darthanubissuperm1, thanks for that very simple way of getting that app installed, libupnp00:31
superm1darthanubis, np.  it will be handled automatically once it clears NEW00:31
superm1so no worries00:31
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darthanubisthe transcoder in the backend, does that have to be changed to nuvexport if I want to use that to create and run transcoding user jobs?02:24
darthanubisIt seems I missed that part02:25
darthanubisI've been wanting to set this up for some time, but did not want to go the script method02:25
darthanubisseesm I have problms with ffmpeg02:31
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darthanubisshouldn't hardy have a better ffmpeg than gutsy'?02:52
darthanubiseven the mediaubuntu one?02:52
superm1use medibuntu hardy's02:55
superm1it will handle the best02:56
rhpot1991superm1: still getting: 2008-02-16 22:02:48.855 NVP: prebuffering pause03:03
superm1no you're not03:03
rhpot1991heh, if only it was that easy03:04
superm1try changing the deinterlacing settings03:04
superm1they are very different on 0.2103:04
rhpot1991strange, you think that could effect remote recordings and not local ones?03:04
superm1well depending on how close on the gap you are bandwidth wise03:05
superm1at very worst it doesnt hurt to mess with it a little bit03:05
superm1and xperiment03:05
rhpot1991hmmm, any idea where they are located at now, can't seem to find any options under playback03:07
superm1yeah they're still there03:11
superm1same place as before03:11
superm1just pick the option for the resolution you are working with03:11
superm1you can change a lot of other stuff there too03:12
superm1that would affect it03:12
rhpot1991you lie, it used to be on the first page of playback03:12
rhpot1991ah here it is03:13
rhpot1991this screen confuses me03:13
rhpot1991whats the purpose of this multi rez stuff now03:17
rhpot1991use one for SD one for HD?03:17
rhpot1991by default its listing 5, and my recordings can fall under any of those03:18
tgm4883_laptopkeescook, ping03:19
rhpot1991forced XvMC and its even skippier03:20
rhpot1991tgm4883_laptop: are you off your roof yet?03:20
rhpot1991I'd be afraid of losing my laptop doing something like that03:21
tgm4883_laptopeh, it's only like a 40 foot drop03:22
tgm4883_laptopjust dont drop the laptop03:22
darthanubisI can't seem to find mediabunt's hardy repo03:25
darthanubisI'm compiling ffmpeg now03:25
superm1darthanubis, turn it on in mcc03:25
superm1it does it all for you...03:25
darthanubisthought I did that03:26
* darthanubis checking03:26
rhpot1991superm1: deinterlacing isn't helping at all, I've tried 3/4 of them and they all do the same03:26
rhpot1991nfs share fixed it originally, so it shouldn't be a bandwidth issue03:27
superm1you can change if it plays from the backend or nfs03:28
superm1on that page too03:28
rhpot1991"always stream from backend"?03:28
darthanubisyes ffmpeg is checked as enable03:28
superm1rhpot1991, yeah you can change that03:28
rhpot1991"always stream recordings from backend" doesn't do what you think03:29
darthanubishowever that did not prevent it from failing to transcode to xvid, from nuvexport from cli03:29
superm1darthanubis, so then you have an ffmpeg from medibuntu?03:29
rhpot1991thats if you have recordings locally and on the other backend03:29
rhpot1991then it will get them from there instead of locally03:29
superm1rhpot1991, you sure?03:29
superm1why would someone have such a thing setup03:29
rhpot1991reading the description03:29
darthanubisnot sure where it was from, unless it was left over from the gutsy upgrade, which did have ffmpeg from mediabuntu, cvs 3.0 version03:29
rhpot1991"enable this setting if you want mythtv to always stream files from a remote backend instead of directly reading a recording file if it is accessible locally"03:29
superm1apt-cache policy ffmpeg03:29
superm1rhpot1991, but that ignores nfs03:30
superm1whether its considered "locally"03:30
rhpot1991thats off by default03:30
darthanubisInstalled: 3:0.cvs20070307-5ubuntu603:30
rhpot1991turning it in would say hey ignore this nfs share (which I currently don't have) and get them from the backend instead03:30
superm1darthanubis,      3:0.cvs20070307-5ubuntu4+medibuntu3 003:30
superm1is the medibuntu latest one03:31
