhen i read the title on mailing list i initially thought that i was to blame00:39
asachmm mozilla bug 413135 is still embargoed00:42
asacno idea if it has been re-embargoed00:43
asacyou know if there is a way to see changes to bug attributes in bugzilla?00:43
asaclike what we have in launchpad: activity logs?00:44
[reed]click "View Bug History"00:44
[reed]top right corner00:44
asaclets see00:44
asacah ... even <smaller> :)00:44
[reed]yes, I made the bmo show_bug template :p00:44
asacno change to the sensivity flag in there00:44
* [reed] is to blame for a lot of that page :)00:45
asacits not that bad anymore00:45
asacthough bugzilla (same for launchpad) doesn't properly track branches00:45
asacthats whats really great in debugs00:45
[reed]dveditz hates that00:45
[reed]it's bit us more than once00:45
asacin debian it works great00:45
[reed]how does debian do it?00:46
asacyou can close a bug with version00:46
asacthen they look at the changelog of each distribution/branch and see if that version was ever released for it00:46
asacthats pretty decent imo.00:46
[reed]hmm, yeah00:47
[reed]debian's e-mail-based system seems out of date, though00:47
asacyeah ... but it prevents a lot of bogus bugs from n00bs00:47
asac(which is the good part of it)00:47
asacits really true. i mean there is so much crap in launchpad00:48
asacsame for bugzilla ;)00:48
asacand then there are the usability guys that wanted us to change the menu entries from "report a bug" to "report a problem" ... you can think about what happens now ;)00:49
[reed]kill them00:50
[reed]do you work from home, or do you have an office?00:50
asachome ;)00:51
DarkMageZ"i saw a bug run across my computer!"00:51
asacour office is in london ... not too far away from here ;)00:51
DarkMageZwhat's wrong with "report a problem"00:52
asacDarkMageZ: yeah;) ... good thing is that bugs usually hide in the light00:52
asacwhile mankind always has a lot of problems00:52
asacDarkMageZ: it attracts a lot of unskilled bug reporters that should rather go to answers.launchpad.net or ubuntuforums.org imo00:53
DarkMageZasac, well then link it to answers then. it can be escalated to a bug report from there00:54
[reed]maybe mozilla bug 414558 or mozilla bug 415252 for the gmail bug... unsure00:54
ubotuMozilla bug 414558 in Layout "gmail titles shown below label when browser width is reduced. List of contacts is empty." [Major,New] http://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=41455800:54
ubotuMozilla bug 415252 in Layout "gmail (new version) doesn't show names in contacts list" [Normal,Resolved: wontfix] http://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=41525200:54
asac[reed]: i think the bug we files was already properly duped00:54
asacmozilla bug 41770700:55
ubotuMozilla bug 417707 in GFX "unexpected red lines in Google Reader" [Normal,Resolved: duplicate] http://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=41770700:55
[reed]not greader00:55
[reed]the gmail one00:55
asacoh :/00:55
Ubulettenot the red lines, the wrapped texts00:55
asacsorry i misread00:55
ubotuLaunchpad bug 192198 in firefox-3.0 "rendering problem on firefox 3" [Undecided,New]00:55
Ubulettelooks close to http://geekport.com/files/mirocrop.png to you ?00:57
asac[reed]: why doesn't dbaron ask for review on his patches?00:57
asac(nor did he commit afaict)00:58
[reed]he does most of the time00:58
asacyeah ... most :)00:58
[reed]what bug #?00:58
asacmozilla bug 41455800:58
ubotuMozilla bug 414558 in Layout "gmail titles shown below label when browser width is reduced. List of contacts is empty." [Major,New] http://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=41455800:58
[reed]sometimes if he's not sure about the patch, he won't request review00:58
asacaeh sorry . #1000:58
[reed]well, see his comment00:59
[reed]it doesn't fix all the testcases00:59
[reed]so, he's probably working on a better patch00:59
[reed]that fixes all testcases00:59
asaci assume so00:59
asaci just got more suspicious after I found out about the corruption patch that vlad landed without requesting review (against cairo)01:00
asacin https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=414558#c901:00
ubotuMozilla bug 414558 in Layout "gmail titles shown below label when browser width is reduced. List of contacts is empty." [Major,New]01:00
asacmozilla bug 41358301:00
ubotuMozilla bug 413583 in GFX "cairo xlib buggy_repeat not detected correctly" [Major,Assigned] http://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=41358301:00
[reed]very few people understand cairo code01:01
[reed]outside of the cairo developers01:01
[reed]sometimes things happen like that01:01
asacthats ok ... but he didn't even drop a note that this was committed :)01:01
[reed]yeah, that's annoying01:02
[reed]but happens, too01:02
[reed]timeless is really bad01:02
[reed]about that01:02
asacyeah :)01:02
asaci remember that he was bribed by his employer to commit all kind of gtkmozembed code01:02
[reed]and it was all backed out ;)01:02
asacit resolved some nasty issues01:02
[reed]so, are you working with caillon to set up a build environment for the 1.8.0 branch?01:04
[reed]or is redhat doing that all?01:04
asacyeah ... we took over that branch now01:04
asacbuild environment? i think thats moco guys reenabling that01:04
asaci did most of the backports so far01:04
[reed]they are shutting it down as soon as caillon has his up01:04
[reed]read the bug :p01:04
asacwe will start to land things on monday ... to revamp 1.8.0 and come up with a release01:04
asacoh cool. thats news fore me01:05
[reed]mozilla bug 41134101:05
