MythbuntuGuest78im using mythtv but i want to mount a networkdriver automaticly how do i do that ?00:23
tgm4883_laptopMythbuntuGuest78, what do you mean mount a network driver?  You mean a network drive?  Is it NFS or SAMBA?00:26
superm1rogue780, hi00:29
superm1long time no see00:29
MythbuntuGuest78tgm4883_laptop its a sambaserver00:38
MythbuntuGuest78its a fileserver that i need tot mount00:38
tgm4883_laptopi assume you want to mount it at boot?00:40
MythbuntuGuest78yea , but fstab is reading before the network is up so i cant add it in there00:42
tgm4883_laptopthats odd00:43
tgm4883_laptopAFAIK, it shouldn't be00:43
tgm4883_laptopunless its a wireless connection00:43
MythbuntuGuest78no but it just wont work so i need it to put it somewhere else00:44
tgm4883_laptopcan you mount it from the command line?00:44
tgm4883_laptopwhat command are you using to mount?00:44
tgm4883_laptoprhpot1991, ping00:44
MythbuntuGuest78sudo mount "// Films 1 _-_-_" /home/steven/server/Films1 -o uid=1000,password=media,username=mediacenter00:45
tgm4883_laptophmm, and that works?00:46
MythbuntuGuest18yes it works perfectly00:47
MythbuntuGuest18i have added it in a file called mount.sh but its needed to execute automaticly when the pc starts00:47
tgm4883_laptopis this a mythbuntu install or a ubuntu install with mythtv added?00:48
directhexnetwork mounts DO work from fstab00:51
tgm4883_laptopMythbuntuGuest18, how did you add it to fstab?00:51
MythbuntuGuest18yes but i always get an error00:52
tgm4883_laptopwhat error, and what is the fstab line?00:52
MythbuntuGuest18[mntent]: line 11 in /etc/fstab is bad00:52
MythbuntuGuest18"// Muziek _-_-_" /home/steven/server/Muziek -o uid=1000,password=media,username=mediacenter00:52
directhexwhat's the line? /me suspects the spaces are to blame00:52
directhexhang on, that's nothing like an fstab line00:53
tgm4883_laptopthats wrong00:53
MythbuntuGuest18it aint my server its a shared server 30 clients in this building00:53
tgm4883_laptopshould look something like this00:53
tgm4883_laptop/server/share /mountpoint smbfs userid=foo,passwd=bar,rw 0 000:53
directhexSMBFS IS DEAD!00:53
tgm4883_laptopdirecthex is right00:54
tgm4883_laptopi just quickly copied and pasted a command00:54
MythbuntuGuest18hang on ill try00:54
directhex/despair/SharedData    /media/despair  cifs    auto,iocharset=utf8     0       000:54
directhexthat's straight from my desktop00:54
directhextarget     mountpoint     filesystem     options     0     000:54
directhex^ that's how an fstab line should look00:55
tgm4883_laptopI think his line was close though00:55
MythbuntuGuest18same error00:55
directhexi *suspect* (but don't hold me to this) that you should manage your spaces using '\ ', i.e. //\ Muziek\ _-_-_00:55
tgm4883_laptop"// Muziek _-_-_" /home/steven/server/Muziek cifs -o uid=1000,password=media,username=mediacenter 0 000:55
directhexNO -o STANZA!00:56
* tgm4883_laptop crawls into a whole00:56
directhexIf the name of the mount00:56
directhex       point contains spaces these can be escaped as ‘\040’.00:56
directhexfrom man fstab00:56
tgm4883_laptopif you couldn't tell00:56
* tgm4883_laptop uses NFS00:56
directhextgm4883, you don't use -o for nfs mounts either!00:57
tgm4883_laptopi know00:57
tgm4883_laptopI was just trying to adapt his line00:57
tgm4883_laptopI don't use most of that stuff00:57
MythbuntuGuest18same error @ // /home/steven/server/Muziek cifs -o uid=1000,password=media,username=mediacenter 0 000:57
tgm4883_laptoppost the error00:58
tgm4883_laptopand no -o00:58
MythbuntuGuest18[mntent]: line 11 in /etc/fstab is bad00:58
tgm4883_laptopwell, bad and not available are two different things00:58
MythbuntuGuest18retrying with upper case share name00:58
tgm4883_laptopremove the -o and try again00:58
directhex\040 not /04000:58
MythbuntuGuest18new error hang on : retrying with upper case share name / mount error 6 = No such device or address / Refer to the mount.cifs(8) manual page (e.g.man mount.cifs)00:59
directhexwhy are you retying with upper case? what about the above made it look like an upper case issue? O_o00:59
tgm4883_laptop/\040Muziek\040_-_-_ /home/steven/server/Muziek cifs uid=1000,password=media,username=mediacenter 0 000:59
tgm4883_laptopdirecthex, ^^ hows that?00:59
directhexthat looks correct to me00:59
tgm4883_laptopMythbuntuGuest18, try that line ^^01:00
tgm4883_laptopdirecthex, does man fstab say anything about special characters?01:00
MythbuntuGuest18hang on i think i got something01:00
directhexMythbuntuGuest18, you a long-time windows user, out of interest?01:00
MythbuntuGuest18i use both01:01
MythbuntuGuest18rebooting mediacenter and then ill let ya know ive it works01:02
