sigve...so I boot my vistabox in xp and rdp with sound works.00:28
t105hi! can anybody tell me why my xorg.conf gets edited automatically when i start xubuntu? i've edited the file, but now it is changed... is that a sign of something having gone wrong?00:39
mikubuntui can't figure out how to use pan newsreader.  i've looked at their faqs, the home page, everything, and i don't know where to get server info to add servers.  seems like the first thing they would tell you, but i'll be dagblasted if i can figure it out.  anybody know a resource list i might access?01:40
crimsun_mikubuntu: err, well, I presume you have usenet access already?01:45
jimmy_Hi guys, I've just started out with xfce on ubuntu, I had 2 panels set up but somehow they have disappeared, I've tried restarting but that didnt bring them back, the only way for me to access them is to run "xfce4-panel" from the terminal, meaning i'd have to keep that terminal open02:03
jimmy_can anyone help me get them back automatically?02:04
ron_owow, upgraded to 7.10 and it worked out flawlessly. I can't believe it. Ubuntu has come a long way since when i tried it a few years back.04:26
quitttron_o, are you on Xubuntu?04:30
quitttthe system is great now04:31
ron_obut I just installed it so problems might have arisen if I had more apps ans such.04:31
quitttron_o, don't worry04:31
quitttI have a lot of apps here, and I hadn't had any problems...04:31
EchoBinaryis there a how-to on installing xen as a Dom0 on an xubuntu desktop environment? all the tutorials assume a server environment...04:36
EchoBinary..that i have found, anywyas04:37
ron_oEchoBinary, would this work? http://www.howtoforge.com/perfect_xen_setup_debian_ubuntu04:46
EchoBinaryhmm, in my searches i am wondering if its better to use KVM or not..04:48
ron_oxen should be faster.. but KVM might be easier.04:49
* EchoBinary nods04:49
EchoBinaryi wonder how much faster...    i expect to be mostly doing command line stuff on the VMs04:50
ron_othen I wouldn't worry about it. As long as you stay out of a GUI environ and aren't transcoding or some such, then anyone would probably do.04:51
ron_oxen is just great because it's a true paravirtualized environment that has nearly full access to your hardware.04:52
ron_obut the other virtualized environs are pretty good from what I hear. I've only toyed with a few here and there and never used one seriously, so take my advice for what it's worth.04:53
EchoBinaryyeah, thanks :)04:53
EchoBinaryi think i will try KVM after all04:53
EchoBinaryim a big fan of simple to use.. hahaa04:53
* EchoBinary is lazy admin04:54
ron_oI'd still like to get xen working. I've got a core2duo with virt. support, so I could even run a liveCD if I knew how.04:54
MyrmidonHello, I've got a bit of a question05:12
ubotuPlease don't ask to ask a question, ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely answer. :-)05:12
Myrmidonalright - I'd like to try Xunbuntu but I'm a little worried - I crack the.iso with daemontools and there is an installer - is this a permanant install or will it run as a form LiveCD?05:14
mjw-the livecd is both a live cd and contains an installer too05:14
ubotuThe Ubuntu Desktop CD is a "LiveCD" which can be run without altering existing files on your harddrive. Especially useful for testing your hardware's compatibility, it also includes an install option.05:14
MyrmidonI mean, when I crack the .iso all I see is an installer05:14
mjw-i'm not an iso expert, so i couldn't tell you what you're going to find05:15
mjw-but trust me, the live cd is just that, a live cd.05:15
ron_ojust shove it in your drive and it will give you options before it boots.05:15
MyrmidonI have no access to a CD burner - I just downloaded Xunbunt05:16
mjw-!usb | Myrmidon05:16
ubotuMyrmidon: For information about installing Ubuntu from USB flash drives, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/FromUSBStick - For a persistent live USB install, see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LiveUsbPendrivePersistent05:16
ron_oXubuntu will let you run the liveCD then you can install it if you so choose. There's an insaller icon on your desktop.05:16
MyrmidonI know that (I've run a distro before) but I'm just wondering if the installer I see in the .iso is just an installer to run the LiveCD05:17
mjw-Myrmidon you'd have to look at the documentation around the ubuntu web site to see how they roll up the live cd...that's a bit of a development question and certainly beyond my understanding05:18
=== zoredache_ is now known as zoredache
