oreomikeAnyone know how to get the UBUNTU startup screen back?00:00
elhoir_NigelS: wow, its true :) i didnt realized on that00:00
oreomikemy monitor is now just black after the POST completes until it gets to the login screen00:00
NigelSelhoir_: so if the link is working now does the plugin work?00:00
eekranoMagoonD, is this a new problem after something was installed or upgraded, or has it always been like this?00:00
MagoonDeekrano, it has always been like this00:01
elhoir_NigelS: let me see, restarting firefox00:01
eekranoMagoonD, do you have a usb to ps2 converter from your mouse to your computer?00:01
Lionoastro76 iam in plugdev group and i can sudo. why00:01
Sim_Pengmy notebook cdrom drive is condemn, is there other way to install ubuntu to my notebook?00:01
astro76Liono: you are not in admin group?00:01
elhoir_NigelS: yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeesssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss00:01
MagoonDeekrano, its not an external mouse but a trackpoint mouse built in the keyboard on the laptop00:02
NigelSelhoir_: hurrah :)00:02
* MatBoy is pimping with his 12CM Coolermaster BlueLed fans :P00:02
argnelhow do i tell an avahi iface with a self assigned ip address to go away?00:02
eekranoMagoonD, ahh... okay, lets see here00:02
ch08rIf anyone is available , I am frustrated as hell... I have spent the last 3 days searching and trying to get my cdrom drive to work and cant get it to work, looked everywhere on line... anyone able to help me?.00:02
elhoir_NigelS: oh, guy, thank you very much, you are my god now :-P00:03
NigelSelhoir_: it all should have just worked - but for some reason the symlink was pointing to the wrong version of java - possibly the firefox attempted install messed it up a bit00:03
spongerch08r: do you have /dev/cdrom?00:03
stowawayhello. my ubuntu has gone a bit hay wire.. I was trying to install GTK+ and all the dependencies. and when i rebooted now some places it doesnt have english symbols it has [] [] (squares.. like when u goto a foriegn language wegbpage) and also firefox wont start it has this error:00:03
eekranoMagoonD, what does your device info look like in your xorg.conf?00:03
stowawaySOFTFAIL [Exception... "Component returned failure code: 0x80004005 (NS_ERROR_FAILURE) [nsIPasswordManagerInternal.findPasswordEntry]"  nsresult: "0x80004005 (NS_ERROR_FAILURE)"  location: "JS frame :: chrome://netusageitem/content/usagelib.js :: nuLoadPass :: line 48"  data: no]00:03
stowawaySegmentation fault (core dumped)00:03
elhoir_NigelS: thank you so much00:04
NigelSelhoir_: np - hope all goes well now and enjoy linux :)00:04
elhoir_NigelS: yes it works perfectly... even better than Windows :)00:04
ch08rsponger: no .00:04
MagoonDeekrano, it looks like this Section "InputDevice"00:04
MagoonDIdentifier"Synaptics Touchpad"00:04
FloodBot2MagoonD: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.00:04
elhoir_now i have to go to sleep... NigelS, huge thanks again00:05
eekranoMagoonD, heh, should probly pm that for future =)00:05
Barnabasi fought the flood bot and the flood bot won ...00:06
NigelSelhoir_: nn00:06
ch08rsponger: when i click on it in my computer i get , "mount: special device /dev/scd0 does not exist"00:06
elhoir_bye guys00:06
MagoonDeekrano, ok00:06
eekrano Option "MaxSpeed" "1.6"00:07
ch08rsponger: can you help me?00:07
spongerdo you have a pastebin somehwer?00:07
spongeri wonder what 'dmesg | grep CD' would show00:07
spongerdoes taht reutrn anything?00:07
oreomikeis learning IRC commands a little late in the game00:08
MagoonDeekrano, i fixed it i found answer in ubuntu threads00:08
MagoonDeekrano, i had to set accel to max and set sensitivity to low thats odd but it works fine now00:08
eekranoMagoonD, yeah? what was it?00:08
eekranoMagoonD, ahh, well good- happy hunting00:09
MagoonDeekrano, thanks for all your help00:09
eekranoMagoonD, no prob.... hey are you by any chance using the default theme gutsy came with?00:09
MagoonDeekrano, yes I am00:09
ch08rsponger: http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/56160/00:10
MagoonDeekrano, can you recommend any cool themes?00:10
NigelSoreomike: switch to using nc as your client :)00:10
eekranoMagoonD, god no, I've been looking at all of them and dont like any- my themes got wiped out and i cant get them back- any way you could export that default oxygen theme and send it to me?00:10
ch08rsponger: that may of been the external (usb) cdrom drive i had in earlier ...00:11
bluekbI need to find a way to change my screen mode from about 800x600 to 1280x1060 (not sure exactly what value) -- even though no screen modes are defined in my xorg.conf.  ppracer (tux racer) got hung, and I had to kill it--but it left X windows in an odd mode.  I would just log out and back in, but I have some programs that need to keep running.00:11
MagoonDeekrano, yes how do I export it?00:11
bluekb(Hi, by the way)00:11
spongerch08r: hold 100:11
eekranoMagoonD, System > Preferences > Emerald Theme Manager00:11
MatBoydoes autoclean work really well ? so unused packages are always removed ?00:12
NigelSbluekb: can the resolution chooser in the prefs menu not do it?00:12
eekranoMagoonD, edit themes tab00:12
eekranoclick export00:12
eekranoMagoonD, click export00:12
bluekbNigelS: how do I get to that menu?  I am not familiar with it.00:12
ch08rsponger: yea , after looking at that entry... that is the external one. The attached one in my computer is a LG .. that output shows HP00:12
MagoonDeekrano i dont see emeral theme manager in system > prefs00:13
bluekbNigelS, I sometimes miss utilities for ubuntu since I use kde.00:13
ch08rsponger: unless that bottom line tells you something00:13
JosephDoes anyone know an easy way to find the java virtual machine?00:13
danbhfiveMatBoy: it actually deletes older installation packages00:13
xybreHow can I get rid of big desktop when using dual displays and xgl/compiz?00:13
danh1Slart: So, I tried to download the package, and you're right00:13
danh1there were dependencies00:13
danh1that gave me toruble00:13
hfmlsguys i'm in livecd, trying tofix grub, because i've installed windows and now my laptop boots direct in windows. can you help me please?00:13
MagoonDeekrano, nm i found it it was under appearance00:13
danbhfivehfmls: I can help00:13
eekranoMagoonD, ahh good00:14
hfmlsdanbhfive:  thank you.00:14
hfmlswhat do i have to do?00:14
danh1Slart: so now, I figure I need to using pinning or something00:14
MatBoydanbhfive, I'm still looking for a solution that removes unused packages also00:14
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danbhfive!fixgrub | hfmls try these directions00:14
ubotuhfmls try these directions: grub is the default Ubuntu boot manager. Lost grub after installing windows: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RecoveringUbuntuAfterInstallingWindows - Making GRUB floppies & other GRUB howtos: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GrubHowto00:14
NigelSbluekb: if it's there it should be labelled something obvious like resolution chooser - I'm not familiar with the KDE menus atm00:14
NigelSbluekb: I'm sure KDE has some analog though00:14
bluekbJoseph, if you have slocate installed, you can run "locate -r '/java$'"00:14
danbhfiveMatBoy: well, autoclean only removes old INSTALLATION files,  it doesn't remove the packages themselves.  If you want to remove packages, I would suggest playing with gtkorphan00:15
NigelSJoseph: when you say find it do you mean how to install it or where it has installed to?00:15
mid5Hi, anyone know something like internet explorer works in ubuntu?, i want to see some pages that only works with ie :s, and I questioned  me if there is a plugin or something like that00:15
peleganyone is familiar with vsftpd ?00:15
danh1mid5: how about opera?00:15
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about kiba - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi00:15
JosephNigelS: where it is installed to... I have this IDE that asks me each time it boots up where to find the Java Compiler00:15
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about kiba-dock - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi00:16
MatBoydanbhfive, ok, thanks00:16
danh1mid5: Or, why don't you create a virtual windows on ubuntu?00:16
MagoonDeekrano, i saved it but it didnt say what location it saved it to00:16
annonymousedoes any onw know any think about kiba dock00:16
KillaKowalskquick ? where can I get the kwidget header file?00:16
danh1Use kvm or qemu00:16
spongerch08r: what kind of interface? does the machine see it in the bios?00:16
NigelSmid5: you can use someting like http://www.tatanka.com.br/ies4linux/page/Main_Page to install IE in linux00:16
eekranoMagoonD, default is usually desktop00:16
MagoonDeekrano, its not on the desktop is it saved under /usr/share/themes?00:17
danbhfive!IES4Linux | mid500:17
ubotumid5: ies4linux is a script that quickly and effortlessly helps you install 3 versions of IE in Wine. Information can be found at http://www.tatanka.com.br/ies4linux/page/Main_Page including instructions specifically for Ubuntu. ies4linux is aimed at web designers and ie-only sites, so please, don’t use any of the IEs to navigate! Use Firefox!00:17
ShuggleMy login screen is always displayed in a differnt resolution than my regular desktop. can I fix this?00:17
ch08rsponger: damn... cant remember ... i know it shows up in the bios ... almost positive it is ide... if you want me to reboot and check i can00:17
ch08rsponger: i know it works in windows when i reboot00:17
NigelSJoseph: some useful commands - dpkg -l lists installed packages so you can type dpkg -l *java* and dpkg -L to list the files it installs00:17
mid5danh1,  mmm, it's good idea, i'll try whit it, but i think that if it does not work with super firefox, maybe does not work with opera00:17
ch08rsponger: <--- dual boot00:17
bluekbNigelS, well, my NVidia drivers came with a screen configuration utility.  That solved it.00:17
hfmlsdanbhfive:  is this ok?00:17
hfmlsgrub> root (hd0,0)00:17
hfmlsgrub> setup (hd000:17
bluekbThanks.  Why I didn't think to peruse the gui menus instead of look for a command line fix, I don't know.00:18
mid5danh1, I have a virtual machine with windows00:18
JosephThank you NigelS00:18
danbhfivehfmls: doesn't look too bad00:18
mid5but i don't like00:18
danbhfivehfmls: you were missing a paranth at the end00:18
NigelSJoseph: if you go to synaptic and find a package then you can right click on it and get its properties and that will tell you where the files are00:18
eekranoMagoonD, did you click "save" or "export" ?00:18
spongerch08r post yur entire dmesg out put.00:18
hfmlsit says root hd0,1 in the page u gave me, but i think its 0.0 no? danbhfive yeah, bad paste.00:19
MagoonDeekrano, there was only option for save theres not option for export00:19
NigelSJoseph: i.e. dpkg -L sun-java6-jre00:19
CyanideDcan someone help me with getting my desktop on to my screen00:19
sdhanybody know why wireless is broken in gutsy/64 on a thinkpad x61s?00:19
JosephNigelS: thank you again,  That will be usefull00:19
greenmanHey, I need some help.  I just upgraded to gutsy gibbon and now I can't see any wireless networks.  It was fine before the upgrade...00:19
greenmansdh: hey, I'm have the same problem on a gateway00:19
eekranoMagoonD, you saved that from the "Appearances preferences" ?00:19
MagoonDeekrano, yes00:19
sdhgreenman: i can see the networks, it just won't connect to wpa or wpa200:19
NigelSbluekb: yeah, it's awkward atm - one day xorg will "just work" but until that day of porcine abetted international travel00:20
danbhfivehfmls: well, the first number corresponds to the number harddrive.  So if you only have 1 harddrive, then 0 is correct.  The second number corresponds to the partition that you installed ubuntu onto, so if you installed ubuntu onto the second partition, then 1 is correct00:20
eekranoMagoonD, if you go to the visual effects tab in there is "custom" checked off?00:20
greenmansdh: hmm...  mine won't even see the networks. and it won't connect when I manually put the SSID in.00:20
pablin30how to upgrade kernel in ubuntu 7.1000:20
montehey were can i find drivers for a lexmark x75 printer00:20
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about lash - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi00:20
ubotuTo install Flash see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats/Flash (for !Dapper and !Edgy, a recent version is available in !backports) - See also !Restricted and !Gnash00:20
hfmlsdanbhfive:  its the first partition, its 1-ext3, 2-swap, 3-ntfs00:20
hfmlsis it ok then ?00:21
MagoonDeekrano, yes its checked to custom00:21
danbhfivehfmls: where is windows?  ntfs?00:21
dogmeati upgraded to gusty (7.10) and my video went caput. i spent the last 3 days trying to resolve that, in between work, it was an incredibly bad situation.00:21
MagoonDeekrano, should I check it to none?00:21
eekranoMagoonD, if you click preferenced right next to it does it open up the emerald themer?00:21
Lionowhat will chmod 0700 /* will do?00:21
danbhfivehfmls: yeah, then 0,000:21
ch08rsponger: k , posted00:21
eekranoMagoonD, nope00:21
hfmlsthank you00:21
hfmlsgonna teste00:21
greenmanHey, I need some help.  I just upgraded to gutsy gibbon and now I can't see any wireless networks.  It was fine before the upgrade...00:21
FloodBot2hfmls: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.00:21
ch08rsponger: if you want me to reboot so it may clear up the confusion with the HP external cd drive I can00:22
argnelrequiring a reboot to reconfigure a network interface is just plain wrong00:22
mid5ubotu, NigelS danbhfive, it's like I want to find IES4Linux, I'll be some tests whit it, thanks00:22
MatBoyI like Gutsy already directly :)00:22
spongerch08r send the paste url00:22
danbhfivepablin30: which kernel are you trying to upgrade to?00:22
box-is there a mobile version of ubuntu for phones ?00:22
MagoonDeekrano, no it opens up compizconfig settings manager00:23
ch08rsponger: http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/56161/00:23
NigelSbox-: nope, you can find customised versions of linux designed for phones - i.e. Qtopia based etc00:23
eekranoMagoonD, haha, I don't think we have the same setup.... guess i'll have to restyle from scratch00:24
montedoes anyone kno where i can find drivers for lexmark printers00:24
MagoonDeekrano, sorry I wasnt more help00:24
CyanideDcan someone help me with getting my desktop on to my screen00:24
pablin30how to upgrade kernel in ubuntu 7.10?00:24
eekranoMagoonD, no worries, thanks for trying00:24
hfmlsit worked like a glove :)00:24
hfmlsthank you.00:24
MagoonDeekrano, take care bye00:24
slonbghi. if i want to run a script after all the services are started, but before login, where should i put it?00:24
NigelSbox-: actually it looks like a project has now been set up: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MobileAndEmbedded00:24
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about rc.local - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi00:24
NigelSbox-: but I don't think it will be very far advanced00:25
hfmlsdanisahne, it worked nice00:25
danbhfivepablin30: which kernel are you trying to upgrade to?  one in the repos?  or the latest and greatest00:25
danbhfive!tab | hfmls tabs make it allot easier to type in names00:25
ubotuhfmls tabs make it allot easier to type in names: You can use <tab> for autocompletion of nicknames in IRC, as well as for completion of filenames and programs on the command line.00:25
hfmlsnot the tab problem00:25
hfmlsi forgot the ick00:25
pablin30how to upgrade kernel in ubuntu 7.10?00:25
rufus_maybe someone can help?00:25
MatBoyweird, gutsy is faster !!00:26
danbhfivehfmls: but, im glad it worked  :)00:26
_Oz_figgered out the themes00:26
_Oz_thanks guys!00:26
_Oz_remember: startup manager!00:26
hfmlsthak you00:26
hfmlstake care00:26
MatBoyMUCH ! faster00:26
_Oz_might want to add that to the !usplash autoresponder00:26
Lionoi dont wan a user to see/copy/edit/change/write    any file other than present on his desktop. how can i do it. (but i want that user to use apps or play games.(doing that will change e.g games files as some games chage files when they are play))00:26
greenmanHey, I need some help.  I just upgraded to gutsy gibbon and now I can't see any wireless networks.  It was fine before the upgrade...00:26
spongercho8r:which drive has the "goodwill hunting dvd in it"?00:26
hfmlshave to go back to windows, so i can use hdmi danbhfive00:26
spongerata7.00: ATAPI: HL-DT-STDVD-RAM GSA-H22L, 1.02, max UDMA/6600:26
hfmlsdo u know how to use hdmi?00:26
slonbgi have this problem, that upon bootup my wifi connects to some "alien" network, eve if I have made it to manual config and specifically entered my essid, etc. every time i need to /etc/init.d/network restart in order to force it to reconnect to my net. so i want to make a script which does just that before login screen appears00:26
ch08rsponger: that was the external, which is off now00:27
_Oz_greenman: which wireless card?  gutsy doesn't support some of the wireless drivers that feisty did...00:27
danbhfivehfmls: no, I don't know what it is actually00:27
Lionoi dont wan a user to see/copy/edit/change/write    any file other than present on his desktop. how can i do it. (but i want that user to use apps or play games.(doing that will change e.g games files as some games chage files when they are play))00:27
greenman_Oz_: I'm not sure.  It's a gateway laptop...00:27
spongercho8r" reboot with that external device disconnected and no disc in the drive00:27
spongerch08r and then repost dmesg output00:27
_Oz_greenman: didjoo look at the laptop compatibility page?00:27
ch08rsponger: k brb00:27
hfmlshdmi output danbhfive like dvi, but with audio00:27
danbhfiveLiono: you have to learn about linux permissions in general, and chmod and chown00:28
_Oz_greenman, see below:00:28
ubotuLaptop support information can be found on http://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardwareSupportMachinesLaptops - http://www.linux-laptop.net/ - http://wiki.ubuntu.com/LaptopTestingTeam - http://tuxmobil.org00:28
greenmanNo, where is it?  I figured that if it gave me the option to upgrade, then it was probably safe to do so.  :P00:28
_Oz_Yeah, Gutsy lost some of the wireless support that Feisty had, unfortunately.00:28
Lionodanbhfive ok00:28
bluekbOk, another question.  I seem to have lost the ability to use my sound device.  Any ideas how to get my sound back?00:28
_Oz_Can you just plug into a wired network from now on?00:28
Magictvcould someone tell me what I can do about this please im a little confused00:29
Magictvtom@tom-laptop:~$ sudo apt-get update00:29
Magictv[sudo] password for tom:00:29
danbhfivehfmls: ah, I see, I have a webcam that I have to boot into windows for, too00:29
_Oz_That's the simplest fix...00:29
bluekbIt could either be because of a killed game, or a second X session.00:29
danbhfiveMagictv: just type in your password00:29
greenmannope, no wired in my house.  This is going to majorly suck if that's the case.  They really should warn you.  This is my friends computer00:29
Magictvdo i need to hit enter before it?00:29
hfmlsoh, ok.00:29
greenmanI convinced him to switch to linux00:29
_Oz_greenman: bummer00:29
Magictvit wont let me type on that line you see00:29
danbhfiveMagictv: since it's a password, it hides what you are typing00:30
hfmlswho uses hdmi? i need to setup hdmi output please, any help?00:30
Magictvis a sudo password the same as my login paasswor00:30
_Oz_I recommend plugging in to a cat-5 cable and letting gutsy download all its updates00:30
Magictvlol i'm stupid00:30
_Oz_then, maybe wireless will work00:30
Magictvthanks very very much00:30
MatBoywhat is your guys opinion about what version on a 64 bits processort ? AMD64 or the normal I386 ?00:32
CyanideDanyone know how to get my desktop on to my tv again i had it when i was on windows, i have a nivdia 6200 graphics crad00:32
cambahtmls, can you be more specific?00:32
pike_!tv| CyanideD00:32
ubotuCyanideD: http://www.linuxtv.org/ has extensive information about using TV cards under Linux. Available viewers for analog cards: Zapping, tvtime (GTK/GNOME), kdetv (KDE), xawtv, motv. For digital cards: Klear (KDE), dvb-utils. For both analog and digital cards, !MythTV is a powerful framework. Your card may work the !IVTV drivers. See also !TV-Out00:32
hfmlsi need to setup hdmi00:32
hfmlsvideo + audio00:32
hfmlsso i can watc in my hdtv00:32
greenmanDoes anyone else maybe have this problem and maybe have fixed it.  I can't leave my friend without wireless and I'd really hate for hiim to have to go back to windows...00:33
=== erUSUL_ is now known as erUSUL
ch08rsponger:k, back00:33
KristianDKHello! I just started to get my backup, when i found out the zip file with all my *legally* bought music files was corrupted, i bought them with iTunes, so i guess i cant redownload them, is there any way to fix the zipfile?00:33
MatBoyAMD64 is not faster as far as I know00:33
hfmlsi gotta say its the only thing that makes me have a wnxp ripper instalation with 60mb ram consumption with a windows folder with 400 mb :D00:34
ch08rsponger: http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/56164/00:34
cambahtmls, what video card do you have?00:34
danbhfivegreenman: have you tried just reinstalling the wireless?00:34
cambais it configured?00:34
greenmandanbhfive: how?00:35
danbhfive!who > camba00:35
danbhfivegreenman: did it just work out of the box before I take it?00:35
greenmanI just found something.  There is a lot of errors in dmesg.  concerning bcm43xx00:35
greenmanerror microcode bcm43xx_microcode5.fw not available or load failed00:36
greenmandanbhfive: yeah, it worked on feisty and edgy without doing anything00:36
astro76greenman: go to system > admin > restricted drivers manager, and check the box next to broadcom00:36
hfmlscamba intel onboard, sorry its hfmls :) mobile express00:36
hfmlsdriver in ubuntu detections is Mobile GM965/GL960 Integrated Graphics Controller00:37
loaHow can i change font and font size in skype?00:37
greenmanhmm  I have to install linux-restricted-modules first00:37
greenmancrap, but I don't have internet from which to install that...00:38
spongerata7.00: ATAPI: HL-DT-STDVD-RAM GSA-H22L, 1.02, max UDMA/6600:38
kotsu'Lo, I'm back again. My GRUB is still messed up, but using "boot from hard disk," I got ubuntu running. Now I can't get my sound to work.00:38
spongeris that it?00:38
danbhfivekotsu: that doesn't sound like a grub problem00:39
ch08rsponger: to my knowledge00:39
ch08rsponger: that is what it shows up as in bios00:40
spongerch08r: post this00:40
spongersudo lshw -C disk00:40
greenmanastro76: what would that instruction do?  I can't do it because I don't have that package...00:40
kotsudanbhfive: I'm not saying it is00:40
astro76greenman: it will make the wireless work... can't you plug into ethernet temporarily?00:40
ch08rsponger: http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/56166/00:41
hfmlscamba r u there?00:41
greenmanhmm...  let me see00:41
kotsudanbhfive: to explain why I mentioned that - I was in here earlier asking about my GRUB. It's still broken, I'm saying I have a new issue.00:41
kristjan_is there any good hardware manufacturer who's usb mouse are supported for linux?00:41
BenDrakehey there all00:41
rufus_wow i had no idea ubuntu was so hard to configure with bootloading00:42
cambadrunk but I'm here00:42
pike_kristjan_: most all00:42
kbrooksrufus_, its not00:42
gonzoismwhy do i always have to kill NetworkManager and NetworkManagerDispatcher to get internet to work ?00:42
kbrooksrufus_, only in eccentric cases00:42
danbhfivekotsu: oh, ok, well, if ubuntu is starting, doesn't that mean its working?00:42
spongerhang on00:42
kristjan_pike_: I browsed around, for example logitech never lists linux as compatible os with their mouse00:42
ch08rsponger: k00:42
hfmlscambalol, do u know how to?00:42
pike_kristjan_: ive used any number of mice never had a problem. generic microsoft mouse will work. heck the bluetoock mouse keyboard combo will work00:43
=== |muelli| is now known as Muelli
annonymousedoes any one know how to fix this error http://pastebin.ca/90576300:43
rufus_kbrooks, its proving to be with two different distros00:43
pike_annonymouse: sudo apt-get install pygtk00:44
kotsudanbhfive: If I boot up, XP starts up immediately. If I put in the linux disk, and boot from hard drive, only then can I get to GRUB. Probably fixable, not worrying about it right now00:44
kotsuNow I'm looking for sound help00:44
annonymousecouldnt find the package00:44
danbhfivekotsu: well, I can help with the grub, I can't help with the sounds00:45
pike_annonymouse: yeah that not the right name00:45
annonymousewhat is the right name00:45
JosiahWdoes anybody know what vga and qvga is for windows mobile?00:45
cambaannonymouse, apt-get install python-gtk2-dev python-gtk200:45
Lossifis there a graphical way to search for an nfs server on gutsy?00:45
pike_annonymouse: python-gtk-1.2  note though the 1.2 and the script is looking for 2.0 so..00:46
Lossifsimilar to "network neighborhood"?00:46
* Lossif is an ubuntu noob...00:46
annonymousepike i dont understand00:46
spongercho8t: its really wierd00:46
pike_annonymouse: er just grab python-gtk200:46
spongerwhat kernel are you running00:46
ScuniziLossif, Places/Network00:46
danbhfiveLossif: does Places > Network work for you?00:47
xeomhow can i make ubuntu always use 1 sound card everytime I start it up it decides to use a different card00:47
xeomand cant figure out how to switch between them once im in00:47
mjw-xeom do you want it to use the second card at all?00:47
silverbladeStrange problem... if i "safely remove" an SD memory card from my card reader it says it was unmounted but couldnt eject... why is this?00:47
Scunizisystem/preferances/sound xeom00:47
LossifScunizi: thanks alot!00:47
ch08rsponger: kernel 2.6.22-14-generic00:47
ScuniziLossif, np00:48
Lossifdanbhfive: thanks alot!00:48
ch08rsponger: yea... that is why i am sooo confused... know other ppl have the issue but can seem to find a fix anywhere00:48
ch08rsponger: have looked all over the internet00:48
mjw-xeom never mind, i saw your second message00:48
xeomScunizi:I have those set but it ignores them. mjw:Not really just need havn't decided which one yet00:48
ch08rsponger: and forums ... that is what lead me here00:48
mjw-xeom the simple way is to blacklist the driver module of the card you don't want to use00:49
DarthSOupquestion: I installed a couple apps and my screen went black saying no input...I've tried to restart, but every time I get to the point where I would see the login screen, the input dies00:49
spongerit may bbe a bug and you may have to switch off the ata_piix module...00:49
lapisdecorQuestion: How can I use ssh without giving shell access as a way to share a disk across my network (a school) and the internet, and avoiding the hassle of samba and nfs?00:50
ch08rsponger: i tried that ... didnt seem to do anything... but i may of did it wrong00:50
silverbladewhat an original name.00:50
BryanHow do you enable roaming mode on a PPC for gutsy00:50
spongerch08r: did you see this:http://ubuntuforums.org/archive/index.php/t-580745.html00:51
greenman_Okay, So Clicked on that button in restricted driver box00:51
Administratorsilverblade, pardon00:51
DarthSOupquestion: I installed a couple apps and my screen went black saying no input...I've tried to restart, but every time I get to the point where I would see the login screen, the input dies00:51
silverbladei said, what an original name.00:51
greenman_But now it's asking for a firmware00:51
=== Administrator is now known as icesword
ch08rsponger: no... reading through it right now00:51
greenman_So I enabled broadcomm but now it's asking me for the firmware location00:52
greenman_I don't know where to look for this.00:52
iceswordsilverblade, is x-chat 2 for windows good00:52
greenman_Does anyone know?00:52
silverbladeeh its been a while since i used it on Windows but it was ok00:52
afkkhow do i delete all my mail from ssh with mailx?00:52
greenman_It says I can download from the internet if anyone knows00:52
afkkor just delete all my mail00:52
BryanHow do you enable roaming mode on a PPC for gutsy00:53
lapisdecorplease bip when someone answers :D00:53
danbhfive!wireless | greenman_ see if any of this helps00:53
ubotugreenman_ see if any of this helps: Wireless documentation can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs00:53
DarthSOupquestion: I installed a couple apps and my screen went black saying no input...I've tried to restart, but every time I get to the point where I would see the login screen, the input dies00:54
lapisdecor(that would be nice, a bot wich message ppl when someone answers them00:54
iceswordDarthSOup, driver conflict?00:54
spongerwhat apps?00:55
DarthSOupI don't know...that's why I came here00:55
Dr_willissounds to me like driver/update/kernel update, and video drivers dident get updated.00:55
DarthSOuphow would I go about fixing it?00:55
Dr_willisreinstalling the video drivers,  would be where i would start00:55
BryanHow do you enable roaming mode (wifi)  on a PPC for gutsy00:55
DarthSOupI don't know the command line very well...can somebody help me?00:55
ubotuWireless documentation can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs00:55
annonymousedoes any one know in kiba-dock how to put a link to my home folder00:55
lapisdecorRefrasing question: How do I limit ssh functionality so stays on a limited share and gives no shell?00:56
DarthSOupDr_willis: would you help me do it through the command line?00:56
spongerDArthSOup: sudo apt-get update00:56
DarthSOupjust that?00:56
spongerat least make sure everything is ther00:56
Dr_willisDarthSOup,  totally depends on your video card. and how you installed the drivers for it befor.00:56
ch08rsponger: soo.. what do you recommend ?00:56
ch08rsponger: just tried the command "sudo mknod /dev/scd0 b 22 0"00:56
iceswordDarthSOup, simplest way  is to reinstall00:56
ch08rsponger: didnt work00:56
greenman_okay this is just stupid, in the howto for the card that I have it says it's the howto is not supported anymore00:56
greenman_it says to use the restrited driver manager to install the firmware00:57
Dr_willislapisdecor,   I think you are confusing unrelated  things/terms .. What exactly do you want to do with ssh?00:57
spongerch08r: yeah.... that wont work...00:57
deniz_i have dial-up internet, a built-in ethernet port in motherboard and a wired router...i have cable from mobo eth to router and another cable to the eth of my laptop how do i get the dial-up internet to work and be "seen" as high speed on the laptop?00:57
rufus_kbrooks, its proving to be with two different distros00:57
greenman_but it doesn't say anything about where to find the stupid firmware00:57
rufus_maybe someone can help?00:57
ch08rsponger: soo what do you recommend to do?00:58
lapisdecorDr_willis: I whant to use it as a sharing folder without giving any root acess00:58
danbhfiverufus_: are you trying to fix grub?00:58
=== greenman_ is now known as greenman
Dr_willislapisdecor,  for a linux to linux system - you can use the fuse tool known as 'sshfs' to mount a remote ssh macine locally00:58
[dcr]Hey, how could I go about installing Windows XP without overwriting Ubuntu?00:59
Dr_willis!info sshfs00:59
ubotusshfs (source: sshfs-fuse): filesystem client based on SSH File Transfer Protocol. In component universe, is optional. Version 1.7-2.1 (gutsy), package size 34 kB, installed size 120 kB00:59
BryanHow do you enable roaming mode (wifi)  on a PPC install of gutsy00:59
lapisdecorDr_willis: I have a small network protected by a router, used by children, and I dont want to use nfs or samba00:59
danbhfive[dcr]: I would use the ubuntu disc to get a fat32 partition for windows, then install windows, then use the ubunbu disk to fix grub00:59
spongerch08r try ide_generic01:00
lapisdecorI will search for it, thank you. By the way the ssh way to share seems much more actractive :-)01:00
greenmanThis is so frustrating!01:01
Dr_willislapisdecor,  sshfs is slower then samba, or nfs.01:01
Dr_willislapisdecor,  but it does work decently well.01:01
greenmanjust tell me where to download the firmware.  Have to search all over the internet01:01
lapisdecorbut probably works outside the network01:01
ch08rsponger: how would i go about doing that01:01
jhend60ok how do i reconfigure video01:01
jhend60in ubuntu01:01
[dcr]danbhfive: is there a wiki or any instructions i could print out for this method because I'm not going to remember how so easily, and im not sure how to fix a grub using the disc, ?01:01
|twiser|E: Type '“deb' is not known on line 44 in source list /etc/apt/sources.list01:02
|twiser|E: The list of sources could not be read.01:02
jhend60what is the command to reconfigure the video01:02
lapisdecorthe kids can acess the files at home, no?01:02
ch08rsponger: looking on google nothing in the top few entries01:02
|twiser|i dont understand this?01:02
carlosHi all, is there anyway to download the Rphanter3 theme for gtk? I tried searching in many .look.org pages but i don't fin it...01:02
danbhfive!fixgrub | [dcr]01:02
ubotu[dcr]: grub is the default Ubuntu boot manager. Lost grub after installing windows: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RecoveringUbuntuAfterInstallingWindows - Making GRUB floppies & other GRUB howtos: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GrubHowto01:02
Dr_willis|twiser|,  i would guess thers a typo on line 4401:02
hobbs|twiser|: you copied the quotes. :)01:02
jhend60what is the command to reconfigure video01:02
lapisdecorthat way I would only need a limited account for the kids to access their work01:02
[dcr]Run Ubuntu disc to create a FAT32 partition ?01:03
Dr_willislapisdecor,  accessing a remote box over the internet.. sshfs may be the best tool for that.01:03
[dcr]Don't most Windows XP install discs write straight to the first partition though?01:03
danbhfivejhend60: sudo dpkg-reonfigure -phigh xserver-xorg01:03
spongercho8r: try putting this in /etc/modules01:03
sponger ide-generic01:03
annonymousedoes any one use kiba-dock here01:03
lapisdecorok I'm locating it :-) thanks a lot01:03
billeniumfor some reason i can't hard link /var/www/ to a folder on my desktop. Whats wrong?01:04
astro76billenium: is home a different partition?01:04
=== NSAGuy is now known as FBIGuy
ch08rsponger: then reboot?01:04
hobbsbillenium: you can't hard link directories period.01:04
danbhfive[dcr]: not in my experience, but I have found the windows partitioner to suck very badly, that's why I suggested to use the ubuntu disk01:04
billeniumwhy not?01:04
spongerch08r: i pmd you so i woulnd flood the room01:04
astro76billenium: what you want is a symbolic link01:04
[dcr]okay thank you danbhfive, i'll try this out01:04
Dr_willisIts the way links work. ;)01:04
spongerand then yeah reboot01:04
hobbsbillenium: filesystem/VFS restriction that's been around for longer than linux has existed. :)01:05
jrodHELP--whats the best music/media player and how do i get it?01:05
billeniumhow do i link the 2 together?01:05
spongerch08r: get taht?01:05
hobbs(mostly it's to make sure that the directory tree stays a tree...)01:05
ch08rsponger: yea... didnt notice it before01:05
Dr_willis!best | jrod01:06
ubotujrod: Usually, there is no single "best" application to perform a given task. It's up to you to choose, depending on your preferences, features you require, and other factors. Do NOT take polls in the channel. If you insist on getting people's opinions, join #ubuntu-bots and ask there.01:06
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about link - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi01:06
Dr_willisjrod,  totally depends on your needs. I tend to use bmpx01:06
astro76billenium: ln -s /var/www/ ~/Desktop/01:06
Schmao-FmaoHi everyone, I'm running into a problem booting up the Ubuntu Live CD, it freezes up at the line "squashfs: version 3.2-UBUNTU (2007/07/26) Phillip Lougher"... If I mash the keyboard, then the bootup continues.  Anyone had this problem before??01:06
billeniumah thnx01:06
ShuggleI'm trying mondorescue, what would my dvd drive's /dev entry be?01:07
ch08rsponger: k ... i am rebooting now01:08
Schmao-FmaoShuggle, my guess is /dev/scd#.  But I'm not sure about that01:08
cheesypieceshi guys, can anyone tell me what may be causing my theme customisation window to go blank after i try to change anything?01:08
astro76Shuggle: /dev/dvd probably exists as a link to the actual device01:08
Shugglethanks, i'll try that01:08
jroddr_willis: mostly mp3s and video... something that has pretty visualizations...01:09
Schmao-Fmaojrod, I like vlc.  It has codecs for pretty much any video format you can think of and it's quite simple01:09
j_humphreyis it easy to change between kde and gnome?01:10
weltschmerz error processing /var/cache/apt/archives/openoffice.org-hyphenation-en-us_2.3-5_all.deb (--unpack):01:11
=== FBIGuy is now known as Balloon_Dog
weltschmerz trying to overwrite `/usr/share/myspell/dicts/hyph_en_US.dic', which is also in package openoffice.org-hyphenation01:11
Dr_willisjrod,  i dont care about eyecandy much. i tend to play video in vlc, or mplayer. and mp3 in bmpx01:11
weltschmerzErrors were encountered while processing:01:11
