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slangaseklamont: nope :)01:55
lamontslangasek: heh.03:13
lamonthow about now?03:13
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* lamont bbl03:41
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thegodfathersuperm1: ping?05:09
thegodfatherwhere did you find that Depends: on libnet-upnp-perl?05:09
superm1its in NEW05:09
thegodfatheri can't even find the package in debian05:09
superm1i also built it on the mythbuntu PPA05:10
superm1if you are looking for a binary version05:10
superm1until it clears NEW05:10
thegodfatherwhat's the mythtv PPA?05:10
thegodfatherwhy did you make a perl module Arch: any ?!?!?05:11
jdongpfft beta tester elitism ;-)05:11
superm1argh that's a good point05:11
superm1it shouldn't be should it....05:11
superm1whoops :)05:11
thegodfatherok i found it somewhere else :)05:12
thegodfathersomething is wrong in the upgrade05:14
thegodfathernow i have 2 backends processes running05:14
superm1how is that possible?05:14
superm1it stops them before starting the package upgrade05:14
thegodfatherops no sorry05:14
thegodfathersuperm1: http://debian.slimdevices.com/pool/main/libn/libnet-upnp-perl05:15
superm1wonder why that was never brought into debian though...05:15
superm1well i fixed the build so its arch all05:15
lamontwell.  that was fun.  not.05:22
thegodfatherlamont: ?05:33
lamontthegodfather: re-iped the house05:33
thegodfatherlamont: ehhe... if you want to have fun, 2nd week of March i am going to empty/clean/fill/rewire my office :))05:33
lamontI'm glad I'm too far away to come play05:34
thegodfatherlamont: with the amount of work that needs to be done i am almost dealing to play tickets for volunteers :)05:35
thegodfatherbefore i had the rack it was a 3 days job to empty clean refill05:37
thegodfathernow i expect to take at least a week05:37
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ion_fujitsu: More like a – :-)06:04
persiaー works too06:06
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warp10Good morning06:59
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Tonio_hi everyone10:24
thegodfathersuperm1: still around?11:07
thegodfatherhmm something is _NOT_ right11:15
thegodfatherpitti: ping?11:15
thegodfatherpitti: looks like something is wrong.. check this out:11:16
thegodfatherpitti: published 3 days ago11:16
thegodfatherpitti: there are no binaries on archive.ubuntu.com.. at least not all of them.. and the strange thing is that i can see ppc binaries there that are not supposed to be there at all11:16
thegodfatherpitti: not sure if it's a mirroring problem or archive admin or a combo11:17
thegodfatherelmo: ^^ perhaps you want to check this one too.. just in case11:17
persiaThere's been a strange dearth of updates for a couple days: it might not just be that package.11:19
thegodfatherpersia: indeeed... it's easier for the to track something spotted :)11:21
Fujitsuthegodfather: a.u.c isn't syncing from drescher for some reason. The reason that the other binaries are there is that the i386 set was in NEW, so was published a couple of days after the rest.11:35
thegodfathersuperm1: btw.. for all the plugins, you really want Depends: libmyth = version and not >=11:36
Fujitsucprov confirmed this morning that drescher's copy of the archive is fine.11:36
thegodfatherFujitsu: ok11:36
NafalloFujitsu: it's not a problem with archive most likely.11:37
NafalloFujitsu: gb.archive sees the same thing.11:37
thegodfatherNafallo: gb.archive rsync's from archive11:37
thegodfatherso if archive is broken all mirrors are11:37
thegodfatherwhat matters is that dresher is ok11:37
thegodfatherthat excludes a bug in LP publisher11:38
Nafallothegodfather: wrong. the official mirrors rsyncs securely from internal machines.11:38
Nafalloand from each other.11:38
thegodfatherNafallo: no, the official mirrors don't rsync from drescher11:38
* Fujitsu presumes there's something else that syncs from drescher, which the mirrors sync from.11:39
Nafallothegodfather: but from other internal machines? you're not saying every mirror on the planet rsyncs from one machine that people as well use in sources.list are you? :-/11:39
thegodfatherNafallo: archive.u.c is a pool of machines and there are some dedicated to official mirrors11:40
thegodfatherif the main rsync that pushes to this pool is broken11:40
thegodfatherall mirrors are brokn11:40
thegodfatherso why am I wrong according to you?11:41
Nafallonot any more :-)11:41
Nafallojust that archive was a single machine last time I checked :-)11:41
thegodfatherNafallo: when was that? at warty release time?11:42
thegodfatheror when there was a security emergency where we pull off all the mirrors11:42
Nafallothegodfather: hehe. not sure mate :-)11:43
Nafalloquite a while ago anyway.11:43
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ubotuLaunchpad bug 15485 in gnupg "kmail don't ask the phrase for gpg-encrypted mails" [Medium,Fix released]12:54
LimCoreI hit this bug today, should I reopen it?12:54
LimCoreon 7.10 amd6412:54
stgraberogra_cmpc, ogra, cjwatson: Is there any ISO available for Edubuntu with the last seed/germinate changes ? (the newest I see on cdimage is from the 14th)13:11
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cjwatsonstgraber: it's broken right now for reasons I haven't finished debugging, since I made the major changes on Thursday and then was off sick on Friday. I'll look into it on Monday if nobody beats me to it.14:03
cjwatsonstgraber: BTW you should always look into the CD build logs first14:04
cjwatsonstgraber: start at http://people.ubuntu.com/~ubuntu-archive/cd-build-logs/14:04
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pranithwhy has the always on top feature been removed in 7.10?15:13
achillespranith: has it?15:16
* achilles still has it15:16
pranithachilles, under which menu item do u have it?15:18
pranithi dont find it in view?15:19
achillesright mouse click?15:20
pranithoh! :)15:22
pranithi was searching it there...15:22
pranithin view..15:22
achillespranith: no problem :-)16:11
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TheMusough wrong tab19:48
ion_   c19:50
* ion_ sighs at the comments in bug #192310 :-)21:40
ubotuLaunchpad bug 192310 in hyphen "package openoffice.org-hyphenation-en-us None [modified: /var/lib/dpkg/info/openoffice.org-hyphenation-en-us.list] failed to install/upgrade: trying to overwrite `/usr/share/myspell/dicts/hyph_en_US.dic', which is also in package openoffice.org-hyphenation" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/19231021:40
Adri2000icedax is a binary package in universe, but its source package cdrkit is in main. I assume it's a bug?21:53
ScottKAdri2000: Not necessarily.21:57
TheMusoAdri2000: There are a lot of packages with source in main, and binary in universe.22:00
slangase`lamont: not then either... you could just ask your question? :)22:07
thomlamont likes the big build up too much :D22:08
Adri2000ScottK, TheMuso: and can a package in main suggest a package in universe? if not then there is a bug with cdrkit-doc (main) and icedax (universe)22:11
ScottKAdri2000: IIRC suggest yes, recommend I don't think so, depend definitely not.22:12
jpatrickwhat a hostname22:12
ScottKjpatrick: Depending on the context it is either the machinename or the fully qualified name.22:13
ScottKe.g. mail or mail.example.com22:13
Adri2000ScottK: ok22:13
jpatrickScottK: either way ;-)22:13
TheMusough wrong tab22:39
luisbg ROFL at Daniel's photo in planet!!!22:52

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