crimsun_so where does "apt-get dist-upgrade" hitch?00:00
setuidMy upgrade worked, except the oo-hyphenation package, but I don't need/use that... what would this ubuntu-desktop metapackage do for me that my current install isn't doing?00:00
crimsun_it should ensure that any necessary packages are in place for dist-upgrades.00:01
setuid  language-support-writing-en: Depends: openoffice.org-hyphenation-en-us but it is not installed00:01
setuidThat's where it bitches00:01
setuidLet me try aptitude00:01
crimsun_right, you don't need either of those satisfied for ubuntu-desktop to remain installed00:02
crimsun_i.e., they aren't here.00:02
Dr_WillisI used synaptic just now and purged that package and  it also removed a few otehrs..  then it let me upgrade00:02
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setuidIf Evolution has humongous fonts, I'm going to format this fscker and install FreeBSD on it. :(00:04
setuidThings like fonts, should not change during package upgrades00:04
Dr_WillisI would think its the default X settings that are getting changed.00:04
setuidBut why is that affecting GNOME itself? Some GNOME apps seem to respect theme changes, others do not.00:04
Dr_Willisbut i just upgraded.. now itw wanting me to reboot.. so will see what happends in a few min.00:05
Dr_WillisYep. some gnome apps seem to  be a little smarter then others.00:05
setuid"smarter", riiiiiiight.00:05
crimsun_setuid: it's foolhardy to blame brokenness on a known-broken development branch...00:05
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setuidcrimsun_ Nah, I'm just angry because fonts is one thing I need NOT to be screwed with.00:05
setuidI can deal with crashing packages, but if every font is 10/12/14/etc. size, it renders everything useless.00:05
Mark_MillimanAfter my crash I ran sudo dpkg --configure -a but some of the packages still didn't install00:07
Mark_Millimanhal and several python packages for instance00:07
Mark_MillimanHow do I recover from here?00:07
h3sp4wn_What is broken00:07
Mark_MillimanI just had a blast of messages00:09
Mark_Millimanhow do I remove a package00:14
Mark_Millimanhal and a bunch of other packages depend on policykit but I can't seem to install it with dpkg00:14
hansinDoes anyone know how the xserver in 8.104 works?  I see there really isn't an xork.conf file like I usually know.  I have heard the new xserver does a lot of auto-configuration.  Can I override some of this in the basic xorg.conf file?  Thanks.00:14
Mark_Millimanapt-get says that it is already installed00:14
RAOFhansin: Yes.  The new X still uses xorg.conf if you want it to, but it doesn't need one.00:15
hansinRAOF: Thanks.  So can I override just sections, say I want to disable my laptop touchpad accepting an 'knock' on the pad as a mouse click?  I think I need to create a custom input device section.  The rest would still auto-cofig?00:17
RAOFhansin: Yup.00:17
hansinHow do00:17
hansinSorry, how do I know what driver it auto-cofiged to (I used to check to xorg.conf file)?  Just check output of lsmod?00:18
crimsun_no, /var/log/Xorg.0.log00:18
hansincrimsun_: Thanks.  Just learning new ways to do things in X.  Lot to check out in that file...00:20
setuidAnyone have HAL working in Hardy?00:28
crimsun_setuid: err, what specifically?  It WFM AFAICT.00:28
setuidcrimsun_ When I start my X session, I get this error that HAL is not functioning00:29
setuidLet me get the exact error00:29
h3sp4wn_*happy* dpi is right again (but the edid is actually correct for this laptop so having to disable it seems a little strange00:32
Mark_MillimanHAL needs to work00:42
Mark_Millimanit isn't working for me either because I had a crash during my upgrade00:42
setuidInternal error00:43
setuidfailed to initialize HAL!00:43
setuidThat's what I get starting GNOME, and a blank panel. If I kill gnome-panel, it restarts properly with all gadgets.00:43
crimsun_hmm.  These symptoms are pointing to one or more of 1) screwed gnome-session config, 2) half-baked full-upgrade00:44
setuidaptitude -f install isn't happyu00:44
ethana2setuid: i kill my gnome panel often too00:46
ethana2ctrl+alt+f2 login sudo killall gnome-panel ctrl+alt+f7 and it's all good for a while00:46
setuidjust killall gnome-panel from any terminal works fine00:47
setuidcrimsun_ doing an aptitude install ubuntu-desktop now00:48
Mark_MillimanI had an upgrade crash in the middle after all packages were downloaded.  I ran dpkg --configure -a but several packages were not installed00:49
Mark_MillimanHow do I recover.  I have 3 broken packages that I cannot remove or reinstall00:49
setuiddpkg -P them00:49
Mark_Millimanlist them all by name?00:51
h3sp4wn_If you cannot remove them you may need the remove reinst req switch have a look at --force-help00:52
h3sp4wn_or you can just pipe dpkg -C | xargs sudo dpkg -P (or something like that - that is untested)00:53
Mark_MillimanWouldn't it be easier to install from a live CD or would that be possible00:56
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Mark_MillimanI would still like to keep my previous installation00:56
h3sp4wn_Look at what happens to windows even with those repair installations00:56
Mark_MillimanI can't seem to get these dozen or so packages installed properly then there is an additional 306 that need installed00:56
thegothguyI have ubuntu install problem anyone wanna help me00:56
h3sp4wn_it ends up completely trashed00:56
Mark_Millimanbut this is Linux00:57
h3sp4wn_Exactly so such hacks are not implimented00:57
h3sp4wn_with a stable release they shouldn't exist but with a development release its almost a certaintly you will be in this situation >= 1 ce00:58
thegothguyi keep crashing during ubuntu install to externa hd00:58
Mark_MillimanSynaptic Package Manager runs but tells me that I have 3 broken packages hpijs gnome-applets, and hplib or something like that00:58
Mark_MillimanI can't seem to remove or install them00:59
Mark_Millimanupdate-manager will not run because I don't have the proper gnome-python packages installed yet00:59
Mark_Millimannow for some reason only hplip is broken01:00
thegothguyany body wanna help01:03
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vlowtherfirefox 3: absurdly large UI graphics?  wtf!01:06
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Mark_Millimanis there a command like way to force a system upgrade01:08
crimsun_Mark_Milliman: sure.  Use apt-get/aptitude/dselect from the cli.01:09
Mark_Millimanwhat would the command look like crimsun?01:10
Mark_Millimanapt-get ???01:10
james_wMark_Milliman: aptitude full-upgrade01:11
Mark_Millimanand that will upgrade to 8.04 james_w?01:12
james_wif you have hardy in your sources.list and no strange apt.conf or pinning.01:13
Mark_Millimanshould I clean out /var/cache/apt/archives?01:13
Mark_Millimanwhere's sources.list in /etc?01:14
james_wMark_Milliman: no need to, and /etc/apt/sources.list01:15
james_wthere may also be files in /etc/apt/sources.list.d/ which are included in to that file.01:15
vlowtherfound it -- Bug #19179101:15
ubotuLaunchpad bug 191791 in firefox-3.0 "Firefox-3.0 zoomed images and webpages" [Low,Incomplete] https://launchpad.net/bugs/19179101:15
Mark_Millimansources looks like to have been updated to hardy01:15
vlowtherwhat a shame -- there seems to be no way to tweak things in about:config to turn off this misfeature.01:16
Mark_Millimanmost of the gutsy entries have been changed to hardy01:16
vlowther(the way full page zoom is implemented, that is)01:16
Mark_Millimanexcept for the third party section01:16
Mark_Millimanso james_w can I attempt aptitude full-upgrade01:16
james_wMark_Milliman: yeah.01:17
Mark_Millimanlooks like it is going james_w01:17
Mark_Milliman300 packages to install a bunch to fix and 119 newly intsalled01:18
lamalexmy sudo seems to be broken01:18
Mark_MillimanI'm still trying to figure out this package manager stuff01:18
lamalexwhen I do something with sudo nothing happens, it just moves to the next line01:18
Mark_Millimannever had that with System V01:18
Mark_Millimanmust say that I like it thought01:18
p-quinnhav serious problem updating in hardy seem to be errors in repositories01:19
p-quinnany one help me?01:20
ubotuPlease don't ask to ask a question, ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely answer. :-)01:20
Dr_willisthere is some issue at this time with some Openoffice related pacakges it seems.01:21
Dr_willisor so we have been discussing lately01:22
p-quinnok when i go to update in hardy there is a repository error and it lists all my repos as unasertainable01:22
Mark_MillimanI'd be happy just to get 8.04 up and running01:23
Mark_MillimanOpen Orfice will resolve itself01:23
p-quinnmay i ask what the open office problem is?01:24
Dr_willissomthing with the hyphernation-dictionary conflucting with some other file.01:24
p-quinnthats one of those problems that will prob be fixed when the rest of the system comes together01:26
Mark_MillimanSo does Open Office install?01:27
Dr_willisI normally want to remove openoffice. :) since i rarely use it.01:27
p-quinnso it dosnt effect you which is good :)01:28
DanaGWTF? Ctrl-scroll to zoom in Firefox is broken.01:28
crimsun_err, not here01:29
DanaGOh, compiz-fusion must be grabbing it.01:30
DanaGOh yeah, and the 2.6.24-8 kernel fixes essentially ALL of the scheduler issues I had had!01:31
DanaGNow I can run folding@home again without bogging down the rest of the system.01:31
crimsun_right, that was fixed in 25-rc101:32
crimsun_(parts of which are in 8.1301:32
DanaG'25' is the version of the scheduler itself, or is it the next odd-numbered kernel?01:33
crimsun_and 2.6.24-8.13, respectively.01:33
DanaGaah.  I'll look in the changelogs.  Oh, and have you had time to look any more at my audio thing?01:33
Mark_Millimancrimsun I ran the aptitude full-upgrade and it downloaded several packages but crashed while preparing to replace gnome-applets-data01:33
crimsun_DanaG: unfortunately, no.  Travelling ATM.01:34
Mark_Millimanit doesn't look like python is instlled correctly01:34
crimsun_Mark_Milliman: rescuable with "dpkg --configure -a && apt-get -f install"?01:34
Mark_Millimansame set of errors crimsun01:35
DanaGWell, wherever you happen to be traveling, have a good trip.01:36
Mark_Millimanit says setting up policykit but can't access /var/run/PolicyKit no file or directory01:36
Mark_Millimanthen it tries to set up python-brlapi01:36
Mark_Millimancan't seem to fine /var/lib/python-support/python2.5/bootconfig/__init__.py01:37
Mark_Millimanis there a python package I should try to reinstall?01:38
crimsun_I don't have /var/lib/python-support/python2.5/bootconfig/, even.01:40
DanaGheh,     ACPI: battery: add sysfs serial number                    serial number can tell you from the imminent danger     of beeing set on fire.01:40
Mark_Millimanmy guess is that it is a temp file during installation01:40
Mark_Millimanmy install probably crashed during that part of the install01:41
crimsun_you sure?  It seems to be a non-standard location for another package.01:41
Mark_Millimanthat's the message01:41
Mark_Millimananytime I try to reinstall anything an error installing hplip comes up01:42
Mark_MillimanI can't seem to get rid of hplip01:42
crimsun_it should remain installed AFAICT01:42
crimsun_let me peer more closely01:42
crimsun_right, it's a Recommends of the ubuntu-desktop meta.01:43
crimsun_that said, you can safely remove it and reinstall it afterward01:44
Mark_MillimanI can't remove it01:44
Mark_MillimanI tried01:44
Mark_Millimanit remains broken01:44
crimsun_what's the error?01:45
james_wMark_Milliman: it would be a lot easier to give you concrete advice if you put the errors on a pastebin.01:45
Mark_Millimanyes james01:45
Mark_Millimansubprocess new pre-removal script returned error exit status 101:47
Mark_Millimaninstead of Unknown command01:47
DanaGYAY:     ACPI: video: Rationalise ACPI backlight implementation          The sysfs backlight class provides no mechanism for querying the     acceptable brightness for a backlight. The ACPI spec states that values     are only valid if they are reported as available by the firmware. Since     we can't provide that information to userspace, instead collapse the     range to the number of actual values that can be set.          http://bu01:47
Mark_MillimanPreparing to replace hplip 2.7.12-0ubuntu2~gutsy1 (using .../hplip_2.8.2-0ubuntu1_i386.deb)....01:48
Mark_MillimanTraceback (most recent call last):01:48
Mark_MillimanFile "/usr/sbin/update-python-modules", line 348, in <module> post_change_stuff(py)01:48
Mark_MillimanFile "/usr/sbin/update-python-modules", line 224, in post_change_stuff file(initfile, "w").close()01:49
