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fredsuaCannot move "/home/fredd...top/cdroot" to the trash because you do not have permissions to change it or its parent folder.02:15
fredsuadoes anyone know how to get around this?  I am the administrator02:15
ctopor chown02:17
Devoanyone around?03:43
Devoi need to change the display options for my login screen03:44
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Devoxfce is fine, i set it in the control panel, but the login screen is all squished03:45
Devoand i can't seem to make Xorg do it03:45
mjw-Devo but once you're logged in it's fine?03:58
Devoit switches04:06
Devothe problem being, when it switches, sometimes my monitor just stays black04:06
cookiemonster077i need help getting wireless usb dongle to work04:18
runemasteWould xubuntu run well on a P2 500-600 mhz with 128 - 256 mb ram?05:15
zoredacheit would run ok... but that doesn't mean resource-intensive application would run well05:16
runemasteim just thinking simple games, word processing... so there wouldnt be too much gui lag?05:17
zoredacheit seems to me, that it would be easier to try it and find out if it is acceptable to you versus me trying to speculate...05:18
runemastefair enough05:19
zoredacheI suspect things will run ok05:19
runemastenow i need to see if i can seperate the computer from my sister... im wondering if its worth installing linux... its running (God help me) M$ at the moment and takes about ~2-3 minutes to boot and a whole minute to log in05:20
Mar1Anyone able to help me out please?05:47
zoredacheMar1: ask your question05:47
Mar1(deep breath) I have an old Trident 3d AGP card running on a Dell monitor.  I have to run under safe graphics mode to see anything, but can then install and run as normal.  However...05:49
Mar1I cannot change any graphics options, or the screen goes black and crap.  Even if I test the current settings, the screen goes all garbled.05:49
Mar1I basically have to stick with 1024 x 768 and the vesa drivers.05:49
mjw-I didn't even know trident made AGP cards05:50
Mar1Trident Blade 8MB.05:50
mjw-what does    lspci | grep -i vga return05:50
Mar1No such file or directory.  --> I am currently using a live cd as I borked my install messing round with resolutions and can't see anything anymore.05:52
mjw-lspci should be on the live cd05:52
mjw-it's a lowercase L in front05:52
Mar1Yep.  If I don't type return, I get:05:53
Mar101:00.0 VGA compatible controller: Trident Microsystems Blade 3D PCI/AGP (rev 3a)05:53
mjw-well, in theory, the 'trident' driver supports the card i think05:53
Mar1Yeah, but again, changing resolutions or drivers makes things go bad when I click test.05:54
mjw-so you'd have to mount your installation, navigate to /etc/X11/xorg.conf, edit it and find the line that says Driver "vesa"   to Driver "trident"05:54
mjw-that should have said, and change it to...05:54
Mar1I have to leave everything as is, again, even as is test doesn't work, yet the display works.05:55
Mar1When I choose that in the GUI and click test it doesn't work.  Surely that's bad?05:55
mjw-well it should be the driver that works05:56
mjw-keep in mind 8MB of video ram is pretty paltry05:56
mjw-so a lot of modes won't work05:56
Mar1Yeah, I'm definitely leaning on getting a Radeon 9600, I just hope that works.05:56
Mar1Could you please tell me the command to mount my install?05:58
mjw-if you want to get something cheap that will work, an NVidia Geforce2MX or Geforce2MX400 or whatever might be best05:58
mjw-marl it should appear on the left pane in nautilus05:58
Mar1I want to power a 2707wfp :p05:58
mjw-marl: then get a Geforce 7300GS or something05:59
Mar1That's about 2x the price of a 9600 here in New Zealand.05:59
mjw-i've not heard great things about the 9600 honestly. An 8xxx series might be a safer bet06:00
mjw-if you can still find those06:00
mjw-perhaps an X300?06:01
Mar1Looking at my xorg.conf which won't display things now, and my old one which worked, my new one references the Trident driver, and my old one uses the vesa driver.  I think I will just give up with this card.06:02
Mar1I take it resolution and driver changing works okay for everyone else?06:03
mjw-marl: i tweaked my xorg.conf...of course, i'm on a single resolution LCD basically06:03
