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bryce\o/ got screen disabling working FINALLY!!07:31
brycemmm nice07:38
tjaaltonyet another lrm upload, bleh07:45
brycehrm, maybe it _would_ be easier to get redhat's tool working than mine.  erf10:30
brycewell, redhat has shown zero interest in working with us11:20
tjaaltonthat's unfortunate..11:21
brycegnome is more likely to accept whatever redhat does over what we do, unless our stuff is clearly better11:21
bryceso, if my goal is to end up with zero code that I have to maintain personally, the only option seems to be to chuck what I've done and just accept redhat's work11:22
bryceI can see already that to get my stuff finished up it's going to take a *lot* of debugging11:22
bryceplus I need to sort out how to make the changes persistent from boot to boot, which they've already solved11:23
tjaaltonvia gconf?11:24
bryceno, they came up with a very different approach, using a daemon11:24
tjaaltonuh, YAD11:24
brycehowever it also provides monitor hotplug, which would be nice to have11:25
bryceit just feels like my last 2 weeks would have been for waste11:26
tjaaltonwell, at least you master randr inside out now ;)11:29
bryceI don't really like their ui though11:33
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brycewell, goodnight11:42
tjaaltonyeah, it's late there ;)11:42
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tjaaltonoh, the fedora configurator uses gnome-settings-daemon, which is already there12:28
tjaaltonso it's not yet-another-daemon after all12:28
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tjaalton..and now we are under 1400 bugs in total13:09
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brycetjaalton: =8-)22:12
bryceof course, probably around 200-300 of the lrm bugs aren't really X bugs22:14
brycesome day it'd be fun to go through and look at all the packages with < 10 bugs22:17
brycebet there's some old cruft hidden around in those nooks and crannies22:17
tjaaltonbryce: I think I've done that already :)22:22
* bryce empties xserver-xorg-input-joystick of its single bug 11697722:24
ubotuLaunchpad bug 116977 in linux-source-2.6.20 "Driver not correctly identifying the number of buttons on a Namtai Buzz! Controller" [Undecided,Incomplete] https://launchpad.net/bugs/11697722:24
brycetjaalton: I had to do a bit of hacking to get redhat's monitor tool working, but I've got it up and running22:44
bryceit is able to change resolutions of each monitor independently and that seems to work relatively well22:45
brycehowever I'm not sure how to disable one monitor or the other, and am not sure how you'd specify 'left-of'/'right-of', etc.22:45
tjaaltonmaybe they know that the gui needs some work22:46
brycethe underlying xrandr code is cleaner than the cracked out stuff I threw together the past couple days22:46
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brycehowever as written it has gtk-isms so wouldn't be reusable by kde22:47
brycenothing major though, just g_assert type stuff22:47
tjaaltonwho cares :)22:47
* tjaalton runs22:47
brycesettle ;-)22:47
brycetheir screen layout stuff is pretty and functional however it could be an accessibility issue22:48
brycesince there's no way to get to the other monitor settings without using the mouse22:49
bryceno mechanism for specifying mirrors22:49
brycewhat was wild, was I had run the gui several days ago and tried setting one of my monitor resolutions to 1600x1200, but it didn't work (the daemon wasn't running)22:51
bryceso, having forgot that entirely, I started up the daemon and my right monitor switches to 1600x1200.  I go, WTF???22:52
brycebut was simple to fix ;-)22:52
tjaaltonit should use gnome-settings-daemon for that?22:54
bryceI gather that is the plan22:54
bryce"This is all intended to be added to gnome-desktop,22:54
brycegnome-settings-daemon, and gnome-control-center for 2.24.22:54
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