MythbuntuGuest18it works :D01:04
MythbuntuGuest18thanks guys !01:04
rogue780superm1, been busy w/work02:20
superm1rogue780, ah02:21
superm1back around for a bit then?02:21
rogue780a bit more, yes02:21
rogue780I like how mythbuntu has come along. I've got two friends set up with it02:22
superm1aweomse :)02:22
superm1well you're just in time to test alpha2 if you'd like02:22
superm1of 8.0402:22
rogue780sounds good02:23
rogue780off topic but...anyone know of a good way to dynamically allocate an array of objects?02:24
rogue780hmm...I should look into that02:26
KargarianHello anyone here?02:32
Tuv0ksuperm1, thx for your work02:33
=== Tuv0k is now known as darthanubis
darthanubisis there a package for this yet?03:20
superm1source package03:56
superm1probably not acked by admins yet03:56
superm1darthanubis, https://edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/hardy/+queue?queue_state=0&queue_text=upnp03:57
superm1you can build it locally if you want until the archive admins ack it03:57
tgm4883_laptopkeescook, ping04:00
termitorsome one else can help my on xmvc + nvidia + mplayer (gutsy)04:15
tgm4883_laptoptermitor, no one can help you04:17
tgm4883_laptopunless you state the problem04:17
termitortgm4883: simply (my english is bad) use mplayer -vo xvmc some.vid , and /etc/X11/XcMCConfig = libXvMCNVIDIA.so.1 , gutsy + backport04:18
termitorand mplayer say video : no video ! no more info about mplayer04:19
termitorvo_xvmc: X-Video extension 2.204:20
termitorvo_xvmc: X-Video MotionCompensation Extension version 1.104:20
tgm4883_laptoptermitor, what video card?04:21
termitorCouldn't open video filter 'pp'.04:22
termitor7600gs drivers nvidia-new04:22
termitortgm4883: some -vf option need ?04:24
termitoror vc option ?04:29
matt_dI'm looking to move from my custom myth setup to mythbuntu (to simplify OS and myth updates).  I'm currently running myth trunk, and upstream now has a 0.21-fixes branch.  So is are the weekly trunk builds now going to track this new 0.21 branch?04:30
superm1matt_d, starting this weekend yeah04:37
superm1they are already tracked in hardy04:37
matt_dthanks!  Just to confirm ... the sources at "http://weeklybuilds.mythbuntu.org/mythbuntu-trunk/ubuntu", are actually tracking 0.21 now?04:39
superm1about a week old04:40
rhpot1991superm1: for the record, I had dpkg fail and had to apt-get -f install to make it finish up when upgrading to trunk04:40
superm1rhpot1991, yeah i know why04:41
superm1it's fixed in hardy04:41
superm1and will show up in this weekend's build04:41
superm1this whole libnet-upnp-perl in NEW sucks though for people04:41
superm1they can't install mythbackend in hardy until it shows up04:41
rhpot1991whats that mean exactly?04:41
rhpot1991ah ok04:41
matt_dcool.  just curious how will you switch to the real trunk once you want to move back to that.   Or is it "buyer beware" for people using them? :)04:42
rhpot1991how long will that take?04:42
superm1matt_d, well honestly haven't thought that far out04:42
superm1there have been tons of complications living in the present04:42
superm1so you know04:42
superm1rhpot1991, too long04:43
superm1because its a weekend04:43
rhpot1991I hope I can fix my multiple backend issue without dropping wifi, been slacking and haven't tried anything yet04:43
rhpot1991gonna go watch some recordings, maybe I'll mess with it after that04:43
matt_dsuperm1, would you recommend I jump straight to the hardy alpha then?  I've been running myth svn for ages, and submit some patches here and there.  I'm pretty comfortable living on the edge (of myth anyway).04:44
superm1matt_d, yeah the one we just posted on mythbuntu.org ~2hrs ago04:44
matt_dok, thanks mate04:44
superm1you're gonna have some issues with updates for a few days though i'll warn04:44
superm1so just be wary04:45
superm1that's what rhpot1991 and i were just saying04:45
superm1since libnet-upnp-perl is in source NEW still04:45
matt_dwhat kinda update?  you mean hold off on doing any apt-get uprades for a bit?04:45
superm1moreover, just avoid updates until they are all resolvable04:45
superm1hold off for ~week or so04:45
Lossifhey for some reason, right after I rebooted my mythbox, my sound will only play for livetv and dvd's but nothing else, no mythvideo or music04:46
matt_dcool.   Is there a mailing list where these types of things are discussed?04:46
superm1matt_d, well we have a mailing list, but its not very active04:46
superm1that's a good idea to announce that there though04:46
matt_dbtw, I really like the look of mythbuntu.  I started my adventure with myth a year a go, and cobbled it together from kubuntu.   But it's a bit of a mess ... I'm hopeful that something more standard will be easier to keep undercontrol. :)04:48