lllsondowlllStill having problems, I came here earlier looking for a solution on installing my ubuntu 7.10 because I got graphic errors in both install and graphic safe mod with my nvidia geforece fx 5500. During the install I get sound but the video is highly corrupted. I was given a solution, a how to, but it really wasn't helpful as it just talked about commands but nothing to do with the actual installation of 7.10 ubuntu. Helo?09:22
LeAstralehi ppl10:00
LeAstralezoredache: :)10:01
LeAstraleanyone in here experience that xubuntu seems to forget xorg everytime you reboot ?10:02
zoredachewhat do you mean, forget xorg?10:03
LeAstralezoredache: everytime i reboot i have to reinstall my Nvidia drivers. it seems its the only way i can get back the right resolution10:04
LeAstralei have a 8800gt Nvidia10:04
siggjennvidia-settings is a nice tool10:05
LeAstralesiggjen: should it be able to solve my problems ?10:07
siggjensudo it and save settings to /etc/X11/xorg.conf10:08
LeAstralesiggjen: ill try and reboot in some 10 mins10:11
siggjengood luck10:11
LeAstralety siggjen10:11
LeAstralehave neither of you experienced similar problems with xubuntu ?10:15
LeAstraleno Nvidia gfx cards ?10:16
LeAstraleit might be that its only when using the driver from Nvidia.com10:16
siggjeni use the driver in xubuntu repository10:21
siggjendon't see any need to use any driver not tested by xubuntu10:21
LeAstralesiggjen: the only problem is that the one in  the repos isn't working out on 8800gt yet10:23
LeAstraleit will when hardy is around im sure, but that doesn't help me awhole lot right now10:23
siggjenyou can upgrade to hardy now if you can live with instability10:24
azaghalHello. I'm trying to install Xubuntu via alternate install CD on an x86 machine. Is it really necessary for it to connect to the internet (or the packages on the CD are enough)?10:34
LeAstraleazaghal: no need for internet connection when installing :)10:37
LeAstralesiggjen: how do i upgrade to hardy now ?10:38
azaghalWell, it kept trying to find a mirror (packate repo mirror, I guess), and the one time I enabled it network it started downloading things?10:38
LeAstralei thing its just doing updates to the install packages10:39
azaghalHm... Can I prevent it doing even that at installation time?10:39
siggjenreplace all gutsy with hardy in /etc/apt/sources.list, and then update/upgrade i guess10:39
LeAstralehmm.. ill just read up a little on it siggjen10:39
siggjenyes, check forums10:40
LeAstralesiggjen: yes you're right... im doing a dist-upgrade right now10:43
LeAstralei need to download 650mb :O10:43
LeAstraleit'll probarly take some good 15 minutes :)10:43
azaghal15 minutes? I hate you people with good connections. -.-10:43
LeAstraleazaghal: whats you're connection? i have an 8mbit10:44
azaghal512/512kbps ;)10:44
LeAstraleazaghal: thats almost 2 years since i had a 512/51210:45
LeAstralei used to hate it pretty much too10:45
azaghalWell, this IS Serbia, you know ;)10:45
LeAstralebut after going from 1 mbit to 8 mbit im sure i could easily live with 4mbit10:45
LeAstraleim in denmark ;)10:46
LeAstraleone of the countries in EU with the most expensive and worst quality internet10:46
LeAstralebbl ppl10:51
LeAstraleim gonna take a walk while the computer works10:51
nikolamI wanted to compile newer wine.11:04
nikolamBut sudo apt-get build-dep wine wanted to remove bunch of packages, I want to remain: http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/56340/11:06
nikolami dont want to uninstall k9copy, monodevelop, ffmpeg, qdvdauthor, mplayer , etc.. in order to compile wine...11:07
azaghalLeAstrale: Well, disabling the network device in VirtualBox itself has helped ;)11:29
nikolamIf you are using Virtualbox..11:38
nikolamDoes USB support works for you?11:38
nikolamI run Virtualbox 1.5.4 on Gutsy and I have "usb will not work" message11:39
azaghalNope, I don't think so. If I get it right, it's provided only in properitary variant of VirtualBox.11:39
azaghalqemu should have some kind of support for that, but kqemu doesn't behave well on x86_64 machines for some reason.11:39
nikolamah taht`s it. I am on amd6411:40
azaghalnikolam: Do you have AMD's or Intel's support for virtualisation on your CPU?11:40
nikolamAnd I first installed free version and then closed version just beacouse of usb..11:40
azaghalWhy not use the kvm then?11:41
nikolamx2 3600+11:41
nikolamI am a bit confused.. I managed to make VM extensions work only in Virtualbox11:41
nikolamqemulator, qemu launcher etc.. all does not seems to use VT instructions11:42
