ecueis it me, or are ATI drivers the worst00:02
ecuei'm sorry i'm a linux newbie, but this problem of getting dual monitors to work is really not making it fun00:02
ecuei can understand how people can get really frustrated00:02
nosrednaekimecue » dual monitors are not easy no matter what driver you are using00:03
ubotuInformation about dual-head on linux can be found on http://wiki.linuxquestions.org/wiki/DualHead - See also !Xinerama00:03
Dr_willisI found setting up twinview to be rather trivial now.  :)00:03
ecuei mean seriously, someone hasn't figured it out concrete, i'm a newborn when it comes to linux00:04
Arwenfglrx BigDesktop is a PITA00:04
shaffiecan someone tell me how i manually download all packages/dependencies listed in aptitude for a certain package?  where do i go to get them?00:04
nosrednaekimshaffie » dhclient doesn't work?00:04
Arwencould take you while *cough*00:04
shaffienosrednaekim: dhclient?00:05
nosrednaekimshaffie » that command I told you to run "sudo dhclient eth0"00:05
nosrednaekimhey oem00:05
oemgreeting from italy00:05
shaffienosrednaekim:  it worked!  thanks so much!00:06
nosrednaekimshaffie » :)00:07
Arwenanyone running KDE 4.0.1? any major issues?00:07
nosrednaekimArwen » I am.... nothing huge00:07
Arwenhmm, now if only there were authenticated packages available... oh well00:08
nosrednaekimArwen » they should be in backports00:08
Dr_willishmm 4.0.1 is out allready? that was fast00:09
ArwenKDE4 version in backports is 3.2~gutsy100:09
Arwennot sure what that means00:09
nosrednaekimArwen » thats just the metapackage... check the version  on kopete-kde4 or such00:10
shaffiethanks everyone for your help.  it has been more than appreciated!00:10
nosrednaekimDr_willis » they are doing monthly releases00:11
Arwennosrednaekim, they're 4.0.000:11
nosrednaekimArwen » oh.... hmmm00:11
oemwere is italian channal ?00:11
ubotuVai su #ubuntu-it se vuoi parlare in italiano, in questo canale usiamo solo l'inglese. Grazie!00:11
Arwen(https://blueprints.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+spec/dpkg-lzma) "Switching to lzma could save us up to 175MB on the alternate cd" <-- where are these miraculous numbers coming from?00:12
oloughlin75I am trying to set up moblock and keep getting this pesky error: *** stack smashing detected ***: /usr/bin/moblock terminated00:18
iceswordcan can kde install mac4lin00:23
oloughlin75no idea00:23
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about mac4lin - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi00:23
ubuntu_need help with grub error line 1500:26
ubuntu_I have one hard drive with xp/ kubuntu. loaded windows first and kubuntu 2nd00:27
ubuntu_used free space00:27
ubuntu_how do I fix this problem?00:27
Beren78whats the problem?00:28
Dr_williswhats the exact grub error? Error 15 or error on LINE 15 ?00:28
ubuntu_line 1500:28
ubuntu_it boots fine to windows but fails on linux00:29
ubuntu_I'm running live cd now00:29
Dr_willisthats... odd.00:30
ubuntu_I think grub is messed up00:30
Dr_willismount your installed system, and see whats  on line 15 of boot/grub/menu.lst00:30
ubuntu_how can I look to see if /boot/grub/menu.lst file is there?00:30
Dr_willisit wont be /boot  it will be wheever the system mounted your installed system to then boot/grub/menu.lst00:31
ubuntu_I think it is trying to boot to wrong partition00:31
ahmadhello, i can't connect to any wireless network. i try the knetwok manager but when i connect it, it stops at 28% then i try to manually configure the ra0 is enabled and the ip adress is dhcp. then i under route the ip adress is device etho then athe domain name server is can you help me fix this problem?00:31
ubuntu_anyway to correct this problem.00:32
tuxwulf_How can I get k3b to burn a CD image on a blank DVD disk?00:32
ubuntu_was wondering if I could use live cd, qparted, delete linux partition and then do fresh install to the freed space?00:32
Dr_willisubuntu_,  you can alwyas delete all the linux partitions if you wanted to.00:33
ubuntu_if I delete them, will I still be able to boot to windows?00:34
ubuntu_I only would want to delete the main linux partitions, right?00:34
oloughlin75tuxwulf_: select burn image00:34
Dr_willisyou could just reatart the installer ubuntu_  and let it format the old filesystems. and reinstall00:35
ubuntu_how do I know which partitions I want to format and reinstall00:35
oloughlin75you do NOT want to touch the ntfs partition (probably hda1)00:36
Dr_willisthe ones that are ext200:36
Dr_willisor ext300:36
ubuntu_I don't want to format windows portion of shared drive00:36
ubuntu_will the installer do this for me?00:37
Dr_willisi rarely use the live cd installer.. pay attention in the disk mounting/formating area.00:37
Dr_willisIt will proberly try to mount the existing linux partitions somewhere. you will need to tell it to mount one to / and the others to whever.. and format them00:38
ahmadhello Dr Willis, i can't connect to any wireless network. i try the knetwok manager but when i connect it, it stops at 28% then i try to manually configure the ra0 is enabled and the ip adress is dhcp. then i under route the ip adress is device etho then athe domain name server is can you help me fix this problem?00:41
Dr_willisi know very little about wureless under linux/kubuntu -  i just run wires.. when needed. :)00:42
Dr_willisahmad,  those settings look right to me however.00:42
Dr_willisahmad,  some basic tests are try  pinging the router.00:42
ahmadah ok. i am new to this OS and a don't know how to ping.00:44
Dr_willisping ip.to.ping.%%00:44
shaffy_okay, i hope someone can help me.  i've done a bad thing.  i installed xubuntu (aptitude install xubuntu-desktop).  okay, no problem.  however, i wanted to completely remove it later on to have a pure KDE installation., so i used the command(s) here: http://www.psychocats.net/ubuntu/purekde               now, i have a kde system that won't run certain applications and stalls for a long time on bootup at "starting NFS common utilities."   is00:45
shaffy_there any way to repair this?  like a mass-dependency check or something?00:45
Dr_willisyou could try reinstalling kubuntu-desktop00:46
Dr_willissudo apt-get install kubuntu-desktop00:46
shaffy_hmm, dr. willis:  it didn't seem to do anything.  what about (re)installing kubuntu-default-settings ?00:49
Daisuke_Laptopmake sure portmap and nfs-common are still installed (if you used nfs to begin with, that is)00:49
shaffy_Daisuke_Laptop: i have no idea what either one of those are, but i'll try and check anyway00:50
shaffy_Daisuke_Laptop: nope, they both appear to be there.. no changes made.00:51
Daisuke_Laptopjust mentioning because that's where you seem to have the stall00:51
shaffy_yeah.  what if i reinstall the xubuntu-desktop again?00:51
shaffy_maybe that will fix it?00:52
PsycoshotHey, How do I find out my HD space? (free)00:59
Dr_willisdf -hs00:59
Dr_willisdf -h -x tmpfs -x devpts -x usbfs01:00
PsycoshotThank you!01:00
Dr_willis there we go. thats my 'showdisks' alias01:00
PsycoshotOh shit, 3gb free01:00
Dr_willisalias showdisks='df -h -x tmpfs -x devpts -x usbfs01:00
[Relic]any util to get an accurate processor speed?01:01
biovorecat /proc/cpuinfo ?01:02
[Relic]that's not accurate  :)01:03
biovorethats the reported speed from the proc (max speed)01:03
biovoreyou want the speed step speed?01:03
Dr_willisdefine acurate. :)01:03
Dr_willisif its saying the speed the cpu is running at.. well thats acurate.. :)01:04
[Relic]probably, the reported is 2000 even thought the MB states 226001:04
Dr_willisthen again - just the act of doing  cat /proc/.... will put load on the cpu... :P01:04
[Relic]BMPS thing seems acurate though01:05
biovorethe file /proc/cpuinfo just contains the info programing in to proc.. won't show over clocked speed01:05
biovoreBogoMips -> bogus mips01:05
biovoremostly BS01:05
[Relic]true but it has always been a reflection of the actual cpu speed01:05
sub[t]rnlwonder what mips is?01:05
sub[t]rnlmillion instructions per second?01:06
biovoreMillion of Instructions Per Second01:06
biovoreits also a architecture.. but we won't go there..01:06
[Relic]mips - many insane penguins surfing?  :)01:06
