txwikingerIs it still missing?00:03
* dasKreech dubs Jucato stuffPimper!00:05
nixternalcheguevara: did you install the qt-gtk app from kde-apps to get the nicer looking firefox?00:36
cheguevarayep nixternal00:37
cheguevaragtk-kde4 that is00:37
nixternalOK, I am going to grab it and package it then, unless you already have it packaged00:38
cheguevarano just been playing around with it00:39
cheguevaralatest version is quiet good00:39
cheguevaragonna need 2 packages though00:39
cheguevarafor the theme and the app00:39
nixternalahh, there is a theme too? does it all come in the "source code" package? or do you have to do 2 downloads?00:40
cheguevara2 downloads00:40
nixternalcan't even package it if I wanted...don't feel like dealing with dev bs he created00:40
nixternalQt4 GTK Style I take it00:41
nixternalhrmm, so you use that theme and not the Oxygen them then I take it?00:41
cheguevarayeah i believe using that theme it will use whatever kde 4 theme you have set00:42
cheguevaralatest version allows installation to /usr/share/themes as opposed to ~/.themes00:43
cheguevaraneeds gtk deps as well though :P00:44
* dasKreech bounces on nixternal00:49
nixternalthis app is very poorly done00:50
nixternalI move the qt4 directory to where it should, but his silly apps doesn't see it00:51
JucatodasKreech: :P00:55
Jucatohi nixternal00:55
dasKreechstuffPimper!! :)00:55
nixternalwasabi Jucato00:55
* dasKreech hugs Jucato00:55
nixternalcheguevara: wth am I doing wrong here?00:55
dasKreechAdobe wan kenboi00:55
nixternalI installed the gtk crap as needed, moved the qt4/ directory to /usr/share/themes00:55
Jucatoheh... my online handle used to be obijuan :)00:55
dasKreechHa ha ha ha00:56
dasKreechI love it00:56
Jucatoheh :)00:56
* Jucato wonders wth dholbach has on his wall...00:57
nixternalgot it, what a pita though01:00
nixternaltime to write that one up01:00
Jucatothat's why you were silent :)01:00
nixternalit worked one time01:00
nixternalwhat a pos01:00
nixternaland now it works again01:00
Jucatolovely :)01:01
dasKreechI need to write a pos01:02
nixternalbah, that gtk-qt4 thing is garbage01:03
nixternalworks 50% of the time with FF3, doesn't work with Gimp01:03
dasKreechHobbsee!! :001:34
JucatoHobb *cough* see!!!!01:34
dasKreechJucato: no contentless ping for you :)01:35
dasKreechKDE 4.2 is going to rock :)01:36
JucatoKDE 4.x is going to rock01:36
Jucatooh, and plasma team is going to backport new stuff from 4.x to 4.0.x (although we seem to have done that already...)01:37
dasKreechI hope we have a media blowout with 4.2 :)01:37
dasKreechRiddell: You are on the KDE e.V. marketing ?01:38
* dasKreech bows01:40
* Jucato curtsies01:43
Jucatoer... that's not right...01:43
dasKreechLooks about right01:43
dasKreechneed more dip in the hip though01:44
* Jucato whacks dasKreech01:44
dasKreechheehee :)01:44
dasKreechWhat app are you going to work on Jucato ?01:44
* Jucato is still intrigued by dholbach's picture...01:44
JucatodasKreech: no idea yet... :D01:44
JucatoI'm still trying to get accepted into school... that's my #1 focus this week (deadline's on the 29th)01:45
JucatoI have some top secret projects in mind though... top secret because I don't even know them yet myself :)01:48
dasKreechLike nixternal  :)01:49
cheguevaranixternal, works all the time for me with ff301:52
cheguevaranixternal, does it work fine in /usr/share/themes 'cuase i havent actually tried it01:53
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nixternalcheguevara: I have it in /usr/share/themes and it seems to work only with FF and nothing else Gtk03:18
voriannixternal: are you talking about gtk-kde4?03:20
vorianand good evening :)03:21
ScottKIs it a safe assumption that we didn't upload a kdebase 3.5.9 that would FTBFS on purpose and it'd be a good thing if I can fix it?03:28
vorianfailed to build from source03:29
ScottKYes.  (Failed To Build From Source in case you were asking what the acronym was)03:29
vorianor like i like to call them03:29
vorianfailed to build for Steve03:29
nosrednaekimah.. thanks :)03:29
vorianScottK: would you mind telling me if i did this FF exception correctly?03:30
ScottKGo ahead03:30
vorianbug 19281203:30
ubotuLaunchpad bug 192812 in ktorrent-kde4 "[FF exception] New upstream release ktorrent-kde4 3.0.0 " [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/19281203:30
ScottKvorian: Just from the title of the bug, I'm guessing it's OK, but I'd like to know what jdong thinks about it.03:31
vorianthanks ScottK03:32
ScottKvorian: Looks good.  Get a upcheck from jdong and I'll vote for it.03:32
vorianthanks for taking a peek at it03:33
* ryanakca growls at Drupal03:33
nixternalwhen is archive.ubuntu.com going to start working again?03:34
ryanakcanixternal: its working here...03:36
ryanakcaHit http://archive.ubuntu.com hardy-updates Release.gpg03:36
ryanakcaIgn http://archive.ubuntu.com hardy-updates/main Translation-en_CA03:36
ryanakcaetc, etc, etc?03:36
