mindframe_what's the package name for cyrus-sasl04:28
mindframe_can't find one specific to it04:28
ubotuIMAP and POP are protocols for fetching email. The officially-supported server in Ubuntu is Dovecot (packages "dovecot-imapd" for IMAP, and "dovecot-pop3d" for POP) - See also !MailServer for information on the SMTP protocol04:33
faulkes-I was hoping it would list imap however04:34
faulkes-err, cyrus even05:03
ubotuUbuntu supports the Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP) and provides mail server software of many kinds. You can install a basic email handling configuration with the "Mail server" task during installation, or with the "tasksel" command. See also https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MailServer and https://help.ubuntu.com/7.10/server/C/email-services.html12:06
c1|freakyis there any ubuntu rss feed where new releases and more is ?12:18
Nafalloc1|freaky: www.ubuntu.com12:22
Buzz_is ther any way to interrupt initrd in debian/ubuntu and drop to a shell (busybox or so) ?13:18
Buzz_Nafallo: how can i? i have lilo as my bootloader13:20
NafalloI would imagine break=top would work13:21
Nafalloor break=bottom13:21
Buzz_great. ill try that.13:21
Nafalloor whereever you want to break13:21
Buzz_it stopped. but then rebooted shortly after13:23
Buzz_no # prompt :(13:23
Buzz_ah ok i removed panic=9 and now its ok13:24
Buzz_Nafallo: i think you saved my skin!13:46
NafalloBuzz_: glad to help13:53
jronnblomanyone else using the LSI Fusion SCSI cards? I have a few HP DL385G1 with these cards where the drivers die during light I/O load14:27
jronnblomthey are called HP U320 SCSI Adapter14:32
faulkes-iirc hp/compaq releases oss drivers for there server stuff ontop of whats in the kernel, so you may wish to check the vendor site14:44
faulkes-although I also imagine that google may have answers as well, I havent dealt with the DL series in quite some time14:45
jronnblomyeah, HP has released a version for other distributions but not for Ubuntu... Im d/l the lastest driver from LSI now so I'll try and compile my own version of the kernel14:47
jronnblomit seems to be a rather "well-known" problem with the Fusion driver but it isn't updated in the offical kernel14:48
jronnblomAnd the current driver locks the box so hard it will take a power cycle to bring it back :(14:50
faulkes-well, I don't think a full kernel compile should be needed, you should just be able to compile it as a module14:51
faulkes-which is significantly less work14:51
jronnblomI hope so. Wouldn't want to support my own kernel. I'll try to compile it as a module and if that doesn't work I'll buy a adaptec card and replace it :=)14:53
XiXaQis spamhaus lookups integrated by default when you install the Mailserver task?15:33
faulkes-I don't know offhand, the person to ask that is likely ScottK15:53
faulkes-at least if it's postfix15:54
ScottKXiXaQ: No.15:54
faulkes-speak of the devil himself15:54
ScottKXiXaQ: Anti-spam setups are very site specific, so we don't provide one.15:54
faulkes-hi ScottK15:54
ScottKHi faulkes-.15:55
Dimitreehow to set up shm for fglrx ? i have devshm on /dev/shm type tmpfs (rw) and tmpfs on /dev/shm type tmpfs (rw)  this came after ejs1920 helped me in #ati and told em to ask "<ejs1920> try your distro's channel on how to set up shm for fglrx"16:32
Dimitreecan someone help ?16:32
faulkes-try #ubuntu16:41
faulkes-we don't generally deal with X issues as the server doesn't ship with it16:41
Dimitreeou yep i forgot about that sorry ^^16:42
emilsedghim getting an error when trying to get a file using http in php:  php_network_getaddresses: getaddrinfo failed: Name or service not known (im in kubuntu but i think this channel is a better place for such question...)17:56
faulkes-we generally deal with server level issues as opposed to programming level issues, however, I would suggest you determine what service or name it is failing to resolve18:00
faulkes-you may also want to check google groups for the usenet php groups18:00
emilsedghits not a programming failure, its because of server settings i think18:02
emilsedghgoogling says that there is a problem with dns server, also im on dynamic ip (dialup) (if it matters at all)18:05
faulkes-both "php_network_getaddresses: and getaddrinfo" are not base functions within php which leads me to believe it is something within whatever php application you are using18:06
faulkes-if you can resolve addresses exernally through other means, that would infer that dns resolution is functioning correctly18:06
faulkes-so, the question that would come up next, is what php application is this from?18:07
emilsedghthats not a function18:12
emilsedghthat php 'internal'18:12
faulkes-yes, but something has to call it for it to create the error18:13
faulkes-because php by itself does not do any automatic connections outbound by itself18:13
emilsedghits not a php function, probably a c function used in php code18:13
faulkes-so, again, what application resulted in the error18:13
emilsedghor fsockopen()18:14
faulkes-the only way I can see for it to generate that error, is if file_get_contents() was calling a URI18:15
faulkes-and therefore, I would check what URI it was calling18:15
emilsedghand the url is: http://websvn.kde.org/*checkout*/trunk/l10n-kde4/'.$Language.'/messages/elntry.desktop18:15
faulkes-I would try, the full url in a browser with the expected path (rather than $Language and such) and see what it returns18:19
faulkes-I would also ensure that your system can resolve websvn.kde.org18:20
emilsedghi did, works.also wget return 200 OK status.18:20
faulkes-what is the non php'ized url18:21
emilsedghhttp://websvn.kde.org/*checkout*/trunk/l10n-kde4/fa/messages/entry.desktop (for example)18:22
faulkes-then I would start adding in additional debugging around the statements which call get_file_contents()18:23
emilsedghthis is a common problem, looks like that there is something wrong with dns settings18:24
emilsedghand sure i tried to debug it for hours18:24
faulkes-afaik php uses the unerlying system as it's resolver18:26
faulkes-the easiest way to test this would be to create a test unit which attempts to resolve18:30
faulkes-also check php.net for comments on file_get_contents()18:34
faulkes-and fsockopen()18:34
emilsedghdidnt find anything there :(18:34
moos3does anyone know how to roll back to from a upgrade that fail?18:39
faulkes-emil: the only other thing I can suggest is you check php.ini to make sure that19:00
faulkes-; Whether to allow the treatment of URLs (like http:// or ftp://) as files.19:00
faulkes-allow_url_fopen = On19:00
faulkes-is turned on19:00
luckyonehello all20:50
luckyoneany rsync pros out there?20:50
luckyoneI want a solution that will mirror two directories on different machines20:51
luckyoneand I will 'work' on both directories potentially adding/removing from each one20:51
luckyoneI want them to constantly be in sync - what is the best way to do something like that20:52
luckyoneNafallo: I have nfs setup, but I actually want them both to have local copies20:53
luckyoneit provides faster access to data and some failover20:53
ScottKunison is essentially a birectional rsync.  It's been a while since I used it and upstream is not at all active these days, so test first.20:54
luckyoneScottK: unison... nice20:54
lamontScottK: thoughts on 466068?22:09
* ScottK looks22:11
Nafallolamont: probably needs SQL mail storage backends :-)22:12
* Nafallo hides ;-)22:12
lamontNafallo: heh22:12
ScottKlamont: I don't like it.22:15
ScottKlamont: I think the different types ov mynetworks_style answers will almost always be wrong and you'll almost always have to specify.22:16
ScottKJust trusting a subnet could have unexpected results for a small user that only has a few public IPs.22:17
soneilare there any jeos images for hardy that are installable?22:19
ScottKlamont: I replied on the bug.22:32
lamontScottK: thanks.. I was afk there for a bit22:38
lamontand about to run out of the house22:38

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