BluesKajwell, the stepped speed scaling wasn't working properly on my setup so I disabled powernowd, and now the cpu draws a bit more power but i don't get hanging apps :)01:07
PsycoshotWhen I play WoW it sometimes freezes up, totally, nothing can move. I have to manually reboot. Could this be my RAM maxing out? Or something over heating?01:08
PsycoshotI have 512 ram but compix uses 30001:08
PsycoshotXORG* not compiz01:08
Psycoshot* It uses 300MB of VmSize01:08
PsycoshotAnyone know why?01:09
shaffydoes anyone know how to completely uninstall the xubuntu installation when installed by "aptitude install xubuntu-desktop"?  when i performed the remove action on the same package, it remove only a fraction of what was originally installed.  any ideas?01:10
biovorexubuntu-desktop is a virutal package..01:10
biovorethats probably why01:10
biovorevirutal package is a debian packages that just list dependiencies..01:11
shaffybiovore: so is there a way to reverse the install completely?01:11
biovoresince alot of stuff that got installed isn't dependent on xubuntu-desktop package.. there not removed..01:11
biovorenope.. just have to remove packages manualy01:12
shaffythat sucks, considering there are at least 100 that were installed.01:12
* biovore wondering if there is a way you can list dependancies of xubuntu-desktop and put it to a file.. then use xargs to remove the packages :-P01:12
biovore1 liner to do it.. if you can figure it out..01:13
tuxwulfHow to burn CD image on DVD?01:13
shaffywhat do you mean 1 liner?01:13
biovoreI think k3b will let you burn a cd iso onto a dvd01:14
biovoreshaffy: one somewhat long line on the command line interface01:14
shaffythanks biovore01:15
tuxwulfbiovore > no, it greys out01:16
biovoreselect burn DVD ISO image, then just select the CD image01:17
ConstyXIVanyone by chance downloading kubuntu right now, and can they tell me their speed?01:17
ConstyXIVvia torrent that is01:18
shaffydoes anyone know how to list all the dependencies of a package?01:18
biovoreapt-cache depends xubuntu-desktop01:19
shaffythanks biovore.  any idea how to put them all in a 1 liner?  :)01:20
biovoreshaffy: thinking on it..01:21
biovorewell to make a list of packages to remove..01:22
sub[t]rnlbiovore➜ apt-cache depends xubuntu-desktop |grep -i depends | sed 's/Depends://g' (halfway there)01:22
biovoreshaffy: apt-cache depends xubuntu-desktop | grep Depends: | awk  '{print $2 $3 $4;}'01:23
biovorenot sure how apt responds to xargs though..01:23
biovoreelse I would append  | xargs -n 1 apt-get remove01:23
tuxwulfbiovore: Did that, not working...01:25
tuxwulfAny other roasting sw might do it?01:25
biovoretuxwulf: It works here..01:26
tuxwulfbiovore: 7.10?01:26
biovoreI just did it here..01:26
sub[t]rnlapt-cache depends xubuntu-desktop |grep -i depends | sed 's/Depends://g' > dep;for i in $(cat dep);do sudo apt-get remove $i; done01:27
ubuntu__how can I reinstall linux on dual boot xp/kubuntu system?01:27
ubuntu__get error 15 file not found01:27
biovoresub[t]rnl: he probably need to look over the dependencies..01:28
biovoreubuntu__: grub problem eh..01:28
ubuntu__I'm running live cd now01:28
sub[t]rnlubuntu__➜ your not pointing to the right partition in /boot/grub/menu.lst01:28
ubuntu__yes grub problem01:28
ubuntu__how do I resolve this?01:28
ubuntu__how do I edit /boot/grub/menu.lst from live cd?01:29
sub[t]rnlubuntu__➜ mount your root partition, or the boot partition (if you created one) then edit /boot/grub/menu.lst to point to the correct partition01:29
biovoretuxwulf: when you start of K3B in the windows at the bottom.. there is a icon that says "Burn DVD ISO Image", click it..  Then when the dvd image burning thing comes up.. select a .iso file to burn..01:29
ubuntu__how do I mount root partition01:29
Dr_willisdoes the live cd auto mount existing  filesystems?  ive not noticed.01:30
biovoreI don't think it does01:30
Dr_willissudo mount /dev/hda1 (or whatever its called)  /media/mountpoint (thatmust exist)01:30
intelikeynetworking pro ?    what is   ?01:30
Dr_willisI test out so many live cd's i never an rember what ubuntu does.01:30
tuxwulfbiovore: yeah... that's what I did. Just the "burn medium" does nto change status, keeps at "Please insert DVD medium to write to", while a blank DVD is in there.01:30
Dr_willisIn many ways the ubuntu/kubuntu live cd's are rather.. lacking in ways. :)01:30
ubuntu__ran fdisk -l and shows /dev/sda2 as linux partition01:31
sub[t]rnlubuntu__➜ just keep in mind how grub recognizes partitions.  sda2 would be (hd0,3) in grub.01:32
intelikeylive CD is very lacking as an installer.   they shouldn't have tried to make it a gui install   should have just added a script to copy the system to a mountpoint and left the real install disk seperate.01:32
ubuntu__how do I correct problem01:32
intelikeyubuntu__ what problem ?01:33
sub[t]rnlubuntu__➜ see drwillis' post, (mount your root partition)01:33
ubuntu__how do I mount?01:33
ubuntu__from terminal window?01:33
sub[t]rnl <Dr_willis> sudo mount /dev/hda1 (or whatever its called)  /media/mountpoint (thatmust exist)01:33
intelikeysudo mkdir -p /mnt ;sudo mount /dev/sda2 /mnt01:34
intelikeylike dat   ^01:34
ubuntu__said it could not find device01:35
intelikeyand it's probably not a linux partition, it's probably an ms dos partition with a linux file system on it....01:35
ubuntu__ Device Boot      Start         End      Blocks   Id  System01:35
ubuntu__/dev/sda1   *           1        9972    80100058+   7  HPFS/NTFS01:35
ubuntu__/dev/sda2            9973       18749    70501252+  83  Linux01:35
ubuntu__/dev/sda3           18750       19457     5687010    f  W95 Ext'd (LBA)01:35
ubuntu__/dev/sda5           19104       19457     2843473+  82  Linux swap / Solaris01:35
ubuntu__/dev/sda6           18750       19103     2843442   82  Linux swap / Solaris01:35
sub[t]rnlodd, /dev/sda2 looks good01:35
intelikeysub[t]rnl note he showed us the fdisk -l   not the error message.01:36
ubuntu__ubuntu@ubuntu:~$ sudo mount /dev/hda101:36
ubuntu__mount: can't find /dev/hda1 in /etc/fstab or /etc/mtab01:36
ubuntu__ubuntu@ubuntu:~$ sudo mount /dev/sda201:36
ubuntu__mount: can't find /dev/sda2 in /etc/fstab or /etc/01:36
intelikeyprolly says /dev/hda   never mind01:36
sub[t]rnlubuntu__➜ copy and paste into a terminal what intelikey posted01:37
* intelikey wonders what part of "like this" is so hard???01:37
intelikeysudo mkdir -p /mnt ;sudo mount /dev/sda2 /mnt01:37
sub[t]rnlubuntu__➜ things will go smoother if you take our advice verbatim01:37
ubuntu__look like it mounted, what next01:38
billytwowillyHi, the text installer doesn't see my partitions. It just shows me a disk device when I select manual. when I go to the command line and type fdisk -l I see them all. How do I make the installer see them?01:39
intelikeyyou still never told me what your issue is.   so i have no idea what you are trying to do            other than mount the fs....01:39
Stratman4300Anyone seen any good howtos for java plugin in64 it konqueror???01:39
sub[t]rnlintelikey➜ error 15 in grub, grubs not pointing to the correct / partition01:39
sub[t]rnlhe needs root (hd0,3) in his menu.lst01:39
intelikeyah ok.    you want to     sudo nano /mnt/boot/grub/menu.lst01:40
ubuntu__looks like it mounted, what next01:40
intelikey                             ^01:40
ubuntu__I'm there and what  do I need to edit?01:41
intelikeyuse   ctrl+w  type in    kernel [enter]01:41
ubuntu__# menu.lst - See: grub(8), info grub, update-grub(8)01:41
ubuntu__#            grub-install(8), grub-floppy(8),01:41
ubuntu__#            grub-md5-crypt, /usr/share/doc/grub01:41
ubuntu__#            and /usr/share/doc/grub-doc/.01:41
ubuntu__## default num01:42
ubuntu__# Set the default entry to the entry number NUM. Numbering starts from 0, and01:42
intelikeyif the line starts with # press ctrl+v01:42
ubuntu__# the entry number 0 is the default if the command is not used.01:42
intelikeyand stop flooding.01:42
ubuntu__# You can specify 'saved' instead of a number. In this case, the default entry01:42
ubuntu__# is the entry saved with the command 'savedefault'.01:42
ubuntu__# WARNING: If you are using dmraid do not use 'savedefault' or your01:42