Lossifoh, and I am using digital output for the sound...04:48
superm1matt_d, thanks.  if you have any suggestions, or if your an artsy kinda guy that wants to help with the look anywhere on anything, we're very open to those sorts of things04:48
superm1Lossif, try resetting your receiver04:49
superm1like power cycle it04:49
superm1and if that doesnt work you can try putting in an ~/.asoundrc like this04:49
Lossifwell the mythbox plays sound with live tv04:50
Lossifand with dvd's just not anything I ripped or dloaded04:51
Lossifor any of my mp3's04:51
Lossifand it did earileir today04:51
superm1yeah this takes effect box wide04:51
superm1its an override04:51
matt_dsuperm1, cool ... I'm more of a technical/coder type of guy.  My myth setup uses mythwelcome and autoshutdown/startup and that's the area I've submitted most of my myth patches.  So will be interested to see how easy this setup is with mythbuntu.  I'll let you know04:51
superm1matt_d, well there is no automated setup for a lot of that - that's one of those "we'll get to it when we can", but its fairly easy to activate mythwelcome at least04:52
superm1matt_d, perhaps you'll be able to help us in integrating items for getting those sorts of things in place04:52
superm1matt_d, you'll be able to activate mythwelcome in /etc/mythtv/session-settings at least04:53
superm1documentation may not indicate that as well as it should04:53
matt_dyeah I'd be interested in helping.  I was poking around the code projects in launchpad.  But I don't really know how the pieces hang together.  I'm pretty familiar with the ubuntu/debian way of doing things, but have not helped doing any direct packaging/building04:54
superm1well dont worry about the packaging itself, i'm a MOTU so i handle that part04:54
superm1once you get things setup, drop in #ubuntu-mythtv-dev and myself or another dev can try to start to walk you through how the code works04:54
superm1and where items would need to be placed codewise to cover different things04:55
matt_dok.  I was just going to say the same.  once I get a feel of how it hangs together (e.g. the control center) ... I'll probably get a better idea.   thanks for your help.04:55
superm1no prob.  best of luck :)04:56
Lossifsuperm1: I just updated the ~/.asoundrc and rebooted... lets hope it works04:56
Lossifnope still no sound with anything other than tv and DVD04:58
superm1Lossif, well set the other apps to use the alsa:default device04:58
superm1rather than spdif (like you probably had before)04:58
superm1and this should force them to work through spdif (indirectly)04:58
Lossifany idea why it would suddenly stop working after a reboot?05:00
superm1Lossif, couldn't tell you why, but i've run into the same problems in the past05:00
superm1that's why i personally switched to this way of doing things05:00
superm1its much more consistent05:00
LossifI had alsa selected already...05:01
superm1or alsa:spdif?05:01
Lossifone sec...05:01
pteaguewhich do you think would generate more heat? a sata i/o card or a hauppage pvr-500 ?05:09
Lossifis this what you had in mind for the ~/.asoundrc ?05:11
superm1that's what is in my ~/.asoundrc05:12
superm1for the user that i run mythfrontend as05:12
Lossifsuperm1: thanks for you help, its getting late  and I will ahve to tackle this tomorrow, thanks alot though!05:21
superm1Lossif, no prob, hopefully that fix eventually works for you05:21
superm1Lossif, its worked great for me for almost 2 years :)05:22
Lossifwell lets hope!05:22
rxdi was testing enabling mythlcdserver and the resolution after selecting them..now  i get blank screen how do i take them back..are the config written in the mysql database that i can change them?05:49
matt_dI know this is a tough one.  But can anyone recommend a filesystem for my video partition.  I've always only every used ext3, but I'm considering JFS or XFS.     Or should I just stick with ext3? :)06:01
rhpot1991I use xfs06:01
rhpot1991its better to use xfs or jfs cause they handle large file better06:02
rhpot1991though ext3 is generally more stable, so pick your poison06:02
rxdi got blank screen after testing enabling mythlcdserver and resolution how do i get them back06:02
matt_dthanks.  You personally had any issues with xfs?06:10
rhpot1991none that weren't my fault and sheer stupidity06:12
rhpot1991I was mounting a usb drive wrong and had it corrupting things every time it would power down06:12
rhpot1991you are pretty safe with xfs I would say, but ext3 is the best as far as recovery options goes06:13