Mark_MillimanIOError: [Errno 2] No such file or directory: '/var/lib/python-support/python2.5/bootconfig/__init__.py'01:49
Mark_Millimandpkg: warning - old pre-removal script returned error exist status 101:50
Mark_Millimanand it keeps going01:50
Mark_MillimanIf this is hopeless, I'm ready to blow it away and reinstall on the partition from the liveCD01:51
crimsun_oh man.01:51
crimsun_that backport looks suspicious01:51
Mark_Millimanfunny thing is that I am running on the new kernel with X01:52
Mark_Millimanjust most things don't work01:52
crimsun_so.  You /can/ fix^Wkludge around that, but I do /not/ recommend it.01:52
crimsun_first, dpkg -P --force-depends python-support hplip01:53
Mark_Millimanso the best thing is to blow away the partition and install the latest alpha01:53
crimsun_then continue.01:53
Mark_MillimanI just hate reconfiguring my mouse, banshee, firefox, samba, and everything else01:54
crimsun_ugh, this brings up the contentious point of having update-manager disable -backports if it doesn't already.01:55
Mark_MillimanI guess I'll reinstall from the latest nightly01:56
Mark_Millimanat least I can copy my home directory to an NTFS for good keeping01:58
Mark_MillimanIt is probably a good idea to clean up the install anyway01:58
Mark_MillimanI probably have quite a mess01:58
ubotuLaunchpad bug 121833 in linux-source-2.6.22 "LCD backlight turns off when between discrete levels, both from hotkeys and from dim-on-idle." [Low,Incomplete]01:59
DanaGThere's my brightness bug.01:59
DanaGOh, and hint for not having to reconfigure stuff:  copy any conf files you've modified.01:59
Mark_MillimanI'm copying my complete $HOME directory02:00
Mark_Millimanoops found some links that created a recursive copy02:02
hmullerI have a dumb question, would not a better name for initrd.gz as used in Ubuntu be initramfs.gz?02:03
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wfarr_clonewfarr@wfarr-desktop:~$ sudo apt-get -f install02:23
wfarr_cloneReading package lists... Done02:23
wfarr_cloneBuilding dependency tree02:23
wfarr_cloneReading state information... Done02:23
wfarr_cloneCorrecting dependencies... Done02:23
wfarr_cloneThe following extra packages will be installed:02:23
wfarr_clone  openoffice.org-hyphenation-en-us02:23
wfarr_cloneThe following NEW packages will be installed:02:23
wfarr_clone  openoffice.org-hyphenation-en-us02:23
wfarr_clone0 upgraded, 1 newly installed, 0 to remove and 0 not upgraded.02:23
wfarr_clone557 not fully installed or removed.02:23
wfarr_cloneNeed to get 0B/32.5kB of archives.02:23
wfarr_cloneAfter this operation, 127kB of additional disk space will be used.02:23
wfarr_cloneDo you want to continue [Y/n]? y02:23
wfarr_clone(Reading database ... 115765 files and directories currently installed.)02:23
wfarr_cloneUnpacking openoffice.org-hyphenation-en-us (from .../openoffice.org-hyphenation-en-us_2.3-5_all.deb) ...02:24
wfarr_clonedpkg: error processing /var/cache/apt/archives/openoffice.org-hyphenation-en-us_2.3-5_all.deb (--unpack):02:24
wfarr_clone trying to overwrite `/usr/share/myspell/dicts/hyph_en_US.dic', which is also in package openoffice.org-hyphenation02:24
wfarr_cloneErrors were encountered while processing:02:24
wfarr_clone /var/cache/apt/archives/openoffice.org-hyphenation-en-us_2.3-5_all.deb02:24
wfarr_cloneE: Sub-process /usr/bin/dpkg returned an error code (1)02:24
wfarr_cloneer damn pidgin02:24
Dr_willisi used synaptic and removed the  openoffice.org-hyphenation package02:24
wfarr_cloneYeah, I didn't even mean to paste it in here.02:25
wfarr_cloneThanks though.02:26
DanaGMark_Milliman: Don't forget any system-level .conf files you've customized.  For example, I've tweaked xorg.conf, dnsmasq.conf, 'interfaces', and many other files.02:27
DanaGAnother thing I'm curious about: how does the Asus Virtuoso chip differ from the CMI8788?  I had thought it'd just be a rebranded chip.02:36
zqweDanaG: hows things going with benchmarking videocards with screensavers02:38
zqweany progress?02:39
DanaGActually, I haven't found any need for myself to benchmark things.02:39
cgeHas anyone here actually had any success using vinagre?02:40
DanaGtitle: AnandTech: Building a Better (Linux) GPU Benchmark02:41
DanaGNote that the article is from 2004, however.02:42
zqweDanaG: mmm which screensaver anandtech was useing?02:42
DanaGgoogle:  linux opengl benchmark02:44
zqweDanaG: you lost a point02:45
zqweyeah tried that02:45
zqwein windows02:46
zqwewhere is linux version? hmmm02:46
zqwelets see02:46
zqweare you serious? well... probebly it is better than screensavers anyway... lmfao02:47
DanaGPulseAudio's "Duplicate" feature is cool.  It keeps multiple devices in sync amazingly well.02:57
DanaG...and when it's on a weak wifi network (or weak card), it's rather ridiculously amusing.02:57
DanaG'Duplicate' over an unreliable network produces wacky pitch, speed, and volume changes in both devices.02:58
zqwehmmm they even was able to run 3dmark 06 in wine... amazing... still will not replace screensavers... due to heavy cost of direct3d translation calls... mmm03:03
DanaGOh yeah, also look at www.humus.ca03:04
DanaGThat person has some OpenGL how-to demos for Linux; some even have source code.03:05
cgeCould someone with an up-to-date installation try running vinagre, and see if there is a problem with keyboard focus?03:05
DanaGignorance.campus.alfred.edu ?  Where's that?03:08
zqwecge: mmm do you want to connect to me03:08
zqwewhats with keyboard foxus?03:08
RyanPriorHow do I use Firefox 2 now that I have Firefox 3 alpha 3 installed?03:09
cgezqwe: when I'm using vinagre, keypresses aren't sent to the remote screen due to a gtk focus problem.03:09
cgezqwe: ie, bug #19205103:09
ubotuLaunchpad bug 192051 in vinagre "Vinagre keyboard not working, mouse not always visible" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/19205103:09
zqwecge: i have a problems with testing that localy, 1st it is too slow, i cant enter fullscreen, and i encounter strange behaviour with mouse...03:19
fnordistusevery time npviewer.bill(gates) crashes03:22
zqwecge: hmm bug already confirmed with updated software, what you expect from us?..03:22
fnordistusfor unknow reasons, something with the programmer is wrong03:22
zqwedo you use AMD6403:22
zqweand ndiswrapper03:22
fnordistusyeah NvidiAMD 6403:22
DanaG!info japa03:23
fnordistusno wlan on this desktop03:23
ubotujapa (source: japa): JACK and ALSA Perceptual Analyser. In component universe, is extra. Version 0.2.1-3ubuntu1 (hardy), package size 33 kB, installed size 136 kB03:23
DanaGdoesn't work with pulseaudio!  It demands mmap.03:23
zqwefnordistus: do you have a reason to use AMD6403:24
fnordistusyes, i have 16GB Ram03:24
fnordistusand i don't need A20Gate or such legacy crap like bank switching introduced in i386 architecture03:25
RaspberryHey does Hardy fix the MESA / OpenGL issues that in Gutsy?03:25
RaspberryMy X3100 can't run any thing OpenGL related without locking the machine03:25
Raspberrythese issues :P https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/mesa03:26
zqwefnordistus: bug 141613, and this happens not only in ubuntu...03:28
ubotuLaunchpad bug 141613 in nspluginwrapper "npviewer.bin crashed with SIGSEGV" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/14161303:28
fnordistusstrange, a zero pointer03:29
zqwetry gnash or swfdec03:31
zqwewaiting for adobe to make 64-bit flash03:31
fnordistusi tried gnasm even more problems03:31
zqwein 32-bit adobe flash not crashing03:32
zqwebtw some workaround is flashblock, cuz it makes flash not load all files on a page at once (which was ussually reason for crash for me)03:33
zqweyou may enable flash parts of page one by one03:33
fnordistusthose flash sux03:34
fnordistusflash is evil03:35
fnordistusi could accept it if those adobe bungholes would offer the illuminati documentary papers for flash03:35
RyanPriorHow do I launch FIrefox 2 if I have Firefox 3 installed?03:36
zqweRyanPrior: it look like it was replaced, so you have to remove 3 and install 203:38
zqwefrom what i see searching for it03:38
fnordistusi cannot finish those stupid level called high gravity in supertux03:38
RyanPriorzqwe: That sucks. I read somewhere that they would be installed side by side.03:38
zqweRyanPrior: yes, if you installed that manually, but you updated it, arent you03:39
Mark_MillimanWhat sucks is that I trashed my 7.10 installation trying to upgrade to 8.0403:39
Mark_MillimanI already started using ff303:39
Mark_Millimangood thing it isn't a production system03:39
fnordistusyeah you have to know you use ALPHA softwrae marky mark03:40
fnordistusif you need good vibrations, just use gutsy03:40
Mark_MillimanI know but it fixes some pending problems that Gutsy broke03:40
RyanPriorWhy would a "production system" have Firefox or Hardy installed on it?03:40
zqwewell if hardy is alpha, then gutsy is beta03:40
fnordistusand edgy is gamma?03:41
fnordistusand dapper delta?03:41
Mark_Millimanthe install didn't break...a flaky usb device went in the crapper during dpkg03:41
Mark_MillimanI agree that Gutsy is beta03:41
Mark_Millimanor gamma03:41
Mark_MillimanI found that hardy alpha 4 fixes some problems on my machine03:41
zqwetotally agree03:42
fnordistusyeah, some kernel issues03:42
Mark_Millimanso far it appears to be a little better than Gutsy03:42
zqwesame here03:42
Mark_Millimanthe kernel issues that I have been having are goioone03:42
fnordistus2.6.24 works a lot better03:42
Mark_MillimanI'm just pissed that I have to reconfigure the machine03:42
regulatenot the generic kernel03:42
Mark_Millimanat least I have my $HOME directory03:42
fnordistusthe rt kernel?03:42
zqwebut i must say hardy fixed not all gutsy bugs, many remains03:42
fnordistusRT is a bad hack for my opinions03:43
Mark_MillimanI am sure that many remain it is an alpha after all and not all bugs were identified as candidates for this release03:43
regulatei want to be able to install my own kernels in hardy03:43
Mark_MillimanMaybe a clean install will work better03:43
zqweregulate: i done that03:43
Mark_MillimanI hacked up V4L pretty bad03:43
fnordistusyeah linux from scratch03:44
regulatezqwe: which kernel03:44
zqweregulate: from kernel.org03:44
regulatezqwe: i haven't been able to install any i packaged via make-kpkg03:44
zqwecustom build03:44
Mark_MillimanAt least this Windows machine is still running03:44
fnordistusi still wait for a FruBuntu or BSDUNTU03:45
zqweregulate: i just fallowed some instruction on a web, it was my 1st time to build kernel03:45
Mark_Millimangood thing about *nix is that all of the personal settings are kept in the home directory03:47
fnordistusim afraid if torvalds goes upward03:47
Mark_MillimanAt least I will get my FF, Miro, Banshee, and other settings back.  I just have to reinstall everything03:47
zqwe fnordistus: you mean if he will gone? in recent interview he said nothing will happen, he have some ppl to replace him03:50
zqweivan@xhost:~$ cd data && wine ../bin/win32/LightsMark2007.exe03:55
zqweSegmentation fault (core dumped)03:55
Daisuke_Idowell that was nice04:15
Daisuke_Idoi was going to recommend he go to the latest wine from the budgetdedicated repo04:15
Daisuke_Idobut nooo04:15
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Mark_MillimanHas anyone been able to display fonts:/// in Nautalus04:57
Mark_MillimanNatilus that is04:57
Mark_Millimancna't spel04:57
linxuz3rwhats new with hardy heron05:00
DarkMageZfglrx 8.02 ッ05:00
DarkMageZnow with composition support for xorg server 1.4 ッ05:01
jscinozwhat's the current breakage?05:05
jscinozi hear alsa is still pretty messed up?05:05
Dr_willisjscinoz,  some issue with  openoffice hypa-nation file.. also.. not seen anyone ask about alsa today05:06
jscinozis there anything specific about when in april its being released?05:06
jscinozie what day :P05:06
Mark_MillimanI recommend the new sound system over ALSA05:06
Mark_MillimanI forgot what it is called...I am rebooting so I can't tell you just yet05:07
Mark_Millimanit doesn't require so many shims05:07
Nuke_is gnome currently broken in hardy?05:12
Nuke_seems to be a conflict where libgnomekbd1 and libgnomekbd2 can't coexist, but different parts of gnome depend on one or the other05:14
Dr_willisit worked for me earlier05:18
ethana2"but different parts of gnome depend on one or the other"05:23
ethana2that's a problem05:23
ethana2they should say something like 1+05:23
ethana2oh wait.......  was it a complete overhaul?05:23
ethana2so that's not just a dependency versioning issue..05:23
Nuke_looks like *kbd1 is being replaced by *kbd2, but is only partially finished05:24