ubuntu__# array will desync and will not let you boot your system.01:42
ubuntu__default         001:42
ubuntu__## timeout sec01:42
ubuntu__# Set a timeout, in SEC seconds, before automatically booting the default entry01:42
ubuntu__# (normally the first entry defined).01:42
ubuntu__timeout         1001:42
sub[t]rnli'm just going to tell him01:43
ubuntu__what lines do I edit?01:43
Daisuke_Laptophe didn't just do what i think he did, did he?01:43
sub[t]rnlubuntu__➜ sed -i.bak '/^root/ c\root (hd0,3)' /boot/grub/menu.lst01:43
sub[t]rnland your done01:43
intelikeyerr actually ctrl+w enter    not ctrl+v  my bad.01:43
intelikeysub[t]rnl won't work if he's not root.01:44
sub[t]rnl:( sudo01:44
sub[t]rnlbah, need more coffee01:44
intelikeyme too.01:44
ubuntu__do I just delete # where menu.lst is01:44
ubuntu__not sure what to edit01:45
intelikeyyou find the kernel /boot/vmlinuz-2.6****   line and change the   root address01:45
intelikeyuse ^W01:45
intelikeyuse ^W01:45
intelikeyuse ^W01:45
intelikeymaybe use ^w01:45
intelikeydid you ever think of using ^w  ???01:46
Daisuke_Laptopthat's ctrl+w, not ^ + w01:46
intelikeyalready said ^ up there.   but he was busy flooding us.01:46
Daisuke_Laptopwell yes, and an interesting thing it was to walk into01:47
=== sjck_ is now known as sjck
intelikey<Daisuke_Laptop> he didn't just do what i think he did, did he?  <<< only twice01:48
sub[t]rnli thought this would have been a quick fix, but maybe I should have taken him through the grub shell install...01:49
intelikeysub[t]rnl :)     nothing is ever a quick fix with "where id my C:\"    you know.01:50
Daisuke_Laptopintelikey: you have five seconds to tell me you're joking.01:50
sub[t]rnlyeh, editing files must be getting more difficult these days :P01:50
intelikeyDaisuke_Laptop   ah   well01:50
Daisuke_Laptopbecause that's...  oh lord... *facepalm*01:50
yasahirohow does one view all files of a folder, including ones that start with a period..?01:51
=== dan is now known as danyyy
Daisuke_Laptopyasahiro: ls -a01:51
intelikeyDaisuke_Laptop   i guess you just as well get the "or else" ready...01:51
Daisuke_Laptopno or else.  the facepalm covered it :D01:51
ubuntu__still nt sure what to edit in menu.lst file01:51
intelikeyyasahiro   in konq the "show hiden" switch in the menu    on the cli   ls -A     "or -a if you want . .. also"01:52
ubuntu__I have  /vmlinuz root=/dev/hda2 ro01:53
Daisuke_Laptopi think i've passed some transitional level of linuxdom.  i instantly assumed he was talking about the cli :\01:53
intelikeyubuntu__          root    (hd0,0)   -to-    root    (hd0,1)     just above it  ?01:53
intelikeysub[t]rnl did you say  (hd0,3) ???01:54
sub[t]rnlyes sir01:54
intelikeysda4 ?01:54
ubuntu__it shows root as (hd0,1)01:54
intelikeyhda4 ?01:54
sub[t]rnlsda2 = hd0,301:54
yasahiroreason i asked...01:55
ubuntu__the kernel line reads /vmlinuz root=/dev/hda2 ro01:55
yasahirotheres a file named .xsession-errors in my home folder... thats 40GB...01:55
sub[t]rnlintelikey➜ my bad, sda4 would be hd0,3, your right01:55
intelikeyyasahiro ummm rm it01:55
ubuntu__need to change to hd0,3?01:56
intelikeysub[t]rnl you should have him check his device.map01:56
intelikeyyasahiro yes.    might    tail it first to get the last error message    but yes rm it.01:56
yasahiro...theres nothing in it01:57
dthackerhello, after yet another hard disk crash, I find myself needing to install Flash again.  Last time the (k)ubuntu package was broken.  What's the current best to to install the flash stuff for firefox?01:57
intelikeyyou can safely rm .xsession-errors   without adverse side affects01:57
sub[t]rnlubuntu__➜ you'll need root=/dev/sda2 in the kernel line, and above that   root (hd0,1)01:57
intelikeydthacker i think it's fixed now01:58
dthackerintelikey: really?  That would be so awesome.01:58
intelikeydthacker i "think" so yes.01:58
dthackerbest place to check before borking the new install would be....?01:59
ubuntu__shows windows as root (hd0,0) and linuz root (hd0,1)01:59
intelikeydthacker it's still best to use apt-get on it because of the EULA thingy01:59
Daisuke_Laptopit's fized.01:59
sub[t]rnlubuntu__➜ if your windows partition on /dev/sda1, then your all set01:59
Stratman4300what is the suggested way to get the Java Plugin working in 64 bit konqueror???01:59
Daisuke_Laptopfixed, too.01:59
Daisuke_LaptopStratman4300: go back to 32 bit :)02:00
Daisuke_Laptopwait, you said suggested, not easiest02:00
ubuntu__what do I use to edit it02:00
intelikeyso anyone know what  is ?02:00
BluesKaj!flash | dthacker02:00
ubotudthacker: To install Flash see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats/Flash (for !Dapper and !Edgy, a recent version is available in !backports) - See also !Restricted and !Gnash02:00
Stratman4300Daisuke_Laptop: yup...  suggested...  hehe.... i'd rather not go back to 32-bit02:01
ahmadhello gu help guys can you help me fix my wifi connection, i can't connect to any available wireless network02:01
sub[t]rnlubuntu__➜ kdesu kate /boot/grub/menu.lst &02:01
Daisuke_LaptopStratman4300: didn't we have this discussion before?02:01
sub[t]rnl!wireless > ahmad02:01
intelikeyubuntu__  nano is an editor.  you position the cursor and type.02:01
intelikeyDaisuke_Laptop he was looking at it in nano as root.02:01
Stratman4300Daisuke_Laptop: Don't think so??02:02
Daisuke_LaptopStratman4300: unless you're using 4gb02:02
Daisuke_Laptop+ of ram, 64 bit offers minimal if any real improvement02:02
Daisuke_Laptopdarn laptop enter key :(02:02
ubotuFor multimedia issues, this page has useful information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats - See also http://help.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/desktopguide/C/common-tasks-chap.html - But please use free formats if you can: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FreeFormats02:02
Stratman4300Daisuke_Laptop: i am using 4gb of RAM   ;)02:02
Daisuke_Laptopthen, i can see why02:03
Stratman4300Daisuke_Laptop: hence why i'd rather not go backwards...  :D02:03
Daisuke_Laptopnow, java in konqueror 64 bit02:03
Dr_williswith exactly 4gb of ram. You may or may not need 64bit to use it all....02:03
* intelikey wants one of those new 2T ram jobs02:05
yasahiroanother question..02:05
yasahirohow does one permanently delete a file, instead of moving it to the trash?02:05
intelikeyyasahiro rm02:05
* Daisuke_Laptop wants OMG $230 1TB HDD! link link link spamspamspam *grmbl*02:05
sparr_ive got a bunch of kubuntu 6.10 discs that i dont need.  is there anywhere i can send them that would want them?02:05
sparr_yasahiro: shift+delete, just like every other OS02:06
intelikeyor in konq you can enable an option to show delete or trash in the object menu02:06
intelikeyfor right click02:06
BluesKajyasahiro, sudo rm -rf /folder/where/file/was/installed02:06
Daisuke_Laptopsparr_: considered giving them to a school or something?02:07
intelikeysparr_ wasting "ship it"'s time and money are you ?02:07
sparr_intelikey: huh?02:07
Daisuke_Laptopintelikey: i did back when they were shipping breezy -_-02:07
sparr_Daisuke_Laptop: likely a waste if they dont want them02:07
Daisuke_Laptopso i help here to make up for it02:07
jcg42I'm trying to copy a CD in K3b. I want to use the same drive for copying and burning, but I don't get that option in the "Burn Medium" choices. It just says "Please insert an empty CD-R(W) medium...".02:07
Daisuke_Laptopor try to help, i don't always succeed02:08
Daisuke_Laptopsparr_: that's why you ask02:08
intelikeyDaisuke_Laptop you too eeh02:08
Daisuke_Laptopwhat was 5.04?02:08
intelikeyubuntu__ how is it comming ?02:08
Daisuke_Laptopwas that warty or...02:08
intelikeyno edgy02:09
intelikeywarty was 5.402:09
intelikeyerrr sory breezy02:09
intelikeycrap.  i forgot02:09
ubotuUbuntu releases a new version every 6 months. Each version is supported for 18 months to 5 years. More info at http://www.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/releases & http://wiki.ubuntu.com/TimeBasedReleases02:09
sparr_Daisuke_Laptop: too much work02:09
intelikeythat link has the list ^02:09
intelikeythe first one   iirc02:10