azaghalThere is a kvm module in later kernels that supports AMD-V and Intel's extensions for virutalisation, using modified qemu sources.11:42
nikolamEven I have VT module up and running11:42
azaghalqemu can use only kqemu, which doesn't work on x86_64 arch for some reason.11:43
nikolamI have it running but qemu wont start with it.11:43
nikolamthat`s it.11:43
azaghalAnd to use kvm module you need tweaked version of qemu program (ie. they  based it on qemu).11:43
nikolamSo only with virtualbox i made it work11:44
nikolamqemu here is 0.9.0-2ubuntu411:45
nikolamI even added kvm as architecture in qemulator11:47
nikolambut it seems that i can run only 32-bit guest, not 64-bit one11:48
azaghalnikolam: Hm... qemu can also use kvm module, or...?11:54
nikolamI found in qemulator settings that you can add /usr/bin/kvm as `architecture`11:56
nikolambut it seems that it does not work with 64-bit guest again11:56
azaghalSince you seem to have been exploring all this - is it possible to run 32-bit guest using kqemu?11:57
nikolamevery time i select kqemu, it wont start from qemulator12:04
nikolamI am not shure yet12:04
azaghalOk, I'm about to play with it again turning of acpi etc ;)12:07
azaghalThe weird thing is that VirtualBox uses modified kqemu, I think.12:07
nikolamI just checked. Virtualbox can use only 32-bit guest. CD image starts and then objects that it is i586 arch.12:09
roland_hello everyone13:20
roland_i was wondering if you could help me with WINE! i installed a certain windows based program though its not working! how may i know where does WINE install its progs! like the directory..13:20
roland_-= home ?13:22
roland_thanks ill give it a try13:23
roland_thanks DarthShrine  worked like a charm :)13:24
DarthShrineroland_: No problem.13:24
gywstwhat is the key shortcut to the shell14:43
TheSheepand alt+ctrl+f7 to go back14:44
gywstand to a terminal window14:45
TheSheepI think there is no default, just make one in settings->keyboard settings14:45
TheSheepthe command is xfce4-terminal14:45
jgamioplease a need help here i installed the restricted pack but i can plat mp3 files14:57
ubotuFor multimedia issues, this page has useful information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats - See also http://help.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/desktopguide/C/common-tasks-chap.html - But please use free formats if you can: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FreeFormats15:01
jgamio TheSheep, thank you i am going to check15:08
fourcesnikolam: hi!15:32
nikolamwhat`s up15:32
fourcesI have a pc with limited hardware configuration15:32
nikolamwhat`s specs15:32
fourcesantes que nada15:32
fourcesnose ingles15:32
fourcesestoy aqui con un diccionario15:32
fourcesasi que trata de entenderme... plis15:33
nikolamu just can speek english (poorly)15:33
fourcesAMD Duron 900 Mhz, 256 Ram DIMM15:33
nikolamThat is nice machine15:33
nikolamRun Xubuntu alternate 7.10 32-bit15:33
fourcesyes... I am trying to speak english15:34
fourcestry to understand because I don't know english15:34
fourcesxubuntu run in that pc15:34
jgamiofources, que problema tienes15:35
nikolamMz native language is also not english.. so.. :)15:35
fourcesbut I don't know if run slow15:35
fourcesmas que todo prefiero saber los requerimientos completos15:35
fourcesen ningun lado vi cuanto de video pide15:36
nikolamit will run fine, just fine. I used to use xubuntu on p3-733,384Mb ram and it worked fine. Duron-900 is like p3-1100, so it should be fine.15:36
fourcesen www.xubuntu.org15:36
fourcesbut you have a 128Mb ram more15:36
jgamiofources, ok el video no es problema a menos que quieras correr compiz15:36
fources...no jgamio por el momento hablamos solo del sistema15:36
nikolam256 is fine15:36
jgamiofources, yo he montado xubuntu en una maquina pIII 128 mb con 8 de video y corre15:37
fourcesdonde miro los requerimientos completos??15:37
fourceses que 7.1 ocupa mas recursos que LTS verdad15:37
fources7.1 ocuped more ... than LTS15:38
nikolamJust have in mind that zou should prefer "Alternate" install CD15:38
fourcesjgamio: sabes que dijo??15:38
nikolamYou can find hardware spec on http://www.xubuntu.org/get15:39
fourcesthere isn't say how many video do you need15:40
nikolamif you use 2d graphics and video, Any Grqphic card should be fine15:40
fourcestampoco cuanta velocidad debe ser el procesador15:40
nikolamNvidia has nice drivers. I used to use matroxG400 on xubuntu15:41
fourcesThe pc is running XP15:41
fourcesIf run XP run xubuntu??15:41