matt_d<stupid question> I'm trying to install mythbuntu on a system without a mouse.  Any idea how to get focus to the "Install mythbuntu" icon on the desktop after the live CD boots?  :)06:26
rhpot1991tab not doign it?06:26
matt_dI can ctrl+esc to open the "applications menu".06:27
matt_dbut the "install myth" option isn't there.06:27
matt_dit's probably a std gnome thing... but I'm not a gnome user.06:27
rhpot1991I've never tried actually, might be quicker to just go get a mouse than wait for an answer06:28
matt_d I found an "install" option under the system menu. :)06:28
TGKnIghttrying to download latest iso for mythbuntu AMD6406:52
TGKnIghtbut file is not found06:52
TGKnIghtanyone have a torrent link06:52
superm1or 7.10?06:54
superm1TGKnIght, ^06:54
TGKnIghtsorry yeah i didn't read what the alpha has06:55
superm1the alpha2 is 8.0406:55
superm1which mirror did you try?06:55
TGKnIghtwas gonna just get 7.10 for now06:55
superm1just grab a direct link06:56
superm1seems the torrents are out of date06:56
superm1we have ~10 mirrors, so you should get decent speed06:56
TGKnIghtwhere is a list of mirrors, the links on mythbuntu.org not working for me? http://mythbuntu.org/download/?file=mythbuntu-7.10-amd64.iso06:56
superm1turn off your adblock plus06:57
TGKnIghtis off06:57
TGKnIghtand i tried in naked ie too06:57
superm1its a redirect to load balance06:57
TGKnIghtonly use abp06:57
superm1so something on your end is filtering it06:57
TGKnIghtturned off greasemonkey maybe  i had something inthere06:57
TGKnIghtnot yet06:59
rhpot1991firefox has a safe mode flag06:59
rhpot1991--safe-mode IIRC07:00
rhpot1991starts it without any extensions07:00
TGKnIghtk i had a shortcut07:00
superm1yeah the redirect/loadbalance is javascript07:00
TGKnIghtheh no07:01
TGKnIghtAll add-ons have been disabled by safe mode.07:01
TGKnIghtwtf i was able to download the other day07:02
TGKnIghtlemme try from my web server sorry for the hassle but thanks for the help :)07:02
TGKnIghtyeah it worked on there thanks for the help07:03
TGKnIghtmaybe my hosts file is blocking it07:03
superm1well google analytics is used for it07:04
superm1so if you are filtering that07:04
TGKnIghtwierd part was i added it to trusted sites in my ie and it wouldnt' work there either07:04
TGKnIghtoh well07:04
TGKnIghtthanks for the help bye07:13
SadaraxI have been having trouble connecting to my Mythbuntu box recently via VNC. (Thread about it here: http://www.linuxquestions.org/questions/linux-networking-3/vnc-through-ssh-tunnel-connection-problems-after-apt-upgrade-621538/#post3058920).07:22
SadaraxIt happened around the same time as the new kernel images/modules came out around a few days ago07:22
superm1hardy or gutsy?07:26
superm1oh looks like gutsy07:27
superm1(it's entirely broken for hardy atm)07:27
Sadaraxmythbuntu 7.1007:27
superm1look at your Xorg.0.log07:27
superm1thats where the vnc module loads07:27
superm1for mythbuntu07:28
SadaraxWhat should I be looking for there?07:28
superm1any errors about loading that module07:29
SadaraxI even tried using ssh with -X (for x11 forwarding) but I got a "Gtk-WARNING **: cannot open display:" error07:29
superm1if you're going to X forward, you may need to use the -Y07:30
SadaraxOh, thanks07:30
SadaraxHmm, same error07:30
superm1well that should fix apps randomly crashing from X forwarding07:32
superm1but that way you are starting VNC07:32
superm1that's not necessary07:32
superm1you should have X listening on the vnc port already when you configured vnc in mythbuntu07:32
SadaraxI don't quite understand. I have been doing this tunneling through SSH with VNC for years now07:33
superm1yeah i'm just saying the way it was pre-setup, you didnt need to do it like that07:33
SadaraxOkay. I am willing to try different configurations, but I am just wondering why it was working and then suddenly stopped.07:34
SadaraxDo you have a suggestion on how to get VNC working again?07:37
superm1well start out by making sure its listening after you launch that binary07:38
superm1with netstat07:38
SadaraxWell, I don't see anything in netstat for vnc or the word tight07:42
SadaraxAnd looking at my ~/.vnc/ log file, I see a bunch of errors07:42
SadaraxJust like I have posted in that thread there07:43
superm1those are from you killing the X server it looks like though07:43
superm1the first warnings aren't a big deal it looks like07:43
SadaraxLike I said, I cannot see any reference to VNC in netstat output. What do I do now?07:56
rxdenable VNC, do netstat -tap | grep inetd see if 5900 is there08:00
superm1well inetd might not be there08:08
superm1but netstat -tap | grep 590008:08
superm1would be sufficient08:08
