LjLPricey: when gutsy came out though, i thought it would do that already... and then it didn't00:02
LjLor was it even feisty00:02
Priceyanyway, it'll *definitely* be like that in hardy00:02
ompaulif lienus does not converse on next join ban00:13
PriceyLiENUS, hello there, how can I help?00:48
SeveasLiENUS, hi, how can we help?00:48
Seveasheya Pricey :)00:48
PriceyHowdy Seveas :P00:48
LjLLiENUS: that wasn't an autorejoin. speak.00:49
LjLok then don't00:49
Seveasspeak now or forever hold your peace :)00:50
Seveasor ban00:50
LjLhe didn't speak00:50
LjLso i declare you married to ubotu00:50
PiciMaybe hes a mute00:50
LjLbantracker has plenty hits on him00:51
Seveashe's still in -offtopic00:52
LjLwell he can stay. as long as he keeps not speaking, he won't highlight me very much i guess00:52
PriceyHow about this one... he's in #idlerpg00:53
LjLthat's... interesting.00:54
PriceyHow ironic.00:54
* LjL isn't sure he gets the fun of that game but is somehow fascinated nevertheless00:57
LjLPici: i agree01:05
LjLi think he called you a monkey though01:06
SeveasLjL, maybe he meant it as compliment?01:12
LjLquite possibly. ops are indeed lowlier beasts01:14
ubotuIn #ubuntuforums-beginners, st33med said: Ubotu: coffee is <reply> Don't get me started. I already have had enough today01:22
Pici!java > st33med01:23
naliothompaul: ircarc was banned from the network some months ago and we've not heard from them since02:37
* Pricey hopes emma isn't just warming up02:43
* mneptok catches the kahrytan crap in scrool02:47
mneptokUK ambassador?02:47
Hobbseeuh, him again...02:56
PriceyHey Hobbsee!02:58
Hobbseehey Pricey!02:58
Hobbseehow goes it?02:58
Priceydreading the knock on the door02:58
Hobbseeit's mneptok 02:59
mneptokis that a euphemism for pooping?02:59
Priceymneptok, if it is... then what's "the uk ambassador" a euphemism for?03:00
mneptokPricey: "some guy at the bus station that will still listen to my incessant stream of crap."03:01
naliothbots are failing.03:06
ubotuastro76 called the ops in #ubuntu (joeamined [dcr])06:04
ubotumjw- called the ops in #ubuntu (icesword)06:26
theLichKinghi, i would like to get unbanned please06:30
ompaultheLichKing, so ehh, why were you banned?06:47
theLichKingi don't know.. i guess last time i asked a math question and got banned06:47
ompaulcan you remember any more about it?06:48
theLichKingno, i probably talked a little more after i've been directed to another room and got banned06:48
ompaul2008-01-28T10:48:34 <theLichKing> (NICK DELETED): shut up dirty ape    06:52
theLichKingoh, that06:52
ompaulever seen this06:53
ubotuThe people here are volunteers, your attitude should reflect that. Answers are not always available. See http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IrcGuidelines06:53
theLichKingok, sorry, i won't do it again.. can i get unbanned now06:53
ompaulehh no, what I want you to do is this06:53
ompaulread that url and come back tomorrow, and you can tell whoever it is why you were banned06:54
ompaulops manage channels, #ubuntu is very busy - it does not need someone diverting peoples attention or dragging ops into conversations in it 06:55
ompaulpeople helping people 24/7 and you thought you had the right to try and use it as an alternative for some mild amusement for yourself 06:55
ompaulwe would not concur, and so I ask you to read that url and come back tomorrow06:56
ompaultheLichKing, is there anything else?06:56
theLichKingompaul: no, just that.. thanks06:57
ompaulright so see you tomorrow06:57
theLichKingompaul: since you mentioned it, i have problems with sound on my new ubuntu installation06:57
ompaul#ubuntu for support06:57
theLichKingcan you help? or should i wait for tomrrow?06:57
ompauland that you can do tomorrow, hint - wiki.ubntu.com and search for alsamixer 06:58
ompaulgood bye06:58
siriusnovaCan i suggest you split the #ubuntu channel into subchannels, my point is that back when ubuntu was still growing having one #ubuntu channel was okay because the low population meant questions could be followed and answered, now with over 1000 people in the same room, 1/2 of which are asking and answering questions, its a huge mess. This way of communication does not work well with 300 people asking questions at the sam07:02