rhpot1991superm1: gonna go watch a recording in the living room, I'll be back in about 40 mins, can mess more then03:31
superm1darthanubis, so it looks like the medibuntu guys dont have it updated03:31
superm1darthanubis, you can go into apt and force the lower versin03:31
darthanubisI wonder which lower version I'd end up with?03:32
darthanubisdoubt the mediaubuntu one, if I don't have those repos?03:32
superm1put the repo in03:32
superm1and then you will be able to03:33
darthanubisI'd feel dirty having gutsy repos in my hardy03:33
superm1no put the hardy medibuntu in03:33
superm1that's the one mcc activates03:33
darthanubisI can't find that repo03:33
darthanubiswhen I tried, i got a 404 error03:34
superm1well let me see which one i have03:34
superm1deb http://packages.medibuntu.org/ hardy free non-free03:34
darthanubisyeah, mcc did no such thing for me03:34
darthanubiswell downgraded to the mediabuntu ffmpeg, now ubuntu wants to update it , but it should work, I locked the version03:39
superm1i'm not sure who the medibuntu guys are, but maybe want to ask them to update it to be a later version than the hardy verison03:41
superm1so you dont run through having to lock it03:41
darthanubisExport to XviD (disabled)03:52
frank23I have downloaded a x264 video 1920x1080 that is choppy because the cpu can't keep up. I have a AMD Athlon64 3200+ Any ideas how to get better performance? I tried mplayer and xine and get the same result.03:56
darthanubisI got the one I built from source transcoding now04:25
darthanubislooks like it may be slower than mencoder04:26
darthanubisthis is all so fascinating04:26
darthanubisI need more processors now04:27
rhpot1991superm1: any other bright ideas?04:28
npurcifuli have a question about the hdhomerun, if i wanted to hook it directly to my computer i would need a crossover cable right04:28
superm1rhpot1991, turning on extra audio buffering?04:50
rhpot1991already on04:50
superm1long cat5?04:50
rhpot1991it can't be the wifi, it works over nfs04:51
rhpot1991also worked before I went to trunk04:51
keescooktgm4883_laptop: hola!04:51
rhpot1991gonna be hard to run cat5 cables through multiple floors when I move too :(04:51
superm1keescook, i think he had something to ask regarding us-tx04:51
superm1but i dont know what04:51
tgm4883_laptopkeescook, us-tx is your mirror right?04:52
* keescook check my server04:52
keescookthings look okay at a first-glance04:52
tgm4883_laptopit's not in the database, so what is the bandwidth limits on it so we can re add it04:52
keescookah!  My monthly bandwidth limit is 1TB04:53
keescookor rather, 1000 GB/mon04:53
tgm4883_laptopsuperm1, want to add that?  Or should i risk fubaring the db up04:55
superm1tgm4883_laptop, just do it through the web interface04:56
superm1shouldnt have too much trouble messing things up there04:56
tgm4883_laptopyea i'm looking at it in the drupal db module, but can't see any add functions04:56
superm1well if you can't do it via the web if, then you'll have to do it cmd line - remember i dont have access :)04:57
superm1but i'm pretty sure you can do it in the webif04:57
superm1adding a row etc04:57
* tgm4883_laptop doesn't have web server access either04:57
superm1no i mean right in the db module04:57
tgm4883_laptopah, i can do a query04:58
superm1yeah there you go04:59
darthanubisany of you guys bother with the -rt kernel?05:12
HeManHi! Is there any plans to start building packages from the release-0-21-fixes branch?05:56
HeManany estimates on when?06:03
tgm4883_laptopnext week maybe06:09
superm1HeMan, already doing that....06:37
darthanubis* Restarting MythTV server: mythbackend  QSettings: error creating /home/mythtv/.qt07:02
darthanubisCompilation failed in require at /usr/bin/nuvexport-divx line 36.07:05
darthanubismissing the nuv_export perl modules?07:18
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darthanubisNo config found; attempting to find mythbackend via UPnP.07:43
darthanubisanyone using nuvexport to transcode to divx?10:47
darthanubisas a userjob?10:47
Tr1pnot here11:05
Tr1pHI . im a mythbuntu user but im adding IMDB to my movies , doe i always have to do it manual with "Find IMDB" or is there a option FIND ALL IMDB OF MY MOVIES ?13:52
Tr1pits like a 500 movies so it takes alot of time in that case13:53