hobbshas anyone turned up a solution for problems like https://launchpad.net/bugs/187320 https://launchpad.net/bugs/137734 http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?p=4336627 that doesn't involve rebuilding ALSA locally?01:12
Dr_willisj_humphrey,  on the login screen theres a menu/sessions item . pick the desktop you wish to use.01:12
Dr_willisj_humphrey,  some themes make that item a bit harder to find  then other themes.01:13
hobbsAfter N years I just moved from building my own kernel to running the one that Ubuntu ships, and yet cx88-alsa from ubuntu can't talk to snd-pcm from ubuntu, as though they weren't even built from the same tree.01:13
ch08rsponger: damn... still didnt work01:13
Pelohobbs, do you realy think we are gonna click and read 3 links to find out what you are talking about ?01:13
spongerch08r: a01:13
rufus_maybe someone can help?01:13
pr0nGuywhy is my printer options different in Linux and Windows?  I can't find anything to put more than one slide on a page.  I'd prefer not to have to boot to Windows to print01:13
Pelorufus_,  give us a brief summary of your problem01:13
hobbsPelo: I've got an idea for you, maybe next time you can wait more than 30 seconds before you start acting like a COMPLETE FUCKING COCKSUCKER01:14
spongerch08r: damn... i dunnoo.  i know ther e is some trouble with some ata dvdram drive ... i gott go!01:14
boohgot a question01:14
ch08rsponger: wait... any more suggestions?01:14
* Pelo has freinds in the channel 01:14
Pelobooh, ask it01:14
ch08rsponger: or do you know somebody else who would know???01:14
Dr_willispr0nGuy,  i recall some  extra printing tools  in linux that let me have all sorts of extra printing options.  Not sure what print options you ar refering to exactly however.01:14
Dr_willis!info xppp01:14
ubotuPackage xppp does not exist in gutsy01:14
Schmao-FmaoHi everyone, I'm running into a problem booting up the Ubuntu Live CD, it freezes up at the line "squashfs: version 3.2-UBUNTU (2007/07/26) Phillip Lougher"... If I mash the keyboard, then the bootup continues.  Anyone had this problem before?01:14
Dr_williswhat was the name of that tool.. xpp or somthing01:15
boohPelo, I have this laptop with windows on it. but the hard drive is dying/dead. I'm interested in installing Ubuntu, but the drivers I have, and the drivers on the support site don't support Linux. Only Windows OS's01:15
PeloSchmao-Fmao, I recommend you use the alternate isntall cd ot install ubuntu01:15
boohwill this cause a problem?01:15
Odd-rationaleSchmao-Fmao: Mash the keyboard?01:15
pr0nGuyDr_willis: I'm trying to print a .ppt file and have multiple slides on one page.01:15
boohor should the Windows drivers work just fine?01:15
Schmao-FmaoPelo, I'm not trying to install ubuntu01:15
misc--hi, I was wondering if it was possible for filesystems (ext3 in particular) to have a callback function of some sort so when a file is modified, it calls a script to do something?01:15
ch08ris there anyone in this channel who knows alot about ubuntu i am having a problem with my cd drive... was talking with sponger and he didnt know... please only experts reply01:15
elm1help, hey peeps i need to kno how to view all mount points that have ever been created01:16
elm1help, hey peeps i need to kno how to view all mount points that have ever been created01:16
Schmao-FmaoI'm serving the live CD off NFS so that client machines can boot over the network01:16
Schmao-Fmaoelm1: Try the command "df"??01:16
Dr_willis!info xpp  | pr0nGuy    try this tool? i used it years ago for lots of special jobs01:16
ubotupr0nguy    try this tool? i used it years ago for lots of special jobs: xpp (source: xpp): X Printing Panel. In component universe, is optional. Version 1.5-cvs20050828-1 (gutsy), package size 57 kB, installed size 200 kB01:16
Pelobooh, most driver are already in the kernel, so you won'T need extra drivers,  to make sure there are no major issues with your laptop model I recommend you check in this link https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardwareSupport and also lookup your laptop model in the forum01:16
ch08ris there anyone in this channel who knows alot about ubuntu i am having a problem with my cd drive... was talking with sponger and he didnt know... please only experts reply01:16
Dr_willispr0nGuy,  i dont even know what a .ppt file is. :) so cant help ya much miore then that.01:16
Schmao-FmaoOdd-rationale: Yes, mash the keyboard, as in I hold down CTRL, ALT, hit a lot of keys...01:16
ubuntufreakWhats the difference between the normal and alternate versions of Ubuntu 7.1001:16
* MatBoy has reached 3,4Ghz :)01:17
Pelobooh,  btw , if your laptop's hdd is warn down , using ubuntu won'T fix that01:17
Odd-rationaleSchmao-Fmao: Lol. After that it works?01:17
boohha, yes i understand that01:17
Dr_willisubuntufreak,  normal has a live desktop. alternative is a text based installer only01:17
boohPelo: I need a new HD01:17
ch08ris there anyone in this channel who knows alot about ubuntu i am having a problem with my cd drive... was talking with sponger and he didnt know... please only experts reply01:17
Schmao-FmaoOdd-rationale: Well, it gets past that step. :P01:17
hobbsubuntufreak: regular comes with the live system and live installer. alternate comes with the old text debian-installer system, but will work on a little machine :)01:17
boohbut there will be no OS installed on it01:17
Schmao-FmaoOdd-rationale: I'm actually not sure which key combination does it, heh01:17
Peloubuntufreak, not different version of ubuntu , just different intaller cd,   alt is txt based, no live desktop to try out firs01:17
boohSo I was looking into Ubunto, Pelo01:17
JosephHi, I'm trying to compile and run my first C++ program using G++, could anyone help?01:17
elm1help, hey peeps i need to kno how to view all mount points that have ever been created01:17
elm1hm, no go wat happened was i had changed the mount point for one of my externals but there was an error in the mount point so now ubuntu is saying it can mount because of that error01:17
boohThanks for the link01:17
fsufitchdoes anybody know how to add more voices to festival? i hate to see microsoft voice being able to do that and me not ;)01:18
Schmao-Fmaoelm1, try /etc/fstab01:18
Dr_willisJoseph,  You have installed the build-essential package?01:18
Pelobooh, I understand, your original statement was just a bit akward01:18
ubuntufreakPelo,hobbs,Dr_willis: Thanks for the info01:18
pr0nGuyDr_willis: It's proprietary software called Powerpoint found in M$ Office.  It's most popular equivalent in open source would be Open Office Presentation which has the file format .odp.01:18
hobbsSchmao-Fmao: I'm guessing that it has nothing to do with what keys you press, and it's just getting the keyboard interrupts that's making things move along. Happens sometimes when there are IRQ routing problems01:18
JosephDr_Willis: I do not believe so01:18
elm1that gives me all the mount points for drives currently mounted01:19
Schmao-Fmaohobbs: Are there flags I can turn on for the Ubuntu Live bootup to be more verbose?01:19
elm1but not the ones i cant mount01:19
ch08ris there anyone in this channel who knows alot about ubuntu i am having a problem with my cd drive... was talking with sponger and he didnt know... please only experts reply01:19
hobbsSchmao-Fmao: you might try booting your system with various workaround kernel flags like noapic and pci=noapci01:19
Dr_willisJoseph,  well thats step 1 then. you dont even have a full compuler installed without it01:19
Schmao-Fmaohobbs: I've tried that already01:19
bruenigch08r: there are no experts on #ubuntu01:19
PeloSchmao-Fmao, if you are using the dvd instead of the cd you also have the alternate texte based installer on there that you can use01:19
ch08rbruenig: as i can tell....01:19
Joseph!build-essential package01:20
Schmao-FmaoPelo: I'm not trying to install ubuntu :) I just need to use the live OS01:20
PeloSchmao-Fmao, carry on then01:20
iceswordch08r, just ask, if someone knows,he will answer01:20
Schmao-FmaoI have a prebuilt disk image, which I plan to copy directly to the hard drive using netcat01:20
Dr_willisJoseph,  'build-essential' is the package name01:20
Schmao-FmaoThe live OS is just a bootstrap step01:20
elm1guys any word, i need to FIX a MOUNT POINT for an external01:20
Schmao-Fmaoelm1, I'm not sure, try the "umount" command on the device, e.g. umount /dev/sdb101:21
deniz__<deniz_> how do i "a small edit in /etc/sysctl.conf"?01:21
deniz__<deniz_> in other words add two lines01:21
deniz__<deniz_> im trying to add the following lines:01:21
deniz__<deniz_> net.ipv4.conf.default.forwarding=101:21
deniz__<deniz_> net.ipv4.conf.all.forwarding=101:21
ch08rI am pretty sure this is a known bug... but i may be wrong... my cdrom returns when i try ti mount it " mount: special device /dev/scd0 does not exist "01:21
elm1its not recognizing so i dont kno the path for it01:21
Dr_willisdeniz_,  use a text editor on that file.01:22
Peloelm1, try lsusb and blkid in the terminal01:22
riba1ok, back from printer install01:22
Schmao-Fmaoch08r, is it in your /dev folder?01:22
hobbsanyway, in case anyone cares to attempt being useful, the issue I have is a "disagrees about symbol" conflict between two modules Ubuntu ships (specifically cx88_alsa from hardy linux-image-2.6.24-8-generic and snd-pcm from hardy linux-ubuntu-modules-2.6.24-8-generic but it doesn't appear to be a hardy problem so much as a build problem)01:22
riba1just in case somebody like me needs to install the brother printer mfc01:22
deniz__Dr_willis, wat would i type in terminal...isnt it a gedit thing?01:22
riba1install lpr driver then install the cups wrapper like the brother site sasy01:22
Dr_willisdeniz_,  theres dozens of editors you can use.. 'sudo nano /path/to/whatever'  is one way01:22
elm1no joy gives me my ntfs, ext and swap01:22
ch08rSchmao-Fmao: nope01:22
danbhfivehobbs: #ubuntu+1 for hardy discussion01:23
ch08rSchmao-Fmao: but shows up in my dmesg01:23
Peloelm1, make sure the external is powered on01:23
Schmao-FmaoIf you type in lspci, does it show up?01:23
|twiser|when you download off here it goes to a download folder what is the path  to find that directory i got a dcc off here and cant find it01:23
sa1Hello all01:23
Schmao-FmaoNow if you type in lspci -n, you should see some numerical output01:23
=== sa1 is now known as saxofoner
Schmao-Fmaoand paste the line corresponding to your CDROM drive in the following webpage01:23
fsufitchquestion, pplz: i'm trying to set up festival with a different voice than the default one, but i can't find anythign that says it's possible; IS it possible? and if so, how can i do it/ where can i get more voices?01:23
elm1whenever i turn it on, i wait and then i get this message...01:23
boohPelo: yeah, I see that now. sorry about that..01:23
DarkmystereLol i cant get my Caps for the cube to go into place >.>01:24
JosephDr_Willis: okay, I have build-essential: now what01:24
Schmao-Fmaohttp://kmuto.jp/debian/hcl/ <- plug in your lspci -n output there01:24
Schmao-FmaoThat should give you the name of the driver you need.01:24
Dr_willisJoseph,  find a few "C tutorials" and start codeing :)01:24
Pelo|twiser|, for xchat the default download dir is  in /home/username/.xchat  , the dot infront of the folder name indicates it is hidden01:24
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about c - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi01:24
saxofonerI  compiled and installed ALSA and it completely ruined my sound, the OS no longer "sees" the sound card at all.01:24
raelHI I'm having some trouble installing non free stuff from the medibuntu website...when I get to this command it never connects  wget -q http://packages.medibuntu.org/medibuntu-key.gpg -O-01:24
Schmao-Fmaowow, ubotu doesn't know anything about C =D01:24
justinmiller87I just ran a program with gksudo and I got a script that is of concern to me. Here is the screenshot: http://www.justinandlindseymiller.com/screenshots/terminal.png01:25
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about c++ - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi01:25
riba1anybody knows what's up with openoffice in ubuntustudio?01:25
JosephDr_willis: I've got my helloworld.cpp -- how do I compile from command line? g++ <filename> ?01:25
jrodHELP--how do i get the kiba-dock?01:25
riba1only has the writer...01:25
riba1impress and draw are missing01:25
Dr_willisJoseph,  try it and see. I dont code in C much more then doing ./configure and so forth for  source i download.01:25
riba1repos don't have 2.301:25
Schmao-FmaoAnyone know how to make the Ubuntu bootup more verbose?01:25
Schmao-FmaoI need to find why my startup is hanging01:25
elm1im gonna restart and c if i can get the error message again to show u guys01:25
Dr_willis Joseph  thats why i said to track down a tutorial or 201:25
ch08rSchmao-Fmao: sry I gave you the wrong response ... it doesnt show up in lspci... or not to my knowledge01:26
elm1be rite back01:26
Pelobrb , guy, gone to get some desert01:26
riba1I mean, default ones non-free included01:26
sp219Hi. I have a question. I have Ubuntu 7.10 installed, and have installed xfce4. How, without any Xserver running, can I start X with an xfce session ONLY? Thanks!01:26
saxofonerjrod: don't, get Avant window navigator01:26
Schmao-Fmaoch08r, but it shows up in dmesg? How weird .. any IDE controllers or the like in your lspci?01:26
JosephDr_willis: I tried and it worked without problems, but I did not see anything... I will try to figure this out01:26
Dr_willissp219,  Somthing seemed odd about the way you prased that.. X starts a X server.. Unless of course you are using vnc.01:26
Schmao-Fmaoalso some motherboards don't work with IDE optical drives01:26
profoX`Can someone with Ubuntu Hardy confirm if this bug is fixed or not? https://bugs.launchpad.net/mixxx/+bug/183011 just install mixxx and check if there's a "JACK" option in the sound API combobox in the settings window01:27
deniz__Dr_willis, thx01:27
=== Varka_ is now known as Varka
raelit gets to this point 99% [Connecting to packages.freecontrib.org (]     but  it never connects01:27
danbhfive!hardy | profoX`01:27
ubotuprofoX`: Hardy Heron is the code name for the next release of Ubuntu (8.04-LTS), due April 2008 - For more info, see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardyHeron - CONSIDER IT TO BE PRE BETA (ALPHA) SOFTWARE - Discussion and support in #ubuntu+1, NOT #ubuntu01:27
sp219Dr_willis: basically, i want a command that will start a brand new xfce session.01:27
ch08rSchmao-Fmao: yea that is what was weird to me... it shows up in dmesg , but not in lspci01:27
profoX`danbhfive: oh, i'll take it there01:27
deniz__Dr_willis, one more thing clients is wat the comp that will get the internet?01:27
ch08rSchmao-Fmao: it is definitly not in lspci01:27
Dr_willissp219,   start it where?  a new desktop?01:27
deniz__is wat? the comp...*01:27
sp219Dr_willis: (Without using the graphical login screen -- just from a command line)01:27
=== Charitwo is now known as Kirby
riba1openoffice anyone? :)01:28
Dr_willissp219,  you want to spawn a new X session that runs xfce, on  a new tty? so alt-ctrl-F8 gets to the new session?01:28
deniz__ Then move on to the clients:01:28
Schmao-Fmaoch08r, is it a pretty new model of drive?  I've had a similar problem when my SATA hard drives wouldn't be recognized by an older kernel, but my only solution was to go to a newer kernel :P01:28
sp219Dr_willis: ? I currently have no GUI running. I want to start xfce, instead of gnome which launces with startx01:28
deniz__    *01:28
deniz__      Unconfigure all network cards:01:28
ch08rSchmao-Fmao: and to answer your question. I believe it is Ctrl+Alt+F1 , when you are booting01:28
elm1ya ha,01:28
Dr_willissp219,  You can make a .xinitrc that will launch whatever you want. :)01:28
sp219Dr_willis: yes. A new X session that has xfce01:28
Schmao-Fmaoch08r, I already have all those messages on :) I want even more messages01:28
Dr_willissp219,  i forget what  starts XFCE desktop however.01:29
simpsHello all. I am having this problem: E: Could not get lock /var/lib/dpkg/lock - open (11 Resource temporarily unavailable) E: Unable to lock the administration directory (/var/lib/dpkg/), is another process using it? ;x01:29
sp219Dr_willis: how do i do that01:29
Dr_willissp219,  that will make startx, just run xfce.01:29
deniz__a guide is telling me to run terminal commands on the clients....is that the computer that gives internet or takes? i asume its the one that takes but i need to be sure01:29
ch08rSchmao-Fmao: no the drive is not that new... and I have the newest kernal01:29
sp219simps: you probably have updater running01:29
Dr_willissp219,  make a file named .xinitrc  put whatever commands ya want in it.01:29
sp219simps: or something else that installs01:29
sp219ok, thanks Dr_willis01:29
sp219i'll open a new tty and try it01:29
jrodsaxofoner: ya but kiba is prettier01:29
Schmao-Fmaoch084, Basically I can tweak the scripts in the initrd.gz, but when it's loading the squashfs it just hangs at that one line and I can't debug it very well01:29
TonrenMy keyboard randomly stops working in X11.  Right now I'm typing on irssi on one of the virtual terminals.  I had to hit Alt + SysRq + R to make the Ctrl + Alt + F1 work.  This has happened before.  X11 functions perfectly fine, but the keyboard completely stops responding.  Can anyone help?01:29
simpssp219, hm like synaptic?01:29
sp219simps: ye01:29
Odd-rationaleexec startsfce4301:29
mad_max02is there any way to automatically mount eSata HDD ??01:29
weltschmerzhow can i destroy a partially installed package so that apt-get won't keep trying to finish installing it?01:30
sp219Dr_willis: wait, what file do i put the commands in?01:30
=== recon is now known as asdf
simpssp219, ;o it works, thanks ;D01:30
Schmao-Fmaoch08r: I'm pretty clueless about your problem, I'd personally try updating the BIOS :P01:30
=== asdf is now known as recon
nohlaquestion: how can i show my country in my IRC info. (I know, I am a dumb girl who dont know speak in English very well))01:30
TonrenWhoa, bizarre... I turned on Compiz and it started working again.01:31
raelFailed to fetch http://packages.freecontrib.org/ubuntu/plf/dists/dapper/Release.gpg  Could not connect to packages.freecontrib.org:80 (, connection timed out01:31
raelthis site is down I thnk01:31
|twiser|hey pelo, ok i found that directory but the file was not in there and that is the destination folder, also its 700mg so kinda dont wanna re get01:31
ch08rSchmao-Fmao: can you paste the output... i can look at it... and word from the wise dont try to help if you dont know what you are doing... if it is showing up in the dmesg and works in windows just fine the BIOS has nothing to do with it01:31
raelanyone know a diffwerent site01:31
danbhfiverael: why are you using freecontrib?01:31
=== dojo is now known as zubat
|twiser|i did /dcc list and it was downloading tho01:31
danbhfive!medibuntu | rael01:31
uboturael: medibuntu is a repository of packages that cannot be included into the Ubuntu distribution for legal reasons - See http://www.medibuntu.org01:31
|twiser|jus dont know where it went01:31
raelI was followin the instructions at medibuntu01:32
elm1OK the error message i get is unable to mount volume "OH12" details mount_point cannot contain the following characters newline, G_DIR_SEPARATOR(usually /)01:32
elm1OK the error message i get is unable to mount volume "OH12" details mount_point cannot contain the following characters newline, G_DIR_SEPARATOR(usually /)01:32
jrodcan anyone help me get the kiba-dock?01:32
sp219I have just one more question. I have an X server running on display 0. How do i kill it? i tried sudo invoke-rc.d gdm stop01:32
SindaciousI'll find you >_>01:32
elm1i need to either fix the mount point, or make like it was never there01:32
Schmao-Fmaoch08r, I'm at home, the computers are at work.  The hang occurs at the line: "squashfs: version 3.2-UBUNTU (2007/07/26) Phillip Lougher"01:32
Schmao-FmaoI didn't know you had it working on windows01:32
sp219I have just one more question. I have an X server running on display 0. How do i kill it? i tried sudo invoke-rc.d gdm stop01:33
Starnestommysp219: sudo kill `pidof Xorg`01:33
Starnestommyelm1: it could be a syntax error in /etc/fstab01:33
raelis there an alternate site for the files?01:33
deniz__plz sum1 answer01:33
elm1it doesnt register in fstab tho01:33
hobbselm1: that could be a udev persistence thing, let me see if I can dig up where that would be kept01:33
deniz__client=computer that receives?01:34
elm1thanks hobbs, please01:34
sp219Starnestommy: i just tried it, it returns the usage of the 'kill' command01:34
ch08rSchmao-Fmao: are you using a live-disc? or is that your install?01:34
danbhfivesp219: try sudo pkill01:34
Odd-rationaledeniz__: Yes. But a computer can be its own host and client at the same time01:34
Schmao-Fmaoch08r: It's a live disc, I'm serving it over NFS01:34
Starnestommysp219: remember the ` (backtick) symbols01:34
deniz__Odd-rationale, but im talking bout routing an internet connection so the client would be the receiver, right?01:35
ch08rSchmao-Fmao: what are you specs? specfically the GPU01:35
sp219Starnestommy: yeah, i did that. I tried pidof Xorg alone, and nothing was returned -- which probably explains it. anyway, i did what danbhfive suggested (sudo pkill Xorg) and i think it worked01:35
nohlaquestion: how can i show my country in my IRC info. (I know, I am a dumb girl who cant speak in English very well, but i need a little help :)01:35
Odd-rationaledeniz__: That I have never done. Sorry. But I would think so.01:35
lucas_j #wormux01:35
Schmao-Fmaoch08r: Intel GMA X3500 integrated graphics01:36
elm1nohla no ones a dummy here01:36
Schmao-Fmao(on the motherboard)01:36
deniz__Odd-rationale, so if it tells me to type commands on the client, that would mean the receiving comp, right? i just want to no so that i dont type them on this comp01:36
sp219If you figured out how to get on IRC, you aren't a dummy ;)01:36
ch08rSchmao-Fmao: are you looking to install or to run the live version?01:36
Schmao-Fmaoch08r: I should note that I get the same problem when booting up a virtual machine - suggesting that it isn't a hardware issue01:36
elm1nohla: definetely01:36
Schmao-FmaoI want to run the live version over the network01:36
Dr_willissp219,  each user CAN have a .xinitrc file in their home dir. If its there then 'startx' runs whats in that file. Not the system wide defaults01:36
Odd-rationaledeniz__: Yes.01:37
deniz__Odd-rationale, k, thx01:37
ch08rSchmao-Fmao: is that a virtual machine ran off the same machine?01:37
Dr_willissp219,  example .xinitrc file (2 lines)   xterm &    exec gnome-session01:37
barnabyHey all. I cannot log into ubuntu, it says home directory is out of room. Help!01:38
hobbselm1: nevermind, that doesn't quite make sense. udev doesn't handle mounts. It could be hal but I'm less sure on that.01:38
ch08rSchmao-Fmao: I have to go but here is a solution ... sort of ... http://ubuntuforums.org/archive/index.php/t-587072.html01:38
elm1lol, aw:(01:38
justinmiller87barnaby: are you dual booting?01:38
elm1ok  any other takers? OK the error message i get is unable to mount volume "OH12" details mount_point cannot contain the following characters newline, G_DIR_SEPARATOR(usually /)01:38
elm1OK the error message i get is unable to mount volume "OH12" details mount_point cannot contain the following characters newline, G_DIR_SEPARATOR(usually /)01:38
barnabyjust gutsy01:38
Schmao-Fmaoch08r: yes, but the virtual machine doesn't always have the same hardware.  I'm positive that the network card is different for the virtual machine and the actual one01:38
justinmiller87Your hd is full.01:38
Schmao-Fmaoch08r: I'm the last poster on that thread, lol01:38
barnabyhd not full01:38
justinmiller87Try going in off a boot CD and trying to delete stuff.01:38
elm1need to fix the mount_point or delete it01:38
hobbselm1: what in particular gives you that error?01:38
lytebarnaby: are you familiar with the console?01:38
barnabya bit01:39
elm1when i plug in my 200 GB external01:39
elm1it wuz workin b401:39
lytebarnaby: you can use ctrl+alt+f1 to switch to a console and login01:39
nohlaelml its an easy question, i thought you could help me. thats all01:39
elm1i had set a mount point, but apparentli there was an erro in that point01:39
hobbselm1: but _what_ prints the error? :)01:39
lytebarnaby: df -h will tell you which partition is full, one of your partitions _is_ full01:39
barnabyok lyte then what01:39
elm1doesnt sat just say CANNOT MOUT VOLUME01:40
nicklepicklehi, linux is fairly new to me; trying to find out if kernel has support for APM (to suspend laptop) by default; if not, how to recompile. Running edgy. tried to boot with "apm=on acpi=off". In terminal, apm says "No APM support in kernel".01:40
ch08rah... who was i just talking to in here???01:40
lytebarnaby: then make space. ctrl+alt+f7 will normally switch back to x01:40
Peloelm1, check in gconf-editor , under system > storage,  if you whave someting that looks like your usb device listed there,  delete it and restart the comp01:40
Schmao-Fmaoch08r: Me01:40
elm1arite lemme check01:40
barnabylet me drag this laptop to the desktop lyte01:40
ch08rSchmao-Fmao: look at this http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?p=433901301:40
Pelo!hibernate | nicklepickle01:41
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about hibernate - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi01:41
elm1hm, pelo where?01:41
Schmao-Fmaoch08r: The thread you gave me actually has one of my responses on it :)01:41
ch08rSchmao-Fmao: last line01:41
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about suspend - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi01:41
Dr_willisnicklepickle,  the laptop suspend stuff works for a great many laptops. :) it all depends on the exact make/model/chipset of the laptop from what ive seen.01:41
Schmao-Fmaoch08r: That's my writing01:41
Peloelm1, start gconf-editor from the command line,  look under system > storage > defaults01:41
ch08rSchmao-Fmao: the button mashing one?01:41
Pelolyte, I don'T allow private msg, please talk to me in the channel01:41
Schmao-Fmaoch08r: hahaha, yes01:41
DOOM_NXcan anybody tell me which one is the default font for subtitles on VLC?01:41
ch08rSchmao-Fmao: lol01:41
PeloDOOM_NX, ask in #vlc01:41
Schmao-FmaoIt's not a very elegant solution =P Admittedly I did it out of frustration01:42
Schmao-Fmaobut I think I basically terminated some line in some script somewhere01:42
elm1pelo: and delete all or wat?01:42
Peloelm1,lets start over shall we ?01:42
ch08rSchmao-Fmao: thats funny... but as i said before... i dont really have a ton of time right now to help... i may be on later01:42
elm1no worries pelo, i found it i think01:43
Schmao-Fmaook :) thanks01:43
Peloelm1,  aer we talking about a usb external hdd ?01:43
elm1ya ha01:43
Peloelm1, standard english please01:43
lytePelo: what's up?01:43
Peloelm1, and when you plug it in (currently) , do you see any icon poping up on your desktop ?01:44
elm1pelo, no01:44
Pelolyte, laryngitus for 3 weeks and you ?01:44
* Schmao-Fmao is guessing that there's no way to make the ubuntu boot any more verbose, other than removing the words "quiet splash" from isolinux.cfg01:44
Peloelm1,  so the device is not getting mounted,  so you don't need to delete any mount point, we just need to figure out why it is not mounting01:45
barnabylyte are you still there? I have a terminal window open01:45
Peloelm1, what filesystem01:45
elm1uh huh01:45
elm1it wuz mounting before tho, i set a faulty mount point01:45
elm1then the problem came01:45
lytebarnaby: log in, run "df -h" it should tell you info about some partition that is full01:45
Peloelm1, got ntfs-3g setup on this comp ?01:45
sp219Can anyone tell me a VERY EFFICIENT window manager that uses VERY LITTLE RAM?01:45
=== Spec is now known as x-spec-t
Dr_willissp219, jwm01:46
hobbssp219: twm01:46
lyteblackbox is efficient but nice.01:46
Pelosp219,  xfce is default on xubuntu01:46
Dr_willissp219,  bettetr to ask what your NEEDS are01:46
Joee|LappyI got a question about beryl, I get an error when configuring it..01:46
barnabyyes lyte /dev/hda101:46
sp219thanks all of you :]01:46
ubotuBeryl has been merged with Compiz to form Compiz-Fusion.  New Beryl installs are discouraged. See also !compiz01:46
ubotuCompiz (compositing window manager) and XGL (X server architecture layered on top of OpenGL) - Howto at http://help.ubuntu.com/community/CompositeManager - help in #compiz-fusion01:46
elm1pelo: yes01:46
lytebarnaby: well if /dev/hda1 and it contains your /home directory that's the drive you need to clean up01:47
Peloelm1, open up fstab and find the line for your usb device , and comment it out,  then , reboot the comp and try plugging the usb exernal hdd again01:47
macoCan somebody please let me know how to set-up initial xorg.cfg file for use with displayconfig-gtk ?01:47
barnabycan  i expand it01:47
Joee|LappySo, I shouldnt be usning this version of Beryl?01:47
Pelomaco,  the file is called xorg.conf01:47
lytebarnaby: just delete some files you don't need for a start, get it working then worry about whether you need to expand it01:47
barnabyok thank you01:47
lytebarnaby: look for any large downloads you don't need anymore, cache and temp files etc01:47
|twiser|the utility unrar is not in your path please fix this01:48
emet!x | maco01:48
ubotumaco: The X Window System is the part of your system that's responsible for graphical output. To restart your X, type « sudo /etc/init.d/?dm restart » in a console - To fix screen resolution or other X problems: http://help.ubuntu.com/community/FixVideoResolutionHowto01:48
elm1pelo: i dont see a line for my usb device01:48
Josep1hello, I am having some problems with my wireless adapter acting sporatically01:48
|twiser|how do i make sure unrar is in my path?01:48
macoemet cheers!01:48
elm1jospe1: what type of adapter01:48
Peloelm1, it probably doesn't say usb in it ,  it should have your previous mount point listed in it however01:48
barnabythanks lyte01:48
lytebarnaby: you might find running "aptitude clean" will delete enough stuff (it gets rid of all those .deb files you use once and never need again)01:48
barnabya cleaning I will go01:49
Josep1I'm trying to figure out how to diagnose my problem: ubuntu, my network, or the adapter01:49
Pelo|twiser|, if you installed it from the repos it is taken care of01:49
barnabyah thanks01:49
Josep1My internet will randomly go in and out, and sometimes will just stay out until I rebbot01:49
elm1pelo: nope like it was never there01:49
khaotikhow can i get rid of that ugly screen after the login screen01:49
|twiser|im tryin to unrar a rar archive with ark and its giving me that error01:49
lytethe desktop?01:49
elm1Jospe1: r ur drivers up to date?01:50
Peloelm1, browse the /etc folder have a look at previous versions of your fstab files,  there are usualy a few backups in there01:50
raelpackage manager wont let me install amarok or the codecs and is giving me some jive about going to the synaptic package manager to resolve a conflict01:50
emet!rar | |twiser|01:50
ubotu|twiser|: rar is a non-free archive format created by Rarsoft. For instructions on accessing .rar files through the Archive Manager view https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FileCompression. There is a free (as in speech) unrar utility as well, see !info unrar-free01:50
elm1pelo: one sec01:50
emet!info unrar | |twiser|01:50
ubotu|twiser|: unrar (source: unrar-nonfree): Unarchiver for .rar files (non-free version). In component multiverse, is optional. Version 1:3.7.3-1.1 (gutsy), package size 94 kB, installed size 232 kB01:50
natlinuxnewbIs it possible to install 7.10 onto this machine from my Shared CD on my WinXP next to me?01:50
sp219How do i change my screen resolution via the command line?01:50
Josep1elm1: how can I tell? I plugged it in and it worked... I've had ubuntu for about a month,   I originally thought I would have to use NDSWrapper01:50
Pelo!install | natlinuxnewb01:50
ubotunatlinuxnewb: Ubuntu can be installed in lots of ways. Please see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation for documentation. Problems during install? See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CommonProblemsInstall and https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DapperReleaseNotes/UbiquityKnownIssues - Don't want to use a CD? Try http://tinyurl.com/3exghs - See also !automate01:50
emet!x | sp21901:51
ubotusp219: The X Window System is the part of your system that's responsible for graphical output. To restart your X, type « sudo /etc/init.d/?dm restart » in a console - To fix screen resolution or other X problems: http://help.ubuntu.com/community/FixVideoResolutionHowto01:51
Dr_willissp219,   sudo dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg01:51
natlinuxnewbPelo,  I have read those. Can you tell me if you know its possible?01:51
JorophoseFor some reason xubuntu's leeching up tons of space on my HDD. I started off wiht a ~10GB partition, it's now down to 4GB free even though I haven't installed many packages. Somebody reccomended I do "sudo rm /var/cache/apt/archives/*.deb" to remove cached .debs, but what's causing all this bloat?01:51
sp219Dr_willis: i can't just change the screen resolution for one particular session without having to reconfigure X?01:51
elm1i found one that for before installed the ntfs01:51
scjp_any help guys i can get, if any body working on oracle01:51
Pelonatlinuxnewb, I woudn'T know sorry01:51
emet!oracle | scjp_01:52
ubotuscjp_: If you -must- install oracle .... here's a good place to start: http://www.oracle.com/technology/tech/linux/install/xe-on-kubuntu.html01:52
elm1hm, i had a similar problem, but it was because of my drivers01:52
scjp_emet, offcourse it is good place, i installed it but not working even read the forums as well01:52
sp219Does anyone know how to change the screen resolution of the running X session without having to reconfigure Xorg?01:52
hobbsJorophose: du -x /wherever | sort -n01:52
emethmm no clue scjp_ :01:52
barnabylyte (if you are still there) I tried to change into the directory (sda1) to remove some files manually. It says it's not a directory01:53
lytesp219: i have a vague incling you can do it with xset... very vague though01:53
elm1i used NDSWrapper to install my drivers01:53
natlinuxnewbok. Thanks anyway01:53
Pelosp219,  you can also try asking in ##linux01:53
barnabyhow do i...01:53
lytebarnaby: it's right /dev/blah is a device you want the other thing (like just /)01:53
raelCannot install 'gstreamer0.10-plugins-ugly'01:53
Josep1elm1: are you saying I  should reinstall the drivers using ndswrapper?01:53
raelThis application conflicts with other installed software. To install 'gstreamer0.10-plugins-ugly' the conflicting software must be removed first.01:53
raelSwitch to the 'synaptic' package manager to resolve this conflict.01:53
pawan1how to repair grb01:53
emetscjp_, try #oracle01:53
lytebarnaby: you want the bit in the "mounted on" column01:54
nohlaelm1: its an easy question, i thought you could help me. thats all01:54
Jorophosehobbs: will the command I was given still be useful? or will it mess up my install somehow?01:54
elm1try that Josep1 and ss if u have any joy01:54
lyteit'll probably be a single slash - /01:54
scjp_emet, yep talking their whole day no solution yet01:54
Pelorael, open synaptic from  menu > system> admin> synaptic package manager01:54
pawan1or how to repair existing installation01:54
=== mjw-_ is now known as mjw-
=== pawan1 is now known as pawan
hobbsJorophose: it's a useful enough thing to do, but you shouldn't do it that way. Do "sudo apt-get clean" instead01:54
JorophoseAlright, thanks.01:54
emet!synaptic | rael01:54
uboturael: synaptic is Ubuntu's Graphical Package Manager. For a good howto see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SynapticHowto01:54
barnabymounted on.../mnt/?01:54
Josep1elm1: okay thanks01:55
Pelopawan, what did you do to grub ?01:55
lytebarnaby: if you have run aptitude clean and df -h is now reporting some free space i would suggest just trying to log in again01:55
Lionohow to manage Users and Groups - Add/remove and configure users and privileges. Also manage groups.01:55
emet!grub | Pelo01:55
ubotuPelo: grub is the default Ubuntu boot manager. Lost grub after installing windows: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RecoveringUbuntuAfterInstallingWindows - Making GRUB floppies & other GRUB howtos: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GrubHowto01:55
pawani had ubuntu running fine01:55
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about groups - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi01:55
pawanthen i installed winxp01:55
Pelopawan, please stop using the enter key for punctuation01:55
barnabyran aptitude clean and df -h. dev/sda1 used 100%. sorry to be a pain01:56
pawanand it destroyed my grub01:56
nohlaelm1: tarado01:56
emet!enter | pawan01:56
ubotupawan: Please try to keep your questions/responses on one line - don't use the "Enter" key as punctuation!01:56
lytebarnaby: a line like - /dev/sda2              10G  6.2G  3.9G  62% / - shows that my second partition mounted at / has 62% used space, make sense? if there is nothing else containing /home it will the root (or the one with a /) partition that contains home and you want to clean up01:56
Pelopawan, dl and burn the supergrub cd , google for it,  you can fix grub using that easily01:56