Daisuke_Laptopanyway, 5.04 was the release i got, so 2.5 years ago, almost 3.  and i ended up switching, so it must have worked out alright02:10
dthackerI installed flashplugin-nonfree through adept, but youtube says my version is old and lacks mojo.  What should I try now?02:11
Daisuke_Laptopi know it installs the latest version.  have you restarted firefox?02:11
dthackernope, please stand by.... :)02:12
* Daisuke_Laptop facepalms02:12
intelikeyyeah hoary was the second release.   warty hoary breezy dapper edgy fiesty gutsy hardy02:12
Daisuke_Laptopignoble, jocular, kawaii, luscious, motley, nefarious...  the list goes on and on02:13
yasahiroi did that02:14
intelikeyi didn't ever run warty  but was kinda around while they were organizing it in the planing stages.02:14
yasahirohowever... that 40GB is still being taken up, somewhere else...02:14
intelikeyran hoary and dapper so far.02:14
BluesKajstarted with dapper02:15
fideliohi everybody..new to the system and have a quick question on root password02:16
oloughlin75Every time I log on i get two kdesu boxes  -- one says its without arguments and the other says kde-windows-session-manager needs admin permissions02:16
fidelioany expert on the subject?02:16
oloughlin75fidelio: depends on what you consider advanced ;)02:16
Daisuke_Laptopi dual-booted windows and hoary, got rid of hoary, dual booted windows and sarge, got rid of sarge.  dual booted windows and dapper, got rid of dapper.  dual booted windows and edgy, got rid of windows.02:17
intelikeyi am one of the strong voices (though probably not very influential) speaking for LTS also.   dialup does not allow grabbing a new iso every few months   nor net upgrades.02:17
oloughlin75whats you question?02:17
intelikeyfidelio i know some.  what do you want to know.02:17
oloughlin75intelikey: your on dialup?!02:17
intelikeyoloughlin75 yep.02:17
oloughlin75Daisuke_Laptop: Hopefully on purpose?02:18
jcg42I'm trying to copy a CD in K3b. I want to use the same drive for copying and burning, but I don't get that option in the "Burn Medium" choices. It just says "Please insert an empty CD-R(W) medium...".02:18
fidelioolo and intel: i am trying to setup the java resolution02:18
Daisuke_Laptopoloughlin75: absolutely02:18
intelikeyDaisuke_Laptop heh.02:18
oloughlin75Daisuke_Laptop: Good ! :D02:18
dthackerDaisuke_Laptop: firefox is happy.  It plays videos.  Konq is not.02:18
fideliolauncher is asking for root password....02:18
Daisuke_Laptopfidelio: no it isn't02:18
Daisuke_Laptopit's asking for your password.02:18
oloughlin75fidelio: it is probbably your password to log on02:18
intelikeyfidelio try your user passew02:19
Daisuke_Laptopedgy was about the point where i saw that i could do everything i needed02:19
fideliodidn;t finis question...02:19
oloughlin75fidelio: finish it :D02:19
intelikeythen don't hit enter   ;/02:19
oloughlin75the only time i venture into windows is usually for my zune and its easier to deal with media in it02:20
oloughlin75editing tags and organizing files.folders02:20
fideliook...the lancher is asking for su/root password.. I have setup with sudo passwd et ect. and I have one.  Why when I type it in the java console it does nto get accepted?02:20
fidelioit says user not authorized...02:20
oloughlin75fidelio: whats the java console?02:21
intelikeyfidelio looks like your java is not setup for using sudo02:21
Daisuke_Laptopwhat in the...  what are you doing?02:21
fideliothe launher02:21
oloughlin75fidelio: youll never need to manually launch the JVM02:21
fideliolauncher is installNC.sh02:21
Daisuke_Laptopfidelio: are you familiar with repositories?02:21
fidelioI don't . did i say manually?02:21
Daisuke_Laptopso what launcher is this?02:22
intelikeyfidelio in another terminal     sudo passwd      set a root password   in the installer use the root password     then in the other terminal you can  sudo passwd -dl root02:22
fidelioI have done this  already and my root pw does not get recognised by the launcher.  this is for a vpn program..02:23
intelikeythat "will NOT" fix jave to use sudo   but might get you to a point where you can fix it.    i don't like java, and don't mess with it.02:23
fidelioI know I agree....I need this java to get to a vpn02:24
moo_coware there binary packages to get kde4 or do i have to compile it from source??02:25
oloughlin75moo_cow: Which version are you using?02:25
intelikey!vpn | fidelio been here ?02:25
ubotufidelio been here ?: From more information on vpn please refer to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Gaming_VPN_Using_PPTPD02:25
moo_cowoloughlin75: 7.1002:26
BluesKajfidelio, sometime ppl end up with different versions of java installed on their systems , one way to sort it out is to choose the one that runs best , which is usually the latest. In the terminal : sudo update-alternatives --config java02:26
unagiok i have quite a problem02:27
ubotuTo install a Java compiler/interpreter on Ubuntu, look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Java - For the Sun Java runtime install sun-java5-jre from the !Multiverse repository. Enable the backports repository on Edgy to install sun-java6-jre. Please don't use Adept to install Java if you are on Kubuntu 6.10 (Edgy) or earlier.02:27
oloughlin75moo_cow: follow the instructions: http://kubuntu.org/announcements/kde-4.0.1.php02:27
unagii added a couple of lines to my xorg, and my xserver hasnt loaded up but im not even getting an error02:27
Dr_willisthis is why one normally backups such files. :)02:27
intelikeyunagi startx ?02:28
moo_cowoloughlin75: :) thanks, you're great02:28
sub[t]rnlunagi➜ no errors in /var/log/Xorg.0.log?02:28
unagino screens found02:28
sub[t]rnlthat'd be an error02:28
k4everhi all, where can i find a k8 specific kernel?02:28
intelikeythen you've missconfig'd'd'd it02:28
* sub[t]rnl sips coffee02:29
unagiah i found it02:29
unagihow do i exit nano02:29
unagii love irssi =)02:29
nosrednaekimsub[t]rnl » ahh don't turn into genii02:29
sub[t]rnlnosrednaekim➜ muaha02:29
intelikeyunagi see the bottom two lines of the nano screen02:29
intelikeyunagi ^ is shorthand for ctrl02:30
oloughlin75Every time I log on i get two kdesu boxes  -- one says its without arguments and the other says kde-windows-session-manager needs admin permissions02:30
k4everi just need the name of a repository02:30
fideliook...thank you all.02:30
unagihow do i close out other shells02:30
intelikeyfidelio that fix you up   or are you going away mad ?02:30
intelikeyfidelio don't go away mad.   do like the rest of us and stay here mad   :)))02:31
fidelionever mad...I have 24h of ubuntu 6.0....just started...02:31
fidelioI got sick of windows.02:31
nosrednaekimoloughlin75 » well, don't enter the password, and then go into system settings->advanced->sessions and save the current as default02:32
yasahiroi got sick of windows in a matter of 5 hours02:32
intelikeyunagi ^C or ^D  ?02:32
oloughlin75nosrednaekim: should i close all the crap I have open so it doesnt load?02:32
intelikeyyasahiro slow poke02:32
fideliowell...it is not easy to shift to unix...02:32
Dr_willisi found it easy to shift to linux02:32
nosrednaekimoloughlin75 » yeah02:32
nosrednaekimI never switched.. I grew up with it02:33
Dr_willisThen again - im not afraid to RTFM. :) and google.. and learn.. and  Ghasp... Think! :)02:33
intelikeyfidelio first trick.   forget everything you know about computers.     that's the fastest way to learn linux02:33
shaffycan anyone tell me the command to delete all directories in a directory?02:33
Dr_willisfidelio,  Imporntant thing #2 about linux - it IS case SenSeStivE02:33
biovorerm -R02:33
shaffyall directories and files02:33
biovorerm -R02:33
intelikeyshaffy and preserver the files or wipe out all ?02:33
nosrednaekimrm -R *02:33
yasahiroi had no problems with windows, until it all of a sudden, one day, wouldnt let me open any programs, and i ended up finding that every single file i had was infected with a virus02:33
fidelioI got alreasy both points in less than 24h02:33
intelikeyrm -R .??* *02:34
shaffyintelikey:  no wipe out all files and directories02:34
biovorerm -R <directory>02:34
