ompaulkbrooks, can we help you?00:03
naliothi suspect he's AFK00:10
ompaul LjL nalioth, is the list acceptable for values of 00:14
ompaulacceptable 00:14
LjLparse error on line 000:15
ubotuThere are many different channel and user modes on !freenode. Here's a list: http://freenode.net/using_the_network.shtml00:16
ompaulLjL, are there more kbooks here?00:19
LjLno one that i'm not used to seeing here00:20
Amaranth!info openoffice.org-hyphenation-en-us01:24
ubotuPackage openoffice.org-hyphenation-en-us does not exist in gutsy01:24
Amaranth!info openoffice.org-hyphenation-en-us hardy01:24
ubotuopenoffice.org-hyphenation-en-us (source: hyphen): US Enlish hyphenation patterns for OpenOffice.org. In component main, is optional. Version 2.3-5 (hardy), package size 31 kB, installed size 124 kB01:24
no0tic/mode +b *!*@host83-220-dynamic.2-79-r.retail.telecomitalia.it!#ubuntu-it-ops03:25
no0ticwhat's wrong in that?03:25
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jdongI swear that was totally consensual and benign, no matter how dodgy it looked05:06
no0ticjdong, BaconBits 05:09
no0ticjdong, on #ubuntu05:09
ubotubazhang called the ops in #ubuntu (BaconBits)05:09
jdongno0tic: I've got no powers05:10
no0ticah, sorry05:10
jdong'sall right :)05:11
nickrudelkbuntu: what's the difference between what I did, and you did?05:11
no0ticnickrud, you didn't kick him out, she did05:11
elkbuntunickrud, you didnt remove him from the channel05:11
elkbuntunickrud, the trolls get joy from seeing people lol at them05:12
elkbuntuthey dont deserve it05:12
nickrudelkbuntu: ah, kick ban then next time?05:12
elkbuntunickrud, please05:12
nickrudelkbuntu: learning mode. Thanks05:12
elkbuntuno prob05:12
no0ticnickrud, with a ban he simply can't talk to the channel05:12
nickrudno0tic: ah. Somehow I existed on irc for years without learning the differences. 05:13
no0ticnickrud, or rejoin it if removed/kicked, obviously05:13
nickrudno0tic: /remove I understood, but assumed ban included removal.05:13
no0ticwell, I can go to bed now, have a good... day/night 05:14
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ompaulmc44, what is your local temp today?09:00
ompaulwoops wrong channel09:00
elkbuntupretty sure tants39 = solidnail et al10:28
tonyyarussoI don't know that name - summary?10:29
elkbunturandom useless stupid questions constantly10:30
tonyyarussoSame ISP, nonsense ident.  Prolly.10:32
elkbuntuthey've been plaguing the debian channels lately... different nick each time, same pointless style of drivel10:39
tonyyarussoHow odd.  Seems like an unrewarding way of trolling.10:41
* tonyyarusso gulps10:41
tonyyarussoFirst user registration from a Sun Microsystems employee on this web site I'm doing.  eep!10:42
jpatrickelkbuntu: lastest from #ubuntu-es http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/56338/10:44
tonyyarussojpatrick: thankfully enough, that's a support channel, so it's easy to build the case for getting rid of them.10:45
tonyyarusso(We had the same line in -offtopic)10:45
jpatricktonyyarusso: he was also in #kubuntu twice10:45
jussi01is this the same guy as romeo1 and jarule2 ?11:04
jpatrickjussi01: yep, seems so11:05
elkbuntujpatrick, he's totally a network troll. if you see something matching him (nonsensical questions, dictionary word ident) you have permission to kb at will11:16
jpatrickelkbuntu: yes, I've warned the -es guys11:18
jpatrick** knowbot [n=thomas@53515E61.cable.casema.nl] has joined #kubuntu11:20
jpatricknot a bot11:23
elkbuntutell him he needs a better nick, or he'll get confused for one alot11:24
jpatrick"tanx for teh tip"11:25
* elkbuntu chuckles at the guys in +111:26
SeveasI kicked ethan961 to ##fix_your_connection11:33
* tonyyarusso watches impending lawsuit from the Beatles approaching11:42
jpatrickhi Myrtti!11:58
Toma-Seveas? it goes 1, 2 then 3. Plz note the number 212:11
SeveasToma-, auopi had the 212:12
Toma-Oh, thanks for including someone elses actions for my own12:12