pawannow how to repair01:56
emet!grub | pawan01:56
ubotupawan: grub is the default Ubuntu boot manager. Lost grub after installing windows: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RecoveringUbuntuAfterInstallingWindows - Making GRUB floppies & other GRUB howtos: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GrubHowto01:56
Pelo!botabuse | emet01:56
ubotuemet: Please investigate with me only in /msg or in #ubuntu-bots (type also /msg ubotu Bot). Don't use commands in the public channels if you don't know if they really exist. Also avoid adding joke/useless factoids.01:56
iceswordhi,i got bad,my data is lost on a fat32 partiton01:57
barnabyok thanks01:57
iceswordi already over wrote01:57
Pelogotto go , later folks01:57
|twiser|how do i install rarlinux-3.7.1.tar.gz from my desktop?01:57
lyteicesword: if you didn't backup data recovery is extremely difficult.01:57
rael Depends: libstdc++5 (>=1:3.3.4-1) but it is not installable01:57
elm1nohla: i dont know how to solve ur prob, ask the ques again01:57
emet|twiser|, use synaptec to install unrar01:58
emet!info unrar | |twiser|01:58
Dr_willissp219,  gnome/kde have some xrandr tools/features that can let the user change their res. If its enabled properly01:58
ubotu|twiser|: unrar (source: unrar-nonfree): Unarchiver for .rar files (non-free version). In component multiverse, is optional. Version 1:3.7.3-1.1 (gutsy), package size 94 kB, installed size 232 kB01:58
khaotikwhen i am running gtk gnutella in the upper left corner it says that i am firewalled both TCP and UDP01:58
|twiser|emet what is that,01:58
|twiser|just started thid for the firest time01:58
emetunrar support01:58
khaotikhow do i become unfirewalled from this01:59
emet!apt | |twiser|01:59
ubotu|twiser|: APT is the Advanced Package Tool, which together with dpkg forms the basic Ubuntu package management toolkit. Short apt-get manual: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/AptGetHowto - Also see !Synaptic (Gnome) or !Adept (KDE)01:59
emet|twiser|, go to System -> Admin -> Synaptec for installing things02:00
high-freqwow is there anything in the repository for skype?  anyone know02:00
Odd-rationalehigh-freq: Skype can be foung in the !medibuntu repo02:00
emet!medibuntu | high-freq02:00
ubotuhigh-freq: medibuntu is a repository of packages that cannot be included into the Ubuntu distribution for legal reasons - See http://www.medibuntu.org02:00
mneptokkhaotik: open ports in your router/firewall02:00
iceswordhigh-freq, open synaptic,and search skpe02:00
Mrdiazheya guys02:00
MrdiazI'm looking for a good web editor/dev tool02:00
high-freqya i did apt-cache search skype and nada02:01
Mrdiazsort of like DW but for Ubuntu02:01
mneptokMrdiaz: WYSIWHG?02:01
|twiser|emet tried but apparently there is an error on line 44 ..02:01
Mrdiazany ideas?02:01
Mrdiazyes sir02:01
emet!info screem | Mrdiaz02:01
ubotumrdiaz: screem (source: screem): A GNOME website development environment. In component main, is optional. Version 0.16.1-4.1ubuntu1 (gutsy), package size 2072 kB, installed size 7696 kB02:01
Odd-rationalehigh-freq: Did you add the !medibuntu repo?02:01
pawanwhat is super grub02:01
high-freqworkin on it now...goin to website02:01
emet|twiser|, hmmm02:01
emet|twiser|, did you try installing "unrar" ?02:01
Mrdiazlet me check that out02:01
|twiser|: Type '“deb' is not known on line 44 in source list /etc/apt/sources.list02:02
khaotiki hanever hooked one up. i downloaded firestarter but never used it yet02:02
|twiser|E: _cache->open() failed, please report.02:02
emetwhoa you sources.list might be fudged02:02
emetthat's interesting02:02
Mrdiazhow about Quanta?02:02
mneptokkhaotik: do you have a router? is this your own network or a school/company?02:02
mneptokMrdiaz: Quanta is a dead project, AFAIK02:02
hobbs|twiser|: did you edit sources.list by hand?02:03
Odd-rationaleMrdiaz: Try NVU or quanta web02:03
|twiser|hobbs im noob,  1st time using ubuntu is today02:03
Mrdiazdead project? wow its been a while02:03
mneptokOdd-rationale: Nvu is definitely dead02:03
MrdiazI need to get back to the game!02:03
hobbs|twiser|: and, did you edit sources.list by hand? :)02:03
|twiser|no hobbs02:03
emetMrdiaz, I like screem02:03
mneptok|twiser|: someone or something did02:03
emetit's a dead project too but it's good02:03
hobbs|twiser|: then that's interesting, something managed to toast it. :)02:03
Odd-rationalemneptok: OK There is an new version of nvu called something else, but I forget02:03
Mrdiazlooks simple and clean02:03
afkkmy apt installation of sendmail got interrupted02:03
MrdiazI might try it out02:03
afkkand now i can't remove it with apt-get remove, what do i do?02:04
hobbs|twiser|: probably it just needs a quote or two removed.02:04
mneptokafkk: installation, or download?02:04
emetmneptok, there is a way to regenerate sources.list online, I forgotr how though02:04
M1ch04c4n0sayid of lost, is 6 oceanic and he works for Ben02:04
M1ch04c4n0sayid of lost, is 6 oceanic and he works for Ben02:04
pteaguewould swap work better across multiple physical drives or just leave it on 1?02:04
|twiser|how do i edit this hobbs02:04
=== jernster_ is now known as jme`
deniz__whats a nameserver?02:04
Dr_willispteague,  ive heard it can gain a little by being on diffrent drives.02:04
afkkmneptok: when i do apt-get remove, its still there02:05
pteaguedeniz__> domain name server?02:05
hobbsafkk: first see if "dpkg --configure -a" will let you pick up where you were. Assuming that works, you can either finish installing or uninstall the package after.02:05
Dr_willispteague,  but i rarely even access the swap these days. I tend to just put 512mb of swap on the end of each HD i got. :)02:05
high-freqthx guys for info02:05
Dr_willispteague,  that way if i ever move a hd out. and use it in a box with a live cd. or whatever. I got a swap partition ready02:05
mneptokafkk: "sudo apt-get -f install" too02:05
hobbsafkk: er, do that with sudo or as root, of course. :)02:05
Mrdiazanyone tried out WingIDE?02:05
afkkwhat does the -f do?02:05
deniz__pteague, im following this guide (https://help.ubuntu.com/community/InternetConnectionSharing?highlight=%28connection%29%7C%28internet%29%7C%28sharing%29) and im stuck on the last step (<nameserver> <ipaddress>)02:06
pteague-f == force02:06
pawancan a cd image be burnt to dvd02:06
mneptokMrdiaz: heh. one of my best friends from middle school is president of Wingware :)02:06
hobbsafkk: f is for "fix it please!"02:06
afkkit installs fine if i do apt-get again02:06
afkkbut it only gets 254 k02:06
Lionohow to manage Users and Groups - Add/remove and configure users and privileges. Also manage groups. in kubuntu02:06
pawanor a pen drive02:06
afkkand when i do apt-remove it only removes that 254k and the package is still there and running02:06
mneptokLiono: /join #kubuntu02:06
Mrdiazdamn mneptok for real?02:07
hobbspawan: yes, and yes but it probably won't boot, in that order. :)02:07
afkkmneptok: any ideas =/02:07
pawanhow to burn super grub02:07
pteaguedeniz__> oh, in /etc/resolv.conf ?  that's for the DNS... sec02:07
mneptokMrdiaz: why would i lie?02:07
emet|twiser|, you should try fixing your sources.list type: gksu gedit /etc/apt/sources.list and make sure line 44 is OK02:07
pawanits an iso02:08
emet|twiser|, this file is very important for the functioning of the system02:08
Lionoubuntu has "eiciel".    whats for kubuntu?02:08
Mrdiaznot saying ur laying my friend :)02:08
littlepinkdotIs there a way to set up OpenVPN so it doesnt authenticate or use cipher? All authentication/encryption will be done via SSH.02:08
barnabylyte are you still there?02:08
Odd-rationale!iso | pawan02:08
deniz__pteague, its the nameserver part i dont get02:08
ubotupawan: To mount an ISO disc image, type « sudo mount -o loop <ISO-filename> <mountpoint> » - There is a list of useful cd image conversion tools at http://wiki.linuxquestions.org/wiki/CD_Image_Conversion - Always verify the ISO using !MD5 before !burning.02:08
lytesort of02:08
mneptokMrdiaz: i know, but the "for real" amused me :)02:08
lytebarnaby: what's the current question?02:08
deniz__like i no the ip is but wat do i type for nameserver?02:08
Odd-rationalepawan: Sorry. Wrong one02:08
deniz__pteague, like i no the ip is but wat do i type for nameserver?02:08
barnabyi managed to log in. A thousand thanks02:08
lyteas in through the gui?02:09
Odd-rationale!burn | pawan02:09
ubotupawan: CD/DVD Burning software: K3b (KDE), gnomebaker, serpentine, graveman, Nautilus-CD-Burner, GToaster, xcdroast (GNOME), wodim (terminal-based). Burning .iso files: see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BurningIsoHowto02:09
afkkso it doesn't let me remove it because it doesn't think its installed02:09
pawanhow to repair exting ubuntu insatllation02:09
pawan!super grub02:10
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about super grub - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi02:10
eliasi'm having a litle problem with bind9, someone can help me02:10
barnabyI removed some files thru the command line and freed up enough to log in where I can do some housework a little more easily. Again, thank you very much02:10
lytebarnaby: awesome, good work :)02:10
pteaguedeniz__> if you're connecting via dhcp, the client usually builds the /etc/resolv.conf ....  if your isp has a domain or something (i'm currently using everest) you should probably add a line with search <domain> (like for me, search everestkc.net)... then you'll want to list your isp's dns servers - (nameserver x.x.x.x \ nameserver x.x.x.x \ etc)02:10
barnabythanks to you.02:10
CoLD^PidGiNhi, short question, what's the key combination for restarting the shell?02:11
eliaswhen i start the service in the daemon.og gives me this unexpected end of input02:11
Mrdiazsry I keep going away, I have a load of windows opened :(02:11
eliasanyone have any idea?02:11
deniz__so wait nameserver=dns server=sumtin i have to google for my specific isp? (my isp is very unpopular...will it still be on google?)02:11
iceswordCoLD^PidGiN, alt+f2?02:12
hobbsholy fullwidth question mark, batman.02:12
CoLD^PidGiNno, that brings up the screen for running apps02:12
CoLD^PidGiNwhatever you call it02:12
iceswordnot sure02:12
deniz__pteague, so wait nameserver=dns server=sumtin i have to google for my specific isp? (my isp is very unpopular...will it still be on google?)02:12
CoLD^PidGiNit's weird, my battery died, and when i strated teh computer again, the shell keeps crashing02:13
StarnestommyCoLD^PidGiN: ctrl+L?02:13
CoLD^PidGiNthe only way i can restart now is by doing hard reset02:13
CoLD^PidGiNnope, alt+l doesn't work02:13
CoLD^PidGiNalt+f2 doesn't even work now02:13
fredsuaI locked my self out of being able to delete a file.  How do I unlock my self?02:13
eliasplease help me02:13
Mrdiazanyway, later folks. I got some python to work on =/ Thanks for the ideas mneptok02:14
CoLD^PidGiNis there anyway to restart without the taskbar?02:14
pawanhow to reinsatll ubuntu02:15
mjw-!install > pawan02:15
tnt_got it runnin in my brand new acer 5220, wohoo02:15
pawanor repair existing insatllation02:15
Johannes__Is there a dist I could install on my external HDD (like embeded dsl+syslinux) that will recognize my raid array so I can install ubuntu onto it? Did this: http://tinyurl.com/2htpsm02:15
pteaguedeniz__> is your computer that you're doing this on... is it currently connected to the internet?02:15
deniz__the host ya, the client, no02:16
deniz__pteague, the host ya, the client, no02:16
fredsuaI'm getting this message: Cannot move "/home/fredd...top/cdroot" to the trash because you do not have permissions to change it or its parent folder.02:16
pteaguedeniz__> the host is probably already built then...  cat /etc/resolv.conf02:16
deniz__but then y isnt the internet on the laptop working?02:16
Starnestommyfredsua: which directory contains that one?02:16
deniz__pteague, but then y isnt the internet on the laptop working?02:16
fredsuait is a file in the desktop02:16
deniz__pteague, could it be that i dint set up the wiring properly...this is my first time ever doing router stuff02:17
pteaguedeniz__> how many lan cards does the host have?02:17
Starnestommyfredsua: try sudo chmod u+rwx ~/Desktop02:17
deniz__1 and the other is ppp002:17
deniz__ppp0=winmodem with driver02:17
pawanor how to repair grub02:17
raelwinmodem???? nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo02:17
deniz__rael, ?02:18
biggie_can someone help me with setting up permissions on my xternal HD02:18
pteaguedeniz__> ah, ok...  your client... is it set up with dhcp? & is your host set up with dhcpd?02:18
deniz__winmodem with ubuntu linux driver from dell02:18
Starnestommypawan: can you give me a link to the forum posts you made earlier?02:18
raelI don't think they ever work with linux02:18
biggie_i chown to myself and can write to the drive, but i can't create folders or delete files02:18
deniz__client when i open the network window it says dhcp02:19
mneptokbiggie_: how is the drive formatted?02:19
=== [1]pawan is now known as pawan
mneptokbiggie_: ext3?02:19
mneptokbiggie_: what is your Linux username?02:19
deniz__host....it probly is static bcuz i remember sum1 making me do things on firestarter that made it static but now apparently i dont even need firestarter and its not running at the moment02:19
khaotikdont i want to leave the firewall enabled?02:20
mneptokbiggie_: in a Terminal - "ls /media" please (no quotes). what is the external drive called?02:20
=== TDJACR|Away is now known as Thedjatclubrock
deniz__pteague, sry but sumtimes i forget to type ur name b4 message like a couple lines above02:21
hobbsdeniz__: probably you should be running dnsmasq or something and then tell the client that the nameserver is the IP of the IP of the host machine.02:21
mneptokbiggie_: that's the actual name as well as the /dev entry?02:21
mneptokbiggie_: sudo chown -R biggie:biggie /media/sdc102:21
fredsuaStarnestommy: I sent you a message, it didn't work02:21
pullerwhere can i get help with screenlets?02:21
Starnestommy'w 1302:22
bruenigwhoops indeed02:22
deniz__hobbs, but the terminal command from the guide said nameserver followed by ip...so typing ip twice doesnt make sense02:22
afkkmy a apt-get installation failed half way and it doesn't detect it as installed so i cna't remove it02:22
afkkbut the package is installed, and its running02:22
afkkhow do i get rid of it?02:22
hobbsdeniz__: read what I said more closely :)02:22
pulleranyone know where i can get help with screenlets?02:22
deniz__hobbs, im sry for being stupid :( im also starving btw02:23
CyanideDcan someone help me my screen it really big right now and i cant access screens and graphics02:23
KargarianHey i am not sure if i am in the right channel, but does somone mind giving me a hand with my sound cards?02:23
=== Monobi_ is now known as Monobi
pteaguedeniz__> hmm... i'm not sure what's going on with that, doesn't look like those directions include dhcpd... i actually have a separate firewall box which i have connected to a switch & that's what all my computers are plugged into02:23
=== Balloon_Dog is now known as FBIGuy
fcohi, where can I download Free sounds for film,3d or game projects ?02:23
mjw-!ot > fco02:24
deniz__hobbs, so first step i apt get that app, right?02:24
biggie_i still can't delete files or create folders02:24
pteaguedeniz__> it could be that if neither of your lan cards are a 1000 & you're not using a cross-over cable that that's where your problem lies02:24
niuqhi, what's the nautilus?02:24
deniz__pteague, my laptop is 100 i think and i think they're ethernets02:24
biggie_mneptok: i still can't delete files or create folders02:24
mahmoud2!nautilus | niuq02:25
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about nautilus - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi02:25
deniz__pteague, do they both have to be crossover or just the one that connects from router to host comp?02:25
mahmoud2niuq: It's Gnome File Manager02:25
deniz__pteague, bcuz i have one short crossover cable02:25
fancyhi there02:25
fancycan anyone help me with screenlets ?02:25
niuqmahmoud2: how it works, it's like window explorer for windows?02:25
Kargariandepending on your router and switch, it may accept cross over, but not switch to pc02:26
mahmoud2niuq: yes, similar02:26
niuqmahmoud2: thank you02:26
deniz__Kargarian, were u adressing me?02:26
lpbtHey guys how do i change Permissions of a folder ?02:27
mahmoud2Kargarian, deniz__ : modern switches works with crossover between switch to pc02:27
pteagueon a pata cable is the slave in the middle or on the end of the cable?02:27
Starnestommylpbt: chmod -R mode directory02:27
mjw-pteague master on the end02:27
hobbspteague: theoretically, the middle.02:27
Kargarianyeah modern, how modern is Deniz talking about02:27
deniz__mahmoud2, so i put crossover from host to router, and ethernet from router to client?02:27
mjw-or the middle :)02:27
DILwhat software will allow to log and record phone messages (answering service)02:28
lpbtthe mode is the group yes?02:28
mahmoud2lpbt: do not use the -R unless you want all the content of the directory to have the same permission02:28
pteaguek, thanks mjw- & hobbs02:28
deniz__wait wat exactly is a switch, r we talkin bout my router?02:28
hobbspteague: it doesn't realy matter actually if you have two disks on the cable, but if you have only one then it should be at the end of the cable, and if you use cable select, the drive at the end will be assigned master.02:28
Kargarianhow is your network setup?02:28
mahmoud2deniz__ : who's the host and who's the client?02:28
lpbthow do i change group permissons?02:28
Kargarianit should go internet, to router, to switch to pc, if you even have a switch02:29
deniz__mahmoud2, the comp im using now is host and client is my laptop02:29
mahmoud2lpbt chgrp02:29
lpbtsoo chgrp /home htdocs02:29
lpbtlike that?02:29
hobbsKargarian: from what I gathered he's doing dialup, with a linux box as router and firestarter to configure NAT. But doesn't really understand any of it.02:29
fancyCan anyone help me with installing Screenlets ?02:30
deniz__im sry for being stupid again :(02:30
mahmoud2deniz__ : Is that a home/ADSL/cable router ?02:30
mphilllpbt: chmod g+r [file or dir] <- the g02:30
ubotuScreenlets are little widgets for your !desktop. Note you must have !Compiz Fusion, !Beryl, xcompmgr, or KWin to run them. You can get them at http://www.screenlets.org/02:30
mjw-!es | Halpain02:31
ubotuHalpain: Si busca ayuda en español por favor entre en los canales #ubuntu-es o #kubuntu-es, allí obtendrá más ayuda.02:31
lpbtmphill, the g is the file or dir placment yes? and the r is the group?02:31
osotogarihi all, how come if i plug in my usb sata external hard drive I become the owner, but if I plug in my other 500 gig external drive root is the owner?02:31
mphillg is for group, you can also check out man chmod02:31
Starnestommylpbt: no, it's a literal g+r with no replacements, i think02:31
mphill+r for read +w for write and +x for execute02:31
mahmoud2lpbt: and if you want combination it should look like: g+rw for read and write02:32
mphillyou could do chmod u+x fileName which would set a file to executable02:32
deniz__mahmoud2, its a d-link router (DI-604 Broadband Router)02:32
mphillyou can do it recursively with chmod -R u+x directoryPath02:33
KargarianDeniz and your internet connection is with who?02:33
deniz__mahmoud2, cable as in wired? ya..its wired not wireless if thats wat ur asking and im sry if thats not wat u were asking :(02:33
mahmoud2deniz__: the crossover should work then .. it does not matter which one you connect to the desktop and the laptop02:34
Halpain_pequeños hijos de dios!02:34
hacksign_when i compile awn,i met some promble:Consider adjusting the PKG_CONFIG_PATH environment variable if you02:34
hacksign_installed software in a non-standard prefix.02:34
hacksign_how can i solve this problem ?02:34
Halpain_I'm shearshing hack rooms02:34
deniz__mahmoud2, wait is it absolutely required that i use crossover or it just doesn't matter?02:34
mahmoud2deniz__ : it should be straight not crossover02:34
Kargarianjust wait there mahmoud, i have a dlink router and crossover cable doesn't work between pc and router02:35
mphillhacksign_: ./configure --PKG_CONFIG_PATH=/path/to/library02:35
deniz__mahmoud2, k, well i think both r normal ones02:35
mahmoud2deniz__ : but now switches notice if the cable is crossover and configure it self ..02:35
deniz__mahmoud2, wats a switch?02:35
hobbsanything that supports gigabit is always auto-MDIX, which is handy02:36
osotogarihi all, how come if i plug in my usb sata external hard drive I become the owner, but if I plug in my other 500 gig external drive root is the owner?02:36
hacksign_mphill,and what's the library ? /etc/lib/?or my awn file floder ?02:36
mahmoud2deniz__: your router has a built-in 4-port switch (the ethernet ports)02:36
mphillhacksign_: msg more more compiler errors, i need more info02:36
mneptokbiggie: are you usinf fstab to mount this drive?02:36
deniz__mahmoud2, i guess it shows that im an idiot with networking :(02:36
zxcvmzxcvmI have probelm with "Device-mapper errors: dm-linear, lookup failed", ubuntu forums suggest to remove the emvs package, unfortunately apt-get cannot remove it because of lock (under safe mode either), how to get rid of that thing?02:36
mneptokbiggie: using*02:36
deniz__mahmoud2, k, i no that tho02:36
deniz__mahmoud2, the 4 port part02:37
hobbszxcvmzxcvm: you are trying to remove it as root, yes?02:37
prettyrickycan someone direct me on how to set up my toshiba satellite tablet laptop02:37
biggieno, it auto mounts when I boot - it is working now - i rebooted and now i can create folders and delete files...thanks02:37
zxcvmzxcvmhobbs, thorugh sudo apt-get remove02:37
mneptokbiggie: cool02:37
hobbszxcvmzxcvm: right, are you doing it as root?02:38
prettyrickytablet not working with ubuntu 7.1002:38
blagwhat is going on with grep?  http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/56176/02:38
zxcvmzxcvmhobbs, I'm not sure, how can i check?02:38
deniz__mahmoud2, do u have msn messenger?02:38
hobbszxcvmzxcvm: in that case, do this: "sudo apt-get remove evms"02:38
deniz__mahmoud2, or windows live messenger as its now called02:38
blagprettyricky: have you uncommented the lines in /etc/X11/xorg.conf?02:38
zxcvmzxcvmhobbs, thanks02:39
DILosotogari: checked your fstab?02:39
prettyrickyhow do I do that? Stuck there02:39
prettyrickyplease help blag02:39
mahmoud2deniz__ : you can post your questions here so more people can help you .. what are you trying to do?02:39
mphillhacksign_: just goto to the getdebs website and get the debian packages02:39
osotogari@ DIL: Can you take a look at it for me?02:40
blagprettyricky: I will help you as much as I can...  So, Ubuntu loads, though, right?  You can use a keyboard and everything?02:40
ares-marshey guys, i just connected my USB wireless thing and when i type ifconfig i get, eth0, eth1, eth0:avah, lo, wlan0...why do i get two eth0? and what's with the "avah", which seems to be where the USB works trough since it has the IP. and if i want to tell driftnet to capture on the usb, what do i type, eth0 or eth0:avah?02:40
prettyrickyoh yes it works like a champ02:40
mahmoud2Kargarian: a crossover from a switch (or router w/switch) to a pc should work .. this feature has been there for years (5+)02:40
prettyrickyi love this02:40
hacksign_mphill,i did ,but there r some display error on my system:(02:40
DIL!pastebin | osotogari02:40
ubotuosotogari: pastebin is a service to post large texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org (make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the #ubuntu channel topic)02:40
prettyrickyjust cant seem to get tablet to work02:40
prettyrickythanks blag02:41
deniz__mahmoud2, my whole goal is to share my internet oviously with the laptop, im connected thru ppp0 apparently (since its dial-up) and im trying to export it to the laptop and im using only ethernet wires (i dint check what they r but i believe thats wat they r bcuz i looked at one and the colors were placed differently from my crossover cable)02:41
ares-mars hey guys, i just connected my USB wireless thing and when i type ifconfig i get, eth0, eth1, eth0:avah, lo, wlan0...why do i get two eth0? and what's with the "avah", which seems to be where the USB works trough since it has the IP. and if i want to tell driftnet to capture on the usb, what do i type, eth0 or eth0:avah?02:41
blagprettyricky: Go to Applications > Accessories > Text Editor and open up /etc/X11/xorg.conf02:41
deniz__mahmoud2, my crossover cable is not in this scenario, i just have 1 in the house...im saying this to clear confusion02:41
mjw-blag he's going to need to use gksudo02:41
blagmjw: good catch, thanks02:42
blagmjw: can't wait for policykit02:42
hobbsares-mars: the one showing with ':avah' is an alias interface with an avahi-configured zeroconf IP address.02:42
mahmoud2deniz__ : you want to share your Internet connection from your PC to the rest of the network ? so the router is not connection source?02:42
hobbsares-mars: if the other one doesn't show as up and having an address, then you probably don't have your network configured right.02:42
blagprettyricky: nevermind.  Go to Applications > Accessories > Terminal02:42
deniz__mahmoud2, ya02:42
deniz__mahmoud2, well02:43
zxcvmzxcvmcan anybody tell me, why gnuchess is incompatible with gnome and gnome-desktop-environment?02:43
deniz__mahmoud2, wait, the laptop needs to get internet from router02:43
blagprettyricky: and type in "gksudo gedit /etc/X11/xorg.conf" without the quotes.  then type in your password02:43
deniz__mahmoud2, laptop=host02:43
revilodrawhi! exaile plays my music at about 50% volume, even when everything is turned up. it is the only program that does this. playing the files in vlc it will play at full volume02:44
ares-marshobbs, for some reason eth1 always gives me, i don't konw why. Internet comes through eth0:avah only. what is avahi-configured and zeroconf ip address and how do i configure it right?02:44
blagprettyricky: did it open up a text editor with a file already loaded?02:44
hobbszxcvmzxcvm: gnome-games has a conflicts with it, maybe it installs its own chess game with some of the same files as gnuchess.02:44
mahmoud2beniz__ : did you connect both the pc and laptop to the router ? they should both have net connection without problems if the router is properly ..02:45
hobbszxcvmzxcvm: and nobody arranged things so that they can live together.02:45
zxcvmzxcvmhobbs, oic, strangely enough on my x86_64 they coexist02:45
Yanch0have a bit of a problem .. have 1.6Gb free data - and am trying to create a table which is the result of a union of a table with itself which is 26 Mb .. how come it stopped saying Out of Disk SpacE? :S - DBMS : Postgresql02:45
mjw-Yanch0 what is the total size of the partition with 1.6G free?02:46
prettyrickyit opened but there is no file there02:46
prettyrickyits blank02:46
Yanch0mjw- /dev/hda7 11G 8.9G 1.3G 88% /02:46
blagprettyricky: okay, open the file /etc/X11/xorg.conf02:46
prettyrickywhere do I do that sorry nebie02:47
deniz__mahmoud2, i dont need drivers for router, right? cuz it comes with one for windows02:47
hobbszxcvmzxcvm: on closer inspection, it looks like the latest version (in hardy at least, don't know about others) removes the conflict.02:47
suiwhats up hommies02:47
prettyrickythanks blag I really appreciate this!02:47
deniz__mahmoud2, well it coems with a cd, i dint rely check its contents but it shouldnt be something other than a driver..02:47
zxcvmzxcvmhobbs, will  have in mind, I'm currently on GG02:48
prettyrickywhere do I open that file from>02:48
mahmoud2deniz__: routers does not need drivers ..  the CD content is probably the configuration software and documents ..02:48
blagprettyricky: np, so, click "Open", then click the "File System" bookmark on the left, then on the rightish, doubleclick etc, doubleclick X11, and doubleclick xorg.conf02:48
mjw-Yanch0 that's odd, that should be ok. automatically some space is reserved for root so as to avoid an intractable drive space crunch, but not that much02:48
ares-marshobbs, actually the internet IS coming though eth1, my bad02:48
prettyrickyok w102:48
mahmoud2deniz__ : and the configuration can be set from the web (http) .. no need for the configuration software if there is one02:48
hobbsares-mars: then you probably want to capture on that interface. Not sure it would actually make a difference though :)02:49
Yanch0mjw- the creation of the table stopped :\02:49
deniz__mahmoud2, k, well can u help me bcuz i rely rely need internet on that other comp (laptop)...once again im sry im stupid with networking...im not stupid in other comp areas02:49
mjw-Yanch0 not knowing anything about databases, really, is it possible the table is much bigger than you anticipated?02:50
blagprettyricky: when the file opens, scroll to the bottom, you should see a line like: # Uncomment if you have a wacom tablet02:50
mahmoud2deniz__ : when you connect the laptop to the router, you do not get a connection ?02:50
craigbass1976Anyone know why I can only connect to my new wireless router using wireshark rather than /etc/init.d/networking restart command?02:50
deniz__mahmoud2, ya it says it has found one and i try to go to google.ca on firefox and it doesnt go02:51
Yanch0mjw- not sure on that .. but the .sql file is 26mb02:51
mahmoud2deniz__: is that laptop running ubuntu ?02:51
blagprettyricky: let me know when your there by saying my name in the irc channel02:51
deniz__mahmoud2, ubuntu 7.04 but the desktop has 7.1002:51
CatachanCould anyone perhaps help me figure out why my audio has completely died?02:51
lilg111111_need help installing kiba dock in gusty02:52
Catachanexcept for the system beep?02:52
=== emet is now known as zapster^
prettyrickyi do see that comment02:52
krammerhow can I find pcap.h file???02:52
mahmoud2deniz__: did you change any of your network settings on the laptop? IP settings ..etc?02:52
deniz__initially no, then ya, then back to normal, nothing worked02:53
deniz__not ip02:53
deniz__all i did is go from dhcp to static02:53
deniz__well attempt to02:53
Yanch0This is the error : ERROR: could not write block 163578 of temporary file: No space left on device02:53
deniz__but i had no ips and stuff to put well now that i think of it its
blagokay, now under that you should see three lines that are preceded with a pound (#) sign.  Remove the pound signs from those three lines, so it should look like this: http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/56178/02:54
mahmoud2deniz__  from the terminal ping
mjw-Yanch0 hrm, do you have a separate /tmp? maybe it's running out of space there02:54
lilg111111_is it possible to make a regular yahoo email account work with evolution02:54
deniz__i type "ping"? on which comp?02:54
blagprettyricky: make sure to *keep* the pound sign on the "# Uncomment if you have a wacom tablet" line02:54
mahmoud2deniz__ : go back to DHCP and do: sudo /etc/int.d/networking restart02:54
prettyrickyok i did the uncomment and i kept the # sign on the uncomment line02:55
craigbass1976Hmmm.  I had to go in and manually edit /etc/network/interfaces.  My essid from the old router (everyone, please avoid the cheaper dlinks...) was in there.  Wonder why.02:55
deniz__mahmoud2, isnt it init .d?02:55
krammerlilg1111: I would see why not I configured gmail for evolution02:55
prettyrickyready for more directions02:55
Yanch0mjw- this is df -h : http://yancho.pastebin.com/d5d02d58902:55
mahmoud2deniz__ : yes /etc/init.d/networking restart02:55
blagprettyricky: now simply save the file, hit ctrl+alt+backspace, the screen will go dark, and you will have to login again, but the tablet should now work.02:56
prettyrickyok thanks blag/ hopefully it does.02:56
krammerhow can I find pcap.h file???02:57
lilg111111_krammer, thanx02:57
Kargarianhas anyone ever heard being able to use two sound cards at once.  So you can use both inputs from each sound card?02:57
lilg111111_can anybody help me install kibba dock02:57
wersI want to set my music player shortcut keys with the win key. what should I do to the  win key? map super to it? map hyper to it? map meta to it? :)02:57
craigbass1976Kargarian, I suppose it's possible, but you're better off getting a multi-in card02:57
hobbswers: some of the above!02:58
wershobbs, any?02:58
craigbass1976wers, mine minimizes all windows02:58
Khisanthkrammer: apt-file search /pcap.h02:58
hobbswers: I think Super is normal these days.02:58
wersi tried all but none worked02:58
KargarianThanks Craigbass1976, i just though since I have two spare sound cards around, it just might be possible02:58
wersor I think, I should restart x02:58
werscraigbass1976, which minimizes?02:58
Khisanthkrammer: it''s in libpcap0.7-dev and libpcap0.8-dev02:58
craigbass1976Kargarian, there's a linux audio project somewhere online-- check them out.  And ardour, if you want to multitrack, seems very cool02:58
craigbass1976wers, the window key.02:59
mjw-Yanch0 i'm a bit confused why 11 is supposed to = 8.9 + 1.3, but maybe you're just running up into what's reserved for root? dunno why else you'd be getting that error02:59
KargarianArdour is the open source project?02:59
craigbass1976Kargarian, I have a regular studio (big mixer with reel to reel and a mackie hdr) and we're moving to ubuntu with ardour02:59
revilodrawhi! exaile plays my music at about 50% volume, even when everything is turned up. it is the only program that does this. playing the files in vlc it will play at full volume02:59
KargarianThanks I will chekc out Ardour03:00
craigbass1976Kargarian, Yes.  I believe it's in the repos03:00
krammerapt-get install??03:00
hobbsKargarian: ALSA plugins would allow you to combine the PCMs into one big hairy multichannel device, but I'm not sure how useful it would really be03:00
craigbass1976Kargarian, as simple as an apt command03:00
pawanhow to repair or reinstall grub03:00
KargarianI will give that a try.  Thanks Craig03:00
ogre im installing vmware workstation for work and it says i need vmmon. it didnt come with the disk my work gave me. any suggestions? I am on ubuntu  7.1003:00
craigbass1976pawan, I just did this-- there's walkthroughs online03:00
craigbass1976pawan, it was the middle of the night though, I kind of sleepwalked through the process, so I don't remember.  Just gogle for your symptoms or error messages03:01
pawanerror 22 no such partition03:01
ol_dude67what is it i have to add to the repos to get the vmware server?03:01
craigbass1976Kargarian, careful with reverb--- resource hog03:01
craigbass1976pawan, that wasn't my issue, but I saw many google links and solutions03:02
mjw-!vmware | ol_dude6703:02
ubotuol_dude67: VMWare Player is in Ubuntu's !Multiverse repository (package "vmware-player", not available for Gutsy, only Feisty and Edgy), and http://www.easyvmx.com/easyvmx.shtml can create VMs for it. Instructions can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VMware - See also !virtualizers03:02
pawani have the installation on my disk but not pointing properly03:02
fancyhow can i install windows fonts to Linux ?03:03
iceswordcopy windows fonts to it03:03
lolwutDCC SEND LOL2600HAX 0 0 003:03
deniz__mahmoud2, how do i explain terminal results, i have no means of copying over terminal03:04
mahmoud2deniz__ : you get a timeout or numbers in ms ?03:04
revilodrawexaile is the only program that plays my music too quietly?03:04
deniz__the only numbers i c is in the line: "bound to -- renewal in 280873 seconds."03:05
prettyrickyblag it works to perfection thank you so much!!!!03:06
blagprettyricky: welcome03:06
mahmoud2deniz__ : you are still using a static IP not the DHCP mode ?03:06
Matze79_Hi, i have a short question.. is it possible to have Systemsounds in xfce? Such as start/exit sound03:06
skull-DThi everyone, does anyone if ubuntu 7.10 comes with a disk defrag??? if not whats a good one03:06
prettyrickyim new to lunix, but I can see how easy it is to let windows go!03:06
deniz__mahmoud2, on desktop i dont no, how do i check and change?03:06
prettyrickyblag is there anything you recommend for starters? any how to or good apps03:07
mahmoud2deniz__ : system> administration > network03:07
deniz__mahmoud2, on the "giver" of the internet?03:07
mahmoud2deniz__ : ?03:08
steves125hi guys.  I'm trying to get a mp3 player to mount.  I run lsusb and it shows it but i can't get the files to come up so I can drag and drop03:08
deniz__on the desktop i go to network to make it dhcp?03:08
steves125anybody got any ideas?03:08
littlepinkdotIs there a way to set up OpenVPN so it doesnt authenticate or use cipher? All authentication/encryption will be done via SSH.03:08
deniz__mahmoud2, o shit it was onr oaming mode03:08
hobbsskull-DT: generally speaking there's no need.03:09
EnderTheThirdanyone ever try running Ubuntu on a Dell Optiplex GX260?03:09
skull-DThobbs: really? how come??03:09
mjw-!ohmy | deniz__03:10
ubotudeniz__: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family friendly.03:10
mahmoud2deniz__: that means it should be DHCP (roaming is managed by NetworkManager)03:10
mjw-EnderTheThird why do you ask?03:10
wersI can't set my music player shortcuts as win+someotherkey even if I already set win key as super or hyper or meta key. any idea?03:10
craigbass1976EnderTheThird, Funny, I've got two on my table right now03:10
mahmoud2deniz__: the desktop net is working probably right?03:10