ubotuMozilla bug 411341 in Build & Release "mothball 1.8.0 Firefox and Thunderbird build machines" [Normal,Assigned] http://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=41134101:05
asac( i think i should check my bugzilla mailbox more frequently again)01:05
[reed]there's even a question for you!01:05
[reed]yes, you should :)01:05
asacwell ... i had to do so many things for feature freeze that i couldn't even eat :)01:05
asacbut now things improve again and i can work on bugfixes and all01:06
asacunfortunately epiphany developers do a boycott on xulrunner 1.9, because they are demotivated ... so i probably will spend more time fixing bug in their realm than i would like01:06
[reed]just huddled up in your apartment/house in Germany coding night and day? :)01:06
[reed]just let epiphany die :P01:07
asacyeah :) ... coding would be good. the point is that if you have far too much to do you usually buy in more overhead (e.g. like switching context frequently, trying to figure out what to do next ... trying to remember the things you wanted to do next and all :)01:08
asacjust like if you run your processor with too many threads ;)01:08
asacok i think that chris answered the question directed to me01:09
[reed]so, what is your title at Ubuntu? Engineer with specialization in the browser? I see you working on other stuff besides Firefox, too.01:09
asacwe will have a phone call on monday where we will sort out how to proceeed01:09
asaci don't think i have a title. i am here for making ubuntu the best distribution for mozilla related stuff01:10
asacunfortunately i ended up doing network manager stuff01:10
asacand now touching everything, porting all gecko providers for xul 1.9 and all this01:10
[reed]Canonical pays you, and you work on Debian on the side?01:10
[reed]very busy guy :)01:11
asacyeah ... to some degree i am allowed to work on debian during my work time01:11
asacif it fits in my load01:11
asacah i also ended up developing the midbrowser for our mobile devices :)01:11
asacbut that is fun01:11
[reed]should look into the new stuff the mobile firefox team is working on01:12
asacwell ... they didn't really start yet, did they?01:12
asaci always wanted to present the midbrowser to them, but never found the time to do so01:12
[reed]yes, they've started01:13
asacwould be great to join forces with mozillla on that... especially since our browser is a xul browswer based on firefox.01:13
[reed]they imported the entire cvs repository into svn as a temporary solution :(01:13
asacwe have01:13
asaci tried hard to keep the changes in a way that would be suitable to integrate that in the mozilla tree at some point01:13
[reed]well, join #mobile01:14
[reed]on moznet01:14
[reed]talk to dougt and blassey and christian01:14
asacyes i should really do that soon. have to catch up next week, then i can take of nice things again :)01:15
[reed]ok, I'm 45 min. late to an event, woo01:16
[reed]I'll be back online from there01:16
asacok i joined the channel for now :)01:16
asacyeah ... i think i will rest in bed by then ;)01:16
asaccu tomorrow01:16
[reed]how much sleep do you get?01:16
asachopefully enough to catch up a bit :) ... its weekend after all01:16
=== asac_ is now known as asac
CyberMatthello i'm noticing several incorrect depends on iceweasl and icedove in the unmet deps list what would be the correct dep04:13
CyberMattor ways to figure that out04:13
asacCyberMatt: usually iceweasel <-> firefox and icedove <-> thunderbird11:00
Ubulette_asac, people keep downloading moz nightlies.. you're still far from your goal11:12
=== Ubulette_ is now known as Ubulette
asacdidn't claim that we are ;)11:13
asacyou obviously cannot convince people that want nightlies if there are no nightlies ;)11:14
asacyeah... i will blog about extensions and friends. but now sports.11:18
Ubulettei now do sports every week day, twice, so w-e now often means rest11:19
asacevery week day?11:19
asacunfortunately i don't have the time (and yes, its a lack of self-disclipline as well)11:20
Ubulettei commute by bike11:20
asacah :)11:20
Ubulette2 * 20km11:20
asachow many kilometers?11:20
asacoh nice11:21
asacthats good11:21
asacno metro anymore?11:21
Ubuletteyep (train)11:21
Ubuletteand it's not flat11:21
asacwhat does that mean11:22
asacah ... ok hills ;)11:22
asacok now out ... in the winter cold :(11:24
Ubulette2°C here11:24
Ubulettecu tomorrow11:24
Ubulettebtw, my ppa has a nightly b4pre11:25
RainCTasac: what links does seamonkey need (for extensions)?17:25
warp10Hi all!17:58
warp10I'm looking for a member of Mozilla Team to take a look at bug #190845.18:00
ubotuLaunchpad bug 190845 in seamonkey "seamonkey has no Help > Report Problem in Help Menu" [Medium,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/19084518:00
armin76bad team18:01
warp10armin76: bad team?18:11
armin76yeah :P18:11
armin76asac & Ubulette are your guys18:11
RainCThm.. shouldn't firefox-3.0 have a  Provides: firefox ?18:12
warp10armin76: asac mentored me in creating that patch indeed18:13
edu_help_plsi need your help20:35
edu_help_pls i have tried to implement a project  with edubuntu. 1 server and 20 diskless clients. 10/100 24 port switch. 10/100/1000 nic. I need to run Firefox on all clients. But when 3-4-5 clients access a flash website any other client does not respond as the network is suffocated20:35
edu_help_plsthe network reaches 12MBs traffic20:36
edu_help_plsflash playback probably takes a lot of playback as each picture is transmitted over the network...20:36
edu_help_plsdo you have a sollution/advice???20:36

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