elkbuntuToma-, if we had to give every person in a multi-participant conversation 3 strikes each, we'd need to be paid to run these channels12:13
elkbuntuif you're offering however, by all means12:13
Toma-is that an offer to be come an op? :)12:13
Toma-becuase bth, alot of stuff gets thrown at me that against the guidliens and the ops tend to let it fly12:14
Seveasno, the opposite12:14
elkbuntuToma-, no, it's an offer for you to give us money12:14
Toma-id pay for a fairer system, sure.12:14
elkbuntuToma-, there's a few dozen ops to pay. when do we start?12:15
elkbuntumind you, i'd be giving up a $42k/yr salary to do it, and i'm sure seveas is on a much higher pay rate than i am12:15
Toma-well let me get a list of the people that op by double standards and then we'll see how many people ill pay12:15
Seveaselkbuntu, dunno, what's an AU$ in € these days?12:16
elkbuntuToma-, the only double standard is the inability to monitor the channels at every minute in every day12:16
elkbuntuSeveas, 1.7euro to the aussie dollar12:16
Toma-oh yeh?12:16
Toma-let me dig up some logs where someone was calling me the c word in offtopic12:16
Seveaselkbuntu, yeah, i'm a bit higher up then, not much though12:16
jussi01Myrtti: hello!! :D12:16
jpatrickToma-: https://launchpad.net/~ubuntu-irc/+members12:16
stdinToma-: and your logs show an active op ignoring it?12:17
Toma-sure do.12:17
stdinthen you really should post those logs12:17
elkbuntuToma-, i believe it happened, no need for logs. i also know however that an op can be in a completely different place in a space of 2 minutes, and not have the time to read the past 10 lines of scrollback just to make sure everyone behaved while they were gone12:17
Toma-yeh im over it.12:20
elkbuntufigured he wouldnt have a comeback for that12:20
stdinI would have guessed that the op was there 5-10 mins before/after it happened and that constitutes them ignoring it to him12:21
elkbuntustdin, i'll guarantee it. i dont think these kids know how much work it is running a namespace12:23
stdinI don't think they get the meaning of "volunteer" either12:24
elkbuntujpatrick, toma is early 20s12:24
elkbuntustdin, no, of course they dont12:24
jpatrickelkbuntu: I'm a late younger than that12:24
elkbuntujpatrick, who said you were included with 'kids' anyway?12:25
elkbuntuwe know *you* "get it"12:25
elkbuntuyou're one of the 'stupid sucker' group12:25
ubotujpatrick called the ops in #kubuntu-offtopic (feelingbetter - he's back!!!)12:29
Seveashmm? feelingbetter is in #u-offtopic as well12:29
Seveasto be deleted?12:29
jpatrickSeveas: he's that network troll12:29
jpatricksay hostname12:30
elkbuntuyeah, that's him12:30
Seveasnot really trolling in #ubuntu-offtopic yet but I'm keeping an eye on him12:31
elkbuntuSeveas, people have been whinging about him in #freenode for days, and i think i saw someone say he's a kline evader... but staff havent managed to do anything about him12:31
jpatrickSeveas: see #k-ot12:31
jpatrick"06:37 < feelingbetter> jpatrick fucking snitch"12:31
elkbuntuSeveas, trust us, he's a troll. just says nonsensical bull over12:31
Seveasjpatrick, I'm not in there :)12:31
jpatrickseems Tm_T is the only op12:33
elkbuntuSeveas, i believe i banned the troll from offtopic a few days ago, actally12:36
Seveas<feelingbetter> achilles hmm wouldn't people from here stalk me if i move?12:38
Seveas<Seveas> feelingbetter, only if they behave like ban-avoiding IRC trolls12:38
Seveasjust letting him know we're not stupid ;)12:38
jpatrickelkbuntu: kicked from #k-ot12:40
Seveasmc44 kicked him out of #u-ot12:40
elkbuntuSeveas, did i mention that Toma- is in my loco... i'm now getting the third degree on how he played a minor part in the discussion yet is at the fullest punishment12:40
Seveashe was the one not stopping after being warned12:41
elkbuntuhe thought he was asking what he'd done wrong12:41
ompaulfeeling better is not I take it12:42
* Seveas juggles ompauls words into an order that makes sense12:42
Seveasnope, no such order found12:43
ompaulSeveas, feelingbetter is not feeling better atm if venting a silly spleen was the thinking it had12:44
