israfilhow do i do that00:00
Odd-rationalemysterycool: Install what you want. You can always remove.00:00
spudratic0musse click applications add remove programs00:00
nickrudElad: don't boot from the cd, we can't troubleshoot the install properly without running the install00:00
musseNickrud thanks, i want install Real player00:00
ompaulisrafil, minimise you can't do what you ask00:00
FourX4Luvnisrafil: Then don't close it, just minimize it00:00
inertialno idea why luks encryption might be causing me to get a kernel panic on boot?00:00
israfiloh, that sucks  :(00:00
IndyGunFreak!repositories > musse00:00
EladNickrud: If i boot from hd, its going to take me into xo, no?00:00
FourX4Luvninertial: Yeah, if you have encrypted LVM set up.00:00
maveriquecan somebody recommend me an good but not to expansive wifi card that works with ubuntu without any problems directly?00:00
nickrudElad: xo?00:00
IndyGunFreak!repositories > indygunfreak00:00
j_humphreyI installed KDE, and now i dont want it, is there an easy way to remove all the packages associated with it?00:00
FourX4Luvnmaverique: Intel based cards00:00
EladNickrud: I hvent created space for linux partiiton yet... I mean windows XP00:01
inertialFourX4Luvn: yep i do...00:01
maveriqueare they pci or usb?00:01
danand_maverique - see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/WirelessCardsSupported00:01
IndyGunFreak!synaptic > musse00:01
FourX4Luvnmaverique: They make both00:01
israfilum how do i get rid of the compiz flame00:01
XXerAnyone know how to set up a fserver trigger in XCHAT using obsidian2? The help file says to " [Obsidian²] To start serving with Obsidian+, first set a trigger, it's ID and a directory that will be accessible through that trigger:00:01
XXer [Obsidian²] /fs triggers add trigger_id1 my very own trigger /path/to/somewhere" this is what i did "/fs triggers add trigger_id1 Cartoons /media/500-1HD/Cartoons" and this is the msg I get back "[Obsidian²] Warning, requested triggerid all is not defined."00:01
arttiI just made apt-get update, but my ubuntu version did't update00:01
IndyGunFreakmusse: realplayer is easy to install, have you tried following the instructions on their site?00:01
inertialFourX4Luvn: have i completely lost my encrypted partition?00:01
nickrudElad: ah, I thought you had an install already done, from the alternate cd.00:01
mussenot yet00:01
j_humphreyI installed KDE, and now i dont want it, is there an easy way to remove all the packages associated with it?00:02
FourX4Luvninertial: I dealt with the same thing a while back, but now I forget what I ended up doing... Have you tried googling for "luks kernel panic"00:02
maveriquei remember i once seen a MSI PCI wifi card that said it had linux drivers00:02
Odd-rationalej_humphrey: yes. one moment. let me get link00:02
j_humphreythanks odd-rationale00:02
rmorganmaverique: several makes work well natively and with ndiswrapper00:02
leniwyhi all. how can i improve the appearance of the greek fonts in firefox?00:02
IndyGunFreakmusse: well, thats a better start.. because software can be installed in many, many ways, but if you cna, its best to stay with whats in the repositories/package manager00:02
EladNickrud: Nope im actually trying to install now.. I'm  back at: * Running local boot scripts (/etc/rc.local) [OK]00:02
inertialFourX4Luvn: i was having trobule finding anything about the exact error message that was relevant but i'll try less specific searches..00:02
TetracommWhen I hibernate in KDE, I can't hear any sound when I resume. Help?00:03
EladNickrud: after that line it just sits there with the blinking underscore character00:03
abshifflj_humphrey you should be able to use apt-get autoremove00:03
FourX4Luvninertial: Unfortunately that's all I can help you with.. Just do lots of searches.. it's what I had to do.00:03
IndyGunFreakTetracomm: don't hibernate? :)00:03
astro76artti: update only updates the package info, upgrade updates packages, and dist-upgrade upgrades to the next ubuntu version00:03
nickrudElad: You need to install from the alternate cd, the 8800gt is not suppported by the gutsy video drivers. You have to use the alternate cd, and then do some manual config00:03
j_humphreyabshiffl, how do i use it?00:03
danand_artti - apt-get update just updates the list of packages available for install/upgrade - it does not actually update any of the packages on your system. you need to sudo apt-get update and then sudo apt-get upgrade00:03
Odd-rationalej_humphrey: http://psychocats.net/ubuntu/puregnome00:03
abshifflI belive the package for the kde desktop is just kde-desktop00:03
musseIndyGunFreak thanks man i will try now00:03
abshifflso you would use00:03
astro76artti: so an upgrade to the next ubuntu version would be apt-get update && apt-get upgrade && apt-get dist-upgrade00:03
inertialFourX4Luvn: ok.. you got your data back though? there's light at the end of the tunnel?00:03
j_humphreyok thanks00:03
abshiffl sudo apt-get autoremove kde-desktop00:04
FourX4Luvninertial: Yes, there is light as long as you have not forgotten your passphrase00:04
EladNickrud: can i download the alternate from ubuntu.com?00:04
inertialFourX4Luvn: thanks for the reassurance.. i'll see what i can find00:04
nickrudElad: releases.ubuntu.com/7.1000:04
arttiastro76: i will try that00:04
nickrudElad: sorry for assuming too much :)00:04
inertialFourX4Luvn: come to think of it i think this happened right after ubuntu did a kernel update..00:05
spudratic0adjusting sound properties in gusty how is this done?00:05
EladNickrud: downloading the alternate now,   I will be back in a few for your help :P00:05
arttii hope that ubuntu upgrade don't take much space00:05
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MimiExuse me can someone help me with Making a shortcut on my desktop for WoW?00:05
FourX4Luvninertial: That's actually reassuring.. Try booting from the old kernel (hit esc at the grub boot screen)00:05
rbs-titofophillips: Did you get your clock working?00:05
IndyGunFreakMimi: it should be pretty easy..00:06
fophillipsrbs-tito: Yep.00:06
inertialFourX4Luvn: the old one isn't listed00:06
nickrudElad: I'm off line in about 45 minutes, here's a link that has reliable info: http://ubuntuforums.org/showpost.php?p=3740479&postcount=500:06
MimiIndyGunFreak, <-female second day on linux " Everything is hard for me "00:06
j_humphreywhen i use i use enlightenment under gnome, does it take the place of compiz-beryl?00:06
IndyGunFreakMimi: ok., well..., how do you usually start it?00:06
nickrudElad: that is, it's repeated in various places, and more people than not said it Worked for Them.00:07
abshifflWhen I installed, I set aside a few partitions for music, photos, and backup storage space.  Each partition is mounted /music ,/photos , /backup etc and belongs to root.  How can I adjust those permissions? :(00:07
FourX4Luvnj_humphrey: Yes00:07
nickrudabshiffl:   chown username:username /music , for example00:07
rbs-titofop hillip s: that's good00:07
arttiAfter upgrading to 7.10 how much space that should take? Less than 2GB?00:07
nickrudabshiffl: that'll make that user able to read/write there00:07
nickrudabshiffl: you'll need sudo, forgot to prepend that00:08
MimiIndyGunFreak, Applications/Wine/Browse C: Drive Then i go to Program file and is there00:08
Eladnickrud: thanks doesnt seem too hard00:08
FourX4Luvnartti: Are you talking how much space is needed total, or just how much will the install grow from the upgrade?00:08
leniwynickrud: how can i improve the appearance of the greek fonts in firefox00:08
IndyGunFreakMimi: ok.00:08
abshifflnickrud: figured as much :P Thanks00:08
nickrudleniwy: not sure, mostly a matter of finding good looking free greek fonts I'd guess. I've never messed with them00:09
ompaulleniwy, have a look at this: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FontInstallHowto00:09
arttiFourX4Luwn: I think how much install grow from upgrade.00:09
IndyGunFreakMimi: ok... right click your desktop.. choose create launcher, then hte dropdown bar should be application, then command, should be "wine "/path/to/file.exe"00:09
IndyGunFreakthen choose an icon00:09
FourX4Luvnartti: Ok.. Not sure exactly, it depends on what packages you have installed of course, but yes it's much less than 2GB.  CLoser to 200MB or so if I had to venture a guess.00:09
nickrudompaul: hey, that looks like a good link to fonts. I've always wanted to fill out my utf-800:10
maveriqueok well i will now freez the wifi problem00:10
ompaulnickrud, ;-)00:10
abshifflnickrud: what does the syntax for that statement actually do, I know chown is chmod command but not sure about the username:username part00:10
maveriquemy father will have to live with it that i put a cable now down :P00:10
ompaulnickrud, !font does that00:10
nickrudabshiffl: the first username is the owner, the second is the group00:10
ubotuFont installation basics here: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FontInstallHowto - No fonts in Flash? Install "msttcorefonts" (from !Multiverse), "gsfonts", and "gsfonts-x11". No fonts in MPlayer? see !MPlayer00:10
FourX4Luvnabshiffl: chown = CHange OWNership00:10
abshifflthanks guys00:10
arttiFourX4Luvn: I have on hard disk space only ~7.5 GB00:10
ompaulpici can you work on that and make it /msg cheers ^^00:11
abshifflIf there are no groups set is the 2nd parameter needed?00:11
FourX4Luvnabshiffl: Bah.. I misread your question.. sorry.  No, you don't need to add the groups part if it's not needed.  Wuld be simply "chown username /music"00:12
abshifflthanks again00:12
maveriquecan somebody tell if there is a key command for switching the workspaces?00:12
MimiIndyGunFreak, Details: Failed to execute child process ".wine/drive_c/Program" (No such file or directory)00:12
bruenigMimi: you didn't escape the spaces00:13
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farruinnmaverique: ctl-alt-[arrow key]00:13
nickrudmaverique: clt-alt-right/left arrow00:13
IndyGunFreakMimi: you didn't put the complete path most likely.00:13
IndyGunFreakMimi: type this w/o quotes... "/join #indygunfreak"00:13
bruenighe did, but he did Program Files instead of Program\ Files00:13
Thanatos3762It looks like you guys are talking about the workspace manager. I think it is really slick, anyone have any tips on making it even cooler?00:14
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SnurglewozzleHello, Ubuntu friends!00:14
=== Subversion is now known as Sublimation
FourX4LuvnMimi: Check what bruenig wrote.  That's your problem00:14
snkmadanyone knows if theres a wine 0.9.55 for gutsy? only saw the package for hardy00:15
arttiSnurgleWozzle: How long have you been Ubuntu user?00:15
NecrodrakoHello, Im using 7.10 and i was wondering if theres a way to use 2 programs with one soundcard (skype and amarok)00:15
Snurglewozzleartii: a fair while.00:15
IndyGunFreakbruenig: no, she didn't put /home/whatever/00:15
neil_dhi, I have installed 7.10 with the 'encrypted LVM' does anyone know what encryption it uses ?00:16
IndyGunFreaki think it was several errors.00:16
leniwyompaul: thanks for your help. i installed the package msttcorefonts and now the greek fonts looks perfect in firefox00:16
arttiSnurglewozzle: I'm ubuntu user about 2.5 days. :)00:16
ompaulleniwy, glad it worked for you00:16
Snurglewozzleartti: you need help? I'm your man...00:16
blbrowngeneral question; is there some amount of memory you keep free for smooth operation.  E.g. I am using 800 MB of ram right now and I have 2.5 gigs total.  I was thinking about going all the way to 4 just to be safe00:17
neil_dartti: thats good what where you using before ?00:17
Mark_MillimanHow can I remove a package that apt-get believes is installed but dpkg can't find?00:17
NecrodrakoHello, Im using 7.10 and i was wondering if theres a way to use 2 programs with one soundcard (skype and amarok)00:17
arttiSnurglewozzle: Currently i don't need help. I'm upgrading ubuntu from 4.10 to 5.0400:17
ompaulblbrown, for "normal" desktop stuff it should be good00:17
SnurglewozzleWhy not all the way up to 7.10?00:17
astro76Mark_Milliman: apt-get remove00:17
arttineil_d: Before i used Windows XP Professional.00:17
blbrownompaul: I do development with tools like Eclipse.  250 MB right now for eclipse00:18
Mark_Millimanthanks astro7600:18
ompaulblbrown, the linux kernel "pre wires" lots of ram so if it is only using 800 it is fine - when you see yourself swapping then buy more ram00:18
arttiSnurglewozzle: Can't upgrade right there. Step-by-step.00:18
mysterycoolhow can i install qemu?00:18
=== B-rabbit is now known as lil-dude
arttiSnurglewozzle: Or can i?00:19
j_humphreydoes anyone know of some documentation/thread about how to set up a simple home server?00:19
FourX4Luvn"sudo apt-get install qemu" doesn't work?00:19
FourX4Luvnmysterycool:  "sudo apt-get install qemu" doesn't work?00:19
ompaul!upgrade | artti00:19
ubotuartti: For upgrading, see the instructions at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UpgradeNotes00:19
Mark_Millimanastro76, i did the remove then install but apt-get told me that policykit was already installed00:19
neil_dj_humphrey: do you want external access ?00:20
SnurglewozzleUmm...  no, I think you're right .  Step by step.  How'd you miss so many releases?00:20
j_humphreyneil_d, yeah00:20
arttiubotu: i have readed many times.00:20
mysterycoolFourX4Luvn: ty :D00:20
FourX4Luvnmysterycool: Welcome00:20
iceswordgood morning00:20
snkmadanyone knows if theres a wine 0.9.55 for gutsy? only saw the package for hardy00:20
kibbhas anyone else got this problem? https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu-website/+bug/10239400:21
FourX4LuvnMorning??  Someone's on the wrong side of the pond  ;-)00:21
neil_dj_humphrey: I don't know of a simple howto on that.   Seting up a server is easy, the problem is in getting others to access you IP, do you have a statis IP address ?00:21
j_humphreyneil_d, im not sure00:21
ryuoi'm testing my laptops RAM, and 2 of the addresses so far have some up as "failing" any ideas what i should do?00:21
raelIhave gdesklets and it mmeory leaks after awhile so I would like to use cron to stop and restart it..say every 2 hours, and have it stop and the restart aminute later. I'm not sure exactly what command to use00:21
EladNickrud: Still here?00:21
arttiSnurglewozzle: My computer was very slow with windows and i had so little free space on disk. My friend gave me Ubuntu 4.10 Live CD and Install CD.00:21
nickrudElad: yep00:21
EladNickrud: I got the gui running off live cd00:21
neil_dj_humphrey: how do you connect to the inter-net00:21
FourX4Luvnrael: 'crontab -e'  I believe it's pretty well commented00:21
kibbim getting white text on most webpages makes it unreadable unless the whole page is selected00:22
Snurglewozzleartii: I see.00:22
nickrudElad: good, I'd not heard of it being done. What did you do?00:22
bAndie91hi all00:22
ompaulartti, that is pretty old and no longer supported - if you used any "helper" tools to do any codec stuff you can be pretty sure your install will break during the upgrade, one leap at a time - for the upgrade you would have downloaded many isos and burnt them by the time you get to upgrade each distro level and if it breaks badly on you - you need to reinstall the disk you have, pretty horrific methinks00:22
astro76artti: you're running 4.10 now?00:22
Snurglewozzleartti: which country do you live in?00:22
bAndie91whats the theme?00:22
arttiSnurglewozzle: Estonia.00:22
j_humphreyneil_d, wifi through a router/modem, to cable00:22
arttiastro76: Yes. Currently doing apt-get upgrade00:22
iceswordsnkmad, u want the latest wine,u need to compile it uself00:23
nickrudartti: if those are pressed disks, keep them. They are collector's items00:23
EladNickrud: , I chose start ubuntu safe mode hit f4 changed res to 800x600, hit f6 change cmd line to nosplash and at the end of the line added noapic00:23
kibbdefault ultimate ubuntu originally it had a black background for most things but from the start white pages didnt show text00:23
arttiompaul: I can't burn on CD.00:23
Snurglewozzleartti: I understand.  I take it your internet connection is dialup?00:23
nickrudElad: ok00:23
j0hng4ltcan someone tell me how to make a directory that I can save to without being su?00:23
snkmadicesword well i always used the .deb package others have provided00:23
kibbi've changed it a few times since then the problem remains00:23
arttiSnurglewozzle: wifi00:23
Snurglewozzleartti: how fast?00:23
Snurglewozzleartti: how fast?00:23
ompaulartti, ask your friend to do it for you00:23
kibbim pretty sure if i can find where to change text colours i can fix it00:23
FourX4Luvnj0hng4lt: 'mkdir ~/mystuff'00:23
iceswordsnkmad, what i mean is compile from source code00:23
EladNickrud: I have XP on my hd I want to keep it on there to, I'm at the preare disk space window, I want to partition the disk with the manual option, correct?00:24
neil_dj_humphrey: ok, does the router/modem get turned off regular ?00:24
j_humphreyniel_d never00:24
snkmadicesword i know, but theres the latest package compiled already, but its for hardy, not gutsy00:24
arttiSnurglewozzle: Currently it shows 60kb/s00:24
jacob_FourX4Luvn how do i use vnc?00:24
Snurglewozzleartti: ok, that's reasonably fast.  Any reason you didn't just download 7.10 and wipe your disk clean -- start from scratch?00:24
kibbi can change the font in Appearance Preferences but not the default colour00:24
nickrudElad: yes, you'll want to resize the windows partition. But, before you do that defrag the windows disk, and backup00:24
iceswordsnkmad, why not manage it youself00:24
astro76artti: with all the downloading the many upgrades would need to do, if you can even upgrade from that old anymore.. you'd be better off downloading the latest iso00:25
arttiompaul: I think that i should ask.00:25
unagianyone know why alt +f4 would stop closing windows other than the obvious keyboard shortcuts?00:25
jacob_FourX4Luvn what server should i use?00:25
Snurglewozzlejacob_: use synaptic and search for tightvnc00:25
arttiSnurglewozzle: And what i do, when i only latest?00:25
j0hng4ltthx - made the dir - how do I set permissions?00:25
FourX4Luvnjacob_: Oh.. you mean the service or user-mode?00:25
EladNickrud: I defragged yesterday and backup'ed all my main files today.00:25
nickrudElad: smart00:26
jacob_i downloaded the linux version and I runned vncviewer00:26
EladNickrud: I need to create a new partition table?00:26
Snurglewozzleartti: I am suggesting that, if you have nothing important to save on your hard drive -- things that can't be backed up -- that you simply download 7.10, burn a CD, and start from that release.00:26
arttiSnurglewozzle: I can't burn on CD.00:26
arttiSnurglewozzle: i have nothing to backup either.00:26
Snurglewozzleartti: I see.  None of your friends have a CD burner?00:26
Elador edit my ntfs partition first00:26
nickrudElad: it will be automatically changed when you do the install, resizing windows and assigning partitions00:26
j0hng4ltonly su can save to this folder, how can I make it where I can save to it from a program like quanta+ ?00:27
DG19075or if you can, burn the DVD image- less updates needed00:27
arttiSnurglewozzle: My friends have.00:27
Snurglewozzlehow about a USB thumb drive that's got 1GB of memory?00:27
neil_dj_humphrey: ok, does the router/modem get turned off regular ?00:27
lyteSnurglewozzle artti: i believe if you find the right form on ubuntu.com you can still have a cd posted out...00:27
EladNickrud: dont i need to specify how much space to give the partition tho?00:27
j_humphreysnurglewozzle, you have to do it in linux, you cant burn iso images in windows00:27
j0hng4ltwould I use chown?00:27
j_humphreyneil_d. never00:27
SnurglewozzleIt'll save you a lot of trouble to simply create a new 7.10 LiveCD and start fresh from there.00:27
mysterycooli downloaded ReactOS and i wanna make a virtual machine in order to run ReactOS without needed to make partitions on my hard disk. how can I do that?00:27
FourX4Luvnj0hng4lt: You can save to anything in your home directory.. if you can't you have an ownership problem.. fixable with 'sudo chown -R username:usergroup /home/username'00:27
EladNickrud: as of now the entire hd is a ntfs partition00:27
arttiSnurglewozzle: But i see my friends after 30 hours.00:28
j0hng4ltthis is not in home, it is in /var/www/DIRECTORIES/00:28
ubotuTOR is a project aiming to provide anonymous connections via specialized !proxies - See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/TOR for information and help - Note that TOR is blocked on most Ubuntu IRC channels, please see !hostmask and !tor-gpg00:28
nickrudElad: it's a gui tool, try it. If you knew to edit your grub boot line, you will have no problem understanding the partitioning gui00:28
lytemysterycool: just use virtualbox, create a vdi image which is a file on your real hdd representing the "fake" hdd00:28
Thanatos3762Anyone know how to keep my processor speed from drawing down on idle?00:28
Odd-rationaleartti: Have you considered unetbootin?00:28
j0hng4ltthanatos, y play aao?00:29
DG19075j_humphrey: there's an app called BurnCDCC which works very well in Windows to burn .iso images www. terabyteunlimited.com00:29
nickrudElad: the new partition table will not be written without your explicit permission00:29
j0hng4ltu play aao?00:29
FourX4Luvnj0hng4lt: All you asked, that I saw, was how to make a directory you could save stuff to.  If you state the actual problem, perhaps someone could help you.00:29
arttiOdd-rationale: Tried several times to do that.00:29
j_humphreyneil_d, i never turn it off00:29
Thanatos3762j0hng4lt> what?00:29
Snurglewozzleartti: then I recommend you burn a 7.10 cd at your friend's house.00:29
MC_Lightninghttp://www.alsa-project.org/main/index.php/Matrix:Module-ca0106 i've installed this and still no multichannel sound :00:29
MC_Lightningcan anyone help me?00:29
arttiOdd-rationale: But it didn't found dnsmasq.conf00:29
EladNickrud: the solution I came up with was was in the forums you linked me :P00:30
smayes3Hi... I have somehow misconfigured usplash.. I now get only text after the grub menu.. no usplash ... same on shut down... I've tried reinstalling various packages and reconfiguring as well .. no luck... any geniuses here able to help me figure this out?00:30
j0hng4ltOkay, actual problem: I have a new apache install that has assigned localhost to /var/www, and I want to use it for testing php I write in quanta+.  quanta says I do not have permission to save to that folder...  How can I correct this?00:30
arttiSnurglewozzle: I will do that.00:30
j_humphreymc_lightning, dont ask to ask, just ask00:30
BodomLawim getting poor dl speeds on utorrent from a private site i need some help00:30
spaghetti_knifeHow do I check which version of ubuntu I'm using?00:30
Bodsdahey, does anyone here have any knowledge of gvba? im getting really low speeds out of it, and cant find a way to increase them00:30
nickrudspaghetti_knife:   lsb_release -a    in a terminal00:30
gold44what's in the ubuntu dvd? where can i get a list of packages on the dvd?00:30
spudratic0is there a way to boost audio from the sound card tried all the sliders at 65% of volume I can barely hear it when in windows I could hear it at 15or 20 % any suggestions on reading as really can't read the irc screen that well it's me that can't see that well and would like some reading material so I can magniphy it thanks00:31
lytej0hng4lt: best practise would be to (as root) set the owner of that directory to your user and the group as the apache user00:31
lytes group00:31
neil_dj_humphrey: OK, there are two ways this can be done, you can register with a free DNS provider, to get a name like http://jow.dyndns.org (or many others) or you can use http://273.132,12,11, you will also need to alter the config of the modem/router so it knows to which computer to seed accesses to port 80 and 443 to.00:31
FourX4Luvnj0hng4lt: Ok.. 'sudo chown -R username:usergroup /var/www'00:31
MC_Lightninghow do i enable surround sound?00:31
Ferilad hello. i downloaded ubuntu from the website and burned it to a CD, but i can't boot it. can you guys tell me what should i do?00:31
j0hng4ltlyte: thx and how?00:31
MC_Lightningi have a sound blaster live 24 bit 7.100:31
astro76j0hng4lt: check first it might be set up with a group owner already, ls -ld /var/www00:31
pan_<spudratic0> try the pcm00:31
MC_Lightningand i only get sound from the front channels00:31
lytej0hng4lt: with the command FourX4Luvn gave you00:31
khaotikis there a way to watch Internet television using Ubuntu??00:31
gold44how to convert flash video to audio mp3?00:31
DranDane_How can I repear or create a new boot sector from the liveCD of ubuntu ?00:31
j0hng4ltastro76: it is root root00:31
Dr_Williskhaotik,  depends on what site is showing what, and how its showing it..00:32
smayes3Ferilad: make sure your BIOS is set to allo a boot from the CD Drive and also make sure the CD burned perfectly ... not too fast00:32
astro76j0hng4lt: make it root:www-data00:32
spudratic0pan lol whats the pcm and how do I get to it or better yet a page that explains it thanks00:32
isthisnickvalidHi people!00:32
Thanatos3762hello person00:32
astro76j0hng4lt: then make yourself a member of that group00:32
j0hng4ltokay now it is jason jason00:32
IndyGunFreakisthisnickvalid: no its not.. :)00:32
MC_Lightninghow can i enable multi-channel sound in ubuntu? i have a sound blaster live 24 bit and i only get sound from the front channels..00:33
spaghetti_knifeI'm wondering: do I have to open the feisty and edgy repositories if I'm installing tor on gutsy? Here's the link to the source of my confusion: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/TOR00:33
j0hng4ltastro, okay, how to add to that group?00:33
BodomLawim getting poor dl speeds on utorrent from a private site i need some help00:33
isthisnickvalidI have a Dell inspiron 1520 with windows vista and it has 4 partitions (with factory stuff, such as Dell Media Direct) I don't want to delete any of it, is there any safe way to install ubuntu? Will Grub work well with vista?00:33
FourX4Luvnj0hng4lt: edit /etc/groups and add your username after the entry for www-data00:33
IndyGunFreakBodomLaw: does everything else download good?00:33
astro76j0hng4lt: it's pointless if you make it owned by jason:jason00:33
FourX4Luvnj0hng4lt: You'll have to log out and back in for the changes to be seen00:33
Feriladsmayes3: yeah i did set it up as you said but instead of booting it just flashes back to XP welcome screen. (I burned my disc in 8x)00:33
isthisnickvalidI've been reading but 4 partitions are master and it says I have to delete one of them...00:34
jacob_FourX4Luvn i runned vncviewer for linux, what do i type in into the vnc server?00:34
j0hng4ltI made it owned by jason jason and it worked, but you say that is not the best way to do it?00:34
BodomLawit deos00:34
MC_Lightninghow can i enable multi-channel sound in ubuntu? i have a sound blaster live 24 bit and i only get sound from the front channels..00:34
Dr_WillisBodomLaw,  you may want to check the wine forums/guides - i also recall the utorrent web site having some forums on using it with wine00:34
BodomLawmy port is fowarded00:34
IndyGunFreakisthisnickvalid: grub will wrk with vista fine... i've never heard of needing to delete a partition.00:34
DranDane_How can I repear or create a new boot sector from the liveCD of ubuntu ?00:34
FourX4Luvnjacob_: The server is Windows, right?00:34
heartsbloodwhat do you call those programs that seem to float ontop of a persons desktop?  widgets?00:34
IndyGunFreakheartsblood: yes00:34
Dr_Willisheartsblood,  widgets, desklets, applets,  gdesklets00:34
IndyGunFreak!gdesklets | heartsblood00:35
ubotuheartsblood: gDesklets provides an advanced architecture for desktop applets -- tiny displays sitting on your desktop in a symbiotic relationship of eye candy and usefulness. Homepage is http://gdesklets.gnomedesktop.org/00:35
yolucaBodomLaw are you using utorrent via wine ?00:35
neil_dIndyGunFreak: he will if all four are masters and he wants another partition for ubuntu00:35
spudratic0thanks all and pan I think you gave me enought to go on thank you00:35
BodomLawyes i am00:35
LjLj0hng4lt: i'm not entirely sure why ubuntu comes with /var/www owner by root:root by default... but what you should do, i think, is make it owned by root:www-data, and add your user to the www-data group00:35
=== thebest_ is now known as dasickis
FourX4Luvnneil_d: You mean 'primary' :)00:35
MC_Lightninghow can i enable multi-channel sound in ubuntu? i have a sound blaster live 24 bit and i only get sound from the front channels..00:35
DranDane_What is the difference between the ext2 and ext3 partition type ?00:35
yolucaBodomLaw ok, did you tried qbittorent ?00:35
neil_dFourX4Luvn: yes.00:35
IndyGunFreakneil_d: may be, i really don't know.. i dont' dual boot, but doesn't make much sense00:35
IndyGunFreakto have 4 masters00:35
FourX4LuvnDranDane_: ext3 is ext2 with journaling.. basically00:35
Dr_WillisDranDane_,  ext3 has a journel and so is a little more reliable.00:35
nickrudLjL: other way, www-data:root is correct, for allowing apache to write to /var/www (like with drupal or others)00:36
dasickisIs there a command that can tell you a person's wireless interface?00:36
dasickisI need it for an app I'm developing00:36
BodomLawno i havent00:36
DranDane_Thank you.00:36
BodomLawshould i00:36
dasickisfor any given ubuntu computer or is it default to eth1?00:36
LjLj0hng4lt: see nickrud00:36
GuyFromHellwhich package contains modules (for wireless cards)00:36
MC_Lightninghow can i enable multi-channel sound in ubuntu? i have a sound blaster live 24 bit and i only get sound from the front channels..00:36
yolucaBodomLaw my fav one00:36
dasickisI tried googling a number of things nothing showed up00:36
BodomLawk ill try00:36
dasickisthat worked00:37
FourX4Luvnjacob_: The server is Windows, right?00:37
BodomLawcan i sudo apt it?00:37
neil_dIndyGunFreak: its a limit of the partitioning system (thanks to MS). if you want more than four partitions a primary has to be split into secondary partitions.00:37
schillingcan anyone help me with ubuntu 7.10 and hamachi00:37
BodomLawapt-get watever00:37
spaghetti_knifeAnyone try installing tor on gutsy?00:37
yolucaBodomLaw if you add the repos to your source list , then yes00:37
astro76nickrud: in that case how is his user going to be able to write being a www-data group member?00:37
neil_dj_humphrey: you still there ?00:37
IndyGunFreakneil_d: i see, never dealt with that one before.00:37
LjLBodomLaw: which app?00:37
Feriladdo i need anything extra other than the ISO in order to install ubuntu on a PC?00:38
FourX4Luvnspaghetti_knife: http://www.ubuntugeek.com/how-to-install-tor-with-vidalia-gui-on-ubuntu.html00:38
LjLastro76: uhm you have a point too. is apache running as root to begin with, or www-data?00:38
j_humphreyneil_d, im still here, i was just setting up my dns00:38
Dr_WillisFerilad,  well you need to burn the iso to a cd properly.00:38
Dr_WillisFerilad,  or use some other method to install.00:38
LjLi'll answer my own question... www-data. but i don't know about the group00:38
nickrudastro76: the idea behind the www-data owner is about allowing apache to write to /var/www , not about users. Usuall 755 permissions, no group write00:39
arttiHere, in Estonia time is 2:38 AM. :P00:39
neil_dj_humphrey: how did it go.00:39
j_humphreyneil_d, it went well00:39
Syxxdoes anyone know another why to install Steam without Win-Doors00:39
iceswordartti, do not know where is it00:39
LjLnickrud: well so if he wants to write himself, www-data:www-data should do?00:40
nickrudastro76: I just sudo copy stuff in, then change only the dirs that I need apache to write to. I got really freaky once and wrote acl's for /var/www, but that was overkill00:40
arttiicesword: near Finland00:40
neil_dj_humphrey: do you know how to change the config of you modem ?00:40
snkmadSyxx msiexec /i steaminstall.msi00:40
arttiicesword: next to Russia00:40
j_humphreyneil_d, yeah00:40
dasickisj_humphrey: Is there a command that can tell you a person's wireless interface?00:40
iceswordartti, yeah00:40
nickrudLjL: yes, if the dirs get the right perms on them00:40
dasickisj_humphrey: I need it for an app I'm developing00:40
LjLnickrud: well a setuid group might help i suppose00:40
arttiicesword: And where are you from?00:41
iceswordartti, u guess00:41
j_humphreydasickis, i dont know what you're talking about00:41
M-Nagatodoes anyone know why flashing windows would lag wine (i don't know if it's specific to wine, but it happens when playing world of warcraft)? it does it even in window mode00:41
Syxxwhat is that Snkmad00:41
arttiicesword: america, england?00:41
snkmadSyxx its wine00:41
iceswordartti, why u guess that,there are so many countries00:42
Syxxis it a command line00:42
FourX4LuvnOk guys.. I have a problem.  I do lots of work with remote X.  Running several X servers on my workstation and running remote apps from several different computers.. All this wasn't a problem until I was tasked with doing the same thing with a Mac OS X machine.  I can't seem to find any information where the Mac is the one serving the applications.  Anyone have any resources they could point me to?00:42
dasickisj_humphrey: Is there a command that allows you to find out a person's interface?00:42
dasickisj_humphrey: like mine is eth1 but is it different on different PCs00:43
dasickisj_humphrey: or is it always eth1?00:43
arttiicesword: Yeah, there's Vatikan but it is so small. You probrably won't live there.00:43
DranDane_How can I repear or create a new boot sector ?00:43
j_humphreydasickis, i have no idea, im just trying to set up a server00:43
neil_dj_humphrey: let me know when you get that right, who did you setup the DNS with ?00:43
heartsbloodIndyGunFreak, I checked gdesklets site and it doesn't seem like they have very many desklets.  I was wondering if you had ever seen a widget that would work with evolution, specifically the daily/weekly events.00:43
dasickiso ok00:43
FourX4Luvndasickis: No, it's different depending on their setup.  What if you just prompt the usr to enter the information themselves?00:43
j_humphreyneil_d, i set it up with dynedns00:43
iceswordartti, right click on my name ,see00:43
SyxxSnkmad the is what i get00:43
arttiiceswrod: Maybe you live in China? Japan?00:44
dasickisFourX4Luvn: I'm trying to create an app so that they just run it00:44
arttiicesword: Country unknown.00:44
dasickisFourX4Luvn:  I was thinking to do an ifconfig and find the second interface00:44
GuyFromHellnevermind, a make uninstall on the iwl4965 folder fixed my problem...00:44
israfilwhats a good IDE C++ for linux/ubuntu00:44
iceswordartti, then whois my ip00:44
dasickisFourX4Luvn: Basically I need something to figure out all the wireless networks they can see00:44
FourX4Luvndasickis: Then perhaps write it to take the interface as an argument.  The wireless interface is not always second.  It may be first, it may be third.00:44
thegothguyhey i have an ubuntu install problem00:45
dasickisFourX4Luvn: Basically the same way networkmanager does00:45
prince_jammysdasickis: see if you can somehow use the output of --> ip addr show00:45
astro76israfil: kdevelop, anjuta00:45
dasickisFourX4Luvn: that's what i thought00:45
dasickisprince_jammys: i'll try now00:45
prince_jammysdasickis: there's bound to be something more efficient00:45
speeddemon8804!linksys > speeddemon880300:45
FourX4Luvndasickis: That's all I can t hink of myself, because there's no telling where it will be detected.. Or even which one would be the right one (for instance if they have two wireless interfaces).00:46
israfilkdevelop is that for kde?00:46
dasickisFourX4Luvn: So how should I consult the user to find their wireless interface?00:46
Syxxsnkmad you there00:46
thegothguyim trying to install to an externa hd and my install gets between 15% to 78% and stops responding any sugguestions?00:46
arttiicesword: WhoIs doesn't give me any country name.00:46
neil_dj_humphrey: do you want automatic update of the DNS when your IP changes, or will you do it manually ?00:46
FourX4Luvndasickis: Well, it depends on how you want to write the program.  you could write it to take the interface as an argument on the command line.. Or have it prompt them at the right time.. Or write a preferences panel...00:47
Liono_need help. stuck for an hour00:47
iceswordartti, then u go to some whois site,like u google whois,then use that whois my ip00:48
FourX4Luvnartti: You're on the right track though.. Try traceroute :)00:48
Liono_i need a script that runs on boot. and soon after kde lauches and desktop is visible, it locks screen. 2. i need the script to lock screen 'after every 30 minuts of unlock'    is this right :?00:48
Liono_  activate screen "DISPLAY=:0.0 kdesktop_lock --forceunlock"00:48
Liono_  set timeout "at now +60min 'kdesktop_lock --forcelock'"00:48
Syxxcan someone help me with installing Steam00:48
j_humphreyneil_d, i'll do it automatically00:48
j_humphreyneil_d, but i dont have access to opening ports on the modem, so i think its futile to try it now00:49
SnurglewozzleBe back later, my friends.00:49
arttiFourX4Luvn: Traceroute doesn't have affect.00:49
eradicushi i'm getting  error: linux/module.h: No such file or directory while compiling a module, i have the complete kernel headers and sources, what could be the problem?00:49
iceswordartti, i am in china00:50
FourX4Luvnack!  what the heck kind of Linux distro doesn't install traceroute by default?00:50
crimsun_FourX4Luvn: use tracepath instead.00:50
FourX4Luvninteresting.. When did that become the norm?00:51
eradicusFourX4Luvn, ubuntu00:51
FourX4Luvneradicus: Thank you.  :-P00:51
smayes3Ferilad: disable all other boot sources in the BIOS other than the CD Drive00:51
BodomLawso um qbittorent got even worse speeds00:51
FourX4Luvncrimsun_: Thanks00:51
FourX4Luvnartti: Best guess.. he's from somewhere near Hanoi00:52
crimsun_FourX4Luvn: if you /must/ have traceroute, there're the paris-traceroute, tcptraceroute, traceproto, traceroute-nanog, and mtr packages to consider.00:52
crimsun_FourX4Luvn: of those, likely traceroute-nanog is your better bet.00:53
FourX4Luvncrimsun_: No.. tracepath works fine.. I just have never heard of it.. I cut my teeth on traceroute and that's all I've ever used.00:53
Eladjesus i cant find bootcamp anywhere00:53
FourX4LuvnElad: Try Paris Island00:53
arttiFourX4Luvn: Hanoi? Capital of Vietnam?00:53
eradicushi i'm getting  error: linux/module.h: No such file or directory while compiling a module, i have the complete kernel headers and sources, what could be the problem? anyone who encountered the same?00:54