siriusnovae time..07:02
ompaulwe have had this conversation before - it won't work because you split helpers and they are not going to help in two channels07:03
ompaulit is working most of the time the same as it did when we had less than 200 people (and we thought that was too busy)07:03
siriusnovaFor example, if you had 1 big forum on ubuntuforums, with everyone posting in one forum it would be a mess, but we have ubuntu-multimedia etc..07:03
ompaulwe do have subdistros and things like -server 07:03
ompaulif your question is not straight forward you will get redirected07:04
ompaulin the main if people use the bot and have good wiki pages for stuff then help works best 07:04
siriusnovawell perhaps make the channel more targeted with multimedia questions into #ubuntu-multimedia etc... that way also people more proficient can answer questions without wading through 20 lines/second of chat text07:04
siriusnovathat would work in an ideal situation, however we all know that doesn't happen imho07:05
ompaulthe more proficient will not occupy thirty four channels to do what #ubuntu does07:05
siriusnovapeople ask, and ask and then ask again so it becomes just one long constantly scrolling buffer07:05
ompaulsiriusnova, we have discussed this time and again and we come to the same conclusion, it has been a topic since 200507:05
siriusnovai mean we DO have ubuntu-ops and ubuntu-offtopic and ubuntu+107:06
siriusnovafor this very reason07:06
ompaulwe have +1 we have -uk and so forth07:06
siriusnovabut the main #ubuntu is overflowing, something has to be done07:06
ompaulyes but the topics for those channesl are specific07:06
siriusnovai mean its 1000 people clearly something isnt right07:06
ompaulit is not 1000 people chatting07:06
siriusnovaeven if only 1/4th are chatting that's 200 people!07:07
siriusnovaIRC was not designed for 200 simulataneous converastions in one buffer07:07
ompauldebian and gentoo are in the same boat - not everything talking all the time - it works - just keeping it ontopic helps07:07
siriusnova*gah :(07:08
ompaulanything else?07:08
siriusnovaso is there no solution at all?07:08
ompaulas far as we can deduce this is correct - you got to work out - who would help where and then what would slip though the net07:09
ompaulthe cost is too high for that07:09
ompaulhit the mailing list if you want and you will be drowned in silence or my answer above07:10
ompaulanything else?07:10
siriusnovahowever, would splitting #ubuntu into multimedia and maybe administration or 5 more channels really inconvenience the ops that much?07:11
ompaulnot ops07:11
siriusnovayes helpers07:11
siriusnovai meant helpers07:11
siriusnovamy assertion is people who want to help will help regardless07:11
ompaulwell yes it would I know I have 30 something channels opened and I know I miss stuff in channels I can help in cos I am in other ones ...07:11
ompaulyou might not see them all but that is another story ;-)07:12
siriusnovawell i am not saying 30 something channels, like 3-5 would help tremendously07:12
ompaulI don't concur cos people will populate the #ubuntu and the redirection given will not be followed and then how hard or soft are the lines in those channels07:13
ompaulsudo this and root that07:13
ompaulno too hard to draft manage and make work07:13
siriusnovadoes the need to know everything that is going on in a channel outweigh the benefits from a more easily followed and helpful chat environment?07:13
ompauland then who falls though the net07:13
ompaulit comes down to the same thing07:14
siriusnovawell we currently redirect offtopic and +1 into their respective channels and I dont see how that is a problem07:14
siriusnovai dont understand what you mean by falling through the net07:14
ompaulcos (A) +1 is about supporting the next version it came from this logic07:14