rxdif i mess up settings and get blank screen running backend and frontend how do i fixed it, is there a conf file to bring back original settings08:12
SadaraxWell, since i put the desktop on number 9, I see the result for (netstat -tap | grep 590): tcp        0      0 *:5909                  *:*                     LISTEN     5639/Xtightvnc08:13
rxdXtightvnc localhost;908:15
Sadaraxrxd, were you asking a different question, or were you replying to me?08:17
rxdreplying to you08:17
SadaraxYeah, this is the command I use to start VNC on my remote machine: tightvncserver :9 -geometry 1024x768 -depth 1608:18
rxdand it works08:18
SadaraxIt worked for years until just a few days ago08:18
SadaraxThen I connect via ssh using the -L 5900:localhost:590908:18
SadaraxThen I use a VNC viewer on my local machine and connect to vnc:/ and it opens right up08:19
rxdi don't understand, like you're port forwarding?08:21
SadaraxI use ssh to encrypt the vnc signal08:23
rxdhmm i have not done it yet maybe it will work08:24
SadaraxBut here is something... I can't even use X11 forwarding. That is not a VNC problem.08:29
MythbuntuGuest85HI! i have installed mythtv but my subtitles are SO BIG , how do i set is smaller13:07
nibblesis finland considered eastern or western europe (for mythtv channel setup)13:14
nibblesi dont think there's that option...13:14
MythbuntuGuest85for setting the subs smaller ?13:17
levander_When I try to view a dvd, in mythfrontend.log I get: "Failed to open DVD device at /dev/dvd".  Do I need to change the device file for my dvd drive in setup?  How do I figure out what the correct device file is?13:44
=== levander_ is now known as levander
levanderI didn't have a registered nick when I typed that.  Did yall see it?13:45
levanderWhen I try to view a dvd, in mythfrontend.log I get: "Failed to open DVD device at /dev/dvd". Do I need to change the device file for my dvd drive in setup? How do I figure out what the correct device file is?13:45
[nrx]hey guys. I manually removed files from /var/lib/mytthv/recordings/ but now the backend keeps thinking they're there. Any ideas?13:50
[nrx]i've tried hitting delete on the backend/web front end/ but they keep coming back in the listings even though the files aren't there.13:50
levanderWell, I figured it out.  My dvd drive isn't plugged into its SATA port inside the computer.14:01
MythbuntuGuest14good morning14:14
MythbuntuGuest14getting ready to install 8.02alpha and wondered if there is a good howto for setting up firewire capture from a STB14:15
MythbuntuGuest14i have already verified that its working with plugreport and firewire_tester but could not get it working reliably with 0.20.214:18
alexvd_anyone successfully doing sleep/hibernate on a slavebackend/ frontend with the happaugge silver remote.  What script are you using and where are you placing it?18:43
Lossifsuperm1: Last night I was having issues with my mythvideo not playing sound while mythtv was... well I did everything you said, and then went ahead and un-muted everything in alsamixer and IT NOW WORKS!!!19:21
Lossifthanks alot man!19:21
superm1Lossif, no prob19:22
superm1do me a favor and make a wiki entry about it?19:22
superm1on help.ubuntu.com?19:22
superm1so that way have a link to point people at in the future if this comes up19:23
superm1well not if, when19:23
Aquahallicanyone here running SVN?19:23
Aquahallicis there some how-to docs on setting up the newest builds to get all the newer features with mythbuntu??19:30
superm1switch to hardy19:31
superm1newer builds and newer features are there19:31
Aquahallicfrom gutsy?19:32
superm1yeah if you want the newer features of mythbuntu you need to do that19:32
superm1if you want just newer trunk mythtv19:33
superm1there is a weeklybuilds repo19:33
Aquahallicwell... I remember I used to use knoppmyth and it had stuff like mythburn and all that19:33
superm1mythburn is what mytharchive used to be19:33
superm1mytharchive replaces that19:33
Aquahallicbut with mythburn there was a web interface19:34
superm1yeah that never got ported over upstream19:34
superm1i expect that when 0.21 comes out, there is a fair share of stuff that just "isn't" going to work in knoppmyth19:35
superm1unless they update their patches19:35
Aquahallicso if I'm running mythbuntu 7.10 are there some docs on how to get the newest features?? (weekly builds) I guess you call it??19:35
superm1yeah its on the website19:35
superm1weekly builds19:35
superm1that gets you newer mythtv builds, if you want newer mythbuntu features (testing features), you'll just need to upgrade to hardy to do that19:36