ethana2transition, i can deal with that05:24
ethana2so exciting ^_^05:24
* heret1c backs05:27
heret1camazing, still online after a 5-hr snooze! :-)05:29
* DanaG uses PulseAudio too.05:30
DanaGIt's wonderful when using multiple audio devices.05:30
* heret1c dips hat at danag05:30
ethana2i was using PA back with fiesty or gutsy05:33
ethana2broke /everything/05:34
ethana2Amarok is insanely resilient though ^_^05:34
Nuke_ethana2: mplayer now fully supports it, and the workaround for libflash is good too05:35
Nuke_so all is good here with PA05:35
ethana2Yeah, now I'm /supposed/ to be using it ;)05:36
ethana2it was sweet, sending music over wifi05:36
DanaGI had the opposite problem with Amarok:05:36
DanaGIt totally BREAKS with PulseAudio.05:36
DanaGAnd woe unto you if you use Global Hotkeys -- then when you hit 'pause', it entirely locks up your keyboard for 30 seconds or more.05:37
heret1cSynaptics' "fix broken packages" doen'nt allways live up to the advertisinf. :-/05:46
DanaGI usually use Aptitude.05:47
heret1cdanag> it gives the same errors.05:48
RAOFWoot! _We have 3d_.05:49
zqwenext stop is 4d05:49
RAOFWell, next stop is making nouveau's 3d more complete, so that more things actually run :)05:50
zqwemore than glxgears?05:50
RAOFAnd Quake3 arena.05:50
heret1cdanag> synaptic is without minesweeper, 'tho. 8-)05:50
zqweyou mean quake 3 running now with this driver?05:51
RAOFOn selected hardware, yes.  I don't have Q3A, so I can't verify, but it was demonstrated at LCA.05:51
zqwethinking about how complex video drivers are, almost unbelievable05:52
RAOFYou can probably see the demo, actually.  I believe the talk was titled "Bringing kittens back to life".05:53
ethana2gallium is great for ridding them of complexity05:53
RAOFSo it seems, yes.05:53
ethana2i just think its hilarious05:54
zqwewell i never trusted in this project, and i still think they will not able to go far05:55
ethana2because gallium will eventually unite ati, intel and nvidia drivers05:55
DanaGWhat's Gallium?05:55
ethana2they'll take up so little space in total relative to windows05:55
RAOFDanaG: The new hotness.05:55
ethana2gallium is a framework for 3d graphics drivers05:55
ethana2so instead of implementing opengl on a card05:55
RAOFDanaG: The new 3d-driver framework.  Designed to be fairly close to the metal.05:56
ethana2you implement gallium on the card05:56
ethana2and then opengl on top of gallium05:56
ethana2or you know, direct3d, if anyone wants it05:56
ethana2it's going to make things much easier for those of us with PS3's05:56
ethana2because we'll be able to get 3d before Sony opens the RSX by using the cell's SPE's05:57
RAOFIndeed.  There's already a cell renderer.05:57
ethana2oh there is?05:57
ethana2can it do compiz yet?05:57
RAOFI wouldn't imagine so.05:57
ethana2actually i like the cell better than a gpu05:57
ethana2maybe ogl will work right when used by more than one app at a time ;)05:57
ethana2compiz + amarok + firefox = FAIL05:58
ethana2of course, this here is a radeon9200SE, but still05:58
RAOFFor the record, nouveau doesn't run compiz yet :)05:59
ethana2by the way, will noveau use the kernel for graphical task scheduling?05:59
ethana2we desperately need this, so WINE will work with compiz, and so on05:59
RAOFethana2: Wine already works with compiz.06:00
ethana2it may involve massive kernel modification, though..06:00
ethana2oh it does?06:00
RAOFIt has done *forever*.06:00
ethana2even with apps that use 3d?06:00
ethana2oh wow06:00
RAOFAgain, it has done forever.06:00
ethana2people always say not to use them at the same time06:00
RAOFThat's because people are wrong.06:00
heret1cOn my lowly latitude laptop, even oolite struggles, and is out of the question/unplayable with dma off.06:00
ethana2oh is dma what the problem is with compiz and amarok and firefox?06:01
RAOFethana2: On the other hand, there *are* some wine bugs only exposed when run under compiz, so turning off compiz can make wine more usable.06:01
heret1cethana2> if you have a ide/ata drive.06:02
ethana2oh wow i think i'm getting confused...06:02
ethana2i'm thinking direct rendering, sorry06:02
zqwehows that, wine work with compiz but native opengl linux games not?06:03
ethana2wait, that's dri06:03
RAOFzqwe: Native linux opengl games do, too.06:04
ethana2ok, so its not just me and my pathetic card?06:04
heret1csee what sudo hdparm -d1 /dev/hda (if taht's toyr hd) says.06:04
zqweRAOF: i always have X freezes with compiz enabled when playing game for some time. whats why i was told here to disable compiz when playing games. do you have another resolution?06:05
heret1cerk. apt(itude) still gives a raft of errors.06:06
RAOFzqwe: So, driver bugs exist.  You may be hitting one of them.  But I've used compiz while playing all sorts of games.06:06
zqwewhat videocard you have?06:06
RAOFA Geforce 7600go.06:06
zqwemine is 7900 gtx06:07
RAOFThat's odd.  The binary blob handles compiz much better than most open drivers.06:07
AmaranthRAOF: Except of course for random lockups and flickering06:08
RAOFWell, yeah.  Except for that.06:08
AmaranthBut I actually haven't seen either one of those for awhile06:08
RAOFSo, when it's *working* the nvidia blob handles compiz better :)06:08
zqwei doubt how is 7600 go is programmed better than 7900 gtx so it have no bug, driver is unified06:09
* DanaG hates this:06:09
DanaG*blink*  *blink*06:09
DanaG(i.e. the flashing screen bug.)06:09
Amaranthwhen it starts it doesn't stop until you VT switch06:09
Amaranthbut i've only seen it once in the last week and that was when i was compiling and updating packages at the same time06:10
DanaGI wish there were a spectrum analyzer app for PulseAudio.06:10
Amaranthalso, I am the most horrible maintainer in history06:10
ethana2i wish there was that06:10
ethana2and a voice recognition PIM module06:11
AmaranthI just did an alacarte release, one year and 2 days after the last one06:11
ethana2with a frontend for gdm06:11
ethana2to go along side the webcam face recog PIM and thumbprint PIM things06:11
ethana2..that don't seem to exist yet but should06:11
AmaranthRAOF: btw, can you test a compiz patch for me? http://dev.realistanew.com/0001-only-allow-rotate-to-faces-that-exist.patch06:11
RAOFAmaranth: Oh, what wasn't finished in alacart?06:12
AmaranthRAOF: just bug fixes and translation updates06:12
RAOFAmaranth: At some point, yes.  Obviously not while I'm fiddling with nouveau's 3d :)06:12
Amaranthand i closed all but 5 bugs in the gnome bugzilla06:12
Amaranth4 of them are crashes on stuff like poll and waitpid and a gtk bug (wtf?), the other one is requesting alacarte be ported to gio instead of gnomevfs06:13
Amaranthbut there are no python bindings for gio06:13
RAOFWhich will make that port awkward :)06:13
Amaranththe wtf goes with waitpid06:13
AtomicSparkI've been patiently waiting for Alpha 4 to install into KVM, now it's failing to install GRUB or LILO, is this a known problem with the alt cd?06:15
Amaranthooh, and a crash on strcmp called from inside GtkAdjustment06:15
shirishI'm not getting any updates, I'm on 2.6.24-906:15
Amaranthbut seriously: http://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=474562 wtf06:15
ubotuGnome bug 474562 in general "crash in Main Menu: opening editor main menu" [Critical,Unconfirmed]06:15
Amaranthoh, the crash is in select_path06:15
Amaranthso pygtk bug06:15
zqweshirish: where you got it? latest is -806:16
heret1ch'm. I lack pygtk.06:16
shirishzqwe: sorry, yes its 2.6.24-8 not -906:16
shirishzqwe: my thing is any idea why no updates?06:17
zqwecuz they not made yet?06:17
zqwe-8 sounds like update itself06:17
DanaGWell, I'm glad the -8 kernel fixed all my scheduler issues.06:18
shirishcan anybody see Bug 192530 and tell if its a bug or not?06:18
ubotuLaunchpad bug 192530 in sugar "[Hardy] sugar-activities is broken while installing" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/19253006:18
zqweshirish: well i dowloading it now06:20
zqweguess no problems06:21
AmaranthRAOF: even better now: http://bugzilla.gnome.org/buglist.cgi?product=alacarte&bug_status=NEW&bug_status=REOPENED&bug_status=ASSIGNED&bug_status=UNCONFIRMED06:23
* Amaranth wins06:23
DanaGWTF? Firefox 3.0's "restore tabs" feature fails.06:23
DanaGIt doesn't restore tabs if you leave the downloads or addons window open.06:23
AmaranthI can now ignore that project for another 4 months, at least06:23
shirishzqwe: u're not getting the virtual packages issue?06:24
zqweshirish: correct06:24
DanaG...and now Pidgin crashed.06:24
DanaGOh, and Flash on THIS:   http://www.wincustomize.com/skins.aspx?skinid=900&libid=50    page doesn06:24
DanaGdoens't work.06:24
shirishzqwe: here it still shows sugar-activities still has umet dependencies06:25
DanaGIn fact, Firefox tries to DOWNLOAD the swf file.06:25
shirishzqwe: I ran sudo aptitude update, just before it.06:26
zqweshirish: i use apt-get06:26
DanaGOkay.... mplayer will play it, but Firefox insists on opening it with Totem -- but I have "MPlayer" set to play that type, through Gnome.06:27
zqwePreferences->Applications in firefox06:28
h3sp4wn_Why does it not just open with flash ?06:28
shirishzqwe: aha, ok try installing sugar-activities06:28
DanaGWell, for some reason, it won't display embedded.06:29
DanaGIf I go to 'page info', it shows the address, and I can copy and paste it into the address bar -- but then it opens in Totem.06:29
DanaGI'd be fine with it opening in mplayer in that case, but Totem fails.  And Firefox fails for using the wrong application.06:30
zqweshirish: The following packages have unmet dependencies:06:30
zqwe  sugar-activities: Depends: sugar-analyze-activity but it is not installable ETC06:30
shirishzqwe: right, that is the thing. Sugar gets installed but not the other packages per se.06:30
DanaGEven Gnome is using the wrong program.06:31
DanaGWhat the heck?06:31
h3sp4wn_Not done anything silly like left the alternative set to totem or anything06:32
DanaGDuuuuuude, if I tell it to use MPlayer, it should NOT try to open it with Totem!06:32
DanaGWhat alternative?06:32
DanaGEven gnome-open uses the wrong thing.06:32
AmaranthDanaG: Right click on said file, go to properties, open with tab06:32
Amaranthto set the default applcation06:33
DanaGI did that.06:33
DanaGAnd now double-clicking the file works correctly, but gnome-open does not.06:33
AmaranthAlso, you have to uninstall the totem-mozilla package to make firefox use the mplayer plugin06:33
DanaGWell, check out those pages and notice that the "Video" tab with the SWF animation does not work.06:34
DanaGOh, and here's another random link: my brightness bug.   bug 12183306:34
ubotuLaunchpad bug 121833 in linux-source-2.6.22 "LCD backlight turns off when between discrete levels, both from hotkeys and from dim-on-idle." [Low,Incomplete] https://launchpad.net/bugs/12183306:34
DanaGI guess I should probably add the base "Linux" task/06:35
* Amaranth wonders why you think he could fix that06:35
heret1cAnyone in the mood to analyze output from sudo apt-get -f install | sudo dpkg --configure -a ? Film at http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/56315/06:46
h3sp4wn_I have never seen apt-get -f install ever make the situation better06:48
hyper___chno updates today?06:50
heret1ch3sp4wn> it's a desperate measure. I'm at my wits' end.06:51
h3sp4wn_I think gb.archive may be out of sync06:51
h3sp4wn_I just got the new kernel from de.archive.ubuntu.com06:51
hyper___chthere was a new kernel yesterday06:51
hyper___chSysinfo for 'xubi': Linux 2.6.24-8-generic running KDE 3.5.8, CPU: AMDSempron2400+ at 1683 MHz (3371 bogomips), , RAM: 997/1010MB, 158 proc's, 13.53h up06:51
heret1c'lo hyper_ch06:51
hyper___chhiho heret1c06:51
h3sp4wn_Are they in the process of cutting a new alpha ?06:52
hyper___chdunno :)06:52
ArtVandalaeHi, can anyone confirm that his was the wallpaper pulled down in the latest hardy update: http://andregondim.eti.br/wp-content/uploads/2008/02/hardy-tela.png06:53
hyper___chbut getting daily updates just  makes me feel like the do work really hard on it :)06:53
heret1chyper_ch>still have the apt* hassle. newest at http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/56315/06:53
h3sp4wn_Try one day looking at the actual number of changed lines06:53
hyper___chheret1c: what do you need clamav for?06:54
* DanaG uses aptitude for dependency handling.06:55
DanaGRun it with no parameters.06:55
heret1chyper_ch> made sense  at a time.06:55
hyper___chheret1c: when? if you're not operationg a mailserver I don't see any sense in using AV ^^06:56
heret1chyper_ch> guess you're right.06:56