nixternalstill not working here...isn't picking up any of the updates, it just flies through the sudo apt-get update process03:37
nixternalthis also happens for a couple of others as well03:37
ryanakcahmm... dunno :S03:37
ryanakcanixternal: you ever worked with Drupal before?03:37
nixternalwork with it every day pretty much03:38
ryanakcasaweet, any idea why I get http://blog.ryanak.ca/~ryan/ickydrupal.png ?03:39
ryanakcathose ugly yellow rectangles, which block my view to the block configuration panel?03:39
nixternalumm...trying to remember03:39
nixternalit is definitely theme related I believe03:39
* ryanakca nods and wonders how he broke his theme03:40
voriansorry ScottK, persia had set it to incomplete.  I was unsure if I should have to changed it to new.04:42
ScottKvorian: No problem.  New/Incomplete is where it should stay until it's approved.  Then a motu-release member will set it to confirmed.  That's your clue to proceed.04:43
vorianthanks for the ack04:43
ScottKNo problem.  Thanks for contributing.04:44
ScottKvorian: You're approved.05:27
ScottKRiddell: kdebase FTBFS because libgraphviz4 is sitting in Universe somehow.  I think if you promote it an retry the build all will be well.05:28
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jpatrickafternoon all09:57
tseliothi all, I would like to use something like VTE with (py) QT4 without depending on gtk libraries, what do you suggest I use?10:42
tseliotoh, and by VTE I mean a virtual terminal which I can embed in my application so as to run small scripts in it10:45
Riddelltseliot: you need to wait for konsole to regain its embedded kpart10:46
tseliotRiddel: ok, thanks10:48
davmor2Riddell: How's Alpha 5 shaping up?11:36
Riddelldavmor2: can't say i've begun looking at it11:37
Riddelldavmor2: but if you want to try one of today's daily's and let us know if it seems sane that would be great11:37
davmor2Well there's been no updates for a while so I wondered if it was safe to test or whether there would be a boat load of updates latter11:38
Riddelldavmor2: no updates to what?11:40
Riddellhmm, nothing is entering the archive11:41
davmor2as in there have been no daily updates what so ever11:41
Riddellmm, not sure then, probably need to ask slangasek what his plans are, but he's probably asleep just now11:47
davmor2Riddell: it's okay cjwatson has explained about the breakage in the mirroring system that they need to fix11:48
Riddellthat doesn't sound so bad then11:49
davmor2I might leave it a bit and see how many updates come through11:49
Tm_Thi kids, I'm back11:49
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stdinRiddell: kdeartwork fails with "cp: cannot stat `./debian/tmp/usr/share/applnk/System/ScreenSavers/m6502.desktop': No such file or directory"12:38
stdinand kdeutild failed too http://launchpadlibrarian.net/12052381/buildlog_ubuntu-gutsy-i386.kdeutils_4%3A3.5.9-0ubuntu1%7Egutsy1%7Eppa1_FAILEDTOBUILD.txt.gz12:38
Riddelldoing better than hardy then :)12:38
Riddelloh meh, I forgot to fix that kdeutils issue12:38
Riddellkdeartwork will just be xscreensaver, every time it adds/removes a screensaver you also need to add/remove the .desktop file in kscreensaver12:39
Tonio_Riddell: does a bugfix release of kdesudo require FFe ? I suspect no12:51
Tonio_Riddell: I'm about to upload 2.4 version, closes bug 18705312:51
ubotuLaunchpad bug 187053 in kdesudo "Escaped quoting problem with kdesudo" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/18705312:51
Tonio_Riddell: may you approve this one ?12:51
RiddellTonio_: no12:59
RiddellTonio_: no it doesn't require FFe, it's a bug fix12:59
Tonio_Riddell: well I uploaded 2.3 2 days ago and it looks still locked in the queue...12:59
Tonio_Riddell: btw there is a bug in that release, that's the reason of 2.4 upoload12:59
Riddell2.3 is fine, it's the archive which is broken13:00
Tonio_Riddell: oki13:01
Tonio_Riddell: well it isn't fine as it segfaults, hehe :)13:01
Tonio_2.4 was uploaded, I'll add the changes to kdesudo-kde413:01
Tonio_Riddell: my plan for today is get those xdg dirs in kde dialogs fixed13:02
Tonio_upper case and so on13:02
ScottKRiddell: Did you see my note about libgraphviz4 being in Universe breaking the kdebase 3.5.9 build?13:15
RiddellScottK: it's in main now13:16
ScottKRiddell: Cool.  Will you ask after a buildd admin to retry the build or would you like for me to?13:16
RiddellScottK: I've asked13:17
ScottKOK.  Thanks.  I'll leave it be then.13:17
emuHi folks, are there any plans to provide a packages for KDE 3.5.9 in Gutsy?15:51
emuRiddell: Were will they appear? ppa or backports?15:53
Riddellwhichever works16:03
Riddellask stdin if he needs testing done16:03
DaSkreechRiddell: Is there a time line to have KDE4 in main?16:04
RiddellDaSkreech: nope16:09
DaSkreechstuffPimp! :)16:10
mok0I need some help sorting out the K menu ... what is the Debian folder doing there, how do things get in there and why do Science category stuff end up in "Edutainment" ??16:14