nikolamI had 16megs of ram on gr. card but any number of Mb is fine if it is enough for your X-windows15:41
nikolamxubuntu is an OS that could Replace XP competely15:41
fourcesI have 8Mb video15:43
nikolamthat is fine. What card and monitor do you have?15:44
fources800x 600 is good??15:44
nikolam800x600 is minimal but OK15:44
fourcesthe video card is integrada...15:44
nikolam1024x768 is better15:44
nikolamWhat motherboard is it?15:44
fourcescomo puedo saber eso???15:44
fourceshow can I know that???15:45
fourcesthe motherboard, and video card15:45
nikolamif your card is not recognised after install and Vesa server is used, try to run:  sudo dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg15:45
nikolamand adjust your card driver and monitor specs.15:45
nikolamYou need to find exact monitor refresh frequencies, on internet, depending on the Model of your Monitor15:46
nikolamfources: you also have #ubuntu-es :)15:47
fourcesis a Samsum Sync Master15:47
fourcesalgo asi15:47
nikolamwhat model15:47
fourcesnikolam: yes15:47
jgamiofources, disculap pero sali un momento no te preocupes tienes maquina como para correr xubuntu sin problemas15:49
fourcesjgamio: mi mayorr duda que tengo... que es para lo que vine... donde estan los requerimientos completos de xubuntu???15:50
fourceshabia pensado instalar xubuntu LTS porque como es mas viejo debe llevar menos recursos15:51
jgamiofources, no pienses esto no es windows15:51
fourcespero aqui no dice por ningun lado el procesador15:51
fourcesentonces LTS lleva los mismos recursos que 7.10???15:52
fourceses igualito??? no pide ni un 1Hz mas???15:52
jgamiofources, si quieres usar pocos recursos xubuntu es perfecto15:52
fourceseso me han dicho jgamio15:52
jgamiofources, todo depende de que programas vayas a utilizar15:53
fourcespero es que mi limitante es el procesador pienso yo15:53
fourcesal ser de un solo nucleo nose cuanto pueda hacer con eso15:53
jgamiola memoria tiene que ver15:53
jgamioa mayor programas uses al mismo tiempo mas memoria necesitas15:53
fourcespero ya he hecho la prueba15:53
fources1Gb de swap y 256 de ram15:53
fourcesla ram solo llega a 150 y se pone lento15:54
jgamio1gb de swap es demasiado15:54
fourcespor eso queria ver las especificaciones de xubuntu... queria ver el procesador15:54
jgamiopara 256 mb de ram15:54
fourcesentonces jgamio eso es el problema??15:54
jgamiono lo uqe pasa es que si usas swap usa memoria de disco15:54
fourcesentre mas swap mas lento??15:54
fourcesno pero ni la ocupaba15:54
fourcesen el monitor del sistema solo decia que ocupaba como 10Mb15:55
jgamiola va usando a medida que usas la maquina15:55
fourcescuanto colocaras de swap??15:55
fourcesel doble de la ram he leido15:55
jgamioyo te digo que pruebes con menos swap15:56
jgamioexacto prueba con 512 o 25615:56
jgamioa menos que requieras mas memoria15:56
jgamioque tipo de programas piensas utilizar15:56
fourcesmmm... lo normal15:57
fourcesmensajeria instantanea, firefox, algo para reproducir musica15:57
fourceslo de un usuario normal15:57
jgamiook trata con 256 de swap para probar15:57
jgamiocon tus 256 de ram yo creo que es suficiente15:57
fourcesok... pero mi duda15:58
fourcesentonces xubuntu 7.10 pide los mismo recursos que 6.06???15:58
fourcesque LTS... es mi duda por ahorita15:58
fourcesdejando windows a un lado claro15:58
fourcesentonces jgamio es mas rapido??15:58
jgamioque tiene mas soporte15:59
fourcesclaro no miremos la ram... solo en procesador15:59
jgamiote  explico cada version tiene un tiempo de soporte15:59
fourcesjgamio: no solo del lado de los requerimientos... eso del soporte ya lo se15:59
fourcessolo en la rama de los requerimientos15:59
jgamiomira yo he usado la version 7.04 sin problemas16:00
jgamioahora la 7.10 si me ha puesto un poco mas lento16:00
jgamiopero puedes si quieres instalar la 6.06 e ir actualizando16:00
fourcesno si eso lo se... solo quiero saber... entonces 6.06 pide menos recursos???16:00
fourcesestamos de acuerdo??16:00
jgamiono difieren mucho16:01
jgamiono puedes pensar como windows en ubuntu las cosas no funcionan igual16:01
jgamiolos recursos van a depender de lo que tengas instalado16:02
jgamiosi montas 6.06 pero le montas las ultimas aplicaciones te va a consumir los mismos recursos que en la ultima version16:02
fourcesno si... eso ya lo se16:02
fourcesbueno entonces donde miro cuanto de procesador miro16:03
fourcesasi hago mis comparaciones yo16:03
jgamiook mira yo te recomiendo la que trates con la 7.0416:03
jgamioyo la he usado con un pIII con 128 MB para navegar y mensajeria sin problemas16:03