ompaulSeveas, i.e. the banned party12:44
Seveassense found12:44
SeveasI thought you were practicing your yoda skills and failed :)12:45
ompaulSeveas, this is not the practice you are looking for!12:45
* ompaul likes that one!12:45
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jussi01stdin: is that not the same host as the bot we had hanging in here for ages?13:12
stdinjussi01: that was the same host as feelingbetter13:13
jpatrick1 new message in away log feelingbetter(n=block@CPE00012e15cab6-CM00194757ed42.cpe.net.cable.rogers.com)] you are just evil13:29
ubotujpatrick called the ops in #ubuntu (marshall)13:45
jpatrickhe's back AGAIN13:45
ompauljpatrick, who is?13:45
jpatrickompaul: troll, see above13:45
ompaulnoted - lets watch shall we13:46
stdinit's a different host this time CPE0016d3248d68-CM000f9f57a01c13:46
jpatrickstdin: reset router?13:47
stdinand they only in #ubuntu13:47
jpatrickok, false alarm13:52
jpatrickbut you never know13:52
jpatricktjanssen [n=tjanssen@CPE001c10c04247-CM00159a4026c4.cpe.net.cable.rogers.com joined #k14:04
jpatrickhi Gary14:13
Myrttiand suddenly I feel way too old to IRC14:18
Jack_SparrowMyrtti: That makes two of us14:19
Myrttiand way too old actually for anything14:19
MyrttiI'm making coffee and I just realized I poured the milk away14:20
Jack_SparrowThat is not old, just not awake... Old is putting the coffee pot back into the fridge14:21
ubotuastro76 called the ops in #ubuntu (vimalv)14:22
LjLJack_Sparrow: no, that's still not being awake14:23
LjLi was putting the milk box into the microwave and the cup into the fridge14:23
Jack_SparrowMorning.  That last update took out all video of all types...mpg, flash all of them, nothing I tried brought them back..14:23
Jack_SparrowEnded up restoring from backup14:24
Myrttiso I guess I'm either going to dress up finally and get some milk or drink my coffee black14:24
Myrttieither feels like a bad idea14:24
Jack_SparrowGot any ice cream in the fridge?  How about packets of hot cocoa...14:25
LjLMyrtti: well, just remember that it's clothes onto yourself and coffee on the fire14:25
LjLnot clothes on fire and pour coffee on yourself14:25
Myrttino ice cream...14:28
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jpatrick#u-ot something14:46
goukiWhat's up?15:17
LjLi ask you... and "foo", if he wants to turn up15:17
goukiI don't see how a /query is up for discussion on #ubuntu-ops15:18
fooLjL: Yes?15:18
LjLfoo: what's the deal with you and gouki?15:19
LjLKinder_Surprise, Bomfunk: i didn't ask for spectator15:19
Kinder_SurpriseПредложи тему для разговора.15:19
LjL!ru | Kinder_Surprise15:19
ubotuKinder_Surprise: Пожалуйста посетите #ubuntu-ru для получения помощи на русском языке  / Pozhalujsta posetite #ubuntu-ru dlya polucheniya pomoshi na russkom yazyke15:19
Kinder_Surpriseтак точно15:19
jpatrickLjL: it's a bot15:19
jpatrickgouki: http://planet.ubuntu-uk.org/rss20.xml15:19
fooLjL: Do a /lastlog gouki in #ubuntu and you'll see the few lines of discussion. What I pasted was what he sent me in PM15:19
LjLjpatrick: which?15:19
goukiThank jpatrick; popey gave it to me15:19
jpatrickLjL: Kinder_Surprise [n=BoomBot@unaffiliated/Bomfunk/bot/kindersurprise15:19
jpatrickBomfunk: hi15:20
LjLgouki, seveas seemed to agree that you were offtopic. don't think think that foo telling you the same didn't deserve such a harsh response?15:20
LjLhi, can we help you?15:21
Bomfunkhm, no15:21
goukiLjL: Seveas told and we talked on PM. Now, if an OP tells me something about channel rules, VERY WELL. What I don't want, is some random guy telling me to leave.15:21
fooLjL: thanks.15:21
LjLBomfunk: why did you join your bot here...?15:21
LjLgouki: he didn't tell you to leave as far as i can see... just to take your request elsewhere.15:22
LjLand all users are entitled to request that channel rules are respected15:22
LjLthat's not the operators' prerogative15:22
goukiVery well. And how come a private conversation ends up for discussion on -ops?15:23
LjLgouki: because it was pasted in #ubuntu15:24