Catachanhas anyone had any trouble with the sound on a lenovo thinkpad x60 tablet PC?03:11
craigbass1976EnderTheThird, Oh, no.  They're just GX60s, not 260s03:11
EnderTheThirdThis thing has a 2GHz P4 with 768MB RAM, and it just doesn't seem to run very well at all.03:11
mjw-EnderTheThird run ubuntu well? or just in general?03:11
steves125can anyone tell me how to get my mp3 player to mount so i can drag and drop music?03:12
skull-DTI was always used to defragment windows often to keep up in performance, is ubuntu diferent?03:12
EnderTheThirdUbuntu.  I'm using Metacity too, not Compiz or anything crazy.  Firefox runs slow and it's just not running very well.  Win2k runs better on it.03:12
MagoonDwhats the best torrent client to get in ubuntu gutsy if I am using utorrent in windows?03:12
mjw-steves125 for most mp3 players that just act like mass storage devices, you should be able to plug it in and it should pop up on the desktop.03:12
Catachanhas anyone had any trouble with the sound on a lenovo thinkpad x60 tablet PC?03:12
sierI use rtorrent .. :P no many ppl like it.03:12
mjw-!torrent | MagoonD03:13
ubotuMagoonD: Torrent clients: Transmission (GTK and terminal-based), Deluge-Torrent, Freeloader, BitStormLite, BitTornado-GUI (GTK), KTorrent (KDE), QTorrent (Qt), Azureus (Java), TorrentFlux (web-based), bittornado, rTorrent, cTorrent, bittorrent, aria2 (terminal-based) - FAQ: http://www.bittorrent.com/FAQ.html - See also !P2P03:13
musicjock58i found that if you reboot with your mp3 connected, it will mount automatically. at least in feisty03:13
steves125it doesn't show up on the desktop.  I ran lsusb and it lists it though03:13
EnderTheThirdmjw-: i know i *could* run xfce with it, but I really shouldn't have to with a 2GHz CPU.  The only thing I can think of is that the integrated video just blows and is taxing the CPU more than it needs to.03:13
steves125I tried rebooting with it in also.  didn't work.  thanks though03:13
mjw-EnderTheThird have you checked glxinfo | grep -i direct ?03:13
MagoonDwhats the most popular out of these?03:13
compwiz18EnderTheThird: I have a laptop with a 1ghz cpu and 768mb ram, and it runs fine03:13
mjw-!best > MagoonD03:13
EnderTheThirddirect rendering is on03:14
musicjock58you have fiesty or gusty?03:14
mjw-I love ubuntu gusty. it blows :D03:14
musicjock58i dont know about gutsy03:14
mjw-steves125 gutsy automounts USB drives, etc., at least all the ones I've tried03:14
musicjock58i had problems with gutsy. things broken all over. reverted to fiesty. everything fine now03:15
bluefoxxis there a way i can make streamripper rip wma audio?03:15
mjw-EnderTheThird is it using the intel driver?03:15
EnderTheThirdonly time i've had trouble with automount in Gutsy was when plugging into USB hubs, occasionally it would be a stubborn prick03:15
steves125mjw   it automounts my flash drives fine but not the mp303:15
mjw-steves125 it's not an ipod is it?03:15
EnderTheThirdmjw-:  yeah03:15
deniz_mahmoud2, that terminal command with the networking restart...do i do it on my laptop or desktop03:15
steves125nope   samsung T1003:15
musicjock58ive tried that. its not an ipod03:15
mjw-EnderTheThird that's peculiar. the GX260's had, what, the i850? That should blow through 2D with ease.03:16
mahmoud2deniz_ : laptop03:16
mahmoud2deniz_ : make sure its on Roaming/DHCP03:16
musicjock58have you tried mounting it ,say in something like amorak or something like that?03:16
deniz_mahmoud2, k, so thats not the problem then...03:16
deniz_mahmoud2, on which comp?03:16
deniz_mahmoud2, neither r on roaming03:16
mahmoud2deniz_: the one having the problem03:16
mjw-mjw- even compiz ought to work03:16
_riverI have a TP-Link 108mm wireless card and router working, but seems to run in maximum 54mb not 108mb, is there some setting in madwifi to get it to run at maximum speed ?03:17
deniz_mahmoud2, k, brb03:17
bluefoxxhow can i make streamripper rip windows media audio?03:17
steves125yeah.  amorak won't see it.  I got rhythymbox to see it though its far from perfect03:17
musicjock58i see03:17
steves125ends up crashing rhythmbox03:17
Safiyyah2hi all03:17
mjw-EnderTheThird what does lspci | grep -i vga return?03:18
EnderTheThirdmjw-:  i845, i think03:18
musicjock58all i can say my friend is that i had too many problems in gutsy for me to keep it. i reverted to fiesty. and wont upgrade until the official release of hardy is out for a couple 3 months03:18
prettyrickycan i install automatix2 on ubuntu 7.1003:18
_river'iwlist scan' show bitrates from 1 - 54mb how do I enable my maximum 108mb03:18
EnderTheThirdmjw-:  00:02.0 VGA compatible controller: Intel Corporation 82845G/GL[Brookdale-G]/GE Chipset Integrated Graphics Device (rev 01)03:18
JouvaHey folks, I'd like to know two things about Evolution: 1) How do I get the filters to automatically run after mail is received 2) How can I get the subfolders of inbox to appear next to Inbox instead of as below Inbox (like how you enter the name of your inbox in the "IMAP server directory" in Thunderbird)03:18
prettyrickyand is it worth installing?03:19
mjw-EnderTheThird that is odd. that should work quite well, really.03:19
compwiz18!automatix | prettyricky03:19
ubotuprettyricky: automatix is not recommended, supported or needed. See http://mjg59.livejournal.com/77440.html and « /msg ubotu WorksForMe »03:19
deniz_mahmoud2, i made laptop roaming mode and still not working :(03:19
mahmoud2deniz_: restart the networking03:19
mjw-EnderTheThird what kind of stats do you get from glxgears ?03:19
steves125musicjock  thanks  I appreciate the effort03:19
musicjock58i have had no problems with automatix2 for fiesty . it works fine in my box03:19
Safiyyah2I loaded xfce4 and changed the screen resolution within xfce4, everything was fine until I logged out of the session, now x server doesnt load, it says due to an internal error so the gnone gdm won't load so I can only use ubuntu in failsafe mode,03:19
deniz_mahmoud2, same command again?03:19
mjw-!worksforme | musicjock5803:19
ubotumusicjock58: Common Sense: Just because you can, does not mean you should (and especially recommend to others). Think before you do. "Works for me" does not mean it is ok. The latest version of everything is not always useful if you aim for stability. Please see http://geekosophical.net/random/worksforme/03:19
musicjock58im just sorry that i havent been much  of help03:20
EnderTheThirdmjw-:  ~410 fps03:20
Safiyyah2I have tries to install the xorg-fglrx but wont work03:20
Safiyyah2tried start x.... I get a mish mash pixel mess cant see anything03:20
EnderTheThirdmjw-: make that 200-40003:20
UncleChevitzi'm really new to ubuntu and for some reason I have Java 1.4, 5 and 6 installed, should I remove the older versions?03:20
mahmoud2deniz_: yes and then: ifconfig eth0 , what inet addr do you get?03:20
deniz_by eth0 u mean ppp0?03:21
mjw-EnderTheThird that's kind of low? But still 2D should be ok03:21
musicjock58im actually trying to get some help with timevault. anyone know what that is? i cant get into preferences anymore03:21
mahmoud2deniz_ : No .. eth003:22
deniz_im connected to internet thru dial-up tho not high speed..03:22
_riverdoes anyone know how to get madwifi to run my tp-link card @ 108mb ? currently only runs with 54mb03:22
EnderTheThirdmjw-:  yeah, it varies quite a bit.  overall the whole thing is just sluggish though.  even terminal windows take a while to appear and populate03:22
bluefoxxhow can i make streamripper rip WMAaudio?03:22
deniz_mahmoud2, k, well nutn works03:23
mjw-EnderTheThird have you poked around the BIOS at all? maybe some setting got changed (like CPU cache turned off... :P )03:23
Safiyyah2I loaded xfce4 and changed the screen resolution within xfce4, everything was fine until I logged out of the session, now x server doesnt load, it says due to an internal error so the gnone gdm won't load so I can only use ubuntu in failsafe mode, I have tried to install the xorg-fglrx but wont work, I also tried start x and that gives me a mish mash of pixels can't see anything. Ubuntu...03:23
Safiyyah2...still boots fine from the live CD(tried that too) I dont mind reinstalling Ubuntu but there is now some important data on it, so please help me either fix x server or get my data out and reinstall :)03:23
EnderTheThirdmjw-:  i toyed with AGP aperature and some others, but no difference03:23
deniz_mahmoud2, the network restart thing gives "failed to bring up wlan0" and the ifconfig ppp0 and eth0 both give the same result: "error fetching interface information: device not found"03:24
musicjock58bluefoxx have you tried something like k3b or something like that? why streamripper?03:24
mjw-EnderTheThird have you tried the vesa driver? Is it equally or even more sluggish?03:24
EnderTheThirdlet me check03:25
EnderTheThirdi'm going to poke around bios too, be back in a min03:25
mjw-EnderTheThird I actually am on a computer right now that gets ~400FPS in glxgears and even compiz is ok. Maybe you've got a slow or dying HD?03:25
UncleChevitzi'm really new to ubuntu and for some reason I have Java 1.4, 5 and 6 installed, should I remove the older versions?03:25
bluefoxxmusicjock58, cause i figured it out the easiest, and all the armin van buuren ASOT files i found said they were ripped with it, so i went with it first03:26
mahmoud2deniz_ : if eth0 is not found, then your laptop Ethernet is not working properly / not detected  ..03:26
reportingsjrWhat is the bash command to  regenerate my ld.so.cache?03:26
musicjock58ok, no problem . just wanting to know. i dont know how to work with streamripper, but have used k3b. works nicely03:27
werswhenever i increase the volume using multimedia keys while rhythmbox is the active window, metacity hangs. any idea?03:27
reportingsjrAnyone know how to regenerate ld.so.cache? I know for gentoo it is env-update.03:27
musicjock58even with gnome, works good03:27
prettyrickyso dont install automatix203:28
toresnis centericq and centerim the same?03:28
musicjock58prettyricky, i have fiesty, and automatix2 has not given me any problems. but use it at your own risk.03:28
prettyrickyi have gutsy03:29
deniz_mahmoud2, its not defective so it must be not detected...doesnt wired connections have super good  reputation of being detected in ubuntu? and btw laptop said that it got connected to desktop doesnt mean that the ethernet port works??03:29
JouvaHey folks, I'd like to know two things about Evolution: 1) How do I get the filters to automatically run after mail is received 2) How can I get the subfolders of inbox to appear next to Inbox instead of as below Inbox (like how you enter the name of your inbox in the "IMAP server directory" in Thunderbird)03:29
musicjock58ok, different download. cant speak for gutsy03:29
mjw-deniz_ what does lspci | grep -i eth  return?03:29
=== Guest27974 is now known as SoulKeeper
deniz_mahmoud2, how do u make that line between lspci and grep?03:30
mjw-deniz_ it's a pipe, probably above your enter key03:30
prettyrickywhat does anyone recommed for new apps. what are the best applications03:31
mjw-prettyricky go to Applications > Add/Remove. By default you'll see the most recommended ones03:31
mahmoud2deniz_: lspci | grep Ethernet03:31
deniz_mjw-, it shows ethernet controller: inttel corporation etc and ethernet pro 10003:32
musicjock58thats hard to say, pretty, what are you into? i like music, so what i think are good apps may not agree with your tastes03:32
=== Safiyyah2 is now known as Safiyyah
deniz_mahmoud2, both do same thing03:32
mahmoud2deniz : in the terminal type: route03:32
mjw-deniz_ now that's interesting...those worked in linux 10 years ago!03:32
reportingsjrAnyone know how to regenerate ld.so.cache? I know for gentoo it is env-update.03:33
deniz_lol 10 years ago, that shows that ur much older than me03:33
deniz_no offense03:33
ahorriblemesshello all03:33
mjw-deniz_ does lsmod | grep -i ee return anything?03:34
Khisanthbluefoxx: but what makes you think they were ripped from a wma stream? the streamripper sites says it doesn't work with wma streams03:34
ahorriblemessDoes anyone have any info or resources on getting integrated webcams to work? I have an HPdv6704, running Gutsy,,, I've only found info for Edgy03:34
deniz_mahmoud2, destination gateway genmask glags metric ref use iface then next line link-local gateway * U 0 0 0 eth1 default * U 1000 0 0 eth103:34
joankii have medibuntu, but when i try to play my dvd, it says totem cannot play this type of media because it does not have the appropriate plugins to read from the disc.... how can i get the right plugins?03:35
RequinB4Is there a way to put a google desktop search prompt on a panel?03:35
mahmoud2mjw : would not that be the firewire?03:35
reportingsjrAnyone know how to regenerate ld.so.cache? I know for gentoo it is env-update.03:35
mjw-mahmoud2 firewire? where?03:36
bluefoxxKhisanth, because the available streams i found of ASOT radio were in wma format, and the id3 tags of the files...03:36
prettyrickyok thanks everyone@!03:36
Syxxcan someone help me with installing java and flash players03:36
mjw-mahmoud2 by default ubuntu suppresses the 1394 networking modules03:36
ahorriblemessjoanki: I got the same message after getting the medibuntu packages... I tried playing a DVD on VLC and it worked... unless you might just need to restart/03:36
mjw-!java > syxx03:36
mahmoud2mjw : on my PC grepping ee returns the IEEE 139403:36
mjw-!flash > syxx03:37
joankivlc, eh?03:37
ahorriblemessjoanki: sorry, I'm new at this but I've had a zillion problems, I want to try to help with the little bit of knowledge I have haha03:37
deniz_mjw-, sppedstep_lib 6148 0 then next line ieee1394 299448 1 sbp203:37
joankisudo apt-get install vlc?03:37
mjw-mahmoud2 oh, my goal was to see if the eepro100 module was being loaded03:37
ubotuTo install a Java runtime/interpreter on Ubuntu, look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Java - For the Sun Java runtime install sun-java6-jre from the !Multiverse repository (in !Backports for !Edgy)03:37
ahorriblemessjoanki: I got it through the Applications>Add/Remove03:37
mjw-deniz_ try sudo modprobe eepro10003:37
Les_Caesarshow to I unmount a CD without ejecting it?03:37
RequinB4Is there a way to put a google desktop search prompt on a panel?03:37
EnderTheThirdmjw-:  messed with some more settings, and tried vesa.   still peak at 400 fps in glxgears03:37
mahmoud2Les_Caesars: umount /media/cdrom003:37
ahorriblemessjoanki: i don't know if that would have anything to do with it though (using VLC instead)03:38
Les_Caesarsthanks mahmoud203:38
mjw-EnderTheThird so you get 400fps even with the vesa driver?03:38
Yanch0if i format /media/hda6 (have windows xp on it) will it screw grub ?03:38
EnderTheThirdmjw-:  with vesa, i got like 12003:38
lilg111111_i installed cairo, can somebody tell me how to start it03:38
musicjock58les, click on your panel the cd icon and options should come up to unmount your cd03:38
mjw-mjw- well it's accelerating correctly...i'm not sure how else to explain the sluggishness..maybe it's just ready for pasture. :P03:38
mjw-Yanch0 only if you try to boot xp probably03:39
RequinB4hello errpt03:39
RequinB4Is there a way to put a google desktop search prompt on a panel?03:39
Yanch0mjw- well there will be no win xp if i format it no ? )03:39
EnderTheThirdmjw-  you mean computer heaven?03:40
errptI am using thinkpad x41, I want to enable the fingerprint scanner03:40
lilg111111_i installed cairo, can somebody tell me how to start it03:40
mjw-Yanch0 well, yeah. formatting the xp partition will tend to remove it permanently ;)03:40
bluefoxxok,this is really pissing meoff now, compiz keeps killing itself and i lose all my desktop effects then i lose all the work/programs that arn't on the desktop im on, and i have to reboot to renable compiz03:40
joankiahorriblemess, http://limulus.wordpress.com/2007/12/10/playing-dvds-in-ubuntu-gutsy/03:40
JouvaActually I'm confused: Isn't the Evolution mail client SUPPOSED to automatically execute the filters once mail comes in?03:40
EnderTheThirdmjw-:  i think it's this integrated graphics that's killing it.  i'm going to toss in an AGP card one of these days and see if that helps it out at all.03:40
Yanch0okis and can u please confirm how to format the partition mjw-?03:40
JouvaCause it's not for me03:40
deniz_mjw-, sudo mopdprobe thing doesnt do nutn and im trying to connect and still nothing03:41
mjw-!format > Yanch003:41
solexious[Q] How can i acsess samba shared folders from ubuntu?03:41
mjw-deniz_ what happened?03:41
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ahorriblemessjoanki: did you get it working/03:41
Yanch0thanks mjgoins03:41
bluefoxxits really annoying now, as i run one desktop admin stuff, another internet and the next is multimedia, last is gaming....i know my machine can handle it...03:41
deniz_well wen i type that it responds with nothing but the readyness of a new line and then i attempt to go to google.ca and nothing03:41
fezi am wondering, does ubuntu support NATIVE drivers for linksys wpc54gs wireless PC card? (or does it just use ndiswrapper)03:41
DarkmystereCan some one Help me i cant get Ubuntu or any other linux distro to connect to my Router it uses wep yes wep i just use it because i can :D03:42
mjw-deniz_ that line just loads the module for the eepro100...you still need to configure things03:42
deniz_mjw-, ok so wat do i do next?03:42
mjw-deniz_ does lsmod | grep -i eepro   now return something?03:42
joanki we will see03:42
mjw-deniz_ I'm not sure, i haven't really been following what you were trying to do03:42
solexious[Q] How can i mount samba shared folders from another box on a ubuntu box? *reworded*03:43
RequinB4Is there a way to put a google desktop search prompt on a panel?03:43
ahorriblemessjoanki: I tried to PM this to you, but whatever... if you haven't already been to this page, check it out https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats03:43
reportingsjrHow do I switch my keyboard to dvorak?03:43
EnderTheThirdsolexious:   at boot?03:43
mjw-solexious honestly, in nautilus, you can just do it the windows way....e.g. //servernameorip/sharename03:43
mjw-!smb > solexious03:44
solexiousender: well any time rearly03:44
mjw-solexious that describes a more permanent way that will work with more applications03:44
deniz_mjw-, :'( absolultely nothing that i tried the last couple hours dint work03:44
Darkmysterei put the key in and then a few mins later the thing pops up asking again..03:44
mjw-deniz_ well hopefully it at least recognizest that the ethernet exists now.03:45
deniz_mjw-, it gave eepro100 32400 0 and mii is 6528 2 eepro100, e10003:45
RequinB4Is there a way to put a google desktop search prompt on a panel?03:45
RequinB4hello termitor03:46
deniz_mjw-, should i be running firestarter03:46
termitorwho use xvmc on nvidia-new gutsy ?03:46
mjw-deniz_ no, it won't help get a network connection going03:46
EnderTheThirdsolexious:  you can google it, but i'm pretty sure you just add an entry in /etc/fstab along the lines of "//server/folder /mount/point/here auto none 0 0"03:46
cybertuxHow config the termnal03:46
deniz_o...but wen i opened it, it said eth0 is not ready03:46
EnderTheThirdsolexious:  might need "smbfs" instead of "auto" though03:47
RequinB4cybertux: you want to change the terminal's color?03:47
ubotuTo install Flash see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats/Flash (for !Dapper and !Edgy, a recent version is available in !backports) - See also !Restricted and !Gnash03:47
EnderTheThirdoh ubotu, how your infinite wisdom impresses us all03:48
RequinB4cybertux: that's based on your current theme... you can change with system - preferences - appearence03:48
mjw-EnderTheThird i'm curious, can you enable compiz on that gx260?03:48
UghVistaI want to partition a hard drive using Knoppix but I cant because it says the partition is being used03:48
UghVistaWhat can I do?03:48
mjw-UghVista reboot using a livecd03:48
deniz_omfg y is sharing an internet connectiojn soooo difficult???03:48
EnderTheThirdmjw-:  yeah,  doesn't run too great, but it's not much worse than metacity03:48
UghVistaI did mjw03:48
RaspberryI had direct rendering working in X (I have a Thinkpad X61T with an Intel X3100 video card) and it worked fine, but once I installed xgl and compiz -- I have lost my direct rendering so I can't run glxgears or anything (it restarts X) --- any ideas?  I've been though dozens of postings on the forums03:49
UghVistaI'm on a livecd right now03:49
Yanch0i screwed /home/yancho .. any idea how i can restore it please??03:49
RequinB4UghVista - check if the partition is mounted and unmount if it is03:49
EnderTheThirdraspberry:  XGL disables direct rendering (could use confirmation though)03:49
deniz_anyway, ive had enuf for today, ill come bak later03:50
Syxxcan someone help me with playing mp3 formats03:50
mjw-Raspberry: also, the X3100 is on the compiz blacklist right now03:50
RaspberryEnderTheThird: so DRI and XGL are mutually exclusive?03:50
Raspberrymjw-: compiz works great with it03:50
mjw-!mp3 > Syxx03:50
deniz_Syxx, what os  version?03:50
Raspberryvery smooth03:50
ubotuFor multimedia issues, this page has useful information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats - See also http://help.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/desktopguide/C/common-tasks-chap.html - But please use free formats if you can: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FreeFormats03:50
UghVistaHow do I unmount a partition?03:50
tkxuehow do I install flash onto ubuntu 64bit ?03:50
tkxuehow do I install flash onto ubuntu 64bit ? (i.e. get around the md5sum problem)03:51
pawanerror 22 no such partition03:51
joankiahorriblemess, it now plays in vlc03:51
EnderTheThirdraspberry:  from what i remember when i had a radeon, xgl had to be used because it didn't support compiz with direct rendering, and xgl disables it because it's essentially a "hack" to get compiz running.  you could check #compiz too03:51
joankiahorriblemess, thanks so much03:51
pawanwhen i load 7.10 livecd no video03:51
Raspberrymjw: I don't need to run compiz at all -- I just need better 3d support so World of Warcraft, ET and other games will work -- I have Codeweavers cross over -- WoW installs fine and starts, but locks up the PC once the 3d engine is heavily called (same thing that happens with RtCW: Enemy Territory)03:51
mjw-tkxue try this:  sudo apt-get purge gnash; sudo apt-get purge flashplugin-nonfree; sudo apt-get update; sudo apt-get install flashplugin-nonfree03:51
termitorxmvc on nvidia nobody know ?03:51
RaspberryEnderTheThird: I don't neccesarily want compiz :)   I just need "better" (more fps) 3d support03:52
pawancant we use drive data when using livecd03:52
EnderTheThirdtermitor:  what about it?03:52
Raspberrythe card works great in XP and Vista03:52
mjw-Raspberry this isn't going to win me friends, but honestly, if you want to run windows games, run windows.03:52
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termitorEnderTheThird: mplayer say video : no video (with -vo xvmc) and /etc/X11/XcMCConfig = libXvMCNVIDIA.so.103:53
Raspberrymjw-: yeah I do run Windows :)  I'd just like to not dual boot :D  and Codeweavers supports WoW -- I could call them about it, but I thought I'd ask here first :)03:53
EnderTheThirdraspberry:  my help would be pretty limited there as i haven't tried linux with an ATI card in almost 2 years.  i bought an nvidia card a few months after i started using Ubuntu exclusively03:53
RaspberryEnderTheThird: the X3100 is an Intel card... not an ATI03:53
EnderTheThirdraspberry:  doh!03:53
cybertux want to change the terminal's color of virtual terminal03:53
EnderTheThirdraspberry:  i'm an ass03:54
ubotuPlease watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family friendly.03:54
mjw-Raspberry the X3100 3D support is just kind of iffy right now in X. It's a pretty big departure from the older intel GMA series and the open source driver hasn't entirely caught up03:54
EnderTheThirdrequinb4:  my apologies03:54
termitorEnderTheThird: changing /etc/X11/XcMCConfig => disconnect + reconnect ?03:54
CVD-PRwhere is the file to put the DNS?03:54
mjw-CVD-PR /etc/resolv.conf03:54
Raspberrymjw-: they released a big linux / openGL improved driver on the 28th of January ( I think) -- but I'd rather not muck up the packages to put it in place03:54
Raspberrywith XGL and Compiz this card is smooth ... as good as my GeForce 7600 for Desktop stuff...  definitely not the same for Games :P03:55
CVD-PRand dhcp also/03:55
cybertux want to change the terminal's color of virtual terminal03:56
mjw-Raspberry well compiz isn't -that- taxing, at least. I have it running on this laptop...an ATI Radeon Mobility M6 from 2002. :)03:56
RaspberryI easily get 30fps in WoW on linux @ 1920x1200 -- so I figured @ 1024x800 it'd be playable in linux :) -- It runs and I can pick my character, but when it loads the game and actually tries to render everything it locks X03:56
CVD-PRok dgclien.conf03:56
Raspberrymjw-: Compiz doesn't run well on my Toshiba M200 with a nVidia 5200 MX 32MB :)03:56
Yanch0How can I restore back my /home please ..03:57
mjw-Raspberry 1024x800? maybe X just doesn't understand that resolution ;)03:57
mjw-Raspberry I didn't say it was really smooth :)03:57
Raspberrymjw-: you're lucky I'm in a good mood :P03:57
RaspberryI just wanted to get the 3d working on this thing so I can ditch havign to boot into windows ... so I can play a bit between coding rather than just surfing the web03:58
mjw-Raspberry so it works as long as you're in 1920x1200?03:59
cybertux want to change the terminal's color of virtual terminal03:59
Raspberrymjw-: it doesn't work @ any res :P  I was just using that as an example that I could get a better frame rate @ a lower res03:59
pawancant we use drive data when using livecd04:00
pawanhow to repair reinstall ubuntu04:00
mjw-!ignore pawan all04:00
bluefoxxback, damn computer crashed, hard04:00
Raspberryhmm this is the download location for these drivers? http://www.intellinuxgraphics.org/download.html04:01
CVD-PRwhy all in linux are files?04:01
mjw-Raspberry if you want to be on the bleeding edge, yes. but ubuntu comes with some version of them04:01
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cybertux want to change the terminal's color of virtual terminal04:02
brad01I have a second hard drive I want to use for storage04:02
Raspberrybut it's an older version and if you look at the 1000s of postings about 3d problems with the intel drivers -- it's junk04:02
mjw-Raspberry bummer.04:03
piedoggieI'm looking for the package that contains the python profiling tools.  I'm using 6.0604:03
mjw-Raspberry well hardy isn't too far off. they'll roll in a newer version of it.04:04
cybertux want to change the terminal's color of virtual terminal04:05
mjw-Raspberry trust me though the intel driver isn't half as bad the binary-only matrox parhelia driver. that thing only supports 3D acceleration in the academic sense.04:05
wersi want a new menu. I am trying ubuntu system panel but it's so messy. I want something as good as suse's sled. I tried gnome-main-menu but it's also messy. It's not as good as the sled that comes with suse. any suggestion? :)04:05
RaspberryI've run Hardy -- not ready for prime time :P  and they're using the same intel driver (version, not package rev)04:05
cybertux want to change the terminal's color of virtual terminal or config ?04:06
RaspberryI just had to fix a system for the Univ of Minnesota's supercomputer lab yesterday04:06
Raspberrythey bought a Quadro FX 4600, but couldn't configure the DVI out04:06
Raspberryit was a mess04:06
Raspberryknown issue with the card / driver compatibility04:06
Raspberry... and usplash :)04:07
cybertux want to change the terminal's color of virtual terminal04:09
cybertuxHow  to change the terminal's color of virtual terminal04:09
ghosthow has I build from source ?04:09
nanohello world04:09
ghostthere is two scripts one called domake.sh and dolinks.sh04:10
IdleOne!compile | ghost04:10
ubotughost: Compiling software from source? Read the tips at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/CompilingSoftware (But remember to search for pre-built !packages first)04:10
ghostsweet thanks04:10
Raspberryhow can I install the new drivers from hardy into gutsy...04:11
Raspberry--dist hardy ?04:11
nanohey guys, i was wondering if anybody knew where ubunutu keeps its open source version of nvidia driver, called "nv"...i tried searching in /lib but couldn't find the corresponding nv.ko file04:11
mjw-Raspberry i wouldn't try. there's a very high chance you will break your installation04:11
Darkmystereerr i cant seem to use the dreaded partion magic to make a new partion i have a Ubuntu Partion also and a swap i wanted to make another partion for Backtrack3 but when i reboot into windows it says Partion Magic complete but no new partion i know by doing04:11
RaspberryI can always dist-upgrade then :P04:11
Darkmysterefdisk -l04:11
sean_anybody know how to get amarok to work with tunapie???04:11
bruenigwhat is turnapie04:13
pokerfacepenguinfree inet radio04:13
mjw-Raspberry you could built the new intel driver from source if you are feeling adventurous04:13
Raspberrythey have instructions on how to do that on the intel site04:13
pokerfacepenguinbruenig: it is internet radio04:13
UncleChevitzI'm trying to upgrade from 6.06 to the latest version, but I read somewhere that I should update sequentially, I used the command gksu “update-manager -c -d” and software updates tells me 8.04 is available, can I safely install it?04:14
brad01I want to use a second hardrive for storage.04:14
mjw-!hardy | UncleChevitz04:14
ubotuUncleChevitz: Hardy Heron is the code name for the next release of Ubuntu (8.04-LTS), due April 2008 - For more info, see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardyHeron - CONSIDER IT TO BE PRE BETA (ALPHA) SOFTWARE - Discussion and support in #ubuntu+1, NOT #ubuntu04:14
nanohey guys, i was wondering if anybody knew where ubunutu keeps its open source version of nvidia driver, called "nv"...i tried searching in /lib but couldn't find the corresponding nv.ko file04:15
bruenigUncleChevitz: don't use the -d flag in that command04:15
piedoggieugh.  python-profiler is listed in multiverse but is is not found with aptitude.  and yes, multiverse is in sources.list04:15
nanothis room is pretty busy tonight04:16
Raspberryso long and thanks for all the fish04:16
pawangetting error 22 no such partition04:16
IdleOnepiedoggie, what error is aptitude giving you?04:16
killuxhey, i am on a ubuntu live cd and i need to uninstall grub from the mbr, how can i do this?04:16
nanocan somebody tell me the difference between the following commands "modproble driver" and04:17
mjw-piedoggie installs fine here, just checked.04:17
ghosthey im reading this guide on ubuntu docs on how to build from source, but the make commands don't do anything in the folder. they have those domake.sh script in there but when I tried to run it it complains04:17
nano"insmod driver"04:17
UncleChevitzI used the same command with out the -d flag and it just tells me "my system is up to date"04:17
bruenignano: /usr/lib/xorg/modules/drivers/nv_drv.so and don't call it ubuntu's open source version as they haven't the slightest thing to do with it04:17
Yanch0By mistake I named another partition /home (used gui and it screwed everything) .. data is still on /dev/hda7 ... files are still there .. how can I access it ? this is my df -h : http://yancho.pastebin.com/d40c00a52 .. help is really appreciated please!04:17
nanocan somebody tell me the difference between the following commands "modproble driver" and "insmod driver"04:17
piedoggieI'm searching using the curses ui and it is not finding thet package04:17
compwiz18killux: you can't uninstall grub, but you can install over grub...04:17
compwiz18killux: what are you trying to put on the mbr?04:17
forleaf killux -----format the whole disk......04:17
IdleOnepiedoggie, try sudo aptitude install python-profiler04:17
bruenignano: none really04:17
[dcr]killux: what are you trying to do? o.o04:18
mjw-nano: insmod is simpler. modprobe does some dependency resolution, I think, plus you can actually remove modules with it too04:18
killuxno, i removed a harddrive and now grub wont boot up my existing hardrive with windows on it04:18
forleafthit's  is nothing:-D04:18
killuxi just want to clear the mbr04:18
mjw-piedoggie did you do a   sudo apt-get update after adding multiverse?04:18
compwiz18killux: if you do that, nothing will boot04:18
mjw-mjw- and a   sudo apt-get install python-profiler  should do the trick04:18
piedoggiemjw: yes04:18
compwiz18killux: if you can get to windows, yes, fixmbr should do it, I think04:19
nanoI am trying to load a module...i can only load it if i do issue the full name ie (modprobe /file/driver.ko), however, i cannot automatically load it by putting "driver" in /etc/modules04:19
NigelSkillux: when you say you removed a HD, you removed the HD with the /boot directory on it? if not it is probably just that the drive order changed, hence their numbers changed and grub is trying to load the wrong drive04:20
forleafwhy do you want to clear  mbr  killux?04:20
UncleChevitz!upgrade > me04:20
nanobasically, i don't have loading the driver if i put the full name in ...i.e. including the04:20
nano".ko" but i can't load just "driver"04:20
nanowhatsup with that?04:20
Matze79_where can i get a new version of calmav ? the package i get from xubuntu rep. is outdated :(04:20
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box-UncleChevitz : are you wanting the beta or Gutsy ?04:21
pawanhow to open menu.lst04:21
piedoggiemjw: here are the results:  http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/56181/04:21
Matze79_i have gutsy04:21
freezeyok so when i run lspci i see drivers installed for my SD/MMC smart card reader there but when i put it in the PC it doesnt load or read04:21
pawanmy ubuntu is pointing to wrong partition gotta change it04:21
NigelSpawan: it's in /boot/grub04:22
pawani am using livecd04:22
mattgrieserMy menu bars are HUGE!!! Like 10 times wider than normal. What's up?04:22
mjw-piedoggie ah, you're in dapper. there may be no package for dapper.04:22
[dcr]i just created a new partition FAT32 to install Widnows XP to04:23
freezeymattgrieser: is your resolution correct?04:23
pawanhow to open /boot/grub04:23
[dcr]is there anything i need to know before I get started installing Windows XP?04:23
nanodoes anybody know why i can load a driver if i issue the complete file name but i cannot load the driver by putting its name without ".ko"  in /etc/modules04:23
NigelSpawan: I see - you've done that so you can repair the file but grub is interactive - you could have just given it a new drive interactively from boot - nevertheless you now need to mount the hard disk with grub on it - you can list your hard disks by typing ls -al /dev/disk/by-id04:23
forleafpawan: grub doesn't install on your pc ,so you cant find it.04:23
piedoggiehttp://packages.ubuntu.com/dapper/source/python-profiler  sez there is...04:23
mjw-!info python-profiler dapper > piedoggie04:23
freezey[dcr]: that it sucks04:23
[dcr]Lol freezey04:23
[dcr]I know thats why i installed linux04:24
[dcr]but i need the dualboot for other things04:24
UncleChevitzbox: gutsy04:24
freezey[dcr]: install vmware and run an virtual instance04:24
mjw-piedoggie the whole package size 0kB is really fishy though04:24
[dcr]i already went through the process of partitioning another drive04:24
[dcr]i think i can survive dualboot =[04:25
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piedoggieI think the dapper multiverse is gone04:25
mjw-!info python-profiler > piedoggie04:25
freezey[dcr]: even better to setup vmware04:25
NigelSnano: possibly it's not compiled against the currently running kernel? you found the kernel object .ko in a dir like /lib/modules..kernel name?04:25
freezeydoes anybody know about the smart card reader?04:25
mjw-piedoggie it dapper is 6.06? it should still be there. weird though.04:25
nanodoes anybody know why i can load a driver if i issue the complete file name but i cannot load the driver by putting its name without ".ko"  in /etc/modules04:25
[dcr]freezey: well it sucks that i barely know about vmware so i'll have to make due04:25
piedoggiedcr: virt machines are a great way to try out new installs04:25
nanoNigel: i don't think that is the problem04:25
pawanhow to mount04:25
IdleOnepiedoggie, see if you can download from packages.ubuntu.com then install using spkg -i package-name.deb04:26
NigelSnano: this is to say if the dir you're in is not /lib/modules/`uname -r` then modprobe won't see it04:26
nanoNigel: yes there is only one kernel on my system04:26
piedoggieI use them on my laptop on one of my servers04:26
Yanch0By mistake I named another partition /home (used gui and it screwed everything) .. data is still on /dev/hda7 ... files are still there .. how can I access it ? this is my df -h : http://yancho.pastebin.com/d40c00a52 .. help is really appreciated please! /etc/fstab is still like it should be .. maybe a reboot will do the trick? or I can risk that I will not enter the OS and for sure I can forget to fix it ?04:26
nanomodprobe can see other drivers that are in the same place, but it doesn't see this04:26
NigelSnano: how did this driver get there? did you add it?04:26
nanoI used Nvidia-installer executable files04:27