Riddelldebian folder is made by "menu" package as I remember16:16
Riddellthings get in there by adding xdg .desktop files to /usr/share/applications/16:16
ScottKmok0 is an KDE oriented just about to be a MOTU developer16:16
mok0Riddell: how do things get into the normal K desktop (Ubuntu) then?16:17
Riddellscience is in edutainment because that's what /etc/xdg/menus/kde-applications.menu tells it to do16:18
Riddell/usr/share/applications/ is the normal applications menu16:18
Riddelldebian's one has files in /usr/share/menu16:18
mok0Riddell: I've put the entry in /usr/share/applications16:18
mok0Riddell: Ah, so the /usr/share/menu ones come from the menu packagE?16:19
Riddellthey come from the individual packages but the "menu" package is what puts them into the xdg applications menu16:20
Riddellyou can ignore /usr/share/menu for ubuntu, we don't use it16:20
mok0Riddell: I am just wondering how it ends up there... it seems crippled16:20
mok0Riddell: dh_installmenu?16:21
ScottKmok0: I think that's it, but the bigger question is how did Debian menu get turned on in your system.16:22
mok0ScottK: good question :-)16:22
ScottKIt's normal for it to have packages registered, but not be displayed.16:23
mok0The Debian entry has section Apps/Math which is frowned upon by lintian16:23
mok0... and it has no icon16:23
Riddellmenu-xdg maybe16:24
nosrednaekimhas anyone seenthis app yet? http://www.kde-apps.org/content/show.php/KGRUBEditor?content=7544216:24
Artemis_Fowlnosrednaekim: yes. me :) its creator16:25
nosrednaekimArtemis_Fowl » looks nice :) does it have system settings integration?16:26
Artemis_Fowlnosrednaekim: nope. btw apachelogger was packaging QGRUBEditor, its predecessor16:26
DaSkreechWhat makes this K ?16:27
nosrednaekimwhich was what I was wondering.... if there was a package.16:27
Artemis_Fowlthere isnt yet16:27
Artemis_Fowli mean for KGRUBEditor16:27
apacheloggergot bound to KDE16:27
Artemis_Fowlbut I think apachelogger will provide me one when it will be time16:28
apacheloggerRiddell: do you think I get an exception for kgrubeditor?16:28
apacheloggerit's a new package after all16:28
mok0Riddell: where can I read up on all this desktop business? I find it a tad confusing16:28
Riddellapachelogger: I'd say so16:30
Riddellmok0: what's actually the problem?16:30
Artemis_Fowlstupid bug....16:30
apacheloggerRiddell: ok, I'll try then :)16:30
mok0Riddell: I am confused by the various different menu systems, how the .desktop entry gets mangled etc16:30
Artemis_Fowlapachelogger: please don't package v0.5b16:30
Artemis_Fowlapachelogger: I am currently fixing some bugs16:31
apacheloggerArtemis_Fowl: but?16:31
Artemis_Fowlapachelogger: v0.5 will be ready by tomorrow16:31
DaSkreechmok0: freedesktop.org I think16:31
Artemis_Fowlapachelogger: can you w8 or not?16:31
ryanakcamok0: for desktop entries, you probably want http://standards.freedesktop.org/desktop-entry-spec/latest/ or http://standards.freedesktop.org/menu-spec/latest/16:32
mok0ryanakca: thanks16:32
ryanakca(last one for menu systems)16:32
apacheloggerArtemis_Fowl: I will just start off with 0.5b and incorporate changes in 0.5 if necessary, so we can upload ASAP16:32
Artemis_Fowlapachelogger: no problem then16:32
Artemis_Fowlbtw KGRUBEditor needs documentation. Is there any KDEDocumentation team or so or should I write it by myself???16:34
nosrednaekimArtemis_Fowl » any docs team is so overloaded these days that it would probably be better if you wrote it (if you have time)16:35
Artemis_Fowlnosrednaekim: I don't have :) so no documentation for the time being16:35
nosrednaekimI'd write it if I knew how. all I can write is some plain text :)16:36
Artemis_Fowlanyway the Assistants are self-explanatory. Mini mum requirement is understanding English16:36
Artemis_Fowlnosrednaekim: see this: http://l10n.kde.org/docs/doc-primer/intro.html. I discovered this trying to find out how to write documentation16:37
Artemis_FowlThe stupid bug was fixed :)16:39
smarterI've uploaded a new version of extremetuxracer in REVU but it appears in the "New packages" table instead of the "Updated packages" one, why?16:41
mok0Riddell: Do you have 2 min?16:42
smarteroops, I wanted to post that in #ubuntu-motu, sorry16:42
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stdinemu: so, you want to test some 3.5.9 packages then?17:18
Tm_Tstdin: miu17:31
Tm_Tmau mourrrrr17:36
* Tm_T hides17:36
Tm_Tstdin: what's with .9 packages?17:36
stdintry them out :) (if you have gutsy)17:37
stdindeb http://ppa.launchpad.net/kubuntu-kde-3.5.9/ubuntu gutsy main17:37
Tm_Troger sir17:37
stdinkdeutils and kdeartwork is borked atm, so I know those don't work17:38
Tm_TDaSkreech: shush, you kid17:38
smarterwhere are the .9 for hardy?17:38
stdinbroken for a while17:39
Tm_Tstdin: I'm also building Qt atm so might take a moment17:39
stdinnice :)17:39
Tm_Tstdin: also, what exactly I should try?17:40