frank23Tr1p: not sure if this is what you're looking for but a have a look at http://www.mythtv.org/wiki/index.php/TVWish14:33
frank23You can have to use a text file containing all the titles you want to look for14:34
Tr1pno mate its about my movies that i have stored on my hard drive - > http://www.mythtv.org/wiki/index.php/Image:VideoBrowseview.jpg14:34
Tr1poh is it ?14:34
Tr1pso i make an textfile with al the names of my movies and what i do then ?14:35
frank23Oh you mean have a description of movies you already have?14:35
frank23TVwish lets you automatically schedule movies as they air.14:36
frank23it's not the same thing14:36
Tr1poke , but do u know how i do it with all my movies in one time ?14:37
frank23no. osrry14:37
famicom_does anytone here have any hints14:58
famicom_on why kaffeine works just plain fine with DVB-C streams14:58
famicom_but mythtv outputs pure garbage14:58
Aqua2Folks... I'm looking at mythconverg and I'm seeing a bunch of entries that have the hostname of 'OLDHOSTNAME'15:16
Aqua2I'm trying to trim down my db a tad... can all those entries be removed??15:16
famicom_yeah just write a sql querry15:17
Aqua2I'm looking at the db with phpmyadmin15:19
Aqua2can I just do a search in there and then remove all the 'OLDHOSTNAME' entries??15:19
Tr1psteven@MediaCenter:~/imdbupdater$ ./imdb-bulk-update.pl -N -Fileup -Exclude     =============================================================================15:21
Tr1pRetrieving Video Path for this MediaCenter from mythconverg.settings15:21
Tr1pDBI connect('mythconverg:','mythtv',...) failed: Access denied for user 'mythtv'@'localhost' (using password: YES) at ./imdb-bulk-update.pl line 56615:21
Tr1pCan't call method "prepare" on an undefined value at ./imdb-bulk-update.pl line 568.15:21
Aqua2I just searched for 'OLDHOSTNAME' in all tables and it returned all tables with the number of entries.... there's a delete there too15:22
famicom_yeah like i said15:26
Aqua2where exactly does the mythtv sql db reside on Mythbuntu 7.10??15:29
famicom_and its  mythconverge@localhost15:32
directhexyou don't want to poke mysql files by hand15:32
directhexmythconverg. no trailing e15:32
famicom_time for some chillpills15:34
Aqua2I meant physical location15:35
Aqua2but I found it15:35
directhexand i meant "you don't want to poke mysql files by hand"15:36
Aqua2is it ok to do it via phpmyadmin?15:36
famicom_and while you are at it just delete the database15:37
Aqua2or is there a way to let myth cleanup those old abandoned entries?15:37
famicom_why, are they bothereing you15:37
Aqua2they're not needed.. and it's just junk in there15:37
famicom_yeah, and you arent needed either15:38
famicom_and full of junk too15:38
famicom_doesnt mean i go out and remove you now do i?15:38
Aqua2dude.. why are you blasting me for asking a question?15:38
famicom_just leave them alone before you break it and come back whining for more help15:38
* tgm4883_laptop wonders if famicom_ has been drinking15:38
* Aqua2 THOUGHT that's what this channel was for15:38
famicom_tgm4883_laptop i wish15:38
* tgm4883_laptop warns famicom_ to be nice in the support channel, that it is what it is for15:39
famicom_I've been hacking away at exotic hardware15:39
famicom_that and trying to get some obscure encryption scheme to work15:39
famicom_as for drinking15:41
famicom_i wish15:41
Gringo_My hauppage PVR-150 remote is a bit unresponsive, so i did 'irw' on the command line and I noticed that sometimes a keypress gets registered twice, sometimes once. I'm guessing it's related to the unresponsive keys/missed keys that I'm experiencing in the frontend. lircd.conf documentation doesn't appear to be very good. Any ideas?17:34
darthanubisit just seems to be that way17:44
darthanubisI have the same card/remote17:44
Gringo_darthanubis: really? damn, that sucks17:49
Gringo_have you ever tried it in windows?17:50
Gringo_i haven't... if it has the same problem on windows, it's probably a hardware issue17:50
darthanubisI'm thinking it isa hw issue17:50
darthanubisjust a crappy remote17:50
darthanubisbut it stillgets the job done in myth17:51
darthanubisdepends on how you podition your ir recieveer, and type of batteries used17:51
darthanubisand ambient light condidtions17:51
Gringo_oh, so it improves if you turn the lights off?17:51
Gringo_i'll try that ;)17:52
Gringo_nah, still misses the occasional key17:52