Aquahallicso with the standard install of 7.10 I'm using the trunk builds of mythtv??19:36
superm1you're using -fixes19:36
superm1you can activate trunk from how its described on the website19:36
* Aquahallic still doesn't understand all these different builds and naming conventions....:|19:37
superm1well -fixes is stable19:37
superm1-trunk is development19:37
superm1so if you have stability issues with the existing builds, you can turn on those -fixes ones19:37
superm1if you want to test the newer mythtv features, you can turn on -trunk19:37
superm1if you want to test newer mythbuntu features, you can switch to hardy19:37
Aquahallicand there's a readme on mythbuntu.org for switching to Hardy and/or -trunk?19:38
superm1switching to -trunk is just a matter of adding the repo, switching to hardy is the standard ubuntu procedure19:38
Aquahallicactually... let me ask this19:38
Aquahallicis there somewhere I can go and read/compare what's different.. what ya get on the different builds??19:39
Aquahallicgotta link?19:39
Aquahallicdoes hardy have sipie?19:40
superm1i dont know what that is19:40
Aquahallicsirius radio plugin19:40
superm1for myth?19:40
superm1unofficial plugin i take it?19:41
Aquahallicthere's a sirius and XMRadio plugin19:41
AquahallicI had it on knopp19:41
superm1its not a plugin for myth19:41
superm1its just a pyGTK app19:41
Aquahallicthey just built thier theme to have the buttons on mythtv then I guess19:42
AquahallicI seem to remember one build I did a LONGTIME ago I had callerid19:44
Aquahallicmaybe it wasn't an actual mythtv plugin.. just an app that ran19:44
Aquahallicsuperm1: is the 8.04 Alpha 2 the Hardy build?19:47
Aquahallicyou running?19:47
superm1well i'm running later than that19:47
superm1but yeah19:47
Aquahallicyou do a clean install or an upgrade from 7.10?19:47
superm1i upgraded19:48
Aquahallichit any snags?19:48
superm1well i've resolved the snags that i discovered already19:48
superm1so people shouldnt hit them19:48
superm1um well there is one still19:48
superm1vnc doesn't work properly19:48
Aquahallicno biggie19:49
Aquahalliclet me ask ya this19:49
AquahallicI have a laptop that I'm running ubuntu gutsy on... compiz all that19:49
Aquahallicif I go and upgrade my backend server... my frontend in the family room... then I'll also have to upgrade my gutsy on this laptop to get the newest builds too??19:50
superm1you have to upgrade everything19:50
Aquahallicit's not really a mythbuntu box19:50
tgm4883_laptopsuperm1, would it be compatible if he were running trunk on the gutsy?19:51
Aquahallicit's an ubuntu installation and I pulled mythfrontend and plugins down from synaptic19:51
superm1tgm4883, exactly he needs to put the weekly builds everywhere then19:51
superm1so if you upgrade any single box, you need the same version on the others19:51
tgm4883_laptopok.  .21 and ..20 are not compatible then19:52
Aquahallicand the weekly builds are the same as what's on the 8.04?19:52
superm1not at all19:52
superm1tgm4883, ^19:52
superm1Aquahallic, they are within about a week of each other right now19:52
Aquahallicso... would that be something the repos adhere to?19:52
AquahallicI go with weekly builds on the laptop.. and upgrade the other 2 with 8.04 mythbuntu19:53
Aquahallicwill they stay with the same versions so they're compatible?19:53
superm1they should19:53
superm1there shouldnt be any protocol changes between now and release19:54
tgm4883_laptopas long as its trunk weekly19:54
Aquahallicdecisions decisions decisions19:54
Aquahallicif I knew my guide while viewing livetv would quit hanging I'd jump all over it19:55
directhexsuperm1, there'd better not be, or you look pretty silly for packaging a svn release :p19:55
superm1directhex, well of course we'd have to increment the builds imm if that happened19:56
superm1but they are at FF upstream19:56
superm1so it should be stable19:56
Aquahallicso are there ALOT more features with 8.04?20:01
AquahallicAs we announced back when this project was started, we were planning to provide weekly builds of the MythTV release-0-20-fixes branch.20:04
Aquahallic^^^ I thought it was .2120:04
superm1scroll down20:07
superm1you'll see the trunk stuff20:07
Aquahallicfound it20:07
Aquahalliclet me see if I understand this right20:08
Aquahallicright now... with standard 7.10 mythbuntu I'm using .2020:09
Aquahallicif I enable the weekly trunk builds I'll be using .2120:09
Aquahallicwhich is a pre-release20:09
superm1well 0.21 isn't out, but a pre-release of it20:09
Aquahallicok... so...20:09
Aquahallicif I stick it out.. and wait for the .21 release....20:10
Aquahallicand stay on gutsy... and .21 release comes out20:10
Aquahallicwill there be a package update in gutsy?20:11