ompaulhi ubuntu is stabe07:14
iceswordwhere am i07:14
ompaulombig fuzzy bear X is broken07:15
ompaulhow is ubuntu stable if X is broken07:15
ompaulso that caused that07:15
siriusnovaompaul - and we can subdivide ubuntu into the same way, perhaps a more generalized channels, i.e. desktop, server, multimedia07:15
iceswordu remove x,then is stabler07:15
siriusnovait doesn't have to be 30 channels, just even 5 would make it so much more convenient and easy to follow then what the situation is right now07:16
iceswordthat is a good choice07:16
ompaulwe have mythtv studio --- we have server07:16
siriusnovai dont see how 3-5 more channels inconveniences helpers07:16
ompaulwe have over a hundred channels and #ubuntu is not being split07:16
naliothicesword: can we help you?07:16
siriusnovaoh well07:16
siriusnovaty for listening07:16
iceswordnalioth, what u mean07:16
ompaulyou came here - how can we help you07:17
iceswordi am not here for help07:17
naliothwhat a coincidence, we're not either.07:17
naliothicesword: can we help you?07:17
iceswordnalioth, ???07:18
ompaul<icesword> guido, ubotu is abot07:18
ompaul<icesword> bot07:18
ompaul<mjw-> out of date often means stable. nicely stable. :)07:18
ompaul<icesword> lkjhkjhg07:18
ompaul<icesword> lkhih;07:18
ompaul<icesword> iiolbnl07:18
ompaul<icesword> 65456';k;l;;khjiuhgljbl07:18
ompaulwhat was that about?07:18
naliothicesword: this is #ubuntu-ops.  can we help you with something?07:18
ompaulthe reason other than using xchat on windows you were removed from #ubuntu07:18
ompaulicesword, please reply07:19
ompaulor leave07:19
iceswordi say,ompaul,the other guy typed that sort of thing ,dkjkjokj,etc07:19
ompaulthe other guy?07:20
iceswordyeah,not me07:20
ompaulwhich other guy07:20
naliothicesword: you should keep "the other guy" off your computer while you are on irc07:20
ompaulyour irc is tied to your nick 07:20
iceswordi leave my computer for awhile,then the other one sit here,he does not understand what it is,so he push a lot of trash07:21
ompaulyour ban therefore is tied to your nick07:21
iceswordi do not mean it07:21
naliothmost modern computers have password pretected screen savers07:21
iceswordmine is 5 min07:21
ompaulyou can launch before you leave07:22
ompauland if anyone else is around you should launch before you leave07:22
iceswordi do love this channel and ubuntu,u even mailed me the ubuntu livecd07:23
iceswordi will never intended to do so07:23
ompaul!guidelines | icesword 07:24
ubotuicesword: The people here are volunteers, your attitude should reflect that. Answers are not always available. See http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IrcGuidelines07:24
iceswordompaul, why u give me that07:25
ompaulplease read that and use it to inform your decision as to why the behaviour of your management of the security of your client was wrong07:25
iceswordu mean i use admin to use irc07:26
ompaulread it and work out why you were banned because your client was left by you in a vulnerable position07:26
ompaulplease come back tomorrow and your ban can be lifted07:27
naliothwow, ompaul, you got a promotion07:29
ubotufoo called the ops in #ubuntu ()10:44
jpatrickelkbuntu: no idea who rosebuntu is but she keeps saying she's the Korean team leader10:56
* Seeker` reckons there should be an "anti-lol" policy10:59
jpatrick!lol | Seveas 11:02
ubotuSeveas: Please don't use "LOL" and "OMG" and so forth on a regular basis. This is IRC, not IM, and using those lines on their own is not required, and it is rather annoying to the rest of the people in the channel; thanks.11:02
jpatrickSeeker`: 40311:04
Seeker`try again11:04
Seeker`thats the result of /lastlog lol in -uk11:05
jpatrickSeeker`: kick 'em11:06
Seeker`there was chatting in between11:06
ubotuIn #ubuntu-offtopic, rosebuntu__ said: ubotu is not good, ubutu is good11:08
jpatrickyo ompaul 11:30
ompauljpatrick, hi11:31
jussio1grrr, my ssh is really slow, unusable. Im having to use konversation locally :(11:39
jpatrickjussio1: you poor thing11:41
jussio1jpatrick: hence there are 2 of me here11:41