stdinjust make sure the packages install and work generally17:40
stdinand don't break anything :)17:40
stdinanything else is "not my fault" (TM)17:40
smarterIs it madness to try them on hardy? ;)17:41
stdinyou can try, but you'd fail17:41
stdinmost are still building and I'm guessing there'll be may broken packages atm17:42
jabrahey guys17:44
Riddellhi jabra17:47
jpatrickevening jabra, apache|mobile_17:47
jabraI researching trying to make a minmal kde base livecd, I am curious knows how any resources that may help. I have checked and read the ubuntu and kubuntu wikis already.17:49
jabracurious if anyone knows ...17:49
jabrasorry tired just got back from shmoocon17:49
jabrai'm also debating try to use the debian livecd project and knoppix17:50
Riddelljabra: there's various projects to make live CDs from ubuntu CDs, google for remaster ubuntu17:51
RiddellI use unidistro to create them from scratch, although it's not very well documented17:51
jabrayea i'm trying to start with a kde based minmal livecd and add stuff as I need17:52
jabratwo directions to go: one from scratch and the other to strip shit out17:52
ryanakcaRiddell: minor aesthetic question. Do I keep the bar under the topNav links, or remove it?17:53
=== lex79 is now known as lex79|Away
Riddellryanakca: I quite like the bar18:04
ryanakcaRiddell: okies, I'll leave it :)18:04
ryanakcaShould I use Kabel Book or Bistream Vera Sans Bold in our images containing text (e.g. Announcement header, etc for website)? http://kde-artists.org/node/12318:23
Riddellnot kabel18:26
smarterDejaVu is Vera++18:26
nosrednaekimafternoon jjesse18:26
jjessehello nosrednaekim18:27
ryanakcaRiddell: so, Bitstream?18:27
ryanakcahey jjesse18:27
jjessehello ryanakca18:27
jjessei hate the flu18:27
Riddellryanakca: sounds good18:27
smarterryanakca: DejaVu is Bitstream with support for more unicode characters18:27
smarterand is included everywhere18:28
ryanakcasmarter: hmm.. ok. Thanks18:28
smartermmh, big update today18:33
Riddelloh, that must mean the archive is functioning again18:35
Riddellsmarter: fancy testing 3.5.9 in hardy?18:36
buzRiddell: i'm just installing it18:37
buz(will test it from 4.0 tho)18:37
buzarchive.ubuntu seems to work, but not mirrors18:38
* buz needs a break from hacking latex,testing kde 3.5.9 will be just perfect :P18:40
buzuhm thats bad18:43
buzkde4 immediately crashed when i tried to login after installing kde 3.5.918:44
buzbut on the plus side, kde 3.5.9 comes up lightning quick18:45
smarterRiddell: of course ;)18:46
buzkonqueror incl. flash works18:46
buzluks works beautifully18:46
buzamarok plays mp318:46
buzkmail finally filters mail again18:47
buzRiddell: any specific things you want tested?18:48
buzsmplayer stopped working18:48
buzdumps core18:48
Tonio_Riddell: any name of a guy that would be interested for a packaging employement ?18:59
Tonio_Riddell: my copany is looking for a full time packager/sysadmin18:59
Tonio_working home possible, ideally based in europe...18:59
=== smarter_ is now known as smarter
RiddellTonio_: I don't know of anyone but you could ask on the kubuntu-devel and motu lists19:17
buzsince updating to kde 3.5.9 i get this when trying to start a kde4 session http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/4726/19:17
Riddellhi Aikurn19:17
Tonio_Riddell: yep19:17
buz(on the plus side, kde3.5.9 seems to work like a charm)19:18
RiddellAikurn: install kdebase-bin-kde4 ?19:18
cheguevarahmm now i am too scared to update to 3.5.919:19
* Tm_T isn't19:19
buzcheguevara: depends if you want to use kde4 :P19:19
Tm_TI'm also running KDE4.1 series ;)19:20
cheguevaraits all i use :P19:20
buz(kde4 apps from kde3 also dont work)19:20
buzyeah same here19:20
cheguevaraanyone else has an updated system and can check19:20
Riddellbuz: install kdebase-bin-kde4 ?19:20
smarterkde4 apps don't word under 3.5.9 here too19:20
buzRiddell: ii  kdebase-bin-kde4                           4:4.0.1-0ubuntu2                     core binaries for the KDE 4 base module19:21
smarter"Fatal error: you need to have a KComponentData object before you do anything that requires it! Examples of this are config objects, standard directories or translations."19:21
buzsmarter: exactly19:21
cheguevara*closes update manager*19:21
buzlyx does no longer work19:22
AikurnRiddell: installed19:22
cheguevarahere u go :P19:22
smarterthe right-click flash menu still has funny colors19:22
buzqt4 is somehow broken19:23
buzbecause lyx is only a qt app, not a kde one19:23
cheguevarabut it uses kde libs19:23
cheguevaraaccording to the above post19:23
smarterqtconfig-qt4 display the same kcomponentdata error19:23
cheguevarathere's no qt update though19:24
buzhttp://pastebin.ubuntu.com/4727/ does not look like it uses kde to me19:24
buzthe app looks decidedly qtish as well19:25
buzboy this sucks19:25
buz(thou shalt not use alpha software when working on masters thesis, i guess)19:25
smarteruse Kile :)19:26
buzi hate latex syntax19:26
buzit's fugly19:26