hyper___chheret1c: well, but that's not the problem ^^06:57
h3sp4wn_Even then an experienced postmaster can deal with things more efficiently than a program06:57
hyper___chapt-get autoremove does work?06:57
h3sp4wn_(I experienced this first hand around the time of the first I Love you worm)06:57
heret1cDanaG> sudo aptitude?06:57
hyper___chthe biggest security risk on a computer is the user06:58
h3sp4wn_Always ?06:58
heret1chyper_ch> nope. I'll run it again, and pastebin it.06:58
hyper___chgenerally it is.... social engineering06:59
h3sp4wn_People have trouble understanding me at the best of times (when I wish to communicate with them)07:00
hyper___chh3sp4wn_: I don't understand... can you say that again? ^^07:00
hyper___chthat was mean ;)07:01
h3sp4wn_hyper___ch: Its the truth07:02
DanaGYou can even run aptitude as non-root and then only elevate when you need to.07:02
heret1cIOError: [Errno 2] No such file or directory: '/var/lib/python-support/python2.5/bootconfig/__init__.py'07:03
hyper___chheret1c: what did you run?07:03
h3sp4wn_you could try dpkg -iGREB (or whatever it is on all the python deb's but its a long shot)07:03
heret1cappears to be the/a bottleneck.07:04
heret1chyper_ch> sudo apt-get -f autoremove07:05
hyper___chheret1c: and which package causes that trouble?07:05
hyper___chhmmmm, don't really know07:09
heret1cran sudo aptitude update ; sudo apt-get -f install ; sudo aptitude upgrade with much the same result.07:10
h3sp4wn_I always think of apt-get -f install to mean f**k everything up07:11
hyper___chone does not use -f install ;)07:11
hyper___chheret1c: I'd try to download those python packages again and install them again.... and then try to remove them again07:11
h3sp4wn_get them all in a directory07:12
heret1cwhat is it for, then?07:12
h3sp4wn_and keep running dpkg -iGREB *.deb (until the errors reduces)07:12
heret1cdpkg -iGREB *.deb / dpkg -i GREB *.deb ?07:14
DanaGwtf is iGREB?07:16
sweetsinseanyone getting bad overall lag in hardy with firefox/07:17
sweetsinseespecially with the scale plugin07:17
lorenzoI think I got the right channel now. :) Anyone getting wine 0.9.55 to run on Hardy?07:18
ubotuA large amount of the first questions asked in this channel start with "Does anyone/anybody..."  Why not ask your next question (the real one) and find out?07:18
h3sp4wn_DanaG: The meanings are all in the man page07:18
h3sp4wn_(I just think its easier to remember in that order)07:18
ubotuHi! Welcome to #ubuntu+1!07:18
zqwe sweetsinse: scale? some kind of zoom? hardy now how firefox 3 which support zoom native07:18
sweetsinseno the scale plugin for compiz07:19
lorenzoWell, the real question is why do I get a segfault when I try to runapps under wine 0.9.55?07:19
sweetsinsei have firefox 3 as well07:19
zqwe lorenzo: exactly07:19
sweetsinsebut it is just so laggy comared to gutsy07:19
h3sp4wn_Is there a way to disable the strict certificate checking stuff with firefox 307:19
hyper___chlorenzo: becaue hardy is still alpha07:19
sweetsinsethe scale plugin that puts all your windows on one page and scales them all so they fit07:20
hyper___chh3sp4wn_: can't you do it in the ff options?07:20
zqwe lorenzo: guess it cuz they pack hardy with release candidate kernel, ingnoring the fact of kernel release07:20
h3sp4wn_hyper___ch: didn't see it if its somewhere in about:config I cannot be bothered07:20
sweetsinsewill that be updated by alpha 5 or release07:21
h3sp4wn_I like the kde4 version of konqueror its great and quick07:21
lorenzozqwe: That could be. 0.9.54 still works, since I pulled it from my archive. So it could be the kernel.07:21
zqwelorenzo: mmm if 54 works, then it could be wine bug07:22
zqweof 5507:22
lorenzozqwe: In that case I should report the bug, but I'm not sure where to look to find out why it segfaults. A general segfault makes for a very nasty bug report.07:23
h3sp4wn_check its not already on the winehq bugtracker 1st07:23
zqwethere was a debug program....07:33
heret1cIs rdesktop an option? my system is fubar from my perspective, although many things work glawlessly.07:33
fferhum... lost compiz after the last update, kernel update and compiz-fusion update07:33
fferChecking for Xgl: not present.07:34
fferprobably kernel? ...07:34
zqwelorenzo: run catchsegv wine program07:35
fferbrb, going back to 2.6.24-707:39
* lorenzo checked the winehq bugtracker. I couldn't find any general segfaults, only references to segfaults while running certain programs, mostly games. catchsegv spewed a bunch of letters and numbers and something about pthread and the like. I can paste that into the bug report if it will help.07:39
zqwelorenzo: if something help, this is will be debug info07:42
lorenzozqwe: Thanks. I'll report it and paste this info in the report.07:42
lorenzoOh how nice! :) I was actually able to pipe the entire output of catchsegv into a file. So now I can just select the entire text from a text editor to copy it instead of having to scroll back through my terminal history. :)07:44
heret1cyo reinstall or reisnstall, that's the qyestuin. wether it's nobler to suffer the slings and cirquits or outrageous commands, or take up arms against a sea of errors...07:45
Assidshouldnt the cups printer allow you to see the color cartridge levels?07:47
Assidlike whether the black/color cartridge needs refilling07:47
lorenzoThe wine bug is reported and listed as #192562. I hope I did that right. :)07:55
* h3sp4wn_ thinks of a quick reinstall but this time onto lvm2 so I can make auto snapshots (don't need much space really on this box)08:16
* hyper___ch makes snapshots every 6h with rsync and hardlinks ,08:17
heret1cWould it be sensuble to offer someone wise on the apt* issue to rdesktop to my box, have a peek at the problem "in situ"?08:18
h3sp4wn_I don't actually have any important data on my laptop at all08:18
hyper___chh3sp4wn_: ^^08:18
h3sp4wn_hyper___ch: How long do they take ?08:19
shirishdoes anybody how one can find out which wm is one using?08:19
shirishon the CLI08:19
hyper___chh3sp4wn_: not long08:19
DanaGHere's one thing you can do: gnome VNC server, set to disallow controlling.08:19
DanaGThat'd be safer than giving control.08:19
hyper___chshirish: starx ^^08:20
hyper___chstartx I mean08:20
shirishhyper___ch: I don't want to start x server, I'm in xserver environment, I just want to know which window manager I'm in.08:20
h3sp4wn_You could them a one time opiekey password with telnet possibly08:20
shirishhyper___ch: or which wm I'm using08:21
hyper___chshirish: logout and login again see the session08:21
shirishhyper___ch: nothing that can be found out through the CLI?08:21
hyper___chhow comes you don't know which one you use?08:21
hyper___chshirish: sure it can - somehow08:21
hyper___chshirish: look at the processes that are running08:21
h3sp4wn_There is the x-window-manager alternative08:22
h3sp4wn_but gnome seems to fsck around with that so it loads anyway unless you hardcode into .xsession08:22
DanaGLook at /usr/bin/gnome-wm08:23
Amaranthshirish: The better question is why you need to know08:23
shirishAmaranth: I basically put it to sugar, thinking it will have some different interface, but can't find out any differences which stand out.08:24
Amaranthshirish: uh08:24
AmaranthTrust me, you'll know if you're using sugar08:24
AmaranthBecause you'll say "where did all control of my computer go?"08:24
Amaranthand "how do I open a terminal?"08:24
* DanaG is still using an old version of nvidia-glx-new, because the new version STILL isn't showing a changelog.08:26
DanaG... and neither is hplip.08:26
shirishAmaranth: that's exactly the reason, I'm asking for I don't see anything different08:26
h3sp4wn_Its annoying there is no open terminal on the right mouse click menu08:26
shirishh3sp4wn_: IIRC there is/was a nautilus extension or something which made the right-click terminal appear.08:27
DanaGIs there any way to keep track of how much data apt has downloaded in a given time period?08:27
Amaranthshirish: If it doesn't look like http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Image:XO-sugar.png you're not in sugar08:27
h3sp4wn_shirish: Sun has it as a patch08:27
Amaranth!info nautilus-open-terminal08:28
ubotunautilus-open-terminal (source: nautilus-open-terminal): nautilus plugin for opening terminals in arbitrary local paths. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.8-1ubuntu2 (hardy), package size 22 kB, installed size 636 kB08:28
AmaranthSun does a lot of stupid things08:28
heret1ch3sp4wn_> alt-F2, <name if terminal>08:28
shirishAmaranth: I don't see it, lemme log out again & see if I can get it.08:29
Amaranthheret1c: No no, with this extension right click and "Open in Terminal" will automatically open a terminal in the current directory08:29
Amaranthso if you're in nautilus looking at /usr/share/icons/gnome/scalable/mimetypes the terminal will open in that directory too so you don't have to cd to it08:30
DanaGHow do you change your color choice after the first run?08:30
sweetsinseugh this compiz lag in hardy with web browsers is driving me nuts08:30
h3sp4wn_Amaranth: I dunno waste of time adding more levels of abstraction when the reason why its unimplimented is one of those we know best ...08:30
Amaranthsweetsinse: Hell Intel 965 user08:30
Amarantherr, hello08:31
AmaranthAt least you can use compiz, unlike in gutsy08:31
AmaranthAnd we have a possible fix for the problem, too08:31
DanaGI don't see how to change your color after the initial run.08:31
Amaranthcolor of what?08:32
DanaGYour little person icon.08:32
DanaGIn Sugar, I mean.08:33
DanaGOh, and how do you force-quit an activity that won't start?08:33
h3sp4wn_tried gconf editor (most of the crap is in there)08:33
Amaranthoh, i've never used sugar08:33
Amaranthnot my kind of thing08:33
DanaGI don't see sugar in gconf.08:35
Daisuke_Idoooh, is the 965 finally going to be getting better?08:36
Daisuke_Idoand i have no problem using compiz in gutsy on a 96508:36
fferstill can't get compiz to start... Xgl not present, nvidia drivers are loaded08:37
DanaGIt's actually in .sugar08:37
Daisuke_Idoxgl with nvidia?08:38
fferthat's what it's doing...08:38
Daisuke_Idoah, i thought you were *trying* to use xgl with nvidia08:39
Daisuke_Idonevermind, carry on -_-08:39
ffername of display: :0.008:41
fferXlib:  extension "GLX" missing on display ":0.0".08:41
RAOFffer: You'd be on amd64, yes?08:44
RAOFYou're hitting the libglx symlink issue.  There's a fix on the way (a new linux-restricted-modules)08:45
fferok, great!   thanks =)08:45
RAOFThey've broken gallium on amd64, too.08:46
RAOFNo one loves x86-64 :)08:46
fferwho broke it, upstream somewhere?08:46
DanaGWoah, alt-R rotates the Sugar interface.08:47
RAOFIt's only available upstream :)08:47
DanaG.... and it rotates the mouse, too!08:47
fferok =)08:47
DanaGWow, that's confusing.08:47
fferlearning... keep digging deeper, know a lot and yet I don't in other areas... ~08:48
Dupasaxhello, anyone have running hardy??08:53
fferstill trying to work out searching in launch pad ... if I search for "libglx symlink" I get "No results for search libglx symlink"08:54
heret1cDupasax> sort of.08:54
fferI search in google and I get this https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux-restricted-modules-2.6.24/+bug/19252408:54
ubotuLaunchpad bug 192524 in linux-restricted-modules-2.6.24 "Hardy: Dangling libglx.so symlink in nvidia-glx-new breaks 3D acceleration (dup-of: 192253)" [High,Triaged]08:54
ubotuLaunchpad bug 192253 in linux-restricted-modules-2.6.24 "xorg glx module is missing" [High,Confirmed]08:54
* ffer is running hardy08:55
heret1c"unmet dependencies" on "sudo apt-get upgrade" usually means the package isn't in the repository (yet) - yes?08:58
DanaGI still haven't installed the updated nvidia-glx-new, because there's no changelog.  I try to avoid installing stuff without changelogs.09:00
_Assid_everythings messed up now09:01
_Assid_DanaG: whatever fixed ytour issue.. messed mine up09:01
heret1cassid> du courage. :)09:01
DanaGWhat issue?09:02
_Assid_err. keyboard/x/compiz?09:03
_Assid_i want my glx :|09:03
DanaGoh, I figured out what was causing my key stickage: using evdev for keyboard.09:04
_Assid_found another issue09:04
DanaGApparently, the new evdev sucks -- you can't configure it through xorg.conf anymore!09:04
Daisuke_IdoDanaG: nvidis-glx-new is still a binary driver, it's still the same version that's been available, nvidia hasn't released a new one09:04
_Assid_2d is apparently slower in linux as compared to windows09:04
_Assid_i tried to watch a huge flash file (standard def)09:04
heret1csudo apt-please-fix-my-system-now-or-I-go-bananas09:05