ompauljussi01, if ssh is slow do this    ssh -C user@domain it can help a lot 12:01
ompauljussi01, even on local lans12:02
* ompaul argued with a guy for months until he did it now he forgets who told him (sigh)12:02
ompaulahh well 12:03
* jpatrick has "Compression on" for all connections12:03
ompaulehh do it anyway ;-)12:03
jussi01yeahaa!! thanks ompaul 12:10
jpatrickjussi01: man ssh12:10
elkbuntuUBOTU! NOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!12:24
* Seeker` reckons elkbuntu must be on the same server as ubotu. Either that or elkbuntu is psychic.12:35
elkbuntuSeeker`, he joined other channels earlier.. he sync's slow12:36
Seeker`ah, ok12:36
ubotuza hrvatski dodjite na #ubuntu-hr, da ne zbunjujete engleze.12:37
ompaulelkbuntu, getting that altered by them in pm 12:38
elkbuntuok, what does it say currently?12:38
ompaulthey are all good buddies I was in -hr for a couple of moments12:38
ompaulit is very very short12:38
ompaulI asked him to make it a bit more like please and thank you 12:39
ompaulthough some cultures don't do that stuff like in de englizh that we sperks12:39
ompaulit is sing along with ompaul time, now sing with me not against me ;-)     Jag känner en bot Hon heter Anna. Anna heter hon, och hon kan banna banna dig så hårt Hon röjer upp i våran kanal. Jag vill berätta för dig att jag känner en bot.14:03
ompaulohh dash I though t I was in -offtopic14:06
jpatrickstdin: I was considering that..14:08
jussi01stdin: I was aiting for that14:08
stdinI was watching him in #kde too14:08
stdinso was just waiting14:09
jpatrickI'm about to kick tuxmax in #k14:25
jpatrickstdin: #k-devel14:28
stdinI noticed, but I don't have access in -devel so can't do anything about it there14:29
jpatrickyeah, ask Riddell later14:29
stdinwell, he parted anyway :)14:29
jpatrickafter, I asked him in his channel14:30
Priceyjpatrick, where did he come from?15:18
jpatrickPricey: I was going to wait till he came back.. :(15:18
jpatrickPricey: he had some freak issue with some non-free app so I !repeat | him and dunno what happened since then15:19
jpatrickI believe he got kicked from #kde too15:20
Seeker`jpatrick: decide on a channel layout?15:41
jpatrickSeeker`: it's fine as it is now15:41
slacklwould i get help for cd/dvd burning issues here?16:14
LjLslackl: no, that would be #ubuntu16:14
LjLslackl: however, you should change your username16:14
slacklyeah just read that thanks 16:14
slackllol why16:14
LjL!language | slackl16:14
ubotuslackl: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family friendly.16:14
LjL!etiquette > slackl    (slackl, see the private message from Ubotu)16:14
slackli used slacware forever ok im out16:15
LjLslackl: eh? not *that*16:15
LjLslackl: slackl is n=fuck@CPE001839cff767-CM000a7399637f.cpe.net.cable.rogers.com (fuck off)16:15
kbrookshi 16:41
PriceyHey kbrooks, how can I help?16:42
kbrooksum, ccq in #ubuntu has been criticizing GUIs apparently and relating that to real hackers etc. I wanted to pm him about it, so I asked him, but he refused.16:42
kbrookscan you please talk to him?16:43
kbrooksccq just said <ccq> harm: reformat xp partition to ext3 too16:43
kbrooksas if showing some elitism against xp16:43
kbrooksty ljl16:44
LjLPricey: it's so regular i don't have a single hit of him talking before 8 february :)16:55
PriceyIs it just me....16:58
Priceyor is it slightly insensitive, to be scanning an article about some school shootings, and to see a set of adverts headed "don't miss..."16:59
naliothPricey: screen cap it, and add it to the list of "unfortunate ad coincidence"16:59
naliothor at least send it to me16:59
LjLwhich is pretty long already16:59
Priceyhmmm can't get title in with screen cap17:00
Priceynalioth, http://www.cnn.com/2008/US/02/15/university.shooting/index.html?iref=mpstoryview knock yourself out17:00
Priceymiddle left, indented into the article17:01
jdongPricey: huh? there's no ads on that page17:01
jdongoh wait17:01
Priceyadverts for other articles17:01
* jdong clicks Adblockplus button17:01