freezeyok so when i run lspci i see drivers installed for my SD/MMC smart card reader there but when i put it in the PC it doesnt load or read04:27
StarnestommyYanch0: try sudo umount /dev/hda804:27
nanoi didn't and wouldn't do  a bruteforce copy04:27
pawanhow to mount04:27
Yanch0umount: /home: device is busy04:27
Yanch0umount: /home: device is busy04:27
Yanch0Starnestommy ^04:27
piedoggiemjw:  ugh.  I guess I need to upgrade my virtual server two something a little more current04:27
nanofreezey: you need to mount it04:27
IdleOne!mount | pawalls04:27
ubotupawalls: Partitioning programs: !GParted or QTParted (also "man mkfs" for formatting) - Mounting partitions in !GNOME under !Dapper: System -> Administration -> Disks - For !Edgy and later, see !fstab and !DiskMounter04:27
IdleOne!mount | pawan04:27
ubotupawan: Partitioning programs: !GParted or QTParted (also "man mkfs" for formatting) - Mounting partitions in !GNOME under !Dapper: System -> Administration -> Disks - For !Edgy and later, see !fstab and !DiskMounter04:27
[dcr]is there anyway to lets say switch /dev/hda1 with /dev/hda3 ?04:28
NigelSpawan: whichever of those drives contains your linux root drive - mount /dev/<drive letter and number> /directory of your choosing04:28
freezeynano: yeah? how do i find out which it is?04:28
pawanwill i lose the existing insatllation and data04:28
StarnestommyYanch0: you'll probably need to log into recovery mode or reboot to fix it if that umount failed04:28
NigelSnano: was depmod -a run by this installer? this more or less sounds like a problem with whatever process was used to install the driver04:28
NigelSnano: modprobe needs modules.dep to be current04:28
piedoggiethe only problem I'm worried about is that I'm not sure how compatible VM Ware server 1.04 is with the latest Ubuntu04:29
nanoNigelS, do i need to run depmod -a04:29
NigelSpawan: merely mounting the drive will not cause you to lose data04:29
nanoim not sure if this installer ran that04:29
freezeypiedoggie: i setup vmware server on a CentOS 5 machine04:29
freezeyworks flawlessly04:29
UncleChevitzI've been trying to upgrade from 6.06, I followed the instructions @ https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EdgyUpgrades, but its just giving me a warning about "apt api not stable yet", anybody got suggestions?04:30
piedoggieno, I'm worried about the guest04:30
NigelSpawan: but as I say, you don't need to do this to boot ubuntu - you could from the grub menu edit the menu.lst on startup, i.e. enter the interactive prompt - however you're here now so you can do it this way04:30
freezeynano : how do i found out which device it is?04:30
NigelSnano: try it, see if it works - though this is the official nvidia installer?04:30
nanonigels: yes its the official nvidia installer04:30
NigelSnano: also have you run modprobe in verbose mode to see what error, if any it gives?04:30
NigelSnano: the nvidia version currently outpaces the one in the repos I guess?04:31
pawani am not getting the drive letter where ubuntu is insatlled how to find04:31
nanofreezey: depends on the type fo device it is, im not sure what your device is but a quick google search will tell you whatsup04:31
piedoggieone of the problems I ran into in a previous life was that the guests tools didn't always install properly on the more current distributions04:31
Yanch0Starnestommy will a reboot delete the files in the partition ?04:31
nanoNgielS: i think i will try that04:31
nanothanks for ur hlep04:31
nanoand i will reboot04:31
NigelSpawan: if you type fdisk -l it will list all partitions and their associated file types - look for the one which is formatted in ext3 0x8304:32
StarnestommyYanch0: if they weren't deleted now they most likely won't be deleted when rebooting04:32
NigelSfile formats even04:32
Yanch0Starnestommy any other option apart from deleting that u might think of please?04:32
Yanch0Starnestommy deleting = rebooting04:33
StarnestommyYanch0: no, it doesn't.04:33
Starnestommyor at least it shouldn't unless something major goes wrong04:33
NigelSpawan: you created a seperate /boot partition?04:34
Yanch0Starnestommy should i restart from the button - so it doesnt save settings?04:34
niuqhow do i change to init 3?04:35
pawanyes and swap too04:35
Starnestommyniuq: sudo telinit 304:35
niuqohhh telinit04:35
StarnestommyYanch0: no, sudo telinit 604:35
niuqwhy tel?04:35
Yanch0Starnestommy from ssh or from the server itself?04:35
NigelSpawan: I think the /boot then is /dev/sdb3 - try this mkdir /tmp/boot && mount /dev/sdb3 /tmp/boot04:36
StarnestommyYanch0: it might be a bit safer to do it from the server, unless it's too far away04:36
moDumasshey all, is there some way that will allow me to see thumbnail previews of images in gnome again?04:36
Yanch0no next to me .. im doing it04:36
pawanubuntu@ubuntu:~$ sudo mkdir /tmp/boot && mount /dev/sdb3 /tmp/boot04:37
pawanmkdir: cannot create directory `/tmp/boot': File exists04:37
Yanch0Starnestommy from the gui i cannot load the terminal :(04:37
NigelSpawan: I see, then change boot to something that isn't there04:37
OmegaCenti_Alright, My big problem today is my terminal fonts can't be loaded or something or another04:37
StarnestommyYanch0: ctrl+alt+f2, then log in as yourself at the prompt and type sudo telinit 604:38
Yanch0done Starnestommy .. now what please?04:38
NigelSpawan: I leave that to you04:39
pawanwill changing to anything mess up04:39
StarnestommyYanch0: it should reboot04:39
Yanch0its restarting04:39
j0hng4lthello folks, newbie here, finally got ubuntu installed and wireless config working (needed restriced driver...)04:39
NigelSpawan: you're just mounting to a folder - you could call it /tmp/flibbidyflobbidyfloo and it wouldn't matter04:39
Yanch0moutning root file system ok .. mounting boot ok04:40
j0hng4ltI installed apache and PHP, how do I test installation?04:40
pawanwhat is this /tmp/boot files exist04:40
mjw-j0hng4lt try in a web browser04:40
ghostis there a way I can have make do a check for dependencies that are not filled and then have apt-get install said missing files?04:41
NigelSpawan: it means that you tried to create a directory that already existed04:41
j0hng4ltLOL, tried localhost, it works.04:41
j0hng4ltthat was a dumb question04:41
Wujuopensuse had a server outage04:41
Wujui kind of need opensuse help, since opensuse support is starting to suck04:41
mjw-!ot | Wuju04:41
ubotuWuju: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, #ubuntu+1 supports the development version of Ubuntu and #ubuntu-offtopic is for random chatter. Welcome!04:41
NigelSpawan: then what?, what have you done?04:41
ghostis there a way I can have make do a check for dependencies that are not filled and then have apt-get install said missing files?04:41
NigelSj0hng4lt: you can define additional hosts etc in /etc/hosts if you're testing sites and what not04:41
j0hng4ltany suggestions for a FTP client for linux?  GUI preferred.04:41
pawanhow to recreate it04:42
mjw-!ftp > j0hng4lt04:42
OmegaCenti_think I need help with framebuffer and usplash04:42
NigelSpawan: have you mounted the drive?04:42
j0hng4ltapt-get install !ftp  ?04:42
mjw-j0hng4lt that's a directive to ubotu to send you a message about your options ;)04:42
ubotuFTP clients: !Nautilus, !gFTP (for !GNOME) - !Konqueror, !Kasablanca, !KFTPGrabber (for !KDE) - See also !FTPd04:42
lostxionany one who Mumia Abu Jamal is???04:43
mjw-!ot > lostxion04:43
lostxionor any resources on his work???04:43
mike_hi all im about to install ubuntu on a computer with a X1650PRO 512MB any ideas if it will work04:43
mike_ATI that is04:43
kf6aaqMike...i just downloaded the ATI drivers from their website04:43
=== co_kenter_fs is now known as chesa
kf6aaqand it worked on this laptop04:44
mjw-mike_ you'll need the binary ATI driver, which may or may not automatically prompt you to be installed04:44
blurpleI have always had problems with my ati9600xt04:44
blurplenever worked for me04:44
NigelSpawan: right; then type mkdir /tmp/unlikelydirname && sudo mount /dev/sdb3 /tmp/unlikelydirname04:44
IshmaelDSanyone able to help me out.  I have a toshiba satellite p100 and it detects my soundcard, I checked the alsamixer and the sounds not muted but I get no sound.  Any Ideas?04:44
mjw-blurple ever tried the "radeon" driver?04:44
mike_i have ati9600xt - its bad news04:44
winter-mutehi, is there package for mencoder?04:44
blurpleI used the proprietary and xorg04:44
ubotuUbuntu is a complete Linux-based operating system, freely available with both community and professional support. It is developed by a large community and we invite you to participate too! - Also see http://www.ubuntu.com04:44
winter-mutei need to rip a movie :-/04:44
void^!info mencoder | winter-mute04:45
ubotuwinter-mute: mencoder (source: mplayer): MPlayer's Movie Encoder. In component multiverse, is extra. Version 2:1.0~rc1-0ubuntu13.1 (gutsy), package size 3277 kB, installed size 8148 kB04:45
pawanya typed04:45
Yanch0Starnestommy check pn04:45
winter-muteE: Couldn't find package mencoder04:45
NigelSpawan: ok, so if there were no errors then cd /tmp/unlikelydirname04:45
NigelSpawan: what do you see if you type: ls from there04:46
NW2190Hey, does anyone know how to use the "--fullscreen" option in a launcher under gnome?04:46
NW2190I can type04:46
NigelSwinter-mute: you do not have the multiverse repos enabled, go to your system->admin->software sources and enable them04:46
mouseboyxWhere are the C+ header files?04:46
pawanubuntu@ubuntu:/tmp/unlikelydirname$ ls04:46
pawanlost+found  Recycled  (R) Removable Disk.lnk04:46
NW2190"banshee -fullscreen" and it will be a fullscreen file but can04:46
StarnestommyYanch0: unfortunately, I don't have paypal04:47
mjw-mouseboyx  sudo apt-get install build-essential is a good start for compiling essentials04:47
lisa_comeihi..all...i got problem to set JAVA_HOME. I use apt-get to install tomcat5.5. I already set the correct Java SDK in my box.. /usr/lib/jvm/java-6-sun/bin ..but getting error JAVA_HOME not set.. any idea?04:47
Yanch0then im sorry i guess u have to settle with my sincere thanks!!04:47
rainwalkerwhat's the name of the firewall Ubuntu comes with?04:48
mouseboyxso if i type cc mything.c it will find <stdio.h>?04:48
Starnestommyrainwalker: netfilter or iptables04:48
rainwalkerStarnestommy: or? how do I know which one?04:48
Starnestommyrainwalker: they're the same thing.  netfilter is the kernel-side part and iptables is the user-space utility that controls netfilter04:49
NigelSrainwalker: linux uses iptables  - iptables is netfilter04:49
mjw-mouseboyx i don't know, honestly, the build-essential package will definitely net you that.04:49
rainwalkeroh ok04:49
rainwalkerisn't firestarter the GUI for it or something like that?04:49
Starnestommythat's one of them04:49
mouseboyxWorks MJW thanks!04:49
pawanremovable disk04:50
mcquaid /join #gloss04:50
rainwalkerStarnestommy: what others are there?04:50
NigelSpawan: if that's not where /boot is - then it must be the other one - type sudo umount /dev/sdb3 and then repeat the previous command without the mkdir obviously but this time use /dev/sdb704:50
Starnestommyrainwalker: I can't remember their names but I know they exist04:51
rainwalkerok thanks04:51
pawanubuntu@ubuntu:~$ sudo umount /dev/sdb304:52
pawangive total command04:53
pawani too think its on sdb704:53
scjp_what is the difference between linux x86 and linux-6404:53
MagoonDIf I am running ubuntu on my laptop and hook up a mointor to the vga port how do I switch my display to use the monitor?04:53
mjw-scjp_ x86 = 32 bit, 64 = 64 bit04:54
Starnestommyscjp_: regular x86 is 32-bit.  x86-64 is 64-bit and optimised for 54-bit machines04:54
Starnestommyer, 64-bit04:54
mjw-yeah, the 54-bit machines never really took off ;)04:54
miniuxHi everyone, I just nuked my / partition (long story)... I have a separate /home partition and I am trying to reinstall... finally got gparted/ubuntu install partitioner to recognize my old partition table by rewriting it with testdisk and I had to delete the very corrupted / partition (because it was "overlapping" with another partition)... I am trying to attach the new install to my old /home and user preferences but it doesnt see my old users.. and yes m04:54
prettyrickywhat is everyone using to install new themes for the start up04:54
scjp_Starnestommy, so basically x86 is like pentium04:54
prettyrickyis there anything like bootskin for ubuntu 7.1004:54
scjp_Starnestommy,  pentium404:54
winter-mutevoid^: thanks!04:55
pawanhow to remount sdb704:55
NigelSpawan: you have to think for yourself a bit you know! i told you to repeat the previous mount command but this time with the other drive - i.e. sudo mount /dev/sdb7 /tmp/unlikelydirname04:55
winter-muteNigelS: thanks!04:55
mjw-scjp_ the original pentiums 1-4 were all 32bit processors, yes04:55
Starnestommyscjp_: most intel and amd processors.  amd64 is backwards-compatible with x8604:55
NigelSwinter-mute: np :)04:55
pawanubuntu@ubuntu:~$  sudo mount /dev/sdb7 /tmp/unlikelydirname04:55
fdskjaljihow can i see a list of all the things that start up with my computer?04:56
MagoonDis the vga display enabled at all times in ubuntu gutsy if its running on laptop?04:56
Lionoiam using kiosktool but its window size is too big that i cannot see the buttons at the bottom. what can i do?04:56
j0hng4ltis there a php editor that is more like dreamweaver?  I have tried quanta04:56
NigelSpawan: what do you think? :)04:56
miniuxfdskjalji: system - administration - services04:56
j0hng4ltI would like something with built in FTP04:56
Starnestommyfdskjalji: ls /etc/rcS.d/ and ls /etc/rc2.d/ should list the ones that start after the root partition is mounted04:56
fdskjaljialright awesome, thanks both of you04:57
pawani know it is on sdb704:57
prettyrickyim using KDM theme manager04:58
prettyrickyanyone used that before?04:58
NigelSpawan: well what did you do last time? have a look and see - so from the directory (that is to say "cd /tmp/unlikelydirname") type ls (ls lists files)04:58
miniuxAnyone have any suggestion on my (wall of text) issue, reattaching old /home and user pref's to new install? Where does the install look for users?04:58
mjw-!kubuntu | prettyricky04:58
ubotuprettyricky: Kubuntu is Ubuntu with KDE, the K Desktop Environment, instead of Gnome. See http://kubuntu.org for more information - For support: #kubuntu - See also !KDE04:58
NigelSprettyricky: quite a few ppl yes :)04:58
MagoonDcan someone help me I need to hook up monitor to my laptop how do I turn the VGA port?04:58
fdskjaljiif i disable powernowd, will that put the processor in a constant maximum performance state?04:59
prettyrickyhow do I add and use the themes. can some one direct me.04:59
scjp_how to change the nickname04:59
* Liono waits04:59
Starnestommyscjp_: type /nick new-nickname05:00
scjp_or i can set an away status05:00
Starnestommyscjp_: for that, /away reason05:00
pawani can see bin boot dev05:00
chillangohello! Anyone now the message "Error in Podcast" when you actualizing these05:00
piedoggieany pointers as to where I can find "official" vmware debs?05:00
mjw-!away > scjp_05:00
viktorcan anyone tell me wat xserver-xorg-video-intel update is going to change05:00
chillangoin ubuntu 7.04, Xubuntu 6.06 Rhythmbox or Gpodder. Its al the same05:00
wng-what package do i need to be able to use the -X and -Y options for ssh?05:01
unagi_E: Sub-process /usr/bin/dpkg returned an error code (100) <----------i get this when i sudo apt-get install -f anyone know why05:01
=== gouki_ is now known as gouki
NigelSpawan: ok, so you've found it now - the file you wanted is in /tmp/unlikelydirname/boot/grub/menu.lst05:01
NigelSunagi_: not without seeing the full output05:01
viktorcan anyone tell me wat xserver-xorg-video-intel update is going to change05:02
mjw-viktor the intel x.org server/driver05:02
unagi_NigelS:  there is nothing of interest before that error05:02
prettyrickycan someone give me some direction on how to add and install themes with KDM theme manager05:02
viktorwhats it gonna change though05:02
viktoris it muckin round wit my compiz05:02
badkittyhello mates05:03
pawani am using livecd05:03
NigelSunagi_: are you sure? I find that unlikely05:03
mjw-viktor depends if you have intel-based video or not. potentially.05:03
MagoonDplz someone help me it has to be simple05:03
mjw-viktor it won't do anything then05:03
MagoonDI need to hook up monitor to my laptop how do I turn on the VGA port?05:04
NigelSpawan: you asked originally where to find the file - what you wanted to do with it you didn't say - if your drive numbers are wrong you can find them in there and edit them05:04
=== RxDx is now known as RxDx[CheechAndCh
=== RxDx[CheechAndCh is now known as [CheechAndChong]
unagi_NigelS: unless you consider typical dpkg output to be of interest05:04
j0hng4ltokay, here is an easy one:  which is my www dir in apache?05:04
j0hng4lter, where in filesystem05:04
bluefoxxhow can i create a windows equivilant bootable floppy in linux?05:04
pawanhow to browse to that folder05:04
j0hng4lti found etc/apache205:04
j0hng4ltbut cannot find www folder05:04
j0hng4lti am used to WAMP.....05:04
mjw-j0hng4lt /var/www perhaps?05:04
badkittyj0hng4lt: It is in /var/www05:04
IcemanV9MagoonD: look for the key (on your keyboard) that will switch from your laptop lcd to your external monitor05:05
Liono any one used kiosktool?05:05
MagoonDIcemanV9, ok thx i will try that05:05
DarkmystereI cant get my Skydomes and Cube Caps to take affect....05:05
j0hng4ltmjw and badkitty - THX!05:05
bluefoxxi need to make a bootable floppy as described here>http://www.asrock.com/support/DOS.html05:05
NigelSunagi_: right - well this is what typical dpkg output for that command looks like http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/56187/05:06
j0hng4ltone last question re: apache - I need to check for MySQL - where would it be? (like phpMyAdmin)05:06
unagi_i just want my apt-get fixed05:06
j0hng4ltor is MySQL a seperate install?05:06
badkittyanyone know why running gparted takes forever to load anything?05:07
mjw-!mysql > j0hng4lt05:07
montejey can someone tell me were i can get the drives or apps for a lexmark printer05:07
pawancant access that folder using livecd05:07
ubotuLAMP is an acronym for Linux-Apache-MySQL-PHP. However, the term is often used for setups using alternative but different software, such as Perl or Python instead of PHP, and Postgres instead of MySQL. For help with setting up LAMP on Ubuntu, see  https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ApacheMySQLPHP - See also the Server CD installation process (different in Edgy+)05:07
badkittyj0hng4lt: should be in etc or etc/init.d ll05:07
badkittyj0hng4lt: You arent sure if you installed it??05:08
NigelSunagi_: then help us to help you - are you saying that your output looks identical to mine except for that error?05:08
j0hng4ltthe folder mysql is in etc...05:08
j0hng4ltwhere would phpMyAdmin be?05:08
pteaguewhich do you think would generate more heat? a sata i/o card or a hauppage pvr-500 ?05:08
NigelSunagi_: then please paste it, if it is innocuous then that rules one option out05:09
pyrakmedia players keep crashing while trying to play a dvd05:09
badkittyj0hng4lt: Oh umm.. To run it you go to var/www/phpmyadmin .. but it is only a symbolic link i believe05:09
NigelSunagi_: it looks like you're trying to install dpkg itself?05:09
badkittyj0hng4lt: Im not sure otherwise where it is located05:10
unagi_im trying to run sudo apt-get install -f05:10
NigelSunagi_: yes, it feels that it needs dpkg to correct some error; what were you doing before this happened?05:10
pawanhave a look at my menu.lst file05:10
unagi_forcing a downgrade someone swore to me would fix kopete05:10
NigelSunagi_: aha, so you overrode apt with the force commands?05:11
NigelSunagi_: what exactly did you force?05:11
unagi_some patch for kopete05:11
NigelSunagi_: a patch to what? what was the pkg?05:11
badkittyIf I want to resize the linux partition that is currently booted, do I need to do that from booting to a disk?05:11
mjw-badkitty use the livecd05:11
badkittyOr can I use a command line tool to do it05:11
pawanis it alright should i restart and will ubuntu load05:11
badkittymjw-: Eh figures... Im gonna give LFS a go05:12
* badkitty will be back shortly05:12
NigelSpawan: hold one moment pls - have you changed anything yet in the file?05:12
music`freakcould someone help me with configuring my display in ubuntu?05:14
mjw-music`freak what's the problem05:14
CoLD^MeTaLhi, my volume control icon disappeared, anyone has a clue how i put it back?05:14
unagi_nigels kdelibs4c2a_3.5.8-0ubuntu3_i386.deb05:14
amicrawlerhow do i get control of my sound card05:15
amicrawlerthe sound it not out putting right ?05:15
mjw-CoLD^MeTaL right click the panel, add new item. volume control is in there (I think...on xubuntu here)05:15
j0hng4ltbadkitty: i did not have it installed, getting it now05:15
CoLD^MeTaLnope, don't see it there05:15
pawannow should i restart05:16
j0hng4ltIn 2 hours I can tell that this os kicks the dog $%^& out of vista05:16
CoLD^MeTaLi actually had a crash due to bad battery life, and some gnome applets have been currupted and deleted, but i did aptitude reinstall gnome-applet, figured it'd solve everything05:16
G1015j0ng4lt: what are you using?05:16
j0hng4ltI have a new dell laptop, came with vista, put ubuntu in, installed perfectly, everything wroks - even the buttons on the front05:16
NigelSpawan: ok, the line you're interested in is the one labelled root - that reads (hd1,6) - if this is wrong you need to alter it to the correct value - from your fdisk output it may be 5 but I'm not entirely certain on that; now you don't need to edit this file to discover it - at boot if you press e you can interactively edit these settings until you determine the correct one05:16
CoLD^MeTaLah right05:16
CoLD^MeTaLfound it05:17
music`freakmjw-:  i guess its a driver problem05:17
music`freaki'm using an old motherboard05:17
music`freakits an intel 84505:17
j0hng4ltbrand new dual core, nvidia, sb aud, dvd-rw - the works05:17
mjw-music`freak what exact problems are you having05:17
G1015<-- just recently formated XP and Vista installs and put Ubuntu on... love it big time.. can't believe it took me this long05:17
mavricwhy not order a dell with ubuntu preinstalled05:17
j0hng4ltand vista sucked, almost put xp on it, then figged i would try ubuntu05:17
j0hng4ltthis system did not offer preinstall05:17
NigelSunagi_: do you have the log, the output of what happened during the installation of that package?05:18
mavricu coulda saved05:18
j0hng4lti program php for a living, and linux seems to make since05:18
bluefox83j0hng4lt, i got a new HP with a nvidia vid card and amd 64 bit dual core procs, it runs great too :)05:18
music`freakevery time i boot into ubuntu it says my screen is out of sync05:18
music`freakit takes around extra 20 secs. to log in05:18
bluefox83it has a dual layer burner in it ;)05:18
unagi_Nigels no but the command was dpkg -i --force-all /path/to/file.deb05:18
music`freakand its a real pain05:18
CoLD^MeTaLok, another question, my mic doesn't work, i mean, when i unmute it i head it, but when i try to use skype it doesn't get anything and when i use sound recorder i get the follwing message:05:18
bluefox83and 2 gigs of ram :D05:18
bluefox83for $548.00 at bestbuy :P05:18
mjw-music`freak ah, it's probably just trying to find the right resolution/refresh for your monitor05:18
j0hng4ltthe apt-get feature is the bomb - I absolutely love typing apt-get install mysql-server-5.0 and voila!  it is installing!  that rocks05:18
mjw-dell latitude c510 from 2002 all the way...woohoo :P05:19
mavricfixed optical drives go bad in those cheapo laptops05:19
j0hng4ltthisis the e1505 inspiron05:19
mjw-music`freak are you in ubuntu now?05:19
music`freakhow do i avoid it?05:19
CoLD^MeTaL"your audio device settings are invalid. please correct them in multimedia settings"05:19
music`freaki'm in ubuntu now05:19
pawanshould i change hd1 parameteres or the 1,2,3,4,5,605:19
G1015I'm trying to use use ushare to connect to me xbox 360.. the only problem is I don't know how to share my drive thats name is "new volume"   the usage is ushare -c "directory"  so would I just put in -c /media/new volume/  ?05:19
NigelSunagi_: yes, what I'm interested in, in particular, is what it actually did - what was the conflict that this pkg resolved? the way to fix this really is to manually replace those components - i.e. remove that pkg and replace whatever it removed - then apt should no longer see a problem - failing that try and use aptitude - it has more sophisticated routines for resolving conflicts and may suggest a better solution than the one apt has found05:19
mjw-music`freak well, check this for me: in a terminal, what does   glxinfo | grep -i direct   return?05:19
pawanwill hd1 be fixed05:19
music`freakhold on...05:20
NigelSpawan: what is wrong with hd1?05:20
j0hng4ltso, other than apt-get, what is the coolest features taht will make me have vista even more?05:20
music`freakdo i paste it here?05:20
unagi_oh wait heres the output05:20
pawanits all right05:20
Lionocan some body tell me where can i have kiosktool guide or help web page?05:20
mjw-music`freak if its just one line, yes05:20
music`freakdirect rendering: Yes05:20
music`freakthats what i got05:20
j0hng4ltthe dual desktops is way cool too05:20
jack-desktopis there a defrag in ubuntu? or is it needed at all?05:20
mjw-music`freak well you've got the right driver installed at least05:20
pawanshould i also try hd0 and hd205:21
soldats!defrag | jack-desktop05:21
ubotujack-desktop: The default Ubuntu filesystem (ext3) is engineered to avoid fragmentation issues in most cases, see http://linkpot.net/behead/ for a simple example on how it achieves this. A package "defrag" is available in !Universe, however its use is not safe, and is generally not needed.05:21
music`freakwhat next?05:21
mjw-music`freak what's the 'native' resolution of the monitor you're using05:21
music`freakits a CRT05:21
CoLD^MeTaLi'll repeat05:21
CoLD^MeTaLok, another question, my mic doesn't work, i mean, when i unmute it i head it, but when i try to use skype it doesn't get anything and when i use sound recorder i get the follwing message:05:21
CoLD^MeTaL"your audio device settings are invalid. please correct them in multimedia settings"05:21
music`freaki used 800x600 in XP05:21
mjw-music`freak is this like an old 15" CRT or something?05:21
NeT_DeMoN_i have a question, for some reason i cant install ubuntu on my HP, i hit install after i pop in the disc and then it pops up as a blank screen with text on the bottom, anyone help?05:21
music`freak15" 4 year old one05:22
music`freak<--- is broke05:22
unagi_NigelS: http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/56190/05:22
jack-desktopsoldats, thanks.05:22
mjw-music`freak post your /etc/X11/xorg.conf to a pastebin and I'll take a looksee at it. It probably has a bunch of modes in it that your monitor breaks with that could be deleted05:22
mjw-!pastebin | music`freak05:22
ubotumusic`freak: pastebin is a service to post large texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org (make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the #ubuntu channel topic)05:22
NigelSunagi_: hmm, my recommendation then is to try and see whether undoing that will resolve this: you can probably find the correct package in your apt cache but to ensure you have the right one for gutsy you can download it from http://packages.ubuntu.com/gutsy/libs/kdelibs4c2a05:23
ploomany good articles on upstart vs initng?05:23
pawanok i restart and try05:23
j0hng4ltwow - i love apt-get05:23
soldatsmjw-: that wont help xorg chooses the best res and refresh rates automatically, even if you delete them it wont do anything if you look at it make sure the refresh rates are correct since thats the main problem05:23
j0hng4lti dont quite understand it fully - but i love it05:23
NigelSunagi_: then dpkg install that, make note of any changes it wants to make before continuing05:24
Joesephhello,  I seem to have been able to compile my first HelloWorld C++ program and was wondering how to run it05:24
unagi_dpkg isnt installeed05:24
NigelSJoeseph: ./<your program>05:24
NigelSunagi_: I feared as much05:24
ploomJoeseph, did you compile it?05:24
mjw-soldats i don't do modelines <g>05:24
unagi_so now what05:25
music`freakmjw-:  what about the syntax tab?05:25
ploomJoeseph, you need gcc or something similar - and it generates an executable for you if it can05:25
music`freakis it important?05:25
j0hng4ltokay, installed mysql via apt, and still no phpMyAdmin...05:25
j0hng4ltany ideas?05:25
mjw-music`freak that's not important05:26
Joesephploom: I believe so, I see a little blue sideways looking square that says HelloWorldExe....05:26
G1015How do you point to a directory that has two words in it... ie.... /new volume05:26
Starnestommyj0hng4lt: it's a seperate package.  try sudo apt-get install phpmyadmin05:26
music`freakk this is the URl.... http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/56191/05:26
ploomj0hng4lt, maybe you need to set up phpMyAdmin too05:26
NeT_DeMoN_can anyone tell me why ubuntus not installing on my PC?05:26
soldatsj0hng4lt: sudo apt-get install lamp05:26
StarnestommyG1015: cd /Directort \With \Spaces05:26
j0hng4ltthanks stanestommy05:26
DarkmystereI cant get my Skydome and cube cap pics to load how do i get them to?05:26
soldatsj0hng4lt: lamp is the linux apache mysql and php05:26
StarnestommyG1015: er, the \ comes before the space not after05:26
Joesephploom: along with the HelloWorld.cpp file05:27
MagoonDwhats the copy command in terminal?05:27
j0hng4ltsoldats - I have already installed apache and php5, so would a new lamp install be necessary?  I would have done that origionally if I knew you could install lamp from one line....05:27
amicrawlerhow do i make my sound come out of the master setting on the sound controler ?05:27
StarnestommyMagoonD: cp source target05:27
amicrawlercan any body  help me here ?05:27
ploomJoeseph, where do you see it - in nautilus?05:27
Joesephin my home folder05:27
JoesephI don't know what nautilus is05:27
mjw-music`freak so do you want 800x600?05:27
G1015Starnestommy: so what i'm trying to do is share a hard drive that has a name that is new volume... so would I do it like this /media/new /volume?05:28
ploomotherwise the command is ./whateverthe-name-of-executable-file05:28
soldatsj0hng4lt: i dont think so but do what star said then05:28
StarnestommyG1015: /media/new\ volume05:28
music`freakyes mjw-05:28
music`freakbeen using the same res.05:28
=== VR^ is now known as ^n3bu|0us`
ploomJoeseph, you do not need to know - as long as feeling comfortable inside command line shell :-)05:28
G1015Starnestommy: thank you very much!05:28
music`freakand i'm guessing its the highest i can go05:29
j0hng4ltapt could not find package lamp05:29
music`freakgee i feel like a n00b05:29
j0hng4ltgot phpmyadmin via apt, still not in localhost05:29
chubs730linux, apache, php, mysql05:29
chubs730just get them separate05:29
mjw-music`freak x automatically stuck in a modeline for 1024x768 so in theory the monitor is capable, albeit at a headache-inducing resolution05:29
Joesephploom: ./home/Joeseph/HelloWorldExe    brings up bash: no such file or directory05:29
nanohey guys, i can't seem to get my nvidia module to load via modprobe......it works fine with insmod, but i need modprobe to automate the process at bootup....?05:29
music`freakso whats the work-around partner?05:30
ubuntuwestbengalhello, i just started a LoCo team and have submitted my applicaiton for approval, how long will this process take?05:30
j0hng4lti have apache and php5 working, just cannot access mysql - and phpmyadmin apt-get seemed to work, but i cannot find it to browse it it....05:30
mjw-music`freak let me tool around with it for a few minutes05:30
music`freakand guys is xchat the best IRC client for Ubuntu ?05:30
music`freakor anythin' else better?05:30
music`freakpardon my ignorance05:30
chubs730i'm pleased with it05:30
music`freaki'm new to Linux/Ubuntu05:30
chubs730it's a matter of preference05:30
chubs730people are way into irssi too05:31
mjw-music`freak do you happen to know what the monitor is truly capable of at 800x600 refresh rate wise?05:31
Joesephploom: I'm just getting an error I don't understand05:31
unagi_some how dpkg isnt on my machine, how do i get it back05:31
music`freakin XP it was 72 Hz05:31
yossmantrying to enable desktop effects on gutsy with an ati radeon 925005:31
ubuntuwestbengalCan any one tell me how i can make the file information appear when i hover my pointer over a file in the file browser???05:31
music`freakused to give me trouble with anythin' higher05:31
yossmanand it keeps saying 'can't enable desktop effects'05:31
ploomwell, inside bash - usually tab key helps completing file names05:31
Joesephgot it! Thanks Ploom!05:32
yossmantried to get it to install restricted driver and ubuntu insists i don't need one05:32
yossmanany ideas?05:32
nanoso does anybody know y a driver will work with insmod but not with modprobe?05:32
ploomJoeseph, nice!05:32
ubuntuwestbengalCan any one tell me how i can make the file information appear when i hover my pointer over a file in the file browser?05:32
NigelSunagi_: I'm thinking - I believe you can do it by extracting the dpkg in your / - that will certainly give you the program but it will of course not register it as installed05:32
=== nda_Bermasalahde is now known as cE_uCuLd
music`freakubuntuwestbengal:  high ubuntubangalore here :P05:32
music`freak*hi even05:33
unagi_extracting what dpkg05:33
ubuntuwestbengalCan any one tell me how i can make the file information appear when i hover my pointer over a file in the file browser?05:33
Joesephploom: now nothing else will be as nice to me as hello world.... lots of compile errors and logic escaping me...05:33
ubuntuwestbengalit seems to not show up05:33
mjw-music`freak http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/56192/05:33
* ph0rensic sighs05:33
ph0rensicMan creating these partitions sure is taking a while.. I see no progress05:34
music`freakmjw-:  i need to replace my config. file with that?05:34
mjw-music`freak sudo cp /etc/X11/xorg.conf /etc/X11/xorg.conf_backup   first05:34
mjw-music`freak but yes05:34
ubuntuwestbengalCan any one tell me how i can make the file information appear when i hover my pointer over a file in the file browser? Anyone?05:34
music`freakk as a backup05:34
ploomdear Joeseph - editor is your friend. no matter if you use emacs, vim or some graphical one.05:34
mjw-music`freak basically i took out everything except the resolution and refresh rate you identified as working best05:34
music`freakhere goes.......05:34
j0hng4ltokay, phpMyAdmin is in etc, with confing includes in it.  Hmm,  Any ideas on how to make it browsable?05:34
* music`freak crosses toes,fingers05:35
Joesephploom: do you recomend any particular IDEs? or Do you recoomend text editors and terminal for a while?05:35
jackwhat's the rank of linux distros by 1337ness?05:35
mjw-!best > jack05:35
ubuntuwestbengalploom: Can you tell me how i can make the file information appear when i hover my pointer over a file in the file browser?05:35
ph0rensicj0hng4lt: so when you go to  it doesn't show up?05:35
chubs730jack: uhh there's no like set list, but i'll try and wing it05:35
j0hng4ltcorrect ph0rensic05:35
jacklfs gentoo slackware debian fedora mdk?05:35
ploomJoeseph, for terminal I have used pine, emacs and vim05:35
j0hng4ltapache and php work05:35
chubs730that was fairly accurate05:35
ph0rensicj0hng4lt: Did you install it via the package manager?05:35
j0hng4ltno, via apt-get05:36
jackwhere does ubuntu stand?05:36
ploomJoeseph, sry - pine had pico embedded, now it has a clone named nano :-)05:36
chubs730it's more like lfs gentoo slackware debian, most everything else, xandros05:36
ubotuText Editors: gedit (GNOME), Kate (KDE), mousepad (Xfce4) | Terminal-based editors: vi/vim, emacs, and nano (user-friendly). | HTML/CSS editors: !html | Programming: !code05:36
prettyrickyhi guys im trying to install new themes with KDM theme manager, but it wont work. can someone please help05:36
ph0rensicj0hng4lt: You installed everything via apt-get?05:36
chubs730towards the easier end?05:36
j0hng4ltno, just mysql and phpmyadmin05:36
ubuntuwestbengalj0hng4lt: Can you tell me how i can make the file information appear when i hover my pointer over a file in the file browser?05:36
Joesephthanks plooom05:36
jackanyone tried the windows debian installer?05:36
chubs730all distros are powerful, and essentially the same, so it's kind of hard to really judge them05:36
mjw-!ot | jack05:36
ubotujack: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, #ubuntu+1 supports the development version of Ubuntu and #ubuntu-offtopic is for random chatter. Welcome!05:36
nanoso does anybody know y a driver will work with insmod but not with modprobe?05:36
ubotuhtml is HyperText Markup Language, used to build web pages.  Editors in Ubuntu: Bluefish, Quanta+, Screem, and KompoZer(Nvu).  For howto on HTML coding, see: http://www.w3schools.com/05:36
ploomubuntuwestbengal, no, sry - when speaking of Nautilus - go for its documentation...05:36
ubotuProgramming editors/suites: Terminal-based: vi/vim, emacs - KDE: Kate, KDevelop, Quanta+, Umbrello - GNOME: gvim, gedit, anjuta, eclipse, pida05:37
fxdi'm trying to get videos to play in firefox and just in general, can anybody help out?05:37