Dr_willisLinux tip #3 - be VERY carefull with wildcards/regular expressions to the various commands. :)02:34
intelikeynosrednaekim wont * skip the .files ?02:34
biovoreno it doesn't02:34
Dr_willis * will remove .files also i belive02:34
nosrednaekimintelikey » hum, I don't think so02:34
biovore* matches all02:34
intelikeyDr_willis test    echo *02:34
Dr_willisor am i thinking -RF02:34
shaffyi was thinking "sudo rm -R *.*"  but it didn't work02:35
Dr_willisintelikey,  that was tip #402:35
intelikeybiovore test    echo *02:35
Dr_willis shaffy   that does not mean the same *.* as it does in windows02:35
fideliowell..thanks again and I see you soon..I am sure I will be back..I am planning to upgrade to ubuntu 8.0..any advise?02:35
BluesKajyasahiro, yup, happened to a friend , but he still insists on using windows...the familiarity of the unadventurous02:35
Dr_willisusing 2 *'s is often a bad idea. :)02:35
nosrednaekiminteresting... not it doesn't delete anything with a .!02:36
intelikeybut .??* *   will get all in ./    if i'm not mistaken.02:36
Dr_willisls *.*02:36
Dr_willis  shows ONLY files with a . in the name02:36
intelikey.??* *02:36
yasahirowell, i couldnt use windows anymore, i did a complete format / reinstall02:36
nosrednaekimls -a does the same02:36
yasahiroit was still there02:36
biovore<something>.<something files02:36
* BluesKaj confesses to booting into windows once a week or so02:36
intelikeynosrednaekim but ls doesn't delete02:36
Daisuke_LaptopBluesKaj: you traitor -_-02:37
nosrednaekimintelikey » I was refering to Dr_willis's "ls *.*"02:37
Dr_willisls is a safer way to test your wildcards.. then rm :)02:37
BluesKajrootkit ?02:37
nosrednaekimbut yeah... he's right.. i'm wonrg02:37
intelikey>>>                       rm -R .??* *02:37
Dr_willisecho *.*02:37
yasahironot sure02:37
intelikeyyeah echo02:37
biovoreDr_willis: the wild card is program dependent02:37
shaffyokay, thanks guys.  :)02:37
Daisuke_LaptopBluesKaj: just teasing you, i still use windows software, i can't really say much02:37
yasahiroright when i started windows up, i couldnt open internet explorer, mspaint, or most others02:38
shaffyalso, how can i get a the size of of a directory?02:38
yasahirothe very first startup02:38
Dr_willisbiovore,  Huh? the things get expanede by BASH befor the command sees them.. Unless you quote them02:38
nosrednaekimshaffy » du -s DIR02:38
Dr_willisbiovore, and ive inly seen a few tools that actually have their own 'wildcard' featires.02:38
shaffythanks nosrednaekim02:38
biovoreDr_willis: perl and awk don't see it that way..02:38
intelikeydu -chs blah       /me likes02:38
Dr_willisThats a very big point. BASH expands them.    on the shell.02:38
BluesKajDaisuke_Laptop, yeah, I still use the scanner app in windows cuz my HP crappy scanner does better there.02:39
Dr_willisif you do some 'perlprogram *' it gets expanede by bash to be perlprogram whatever whatever2 whatever3   befor perl sees the command line.02:39
Daisuke_Laptopreally?  i found kooka was pretty darn good with my hp02:39
biovoreso rm * dosn't get hidden files..02:39
Dr_willisbiovore,  make a test dir and see. :)02:39
intelikeybiovore no02:39
intelikeybiovore    echo *02:39
intelikeybiovore    echo .??* *02:40
biovoreI am said it does get hidden files..02:40
BluesKajmaybe I'm doing some thing wrong with kooka Daisuke_Laptop , I dunno02:40
Dr_willisecho * dosent see them.. so i would think rm * wouldent see them either.02:40
Daisuke_LaptopBluesKaj: i never did anything even remotely high res though, so i dunno02:40
intelikeyi use two ? because i don't want .. to be in the list.02:40
biovore(it dosn't I mean.. dam typos)02:40
intelikey..* might backfire.02:40
Daisuke_Laptopbesides, i replaced my PSC 1510 with a brother 5250dn02:40
nosrednaekimBluesKaj » xsame works pretty well with my HP scanner02:40
Dr_willisintelikey,  yep.. stumbled upon that little issue befor also. :)02:41
sub[t]rnl"dam typos"02:41
biovorerm .* does remove hidden files in the current directory though..02:41
BluesKajweel, I need it for scanning legal docs that are sometimes a little old and need more contrast and clarity than kooka can provide02:41
_Angelus_somebody knows an mp3 encoder/compressor for linux?02:41
Dr_willisi think thats because rm sees the . and .. and knows to not mess with them02:42
Arwen_Angelus_, lame02:42
Daisuke_Laptop_Angelus_: lame.02:42
sub[t]rnl_Angelus_➜ lame02:42
_Angelus_im lame?02:42
_Angelus_or the prog?02:42
Dr_willis!info lame02:42
ubotulame (source: lame): LAME Ain't an MP3 Encoder. In component multiverse, is optional. Version 3.97-0.0 (gutsy), package size 268 kB, installed size 728 kB02:42
Daisuke_Laptopwell that was unanimous02:42
Dr_willisand yes. :)02:42
Daisuke_Laptop_Angelus_: you ripping cds?02:42
=== magical_trevsky is now known as MRDANGER
intelikeybiovore but as doc and me have been saying safty says don't use .*     because of regex .* will match everything including ../*02:42
ubotuFor multimedia issues, this page has useful information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats - See also http://help.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/desktopguide/C/common-tasks-chap.html - But please use free formats if you can: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FreeFormats02:42
Daisuke_Laptopor converting from some other format02:42
_Angelus_compressing mp3's for my mobile02:42
Daisuke_Laptopyeah.  good luck with that :D02:42
_Angelus_i want to make em smaller02:42
ArwenAAC is still the best audio codec and AVC the best video codec :-)02:43
* dthacker returns from two phone calls.02:43
sub[t]rnl_Angelus_➜ a bunch of them?02:43
intelikey_Angelus_ mp3 is already compressed02:43
shaffycan someone tell me how to make the ls command pause after each page of listings?02:43
_Angelus_intelikey: well i want it further compressed :P02:43
sub[t]rnl_Angelus_➜ find . -name '*.mp3' | while IFS= read f; do lame -V 9 "${f}" "$(dirname "$f")new$(basename "$f")"; done02:43
yasahirowell, thanks to my previous disk space problem..02:44
BluesKaj_Angelus_, you ears must love to be punshed02:44
dthackerOK, The flashplugin-nonfree lets the flaming fox play my football highlights.  Konqueror however, says I'm old and outdated.  How can I get konq to recognize the shiney new package.  (Yes, I did restart)02:44
intelikeywont save much.   but you might gain a little   better watch closely _Angelus_ i have seen compression tools make mp3's bigger rather than smaller.02:44
yasahiromy dolphin is giving me errors... "Unable to save bookmarks in /home/yasahiro/.kde/share/apps/d3lphin/bookmarks.xml"02:44
_Angelus_intelikey:  my 42year old father made the size 712kB02:44
intelikeycompression has to add data to the file.02:45
sub[t]rnlintelikey➜ lame is one of those that will do that if your not careful02:45
_Angelus_but on win not on linux02:45
intelikeysub[t]rnl gzip will to02:45
intelikeysub[t]rnl or pkzip02:45
shaffycan someone tell me how to make the ls command pause after each page of listings?  there is too much for one screen.02:45
sub[t]rnlyasahiro➜ sudo chown -R $(whoami):$(whoami) ~/.kde/share/apps/d3lphin/02:45
dthackershaffy: ls | more02:46
intelikeyshaffy pipe it through less    ls blah | less02:46
intelikeymore !   more is less than less02:46
intelikeyless is more than more.02:46
intelikeymore is sick in the head.   it's so 1980's02:47
shaffythanks.  less seems to do the job well :)02:47
sub[t]rnland if your more confused than when you entered the room, we've done our job02:47
_Angelus_is lame gui or cli?02:47
nosrednaekimlame is cli02:47
sparr_"the kde mediamanager is not running"  <--  how do i start it?02:47
intelikeyless is a real pager.   scrolls both ways   has search features   can page both dirrections....02:47
sparr_less is more!02:47
oloughlin75war is peace!02:47
intelikeyless is so much more than more.02:47
fidelioI am back..maybe you can help if you can solve the following...when I type sudo passwd root I can change my root password..when I tpye su..it asks for a password and when i tpye the same one i just changed it says"su: authentication failure" this is the same message I am gettign with java...are root and su the same thing or not?????02:48