Aquahallicwithout enabling the weekly?20:11
Aquahallicweekly trunk20:11
AquahallicI guess what I'm asking here is.... will there be a .21 package for gutsy or will I have to either enable weekly trunk or upgrade to hardy?20:12
superm1there will be some way or another for gutsy20:13
superm1not sure how yet20:13
AquahallicI'm just a little leary about upgrading... I have about 11 machines in my house... and I have EVERYTHING playing nicely on gutsy20:13
superm1i really say dont do it then20:13
superm1there are chances for breakage, and that's a lot to sort out20:14
superm1if it was 2 maybe 3 machines, then i'd say go for it20:14
superm1but 11?20:14
Aquahallicthat's where my head's at20:14
Aquahallicwell... only 2 mythbuntu machines and my one laptop here that has gutsy on it with a mythfrontend20:14
Aquahallicso I guess none of the others would really care20:14
AquahallicI have a few extra drives... maybe I'll get ambitious and just image out what I have then play around20:15
Aquahallicso I can ALWAYS revert back20:15
Aquahallicwhat's a good way to full backup my backend?20:16
AquahallicI've read something about rsync??20:16
superm1can't really comment much there sorry20:17
Aquahallicyeah.. that might be more a question for #ubuntu20:17
Aquahallicman.. this trunk/release/branch mess is SOOO confusing20:18
Aquahallicand I can't really find any "definitive" guide on the differences...:/20:18
superm1you sound more like the kind of person that should be on -fixes then :)20:19
Aquahallicreminds me of right triangle trig back in high school.... ALL GREEK until it finally clicks20:19
Aquahallicthen it's like second nature20:19
Aquahallicyeah.. but I'm a daring SOB20:19
superm1you've heard the expression, if it ain't broke dont fix it though right?20:20
Aquahallicno no.. I'm an engineer though... "If it ain't broke... fix it BETTER"20:20
Aquahallicit is running well.... only prob I have is that freaking guide that locks up during livetv on my frontend upstairs20:21
Aquahallicdon't do it on my laptop here...20:21
Aquahallicbut.. this is an ATI Radeon with the free drivers.. .and upstairs is an Nvidia with restricted that locks up20:22
Aquahallicand I mean locks up HARD!20:22
AquahallicI've read something about using an nvidia kernel20:22
superm1yeah i've seen similar problems on nvidia sometimes20:23
superm1but dont use the guide ever so it doesnt matter much20:23
Aquahallicyeah.. I remember you told me to use Qt instead of OpenGL20:23
Aquahallicand that didn't resolve it either....:/20:23
Aquahallicwell.. she don't use the guide up there now either.. .I "Fixed" it... I took the guide button off the remote with lirc...LOL20:24
AquahallicI make her scroll the OSD20:24
Aquahallicbut man... I DO like some of those newer themes with .2120:25
AquahallicSHEEZ... you KNOW I'm convincing myself to do this.. right?20:25
Aquahallicya know20:26
superm1haha, just wait a month or so20:26
AquahallicI have 2 extra computers20:26
superm1put aside a weekend20:26
superm1and go for it then20:26
Aquahallicmaybe I'll leave the existing intact20:26
Aquahallicspin up another isolated vlan20:26
Aquahallicand setup hardy on it20:26
Aquahallichow's my backend going to act with no capture card in it??20:27
Aquahallicjust to get it up and running20:27
AquahallicJUST to get the install setup20:27
Aquahallicand h/w working properly20:27
Aquahallicthen do a graceful switch to newer and put my capture card in20:27
superm1the thing is that your database won't translate over right20:28
AquahallicI know it'll be boring but it should let me get all the other h/w in20:28
Aquahallicis there a prep-tool or something?20:28
Aquahallicor is it expecting to see a full install to be upgraded?20:29
Aquahalliclike say....20:29
AquahallicI pull my db off the existing and make a copy20:29
Aquahallicthen prep that one for the new install???20:29
Aquahallicor.. can I do a new install with virgin DB then maybe port over all my settings from the existing?20:31
Aquahallicexport/import deal?20:31
superm1its expecting a full install to be upgraded20:33
superm1you can back up your db20:33
superm1and then try it20:33
superm1and revert the db20:33
superm1but thats about it20:33
Aquahallicheh.. it really is all or none huh?20:33
Aquahalliceeek... actually... that's gonna be messed up if I do... all my IP's will be whacked and machine names in the DB20:34
Aquahallicunless... I set it as a separate vlan.. and use the same IPs on the boxes as I have on my active vlan...:)20:36
Aquahallicsame machine names and all20:36
Aquahallicis it just the tables that are different in the new version?20:37
