igorzolnikovHi! I want to buy Sony VGN FZ21. It is good a choice for Ubuntu?08:15
ianbsparrowI'm searching info about how the function keys work on ubuntu.14:45
ianbsparrowwhich is the application which manages the events raised by the function keys?14:45
realz`how they work or how to configure them?14:45
ianbsparrowhow do they work, thus: how do the event pass from the function key press towards the appropriate device14:46
ianbsparrowand which are the actors of the process.14:47
realz`what is it that you are tryint to do?14:48
ianbsparrowi'm trying to use them. from the brightness, towards the lock session14:48
realz` from the brightness, towards the lock session...didnt get you!14:49
ianbsparrowi mean: no function key works, on my keyboard. so I would like to have them working.14:50
ianbsparrowk, that's a good entry point.14:52
ianbsparrowmh, I've got another question: some keys are not shown in xev, when I press them. but they're however binded to some event, because they raise some windows (ie. the brightness keys)15:09
ianbsparrow( or the suspend to RAM/disk ones)15:09
ianbsparrowgoing to a real console, I cannot see any message from the atkbd.c code. so I don't know which symbol is linked to each key.15:09
ianbsparrowI also suppose that they're currently managed by some actor, but I cannot guess who.15:09
realz`check dmesg15:10
realz`u say that xev doesnt read your keypress?15:11
ianbsparrowno luck. it doesnt print any info. yeah, that's it. no trace on xev15:11
ianbsparrowno trace at all.15:11
ianbsparrowit's like I haven't had that key.15:11
realz`ask me...i got about 5 keys like that :p15:13
ianbsparrowwe are lucky, indeed. :-)15:14
realz`what is your laptop brand model & version of ubuntu?15:14
realz`is it updated to the date?15:14
ianbsparrowI have discovered another thing. some fn+key shortcuts are mapped onto existing keys on the keyboard15:15
ianbsparrowtoshiba L4015:16
realz`so what's ur normal keys to adjust lets say contrast?15:16
ianbsparrowI have no contrast keys. only the brightness ones. but in that case, they're mapped  to a keysim.15:21
ianbsparrowinstead, I haven't the keys from F2 to F515:21
ianbsparrowand F8,F915:22
realz`what happens if u press fn+f6?15:22
ianbsparrowa small box appears, with a sun inside :-) gnome-brightness-applet, I guess15:22
realz`but it adjusted ur brightness ?15:22
ianbsparrowoh, I forgot F1, which coincides with Super_L. no, the gnome-brightness-applet is dumb, apparently15:23
ianbsparrow(it doesn't propagate the info to the underlaying software layer)15:23
realz`so Fn+F1 doesnt perfor scren lock?15:23
ianbsparrowno. at least, until I do not map Super_L to screen lock15:24
realz`sorry i got somewhat lost here...what exactly is not working now on your laptop?15:25
ianbsparrowall the function keys. except for the brightness ones, which are detected by the gnome-brightness-applet. but they do not effectively change the brightness15:26
ianbsparrowwell, re, I'm going. thank you for the help, and have a good luck for your ones. :-)15:27
realz`i've given up on them! :P15:27
realz`anyway cheers15:27

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