LjLwhich, foo, is not the correct thing to do, by the way15:24
popey15:21:45 < gouki> LjL: Seveas told and we talked on PM. Now, if an OP tells me something about channel rules, VERY WELL. What I don't want, is some random guy telling me to leave.15:24
popeyi thought we were all equal on freenode :)15:24
fooLjL: Apologies, I wasn't aware of this channel. Now I know, won't happen again15:25
goukiLjL: So if someone comes to me and trash talks me ... As long as he posts A PRIVATE CONVERSATION on a ubuntu- public channel, it will end up for discussion?15:25
popeymeaning: if someone tells you you broke the rules, it doesn't matter whether they are OP, random guy or whatever, if they are right and you15:25
popey..are wrong, that's what matters15:25
goukiBut very well. I believe I understood the message.15:26
goukiSorry to you, foo, for the harsh talk.15:26
goukiSorry to LjL for the trouble.15:26
LjLthere is a fine line between what concerns us and what doesn't. a private conversation usually doesn't concern us. foo, in my opinion, you should have settled your disagreements in private with gouki, not involve channels. and gouki, PM or not, i thought better of you thank answering someone in such a mood, to be very blunt, and then stating here that you'd accept that from an op but be abusive to someone else15:26
foogouki: No worries15:27
goukiVery well LjL; Everyone has their days, and it's hard for me to believe you're smiley and happy all of them.15:28
goukiBut that CAN'T be an excuse 15:28
goukiSo, like I said, sorry LjL for the trouble15:28
goukiAnd ONCE AGAIN, sorry for the harsh talk foo. Take care mate.15:28
* foo tips hat, np15:28
LjLgouki: no, i definitely have my bad days. i'm glad you understand your reactions may be due to being on a bad day15:29
LjLthank you both for being civil now.15:29
goukiNo problem. Thank you for sorting things out.15:29
goukiSeveas, LjL and foo, take care.15:29
PriceyLooks like you've been having a fun time.15:31
fooLjL: Thanks for sorting that. I've been an op for #mandrake/#mandriva back in the day and I must say, we didn't have this kind of organization. Good stuff15:32
LjLfoo: it can be a burden :)15:34
fooLjL: Hah, I can only imagine :)15:34
foo#ubuntu is huge... it needs this kind of structure15:34
jpatrickand not just #ubuntu gets the works15:35
fooah, I see15:35
jpatrick#kubuntu, and mostly internation channels in #ubuntu-irc15:36
fooah, I see15:44
LjLfoo, i need to point you to the channel topic15:46
fooLjL: Not a problem, catch you later :) Thanks again -15:46
SkuzHey guys i'm not sure why, but i got redirected here when i tried to join ubuntu. possibly previous owner of this host was an op?17:48
jpatrick"previous owner of this host was an op"17:50
jpatrickhi Parabola, how can we help?17:50
Parabolafuck if i know17:50
Parabolai still cant join ubuntu17:50
jpatrick!ohmy | Parabola 17:51
ubotuParabola: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family friendly.17:51
Parabolais there a particular reason why i would be getting redirected to here?17:51
Parabolais +l set on the main chan or somthing?17:51
stdinyour ident contains a "bad word" (take off the "Pu")17:51
Parabolapu is a badword?17:52
jpatrickParabola: after it17:52
Parabolajesus you guys are worse than disney.17:52
Parabolait says pushit17:52
Parabolanot pu shit17:52
Parabolaalright, well thanks for your help17:53
jpatrickParabola [n=Pushit@cpe-75-185-51-21.columbus.res.rr.com17:53
Parabolayeah i see why not17:53
Parabolaits a TOOL reference. but yeah ill just stay out o fthe chan17:53
jpatrickchange it and come back17:53
Parabolathanks buddy17:53
jpatrick romeo118:11
jpatrickstdin: he's back18:11
jpatrick#kde folks warned18:16
SeveasHow evil would it be to remove all editing functions from ubotu and instead require people to use the webinterface for that?18:39
ompaulSeveas, it would be better than we are atm with our errorz18:41
ubotubazhang called the ops in #ubuntu (Neko_Guy)18:42
jdongSeveas: as long as it's not on Launchpad.....19:43