Mar1Can I just rename my old xorg.conf to replace my new not working one?  Or do I need to rebuild something/wear a special hat?06:05
mjw-marl: no special hats required06:05
Mar1Can't use the gui to rename it.  It could be a permission thing.  I had the install with a particular username and password.  The Live CD wouldn't know it.  Suggestions?06:09
ron_ohow can I tell which version of xubuntu I have?06:09
mjw-lsb_release -a06:10
ron_oI have 7.04 feisty but have 275 updates still. is it safe to do so?06:11
ron_ofor some reason firefox is crashing on me, and perhaps that can solve it.06:12
ron_oit's not like I need to update.06:12
mjw-um, it should be safe to update. you've uh just gotten a little behind06:12
mjw-Mar1 you need to do    sudo cp /etc/X11/xorg.conf_backup /etc/X11/xorg.conf06:13
ron_oit is a bit old.06:13
ron_omy burn that is.06:13
mjw-Mar1 and btw there's no way that blade card could power a 2707wfp06:13
Mar1sudo, of course.  Cheers.06:14
mjw-it simply doesn't have enough video memory06:14
Mar1I know, but it is supposed to at least do 1600 x 1200, which is far better than the 1024 x 768 of now.06:14
mjw-1920 x 1200 x 24bpp = 6.6MB at a minimum, plus X tends to double buffer nowadays and whatnot so 8MB ain't gonna cut it ;)06:17
Mar1If my bios has AGP aperture selectable of either 32MB or 64MB, is there any point in a card that has more than 64MB RAM?06:18
mjw-unless you're going to be doing 3D stuff, I don't think it matters. I'm not all up on AGP apertures and other such settings though06:19
mjw-certainly > 64MB isn't going to help at all if you're just interested in 2D06:21
Mar1Yeah, I also hope my 250W power supply could handle a 9600.  Think so, though.06:26
mjw-as long as you don't get the super-duper-overclocked version of it, probably06:27
Mar1But that one sounds really good.06:28
mjw-specifically i've had two people tell me the 9600XT is all kinds of trouble with both the open source and the binary driver06:28
Mar1What about GeForce 6200?06:29
mjw-I don't know06:30
mjw-just don't get a matrox unless you like pain...not that anyone really sells them anymore ;)06:30
mjw-a matrox G550 DVI -might- be ok but man that card is long in the tooth even06:31
LeAstralehi ppl09:55
LeAstraleany1 in here knows why Xubuntu doesn't remember my xorg settings =09:55
TheSheepLeAstrale: can you proide more details?09:57
LeAstraleyes i can... at every boot i install the Nvidia 169.09 from fresh to get a good screen resolution again09:58
LeAstraleafter a reboot xubuntu seems to forget that i've installed drivers at all and wants to start up in low graphics mode09:59
TheSheepLeAstrale: how do you install it?09:59
LeAstralefrom cli using sh *nvidia driver filename*10:02
LeAstralewhile root10:02
TheSheepwhy didn't you install the drivers from the ubuntu repositories?10:02
LeAstralebecause they're no good for my 8800gt.. only the official nvidia drivers can make it work10:03
TheSheepthe drivers in the restricted repositories are the official ones10:03
TheSheepjust use the restricted drivers manager and it will install the right drivers10:04
LeAstralerestricted drivers management cant seem to find the card10:05
TheSheephave you reported a bug?10:05
LeAstraleno i havent.10:06
LeAstralei think ill check the forums again10:06
TheSheepI can't think of a solution for you now, but if you report it, I'm sure it will be fixed in the new version10:06
TheSheepand there might be a workaround right away10:07
ubotuIf you find a bug in Ubuntu or any of its derivatives, please file a bug report at: http://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu  -  Bugs in/wishes for the bots can be filed at http://launchpad.net/ubuntu-bots10:07
LeAstralety TheSheep10:08
TheSheepLeAstrale: btw, the reason why it disappears every time you reboot is because ubuntu has the directory in which the drivers are kept mounted in a ramdisk10:09
TheSheepyou can see it if you type 'mount'10:10
LeAstralewhat to mount ? :S10:11
deadnecrojust a quick question from  a linux newbie if i may10:11
LeAstraleahhh.. tried it :)10:11
LeAstralehere is what the terminakl replied on mount10:13