cheguevaralets see what else is in the update list19:26
buzcan you paste the update to pastebin?19:26
buzlast update to qt4 was on 14th19:28
buzbut that cant be the culprit19:28
cheguevarathats what i got now of a functioning system19:28
buzwhy was restricted-manager removed, anyawy?19:28
smarterbuz: it has been replaced by jockey19:28
buzi dont think i got jockey here19:29
buzoh i do19:29
cheguevarakubuntu-default-settings may be?19:29
cheguevarasince some kde4 bits were added there19:30
buzor kubuntu-kde4-desktop19:30
cheguevarathats a meta package i think19:30
cheguevarathough that still doesnt explain why qt only apps fail19:30
* buz sets up a gutsy vbox19:32
cheguevaraany ideas Riddell19:32
jpatrickbuz: use vim19:32
buzi want gui19:32
buzi have used kile in the past and i do KNOW latex19:32
buzits just way more comfortable in lyx :P19:32
cheguevarasmarter and buz so all qt4 progs fail?19:34
buzsmplayer does so too19:34
smartercheguevara: yes19:34
buzknow any more qt4 ones?19:34
DaSkreechGutsy Froze again :(19:37
buzyep jockey dumps core19:37
cheguevarathing is KComonentData is a kde function so it must be kde related19:37
buzbut why do qt4 apps even bother with kde19:37
cheguevaraso the question here is19:38
cheguevaradoes anyone have gnome :P19:38
buzi could install it19:38
buzi will reinstall this box when hardy is released anyhow19:38
DaSkreechHi hunger19:38
cheguevarasame here, but i am low on disk space19:39
buzgot 4G left19:39
hungerDaSkreech: ho.19:39
buzneeds 1G according to aptitude19:39
DaSkreechhunger: how goes? seems you have a decent set of submissions for Kwallet19:39
buztho archive.ubuntu is not the fastest of all mirrors :P19:39
cheguevaraor may be xfce even19:39
cheguevaraanything DE thats not kde :P19:40
cheguevaraxubuntu-desktop is around 500 mb19:41
hungerDaSkreech: Yeap, George does wonders.-)19:41
DaSkreechhunger: Have you thought of outlining JJs?19:42
cheguevarahttp://mirror.servut.us/kuvat/darwin_awards_nominee.jpg :P19:42
buzi'm installing it19:42
buzas well as gutsy :P19:42
cheguevaranice :)19:42
hungerDaSkreech: JJs?19:42
DaSkreechJunior Jobs19:42
buzcheguevara: if mythbusters are to be trusted that may not be fatal19:43
buzstill i would try it19:43
jpatrickcheguevara: haha19:43
buzits fake19:44
buznobody is possibly that dumb19:44
DaSkreechhunger: I haven't asked tackat but he blogs his and I would suspect gets hits19:44
cheguevarau'd be surprised lol19:44
jpatrickbuz: you'd be surprised....19:45
DaSkreech mattr did a call out for help with Kopete KDE4 port and got people19:45
buzwell maybe19:45
buznever underestimate stupidity19:45
jpatrickbuz: you obviously don't know many trolls...19:45
buzi know plenty19:46
buzmost are not stupid at all19:46
buznone of the good ones is, anyway19:46
cheguevaradoes anyone have wine installed19:47
Tm_Tcheguevara: yes?19:47
jpatrickpower cable has no current probably19:47
cheguevaraTm_T, can you check if its working for you19:47
cheguevaraevery windows app seg faults for me19:48
jpatrickcheguevara: that's a new feature19:48
Tm_Tcheguevara: in gutsy?19:48
cheguevarajpatrick: lol19:48
Tm_Tjpatrick: "securityfix, no evil code can be run"19:48
cheguevaraTm_T, hardy19:48
Tm_Tcheguevara: then can't help atm19:48
cheguevarammap2(0x7ffd8000, 16384, PROT_READ|PROT_WRITE, MAP_PRIVATE|MAP_FIXED|MAP_ANONYMOUS, -1, 0) = 0x7ffd800019:48
cheguevara--- SIGSEGV (Segmentation fault) @ 0 (0) ---19:48
cheguevara+++ killed by SIGSEGV (core dumped) +++19:48
Tm_Tmy secondary system is still down19:48
buzmpf installing the foot takes forever19:53
buzjust occured to me, is gnome a pun at trolltech?19:54
buzok gnome is installed19:57
ryanakcaRiddell: have a preference as for the margine on either side? 12px or 23px ?19:58
Riddellryanakca: can't say I do19:59
buzcrashes happen in gnome too20:00
buzsame symptoms20:00
cheguevarawell that was pointless20:01
buzone thing to be said for gnome: it shuts down lighting quick20:01
buzboy how can people in ubuntu land live with that brown color scheme20:02
cheguevara'cause it lacks features :P20:02
buzby that measure, kde4 should shutdown even faster20:02
buzhehe cool20:02
buzi sent virtualbox before logout into save state20:02
buznow it resumed installing gutsy just where it was left of20:03
cheguevarabuz, so on gnome u still get the KComponentData error?20:06
buzunless that was related to konversation running?20:06
cheguevaracould be, since konversation would star krunner and friends20:07
* buz starts another session20:07
cheguevaraklauncher i mean20:08
cheguevarawhich program are you trying?20:08
buzwhich is  qt420:08
cheguevarahave you got qtconfig-qt4 ? that would probaby be better20:08
buzCouldn't find any package whose name or description matched "qtconfig-qt4"20:09
buzoh its called qt4-config20:09
cheguevaraits called qtconfig-qt4 here20:11
buzUnpacking qt4-qtconfig (from .../qt4-qtconfig_4.3.3-0ubuntu3_i386.deb) ...20:11
buzbut the app itself is called qtconfig-qt420:11