fourcespero donde puedo ver eso que te dije???16:04
fourcesasi ya no molesto mas aqui xDDD16:04
jgamiodame un chance que estoy revizando mis links16:05
jgamioy tranquilo que no es molestia ayudar16:05
ubotuThe #ubuntu, #kubuntu and #xubuntu channels are english only. For a complete list of channels in other languages, please visit http://help.ubuntu.com/community/InternetRelayChat16:06
fourcesok gracias16:06
TheSheepsorry, but it's very confusing for other users16:07
jgamio TheSheep, sorry i just wanted  to help16:08
jgamio TheSheep, is not to much info to xubuntu in spanish16:09
nikolamjgamio, there is ubuntu loco in spanish16:09
jgamionikolam, yeah but is about ubuntu not xubuntu16:10
fourcesjgamio: los encontraste??16:14
jgamiofources: tienes razon no los consigo en ningun lado, for the people i am looking for the min system requirement for xubuntu version16:19
fourcesjgamio: pero quiero lo que pide de procesador... es decir cuanto pregunto los requerimientos solo se guian por la ram16:19
fourcesjgamio: los he buscado en google y nada... por eso entre aqui16:19
ubotuThe #ubuntu, #kubuntu and #xubuntu channels are english only. For a complete list of channels in other languages, please visit http://help.ubuntu.com/community/InternetRelayChat16:20
jgamio nikolam, he is looking for the min requirement for xubuntu16:20
fourcesI'm looking for the requirement for xubuntu 6.06, 7.04 and 7.1016:23
TheSheepfources: http://xubuntu.org/get#requirements16:26
jgamioTheSheep, he is loking for cpu the page only has the memory16:27
fourcesTheSheep: but there only16:27
fourcesand the video memory too16:27
TheSheepwell, it will run on any cpu, the question is how slow can you bear16:27
TheSheepa 200Mhz petium 2 is probably the minimal useful cpu, but I've run it on p9016:29
fourcesese de xubuntu 6.06?? o de 7.10???16:29
TheSheepthey are very similar16:31
fourcesTheSheep: xubuntu 6.06 y xubuntu 7.10... run similar... the same requiriment???16:40
TheSheepfources: yes16:56
fourcesok entonces instalare xubuntu 7.1016:56
fourcesthanks everyone16:56
schlumpfhi how do i find out which ubuntu version i have feisty dapper and so on18:00
nanonyme/etc/apt/sources.list might provide you with hints18:01
schlumpfisent there a command line order so it shows18:02
siggjenlsb_release -a18:02
schlumpfthx :)18:02
* nanonyme chuckles at "No LSB modules are available."18:03
nanonymedoes everyone else get that too?18:06
siggjennanonyme: maybe you should try «lsb_release --help»18:06
nanonymesiggjen, i do get the information, i just also get that message18:07
nanonymethough i didn't do it on a desktop ubuntu so it might be the reason18:07
siggjennot in debian, but this xubuntu machine got it18:07
nanonymewell, the system is ubuntu-server :)18:08
siggjenmaybe they didn't set up the kernel as it should18:08
nanonymewhich kernel version do you have?18:08
nanonymei installed package lsb and it doesn't show that message again18:10
nanonymeso it's probably a difference in the meta packages18:11
siggjensame here18:11
siggjenseems like lsb_release is included in ubuntu, but no lsb modules by default18:12
RandyboYWhen i set xubuntu to mount some windows shared folders it works fine. But after a while it "disconnects" and i have to mount it again... Why and what can i do to solve it so it "keeps the connection"?18:12
RandyboYIve put the lines in fstab btw18:12
siggjenmaybe you can try some ttl settings and TCP socket options18:17
nanonymei think i've heard of such behaviour before but not of the solution18:18
nanonymemaybe windows file sharing has a timeout in itself?18:18
RandyboYnot that i know of, but ofcourse, it might be18:18
MacHaddockI have a problem with my applications menu. I need to get a something off of there. wine created a extra submenu called other. Now wine is uninstalled but the other menu is still there. How do I remove it?18:32
MacHaddockreally what I want to know Is how to get the menu wine created deleted from the autogenerated menu.18:42
sugardrunkthere is some talk about it in the forums18:46
sugardrunkit is pretty complicated18:47
sugardrunkyea :)18:47
sugardrunkhave the same problem18:47
MacHaddockdamn it18:47
MacHaddockthat is so irritating18:47
MacHaddockgod damn wine18:47
MacHaddockso it's not that you just have to remove some residual catalog that wine left or something like taht18:48
MacHaddocki mean it's called autogenerated menu18:48
MacHaddockcool I just removed the help bit in the menu by hand... ohhhh 1337 h4x0r18:49
LeAstralehi again ppl18:52