deadnecroI have a 2G SD card that I'm trying to format have tried using gnome partition manager and it won't format it also have tried undder windows saying its write protected was wondering if I could force a format with the command line or something10:13
LeAstraledeadnecro: have you checked the write protection tab on the card it self? if its enabled you won't be able to do anything10:14
deadnecrowell i've tried it in both directions and neither work so I dunno whats going on10:15
deadnecroI can still read and write to it just cant format it10:15
LeAstralejust mark all folders and delete them ?10:16
LeAstraleunless you for some reason need a format10:16
LeAstraleto a different Fileformat10:16
LeAstraledeadnecro: camera's and so on can usually format the cards too10:16
deadnecrolinux won't let me do anything with can only read and write10:17
deadnecrohasn't been in a camera or anything pretty sure its only been in my laptop and my girlfriensds laptop10:18
deadnecrocan't delete the files as I now don't have any access to a windows machine10:18
LeAstralehmm... if you cant alter the files on it then you only have read access AFAIK10:22
LeAstralehave you tried chmod to alter the permissions ?10:22
deadnecrook tried it in my internal card reader even though it was saying it couldn't mount it and formatted it fine10:25
deadnecrook so I can format in my internal card reader but cant mount it10:28
deadnecroif its in my other card reader I cant edit anything10:28
deadnecroany ideas10:28
qwerkushello all11:42
qwerkusI own a site hosted on french isp free.fr11:42
qwerkusit s free of charge, but isp only allow connection from framce11:43
qwerkus... whil i am in germany11:43
qwerkusIs it possible to have a server running at home in France11:44
qwerkusand set up some tunnel between that server and my laptop in germany11:44
qwerkusso i can connect to my isp via a french IP ?11:44
LeAstraleit should be possible using your home server as proxy11:48
LeAstralebut thats all i know11:48
runemaste... use ssh tunneling11:49
runemastessh server in france ssh client (ie putty for windows... not sure for linux) with tunneling set up11:49
qwerkusyou mean via openssh ?11:50
qwerkusthanks alot12:02
nikolamis there alternative way to make programs install, to sudo make install?16:05
nikolamI only have *.tar.gz source of program and I would like to make *.deb instead of making it install with ./configure , make , sudo make install16:06
Mannequinhi. can someone suggest me a burning software for Xubuntu, that let me choose the speed I want to burn an .iso?16:09
TheSheepMannequin: brasero16:09
slacklcan anyone help with cd dvd burning issues16:16
MannequinTheSheep: I have brasero installed by default, but I didn't find any option to set the speed at which the iso will be burned16:16
slacklso it seems there are quite a few issues with burning dc etc in ubuntu16:17
LeAstralehow to change the pages to horizontal in OO Writer?16:30
DarkmystereHello can someone help me i cant get my cubecap pictures nor my skydome pictures to take affect16:54
LeAstralehi ppl i meant :)17:57
LeAstralehi slow-motion18:11
slow-motionhi LeAstrale18:12
lordzosI'm having problems SSH logging-in to my remote xubuntu box ... I'm connecting from a Gentoo box to the xubuntu18:47
lordzosI have a key-pair setup, that was working perfectly with my remote box18:47
lordzosnow, however, I needed to -D a privileged port, so I enabled root login thru SSH temporarily18:48
lordzosI tried logging in a few times, without success18:48
lordzosthen, dumbly, I logged out of my current SSH session in another window18:48
lordzosnow it's not letting me get back in18:48
lordzosany ideas?18:48
lordzosMy original keypair was working correctly18:49
lordzosI'd also set it up to temporarily accept password and challenge response authentication18:49
lordzosit connects - and prompts me for my password18:49
lordzosit then doesn't accept this 3 times18:50
lordzosthen it switches from interactive to password mode18:50
lordzosand asks me again 3 more times18:50
lordzosit doesn't accept my proper password however18:50
lordzosand it's not picking up on the keypair at all18:50
lordzosI've been watching the SSH session using the -vvv param18:51
lordzosthis made me think that it's maybe blocking my IP server-side18:51