buzit seems20:11
cheguevaraoh right20:11
cheguevarajust before you run it can you copy ps aux bo pastebin pls20:12
buzme error20:12
cheguevaraoutput of "ps aux" i mean20:12
buztoo late20:12
buzah well kill gnome, try again :P20:12
buzps would list this kde session as well, no?20:13
cheguevarajust make it clean and completely log out :P20:13
buzmhh cut my life line :P20:14
ryanakcaRiddell: okies20:14
buzhow about kdm :P20:14
nareshovCan I get to hardy from kubuntu with a simple %s/gutsy/hardy/g + update && safe-upgrade && dist-upgrade ?20:14
buzright now i would not do that20:15
buzbut in theory, yes20:15
smarternareshov: kdesu "adept_manager --dist-upgrade-devel" should be safer20:15
cheguevarakdm should be ok20:15
buzno luck20:18
nareshovsmarter: nice, it's working20:18
cheguevaragod thats a lot of processes20:21
cheguevararight i need to step out for a bit20:21
cheguevarabe back soon20:21
buzthere's something wrong with python installs20:21
buzfirst python-app breaks, now update-manager20:21
cheguevaratheres a python-central update20:22
buzyes that breaks stuff20:22
* nareshov crosses fingers as he "Dist upgrades" to hardy >_>20:23
buzgood luck20:24
buzi hope you dont use any qt4 apps :P20:24
nareshovI do!20:24
nareshovI have apps from the KDE4 PPA20:24
buzyou wont be happy then20:24
nosrednaekimare they going to 4.4 or something?20:24
buzor maybe you will be20:24
buzit will obe interesting if they work for a newly installed hardy20:25
jpatrickapachelogger_: ping20:27
jpatrickapachelogger_: from dragonplayer diff.gz: http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/56538/20:28
* buz grabs last version of kubuntu-default-settings from launchpad20:32
buzare there kde3.5.9 packages for gutsy20:35
nixternalnot that I see20:36
jpatrickdeb http://ppa.launchpad.net/kubuntu-kde-3.5.9/ubuntu gutsy main20:37
Riddellin testing20:37
nixternaland here come the 3.5.9 updates for hardy20:38
buznixternal: if you want to use qt4 apps dont install them20:38
Riddellqt4 apps work here20:43
buzin hardy?20:44
nixternalno KDM is coming up now after my update20:45
buzusing kde4?20:45
buzi mean kdm4?20:45
buzkdm still works for me20:46
nixternalI think my desktop might be hosed though20:46
buzhosed like how20:47
nixternalin everyway possible20:47
nixternalI haven't used it in a while and I can't remember if it was hosed before or not20:47
nixternalw00t, KDM works again20:47
=== \sh is now known as \sh_away
nixternalkdm-kde4 that is20:47
nixternalok, maybe it does't20:47
buzkde4 crashes just after hitting login for me20:47
nixternalnow this is silly20:50
nixternalkdm-kde4 works to log into kde3, but doesn't work to log into kde420:50
buzwell qt4 stuff is broken20:50
buzso kde4 wont work20:50
nixternalI removed kdm-kde4 to use the old kdm, and it doesn't even go into kdm20:50
nixternalI am on KDE 4 right now20:50
buzwith kdm?20:51
buzfor me not a single qt4 based app works20:51
nixternalahh, now we are back to kdm working20:51
buzdamn my kde4 still doesn not work20:51
nixternaloh wow20:52
nixternalKDE 4 isn't working20:52
nixternaldamnit, that means I cannot log out of my laptop or I am screwed20:53
RiddellI don't understand what the problem could be20:53
buzits pretty weird20:54
nixternalya, it goes to log into KDE 4, shows the hard drive icon in the splash, and then crashes back out to kdm20:54
buzqt4 apps complaining about not finden K objects20:54
buznixternal: same here20:54
buznixternal: try starting a kde4 app in kde320:54
nixternalya, KDE 4 apps aren't working at all20:55
* nosrednaekim is glad he isn't on hardy20:55
nixternalhrmm, some seem to be working20:56
buzwhich is working20:57
nixternalFatal error: you need to have a KComponentData object before you do anything that requires it! Examples of this are config objects, standard directories or translations20:57
nixternalAborted (core dumped)20:57
nixternalDolphin works though20:57
nixternalisn't a qt4 issue because qt4 apps are working20:57
buznot for me20:58
buzFatal error: you need to have a KComponentData object before20:58
nixternalya, same thing with qtconfig, but my qt4 python apps are working20:59
buzhttp://api.kde.org/4.0-api/kdelibs-apidocs/kdecore/html/kglobal_8cpp-source.html error comes from here21:00
smarterwhy is NDEBUG not defined in the kubuntu package?21:02
jpatricksmarter: smaller size21:02
smarterjpatrick: packages with debug have smaller size? o_O21:03
nixternalahh, nothing like being back in KDE 321:04
nixternalthis sucks, and the fonts suck21:04
buzlooks so old21:04
buzbut trusty21:04
nixternalhehe, ya21:04
nixternalit seems we aren't the only ones with this issue either21:04
nixternalFedora and OpenSUSE as well according to this kde.devel.core.bugs report filed on 2008-01-3021:05
nixternalthey have pinpointed the issue to kdelibs421:05
nixternalthey say removing that fixes it21:05
buzand breaks kde4 i imagine21:06
buzwell at least i'll get back lyx, maybe21:06