_Assid_and i could see a few places where the frames/refresh was noticable09:05
Daisuke_Idothe only thing that would have been changed is the kernel module which...  well that has to be recompiled09:05
_Assid_heret1c: pay apt $1400 it might do it09:05
_Assid_so anyways..09:05
_Assid_i saw some places where the refresh lines are more noticable than it was on windows09:05
fferyeah I miss glx also, makes you appreciate it more =)09:06
heret1cassid> right - I'll wait a dew days, and I can have the 1400 for a single NOK. 8-)09:06
_Assid_if you really wanna do testing..  you dont break things that works09:06
heret1clocal currency.09:06
heret1c O09:07
Daisuke_Idoheret1c: was that a gentle stab at the swiftly tanking dollar?09:07
_Assid_refresh rates of moving windows around is sucky09:07
DanaGWell, I'm thinking perhaps the new nvidia-glx-new is something I shouldn't install until I know it doesn't break anything.  It's only an ABI bump, though.09:08
heret1cstange thing is, most things works.09:08
Daisuke_IdoDanaG: it isn't new, it's the same driver09:08
Daisuke_Idoif it didn't break anything before...09:08
DanaGAnyway, I really must be going to bed now.09:09
fferjust try it and get it over with =)09:09
_Assid_does glx affect 2d ?09:09
DanaGBut it still bugs me that some things, such as hplip, NEVER EVER show changelogs in update-manager.  Never.09:09
_Assid_moving windows is slightly sluggish compared to what it "SHOULD": be09:10
_Assid_i dotn remember how it was09:10
DanaGBed.  Bye.09:10
* _Assid_ goes back to fix his pg db09:10
=== _Assid_ is now known as Assid
sveridoes somebody use kmail with the bogofilter?09:12
ubotuA large amount of the first questions asked in this channel start with "Does anyone/anybody..."  Why not ask your next question (the real one) and find out?09:13
sveridoes somebdoy use kmail with bogofilter and experience bogofilter not filtering?09:14
heret1c"You might want to run `apt-get -f install' to correct these." - evil, evil.09:16
RAOFAssid: GLX won't affect 2d, except that you won't have compiz being a compositing manager and so the 2d engine will need to work harder.09:16
sveriheret1c: do you mean me?09:16
fferjust uses more cpu and uses your computer memory, right?09:17
RAOFffer: Are you responding to "no composite => slower window movement"?09:18
RAOFWell, basically it means that your system needs to draw a lot more.  Just moving windows around with a composite manager doesn't involve any applications redrawing at all.09:20
Assidwell.. it definitely seems slower09:20
heret1csveri> nope. it's an apt suggestion.09:20
Assidthey really shouldnt break stuff that works09:20
Assideither enhance it or fix stuff thats broken09:20
RAOFIt was accidental.  That's why there's the big "don't use Hardy if you can't handle breakage" sign is up.09:20
Assidthat way ATLEAST we can get to higher quality builds faster09:20
AssidRAOF: yeah true09:21
fferyes, they don't mean to break it =)09:21
Assidwho knows09:21
Assidsome people get sadistic pleasure and kicks watching people go WTF?!09:21
Assidor probably the guy went.. hrmm so lets see how people will respond to this....09:21
Assidand then go ... just kidding ....09:22
fferjust seeing if you were awake09:22
Assidtrust me i notice if shit breaks09:22
ffer... hate that when teachers do that when you correct their major mistakes =)09:22
* heret1c looks up09:22
Assidthe sharing folders is broken09:22
Assidthe gui atleast09:22
Assidit doesnt save back tot he smb.conf09:22
Assidtry and make a new change.. and save it09:22
heret1cOld saying goes, "When the pupil is ready, the teacher appears".09:23
Assidmight hrmm09:24
hyper___chany astrophysicician online?09:24
Assidrandomly stops working.. and works09:24
heret1cIn hindsight (yeah, very useful...) I should have deinstalled all but the most crucial bits. Having 4 GUIs installed is asking for it.09:25
heret1chyper___ch> only as an interest/hobby. did u know, space is electric?09:26
hyper___chno didn't :)09:26
hyper___chI just wonder why earth core isn't cooling down... is it because the earth revolves around the sound and the gravitational forces keep it in motion with of course produces heat?09:26
heret1cyoutube: thunderbolts of the gods09:27
fferwell I got minor problems like my numlock doesn't turn on anymore, numlock on is enabled in the bios09:27
hyper___chffer: sudo apt-get install numlockx09:28
fferit worked before, hyper___ch: thank you !09:28
hyper___chanyone knows french here?09:29
hyper___chif so:   http://www.parissaveparis.fr/09:29
fferNumLockX turns on NumLock after starting X, handy =)09:29
Assidcan someone config this : https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/gnome-system-tools/+bug/19257909:31
ubotuLaunchpad bug 192579 in gnome-system-tools "shares-admin sometimes doesnt synch with smb.conf" [Undecided,New]09:31
hyper___chAssid: no09:31
hyper___chAssid: no, not using gnome09:32
Assiderr.. try it in kde's sharing tool ?09:33
hyper___chI don't use sharing tools09:33
hyper___chconfiguring samba manually09:34
Assidokay well other poeople besides you then09:34
Assiderr.. anyone synch'd their nokia phones09:35
Assidvia usb cable09:35
heret1cassud> not after upgrading to hardy.09:36
* heret1c tries09:36
heret1c(have a 6070)09:36
Assidi got an E6109:36
Assidhow do you sync it?09:38
heret1c...assuming I locate the cable.09:39
Assidhrmm never tried gnokii09:41
Assidhows it compare to nokia's pc suite?09:41
heret1ccan't dl pix.09:43
Assiderr why not ?09:44
Assiddoesnt it mount the phone?09:44
heret1cit works.09:44
heret1cslow, 'tho.09:45
Assidxgnokii hangs :(09:45
* Assid tries bluetooth09:45
heret1c /dev/ttyUSB009:46
Assidyeah but how do you get xgnokii to work09:47
Assidit just tries to connect and sits there09:47
fferI never got my nokia to work, well was able to copy my photos, used nokia's suit to copy my contacts in windows, got a motorola phone now, didn't mess with it yet =)09:48
heret1cassid> xgnokii works here.09:48
Assidneeds to run through sudo ?09:48
AssidCouldn't read /home/assid/.gnokiirc config file.09:49
Assidi dont have that file09:49
heret1csudo not necessary.09:49
heret1cVery sad, none of the linux mobile-connect sw seems to be able to fetch pix from the phones' cam.09:52
ethana3not in real time09:53
heret1cbetter linux/mobile connectivity ought to be a VERY high priority for the platform as a whole.09:53
ethana3other software can?  feature request09:53
ethana3andriod, qtopia, and openmoko will do that09:53
ethana3transparency breeds innovation09:54
ethana3...reverse engineering takes too long09:54
Assidheret1c: pastebin your .gnokiirc file09:55
heret1cassid> http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/56334/09:57
heret1cIt's rather sparse.09:58
heret1c"They fight by shuffling papers..."10:02
ph8hey all, how's heron doing? Are we past beta 3 yet?10:09
heret1calpha 4.10:09
hyper___chruns fine10:09
ph8my evolution's messed up, and i'd like some of the other packages10:10
ph8fancied a change10:10
ph8might do it on my laptop first :)10:10
heret1cget thunderbird?10:11
ph8i would use it if i could, i need something that works with exchange (http)10:11
ph8tis what the university gives us without optionj10:11
Assidevery time i try to change any settings in manual configuration for networking.. it goes off saying i dont have permissions10:13
Assidatleast ask me if i want to authenticate tyen10:13
Assidi cant get my gprs modem to work  :(10:15
Assidi clicked unlock10:17
Assidso why do i need to sudo10:17
AssidThe configuration could not be saved   You are not allowed to modify the system configuration10:18
heret1csounds as there is an ownership/write-permission issue on the file.10:19
Assidsudo network-admin i cant modify anything10:19
Assidi need to start "recordmydesktop" for 1/2 of the crap i do10:19
loahey=) i make sound after hibernate XD10:22
loaNow i didn't disapear after hibernate!10:23
RaspberryI just installed Hardy Alpha 410:24
Raspberryand I was going to add a few lines to my xorg.conf -- and I notice it's basically empty10:25
loaBe carefull10:25
RaspberryI went to the Screen / Monitors thing in Gnome and that's blank too :P10:25
Raspberryso where should I be putting things10:25
loaThat's right10:25
loaAll goes automaticly10:25
RaspberryI was reading about 7.210:26
Raspberryit'd be nice if they'd backport the MESA libraries to 7.1010:26
Raspberrythen I wouldn't have had to upgrade10:26
Raspberry3d / opengl is all screwed up in 7.1010:26
ant30why firefox2 has been removed from hardy ?10:27
Raspberrybecause FireFox 3 is going to be released by the time Hardy comes out10:27
ant30yes, but ¿it can't coexist?10:28
ant30two version at the same time '10:28
Raspberryactually they can coexist10:29
Raspberrybut if you're asking how to do it ... then you shouldn't do it :)10:29
Raspberry3 is much better than 2 anyway10:29
Raspberrythe number is bigger10:30
ant30yes, I have to compile10:30
Raspberrywhy do you have to compile things?10:30
ant30well, there are a only problem with firefox310:30
ant30I haven't got firefox2 on my repositories listing10:31
Raspberrymost plugins have be updated10:31
Raspberryyou can edit the plugin to work with firefox 3 if you want10:31
Raspberrymost of them work fine with 310:31
ant30umm, great idea10:31
Raspberryjust open the xpi file ... edit the js file and change the maximum version to 410:32
ant30yes yes10:32
Raspberrythat's what I do :p10:32
ant30I did it on 1.5 to 210:32
Raspberryok now back to important things :P my question10:33
Raspberryso it's ok to modify my xorg.conf10:33
Raspberryor is there somewhere I should be tweaking the X config for my video card10:33
RaspberryI have one of the new X3100 off Intel's Mobile 965GM Chipset10:33
loayes ues xorg config10:33
loai have this card too)10:34
loaI see that it is clear xorg config... add section about touchpad and X goes down XD10:35
socwill OO.o 2.4 get into 8.04?10:37
socor will the 2.3.1 version stay?10:37
loaHelp me please, i haven't any update about 24 hours or more(10:41
Raspberry24 isn't out is it10:41
loaWhat can hapen(10:41
DarkMageZloa, i haven't had any updates in the last 24 hours either.10:41
ethana3i don't think i have either10:41
lemonadeit's not unusual10:42
loaI think there are upgrades10:42
loaBut apt didn't see them10:42
ethana3maybe they're fixing oo-hyphenation, Screens and Graphics and network:///10:42
RaspberryI fixed oo-hyphenation10:42
ethana3yes, but manually10:42
loadpkg helps us)10:42
ethana3kinda funny really10:43
ethana3'I have to install it myself, how laborious'10:43
ethana3remember windows?  ha10:43
ethana3i've grown lazy10:43
ethana3even mac users have to go online or get disks for software installation :)10:43
Raspberryso what's the status of KDE4 in 8.0410:43
Raspberrydon't bother?10:44
DarkMageZRaspberry, depends on how much crack you can handle10:44
DarkMageZyou need to be really out of it to call kde4 a release10:44
ethana3i just submitted a tub full of feature requests for kmines ^_^10:44
DarkMageZeven vista beta 2 was better than kde410:45
ethana3if they listen to half of them, it will become the best mines game on earth10:45
ethana3whoa, ok, that's heresy10:45
fferwhat was it... kde4 needs to get out so people see the bugs and fix them =)10:45
RaspberryI've used KDE410:45
ethana3Vista uses 7 times as much RAM10:45
Raspberryand it needs lots of work10:45
RaspberryI have vista on this box10:45
Raspberry1.5gb of ram just to boot the darn thing10:46
fferand... 4.1 will be about on par with 3.x10:46
fferand almost all the major problems fixed10:46
ethana3when plasmoids start showing up in web pages..10:46
DarkMageZhopefully 4.1 will be something worth looking at...10:46
ethana3it will rock10:46
RaspberryI like it so far10:46
Raspberryit's just like a woman10:46
Raspberrytotally unpredictible10:46
fferit's good though10:46
Raspberrylooks nice though10:47
DarkMageZRaspberry, we will have none of that kind of talk in here10:47
ethana3yeah, if you're not a dev10:47
ethana3hands of10:47
RaspberryI am a woman10:47
ethana3wait, what?10:47
fferit was good for them to do that though, get a new base, a lot of work but it pays off hopefully10:47
* ethana3 remembers an xkcd strip with an EMP cannon10:48
Raspberryyeah I'm excited for KDE410:48
Assidokay i cant get my stupid gprs to connect as a modem10:48
* Assid *sighs*10:48
hyper___chOne Xfce to rule all Desktops ;)10:48
RaspberryAssid: bluetooth or usb?10:48
Assidatm.. usb10:48
Assidbluetooth doesnt do serial yet in hardy10:48
Assidrecordmydestkop is hung10:49
hyper___chbtw, anyone got vmware or vbox running?10:49
ethana3i think the competition with our wm's are awesome; compiz for the initial windows/mac butt kicking10:49