FourX4Luvnartti: Well, tracepath shows it routing through Hanoi just a couple hops away from you.00:54
FourX4Luvnartti: Err.. not you... icesword00:54
neil_dj_humphrey: ok, you will need to install something to do that for you (dhclient I think), I will try and find it for you.00:54
j_humphreyeradicus:: http://ubuntuforums.org/archive/index.php/t-147364.html00:55
j_humphreyneil_d, no, i dont have access on my router firewall00:55
iceswordFourX4Luvn, what?00:55
arttiHuh... my upgrade will finish in few minutes.00:55
BodomLawim getting poor dl speeds on utorrent from a private site i need some help00:56
FourX4LuvnOh my... I was trying to help artti guess where you're at, icesword00:56
neil_dj_humphrey: that fairly much stops you, do you think you will be able to get it though.00:56
FourX4Luvnicesword: By using comonly available network tools00:56
iceswordFourX4Luvn, u are not hacking ,are u00:57
arttiFourX4Luvn: And you are from?00:57
pros977Ok, I'm trying to execute a command over SSH. dpkg --reconfigure -a00:57
FourX4Luvnicesword: All I did was a 'whois' and a 'tracepath' on your IP, icesword00:57
pros977Now, when that is run over ssh, there is a yes-no prompt00:57
pros977How can I run a command over ssh and answer a prompt like that00:58
smayes3Hey Linux Wizards ..after running sudo dpkg-reconfigure linux-image-`uname -r` I see that when it searches for a splash image it finds NONE .... how do I get those back ... I'm trying to get my Ubuntu usplash back. ????00:58
prince_jammyswhois didn't work?00:58
pros977I'm using ssh ip_address 'command'00:58
Syxxcan someone help me install Steam00:58
j_humphreyneil_d, i don't think so, unless I want to crack the password :P00:58
cwillupros977, -t i think?00:58
iceswordartti, fourx4luvn i s in usa00:58
cwillupros977, or just log in and run the command after00:58
* FourX4Luvn nods00:58
BodomLawmy bittorrent speeds suck help me out pleas00:58
BodomLawim using utorrent with wine00:58
cwillupros977, ssh -t should do it00:59
IndyGunFreakBodomLaw: are you sure its not a cap on the site your accessing?00:59
BodomLawgood private tracker00:59
arttiHow old are everyone?00:59
IndyGunFreakis utorrent configured properly?00:59
pros977cwillu I've got over 60 computers I execute commands on at once00:59
FourX4LuvnBodomLaw: Or your share ratio, for that matter00:59
cwillupros977, cssh is your friend :p00:59
BodomLawi have a 2.5 ratio00:59
iceswordartti, why ask that00:59
neil_dj_humphrey: oh rats, I would suggest finding out what the default password is for that modem/router and see if that works00:59
gold44what packages are in ubuntu-server iso ?00:59
pros977cwillu can you help me with and example01:00
BodomLawmuch higher than needed to be a "power user"01:00
arttiicesword: I have boring.01:00
cwillupros977, but -t should let you type on those commands, or just use -phigh to force dpkg to default them01:00
iceswordartti, ?01:00
j_humphreyneil_d, its not terror: linux/module.h: No such fileerror: linux/module.h: No such file or directory while compiling a moduleerror: linux/module.h: No such file or directory while compiling a module default one or directory while compiling a modulehe01:00
j_humphreyneil_d, its not the default one*01:00
neil_dj_humphrey: the auto DNS update package is ddclient01:00
pros977cwillu you rock01:00
pros977cwillu phigh it is01:00
cwillupros977, look at cluster-ssh in the repository too01:00
BodomLawand my port is forwarded01:00
arttiiceswrod: i have nothing do to.01:00
Liono_how to auto run a script at boot and keep it running when a user logs in.  (in a way that the user or any other user cant stop that script from running or delete the file or logs out of it)?01:00
=== kidem_ is now known as kidem
arttiI just(about 24 hours ago) got 19. =)01:01
Flannel!bum | Liono_01:01
ubotuLiono_: Boot options: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BootOptions - To add/remove startup services, you can use the package 'bum', or update-rc.d - To add your own startup scripts, use /etc/rc.local - See also !grub and !dualboot - Making a boot floppy: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GrubHowto/BootFloppy - Also see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SmartBootManagerHowto01:01
pros977cwillu I've heard of that01:01
j_humphreyneil_d, what did you just ssay about the default thing? pidgin just crashed01:01
pros977cwillu I have passwordless authentication on all my machines01:01
BodomLawthere is tons of seeders for both torrents01:01
pros977cwillu then I wrote a script that goes out and contacts each machine sequentially01:01
cwillupros977, cssh is just a wrapper around ssh, so ud_rsa/dsa will still work01:01
iceswordartti, that is good,u can have girl friend now01:01
thegothguyneed help on instal ubuntu to external hd01:01
cwillupros977, parallelize that stuff :p01:02
neil_dj_humphrey: I use xchat,  I would suggest finding out what the default password is for that modem/router and see if that works01:02
arttiicesword: I can!? :D01:02
Liono_Flannel if i make a script run as sys service. not one can stop it. ?01:02
pros977cwillu why parallelize?01:02
BodomLawat the risk of being obnoxious HELP ME!!!01:02
pros977cwillu thanks for the advice btw01:02
cwillupros977, sequential must take forever01:02
FourX4LuvnOk guys.. I have a problem.  I do lots of work with remote X.  Running several X servers on my workstation and running remote apps from several different computers.. All this wasn't a problem until I was tasked with doing the same thing with a Mac OS X machine.  I can find all kinds of information about how to access applications from the Mac, but I can't seem to find any information where the Mac is the one serving the applications.  Anyo01:02
iceswordartti, what is u mother languauge01:02
BodomLawits hitting 50kB when it should be at 42kB/s01:02
arttiicesword: Estonian.01:02
FlannelLiono_: If its running as root, then you'd need to be able to sudo to stop it.  And you can remove people's abilities to tweak it through sudoers, even while giving them the ability to sudo in general if you'd like.01:03
cwilluFourX4Luvn, arbitrary mac programs?  not sure you can do that01:03
iceswordartti, there are so many languauges01:03
cwillupros977, np01:03
arttiicesword: Yes... Over 500001:03
pros977cwillu I suffix all my commands with the & symbol01:03
arttiicesword: i can say something in estonia.01:03
Liono_Flannel ya.. ic.. but that script will run when i (admin) log in too.? i dont want that01:03
iceswordartti, many of them are dieing01:03
cwillupros977, okay, ya01:03
pros977cwillu so, if I run eject on every computer in the room, all the drives pop out at once01:03
cwillupros977, seriously, look at cssh01:04
redwyrmhi. I'm trying to produce a CD image where all files are in ASCII-betical order, but mkisofs doesn't provide a way to do that. any ideas?01:04
FlannelLiono_: It will be running all the time, regardless of anyone logged in or not.01:04
pros977cwillu I will01:04
FourX4Luvncwillu: Yes.. Basically.. I want a vnc session with the Mac serving the applications.. but I don't want VNC because I want a seperate session.. I don't want to share or take over the session that the user at the Mac is using.01:04
cwillupros977, basic usage is as simple as "cssh host1 host2 host3 host4"01:04
cwillupros977, and then yo get 4 windows + a control window, and if you type in the control window, it goes to all of them01:04
Liono_Flannel ic.. nice idea..01:04
pros977cwillu dpkg --configure -a --phigh01:04
pros977cwillu ?01:04
cwilluFourX4Luvn, you might have to look at the mac "x server" (not to be confused with X as in the display server)01:05
arttiThere's estobuntu.01:05
neil_dj_humphrey: did you get the message that ddclient is the does the auto updates if the DNS01:05
uni_674what version of GTK does ubuntu 7.10 gutsy gibbon come w/ ?01:05
Liono_Flannel is there  a way that in a user login say 'user1' who is not root or admin. a script is run by a sudoer /admin on boot (so he cant stop it) ?01:05
cwillupros977, looks right,01:05
pros977cwillu nope01:05
FourX4Luvncwillu: You mean Mac OS 10 server?  The OS.. (I use '10' to avoid confusion with 'X')01:06
arttiDam, i should install Estobuntu.01:06
cwilluFourX4Luvn, but I have no idea what they'd support01:06
=== emgent is now known as enJoy
FlannelLiono_: Like I said, the script will run at boot, and runs constantly regardless of anyone being logged in or not.  It will run as whatever user you set it up to run as, and assuming thats not the user, they won't be able to fiddle with it.01:06
neil_dartti: what is estobuntu ?01:06
cwilluFourX4Luvn, under windows, there's a hack you can apply to get 3 sessions out of a normal xp workstation, otherwise you need terminal services01:06
cwilluFourX4Luvn, it's usually a big ticket item, doing what you want to do01:07
=== enJoy is now known as emgent
pros977cwillu dpkg: conflicting actions -p (--print-avail) and -01:07
arttineil_d: It is translated gutsy, firefox and other several things to my mother language01:07
adubwhy do values in a host machines internal arp table expire after several minutes?01:07
j_humphreyneil_d, it wasnt the default one01:07
cwillupros977, ya, I was thinking dpkg-reconfigure01:07
FourX4Luvncwillu: Right.. I am working from ubuntu.. and I have several other *NIX systems that serve a desktop to my ubuntu workstation.. I was hoping to do the same with the Mac.  I want to administer the Mac without disturbing my wife's work, is what I'm trying to do.01:08
neil_dartti: ok! thanks01:08
cwillupros977, man dpkg, search ('/' key) for force, and look at the conf stuff01:08
arttineil_d: http://estobuntu.org/estobuntu-english01:08
cwilluFourX4Luvn, ya;  honestly, this isn't gonna be the best channel for advice on that01:08
neil_dj_humphrey: I don't know how you can get around that.01:08
Liono_Flannel oh ic.  got an idea. i make the rc.local run as admin.   it will run on user1 too. but he wont be able to stop it. but when i log in. i can stop it?01:08
Dr_willisrc.local allready runs as admin01:08
cwilluFourX4Luvn, pros977 I gotta run right away;01:08
narothepharohis there a gentoo channel ?01:09
cwillupros977, that man page should give you what you need01:09
Dr_williseverything in rc.local gets ran as root.01:09
FourX4Luvncwillu: I know.. but I don't know where else to ask either  heh.  Searching google, as I said, only gives me answers for going the other way01:09
pros977cwillu thanks01:09
FourX4Luvncwillu: Thank you for the input though01:09
j0hng4ltcan any1 help me with the following error when starting quake2: could not mmap /dev/dsp01:09
cwilluFourX4Luvn, you could try doing admin stuff via ssh, just from the terminal01:09
Mark_Millimanis there a command line option to force an upgrade?  I had a device crash ubuntu (not upgrades fault) in the middle of going from 7.10 to 8.04.01:09
cwillubut that' all I got for ideas01:09
j0hng4ltusing restriced driver for nvidia01:09
FlannelLiono_: No.  It only runs once.  Your script will be running constantly, as root (or whatever).  Your unprivs users can't touch it.  You could via sudo if you'd like.  But, of course, you'd be stopping it for everyone when you did so, not just yourself.01:09
Mark_MillimanAll packages downloaded but many did not install01:09
cwilluFourX4Luvn, try #macosx01:09
gold44anyone running ubuntu server?01:09
Flannel!anyone | gold4401:10
mike_gold44: yes01:10
ubotugold44: A large amount of the first questions asked in this channel start with "Does anyone/anybody..."  Why not ask your next question (the real one) and find out?01:10
FourX4Luvncwillu: I do that already, but Mac is so gui-centric that I just can't figure out how to do some things without the gui tools.01:10
arttiSo... everybody have problems...01:10
FourX4Luvncwillu: Ok.. thank you01:10
tonyyarussogold44: I do.  Any particular question?01:10
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about quake2 - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi01:10
ali1234hi. i tried to install apt-file and it has seemingly frozen at "Setting up apt-file (" i suspect it is trying to download a huge file on my gprs connection. is this correct?01:10
LjL!info libgtk2.0-0 | uni_67401:10
ubotuuni_674: libgtk2.0-0 (source: gtk+2.0): The GTK+ graphical user interface library. In component main, is optional. Version 2.12.0-1ubuntu3 (gutsy), package size 1917 kB, installed size 4872 kB01:10
gold44how is server? doe it come with gui? or just stay at console after boot?01:10
LjLgold44: console01:10
FourX4Luvngold44: No X on server01:10
LjL!server > gold44    (gold44, see the private message from Ubotu)01:10
Liono_Flannel yes. i stoped it and its stopped for every one. but the system reboots. and the script will start again ?01:10
j0hng4ltI am assuming that the error has to do with my video card...01:10
FlannelLiono_: yes01:10
tonyyarussogold44: You can add X if you wish, but general practice is not to.01:11
Flannelgold44: The server is regular Ubuntu with a server specific kernel, no GUI stuff installed by default, and the CD allows a few pre-fab server packages installed by default01:11
Liono_Flannel thanks. so nice of you to explain01:11
tonyyarussogold44: All of the packages and such are the same - the only difference is the default setup.01:11
gold44tonyyarusso: i want to run server. currently running desktop on lappy01:11
Liono_Flannel can you help me with some scripting issue?01:12
uni_674how do i get GTK 2.12 then LjL01:12
LjLuni_674: you already have it.01:12
Liono_j0hng4lt talking to me?01:12
FlannelLiono_: You'd probably get better help in #bash, or whatever other language you're writing in01:12
uni_674then why is aurora trying to tell me i cannot compile it because i dont have GTK 2.1001:12
Liono_Flannel no. i cant find help there01:12
j0hng4ltliono, no, was going to, hit enter by accident01:12
LjLuni_674: wait, wait, one thing is having a library, another thing is having the *C headers* to compile C programs using that library.01:13
j0hng4ltany1 have quake 2 working?01:13
gold44tonyyarusso: i probably need to apt-get a bunch of things after installation.  want to use as web / file server, maybe as mail server too01:13
LjL!compile > uni_674    (uni_674, see the private message from Ubotu)01:13
LjLuni_674: you'll probably need libgtk2.0-dev for that01:13
chao1How do I install vmware01:13
tonyyarussogold44: Those are availalbe as just checkboxes in the server installer.01:14
LjL!vmware > chao1    (chao1, see the private message from Ubotu)01:14
Davo_Dinkumdoes wget http://gertjan.freezope.org/replicator/http-replicator_3.0_i386.deb work for anyone else?01:14
Dr_willisj0hng4lt,  that game is so old - its proberly trying to access the sound card wrongly. You could disable the sound to see if it works. also there MAY be updated GPL variants of Quake2 that just use the old versions data files.01:14
j0hng4ltthe oss sould output driver shows okay, failing on dev/dsp01:14
Liono_Flannel this script will do what? i want it to lock screen "after 30mins past the unlock event" and i want it to be running so that the screen will be locked every time after it has been unlocked (available) for 30 mins.   activate screen "DISPLAY=:0.0 kdesktop_lock --forceunlock"01:15
Liono_  set timeout "at now +60min 'kdesktop_lock --forcelock'"01:15
j0hng4ltany other games that have decent gui for linux that i can download?01:15
j0hng4ltbesides aao and quake201:15
Dr_willisgames that have a decent gui? Hmm.. what a odd statement. :)01:15
Muzzaon ubuntu?01:15
swubooI guess that rules out nethack.01:15
Dr_willistheres several Quake3 spin off games. :)01:15
pan_j0hng4lt> ut01:16
j_humphreysometimes while I'm typing, my copy/paste gets written in automatically, does anyone know anything about this>01:16
j0hng4ltquake 2 used to work on ubuntu, and americas army used to as well. but I cannot find anything to play that is not tetris...01:16
FlannelLiono_: Before you do that, have you checked to see if KDE has something like that already?01:16
Dr_willisPadman,  Tremulus,  lets see... One other...01:16
Muzzaheard about nquake?01:16
gimme_snugglesj0hng4lt: i know of a great game, one of my favorites. Enemy Territory01:16
Muzzayeah +1 for ET01:16
pan_j0hng4lt> quake 401:16
Muzzagreat game01:16
Dr_willis!info rocksndiamonds01:16
j0hng4ltcan I apt-get enemy terrirory?01:16
uboturocksndiamonds (source: rocksndiamonds): Arcade style game. In component multiverse, is extra. Version 3.2.3-3 (gutsy), package size 384 kB, installed size 1256 kB01:16
Dr_willisThe ultimate game. :)01:16
swubooThe Ur-Quan Masters?01:16
Dr_willisUrbanassalt  ?01:16
prince_jammys!info enigma01:17
ubotuenigma (source: enigma): A game where you control a marble with the mouse. In component universe, is optional. Version 1.01-1ubuntu1 (gutsy), package size 971 kB, installed size 2560 kB01:17
prince_jammysheh, i like that game01:17
Liono_Flannel yes. but its dependant on idleing. i dont want that01:17
prince_jammysnot sure about the decent gui bit01:17
j0hng4ltcan I apt-get any of those games?01:17
Dr_willisfire up the package manager and look for games. :)01:17
prince_jammysj0hng4lt: yessir01:17
Dr_willistheres a lot in there01:17
pros977cwillu dpkg --configure --force-confold -a01:17
ubotuInformation about games on Ubuntu can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Games and http://www.icculus.org/lgfaq/gamelist.php01:17
pros977cwillu worked01:18
gimme_snugglesj0hng4lt: i dont think so it has its own installer. go to: http://returntocastlewolfenstein.filefront.com/file/Enemy_Territory;1440801:18
arttiI don't have very good computer. So i can't play Enemey Territory. :(01:18
prince_jammysi'm more of a one-word name game type of guy01:18
Dr_willis!info urbanterror01:18
ubotuPackage urbanterror does not exist in gutsy01:18
Liono_Flannel so?01:18
=== izibi is now known as WolfgangSchaeubl
gold44is postgreSQL accessible on firefox?01:19
gold44or must i use ssh?01:19
DranDane_Executing 'grub-install (hd0)' failed - Help!01:19
=== WolfgangSchaeubl is now known as WolfgangSch
=== ehird` is now known as ehird
DranDane_I receive the message Executing 'grub-install (hd0)' failed. Could you help me?01:19
prince_jammys!repeat | DranDane_01:20
ubotuDranDane_: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. You can search https://help.ubuntu.com or http://wiki.ubuntu.com while you wait. Also see !patience01:20
gretsch_drumscan anyone tell me how to kill xerver in ubuntu?01:20
=== WolfgangSch is now known as izibi
toresnany norwegians in here that use centerim or centericq?01:21
FlannelLiono_: I'm not much for bash scripting.  Really, you ought to ask in #bash01:21
prince_jammysgretsch_drums: ctrl alt backspace01:21
kent_looking for a gps enabled mapping program to run under ubuntu 7.1001:21
Liono_Flannel ok01:21
prince_jammysLiono_: #kde01:21
HerttaAny way of installing 6.06 from LiveCD to machine with 4.3GB HDD and 256MB of RAM?01:21
arttiHow long upgrade will lasts?01:21
Odd-rationaleartti: depends on your internet connection spped01:22
Dr_willisHertta,  boot it up and see if it installs?01:22
Liono_Flannel lastly. can you tell me how to log all the "screen unlocking events"  for ever. and continuous even resumable after shutdowns ?01:22
HerttaDr_willis it doesn't.01:22
arttiOdd-rationale: Well that part is done.01:22
HerttaI want to know is it hardware related or am I running out of resources01:22
FourX4LuvnThanks to whoever it was that suggested #macosx.  The figured out a workaround for me :)01:23
Odd-rationaleartti: I can finish an upgrade on an newly installed system in about 30 min01:23
Dr_willisHertta,  what dosent work on it? Youmay want to use the alternative isntall cd - its better for low-ram systems01:23
Odd-rationaleartti: Is it installing?01:23
arttiOdd-ratinale: currently is "setting up..."01:23
geekworxHello people how can i RUN this game ( Counter Strike 1.6 ) from my Linux Ubuntu 7.10 ?01:23
Odd-rationaleartti: Has it been like that long?01:24
jpetermangeekworx, Install Steam under WINE01:24
prince_jammysgeekworx: windows game?01:24
HerttaThe installation just "hangs", mouse is moving but the system does not respond. I tried trice to install but always the same thing. no CD/HDD usage eihther, and I have waited for over 45minutes each time it has hanged, and nothing has happened during that time01:24
geekworxprince_jammys, yes its windows game01:24
geekworxjpeterman, how to install that?01:24
prince_jammysgeekworx: check the database at winehq/org01:24
HerttaI suspect is is hardware problem01:24
geekworxjpeterman, tell me the command example: apt-get isntall underwine?01:24
jpetermangeekworx, sudo apt-get install wine01:24
prince_jammysgeekworx: winehq.org01:24
arttiOdd-rationale: about 45 mins from internet and now 15 minutes installing, setting, updating...01:25
jpetermangeekworx, check winehq.org, like people are saying, but it should be pretty simple. download a .exe installer of Steam, then double click on it after installing Wine01:25
geekworxso when i install wine i can install counter strike ( windows game ) ?01:25
Odd-rationaleartti: OK01:25
jpetermangeekworx, Correct. Wine inserts a compatibility layer. It's very easy, I have CS installed on Ubuntu01:25
=== Ash908_Server is now known as Ashfire908
jpetermanHi, I'm not entirely sure which channel to ask this in. There's this extension for FF that only works on FF/Windows, so I installed the Windows version of FF under Wine. I tried to drag the extension onto FF, but it didn't work. Is there a way to add it some other way?01:26
geekworxjpeterman, aha thx dude i'm downloading and installing wine right now01:26
arttiAbout 0.55 AM i installed Ubuntu on my computer. Now i upgrade.01:26
fdsafdsHow do I switch to Runlevel3?01:26
Odd-rationalejpeterman: Can you install it from the ff website?01:26
dasickisFourX4Luvn: Sorry about that went out for pizza01:27
n2diyfdsafds: init 301:27
jpetermanOdd-rationale, , I dont think the extension is on there01:27
iceswordartti, i still awake01:27
fdsafdsit didn't do anything01:27
arttiicesword: me too.01:27
iceswordartti, what version01:27
fdsafdsIt took it as a valid command but nothing happened.01:27
arttiiceswrod: i should sleeping.01:27
Odd-rationalejpeterman: The extension (.xpi) is on your local hdd??01:27
Eladhas anyone here ever ran Ubuntu under Vmware?01:27
jpetermanOdd-rationale, correct.01:27
arttiicesword: Upgrading to 5.0401:28
iceswordartti, u should,it is not good01:28
fdsafdsI also tried loading in recovery mode but that put me in runlevel 1, when I tried to go to runlevel 3 it loaded gdm01:28
fdsafdsany suggestions?01:28
=== Holmes is now known as OutofStep
Odd-rationalejpeterman: hmm. never had to to that myself. Where did you get it orginally?01:28
arttiicesword: Yes, i sould sleep. Everyone here sleeps. But not me.01:28
fdsafdsI would really like to get to run level 3 so that I can try installing a newer nvidia driver.01:29
fdsafdsBut when I try to do it, it says I am in run level 1.01:29
iceswordartti, u computer won't get tired, not u01:29
jpetermanOdd-rationale, ESPN360.com. They have a proprietary movie player01:29
fdsafdsIt tells me a command to get to run level 3, but when I use it, it loads gdm.01:29
=== FBIGuy is now known as Neeper
Dr_willisubuntu dosent use the runlevels  the same way that most disrtos do01:29
jonasjokoonI have an Ibook g4 (apple mac thing), is it possible to install ubuntu with the 7.10 cd on this powerPC mchine ? I hve to tke the 32 bits version ?01:29
Odd-rationalejpeterman: Can you install it from there?01:29
Dr_willisgo to runlevel 3, kill the gdm service.. there ya go01:29
lookawayhey, does anyone know how I can use DCC download a file with Xchat? I can't seem to do it...01:30
arttiicesword: my ancient computer is just slow.01:30
jpetermanOdd-rationale, Hmm, when I click on the link, it displays just garbled stuff.01:30
fdsafdsDr_willis it brings up the login screen.01:30
fdsafdsWould I be able to install the nvidia driver using run level 1?01:30
Dr_willisfdsafds,  kill the gdm service.. sudo /etc/init.d/gdm stop01:30
Odd-rationalejpeterman: Don't know. Sorry :(01:30
Dr_willisfdsafds,  if you dont stop it.. it will restart.01:30
iceswordartti, how could u say it ancient,u still got 256m ram01:30
fdsafdsSo when I am in run level 1 I type /etc/init.d/gdm stop01:31
arttiicesword: and only 8GB disk space and 500Mzh01:31
fdsafdsand then I type init 3?01:31
iceswordartti, that cpu is slow01:31
Dr_willisfdsafds,  i dont mess with init levels.. if you want gdm to be not running you 'stop' the service - reguardless of the runlevel.01:31
arttiicesword: i'm agree with you.01:31
Dr_willisfdsafds,  you could go to runlevel 3, then stop the service01:31
Dr_willisor to whatever runlevel you want. :) and stop the se5rvice01:31
jonasjokoonis it possible to install ubuntu on a mac ?01:31
Dr_willis!ppc | jonasjokoon01:32
ubotujonasjokoon: PowerPC.  Formerly used by Apple for the Macintosh line of computers. Variants are now used in popular gaming consoles. PPC was a fully supported Ubuntu architecture up to and including edgy. It is now a community port, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/PowerPCFAQ01:32
iceswordartti, u should use some small linux onit,like puppy,damn small linux01:32
fdsafdsHow do I run a command when I have the login screen in front of me?01:32
Dr_willisfdsafds,  use the console. alt-ctrl-f101:32
geekworxjpeterman, after that ( when i install wine ) just to open the CD of counter-strike 1.6 and will works?01:32
arttiicesword: i had dam small linux on memory stick.01:32
fdsafdsOK thanks.01:32
gimme_snugglesDSL is pretty sweet01:32
geekworxjpeterman, when i type sudo apt-get install wine and i opent he CD will works counter strike a?01:32
gimme_snugglesIts impressive01:32
Dr_willisfdsafds, good luck. I will stick with the nice safe restricted-manager to handle my nvidia drivers01:32
arttiicesword: 3 days ago i had Windows XP Professinal on that computer.01:33
iceswordartti, coz x window use too much mem01:33
lookawayhey guys, is there a problem with XChat DCC transfer? or is it just mine?01:33
jonasjokoonthaaaanks   a looout01:33
neil_dlookaway: I am using xchat do you want to test something ?01:34
geekworxjpeterman, are you here?01:34
iceswordartti, xp can run on it,but i am afraid u computer cannot be called multi -task computer01:34
geekworxjpeterman, after that ( when i install wine ( sudo apt-get install wine ) ) just to open the CD of counter-strike 1.6 and will works?01:34
lookawayit's just i request a file from a  bot, and it says starting....but never does01:34
prince_jammysdidn't even spend 30 seconds reading a bit about how to set it up01:34
=== geekworx is now known as g33kw0rx
kostkonlookaway, go to preferences -> transfers and enable "get ip address from irc server"01:35
=== Neeper is now known as FBIGuy
arttiicesword: i don't need multitask computer. Just messenger, browser, music player, gimp, lamp, php-editor01:36
=== FBIGuy is now known as CIAGuy
=== CIAGuy is now known as LAPDGuy
lookawaythat option is already marked01:36
arttiI have new mail in /var/mail/kasutaja Can i read it via terminal?01:36
g33kw0rxHello people when i type sudo apt-get install wine and i opent he CD will works counter strike a?01:36
kostkonlookaway, ok01:37
iceswordartti, hehe,then it is,u want to chat ,while u listen to music01:37
n2diyartti: yes, type mail01:37
lookawaythe file transfer appears in the Transfer Window, it just does't start downloading01:37
arttiicesword: yes it is possible,01:37
arttin2biy: thanks.01:37
=== LAPDGuy is now known as NotFBIGuy
g33kw0rxHello people when i type sudo apt-get install wine and i opent he CD will works counter strike a?01:37
g33kw0rxHello people when i type sudo apt-get install wine and i opent he CD will works counter strike a?01:37
iceswordg33kw0rx, ask that in #wine,or u check at winehq.org01:38
kostkonlookaway, you said the other end it's a bot. so maybe it's a problem of the other end, not you.01:38
damaltorhello everyboda, i have a kind of weird problem. after running ubuntu feisty fawn since it was the newest version on my (this) computer without any problemms, now i booted the computer and the following occurs: every ~5 secons, the computer is completely stuck for about one second. very regularly, never seen before. what could that be? thx for any help...01:38
lookawayi'm pretty sure it's my problem, everytime I want to downlaod from this bot....I have to reboot to Windows and it works fine there01:39
neil_ddoes anyone know what encryption is used with the alternate install CDs encrypted LVM install ?01:39
arttiYay, i upgraded my Ubuntu 4.10 to 5.04. It took 2 hours. Is it much?01:39
the_pizzahi all01:39
danBrand new user.  Just installed about an hour ago.  Any suggestions for "cool" things to do?01:39
=== mathmoi_ is now known as O130001
IndyGunFreakartti: uh, you do realize that OS is almost 4yrs old.01:40
=== NotFBIGuy is now known as NYPDGuy
=== O130001 is now known as mathmoi
IndyGunFreaki'm amazed you got it updated01:40
damaltorhello everybody, i have a kind of weird problem. after running ubuntu feisty fawn since it was the newest version on my (this) computer without any problems, now i booted the computer and the following occurs: every ~5 secons, the computer is completely stuck for about one second. very regularly, never seen before. what could that be? thx for any help...01:40
prince_jammyshey, that looks familiar01:40
n2diyWow, Scorched3D takes a long time to load.01:40
arttiIndyGunFreak: yes i know. That's why i upgrade it.01:40
iceswordn2diy, u play wow under ubuntu,thati s great01:41
the_pizzaany one could help me with some code01:41
IndyGunFreak!endoflife | artti01:41
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about endoflife - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi01:41
neil_dartti: I don't think so, what download speed have you got.01:41
damaltorhello everybody, i have a kind of weird problem. after running ubuntu feisty fawn since it was the newest version on my (this) computer without any problems, now i booted the computer and the following occurs: every ~5 secons, the computer is completely stuck for about one second. very regularly, never seen before. what could that be? thx for any help...01:41
IndyGunFreak!eol | artti01:41
ubotuartti: End-Of-Life is the time when security updates for an Ubuntu release stop. See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Website/LifeCycle01:41
arttineil_d: 65kb/s01:42
lookawaystop flooding damaltor...01:42
IndyGunFreakartti: i would probably backup important files, and do a clean install of Gutsy, but thats just me01:42
TimmothyGreetings! Kay, so I just started using Ubuntu (7.10) and everything's good, 'cept for I tried to log into Megaupload.com, and for those who don't know, it uses flash. I installed the nonfree adobe plugin and restarted firefox, but it's all... gimpy. I'm not able to click login because of it. Is there another way to make it work, or am I just screwed?01:42
arttiIndyGunFreak: haven't nothing to backup, and i can't directly to gutsy01:42
Jupp2are the screenlets part of the standard repositories?01:43
IndyGunFreakartti: thats why i siad clean install.01:43
IndyGunFreakthen if you have no files, it should be relatively easy01:43
neil_dartti: its within bounds I suppose.  are you going to update further ?01:43
arttineil_d: i'll try01:44
=== NYPDGuy is now known as FBIGuy
taliseinHi, one of my RAID devices failed recently and I replaced it. But now every reboot the computer does not create the /dev/sdc1 device and the RAID needs to be reassembled.01:44
IndyGunFreakupdating from 5.04, to 5.10, then 6.06, then 6.10, then 7.04, then 7.10, willb e problematic at best, and will probably take freaking forever(if it even works).. it will be quicker to download a gutsy cd, burn it, and install from it.01:44
arttiIndyGunFreak: i can't burn on CD, can't do floppy install, any other choices to get directly gutsy01:44
IndyGunFreakwhy can't you burn a CD?01:45
dabbillany one got an idea why movie player wont keep sound and video sync when playing DVD's i have to pause and play the movie every 15mins or so to resync it.01:45
maybeway36artti: try the mini.iso01:45
arttiIndyGunFreak: i have old computer.01:45
taliseinyou can install via usb drive if your computer will boot off one01:46
IndyGunFreakmaybeway36: but if he can't burn a CD, how will that work.01:46
IndyGunFreakartti: how old?01:46
arttiIndyGunFreak: i don't know. I got it free. 8Gb, 500Mhz, 256 RAM01:46
neil_dtalisein: I have heard that a RAID rebuild can take a long time, has the rebuild finished before you turn the computer off.01:46
arttimaybeway36: mini.iso?01:46
taliseinneil_d, yes, I have let the reassembly finish several times before rebooting.01:47
IndyGunFreakartti: ok..,  i think you'd still need to burn a cd for the mini-iso, but i could be wrong01:47
ubuntufreakI have an error using the VirtualBox in Ubuntu 7.10 as it needs to add vboxusers how do i do it01:47
IndyGunFreakartti: so you don't have a CD drive, or its broken, or what?01:47
foibleshi there01:47
neil_dtalisein: how about the controller are you sure its OK ?01:48
arttiIndyGunFreak: i have cd drive01:48
maybeway36you could get the kernel and initrd off the mini.iso and put it on some other media01:48
IndyGunFreakoh ok, it doesn't burn01:48
foiblesim having trouble playing HD ("high definition") files01:48
* Liono_ sees no one knows his problems in 11 channels and 4 networks 2500 users !01:48
foiblesthey come out messed up or doing play at all01:48
foibleswhy is this?01:48
heartsbloodis it possible, when installing a package from apt, to automatically install recommended packages as well?01:48
heartsbloodsorry wrong window01:48
taliseinneil_d, I think the controller is fine. When I manually reassemble the RAID I can read files off of it fine01:48
maybeway36artti: are you going to install it ona that has internet access01:49
maybeway36*on a computer01:49
arttimaybeway36: yes01:49
prince_jammysheartsblood: mmm aptitude does this, but i think apt-get doesn't01:49
IndyGunFreakartti: maybe you could try a debian net install,01:49
maybeway36artti: you should try unetbootin01:49
maybeway36it supports ubuntu, debian, etc.01:49
maybeway36ill find the url01:50
heartsbloodprince_jammys, thanks I didn't realize there was a difference01:50
arttimaybeway36: i tried before, but then there was problem with dnsmasq.conf01:50
prince_jammysheartsblood: there is -- it's best to stick to one or the other though, they can get in each other's way01:50
gold44has ubuntu server always been less than 650mb in the past?01:50
=== ubuntu_ is now known as Daniel3
arttiIndyGunFreak: well i could try that again01:50
gold44has ubuntu server iso file always been less than 650mb in the past?01:50
IndyGunFreaktry what again?01:50
maybeway36artti: that's strange01:51
IndyGunFreakartti: have you tried doing a debian floppy install maybe?01:51
hmullercrazy question: If ubuntu uses initramfs for boot, why is it named initrd?01:51
prince_jammysprince_jammys: aptitude does it with the -r option01:51
neil_dtalisein: I have a software RAID 5 but its never failed, in about 5 years so I can't help much here.01:51
maybeway36artti: http://superb-west.dl.sourceforge.net/sourceforge/lubi/unetbootin_ubuntu710rev99_all.deb01:51
arttiIndyGunFreak: haven't floppys home and don't know where those to buy01:51
maybeway36hmuller: it's always names initrd I guess :P01:51
taliseinI just have a simple RAID 101:51
prince_jammysheartsblood: from man aptitude: " -r Treat recommendations as dependencies when installing new packages"01:52
IndyGunFreakartti: you can buy floppies at any computer store.01:52
taliseingoogling tells me some people have a similar problem but no one answers them01:52
IndyGunFreakmaybeway36: so what does that file do01:52
arttiIndyGunFreak: haven't seen those years01:52
MedBookHello, whenever I load my Ubuntu disc and press "Start or Install Ubuntu" it takes me to "BusyBox 1.1.3" and does nothing from there, what am I doing wrong?01:52
IndyGunFreakartti: they're still readily available at best buy, etc.01:52
heartsbloodprince_jammys, yea I'm reading it now, ty.01:53
threefcatahow can i set mplayer as the default player in gnome?01:53
arttiinimesekene: Terekest.01:53
lookawayaahhh...guys, I resolved that DCC transfer problem...it seems, that it works when I need to confirm the send request, but since it was in 'auto accept' it didn't start no idea why...xD01:53
damaltorhello everybody, i have a kind of weird problem. after running ubuntu feisty fawn since it was the newest version on my (this) computer without any problems, now i booted the computer and the following occurs: every ~5 secons, the computer is completely stuck for about one second. very regularly, never seen before. what could that be? thx for any help...01:53
inimesekeneartti, tere tere01:53
arttiinimesekene: Mis sind siia nii hilja toob?01:53
donald_in ubuntu, apt-get or aptitude will install dependencies01:54
arttimaybeway36: unetbootin is onyl for Windows?01:54
CaseyIs there a way to get GRUB's default vga value on the LiveCD?01:54
ahorriblemesswhat happens if I delete my alsa-utils/lib/drivers folders after I did the whole /configure, make, make install thing?01:54
maybeway36artti: no01:54
ahorriblemessdo I lose everything or has it already been applied?01:54
inimesekeneund pole, tegelt siin peaks rääkima vist inglise keeles... reeglid... muidu veel lüüakse välja01:55
maybeway36artti: that deb should let you boot to the Ubuntu installer from the GRUB menu once installed01:55
donald_ahorriblemess: u mean the folder where u unzip the tar files?01:55
agrokerartti, "communarid aahju" all I can say in your language01:55
ahorriblemessyeah i unzipped them into my home folder01:55
=== Varka_ is now known as Varka
ahorriblemesskinda dont want them there01:55
prince_jammysagroker: what language is it?01:55
agrokerPricey, estonian01:56
donald_that;s fine. once all are installed, the folder is not needed01:56
niuqhi, i have a problem with compiz-fusion, the themes just disappears, the title bar it does not appears in any window01:56
arttiagroker: Kommarid ahju... heh. =)01:56
agrokerartti, kommarid, sorry :-)01:56
MushroomsHi everyone, I've run into some problems again, this time it has to do with language settings for pidgin.. was wondering if any one has had the same problems01:56
arttiagroker: and you are from?01:56
ahorriblemessdonald_: ok thanks01:56
agrokerartti, western ukraine01:56
ahorriblemessdonald_: I'm not talking about the .tar folder, I mean the extracted folder with the package in it01:57
ahorriblemessdonald_: just want to double check, things have been going smoothly lately01:57
donald_ahorriblemess: the modules etc get installed into other places01:57
