achandrahello im having some trouble pxe booting my clients in standalone mode. Can someone help out?08:38
achandrawhen i run in dual nic mode on another box..the same client has no issues.08:39
johnnyyou're prolly going to have a wait a bit for your ansswer, many folks are sleeping atm08:39
achandrahi johnny..okay..its been a rough install now..over 5 days..of trying to get this to work.08:40
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random0nepygi: i sent you an email with my current open source licensing policy draft15:54
pygirandom0ne, ok, thank you16:11
pygiwill checkout in an hour or so :)16:11
random0nethank you kindly16:15
Aw0Lis there a list of installed software for edubuntu somewhere?16:49
ogra_cmpcRichEd, http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/edubuntu/daily/20080218.5/17:59
ogra_cmpcthere we go ... :)17:59
stgraber639M ??18:01
ogra_cmpcwith tons of langpacks we dont need, yes18:02
ogra_cmpci think 3-400M are langpacks18:02
stgraberhttp://cdimage.ubuntu.com/edubuntu/daily/20080218.5/report.html <-- Not only langpacks it seems18:02
ogra_cmpcignore report.html18:04
stgraberyes, I have seen the answer on #ubuntu-devel :)18:04
ogra_cmpc(see #ubuntu-devel)18:04
stgraberbtw, do we have a MIR filed for iTalc ?18:05
ogra_cmpcnope, not yet18:05
ogra_cmpci need to do one for pangodsl as well ...18:05
ogra_cmpcdamned paperwork18:06
stgraberyeah ...18:06
nantes_geekhi !21:38
nantes_geeki have got a small question21:38
nantes_geekhow is made the bootsplash of the edubuntu ?21:39
johnny_ogra_cmpc, hey22:41

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