ethana3and revamped everything else to follow it up with stability10:49
hyper___chcompiz is overrated10:50
hyper___chas is eyecandy in general10:50
ethana3it sells10:50
ethana3and if a little glamour can prevent a few dollars from going to microsoft, so be it, good deal10:50
h3sp4wn_So would naked or half naked women on the wallpapaer10:51
ethana3not with me10:51
fferit does sell, it's worth it, just need to add more things that make it useful =)10:51
hyper___chif people select an OS because of glamour than they don't deserve better than windows10:51
ethana3you mean mac?10:51
xnitexi'm still going with teh b00bs myself.10:52
Assidrecordmydesktop crashes10:52
ethana3i must admit i chose ubuntu studio over ubuntu because of the black them10:52
* heret1c afk's10:52
xnitex430 updates from 6.1010:52
hyper___chI use whatever theme comes with it10:53
xnitexmodification = sex10:53
ethana3..aaand that's why i jumped away from windows10:54
h3sp4wn_Its best for my eyes to have light text on black background10:54
ethana3absolutely, h3sp4wn10:54
h3sp4wn_Most of the default themes are crap in that respect10:54
ethana3everyone is different; ubuntu should come with 3 or 4 solid themes10:54
ethana3I've sent gnome-look a suggestion:10:55
h3sp4wn_ls -la10:55
ethana3create a set of guidelines and standards for themes to be approved as part of a Featured Theme pack10:55
ethana3there's no shortage of themes; there's a shortage of good, complete, polished themes10:55
h3sp4wn_That will always be the case though as the final touches takes so much longer than all the rest to do10:57
ethana3i love how updates encompass everything10:58
ethana3the best solution is a theme that can work with various colors11:00
ethana3if i could swap out orange in human with purple, I'd do it; or green or blue.. or black..11:00
ethana3and I'd probably be happy11:01
ethana3but 'the current controls theme does not support....11:01
fferthey need the standard default one, then the 2 cool crazy ones that are hard to pick from11:02
loaI think that will be cool fuction in apt if there be warning, if updating of packet can be dangerous11:03
Raspberrylooks like Wine is broken11:04
Raspberryapt used to do that11:04
Raspberryit used to say there are X number of bugs outstanding with this package11:04
Raspberryat least it does in debian11:04
Raspberryand it shows you the bugs w/bug numbers11:04
h3sp4wn_loa: Debian has apt-list-changes and apt-list-bigs11:04
Raspberrywhen you're installing11:05
Assidrecordmydesktop: ../../src/xcb_io.c:285: _XAllocID: Assertion `!(dpy->flags & (1L << 3))' failed.11:05
AssidAborted (core dumped)11:05
Assidrecordmydesktop seems bummered11:05
AmaranthRaspberry: Except that's worthless11:06
AmaranthRaspberry: compiz has about 400 bugs filed against it right now and it works just fine here11:06
Assidati drivers?11:07
AmaranthI think update-manager has over 60011:07
Assidi dont think we cna havea  bug free release11:08
Assidtoo many bugs11:08
Assid+ our update schedule is more like all or nothing scenario11:10
Assidfor a single update.. we gotta wait for more than justa  few packages in the repositories11:10
Raspberrythey need a better way to integrate launchpad into the desktop11:10
Raspberryso people can see that the problems are known issues11:10
ethana3I'd not mind a debug release11:12
ethana3this is alpha; spy on me all you want11:13
ethana3if i need privacy, i can use something stable11:13
Raspberryor alpha is opt out11:13
fferyour always going to have bugs11:13
ethana3that'd work grand11:13
ethana3yes, but to not report one?11:13
ethana3for shame11:14
fferyou can't let bugs stop progress =)11:14
ethana3this is why we have standard interfaces11:14
ethana3posix, .odt, X11, dbus...11:14
ethana3better kernel?  ok.11:14
ethana3better window manager?  fine11:15
fferit'll be like, ubuntu has all these bugs, then you go, wow I don't want to install that11:15
ethana3oh, that idea11:15
ethana3i was a tad confused ^_^11:15
evacchihi guys11:18
evacchii'm currently trying 2.6.24-8 to see if i can make wireless work11:19
evacchii'm experiencing a fatal hang11:19
evacchiwhat does the blinking caps lock means?11:19
evacchii can't find any clue on my syslogs11:19
evacchiso i don't know how to report :(11:19
evacchilast working kernel for me is 2.6.24-411:20
evacchii forgot to tell i'm on gutsy but using hardy kernel, the driver is rt61pci11:21
nikolamI wanted to compile newer wine.11:28
nikolamBut sudo apt-get build-dep wine wanted to remove bunch of packages, I want to remain: http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/56340/11:28
nikolami dont want to uninstall k9copy, monodevelop, ffmpeg, qdvdauthor, mplayer , etc.. in order to compile wine...11:28
ethana3nikolam: compile wine?11:29
loa<nikolam> hmmm11:29
ethana3compiling is usually for non x86 arch11:29
ethana3and with WINE...  lol11:29
loayou need get new wine from official site11:29
ethana3are the packages not good enough for some reason?11:29
nikolami get it from hardy repo and want to make package for current 7.1011:30
ethana3i use the winehq apt sometimes11:30
loacompile it and use checkinstall11:30
ethana3wait, yeah use the winehq apt11:30
ethana3that's what it's there for11:30
nikolamaaah ok11:30
ethana3very handy ^_^11:30
evacchimy bug seems to be known upstream11:30
loawhy apt tries The following packages will be REMOVED:11:31
loathere are no broken dependencies on them?11:32
nikolamI wanted to avoid adding additional repos to sources.list, by compiling only packages versions and deps that are already in hardy and mantain 7.10 install.11:32
nikolamOk, I will add winehq repo11:32
nikolamis it http://wine.budgetdedicated.com/apt ?11:33
nikolamand gutsy as distribution11:33
ethana3i think so11:34
Raspberryyou having the segfault with wine in hardy too?11:34
nikolamnope, i run gutsy. i have 0.9.54 and i see 0.9.55 is newest11:34
nikolammaybe i should stick to 0.9.5411:35
ethana3wine releases biweekly11:35
ethana3no stable/unstable stuff11:35
nikolamOh, I see, I already have winehq repo..11:35
Assidnikolam: if you need it then yes11:35
Assidthats what i did11:35
nikolamI dont neet to downgrade, i have gutsy and winehq repo. It gives .5411:36
ethana3if you have the repo, be content11:36
nikolamok, it seems that i don`t need upgrade :)11:36
ethana3it will have you up to date to within 48 hours11:36
nikolamAt least, not manual one. Ok, thanks :)11:37
nikolamThanks ethana3 :)11:37
ethana3nikolam: no problem11:37
Assiderr.. who ever manages the mirrors11:52
Assidsign me up for the pre-release mirrors11:52
Assidfor those impatient asses who want their iso's NOW11:52
Assidi gotta clear this . but should be able to give 200-300gb of transfer :P11:53
seeitcomingHi everyone, I have a question about epiphany --- is it "meant" to be broken with firefox 3? Or is it just me?12:48
loa<seeitcoming> firefox 3 has another api12:55
loadowngrade to firefox 212:55
* theholyduck is likingk hardy12:55
seeitcomingloa: I tried, but I can't seem to purge it properly. Is it xulrunner-1.9 I need to downgrade?12:55
loahm) i don't now nothing about xulranner12:57
loapurge him and install firefox 212:57
jussi01Anything in hardy updates that I should be avoiding today?13:02
LimCoreI noticed that there is an embarrassing bug from 2005 year13:03
LimCorenot fixed till today, in 2008..13:03
LimCorecan we at least auto-apply that work around?13:04
LimCorebugs is https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/gnupg/+bug/1548513:04
ubotuLaunchpad bug 15485 in gnupg "kmail don't ask the phrase for gpg-encrypted mails" [Medium,Fix released]13:04
seeitcomingLimCore: It's fixed13:05
LimCoreseeitcoming: in hardy only?13:05
ubotuLaunchpad bug 15485 in gnupg "kmail don't ask the phrase for gpg-encrypted mails" [Medium,Fix released]13:05
LimCoreso, how to have it fixed on my box? amd64 7.1013:06
seeitcoming2 versions ago. Are you sure you're fully-updated? And that you see the same bug?13:06
LimCoreseeitcoming: watch the video there13:06
seeitcominghave you followed the advice in comment #24?13:06
LimCoreI recorded the bug on: http://limcore.com/learn/openpgp/v2_q3.ogg13:06
seeitcoming"The config change to use-agent by default will not get installed if you already have a ~/.gnupg directory. You will have to make the change by hand for an existing user that has used gnupg before. With the recent changes in kmail dependencies in Gutsy and this (and bug #76983) fixed, gpg should just work for new installs and new users."13:06
ubotuLaunchpad bug 76983 in gnupg "Doesn't create settings correctly on first start" [Medium,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/7698313:06
seeitcomingLimCore: Happy?13:08
setuidHow can I tell which xserver-xorg-video-XX I'm using? I'd like to uninstall/purge the ones I'm not.13:08
LimCoreseeitcoming: would be nicer to have it just-working13:09
seeitcomingsetuid: What's the "driver" in your xorg.conf?13:10
setuid        Driver      "fglrx"13:10
setuidor radeon, I switch depending on my needs13:10
seeitcomingLimCore: Apparently it is for new users. Modifying pure-userspace config files is not something they can really do in a upgrade13:10
seeitcomingsetuid: Then all except -ati, I think13:10
setuidseeitcoming, So I can dump even the -vesa, -fbdev and so on?13:11
setuidI guess I'll leave those... might need to fall back on them at some point13:11
seeitcomingsetuid: I wouldn't dump -vesa, because that's a backup for when ati breaks13:11
seeitcomingwell, clear who's a better typist here :P13:11
setuidSame with synaptics, mouse and vmmouse too, I suppose13:11
LimCoreseeitcoming: the user that have tis problem was created today13:12
seeitcomingLimCore: And the config fix wasn't applied?13:12
seeitcomingsetuid: Probably, but out of interest why would you remove them?13:12
LimCoreseeitcoming: no. as I said I would like it to just work for new users13:12
LimCorewhen it would just work for new users?13:13
seeitcomingLimCore: My understanding is that it should13:14
LimCoreseeitcoming: but it doesnt... did you watched the recording of the bug eprhaps13:16
seeitcomingLimCore: perhaps you need to reinstall the updated package after adding a new user. Or something. I'm not sure how the conditional fix works13:16
seeitcomingloa: I've downgraded firefox and firefox-gnome-support to their gutsy versions, but epiphany still uses firefox 3 from somewhere13:17
setuidseeitcoming_, Just purging all of the stuff I don't run/don't need on the system13:32
setuidsort of like carrying 200 pounds of cement bricks in your car... for no reason.13:32
seeitcoming_setuid: Fair enough. I usually only bother with large packages (kernels) though13:33
setuidI never run distro kernels13:33
seeitcoming_and the late docs. Dear jesus they're huge13:33
setuidlatex docs and kde4 docs, yep.13:34
seeitcoming_what're the kde4 docs like?13:35
setuidLast I recall, they were like 700M in size13:36
seeitcoming_Wow. That's... err... handy13:38
loadamn( I haven't any update about 2 days13:46
loawhat is it?13:46
loaapt bug?13:46
setuidloa, It's called "development"13:46
loaBefore last update i have about 100mb updates13:47
desowincan someone tell me where can I find sqlite qt4 driver? libqt4-sql 4.3.3-0ubuntu2 doesn't provide it, while libqt4-sql 4.3.3-0ubuntu1 had it included, how is it supposed to work now?13:49
setuidseeitcoming_, What's the best way to move from SysV init to upstart?13:51
seeitcoming_setuid: I think there's a guide on the ubuntu wiki. There's a compatability package iirc13:52
setuidI have that installed as well... I'd like to be sure upstart is the default, make sure it works, then drop the compat package13:52
james_wsetuid: you can't currently drop the compat package, as there aren't enough native upstart init scripts written yet.13:54
MikeDKhi everyone, i'm having trouble with this package openoffice.org-hyphenation-en-us, and cant get it installed, running hardy13:54
setuidI haven't noticed a difference in startup speed at all, so they're likely not running in parallel13:54
setuidMikeDK, Right, it's broken.13:54
seeitcoming_setuid: Upstart doesn't change start-up speed13:55
MikeDKooh okay, thanks13:55
seeitcoming_setuid: Its purpose is to provide a mechanism for more intelligent start-up, and as MikeDK said, not all programs yet provide this improved method13:55
james_wdesowin: http://changelogs.ubuntu.com/changelogs/pool/main/q/qt4-x11/qt4-x11_4.3.3-0ubuntu3/changelog <-- anything there seem like it may have broken it?13:55
setuidseeitcoming_, It's supposed to improve speed-to-X... by launching/delaying init scripts in parallel13:55