nixternalhehe, that is the first app that reported a similar problem21:07
buzyeah but only in a special case21:07
buzand it's a qt4 app21:07
buznot kde21:07
buzwhich is doubly weird21:07
buzyeah lyx is back21:07
buzkde4 is gone but since it didnt work....21:07
nixternalman, been a few months since I was last in KDE 321:08
nixternalit just isn't as...impressive I guess :)21:08
buzrock solid though21:08
buzand so many features :P21:08
nixternalKDE 4.0.1 was rock solid for me21:08
nixternalyesterday was the first day I really had any crashes21:09
buzkrunner would crash on hourly basis21:09
nixternalnot for me it did't21:09
nixternalmy only issue was with Konqi21:09
buzand x freezes every few days21:09
buz(that may be partly intels fault though)21:09
smarterKDE4 is pretty stable here21:09
smarterbut it's *so* slow21:09
nixternalnot here it isn't :p21:09
nixternalyou can't log into it here now :(21:09
nosrednaekimfirst time I've heard that kde4 is slow21:09
nixternalOK, I do not see what the issue could be at all21:10
buzturning of composite helps speed21:10
buz(of course, intel getting their act together with their aiglx support would help, too)21:10
smartersimple test: launch konqueror4, press CTRL+T during 2 seconds, watch, do the same with konqueror 321:10
nosrednaekimbuz » interestingly.... composite makes mine faster21:10
smarterunder kde3 or kde421:10
nixternalmy Intel + KDE 4 w/ composite kicks arse21:11
smarterATI Mobity X600 here21:11
nixternaland this is a 1.6GHz Celeron with 1.5GB of ram, the 945 chipset21:11
buzit does not even play video21:11
smarterkde3 is really fast21:11
smarterkde4 is almost unusable21:11
buz(ok it does not really play video in any case, the tearing really sucks)21:11
nosrednaekimsmarter » slightly slower,21:12
nixternalI had KDE 4 running nicely using the r300 drivers not to long ago on my desktop21:12
smarternosrednaekim: with konqueror 3 I can see the tabs appearing21:12
smarterwith konqueror 4 everything freezes and they appear 5 by 5 very slowly21:12
smarterand I'm not the only one who thinks kde4 is slow21:14
smarterI hope Qt 4.4 will improve things21:14
buzyeah maybe qtwebkit :P21:14
ryanakcasmarter: I don't notice any speed diference between KDE4/KDE321:19
smarterryanakca: lucky you21:20
ryanakcawhat are you running? I have... *waits for sysinfo to finish installing*21:20
smarterPentium M 1,73 GHz - 512 MB of RAM - ATi Radeon Mobility X60021:21
smarteron a 2 years old hp compaq nx822021:21
ryanakcaAMD Athlon(tm) 64 Processor 3500+ 1000.000 MHz + 502 MiB of RAM + GeForce 7600 GS21:22
nosrednaekimturion X2 1.6ghz 1gig ram, Xpress1100 graphics21:23
smarterand I use the free radeon driver21:24
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nixternalholy smokes21:29
nixternalI just noticed something really really weird21:29
jpatrickhttp://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/56549/ I rock!21:30
nixternalno, you will rock harder when you get my Kubuntu fixed :p21:31
nixternalman, I created a diff between 3.5.8 and 3.5.9, opened it up, looked at it, and my head exploded21:31
smarterjpatrick: great :)21:31
smarterI'll try to forward my bespin package to them21:32
nosrednaekimnixternal » I thought it was just a bug/security update21:32
jpatricksmarter: err, too late, did that21:32
nixternaljust looking at all of the recent updates for something21:32
smarterjpatrick: cool21:32
smarterjpatrick: so I'll forward extremetuxracer or kepas21:33
jpatrickdid kepas21:33
smarteryou're everywhere :}21:34
nzkIs there anything that needs to be ported from qt3 to qt4?21:40
nosrednaekimnzk » alot of system settings modules I think.21:41
nixternalhrmm, so this is also a Gutsy issue with KDE 4* not working now as well?21:57
smartersince I upgraded to kde 3.5.9, I can't remove copy or cut files with Konqueror21:58
smarterthe options are greyed out in the right click menu21:58
smarterand doing CTRL+C or CTRL+V does nothing21:58
smarterD3lphin works fine22:00
nixternalya, same here22:00
smarterbuz: can you confirm this?22:02
smarter(or anyone else who is running kde 3.5.9)22:03
nixternalI can22:07
nixternalsmarter: it works22:08
nixternalwhen you select something, they then become available22:09
nixternalno, it is working for me, I can remove, copy, and cut files, and I can use ctrl+c/v as well22:09
smarterstrange then22:10
nixternalI cannot pinpoint where this problem comes from22:13
nixternalthe only big changes I see with kdelibs are with config/makefile stuff22:13
nixternalall of the code changes seem somewhat minor22:13
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nixternalI found it!!!!22:15
nixternal /etc/kde4rc22:15
nixternalI deleted it, and I can now run KDE 422:15
nixternalRiddell: k-d-s could be the issue maybe?22:16
nixternalRiddell: the issue with is with the new KDE 4 stuff added to k-d-s22:17
jjessecongrats on getting it back up and running22:17
nixternalI can now open up all of my kde4 files within kde322:17