sub[t]rnlsparr_➜ hald?02:48
_Angelus_well i want a GUI prog not a CLI one02:48
oloughlin75whats the cli acronym? commad line interface?02:48
nosrednaekimoloughlin75 » yup02:48
dthackerintelikey: I'm so 1980's, but how about that Konqueror flash question? :)02:48
Dr_willisCool Leet Interface02:48
sparr_sub[t]rnl: ive restarted hal to no avail02:49
Dr_willisfidelio,  that should be the same thing.02:49
oloughlin75Dr_willis: i take it your using bitchx?02:49
fideliodr_willis..why it is not in my system? any idea?02:49
intelikeyfidelio it is possable that they have screwed su on ubuntu     ls -l `which su`   to make sure it's not a symlink first    the use file  on it to make sure it's not a warper02:49
K-RyanQuestion; Console command to change resolution?02:49
Dr_willisoloughlin75,  im on a dumb terminal using kermit over a  serial cable  and 300 baud mode,02:49
sparr_K-Ryan: xrandr02:49
Dr_willisfidelio,  no idea on that.  Try 'sudo passwd' again perhaps.02:50
K-Ryansparr_: Thanks, writing that down finally...02:50
dthackerhe's playing TradeWarz too.02:50
intelikeydthacker 64bit ?02:50
moo_cowi was messing with some of the settings and i messed up the widgets in kde 4. i didnt know what i was doing. how can i reset the widgets back to default?02:50
dthackerintelikey: nope.  32 bit02:50
Dr_willisfidelio,  i also used the same password for my user and the root user. :) so i cheated02:50
intelikeydthacker kde4 ?02:50
dthackernope, kde3 on gutsy.02:50
sub[t]rnlK-Ryan➜ example xrandr --output VGA --mode 1600x120002:51
intelikeydthacker the !flash   should walk you right through it then.02:51
intelikey!flash | dthacker02:51
ubotudthacker: To install Flash see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats/Flash (for !Dapper and !Edgy, a recent version is available in !backports) - See also !Restricted and !Gnash02:51
dthackerintelikey:  If I installed the plugin for ff, shouldn't it work for konq?02:51
oloughlin75dthacker: nope02:51
nosrednaekimmoo_cow » run "rm .kde4/share/config/plasma*"02:51
dthackerbah.   load balancers are easier to configure than this......02:52
intelikeydthacker ummm oloughlin75 may know more about it than i do.   but i think the link ubotu said is what you want.02:52
fideliointel: i am not sure i understand wht you mean..02:53
nosrednaekimfidelio » that has always worked for me (sudo passwd root)02:53
intelikey    https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats/Flash       <<<02:53
fidelionos: what is happens when you toy only su?02:53
oloughlin75Extra Step for Konqueror. In Konqueror, click Settings → Configure Konqueror. Scroll down the side to Plugins. Click Scan for new plugins02:54
nosrednaekimfidelio » oh here we go.... run "sudo passwd"... that will work02:54
intelikeyfidelio cli commands#    ls -l `which su` ;file `which su`02:54
dthackerwell, I fell sheepish!  baaaaaaaaaa02:54
fidelionos..I knwo it works...i already done...the question is why does not work when I type su?...02:55
nosrednaekimoloughlin75 » whew.... how long have you been using linux?02:55
oloughlin75nosrednaekim: week? why?02:55
nosrednaekimfidelio » if you do sudo passwd instead of sudo passwd root, su will work02:55
shaffydoes anyone know if there is a minimal install cd for kubuntu?  or is just ubuntu?02:55
intelikeynosrednaekim oh, oh, ask me, ask me...02:55
nosrednaekimoloughlin75 » haha.... usually we don't have as quick of turn arounds from being helped to helping people... its a good thing :)02:56
fideliothird attempt...nos: it does not work on my cpu....this is my proble,02:56
Dr_willisnosrednaekim,  i dont see the logic of that either.. :)    but my system works.. heh heh02:56
nosrednaekimintelikey » oh... please do tell the class how long you have been abusing linux?02:56
nosrednaekimfidelio » what?02:56
* Dr_willis stands up and says.. Hello , My name is Willis.. and im a Linux Addict...02:56
dthackeroloughlin75: the pluginviewer keeps crashing.02:57
sub[t]rnlhi Dr_willis02:57
dthackerhi Dr Willis02:57
* nosrednaekim gives Dr_willis detention02:57
oloughlin75dthacker: konq kind of sucks :/ nosrednaekim knows what do to ;)02:57
* nosrednaekim sends Dr_willis with a note to the principal about his usage of performance enhancing substances02:58
dthackerKubuntu is a performance enhancing substance02:58
* intelikey stands up and says, i've been a linux junkey $((`date -S` - 4380216))02:58
Dr_willisnosrednaekim,  i gotta get some more Caffinated Soap!02:58
dthackerbrb, going to restart my session to see if kong feels better....02:59
oloughlin75sweet dreMS ARE MADE OF THIS02:59
Dr_williswell i have to go to work.......02:59
nosrednaekimintelikey » meh... I don't feel like translating that03:00
=== zakame_ is now known as zakame
oloughlin75what is it?03:01
fidelio~# ls -| which su;file which su03:01
fideliols: -: No such file or directory03:01
fideliowhich: ERROR: cannot open `which' (No such file or directory)03:01
fideliosu:    ERROR: cannot open `su' (No such file or directory)03:01
intelikeydaz cause you edited my post.03:03
intelikeythe ` marks are there for a reason03:03
intelikeyand there was no pipe in it03:03
fidelioas I said...started 24h ago...will try again03:03
intelikeyls -l `which su`;file `which su`03:04
dthackerOk, I'm back,  I ran the plugin scan, but now nspluginviewer crashes everytime I click on a video in konq03:04
intelikeytty2 [greg$dell.~] ls -l `which su`;file `which su`03:04
intelikey-rwsr-xr-x 1 root root 24008 Dec  7  1941 /bin/su03:05
intelikey /bin/su: setuid ELF 32-bit LSB executable, Intel 80386, version 1 (SYSV), for GNU/Linux 2.2.0, dynamically linked (uses shared libs), for GNU/Linux 2.2.0, stripped03:05
intelikeyyou should get something like that from it   ^03:05
nosrednaekimdthacker » the latest version of flash is, AFAIK, broken for konqueror because of something adobe changed03:05
nosrednaekimdthacker » just use firefox for flash03:06
dthackernosrednaekim: ok, just like to have more than one03:06
nosrednaekimfor flash?03:07
oloughlin75dthacker: flash works great in firefox03:07
intelikeywell maybe not.   it don't have java built in does it...03:07
nosrednaekimit doesn't have anything built in...can't even handle CSS afaik03:07
intelikey!info dillo03:08
ubotudillo (source: dillo): Small and fast web browser. In component universe, is extra. Version 0.8.5-4.1ubuntu1 (gutsy), package size 354 kB, installed size 956 kB03:08
intelikeyit's less than 1m installed03:08
sub[t]rnli use konqueror exclusively and have never seen a flash problem.03:08
nosrednaekimyeah.. tis awesome03:08
nosrednaekimsub[t]rnl » you sir are very lucky03:09
sub[t]rnlapt-show-versions |grep flash shows flashplugin-nonfree
Xbehavei want to replace the default powermanager aplet with kpowersave, is there a guide to doing this?03:09
nosrednaekimXbehave » yes, remove the default power applet and tell it not to start on login, then start kpowersave03:10
wadI just installed kubuntu on a new computer. The audio is all messed up, though. I run supertux, and it sounds all awful, with lots of ticks and hiccups in it. Also, the volume control on the bottom right doesn't have any effect. What's wrong?03:10
Xbehavenosrednaekim: it doesnt ask to not start at login03:11
ubotuWhen we use the term 'non-free', we mean that it is not Open Source. Software that is not open source cannot be fixed or improved by anyone except the software authors -- which is not us :(03:11
sub[t]rnlXbehave➜ another way, sudo mv /usr/share/autostart/guidance-power-manager{,.backup} then link the new one in your ~/.kde/Autostart dir03:12
oloughlin75nosrednaekim: whats there to use in place of alsaconf in *buntu?03:12
fideliointel: ls-|`which su`;file `which su`03:12
fideliobash: ls-: command not found/bin/su: ELF 32-bit LSB executable, Intel 80386, version 1 (SYSV), for GNU/Linux 2.2.0, dynamically linked (uses shared libs), for GNU/Linux 2.2.0, stripped root@fidelio-laptop:/home/fidelio#03:12
sub[t]rnlfidelio➜ copy and paste is your friend03:12
sub[t]rnl(cause your still mangling intels command)03:13
sub[t]rnl-l != -|03:13