ph0rensicj0hng4lt: Hmm something with the symbolic link not being made probably05:37
chubs730jack: hit up #ubuntu-offtopic05:37
ubuntuwestbengal ploom: thank you05:37
ubuntuwestbengali will try that05:37
NigelSunagi_: this may work, it may not - if you download dpkg: http://packages.ubuntu.com/gutsy/base/dpkg then run "ar vx" on the .deb you will get a file called data.tar.gz05:37
Lionocan some body tell me where can i have kiosktool guide or help web page? kubuntu05:37
CrazyPhil_Hello. I need help to remove a directory. I have try with "sudo rm -r /dir/path/" without sucess. I have try to mount with ntfs-3g and that don't change. I also try to change the owner of the folder with "sudo chown -R yourname foldername" without sucess. Any idea?05:37
j0hng4ltph0rensic: okay - how do i fix?05:37
NigelSunagi_: if you then go to your / dir and run tar -xzvf on it it will extract into your file tree05:37
joeaminedfxd : add the medibuntu repository and install w32codecs05:37
j0hng4ltthis is a fresh install (3 hours old)05:37
unagi_NigelS: i dont care about the deb i want it off my machine05:37
ph0rensicj0hng4lt: I dont know... I always installed everything at one time using apt-get05:37
NigelSunagi_: after that dpkg should be available and you can install the proper lib and then also install dpkg from the repo05:38
j0hng4ltI can uninstall and reinstall?05:38
unagi_NigelS:  all i want is for dpkg to be here05:38
unagi_u mean the dpkg deb05:38
ph0rensicj0hng4lt: Yes you can do that05:38
joeaminedthen install the xine-plugin or the mplayer mozilla plugin05:38
j0hng4lthow do I uninstall mysql and phpmyadmin, apache2 and php5?05:38
NigelSunagi_: that was pretty much what I said yes05:38
mjw-!hi | genjix05:38
ubotugenjix: Hi! Welcome to #ubuntu!05:38
genjixj0hng4lt: apt-get purge blaa, no?05:38
fxdjoeamined: do i add repositories through the terminal or synaptic? and where would one find w32codecs?05:38
ph0rensicWell You didn't install apache or php by apt so I don't know abot those but yah for the other 205:38
ubotugrub is the default Ubuntu boot manager. Lost grub after installing windows: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RecoveringUbuntuAfterInstallingWindows - Making GRUB floppies & other GRUB howtos: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GrubHowto05:39
ph0rensicfxd: either way05:39
[dcr]Sweet I remembered it :D05:39
joeaminedthe w32codecs is in the medibuntu repositories, you can add it via synaptic or via a terminal. details are provided in the medibuntu web page05:39
[dcr]GRUB did get jacked up after installing windows xD05:39
music`freakmjw-:  it doesn't gedit doesn't let me save the modified config. file as i don'05:39
fxdph0rensic: and the w32 codecs, are those in synaptic?05:40
genjixmy grub and system is fucked just after upgrading05:40
joeaminedsynaptic is a front end, it's not a repository of software packages05:40
mjw-music`freak   go to a terminal and use this line:    gksu gedit /etc/X11/xorg.conf05:40
mjw-!ohmy | genjix05:40
ubotugenjix: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family friendly.05:40
ph0rensicfxd: Well the package resides at the medibuntu repository ... but once you add the repository to your sources, you can find it in synaptic or using the ommand line (which is faster)05:40
music`freakwhats the diff. btw. gksu & sudo mjw-?05:40
mjw-!gksu | music`freak05:41
ubotumusic`freak: If you need to run graphical applications as root, use « gksudo », as it will set up the environment more appropriately. Never just use "sudo"! (See http://psychocats.net/ubuntu/graphicalsudo to know why)05:41
ph0rensicmusic`freak: gksudo is for graphical apps05:41
joeaminedfxd : the packages are present in repositories, synaptic or aptitude are just front ends to display what repositories offer as packages05:41
linux__alienis anyone running User Mode Linux in Ubuntu ?05:41
linux__alienif yes i want to know is there a Ubuntu File system made for it /05:41
music`freakso thats !gksu?05:41
linux__alieni see only Fedora file system in User Mode Linux page05:41
prettyrickywhat is everyone using to install new themes05:41
prettyrickylike the bootskin in windows.05:42
mjw-music`freak no, it's just gksu or gksudo ....! triggers the bot here05:42
[dcr]Hey I'm having a problem fixing my GRUB05:42
ph0rensicmjw-: argh ... gparted is ticking me off..05:42
ubotupastebin is a service to post large texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org (make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the #ubuntu channel topic)05:42
j0hng4ltuninstalled and reinstalled phpMyAdmin, it says it found apache2, and completed, but it is not there!05:42
fxdjoeamined: right, i'm with you there, but i'm pretty new and not sure how to do all those things you guys said, at least easily.05:42
j0hng4ltnot in
joeaminedfxd: go to the medibuntu repository web page, everything is explained in details05:43
music`freakk its done05:43
music`freakdo i re-login?05:43
joeaminedfxd: what ubuntu distribution are you using ? gutsy ?05:43
music`freakor do i need to reboot?05:43
mjw-music`freak ctrl-alt-backspace will restart X05:43
music`freakhere goes!05:43
fxdjoeamined: gutsy05:44
[dcr]I need help fixing my GRUB, I got this error following the Wiki on how to fix it: http://pastebin.ca/90599705:44
jack-desktopHow can I make my computer load my secondary harddrive first instead of my primary (which has vista)?05:44
prettyrickyany suggestions05:44
ph0rensicjack-desktop: you have to edit grub05:44
unagi_how do i install a deb without dpkg05:44
jack-desktopph0rensic, what part05:44
ubotudeb is the Debian package format, also used by Ubuntu. To install .deb files, simply double-click (in Ubuntu) or click (in Kubuntu) on them to start the GDebi utility.05:44
linux__alienanyone using User Mode Linux in Ubuntu ?05:44
jack-desktopph0rensic, how05:44
sean_where can I find a screen saver that supports RSS? Ubuntu used to have it under "fliptext" but I can't find it.05:44
joeaminedfxd: all info provided here https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Medibuntu05:45
NigelSunagi_: where have you got to?05:45
ph0rensicjack-desktop: That I can't tell you, but there is a section where you edit the boot order05:45
ph0rensic!grub jack-desktop05:45
joeaminedfxd: see the 'adding the repositories section'05:45
ph0rensic!grub | jack-desktop05:45
ubotujack-desktop: grub is the default Ubuntu boot manager. Lost grub after installing windows: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RecoveringUbuntuAfterInstallingWindows - Making GRUB floppies & other GRUB howtos: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GrubHowto05:45
ubuntuwestbengali got compiz fusion working with NVidia 615005:45
[dcr]jack-desktop: i've been having probmes too05:46
ubuntuwestbengalcan i submit a tutorial for similar cards at the forum?05:46
fxdjoeamined: yeah, i got it from the medibuntu site. i'm thinking i have to restart?05:46
[dcr]I need help fixing my GRUB, I got this error following the Wiki on how to fix it: http://pastebin.ca/90599705:46
ccqi feel like someone trying to brainwash me with ideas like "freedom as speech software" and "ubuntu is universal truth, way of life". is ubuntu some kind of sect? "freedom" and "truth" are _VERY_ moot points, but zero price (but is it really zero?) and decent technology (if any) is another talk.05:46
mjw-!ot > ccq05:47
joeaminedfxd: no need to restart05:47
j0hng4ltokay, I cannot save files to the www folder, says that root has permissions.  How do I sudo this from gui?05:47
ubuntuwestbengalubuntu is a cult operating system..its the BEST ever05:47
ph0rensicj0hng4lt: You should either use the CLI to move files or change the folders permissions or something05:48
ph0rensicj0hng4lt: Command Line Interface05:48
ph0rensicj0hng4lt: terminal05:48
j0hng4ltokay, browse there and then change the attributes?  like a attrib dos command?05:48
ph0rensicj0hng4lt: Yes or you can use root privs temporarily using sudo05:49
[dcr]Is there anyone who can help me fix my grub?05:49
[dcr]I followed the Wiki but i got an error =[05:49
swubooYou can always use the GUI to save files to a root-only folder by running 'gksudo nautilus'05:50
j0hng4ltpkay, i found the dir, how to view/change attribs?05:50
RaelCan some one assist me with getting my sound to work. I have a Sound Blaster Live Card. I'm using alsa and I have turned all the volume sliders up but get no sound from my mp3 players...the codecs are installed and the files play but no sound05:50
swubooRael:  Do you also have onboard sound?05:51
RaelI'm not sure what you mean by onboard05:51
joeaminedRael, maybe it's just a hardware connector not plugged05:51
NigelSUbuntu a cult? nonsense; all hail shuttleworth! ;)05:51
ph0rensicj0hng4lt: Are you in a terminal?05:51
swubooBuilt into the motherboard.05:51
NigelSRael: i.e. built into your...05:51
Raelno its an aftermarket card. I got it working under fedora but not under ubuntu05:52
swubooI found that my Ubuntu install will categorically refuse to acknowledge my PCI sound blaster, and will only play through my onboard.05:52
Rael EMU10K1 - SB Live 5.1 Dell OEM05:52
swubooEven if I manually changed the ALSO config files.05:52
swubooALSA, even.05:52
NigelSunagi_: I am going to sleep now - if you follow instructs above you should get a working dpkg - from there you can fix it I'm sure05:52
ph0rensicIs gparted a piece of crap? I cannot resize my partition for the life of me.. should I try qtparted?05:52
[dcr]I need help fixing my GRUB, I got this error following the Wiki on how to fix it: http://pastebin.ca/90599705:52
Raelits not a fat32 partition is it05:53
swubooI mean, if that's not your problem, then I doubt I'll be any help... but that was my problem.05:53
sean_Where can I find a screen saver that supports RSS? Ubuntu used to have it under "fliptext" but I can't find it.05:53
CrazyPhil_Hello. I need help to remove a directory. I have try with "sudo rm -r /dir/path/" without sucess. I have try to mount with ntfs-3g and that don't change. I also try to change the owner of the folder with "sudo chown -R yourname foldername" without sucess. Any idea?05:53
Raelwhen I mute and unmute the pcm channele I can hear th espeakers clicking so I know its connected05:54
ph0rensicj0hng4lt: use the chown command to change the directory ownder to you, or create another user called say... webadmin and chown it to him .. or you can make a group have permissions to write to the folder, and then add yourself to the group05:54
swubooRael:  Yeah, mine did that too.05:54
Kamhay alguien que hable español aca ?05:54
swubooAre there any other speaker jacks on the back of your case?05:54
ComradeMirrorhmm yes anyone here?05:54
Kamyou can hack me?=05:54
swubooOr, put another way, have you tried, with the music theoretically playing, plugging the speakers in everywhere they'll possibly go?05:55
mjw-!es | kam05:55
ubotukam: Si busca ayuda en español por favor entre en los canales #ubuntu-es o #kubuntu-es, allí obtendrá más ayuda.05:55
j0hng4ltrebooting - be back shortly05:55
joeaminedcrazyPhil : maybe try sudo rm -r /dir/path and not /dir/path/05:55
j0hng4ltthanks for all the help, folks!05:55
ComradeMirrorI need a bit of help05:55
Kamalgun español aca ?05:55
ComradeMirrorI installed compiz control panel05:55
ComradeMirrorand like05:55
ComradeMirrormy bars disappeared05:55
joeaminedKam : go to ubuntu-es channel05:55
[dcr]        [ Error writing /boot/grub/menu.lst: No such file or directory ]05:55
furythorcan anybody help with advanced configuration of wine ?05:55
[dcr]what the hell?05:55
CrazyPhil_joeamined, already try05:55
Kamlook at me05:55
ComradeMirrorto minimize/maximize/close windows is now gone05:55
joeaminedcrazyPhil : it's an ntfs partition ?05:55
jscinozgod damnit05:55
swubooComradeMirror:  Is the border around the edge gone too?05:56
[dcr]I need help fixing my GRUB, I got this error following the Wiki on how to fix it: http://pastebin.ca/905997 (-.-)05:56
jscinozim so close to going back to windows >_<05:56
swamjw-:  u there mate05:56
swubooComradeMirror:  As in, you've got nothing but raw, naked window?05:56
furythorI want to change my drives to /usr/local/wine/<x_drive> but I get "out of free space" error with that folder05:56
=== swa is now known as music`freak
Raelyeah setting up linux is a PITA05:56
mjw-maswan: yes?05:56
Kamalgun español aca05:56
mjw-er, swa: yes?05:56
mjw-!es > kam05:56
music`freaksame issue mate05:56
joeamined$kam: i told you go to ubuntu-es channel05:56
Raelhaving to spend an hour just installing a freaking program that you install with one click in windows05:56
Led_Zeppelintrying to configure X, can someone please guide me?05:56
jscinozOk guys, anything opengl (ranging from glxgears to full games, even wine apps) uses 100% cpu, and thus i get horrible framerates, my card is a 8400M GS, my cpu us centrino duo 2.2ghz, I need a fix for this otherwise i have no choice but to go back to windows. anyone?05:56
Kamim boy devian05:56
ComradeMirrorsort of05:57
CrazyPhil_joeamined, yes.05:57
music`freakwhen i re-boot it takes the same 20 secs05:57
ComradeMirrorlike my window is just there05:57
ComradeMirrorI can't move it05:57
music`freakwith the out-of-sync msg. :/05:57
Led_Zeppelinhow do you configure X in Ubuntu?05:57
Kamvisite debian.cl05:57
CrazyPhil_joeamined, I have try with the ntfs-3g driver too05:57
Kamis very good05:57
swubooComrade: You know the borders that normally surround the windows?  Like the title bar, all that stuff?05:57
mjw-music`freak sorry it didn't improve things05:57
ComradeMirrorthats not there05:57
swubooComrade:  Good.05:57
ph0rensicbrb .. sup ComradeMirror05:57
mjw-kaminix: go to #ubuntu-es05:57
ComradeMirrorsup phorensic05:57
ComradeMirrorhow can I re-enable it swuboo?05:57
swubooComrade:  That means you don't have a Window Decorator running.05:57
music`freakany other ideas mate?05:58
ph0rensicnada brb gonna boot back into main os05:58
joeaminedcrazyPhil : maybe it's linked to ntfs because sudo rm -r is the right way to do it..05:58
music`freakor could you guide me to some resource on the next?05:58
puffAnybody installed ubuntu on a thinkpad X61?05:58
ComradeMirrorhow would I reenable it?05:58
swubooComradeMirror:  There should be an option called, "Window Decoration" under Effects.  Turn that on.05:58
puffNo CD ROM on this thing.05:58
Led_Zeppelinhow do you configure X in Ubuntu?05:58
yossmanjscinoz dude, #compiz was helpful when i was having issues with my video enabling just now05:58
[dcr]is there anyone in here05:58
ComradeMirroroh god05:59
yossmanthey might ahve some suggestions for GL issues05:59
[dcr]who can help me fix my GRUB ?05:59
ComradeMirrorIt baffled me05:59
joeaminedLed-Zeppelin: X configuration file is in /etc/X11/xorg.conf05:59
yossmanjscinoz i've seen that behaviour before, but it can be from a number of things05:59
CrazyPhil_joeamined, I don't understand. If I boot in Windows, the folder don't exist, hidden files & files system on. I don't remember this folder at all. But when I boot in Linux, it it there. Then, I can't delete it05:59
[dcr]I got this ERROR trying to FIX my GRUB following the Wiki! http://pastebin.ca/90599705:59
jscinozanythign specific yossman?05:59
music`freakdoes compiz work on old hardware?05:59
swubooComradeMirror:  Yeah, had it happen to me, too.  I had to edit xorg.conf to get them back.  Glad yours were easier.05:59
music`freaklike the ancient 845 i use?05:59
mjw-music`freak on the 845G, yes, in theory05:59
XXerDoes anyone know where I can find a good read on the file structure of linux (compared to MSdos) like where are the programs stored that I installed and why are all the drives in a dir called media .. stuff like that. Im vary new to Ubuntu and Im having a hard time figuring it out.05:59
music`freakdo i need to increase the VRAM?06:00
ComradeMirrorswufoo how would I set hotkeys for some commands such as cube rotating and stuff?06:00
joeaminedCrazyPhil: maybe it's some dark rubbish cr** that windows does in background..06:00
[dcr]I got this ERROR trying to FIX my GRUB following the Wiki! http://pastebin.ca/90599706:00
swubooComradeMirror:  Go into the appropriate plugin, and there should be a menu tab for bindings.06:00
[dcr]Can someone please fucking help me?06:00
astro76!fhs | XXer06:00
ubotuXXer: An explanation of how files and directories are organized on Ubuntu, and how they can be manipulated, can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/LinuxFilesystemTreeOverview06:00
music`freakgotta run folks got some accounting work to complete06:00
music`freakthanks for all the help mjw-06:00
swubooComradeMirror:  I don't recall the precise syntax, so you might want to google that.06:00
joeamineddcr: if no one responds it means no one knows the answer06:00
music`freakreally appreciate it06:00
swuboo[dcr]:  If I had any idea how to, I would.  But I don't know.06:00
[dcr]Damn im kinda screwed lol06:01
mjw-music`freak sorry it didn't improve things....time for a new monitor ;)06:01
music`freakmaybe i'll fool around with the conf. file & get lucky ;)06:01
music`freakthanks anyways06:01
[dcr]Whenever the PC boots it just gives me some "Disk read error, Press any key to restart"=/06:01
[dcr]and im imagining thats my "GRUB"06:01
joeamineddcr: you don't have to shout at people so they can help06:01
Cain1this ubunta is one bad ass mofo06:01
[dcr]Well it took that long just to get an "i dont know"06:01
[dcr]Shit man =/06:01
joeaminedit's not by screaming that we will help you06:01
[dcr]Whos screaming fool?06:02
astro76!language | [dcr]06:02
ubotu[dcr]: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family friendly.06:02
ComradeMirrorthis may be a stupid question but my cube only has 2 sides xD06:02
jscinozOk guys, anything opengl (ranging from glxgears to full games, even wine apps) uses 100% cpu, and thus i get horrible framerates, my card is a 8400M GS, my cpu us centrino duo 2.2ghz, I need a fix for this otherwise i have no choice but to go back to windows. anyone?06:02
mike134can someone link me to a good howto on how to install the latest ati drivers im having a really hard time06:02
XXerThats what Im looking for thanks a lot06:02
swubooComrade:  There's a setting for that, too.06:02
joeamineddcr: watch your language or get out06:02
furythorhow I do change wine drives to /usr/local/wine ?06:02
Cain1use synaptic06:02
[dcr]Dude stop talking to me joe your just trying to start more crap -.-06:02
ComradeMirroryeah Im looking in the plugin right now06:02
furythorI keep getting "out of space" error when running applications06:02
joeamineddcr: so just get out..06:02
[dcr]Dude stop being childish and shutup06:03
iceswordhi,i am using xchat -2 for windows,but i cannot minimize it to tray,anyone knows why06:03
joeamineddcr: i could insult you buti won't06:03
swubooComrade:  General Settings, Desktop Size, Number of Horizontal Workspaces.06:03
Tasyne(Ubuntu HH that is)06:03
jscinozthis is rediculous.06:03
TasyneHuffing Heron o.o06:03
iceswordi am using xchat -2 for windows,but i cannot minimize it to tray,anyone knows why06:03
swubooSorry, "Horizontal Virtual Size."06:03
[dcr]joeamined: just, shut, up, no, one, is, talking, to, you, so, fuck, off.06:03
astro76!ot | icesword06:03
ubotuicesword: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, #ubuntu+1 supports the development version of Ubuntu and #ubuntu-offtopic is for random chatter. Welcome!06:03
jscinozNvidia 8400M GS, struggles to get 800fps in glxgears (233 score in glmark), any ideas?06:04
joeamineddcr: just try to open your f** mind and find a solution for yourself idiot :P06:04
astro76!ops | joeamined [dcr]06:04
ubotujoeamined [dcr]: Help! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) - Mez, LjL, elkbuntu, imbrandon, DBO, gnomefreak, Hobbsee, rob, ompaul, Madpilot, Seveas, CarlK, crimsun, ajmitch, tritium, Nalioth, thoreauputic, apokryphos, tonyyarusso, PriceChild, Amaranth, jrib, jenda, nixternal, Myrtti, mneptok, Pici, Jack_Sparrow or nickrud!06:04
astro76furythor: are you out of space on /home and you have space on / ?06:04
lytelets all try to play nice?06:04
nixternaljoeamined: simmer down a bit please...thanks!06:04
jscinozAre there any known issues with 8series nvidia cards under Linux?06:05
naliothlet us be civil, folks06:05
jscinoza response would be awesome...06:05
[dcr]Dude, I did, and I followed every direction on the Wiki, I dont know anything about Linux or why I'm getting that Error, or else I wouldn't be in here asking.06:05
swubooComrade:  Compiz can be annoying to get set up nicely, but it entirely worth it.06:05
genjixanyone got any clues how i can repair a system where i accidentally did rm -fdr /usr ?06:05
swuboojscinoz:  I don't know, but are you using the nv driver or the nvidia driveR?06:05
jscinozi need 3d :P06:05
genjixubuntu upgrade messed my grub so i booted a gentoo cd and made a symlink that i tried to remove, but ended clearing my /usr directory...06:05
PeddyMy flash is intermittently working and not working. I am running 64-bit Ubuntu. The process 'npviewer.bin' becomes a zombie. Can anyone please help me?06:05
swuboojscinoz:  Heh.  Well.  All right then.  I tried.06:05
PeddyFlash content is just displayed as a grey box.06:06
genjixis there something to fix /usr? apt-get and aptitude is missing06:06
swuboogenjix:  Apt-get and aptitude would both be on a LiveCD.06:06
[dcr]I got this ERROR trying to repair my GRUB following the Wiki! http://pastebin.ca/905997 Can anyone help? ^^06:07
guidoI am new to Ubuntu and need to get flash player 9 downloaded so I can get virtual tours to show.  Can anyone help?06:07
joeaminedguido : install the flash plugin06:07
nixternalguido: install flashplugin-nonfree06:07
swuboogenjix:  I have no idea how to fix your problem, but a LiveCD gives you access to Synaptic/apt and the repositories.06:07
nixternalgenjix: you could always work on reinstalling the OS w/o formatting your current partitions as well06:08
jscinozHey guys, I'm using nvidia driver 169.09, i have horrible 3d performance on what should be a decent card (8400M GS), also anything 3d uses 100% CPU, yet glxinfo confirms i have direct rendering. I need help with this otherwise its back to windows >_<06:08
u007-1hi, i'm unable to chown on my external usb hdd, anyone got any suggestion?06:08
u007-1it is on vfat06:08
astro76furythor: if so you can move it wherever you want and make a symbolic link, mv ~/.wine/ /new/path/to/.wine && ln -s /new/path/to/.wine ~/06:08
iceswordu007-1, use root account to chown06:08
lyteu007-1: vfat doesn't have ownership info, chroot does nothing06:09
j0hng4ltI have tried everything - still cannot connect to phpMyAdmin.  I have testing php, looked over the php.ini file, reinstalled mysql server and php my admin, and restarted apache....06:09
guidoWhere do you get that plug-in.  When I go to the site for flash player 9 it gives me 3 choices.  I have tried them all but they won't download.06:09
lyteguido: it's in aptitude NOT on a website06:09
j0hng4ltnot bad for first day on ubuntu, but still, I would like to get a developemnt testing enviroment setup06:09
u007-1lyte - so its not possible to chown on a vfat :)06:10
lytei'd be scared if it was :/06:10
joeaminedguido : you have to open a gnome terminal and type sudo apt-get install flashplugin-nonfree06:10
u007-1lyte - but how come flash drive is possible?06:10
ubotugrub is the default Ubuntu boot manager. Lost grub after installing windows: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RecoveringUbuntuAfterInstallingWindows - Making GRUB floppies & other GRUB howtos: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GrubHowto06:10
u007-1lyte - or at least writable from my user accoun06:10
lyteu007-1: sorry, i don't understand06:10
pawanhow to mount partition06:10
pawanhd1,1 and hd1,406:11
u007-1lyte - i can write file to the flash drive, but not the external hdd on vfat06:11
astro76!synaptic | guido or use synaptic06:11
pawangetting can mount partition error06:11
ubotuguido or use synaptic: synaptic is Ubuntu's Graphical Package Manager. For a good howto see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SynapticHowto06:11
guidoI am not to great with my computer skills but what is apptitude and how do you fix that?06:11
u007-1lyte - with my desktop account, not root06:11
lyteu007-1: from memory permissions are set for vfat partitions at mount time06:11
lyteu007-1: i use umask=007 in my fstab to make my windows drive writable by linux06:12
u007-1lyte - i see, so it is more like a memory than for usb thumbdrive06:12
u007-1lyte - okay :)06:12
u007-1lyte - thank you06:12
lyteu007-1: ergh, thank me if you get it working :p06:12
xoqai followed these instructions typing the correct version # in bashrc and java still doesn't work for meget06:12
u007-1lyte - is it possible for me to set umask on mount, without setting in fstab?06:13
PeddyMy flash is intermittently working and not working. I am running 64-bit Ubuntu. The process 'npviewer.bin' becomes a zombie. Flash content dissapears seemingly randomly and is replaced by a grey box. Can anyone please help me?06:13
jribxoqa: what are you trying to install/do?06:13
=== niji is now known as n1j1
lyteu007-1: how are you mounting it at the moment?06:13
ubotuPartitioning programs: !GParted or QTParted (also "man mkfs" for formatting) - Mounting partitions in !GNOME under !Dapper: System -> Administration -> Disks - For !Edgy and later, see !fstab and !DiskMounter06:13
xoqajrib java06:14
xoqait doesn't work correctly06:14
jribxoqa: just java? not java plugin for firefox?06:14
[dcr]I got this ERROR trying to repair my GRUB following the Wiki! http://pastebin.ca/905997 Can anyone help?06:14
jribxoqa: perhaps what?06:14
* xoqa searches apt for it06:14
u007-1lyte - mount -t vfat /dev/sba5 /media/external106:15
pawanhow to mount partition without losing existing ubuntu installation06:15
lyteu007-1: just a guess, but try - mount -t vfat -o umask=007 /dev/sba5 /media/external106:15
jribxoqa: either way you don't need any of that bashrc stuff06:15
jrib!java > xoqa (read the private message from ubotu)06:15
iceswordpawan:where a u06:16
u007-1lyte - okay, i will give it a try :)06:16
guidoThank you, ubotu.  I will try that site.06:16
pawani am at windows xp06:16
iceswordguido, ubotu is abot06:16
marupaHi, just installed ubuntu x64.  I'm trying to get java to work, but I can't get it to work at all.  Anyone know of any fixes?  Every time I try to install it, it installs fine, but after I've rebooted firefox, it acts like it wasn't installed.06:18
astro76!flash64 | marupa06:18
ubotumarupa: You can run Flash, Real, and Java plugins in AMD64 bit computers with Firefox. see the steps to follow at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FirefoxAMD64FlashJava06:18
ryanwanyone know why ubuntu reboots hen i go to shutdown?06:19
humblerodentIT'S OVER NINE THOUSAAAAND!06:20
lyteu007-1: i may have forgotten something, you may need to add ",gid=<your group here>" after "umask=007" or use a umask of 000 if you trust everyone that goes near your pc06:20
jscinozHey guys, I'm using nvidia driver 169.09, i have horrible 3d performance on what should be a decent card (8400M GS), also anything 3d uses 100% CPU, yet glxinfo confirms i have direct rendering. I need help with this otherwise its back to windows >_<06:20
Cpudan80jscinoz: Are you using the drivers from the restricted driver thing?06:21
jscinozcpudan80, no installed via envy as the ones in ubuntu's repo are out of date06:21
Cpudan80jscinoz: Maybe you should get a different driver from Nvida06:22
u007-1lyte - okay :)06:22
swuboojscinoz:  Out of date isn't necessarily a bad thing.06:22
Cpudan80jscinoz: I had a similar issue with a 169 driver in Windows06:22
jscinozbe right back then, downgrading06:22
mjw-out of date often means stable. nicely stable. :)06:22
Cpudan80not sure what # it was06:22
swuboojscinoz:  glxinfo gives my version of the nvidia driver as 1.4, and I've never had a problem with it.06:22
Cpudan80Im not sure what's up with Nvidia06:22
jscinozbrb downgrading from 169xx to 100.14.19 >_<06:22
jscinozsec, restarting X06:23
trentsterehy all, could someone tell me what I need to do under ubuntu 64 to get java working in firefox.......???06:23
Cpudan80Sometimes they hit the drivers dead on06:23
Cpudan80Other times -- they fail miserably06:23
astro76!flash64 | trentster06:23
ubotutrentster: You can run Flash, Real, and Java plugins in AMD64 bit computers with Firefox. see the steps to follow at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FirefoxAMD64FlashJava06:23
Cpudan80!java | trentster06:23
ubotutrentster: To install a Java runtime/interpreter on Ubuntu, look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Java - For the Sun Java runtime install sun-java6-jre from the !Multiverse repository (in !Backports for !Edgy)06:23
Led_Zeppelinanyone running AMD64 bit Ubuntu?06:23
swubooCpudan80:  Yeah, I've had to roll back updates to nVidia's Windows drivers half a dozen times.06:23
swubooZeppelin:  Yes.06:23
Cpudan80Led_Zeppelin: Yes06:23
Led_ZeppelinCpudan80, ok, how are you running Java applets?06:24
Cpudan80swuboo: Yeah, their drivers are quite spotty06:24
Cpudan80Led_Zeppelin: See the instructions from Ubotu06:24
Led_Zeppelinlets work on Java first, then Flash :)06:24
Cpudan80The instructions are for Flash and Java06:24
Cpudan80Led_Zeppelin: The Java crashes a lot in my experience06:24
Cpudan80To the point where I avoid firing up java applets06:24
Led_Zeppelinoh no06:25
swubooIronically, I have Flash working, but I've got it completely blocked because of that horrible grey-screen-freezy-thing.06:25
Led_Zeppelinnot good :-(06:25
Led_ZeppelinCpudan80, wow really?06:25
inflexhow can I reset the Ubuntu theme back to default (Gnome etc)06:25
Cpudan80Led_Zeppelin: Yeah -- usually after 20 seconds the thing is dead06:25
glickhey does anyone know anything about gpg here?06:25
Cpudan80glick: Sure, what about it?06:25
dookdookwhere can i find out which directory apt-get'ing something installed to?  (specifically doc packages)06:25
swubooinflex:  Preferences, Appearance.  Theme tab.06:26
glickCpudan80, if i lost my private key, but have my public key, can i regenerate the private key if i know the passphrase?06:26
astro76dookdook: /usr/share/doc06:26
astro76!fhs | dookdook06:26
ubotudookdook: An explanation of how files and directories are organized on Ubuntu, and how they can be manipulated, can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/LinuxFilesystemTreeOverview06:26
Cpudan80Led_Zeppelin: Could be something weird on my computer though06:26
mjw-!ops | icesword06:26
ubotuicesword: Help! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) - Mez, LjL, elkbuntu, imbrandon, DBO, gnomefreak, Hobbsee, rob, ompaul, Madpilot, Seveas, CarlK, crimsun, ajmitch, tritium, Nalioth, thoreauputic, apokryphos, tonyyarusso, PriceChild, Amaranth, jrib, jenda, nixternal, Myrtti, mneptok, Pici, Jack_Sparrow or nickrud!06:26
Led_Zeppelinman, that scares me Cpudan8006:26
Led_Zeppelinhow did you install it though? you using Sun or something else?06:26
Cpudan80glick: So you have the public key and the passphrase ?06:26
glickyes Cpudan8006:27
Cpudan80Led_Zeppelin: apt-get06:27
u007-1lyte - i got it with  -o uid=james,gid=james,umask=007 thanks a lot :)06:27
Cpudan80glick: In theory yeah, you have enough info to get the private key back06:27
astro76glick: if you've lost the private key file there is no way to recover, it's *very* important to back this up well06:27
gooseis there a way I can set a password on Evolution so it cannot be launched without the password?06:27
astro76Cpudan80: I don't believe that's the case06:27
lyteu007-1: good, didn't know you could put an actual name there :p learn something new every day :)06:27
u007-1lyte - yeah , hehe :D06:28
marupawhoever gave me the link for 32b firefox on 64b linux.  THANK YOU!  Geez.  I was dying06:28
Cpudan80astro76: But in theory with the public key and the passcode you should be able to get the private key06:28
glickastro76, so there is no way i can recover it?06:28
mjw-goose just use it in an account that requires the password06:28
dookdookastro76, thanks06:28
Cpudan80Like K+(K-(m)) = m as does K-(K+(m)) = m06:28
astro76glick: there's no way06:29
Cpudan80The passphrase could be for any private key...06:29
goosemjw: I want to be able to save the password on Evolution so I don't have to punch it in when it automatically checks every 10 minutes for new messages, but I don't want it to even open without the root password or something06:29
travisathow does one reset the resolution of x from the command line?06:29
Cpudan80Yeah there is no way06:29
jribCpudan80: it may take him millions of years, but sure06:29
Cpudan80Brute force would be the way06:29
astro76glick: people back up their private key and revocation certificate and place them in a safe deposit box sometimes06:30
NecrodrakoHello, I'm using Gutsy Gibbon, im not quite sure what i did, i havent done anything out of the ordinary, but my desktop icons wont show up nor will any folder windows (home folder, /media/) nothing. Does anyone know a possible solution to this?06:30
Cpudan80Necrodrako: can you get to it from a terminal ?06:30
Cpudan80Necrodrako: Try CTRL+ALT+F106:30
NecrodrakoCpudan80: yes06:31
glickif i can generate a public key from a private key06:31
glickwhy not a private key from a public key?06:31
Cpudan80glick: that would be bad!06:31
glickmathematically its the same thing06:31
jribglick: because that is not what you do06:31
swubooglick:  Because if it worked that way, the entire excersize would have no purpose.06:31
Cpudan80glick: the functions are one way06:31
NecrodrakoCpudan80: i can run any program just fine, just no desktop icons, or explorer windows06:31
glickCpudan80, i mean of course you need the passphrase06:31
ph0rensicgreat... non working gparted wrecked grub... and didn't even resize the disk06:31
Cpudan80Necrodrako: so nautilus is just not working, try restarting06:31
Cpudan80glick: But if your passphrase is password --- how does that help?06:32
swubooI've been having severe stability issues with Nautilus the last week or so.06:32
NecrodrakoCpudan80: Already tried that06:32
Cpudan80My passphrase could also be password06:32
Cpudan80Necrodrako: What does the debug log say?06:32
goosedoes anyone know how I can lock Evolution so it can only be opened with a password?06:32
Cpudan80It dumps it to your home folder06:32
ubotugrub is the default Ubuntu boot manager. Lost grub after installing windows: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RecoveringUbuntuAfterInstallingWindows - Making GRUB floppies & other GRUB howtos: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GrubHowto06:32
glickCpudan80, i thought i could use that to generate a corresponding key06:32
swubooCpudan80:  Does it, now?  Any idea what, "debug log dumped due to signal 11" means?06:33
NecrodrakoCpudan80: im not sure what you mean by the debug log06:33
Cpudan80glick: You can, but not directly06:33
astro76glick: the passphrase simply encrypts the private key to protect it in case it falls into the wrong hands, it has nothing to do with generating one from the other06:33
Cpudan80glick: you would have to brute force through all possible private keys06:33
Cpudan80Necrodrako: Look in /home for a nautilus debug log06:34
Cpudan80swuboo: hehehe - well sometimes it says more than that06:34
glickits a 2048 bit key that shouldnt take too long06:34
glicki have dual cores!06:34
swubooCpudan80:  I'm sure, but mine just says that about two hundred times.06:34
astro76glick: only a few hundred years06:34
Cpudan80glick: 192 centuries to guess all possible 8 character passwords from a US keyboard06:35
glickastro76, heh more like a couple of trillions of years06:35
NecrodrakoCpudan80: i dont see one06:35
astro76glick: yes very true06:35
Cpudan80glick: 2048 bit would be many more than 8 characters06:35
Necrodrakoall i got is 2 folders, "Login" and my user folder "mike"06:35
swubooCpudan80:  In fact, if the time stamps are accurate, Nautilus dumped that phrase to the log over a hundred times in under a second.06:35
Cpudan80192 decades, sorry06:35
NecrodrakoCpudan80: all i got is 2 folders, "Login" and my user folder "mike"06:35
Cpudan80scratch that idea then06:35
Cpudan80Necrodrako: and no errors show up at all?06:36
NecrodrakoCpudan80: none06:36
baxterHello all06:37
NecrodrakoCpudan80: wait i found a debug log, not in home folder but in user06:37
Cpudan80what does it say?06:37
baxterI'm afraid i'm here with a very stupid problem06:37
Cpudan80baxter: there is no such thing as stupid question06:37
Cpudan80Just very dumb ones ;-)06:38
Raeldoes anyone else have issue with copy and paste in linux. I have noticed this in both fedora and ubuntu. the system acts like a jive turkey when you try to copy....like the text won't stay highlighted, or right click copy won't work you have to do it from File-Copy06:38
lytewell everything looks silly once you find the solution :p06:38
baxterwhen you've spent four hours trying to edit the xorg.conf correctly it starts to feel that way06:38
swuboolyte:  That is so, entirely, not true.06:38
Cpudan80baxter: ok... what are you editing it for?06:38
NecrodrakoCpudan80: the log is filled with the same thing over and over "0x8177510 2008/02/16 00:24:46.9851 (USER): debug log dumped due to signal 11"06:39
Cpudan80normally you want to avoid doing that06:39
lyteRael: you know there's kind of two copy/pastes in most linux installs right? selecting and middle clicking and ctrl+c/v06:39