MacHaddockhaha I really am 1337 h4 ha its to much work writing like that19:05
MacHaddocki got rid of the menu19:05
MacHaddockanyone want to know how I did it?19:06
MacHaddockcome on people I'm trying to show off here. Give a dog a bone19:06
MacHaddockor is that throw19:06
MacHaddockwell here is what I did anyway19:07
MacHaddockin a terminal I used locate to find all .desktop files19:07
MacHaddocklike so:19:07
MacHaddocklocate *.desktop19:07
MacHaddocki think19:07
MacHaddockand then I just looked for the once i didn't want anymore. In my case two 7-zip things19:08
MacHaddockand I just removed them19:08
MacHaddockwith rm -r19:08
MacHaddockeasy as pie19:08
MacHaddockwell I'm off thanks for all the sparkling conversation ;-)19:09
RandyboYWhen i set xubuntu to mount some windows shared folders(in fstab) it works fine. But after a while it "disconnects" and i have to mount it again... Why and what can i do to solve it so it "keeps the connection"?19:50
ron_oRandyboY, how are you mounting? through a terminal?20:04
ron_ois it a USB drive, what that's unmounting automatically?20:08
xor21i'm thinking of intstalling xubuntu, but i have a question20:10
xor21will xfce still be faster than kde if i use some kde apps like amarok?20:11
xor21because that would require loading a kde daemon right?20:11
ron_oxor21, it should. However, once you install amorak then you will have to d/l all amorak's dependencies which can be *a lot* of stuff.20:13
ron_oif you stay away from XFCEs panel applets then it can really be light on an old CPU, but those applets are the hogs from what I remember when I had a slow computer.20:14
ron_oit just depends on what you do with your computer to make it faster. Your mileage will vary.20:15
xor21i'm running kubuntu right now20:15
xor21and i like it20:15
RandyboYron_o, through a terminal and ssh. using "mount -a". and its another windows machine with a shared folder.20:16
xor21but i used a computer at school the other day that had xfce20:16
ron_oI think when I used Xububuntu before (I just reinstalled it) and d/l k3b it was like 100MB of stuff.20:16
xor21and it was really fast feeling, and the computer was about the same specs as the one i have20:16
ron_oRandyboY, that's so weird. I wouldn't have a clue why it's unmounting.20:17
ron_oinstead of 'mount -a' try just 'mount <device> <folder> Ok?20:17
ron_osee what that does to start and work from there.20:17
ron_oxor21, yah, xubuntu is really fast. On my core2duo it boots in about 20 seconds.20:18
ron_oand xubuntu's suspend works quite well too. I never got it to work on other distros.20:18
RandyboYron_o, everything works from fstab? everything mounts and works fine... but after a while not using it, it suddenly isnt in the folders ive set it to mount in20:18
ron_oRandyboY, yah, I don't get it.20:18
xor21ron_o: I think I might go ahead and install it on another partition and just see how things work out with amarok and such20:19
ron_oactually, not getting suspend to work might not be correct. I just found out that I need to hit a button on me front of me computer. Before I just didn't know.20:19
ron_oxor21, that's best.20:20
ron_oor even try to just install xfce on kubuntu, however, the results might not be the same as going with xubuntu all the way.20:21
xor21yeah i think i'll do a clean install20:22
ron_oxfce should be easy to get rid of and it should deinstall cleanly. There's only like 20 or so apps altogether.20:22
xor21last year, i did that, installed kde after starting with normal ubuntu20:22
ron_obut if you need speed, stay away from all the panel applets.20:22
xor21and then when i tried to upgrade to gutsy, lots of things got messed up20:22
ron_oyah, true. No doubt. :)20:23
ron_ohence, all the *ubuntus out there. There *is* a reason afterall. :)20:23
ron_oI really love Gentoo because you don't have to worry about upgrades like that, but there's still part of it that really pisses me off. There *is* no perfect distro out there.20:24
xor21i always wonder about the distros that you have to pay for20:26
xor21like the commercial version of suse20:26
xor21i wonder if it's "perfect"20:27
ron_oyou mean being perfect?20:27
ron_ono way.20:27
ron_oit's just a bit more user friendly on some things.20:27
ron_obut 'easier' always entails being less powerful.20:27
xor21one thing that i don't like about linux, is how all the different distros have different package manegment20:28
ron_oxor21, there are too many, yes.. but that's competition.20:29
