pteaguei'm having issues with the computer locking up... i finally switched to a tty & waited for it to crash again & got the following - http://pastebin.com/m657e3319 - any ideas?09:56
faulkes-I don't do oops/kernel panics but I would suggest you start removing loaded modules you don't require as a first step11:34
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pteaguei removed the nvidia drivers (not sure how else to set up my dual monitors though) & it's been running for about 30 minutes, but atop messed up & won't update... ps aux dumps some stuff & then hangs & won't respond to ctrl+c12:38
faulkes-the nvidia drivers, did you install them from synaptic or via envy?12:46
faulkes-and which kernel are you running?12:46
faulkes-I will be back, I have to do a reboot here12:48
pteaguefaulkes-> i installed them via the restricted drivers thing12:57
pteague& whatever kernel is on the ubuntu 7.10 64-bit live cd (not the server)12:58
faulkes-hrrm, interesting, well that could be an issue, I'm not sure13:39
faulkes-you may wish to consider installing using envy13:40
faulkes-(nvidia drivers that is)13:40
faulkes-which card is it?13:40
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spiekeyi am running OpenLDAP 2.2.26 on Dapper.14:29
spiekeywhen i reset my linux box by pressing the reset button, then my ldap database seems to erase or forget some added attributes.14:30
spiekeye.g. my new samba user disapears from the DB.14:30
spiekeyany idea why the hell this is happenening?14:30
faulkes-iirc doesn't ldap have a write/commit time interval, such that if you added something and then rebooted, those changes would be lost if the commit hadn't happend yet14:41
faulkes-(noting that I'm not an ldap expert)14:41
faulkes-but I do recall reading something about that14:41
spiekeythat would make sense and explain that "recover not found" message when i normally start ldap14:43
faulkes-iirc there is a config value which you can set to tell it how often to do the writes14:43
faulkes-don't ask me *where* it is, but I recall reading that in the same post14:44
faulkes-it might have been from the ubuntu-server bug notifications14:44
spiekeyi am just checking tha man page14:44
spiekeyoh, so this could be quite ubuntu-related?14:44
faulkes-no, I believe it is ldap in particular related14:46
faulkes-however the ubuntu-server bug lists gets traffic from many sources14:46
peterdvI do not believe this to be ubuntu related.14:52
peterdv"Check up on how often your data is set to sync to disk. The slapd-bdb14:52
peterdvman page is useful: look particularly at 'checkpoint' and 'dbnosync'.14:52
peterdvYou may also need to read the Berkeley DB reference guide."14:52
faulkes-peter: thanks for the links14:53
peterdvMy pleasure14:57
spiekeyso "checkpoint 1 1" and "cachesize 0" should make sure it writes my changes to disk quite regually?15:01
peterdvYes. Remember this will always be a tradeoff. You can not have both security and performance at the same time. You have to make that choice.15:03
spiekeyi write about 5KByte to my bdb within 1h. So i have no problems with performance at all15:04
peterdvIt's been a while since I personally looked at tuning ldap servers, I seem to recall setteling at a fairly large cache myself (heavy read load).15:05
spiekeyoh, i think i just killed everthing under my rootdn :-/15:06
spiekeythose two options broke my db :P15:07
peterdv"cachesize 0" appears to be extreme ...15:08
spiekeydo you think checkpoint 1 1 is ok?15:09
peterdvAgain, very extreme ...15:09
peterdvI run at default checkpoint and cachesize 1000000 - and try very hard to do a clean shutdown (at most times) :-)15:11
peterdvIn my setup, this gives me close to wire speed read performance ...15:12
spiekeywhat do you have as checkpoint?15:15
peterdvNothing. Ie. default.15:26
spiekeyok...if i add a new user to ldap and reset my box 15secs afterwards those changed are lost :-/15:47
peterdvIf you by reset mean powercycle - yes this is to be expected. If you do a "shutdown -r now" changes should persist.15:49
peterdvDisclaimer: My production machine uses the LDBM backend.15:50
spiekeyi am testing it by pressing the reset button, like a power failure15:51
peterdvIn that case - It does not have a chance :-)15:52
spiekeyit has 15 seconds to write!15:54
peterdvTrue, but chanches are that it does not even try - depending on the default value for checkpoint - which I do not recall (or have readily at hand ....15:55
peterdv... we try very hard to protect the LDAP server we write to, and try very hard to keep it running. It is considered core infrastructure. We are less sensitive about the ones we read from ...16:02
soneilsounds more like a task for a UPS, than a config option16:05
spiekeyi just want to cover as much as i can16:44
spiekeyof course the box will get a ups16:44
peterdvIf this is key requirement to you, investigate the LDBM backend - once upon a time it did seem to write directly to disc, I do not know its current status.16:48
spiekeyokay, thanks16:58
soneilIs there a write-up anywhere on why KVM was chosen over xen? All I'm finding on google is "a better fit for us"17:05
faulkes-soneil: best person to ask would be soren I imagine17:13
faulkes-!bug 11283917:14
ubotuLaunchpad bug 112839 in samba "I/O error on access to SMB shares of OS/2 Warp 4 host mounted in Ubuntu 7.04" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/11283917:14
faulkes-ok, at some point you just have to ask why and laugh a little bit17:14
spiekeywhat package do i need for ldbm? (Unrecognized database type (ldbm)17:39
faulkes-aptitude search ldbm17:40
faulkes-would likely be your best bet if it's in the repositories17:40
spiekeylibmldbm-perl ??17:40
faulkes-I couldn't say for sure17:41
spiekeyas far as i can tell the result does not show what i am lookig for ;)17:41
peterdvMea Culpa. It seems that the LDBM backend type has been deprecated in OpenLDAP 2.2 - it was deemed to "not work well" - we still run on an old Red Hat server (no flames please).17:52
sorensoneil: We chose kvm for a number of reasons.19:35
zulhey soren19:35
sorensoneil: One of the primary reasons was the fact that Xen i not in the mainline kernel.19:36
sorenzul: Hey, dude.19:36
sorensoneil: A lot of it really boils down to supportability.19:37
zulwhat xen not being easily supportable? ;)19:37
* soren looks up in the air19:38
Nafalloit is. we have zul :-)19:38
sorenOh, sure it is.</sarcasm>19:38
sorenzul is a scarce ressource. :)19:38
zulalso a bit of a masochist19:39
sorenClearly :)19:39
Nafallomasochists are fun :-)19:39
soneilsoren: thanks.  (something for me to look into when the hardware arrives, I guess)19:43
sorensoneil: Xen works with Ubuntu, though. We just don't give it nearly as much attention and Canonical won't be offering professional support for it.19:45
onesandzeroshello all.  Do any of you know if the ubuntu-server installer will let you install to a partition without formatting it?  kubuntu's won't.21:26
ScottKIt won't, IIRC.21:35
faulkes-onesandzeros: just leave the space unallocated and create the partition afterwards22:11
Kamping_Kaiserdebian-installer allows you to not reformat a partition (as long as it has a valid filesystem to start with)22:14

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