arttimaybeway36: and i download package UNetbootin Ubuntu 7.10?01:57
niuqhi, i have a problem with compiz-fusion, the themes just disappears, the title bar it does not appears in any window01:57
maybeway36Yes, make artti: sure its a .deb file01:57
niuqubuntu-effects would be helpful?01:58
ahorriblemessdonald_: ok great, sorry, I just wanted to be sure01:58
arttimaybeway36: unetbootin_ubuntu710rev99_all.deb01:58
pawanany software to convert audio bit rate01:58
magick_I'm hearing some static blips while playing music through ALSA on my intel-hda onboard sound card. The speakers aren't the problem and the mp3 is just fine so it comes down to ubuntu. Any ideas?01:58
maybeway36looks right01:58
arttimaybeway36: you have experience?01:58
maybeway36artti: i've done this before01:58
jportHey can someone help me? Once i add a job in /etc/cron.hourly it will automatically run or do i have to edit anything else ?01:58
maybeway36not much, but a couple times01:58
maybeway36it's pretty simple, toy reboot and  a new option is on your GRUB01:59
arttimaybeway36: how long it takes?01:59
tehcheezportupgrade -a01:59
tehcheezSOrry, wrong channel.01:59
maybeway36artti: to install?01:59
arttimaybeway36: yes02:00
maybeway36a while, it has to download all ubuntu componments online02:00
donald_tehcheez: portupgrade -arR is better02:00
cpk1using the stock feisty kernel and cant seem to get madwifi to work, tried using restricted modules and compiling madwifi from trunk svn but still cant insert ath_pci... any idea why?02:00
arttimaybeway36: hours?02:00
niuq_while using compiz-fusion it suddenly the title bar disappears, any idea?02:00
tehcheezdonald_: emerge world? :)02:00
IndyGunFreakmaybeway36: what does that do, download the new OS, install it over the old one?02:00
maybeway36artti: depends on your interne speed02:00
arttiHere it is 4.00 AM at morning.02:00
maybeway36artti: if you tell it do "use entire hard drive" yes02:01
greenmanspirit_why is libdvdcss not in the repos?02:01
blubb0rcan i change the icon of a folder in ubuntu 7.10??02:01
maybeway36artti: you could also look at ShipIt to get a real ubuntu CD02:01
donald_niuq_: emerald installed? broken?02:01
niuq_donald_: it is installed02:01
donald_tehcheez: not a gentoo user..02:01
arttimaybeway36: i takes weeks02:01
IndyGunFreakmaybeway36: artti i doubt shippit would work, only becuase he would need the alt. install CD, and they don't ship that.02:01
IndyGunFreakartti: have you loooked onlien for a place to purchase the alt. install CD?02:01
tehcheezdonald_: I have it sorta running :)02:01
prince_jammysblubb0r: right-click on it and properties, i think -- then click on the icon02:01
MedBookWhenever I try to boot the LiveCD of Ubuntu, the screen goes to "BusyBox 1.1.3" and does nothing after that, is there anything I can do to make it work?02:02
arttiIndyGunFreak: haven't yet time to look that02:02
donald_tehcheez: sadistic arent u?02:02
=== tehcheez is now known as tehcheez|Away
IndyGunFreakartti: there's lots of places that have them.02:02
maybeway36artti: how fast is your internet conection?02:02
BarryToemanAnyone use claws-mail? Where does it store the actual mail files at?02:02
arttimaybeway36: unetbootin_ubuntu710rev99_all.deb is downloaded. :)02:02
greenmanspirit_is libdvdcss not made for 64 bit machines?02:02
maybeway36artti: good02:02
donald_greenmanspirit_: for good reasons. it's in medibuntu02:02
arttimaybeway36: 60-70kb/s maybe. I go take connecetion test.02:03
greenmanspirit_donald_: what reasons would there be not to compile it for 64 bit?02:03
palpatehello all02:03
maybeway36artti: it will take really long to downlaod then02:03
agrokerartti, if you are on wifi are you sure that is a good idea to upgrade?02:04
palpatei just installed ubuntu on my ps3 and im looking for a good nntp binaries downloader somebody can help me ?02:04
arttiagroker: with Unetbootin?02:04
maybeway36artti: it probably wont work on wifi - the installer doesn;'t have wireless support02:04
donald_greenmanspirit_: i dont know much abt 64bit. i dont use it even on a core2duo. too many things dont work on it02:04
palpateno problem i use wired connection02:04
IndyGunFreakartti: http://on-disk.com/product_info.php/products_id/36602:04
arttimaybeway36: When i make network connection then i choose ethernet instead wireless02:05
maybeway36artti: if you have ethernet02:05
agrokerartti, yes02:05
greenmanspirit_donald_: this is the first thing i have run into that is causing me problems on 64-bit ubuntu, for the most part they have made everything work02:05
maybeway36artti: but that site IndyGunFreak posted is probably a good idea02:05
donald_greenmanspirit_: java? flash?02:05
donald_greenmanspirit_: is 64 bit any faster?02:06
greenmanspirit_donald_: both installed for firefox without an issue02:06
agrokerpalpate, Gnus is the best :-)02:06
donald_greenmanspirit_: seems like time to try 64 bit.02:06
palpateanybody know a good newsgroup binaries downloader i can use on gnome ?02:06
greenmanspirit_donald_: i have noticed a speed boost on a few things, but not a ton, but i'm using a 2.4 dual core processor so that might be why its fast02:07
agrokerpalpate, gnus-gtk ;-)02:07
LycusAnyone here ever setup a private bittorrent tracker?02:07
salah_I have always been wondering something. Why do I never dream when im drunk?02:07
spaghetti_knifeI'm wondering: why does my updater have aids? It dls at 15 kB/s, then drops to 0.02:07
palpateok ill try this ;) thx :p02:07
agrokersalah_, you obviously dream02:07
spaghetti_knifeSynaptic's fuxx0rzed.02:07
n2diysalah_: you do, you just don't remember them.02:07
spaghetti_knifeAnyone else have that problem?02:07
=== sparr__ is now known as sparr
salah_agroker, why do I never remember them?02:07
hmullersalah_: because you've beat your subconscious into an alcoholic submission02:07
MarcChow do I install Batik? I can't find it in the repos02:08
agrokersalah_, because alcohol switches your neocortex off and you sleep deeply02:08
Dr_willisMarcC,  compile it from source?02:08
Gigi70kubuntu or pclinuxos02:08
pawanany software to convert audio bit rate02:08
salah_agroker, neocortex?02:08
spaghetti_knifeAnyone having trouble with synaptic?02:08
agrokersalah_, conscious part of your brain02:08
MarcCDr_willis: thanks, it's just odd that this would not be in the official repos...a google search indicates that it is/was02:08
IndyGunFreakspaghetti_knife: no, working fine02:08
spaghetti_knifeOkay, thanks.02:09
tafgeekhow can I change the update manager settings?02:09
agrokerspaghetti_knife, works great, I'd say02:09
aldacomdont speak spanish02:09
prince_jammys!es | aldacom02:09
ubotualdacom: Si busca ayuda en español por favor entre en los canales #ubuntu-es o #kubuntu-es, allí obtendrá más ayuda.02:09
spaghetti_knifeOkay. I'll see if uninstalling tor will do it.02:09
tafgeekI did and want to change them back and forget how I did it02:09
IndyGunFreakspaghetti_knife: why would tor mess up synaptic?02:09
aldacomgracias uboto02:10
salah_and if I dream when im drunk.. Do I think like a drunk person in my dreams?02:10
spaghetti_knifeI don't know. synaptic just has AIDS right now. It's really annoying.02:10
spaghetti_knifeIt all started when I got tor.02:10
spaghetti_knifeI think.02:10
IndyGunFreakspaghetti_knife: i doubt its aids02:10
spaghetti_knifeAnyone able to cure PC aids?02:10
=== maze_ is now known as mazeman
IndyGunFreakits a user malfunction02:10
gorillasounds like pebkac to me.02:10
spaghetti_knifeyou know how to cure it?02:11
n2diysalah_: try asking in #philosophy?02:11
TommisUbuntu rocks, good job pplz02:11
prince_jammysspaghetti_knife: sudo apt-get remove --purge ubuntu-herpes02:11
IndyGunFreakspaghetti_knife: well, considering you've yet to really explain *WHAT* the problem is, i don't know if i can cure it, saying it has aids, while it appaerntly amuses you, tells the rest of us nothing02:11
spaghetti_knifeWhenever I download anything over synaptic, update, install, anything, it starts out at 8-13 kB/s, and then slows down to 0.02:12
spaghetti_knifeWhat should I do to diagnose the problem?02:12
IndyGunFreaki doubt thats a problem w/ synaptic.02:12
IndyGunFreakwhat version of ubuntu are you using?02:12
IndyGunFreakif it was a synaptic problem, it wouldn't start at all.02:12
jak3yes problem with ubuntu version, try rollback to 7.0402:13
Flannelspaghetti_knife: Try sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade, see what sort of speeds you get there02:13
j0hng4ltjust got alien arena - not a bad game...02:13
IndyGunFreakjak3:  to my knowledge, its imposible to roll back to 7.0402:13
spaghetti_knifegutsy gibbon02:14
IndyGunFreakj0hng4lt: try open-arena, its good.02:14
spaghetti_knife11.4 kB/s02:14
j0hng4ltopen-arena, can I apt-get it?02:14
Blair`mHello... I'm trying to get my sister set up with a computer she got for $50 ^^' the only problem is with her USB network adapter02:14
IndyGunFreakj0hng4lt: yup....02:14
IndyGunFreak!info open-arena | j0hng4lt02:14
ubotuj0hng4lt: Package open-arena does not exist in gutsy02:14
IndyGunFreakwrong package name.02:14
IndyGunFreakbut i know you can02:14
spaghetti_knifenow 153 B/s02:14
IndyGunFreak!info openarena | j0hng4lt02:15
ubotuj0hng4lt: openarena (source: openarena): A fast-paced 3D first-person shooter. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.6.0-4 (gutsy), package size 747 kB, installed size 1648 kB02:15
Blair`mit seems to automatically load the rt73 driver, and it connects to the network all right - my router registers its MAC address and everything02:15
spaghetti_knifeNow 10.1kB/s02:15
spaghetti_knifeIt's realy slow02:15
spaghetti_knifeAnd it goes up and down without logic02:15
Blair`mbut it never gets to the point where it can load webpages or ping02:15
arttimaybeway36: download 558 kb/s, upload 120kb/s02:15
IndyGunFreakthats pretty good.02:15
spaghetti_knifeWhenever I download things over rapidshare, it's really fast.02:15
spaghetti_knife553 kB/s02:15
tafgeekhow can I change the update manager settings; I did and want to change them back...can't remember how I did it02:15
j0hng4ltE: Could not get lock /var/lib/dpkg/lock - open (11 Resource temporarily unavailable)02:16
j0hng4ltE: Unable to lock the administration directory (/var/lib/dpkg/), is another process using it?02:16
j0hng4ltwhat does that mean?02:16
IndyGunFreakj0hng4lt: lol, close synaptic02:16
Dr_willisj0hng4lt,  check out 'urbanterror' also - its not in the repos. You gotta download it from their web site.02:16
Flannelspaghetti_knife: Those are different servers you're getting them from.  Have you tried changing mirrors?02:16
spaghetti_knifehow do i change mirrors?02:16
j0hng4ltis open arena like quake3 or something?02:17
rskj0hng4lt: ye02:17
IndyGunFreakj0hng4lt: yes.. its good, i like it.02:17
IndyGunFreakj0hng4lt: i suck, but i like it.02:17
j0hng4lti used to play america's army religiously - but they quit updating for linux02:17
Liono_ how to log all the "screen unlocking events"  for ever. and continuous even resumable after shutdowns ?02:17
arttiwell i go now sleep02:17
Shau1how do you set mplayer as the default in ubuntu?02:18
IndyGunFreakShau1: default for what?02:18
Farewhat are the differences between ubuntu and debian, once installed?02:18
FareI'm a debian user, but wanna know if ubuntu is better to install for my gf02:19
IndyGunFreakFare: not a whole lot.., Ubuntu is just a little more user friendly02:19
spaghetti_knifeFlannel: How do I change mirrors?02:19
n2diyHow can I restart/reset a comm port? Every couple of weeks my external modem appears to be busy to Ubuntu. Even when I disconnect  the modem, kppp tells me it is busy, so it seems to be a software issue?02:19
donald_j0hng4lt: u tried to run package installer / updater as a normal user. doesnt work02:19
Shau1I am trying to use mplayer instead of totem and would like to set mplayer as the default video player.02:19
Blair`mFare - Unless she's a leet h@x0r, ubuntu is it02:19
IndyGunFreakBlair`m: i don't know, i'm far from l33t, and I really like Debian.02:19
agroker!tell Fare about debian02:20
BarryToemanFare: if you have some extra bandwidth for the month you can try the livecd.02:20
kostkonspaghetti_knife, maybe from "system -> administration -> software sources"?02:20
Flannelspaghetti_knife: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Mirrors has a list, open up /etc/apt/sources.list and change the URLs (suggest commenting out the old ones, and duplicating)02:20
IndyGunFreakkostkon: impossible, he said his synaptic has AIDS, no way that will work02:21
kostkonIndyGunFreak, oh, ok02:21
n2diyIndyGunFreak: I didn't think Linux was prone to virii?02:21
Dr_willisn2diy,  its not 'prone' to them :)02:22
IndyGunFreakn2diy: lol, apparently his is, or it might have been his lame attempt at humor.02:22
agrokern2diy, linux virii usually attack between the cair and keyboard02:22
Shau1I am trying to use mplayer instead of totem and would like to set mplayer as the default video player.02:22
hmullerFare: the ubuntu livecd is a fair indication of what it is going to be like installed02:22
n2diyagroker: roger on the loose nuts between the chair and keyboard.02:23
Shau1Open to any suggestions?02:23
spaghetti_knifeOkay, last time I had synaptic running in a terminal and I control-z'd it, the process still ran.02:23
spaghetti_knifeHow do I kill the process?02:23
IndyGunFreakShau1: for what?.. avi's, for firefox, what?02:23
=== Clawbugo is now known as Hertta
cpk1_!aptfix | spaghetti_knife02:24
ubotuspaghetti_knife: If an APT front-end crashed and your database is locked, try this in a !terminal: « sudo fuser -vki /var/lib/dpkg/lock;sudo dpkg --configure -a »02:24
Dr_willisctrl-z put it in the background02:24
Shau1I am using firefox02:24
Fareok. What if I want to use my favorite debian lisp packages on her system? Can I just import a debian unstable sbcl in ubuntu?02:24
Dr_willisuse the bg/fg command to bring it back02:24
hmullerShau1: this looks promising: http://zebardast.wordpress.com/2007/11/22/how-to-change-gnome-default-media-player/02:24
agrokerShau1, System > Preferences > Preferred Applications > Media02:24
fooI am having this extremly weird problem. It's as if keys are stuck on my keyboard, but they're not. eg. I press a letter and it duplicates, or something. This literally magically broke over night. I did an apt-get update && upgrade yesterday... I'm thinking that may have something to do with this. I tested RAM, no errors after 5 passes. I tried 3 keyboards, same error on all (broke one due to frustration). Any ideas on this? I'm out of ideas. If I boot into win02:24
Farefoo: same problem in console mode or not?02:25
Farefoo: might be some broken X kbd config02:25
fooFare: I don't think so, no, let me see.02:25
fooFare: I did try this, it was ok IIRC. It's just hard to see the problem, it takes a few minutes to happen... kind of spontaneous.02:26
agrokerfoo, did you try to look into /var/log  for clues?02:27
fooagroker: As I said, nothing weird in the logs. :/02:27
fooFare: It's looking ok so far.02:27
bzaksWasn't native dual monitor support added into Gutsy?02:27
Farefoo: are you using something like synergy or what else?02:28
fooFare: No02:28
dakotaUbuntianIf anyone needs help and wants to graphically show their problem: http://www.budgiephoto.com/   New, free image hosting. I just thought I would share the word.02:28
Dr_willisive used dual montirs under linux - for years. :)02:28
foodakotaUbuntian: That's not sharing, that's spamming.02:28
Farefoo: if you can try in console mode *after* the problem happens02:28
bzaksDr_willis. Could you help me get my xorg set up? I tried a couple of tuts, is there one you know that works well?02:28
Ashfire_Serveri restarted my ubuntu gateway and now i can only connect to it via a certian computer02:29
Fareto see if the problem persists when console switching or so02:29
fooFare: Doing that now, no go.02:29
Dr_willisbzaks,  totally depends on your video card for starters.02:29
fooFare: eg. not seeing anything strange here02:29
Farewhat does "no go" mean?02:29
BarryToemanFare: you can use the Ubuntu alternate cd if you want a minimal install (command-line install in the menu) to build on.  best way in my opinion.02:29
Ashfire_Servercould someone help be figure what i did wrong in iptables or route?02:29
Fareso if the console is fine after X breaks, it's an X-only problem02:29
donald_bzaks: dpkg-reconfigure -phigh xserver-xorg02:29
MushroomsI am having trouble with pidgin, is there anyone who can help me?02:29
Dr_willisbzaks,  theres an nvidia gui config tool that can enable the Twinview and other settings.02:29
Narlzac85My onboard sounds stopped working a while back (probably broken), so I've been using Microsoft Lifechat USB headset for sound. It only works in Totem and Exaile (probably rythmbox too, I forget). My question is this: Do you guys think that 8.04's new sound system will fix this issue for me? I have the headset set as the default output in sound settings, but I'm guessing that the applications that work are all using GStreamer02:29
Dr_willisbzaks,  use 'sudo nvid<tab>' to see what ones are installed.. IF you have the nvidia drivers isntalled they should beinstalled also02:29
bzaksGot the nvidia-glx-new installed. So I should just look for the nvid02:30
Fareis there a minimal netinstall CD, as in debian?02:30
bzaksdr_willis: settings?02:31
IndyGunFreakFare: i don't think so, but there might be.02:31
bzakshey sweet!02:31
bzaksthanks Dr_willis02:31
=== george__ is now known as Paparas2007
bzaksyou know ...02:31
bzaksI really should've thought of that on my own02:31
bzakssorry everyone02:31
gretsch_drumshello, i am having an ubuntu (nvidia) problem and wondering if anyone can help02:33
BarryToemanFare: no, unfortunately.02:33
spaghetti_knifeFlannel: I changed mirrors, but it's still moving really, really slowly.02:33
Mushroomsoh noes >.< I think i did something epically bad to ubuntu02:34
gretsch_drumswe have finally gotten the nvidia drivers to work in 7.10 ubuntu02:34
gretsch_drumsbut now (all of a sudden, when the drivers work), the desktop is extremely sluggish02:34
gretsch_drumswith almost 3d effects02:34
gretsch_drumsand the menus are slow to render02:34
donald_Mushrooms: u grew Mushrooms in it?02:34
IndyGunFreakMushrooms: well, share it with us so we can make fun of you02:34
Ashfire_Serverdo i have to reset a network interface after changing iptables?02:35
illriginalDoes anyone know if there's a converter for Ape to MP3?...02:35
box-anyone know if there is a good web design program for ubuntu ?02:35
BarryToemanAshfire_Server: you have to restart iptables though.02:36
MushroomsYesterday i installed a package by the name of compiz something or other to try out the stuff they had on offer. But today when i booted my ubuntu, pidgin didn't seem to register any japanese, korean, or chinese characters anymore02:36
Fareis there an introductory course for beginners?02:36
Ashfire_ServerBarryToeman: how02:36
gretsch_drumsi used to use monkey audio on win3202:36
amenadoBarryToeman-> one does not restart iptables, only change the rulez02:36
gretsch_drumsfor APE to mp302:36
gretsch_drumsnot sure if it's on linux now or not though02:36
Ashfire_Serveri was about to say02:36
Mushroomsso i uninstalled the package, restarted, to see if that was giving me the trouble02:37
Ashfire_Serveris there something i have to do for iptables to take effect?02:37
Mushroomsbut nothing has returned to normal... so i hope i haven't done anything epically bad02:37
PKdoRI need help I cant delete files/folders or make file/folder on my home dir02:37
PKdoRit says I dont have oermision02:37
amenadoone makes the firewall rules and the effect is immediate02:37
Ashfire_Serverwell i can't connect though the system from one computer but i can from another02:38
amenadoPKdoR-> its really your home dir? which file?02:38
gretsch_drumsdoes anyone know if there are any 3D effects that ubuntu runs on the desktop, and that hog resources?02:38
donald_Mushrooms: dont see how compiz would hurt the other apps02:38
BarryToemanamenado: heh, i meant you have to make sure the new rules are actually saved02:38
Liono_how to change system log behaviour. to include things or details. verbose.  etc?02:38
Ashfire_Server!pastebin > Ashfire_Server02:38
PKdoRamenado, any files, every file/folder02:38
amenadoBarryToeman-> saving firewall rulez and restarting are two different processes02:39
jack-desktopwhy is there two "disk" icons on my desktop?02:39
=== tehcheez|Away is now known as tehcheez
Mushroomsdonald_: I didn't think so either, but I was out of ideas, and decided to uninstall it and see what happens, but it hasn't fixed the problem02:39
amenadoLiono_-> man syslogd02:39
Mushroomsdonald_: do you think it has anything to do with scim?02:39
amenadoLiono_-> man syslogd or maybe now syslog-ng02:39
tehcheezdonald_: Yes I am sadistic.02:39
BarryToemanamenado: thanks for then enlightenment.02:40
amenadoPKdoR-> what is the permission of your /home/username02:40
amenadoBarryToeman-> you're welcome02:40
illriginalDoes anyone know if there's a converter for Ape to MP3?...02:40
donald_Mushrooms: try checking the language settings again02:40
Mushroomsdonald_: Do you mean for ubuntu or for pidgin?02:41
PKdoRamenado, it says "rrot" on the properties window02:41
amenadoPKdoR-> how did you get to manage changing your home permission unless you are looking at /home/root ?02:41
Syxxi need some help i downloaded Steam in my Ubuntu 7.10 i have it installed but when i log in , it says  loging in as  (username) and thats it then i have to force quite can anyone help me02:41
donald_Mushrooms: both wont hurt02:41
michaelWhat u need 2 download to make the 3D cube working ? has got anybody got a link?02:41
mjw-!compiz | michael02:42
ubotumichael: Compiz (compositing window manager) and XGL (X server architecture layered on top of OpenGL) - Howto at http://help.ubuntu.com/community/CompositeManager - help in #compiz-fusion02:42
PKdoRamenado, it all stared by trying to install nero02:42
Ashfire_Serverthis is my iptables on the gateway system.02:42
amenadomichael-> for one your video card has to support 3-d, then visit #compiz i believe02:42
Mushroomsdonald_: well in pidgin, I can't really find a place where i can tinker with language settings at all, but i guess for ubuntu it would be settings->administration-> language?02:42
Syxxi downloaded Steam in my Ubuntu 7.10 i have it installed but when i log in , it says  loging in02:43
donald_Mushrooms: yea. something like that. what language issues r u seeing?02:43
AntLiOnhello there. can someone help me with this problem that happened here: http://tinyurl.com/2am28f ? thanks02:43
amenadoPKdoR-> do this  sudo chown -R  username.username /home/username02:43
amenadoAshfire_Server-> what exactly is the problem?02:44
BagelMasterNo matter what media player I use, all my music always skips when I do a process on the computer, is there a very low-resource player that I haven't tried, or a way to fix this?02:44
illriginalDoes anyone know if there's a converter for Ape to MP3?...02:44
PKdoRamenado, subtitut username for my ubuntu username?02:44
amenadoAntLiOn-> same with you, what exactly is the issue?02:44
amenadoPKdoR-> yes02:44
Mushroomsdonald_: When pidgin starts, I have some friends in Japan, and Korea, who have Japanese and Korean nicknames, It actually looks as large spaces. This is the first problem. The second one is that when I try to type Japanese to myself, it will also show up as blanks.. everything was ok yesterday >.<02:45
Mushroomsdonald_: this only happens for pidgin, i am trying gedit and other programs now to really nail whether it is a pidgin problem or a ubuntu problem02:46
donald_Mushrooms: odd02:46
PKdoRamenado, you are a life saver02:46
amenadoPKdoR-> nah, i only point out the errors people make sometimes02:46
PKdoRamenado, thank you02:46
amenadoPKdoR-> you're welcome02:47
Syxxi downloaded Steam in my Ubuntu 7.10 i have it installed but when i log in , it says  loging in as  (username) and thats it then i have to force quite can anyone help me02:47
Mushroomsdonald_: I'm pretty sure this may be a pidgin problem, because gedit, Kile, and other text editors don't have the same problem02:47
gretsch_drumsanyone know if compiz.real can be safely removed, and still allow openGL to be properly supported?02:47
mjw-Mushrooms: maybe the folks in #ubuntu-jp  are more likely to have run across that?02:47
Mushroomsmjw-: will they allow me to speak english over there? I'm not good at speaking either japanese or korean >.< only learning02:48
spaghetti_knifeI changed my mirror, but synaptic still dl's at <15 kB/s02:48
mjw-Mushrooms it's a japanese language room only, I think....maybe they'll be nice though ;)02:48
Ashfire_Serveramenado: i can connect to the internet via the gateway ( from my server ( but not from my desktop (
Shau1well I have tried everything suggested, but still can not get the mplayer to play?  I noticed there is no menu selection when launching mplayer like there is in totem.  Maybe I am missing something?  Any help will be appreciated.  Thank you02:49
Mushroomsmjw ok, i shall have a go02:49
spaghetti_knifeGRRR my ubuntu's crappy.02:50
spaghetti_knifeDid someone hack my computer?02:51
spaghetti_knifeupgrades don't work.02:51
amenadoAshfire_Server-> how is your desktop somehow related to your server? can you elaborate on your network layout?02:51
BagelMasterNo matter what media player I use, all my music always skips when I do a process on the computer, is there a very low-resource player that I haven't tried (I've tried Banshee, Rhythmbox, and XMMS), or a way to fix this?02:51
spaghetti_knifeThey download so slowly02:51
juank_pradahi there, im having some problems with my integrated webcam in a Dell inspiron 1420, i just installed ubuntu 7.10 and i tested the webcam using gstreamer-properties and it wored, but after hibernating it does not and is not longer being recognized02:51
amenadojuank_prada-> i seem to notice people have issues when their laptop awakens from hibernate, maybe you can reload same app gstreamer?02:52
juank_pradai also tested the webcam with the LiveCD before installing and it worked, but now if i run from liveCD it is not recognized either02:52
Mushroomsmjw-: oh dear this is a problem, I am currently using opera for IRC, and i haven't been able to get SCIM working with it, and, if i go on to use pidgin for IRC, none of the japanese characters i type show up on the screen >.< <- doubled screwed02:53
loa<juank_prada> unload mod of videocam02:53
juank_pradaloa: how do i do that?02:53
spaghetti_knifeFlannel: My synaptic's still not working. I changed mirrors and everything.02:53
juank_pradaamenado: how do i do that?... btw as i said using the LiveCD doesnt work either02:54
loa<juank_prada> check out your dmesg and seen what mod you need to unload02:54
loa<juank_prada> i have such problem with sound02:55
Mrhands2008anybody got a good how-to on setting up mythtv with avermedia dvb-t tv-card?02:55
loaI think it is v4l1_compat and v4l2_common02:56
Flannelspaghetti_knife: Does apt-get work better?02:56
juank_pradaloa: what should i look for in the output?02:56
spaghetti_knifeFlannel: Nope.02:56
spaghetti_knifeI mean apt-get.02:56
spaghetti_knifeApt still has aids.02:56
=== lymeca_ is now known as lymeca
amenadojuank_prada-> find out which modules is for that camera, then unload it and reload it again02:56
amenadospaghetti_knife-> be nice pleae02:56
amenadospaghetti_knife-> be nice please02:56
spaghetti_knifeamenado: am I being not nice?02:57
juank_pradaamenado: it was something like v4l202:57
amenadospaghetti_knife-> you know..you comment about aids02:57
mjw-Mushrooms try xchat02:57
spaghetti_knifeamenado: Ummm... ok.02:57
loa<juank_prada> yeh02:57
spaghetti_knifeamenado: are you afraid I'll offend people with AIDS?02:57
loa<juank_prada> i already said to you about this modules02:57
Pici!coc | spaghetti_knife02:57
ubotuspaghetti_knife: The Ubuntu Code of Conduct to which we ask all Ubuntu users to adhere can be found at http://www.ubuntu.com/community/conduct/02:57
loa<loa> I think it is v4l1_compat and v4l2_common02:58
juank_pradaloa: so what should i do now?02:58
loa<juank_prada> rmmod -f mod02:58
spaghetti_knifePici and amenado: I'm still unsure as to what I did wrong... but okay.02:59
spaghetti_knifeI wasn't insulting anyone.02:59
juank_pradaloa:  i got -> ERROR: Removing 'mod': No such file or directory02:59
loa<juank_prada> mod i mean your usbcam driver XD02:59
loa<loa> I think it is v4l1_compat and v4l2_common02:59
XXerAnyone know how to set up a fserver trigger in XCHAT using obsidian2? The help file says " [Obsidian²] To start serving with Obsidian+, first set a trigger, it's ID and a directory that will be accessible through that trigger:"and this is how they show it " [Obsidian²] /fs triggers add trigger_id1 my very own trigger /path/to/somewhere" And this is what I did "/fs triggers add trigger_id1 Cartoons /media/500-1HD/Cartoons" and this is t03:00
XXerhe msg I get back "[Obsidian²] Warning, requested triggerid all is not defined." WHat does that warning mean and what am I missing03:00
Shau1Second try...well I have tried everything suggested, but still can not get the mplayer to play?  I noticed there is no menu selection when launching mplayer like there is in totem.03:00
Shau1Open to any more suggestions...03:00
loa<juank_prada> [   25.610868] uvcvideo: Found UVC 1.00 device Vega USB 2.0 Camera. (0ac8:c302)03:00
juank_pradaloa: what is that?03:01
amenadoAshfire_Server-> well? where is the explanation of your network layout?03:01
loa<juank_prada> rmmod -f uvcvideo03:01
loa<juank_prada> modporbe uvcvideo03:01
Jahromeohi guys i need some help with adept/apt-get issues03:01
Jahromeoatm i cant install anything via apt-get or run adept03:01
Jahromeoand this is a fresh install03:02
soldatsare you using sudo to do it03:02
juank_pradaloa: done with the modprobe thing03:02
Jahromeoyes soldats i am03:02
Jahromeoif i open adept it crashes immediatly03:02
loa<juank_prada> after rmmod ?03:02
Jahromeoand if i try apt-get anything with sudo i get - Segmentation fault (core dumped)03:02
soldatsJahromeo: what errors are you getting03:03
Ashfire_Serveramenado: sorry was away03:03
amenadoJahromeo-> can you ping a web site like yahoo.com?03:03
Jahromeojerome@AbadonwareLinux:~$ sudo apt-get install synaptic03:03
JahromeoReading package lists... Done03:03
JahromeoSegmentation fault (core dumped)03:03
Jahromeoamenado im talking to you now via that pc - its not a net issue03:03
soldatsJahromeo: can you pastebin a error03:03
amenadoJahromeo-> okay03:03
soldats!paste > Jahromeo03:03
juank_pradaloa: I did rmmod -f v4l1_compat and rmmod -f v4l1_common but it said that none of them were found03:03
Jahromeoii just did paste my error03:04
JahromeoPING google.com ( 56(84) bytes of data.03:04
Jahromeo64 bytes from eh-in-f99.google.com ( icmp_seq=1 ttl=239 time=371 m03:04
NigelSJahromeo: what were you doing before it started seg faulting?03:04
loa<juank_prada> rmmod -f uvcvideo03:04
JahromeoPING google.com ( 56(84) bytes of data.03:04
Jahromeo64 bytes from eh-in-f99.google.com ( icmp_seq=1 ttl=239 time=371 m03:04
NigelSJahromeo: did you change any libraries?03:04
Jahromeoi installed this - did apt-get update03:04
juank_pradaloa: ok done03:04
Jahromeofirst off from fresh install adept wouldnt load03:04
NigelSJahromeo: you've never run apt-get before, is this a clean copy?03:04
loa<juank_prada> modporbe uvcvideo03:04
Jahromeoso i did an update03:04
loa<juank_prada> modprobe uvcvideo03:04
amenadoJahromeo-> why are you re-installing synaptic?  can you try installing let say nfs-common ?03:05
Jahromeoclean copy just installed03:05
Ashfire_Serveramenado: i put a layout of my network on photobucket eairler today, one sec...03:05
=== KingMorpheus is now known as morpheus
Jahromeoit does that for anything im using kubuntu so its adept not synaptic03:05
juank_pradaloa: done03:05
Jahromeoits an apt-get error wont install anything or run adept03:05
Ashfire_Serveramenado: http://i98.photobucket.com/albums/l244/Ashfire908/NetworkLayout.png03:05
loa<juank_prada> test your web cam03:05
juank_pradaloa: i still get -> Video for Linux 2 (v4l2): Cannot identify device '/dev/video0'. from the gstreamer-properties03:06
Ashfire_Serveramenado: my desktop is the windows/ubuntu dual boot03:06
Jahromeomaking a pastebin03:06
Jahromeo? paste03:06
=== morpheus is now known as KingMorpheus
Jahromeo! paste03:06
ubotupastebin is a service to post large texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org (make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the #ubuntu channel topic)03:06
amenadoAshfire_Server-> and your server is which one?03:06
loa<juank_prada> check out lsmod | grep v4l03:06
loa<juank_prada> and reload them03:07
juank_pradaloa: i used to have the option when selection Video for Linux 2 (v4l2) to select the device, but the device no longer appear03:07
Jahromeohttp://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/56288/ - my apt-get is broken hence so is my adept - using kubuntu - fresh install - annoyed :(03:07
j0hng4ltopen arena ROCKS!  any other good games that are easy to download?03:07
Ashfire_Serveramenado: ...there's only one server.03:07
j0hng4ltlike with apt?03:07
rskj0hng4lt: try nquake download from nquake.com03:07
amenadoJahromeo-> try dpkg-query -W  and lets see if its apt-get that is borked and not the dpkg system03:07
Ashfire_Serveramenado: the ubuntu rack server03:07
j0hng4ltcan I apt-get it?03:07
Jahromeohttp://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/56288/ - my apt-get is broken hence so is my adept - using kubuntu - fresh install - annoyed - havnt installed anything it was broke from start - install got stuck on mirroring repos for quite a few mins then moved on - think it corrupted03:07
NigelSJahromeo: Jahromeo very odd, what version of ubuntu/kubuntu is this?03:08
amenadoAshfire_Server-> as you can see, you have two routers the desktop must traverse..so those are not configured properly03:08
Ashfire_Serverj0hng4lt: you could look in add/remove programs03:08
juank_pradaloa: im getting this after rmmod ->  Removing 'v4l2_common': Resource temporarily unavailable03:08
Ashfire_Serveramenado: no, it traverses one.03:08
j0hng4ltI downloaded some from the package mgr03:08
loa<juank_prada> bad(03:09
gold44how to type japanese in ubuntu?03:09
amenadoAshfire_Server-> then if only one, then the 2nd one may not be configure correctly03:09
Jahromeonigels - 7.10 kubuntu from install cd i was sent from kubuntu03:09
juank_pradaloa: how bad?03:09
gold44is there a japanese distro for ubuntu?03:09
Ashfire_Serveramenado: data that is not going to a device on another router doesn't leave the router it's on03:09
loa<juank_prada> i think you need reboot...03:09
amenadoJahromeo-> try dpkg-query -W  and lets see if its apt-get that is borked and not the dpkg system03:09
Jahromeohttp://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/56289/  - my dpkg-query -W paste as amenado wanted03:09
Cpudan80gold44: no... but you can get a japanese language package03:09
juank_pradaloa: i already did.. i have rebooted like 3 times03:10
mjw-!jp > gold4403:10
gold44Cpudan80: what does the language package do? will gnome menu be in japanese?03:10
Ashfire_Serveramenado: i need to update the diagram03:10
loa<juank_prada> O_o03:10
juank_pradaloa: i mean after the comming back from hibernate03:10
amenadoJahromeo-> okay that shows the dpkg is good, its the front end apt-get or aptitude thats not working03:10
FourX4Luvngold44: You may want to check this out... http://www.mrbass.org/linux/ubuntu/scim/03:10
Jahromeoyeah apt-get is broken :(03:10
Cpudan80gold44: yes - along with everything else03:10
gold44mjw-: thx03:11
Cpudan80gold44: except maybe the directory names03:11
FourX4Luvngold44: It's very old information, but perhaps it will push you in the right direction at least03:11
loa<juank_prada> I don't now how to rmmod( -f mean force, but it didn't help(03:11
amenadoloa modprobe -r modulename03:11
NigelSJahromeo: you could try deleting your pkg db in /var/cache/apt on the basis that it could be broken somehow, then repeat the apt-get update03:11
gold44is there a chinese ubuntu channel too?03:11
NigelSJahromeo: obviously under no circumstance should apt-get seg fault03:12
ubotuFor Ubuntu help in Chinese 您可以访问中文频道: #ubuntu-cn 或者 #ubuntu-tw  或者 #ubuntu-hk03:12
supersakoi am contemplating installing ubuntu on my laptop.. #1 is 20gb /, rest for /home a good partition scheme for ubuntu.. #2 can ubuntu be upgrade to future versions without having to reinstall the whole thing (ex. feisty -> gutsy)03:12
Jahromeonigels how do i del it via console?03:12
loa<juank_prada> <amenado> loa modprobe -r modulename03:12
loatry this03:12
gold44thanks people03:12
loaamenado rmmod -f03:12
NigelSJahromeo: "rm" deletes, "cd" changes directory03:13
FourX4Luvnsupersako: Yes, you can update it at any time, downloading only what needs to be updated.03:13
Shadow6363for some reason decompression of rar files has been gradually slowing down, while the rest of the system hasnt been, any ideas why?03:13
juank_pradaloa:  sudo modprobe -r v4l1_compat -> FATAL: Module v4l1_compat is in use.03:13
xoairm - remove03:13
Jahromeoso does that rm dir as whole?03:13
jack-desktophow do i use "bootchart" that i got from synaptics?03:13
iratikHow might I convert my regular ubuntu to ubuntu-studio ?03:13
FlannelShadow6363: The same rar file (one big one?) or what?03:13
xoaiJahromeo: rm -rf03:13
Flanneliratik: They have instructions in #ubuntustudio03:13
danbhfivesupersako: was that a question?03:14
Jahromeoxoai what does rm -rf do?03:14
NigelSJahromeo: no, you can read about it in their man pages03:14
amenadoloa Note that using just "modprobe -r" will clean up unused autoloaded modules and also perform the pre- and post-remove commands in the configuration file /etc/modules.conf.03:14
NigelSJahromeo: dont type that03:14
iratikJahromeo: removes recursively and forces (doesn't ask you before deleting) ... man rm03:14
xoaiJahromeo: that command will remove dir include file in it03:14
eltuxanyone know of a good ftp client that doesn't suck as bad as FileZilla does?03:14
KingMorpheushey guys. i need some help with installing ubuntu on my laptop03:14
Jahromeoso im in that dir what do you want me to remove?03:14
Shadow6363Flannel: different archives, about same size, although decompressing an archive i know went quickly before now also goes slowly03:14
NigelSJahromeo: look, just cd /var/cache/apt and then if you ls you can see two .bin files03:14
NigelSJobias: rm those two files03:15
LeechzillaI need help. I resized my NTFS and ext3 partitions using gparted. Now my NTFS partitions are not showing up. How do I fix this?03:15
Jahromeo pkgcache.bin  srcpkgcache.bin03:15