intelikeysay i was having an issue with trying to use the exit in "gah know me"   it kept hanging with error message "dbus message bus not running  \n you need to start the message bus befor powermanager can launch \n it is HIGHLY RECOMENDED that you restart your computer after starting dbus"    (not verbatum but the jest of it.)        does anyone know how to totally disable power manager in gnome ?03:13
intelikeyfidelio that's nice.      told you there is no pipe in the strang i posted.03:14
sub[t]rnlstrang :D03:14
intelikeyand you keep removing spaces too.03:14
fideliowe need a linux more flexible...:)))03:15
Daisuke_Laptopwait wait what?03:15
Daisuke_Laptopwe need...  a more flexible linux?03:15
intelikeylinux is probably the most flexable OS in existance03:15
Daisuke_Laptoplet's put this in comic book metaphors03:15
Daisuke_Laptopwindows is the thing03:15
Daisuke_Laptoplinux is like...  reed richards03:15
sub[t]rnl+1 nerd points to Daisuke_Laptop03:16
oloughlin75linux isnt flexible as in its VERY easy to break03:16
Daisuke_Laptopthat's not what flexible means though03:16
Daisuke_Laptopit's easy to break a bone, but that doesn't mean your body as a whole isn't flexible03:17
Arwenyes it is03:17
Arwenflexible means easily bent03:17
intelikeylinux is all about freedom.   and as such has more ways to get from point-A to point-42 than any other OS i know of.03:17
oloughlin75its a use :)03:17
Arwenif something breaks, it hasn't bended03:17
oloughlin75easily bent but not broken03:17
Arwenanyway, GAH, firefox3 spams some kind of url-suggester in the location bar03:17
intelikeyoloughlin75 linux is only easy to break because it is flexable.03:17
Daisuke_LaptopArwen: and it can be easily "bent", or configured to do pretty much whatever you want03:17
Arwenand there's no option to turn it off03:17
Daisuke_LaptopArwen: not a fan of it myself03:17
sub[t]rnllisten, I'll sum up linux with a pic http://azurehat.com/scrapbook/hello/2245815/1024/orchid-flexibility-ad-2005.09.04-19.19.50.jpg03:17
nosrednaekimoloughlin75 » alsaconf? the file?03:17
Daisuke_Laptopit's basically a built-in history search :\03:18
oloughlin75intelikey: linux is only fragile begause it is inflexible :)03:18
intelikeyoloughlin75 most of what you call "break" is only bent anyway03:18
Arwennot cool03:18
ArwenDaisuke_Laptop, the main issue is that it's too large :-\03:18
intelikeyoloughlin75 it's not fragile.03:18
Daisuke_LaptopArwen: i agree, large bold type...  i don't want everyone within a 10-foot radius knowing what sites i've been to03:18
oloughlin75i ocnsider losing all GUI and dropping to the console fragile when im used to windows :) im not completely comfortable in the command line yet03:19
Daisuke_Laptopget comfortable03:19
intelikeyDaisuke_Laptop heh.  then don't go to those kind of sites!03:19
Arwenoloughlin75, deal with it03:19
Daisuke_Laptopintelikey: i just use opera for that sort of browsing03:20
Arwencommand-lines are a fact of life03:20
oloughlin75Arwen: am i=on linux aren i? :D03:20
intelikeyoloughlin75 i don't consider not having a gui any hinderance at all.03:20
Daisuke_Laptopoloughlin75: it's not windows, and the cli has saved my butt on more than one occasion03:20
Arwen(Ubuntu does need to set up console framebuffers though, 640x480 = nothing to see here, move along)03:20
Arwenwhy aren't fbs on by default is the real question03:20
intelikeyArwen NO!03:21
intelikeyArwen the use of fbcon has been the source of more install issues than every other issue added togather.03:21
sub[t]rnlArwen➜ head -n 3 /etc/modprobe.d/blacklist-framebuffer03:22
sub[t]rnlat least thats their reasoning03:22
Arwenyeah, and their reasoning is BROKEN03:22
fidelioIntel: -rwxr-xr-x 1 root admin 24008 2006-07-11 05:51 /bin/su /bin/su: ELF 32-bit LSB executable, Intel 80386, version 1 (SYSV), for GNU/Linux 2.2.0, dynamically linked (uses shared libs), for GNU/Linux 2.2.0, stripped root@fidelio-laptop:/home/fidelio#03:22
sub[t]rnli agree with you.03:22
intelikeyArwen what ubuntu needs to do is make it easy for the user to setup fbcon  and not configure it at all for them.03:22
oloughlin75whats used in place of alsaconf in *buntu?03:22
nosrednaekimfidelio » did you try running "sudo passwd" yet?03:22
nosrednaekimoloughlin75 » the file?03:22
Arwenoh, but I did try to use radeonfb. It doesn't work (TM).03:23
oloughlin75nosrednaekim: the program03:23
Newbuntu2can anyone help me with VNC? If I try to open synaptic manager, or wait a few minutes, it freezes my linux box...03:23
oloughlin75nosrednaekim: scans your hardware an apokues the right driver03:23
nosrednaekimoloughlin75 » wasn't aware there was such a program.... alsamixer?03:23
nosrednaekimoloughlin75 » hum... can you get it03:23
oloughlin75no, its not inclused in buntu03:23
Arwenalsamixer is a curses-based mixer...03:23
nosrednaekim!search alsaconf03:23
intelikeyArwen fbcon is like dragons.  not really made to be trifeled with.    and not for the faint of heart.03:23
nosrednaekim!info alsaconf03:23
ubotuPackage alsaconf does not exist in gutsy03:23
oloughlin75but it does exist in the official alsa-utils03:24
nosrednaekim"Do not meddle in the affairs of dragons, for you are crunchy and taste good with ketchup"03:24
* Arwen is looking forward to the improved vesafb in kernel 2.6.24. w00t, custom modes.03:24
nosrednaekimoloughlin75 » thats odd, and you would know cause you compliled from source :)03:24
intelikeyand trying to automate a setup for all the thousands of known facets of frame buffering and the quickly comming with each new gfx card, thousands of additional facets...  well it's stupid.  imo03:25
inaetywhenever i try to watch a dvd on kaffeine it tells me there is no plugin to handle dvd://03:25
Daisuke_Laptopintelikey: i could have sworn i said that the other day.  told you it was an awesome line :)03:25
Daisuke_Laptop(the dragon thing)03:25
ubotuFor playing DVD, see http://help.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/desktopguide/C/video.html - "libdvdcss2" can be found at !Medibuntu or (for Feisty and earlier) http://wiki.ubuntu.com/SeveasPackages - Try k9copy (available in !Universe) for backing up DVDs03:26
unagidoes anyone here happen to run maya on kde?03:26
inaetynosrednaekim: i have libdvdcss2 installed. sorry i forgot to mention03:26
nosrednaekiminaety » do you have libdvdread installed?03:26
intelikeyDaisuke_Laptop yes you mentioned it.  and someone has a quit message with a simular quote too03:26
inaetynosrednaekim: yes.  and something interesting just happened.  mplayer nor kaffeine works. but dragon player works03:26
nosrednaekimwell, dragon player for teh win then :)03:27
cicero123hello room03:27
nosrednaekimhey cicero12303:27
inaetynosrednaekim: haha.  but i like kaffeine.  it's my favourite03:27
cicero123nosrednaekim: hey03:27
inaetynosrednaekim: and i just want things to work.03:27
unagii have a 3d animation program that when i run in kde, instead of rotating when i click in a blank area of the rotate tool, it tries to select instead of rotating, does anyone know why it could be doing this?03:27
nosrednaekiminaety » yeah, so do I. I wonder why its saying that.03:27
intelikeyfidelio sorry i was ranting.  but yes that's the problem.  "Intel: -rwxr-xr-x 1 root admin 24008 2006-07-11 05:51 /bin/su "  <<<< not suid03:27
inaetynosrednaekim: do you want the mplayer error?03:28
nosrednaekiminaety » why not :)03:28
cicero123is sun java 6 an essential program?03:28
oloughlin75cicero123: only if you have java programs03:28
intelikeyfidelio what that means in newbish terms.  is the permissions bit is incorrect.03:28
inaetynosrednaekim: failed to open dvd://103:28
oloughlin75cicero123: some web programs require java to run03:29
oloughlin75cicero123: not that many though03:29
cicero123oloughlin75:  okay. i dl with the firewall prog03:29
cicero123*it dl-ed with the firewall program03:29
oloughlin75then its needed03:29
fidelioIntel: how do I fix this?03:30
unaginevermind i fixed ity03:30
nosrednaekiminaety » uhh I guess permissions are ok too if dragon player works03:30
cicero123do i need an anit-virus with uuntu?03:30
sub[t]rnlfidelio➜ sudo chmod u+s /bin/su03:30
inaetynosrednaekim: yeah i also tried running kaffeine in root03:30