Aquahallicor is the comm. protocol different??20:37
superm1different protocol20:38
Aquahallicdoes it play nicer as far as CPU and bandwidth?20:38
Aquahallicand disk writes?20:38
superm1well seems pretty much the same to me20:39
superm1but i dont know for sure20:39
Aquahallichmmm.... .21 has the streaming video from mythweb doesn't it??20:41
* Aquahallic misses that from knoppmyth20:41
Aquahallicthat flash streaming20:48
superm1yeah its in there20:48
superm1but you need ffmpeg from medibuntu to use it20:49
Aquahallicyou're talking about the encoder for the backend right??20:52
Aquahallicwhen I look in synaptic package manager it shows it as installed20:59
Aquahallicis there a different build I need to use?20:59
superm1just activate medibuntu20:59
superm1and you'll get it20:59
Tr1pim using mythtv in a network , so my movies are on a other pc (debian and samba) i mount it in fstab it works perfect BUT when i want to play a movie it wont start , and when i try to play that movie with VLC it starts perfect ...21:37
Tr1phmm nobody21:50
darthanubisThe following packages have been kept back:  libmyth-perl21:57
degresevenI am not able to run the livecd to install mythbuntu. I get through the loading screen just fine & then I just see bright bands of color. obviously a video problem. I've tried all the diff resolutions & display options, but no luck. I'm using a geforce 4, also tried a 6800GT with same problem. Is there another way I cna get this installed, or something else I can try?22:17
superm1darthanubis, you need libnet-upnp-perl22:39
superm1darthanubis, https://edge.launchpad.net/~mythbuntu/+archive?field.name_filter=upnp&field.status_filter=published22:39
superm1degreseven, ctrl alt - or ctrl alt +22:43
superm1once in the live env22:43
degresevenoh, what does that do?22:43
degreseveni'll go try it22:44
adaptrincrease or decrease the resolution of the X server22:45
adaptrif you have multiple resolutions set in xorg.conf -  if not, it does nothing22:45
superm1well in newer xorg it doesnt go off resolutions listed22:45
adaptrit doesn't ?22:46
adaptrwhich "newer"22:46
adaptrI run 7.1 AFAIK, and it sure obeys my config file :)22:46
superm1newer xorg doesnt necessarily have them listed22:46
superm1is what i'm trying to say22:46
adaptrit bluddy well should, too22:46
superm1it does if they are listed22:47
superm1try booting up a fresh hardy disk, and look at your xorg.conf22:47
superm1its a little bit "naked"22:47
superm1you'll see22:47
adaptrI try to avoid hardies22:51
degresevenok, that doesn't do anything. looks like there are no resolutions defined in xorg.conf22:52
degresevenshould I just add some?22:52
adaptryou can, sure - does it misbehave ?22:53
degresevenhow do you mean?22:54
adaptrwell, what resolution have you got now ?22:55
degresevenoh, sorry thought you saw my original question. I tried all the resolutions available under the boot menu, they all give me crazy colored stripes flashing across the screen in X22:55
adaptron a monitor or a TV ?22:56
degresevena tv through svideo, but i tried hooking up a dvi monitor & the same thing happened22:56
adaptrthat sounds dangerously like a too high refresh rate if its an analog monitor, or a busted video card if it's not22:57
adaptryou can easily drive a TV too high with a PC22:57
adaptrbut DVI ? that sounds... bad22:57
degresevendigital monitor & i tried another graphics card that I know works22:57
degreseveni pulled the graphics card out of the pc i'm on right now to test, and exact same thing happened22:58
degresevenalso i have gentoo running just fine on a different disk on the same system right now22:59
degreseveni know the hardware works22:59
degreseveni'm sick of gentoo's crap though =P22:59
adaptryou should have come clean right away, unclean ricer :)22:59
degreseven=) I used gentoo before ubuntu was around, I've been converting all my pcs over the last year or 223:00
degresevenanyways, back on topic... what do i do?23:01
degreseveni guess I can just install ubuntu with the alternate cd & do all the myth stuff manually23:05
adaptr...or you can download mythbuntu and pop it in and be up and running in about half an hour23:06
adaptrthat's what I did23:06
degresevenbut.... the problem we've been discussing... lol23:06
adaptrI don't know, you never told *me*23:06
degresevenI am not able to run the livecd to install mythbuntu. I get through the loading screen just fine & then I just see bright bands of color. obviously a video problem. I've tried all the diff resolutions & display options, but no luck. I'm using a geforce 4, also tried a 6800GT with same problem.23:07

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