seeitcoming_setuid: There's a grub option for that, but afaik upstart has a grander (and as-yet-largely-unfulfilled) purpose13:56
seeitcoming_MikeDK: What problem are you having?13:56
MikeDKseeitcoming_,  only tris package, thats annoying me openoffice.org-hyphenation-en-us13:57
MikeDKuup this13:57
seeitcoming_MikeDK: Do you get an error on installing it?13:58
setuidWhat's the vga= line for 1600x1200 @64k or 16M? I can't find a table anywhere, they all stop short at 1280x102413:58
seeitcoming_setuid: http://www.linuxquestions.org/linux/blog/archtoad6/2007-12-29/VGA_Resolution_Codes_for_GRUB_Lilo13:59
MikeDKE: Sub-process /usr/bin/dpkg returned an error code (1)13:59
seeitcoming_MikeDK: it looks like openoffice.org-hyphenation-en-us is obsoleted by openoffice.org-hyphenation13:59
MikeDKyar i see that14:00
seeitcoming_are you missing hypenation in OOO with openoffice.org-hyphenation installed?14:00
seeitcoming_if not, why do you need openoffice.org-hyphenation-en-us? :)14:00
setuidseeitcoming_, ah, there you go14:00
MikeDKdont know, im running on a update-manager -d hardy14:01
seeitcoming_MikeDK: why not just remove openoffice.org-hyphenation-en-us then?14:02
MikeDKyes thought of that too14:02
ubotuLaunchpad bug 15485 in gnupg "kmail don't ask the phrase for gpg-encrypted mails" [Medium,Fix released]14:04
LimCorethis bug still occures for me.  should this bug be now fiexed in Ubuntu 7.10 amd64 ?  (or only hardy) ?14:04
desowinjames_w: oh, it's already reported as #17808414:04
seeitcoming_MikeDK: So what's wrong with that? Just removing the package?14:05
setuidWell, "splashy" doesn't work14:05
seeitcoming_setuid: Oh dear.14:05
MikeDKyes maybe it'll work14:05
james_wLimCore: it should be fixed in gutsy, did you make the necessary changes to your config?14:06
ubotumotu is short for Masters of the Universe. The brave souls who maintain the packages in the Universe section of Ubuntu. See  http://wiki.ubuntu.com/MOTU14:07
shirishdoes anybody know which channel the motu are there, I want to talk with them.14:08
LimCorejames_w: no14:08
LimCorejames_w: but I created a new user, and I hoped it would work for the new user without by hand applying config changes14:08
MikeDKcant remove it, seeitcoming_ it depends on language-support-writing-en14:09
james_wshirish: #ubuntu-motu14:09
seeitcoming_MikeDK: that package doesn't seem to exist in my repos14:09
MikeDKbut as i see it its language-support-writing-en thats broken14:09
james_wLimCore: then I don't know what the problem is, sorry.14:10
LimCorejames_w: should I reopne this bug or report a new one?14:10
james_wLimCore: either, if you are sure it is the same issue then reopen it.14:11
LimCorejames_w: I'm attaching a small video presenting the bug perhaps someone could take a look14:13
setuidupdate-grub is also broken in Hardy14:24
setuidIt completely ignores defoptions14:25
setuidAnd adds kernels that don't exist in /boot/ to the config14:25
h3sp4wn_Its not that hard to even write a menu.lst manually if necessary anyway14:27
seeitcoming_setuid: Update-grub is working fine for me14:27
seeitcoming_Though I use grub2...14:27
MikeDKim off, have a good day guys14:29
setuidI've verified it several times. If I add an option to defoptions and run update-grub, it doesn't append those options to the kernel lines below, and it also adds stanzas for kernels which don't exist on the system at all14:29
MikeDKand thanks for info14:29
setuidI'm going to test this, I had to hand-hack the kernel lines in14:29
seeitcoming_MikeDK: bye14:29
LimCoretoday I found 4 bugs in ubuntu14:30
LimCoreIm way over my quota of "I can daily find importnat bug in ubuntu"14:30
ph8hey all! I've just installed the latest image from scratch and grub failed to install - is this a known problem? I'm in a shell on the HDD using the rescue option at the moment and grub-install doesn't exist, i'm about to try and find hte package that provides it and USB stick it across - unless anyone has a better idea?14:31
LimCorehow about creating some QA teams or something?14:31
seeitcoming_LimCore: If you're using a development release, you are the QA team14:32
seeitcoming_LimCore: And you have experienced these bugs, at least one of which has already been reported14:32
seeitcoming_adding 'me too' comments to bugs doesn't help. Why not try and provide some useful info the the devs, or, better yet, chase the app up-stream. Ubuntu devs aren't really expected to modify software directly14:33
seeitcoming_Finally, if it bothers you *that* much, patch it. That's the point of OSS, after all14:33
setuidYep, and it seems the latest grub/initramfs/etc. doesn't like vga=798, claims it is an invalid mode 31e14:33
LimCoreseeitcoming_: I provided recording of the bug :)14:33
setuidI'll give grub2 a try. I just removed the kernel lines from menu.lst, re-ran update-grub, and nothing at all was added or changed in that file.14:34
seeitcoming_LimCore: Ok, sure, so they know it happens. But what about looking at the conf file that the fix is meant to change and seeing if the fix was applied?14:35
LimCoregpg-agent something was uncommented14:35
seeitcoming_setuid: That is freaky-weird. Maye you already have grub-pc installed?14:35
LimCorenow trying the blog work around14:35
h3sp4wn_setuid: Just use lilo14:36
setuidseeitcoming_, No, never have... and grub/update-grub were working great before moving to Hardy14:36
setuidh3sp4wn_, Nope. Can't use lilo.14:36
h3sp4wn_Nothing to go wrong with that14:36
h3sp4wn_why not ?14:36
setuidBecause I can't.14:36
seeitcoming_setuid: Then definitely freaky. Maybe the devs are all focussed on -2 so they're ignoring 214:37
setuidseeitcoming_, Possibly. Looks like the chainloading worked, going to reboot and try grub2 now.14:37
h3sp4wn_Well it loads the kernel thats all that needs to happen14:37
setuidh3sp4wn_, Nope, that's not all a bootloader does.14:37
h3sp4wn_Its all a bootloader has to be able to do14:38
* seeitcoming_ is off. See you later!14:39
setuidseeitcoming_, Are you chainloading grub2? Or just booting into it directly?14:40
seeitcoming_setuid: Directly14:41
seeitcoming_Chainloading worked fine so I decided to cut out the middleman14:41
setuidseeitcoming_, What is the upgrade method to do that? It seems the grub2 package doesn't give that as an option.14:41
seeitcoming_the instructions are in the output of dpkg-reconfigure grub-pc14:41
seeitcoming_sudo grub-install "(hd0)" && sudo update-grub14:41
setuidIn my case, that still left it chainloaded14:42
seeitcoming_anyway, I'm off for a run. Good luck, and I'll be on later14:42
setuidSure, and thanks.14:43
setuidI wish I could get some sort of boot splash working for this demo14:43
setuidNone of the splash apps are working or ready for prime time though14:44
h3sp4wn_people have been using bootsplash for ages (suse etc)14:44
setuidDoesn't work on a 1600x1200 resolution14:45
setuidgrub2's update-grub also doesn't append defoptions params to the kernel lines14:45
LimCorecan I request to add one small patch to kernel? (incraese entropy pool, its nice to have it bigger)14:46
setuidLimCore, Submit it to the kernel package maintainer14:46
setuidkopt= and defoptions= is ignored in menu.lst with grub214:49
seeitcoming_setuid: gru2 doesn't use menu.lst14:52
seeitcoming_ist uses grub.cfg14:52
h3sp4wn_LimCore: presumably it adds overhead14:52
setuidseeitcoming_, I noticed that, and there's no option in there to pass kernel options to the config for update-grub to append to kernels14:52
setuidZero backward compatibility14:52
seeitcoming_setuid: Yup14:53
seeitcoming_try /etc/defaults/grub14:53
setuidMy kernels need:14:53
setuidpanic=90 vga=798 pci=routeirq,noacpi noapic noinotify nmi_watchdog=1 acpi_sleep=s3_bios maxcpus=1 usbcore.autosuspend=1 quiet splashy splash14:53
seeitcoming_cat /etc/default/grub14:53
seeitcoming_# This file is sourced by update-grub, and its variables are propagated14:53
seeitcoming_# to its childs in /etc/grub.d/14:53
seeitcoming_GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX="vga=792 splash"14:53
seeitcoming_(sorry for the spam)14:53
setuidGRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX=" ... " is not there, so I don't know how I'd know to append that.14:53
seeitcoming_they changed the whole mechanism of everything14:53
setuidThere should be a readme14:53
h3sp4wn_That looks like a seriously screwed bios14:53
setuidh3sp4wn_, Nope14:54
seeitcoming_sudo nano /etc/default/grub14:54
seeitcoming_just... add it14:54
h3sp4wn_pci=routeirq,noacpi noapic all of that reduces performance14:54
setuidh3sp4wn_, Not on Thinkpads and my AMD64 machines, it dramatically increases performance...14:55
setuid_dramatically_ increases performance14:55
seeitcoming_setuid: Seriously, just edit the file14:55
setuidseeitcoming_, I did, added it already14:55
seeitcoming_setuid: cool :D14:55
seeitcoming_though you're right, it's not exactly discoverable14:55
h3sp4wn_Is it not in the README.Debian14:56
seeitcoming_h3sp4wn_: there is none14:57
setuidWell, it boots...15:00
setuidStill doesn't like anything higher than 80x60 resolution at boot time, and splash/splashy both fail15:00
setuidblech, the edit mode of grub2 is horrible compared to the previous grub15:09
seeitcoming_setuid: not really imo. The file you edit isn't full of bizarre double-comments and so on15:10
setuidseeitcoming_, No no, I mean when you hit 'e' at grub's boot menu to modify the kernel lines before booting them15:10
setuidit's all emacs-like now15:10
setuidand free-form, very sloppy15:11
seeitcoming_setuid: oh yeah. not cool, but it's my humble opinion that people that design the boot process are on crack anyway15:11
setuidSome are15:11
protonchrisIs anyone in here seeing issues with openoffice.org-hyphenation-en-us today?15:12
setuidprotonchris, Yes, it's broken15:12
setuidprotonchris, dpkg -P it15:12
protonchrissetuid: thanks.15:12
=== Kalpik is now known as kalpik
setuidThe hell with it... usplash, bootsplash and splashy all fail15:22
seeitcoming_setuid: usplash works fine for me...15:23
seeitcoming_why do you need it at such an obscene resolution?15:23
setuidNope, it refuses any mode I throw at it, from 798 to 500... and when I choose "mode 6", the screen goes black for about 30 seconds, while it continues to boot... then I see a quick init output in 1600x1200 resolution (as expected), then gdm loads.15:23
nemoIs there by any chance an nvidia package for hardy a4 yet?15:42
nemoI'd like to avoid manual install, and without that BLOB I can't play Spring on my machine15:42
nemo.. I mean, not that a manual install is that painful, just that I don't like cluttering up system with such things15:43
nemothe new nvidia installer is annoying15:53
nemoshut down X indeed15:53
nemothat could explain the lack of a package15:53
nemooh well15:53
seeitcoming_setuid: what if you don't throw any mode at it?16:05
theholyduck_in ubuntu, root logins are disabled right?16:06
theholyduck_is there a reason why your themes and gnome setups arent softlinked into your /root/ directory?16:07
theholyduck_so that you are using the same theme in both synaptic16:07
theholyduck_and on the desktop?16:07
WelshDragonHey, has anyone had a problem with firefox3 b3 not displaying?16:13
setuidseeitcoming_, Setting no mode just goes into the default 80x25 mode, blacks out, then loads gdm16:14
WelshDragonEverything i try to launch it, it appears in the panel "Starting firefox" but then just dissappears, any idea why?16:21
WelshDragonI've tried a complete removal and reinstall16:21
WelshDragonno one?16:27
JanCWelshDragon: tried Firefox's safe mode?16:28
JanCor (temporarily) removing/renaming the firefox profile16:28
WelshDragonI've tried safemode16:29
WelshDragonHow would i remove the profile?16:29
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=== never|mobi is now known as neversfelde|mobi
lufisAnyone used kde4 on hardy16:41
hydrogennot a soul16:41
jpatricklufis: no much demand for it16:42
Assidi did16:43
Assidnice.. very fast16:43
lufisWas wanting to ask someone who had tried it how it was. i.e., slow, buggy16:43
Assidbut then i do have a quad core16:43
Assidhas quite a bit of bugs tho.. and i do mean quite a bit16:44
Assidshows promise if they can iron everything out16:44
lufisUsable, though?16:44
Assidwell.. i only have the base installation as such16:45
Assidi tried kopete - kde4 .. and that crashed on me16:45
Assidthe fonts.. and window manager in general.. brilliant16:45
Assidpdf files load super fast from within konqueror16:45
Assidfaster than nautilis did16:45
lufisyeah, i don't like nautilus much16:45
Assidshows good promise.. i might port there16:46