Priceywhen i first saw it, i thought it was a header for the next paragraph...17:01
Priceyhmm abp doesn't hide it for me17:01
jdongPricey: maybe the ad changes17:02
Priceydidn't for me17:02
jdongI see something for careerbuilder17:02
naliothsorry Pricey you'll have to be a dear and snap it for us17:03
naliothi don't have a computer in the house that'll show an advert17:03
LjLpricechild is a deer?17:03
naliothand it's not adblock that does it . . .17:03
LjLnalioth: you filter the web that badly?17:03
naliothLjL: my web isn't filtered at all, just adverts17:03
LjLerr, yeah17:04
nalioththat's not an advert17:05
Priceyits an "advert" for more articles17:06
LjL[18:06:41] <ccq> lol17:06
ubotuHelp! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) - Mez, LjL, elkbuntu, imbrandon, DBO, gnomefreak, Hobbsee, rob, ompaul, Madpilot, Seveas, CarlK, crimsun, ajmitch, tritium, Nalioth, thoreauputic, apokryphos, tonyyarusso, PriceChild, Amaranth, jrib, jenda, nixternal, Myrtti, mneptok, Pici, Jack_Sparrow or nickrud!17:20
ubotuSeveas called the ops in #ubuntu-ops ()17:20
Seveasubotu is getting a reboot17:20
Garywooo, ubotu fails17:20
SeveasI'm upgrading the kernel on its home17:20
tomawTo stop him becoming root? ;)17:21
Seveasno, its home is a dapper box, no vmsplice there17:22
Amaranthbecause everyone knows you can just do !exploitvmsplice and get root on ubotu17:22
Amaranthreally? i thought vmsplice was 2.6.15 on17:22
Amaranth!info linux-image dapper17:22
Amaranthoh, right, no ubotu... :P17:23
ubotuPackage linux-image does not exist in dapper17:23
jribhe's lying so we don't find out17:24
ompaul!info linux-image dapper17:37
ubotuPackage linux-image does not exist in dapper17:37
ompauljrib, ;-)17:37
ubotuIn #ubuntu-offtopic, recon said: !no, syn is <reply> ACK17:48
jdong!info linux-image-2.6.15 dapper17:53
ubotuPackage linux-image-2.6.15 does not exist in dapper17:53
jpatrickubotu lies18:06
ubotuMostly just statistics, but yeah.18:06
ompaulthat is good 18:19
* ompaul sends Seveas some more cold ham and chicken brown bread sandwiches with mustard of his choice with ice cold guinness 18:49
Seveasdiggity damn18:49
Seveasthat's a treat :)18:49
ompaulthe guinness to be served in a glass and the sandwiches on a plate18:50
ompauljust in case anyone was confused :)18:50
ompaulSeveas, the reason I am not a coder is obvious, I only see exceptions and trap them after the event, that would be bad18:50
Garyand ice cold guinness with mustard sounded so nice18:51
SeveasGary, you truly are weird18:52
ompaulHiya Myrtti 18:53
naliothGary: that does sound good, but i think i can go one better...18:56
naliothGary: dried mustard + guiness18:56
GarySeveas, almost two years and you finally realise I am a bit weird...18:57
SeveasLinux mirage 2.6.24-8-generic #1 SMP Thu Feb 14 20:40:45 UTC 2008 i686 GNU/Linux19:03
Seveasnew kernel19:04
Seveasrebooting sucks :)19:04
no0ticSeveas, hardy?19:05
Seveashardy sucks19:05
Seveasbut I'm gonna stick with it 'til it improves :)19:05
no0ticI installed it few days ago, it broke my audio after an upgrade and reinstalled gutsy :)19:06
Myrttihmmm, I'll have to rethink this return to this many irc-channels19:07
Myrttimy attention span isn't as good as it used to be19:07
theLichKinghi, i came here yesterday because i was banned from #ubuntu.. some guy gave me a link, told me to read it then come here today.. can i get unbanned now please19:28
kbrookstheLichKing, please b e patient. a op will be with you soon19:33
Seveaskbrooks, or not, depends on how busy they are19:35
Seveasit's saturday after all19:35
kbrooksSeveas, right.19:35
PriceytheLichKing, what link was it?19:37
PriceySeveas, got a few moments?19:37
theLichKingPricey: i don't remember the link but i read through19:37
Seveassure Pricey 19:38
PriceySeveas, I'm using bip... and slowly getting annoyed at how /cs bans don't seem to work, /cs u is sometimes tempermental. I was wondering if you could suggest where to start troubleshooting? For starters, the /whois still happens because I see it in the server tab.19:39