ron_oI don't mind that there were several before linux was popular, but I do mind people creating new ones, like puppy linux's .pup20:31
ron_oPuppy is great except for that fact.20:31
BrainsI recently upgraded from Fiesty to Gutsy on an old laptop (P3-600 184MB) and have noticed a big drop in responsiveness.  Anybody got any hints on what to look at first?  It seems like pretty much anything that I launch takes up a lot of CPU, even just moving the mouse around causes Xorg to start chewing cycles and launching a terminal takes a while.20:31
ron_oand Gentoo's port system is awesome (if you have a fast system to compile) but it's really picky about having a perfect 'tree' and such, which can cause headaches galore if you don't watch out.20:32
ron_oBrains, you're going to have to run "top" or "htop" and see what's going on with your system.20:32
ron_orun in a terminal and see what's eating up your CPU.20:33
Brainsron_o:  First place I looked.  And as far as I can tell, everything seems to eat more CPU than I would have expected.  (Xorg is a big consumer but only when things are popping up on the screen.  Even top is taking ~12% on a quiet system.)20:34
ron_owow... I wouldn't know. That sux..20:35
ron_oand Feisty was working pretty fast?20:35
ron_oyour system is pretty slow but not that slow.20:35
BrainsYep, Feisty was very usable.20:35
ron_oturn off all your panel applets (if you have them)...20:36
ron_odamn, who know.20:36
BrainsThe only one I had runnign was the cpugraph one...  And it snagged 80+% just to throw up the menu.  It is gone now but still behaving the same.20:37
ron_othat's so weird.20:38
BrainsYeah, this stuff is supposed to happen on my Gentoo box, but Xubuntu?  =:P20:38
* Brains has nearly matching laptops, his gentoo one is 50MHz faster and he usually keeps the extra memory in it.20:38
ron_owith that computer you'd almost have to use fluxbox to really get it working fast, IMHO.20:39
BrainsHeh, My wife uses it and doesn't do much more than some surfing and watching some tivo streams.  I thought it a touch slow but she didn't mind.  (The extra memory in the gentoo one (also running xfce, BTW) makes for a decent difference in performance and I can always use the C2D upstairs for grunt work to display on the laptop.)20:41
ron_oI wish I had a laptop, even one with your speed.20:42
ron_oI'd put fluxbox on it..20:42
ron_othere's even a fluxubuntu. :)20:42
ron_obut it's worthless to use on my core2duo.20:43
ron_onext, I've gotta get MythTV running.20:43
BrainsHeh, you can buy one of these off ebay for less than $50...  I think I saw one going for $20 a little while back.  (Batteries are shot, of course, and the batteries are usually priced at somewhere around $100...)20:43
ron_ohehe, on the East Coast they were selling some old Apple laptops for $50 and there was a stampede to get to them.20:44
ron_opeople getting trampled and all. :)20:44
BrainsThey aren't bad laptops by any means, I suppose.  Toshiba Portege 7200 series.20:44
ron_oI'd like to get one because it'd be nice to go to the beach and work on some project there rather than in front of this monstrosity.20:45
BrainsHeh, this laptop wouldn't be good for that...  No life left in the battery and replacement batteries cost a couple multiples what the thing is worth.  'Course, lots of good deals on laptops these days...  sub-$500 for somethign that makes this look like a toy.20:46
* Brains isn't sure about the daylight visibility of LCDs though. This one is unreadable in remotely decent sun.20:46
ron_oI didn't think about that one.20:47
ron_obut who cares. It'd be better than the old portable 'word processors'. Remember them?20:47
BrainsHeh, they were harder to steal...20:48
* Brains thinks he almost has the wife onboard with getting a new laptop sometime this year. "Should feel like a quantum jump..."20:48
ron_ohehe. :)20:49
ron_oas long as it isn't on a Credit Card then by all means.20:49
BrainsNah, this would be all or mostly cash.  It wouldn't be a large amount either.  Like I said, you can get a decent laptop for some pretty cheap prices.20:50
ron_oit's incredible now what you can get for a few bucks.20:50
ron_othis system was like $800-$1000 that I put together myself and it flies20:50
BrainsWas AppArmor added in Gutsy?20:51
ron_odon't know what that is.20:52
* Brains lets Novell explain: "Novell? AppArmor is designed to provide easy-to-use application security for both servers and workstations. Novell AppArmor is an access control system that lets you specify per program which files the program may read, write, and execute. AppArmor secures applications by enforcing good application behavior without relying on attack signatures, so it can prevent attacks even if they are exploiting previou20:54