Cpudan80Necrodrako: is this a fresh install of ubuntu or...?06:39
NecrodrakoiCpudan80: i installed 2 days ago06:39
CVD-PRme fui06:39
Cpudan80Necrodrako: what have you done to the install since?06:40
=== Joetheodd__ is now known as Joetheodd
lyteRael: it's slightly confused at first but i find myself rather frustrated when i'm using a windows box at work that doesn't support it06:40
MrPiracydoes anyone have any idea of how to get to open websites specially designed for IE? I tried to install ies4linux but it doesn't really work. Besides the fact it gets too slow to download pages, it doesn't even let me open the properties box06:40
baxterwell my montor is  widescreen 1360x768 but it doesn't seem to want to work at that resolution06:41
NecrodrakoCpudan80: installed programs, virtualbox, compiz-fusion, amarok, DeVeDe, timevault, wine, skype, ktorrent, thunderbird06:41
swubooBaxter:  That's an odd aspect ratio.06:41
Cpudan80does your gfx card support that resolution?06:41
NecrodrakoCpudan80: just basic programs06:41
Raelmiddle click? what if you only have two mouse buttons06:41
astro76baxter: you sure it's not 1280x768... 1360x768 isn't really common for monitors06:42
jscinozugh 100.14.19 driver is no better than the 169.0906:42
jscinozboth have shit fps on a good card06:42
NecrodrakoCpudan90: everything was working fine up till abotu 10 minutes ago06:42
Raelor can you press the scrolll whell06:42
Cpudan80Necrodrako: Other than devede - that sounds ok....06:42
baxter16:9 widescreen06:42
Cpudan80jscinoz: have you tried using the drivers provided by ubuntu?06:42
NecrodrakoCpudan80: ive not even launched devede yet06:42
jscinozthose are the ones im using now06:42
jscinozthe 100.14.1906:42
astro76baxter: I know but most widescreen pc monitors are actually 16:10, like 1280x768, 1440x900, etc..06:42
Cpudan80Necrodrako: do you use windows at all?06:42
Cpudan80Necrodrako: on the machine in question that is06:43
jscinozaccording to glmark, this driver scores 732, the 169 scores 747, not too much of adifference06:43
jscinozits still too low though06:43
swubooBaxter:  Is that 16:9?  My back-of-envelope work was like 17.7:10.  Which, I guess would make sense.06:43
baxteryes i know trust me to be difficult, it's a LG Flatron M2343A there is a thread on forums but no responses06:43
NecrodrakoCpudan80: i have dual boot, yes. But i also have not booted into windows since i installed ubuntu06:43
Cpudan80Necrodrako: Do you ever have random blue screens in Windows?06:43
baxteryes 16:906:43
Cpudan80Necrodrako: Moreso than would be expected that is06:44
swubooBaxter:  I'm using 1680x1050, lemme see what my xorg.conf looks like.06:44
NecrodrakoCpudan80: i havent had a bluescreen in months06:44
* jscinoz cries over his graphics card sucking06:44
astro76baxter: as I suspected it's a lcd tv ;)06:44
MrPiracydoes anyone have any idea of how to get to open websites specially designed for IE? I tried to install ies4linux but it doesn't really work. Besides the fact it gets too slow to download pages, it doesn't even let me open the properties box06:44
Cpudan80Necrodrako: it's possible that Ubuntu is exercising a portion of your memory that windows does/has not06:44
jscinozAre there any known issues with 8series cards under linux?06:44
baxterthankyou, the only things that have produced any real change other than squashed distortion have turned the screen into a mess of pixels06:44
mouseboyxMrPiracy, use the user agent switcher for firefox06:45
Cpudan80Necrodrako: I would run memtest86+ (its an option on startup at the grub screen) to see if your memory checks out06:45
mouseboyxMrPiracy, https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/5906:45
IcemanV9MrPiracy: use user agent switcher06:45
MrPiracymouseboyx: what is it?06:45
NecrodrakoCpudan80: ill go do that now06:45
Cpudan80Necrodrako: Im assuming you installed those programs by apt-get btw06:45
baxteryes it is but it has a dvi connection06:45
NecrodrakoCpudan80: ill be back06:45
mouseboyxit changes firefox to appear as IE06:45
mouseboyxto the website06:45
Cpudan80Necrodrako: If you didn't -- then it could be that one of those installs is bad06:45
Cpudan80Necrodrako: that thing is gonna take a while06:46
Cpudan80probably several hours06:46
baxterI know it works at that resolution with this graphics card because i'm dual booting06:46
swubooBaxter:  Interestingly, 1680x1050 isn't listed under modes, just under "metamodes"06:46
NecrodrakoCpudan80: all apt, except i installed skype via .deb package06:46
MrPiracymouseboyx: aw... ok, i'll have a look06:46
Cpudan80Necrodrako: hrm... I dont think that would do it06:46
baxterwhere does that appear in the tree?06:46
lyteMrPiracy: a browser has something called a user agent it sends to the server which tells the server what type of browser it is, if you change it to an ie string the server will send back ie code, which may or may not help you06:46
NecrodrakoCpudan80 im going to go test memory now06:46
swubooSection "Screen"06:47
prettyrickyHi everyone just trying to find out what everyone is using to install new themes, like a bootskin?06:47
astro76baxter: /msg ubotu bootsplash06:48
astro76!bootsplash | prettyricky06:48
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about bootsplash - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi06:48
ubotuTo select the usplash artwork you want, use "sudo update-alternatives --config usplash-artwork.so && sudo update-initramfs -u" - See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/USplashCustomizationHowto for adding your custom artwork06:48
PeddyMy flash is intermittently working and not working. I am running 64-bit Ubuntu. The process 'npviewer.bin' becomes a zombie. Flash content dissapears seemingly randomly and is replaced by a grey box. Can anyone please help me?06:48
MrPiracy_mouseboyx: but i also need to run java virtual machine ... i installed on firefox, but for some reason my home banking won't display the password box06:48
astro76baxter: wrong nick sorry06:48
baxterthought as much06:48
prettyrickywhere do I get !bootsplash06:49
astro76prettyricky: see what ubotu just said about usplash, actually06:49
LimCoreis the a program in linux, that can show a .png or .jpg image?06:50
ubotuTo select the usplash artwork you want, use "sudo update-alternatives --config usplash-artwork.so && sudo update-initramfs -u" - See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/USplashCustomizationHowto for adding your custom artwork06:50
lyteLimCore: lots, try double clicking on one and see what happens...06:50
prettyrickythanks everyone!06:50
marupaAll right.  I'm really close to done now...I'm trying to get a java add-in to work with 32b firefox under 64b ubuntu.  java works fine in 64b linux, and sees the add-in.  java plugin works fine in 32b firefox...however, java plugin in 32b firefox doesn't see the add-in.  Any way to point 32b firefox to where it can see the plugin properly?06:50
LimCorelyte: all failed me so far06:50
LimCoreis the a program in linux, that can show a .png or .jpg image - without no stupid menus, editors etc  etc, just SHOW it in a SIMPLE window, nothing more06:50
swubooLimCore:  Er... Nautilus?06:51
LimCoreswuboo: no menus no nothing.  JUST the image, nothing more06:51
ere4siLimCore, try the gthumb image viewer06:51
astro76LimCore: display, part of imagemagick06:52
lyteLimCore: why do you want to get rid of the menus etc?06:52
fuffalowhat are some good companies that sell ubuntu on laptops directly?06:53
lytedunno about good but i believe dell does06:53
ere4sihe asked for good companies06:53
lyteyeh i know but...06:53
swubooere4si:  I'm not sure there are any others.06:53
squarebracketi'm trying to install a driver, and it needs the linux source, and i've tried just about all linux packages (for generic), but it's still saying not found... any ideas?06:53
russfuffalo I bought the dell 1420 with ubuntu 7.04 feisty preloaded06:53
baxterso from what i can see i just need a line saying ' Option "MetaModes", "1360x768" '06:53
ere4sinot that I know of swuboo06:53
Cpudan80squarebracket: kernel-source06:54
fuffaloruss, everything workin well?06:54
glickthat blows chucks that i lost my priv key06:54
[dcr]Hey I'm on the LiveCD and I need to edit files on the HDD and it says I don't have enough permission, how would I go about getting that permission?06:54
LimCorelyte: I need it as a splash06:54
LimCoreto be visible all the time on display06:54
russfuffalo pretty much although I have not been able to get the external microphone input to work, or the line in.06:54
jscinozHey guys, i installed the 100.14.19 nvidia driver via synaptic, however now the entire desktop experience is PAINFULLY slow - it takes >1 second to switch between tabs in Firefox... or 2-3s to minimize a window. This is partially remedied when I use Metacity as opposed to Beryl or Compiz, but it's still slower than when using the Vesa or nv driver. any ideas? I still need the nvidia driver for 3d, but there must be some way to06:54
jscinozmake it faster.06:54
Cpudan80squarebracket: you also need build-essential06:54
russfuffalo dell has a linux support line but I've never called it06:55
Raelwhat is python06:55
russfuffalo also I have tried fruitlessly to get a second monitor to work06:55
Cpudan80Rael: scripting language06:55
Cpudan80Rael: like perl, php06:55
ere4siRael: a programming language06:55
russRael also a very large snake06:55
Raeldo I need it running06:55
fuffaloit shouldn't be running06:56
fuffalounless you've asked it to06:56
russRael snakes don't run06:56
russthey slither06:56
RaelI just saw it taking up like 30% of my cpu06:56
squarebracketCpudan80, no kernel-source package, but it looks like i didn't have build-essential installed which i thought i did, let me try it now.06:56
russit might be constricting your performance06:57
[dcr]Hey I'm on the LiveCD and I need to edit files on the HDD and it says I don't have enough permission, how would I go about getting that permission?06:57
Whtigeroh noes06:57
Cpudan80squarebracket: that might not be the package name (kernel-source)06:57
fuffaloruss, the only thing i don't like is they only have integrated video in their linux laptops...i assume because they dont want driver headaches06:57
ere4siRael: lots of linux apps are written in python06:57
=== drone4four_ is now known as Invert314
Raelit was using 100 cpu06:58
russfuffalo well the built-in monitor is just great - 1440x900 nice looking display06:58
RaelI just killed it06:58
NecrodrakoCpudan80: it got through the memtest no problems, now i'm back on and everything is working again...06:58
fuffaloruss i meant the video card itself, not the monitor06:58
Raelone was sleeping and one was very much active06:58
fuffalodoes it play movies well?06:58
Cpudan80Necrodrako: weird06:58
squarebracketCpudan80, kernel-package, maybe?06:58
NecrodrakoCpudan:i wonder what could have cased that06:58
russfuffalo I suspect the problem with a second monitor might be that I have an oddball monitor06:58
Invert314i can't autocomplete /usr or even / at the command line06:58
Cpudan80squarebracket: maybe, it has kernel in the name iirc06:58
Invert314why is that?06:58
squarebracketCpudan80, (there's also linux-source)06:58
russfuffalo the video is nothing special but i don't do anything that requires it06:59
Raelhey when I kiled it my gdkeslets dissapear06:59
[dcr]how do i edit a file in terminal?06:59
Invert314i mean i can't autocomplete those directories with sudo at the beginning of the line06:59
Invert314sudo mv Desktop/Titan\ Pack/ /us06:59
gmenelauhow can i update the synaptic ?06:59
lyte[dcr]: nano06:59
Starnestommyearlmred: gdesklets is python-based06:59
Raelare gdeskletes suppose to run python and slow down your pc06:59
[dcr]ty lyte06:59
speeddemon8803is there any way to update the ipod nano firmware in ubuntu?06:59
Starnestommywhoops, sorry earlmred06:59
Invert314it's as if / doesn't exist06:59
StarnestommyRael: they're python-based06:59
Raelthe gdeskletes are cool! are the going to make my system run like a jive turkey07:00
LimCorewhen I am in X, how to get the current x,y position of mouse cursor?  (in example to save it to a file)?   (or better yet, how to draw something there when the mouse cursor is,  so that it will be visible in a screenshot)?07:00
NecrodrakoCpudan80: not that its really any of my business, but do you use any instant mesengers that i might add you on?07:00
russRael python is an interpreted language so to run a python-based application you need to run the python interpreter07:00
ere4siRael: I use gdesklets and don't have a cpu or mem hit from them07:00
LimCoreperhaps there is application-toy that shows some shape/icon/whatever "chasing" the mouse cursor? that would do too07:01
RaelI just saw it in system manager use 100% cpu07:01
Raeland pc was running slow07:01
Cpudan80squarebracket: could be that one07:01
Cpudan80Necrodrako: yes.... but why do you need it?07:01
squarebracketCpudan80, it seemed to work with build-essential installed.. so thanks :)07:02
ere4siRael: maybe one of the desklets isn't working/connecting like it should07:02
Cpudan80squarebracket: np07:02
NecrodrakoCpudan80: i just figured you were nice enough, and it wouldnt hurt to be a friend.07:02
Cpudan80Necrodrako: hehehe pm me and I'll give you the sn07:03
Raellooks like you were right07:03
Raelironically it was the one I just installed to watch cpu usage07:03
prettyrickycan someone direct on how to install bootsplash07:04
ere4siRael: got it sorted?07:04
jmdcmy python installation is broken07:04
RaelI think sooo07:04
jmdcI've tried reinstalling python, but that didn't seem to fix it07:04
lytejmdc: broken how?07:04
jmdcthe time module isn't working properly07:05
marupaSo, if I'm working with java in a 32b version of firefox under 64b ubuntu...java works fine, loads like a dream, but I can't get 32b firefox's java to see any java add-ins.  Any way to point it to see the add-in?07:05
jmdcfor instance: import time; time.time() gives an error07:05
bullgard4"detlef@MD97600:~$  ls -l ~/.dmrc; -rw------- 1 detlef detlef 48 2008-02-14 19:05 /home/detlef/.dmrc" My Nautilus does list for example '.dbus-keyrings' but not '.dmrc'. What is wrong in my reasoning?07:06
Raelhey does anyone know how to setup the weather desk applet07:07
Raelit says fail07:07
ere4siRael: you need the goodweather desklet - is the only one I could get working - download from the website07:08
squarebracketdoes X support seperate screens of different resolutions?07:08
nanomy volume control hot keys on my laptop are effecting the volume levels on the "internal mic" setting and are not effecting the Master setting as I would prefer, anybody has any ideas about how to fix this?07:09
marupasquarebracket, like, the same desktop extended onto multiple resolution screens?07:09
Raelok thanks Ill check it out07:09
teknoverwow.. been a while since i IRC'd07:10
teknoverI have many technical issues with my Ubuntu 7.1 gutssy on my lappy (intel 945Gm chipset)... anybody can point me to the right direction?07:10
squarebracketmarupa, no, seperate screen definitions in the config file07:10
marupasquarebracket, for simultaneous kde/gnome or somesuch configuration?07:11
monteprinter drivers ?07:11
LimCoreopen source works :P   I just took 8 minutes and written the application I was missing from ubuntu!   (to track down and write position of X cursor, based on xeyes :P)07:11
squarebracketmarupa, actually, that would be kind of cool, but no.07:11
marupasquarebracket, explain/07:12
squarebracketmarupa, i was having lots of trouble getting seperate screens working until i removed the ability of one of my monitors to go to 1280x102407:12
prettyrickywhere do I get bootspash from? any suggestions07:12
squarebracketmarupa, now they're both at 1024x768, and it worked.07:12
prettyrickyand how does it work07:12
astro76!usplash | prettyricky07:12
ubotuprettyricky: To select the usplash artwork you want, use "sudo update-alternatives --config usplash-artwork.so && sudo update-initramfs -u" - See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/USplashCustomizationHowto for adding your custom artwork07:12
jscinozOh wow..07:12
ere4si!forums | teknover07:13
ubotuteknover: The Ubuntu forums can be found at http://www.ubuntuforums.org. There is also a channel on IRC Freenode #ubuntuforums.07:13
jscinozxserver-xgl is SO much faster than stock xserver07:13
prettyrickythanks, I got disconnected earlier07:13
ere4siteknover,  you can search for issues with your laptop there07:13
monteDoes any one in here for the 500th time know how to set up a printer and find the drivers07:14
ubotuPrinting in Ubuntu is done with cups. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Printers - https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardwareSupportComponentsPrinters - http://linuxprinting.org - Printer sharing: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/NetworkPrintingFromWindows07:15
prettyrickysorry new to this do I just type !usplash on the terminal?07:15
astro76prettyricky: follow the link ubotu gave you after I typed !usplash07:15
Raeldo I need to be running these power managers and stuff If I'm on a desktop07:16
ere4siRael: no07:16
SmegzorWhen I'm in Nautilus, I'd like to be able to right click a folder and open a console window to that folder.  Is this possible?  What do I need to do?07:17
linabhihow to upgrade alsa drivers07:17
keith-hi chase07:17
astro76Smegzor: install nautilus-open-terminal07:17
nixneed help with bluetooth mousr: have to disconec usb hub b4 i can use it.. wtf?07:17
ere4siRael: I use sidecandy cpu and have no issues07:17
linabhii am new in linux i dunno how to do it in ubuntu07:17
cpk1Smegzor: in kde I right click > actions > open terminal here... maybe gnome has something similiar?07:17
linabhimy sound card is not regonized by ubuntu07:18
Smegzori'm in gnome and I haven't found that ability in it so far.07:18
cpk1linabhi: it isnt recognized if you do "lspci" in a terminal?07:18
ere4silinabhi, what is the sound card pls?07:18
linabhiits realtech07:19
keith-i ripped and burned some dvd's on a mac and when i try to play them in vlc on linux(which is what i used on the mac), it won't play them07:19
linabhii used fedora 8 in was deetected in that07:19
=== apecat_ is now known as apecat
linabhii have a nvidia 610i board07:19
linabhisundcard is realtek alc66207:20
keith-has anyone had a similar problem?07:20
squarebracketkeith-, have you tried it any computer other than the one that burned it?07:20
linabhilspci shows it as a unknown device please help07:20
keith-squarebracket: yeah07:21
keith-squarebracket: they were other mac computers and they have worked fine07:21
nixneed help with bluetooth mousr: have to disconec usb hub b4 i can use it.. wtf?07:21
Smegzorastro76: thanks again!  I installed a number of add-ons I didn't know about for nautilus.07:21
ere4silinabhi, look at this guide - http://www.filledvoid.com/2007/12/11/7/07:22
linabhilet me check07:22
astro76Smegzor: no problem, there are a couple of other potentially usefull nautilus-* packages, like nautilus-actions07:22
squarebracketkeith-, hmm... i -think- you need restricted stuff installed on the linux machine to watch dvds, have you installed any of that stuff?07:23
squarebracket(do you know what i'm talking about?)07:23
keith-squarebracket: yeah other dvd's are working fine07:23
skull-DTwhats the command line to check CPU temperature???07:23
McGodI got a quick question, I have made 10Gbs of unpartition'd space07:23
McGodTo install Ubuntu onto07:24
Smegzorastro76: 1 question.. now that I've added them (and exited out of nautilus) I can't see any of the new add-ons.  What do I need to do to make them appear?07:24
squarebracketkeith-, oh really, ok... hmm... have you tried a different program to play it?07:24
McGodA) Will that be enough room?07:24
CVD-PRfor ubuntu olny yes07:24
ere4siKeith, what file format are they e.g. something.avi?07:24
squarebracketMcGod, it depends how much you plan to use it, but ya.07:24
astro76Smegzor: hmm probably log out and back into gnome07:24
McGodB) Would I use the "Use the largest continuous free space"07:24
Schmao-FmaoHi there, the Ubuntu LiveCD is hanging when I get to the line "squashfs version 3.2-UBUNTU", and I'd like to try and debug it.  Is there any way for me to make the Ubuntu live CD bootup any more verbose by tweaking the boot parameters?07:24
Schmao-FmaoI've already removed the words "quiet splash"07:25
sean_Where can I find a screen saver that supports RSS? Ubuntu used to have it under "fliptext" but I can't find it.07:25
squarebracketNTSC is 720x480 right?07:26
sp0ro|Kismet is saying I need to set a user to drop down to in the kismet config. I already set the suiduser to my normal user and triple checked it was correct, yet it is still not working. Is the kismet config file for the dev version in a difference directory on Ubuntu than /etc/kismet/ ?07:26
ph0rensicCrap....Trying to partition my hd screwed it.. I have to do a zero fill on it now..07:27
McGodph0rensic: What did u do?07:27
Schmao-Fmaosquarebracket, if you're referring to DVDs, NTSC refers only to the frame rate07:27
Schmao-FmaoFor TV encoding NTSC is 525 scanlines07:28
squarebracketSchmao-Fmao, i was not, i was referring to the resolution of my tv :P.... ya, 525 scanlines07:28
ph0rensicMcGod: I was trying to partition it and the partitioner failed and left grub out of whack .. then I tried to fix grub and then it just says the disk failed upon boot07:28
squarebracketSchmao-Fmao, the "effective resolution" is 720x480 though, right?07:28
astro76squarebracket: yes 720x480, keep in mind that's displayed in a 4:3 ratio... the pixels are not square07:28
skull-DTquick question how do I check CPU temp??07:29
squarebracketastro76, yup, will do... trying to get my old nvidia card to output to my tv, sigh.07:29
mkquistph0rensic: have u tried reinstalling grub?07:29
ph0rensicMcGod: All this because i wanted another partition to test the 64 bit...07:29
ph0rensicmkquist: Yes I did07:29
mkquistph0rensic: i was about to say forget that question... so do you have an o/s installed?07:30
McGodShould I pre-make the parition for Ubuntu07:30
ph0rensicmkquist: the partitioner wont read the disk07:30
ph0rensicmkquist: Nope .. Im gonna dual boot it as soon as the zero fill is done...07:30
RaelI cant get the rythembox applete to work either07:30
ph0rensicmkquist: another long night07:30
mkquistph0rensic: so the partitioner on the live cd wont read it?07:31
Schmao-Fmaosquarebracket, I believe so but I'm not sure07:31
ph0rensicmkquist: yah .. interesting eh?07:31
ere4siRael: it won't work - it's old rhythmbox went to dbus ages ago and the gdesklet still uses bonobo07:32
mkquistph0rensic: do you have any other live cds like maybe knoppix?07:32
Schmao-FmaoAnyone know if the Ubuntu Dapper LTS LiveCD uses a new kernel, or an old one?07:32
ph0rensicLuckily I have all my important stuff on another hdd07:32
Schmao-Fmaonew as in 2.6.22 and old as in less than that :)07:32
ph0rensicmkquist: No I was actually going to download a knoppix disc for the future though07:32
astro76squarebracket: if you are going out to tv, 640x480 might be what you want07:32
ph0rensicmkquist: Im already going through the zero fill... it takes forever07:32
mkquistph0rensic: so how are u writing to the disc then?07:32
McGodbrb booting to livecd07:33
squarebracketastro76, hmm, ok07:33
ph0rensicmkquist: Im using maxblast disc tool07:33
ahorriblemessHi everyone07:33
mkquistph0rensic: u have windows on there? im guessing no?07:33
mkquistph0rensic: seems like a wast to do a zero fill to me07:33
ph0rensicmkquist: Nope I never did, it was a full ubuntu install and I wanted to add a partition to test 64bit07:34
ahorriblemessI've been using a USB mouse on my laptop, I disabled my touchpad with a button above it, but when I switched it back on I lost control over configuring it (if I disable "tap to click" it doesn't work)07:34
ahorriblemessanyone have nay ideas? Do you tihnk a simple reboot would help?07:34
ph0rensicmkquist: Normally yes, but I cant get the disc to install anythig on it atm07:34
astro76ahorriblemess: probably restarting X would help (ctrl+alt+backspace)07:34
Raeloh ok07:34
mkquistph0rensic: been a while since having to use maxblast, it doesnt have an option to just delete parts?07:34
ph0rensicmkquist: Windows wont even install on it after I did a quick zero fill and set up new partitions07:34
mkquistph0rensic: maxtor drive?07:35
ph0rensicmkquist: I tried.. yes it is a maxtor drive.. Ional also have a seagate disc for my seagate, but that drive is functi07:35
mkquistph0rensic: how old?07:35
squarebracketman, kde4 is so slick, even on windows :)07:35
ere4siRael: I had to write some short scripts and add them to a panel to control rhythmbox while it is minimized07:35
nixBLUETOOTH mouse will only work after i unplug usb hub, ne one know a bypass?07:36
Raelare there any other media players that support applets07:36
ph0rensicmkquist: A couple years.. have never had any problems with it before.. it all got jacked when I was trying to make partitions with gparted07:36
mkquistph0rensic: word to the wise (at least IMHO) step away from the Maxtors...07:36
mkquistph0rensic: personally havent had real good luck w/maxtors...07:36
ere4siRael: xmms07:37
ph0rensicmkquist: hehe well both my new drives are seagate. i keep my important stuff on there07:37
kaboombobany body know how to open or burn a ".img" file straight to a dvd?07:37
RaelI'll have to check it out07:37
mkquistph0rensic: im of the opinion thats a good thing.... good for u07:37
ph0rensicmkquist: except i have a maxtor external too.. that just holds some .iso's that i can get again if it fails07:37
mkquistph0rensic: g/l w/ur zero fill/reinstall then07:38
pawanhow to mount partition using livecd07:38
astro76kaboombob: convert to .iso first, http://wiki.linuxquestions.org/wiki/CD_Image_Conversion#img2iso07:38
tazhi roomis07:38
ph0rensicmkquist: hehe thanks ... yah i like the seagates better.. unfortunately my MB only has 2 sata ports .. so I can only have 2 sata hdds running07:38
ph0rensicmkquist: hehe thanks07:39
mkquistph0rensic: pci card???07:39
ubotuPartitioning programs: !GParted or QTParted (also "man mkfs" for formatting) - Mounting partitions in !GNOME under !Dapper: System -> Administration -> Disks - For !Edgy and later, see !fstab and !DiskMounter07:39
jscinozthis is annoying...07:39
pawani have ubuntu installed and also want to preserve it and mount it07:39
tazi did try burner with iso... i notice only 10 icon CD File Display   but  should be 20 icon of Correct CD File Display07:39
ph0rensicmkquist: pci2sata??07:40
tazany idea ?07:40
jscinozIf i use the standard xserver, games run at  a decent speed, but my desktop is very very slow. Yet if i use xserver-xgl, its the opposite, fast desktop, low framerates (+ graphical artifacts) in games, is there anyway to have xserver-xgl, but also have good game performance?07:40
sp0ro|Kismet is saying I need to set a user to drop down to in the kismet config. I already set the suiduser to my normal user and triple checked it was correct, yet it is still not working. Is the kismet config file for the dev version in a difference directory on Ubuntu than /etc/kismet/ ?07:40
gmenelauhow can i update the synaptic package manage ?07:41
ere4sipawan: you need to find the partition in /dev/ and then   sudo mount /dev/sda1    or wichever it is07:41
pawanit is hd1,1 and hd1,407:42
pawanhow to mount07:43
ere4sipawan: shouldn't that be hda1  hda4?07:43
pawanin menu.lst it is saying hd107:44
FluxDanyone know of a eggdrop chan I can goto seeing as how the one here is dead?07:44
wng-ere4si, he's talking about for grub07:44
iceswordpawan, hd0,1 maybe07:44
StarnestommyFluxD: either #eggdrop or #egghelp on efnet or undernet, maybe07:44
ere4siwng: on the live cd?07:44
pazalguien abla espanol , escribe07:44
pawanhow to find out07:44
cmeptb999я тупой или тут не по русски?07:44
=== MrPiracy_ is now known as MrPiracy
astro76!ru | cmeptb99907:45
ubotucmeptb999: Пожалуйста посетите #ubuntu-ru для получения помощи на русском языке  / Pozhalujsta posetite #ubuntu-ru dlya polucheniya pomoshi na russkom yazyke07:45
tritium!ru | cmeptb99907:45
wng-ere4si, im not sure how menu.lst works for the livecd,  but thats the normal format for it07:45
ubotugrub is the default Ubuntu boot manager. Lost grub after installing windows: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RecoveringUbuntuAfterInstallingWindows - Making GRUB floppies & other GRUB howtos: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GrubHowto07:45
nixanyone know the program to ross platform mice and keyboards?07:45
MrPiracyi get this message when i try to install java: /bin/basename is needed by jre-1.6.0_03-fcs.x86_6407:45
FluxDty Starnestommy07:45
MrPiracythis together with other commands ... i found that one of them are in this /bin/ location, but some others aren't. how can i solve this?07:45
pazporfa en espanol me pueden ayudar a comfigurar mi tarjeta de tv,07:46
Flannel!es | paz07:46
ubotupaz: Si busca ayuda en español por favor entre en los canales #ubuntu-es o #kubuntu-es, allí obtendrá más ayuda.07:46
pawanit is /dev/sdb3 7 807:46
pawanhow to mount07:46
pawanno hda07:46
wng-MrPiracy, try 'sudo apt-get install coreutils'07:47
ere4sipawan: sudo mount /dev/sdb3   is what you type in a terminal - do you know terminal?07:47
pawanwill it preserve my existing ubuntu installation07:48
MrPiracywng-: hmmmm ... 0 upgraded, 0 newly installed, 0 to remove and 1 not upgraded.07:48
iceswordpawan, are u from korea07:48
iceswordoh,i just guess u ip07:48
wng-MrPiracy, what was the one not-upgraded?07:48
ubotupastebin is a service to post large texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org (make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the #ubuntu channel topic)07:49
ere4sipawan: unless you change something in your existing ubuntu it will stay preserved07:49
MrPiracywng-: the one u just said .... coreutils07:49
jscinozIs there anyway to run opengl games while using xserver-xgl?07:50
wng-MrPiracy, how are you trying to install the JRE?07:50
nixnix needs help with bluetooth usb??07:50
genjixanyone know how I can reinstall all installed packages?07:50
wng-MrPiracy, try 'sudo apt-get install sun-java6-bin sun-java6-jre'07:50
genjixsome stuff has accidentally got removed in /usr/07:50
MrPiracywng-: i downloaded a rpm package from www.java.com as the site told me so. am following instructions from http://www.java.com/en/download/help/5000011300.xml07:51
Flannel!java | MrPiracy07:51
ubotuMrPiracy: To install a Java runtime/interpreter on Ubuntu, look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Java - For the Sun Java runtime install sun-java6-jre from the !Multiverse repository (in !Backports for !Edgy)07:51
pawanubuntu@ubuntu:~$ sudo mount /dev/sdb307:51
pawanmount: /dev/sdb3 already mounted or /media/disk-5 busy07:51
pawanmount: according to mtab, /dev/sdb3 is already mounted on /media/disk-507:51
FlannelMrPiracy: Use those instructions instead07:51
wng-MrPiracy, try 'sudo apt-get install sun-java6-bin sun-java6-jre'07:51
wng-jscinoz, try setting DISPLAY=:0 before running the game07:52
MrPiracywng-, Flannel: ok, trying that now07:52
ere4sipawan: then browse to /media/disk-507:52
MrPiracywng-, Flannel: will see if it works07:52
Invert314i was just using cairo-clock moments ago, but now it won't run....07:52
jscinozwng- thakns07:52
Invert314here are the two error messages:07:52
Invert314drone4four@ubuntu:~$ cairo-clock07:52
Invert314bash: /usr/bin/cairo-clock: Permission denied07:52
Invert314drone4four@ubuntu:~$ sudo cairo-clock07:52
Invert314sudo: cairo-clock: command not found07:52
Invert314why can't i run cairo-clock?07:52
pawanbut my installation is in disk 1107:53
pawanthere are all the folders07:53
bullgard4"detlef@MD97600:~$  ls -l ~/.dmrc; -rw------- 1 detlef detlef 48 2008-02-14 19:05 /home/detlef/.dmrc" My Nautilus does list for example '.dbus-keyrings' but not '.dmrc'. What is wrong in my reasoning?07:53
ere4sipawan: don't worry about the name of the mount - look at the files to see if it is the right one that's mounted07:54
sp0ro|How would I go about deleting a directory that has items in it?07:54
pawanhow to mount disk 1107:54
sp0ro|rmdir --ignore isn't working07:54
Flannelsp0ro|: rm -rf07:55
xoaisp0rol: rm -rf07:55
jscinozwng- hmm is xserver-xgl actually its own display?07:56
ere4sipawan: you don't mount disks you mount the partitions on the disk - an important point07:56
wng-jscinoz, something like that, im not sure exactly how it works07:56
coloquionubuntu sux07:56
pawanso how to mount partition07:56
jscinozwish i could have a way to do it on the same display07:56
iceswordcoloquion, what u want to say07:56
dsmith_coloquion: say what?07:56
jscinozsetting the env variable for every game is gonna be annoying07:56
Flannelcoloquion: You're welcome to discuss that in #ubuntu-offtopic, please keep this channel support related only.  Thanks.07:56
pawanwhen i right click it says unmount volume07:56
wng-jscinoz, I gave up on XGL for that reason07:57
astro76bullgard4: that doesn't make sense07:57
coloquionnothing that a lot of main stuff doesn't work outta the box07:57
coloquionsuch as burning07:57
ere4sipawan: sudo mount /dev/sda3  or whichever it is called - you need to find it in the folder /dev07:57
astro76bullgard4: it should show in nautilus07:57
ere4sipawan if right click says unmount then it is mounted already07:57
bullgard4astro76: But if it does not show up in Nautilus what should I do?07:57
astro76bullgard4: not sure07:58
coloquionand making DVD/CD movies wathchable on other things that aren't only PC07:58
pawanthen why is ubuntu not loading in grub07:58
bullgard4astro76: ok. Thank you.07:58
ere4sipawan: it won't from the live cd07:58
pawanno when i boot from hard disk07:58
pawancannot mount partition error07:59
killemallive got ubuntu 6.06 server running software raid.  the 2 hds are 2GB each.  I would like to upgrade to 2 20GB hds.  is this possilbe without having to reinstall ubuntu ?07:59
MrPiracywng-, Flannel: didn't work, i am trying to see the password box at https://www2.bancobrasil.com.br/aapf/login.jsp?aapf.IDH=sim07:59
abescullyare other people having trouble with openoffice.org-hyphenation-en-us in hardy?07:59
ere4sipawan: you have 3 ubuntu installs from your menu.lst - do you get none from the grub menu?07:59
Flannelabescully: #ubuntu+1 for hardy07:59
abescullyFlannel: thanks.08:00
wng-MrPiracy, are you using Firefox for browsing?08:00
FlannelMrPiracy: does java work from the command line?  and then, did you make sure you did the firefox stuff?08:00
ere4sipawan: are you in the live cd now?08:00
wng-MrPiracy, 'sudo apt-get install sun-java6-plugin'08:00
jscinozwng- xgl is so much faster than the normal xserver for desktop stuff08:00
Ayabaraanyone running alsa 1.0.15rc<something> on gutsy?08:01
ere4sipawan: open a terminal and type   sudo grub08:01
jscinozwng- in normal xserver takes 2-3 sec to change tab in firefox (even with metacity instead of compiz) its near instant on xgl08:01
ere4sipawan: then type find /boot/grub/stage108:01
wng-jscinoz, 2-3s to change tabs seems kind of excessive08:01
MrPiracywng-: E: Package sun-java6-plugin has no installation candidate08:02
pawangrub> find /boot/grub/stage108:02
pawan (hd1,6)08:02
jscinozwng- i agree, but thats just how slow it is >_<08:02
MrPiracyFlannel: what firefox stuff?08:02
MrPiracywng-: yes, firefox08:02
wng-jscinoz, mines instant enough08:02
jscinozwng- hmm08:02
ere4sipawan: type   update grub08:02
jscinozwng- also switching to xgl fixed this bug with the xserver eating 100% cpu when firefox was loading something08:02
Ayabarato get a newer version of alsa, yesterday I did "sudo apt-get install linux-backports-modules-$(uname -r)". Will I go back to the old alsa if I remove that package?08:03
jscinozwng- brb restarting x with some more tweaks08:03
FlannelMrPiracy: Are you on AMD64?08:03
wng-MrPiracy, what version of Ubuntu are you running?08:03
pawangrub> update grub08:03
pawanError 27: Unrecognized command08:03
MrPiracyFlannel, wng- : gutsy gibbon all updates applied on x64 computer08:03
ere4sipawan: type   quit   then type     update grub08:04
FlannelMrPiracy: the firefox instructions on that page.  But here, these are AMD64 instructions: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Java#head-6524a0c56845e40dccd32676dad42830325e570708:04
linabhimy sound card still does not work08:04
linabhii have realtek hda08:04
pawanubuntu@ubuntu:~$ update grub08:04
pawanbash: update: command not found08:04
Starnestommyupdate-grub, not update grub08:04
Flannelsudo update-grub08:05
bullgard4astro76: I found the solution: I was looking for a directory. But .dmrc is a file. Now I found this file in Nautilus also.08:05
wng-MrPiracy, I don't know much about amd64 stuff, follow Flannel's instructions08:05
MrPiracyFlannel: "No such file or directory" after i type the first command08:05
MrPiracyFlannel: grrrr08:06
pawanubuntu@ubuntu:~$ sudo update-grub08:06
pawanSearching for GRUB installation directory ...08:06
pawanNo GRUB directory found. To create a template run 'mkdir /boot/grub' first. To install grub, install it manually or try the 'grub-install' command. ### Warning, grub-install is used to change your MBR. ###08:06
jscinozwng- it must be said, xgl is a tad unstable >_< (jus crashed when i ran glxgears)08:06
pretenderI am getting an this error when booting my ubuntu box kernel panic: not synching VFS:  How can i fix this08:06