buzi can cut and paste files22:17
buzmhh how about qtconfig-qt4?22:17
smarterafter closing and opening konqueror again it works22:17
nixternalbuz: yes, it works!22:18
buzso i'll reinstall kde422:18
nixternalyup, /etc/kde4rc seems to hold the issue22:22
nixternalas soon as I readd the file nothing KDE 4 works22:22
nixternalnot even qtconfig-qt422:23
jjessei think today is the day i shouldn't touch a computer22:27
jjesseboth of my vms have frozen on me :(22:27
buzgreat it works again22:27
buzthx, nixternal22:28
buzi can even use a kde4 session again22:28
buzlooks muuch nicer ;P22:28
nixternalit is the link to /usr/share/kubuntu-default-settings/default that is the issue it seems22:28
nixternalI have totally pinpointed the issue!22:30
nixternalthat right there22:31
nixternalactually, that entire file is an issue...even with that commented out, you get a blank, and I mean blank kde4 :)22:31
buztime to go to bed22:33
nixternaloh man, all of the kde4 stuff in k-d-s is for KDE 322:34
nixternalit should not be installed, and that was a really bad upload22:34
jpatricknixternal: hit aplg I think22:35
jpatrickcan't remember22:35
nixternalapachelogger_: you around at all?22:36
smarternixternal: /usr/share/kubuntu-default-settings/kde4-profile/default/share/config/plasma-appletsrc does not look like a kde3 config :P22:36
nixternalwell, that is the only thing22:37
nixternallook at the wallpaper it wants to use22:37
nixternalit wants to use the kubuntu-wallpaper from KDE 322:37
smarterso what?22:37
nixternal1) default/ for kde4 in k-d-s is far from complete22:37
smarterkde3 wallpapers are not compatible with kde4? :}22:37
nixternalno, just proving it is the same file that is in the kde3 section of k-d-s22:37
cheguevarasee i told you it was k-d-s :P22:38
nixternalwe don't need to be modifying KDE 4 yet anyways...with a stock KDE 4 it is fine...no need to start changing the look anyways yet22:39
nixternallet it mature first22:39
* smarter thinks that the default color scheme is too grey22:40
nixternalI also noticed in plasma, using slim-glow for the theme, only problem is, there is no slim-glow installed, let alone available in the repos22:43
nixternalahh, feels so good to be back in KDE 4 :)22:48
cheguevaraso basically everything is safe to upgrade except k-d-s?22:49
nosrednaekimmhb: heh, I like the idea of that automatic configuration file editor creator (mouthful) I may just have to do it. I hope i'm old enough for the google summer of code23:02
jjessegrumble grumble23:03
jjessevms still broked23:03
Riddellnixternal: is it just plasma-appletsrc which is a problem in k-d-s?23:29
Riddellnosrednaekim: you need to be 1823:29
Riddell(not sure on which date)23:29
nosrednaekimRiddell: last time I would have missed the cut off date by a week. (though I was only 16 at the time)23:29
nosrednaekimhopefully its just a bit later this year23:30
RiddellTm_T: ok for developer week tomorrow?23:32
Tm_Tyes so far :)23:32
cheguevaraRiddell, all the kde 4 settings that get written are kde 3 settings23:33
cheguevaraplasma-appletsrc is the only thing thats RIGHT :P23:33
Tm_TRiddell: there is some source I should doublecheck to be prepared?23:39
Riddellnixternal: are you going to upload that k-d-s change?23:39
RiddellTm_T: would be good to have it announced on the kubuntu-devel list23:40
Tm_Tthe happening?23:40
RiddellTm_T: yes23:46
nixternalRiddell: already did upload the changes23:48
nixternalto bzr repo that is23:48
Riddellnixternal: thanks23:48
Riddellnixternal: oh, I mean to the real thing23:48
nixternalit is in main, so I can't23:49
Riddellnixternal: well at least add a changelog so you can get the karma23:49
nixternalI am not worried about the Karma :)23:49
nixternalooh, I should have updated it anyways in bzr, totally forgot about that23:50
nixternalnot to shabby of a day, I did my 5-a-day, figured out the issue with kde 4 stuff after update, and now I will work on finishing up the chapter for the book23:51
nixternaldidn't do my homework that is due tomorrow though :p23:52
Tm_TRiddell: sent, might or might not contain all needed information23:53
cheguevarai wish they'd put update-manager version information back already23:55
nixternalI am attempting to work on a PyKDE4 tutorial...taking PyQt4 examples and converting them to PyKDE4...thus far, I haven't been successful :p23:56
nixternalI can do the stuff in PyQt4 now with my eyes closed, but PyKDE4 doesn't like me23:57
nixternallayout is what is getting me23:57
nixternallayout = QVBoxLayout() works great, but you can't simply do layout = KVBox() and use it the same way..and the API docs for it aren't the clearest23:58
nixternalQDialog and KDialog I have them differences down23:58
Riddellnever heard of it23:59
nixternalit is in the API for Vertical layout23:59
nixternalI have a KTextBrowser and a KLineEdit I want layed out vertically within the dialog23:59

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