ron_osounds good, re: apparmor20:57
nanonymei think it might be, yes20:57
ron_ofor things like your browser, irc client and torrent app would be great.21:00
ron_obut once they break in, I'm not sure if it can stop them.21:00
Brainsron_o:  The idea isn't to stop them from breaking into an app, but from breaking *out* of the app.  In theory, you know what each app should be doing and can therefore forbid it from doing anything outside that scope.  SELinux does something along those lines too.21:38
ron_oI don't know enough about security to know what it does actually. I just assumed that once they got on your system they were on your system.21:39
ron_obut it sounds like a good policy. I'll look into it.21:39
BrainsIt can be a lot of hassle which is why it is being rolled out in both cases for server-type apps first.  (at least, the last time I looked that was what the plan was.)21:42
ron_oyou mean hassle to deal with every program?21:42
ron_oyou wouold only use it for a few apps, if that's what you do, IMO.21:43
BrainsIn theory, you'd specify the rules for every program possible to run (installed).  Next best would be every program you usually run.  The foot in the door plan is to do it for server apps 'cause they are easy to specify and are probably a good bet for the worst offenders, security wise.21:44
ron_oanyone else having problems with sound? I would have thought they'd have this fixed. Don't know if it's because one app has ahold of my sound card or something, but I ain't getting it using flash.22:04
ron_oand my master sound controller isn't working. I need to use the Center and LFE to control my left and right speakers, respectively.22:05
vrkhanshow we can see what process are running22:47
vrkhanscan any one tell me how can i see what process are running22:48
TheSheepps x22:49
TheSheepor use system->system monitor22:49
vrkhansi dont know there is something wrong with firefox , when i try to run it, it gives me an error that firefox is already running, but it is not responding what should i do22:52
vrkhansto fix it22:52
vrkhansi dont have any firefox window on22:52
TheSheepvrkhans: find it in the list of running processes and terminate22:56
TheSheepvrkhans: most likely some plugin coused it to hang22:56
vrkhansit wont open at all, just got a msg that it is still running.23:05
DoogalHi, this is my first time in channel. I've installed xubuntu for the first time about a month or two back. The documentation said i might be able to get some good advice here?23:08
Doogalapparantly its a quiet night though?23:10
ubotuPlease don't ask to ask a question, ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely answer. :-)23:10
TheSheepvrkhans: open the system monitor, find firefox on the task list and kill it23:10
Doogalheh, fair enough. I'm looking for a text editor. Something completely lightweight and uncluttered. I miss having notepad from when i used Windows. Just something i can use as the equivalent of having a pad of scrap paper on my desk.23:11
TheSheepDoogal: accessories->mousepad23:12
TheSheepDoogal: but personally I use Zim for a scratchpad23:13
DoogalTheSheep: Thanks. Is there anything about Zim that makes it even better than mousepad?23:13
TheSheepDoogal: first of all, you don't need to hit 'save'23:14
TheSheepDoogal: it's saved as soon as you type it23:14
DoogalI've just googled it, got some information. Looks *very* good. Thanks for the recommend.23:15
TheSheepDoogal: second, it has simple text formating using markup like ==heading== and *bold*23:15
DoogalOkay, now i suppose i'll need advice on Installing Zim. Up till now i've only used the synaptic package manager, and installed programs that were already on the list provided.23:23
TheSheep!info zim23:25
ubotuzim (source: zim): a desktop wiki. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.19-1 (gutsy), package size 272 kB, installed size 976 kB23:25
TheSheepDoogal: just enable the 'universe' repository23:25
ubotuThe packages in Ubuntu are divided into several sections. More information at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Repositories and http://www.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/components - See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/RecommendedSources for the recommended way to set up your repositories23:25
LeAstralehi ppl23:55

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