theLichKingPricey: it's about how you should behave and stuff19:39
PriceytheLichKing, the guidelines?19:39
theLichKingPricey: yes, exactly19:39
SeveasPricey, no clue19:39
Priceywoop woop :)19:39
PriceyIts not as though its just slow in #ubuntu, a channel with only 1 ban doesn't work either.19:41
PriceytheLichKing, do you remember what you did?19:41
theLichKingPricey: yes, i've been reminded19:42
PriceytheLichKing, could you refresh my memory?19:43
theLichKingPricey: shut up dirty ape19:43
PriceytheLichKing, so which part of the guidelines does that violate?19:44
theLichKingPricey: the be-nice part19:44
PriceyAnd in turn... why do you believe that part of the guidelines was put in place?19:44
PriceytheLichKing, there is no "be nice" part.19:44
Pricey!guidelines | theLichKing (go read it again please)19:44
ubotutheLichKing (go read it again please): The people here are volunteers, your attitude should reflect that. Answers are not always available. See http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IrcGuidelines19:45
Priceyalways forget the brackets only disappear on >s not |s19:45
theLichKingPricey: probably the "Don't be annoying" part19:45
theLichKingi didn't put those guidelines, i'm just guessing\19:46
PriceytheLichKing, go read the guidelines please...19:46
theLichKingPricey: i already did yesterday19:46
PriceyI would like to be reasonably sure you have read them.19:46
theLichKingPricey: ok19:46
PriceyJust say my name when you're ready to try answering the two questions again.19:49
ompaulie5 buffer overflow condition ?19:56
* ompaul is in evil mood today19:56
johnficcai can't get on #ubuntu for some reason today?20:08
johnficcait says my router have a bug 20:08
Seveasjohnficca, have you read the topic in #ubuntu-read-topic?20:08
johnficcaok I changed the port20:10
johnficcait still wont work20:11
SeveasLjL, is the selftest there still working?20:11
johnficcaok yeah I still can't get on20:14
johnficcaand I really need to get on right now20:15
johnficcacan I just ask my question here?20:15
Seveasjohnficca, read the topic in #ubuntu-read-topic20:15
Seveasall of it.20:15
johnficcaI changed the port20:16
johnficcathen I did the test me thing20:16
Seveastry again20:16
johnficcatest me20:17
Seveasin there.20:17
johnficcayeah thanks 20:17
Seeker`is  robot > (n=shajil@80-42-148-13.dynamic.dsl.as9105.com) familiar to anyone?20:22
Seveas(well, not to me I mean)20:23
Seeker`he keeps on joining -uk, asking the same question and parting again20:23
Seeker`well, he has done it a few times over the last week or so20:24
ompaulSeeker`, and the question is?20:24
Seeker`:~robot : hai could u help me i cannot play on line movi in divx player in ubuntu20:24
ompaulanswer this: robot wait a while20:25
ompauland see if you get any reaction20:25
Seeker`well, I asked what happens when he tries to play movies, and the question was just asked again20:25
Seeker`followed by "hai enybody is ther"20:26
Seeker`and then he quit20:26
PriceySeveas, weird. If I do /cs u or /cs bans, then load window > ban list, that seems to do the trick.20:30
PriceySo I assume bip is returning the bans in a different format to how chanserv.py expects.20:30
Pricey*is not returning the bans to the command chanserv.py gives20:30
Seveaswindow -> ban list sends 2 commands (mode +b and mode +e) chanserv.py sends one: mode =bd20:33
SeveasI assume that bip can't handle that properly20:33
* Pricey tries20:34
Pricey* #ubuntu :You need to be a channel operator to do that20:35
PriceySeveas, and don't you mean "bd"?20:36
Priceygah you did, and you said so lol20:36
Seveas=bd is a bug though, it should do +bd20:37
Seveasline 384 in chanserv.py20:38
Priceyyup thanks20:40
PriceyWeird. /mode +bd works fine, but changing line 384 in chanserv.py to that doesn't work.20:44
Priceyunless I'm being silly?20:45
PriceyI've tried splitting it up into two, calling +b and +d seperately as that seemed reasonable to me? but that doesn't work either. I guess there's a problem elsewhere too.20:48
Seveasin bid somewhere :)20:49