NigelSJahromeo: yep03:15
loa<amenado> ok03:15
danbhfiveLeechzilla: how are they not showing up?03:15
eltuxLeechzilla: do you have a os on the NTFS partition?03:15
Shadow6363Flannel: does unarchiving use up swap space and/or tmp space/could i be running out?03:15
BarryToemaneltux: did you try "Places -> Connect to Server" in Gnome?03:15
Leechzilladanbhfive: I don't know03:15
Leechzillaeltux: Yeah, I have Vista03:15
eltuxBarryToeman: no03:15
danbhfiveLeechzilla: how did they show up before?03:15
juank_pradaloa: what worries me is that not even by running ubuntu from the livecd, the webcam works (it used to )03:16
Jahromeook that seems to have fixed it via apt-get03:16
Jahromeoit now works03:16
loa<juank_prada> lsof | grep video003:16
Jahromeolets try via adept03:16
Leechzilladanbhfive: It was there in Computer. It's not there anymore03:16
FlannelShadow6363: Could just be the data itself.  I dont know if it writes to RAM first, or flushes to disk piecewise03:16
spaghetti_knifeSorry to be bothering you with the same problems as before, but could someone please help me with my synaptic? It's running really slowly.03:16
eltuxLeechzilla: try booting into it and then booting into Ubuntu again. It happened with me (xp though)03:16
spaghetti_knifeI even switched mirrors, and nothing changed.03:16
spaghetti_knifeIs there a problem with my install?03:16
NigelSJahromeo: cool, was a corrupted cache file then; of course the program still shouldn't have seg faulted03:16
karunaliHi I'm on a Apple iBook and I'm going to use the normal mouse button as right click and the tap click as normal click, is this possible ?03:16
juank_pradaloa: done, it didnt show anything just the prompt again03:16
Leechzillaeltux: I can't boot into Windows either. It goes into the recovery console instead of going into Windows03:16
spaghetti_knifeAnd if so, how can I figure out what it is?03:16
eltuxBarryToeman: does it have a good graphical interface? That's what I'm looking for03:16
danbhfiveLeechzilla: you can try sudo fdisk -l    see if it shows up there03:16
Jahromeok nigels thanks for help and everyone else too :)(03:17
Shadow6363no idea how accurate this might be, but it seems as if previous archives are still taking up some sort of temporary space or process and as such when i go to unarchive the next, there isnt room/memory03:17
Jahromeowill play around then see what happens03:17
Ashfire_Serveramenado: uploading the new one.03:17
=== ravi is now known as Rcommander
BarryToemaneltux: it shows up in Nautilus file manager.03:17
Jahromeodoes it make a diff if you keep adept + synaptic on your pc?03:17
DropKickMurpheyscan someone help me install a game from a tar.gz file? i don't remember the commands in terminal03:17
eltuxBarryToeman: ooh, thanks :303:17
loa<juank_prada> Do your check your problem on launchpad? googling?03:17
NigelSJahromeo: nope, they're just diff frontends to the same tools03:17
RcommanderHey guys I am running Gutsy and want to know how to install SopCast03:17
Leechzilladanbhfive: Okay, it's there. But when I mount it, it says the NTFS is marked to be in use.03:18
juank_pradaloa: i did but found nothing similar to this..03:18
spaghetti_knifePlease, help.03:18
Jahromeogonna install synaptic find it nicer to use03:18
NigelSDropKickMurpheys: well tar -xzvf will extract such an archive03:18
NemesisDanyone in here own an eee? my wifi connection keeps dropping03:18
RcommanderNemesisD what type of encryption?03:18
danbhfiveLeechzilla: hmmm, yep, no idea, sorry03:19
BarryToemaneltux: it will also show the connection on the left below your partitions/mounted devices and can be persistent.03:19
juank_pradaloa: if it was something that happened due to some configuration issue ... wouldnt it work when running ubuntu from the LiveCD?03:19
karunaliHi I'm on a Apple iBook and I'm going to use the normal mouse button as right click and the tap click as normal click, is this possible ?03:19
NemesisDRcommander, none03:19
eltuxBarryToeman: thanks, I'll try it out with my website03:19
NigelSLeechzilla: it means that your NTFS partition is marked as dirty - that is to say it wasn't cleanly unmounted - either the machine was hard reset or something crashed03:19
FourX4LuvnLeechzilla: That means that the NTFS partition was not shut down cleanly.03:19
NemesisDRcommander, at least not on the router end, maybe its set somewhere on the eee's end?03:19
BagelMasterNo matter what media player I use, all my music always skips when I do a process on the computer, is there a very low-resource player that I haven't tried (I've tried Banshee, Rhythmbox, and XMMS), or a way to fix this?03:19
Ashfire_Serveramenado: i don't think i can upload it with elinks.03:19
RcommanderNemesisD, k are you using the latest laptop kernel, no if there is no encryption on router then there is none on eee03:20
RB2BagelMaster, is this a desktop or a notebook?03:20
amenadoLeechzilla-> i wonder if that kind of error is something to do with your xp having shutdown improperly, some people here mentioned that, while mounting an ntfs, it fails because xp was not shutdown properly03:20
BagelMasterRB2: Notebook03:20
spaghetti_knifeCan anyone help me with my package manager problem?03:20
NigelSall he has to do is run ntfsfix or reboot into windows and exit smoothly03:20
amenadoAshfire_Server-> oh well..next time perhaps03:20
danbhfivespaghetti_knife: what's the problem?03:20
RcommandernemesisD, also make sure if you are using KDE then you have Knetworkmanager thts what i use and works like a charm03:20
mjw-someone asked re: macbook compatibility: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LaptopTestingTeam/AppleMacBook200703:21
RcommanderGuys I need help installing SopCast on gutsy...any takers?03:21
Ashfire_Serveramenado: can you send/recieve dcc files?03:21
amenadoAshfire_Server-> nope03:21
spaghetti_knifedanbhfive: my updater/installer/synaptic/apt-get does not work well. It starts downloading at 15 kB/s and then stops.03:21
RB2BagelMaster, could be a lot of things. What notebook?03:21
FourX4LuvnRcommander: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=25804903:21
Jahromeoguys im back with an adept issue03:21
BagelMasterRB2, Older Dell Latitude C60003:22
danbhfive!enablesources | spaghetti_knife  try enabling the defaults, just check to be sure03:22
ubotuspaghetti_knife  try enabling the defaults, just check to be sure: Enable the standard Ubuntu repositories by going to System > Administration > Software Sources - See !repositories for detailed information03:22
spaghetti_knifeI switched mirrors and everything, but it's still really slow.03:22
NemesisDRcommander, laptop kernel? im using ubuntu, is there a separate kernel?03:22
Jahromeoi install synaptic - it crashes once dl finished - closes - now it wont open again03:22
IndyGunFreakJahromeo: well, i doubt that is Gods fault.03:22
amenadoalberto-> speak in english please03:22
Jahromeowhat is wronggg grrrr03:22
ubotuThe packages in Ubuntu are divided into several sections. More information at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Repositories and http://www.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/components - See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/RecommendedSources for the recommended way to set up your repositories03:22
Jahromeoadept is the one thats caus all this nonsense :(((((((((((903:22
RcommanderNemesisD ya try the laptop-latest h.o03:22
mjw-BagelMaster I'm on a Dell Latitude C510, what problem are you having?03:22
NemesisDgod this is getting intolerable, sorry Rcommander just went down again03:23
kjp2anyone with expereince using netatalk ?03:23
RB2BagelMaster, you're on 7.10? What's your CPU usage when idling?03:23
Ashfire_Serveramenado: oh apparently i need to refresh the page03:23
amenadoJahromeo-> ahh spend another few to re-install03:23
RB2I had a problem with trackerd being a resource hog for days on end.03:23
NemesisDRcommander, im afraid im not familiar with your lingo03:23
spaghetti_knifedanbhfive: I can't start synaptic. My program's locked.03:23
BagelMastermjw- All the media players I have tried (XMMS, Banshee, Mplayer, Rhythmbox) skip when I do any process on my computer03:23
albertoalguien habla español?? necesito ayuda sobre ubuntu03:23
Jahromeogonna try install synaptic via apt-get without adept03:23
RcommanderNemesisD here download laptop-netconf03:23
FourX4Luvn!spanish | alberto03:23
Rcommanderin SPM03:23
ubotualberto: Si busca ayuda en español por favor entre en los canales #ubuntu-es o #kubuntu-es, allí obtendrá más ayuda.03:23
danbhfivespaghetti_knife: did you check your sources?03:23
Jahromeoand see if synaptic does the same nonsense03:23
eltuxBarryToeman: I require a password to login to my website's ftp, will it work?03:24
juank_pradaloa: what else could i do?  :(03:24
amenadoJahromeo-> this time when installing remove your network capabilities like removing the ethernet cable so its quicker..update should be done post-install03:24
mjw-BagelMaster i'm curious to the answer of cpu usage when idle too03:24
NemesisDRcommander, installing now03:24
RB2mjw-, have you seen many probs with trackerd?03:24
MrPiracyanyone familiar with java virtual machine? how can i install it on ubuntu x64?03:24
BagelMasterRB2 mjw - Percent used while idling?  That's around 7%03:24
NemesisDRcommander, now what?03:25
BagelMasterRB2 mjw - P303:25
NigelS!java | MrPiracy03:25
ubotuMrPiracy: To install a Java runtime/interpreter on Ubuntu, look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Java - For the Sun Java runtime install sun-java6-jre from the !Multiverse repository (in !Backports for !Edgy)03:25
astro76!flash64 | MrPiracy03:25
mjw-RB2 um, what's trackerd? :)03:25
ubotuMrPiracy: You can run Flash, Real, and Java plugins in AMD64 bit computers with Firefox. see the steps to follow at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FirefoxAMD64FlashJava03:25
amenadoMrPiracy-> runtime or jdk?03:25
RcommanderNemesisD, also get the backport modules03:25
Rcommanderand restart you should be fine03:25
RB2mjw-, it's the indexing engine for the search applet03:25
amenadoMrPiracy-> never mind, you're 64bit, am not..03:25
NemesisDRcommander, how an i tell which are the backport modules?03:25
rhineheart_mis there a way to restore ubuntu server into its newly installed state? just like in windows..they have system restore...thanks03:26
Jahromeosynaptic is already the newest version. - according to apt-get03:26
mjw-RB2 i run on xubuntu, i don't think xubuntu uses that03:26
spaghetti_knifedanbhfive: I have to be able to start apt first. I tried that, then it sank, then I control-z'd and now it's locked. How do I unlock it, or at least kill it?03:26
Jahromeoyet when i run command synaptic it doesnt work03:26
amenadorhineheart_m-> nope, but which server services you think you have fouled up?03:26
RB2mjw-, no I don't believe it does.03:26
Jahromeonm got synaptic gonna see if that bombs03:26
danbhfiverhineheart_m: what do you mean newly installed?03:26
RcommanderNemesisD, go to synaptic, and search for backport and get the latest backport modules, AFTER you have enabled them int he software sources pack03:26
Jahromeomaybe its just my adept manager that sux03:26
danbhfivespaghetti_knife: fg03:26
RB2BagelMaster, I'm assuming this is doing anything else regardless of what it is, correct?03:27
RcommandernemesisD, if you just installed ubuntu then go to software sources, enable backports and unsupported and run and update03:27
MrPiracyamenado: i just want to get this website open and displaying normally: https://www2.bancobrasil.com.br/aapf/login.jsp?aapf.IDH=sim03:27
spaghetti_knifedanbhfive: i fg'd, and fg apt-get, but nothing happened. "No such job."03:27
mjw-BagelMaster I use xubuntu on this c510, but i haven't actually tried much media playing. youtube works ok though without skipping (Celeron 1066MHz)03:27
NigelSspaghetti_knife: fg uses job numbers03:27
MrPiracyNigelS, astro76 : i just want to get this website open and displaying normally: https://www2.bancobrasil.com.br/aapf/login.jsp?aapf.IDH=sim03:27
FourX4Luvnspaghetti_knife: 'jobs'03:27
NemesisDRcommander, are you saying its just a newer version of the same app thuogh? im still searching for laptop-netconf?03:27
amenadoMrPiracy-> it prompting about trusting its key..you have already?03:27
Jahromeohow can i remove adept without removing kubuntu desktop?03:27
spaghetti_knife'jobs' turns up nothing.03:28
BagelMasterRB2, I didn't quite get that.  I'm also running Xchat and Pidgin while I gave you that Processor &03:28
spaghetti_knifeand yet apt remains locked.03:28
Dr_willisJahromeo,  i wouldnt even bother trying to remove adept. - Just use synaptic if you perfer it03:28
RcommanderNemesisD, no laptop-netconf is a completely different thing that does not ship with ubuntu but helps with certain WiFI connections03:28
FourX4Luvnspaghetti_knife:  then you have nothing running in the background on that terminal.  try 'ps ax | grep apt'03:28
amenadospaghetti_knife-> look in /var/lock  and see if its locked there03:28
khaotikanyone feel like walking me thru getting my web cam working. i have read a lot of forums and downloaded things but my laptop just wont pick up the device03:28
RcommanderNemesisD, updating is just somethin that might help03:28
snkmadhow do i install firefox 3 beta on ubuntu?03:28
MrPiracyamenado: well, i dont see it ... all i have is an error message on the bottom that says "Applet tclJava notinited"03:29
RB2BagelMaster, I'm not sure.03:29
RB2Anyone else with more Dell notebook experience want to take a stab?03:29
danbhfivespaghetti_knife: do you have the upgrade-manager open?03:29
IndyGunFreaksnkmad: download the source and compile it.03:29
amenadokhaotik-> juank_prada  both of you exchange notes :P03:29
rhineheart_mI ruined everything.. I tried to reinstall apache2 and the rest of the applications but I can't install it successfully03:29
RcommanderNemesisD, maybe you have to enable additional repositories, I am not sure how to check which repository its from03:29
Rcommandergoogle it03:29
Jahromeodr_willis i want adept gone its buggy as hell03:29
MrPiracyNigelS, astro76, amenado : i followed instructions on this website http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?p=117443503:29
NigelSMrPiracy: if you just want java to work do as the bot says and apt-get install the sun java package and also the plugin package - open synaptic and search for java03:29
RcommanderIs there anyone here that knows sopcast?03:29
juank_pradakhaotik: what di you do?03:29
spaghetti_knifeI don't have it open. I tried to apt-get install, and then control-z'd out.03:29
Jahromeoif i try remove it it wants to take kubuntu desktop with it :(03:29
amenadoMrPiracy-> it prompted me for it to trust the key..03:29
FourX4Luvnsnkmad: No offense, but if you have to ask, you probably shouldn't be running FF3.  It's still highly experimental.  Suitable for developers only03:29
notyetaAnybody can give me some suggestion on how to install ubuntu throw ISO?03:29
IndyGunFreaknotyeta: what do you mean?03:29
MrPiracyamenado: well, it never asked me that03:30
Rcommandernotyeta, just put the cd in03:30
snkmadFourX4Luvn well i tried it on winxp, and seems really great03:30
snkmadwanna try on my ubuntu now03:30
MrPiracyamenado: been trying to get to this site for days now03:30
notyetai wanna install ubuntu03:30
Ashfire_Serveramenado: got it, one sec03:30
Rcommandernotyeta and run the live and double click install03:30
khaotiki installed easycam, tried it under camorama and tried it under xsane03:30
Dr_willisJahromeo,  whatever..  removeing it will break kubuntu-desktop, and that may make upgrading to the next releae more of a hassle..03:30
danbhfivespaghetti_knife: and fg didn't work? hmmm....  is it a virtual terminal?03:30
amenadoMrPiracy-> you have to look around the java security03:30
IndyGunFreaknotyeta: have you burned the iso as an image to a disk?03:30
LeechzillaWhen I used the -o force option to mount my NTFS partition, it says $LogFile indicates unclean shutdown (0, ). WARNING: Forced mount, reset $LogFile. How do I reset it?03:30
spaghetti_knifedanbhfive: killall apt worked03:30
MrPiracyamenado: i did, i even installed firefox3203:30
spaghetti_knifethanks, guys.03:30
notyetayep, i burned it into a cd03:30
Jahromeomeh fine ill leave it then but i HATE IT :(03:30
FourX4Luvnsnkmad: Ok.. Just know that you were warned :)   Here's a link for you... http://www.ubuntugeek.com/howto-install-firefox-3-beta-2-in-ubuntu-710-gutsy-gibbon.html03:30
spaghetti_knifekillall is awesome.03:30
Rcommandernotyeta just restart comp and boot from CD03:30
khaotikeverytime it pops up could not connect to video device /dev/video003:30
IndyGunFreaknotyeta: restart your PC, with the disk in your CD drive, and make ure your computer is set to boot from the CD drive first03:31
snkmadFourX4Luvn thx03:31
Ashfire_Serveramenado: http://i98.photobucket.com/albums/l244/Ashfire908/NetworkLayout2.png03:31
rhineheart_mdanbhfive<<< just like when I just finished installing ubuntu03:31
Dr_willisJahromeo,  removing it wont break 'kde' but it will also remove the meta-package kubuntu-desktop. Thats not a big deal really .03:31
cosmodadcan anyone tell me if the Load_Cycles/disk crashes issue affects non-notebook disks as well?03:31
MrPiracyamenado: there's not many options around java and sun-java6-plugin says there's no package candiate03:31
spaghetti_knifeI went to software sources, switched to the main server.03:31
notyetabut i am confused on how to format the disk03:31
amenadoMrPiracy-> umm maybe they have you marked as local user..so you are not allowed :P  some banks dont allow local users only imported ones..heh03:31
MrPiracyamenado: went to www.java.com and it says my computer has the latest java installed .... i'm lost03:31
spaghetti_knifeNow it's downloading files, and it's not working anymore.03:31
danbhfiverhineheart_m: do you have a gui?  or is this gui-less?03:31
juank_pradaamenado: i tried using easycam but when i got the list of usb devices all of them are like 'Bus 002 Device 001: id 0000:000003:31
khaotikany suggestions03:31
IndyGunFreaknotyeta: we'll deal with that once you get the CD running, when you get Ubuntu started, come here and we'll help you03:31
notyetai wanna intall two system one is window another is ubuntu03:31
mjw-BagelMaster so does the cpu usage shoot up to 100 when you do anything media related - or is it video or audio only/03:32
MrPiracyamenado: this is my home banking page. i use it for years. i am sure it works fine under IE03:32
rhineheart_mdanbhfive<< m not running gui... m accessing the server through ssh03:32
juank_pradakhaotik: nope.. actually i though you fixed the problem03:32
amenadoMrPiracy-> there is in regards to security..you have to google for the java security info03:32
FourX4Luvnjuank_prada: Uninstall all your other USB devices.. then whatever one is left must be the camera ;)03:32
SJrXWhen I suspend my new system, the clock changes time when I resume03:32
SJrXHow can I fix it03:32
FourX4Luvnjuank_prada: Excuse me.. unplug them.. not uninstall them03:32
notyetabut how should i format the disk?03:32
spaghetti_knifeMaybe it's my isp. I'll call them tomorrow.03:32
hipekhopPlise help, i cant registry #03:32
SJrXUbuntu was originally installed on a previous machine03:32
khaotikits driving me crazy. what kind of system you running??03:32
IndyGunFreaknotyeta: are you listening?03:32
juank_pradaFourX4Luvn: i did... but all of the output is 0000:0000 which means there is nothing plugged03:32
danbhfive!info orphan | rhineheart_am03:32
uboturhineheart_am: Package orphan does not exist in gutsy03:33
notyetayep, i listened what u said03:33
Rcommandernotyeta pm me if you need more help03:33
amenadoMrPiracy okay..just making a comment that some banks dont allow local users, only imported ones :)03:33
BagelMastermjw- It goes between 12% and 22% while playing03:33
Jahromeok updating while i sleep lets hope synaptic isnt as lame as adept03:33
IndyGunFreaknotyeta: then what part did you not understand?03:33
juank_pradakhaotik: im in a Dell inspirton 142003:33
BagelMastermjw- rarely hits 22% though03:33
RaspberryI've bene having lots of the 3d and I've found this... https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/mesa03:33
mjw-BagelMaster and by playing are you referring to video only,  audio only, or both together03:33
notyetasorry, i can't understand you well03:33
LeechzillaWhen I used the -o force option to mount my NTFS partition, it says $LogFile indicates unclean shutdown (0, ). WARNING: Forced mount, reset $LogFile. How do I reset it?03:33
BagelMastermjw- audio only03:33
FourX4Luvnjuank_prada: Are you sure the camera is supported by ubuntu?03:33
IndyGunFreaknotyeta: ok.. boot your Ubuntu CD, then come back here, and we'll talk you through partitioning your drive and installing03:34
rhineheart_mubotu<<what do you mean with that?03:34
NigelSLeechzilla: yes, we told you how to solve this03:34
amenadoAshfire_Server-> thats no more different than what you pasted earlier03:34
mjw-BagelMaster and it goes to 12-22% and starts skipping?03:34
Starnestommyrhineheart_m: ubotu is a bot03:34
LeechzillaNigelS: I didn't get it03:34
IndyGunFreak!ubotu | rhineheart_m03:34
juank_pradaFourX4Luvn: it worked before.. i found the device under gstreamer-properties and i tested it... but now it no longer appears03:34
uboturhineheart_m: I am ubotu, all-knowing infobot. You can browse my brain at http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi - Usage info: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuBots03:34
FourX4LuvnNigelS: He'd logged out when you answered him.03:34
MrPiracyamenado: this is my bank, it accepts connections from brazil03:34
NigelSLeechzilla: your ntfs drive wasn't shut down cleanly - you should run ntfsfix on it or boot into windows and shutdown normally03:34
danbhfive!info deborphan | rhineheart_am maybe this package will help you, I don't know how to use it myself03:34
uboturhineheart_am maybe this package will help you, i don't know how to use it myself: deborphan (source: deborphan): Find orphaned libraries. In component universe, is optional. Version 1.7.23 (gutsy), package size 69 kB, installed size 420 kB03:34
Ashfire_Serveramenado: oh, i see what you meant by routes. if something requests something from the internet, using the server as a gateway, it routes it to the gateway. (by setting a default route on the serrver). it's not an actual router03:34
BagelMastermjw- Only if I minimize something, open something, or do any kind of process03:34
wastedyouthwow I'm now windows free03:34
amenadoMrPiracy i heard you,03:34
notyetaur...maybe it's a tough task03:34
NigelSFourX4Luvn: not a good idea to quit a channel when asking a question03:34
rhineheart_mwhat's that for?03:35
NemesisDRcommander, ok i rebooted, anything special i need to do?03:35
FourX4LuvnNigelS: You speak the truth.  :)03:35
IndyGunFreaknotyeta: what is a tough task?03:35
amenadoAshfire_Server-> something to that effect yes03:35
notyetai need prepare some material.03:35
Ashfire_Serveramenado: one sec i just had an idea...03:35
RcommanderNemesisD you should be good to go03:35
freafdshWhenever I install a newer nvidia driver from the nvidia website the nvidia driver stops loading completely, and I'm stuck with a generic driver. Any suggestions?03:35
Ashfire_Serveramenado: (which will probaly disconnect me.)03:35
RcommanderND, are you on KDE or Gnome?03:35
FourX4Luvnjuank_prada: Odd.. have you tried unplugging the camera and plugging it back in?03:35
mjw-BagelMaster what is the result of lspci | grep -i audio03:35
danbhfiverhineheart_m: if you are talking to me, please use my name, it highlights the message.  the tab key can help with this03:35
cosmodadcan anyone tell me if the Load_Cycles/disk crashes issue affects non-notebook disks as well?03:35
notyetainstall ubuntu is a tough task, i thought03:36
juank_pradaFourX4Luvn: kinda hard, its an integrated webcam in my laptop03:36
IndyGunFreaknotyeta: no, its quite easy actually03:36
spaghetti_knifeMy isp might be blocking some of my traffic or something.03:36
eekranofreafdsh, i had the same problem, I had to match the kernel version- what kernel are you using?03:36
FourX4Luvnjuank_prada: Oh.. sorry.. I thought it was USB for some reason03:36
spaghetti_knifeThanks, dudes.03:36
rhineheart_mdanbhfive: sorry..this is my first time here03:36
Rubinanyone know why totem cant play location http://local.wasp.uwa.edu.au/~pbourke/exhibition/scc5/results/iyxhrs.mov but if i save that mov to disk, it can?03:36
larson9999juank_prada, what kind of laptop?03:36
BagelMastermjw- lspci | grep -i audio03:36
Phrozen_Onewhat would be the easiest method of booting to a console instead of gnome by default?03:36
freafdsheekrano, what command do I use to determine the kernel version?03:36
FourX4Luvnjuank_prada: There isn't some key combination to enable/disable it then is there?03:36
juank_pradalarson9999: Dell inspiron 142003:36
notyetacould u give me some reference?03:36
amenadojuank_prada-> umm   tail -f /var/log/messages and unplug your camera, then plug it back in..to see if its detected..you have to be patient and wait though03:36
BagelMastermjw- Sorry: dan@Dan-laptop:~$ lspci | grep -i audio03:36
BagelMaster00:08.0 Multimedia audio controller: ESS Technology ES1983S Maestro-3i PCI Audio Accelerator (rev 10)03:36
IndyGunFreak!install | notyeta03:36
ubotunotyeta: Ubuntu can be installed in lots of ways. Please see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation for documentation. Problems during install? See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CommonProblemsInstall and https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DapperReleaseNotes/UbiquityKnownIssues - Don't want to use a CD? Try http://tinyurl.com/3exghs - See also !automate03:36
Flannelfreafdsh: uname -a03:37
eekranofreafdsh, whats the output of    dmesg | grep NVRM03:37
mjw-BagelMaster and what does glxinfo | grep -i direct  return03:37
LevarrisWonder if anyone can help me out here, Im trying to find a driver for a Sound Blaster Audigy 2 ZS Platinum,  Ive heard its not compatible by default with Ubuntu.   Id more than like want sound once its installed.03:37
rhineheart_mdanbhfive: what web based control panel can you recommend for ubuntu server?03:37
FourX4Luvnamenado: It's not external.. it's built into the laptop03:37
larson9999juank_prada, too bad, i just got my embedded camera working for my hp.  guess that won't help you03:37
freafdsh2.6.22-14-generic #103:37
juank_pradaamenado: i cant unplug my camera its integrated03:37
amenadonotyeta-> we have told you earlier, burn the iso into your cdrom disk then use that to boot03:37
notyetaokay, thanks a lot, i will have a try03:37
juank_pradalarson9999: tell me what di you do03:37
amenadoFourX4Luvn-> ahh..03:37
BagelMastermjw- dan@Dan-laptop:~$ glxinfo | grep -i direct03:37
BagelMasterdirect rendering: No (If you want to find out why, try setting LIBGL_DEBUG=verbose)03:37
BagelMasterOpenGL renderer string: Mesa GLX Indirect03:37
FourX4Luvnjuank_prada: There isn't some key combination to enable/disable it then is there?03:37
eekranofreafdsh, or uname -r03:37
mjw-BagelMaster what does lspci | grep -i video  return03:38
MTecknologyWhat's the easiest way to install 32bit firefox on amd64?03:38
juank_pradaFourX4Luvn: nope... at least not that i know03:38
freafdsh loading NVIDIA UNIX x86 Kernel Module  100.14.19  Wed Sep 12 14:12:24 PDT 200703:38
danbhfiverhineheart_m: no big deal, I might accidentally ignore you.  deborphan will identify which packages are orphaned.  A base install is simple the package ubuntu-server.   So, anything that is orphaned other than ubuntu-server can go, to get back to a vanilla install03:38
amenadojuank_prada-> maybe you have to look into your bios to disable/re-enable it03:38
NemesisDRcommander, what exactly did that do?03:38
notyetaokay, thanks all03:38
larson9999juank_prada, i had to compile a driver someone made during the last year for it.03:38
NemesisDout of curiosity03:38
freafdsheekrano that is what I get now, but this is when the system is running correctly with an older driver, (back up)03:38
BagelMastermjw- Nothing.03:38
juank_pradaamenado: ok.. ill check that03:38
RcommanderNemesisD, exactly what did what do? the new kernel?03:38
=== Jannita is now known as Johanna
Rcommanderi mean03:38
mjw-BagelMaster what does lspci | grep -i vga   return (sorry, misspoke there before)03:38
freafdsheekrano I would really appreciate a fix for this, if you can help03:39
RcommanderND, netconf?03:39
MrPiracyok, i have several aditional fonts installed on gutsy and most of the programs can see/use these fonts. is there an easy way to make them available for ALL programs (ie. aMSN)?03:39
khaotikhow do i find out what the specific type of camora i have???03:39
NemesisDRcommander, i don't have a new kernel, i didnt quite unde4rstand what you meant by that03:39
BagelMastermjw- No worries: dan@Dan-laptop:~$ glxinfo | grep -i direct03:39
BagelMasterdirect rendering: No (If you want to find out why, try setting LIBGL_DEBUG=verbose)03:39
BagelMasterOpenGL renderer string: Mesa GLX Indirect03:39
mjw-BagelMaster also don't send back the command line you typed in, just adds to channel noise03:39
NemesisDRcommander,  i just installed that package you recommended, did you mean the eee bios or summat?03:39
BagelMastermjw- My apologies: 01:00.0 VGA compatible controller: ATI Technologies Inc Rage Mobility M3 AGP 2x (rev 02)03:39
rhineheart_mdanbhfive: so you mean..when I will deoprhaned the system...it will go back to its OS state?03:39
jack-desktopwho knows anything about virtualbox?03:39
theursman wget03:39
danbhfiverhineheart_m: I don't know about webbase control thingies03:39
RcommanderNemesisD, i know sorry i am doing too many things at once, mistyped, i mean the netconf thing? is that what you are asking what did that do?03:40
juank_pradaamenado: after doing that 'tail  -f /var/log/messages' should i wait till i get back to the prompt?03:40
theurs       --tries=number03:40
theurs           Set number of retries to number.  Specify 0 or inf for infinite retrying.  The default is to retry 20 times, with the exception of fatal errors like ‘‘connection03:40
theurs           refused’’ or ‘‘not found’’ (404), which are not retried.03:40
mjw-BagelMaster could you post your /etc/X11/xorg.conf  to a pastebin?03:40
BagelMastermjw- Yea, I'm not paying attention to what I'm highlighting, my apologies03:40
theurshow to force it keep trying anyway03:40
NemesisDRcommander, oh, yes03:40
BagelMastermjw- No problem03:40
twavisi need a boot disk to boot off of a usb drive that's not supported by my bios.. is this possible?03:40
FourX4Luvnkhaotik: You could try checking out http://www.linux-laptop.net/ and see if your laptop model is listed.  There may be some advice on how to get the camera working.03:40
danbhfiverhineheart_m: yeah, the original state is when you only have ubuntu-server installed, and all the packages it depends on03:40
RcommanderNemesisD, Honestly...don't know...but it worked for some...someone else here had suggested that to me...03:40
juank_pradaamenado: so far this is what i got from that command ->http://pastebin.com/m5677370d03:40
eekranofreafdsh, thats the same version I'm using- I tried using a later release and had the same problem-03:40
NemesisDRcommander, works for me :P are you an eee user as well? if so, how are you liking it03:41
rhineheart_mdanbhfive: that's great! at least I will not be spending most of my time formatting the disk03:41
Farewill ubuntu work with 256MB of memory?03:41
snkmadjack-desktop i run virtualbox here, whats your problem?03:41
mjw-BagelMaster what I suspect is happening (at least partially) is that the non-direct rendering is taking a heavy toll on your performance. Any sort of window operation will be painful without direct rendering, especially on a slower computer03:41
FourX4Luvntwavis: Nope.. Afraid that before you boot, the BIOS is all you have, so if it doesn't support the drive, you're kind of SOL03:41
danbhfiverhineheart_m: and you should make sure to have a kernel installed to, like the linux-generic meta package, though there may be a server one03:41
BagelMastermjw- http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/56296/03:41
RcommanderNemesisD, oh i am loving the eee its awesome..just wished for a bigger HDD03:41
Fareit's fscking damn slow on my gf's R4003:41
mjw-Fare xubuntu is better for lower memory situations03:41
freafdsheekrano What can I do to get a "kernel match"?03:41
NemesisDRcommander, sd cards are extremely cheap these days i hear03:41
eekranofreafdsh, i think you'd have to recompile the kernel- but I'm actually not too sure to be honest.03:41
Fareis 256MB low memory these days?03:42
rhineheart_mdanbhfive: so how to do i03:42
mjw-Fare relatively... ;)03:42
danbhfiverhineheart_m: well, play with deborphan, the gtkorphan package is easy, im afraid the cli version is more difficult to use, and I can't help ya, since I've never done it03:42
freafdshAh, ok.03:42
* Fare remembers the bad old days when 8MB was a lot03:42
gretsch_drumscan anyone recommend a good AGP nvidia card to use with ubuntu?03:42
Dr_willis256mb ram - is uber low. :)03:42
FourX4Luvnmjw-: fluxbox, ratpoison, blackbox, or the like if you really want to cut down memory usage yet still have a graphical interface03:42
Fare(or the worst old days when 64KB was so much memory)03:42
KlrSp1anyone know how to get samba and winbind working properly?03:42
RcommanderNemesisD, ya but they aren't fast enough correct me if i am wrong, but cant the eee only support 4 more gigs through SD?03:42
eekranofreafdsh, If I attempt it again and get it I'll be sure to let you know... but I'm just happy I'm not stuck with nv anymore!03:42
freafdshWhat is the latest nvidia driver that works with your 2.6.22-14-generic kernel?03:42
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about winbind - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi03:42
amenadojuank_prada-> it looks like you system recognized it as an input device like a keyboard or a mouse03:42
Dr_willisgretsch_drums,  depends on your budget.  - Id track down one with a fanless design if gettting a new card.03:42
rhineheart_mdanbhfive: is that something with GUI?03:43
gretsch_drumsi have a 6200 with 128mb ram, and no fan03:43
freafdsheekrano did you get better compiz fusion performance after updating the driver?03:43
Dr_willisgretsch_drums,  they got some in the under $40 range - or at leas tthey yuse to03:43
juank_pradaamenado: so is there something that can be done to get it back to work?03:43
gretsch_drumsand a 5500 dual-headed03:43
gretsch_drumswith a fan03:43
jack-desktopsnkmad, if i try to install windows xp using a recovery disk in virtual box03:43
NemesisDRcommander, i think the limit is the media not the port, i heard sd cards go up to 16-32 gb03:43
danbhfiverhineheart_m: gtkorphan is the gui front end to deborphan03:43
jack-desktopsnkmad, is there any chance it'll mess up my harddrive at all03:43
gretsch_drumsbut the 6200 doesn't work well at all in ubuntu03:43
eekranofreafdsh, absolutely-03:43
rhineheart_mdanbhfive: but how about if I will not be using GUI... i just want the server be accessed through ssh03:43
amenadojuank_prada-> i dont know, i dont own  a laptop nor a video camera03:44
gretsch_drumsthe menus don't get rendered and the desktop is extremely sluggish03:44
gretsch_drumsthe 5500 is PCI03:44
RcommanderNemesisD, ya they do, but i thought the eee cant support SDHC cards, maybe(i hope) i am wrong03:44
snkmadjack-desktop no, its all virtual, the hdd from virtual machines are just files inside your real HDD03:44
freafdshdamnit eek, I will not rest until I find a way to update this driver!03:44
juank_pradaamenado: oh.. ok thanks for your help :)03:44
mjw-BagelMaster do you happen to know how much video memory you have03:44
eekranofreafdsh, you should be getting good performance too if you're using nvidia instead of nv03:44
FourX4Luvnrhineheart_m: then look at orphaner03:44
snkmadjack-desktop i do have winxp installed virtualbox here, works just fine03:44
danbhfiverhineheart_m: you are going to have to use google, or ask someone else, because I don't know.  Sorry03:44
NemesisDRcommander, im not sure, i havent looked into it too extensively, im gonna try to keep mine pretty light03:44
BagelMastermjw- Not offhand03:44
FourX4Luvnrhineheart_m: it's curses based, if I recall.  Doesn't require X anyway, whatever it uses.03:44
RcommanderNemesisD, awesome hey i gotta run i'll catch ya later03:45
* Rcommander is away03:45
NemesisDRcommander, have a nice evening, thx for the help03:45
RcommanderNemesisD, you are very welcome!03:45
gretsch_drumsanyone know of an AGP problems in ubuntu?03:45
rhineheart_mdanbhfive: thanks for the advice...I appreciate it.. I will try FourX4Luvn03:45
Levarrisanyone know if my Audigy 2 Platinum ZS will work in Ubuntu?03:45
gretsch_drumsor problems with the 6200 nvidia card?03:45
freafdsheekrano in xorg.conf it says "nvidia", does that mean I am not using nv?03:45
mjw-BagelMaster since it's scrolled off now, could you pastebin the results of lspci -vvv   ? (warning: it's going to be a lot)03:46
FourX4Luvnrhineheart_m: Yeah.. I just checked it out again.. it's curses based.  No X requirements, but still nice and easy to use.03:46
rhineheart_mFourX4Luvn<<<< May I know how orphaner works?03:46
eekranofreafdsh, right. what do you get with glxgears?03:46
rhineheart_mFourX4Luvn: how and for what use is it about?03:46
mjw-BagelMaster one of your problems MAY be that you are running short of video memory, which could cause direct rendering to not function03:46
freafdsh3137, with compiz fusion running03:46
BagelMastermjw- http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/56297/03:47
FourX4Luvnrhineheart_m: Once it's installed you run 'sudo orphaner' and it gives you a curses based view of what packages are orphaned.  You select which ones to remove and hit 'ok'03:47
freafdsheekrano 3137 with compiz fusion running03:47
mjw-BagelMaster and again a lack of direct rendering is going to take a big performance hit on a slower machine03:47
rhineheart_mFourX4Luvn: is there a way to do is via ssh?03:47
BagelMastermjw- I se.03:47
BagelMastermjw- I see*03:47
Led_ZeppelinTrying to configure ndiswrapper, when I do a make I keep getting these messages: http://pastebin.com/d6fed690d03:47
Led_Zeppelincan someone please assist?03:47
eekranofreafdsh, well thats better than without the restricted module!03:48
FourX4Luvnrhineheart_m: Yes.  Just ssh into the box, and do 'sudo orphaner'  (once it's installed of course) 'sudo apt-get update && apt-get install orphaner'03:48
freafdsheekrano and 4812 with metacity03:48