Seveasjdong, :)19:43
jpatrickjdong: we must put it on alioth19:44
jdongjpatrick: or make people file factoid requests via the sourceforge bug tracker19:44
jdongha that was soooo mean :D19:45
ubotu<Hobbsee> jdong: yes, but you're FULL OF CRACK!19:49
kbrooksI don't clearly see a statement in the topic that #ubuntu is publicly logged at irseek. Please add it.20:13
mc44eh, it's publically logged already anyway, what difference does it make20:15
kbrooksmc44, I feel it makes a difference.20:17
stdinin what way?20:17
ubotuChannel logs can be found at http://irclogs.ubuntu.com/ - Logs for LoCo channels are at http://logs.ubuntu-eu.org/freenode/ - See also « /msg ubotu ircstats »20:17
ompaulone place 100 places20:18
kbrooksAlllllll right then...20:18
kbrooksThank you, bye.20:18
ompaulstrange boy20:18
tonyyarussoIf you get upset about channels being logged, you probably shouldn't use IRC...20:38
ompaultonyyarusso, I added a couple of lines to the wiki section IRC20:41
ompauljust for the paranoid20:42
Seeker`ompaul: "And yes, they are watching you!"?20:43
ompaulSeeker`, almost20:43
ompaulPlease be aware that when you are on IRC you may be being logged by bots other than these, sometimes without permission of channel operators. Please keep in mind that you are in a public place and even if it is not said explicitly others may be logging their conversations which include yours.20:44
jdongmay be being....20:45
ompaulSeeker`,  in my terms that equates to "They are watching you, and you don't know who they are"20:45
ompauljdong, thanks20:45
jdongam I the only one who feels such is nearly common sense and expected?20:45
mc44jdong: yes, you are the sole voice of reason in a crazy world :(20:46
Myrttiwatch out for the echelon folks20:46
jdonghaha that would be a sure sign of the apocalypse.20:46
Myrttitrust no one20:46
Seeker`Hi Echelon!20:46
ompauljdong, don't say the A word20:46
* Seeker` wonders if they read this20:46
ompaulSeeker`, who cares20:46
ompaulWhy so sad?20:47
Myrttinuclear bomb biological weapons united states aeroplane smallpox20:47
Seeker`it doesn't bother me, it would just be interesting to know just how much they do read20:47
ompaulSeeker`, from a stats perspective way more than is useful20:47
* ompaul rofls20:47
ompaulMyrtti, na, the trigger word is "Shazbad, Nano!"20:48
ompauldang now look what I gone and done20:48
tonyyarussoMyrtti: You should add the string "how to make" for better effect.20:48
Myrttial qaeda to add some spice20:49
ompaultonyyarusso, you did20:49
ompaulMyrtti, na that is not spice, the red hot chilli peppers are :)20:49
ompaulMyrtti, again not red20:49
MyrttiNorth Korea!20:49
MyrttiKim Jong-Il!20:49
Myrttiding ding ding20:49
ompauland a packet of crisps please love20:49
ompaultwo pints of larger 20:50
Myrttibeer too, dear?20:50
ompauland a packet of crisps please love20:50
Myrttisure puppet20:50
ompaulI am the puppet of RMS or maybe not20:50
Myrttiwe've got shephards pie today if you don't like your crisps20:51
ompaulMyrtti, lovely, I'll have some of that too, with red sauce, pepper, and salt.20:51
ompaulMyrtti, yeah and can I have two pints of larger  and a packet of crisps please love20:52
ompaulstupid song I can't get it out of my head now20:52
MyrttiI just can't stop watching Imogen Heap's Hide and Seek in youtube20:54
Myrttiit's getting eerie20:54
ompaulthat will cure you20:55
jpatrickfrom #u-devel: Pronny_ [n=Pronny@videos.pornbox.fr] has quit [SendQ exceeded]22:13
jpatricknalioth: message for you: http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/56361/22:17
naliothjpatrick: i've already actioned that (have you looked?)22:18
* nalioth sees most everything that has his nick on it22:18
jpatrickah, thanks22:19
PriceyI've just declined "fdd"s application to ubuntu-irc.23:25
Priceycrap... pressed approve23:27
* nalioth sends Pricey to his room without supper for generating excess spam23:28
PriceyThat's the third time I've done that.23:28
PriceySorry nalioth.23:28

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