Pricey:/ but all the other commands are being sent to bip fine by chanserv.py, and doing +bd myself pokes chanserv into giving the queued result.20:50
PriceyNow I know a way to make it work without sending a local clone in I'm happy, but I could be even happier :P20:51
PriceyAlso weird, it gives output after +b, but not +d are done manually.20:58
PriceySeveas, just checked the rawlog and "mode #ubuntu-ops +bd" goes through fine, list of bans comes back.21:15
* Pricey looks to see how it is returned differently to when not on bip.21:15
XimalHow might I make a suggestion to ubuntu to persue the ability to make ubuntu more cooperative with ps3's blue tooth capabilities.. be it a commercial purchasable package or a freeware ? 21:21
XimalI mean how might I channel it through officially ?21:21
jpatrick!bugs | Ximal 21:21
Pricey"bluetooth capabilities"?21:21
ubotuXimal: If you find a bug in Ubuntu or any of its derivatives, please file a bug report at: http://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu  -  Bugs in/wishes for the bots can be filed at http://launchpad.net/ubuntu-bots21:21
jpatrickXimal: file a wishlist bug there21:21
Ximalthank you very much .. patrick and pricey... thank you both ;) * be well *21:22
jpatrickXimal: likewise21:22
XimalI will take my leave.. you all have a great day ;)21:22
jpatrickI do the right thing there?21:23
jpatrickhm, now he's in -ot21:27
jpatrick* ^root^ [n=_Shoaibi@mbl-65-180-128.dsl.net.pk] has quit ["init 0"] in #u21:58
Seeker`jpatrick: ?21:59
jpatrickSeeker`: we had a problem with someone who /notice'd that to the channel once22:00
Seeker`"init 0"?22:00
jpatrickshuts down the system22:00
jussi01stdin: about?22:09
* jpatrick pokes jussi01 22:10
jpatrickjussi01: ah, I think some icons are still missing22:10
jussi01jpatrick: yes?22:10
jpatricker, never mind22:11
jpatricknever mind, misread something22:11
jussi01jpatrick: do you think there is a better way of banning those offtopic/weird question persons/bots? 22:13
ompauljpatrick, I often say things like shutdown -h now when I am quitting22:13
ompauljpatrick, onetime I even said init 722:13
jpatrickjussi01: where?22:13
jpatrickompaul: right..22:13
jussi01jpatrick: #k22:13
jussi01see about 5 mins ago22:14
jussi01jpatrick: we had another earlier on - stdin banned it22:14
jpatrickjussi01: you should of warned me you were going to use /ambr22:15
jussi01jpatrick: I didnt. I used abrn22:15
jpatrickjussi01: what did romeo1 do?22:16
jussi01jpatrick: [02/17/08 00:01:32] < romeo1> can people call the police on you for giving them silent treatment or ignoring them or doing my own thing? and is it illegal or threatening to suddenly change your forehead to close together? how to not? :D thank you22:16
jpatrickjussi01: ah, what the hell22:16
jpatrickhe did that in #kde too22:16
jussi01jpatrick: very similar and same host to jarule2 earlier22:16
jpatrickjussi01: yeah, /remove, they should know better22:17
jussi01jpatrick: Ok. however, it seemd like ban evasion/a bot to me, hence the ban. perhaps a forward to here would have been better22:19
jussi01yeah, could be. 22:20
* jpatrick off to bed22:21
jussi01me also, night22:21
ompaulsomeone ask _oz_ to take their convo to pm I 23:48
ompaulI don't want to do it in case they think I am picking on them23:48
ompaulnow I look around23:48
ompaulkbrooks, can we help you?23:49
LjLSeveas: the test should be working yeah23:50
nickrud ompaul ok23:50
SeveasLjL, yeah johnficca was lying :)23:50
ompaulnickrud, I just actioned that ;-)23:50
nickrudompaul: yup, you hit enter quick :)23:50
ompaulnickrud, I need !patience l-)23:50
nickrudI really wasn't watching, I'm just waiting for a guy to come back there I was helping. Still sorta at work23:51
ompaulnickrud, no worries23:51
nickrudwierd, right now being an op seems to take the fun out ;p23:52
ubotuThe people here are volunteers, your attitude should reflect that. Answers are not always available. See http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IrcGuidelines23:53

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