eekranofreafdsh, i'd love to stick around and lend more of a hand- but my g/f wants to to get off and watch a movie... grr...03:48
freafdsheekrano I'm only on a 8400M GS, not exactly a robust card.03:49
freafdsheekrano ok take it ez03:49
KlrSp1anyone know how to get samba and winbind working properly?03:49
eekranofreafdsh, yeah, I get 6500 FPS with my 6800 gt oc03:49
jack-desktopsnkmad, so there is 0% it will try to partition my real harddrive?03:49
freafdsheekrano nvclock doesn't support my card :(03:49
Blaenkdarkaznmonkey: what's up03:49
FourX4Luvnwinbind?  Is that some sort of Windows DNS or something?03:49
darkaznmonkeyu on blaenk?03:49
Blaenkdarkaznmonkey: yes...03:49
mjw-BagelMaster i'm going to be pastebinning an updated xorg.conf in a bit, have to think about this for a little while03:49
rhineheart_mFourX4Luvn: I've been trying to ssh the box but it gives this error already after I messed up the box: network connection refused03:49
Blaenkdarkaznmonkey: check this out03:50
snkmadjack-desktop yeah not a single change03:50
snkmadit will create a file03:50
eekranofreafdsh, sorry bout jettin, but I'll be sure to see where you're at if I see you on again03:50
FourX4Luvnrhineheart_m: Ahh.. Well then that will have to be fixed at the console of the remote computer.03:50
freafdshk, take it ez eekrano03:50
BagelMastermjw- Thanks, I'm starting to understand this a bit more, with the help of you and google.03:50
Led_ZeppelinAnyone here configure ndiswrapper on AMD64?03:50
rhineheart_mFourX4Luvn: is that something that we really have to reinstall and reconfigure the ssh server?03:51
snkmadjack-desktop inside /home/user/.Virtualbox/VDI/nameofvm.vdi03:51
FourX4LuvnLed_Zeppelin: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1195603:51
|seb|how stop install from saying a package is "untrusted" ?03:51
FourX4Luvnrhineheart_m: I don't know.. I don't know what the problem is with the server.. It may simply need to be started (perhaps it isn't set to start on boot, and the system was rebooted?)  it's hard to say what the problem could be without checking out the server03:52
Rcommanderhey guys I need Sopcast help on gutsy03:52
jordanjay29I'm having problems with the network in vmware workstation 6.0 running the current stable ubuntu version as a guest on a winxp sp2 host. I've tried both bridged and NAT networking settings, but neither seem to allow a connection to the internet.03:53
FourX4LuvnRcommander: Have you checked this out? http://www.google.com/search?q=sopcast+on+gutsy&ie=utf-8&oe=utf-8&aq=t&rls=com.ubuntu:en-US:official&client=firefox-a03:53
Led_ZeppelinFourX4Luvn, thanks, not easy for newbies :-)03:53
jordanjay29Wait, actually, nevermind. I just set the virtual settings to NAT, booted into Ubuntu and the 'net works now.03:53
FourX4LuvnLed_Zeppelin: So that got you going then?03:53
rhineheart_mFourX4Luvn: okay..I just forget what command I used..I read it in one of the forums...as I tried reinstalling the apache2 server.. but it gives me the message that something all packages installed is being removed03:54
sixpenceFlash for Firefox (32 bit architecture) has been very unstable. Like I can only watch one flash video per session at times and sometimes audo dies. Has anyone else been having this problem.03:54
ubotuCompiz (compositing window manager) and XGL (X server architecture layered on top of OpenGL) - Howto at http://help.ubuntu.com/community/CompositeManager - help in #compiz-fusion03:54
jordanjay29Guess it was the threat of being solved that scared it into working. :P03:54
RcommanderFourx4Luvn, i have been searching for past 2 hours, and all the stuff on the forum isn't really working03:54
Led_ZeppelinFourX4Luvn, to an extend...I am pretty sure I have my kernel-headers installed. Still getting compile errors03:54
FourX4Luvnrhineheart_m: You'll have to be more specific03:54
Rcommanderon my x86_6403:54
Led_Zeppelindpkg -l linux-headers-2.6.22-14-generic FourX4Luvn : def installed03:55
FourX4LuvnLed_Zeppelin: Ok.. well that was the best I could do.. I don't have a 64bit install so I'm just guessing.03:55
mehdi__Hello anyone got a tutorial of how to install java in ubuntu03:55
FourX4LuvnLed_Zeppelin: Just remember.. Google is your friend ;-)03:55
Starnestommymehdi__: amd64 or i386?03:55
sixpenceWhat's the package name for flash in Ubuntyu?03:55
Starnestommysixpence: flashplugin-nonfree ?03:55
Led_Zeppelinlol yep FourX4Luvn03:55
Rcommandermehdi just use synaptic03:56
sixpenceStarnestommy: And if I want to downgrade?03:56
CoastonCuteSilly question. Does anyone in here bother with the PCSX emulator?03:56
mehdi__i cannot find java in synaptic03:56
Starnestommymehdi__: try checking https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Java03:57
|seb|bruenig: thanks..i'll look into it03:57
ubotuTo install a Java runtime/interpreter on Ubuntu, look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Java - For the Sun Java runtime install sun-java6-jre from the !Multiverse repository (in !Backports for !Edgy)03:57
frank23I have downloaded a x264 video 1920x1080 that is choppy because the cpu can't keep up. I have a AMD Athlon64 3200+ Any ideas how to get better performance? I tried mplayer and xine and get the same result.03:57
rhineheart_mFourX4Luvn:and after that...I couldn't reboot the box already remotely.. if I will do: reboot now It will give me file or directory cannot be found03:57
CoastonCuteUpgrade your cpu?03:57
mjw-BagelMaster http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/56299/03:58
larson9999CoasterMaster, i ran it many moons ago.  now i have a ps1 so i don't need to :)03:58
mjw-BagelMaster back up your old xorg.conf before using that03:58
CoasterMasterlarson9999, ?03:58
FourX4Luvnrhineheart_m: Is this a new install that you were just trying to configure?03:58
FourX4Luvnrhineheart_m: Or do you have data on it?03:58
BagelMastermjw- will do, should I shut down any media related things first?03:58
larson9999CoastonCute, , i ran it many moons ago.  now i have a ps1 so i don't need to :)03:58
natlinuxnewbhi all03:58
mjw-BagelMaster no, you'll have to restart X anyway before it will take effect03:59
larson9999CoasterMaster, me and tab complete still fight after all these years03:59
BagelMastermjw- ah03:59
frank23CoastonCute: yeah.. that's not really an option. I was just wondering if there is anything I could do to squeeze out more performance03:59
CoasterMasterlarson9999, haha, it's cool03:59
mjw-BagelMaster restart X with ctrl-alt-backspace but keep in mind it will shut things down without asking you to save or anything03:59
Liono_wine.. and virtualisation? any other method used to play non native linux games?03:59
=== dgtl|screen is now known as dgtlchlk
rhineheart_mFourX4Luvn: I have data on it.. I installed webmin already to it... but if there is a command that I could erase everything..like in a clean install..I am willing to lose everything there03:59
BagelMastermjw- ok03:59
CoastonCuteSo not a clue on how to get it to work, it's not even reading the cds03:59
ubotuUbuntu, like any other linux distribution, has firewall capabilities built-in. The firewall is managed using the 'iptables' command (see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/IptablesHowTo), or GUI applications such as Firestarter (Gnome) or Guarddog (KDE).04:00
FourX4Luvnrhineheart_m: It sounds like the best option to me.. Format and reinstall.  Will be quicker than trying to sort out what was removed and what wasn't04:00
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about xvmc - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi04:00
mjw-BagelMaster once you restart (and this should break anything i hope, conservative changes, paste the results of glxinfo | grep -i direct04:00
mjw-BagelMaster should NOT break anything that is ;)04:00
FourX4Luvnrhineheart_m: BUT of course that's only an option if you have a very recent backup or if you don't have any data to worry about losing04:00
natlinuxnewbI have just installed 7.10. Why does my monitor say "64k / 60Hz Frequency is out of range" then it carries on loading and the startup freezes (or seems to freeze - I can still hear the HD spinning) at "Running local boot scripts (/etc/rc.local)"?04:00
BagelMastermjw- OK04:01
MrPiracyok, i have several aditional fonts installed on gutsy and most of the programs can see/use these fonts. is there an easy way to make them available for ALL programs (ie. aMSN)?04:01
FourX4LuvnMrPiracy: If X can use them, the programs can to.. You just have to tell the programs what fonts to use.  That, of course, would be specific to each individual app.04:02
chicagonpgDoes anyone know where the audacious files directory is to add themes,is located? Thanks04:02
rhineheart_mFourX4Luvn: thanks for the advice.. I am decided to do the reformat thing then.. (m sure this won't happen--just for curiosity sake) Is there a way to reinstall the ubuntu server without a cd?04:02
natlinuxnewbrhineheart_m I believe there is. gimme a sec04:02
natlinuxnewb!install | rhineheart_m04:03
uboturhineheart_m: Ubuntu can be installed in lots of ways. Please see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation for documentation. Problems during install? See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CommonProblemsInstall and https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DapperReleaseNotes/UbiquityKnownIssues - Don't want to use a CD? Try http://tinyurl.com/3exghs - See also !automate04:03
jordanjay29Anybody have any ideas how to get a mouse scroll wheel to work with Ubuntu running as guest in vmware?04:03
AtomicSparkyes. the only other way i know of would be to do a network install.04:03
MrPiracyFourX4Luvn: well, aMSN for example doesnt list it on its font options04:03
natlinuxnewbOr an Internet install04:03
=== USERNAME is now known as mekgp
BagelMastermjw- direct rendering: No (If you want to find out why, try setting LIBGL_DEBUG=verbose)04:04
BagelMasterOpenGL renderer string: Mesa GLX Indirect04:04
gramWhat determines what is included in "Places" menu?04:04
FourX4LuvnMrPiracy: Are you sure you're looking in the right directory for the fonts?04:04
natlinuxnewbrhineheart_m: a few more minutes and ill have the link for you04:04
mjw-BagelMaster are you using an external monitor with this laptop?04:04
gramHow do you negotiate what is included in "Places" [menu]?04:05
MrPiracyFourX4Luvn: how can i be sure? all the other programs can see these fonts, but aMSN and a few other progs04:05
rhineheart_mAtomicSpark<<< network install? How to do it.. I removed everthing in the box actually.... The cd-rom drives...floppy...04:05
Starnestommygram: nautilus controls it somehow04:05
BagelMastermjw- No.04:05
CoastonCuteSo is there anyone in here that knows PCSX?04:05
mjw-BagelMaster so the native LCD resolution is 1400x1050?04:05
rhineheart_mnatlinuxnewb: I will be happy waiting for the link04:06
FourX4LuvnMrPiracy: I was only half right, it seems: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=357104:06
gramStarnestommy, How does the user change [include or exclude] entries in "Places"?04:06
Twinnyone know, why on tracker i cannot connect to seeder that is no connectable?04:06
gramHow is it customized?04:06
FourX4LuvnMrPiracy: That should get you pointed in the right direction at least.04:06
gramOr IS it possible to change it?04:06
natlinuxnewbrhineheart_m: this is one way. Not the link i was looking for but http://www.wrigley.me.uk/wp/?p=7104:06
gramSurely it is a user defined menu?  Right?04:06
BagelMastermjw- Yes.04:06
Starnestommygram: some of it is controlled by nautilus's bookmarks menu04:07
AtomicSparkgram: open a Nautilus window04:07
mjw-BagelMaster well, you're not likely to like this thread: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=37021904:07
jordanjay29Mouse scroll wheel as guest under vmware? Possible or futile? Do mouse scroll wheels even work in native installations?04:07
FourX4LuvnMrPiracy: If can make a suggestion.. ditch amsn and go with pidgin.. I think you'll find it's a better program in most aspects.  And it does support TTF fonts04:07
CoastonCutePidgin doesn't have mic or cam support, only downside.04:07
AtomicSparkgram: drag and drop a folder to the left menu when it says places04:07
pyraki can't play dvds04:08
pyrakand i got all the repos04:08
mjw-BagelMaster it appears that the m3 is not capable of direct rendering above 1024x768x16bpp, and that may be the primary reason you get skipping from trying to do other things at the same time04:08
AtomicSparkshould work for you :D04:08
pyrakvlc and ogle just crash04:08
MrPiracyFourX4Luvn: pidgin doesnt have webcam feature04:08
natlinuxnewbrhineheart_m: what version ubuntu do you do?04:08
gramStarnestommy, AtomicSpark  Thank you04:08
cosmodadanyone has an idea why I don't have /etc/init.d/hdparm although I have just re-installed hdparm?04:08
FourX4LuvnMrPiracy: I didn't know that.  I don't have a cam... eh.. that sucks.04:08
PKdoR   How can I uninstall sudo tar xvzf /home/pkdor/Desktop/nerolinux-
rhineheart_mnatlinuxnewb: gutsy gibbon04:08
chrisb_does anyone know how i would go about installing ubuntu server?04:08
BagelMastermjw- I see, thanks for your help.04:08
PKdoRis it even install?04:08
pawanany audio conversion utiltiy04:08
FourX4Luvnchrisb_: Have you burned the CD yet?04:09
chrisb_not yet04:09
MrPiracyFourX4Luvn: you cant view someone's cam either04:09
StarnestommyPKdoR: if that was the only command you ran on it, it isn't installed04:09
AtomicSpark@chrisb use a server cd or a ubuntu dvd. both have server install options. i would use server cd because it has the install LAMP optoin which qiuckly sets it up04:09
mjw-BagelMaster the only other thing I can suggest is DefaultDepth 8  ....but then you're going to end up with only 256 colors :/04:09
chrisb_i'm in the process of making the cd04:09
PKdoRStarnestommy, so I just extracted i?04:09
FourX4Luvnchrisb_: Well.. y ou just need to download the iso, burn it to a CD, put the CD in the drive, and reboot your computer.  As long as your BIOS is set to boot from a CD drive, it will find it and start the install04:09
StarnestommyPKdoR: looks like it04:09
rhineheart_mnatlinuxnewb: I have CD actually... But m asking if it would be possible to use another PC in the LAN that has CD drive shared over the network...04:10
chrisb_i've got a server with multiple hard drives, will the cd be able to handle that?04:10
FourX4Luvnrhineheart_m: Yes, if that other computer has an ftp server running on it, you could do an ftp install that way.04:10
jordanjay29Ok, I think I found a guide here: http://myunko.wordpress.com/2008/02/15/vmware-mouse-scroll-on-ubuntu/ What do I need to do to reload the x config? Just reboot, or do I need to input any commands?04:10
PKdoRStarnestommy, I guess I have to go make install route then04:10
AtomicSpark@chrisb_ yes. do you want to make them all one partion? do any raid?04:10
rhineheart_mnatlinuxnewb: I found it tasking if m going to open the box again and after the installation process...remove it again04:10
DKDTAHi all04:10
chrisb_i'm going to set up raid04:11
rhineheart_mFourX4Luvn: Can I use filezilla server?04:11
CoastonCuteToo tired for Computers. >.>04:11
chrisb_and they're both 18GB04:11
DKDTAIf i install Ubuntu and have it partition an existing drive with Windows, will I be able to access my Windows files?04:11
^rumput_kering^good morning all04:11
jordanjay29DKDTA, I think if they're FAT, then yes04:11
FourX4Luvnrhineheart_m: Should be able to.  Shouldn't matter what the server is, so long as you configure the server to allow access to the cdrom drive.04:11
fancyI've a problem with viewing my .pdf files..i opened a magazine but some of the pages are black...04:11
fancyany good pdf viewer  ?04:11
FourX4Luvnrhineheart_m: Then, on the computer you're installing the OS onto, select ftp install and point it to the ftp server04:12
DKDTAJordanjay29: what if it's NTFS?04:12
ethan961fancy, okular and evince04:12
rhineheart_mokay..so how would I configure the box to do the installation through ftp?04:12
PKdoRchrisb_, You'll have fun with that04:12
fancyethan961, evince is what i have..but there are problems :P04:12
AtomicSpark@chrisb_ hardware raid is best, but if you're installing this on a non-server computer (you dont have a RAID controller), you should beable to set it up in custom partitioning. I've only messed with LVM myself. It's not fault-tolerant but it groups harddrives together.04:12
chrisb_with the raid, or the whole install?04:12
jordanjay29(DKDTA): http://ubuntuguide.org/wiki/Dapper#Windows Might help you04:13
PKdoRchrisb_, with raid04:13
notyetahey, all, i have 2G physical memory, should set the swap size to 4G?04:13
PKdoRchrisb_, What raid are you using?04:13
KlrSp1notyeta: nah... try 512m04:13
notyetawhy 512M?04:13
KlrSp1notyeta: the point of that much ram is to hopefully never touch swap04:13
DKDTADoes anyone know if I can use Ubuntu to help recover files from my broken Windows harddrive? I want to try doing this with the Ubuntu boot disk04:14
DaZ imo at this amount of memory, swap partition is useless04:14
Starnestommynotyeta: 1GB to 4GB of swap should be fine04:14
chrisb_i'm not sure yet04:14
notyetathe offical say that the swap size should 2*your physical memory04:14
avisnotyeta, i would do 4GB myself04:14
astro76notyeta: that's a myth04:14
natlinuxnewbrhineheart_m you can try this http://lubi.sourceforge.net/unetbootin.html04:14
DKDTAjordanjay29: ok checking it out04:14
danbhfivenotyeta: that's an old windows thing04:14
KlrSp1for smaller ammounts of ram it's not a bad practice04:14
astro76notyeta: 512 to 1gb is a good recommendation04:14
AtomicSpark@notyeta 32 bit operating systems cant use more then 2gb swap04:14
astro76notyeta: unless you want to hibernate, then make it same size as ram04:15
chrisb_i can04:15
KlrSp1< 1024m maybe04:15
viktorcan someone help me install a tar.gz program i downloaded04:15
KlrSp1astro76: good point04:15
pawanany software to convert audio format04:15
masterlokii'm new to ubuntu and I need to change the permission of my user so I can read and write to my extra hd I know that I can use chmod but with do i use along with that so i can have read and write to use the hd's04:15
chrisb_i can't tell if it's hardware or not yet, but i'm thinking about a raid 1 config04:15
natlinuxnewbrhineheart_m you can try this http://lubi.sourceforge.net/unetbootin.html04:15
PKdoRchrisb_, Raid 0-1-01-10-504:15
notyetaokay, i will give it 1G04:15
jordanjay29IF the xorg.conf file is edited, what needs to be done to make it effective? Simple reboot?04:15
danbhfivenotyeta: I have 2g ram, and the swap NEVER gets used04:15
chrisb_raid 1 probably04:15
jordanjay29(viktor): extract it04:15
DaZviktor: ./configure && make && make install :F04:15
danbhfivenotyeta: I just have it incase hibernation works someday04:15
jordanjay29or what Daz said04:15
mjw-BagelMaster are you still there04:15
=== subzero2000_ is now known as subzero2000
KlrSp1danbhfive: yeah here at home i have 2g, and at work i have 4g and in neither do i ever use swap04:16
BagelMastermjw- Yes04:16
chrisb_if i get to using most of the space, i'd like to have the backup ability04:16
AtomicSparkhibernation works in vista *hides*04:16
viktorwhat do i put after :04:16
viktorthe name of folder04:16
notyetai have 40G free disk space, my methods is: / 33g /home 5G swap 1G /boot 200M is it reasonable?04:17
AtomicSpark@chrisb_ raid 1 only mirrors the drive. you wont have more space.04:17
FourX4Luvnhibernation works in ubuntu too.. who said it doesn't?04:17
mjw-BagelMaster in that thread I linked to you, you might try some of the additional options he recommends adding to the driver section04:17
astro76notyeta: way too much in / if you have a /home04:17
natlinuxnewbCan anyone answer what I asked when i logged on?04:17
DaZnotyeta: why so much on / partition?04:17
BagelMastermjw- Yea, I was just considering that04:17
nickrudnotechyet: / 10 swap 1gb rest home04:17
natlinuxnewbI have just installed 7.10. Why does my monitor say "64k / 60Hz Frequency is out of range" then it carries on loading and the startup freezes (or seems to freeze - I can still hear the HD spinning) at "Running local boot scripts (/etc/rc.local)"?04:17
danbhfivenotyeta: / only needs like 10g,04:17
AtomicSpark@FourX4Luvn i ment sleepmode :| my laptop went into a coma last time i tried it.04:17
danbhfivenotyeta: what nickrud said04:18
FourX4LuvnOh.. yes.. suspend on some systems can be tricky.  It suspends just fine.. but sometimes won't wake up04:18
masterlokii'm new to ubuntu and I need to change the permission of my user so I can read and write to my extra hd I know that I can use chmod but with do i use along with that so i can have read and write to use the hd'sthe drives are formated to ext3 on both04:18
notyetai only need 3 part, one is / and swap and /boot04:18
notyetathe size is/ 40G swap 2G /boot 200M04:18
nickrudnotyeta: you don't need /boot , and separating home is a good idea04:18
mjw-BagelMaster ignore anything he says regarding mach64 files, modules in the first post....the M3 is not mach64 based04:19
chrisb_@AtomicSpark  i know, but i don't think i'll need both drives for now, but i'd like to make sure i have a backup if something goes down04:19
notyetaur...i should have a try04:19
notyetabut i think all part in a subarea of /04:20
mjw-BagelMaster that 1400x1050 screen must have been quite the premium option back when that laptop was purchased though04:20
AtomicSpark@chrisb_ its a good way to keep your system running. just remember it only prevents harddrive failure. not against viruses (ha), deleted files, or basically any software failure.04:20
AtomicSpark@chrisb_ the only real solution is backups!04:20
nickrudnotyeta: the /boot and /home would be, but having /home separate is useful for using it with other installs, or for backups, or reinstalls04:20
chrisb_@AtomicSpark  true that\04:20
AtomicSpark@chrisb_ whats this server for? just learning linux?04:20
xinxhey how can I give permissions to a folder can someone help me please?04:20
BagelMastermjw- lol, I got it for free when an accounting firm in town packed up04:21
nickrudxinx: depends, either chmod or chown04:21
chrisb_@AtomicSpark  it may end up as a web server, but for now it's just something to play with04:21
mjw-BagelMaster it must date from what, 2001? must have cost a fortune then ;)04:21
notyetathanks, i am confused04:21
natlinuxnewbxinx: tried right click in root nautilus?04:21
xinxfor owner04:21
nickrudxinx: yes04:21
FloodBot1xinx: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.04:21
=== ajmorris is now known as ajmorris|AFK
xinxbut I dont know how does it works :/04:22
FourX4Luvnchrisb_: AtomicSpark is right.  If it were me.. personally, I wouldn't do raid.. I'd just keep one drive for backups and implement a good backup plan.. One where you can have a few versions around just in case (for the accidentally deleted file, etc as AtomicSpark mentioned)04:22
AtomicSpark@chrisb_ i would use the LAMP option. i have had troubles getting mysql to work on other distros post-installation.04:22
xinxI want to write04:22
benanzoI'm considering a PS3 as a MythBuntu frontend04:22
nickrudnotyeta: then do   / 10gb , 2xram to 2gb for swap, and the rest for /home . A very standard partitioning04:22
BagelMastermjw- 2002 I believe, with all the insider trading and other back room schemes the firm was doing, I wouldn't doubt they outfitted themselves with the most expensive at the time04:22
chrisb_@AtomicSpark   what exactly is the LAMP option?04:22
not_guiltyhi folks04:22
benanzoI need WPA2 wifi, remote control, USB disk access, s-video out, and stereo sound04:22
benanzowill all this work?04:22
notyetaokay, thanks, need i have the swap part?04:22
mjw-BagelMaster sadly they didn't get a laptop that could do direct rendering in linux in 2008 with a screen of that resolution ;)04:22
natlinuxnewbI have just installed 7.10. Why does the startup freeze (or seems to freeze - I can still hear the HD spinning) at "Running local boot scripts (/etc/rc.local)"?04:23
BagelMastermjw- I actually chuckled out loud at that one.04:23
nickrudnotyeta: it doesn't hurt, it's used to hold running programs that aren't in use.04:23
FourX4Luvnchrisb_: Then have a look at http://www.debianadmin.com/backup-and-restore-your-ubuntu-system-using-sbackup.html for a pretty cool little gui app for setting up backups04:23
AtomicSpark@chrisb_ its ubuntu's famous "15 min LAMP install" or something. LAMP stands for linux apache mysql and php. it sopposed to install all 4 and have them configured properly to prevent problems by doing it manually04:23
chrisb_@FourX4Luvn  if it doesn't already have a RAID card in it, i probably won't set up RAID, and i'll save some processor time04:23
notyetasorry, where is the boot part?04:23
nickrudnotyeta: leaving more actual memory for programs you are using. Speeds up the machine, lets you run more stuff04:23
nickrudnotyeta: you don't need /boot , it will be on /04:24
mjw-BagelMaster it appears that the M3 is just underpowered for it.. :/04:24
chrisb_@AtomicSpark    ok, I'll definitely check into that04:24
DaZxinx: chmod o+w -R should give write premission for an owner to every file in the folder04:24
AtomicSpark@chrisb_ raid controllers are independent of cpu. thats why they're big and cost a lot of money. :P04:24
xinxty :)04:24
mjw-BagelMaster i suspect that's at least 50% the cause of the skipping, possibly coupled with the...uh...not-so-goodness of the ESS chipsets back in the day04:24
balzacI have a problem04:24
FourX4Luvnchrisb_: I've performed the LAMP install a couple times, and AtomicSpark is right.. it's a breeze to install.  Does take longer than 15 minutes, on my hardware anyway.. but it's still a nice install method.04:24
chrisb_@AtomicSpark  i've installed Apache MySql and PHP on other systems before, is there some incompatability with ubuntu?04:24
nickrudnotyeta: back when, you had to have the kernel at the beginning of the drive, that's why people would use a separate /boot. Not necessary any more04:24
AtomicSpark@chrisb_ now the onboard "controller" found on most motherboards will use a cpu time i think but we're comparing personal computers to servers now.04:25
notyetaur... it's /10G swap 4G /home 26G04:25
xinxroot@exos2:/home/jose# chmod o+w -R04:25
xinxchmod: missing operand after `o+w'04:25
xinxTry `chmod --help' for more information.04:25
BagelMastermjw- No worries, I'll be getting a system76 notebook come summer04:25
xinxdidnt work04:25
balzacwhen i'm typing, my computer has little momentary lapses in which key-strokes are not registered.04:25
FloodBot1xinx: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.04:25
notyetaokay, is it reasonable?04:25
nickrudnotyeta: up to 2 gb for swap is plenty04:25
AtomicSpark@chrisb_ not that i know of. just supposed to make it easier.04:25
chrisb_@AtomicSpark   i'm not sure they'd eat as much time as a software raid04:25
Starnestommyxinx: chmod -R o+w /directory04:25
nickrudnotyeta: otherwise it's a good layout04:25
xinxoh sorry04:25
chrisb_@AtomicSpark  i'm all for easier04:25
balzacAll my keys work, but there are moments in which keystrokes won't be registered.04:25
xinxthank you it worked :D04:26
AtomicSpark@chrisb_ software raid is a joke. maybe MAYBE to make your harddrive bigger. if you lose your OS, you lose everything.04:26
notyetaur..that's /10G swap 2G /home 28G right?04:26
nickrudnotyeta: that's a good layout04:26
chrisb_@AtomicSpark   which is why i wouldn't use it04:26
FourX4LuvnAtomicSpark: Use LVM if all you want to do is create a larger drive :)  You have the flexibility of dynamically resizing the virtual volume that way too04:26
notyetaokay, i will have a try, thanks04:26
xinxhey does anyone knows why everytime I type this  root@exos2:/home/jose# iphone-mount04:27
xinxPlease add yourself to the fuse group, logout/in and try again.04:27
xinxdoesnt work?04:27
nickrudxinx:   sudo adduser username fuse , log out and back in04:27
xinxk ty04:27
FourX4Luvnxinx: Your answer was included in your question..04:27
mjw-BagelMaster thankfully the C510 I inherited came with a Radeon Mobility M6...but not the 1400x1050 screen ;)04:27
=== Aeon is now known as Saelynh
AtomicSpark@chrisb_ my server is currently running CentOS 5, I'm considering changing to Ubuntu Server because things just work in Ubuntu. Configuring repos and priorities in Yum just takes too much time. (and I can't get MySQL to work.)04:27
xinxim new with ubuntu :p04:28
FourX4Luvnxinx: No worries :)04:28
chrisb_@AtomicSpark   i will agree that ubuntu just works04:28
AtomicSparki've had ubuntu for maybe a month now. i'm impressed so far.04:28
AtomicSparkit actully worked on my laptop.04:28
chrisb_Does anyone know what kind of Radeon drivers ubuntu has?04:28
mjw-chrisb_ what kind of radeon do you have04:29
AtomicSparkmm i'm using the restricted drivers right now.04:29
FourX4Luvnheh, AtomicSpark that's the same reason I converted.  Was the first distro I'd tried on my laptop that actually worked without a bunch of tweaking.04:29
nickrudamazing, wasn't it. I was floored, installed, rebooted, everything but wireless Works for Me™04:29
AtomicSparkhavent gamed on it but it runs the Compiz packages well. :P04:29
xinxdo you mean by logout and login again is logout of the Terminal or logout of the system?04:29
PKdoRis there a gui for 7z?04:29
FourX4Luvnxinx: the system04:29
xinxbrb ty04:29
nickrudxinx: logout of the gui.04:29
mjw-chrisb_ if you're in linux, paste the result of   lspci | grep -i vga04:29
FourX4LuvnPKdoR: file roller has a plugin to support 7z04:30
chrisb_@mjw-   ok, one moment, i'm in ubuntu now04:30
AtomicSpark@PKdoR no. only 7z for linux is p7z which is command line only.04:30
Pkunkyou can always use wine if you want the GUI04:30
PKdoRFourX4Luvn, how would I go about insalling his plugging?04:31
nickrudAtomicSpark: fileroller will use p7zip if it's installed04:31
chrisb_@mjw-  here's what i got:  01:00.0 VGA compatible controller: ATI Technologies Inc Unknown device 950504:31
Pkunkthe 7z gui was pretty shitty the last time i used it though04:31
nickrudAtomicSpark: or p7zip-full, I forget which04:31
bazhanglangugae Pkunk04:31
FourX4LuvnPKdoR: What nickrud just said.. install p7zip and then fire up file-roller04:31
AtomicSpark@nickrud p7zip-full and the rar option :) it will get you set right.04:32
mjw-chrisb_ is this a new computer?04:32
chrisb_@mjw-   yes, yes it is04:32
AtomicSpark@nickrud rar is needed for all the people who keep loving it for some reason.04:32
nickrudAtomicSpark: ug.04:32
mjw-chrisb_ ah, you'll have to use the proprietary ati driver for sure then04:32
chrisb_@mjw-    how would i go about doing that?04:32
FourX4LuvnAtomicSpark: The rar love is from the windows world.  One of the best, halfway widely supported compression algorithms04:32
AtomicSpark@ FourX7Luvn I push 7z as much as I can in the windows world. ;)04:33
chrisb_@mjw-    my graphics are ok, except a certain points when ubuntu is loading, and i don't have 3D acceleration04:33
FourX4LuvnAtomicSpark: Push bzip2 instead :)04:33
* nickrud thinks rar ~= pirated 04:33
FourX4LuvnAtomicSpark: Even better than 7z for compression ratios04:33
ElMasInexpertoshi all! I have just intalled Ubuntu 7.10 on a laptop, but the Operating system does not have all the drivers for the hardware (the scren or video card, for example). How can I say to system that it must search new drivers on line?04:33
AtomicSpark@chrisb_ you might have it if you install xgl i needed that package to get it to work.04:33
FourX4LuvnAtomicSpark: And of course, it's more widely supported for us ;-)04:34
mjw-chrisb_ yeah, you'll need the so-called 'fglrx' driver to get that going - were you prompted by the restricted drivers manager?04:34
bazhangElMasInexpertos: what card04:34
AtomicSpark@FourX4Luvn well I use it now. :P04:34
amenadoElMasInexpertos-> you did not try the liveCD first to see how it looks and feel?04:34
rkjhello, I have a question - I have an ubuntu 7.10 system that I use with gnome.  A week ago somebody suggested I install the kde-desktop package and then I could use either one by just selecting an option at login.  I did that and discovered I really like kde; but when I went back to gnome, all my desktop icons had disappeared, and my keyboard didn't work. A system reboot fixed it, but I'm wondering if any of you wizards might know why.04:35
AtomicSpark@chrisb_ read this https://help.ubuntu.com/community/CompositeManager/CompizFusion04:35
chrisb_@mjw-    no04:35
AtomicSpark@chrisb_ then use synaptic package manager to find xserver-xgl just search for xgl and you'll find it04:35
bazhangrkj you mean the kubuntu-desktop package?04:35
ElMasInexpertosYes amenado, I tried it, but I was thinking that maybe I could upgrade the hardware after the installation04:35
AtomicSpark@chrisb_ logout and log in and everything should work.04:35
rkjbazhang yes, from synaptic package manager04:35
mjw-chrisb_ you may want to hunt around the ubuntu forums...you'd have to install the ATI driver from their website to get acceleration going for sure.04:36
rkjbazhang it changed my splash page to say kubuntu04:36
bazhangrkj what splash screen loads kubuntu?04:36
AtomicSpark@chrisb_ restricted driver @ xgl package will get 3d acceleration working for you04:36
amenadoElMasInexpertos-> you can try to upgrade, just do  apt-get upgrade04:36
EchoBinaryis there a how-to on installing xen as a Dom0 on a ubuntu (xubuntu)  desktop environment? all the tutorials assume a server environment...04:36
EchoBinary..that i have found, anywyas04:37
mjw-AtomicSpark his card is so recent the restricted driver manager's version of it may even be too old - he wasn't prompted by it04:37
chrisb_@AtomicSpark   i have the restricted driver program loaded already, just not the xgl package04:37
nickrudchrisb_: if you have to use the driver from the ati wesite (that is, if AtomicSpark's advice doesn't work because it's a really new card) http://wiki.cchtml.com/index.php/Ubuntu_Gutsy_Installation_Guide is good04:37
rkjbazhang I get the same splash screen either way, but it's probably not important04:37
chrisb_@nickrud  thanks04:37
AtomicSpark@echobinary i recommend  KVM/QEMU for client messingsaround with virtual machines04:38
bazhangrkj you want pure gnome, pure kde or a mix of both using some apps from each04:38
AtomicSpark@echobinary https://help.ubuntu.com/community/KVM it will be installed by default in next release of ubuntu04:38
EchoBinaryAtomicSpark: what makes it more advisable than Xen?04:38
ElMasInexpertosamenado: I did it and nothing changed04:38
AtomicSpark@ EchoBinary Xen and VMware are hypervisors. they take over your host os and run everything on top of it. KVM is included in the linux binary and gives direct access to the hardware. it lets your guest os control resources of the VM04:40
mjw-chrisb_ ah, in that case, the xgl-server package would help04:40
amenadoElMasInexpertos-> nothing changed? nothing was downloaded?04:40
eltuxdoes anyone know a way to have side button functionality on their mouse in Ubuntu?04:41
AtomicSpark@chrisb_ it's xserver-xgl, i just checked :D04:41
eltuxi miss it04:41
jordancan i add the server features to the desktop version?04:41
amenadojordan yes, which feature are you after to serve?04:41
AtomicSpark@ jordan. yes. just add the packages you want via the synaptic package manager.04:41
nickrudchrisb_: before you install the xserver-xgl, run   fglrxinfo  and make sure it's using the ati 8.37.6 driver , and run  glxinfo | grep direct to make sure you have direct rendering04:41
bazhangjordan you mean have a server but with a gui?04:41
ElMasInexpertosamenado: There were many files downloaded, but the drivers were not updated....04:41
EchoBinaryAtomicSpark: is there a performance difference?04:41
chrisb_@nickrud ok04:42
nickrudjordan: absolutely04:42
jordanno. i mean have a gui with server features04:42
FourX4Luvneltux: do a search for zaxismapping on google.  Lots of information out there to help you.04:42
rkjbazhang I guess I could choose one or the other and stick with it, but it would be nice to just be able to switch back and forth04:42
chrisb_@AtomicSpark  i found the ATI drivers package  (xgl)04:42
amenadoElMasInexpertos-> maybe it have, which directory where you looking at for the drivers?04:42
jordani have ubuntu desktop installed and i want to add the server features on top of it04:42
eltuxFourX4Luvin: I have btnx installed for my mouse but it aint working quite right04:42
bazhangrkj so you want a pure gnome and a pure kde side by side, or like the mix04:42
AtomicSpark@ echobinary kvm is relatively new. i am not sure which is "faster" now. I never used Xen since KVM is preferred by ubuntu.04:42
SnurglewozzleQuestion: I'm having big problems after trying Xubuntu (bad idea) and then trying to remove it and return to "straight" Ubuntu.  Can I simply reinsall Ubuntu and NOT lose 30gb or so worth of movie files I've copied onto this server?04:42
jordanlike apache and stuff04:43
nickrudjordan: I run apache, mysql, ssh server on my laptop04:43
rkjbazhang there are definitely some nice apps that come with kde and I now have access to them in gnome04:43
ElMasInexpertosamenado: I just used apt-get upgrade and also I reboot the system...04:44
ElMasInexpertosI did not do more04:44
eltuxFourX4Luvn: I have an MX Revolution and it seems like I've been down this road before04:44
FourX4Luvnjordan: 'sudo apt-get install apache204:44
AtomicSpark@ echobinary here is a random performance thing i found. of course i never trust these things. http://www.phoronix.com/scan.php?page=article&item=623&num=104:44
SmegzorI set Nautilus to preview sounds, but it only ever did that when my Ubuntu was new.  Why would that feature not work anymore?04:44
NemesisDanyone happen to know what the ubuntu background manager does with wallpapers? does it copy them somewhere? is there some sort of flat file that stores their settings?04:44
ZeddieSnurglewozzle: have you got your media files on another partition?04:44
tanathwhen i click the show desktop button with compiz running, it shunts the windows out of the way instead of minimizing them. how do i fix that?04:44
SnurglewozzleZeddie: no04:44
AtomicSpark@ echobinary here is a comparison http://www.gridvm.org/xen-vs-kvm.html04:44
ZeddieSnurglewozzle: if you don't then you might want to look into splitting your existing partition :)04:44
bazhangtanath in the ccsm plugins04:45
SnurglewozzleGOOD idea, zeddie04:45
tanathbazhang, i've been looking04:45
nickrudNemesisD: it creates and tracks pointers to the files, it doesn't copy them anywhere. If you move the picture, the wallpaper handler won't be able to find it04:45
notyetai met the problem again, should i set the /home to extend part or primary part?04:45