Gringo_have you tried any other remotes with Lirc?17:53
darthanubisToday we are introducing second Mythbuntu 8.04 alpha image.17:54
darthanubisChanges from alpha 1: Rudimentary transmitter selection support is available for all devices but the PVR-150; include support for lircrc files that are generated to ease the editting process; include support for lircd.conf files to organize lircd.conf; DKMS support;17:55
Gringo_so Lirc has been improved, except when you've got a PVR150 :D doh17:57
tarvidinstalled mythtv and I am stick with no video source17:58
tarvidi want to install the backend and frontend on an existing gutsy installation17:59
tarvidno particular urge to install xfce17:59
tarviddo I have a choice?18:00
darthanubisthere is always choice18:02
darthanubisyou have to add a video source, see the mythtv wiki18:02
darthanubisschedules direct18:02
Gringo_darthanubis: is it possible to use mythbuntu without keyboard/mouse?18:03
Gringo_because i still need a keyboard to shut down the pc, for example....18:03
darthanubisI use only my remote once I start the frontend18:03
darthanubislook up info onthe mythwelcome screen18:04
darthanubisyou can setup power up and shutdown options in the backend, then you the remotes power button18:04
darthanubisI don't like that, as my BE is my desktop18:05
Gringo_backend and frontend is the same PC here, i use mythbuntu as a hard disk recorder in the living room18:05
darthanubisWhen MythTV 0.21 is released nuvexport will be integrated into MYTHTV.?18:06
darthanubisreally? when?18:06
HeManHi! What is the url for the release-0-21-fixes-branch repository that 8.04a2 uses?18:56
superm1HeMan, look in debian/rules18:56
superm1you'll see it listed there18:56
superm1for the latest source packages18:56
HeManhmm, I have to download 16.2 Megs to get one line...18:59
superm1give me a sec, i''ll look :)19:00
HeManoh well, I allready downloaded it19:00
HeManbut I can't find it19:01
superm1SVN_BRANCH+= http://svn.mythtv.org/svn/branches/release-0-$(SVN_MAJOR_RELEASE)-$(SVN_TYPE)/$(SVN_PACKAGE)19:01
HeManumm, it's the url to put in /etc/apt/sources.list19:01
HeMan...that im looking for19:02
superm1oh its just hardy's normal repo19:02
HeManbut I'm running gutsy on my htpc19:03
superm1HeMan, then put in the mythbuntu-trunk repo19:03
superm1its on mythbuntu.org19:03
superm1that's targetted for gutsy19:03
HeManah! I have the trunk but I guessed that trunk is, umm, trunk... :)19:04
superm1HeMan, well for now its switched to -fixes for 2119:04
superm1new builds should be coming tomorrow or so19:04
superm1once 21 is released, it will switch back to "trunk"19:04
HeMansounds good19:05
HeManperhaps a clearification on the web-page could be helpfull19:06
superm1HeMan, if you write up a few sentences i'll pop them in19:06
superm1what would have made sense to "you"19:06
HeMansuperm1: I'll give it a try19:07
HeMansuperm1: my shot, http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/4696/19:39
superm1looks good19:45
superm1ill add in a few min19:46
Tr1p 20:57:22 up 68 days, 12:22,  1 user,  load average: 0.00, 0.01, 0.0019:46
npurcifulhas anyone used a PCTV HD card for pinnicle20:07
adaptrno, nobody20:07
adaptr*from*, perhaps20:07
adaptrs/PCTV HD/PC HDTV/20:09
npurcifulheh, my hand get ahead of brain20:09
npurcifulthats pretty good i misspelled almost every word20:10
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Newbuntu2where can I download mythbuntu for desktops?22:59
Newbuntu2the website isn't working22:59
DavieyNewbuntu2: works here23:00
Newbuntu2can you paste a link?23:01
Newbuntu2i meant the program to run it on a preexisting 7.10 install, not a new installation23:19
Newbuntu2the link from23:21
Newbuntu2to install the program fails...23:21
tgm4883_laptopNewbuntu2, this link http://mythbuntu.org/download/getmythbuntu.php23:28
Newbuntu2that fails23:28
tgm4883_laptoperror message?23:28
Newbuntu2"can not find "mythbuntu-deskop"23:29
tgm4883_laptopapt-get install mythbuntu-control-centre23:29
Newbuntu2synaptic doesnt find anything, however...23:30
tgm4883_laptopsynaptic doesn't find mythbuntu-control-centre?23:30
Newbuntu2tgm: had to update the sources; now it found it.... forgot this was a fresh install. downloading it now; thanks!23:33

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