lordzosis this a permanent block, assuming default config?18:51
lordzosor is it only for an hour or so?18:51
lordzosI've tried relogging in, after more than 30 minutes ... it's still not allowing me access18:52
lordzosthanks in advance for your help here ...18:52
whaboi need help please .. how to you scan for existing wireless networks around you .. instead of typing everything manually??? thank you19:17
whabo i need help please .. how to you scan for existing wireless networks around you .. instead of typing everything manually??? thank you ( in xubuntu) because i cant seem to find my network) can anyone shed some light?19:20
ubotuWireless documentation can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs19:23
whabohelp anyone pleaaseeee19:38
whabois there anyone here???19:38
nikolamBut i dont have a clue about wireless19:42
nikolamanyway, i have xfce plugin for xfce panel, called wavelan19:42
nikolamWavelan should be something zou are looking for19:43
whabooh thx19:57
nikolamwhabo, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wireless_tools_for_Linux20:04
angelus_hi  all20:24
angelus_i'm using xubuntu and i rebuilt the alsa drivers to get sound working on my machine20:24
angelus_now although i can watch dvds and listen to music on my machine, there is no system sound notifications20:25
angelus_anyone have any idae where i should start looking?20:25
_charlieI am back21:30
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sigveHi, does anyone here have any experience with rdesktop?21:32
sigvemore specifically: getting sound to transfer from the server to the client21:32
siggjensound workd in rdesktop21:35
vrkhanscan any one know how i can automaticall mount my external drive21:35
sigvesiggjen: what setup did you use?21:36
siggjeni jsut use tsclient21:36
sigvewhat OS are you running on the server?21:37
siggjenXP SP221:38
sigveI'm running Vista, maybe thats the problem21:41
sigveI tried tsclient, to no avail21:41
siggjenthe sound mixer is available?21:42
sigveyeah, it shows up with "rdp transport device" or something instead of the regular audio devices21:43
siggjeni had some problem with sound mixer being busy because of another program used it21:44
siggjenfirefox, amarok etc21:45
siggjendepends if you got hw or sw mixer21:46
sigveI'll try to close as many programs as possible and try again21:46
siggjenmy fix was to buy an usb soundcard d:21:48
sigvecrap, that costs money ^^21:49
siggjenand give nice sound quality21:51
sigveI might have an old pci-card about21:51
siggjensb live or such have hw mixer21:52
sigvesweet, i just found an sb live in an old pc in the basement :D21:58
speaker219Does anyone know how to make the fonts in firefox look better in xfce?22:36
speaker219They look very....bad.22:37
speaker219It almost seems as if the fonts aren't being smoothed...22:37
_Oz_Greetings, Xubuntu friends!23:18
_Oz_I have the tiny font problem in Xubuntu.  The system loads and the font sizes are so ridiculously tiny I can't even read them to open a terminal window.  (The text in the terminal window is tiny too.)  How can I boot so that the GUI doesn't load, and I can edit some conf files so that I can fix this problem?  I have GRUB.  Thanks.23:19
sigveI finally got the sb live card working, but sound in rdesktop still doesnt work23:34
sigveany ideas?23:34
_Oz_Greetings, Xubuntu friends!23:37
_Oz_I have the tiny font problem in Xubuntu.  The system loads and the font sizes are so ridiculously tiny I can't even read them to open a terminal window.  (The text in the terminal window is tiny too.)  How can I boot so that the GUI doesn't load, and I can edit some conf files so that I can fix this problem?  I have GRUB.  Thanks.23:37
LeAstralehi ppl im back :)23:38
_Oz_Greetings, Xubuntu friends!23:42
_Oz_I have the tiny font problem in Xubuntu.  The system loads and the font sizes are so ridiculously tiny I can't even read them to open a terminal window.  (The text in the terminal window is tiny too.)  How can I boot so that the GUI doesn't load, and I can edit some conf files so that I can fix this problem?  I have GRUB.  Thanks.23:42
LeAstrale_Oz_: just boot into the rescue system from you're Grub menu ?23:43
LeAstraleyw _Oz_23:47

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