amenadoElMasInexpertos-> which driver are you looking for exactly?04:45
ZeddieSnurglewozzle: i think it's parted that does it but I could be wrong :)04:45
NemesisDnickrud, well thats silly...04:45
bazhangtanath they disappear? completely gone?04:45
amenadonotyeta  it does not matter, your choice04:45
FourX4Luvneltux: Perhaps look here then?  http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?p=272702504:45
SnurglewozzleI just wish I could do a "repair" installation of ubuntu...  isn't that possible?04:46
nickrudnotyeta: you create an extended, then a logical inside the extended. That's the one that would be /home04:46
ElMasInexpertosamenado: wifi card (i'm searching the exact name of it)04:46
AtomicSparkman ubuntu 8.04 alpha 4 takes forever to install in kvm04:46
tanathbazhang, i have most effects and stuff turned off. i can't find what's doing this. i haven't enabled it deliberately, and it didn't always do this04:46
ZeddieSnurglewozzle: hmm good question04:46
nickrudNemesisD: not really, it allows you to use pictures from anywhere almost04:46
tanathbazhang, it just pushes them off the screen04:46
notyetathat's say the /home should be extended part?04:46
eltuxFourX4Luvn: I already have it and I'm lost with it04:46
amenadoElMasInexpertos-> did it work while on the liveCD ?04:46
ZeddieSnurglewozzle: kinda like a dist-upgrade?04:46
Smegzorhmm..  maybe it was kde that had that feature?  oh well..04:46
bazhangtanath still not clear on what the issue is--they windows are gone and closed, or just cant locate them04:46
nickrudnotyeta: it would be the logical partition. Create an exented, then a logical.04:46
sin|g|_\join #programming04:46
ZeddieI'm not quite sure how you'd do that across branches04:47
NemesisDi guess04:47
SnurglewozzleYou know, just fix the startup problems04:47
FourX4Luvneltux: Ok, well I'm afraid I can't help you then.  I don't have side buttons anymore even.  (My mouse died! *sniff*)04:47
SnurglewozzleI can't get past the initial screens without hitting "OK"04:47
nickrudnotyeta: the extended partition is a trick to let you have more than 4 partitions04:47
Snurglewozzleman, DO NOT install xubuntu, by the way. impossible to get back out of it without major problems.04:47
Snurglewozzleno exec line in the session file04:47
notyetaif i create another part such as /work, should i set it to extended?04:47
nickrud!mouse | eltux04:47
ubotueltux: Enabling extra mouse buttons: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ManyButtonsMouseHowto  - Enabling serial mouse: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SerialMouseHowto04:47
eltuxFourX4Luvn: Yeah, its a feature I can't live without, sorry to hear about your mouse man. Thanks for your help04:47
Snurglewozzleno exec line in the session file: xcfe 404:47
tanathbazhang, the issue is, they windows should be minimized. it causes issues sometimes... i don't want it to move them, i want it to revert to the original behaviour of minimizing them04:47
=== Cpudan80 is now known as Calvin87
Snurglewozzlehow can I find the session file to remove that line from?04:48
=== Calvin87 is now known as Cpudan80
bazhangtanath so you want non-compiz behaviour with compiz?04:48
AtomicSpark@ Snurglewozzle Ironic. The guy who pushed me to linux swares by KDE.04:48
tanathbazhang, i've had a couple minor issues because of it04:48
amenadonotyeta  it does not matter, your choice04:48
eltuxnickrud: been down that road, its a MX Revolution, already have btnx installed but not too sure how to configure it. Lost right now :D04:48
notyetaokay, thanks a lot.04:48
bazhangtanath what issues--this sounds more of an annoyance than anything04:48
ElMasInexpertosamenado: no, I didn't but i imagine it can be downloaded and installed from here. it's: AR5006EG 802.11 b/g Wireless PCI Express Adapter04:49
nickrudeltux: ah, one of those. I haven't played with it, don't have one04:49
Snurglewozzlekde might be ok, but xubuntu doesn't install cleanly on top of ubuntu04:49
tanathbazhang, uh, AFAICT every effect has been customizable or easily disabled in compiz. i just can't find this one04:49
eltuxnickrud: I'm totally lost xD04:49
Snurglewozzlehow can I find the session file to remove a trouble-making line?04:49
Snurglewozzlethe error I get on startup is: "no exec line in the session file"04:49
FourX4Luvneltux: Another thought.. dunno if it would work for you or not.. The side buttons only work in firefox even when they do work, isn't that right?04:49
bazhangtanath what is the effect; I will try it04:49
Snurglewozzleno exec line in the session file: xfce 404:49
tanathbazhang, it was more of an annoyance. but do you know how to change this behaviour or not?04:49
nickrudSnurglewozzle: it's probably in ~/.xfce4 (?)04:49
tanathbazhang, click the show desktop button04:50
nickrudSnurglewozzle: that's a directory, look for the session file in there04:50
eltuxnickrud: they don't work at all, I would be happy with basic firefox useage04:50
bazhangtanath I just offered to try it; you dont want help after all?04:50
jimmygoonSo if I want the global_menu like the mac menu hack... do I want the code loaded from google_code repos? or should I actually follow the ubuntu wiki?04:50
rainwalkertanath: what are you trying to do?04:50
amenadoElMasInexpertos-> look around /lib/modules/`uname -r`/04:50
AtomicSpark@Snurglewozzle: Do you think KDE didn't install properly? Did you log into a KDE session?04:50
Snurglewozzleand what do I do -- remove the session file altogether?04:50
SnurglewozzleI'm trying to boot into gnome now so why is taht xfce4 even in there?04:50
tanathrainwalker, when clicking show desktop with compiz, it has started to shunt the windows off the screen instead of minimizing them. i want to return it to the original behaviour04:50
nickrudSnurglewozzle: on the gui login screen, select options->session04:51
FourX4Luvneltux: You could install mouse gesture firefox extension.. it supports something called 'button rocking' or somesuch.. You can go back by clicking right mouse button, left mouse button in quick succession... reverse the procedure for going forward.04:51
AtomicSpark@snugglewozzel i have compiz enabled w/ xserver-xgl it has a custom login session04:51
rainwalkertanath: I think that's the default compiz behavior04:51
Snurglewozzlehmm...  it's set to auto login04:51
tanathrainwalker, wasn't before, but regardless. how do i fix it?04:51
nickrudSnurglewozzle: there's your problem :)04:51
FourX4Luvneltux: Not exactly what you want, but a little better than nothing.. It's what I settled on until I get money for another mouse with side buttons04:51
eltuxFourX4Luvn: Kinda like in Opera, Hrm I'll look into it04:51
Snurglewozzleamoticspark: I installed xubuntu and then tried to uninstall it and now when I boot, I get the error described above and gnome default desktop launches04:51
jack-desktopsnkmad, how do you get out of fullscreen mode in virtualbox?04:52
nickrudFourX4Luvn: that sounds like a seriously geeky hack04:52
rainwalkertanath: you mean it didn't do that before when using compiz? or when using metacity?04:52
tanathrainwalker, never used to before in compiz. metacity doesn't do that04:52
=== sjdfjdsjfsdjf is now known as kLownish
FourX4Luvneltux: Yes.. exactly.  it also has mouse gestures, invoked with the right mouse button.. supports a ton of actions.. closing window, opening new one, reloading.. etc. etc.04:52
Snurglewozzlewhat's my problem, nickrud?04:52
kLownishcan anyone help with some nfs issues?04:52
AtomicSparkis there a official irc server url? i'm using irc.ubuntu.com.. it would be nice to have a server with only official rooms.04:53
FourX4Luvnnickrud: Hey.. I didn't write it.. I just think it's a good extension  heh ;-)04:53
bazhangrainwalker: tanath needs to specify the precise plugins he is using before we can resolve this04:53
nickrudSnurglewozzle: the login manager is trying to start the desktop you last used, which was xfce4. But, xfce4 is gone.  Log out, and at the gui options->session->gnome04:53
tanathbazhang, ok, gimme a min04:53
Snurglewozzleah, nickrud04:53
Snurglewozzlegood thought -- I just need to re-enable login04:53
rainwalkertanath: ah...well I never actually noticed that it did it differently, but I don't really use the show desktop thing much. I'll look around some and let you know if I figure anything out04:53
nickrudSnurglewozzle: just logging out should get you to the login iirc04:53
=== JohnRobert_ is now known as JohnRobert
jscinozCan it be confirmed that opengl performance with 8 series nvidia cards is currently lacking due to bad drivers (on all platforms, not just Linux)04:54
kLownishim attempting to mount my western digital netcenter, and everytime i try, i get a permission denied..04:54
MrPiracynickrud: do you have any idea of how i could manually adjust my keyboard layout to use ç instead of ć when i type ' + c?04:54
tanathbazhang, rainwalker aha, i found it. not sure how i missed it: the show desktop plugin04:54
bazhangjscinoz: many complaints, esp with the 880004:55
JohnRobertis anyone aware of a bug with wine on ubuntu resulting in no sound? I've got a fresh install of ubuntu 7.10, all sound works apart from in wine (winecfg sound test only seems to work on oss too)04:55
FourX4LuvnkLownish: Try running mount as root?  'sudo mount /dev/whatever /mount/point'04:55
tanathbazhang, i feel silly now. i looked through them twice, but missed it both times04:55
nickrudMrPiracy: not a clue, I'm a clueless english only user, never needed any language settings04:55
rainwalkertanath: yeah I already looked, it doesn't let you change how it hides the windows04:55
JohnRobertI'm thinking it's something to do with this new pulseaudio thing04:55
bazhangtanath haha nice work finding them04:55
Snurglewozzletrying now, nickrud...  wish me luck!04:55
tanathrainwalker, just turn it off :)04:55
MrPiracynickrud: ok, thx04:55
rainwalkertanath: ah! hadn't thought of that04:55
jscinozbazhang, im using an 8400M GS (not the best, but its decent) and it struggles to run sauerbraten at more than 10fps04:55
killuxhey, how do you resize the gnome-panel width?04:55
tanathrainwalker, i have most plugins off. many are unstable04:55
SnurglewozzleI think it's working, nickrud!04:56
tanathrainwalker, or useless to me04:56
jscinozbazhang, of all the games i've tried, urbanterror (which i'm trying to get into hardy+1) runs the best at 125fps.04:56
ctexkillux - Right click, properties I think04:56
kLownishi tried.  sudo mount -t nfs -o rw /media/mp304:56
* Snurglewozzle beats chest, howls into the night sky.04:56
tanathrainwalker, so i'm used to turning them off :P04:56
nickrudkillux: you got two choices: full width, and the width of the icons. Right click, properties04:56
bazhangjscinoz: the restricted drivers manager installed those cards or done manually from the site or 0ther (envy etc)04:56
kLownishand it keeps giving me the same error.04:56
tanathbazhang, rainwalker, thanks guys04:56
jscinozbazhang, yes im using the driver providded by envy (much newer than the one in repo, and it seems faster)04:56
nickrudSnurglewozzle: good on ya!04:56
Snurglewozzlenickrud: I am now doing a full reboot (after changing login info) -- keep your fingers crossed04:56
FourX4LuvnkLownish: Oh!  it's a remote mount.  Have you checked your NFS exports on the host computer?04:56
Snurglewozzlethis will save me a LOT of hassle04:56
killuxnickrud, when i choose it in properties it expands the length of the panel, not the width04:56
FourX4LuvnkLownish: /etc/exports /etc/hosts.allow and /etc/hosts.deny04:57
rainwalkerahhh crap...how do you run a command in a terminal so that you can close the terminal and it will keep running?04:57
nickrudkillux: by width, I mean screen width04:57
bazhangjscinoz: you do know this channel's thinking about that script I presume ;]04:57
kLownishfourX4luvn, its not a 'remote computer' its a network storage device.04:57
PKdoRwhat the difference between xarchive and xachiver?04:57
nickrudkillux: oh, you mean height :)04:57
amenadokLownish-> also check no_root_squash from the nfs server04:57
killuxnickrud, me too, i want the panel to expand across the screen more than it is04:57
bazhangthe letter 'r'04:57
killuxbut not all the way04:57
nickrudkillux: two choices only04:58
=== badboy is now known as badboy^out^
FourX4LuvnkLownish: Ahh.. Ok.. sorry I missed that if you said that already.  Well, does the NAS have a web admin or something like that, where you can control who has access to it?04:58
SnurglewozzleIt worked, nickrud!  IT WORKED!  YES!04:58
jscinozbazhang yes, i know, but the method by which i install the driver is mostly irrelevant now, the fact is, no matter which driver version, no matter how i install (apt-get, envy or nvidia package) my 3d performance is far to low for this hardware :(04:58
=== zelrik_pas_la is now known as zelrikriando
harrumphanybody know why parallels doesn't like the 7.10 cd?  installer just prompts to insert a cd, it's in there.  did i burn the right iso?04:58
rainwalkeremerald just died on me...and for some reason now pressing alt + F2 won't bring up the run dialog...help?04:58
* Snurglewozzle carries nickrud around #ubuntu, hooting and hollering, clapping and laughing04:58
FY1hello, I am trying to connect to my windows computer via ubuntu. ubuntu picks up the workgroup and the desktop (windows computer), but just loads04:58
FY1any ideas on how to get that working?04:58
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about networking - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi04:59
kLownishFourX4Luvn, it has a webadmin, but all it allows is nfs, or CIFS04:59
linxuz3rwhen is hardy heron gonna be released?04:59
bazhangjscinoz: that is odd; I have the 7300 and it runs fps games quite well04:59
mjw-!hardy > linxuz3r04:59
AtomicSpark@FY1: what are you trying to do? connect to a share?04:59
=== klownish1 is now known as klownish
nickrudkillux: that's just the way the panel works, either full width of the screen, or just big enough to hold all the contents. No fine control04:59
FourX4Luvnklownish1: Ok.. it doesn't offer an access control?04:59
FY1AtomicSpark: access the public folder on the computer04:59
klownishFourX4Luvn: no, not at all.04:59
FourX4Luvnklownish: For the NFS portion04:59
jscinozbazhang, can you install sauerbraten from the official repos, and tell me what framerate you get?04:59
killuxnickrud ok04:59
amenadowhoa.. install  ubuntu-desktop  reinstall 384MB  including openoffice04:59
Snurglewozzleharrumph: I have a weird suggestion for you.  Something similar happened to me on the PC.  I burned a 7.10 DVD instead of CD and it worked.  Don't ask me why.04:59
jscinozbazhang, i believe its quite small04:59
FY1but I get Sorry, could not display all the contents.......05:00
Dr_willisFY1,    You want Ubuntu to access a public share on the windows box? or windws tp access the ubuntu box?05:00
jscinozbazhang, around 210mb05:00
ElMasInexpertosbazhang: sorry, i've just seen your message, it's a AR5006EG 802.11 b/g Wireless PCI Express Adapter05:00
killuxnickrud i am also using awn, i like it but i dont like how the windows can go below it05:00
bazhangjscinoz: what command would I use to check the fps?05:00
FY1dr_willis, first option05:00
rainwalkerbazhang do you know what I should do?05:00
FourX4Luvnklownish: Wow.. I would of thought they all would have some sort of ACL for security purposes.  Afraid I have no idea then, sorry.05:00
killuxdoes anyone know a way if that can change05:00
jscinozbazhang, shown by default at bottom right corner05:00
bazhangrainwalker: sorry missed your question05:00
SnurglewozzleI burned two or three 7.10 CDs but the friggin' computer refused to recognize them even though it DID recognize other CDs.  For some reason it allowed to be booted up by the DVD instead05:00
nickrudkillux: yeah, it's still a work in progress. I set it to autohide, it kinda counters that behavior05:00
AtomicSparkFY1: Go to Places > Connect to server. Change to windows share. Add computer IP for server. share name for share. click OK.05:01
zelrikriandohi nickrud05:01
bazhangjscinoz: just a moment--sauerbraten right?05:01
FY1AtomicSpark: I will try that, thanks :)05:01
killuxnickrud, awn is being developed actively?05:01
nickrudzelrikriando: how's the desktop? Found anything to do with it yet :)05:01
jscinozbazhang yes, it should also install package sauerbraten-data05:01
AtomicSpark@Fy1 wait i forgot. dont forget the user name or it will try to use your ubuntu user!05:01
harrumphthx snurglewozzle05:01
nickrudkillux: I do believe so05:01
FourX4Luvnklownish: Wait.. that could be it.. Is it being exported as CIFS and not NFS perhaps?  have you tried to smbmount it?05:01
harrumphtrying that05:01
AtomicSpark@FY1 it will prompt for password when you open the folder on desktop or in places05:01
rainwalkerbazhang: emerald just died on me, and I need to restart it, I don't know how to run it from the terminal in a way that I can close the terminal and have it keep running, and for some reason my run dialog box doesn't show up with alt + F205:01
klownishFourX4Luvn: it gives me the option for both05:01
nickrudzelrikriando: hm, might have mixed you up with someone else. I thought you said you were bored, everything was working05:02
AtomicSparkSSH FTW05:02
klownishFourX4Luvn: both of them are checked at the moment05:02
mjw-rainwalker emerald &05:02
nickrudrainwalker: alt-f2  emerald05:02
ctexwhoa..You can use the classic dvorak keyboard layout in ubuntu...05:02
FourX4Luvnklownish: Just for giggles, try to SMB mount it then.  Perhaps it uses some screwed up NFS protocol05:02
chrisnhas anyone else had problems with flash completely freezing their system?05:02
FY1AtomicSpark: what do I put as share? the host name?05:02
rainwalkernickrud: alt + f2 isn't bringing up the run dialog05:02
chrisnctrl-alt backspace doesn't even work05:02
mjw-FY1 the share name is something you specify on the windows machine05:02
killuxnickrud do you know of anyway to just remove the last gnome panel05:03
ctexrainwalker - Are you sure you have the "f-lock" active if you have the Microsoft keyboard?05:03
rainwalkermjw-: it doesn't work05:03
bazhangrainwalker: what about the gui run command in the menu?05:03
killuxi dont even need it05:03
AtomicSpark@FY1 no the share name. so like in windows you had \\computer\share put the ip address of computer as the server and the share as the share name!05:03
mjw-rainwalker define it doesn't work?05:03
nickrudrainwalker: hm, then in the terminal type   emerald &  ; disown <tab>  <-- press tab05:03
AtomicSpark@FY1 i say ip address because computer name might now work05:03
rainwalkerbazhang: that's what I'm talking about, it won't come up05:03
FY1AtomicSpark: I got it to work without including a share name... thanks for your help :)05:03
bazhangjscinoz: installing will take a few...05:03
FY1I used the IP of it05:03
=== badboy is now known as badboy^out^
FY1thanks again05:03
jscinozbazhang, sure i've got time to wait :P05:03
klownishFourX4Luvn: im kinda new to all this, mind giving me a quick runthrew of smb?05:03
ctexrainwalker - Do you have "f-lock" on your keyboard?05:03
AtomicSpark@FY1 you can also go to Places > Network and browse :P but i'm not sure that would work well with authentication.05:04
rainwalkerctex: I have the fn key, but I don't know what lock you're talking about05:04
bazhangrainwalker: otherwise append the ampersand to the back of the command05:04
eltuxFourX4Luvn: YAY I GOT BTNX WORKIN! hehe05:04
FourX4Luvnklownish: Hrm.. have to give me a minute then.. I dont' recall how to smbmount for sure05:04
FY1yeah, it didn't work too well :D... it would just timeout/load forever05:04
FourX4Luvneltux: Congrats!  :)05:04
rainwalkernickrud, after pressing tab what do I do?05:04
eltuxFourX4Luvn: I feel smart now hahah05:04
chrisngah this is driving me nuts05:04
mjw-rainwalker using the ampersand (&) should keep the process running - even if the xterm is closed05:04
AtomicSparkFY1: lawl I can only see two computers on my network in that. fail.05:04
Snurglewozzlewhat is it chrisn05:04
nickrudrainwalker: you should see %emerald  , hit enter. Then you can close the terminal05:04
rainwalkermjw-: it doesn't...it's gnome-terminal, if that matters05:05
Dr_willisclose the xterm with the 'exit' comand rainwalker  DONT just hit the close button05:05
bazhangchrisn what is your issue--what are you trying to do05:05
AtomicSparklinux NFS is so much better.05:05
AtomicSparkeven windows to windows fails a lot. :|05:05
AtomicSparkSSH pawns all though.05:05
mjw-rainwalker maybe xfce4-terminal behaves differently...? I could swear i start commands in xterm all the time with & and close them and they keep running05:05
FourX4Luvnklownish: http://www.cyberciti.biz/tips/how-to-mount-remote-windows-partition-windows-share-under-linux.html05:05
rainwalkerDr_willis: THANK YOU! that's what I was doing wrong05:06
Dr_willisrainwalker,  :)05:06
Dr_willisrainwalker,  common mistake.05:06
chrisnWhen I view flash websites in any browser, my whole computer freezes05:06
rainwalkermjw-: apparently I have to use the "exit" command to close it05:06
chrisnI am forced to do a hard reset05:06
mjw-rainwalker ah....yeah, i always use exit...probably why I've not encountered that problem :)05:06
bazhangchrisn just the one window or several tabs05:06
rainwalkernickrud: I have it fixed now, but what you were saying still didn't work...%emerald never showed up05:06
chrisnbazhang: both05:07
AtomicSparkmounting shares seems iffy. i would just stick with adding the share to your places :\05:07
rainwalkerwow, it's crazy how ugly my desktop looks without shadows...05:07
FourX4Luvnrainwalker: ctrl+d at the prompt works too, and saves you some keystrokes :)05:07
mjw-!ot > BaconBits05:07
bazhangchrisn you have the newest non-free flash plugin?05:07
chrisnbazhang: yes05:07
bazhangBaconBits: #gentoo ;]05:07
BaconBitsGentoo is just plain better than ubuntu05:07
nickrudrainwalker: hm, I do that here regularly. Once for a very important thing I backgrounded and pressed the wrong window's close button.05:07
AtomicSpark... need a "do not let stupid user close window" option05:08
bazhangchrisn when installed05:08
mjw-chrisn you haven't installed gnash have you?05:08
FourX4Luvnlol AtomicSpark05:08
chrisnbazhang: no05:08
bazhangBaconBits: not a lucky place to say that05:08
chrisnbazhang: I even tried unistalling and installing the plugin straight from adobe05:08
BaconBitsbazhang: yes it is.05:08
bazhangchrisn when did you install it05:08
chrisnmjw-:  no05:08
bazhangBaconBits: stop05:08
chrisnbazhang: a few hours ago05:09
bazhangBaconBits: last warning05:09
AtomicSparkquestion: is there a purpose to the different color names of chat users? I am guessing big bold guy is a mod or something.05:09
FourX4Luvnklownish: Did you get my link?  Did it work?  Are ya dead?05:09
BaconBitsBAN ME PENIS, GO GENTOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!05:09
bazhang!ops | BaconBits05:09
ubotuBaconBits: Help! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) - Mez, LjL, elkbuntu, imbrandon, DBO, gnomefreak, Hobbsee, rob, ompaul, Madpilot, Seveas, CarlK, crimsun, ajmitch, tritium, Nalioth, thoreauputic, apokryphos, tonyyarusso, PriceChild, Amaranth, jrib, jenda, nixternal, Myrtti, mneptok, Pici, Jack_Sparrow or nickrud!05:09
Dr_willisSpoken with the average IQ of a gentoo addict. :)05:09
Dr_williswell not really...05:09
bazhangwow too late sorry05:10
harrumphanybody know why parallels doesn't like the 7.10 cd?  installer just prompts to insert a cd, it's in there, filetree's written on it.  did i burn the right iso?05:10
AtomicSparklol @ gentoo05:10
mjw-aw, i kind of liked the ban but no kick. kind of like watching someone stew in their own juices05:10
AtomicSparkhmm. is there a list of the commands?05:10
chrisnbazhang: any ideas on what I should do?05:11
bazhangharrumph: what speed did you burn it at what media did you use, does the cd boot ok not with parallels05:11
Nuke_whats the channel for hardy05:11
FourX4Luvnmjw-: Yes.. the size 12 boot in the rear was sorely needed.. quite a let down05:11
elkbuntumjw-, this way he cant get the thrills of someone going 'lol @ gentoo'05:11
ubotuHardy Heron is the code name for the next release of Ubuntu (8.04-LTS), due April 2008 - For more info, see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardyHeron - CONSIDER IT TO BE PRE BETA (ALPHA) SOFTWARE - Discussion and support in #ubuntu+1, NOT #ubuntu05:11
jscinozis copying a ttf font to fonts:// sufficent to install it? or must something else be done05:11
klownishFourX4Luvn: its telling me incorrect fs type.05:11
FourX4Luvnklownish: Did you try smbfs or cifs?05:12
AtomicSparkhardy seems like a good update. i am excited. :D i am installing a vm of alpha 4 now05:12
ctexwhy is there competition between linux distros? They are all free...05:12
FourX4Luvnklownish: Try smbfs05:12
bazhangjscinoz: I always just install via apt-get; did you mean outside the repos? what fonts let me give it a shot as soon as I finish sauerbraten ;]05:12
chrisnI think I am going to have to get rid of ubuntu05:12
chrisnthese hard resets are getting annoying05:12
harrumphbazhang: 1) 24x 2) taiyo uden i think and 3) im gonna find out as soon as this xp box finishes backup05:12
bazhangctex not really ontopic here but just personal preference05:12
killuxhow do you set ubuntu's desktop panels and everything back to default?05:13
DaZctex: SLED of RHEL aren't free :F05:13
fismoll8hello everyone. I'm trying to enable sound when I rdesktop from ubuntu gutsy to my remote windows xp computer. any ideas?05:13
bazhangharrumph: taiyo uden are known to be troublesome from some accounts05:13
rainwalkerchrisn: what's wrong?05:13
supersakoi am contemplating installing ubuntu on my laptop.. #1 is 20gb /, rest for /home a good partition scheme for ubuntu.. #2 can ubuntu be upgrade to future versions without having to reinstall the whole thing (ex. feisty -> gutsy)05:13
FourX4Luvnklownish: smbfs is deprecated on Linux.. but the NAS may still use that type.05:13
mjw-!upgrade > supersako05:13
mjw-supersako the short answer is yes though05:14
rainwalkersupersako: yes, upgrade all you want, but I find that fresh installs are better for me (clear out all my junk)05:14
AtomicSparkDaZ + Ctex, I'd use CentOS if you want RedHat. It's the same thing with the logos and such removed.05:14
jscinozbazhang, just a few various ones im trying to test05:14
chrisnrainwalker: for some reason flash is causing xorg to crash05:14
bazhangsupersako 20GB for / ? seems a bit excessive--if you have a seperate home partition then you can do a fresh install from cd otherwise just upgrade via the net05:14
chrisnrainwalker: I cant figure it out... it is really driving me up the wall05:14
AtomicSpark!search Hardy05:14
ubotuFound: ebox, hardy, heron, queue, ubuntu+1, installhardy, 8.04, final05:14
AtomicSpark!factoid hardy05:14
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about factoid hardy - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi05:14
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about rdesktop - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi05:14
FourX4Luvnsupersako: You asked those two questions in here a couple hours ago and you were answered.  If you won't listen to the answers you're given, I suggest you quit asking in the first place.05:14
rainwalkerchrisn: bleh I hate flash...05:15
DaZAtomicSpark: indeed, but it doesn't change the fact thah not all distros are free :F05:15
* Symmetria makes note to self, never attempt to rsync data off the net with it saving to an NFS mount, it is a sure way to get linux to twist its panties in a knot05:15
klownishFourX4Luvn: its giving me the same error05:15
chrisnrainwalker: yeah05:15
ctexDaZ, fine, MOST distros are free :P05:15
supersakoFour i know i apologize, but i had to leave after i asked it and it is off my screen now :(05:15
FourX4Luvnklownish: Ok.. What is the make and model of the NAS?05:15
bazhangctex really offtopic here05:15
AtomicSparkDaZ: CentOS is free. Ubuntu is free. I ran out of useful distros.05:15
klownishWD-NetCenter 160gig05:15
DaZAtomicSpark: ArchLinux :x05:15
ctexbashang - sry, I get passionate :(05:15
Symmetriaklownish NAS as in iscsi?05:16
bazhangjoin #ubuntu-offtopic then ctex ;]05:16
AtomicSparklol. okay i give up. how do i point my sentance at someone? like how do you make your name bold and show name:?05:16
ctexbazhang, thanks, didn't know about that05:16
rainwalkerAtomicSpark: you type their nick and then what you want to say to them05:16
FourX4Luvnsupersako: Ok.. Well, yes you can upgrade it as much as you want.. though it's not recommended to upgrade between major version changes (eg. 6.10 -> 7.10)  It works, but it's not always flawless.05:16
chrisnhow do you uninstall the flash plugin from adobe?05:16
bazhangAtomicSpark: tab completion type first three or so letters then hit tab05:16
Symmetriaheh, whats the communication mechanism between the NAS and the box you are using it on?05:16
FourX4Luvnklownish: Ok.. brb05:17
AtomicSparkbazhang: omg tab completion XD05:17
bazhangjscinoz: trying sauerbraten now, just a moment05:17
nickrudAtomicSpark: for you I type  Ato<tab>05:17
jimmygoonWhat is a udeb?05:17
klownishSymmetria: its connected to my router, via cat5 ;/05:17
AtomicSparkthanks. i was typing users by hand :|05:17
klownishif thats what ur asking.05:17
Symmetriaok, so its either an NFS system or an iSCSI system05:17
nickrudjimmygoon: a micro deb, used during installation05:17
killuxhow do you set ubuntu's appearance back to its default?05:17
rainwalkerAtomicSpark: I did that for a couple of months before I found out about tab completion haha05:17
* Symmetria checks05:17
AtomicSparkrainwalker: nice05:17
jimmygoonnickrud, interesting.......05:17
rainwalkerkillux: not sure, but let me know if you find out how05:18
klownishSymmetria: how can i check?05:18
AtomicSparkanyone install ubuntu on ps3 yet? is there a point?05:18
fdafdsaHow can I upgrade to kernel 2.6.24?05:18
harrumphbazhang: yeah this cd is fine. this xp box picks it up.  anybody know why parallels doesn't like 7.10 cd?05:18
rainwalkerharrumph: parallels really isn't that great05:18
PKdoRAtomicSpark: well yes and no05:19
rainwalkerfdafdsa: I think there's some force-version thing you can do with synaptic05:19
fdafdsarainwalker i'll look05:19
nickrudfdafdsa: you'd have to compile it05:19
AtomicSparkPKdoR: some of us are just bored :P still waiting for my Hardy install to finish.05:19
nickrud!kernel | fdafdsa05:19
ubotufdafdsa: The core of the Ubuntu Operating System is the Linux kernel: see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Kernel - You shouldn't have to compile your own, but if you're convinced you do, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Kernel/Compile - For more: /msg ubotu stages05:19
jscinoz!envy > jscinoz05:20
PKdoRAtomicSpark: it looks pretty and runs good it also give your PS3 prety much unlimited capabilities as a media player05:20
rainwalkerPKdoR: are you talking about ubuntu on the ps3?05:20
Symmetriahrm, klownish that looks like CIFS, and errr at this point I must bow out, I've never worked with one of the cheaper NAS's under linux05:20
chrisngah I cant even check gmail05:20
PKdoRrainwalker: yes05:20
AtomicSparkPKdoR: I can't even get DVD's to work on ubuntu (too lazy to install vnc) :P05:21
elshahey guys, would the only reason 'wired connection' isnt showing up on the networking options be because it isnt recognising the network card?05:21
rainwalkerPKdoR: what do you mean it looks pretty? does it look any different than ubuntu? and how does it make such a great media player?05:21
klownishSymmetria: it shows on the web admin it can use NFS and CIFS05:21
FY1If I gpg something on 1 computer and goto decrypt it on another, will it work?05:21
bazhangjscinoz: about 180 fps; sorry but that game rocks--got caught up in it for a minute ;]05:21
AtomicSparkelsha: is enable networking checked when you right click on it?05:21
rainwalkerAtomicSpark: did you install libdvdcss?05:21
klownishbut thats all it allows, just a check box..no other configuring for either.05:22
bazhangwww.medibuntu.org for that AtomicSpark05:22
Symmetriaklownish, if its NFS then on the linux box apt-get nfs-common && mount -t nfs nasip:/ /mnt05:22
Symmetriaand see if it mounts on /mnt05:22
mjw-elsha yes, basically05:22
fdafdsaI have to get kernel 2.6.24 to install nvidia 169.0905:22
rainwalkerarg bazhang you beat me to it :P05:22
PKdoRrainwalker: well not a GREAT meadi played but itsdefinitlly better then the stock PS3 as far as playing avi's and stuff05:22
JangariI changed the mount point of my data partition and everything's fine, except the database for rhythmbox is looking to the old mountpoint for all my music. Is there a way to find the database itself and globally change /home/data to /media/data in every entry?05:22
Symmetriaor mount -t nfs -o rw nasip:/ /mnt05:22
elshai dont remember there being an enable networking checkbox. i'm not in the same room as the computer so it's a bit difficult for me to go check05:22
rainwalkerPKdoR: how so?05:22
elshathe only option that's coming up is modem connection05:22
supersakoFourXLuvn so for example 7.10 -> Edgy when its stable will be flawless right?05:23
mjw-elsha the default ubuntu behavior is to enable any ethernet hardware it sees05:23
fismoll8hello everyone. I'm trying to enable sound when I rdesktop from ubuntu gutsy to my remote windows xp computer. any ideas?05:23
RaelI have a problem with cutting and pasting. this happened in both fedora and ubuntu(which I'm in now.) alot of times highlighting text to copy it, it won't stay highlighted. or right click copy does not save it to the clipboard, only file copy will work05:23
klownishSymmetria: i tried sudo mount -t nfs /media/mp3 and it keeps telling me permission denied.05:23
lalangam just open this site05:23
Jangarielsha, is there a network cable connected?05:23
AtomicSparkPKdoR: PS3 has great audio hardware. pawns my laptop.05:23
rainwalkerRael: can you highlight text and middle-click to paste?05:23
elshajangari, yeah there is, network worked fine when windows was installed05:24
bazhangRael: from where are you cutting and pasting? the terminal?05:24
Raelthe terminal, irc, firefox etc. anywhere05:24
Jangariis this on a desktop or a laptop?05:24
FourX4Luvnklownish: Well, I found at least one person that had your problem after they upgraded to Gutsy.  So it may be an issue with Gutsy, though I can't find any other information about it.  The closest I found was this:  http://www.nomachetejuggling.com/2007/01/13/using-western-digital-netcenter-with-ubuntu-linux/05:24
RaelI don't have a middle button05:24
RaelI have a scroll wheel I could press05:24
Jangariself-installed network card?05:24
mjw-Rael if your wheel is clickable, you have a middle button05:24
themoebiushow do i change the number of virtual desktops?05:24
rainwalkerRael: scroll wheel = middle button05:24
PKdoRAtomicSpark: I got o wait to get My PS3 back from repair05:24
Jangariyou might have to go and find a driver for it, but i wouldn't have a clue how to install it.05:24
Symmetriaklownish try and mount / on it to some other directory05:24
rainwalkerthemoebius: in compiz or normal?05:25
bazhangRael: that is what you want to do then works for many scroll wheels05:25
Symmetriathey may have only exported the root of the drive05:25
elshanot sure what you mean by that :) think it's a part of the motherboard05:25
themoebiusrainwalker: compiz05:25
Raelbut alot of times the text doees not stay highlighted05:25
AtomicSparkPKdoR: I find the PS3 to be amazingly interesting. It's sopposed to have amazing hardware but it takes 3 freaking hours to format its harddrive. lol.05:25
chrisndo you think upgrading my kernel will help?05:25
Raelit goes away as soon as I release the button05:25
anniku989someone let me know if their free, I'm having some troubles with grub05:25
rainwalkerthemoebius: do you have ccsm installed?05:25
bazhangccsm general virtual horizontal desktops = 4 themoebius05:25
harrumphrainwalker: would it make a difference if i burned the "alternate desktop cd" iso instead?05:26
Symmetriabut if its telling you permission denied then there has to be SOME nfs setup on that disk05:26
lalanghello!what is this site?05:26
FourX4Luvnanniku989: Just ask the question and if anyone is free and know how to help you, they'll answer :)05:26
lalangcan anyone tell?05:26
mjw-!ubuntu > lalang05:26
bazhangubuntu support channel lalang05:26
klownishSymmetria: if there is, i dont know how to find it.05:26
anniku989alright lol05:26
themoebiusrainwalker: i have compiz fusion icon05:26
klownishFourX4Luvn: thx for the help, i tried that page earlier, with no help.05:26
Symmetriaklownish www.googleisyourfriend.com05:26
FourX4Luvnklownish: Ok.. then I'm fresh out of ideas, sorry mate.05:26
klownishSymmetria: www.ivebeenongoogleallnight.com :-P05:26
* elsha scratches her head thoughtfully05:26
RaelI'm just plaing around with it..sometimes it highlights and stays. sometimes not05:27
rainwalkerharrumph: doubt it, it's just a different way of installing ubuntu (not graphical, all command line)05:27
lalangand what is it pls?05:27
zelrikriandoeh this site does exist !!05:27
mjw-lalang you will learn more from www.ubuntu.com than we could tell you here05:27
AtomicSparki wasnt following but here is compiz install info https://help.ubuntu.com/community/CompositeManager/CompizFusion05:27
FourX4LuvnToo bad it's not an actual site, klownish05:27
bazhanglalang www.ubuntu.com will explain  this is not a chat channel05:27
Symmetriaklownish did you try mounting the /05:27
zelrikriandoand it looks good ! :p05:27
anniku989I'm getting "Error 15" from grub when booting the pc, can't get to boot list of ubuntu/vista, so the only way around is using this live cd I'm currently on. This is on a single hdd with two partitions btw05:27
Symmetrialike I said05:27
AtomicSparkneed xserver-xgl package too05:27
klownishSymmetria:  yeah i did, same error.05:27
jscinozbazhang, did sauerbraten finish installing yet?05:28
Symmetriaklownish as a matter of interest, are you on the same network subnet as that NAS?05:28
lalangso do i need to go ubunto?05:28
rainwalkerthemoebius: well I haven't used the fusion icon thing, only ccsm05:28
Dr_willislalang,  you are in #ubuntu now05:28
bazhanganniku stage one grub loads then you get that message?05:28
klownishSymmetria: im want to say yes, but ill doublecheck.05:28
bazhangjscinoz: yup 180 fps or so05:28
anniku989computer posts, then I get error05:28
lalangthen what will i do here to communicate friends05:28
jscinozbazhang, can your monitor output at 1280x800?05:28
anniku989I dont' get to the point here I can choose what i wanna do05:28
bazhanglalang: you wont this is not a chat channel05:28