FlannelMrPiracy: did you follow the instructions on the page that are linked? https://help.ubuntu.com/community/AMD64/FirefoxAndPlugins08:07
nixwhat is the command for art manager?08:08
astro76bullgard4: ahh whoops08:08
MrPiracyFlannel: yes, but i really have to go now ... will have to try it some other time08:09
bullgard4astro76: What is the purpose of the file ~/.dmrc?08:09
MrPiracyFlannel: thx for ur help08:09
amishrobotsany idea how i make my nvidia graphics card work properly, and stop being retarded?08:09
kaboombobastro76 thats not really helping me with converting it to an iso08:10
ere4sipawan: you can try to grub-install and see if it works - but you may have a hard disk issue - 'cause you do have a /boot/grub/menu.lst - so the hard disk might be on its' way out08:10
pawanbut i can read the contents of my existing ubuntu installation08:11
kaboombobanybody know how to convert to an iso or mount a clonecd image (.ccd .img .sub)08:11
mfivecoa_While trying to use an external monitor on my T41, I've corrupted my xorg.conf,  even after 'dpkg-reconfigure -phigh xserver-xorg', ddcprobe returns that I'm running vesa drivers08:11
pretenderhow can i fix this error when booting ubuntu                "kernel panic: not synching VFS:"08:11
pawanhow to grub-install08:12
astro76kaboombob: never tried it sorry08:12
ere4sipawan: it might be the part of the disk with the master boot record on that has trouble - hard to say from here - but seems like it is a hardware issue - maybe08:12
magic_ninjai need a light media player but something better then audacious08:13
astro76bullgard4: for the display manager, I think it keeps track of your default login session (i.e. kde, gnome, etc...)08:13
mfivecoa_kaboom: from http://www.techspot.com/vb/topic483.html: BASH# mkdir /mnt/iso     BASH# mount myiso.iso /mnt/iso/ -t iso9660 -o ro,loop=/dev/loop008:13
magic_ninjanot amarok, banshee, etc08:13
gatenmagic_ninja: i like banshee08:13
gatenmagic_ninja: woops nm08:13
magic_ninjagaten: i need something lighter08:14
ere4sipawan: http://www.gnu.org/software/grub/manual/html_node/Installing-GRUB-using-grub_002dinstall.html - is the manual for that08:14
gatenmagic_ninja: xmms?08:14
ph0rensichow many usable partitions can I have on 1 drive?08:14
Organizmhey, badwizard08:14
badwizardyo Organizm!08:14
magic_ninjayea, audacious is more fully-featurued08:14
Organizmlong time never seen you before in my life, badwizard08:14
kaboombobmfivecoa_ i need to get it to an iso before i can mount it as an iso08:14
badwizardwow, totallyl the same here.08:14
magic_ninjathinking of trying some other xmms tweaks08:14
Organizmding dong08:15
badwizardwalla walla bing bong08:15
=== Ce_MiO_PuTiH is now known as cowok
Ayabarais there a way to get an equalizer for rhythmbox?08:16
mfivecoa_kaboombob: sorry, didn't read closely enough, http://linux.xulin.de/c/. look at isodump08:16
=== FBIGuy is now known as NSAGuy
kaboombobmfivecoa_ cant get it to work it says error on 146 cant find ! input full path or press"ctrl+c" to exit08:17
ubotuYum! Err, I mean, APT!08:18
Peddyhas anyone been experiencing problems with the flash player upgrade?08:20
=== chuck_ is now known as LazyPower
astro76!flashissue | Peddy08:20
ubotuPeddy: The Flash plugin installation has been broken for some time. A fix has been released now, although it might not have yet reached all mirrors. If the update fails to install Flash, try « sudo apt-get --purge remove flashplugin-nonfree ; sudo apt-get install flashplugin-nonfree »08:20
astro76Peddy: it works now, try the suggestion ^08:21
kimis this an appropriate place to make a suggestion for future ubuntu releases?08:21
ubotuI prefer botsnacks, but thanks for the thought.08:21
Peddyastro76 if this works I will buy you a beer08:21
LazyPowerAre there any potential issues to using wicd over the network-panel-app?08:21
Peddyastro76 not kidding08:21
astro76kim: not really08:21
astro76!bugs | kim08:21
ubotukim: If you find a bug in Ubuntu or any of its derivatives, please file a bug report at: http://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu  -  Bugs in/wishes for the bots can be filed at http://launchpad.net/ubuntu-bots08:21
astro76!wiki | kim08:21
ubotukim: http://wiki.ubuntu.com - Ubuntu development documentation wiki. If you are looking for system help, please refer to https://help.ubuntu.com/community - the Ubuntu community documentation.08:21
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Peddyastro76 I'm not sure if its the installation, it installed fine, its just flash content is intermittently not showing08:22
astro76Peddy: oh hmm, no haven't hadn't problems, though I don't use it much08:22
Peddyastro76 is the bug with the actual installation process?08:22
Peddyastro76 I'ma just try that and get back to you08:23
astro76Peddy: the reason the package had to be updated was Adobe updated the .tar.gz the package downloads, not sure about updating problems08:23
=== rat32 is now known as Palace_Chan
kimcould someone give me some advice on how to replace one component of ubuntu with the equivalent from an older release?08:25
GatorgradForgive me for being a noob.  How do I "Change to the directory where my CD-ROM drive is mounted and execute as root?"08:27
=== NSAGuy is now known as FBIGuy
cpk1Gatorgrad: "cd /media/cdrom" and then "sudo nameofexecutable" although a lot of things shouldnt need root... and you might need to do "sudo sh nameofexecutable" or "sudo ./nameofexecutable"08:28
kimSystem->Administration->Networking  id like the one from dapper i think it was. most importantly, it had an autodetect button for dialup modems, which is gone in new releases. makes it a lot less noob-friendly without it. not only that, but gutsy doesnt detect the same dialup modem on ttys0 that dapper could. i also think the clear-cut 'enable' and 'disable' buttons in the networking window of dapper were a lot bette08:30
kimr than the tickboxes feisty has08:30
Gatorgradcpk1: Looks like greek to me but I'll try it.  I've installed Ubuntu 7.1 in virtualization using VirtualBox, and to install some of the VirtualBox features (variable screen resolution, etc) I need to run a command in root from the CD directory.08:30
Andycasssis there a way to autoupdate without user interference?08:31
kimi had to run an old dapper livecd to use dialup when my adsl went down the other day, because feisty just will not see my dialup modem. i dont think it should be that hard to use, with the tagline 'linux for human beings'08:31
Gatorgradcpk1: The command I need to run in root on the CD is "sh ./VBoxAdditions.run"  do I just put that after "sudo" ?08:32
cpk1Gatorgrad: its either sh or ./ not both08:32
cpk1Gatorgrad: it depends on what kind of executable it is08:33
Gatorgradcpk1: Thanks again, I'll give it a try08:34
astro76sh ./ would work but is redundant08:35
magnetronhi! which version of debian does ubuntu sync with? when is the last sync done before release?08:35
=== tyczek_ is now known as Tyczek
astro76magnetron: unstable08:35
Gatorgradcpk1:  It worked!!!  It ran it's thing and ended with "Successfully installed the VirtualBox Guest Additions.  Thank You!08:35
astro76!wiki | magnetron08:35
ubotumagnetron: http://wiki.ubuntu.com - Ubuntu development documentation wiki. If you are looking for system help, please refer to https://help.ubuntu.com/community - the Ubuntu community documentation.08:35
magnetronty astro7608:35
cpk1Gatorgrad: no problem08:35
SadaraxHello? I am having a problem connecting with VNC or using X11 forwarding with ssh (-X or -Y). Can anyone help?08:36
kimnoone can give me advice on changing the networking stuff id like to change?08:37
cpk1Sadarax: you need to make sure that you are allowing X forwarding08:37
astro76kim: I gave you the info on filing a bug/feature suggestion08:37
cpk1Sadarax: also https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VNCOverSSH?highlight=%28ssh%2908:38
Sadaraxcpk1, I know. I have. I get the error: "Gtk-WARNING **: cannot open display:"08:38
abentspoonwhat can I use to determine which video drivers X is curently using?08:38
Ayabaraanyone running alsa 1.0.16?08:38
kimastro76: it requires me to create an account08:38
Sadaraxcpk1, I should mention I was able to connect to vnc through an ssh tunnel until 3 days ago when I did an apt-get upgrade (got some new kernel stuff). Now nothing works08:39
astro76kim: so do so08:39
cpk1Sadarax: I dont know anything about vnc, but that error means that X isnt being forwarded... ssh -XC user@host firefox doesnt work?08:40
cpk1or rather it cant use the X server08:40
nonix4Umm, how do I get rid of the screen zoom mode I entered accidentally?08:41
achandrashekarany recommendations for how fast of an athlon x2 server youd run to run a great ubuntu box? and mem?08:41
cpk1nonix4: ctrl + alt + either +/- on the numpad08:41
cris there a way to remotely connect to a gnome session form a windows client?08:42
mkquistcr: putty works i believe08:42
crsorry:  is there a way to remotely connect to a gnome session from a windows client?08:42
cri use putty08:42
crwhat about remote desktop?08:42
cran rdp client equivalent08:43
astro76cr: yes, enable the built in vnc server with system > prefs > remote desktop08:43
cri'm a newbie08:43
nonix4cpk1: nope, isn't a different resolution :(08:43
astro76cr: then use any vnc client08:43
achandrashekarcr: are you looking to connect to the share or export the display....if so then..you will need to export X. and or use VNC.08:43
Tivennonix4: Windows Button + Mouse Wheel back08:43
astro76cr: I'd recommend tightvnc client08:44
crgoing to test...08:44
nonix4Tiven: 'k, that's it, thanks :-)08:44
Sadaraxcpk1, tried ssh with -XC, then ran xcalc from the command line, but got the error: Error: Can't open display:08:44
Tivenno problem mate08:44
Ayabarawhat do I need to install to make rhythmbox accept .m4a files?08:44
aumhi - what's a good simple command-line audio player that can play AU files from standard input?08:45
cpk1Sadarax: if you use -C you do the command for the app on the same line so "ssh -XC user@host xcalc"08:45
dar-soulhey guyz08:47
Sadaraxcpk1, tried it. Same thing. Still get the error about can't open display (with no number specified)08:47
achandrashekaraum: i ended up adding the medibuntu repo and then using the xmms mp4 addon. But I believe you asked about rythmbox.08:48
crthanks astro7608:48
dar-soulcan somoone help me out simple question.. how do i force a nexy system reboot to check the filesystem ?08:48
crworks like i knew it would08:48
dar-souli noticed somwhere during install that there is a command you can issue to force on next reboot08:48
aumachandrashekar: i don't want a gui - i have a prog which outputs AU format audio to standard output, and i want to pipe it to an audio player which can take AU format on standard input08:48
crnice to run an o/s that works and takes more advantage of your system resources for a change08:49
theTravhello, can someone recommend a docking app to me?08:49
dar-soulanybody please ?08:49
astro76dar-soul: sudo shutdown -F -r now08:49
Hosssox, aum08:49
achandrashekaraum: i see...yep..not familiar with what is required for that..08:49
dar-soulthankk you#08:50
=== Kirby is now known as Charitwo
astro76dar-soul: or sudo touch /forcefsck ... and reboot anyway/time you want08:50
dar-soulk but is there a particular command you can issue i noticed there were..just dont remember08:51
astro76that's the two ways08:51
dar-soulis there any other way ?08:51
astro76dar-soul: if /forcefsck exists a filesystem check will be forced when you boot08:53
astro76the two methods I mentioned accomplish that08:53
dar-soulok.. thanks ..08:54
dar-soulok I have this error massage that when i run couple software I get my terminal filled with the,. Gtk-Message:08:57
dar-soulcan anyone help me out please. let me know whats going on ?08:58
glickhey how strong is the encryption that protects the private key ?08:58
glickin gpg08:58
astro76dar-soul: GUI apps often fill the terminal with *lots* of stuff, some which looks like errors08:58
astro76dar-soul: it's usually inoccuous, unless you are having a particular problem?08:58
dar-soulohh ok..08:59
PKsteRhow can I disable nautilus logs?08:59
LMJhow to know what module is used for my video card or eth card, etc... ?08:59
dar-soulone more question.. when i log in ubuntu when gnome is loading i should get a nice splash all i get is brow color on my screen how can i enable to show splash ?09:02
f4lt3rgood morning09:03
huggieHow do I find out who uploaded a particular package into Ubuntu? (i.e. the equivalent of packages.qa.debian.org but for ubuntu)09:03
f4lt3ri search a programm for cad09:04
Hossi think there's a forum on boot splash screens, dar-soul09:04
ubotuTo change the Gnome splash screen, use !gnome-splashscreen-manager or change the GConf key /apps/gnome-session/options/splash_image using !gconf-editor.09:04
dar-soulalready reading it thank you09:04
* huggie finds the hardy-changes archives and answers his own question :)09:05
Hossanyone know about getting logitech webcams working on ubuntu?09:05
ubotuInstructions for using webcams with Ubuntu can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Webcam - Supported cams: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardwareSupportComponentsMultimediaWebCameras09:05
Hossoh, sweet09:05
rael_is there a terminal program in ubuntu that you can change the backround09:07
rael_like make it black or transparent09:07
magnetronwhat is Zebuntu?09:07
astro76rael_: you can easily change the color scheme in gnome-terminal09:07
Hosshmm, transparent background?09:08
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=== goldbond-sleep is now known as goldbond
rael_is that the defaul ubuntu terminal09:10
killemallim using ubuntu 6.06 and 2 2GB hds in raid1. is it possible to upgrade the disks to 2 20GB without reinstalling ubuntu?09:10
killemallgooglin for awhile now, info kinda sparse09:11
danny_hi all09:11
danny_i have a question09:11
danny_how do i set a default DVD player09:11
borisi need a program to convert mp4 files to mp309:12
rael_ok thanks I found it09:12
Hossshould be somewhere in system > preferences > preferred applications, danny_09:12
rael_the transparent option is under profiles09:12
borisanything like that for linux ?09:12
Hosssure, boris, get sox and try to get the mp3 and mp4 libraries and you'll be fine09:13
Hossi say 'try' because i have sox but can't for the life of me seem to install the mp3 libs09:14
Hossdanny_ i answered your question above09:15
Hoss"should be somewhere in system > preferences > preferred applications, danny_"09:15
borisHoss: any GUI for sox ?09:15
Hossi think there are some,09:15
Hossor you could write some bash scripts to do entire folders at once09:15
rael_how exactly does this preload thing work09:15
Hossi wrote a bash script for any input file and any output file, a while back09:16
walkoHello, my /etc/init.d/pulseaudio doesn't work !, so pulseaudio doesn't start automatically on startup, any help ?09:16
danny_Hello. Is there a way to set a default DVD player? A general default?09:16
toresndo any of you use centerim, and from norway?09:16
danny_Hello. Is there a way to set a default DVD player? A general default, not for a specific program, but for the whole OS?09:16
Hossso you invoke it by saying "(script) [input file extension] [output file extension] [source directory] [target directory]09:16
cox377hello all, I'm looking to reconfigure the java version that my firefox is using, does anyone know the command?09:16
AyabaraI there a timer application in ubuntu?09:17
Mushroomshello liro09:17
AyabaraI just want to start a clock manually to time something09:17
danny_Hello. Is there a way to set a default DVD player? A general default, not for a specific program, but for the whole OS?09:18
=== playya__ is now known as playya
glickdamn brasero is takign forever to blank a mini-disc09:18
astro76cox377: sudo update-alternatives --config java09:19
borishow do i convert mp4 to mp3 files with a _GUI_09:19
lirohi Mushrooms09:19
AyabaraI have this weird sense that all my music is playing too slow in ubuntu.09:19
Hossplay around with rhythmbox, or sound juicer or something like that09:19
Hossbut to support mp3 and mp4 in ubuntu, boris, you need to install 'ubuntu-restricted-extras'09:20
borisHoss: i already did that09:20
cox377astro76: cheers09:20
JowiAyabara, install gtimer09:21
Hossokay, any love with sound juicer?09:21
danny_Hello. Is there a way to set a default DVD player? A general default, not for a specific program, but for the whole OS?09:21
Jowi!info gtimer09:21
ubotugtimer (source: gtimer): GTK-based X11 task timer. In component universe, is optional. Version 1.1.6-11 (gutsy), package size 77 kB, installed size 304 kB09:21
Ginungaggapgood morning09:21
Hossi think that's what it's called09:21
flockofbirdsHello. I have a quick question about the current Kubuntu DVD Release. Is Linux MCE on this DVD or must I download it seperately?09:21
AyabaraJowi, just what I needed. thanks :-)09:22
Mushroomsprince_jammys: thanks for your help yesterday, everything is running smoothly. I'm really getting to like Ubuntu. A lot09:22
Hossoh, hey Mushrooms09:23
=== Hoss is now known as Jangari
JowiAyabara, ...and if you want to time a script or command you can use "time" from the console (Example: time ls -la)09:23
glickyay! I found my lost private gpg key!09:23
Mushroomshi Jangari I need to thank you too!09:23
Jangariwhat were you doing yesterday again?09:23
prince_jammysMushrooms: cool09:23
Jangarii can barely recall this morning09:24
Jangarii have alcohol induced amnesia09:24
prince_jammysMushrooms: yeah, it'll grow on you -- good stuff09:24
MushroomsJangari: I had a lot of problems yesterday, actually i don't remember myself either, but i know that today i've not run into any major problems yet09:24
borisJangari: sound juicer cant do it, rhythmbox neither09:24
borishow do i convert mp4 to mp3 ?09:24
borissomebody please answer09:25
Jangariwell, sox can, provided you find a frontend for it, but i'm sure there are some around09:25
itai-michaelsonanybody knows how to play Panasonic MTS video files? (avchd)09:25
danny_Was my question dumb?09:25
borisJangari: what frontend ?!09:25
Jangarii'm on a windows machine at the moment, otherwise i'd do some apt-cache searching09:26
borisJangari: k09:26
Jangariapt-cache search sox frontend09:26
GinungaggapI used long time ago ( I think it was when I still used edgy) I followed the instrucktions in this guide (https://help.ubuntu.com/community/HardwareSupportComponentsPrinters/CanonPrinters/CanonPixmaIP4200#preview" to make my Canon Pixma IP5200 print. With Kubuntu Gutsy Gibbon the printer was still workig good. Now I tried to set up a ubuntu 7.10 server and use it to publish the printer. But I cannot make the printer at least print the09:26
Ginungaggaptestpage. Maybe some packages, not mentioned in the guide are missing in the server edition. Has someone out there an idee, how to solve the problem?09:26
bullgard4What is the purpose of the file ~/.dmrc? I suppose that 'dm' stands for 'display manager'. See http://ubuntuusers.de/paste/39490/09:26
ubotuFor multimedia issues, this page has useful information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats - See also http://help.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/desktopguide/C/common-tasks-chap.html - But please use free formats if you can: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FreeFormats09:26
mykii_i have on question09:26
Jangariwhat about ogg vorbis, bori?09:26
mykii_i got an error when try to upgrade packages09:26
borisJangari: you think my mp3 player can play it ?09:27
mykii_i got : files list file for package `libidn11' is missing final newline09:27
prince_jammysboris: try -->  apt-cache show sound converter       <-- lists a few packages, maybe one is a GUI09:27
rael_how do you stop the windows from cascading annoying boxes as they are minimized09:27
mykii_someone know how to solve this issue ?09:27
borisboris@boris-desktop:~$ apt-cache show sound converter09:27
borisW: Unable to locate package sound09:27
borisW: Unable to locate package converter09:27
borisE: No packages found09:27
danny_Can anyone help me?09:27
FloodBot1boris: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.09:27
prince_jammysboris:  in a terminal, you will see some packages09:27
=== Charitwo is now known as Char-itwo
prince_jammysboris: at least i do09:28
borisprince_jammys: i dont09:28
Jangari"apt-cache search"09:28
astro76boris: prince_jammys, search not show09:28
Jangarisomething should come up09:28
prince_jammysboris: try -->  apt-cache search sound converter       <-- lists a few packages, maybe one is a GUI   SEARCH!! sorry09:28
borisdanny_: System>Preferences>Preffered Applications ?09:28
prince_jammysboris: i was doing " apt-cache show soundconverter" <-- all one word, which is one of the packages09:29
GinungaggapDoesn't anybody have an idea, what I could do to make the printer print?09:29
mykii_someone for my upgrade issue ? :]09:29
danny_Hello. Is there a way to set a default DVD player? A general default, not for a specific program, but for the whole OS?09:29
Jangariwhat's happening, mykii_? is it throwing up an error?09:29
=== Char-itwo is now known as c
ubotuPor favor use #ubuntu-br ou #ubuntu-pt para ajuda em português. Obrigado.09:30
mykii_Jangari, as i said yes, i got : files list file for package `libidn11' is missing final newline09:30
Jangaridanny_: System>Preferences>Preffered Applications !!09:30
Jangarii wouldn't worry about it at all mykii_09:30
prince_jammysboris: looks like soundkonverter for kde  might work ... should also work in gnome, though it may make download some extra libraries09:30
danny_thank you09:30
rosebuntuhi~ everyone09:31
borisprince_jammys: im downloading both09:31
mykii_Jangari, i am because i can not upgrade kernel which is vulnerable09:31
mykii_Jangari, this happens since a moment09:31
Jangarisorry mykii_, i can't help there, it's above my head09:31
rosebuntucrap kernel 2.6.** it's volunable09:32
mykii_Jangari, have a look at http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=49048809:32
mykii_Jangari, solution is reinstallation :((09:32
Jangarioh well, it could be worse,09:32
rosebuntuinstall new kernel which is patched09:32
Ademananyone here used the python-irclib package?09:33
mykii_rosebuntu, i wont because all packages aren't09:33
mykii_arent upgraded09:33
mykii_i will have to reinstall my OS :(09:33
prince_jammysboris:  that's one of the few things i do with a windows app... called cdex - free, runs under wine.   but something non-windows should be available09:33
rosebuntuwholy crap kernel 2.6.**09:33
borisprince_jammys: i hope soundkonverter will do it. im in a hurry, no time to mess with wine09:34
mykii_rosebuntu, yes and utility of vmsplice would be discuted09:34
magnetronprince_jammys: tried sound juicer?09:34
prince_jammysmagnetron: no -- havent done much of that stuff recently09:35
rosebuntuonly solution is reinstall new kernel09:35
mykii_rosebuntu, yes but i will not have my packages updated09:35
Jangariwine bites anyway09:35
mykii_this issue is due to the crap kernel ?!09:35
stjepangcan I somehow scroll on the desktop to switch between workspaces?09:35
rosebuntuyes!! kernel 2.6.** is a crap09:36
mykii_rosebuntu, omg09:36
mykii_rosebuntu, you sure ?!09:36
rosebuntuyes i am sure09:36
mykii_maybe a xen kernel would work ?!09:36
snorkelanybody suggest anything for fixing dropped frames in vlc?09:37
rosebuntucompile it,and run it09:38
rosebuntuyou will get the root09:38
ahmedhow to make a repository from the Ubuntu-DVD ISO image??09:38
alanbshepard70I need a little help. I was installing a package from a command line and when I put in the command quite unexpectedly 37 other packages were automatically marked for removal. When the prompt came up "Continiue y/n?" I put in no and it continued anyway. I hit ctrl+z to stop the operation but the wamerican package had already been removed before I could stop it. After re-installing the package I can't get spell checking as you go workin09:40
prince_jammysalanbshepard70: wamerican was the only package removed?09:43
alanbshepard70prince_jammys: yes and I reinstalled it. I checked my apt logs and it's the only thing that actually got removed.09:44
ahmedhow to make a repository from the dvd ISO image??09:44
alanbshepard70The spell checking as you go isn't working in firefox. I've gone through all my firefox settings and everything looks good. If I have spell checking on every word is now uderlined as if spelled incorrectly. It's missing a dictionary file somewhere I'm guessing but I don't know where else to look.09:45
prince_jammysahmed:  i'm not sure i understand your question, but look into the package "aptoncd"09:46
wng-is there a easy-to-install plugin for firefox so that I can play wmv files in the browser?09:46
FluxDHi, How do I use find to search non case sensitive09:46
alanbshepard70ahmed: --> System->Administration->Software Sources09:46
ahmedi know aptoncd09:46
prince_jammysFluxD command line or GUI?09:46
ahmedi downloaded ubuntu dvd i want to use it as repository09:47
FluxDprince_jammys, theres a gui for find?09:47
prince_jammysFluxD: instead of -name,  -iname ...  there's gui's that search for files, though i don't know that they specifically use the command "find"09:47
FluxDprince_jammys, gnome-search-tool ?09:48
prince_jammysFluxD: are you familiar with the "find" command?09:48
FluxDyes prince_jammys thats what I was asking09:48
prince_jammysFluxD: yes, gnome-search-tool is one09:48
prince_jammysFluxD :    find /starting/path  -iname 'nametofind'09:48
FluxDprince_jammys, I want to use find and search for all cases of mysql, MYSQL, mySQL etc09:48
FluxDiname makes it case independent ?09:49
prince_jammysFluxD:  -iname is case insensitive, as opposed to -name09:49
wng-How can I get firefox to play wmv files in the browser09:49
FluxDprince_jammys, default find is also case sensitive rifht?09:49
alanbshepard70wng: I believe you need to install the mplayer plugin09:50
prince_jammysFluxD: within the entire filesystem::   sudo find / -iname '*mysql*'   or sudo find / -iname 'mysql*'09:50
wng-thanks alanbshepard7009:50
FluxDprince_jammys, ok ty09:51
prince_jammysFluxD: * if mysql is only part of the file name09:51
prince_jammysFluxD: an alternate way is ::  locate filename  <--- this searches a saved index of your file system and is faster, though less accurate if the index is not up to date09:52
FluxDprince_jammys, thats what I was looking for! u already did sudo updatedb09:53
cox377hey all09:53
prince_jammysFluxD: i don't know how to make that one case insensitive, check man locate09:54
FluxDthx prince_jammys09:54
prince_jammysFluxD:  locate -i09:54
cox377i've created a start up script, when i run it with ./script it works. I've made it executable and added to /etc/rc.d but it doesnt seem to run on start up. anyone got any ideas?09:54
jhaigUsing Feisty and I cannot get the "Preferences" window in Firefox open.  Can anyone help?  This is a problem for me because I need to set it to use a proxy server.09:55
prince_jammysFluxD: locate -i mysql <--- * not necessary here09:55
FluxDprince_jammys, got it thanks that worked09:56
rosebuntu_ubuntu is a revolution OS09:56
rosebuntu_ubuntu is not linux09:56
pijurosebuntu, not linux ?09:56
rosebuntu_more better than linux09:56
pijumore better ?09:57
piju/etc/init.d is more better than /etc/rc.d ?09:57
prince_jammyssilly as that is, i like it more than the slogan "for Human Beings"09:57
rosebuntu_it's a moto such as 'gnu is not linux'09:57
prince_jammyslike other linux is for freaks09:57
mkquistanyone have trouble with ubuntu-tweak?09:58
prince_jammysUbuntu: "more better than linux", good slogan09:58
czror more betterer. just to drive the point home..09:58
mkquistrosebuntu_: ?09:58
trickleni'm trying to get ubuntu onto a friends spyware ridden xp computer. i can't even boot the live cd properly09:58
mkquistrosebuntu_: its a fork... please09:58
* syc_ mohon pamid dulu09:59
tricklenwhen i do normal boot (not safe graphics) the cd drive is reading for hours without nothing happening09:59
rosebuntu_my connection is not stable, sorry09:59
trickleni've burned 4 different cds09:59
tricklenon different media and different computers09:59
alanbshepard70tricklen: what tyoe of PC?09:59
tricklenwhen i boot into safe graphics09:59
trickleni get no menu bar09:59
tricklenbut it starts like it should09:59
tricklencompaq/hp nx9020 laptop10:00
prince_jammystricklen: error message, black screen?10:00
rosebuntu_hey guys, where are you from? i'm from Korea10:00
tricklenprince_jammys: black screen mostly10:00
BernardBHow can I convert avi → mp4, fast?10:00
tricklenprince_jammys: but in safe graphics it boots fine albeit no menu bar10:00
tricklenBernardB: ffmpeg?10:00
mkquistBernardB: interesting but i find rhythmbox can burn mp4 to cd audio in one move...10:01
rosebuntu_i captured my screen with recordmydesktop10:01
mkquistBernardB: but k3b cannot10:01
BernardBtricklen, what command can I use?10:01
magnetronBernardB: ffmpeg10:01
BernardBmkquist, I don't want to burn10:01
astro76rosebuntu_: you should join #ubuntu-offtopic if you want to chat10:01
magnetronBernardB: or avidemux10:02
rosebuntu_see this10:02
tricklenBernardB: man ffmpeg10:02
_coredump_moin moin10:02
BernardBmagnetron, do you have to play and record?10:02
mkquistBernardB: soundconverter?10:02
rosebuntu_sound recorded is not clear. jelp me10:02
rosebuntu_help me10:02
tricklenalso, i've tried 3 other distros (fedora, mint, opensuse). no luck with them either.10:03
alanbshepard70Does anyone here work with microcontrollers? Know of a linux PIC Micro C compiler?10:03
tricklenis there any chance things will go better when the thing is fully installed?10:04
alanbshepard70tricklen: What brand PC. Does it have a PCI, AGP or onboard video card?10:04
tricklenalanbshepard70: compaq/hp nx9020 laptop10:04
tricklenalanbshepard70: i'll have to check what graphics. most likely onboard10:05
rosebuntu__hey guys~ recordmydesktop no manual10:05
tricklenalanbshepard70: budget model, 224mb ram10:05
rosebuntu__no manual. i need manual10:05
alanbshepard70if it's a laptop it an onboard vid card10:05
Skitttricklen: do you have a linux running right now on this pc?10:05
tricklenSkitt: xp, full of spyware and the likes10:06
tricklenSkitt: it's not mine10:06
Skittnasty ^^10:06
alanbshepard70tricklen: you've tried to boot normally and it doesn't work so you tried safe graphics mode correct? In safe graphics mode you can get to a desktop with no menu bars at all. Does the screen move around if you drag your cursor near the edge of the screen.10:06
simplghi! I can't to find options in sed for selection certain line from file. Know anybody about that?10:06
rosebuntu__put xp into trash can10:06
rosebuntu__it's wholely crap10:07
prince_jammyssimplg: what do you want to do?10:07
tricklenalanbshepard70: no, the mouse pointer hits the lower edge and upper edge10:07
tricklenalanbshepard70: of the screen10:07
rosebuntu__is this funny? =>^___________^10:07
rosebuntu__hey guys, take it easy10:08
simplgprince_jammys, I need certain line from stdout (I'm writing script now)10:08
snorkelanybody suggest anything for fixing dropped frames in vlc?10:09
tricklenalanbshepard70: do you think there's any chance things will work better if i do a full install. most likely no ha?10:09
prince_jammyssimplg: describe exacty what you want -- you a want a line number or the content of the line -- and what is special about the line you want?10:09
HinHinHi there10:10
BernardBmagnetron, what command is an standard command for ffmeg, converting avi to mp4?10:10
alanbshepard70tricklen: in my experience if a problem occurs with a live CD it will still occur on a full install. The one thing to hope for would be that after the install you could run updates and maybe one of the updates fixes your issue.10:10
tricklenIS there a way to enter the control panel without accessing the menu bar?10:10
rosebuntu__bernardB / type mencorder --help10:10
tricklenso that i could check resolution etc?10:11
fooI'm on dapper and want to upgrade to the latest version of ubuntu. Anyway to do this without reinstalling?10:11
fooI've heard the upgrade past dapper doesn't go so smoothly.10:11
HinHinI'm trying to apt-get install something again, but it's asking to resolve dependcies... the thing i need to install a driver to get THAT computer online10:11
kimis it possible to force growisofs to burn to a dual layer dvd when the iso is below dvd5 size?10:11
HinHinso basicly the computer is offline10:11
BernardBrosebuntu, command not found?10:11
astro76foo: you would be best served waiting until april to upgrade to 8.0410:11
simplgprince_jammys, I want the content of the line with according to number10:11
crediblefoo: it will be possible to upgrade directly to hardy once it is released10:11
astro76foo: otherwise you have to go through each version10:11
simplgprince_jammys, I want the content of the line according to number10:11
HinHinsudo apt-get autoremove or autoclean don't work, also apt-get remove -f doesn't work10:11
alanbshepard70HinHin: Download the dependancies on a internet connected computer and transfer the files to the computer with no net access10:12
rosebuntu__install mencorder10:12
alanbshepard70credible: Most likely yes.10:12
HinHinalanbshepard70, i have the offline deb files... but apt-get is telling me to apt-get install -f10:12
HinHinto resolve some depencies10:12
HinHinthe thing i don't need that stuff10:13
HinHini just to access to apt-get again10:13
prince_jammyssimplg: i dont understand exactly what you need.  you want to output lines that contain a specific text?10:13
crediblealanbshepard70: eh?10:13
alanbshepard70HinHin: you need to put the .deb files in the right spot first. /var/cache/apt/ or sudo apt-get install /home/me/asdf.deb10:13
prince_jammyssimplg: or text pattern?   these questions are difficult to answer if you don't give a good description of what you need, and what your input file looks like -- and what you want to output10:14
HinHinalanbshepard70, so it's not possible to purge the stuff all together?10:14
alanbshepard70credible: sorry I didn't read you correctly. I thought you were asking if you could upgrade to hardy from gutsy. My bad.10:14
HinHini just want a working apt-get10:14
nirmahi all10:14
HinHini don't care about what it's trying to resolve10:15
foocredible: I'd be able to upgrade directly to hardy once it is released.. by directly, you mean, without having to reinstall?10:15
rosebuntu__HinHin / you need internet connection. it's the easiest way to solce the problem10:15
crediblefoo: yes, directly from dapper -> hardy10:15
alanbshepard70HinHin: purge together? I'm not sure what you mean. If you want to install all the files at once you can use sudo apt-get install packagea packageb .... blah10:15
foocredible: hmm. I see. And if I didn't, could I upgrade to fiesty (7.10) right now without having to reinstall?10:15
HinHinthe thing is... XD i need to apt-get working SO i can get the driver installed to get the internet working for that comp rosebuntu10:15
rosebuntu__dapper -> feisty ->gutsy ->hardy10:15
rosebuntu__what next?10:16
simplgprince_jammys, ok. i need to output line in accordance with its number (number of line).10:16
astro76!codenames | rosebuntu__10:16
uboturosebuntu__: Ubuntu has awesome release codenames. See http://wiki.ubuntu.com/DevelopmentCodeNames for more10:16
crediblefoo: you'd have to upgrade to edgy, then feisty, then gutsy10:16
glickhey does anyone have any idea why, my new dell laptop says 15gigs are in use, when i cant see what is taking up that much space?10:16
prince_jammyssimpleg: you just want to add line numbers to every line in the file?10:16
crediblefoo: it will only be supported to go from Dapper to Hardy because they're both LTS releases10:16
Filled-VoidHinHin, Id recommend using the above methods but once I was able to install using the dpkg command. However this wont resolve any dependencies issue so basically it could screw up pretty bad I think. I think the command was dpkg -i but you might want to check here10:16
rosebuntu__ubiotu / thank you10:17
foocredible: right. Yeah, I don't mind to go to edgy, then feisty, then gusty. Should that process go smoothly?10:17
astro76Filled-Void, HinHin, dpkg -i won't screw up, it just won't install if there are unresolved dependencies10:17
gold44is there a command to check the total disk space of a hard drive? df -h only showed formatted partitions10:17
alanbshepard70foo: even if it's possible I wouldn't do it. I think you'd spend more time upgrading and putting things at risk than if you just downloaded and installed a fresh copy of the latest release.10:17
crediblefoo: no, that would take forever10:17
astro76foo: I wouldn't recommend it10:17
HinHinastro76, yup10:18
prince_jammyssimplg if that is what you want, you can do "   cat -n filename "   ---> try for example cat -n /etc/fstab10:18
simplgprince_jammys, sorry. i need to output content of line in accordance with its number (number of line).10:18
Filled-Voidastro76, Yeah but if any of them actually need something youre basically screwed no :x ?10:18
HinHin;_;.. it realy should be a simple thing for apt-get10:18
frogkann mir einer helfen bin neu hier!10:18
astro76foo: the upgrade process in general is working better since feisty10:18
HinHinbasicly people trying to get their drivers working offline are screwed10:18
HinHinif they make a mistake anyway