Assidbut last time i ran kubuntu.. support for gnome apps made it slower16:46
Assidand when you have a few gigs of email. You really cant afford things going slow16:46
lufisdid 4.1 improve anything?16:47
Assidno clue16:47
lufisi tried a pre-release and it was godawful :p16:47
lufisi'm sure it's gotten better since16:47
Assid4.1 ?16:48
Assidi didnt even know 4.0 was "complete"16:48
lufis4.0 was released in january i think16:48
lufisand then 4.1 was either released or is about to be released16:49
Assidas far as the version released to hardy is concerned.. theres a long way to go16:49
Assidas i said.. very promising if they can pull it together16:49
lufisah well, guess i'll give it a go16:49
Assidi loved the speed the apps opened up16:50
Assidatleast if that pdf was any hint16:50
Assidanyone here a bug tester as such ?16:50
Assidsomeone from launchpad preferably16:50
Gnineopenoffice.org-hyphenation-en-us package broken - system updated 02.17.2008 kernel 2.6.24-8 - compiz.real continues to crash17:00
Gninecompiz.real does not load on 'compiz --replace'17:03
Gninevia alt-f217:03
Gninehttp://pastebin.com/d19d764b8 <-- terminal output of compiz error17:07
james_wGnine: are you on nvidia?17:09
james_wGnine: your /var/log/xorg.0.log probably has some useful information?17:09
Gninenvidia mx400017:10
Gninei doubt i'll be the only one with this error17:11
=== lamalex_2 is now known as lamalex
Gninereinstallation of nvidia-glx (as recommended on debug file) had zero effect. disabling restricted driver causes xserver to run on low resolution mode. results: compiz is null on new kernel.17:51
KalpikGnine, http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=69880517:53
Gninenvidia glx / restricted driver enabled has no errors. this is a compiz issue directly related to xgl not loading for some reason. i think17:53
KalpikGnine, just try that link17:53
sveriich lebe noch17:55
sverisry, wrong channel17:56
jpatricksveri: I hope you do to17:56
sverijpatrick: *fg thx17:57
Gninehopefully this is included in some batch fix for next update, Kalpik . i can work without xgl. i'll go ahead execute that thing anyway17:58
KalpikGnine, that should get compiz working again :)17:58
=== Kalpik is now known as kalpik
Assidxgl is missing atm18:00
RyanPriorIs there a way to connect to SMB shares without using Nautilus, since gvfs is broken?18:04
h3sp4wn_just use fusesmb raw18:04
Assidsmb should work ?!18:04
h3sp4wn_or cifs in the kernel18:04
RyanPriorHardy doesn't even have Places -> Connect to remote server anymore. It totally sucks.18:05
RyanPriorI used to have a bunch of remote servers in my Places and use them all the time, now I've had to hack everything to get that connectivity back, and no Nautilus integration - but still haven't figured out SMB.18:05
h3sp4wn_Why not just use nfs over a vpn18:06
Gninei have a different file than the libglx.so.169.09 posted in that forum link18:11
Gnineno matter. i just wanted to bring the issue in here since j.braden was bitching about not posting any more compiz errors at launchpad18:13
RyanPriorCan somebody help me mount a samba share without using Nautilus?18:18
seeitcoming__RyanPrior: smbmount ?18:24
Heretic43Hello :-)18:25
h3sp4wn_Is there not a gui for fusesmb anyway18:25
=== Heretic43 is now known as heret1c
heret1cubotu repositories18:38
ubotuThe packages in Ubuntu are divided into several sections. More information at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Repositories and http://www.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/components - See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/RecommendedSources for the recommended way to set up your repositories18:38
heret1catta good bot.18:39
RyanPriorI am trying to mount a samba drive. When I used to do it with Nautilus, I would just say to mount "smb://sgs2/ryanprior" - but now that gvfs is in and that doesn't work, I need to find a new way. fusesmb and smbmount do not seem to work. Does anybody have other suggestions?18:40
RyanPriorIt's interesting that now, with gvfs, we can still do the things that every single filesystem browser ever can do, but not actually interesting or useful things like connecting to remote drives.18:41
RyanPriorIs zeroconf a program? I thought it was a collection of principals and connectivity services, a sort of easy-networking blueprint.18:42
heret1cIt's in the KDE system settings. Not much use in Gnome, afak.18:43
RyanPriorAh - I'm not using KDE, so that's probably not an option for me.18:44
* heret1c whistles the famous "While we's waiting for the smegging repositories to be updated" tune18:50
slanninghello, hard-hearted harbiners of hardy herons :)19:10
Assidsup heret1c19:17
heret1cassid> waiting for the repositories to be updated.19:18
heret1clistening to rense radio - they talk about this spy say they wish to shoot down.19:20
* heret1c 's fav infoid #17: The Hubble Space Telescope is a modified KH11 spysat.19:21
heret1cwaste not, want not. :-)19:22
doofy`do the hardy repositories have the version of FGLRX which supports compositing window managers?19:23
heret1cdoofy> hoogle is your friend.19:24
heret1c     g19:24
Assidoh man19:27
Assidheret1c: are there updates to be expected?19:53
heret1cAssid> my guess is as good as yours.19:59
heret1clibclamav2 isn't in yet.20:00
Assidoh boy20:04
* heret1c opens a new XL tube of patience cream20:05
Assidyeah but the faster we get newer updates.. the better our testing20:06
heret1cXXL factor 1720:07
DanaGHmm, I like the new wallpaper, but it needs a new theme to go with it.20:07
heret1cdana> u mean desktop background?20:10
_dan_is todays daily build working?20:16
Assidwe have a daily build?20:17
Assidyou could check proposed updates20:17
_dan_its on cdimages.ubuntu.com yeah20:17
_dan_well ill see soon20:17
Assidimageshacks messed up20:25
abescullywhat does Err http://buildbot.no-ip.org gutsy/main Sources, 404 Not Found mean?20:25
Assiderr whats an alternate of photobucket to upload screenshots20:26
timinghey nice background, who made it?20:28
Assidsweet thanks20:30
Assidso there you go.. running powertop20:30
Assidand my battery drains faster than it used to20:30
DanaGPowertop is more useful when you're actually on battery.20:31
DanaGThat way you get a wattage estimate, if your BIOS implements it.20:31
=== never|mobi is now known as neversfelde|mobi
DanaGOh yeah, what video card, and do you use Compiz when on battery?20:32
heret1chttp://tinyurl.com/26sjbp is a rater nice music video.20:34
Assidyeah i do20:37
Assidbut i used to use it before too20:37
DanaG[ 4489.935882] printk: 21 messages suppressed.20:38
DanaG[ 4489.935892] rtc: lost 1 interrupts20:38
Assid1.5-2 weeks now20:41
Assidi cant shutdown without X hanging20:41
Assidshuftdown/logout.. nothing (on my desktop)20:41
dax_rocEvening all20:45
dax_rocAre there teething problems with the new nvidia - drivers , No longer have a composite enabled desktop...20:45
DanaGpulseaudio: pulsecore/resampler.c:1334: trivial_resample: Assertion `o_index * fz < pa_memblock_get_length(output->memblock)' failed.20:50
EmmerPvimperator/j #20:52
jbf2Hi all. Is this a good place to ask for input/suggestions on what to do with a bug I got assigned to me in Hardy? :)20:54
ryanakcais it possible to use firefox 2.x or (or whatever the version was before version 3) on Hardy?20:59
seeitcoming__ryanakca: yes20:59
seeitcoming__ryanakca: enable the gutsy repos and use something like:20:59
ryanakcaseeitcoming__: ok, thanks, install the gutsy .deb?21:00
seeitcoming__sudo aptitude install firefox=0.11.2-0ubuntu421:00
seeitcoming__well you could do that too21:00
seeitcoming__but from repos is easier imo21:00
jbf2while you are at it, what happens with a package that gets orphaned in debian? do you just drop it too?21:01
ryanakcaseeitcoming__: thanks :)21:03
jpatrickjbf2: it gets assigned to the Debian QA team till someone adopts it21:03
seeitcoming__ryanakca: No problems21:03
ryanakcahmm... is it just me or have there been quite a few broken dependencies this week?21:04
heret1cryanakca> spot on.21:06
heret1c /usr/sbin/update-python-modules causes loads of errors here.21:19
heret1con aptitude update21:20
heret1cAnyone seen this: IOError: [Errno 2] No such file or directory: '/var/lib/python-support/python2.5/bootconfig/__init__.py' (aptitude update)21:33
heret1chttp://tinyurl.com/2kw9ry - I'm not alone.21:40
heret1csomeone please send me their /var/lib/python-support/python2.5/bootconfig/__init__.py ?21:47
PodMan99aah thats better21:48
PodMan99arunning update-manager -d i get an error about upgrading to prerelease... thats kinda the idea ..... lol21:48
heret1crepeat: someone please send me their /var/lib/python-support/python2.5/bootconfig/__init__.py ?21:56
bjwebbcompiz is broke :(21:58
heret1ch'm. there is a __init__.pyc21:59
bjwebbit worked without twecking on kubuntu feisty21:59
bjwebbcould my card be blacklisted?21:59
bjwebbwhere is the list?21:59
bjwebb:S it is blacklisted22:02
crediblewhich one is it?22:02
crediblethe i965?22:03
bjwebbhhmmm, i have next to no xorg.conf22:07
bjwebb42 lines22:08
heret1csypposed to ne smaller in new xorg22:09
bjwebbwhere is my graphics card stuff?22:11
ryanpghola team, any of you running jackd on recent hardy -rt kernels? I'm getting blasted with xruns22:15
prg3I'm having a problem with firefox3b3 in hardy (updated today).. it always defaults into offline mode..22:20
Amaranthprg3: do you use networkmanager?22:23
prg3Amaranth: I don't think so.. I'm using Windowmaker, and I manually ifconfig/dhclient everything22:23
Amaranthright, it's probably trying to ask networkmanager if you're online22:24
prg3Anyway to disable that, or just to make networkmanager always say it's online?22:24
AmaranthI use networkmanager22:25
prg3Think this is worth a bugreport?22:26
Amaranthcouldn't hurt22:27
prg3K, I'll fire one in.. I'll also fire up networkmanager (knetworkmanager?) and see if that clears up the problem22:27
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DanaGArgh, I so hate Flash.22:48
DanaGIt makes Firefox segfault every 3 or so pages with flash.22:48
ethana3gnash come quickly...23:11
WorkingOnWisewhat would cause glx to not be available? Nvidia geforce 6100, 169.09 drivers23:25
ubotuLaunchpad bug 192253 in linux-restricted-modules-2.6.24 "xorg glx module is missing" [High,Confirmed]23:27
credibleit wouldn't be ubuntu+1 without an nvidia bug :D23:28
billytwowillyhey, is hardy stable enough for someone to play around with yet?23:43
zqweit depend on what is "enough" for you23:45
billytwowillyas in close to how dapper was 2 months before release23:46
billytwowillyThat's the last alpha version of kubuntu I tried and it was very smooth.23:46
darthanubiswhat does that even mean?23:46
billytwowillyie. the stability of dapper alpha 4.23:46
darthanubisrelative to who?23:47
darthanubisonly you can answer that obviously23:47
billytwowillyyou could comment from your point of reference.23:47
billytwowillyI suppose I'll find out when I install it anyway;)23:48
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eklofHi guys,23:55
eklofis there some tool for configuring multiple monitors in xorg? The one included in Hardy doesn't work for me at all. I have three monitors.23:55
DanaGah-HAH: so it WAS the nvidia-glx-new update that broke glx!23:55
DanaGI installed the update, and voilá: it broke.23:55
Dr_willisthe nvidia drivers include a tool like that eklof  - nvidia only of course. :)23:55
eklofWell, this is ATI-crap23:56
Dr_willisnot sure if any others exist23:56
Dr_willisI dont use ati. :) so never looked into it.23:56
eklofIt's a quad-card, and if we don't get this to work, it's back to XP!23:56
eklofI hate for that to happen23:56
Dr_willisblame ati and their drivers/support i guess.23:57
Dr_willisits possible their newer drivers will be better.23:57
eklofWell surely.23:57
Dr_willischeck the ati forums/wiki pages also.23:57
choudeshDr_willis, eklof, what seems to be the issue?23:57
Dr_willisI gave up on ati - about 4 yrs ago. :)23:57
eklofchoudesh: only 2 monitors working, seems like I can't get the other GPU up and running23:57
Dr_willisis that a crossfire card?23:58
choudeshwith crossfire or a different video card?23:58
* Dr_willis wonders how big a desk one has for 4 monitors..23:58
eklofchoudesh: it's a ATI firemv 2400, quad-card.23:59
choudeshahh, ok23:59
eklofIt's 2xGPU but hooks up to four monitors.23:59
DanaGWorkaround for brokenness: download the installer fron 169.09 from nvidia's site, and run it.23:59
DanaGSince it's the same version as the packaged one, you shouldn't have to disable lrm-manager.23:59

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