jscinozbazhang, if so, try my exact command line ./sauer_client "$@" -w1280 -h800 -a4 -b24 -z24 -f305:29
rainwalkerlalang: you can install ubuntu if you want, and this is the support channel for it05:29
jscinozbazhang and see what you get then05:29
bazhanganniku989:  you get the message grub loading even?05:29
anniku989oh, yes05:29
charlieIs there a command to automatically fix permissons? mine are all messed up05:29
mjw-bazhang doesn't that sound like a hard drive failure...?05:29
klownishSymmetria: yes i am.05:29
FourX4Luvnanniku989: What is the exact error you get?05:29
anniku989oen sec05:30
bazhangmjw-: not sure could be the mbr is missing or on another drive perhaps05:30
Symmetriaklownish then my last suggestion is go check western digital's website, there has to be a config utility to setup security on that thing05:30
jimmygoonI can't login under ttys? I type 'j' and it registers a new line and just repeat GNU/Linux/Ubuntu Login: ______05:30
lalanghow to connect friends?05:30
rainwalkeragg got distracted by a movie...who was I helping again?05:30
FourX4LuvnSymmetria: According to what I could find about that drive.. it's simply a password is all they offer05:30
anniku989theres a pic of the error message05:30
rainwalkerlalang: connect friends? with what?05:30
SymmetriaFourX4Luvn hrm, ohhhh05:30
Symmetriain that case05:30
Symmetriahold on05:30
MrObviousFourX4Luvn: bazhang: I've been trying to help him; he's basically installed updates and the computer died (I think he said power outage) 90% through it and now he can't boot either OS.05:30
charlieIs there a command to automatically fix permissons? mine are all messed up05:30
bazhanglalang not here this is not a chat channel please go elsewhere for that05:31
anniku989It was error 15 before lol05:31
MrObviousFourX4Luvn: bazhang: So now he's in the live cd and is stuck.05:31
anniku989just noticed that in that pic05:31
rainwalkercharlie please don't ask multiple times, if someone knows the answer they will tell you05:31
MrObviousanniku989: Did it work? lol05:31
FourX4LuvnMrObvious: Oh.. Didn't see anyone helping.. sorry05:31
ryanwanyone know why my laptop reboots everytime i shutdown while the cord is still plugged in? It will only completely shutdown if it is unplugged.05:31
MrObviousFourX4Luvn: No you're fine. I'm stuck lol. Besides I was in another channel.05:31
bazhangMrObvious: sorry to overstep ;]05:31
Symmetriaerrr wait, nfs doesnt support a password option *hrm*, klownish can you either a.) browse to the drive with a webbrowser or b.) telnet to it?05:31
MrObviousbazhang: No, please do. I'm stuck.05:32
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about trackerd - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi05:32
anniku989Its error 15 though05:32
charlie!repeat > sp21905:32
Symmetriathat password is probably for setup in some kind of admin interface, because nfs by standard does not support passwords05:32
rainwalkerMrObvious: what are you stuck with?05:32
charlie!repeat > charlie05:32
MrObviousrainwalker: Helping anniku989 with a Grub 15 error.05:32
ubotuDon't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. You can search https://help.ubuntu.com or http://wiki.ubuntu.com while you wait. Also see !patience05:32
klownishSymmetria:  ill try05:32
Symmetria!repeat Symmetria05:32
bazhangrainwalker: haha anniku I believe not him05:32
charlie!repeat | Symmetria05:32
ubotuSymmetria: please see above05:32
FourX4Luvnanniku989: Ok.. I assume this is a dual boot system, with Windows as the other OS?05:32
xeomAnybody here have any lucky getting the latest version of warsow to run05:32
ubotuThe people here are volunteers, your attitude should reflect that. Answers are not always available. See http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IrcGuidelines05:33
anniku989Yes it is05:33
MrObvious! repeat charlie :p05:33
Symmetriaheh there ya go Charlie :)05:33
FY1anyone have any idea why trackerd is taking up one of my processors?05:33
anniku989I don't have the vista disk BTW05:33
FourX4Luvnanniku989: XP?05:33
Symmetriathat actually redirected to me05:33
rainwalkerwhy is everyone using that repeat factoid repeatedly?05:33
FourX4Luvnanniku989: Ok.. I'm not too familiar with vista.. is there a way to boot vista to a recovery console?05:33
SymmetriaAtomicSpark now you know how to get it to redirect to someone :)05:33
FY1!repeat > rainwalker05:33
anniku989I can't get that far...05:33
AtomicSparkthe only reason i need it is for CS305:33
Symmetriapipe it :)05:33
AtomicSparkmm dreamweaver05:33
FY1!repeat -> FY105:33
bazhangSymmetria: with the pipe |05:33
roachmmflhyrwhen i host (my old hostname) i get roachmmflhyr@okinawa:~$ host ubuntu-box05:34
roachmmflhyrHost ubuntu-box not found: 3(NXDOMAIN)05:34
roachmmflhyr  but when i host $HOSTNAME i always get SERVFAIL05:34
MrObviousOk guys seriously, stop playing with the bot before we call the chanops.05:34
rainwalkerFY1: I don't know, but I would recommend beagle over tracker05:34
anniku989I post, and grub starts to load (so I can choose ubuntu or vista) and errors out before i can do anything05:34
FourX4Luvnanniku989: You'll need the ... wait... You just said you don't have the CD05:34
AtomicSparkbazhang: you mean it works like a terminal? no way! lol05:34
MrObvious!enter | roachmmflhyr05:34
klownishSymmetria: telnet refused connection, and no on the web browser.05:34
uboturoachmmflhyr: Please try to keep your questions/responses on one line - don't use the "Enter" key as punctuation!05:34
Symmetriaklownish hold05:34
FourX4Luvnanniku989: I can fix it for you if you can get ahold of an XP or VIsta CD to boot from.05:34
FY1also, does anyone know how to send a network message from an ubuntu computer to a vista computer?05:34
anniku989I don't have the vista dvd that i can boot off of to recover05:34
xeomAnybody here have any lucky getting the latest version of warsow to run05:34
AtomicSparkFY1: what do you mean by a message?05:34
rainwalkerFY1: via IRC?05:34
FourX4Luvnanniku989: Doesn't have to be the same CD that the computer came with.. just any CD05:34
anniku989don't have05:35
Symmetriaok, in that case the password has to be for SMB/CIFS05:35
bazhanganniku989: where did you install the grub and was it vista first then ubuntu or the reverse05:35
FourX4Luvndarn.. Ok...05:35
* FourX4Luvn scratches his head for a moment05:35
DezineIs it possible to hibernate my PC in Ubuntu?05:35
Symmetriaand I've never used CIFS so I cant help you past that, but I'd place money on the fact that you need to get CIFS installed on the linux box, and mount it with whatever that password is05:35
anniku989vista first. I got a live cd, and booted up, hit install, and it worked fine (i'm assuming it installed grub with it)05:35
rainwalkerDezine: System > Quit, and choose hibernate05:35
bazhangdezine in theory yes05:35
jbinderDoes any of you know how to set the CPU do a certain clock speed? I know you can do it with the GNOME CPU frequency scaling monitor applet, but for some reason, that applet doesn't work for me. How can I make it use all 2.2GHz of my dual core CPU instead of only 800MHz per core?05:35
klownishSymmetria: there is no password :X05:35
DezineWhen I choose quit it just logs out05:35
AtomicSparkDezine: yes. depends on hardware unfortunately.05:36
Dezinedoesn't ask what to do for some reason05:36
klownishSymmetria:  the only password i have is for the web utility, none for the actual folder.05:36
echozany "easy" recommendations for this noob for wireless in ubuntu (gutsy gibbon)?05:36
anniku989I've heard that just deleting/reinstalling grub may fix it, but i dunno how to do that05:36
MrObviousjbinder: If you have an Intel chip turn off Speedstep, C1E, etc., or AMD turn off Cool'n'Quiet in the BIOS.05:36
Symmetriaklownish probably same password05:36
anniku989off of the live cd05:36
DezineHm, AtomicSpark do you mean video card?05:36
bazhangechoz: what card05:36
rainwalkerechoz: you mean like a good wireless card?05:36
jbinderMrObvious: Intel Core 2 Duo 2.2GHz05:36
FourX4Luvnanniku989: You can boot the live CD?05:36
Symmetriaklownish try installing smbclient and using that password with it05:36
MrObviousjbinder: Like I said, BIOS.05:36
klownishSymmetria: on a windows machine, ive never had to put in the password to connect.05:36
echozyes a good wireless router and card05:36
anniku989tahts what I'm posting this off of right now05:37
FourX4Luvnanniku989: Do that.. I'll walk you through reinstalling grub05:37
jbinderMrObvious: I don't know what any of those things mean.05:37
FourX4LuvnOh.. ok  heh05:37
anniku989I'm on it05:37
Symmetriaklownish errr if it works on a windows machine without a password, then use a windows mechanism to connect to it05:37
rainwalkerechoz: netgear wg511t05:37
bazhanganniku989: which installed first vista or ubuntu05:37
Symmetriainstall smbclient and try and use that to connect05:37
Symmetriaif it works, you can get smbmount05:37
echozxlnt thanks so much05:37
anniku989is there a way to filter out everyone elses chat?05:37
rainwalkeranniku989: you can private message someone05:37
bazhanganniku989: put them on /ignore05:37
AtomicSparkechoz: most wireless cards should work. ubuntu has pretty good support.05:37
Symmetriaheh, if you'd told me ages ago it worked fine under windows I woulda said ages ago to use smb :)05:37
anniku989vista was already on this on this laptop05:38
AtomicSparkechoz: i have a broadcom. its not supported by most linux distros and ubuntu worked fine. :P05:38
rainwalkerbazhang: not all clients do /ignore by default, like you have to enable a certain plugin in pidgin to do it05:38
klownishSymmetria: ive heard smbmount is horrible to use..people have used NFS but for some reason it wont work for me.05:38
FourX4Luvnanniku989: Join #anniku_help05:38
echozi've been trying to get linksys wmp54gs to work with NDISwrapper but not much luck05:38
AtomicSparkklownish: what are you trying to do again?05:38
FourX4LuvnAnd anyone else helping with anniku's problem, join #anniku_help please :)05:38
echozit's probably user error though ;P lol05:38
bazhangrainwalker: really? thanks!05:38
Symmetriaklownish without the drive infront of me I cant help you getting nfs to work on it, getting nfs to work *NICELY* (better than smbmount) can be tricky at the best of times anyway05:38
DezineOk, when I try to hibernate it says: Some modules failed to unload: nvidia. hibernate: Aborting suspend due to errors in ModulesUnloadBlacklist (use --force to override).05:38
rainwalkerechoz: my netgear wg511t wireless card worked out of the box since edgy05:38
klownishAtomicSpark: trying to get a network drive mounted using nfs05:38
AtomicSparkechoz: are you trying to capture packets?05:38
Symmetria(trust me, I have some massive nfs mounts)05:39
=== FBIGuy is now known as Balloon_Dog
echozdon't ask me about packets please :)05:39
MrObviousjbinder: :\...When you reboot you'll see an option like press F2 or F10 or Delete to enter setup, push that repeatedly to enter the BIOS. Next find the power management options and disable Speedstep and C1E and you'll be golden.05:39
elshahmmm, ok, lspci doesn't come up with any kind of network connection :s would this have been from a faulty install of ubuntu?05:39
jscinozbazhang, wer eyou able to try it with command line ./sauer_client "$@" -w1280 -h800 -a4 -b24 -z24 -f305:39
Symmetriaklownish piece of advice: get *something* working, then attempt to get the other one working once you at least have access to your drive05:39
AtomicSparkklownish: mount a windows network share? use places > connect to server. change to windows share. enter ip for server and share name for share. dont forget username or it most likely wont work.05:39
DezineAlright, I'll just shut it off, loads quickly enough anyway.05:39
echozi'll just get that netgear wg511t and dump windoze ASAP ...thanks. you guys are awesome!05:39
Agent_bobi have an error message "power manager \n this program can not start until you start the dbus system service \n it is strongly recommended you restart your computer after starting messagebus "   when i click the logout/shutdown button  and the system is just hung for about a minute then i get the logout options box and can kill x normally.     anyone know how to stop gnome's logout button from calling "/usr/bin/gnome-power-man05:40
xeomAnybody here have any lucky getting the latest version of warsow to run05:40
SymmetriaAtomicSpark its not a windows share, its a horrible western digital NAS05:40
Symmetriathat uses SMB/CIFS as primary protocol05:40
AtomicSparkoh haha. i missed that.05:40
Agent_boband why would anyone "strongly recommended" restarting a linux system ?05:40
Symmetriabut yes, in theory your method would work as well05:40
AtomicSparkSymmetria: If its the same NAS i read about before it has some severe problems. :\ I wish him luck. I think someone had to hack it to get it working properly.05:41
Symmetriabtw... if there are any south africans in here, Im about to make some fairly big changes to the way za.archive.ubuntu.com and za.releases.ubuntu.com are setup, and I'd appreciate if someone told me if it broke (though it really shouldnt)05:42
Agent_bobcause makes no sense to me at all,   if i start dbus (which i see no reason for) and then reboot the computer dbus will not be running on reboot...     did i miss something ?05:42
* Symmetria is bringing anycast online in the last hour or 205:42
adrianasup room05:42
* AtomicSpark commands woot05:42
* AtomicSpark loves me commands05:42
* klownish hates WD products05:43
adrianaweres all the men at05:43
mjw-note to self: never purchase WD NAS05:43
AtomicSparkquestion, is there a way to turn off join/leave messages?05:43
mjw-!ot > adriana05:43
adrianaweres all the men at05:43
adrianaweres all the men at05:43
adrianaweres all the men at05:43
adrianaweres all the men at05:43
adrianaweres all the men at05:43
adrianaweres all the men at05:43
FloodBot1adriana: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.05:43
SymmetriaAtomicSpark depends on what client you are using05:43
SymmetriaAtomicSpark no idea, if it was scrollz you could /ignore * CRAP05:43
Symmetriaand it would take care of it05:44
Symmetria(I kid you not, thats a legit ignore mode in scrollz)05:44
zqweAtomicSpark: see plugins05:44
Symmetriaand I think it also exists in bitchx05:44
rainwalkerAtomicSpark: yes, but you have enable a certain plugin...hang on let me find it05:44
elshano one have any suggestions for my network card issue?05:44
zqweadriana: no05:45
music`freakcan anyone help me with Amarok here?05:45
AtomicSparkrainwalker: join/par hiding? :P05:45
music`freaknoone in that channel is responding05:45
mjw-elsha an lspci | grep -i eth  could be of some use05:45
adrianano  3what05:45
Raelwhats wrong with amarok05:45
rainwalkerAtomicSpark: yeah that! haha05:45
music`freaknothing is wrong...05:45
music`freaki'm new to Linux /Amarok05:45
zqweadriana: we are not forgiving you05:45
music`freakneed some help with using my ipod with Amarok05:45
Symmetriabtw, with regards nas's and nfs and other things, does anyone know why when I rsync to an NFS mount on ubuntu-server (and the mounted nfs machine is also ubuntu-server btw), occasionally things get really messy, the box load average goes through the roof and eventually the box falls over and dies?05:46
Symmetriaas in, I seem to hit some kinda locking issue and the thing goes slightly made05:46
music`freakheya mjw- :)05:46
Raelwhen I plugged in my mp3 player a window came up in amarok asking to use the device05:46
Symmetriathe other day I tried it on our mirror server and my load average shot to 983 before the box keeled over05:46
AtomicSparkSymmetria: id make a joke that its linux but i might get banned :-X05:46
mjw-music`freak hi05:46
Raelbut I ended up just selecting the files I wanted and dragged them to the window for my device05:46
music`freakhow do i see all the Videos present on my ipod in Amarok?05:46
music`freaklike i can in iTunes?05:47
shamrocki got a quick question05:47
klownishAtomicSpark: its still better than windows :P05:47
shamrockany1 using vmware to connect to ubuntu right now?05:47
mjw-music`freak i have absolutely no idea. :)05:47
FireBugThanks for the help the other night guys but I think my FTP server on my ubuntu server just shat itself. It was working fine till a minute ago until I rebooted the server. Now when I try and start proftpd service, its says05:47
music`freakanybody else?05:47
Raelnot really sure. I just ened up viewing them with the file manager05:47
shamrockany1 using vmware to connect to ubuntu right now?05:47
Symmetriafirebug any reason you chose proftpd?05:47
rainwalkermusic`freak: you could just browse the files in nautilus I think, I don't know I've never hooked up an ipod in ubuntu05:47
Agent_bobmusic`freak #kubuntu not responding ?05:48
AtomicSparkSymmetria: do you use "$rsync -avz -e ssh remoteuser@remotehost:/remote/dir /this/dir/"?05:48
FireBug*Starting ftp server proftpd - IPv4 getaddrinfo 'unBuntu-Veriton' error: No adress associated with hostname05:48
music`freaki didn't try kubuntu05:48
shamrockany1 using vmware to connect to ubuntu right now?05:48
roachmmflhyri cannot host $HOSTNAME returns SERVFAIL05:48
* Symmetria highly suggests looking at pure-ftpd or vsftpd05:48
music`freaki tried in #amarok05:48
music`freaknobody responded05:48
shamrockwho do i ask questions to?05:48
cute_bettongdoes anyone know of an app for ubuntu that can do a batch job of changeing mp3's from well mp3 to .ogg?05:48
shamrockfor help05:48
AtomicSpark!repeat | shamrock05:48
ubotushamrock: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. You can search https://help.ubuntu.com or http://wiki.ubuntu.com while you wait. Also see !patience05:48
AtomicSparkheh bots05:48
ubotuThe people here are volunteers, your attitude should reflect that. Answers are not always available. See http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IrcGuidelines05:48
elshamjw-, yeah it isn't coming up with anything for eth. would the most likely problem be a fault when i installed ubuntu, or the network card not being supported? I know that the card works.05:48
music`freakand i'm un Ubuntunot kubuntu05:48
SymmetriaAtomicSpark no, this is anonymous rsync, so rsync -av --progress --delete --delete-after --ignore-errors --hard-links rsync://host/rsync /nfs-mounted-local-directory05:48
mjw-elsha that means the system itself isn't even seeing an ethernet controller at ALL. as far as linux is concerned, it doesn't even exist05:49
AtomicSparkSymmetria: I tried rsync over ssh for backups. have no idea why it didnt work. i gave up too fast though. :P05:49
mjw-elsha it's not disabled in the bios or something is it?05:49
rainwalkermusic`freak: the only reason kubuntu might be a better place to ask is because amarok is a KDE app05:49
music`freakalso i would need a converter for converting my videos in Divx to Ipod video format in Linux05:49
klownishelsha, what kind of card is it?05:49
SymmetriaAtomicSpark works fine if Im rsyncing to a directory that ISNT nfs mounted (I actually worked around the problem by moving the rsync scripts onto the NAS's themselves)05:49
shamrockanyone using vmware to connect to ubuntu right now, i'm having a problem with the network, in ubuntu the internet is going alot slower05:49
music`freakany apps for doing that in Linux?05:49
AtomicSparkSymmetria: ah more nfs problems05:49
klownishelsha: i had issues with a netgear card when i first switched to ubuntu05:50
Symmetriaheh, we use NFS now only for actually reading data05:50
elshaklownish: im not too sure, its a pretty old machine05:50
elshai'll go have a play in the bios now05:50
shamrockIVE ASKED 40 TIMES05:50
Flannel!languge | shamrock05:50
FloodBot1shamrock: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.05:50
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about languge - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi05:50
Symmetria10.78.1.1:/diskspace  4.5T  2.4T  2.2T  53% /diskspace/mount205:50
Symmetria10.79.1.1:/diskspace  4.5T  2.6T  2.0T  57% /diskspace/mount305:50
Symmetria10.80.1.1:/diskspace  4.5T  1.2T  3.4T  26% /diskspace/mount405:50
Sweet-Pdoes anyone here have experience with Asterix PBX running on Ubuntu?05:50
Flannel!cap | shamrock05:50
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about cap - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi05:50
elshaand come back with some new questions no doubt :)05:50
rainwalkershamrock: if anyone knows the answer, they will say so. settle down.05:50
Photocopyholy crap.05:50
shamrock!language | Flannel05:50
ubotuFlannel: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family friendly.05:50
rex3cihey guys05:50
Symmetria^^ heh those work so long as I keep it read only05:50
Flannelsheesh.  I'm just going to give up with the typing.05:50
rex3cihow do i make mv assume no to overwrite queries?05:51
rex3ci--reply=no is no longer supported05:51
rainwalker!paste | Symmetria05:51
PhotocopyI think I just realized that I can ditch windows entirely if this works. =O05:51
ubotuSymmetria: pastebin is a service to post large texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org (make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the #ubuntu channel topic)05:51
mjw-klownish: elsha's lspci | grep -i eth  yielded nothing :/05:51
mrtsunamiFlannel, nice try, I suppose :)05:51
AtomicSparkshamrock: what is your question? if we use ubuntu on vmware client/server?05:51
shamrockim using vmware05:51
shamrockto connect to ubuntu05:51
mjw-elsha and it's apparently a motherboard-based controller05:51
shamrockand the internet is alot slower in ubuntu05:51
mjw-er, that last one was for klownish05:52
shamrockthan it is windows05:52
shamrocki got ethernet set to bridged on vmware05:52
fr500thats nonsense05:52
AtomicSparkshamrock: yes, most virtual machines are slower then the real thing.05:52
Symmetriarainwalker can someone please tell me what they consider a flood in this channel, that was 3 lines, normal typing can produce 3 lines faster than that, Im honestly just trying to get an understanding of what is considered flooding and what I can actually say in here05:52
shamrockso slower then the internet, that doesn't make any sense05:52
rainwalkerSymmetria: I guess that wasn't really flooding, sorry, but it's nice to use as few lines as possible05:53
FlannelSymmetria: Three lines is flooding, whether pasted or typing, in a channel this large.  Thats why we coerce people into not using the enter key as punctuation.05:53
AtomicSparkshamrock: its 10MB connection. then you have overhead of all the VMware networking stuff. then you have the reduced cpu & memory. etc etc.05:53
KevinMaiI haven't CD-RW, can I install Ubuntu via USB Flash Disk ?05:53
mjw-!usb > KevinMai05:53
Jangarihow can i test if my webcam is support/working?05:53
AtomicSparkshamrock: also the videocard is a lot slower so the page may seem to load slower05:53
rainwalkershamrock: it's not the internet that's slow, it's the OS you're using to get on the internet that's being slow05:53
ThedjatclubrockHELP I locked myself out of sudo05:53
rainwalkerJangari: install camorama05:54
shamrockAtomicSpark: would it be better then to just dual boot?05:54
mjw-Jangari install cheese or camorama05:54
Jangarialrighty, thanks guys05:54
rainwalkerThedjatclubrock: how so?05:54
AtomicSparkshamrock: do you have xp or vista?05:54
FlannelSymmetria: also, pasting is better because it's likely that your message in the channel will have gone away (scrolled) soon thereafter (it has halfway through this message on my screen), and people may need to refer to it again later, etc.05:54
Thedjatclubrockrainwalker: I accidentaly changed the group to www-data :P05:54
rainwalkershamrock: I would say it's almost always better to dual boot05:54
Symmetriaflannel, after 15 years on irc, I know these things :) I still dont consider 3 lines a flood however, but we can agree to disagree05:54
shamrockbut harder I have no clue how to dual boot05:55
AtomicSparkshamrock: if you aren't experienced with computers I wouldnt duel boot. there are a lot of steps to get it working with vista.05:55
shamrockI like vmware it's a neat problem05:55
rainwalkerThedjatclubrock: hm...I don't know what to tell you05:55
iceswordnickrud, u still awake05:55
klownishit is a neat problem ;X05:55
AtomicSparkshamrock: vista  only likes being the only active (bootable) partition. if its not, it wont even install. m$ hates other os's05:55
ThedjatclubrockHELP I locked myself out of sudo05:55
klownishms hates ms <-05:55
mjw-elsha the other thing to suggest is to do just do a plain lspci and look for an ethernet controller...if you don't see anything...linux can't even see the hardware05:55
FlannelThedjatclubrock: Howd you do that?05:56
ThedjatclubrockFlannel: I accidentaly changed the group to www-data :P05:56
jack-desktopdoes anyone know how to get awn on 1 view port only?05:56
AtomicSparkshamrock: i had to boot linux live cd, partition, boot windows cd, install vista, boot live cd again install ubuntu. lols.05:56
iceswordThedjatclubrock, u need root privelge05:56
rainwalkerklownish: you're not alone haha05:56
rainwalkerwait disregard that05:56
Thedjatclubrockicesword: How can I without sudo :P05:56
FlannelThedjatclubrock: alright, you can fix it by rebooting into the recovery console05:56
shamrockAtomicSpark: lol that is funny05:56
rainwalkerjack-desktop: I don't think you can; it shows on your desktop and if you have more than one desktop...it's going to be there05:56
AtomicSparkSymmetria: okay you weren't spamming. jeez. you win.05:57
* AtomicSpark bows05:57
jack-desktopThedjatclubrock, youj have to edit sudo gedit /etc/group in recovery mode05:57
klownishAtomicSpark: i considered it spamming..who are u to judge :P05:57
klownishjk :)05:57
supersakoi was told that its not safe to upgrade from 6.10 to 7.10 but is it okay to go from 7.10 to the next edgy release or would this qualify as two major releases??05:57
Flannelsupersako: You need to go from 6.10 to 7.04, then you can go from 7.04 to 7.1005:58
supersakoahh i see thanks Flannel05:58
rainwalkersupersako: you have to upgrade to each release in between05:58
supersakoso its pretty safe then upgrading from within ubuntu?05:58
AtomicSparksupersako: I always do a clean install. Up to you. :D05:58
supersakoas long as its the next release05:58
Thedjatclubrockjack-desktop: No desktop (nano) :P05:58
gclavellalguien habla espanol??05:58
Flannelsupersako: yep.  https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UpgradeNotes05:58
Flannel!es | gclavell05:58
ubotugclavell: Si busca ayuda en español por favor entre en los canales #ubuntu-es o #kubuntu-es, allí obtendrá más ayuda.05:58
rex3cihow do i make mv assume no when overwriting files/folders?05:58
supersakoty ty05:58
AtomicSparkgclavell: Hola05:58
rainwalkersupersako: yeah, you don't really ahve to worry because it will only let you update one releae at a time05:58
jack-desktopThedjatclubrock, yea, I just copied it from my terminal, I forgot to remove gedit and sudo from that line ;p05:58
supersakothe performance or anything wont be diff if i do upgrade from within or reinstall right? theoretically i guess if i dont hve a bunch of crap05:59
ubotuAllez a #ubuntu-fr ou #kubuntu-fr pour de l'aide et de la discussion en francais.05:59
PhotocopyI wonder what ill do with an extra 20 gigs.05:59
rainwalkersupersako: it really depends, but everything is usually fine05:59
iceswordPhotocopy,  can u ping other computer which is in your ip range,and get request05:59
ubotuSi busca ayuda en español por favor entre en los canales #ubuntu-es o #kubuntu-es, allí obtendrá más ayuda.05:59
Flannelsupersako: no, there wont be.  It'll be more or less identical05:59
supersakothanks guys05:59
Photocopyicesword; I'd assume so, but I can't say I know how...06:00
supersakogonna put ubuntu on my lappy now :)06:00
AtomicSparksupersako: linux doesnt "slow down" over time. thats a windows problem.06:00
rainwalkerno problem supersako06:00
supersakoya Atomic thats true... no fragmentation bs06:00
Mrdiazhp laptops blow for some odd reason06:00
PhotocopyAtomicSpark: It does do some weird stuff at randomthough06:00
fr500AtomicSpark: actually, over a few upgrades you start noticing an slowdown06:00
rainwalkerMrdiaz: because hp isn't that good...06:00
AtomicSparkMrdiaz: I've enjoyed my Compaq 6820s06:00
viktordoes anyone know of a good dock like the new one in leopard with stacks etc06:00
rainwalkerviktor: avant window navigator06:00
DaZviktor: avant06:00
Mrdiazbah, is the same thing really06:01
Mrdiazsame brand06:01
rainwalkerhp bought compa06:01
viktoravant window navigator is that the program name06:01
AtomicSparkcompaq = business line06:01
AtomicSparki would NOT deal with their personal shiny plastic BS06:01
rainwalkerviktor: yes, hang on I'll find you the instructions to install it06:01
ganeshhegd1how to view a jpg image using command line?06:02
DaZganeshhegd1: use cat :F06:02
rainwalkerganeshhegd1: go to the location of the file than use the name of the program you want to use and the file name06:02
AtomicSparkganeshhegd1: you can't view a picture in command line. you can only open it into a program.06:02
PhotocopyAtomicSpark: Like today I logged in to find it at 1280x1024, my default being 1024x768, after having shut it down last wihtout having made any changes, just listened to some music, and when i tried to set it back it didnt let me. I had to log out and back in. Also on a previous installation of Xubuntu (it was 7.04) The xfce4-panel didnt run on boot, once again, no significant changes were made, happened randomly one day.06:02
fr500is that a fact06:02
Mrdiazmanually change it06:03
fr500i'm pretty sure there should exist  a picture viewer that works without X06:03
rainwalkerviktor: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=38598106:03
Flannelfr500: there are a few.  Some use framebuffers, some use ASCII06:03
fr500thx Flannel06:04
Dr_willisthere are framebuffer based image viewers.  :) and06:04
KevinMaiI haven't CD-RW, can I install Ubuntu via USB Flash Disk ? But now I have only Windows XP06:04
ubotupastebin is a service to post large texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org (make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the #ubuntu channel topic)06:04
ubuntu_I'm online from the LiveCD right now. Can someone tell me the command to fsck my ext3 partition (/dev/sda3)? I typed sudo fsck /dev/sda3 but it showed some problems and asked me for an additional command06:04
Flannelfr500: if you install caca-utils, it'll install cacaview, which will view images (in color).  I dont remember any of the framebuffer ones by name06:04
Symmetriahtm, does anyone know how to hide a -t bind mount from a df -h? if I do the mounts manually, they dont show up in df -h, if I dont, and I do it through fstab, I get this: http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/56308/06:05
Symmetriaand its real annoying06:05
Thedjatclubrockjack-desktop: sudo: must be setuid root06:05
AtomicSparkooo nice06:05
AtomicSparki like06:05
rex3ciis there a good alternative to mv that has more options?06:05
rex3ciwhere can i get a good manual for mv.. man mv isnt big enough06:05
Dr_willisSymmetria,  make an alias that greps/filters out the unwanted  lines? ive never used the bind feature of mount.06:05
iceswordwhy cannot i get respond from computer which is in the same ip range06:05
ThedjatclubrockFlannel: sudo: must be setuid root06:06
AtomicSparkicesword: are you trying to ping the private ip address?06:06
FlannelThedjatclubrock: What exactly did you do to break it?06:06
iceswordAtomicSpark, yeah06:06
jbinderThedjatclubrock: Hi. :)06:06
jbinderThedjatclubrock: I'm jared.06:06
Dr_willisSymmetria,  i tend to use   alias showdisks='df -h -x tmpfs -x devpts -x usbfs06:06
Dr_willis'    Not sure if theres a -x bind or not :)06:06
iceswordAtomicSpark, i use dhcp06:06
viktordoes awn have stacks06:06
fr500icesword: first of all verify the interface is up, can you ping your on ip address?06:06
AtomicSparkicesword: ... is it online? :\06:06
Raspberryanybody know a work around for the MESA library 3d bug?  It effects intel cards and others (ati, nvidia)06:06
ThedjatclubrockFlannel chgrp www-data / :P06:07
Photocopyviktor: If it doesnt im sure theres one of those addon things for it06:07
Symmetriahrm, Dr_willis thanks, I didnt know that -x existed :) shoulda rtfm'ed06:07
iceswordAtomicSpark, sure,i can ping myself,and it is online06:07
ubuntu_I'm online from the LiveCD right now. Can someone tell me the command to fsck my ext3 partition (/dev/sda3)? I typed sudo fsck /dev/sda3 but it showed some problems and asked me for an additional command06:07
fr500icesword: even better, are you getting leases from the dcp server?06:07
Dr_willisSymmetria,  :) yep..i had a real complex script made up.. themn i read the docs and found that.06:07
iceswordfr500, pardon?get lease?06:07
jw144000Does anyone in here use Wubi06:07
Thedjatclubrockjbinder: Any ideas?06:08
AtomicSparkicesword: no is the other computer turned on and booted up? are you sure thats the IP addy? I can't see a computer blocking ICMP (ping). Normally only routers do this.06:08
FlannelThedjatclubrock: oh.  You didn't break sudo (well, you did, but only indirectly), what did you do to try and fix it in the recovery console?06:08
lumienanybody here running skype successfully on 7.10?06:08
fr500icesword: on a terminal type dhclient, it should give you an ip address, that is a lease06:08
charlieDoes anyone know of a good SFTP/SCP Client? (linux)06:08
fr500icesword: otherwise, maybe a firewall on the other box?06:08
iceswordAtomicSpark, yeah,it is online,we have the same gateway06:08
fr500charlie: gftp is good enough06:09
ThedjatclubrockFlannel: chgrp -R root /etc/06:09
FlannelThedjatclubrock: er..........06:09
iceswordfr500, yes,it has a firewall06:09
fr500icesword: can you ping your default gateway?06:09
FlannelThedjatclubrock: You broke it without -R, and you used -R to try and fix it?06:09
iceswordfr500, sure ican06:09
rainwalkeryes viktor awn has stacks06:09
weeman13221anybody know how to get an xfx 512mb 8800GTS workin in ubuntu for desktop effects or a channel i can go to06:09
klownishi got it to work.06:09
fr500icesword: then you should set the firewall to permit ICMP packets from your ubuntu box06:10
Photocopyweeman13221: Try #compiz-fusion06:10
ThedjatclubrockFlannel: Oops, no, I used -R the first time too06:10
FlannelThedjatclubrock: the correct method for fixing wouldve been to change / back to root (non-recursively), by doing it.... ah.06:10
iceswordfr500, i will give it a try06:10
FlannelThedjatclubrock: well, the fix for that is a reinstall.  Backup your data and reinstall06:10
ubuntu_I'm online from the LiveCD right now. Can someone tell me the command to fsck my ext3 partition (/dev/sda3)? I typed sudo fsck /dev/sda3 but it showed some problems and asked me for an additional command. My copy/paste isn't working in Terminal to show the error06:10
AtomicSparkweeman13221: follow that and then make sure you have the restricted driver installed. you may also need xserver-xgl package06:10
ThedjatclubrockFlannel: That isn't good atm06:10
Sweet-Pdoes anyone here have experience with Asterix PBX running on Ubuntu?06:11
FlannelThedjatclubrock: nope, but it's really all you can do.06:11
rainwalkerubuntu_: to copy/paste in a terminal you have to do control + SHIFT + c/v06:11
ThedjatclubrockFlannel: I doubt it :P06:11
AtomicSparkyou have to be kidding me. after waiting this whole time, ubuntu 8.04 a4 is failing to install grub :|06:11
FlannelThedjatclubrock: No, it really is.  You changed the group of your *entire* filesystem to be owned by www-data06:11
FlannelAtomicSpark: #ubuntu+1 for Hardy support, thanks06:11
ubuntu_rainwalker: Not working06:12
FlannelThedjatclubrock: er, not owned, but the group.06:12
ThedjatclubrockFlannel: But then I changed it back ;)06:12
rainwalkerubuntu_: what about highlighting it and middle-clicking to paste?06:12
ubuntu_rainwalker: I can paste but not copy06:12
FlannelThedjatclubrock: no, because everything in your filesystem isn't *supposed* to have the group of root.  All sorts of exceptions.06:12
ThedjatclubrockFlannel: Oh yeah :P06:12
iceswordfr500, i have tried that,it didnot work06:12
AtomicSparkFlannel: ha its fine. i'm just complaining how long its been taking to install into KVM. ill try there. LILO seems to be installing.06:13
fr500Thedjatclubrock: so you lnow what is the group of every single file on the filesystem06:13
fr500icesword: if you can ping the gateway06:13
fr500and the other pc can ping teh gateway06:13
fr500is gotta be a firewall issue on one of the 2 pcs06:13
ThedjatclubrockFlannel: But then I made everything but /etc/ my group06:13
iceswordfr500, yeah,i can,he can too,we got the firewall closed06:13
FlannelThedjatclubrock: It's broken.  Make backups (liveCD is good for that) and reinstall.06:14
fr500closed is not disabled on some firewalls06:14
fr500assuming it is disabled, can the other pc ping yours?06:14
iceswordfr500, no,he can ping the gateway,but not me06:14
ThedjatclubrockFlannel: I just installed it !!!!!!!!!06:14
fr500icesword: maybe you have the firewall?06:15
mjw-Thedjatclubrock then you don't have much to lose06:15
fr500icesword: iptables, firestarter06:15
FlannelThedjatclubrock: then you don't really have a whole lot of data to lose.06:15
fr500or something alike06:15
iceswordfr500,no,i have no06:15
viktorcan awn have stacks06:15
ThedjatclubrockFlannel: But It takes for ever to load06:15
rainwalkerviktor yes06:15
fr500icesword: as i said fw issue06:15
Jangarimy webcam isn't being recognised, even after installing a driver that is supposed to support it, lsusb shows it, so the machine knows it exists, any ideas?06:15
fr500or icmp is disabled on the other box06:15
viktorhow cant find the option06:15
iceswordfr500, it is,we are in the same ip range,222.140.5.*,got the same gateway222.140.5.9406:16
rainwalkerviktor: go to System > Preferences > AWN manager, go to the applets section, and add the stacks applet06:16
iceswordfr500, fw??06:16
FlannelThedjatclubrock: Well, it'll take 10 times longer to fix, and even then, it'll limp.06:16
rainwalkerJangari: what are you trying to use it with?06:16
fr500icesword: firewall06:16
=== iyO is now known as iyO|Absent
viktoralso i cant add icons to it06:16
Flannel!away > iyO|Absent06:16
Jangaricamorama for now, just to establish whether or not its ever going to work, for skype, say06:17
Berylliumapt-get install ham-and-cheese-sandwich06:17
ubuntu_How do I make fsck do <y> for all options automatically?06:17
rainwalkerJangari: I would say to try to use it with skype then; my webcam didn't work to well with camorama but fine with amsn06:17
AtomicSparkubuntu_:  try -r (recursive)06:18
Jangaristill not being recognised06:18
Sweet-Pfsck -y ?06:18
Berylliumubuntu_: I'd highly recommend reading the man page06:18
miloBeryllium: Couldn't find package ham-and-cheese-sandwich06:18
Berylliummilo: that's cuz I ate it06:18
goblincan somebody tell me which port is "TOR" ?06:18
michaelhow do u screw computers?06:18
ubuntu_My system's gone crazy every since I resized my partitions last night06:18
rainwalkerJangari: what webcam?06:18
jcg42What is the best Widget engine?06:18
rainwalkermichael: um...what?06:19
weeman13221anybody know how to get an xfx 512mb 8800GTS workin in ubuntu for desktop effects or a channel i can go to?06:19
rainwalkerjcg42: screenlets06:19
rainwalkerweeman13221: did you try #compiz-fusion?06:19
ubuntu_Windows won't boot anymore, and ext3 is full of errors06:19
Berylliumubuntu_: Fixing file systems is a bit of a dark art ...06:19
AtomicSparkubuntu_: it's -p06:19
Jangarilogitech communicate06:19
bazhangfor compiz screenlets without gdesklets jcg4206:19
jcg42rainwalker, that's the one that uses compiz right?06:19
Jangarirainwalker: ^06:19
AtomicSparkubuntu_: automatic repair, no questions06:19
ubuntu_AtomicSpark: Uh. I already did -r. Should I cancel it?06:19
rainwalkerjcg42: yes, but it's no longer required! neat, huh?06:20
klownish_wow, that was weird.06:20
Jangariyou know what bites? ls -R on an ipod touch's terminal, since you can't ctrl+C06:20
rainwalkerJangari: hmm...I think that might be the same as mine, but not sure. either way, logitech's webcams don't seem to be the best with linux :(06:20
Jangarils -R /*06:20
AtomicSparkubuntu_: i would since -r isnt even in the help file :\06:20
Jangarii agree rainwalker06:20
AtomicSparkweeman13221: did my instructions earlier not help you? :P06:21
rainwalkerjcg42: the screenlets won't be transparent and stuff, but you can still use them06:21
weeman13221yeah no good atomicspark06:21
lachlanmy windows partition wont load now i have ubuntu installed it stalls at starting up when i pick windows in grub06:21
weeman13221i got the menu toc ome up06:21
Jangarii might have to splash out on a new one, in which case, are there any webcams that anyone knows of that are supported by ubuntu?06:21
weeman13221but it does nothing06:21
AtomicSparkweeman13221: install xserver-xgl, logout and log back in?06:21
lachlanis there anything i can do to fix it?06:21
Jangarilachlan: your grub has the wrong partition labelled in the grub's menu.lst06:22
jcg42jcg42, I actually want the ones that use compiz so I can get the cool effects06:22
Jangarifind out which partition has what and edit the menu.lst06:22
rainwalkerjcg42: use screenlets06:22
bazhangjcg42: screenlets then06:22
lachlanjangari do you know what to do to fix it?06:22
rainwalkerjcg42: I would say screenlets no matter what06:22
weeman13221ill try that06:23
rainwalkerjcg42: here - http://www.gnome-look.org/content/show.php/Screenlets+0.0.12+final+rev+174?content=7334606:23
Jangarii'm looking through the various possibilities as we speak, lachlan, but i know this is an area that others here have helped me with in the past,06:23
=== Balloon_Dog is now known as FBIGuy
CrazyPhil_Hi. How can I know if DMA is enabled on my hard disks?06:25
Jangaridammit, what's the disk management app?06:25
jcg42rainwalker, Why does this site: http://www.screenlets.org say the latest is 0.0.10, but that gnome-look page lists 0.0.12?06:26
rainwalkerJangari: gparted?06:26
Dr_willisCrazyPhil_,   $ sudo hdparm  /dev/hda06:26
Dr_willis 06:26
Jangarithat'll do, isn't there one that ships with ubuntu out of the box?06:26
rainwalkerjcg42: the original creator of screenlets no longer has time to maintain them, so that person on gnome-look is the new mainainer06:26
rainwalkerJangari: gparted does06:26
rainwalker...I think?06:26
Jangariwhere is it?06:27
CrazyPhil_Dr_willis, I have try that command. I don't get any response relative to DMA!06:27
lachlanjangari want me to install Gparted now?06:27
jcg42rainwalker, so is this: http://hendrik.kaju.pri.ee/screenlets/ probably better for info?06:27
Dr_willisCrazyPhil_,  use the proper /dev/ entry for your disk?06:27
rainwalkerJangari: I think it does, I'm almost positive gparted is what handles partitioning when you first install06:27
isleshocky79is there a way of checking out network bandwidth usage from the command line in ubuntu06:27
isleshocky79per command/program if possible?06:27
Dr_willis!info ntop06:28
ubotuntop (source: ntop): display network usage in top-like format. In component universe, is optional. Version 3:3.2-10.1 (gutsy), package size 2707 kB, installed size 11172 kB06:28
CrazyPhil_Dr_willis, IO_support    =  0 (default 16-bit) - readonly      =  0 (off) - readahead     = 256 (on) - geometry      = 24792/255/63, sectors = 398297088, start = 006:28
CrazyPhil_that's all I get06:28
Jangarilachlan, install gparted06:28
rainwalkerjcg42: just another screenlets page, it should be fine (I always get it from gnome-look just cause I'm sure it's up-to-date)06:28
Jangarii discovered i don't have it either06:28
Thedjatclubrock sudo: must be setuid root  HELP06:28
isleshocky79Dr_willis: Thanks. Exactly what I was looking for.06:29
Thedjatclubrock sudo: must be setuid root          HELP06:29
Thedjatclubrock sudo: must be setuid root          HELP06:29
Dr_willisCrazyPhil_,   are you using sata disks? whats y Your disks devioce name?06:29
ubuntu_I did fsck -p /dev/sda3 and it says unexpected inconsistency; Run fsck manually without -a or -p. So there's nothing I can do to select <y> automatically? I kept something heavy on top of the 'Y' key for like 45 minutes and it still didn't finish so I booted into LiveCD to do it from here, and it's still the same06:29
Dr_willisThedjatclubrock,  how did you manage to unset it?06:29
StarnestommyThedjatclubrock: go into recovery mode and type chmod +s /usr/bin/sudo06:29
fr500Thedjatclubrock: you broke it when you chgroup the whole /etc06:29
Dr_willisubuntu_,  check the man pages for fsck theres a -y option. :)06:29
goblinLinux People how to make Reconnect na tor ( to change the ip on tor ) ?06:29
goblinLinux People how to make Reconnect na tor ( to change the ip on tor ) ?06:29
mrtsunami!repeat > goblin06:30
Starnestommygoblin: try asking #tor on freenode or OFTC06:30
ahorriblemessDoes anyone use Audacity?06:30
goblini'm sorry06:30
christopherstill cant get the 8800gts to work any help from anyone?06:30
fr500!repeat > fr50006:30
Dr_willisI thought tor randomized the ip every so often.06:30
goblini'm sorry nobody can help me06:30
Jangarii use audacity occasionally, ahorriblemess06:30
Dr_willisfor connections at least.06:30
ahorriblemessIf Audacity and Ardour don't use MIDI files, then how are you supposed to import the drumbeats you make in Hyrdrogen?06:30
CrazyPhil_Dr_willis, no this disk is IDE, device name I'm not sure what exactly you want06:30
goblinStarnestommy, can you help me?06:30
fr500christopher: what problem do you have?06:30
lachlanjangari gparted is now installed06:30
Dr_willisCrazyPhil_,  hda hdb hdc..  you are NOT using /dev/hda1 are you?06:30
Jangariaudacity doesn't use midi, it uses pulse code modulation06:31
christophertrying to get a xfx 8800gts 512 mb in 7.10 for desktop effects etc06:31
=== matt__ is now known as _matt_
goblinStarnestommy, if you help me i will remember you to the end of my life :S06:31
christopherits the G92 revision card06:31
ahorriblemessJangari: is there some kind of plugin for Audacity or something?06:31
goblini really need help06:31
Berylliumubuntu_: Frankly, fsck isn't some godsend that can miraculously recover your drives ... you might be utterly boned at this point. "fsck" is interchanged with the f-word for a reason.06:31
CrazyPhil_Dr_willis, /dev/sda06:31
Jangarii don't know, ahorriblemess06:31
Jangarisorry, i don't ever work with midis and i can;t understand why you'd want to06:31
Jangarilachlan: can you see your partitions?06:32
Dr_willisCrazyPhil_,  its  using the sata/sccsi/libata system that means dma should allready be enabled for it then.06:32
fr500christopher: but what's the problem?06:32
Berylliumubuntu_: What did you use to resize your partitions?06:32
rainwalkerBeryllium: I always wondered why the words were so similar...06:32
ubuntu_Beryllium: So I should reinstall my OS?06:32
ahorriblemessJangari: hmm... but Hydrogen and Audacity are packaged together sometimes... on Ubuntu Studio it's packaged along with Ardour... I'm just trying to figure out how to use my Hydrogen beats in Audacity06:32
christopheri cant get desktop effects to work06:32
ubuntu_Beryllium: Gparted06:32
Starnestommygoblin: I think vidalia can make tor change the exit node or circuit, but I'm not sure how do do it from the command line06:32
CrazyPhil_ok, thank you! :)06:32
christopheri got the advanced menu to selec the settings06:32
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about libata - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi06:32
christophernon of them do anything06:32
christophereven when enabled06:32
christopherso im tryin to get it work06:32
lachlanjangari no it is still scanning the disk its taking a while too06:32
rainwalkerchristopher: what are you trying to do?06:32
christopherim on a pretty fresh install06:32
Berylliumubuntu_: Back when I used FreeBSD, someone had a catch-all phrase for situations like this. I might get kicked for saying it, but it deserves mentioning ... "Format and re-install, you're fucked."06:32
goblintor-sw.voctel.net is this ip of TOR ?06:32
christophertryin to get desktop effects in general to work06:32
Jangarihmm, lachlan, shoudn't take too long06:33
christopherIE desktop cube etc06:33
Jangarichristopher: whatever you do with desktop effects, the best thing to get it going is several restarts06:33
Berylliumubuntu_: If you can mount the ext3 partitions, you might be able to copy data off06:33
rainwalkerchristopher: what happens if you run "SKIP_CHECKS=yes compiz" in a terminal?06:33
bazhangchristopher: you have ccsm installed?06:33
lachlanjangari its taking a few min now06:33
=== iyO|Absent is now known as iyO
christopheryes i have ccsm06:33
rainwalkerbazhang: it doesn't matter if he has ccsm if he cant get compiz running ;P06:33
bazhangchristopher: and you have the drivers for your card installed--the 3d ones?06:34
rainwalkerchristopher: wait, are you saying you already have compiz running?06:34
christopherdont things so06:34
bazhangchristopher: what card06:34
christopherxfx 512mb 8800gts the new G92 revision06:34
christopherand for that command06:34
christopherbunch of stuff came up06:35
christopherChecking for Xgl: not present.06:35
christopherNo whitelisted driver found06:35
christopherSKIP_CHECKS is yes, so continuing despite problems.06:35
christopherChecking for texture_from_pixmap: present.06:35
christopherChecking for non power of two support: present.06:35
christopherChecking for Composite extension: present.06:35
FloodBot1christopher: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.06:35
fr500poor noob06:35
bazhangchristopher: and where did you install the drivers from? the restricted driver manager, the site manually or other?06:35
christopherno drivers i think06:36
christopherrestricted drivers thing says i dont need any06:36
christopherintructions from nvidia site dont work06:36
rainwalkerfr500: no one is a n00b, just people that need help06:36
fr500christopher: don't ever ever paste output here06:36
Jangarianyway lachlan, while that's running, in a terminal, type sudo gedit /boot/grub/menu.lst06:36
fr500!pastebin > christopher06:36
bazhangdont work? could you be more precise christopher06:36
fr500rainwalker: yes i didn't mean wrong06:36
christopherlike it tells u to run a certain command06:36
christopheron their site to install the drivers06:36
fr500i said poor noob because i was him got banned06:36
rainwalkerchristopher: from that output it sounds like compiz is running?06:37
christophersays it cannot do anything with the file pretty much06:37
rainwalkerfr500: oh ok06:37
lachlanjangari i think i may need to un comment a line06:37
bazhangchristopher: what did you try to with the file? download it or what06:37
christopheri did the xserver-xgl install and relogged in06:37
Jangaricopy the operative bits out, lachlan, the 15 or so lines at the very bottom that aren't commented out with a couple of #'s, and pastebin me it06:37
christopherstill didnt work06:37
Jangariyou might,06:37
christopheri downloaded the file fine06:38
christophersays to run certain command06:38
rainwalkerwhat command?06:38
christophersh (the file) in terminal06:38
christopherone sec06:38
fr500christopher: you don't need that06:38
zqwechristopher: http://www.nvidia.com/object/IO_18897.html supported cards GeForce 8800 GTS 0x0193   --- check if yours PCI_ID match06:38
lachlanjangari http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/56314/06:39
ThedjatclubrockHelP:My eth2 won'y be assigned an IP06:39
christopherType "sh NVIDIA-Linux-x86-169.09-pkg1.run" to install the driver06:39
christopherthats what it says to run06:39
Jangarilachlan: has gparted finished analysing the disk yet?06:40
rainwalkerchristopher: check out what zqwe said first06:40
lachlani think i may need to uncomment the "on /dev/sda1" line. what do you think?06:40
lachlanno it hasnt06:40
lachlanive given up on it06:40
Dr_willisHmm my 8800gts works with the resticted-manager driver.06:40
christopherdunno what my particular pci id is06:40
christopherthey have a 8800 gts listed06:40
fxblastHi, has anyone had problems with warsow under ubuntu 7.10?06:40
christopheri = newb06:40
Jangarino, lachlan06:41
blbrownare there any security issues with having 'cvs' installed.  I wanted to get a project from sourceforge.  Is it a running server06:41
Jangarithat's just a comment, it's fine, but i would worry that the (hd0,0) bit isn't right06:42
ATGrver kalm.7chan.org06:42
Jangarido you know which partition your xp install is on?06:42
christopherso any ideas anyone06:43
=== dgtlchlk is now known as dgtl|screen
Jangarihd0,x = sda[x+1]06:43
rainwalkerchristopher: didn't that SKIP_CHECKS command get compiz running? it sounds like it started06:43
Jangarithat is, a partition on sda1 is on hd0,006:43
fr500blbrown: no06:44
christopheri dunno i guess but im not getting the desktop cube etc that i want06:44
christophernon of the effects are running06:44
lachlanjangari and that means what to a newbie like me?06:44
Dr_willischristopher,  ive see it where enabling settings in compiz get 'confused' and dont take.. untillyou log out/back in06:44
Jangariyou need to get gparte drunning, lachlan, unnless you can remember which partitions the operating systems are on06:44
rainwalkerchristopher: do you have shadows around your windows? do your menus fade in and out?06:45
rainwalkerchristopher: you have to enable the desktop cube before you can use it06:45
christophernope nuttin06:45
Jangarican you past the ubuntu lines of your menu.lst as well, lachlan?06:45
christopheri enabled everything06:45
christopheri have all i want enabled06:45
DavoDinkum"chown/chgrp bob -R -v /home/bob/" when i run this, it changes the owner and group of *other user's homedirs* to bob! Why is this?06:45
DavoDinkum*running as root06:45
christophernothing works and ive logged out and back in before and still no work06:45
christopheri had this runnin on my last install with a ati x130006:45
lachlanjangari yes i can but i can also mount my windows partition in ubuntu so i will grab its info06:45
christopherbut i have a new install and this 8800 just not cooperating06:46
rainwalkerchristopher: ok, so run that skip checks command again (leave the terminal open) and hold control + alt + click06:46
Jangariokay, do that06:46
bazhangchristopher: check to see what drivers you have--are they nv or nvidia06:46
Jangarithe point is to get it's sda number06:46
christopherok and what does control alt click do cause its doing nothing06:46
christophernewb here06:46
christopherbe specific06:46
lachlanarghh disk properties doent give enough info06:46
rainwalkerchristopher: that's what you do to rotate the cube06:47
bazhangchristopher: you want help or not? please tell me drivers name nv or nvidia06:47
Jangarijust try gparted again, with a mounted fs it might be quicker06:47
christopheri dunno what drivers06:47
christopherlike i said06:47
lachlanjangari there you go http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/56316/06:47
christopherdunno if any installed06:48
bazhangchristopher: so check what they are06:48
christopherand no desktop rotate06:48
christopherok so how06:48
christopheri said im a newb for the most part06:48
christopherbe specific06:48
ThedjatclubrockHelP: My eth won't be assigned an IP06:48
lachlanits SDA106:49
bazhangThedjatclubrock: open up the terminal and type ifconfig06:49
PhotocopyI have a computer that dualboots windows XP and Ubuntu 7.10. I no longer need windows xp. Is there a safe way to format that partition to EXT3 to be used for more storage or some crap?06:49
ArtVandalaeAnyone using Hardy, can they confirm this is what the new wallpaper looks like: http://andregondim.eti.br/wp-content/uploads/2008/02/hardy-tela.png06:49
lachlanaccording to a kde disk usage app06:49
bazhang!hardy | ArtVandalae06:49
ubotuArtVandalae: Hardy Heron is the code name for the next release of Ubuntu (8.04-LTS), due April 2008 - For more info, see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardyHeron - CONSIDER IT TO BE PRE BETA (ALPHA) SOFTWARE - Discussion and support in #ubuntu+1, NOT #ubuntu06:49
Jangariright, so it's not the grub loader, something else is awry06:49
=== nando_ is now known as _nando
Thedjatclubrockbazhang: Yeah,,???06:50
ArtVandalaebazhang, thanks06:50
Jangarithis is about the extent of my knowledge on the subject i'm afraid, lachlan06:50
=== jens_ is now known as Jenx
zqwe christopher: lspci -v   --- find pci id of your video card06:50
bazhangThedjatclubrock: what does it say06:50
Thedjatclubrockone sec06:50
lachlanjangari. well maybe you would know how to install windows without wiping grub?06:50
Jangaribut what happens when you boot? it loads the grub, you select windows xp, and hit enter, and then what? ubuntu loads?06:50
lachlanim just missing a few games i used to play :P06:51
christophergives me unknown device06:51
christopherknows its an xfx though06:51
lachlanjangari what happens is that i pick xp and it says starting up.. and stays there06:51
Jangarii don't know if that's possible, lachlan, or easy at all, but you can install windows, which will wipe your grub as you know, then get super grub disk, a boot cd which will restore the grub, but then you'll need to go and edit the grub again to allow xp, which should be too hard, just keep a backup copy of this one06:52
Jangarishould not* be too hard, sorry06:52
=== baseline__ is now known as baseLine
Ashfire908anyone know a guide to set up a ubuntu system to act as almost a cable/dsl modem to a router (on the wan port)?06:52
Jangariwas it a recent installation of xp06:53
baseLinehow can i see how many space are free on hdd?06:53
StarnestommybaseLine: df -h06:53
zqwechristopher: for me it says Unknown device 81fa06:53
lachlanbut yeah like when grub loads into ubuntu it says starting up and thats it well it gets stuck on that screen06:53
rainwalkerbaseLine: or open the system monitor06:53
lachlanno it was an old install06:53
lachlanmaybe 2 months06:53
christopherunknown device 0600 (rev a2)06:54
Jangarisomeone else might have to intervene here and help you lachlan, sorry, i can't tell what's wrong06:54
christopherSubsystem: XFX Pine Group Inc. Unknown device 233206:54
lachlanok thanks anyway06:54
Jangarinickrud is good with booting sh|t, i think06:55
zqwechristopher: please try this now   lspci -n | grep 10de06:55
christopherreally big listing06:55
MushroomsHello all, i've been trying for the last 3 hours to in an attempt to fix up some language support problems for Pidgin... but have not gotten very far. Is there anyone who may have had similar problems out there?06:55
Jangarihey Mushrooms, good to see demicrosoftening hasn't been a completely easy ride06:56
=== AfterDea1h is now known as AfterDeath
MushroomsJangari: >.< sorry what does demicrosoftening mean?06:58
christopherscrew microsoft06:58
christopherabout equivalent06:58
Jangarigetting oneself away from microsoft06:58
j_humphreyhow can i find out if i use Xgl or AIGLX?06:58
Thedjatclubrock sudo: must be setuid root       HELP06:58
MushroomsJangari: lulz :) i've been thinking it for a long long time now. this week has been my bold attempt. Actually i've tried to convert to a linux system 5 times now. 5th time lucky. I hope06:58
Dr_willisThedjatclubrock,  boot a live cd. and set the suid bit on the 'sudo' command.06:59
christopherok so anymore ideas on my 8800gts prob06:59
KingMorpheushey guys. can anyone help me with some ubuntu 7.10 installing issues06:59
bazhangKingMorpheus: ask away06:59
ThedjatclubrockDr_willis: SET THE waaa?06:59
electrofreakhow can I run more consoles on my system?06:59
StarnestommyThedjatclubrock: go into recovery mode, then type chmod +s /usr/bin/sudo.  You'll need to reboot frist to get into recovery mode, though06:59
MushroomsJangari: oh i understand it now it's meant to read de-microsoftening, not demi-cro-softening lulz06:59
Dr_willisThedjatclubrock,  the suid bit.. like someone said earlier.. 'chmod +s /path/to/sudo06:59
rainwalkerelectrofreak: what do you mean?06:59
Jangarithat's right, Mushrooms07:00
Dr_willisThedjatclubrock,  if you dont know what the suid bit is/does. youmight want to google for info on it. It makes the app run as thowever owns the file/app07:00
electrofreakrainwalker, I mean I want more consoles running on my ubuntu system.....07:00
j_humphreyhow can i find out if i use Xgl or AIGLX?07:00
bazhangelectrofreak: open them07:00
rainwalkeras in, gnome-terminal, xterm, konsole, etc all at the same time?07:00
Jangariand yeah, i had about three failed attempts before this round'07:00
KingMorpheusbazhang i downloaded the ubuntu 7.10 version from their website, erased my hdd and tried to install ubuntu. however it will not boot from that cd. i have no way to start the setup. what can i do?07:00
j_humphreykingmorpheus, did you check the md5?07:01
electrofreakbazhang, I mean by default... at boot. Where is it configured to open the 6 default consoles?07:01
pvl1is there someting like logmein for ubuntu that will work on a pocket pc07:01
MushroomsJangari: May I talk about my problem with you? maybe you would be able to point me in a more appropriate direction to look for a solution07:01
rainwalkerKingMorpheus: are you sure you created a live cd and didn't just burn the iso onto the cd?07:01
bazhangKingMorpheus: how did you erase your system? how is it formatted? what cd--what system specs in terms of ram and cpu07:01
KingMorpheusj_humphrey sorry, new to linux and not up to date with names. what is md5?07:01
JangariMushrooms: what's the problem? language support on pidgin?07:01
j_humphreyan md5 is a thing that makes sure the download isnt corrupted07:01
KingMorpheusthe specs are more than enough for what ubuntu asks07:01
Jangari!md5 | KingMorpheus07:01
ubotuKingMorpheus: To verify your Ubuntu ISO image (or other files for which an MD5 checksum is provided), see http://help.ubuntu.com/community/VerifyIsoHowto or http://www.linuxquestions.org/linux/answers/LQ_ISO/Checking_the_md5sum_in_Windows07:01
j_humphreyhow can i find out if i use Xgl or AIGLX?07:02
bazhangsee above j_humphrey07:02
ubotuCompiz (compositing window manager) and XGL (X server architecture layered on top of OpenGL) - Howto at http://help.ubuntu.com/community/CompositeManager - help in #compiz-fusion07:02
TrelHas anyone noticed that mozilla.org's addons are failing to install?07:02
ubotuAIGLX is a project that aims to enable GL-accelerated effects on a standard desktop. Supported cards: Nvidia: GeForce3 or newer; ATI: Radeon 7000 through X800; Intel: i810 or newer. Howto: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/CompositeManager/AIGLX. For older Nvidia or newer ATI cards see !xgl07:02
ThedjatclubrockHelP:My eth's won't be assigned an IP07:02
christopherstill cant get the 8800gts to work any help from anyone?07:03
lorenzoTesting Ubuntu Hardy. Wine 0.9.55 is giving me segfault. How can I find out where the bug is? Is my drive_c or my .wine itself incompatibla? I got .wine when I installed 0.9.54 last week before it upgraded. It worked fine then.07:03
MushroomsJangari: My contact list has people from different parts of asia, and the characters are not showing up in the contact list. This, i'm not really too concerned about. But what I am concerned about is that I can no longer type in Japanese/Korean/ or Chinese. It just shows up as empty boxes07:03
bazhangThedjatclubrock: you never answered my question about what ifconfig returns07:03
Jangarialso, KingMorpheus, make sure you have the right cd for your system, if it's a 32-bit intel laptop you'll need the 'x86 desktop' version07:03
Jangarilet me think about that for a moment, Mushrooms07:03
MushroomsJangari: ok07:03
lorenzoBTW, my wine and Ubuntu are the AMD64 versions.07:03
Symmetriahrm, anyone here got any idea how on an exim4 installation I cna white list an email address to send irrespective of which IP is connecting to the mail server07:03
Thedjatclubrockbazhang: Oops, on LO, not much, on ethm (what part do you want, there is no ip)07:04
bazhangThedjatclubrock: there is an ethernet cable attached from startup, or after you were started up07:04
Thedjatclubrockbazhang: At start-up , but as an aside I have 3 installed :P07:05
KingMorpheusit is a compaq presario v2000 running widows xp mobile amd 2800+ processor07:05
KingMorpheus795 mhz07:05
KingMorpheus384 ram07:05
bazhangThedjatclubrock: three ethernet cards? or three cables?07:05
Thedjatclubrockbazhang: 3 cards, 1 cable07:05
viktorhi i just installed wine and cant find it07:05
nezwaredo you know a channel in spanish?07:06
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about sp - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi07:06
rainwalkerviktor: if you installed it right there should be a "wine" entry in your applications menu07:06
Starnestommynezware: #ubuntu-es07:06
ubotuSi busca ayuda en español por favor entre en los canales #ubuntu-es o #kubuntu-es, allí obtendrá más ayuda.07:06
bazhangKingMorpheus: apart from the possible error in burning the iso--as data instead of an image, have you considered the alternate cd? that works when the livecd chokes sometimes07:06
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about icecat - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi07:06
viktorrainwalker its not there07:06
dznodesCan someone tell me how to had the network manager applet to the top panel?07:06
rainwalkerviktor: how did you install it?07:06
viktorthe sudo apt-get install wine07:06
j_humphreyif i want install multiple programs at once, i jsut do a: "sudo apt-get install program1 program2" right?07:07
rainwalkerviktor: what happens if you run "winecfg"?07:07
sweetsinsedznodes: right click the panel and add Notification area07:07
bazhangyes j_humphrey07:07
Thedjatclubrockbazhang: Ideas?07:07
mkquistj_humphrey: yes07:07
j_humphreymmk, thanks07:07
bazhangThedjatclubrock: and you have tried the various cards? or only the one?07:07
Thedjatclubrockbazhang: All 307:07
bazhangmasnet what is your issue?07:07
JangariMushrooms: not having much luck here07:07
viktorwine configuration jsut came up but it was creating the wine config diretory b4 it came up07:08
KingMorpheusbazhang its probablly burnt as data, since windows and my burning program was set as so. how do i burn it as an "image"?07:08
dznodesThere is no "notification area"07:08
rainwalkermasnet10: why are you repeating yourself?07:08
bazhangKingMorpheus: in windows use isorecorder2 to do it07:08
lorenzorainwalker: I have the Wine menu, but everything just segfaults. What version of wine did you install? I installed 0.9.54 and it created the menu which seems to change as I install programs to drive_c.07:08
bazhangmasnet10: stop now07:08
MushroomsJangari: i see >.< I have done some testing with pidgin, and i'm pretty confident that the problem lies in pidgin. Because even though i receive what appears to be empty boxes, i can copy that, and paste it into something like gedit. When i do that, I can see it.07:08
Thedjatclubrockbazhang: ?07:08
viktorrainwalker: i think mine was 46 instead or somethigng07:09
rainwalkerlorenzo: the menu changes, as in the programs are added to it?07:09
electrofreakrainwalker, bazhang: nvm. I found it. It's all in /etc/event.d/. Apparently that replaces /etc/inittab07:09
dznodesWhen I click the "Add to panel" option it takes me to a list and network manager is not on that list.07:09
Thedjatclubrockbazhang: This is a command line system :P07:09
bazhangThedjatclubrock: just curious; why three cards?07:09
lorenzorainwalker: Yes.07:09
Jangaridunno about how to solve that, Mushrooms07:09
rainwalkerlorenzo: it's supposed to do that, but I don't know why it segfaults07:09
rainwalkerviktor, did you add the wine repo?07:09
MushroomsJangari: so at least i've confirmed that SCIM is working, and ubuntu language seems to be working, and probably just how pidgin handles the different encodings07:09
Thedjatclubrockbazhang: IDK, they were there whrn  Igot it07:09
lorenzorainwalker: If I run a Windows setup program it adds it to the Wine menu.07:09
viktorrainwlaker: whats that07:10
MushroomsJangari: i see, that's ok, thanks for helping07:10
rainwalkerlorenzo it's supposed to do that07:10
bazhangThedjatclubrock: this is ubuntu-server?07:10
Thedjatclubrockbazhang: Command line07:10
rainwalkerviktor do you know what repositories are?07:10
viktorrainwalker: not really at all can i try installing your version instead07:10
bazhangThedjatclubrock: there is no listing for any of the cards in ifconfig? what does lspci show07:10
dznodeswhere do I add the "network manager icon to the top panel"07:11
Thedjatclubrockbazhang: They are listed, they just don't get assigned an ip07:11
MushroomsJangari: I wish they had something like http://developer.pidgin.im/ticket/604 for ubuntu07:11
dznodesHow can I speak to you in a private channel?07:11
DarkmystereErr, im asking in most ubuntu channels how do i enable direct rendering on my ATI Raedon Xpress 200M Series Graphics card?07:12
Darkmystere Also are there any new flgrx versions for my specific card?07:12
bazhangdznodes: register then ask the person you want to pm07:12
lorenzorainwalker: Could the segfault be a problem with 0.9.55? 0.9.54 works fine. I was able to run my daughter's CD-ROM's perfectly, but since the upgrade I can't run anything.07:12
DavidW2hi. I run dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg and it doesn't give me a choice of resolutions. is this normal?07:12
bazhangDavidW2: with the sudo command?07:12
bazhangThedjatclubrock: any way to remove the other two cards?07:13
DavidW2bazhang: yes, with sudo, it gives me other choices, like the keyboard, but nothing having to do with video07:13
rainwalkerlorenzo: how did you install it? I'm still on 0.9.5407:13
Thedjatclubrockbazhang: I guess :P07:13
rainwalkerviktor: do you see the private message I sent you07:13
bazhangDavidW2: what card and what drivers07:13
lorenzorainwalker: I'm running an early Hardy. It just upgraded before the freeze.07:13
sweetsinsedznodes: there isnt a network manager section.. you add it by adding notification icon07:13
rainwalkerlorenzo: ohh...I'm still on gutsy, so I have no idea07:14
viktorrainwalker:  yes but i cant reply07:14
rainwalkerviktor: ohh ok07:14
viktorrainwalker: i dont know how to register07:14
ubotuBy default, only registered users can send private messages - Information about registering your nickname: http://freenode.net/faq.shtml#userregistration - Type « /nick <nickname> » to select your nickname.07:14
bazhangviktor see above07:14
lorenzorainwalker: Ah thanks for the help anyway.07:14
sweetsinsedznodes: "notification icon" adds nm-applet, tracker tool, and battery icons07:14
rainwalkerviktor: type "/j #alkaline" in whatever chat client you're using right now07:15
sweetsinseit night be notification area07:15
lorenzoAnyone get wine running on Hardy since the freeze?07:15
sweetsinsemy wine w3rks.. hardy 407:15
bazhanglorenzo: there is a specific channel for hardy #ubuntu+107:15
sweetsinseno one is there unfortunately07:15
bazhangmakes no difference sweetsinse this is for gutsy and earlier07:15
sweetsinsecool i didnt know it highlighted the line so long as your name is in it.. htought it had to be first or last07:16
rainwalkerviktor: you're now in that #alkaline room, I'll help you in there07:16
lorenzorainwalker: Ah. Thanks. Didn't actually know about that one. I'll try it.07:16
Jangarifreeze? on hardy?07:18
dznodesSweetsinse:  Thanks.  That did it!07:18
msferoz85hello folks07:19
rainwalkerhey msferoz8507:19
msferoz85my network server is windows based. how do i connect to the internet with ubuntu n this case?07:20
israfilHow do I switch between Desktops, (not workspaces)07:20
israfilI have two desktops, but one of them is completely empty07:20
bazhangisrafil: using compiz?07:20
israfiltheres no panels07:20
israfilcompiz <307:20
msferoz85my network server is windows based. how do i connect to the internet with ubuntu n this case?07:20
Jangari!repeat | msferoz8507:21
ubotumsferoz85: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. You can search https://help.ubuntu.com or http://wiki.ubuntu.com while you wait. Also see !patience07:21
bazhangisrafil: you want the cube?07:21
mr__danielmsferoz85: we have read you question, I am already searching for en solution, please wait ...07:21
msferoz85sorry :$07:21
Jangaris'alright, now you know07:21
israfilno i have the cube07:21
Thedjatclubrockbazhang: DOne07:21
israfilI need to know how to switch between desktops, not workspaces07:21
bazhangisrafil: then what is the question07:21
israfilcube switches between workspaces07:21
israfilon the bottom right of my screen it says "switch to desk 2"07:22
Jangariisrafil: i don't think compiz will allow multiple desks07:22
bazhangctrl alt left mousebutton click or ctrl alt down israfil07:22
israfilwhen I click that, that desktop is completely empty, all i see is the wall paper and I don't know how to set it up07:22
Jangarithat is, as well as multiple workspaces07:22
Daniel3i installed ubuntu in my 50 gb of unallocated space and then i restarted my computer and now it says "Error loading operating system"07:22
israfilI had to restart my comp to get out of it lol07:22
israfilctrl + alt + down didnt work07:23
bazhangThedjatclubrock: try the ifconfig again in terminal and see if it brings up a eth0 listing07:23
Daniel3what am i supposed to do07:23
Thedjatclubrockbazhang: It brings up LO, and the eth is 1 btw07:23
Jangarii had that problem a couple of times, israfil, you have to have the settings right, and once they are right, never change them again, essentially07:23
StarnestommyDaniel3: sounds like a busted mbr.  Do you have any other operating systems installed on it?07:23
bazhangisrafil: alt-f2 compiz --replace should get compiz going, then you need to initiate it07:23
Daniel3two seperate operating systems07:24
Jangarimsferoz85: i don't suppose you've tried samba?07:24
Daniel3two seperate partitions07:24
bazhangThedjatclubrock: sudo dhclient eth1 what does that do07:24
msferoz85no i didnt07:24
israfilah i see, let me give that a shot07:24
msferoz85i am new to linux. don't know anything aboutit07:24
Jangarimsferoz85: i'm not entirely sure what you're attempting though, can you elaborate?07:24
StarnestommyDaniel3: there should be fixmbr a or similar command in the XP recovery disc's recovery mode07:24
Daniel3there is07:24
Daniel3i will try that AGAIN07:24
bazhangenter key Daniel3 try to use it less07:25
Thedjatclubrockbazhang: It tells me : Send_packet: Network is down          execve /lib/dhcp/......... Permission denied07:25
Thedjatclubrockin sudo07:25
KingMorpheusbazhang, which version should i download for the laptop??07:25
bazhangThedjatclubrock: this is adsl router/modem?07:25
=== Jangari is now known as Janglogitech
Janglogitechdesktop, i386, KingMorpheus07:25
bazhangKingMorpheus: the alternate iso07:25
Thedjatclubrockbazhang: This is a cable modem to a router to a 16 port switch07:26
Janglogitechbazhang: i don't think alternate is a good idea07:26
mr__danielmsferoz85: maybe this here https://answers.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/gnome-network/+question/696107:26
msferoz85Jangari: actually, it's quite common in Pakistan to have something called a "Cablenet", where the server gets a corporate connection, and provides inter to the neighborhood through LAN, pretty much like a corporate network. So, my cablenet server is using windows, while i want to use internet on my ubuntu07:26
bazhangJanglogitech: then you advise KingMorpheus ;]07:26
honk_Does anyone burn EEPROM or FLASH MEMORY with Ubuntu? If so, how on earth do you do it?07:26
goblin[root@s15290842 ~]# w07:27
goblin 09:27:00 up  7:02,  2 users,  load average: 0.00, 0.01, 0.0007:27
goblinUSER     TTY      FROM              LOGIN@   IDLE   JCPU   PCPU WHAT07:27
goblinroot     pts/0    82.red-88-1-117. 09:22   27.00s  0.04s  0.04s -bash07:27
goblinroot     pts/1    09:24    0.00s  0.04s  0.00s w07:27
goblinhow to kill all people who are on the root?07:27
FloodBot1goblin: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.07:27
Daniel3this is new. I booted to ubuntu live cd and then went to boot from first hard disk and it said this "Booting from local disk... isolinux: Disk error 04,AX = 0201, drive 80"07:27
goblinso people ?07:27
Daniel3and then boot failded07:27
mr__danielmsferoz85: I think you need something called 'active ip_forward'07:27
msferoz85Janglogitech: i hope i have been successful in explaining what i want07:28
Thedjatclubrockbazhang: Ideas?07:28
Janglogitechas far as i know, msferoz85, you should be able to access the internet anyway, irrespective of the os of the server, but you should ask the administrator of this neighbourhood cablenet, it sounds wicked though07:28
mr__danielmsferoz85: I just know how to set this under ubuntu, but it also should be possible under windows, beacuse this 'internet-share-techniques' are all standardized07:28
msferoz85mr__daniel: can u please tell me a little more abouti t?? :S07:28
=== Thedjatclubrock is now known as tdjacr|away
=== Janglogitech is now known as Jangari
Jangarihow did that happen07:28
mr__danielmsferoz85: unfortunately not, because I also don't know much about this technique07:28
* Carbon <•~•~ ÏðÈâÅò ÂñÅì ~•~•>07:29
mr__danielmsferoz85: you should also consult a forum and/or IRC-Channel for windows-related topics07:29
bazhangwhat is the card thedjatclubrock07:29
bazhangcarbon you have an issue?07:29