intelikeyfidelio if you want to try to fix it, run this verbatum #          sudo chmod 4755 /bin/su03:30
nosrednaekimcicero123 » nope03:30
sub[t]rnlnow whats really interesting, is when you start seeing new suid programs pop up (ruh roh)03:31
unagiError: "/var/tmp/kdecache-unagi" is owned by uid 1000 instead of uid 0. Error: "/tmp/ksocket-unagi" is owned by uid 1000 instead of uid 0.03:31
unagiwhat does that mean03:31
intelikeysub[t]rnl yeah.03:31
nosrednaekimunagi » probably kdesudo errors03:31
sub[t]rnlthen its time to bring down the network...03:31
unagiwhich means what nosrednaekim03:31
Daisuke_Laptopunagi: it means that those inodes are owned by user id 1000 rather than user id 003:31
intelikeysub[t]rnl then it's time to pull the eth cable and start examining things closely.03:31
sub[t]rnlroger that03:31
nosrednaekimunagi » is something not working?03:31
unagiDaisuke_Laptop: and that would be fixed how03:31
cicero123one last question. i get hal-storage-fixed-mount-all-options refused uid 1000 error when i click on one of my ntfs disks. how do i fix that?03:32
unaginosrednaekim: no they just pop up randomly03:32
ubotuTo install Flash see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats/Flash (for !Dapper and !Edgy, a recent version is available in !backports) - See also !Restricted and !Gnash03:32
Daisuke_Laptopunagi: it means don't use sudo for gui programs03:32
nosrednaekimcicero123 » modify the mount permissions in system settings->advacned disks and partitions03:32
unagiX Error: BadDevice, invalid or uninitialized input device 171 what does this mean03:32
sub[t]rnlintelikey➜ i keep find . -type f -a \( -perm -2000 -o -perm -4000 \) -print on a cron with diff03:32
nosrednaekimcicero123 » if that doesn't work, run "sudo chmod a+rw mountpoint"03:33
unagiDaisuke_Laptop: so if im not suppose to use sudo for kate how do i edit files03:33
oloughlin75unagi: kdesu kat /file/03:33
intelikeysub[t]rnl but that is easily circumvented with chmod 5*** 6*** or 7*** blah03:33
oloughlin75unagi: kdesu kate /file/03:34
unagiX Error: BadDevice, invalid or uninitialized input device 171 what does this mean03:34
sub[t]rnlyeh :/03:34
cicero123nosrednaekim:  what do i modify the permissons to? or is it easier to sudo?03:34
intelikeysub[t]rnl i would have pointed out 3 but i don't cound sgid that big of a deal03:34
Xbehavehow do i fix this? "FATAL: Error inserting acpi_cpufreq (/lib/modules/2.6.22-14-generic/kernel/arch/i386/kernel/cpu/cpufreq/acpi-cpufreq.ko)"03:34
nosrednaekimcicero123 » modify the moun permissions to mountable by all03:35
nosrednaekimok, have to go.... later all.03:35
Daisuke_Laptopunagi: that means absolutely nothing03:35
oloughlin75c ya nosrednaekim03:35
intelikeyfidelio is     su     working now ?03:35
Daisuke_Laptopit means it's looking for a wacom tablet and isn't seeing one.  if you don't have one, no worries03:36
* intelikey thinks "he better say yes"03:36
cicero123nosrednaekim:  "any user may enable/disable at any time"?03:36
Daisuke_Laptopif you DO, then there could be issues03:36
Daisuke_Laptopcicero123: how many people use the machine, really03:36
intelikeyDaisuke_Laptop that ^ doesn't require root perms ?03:37
Daisuke_Laptopintelikey: ... sure03:37
cicero123it wants to create a mountpoint named <mountpoint>03:37
intelikeysorry  not @ you03:37
intelikey<cicero123> nosrednaekim <<< ^ that ^ doesn't require root perms ?03:38
cicero123Daisuke_Laptop: i dont know, sorry. i know enough to be dangerous.03:38
cicero1232 people use this machine.03:39
cicero123but i would be the only one accessing that drive from linux. others would access it with either win2k or vista03:39
cicero123on different machines03:39
=== ubuntu_ is now known as xt828
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about speedstep - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi03:40
cicero123it created a mountpoint called <mountpoint> and now it cant find the drive03:41
cicero123i am going to run the sudo command. i dont understand it but sudo seems to work better than the filesettings gui....03:45
intelikeycicero123 terminal command      mount | grep '<'03:45
* intelikey wonders if that "pointy clicky thingy" has really mounted on <mountpoint>03:46
cicero123intelikey: k.03:47
oloughlin75i know this is off topic but:03:47
oloughlin75The Department of Agriculture on Sunday announced by far the largest recall of beef in history, calling for the return of 143 million pounds of ground beef from a California slaughterhouse that supplies school lunch programs.03:47
=== darth_suicune is now known as dark_suic
oloughlin75The acknowledgment came after the Humane Society of the United States distributed an undercover video on Jan. 30 that showed workers kicking sick cows and using forklifts and electric shocks to force them to walk.03:47
intelikeyoloughlin75 people will do anything for the camera if you pay them enough...   ;/03:48
* sub[t]rnl sets down his quiznos03:48
oloughlin75electric shocks to get a cow to move to feed to your famils :/03:49
cicero123intelikey: wow. okay. directory for the disk is downloading....03:49
intelikeycicero123 ?03:49
intelikeycicero123 heh you got that from that command ?03:50
cicero123intelikey: it froze. now i am getting Failed to mount '/dev/hdc1': Permission denied.03:50
thechrisoloughlin75: well, they don't need to do a recall, just transfer the beef to taco bell...03:50
intelikeyoloughlin75 and cattle prood was invented to get cows to move.   and hogs too.03:51
intelikeyfar better than beating them.03:51
* intelikey is omiting the "sick" portion of that post on purpose.03:52
Daisuke_Laptopugh...  so it turns out i may actually be able to switch mom over to linux03:52
shazow_Hiya, my sound in lash isn't working in Firefox (3.0) ever since I did a fresh install.  I have two sound cards, /dev/dsp1 and /dev/dsp2, I tried setting /etc/firefox/firefoxrc's FIREFOX_DSP="aoss", "auto" and "no" but no help... any ideas what else I could try?03:52
intelikeyshazow_ point it at alsa ?03:53
fideliointel: sorry i got log out after logging to my vpn...but this is another problem...03:53
cicero123from the gui03:53
cicero123from dolphin when i try to mount it03:53
shazow_intelikey: no luck...03:53
cicero123intelikey: from dolphin when trying to mount it03:54
intelikeyshazow_ i'll pass then.   someone else will have to step in on that.03:54
shazow_i'm getting this output from firefox stdout when i view a flash video: http://pastebin.com/m3397bdbf03:54
oloughlin75cicero123: richt click in dolphin -> properties -> uncheck mount as user03:54
intelikeycicero123 can you pastebin the fstab file for me ?03:54
* intelikey liked the quote "the only place for dolphin is in cans of tuna"03:56
surgyim looking for a 2d tile map editor for linux, no gimp wont do, anyone have any suggestions?03:56
cicero123intelikey: when i use ---> sudo chmod a+rw mountpoint from yakuake it just goes to the next line with an empty command prompt03:56
intelikeyno error means no error03:57
cicero123intelikey: what command do i use to get the fstab file?03:57
oneeyedelf1is there an easy way to install vmware server 2?03:58
intelikeycicero123 cat /etc/fstab03:58
intelikeyoneeyedelf1 is the server free ?03:58
intelikey!vmware | oneeyedelf1 the player is...03:59
ubotuoneeyedelf1 the player is...: VMWare Player is in Ubuntu's !Multiverse repository (package "vmware-player", not available for Gutsy, only Feisty and Edgy), and http://www.easyvmx.com/easyvmx.shtml can create VMs for it. Instructions can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VMware - See also !virtualizers03:59
cicero123intelikey: http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/56444/03:59
oneeyedelf1player won't do, and the server is in the partner repositories, but it is only the 1.04 build, same version I currently have04:00
oloughlin75oneeyedelf1: compile from source?04:00
intelikeycicero123 oh my.  you did make it do  <mount\040point>    hehe.04:00
oneeyedelf1oloughlin75: yeah04:00
oneeyedelf1I had to, the repos wouldn't install, it hung04:01
cicero123intelikey: i dont know...04:01
intelikeycicero123   kdesudo kate /etc/fstab    and fix that.   you don't want any redirrects in there   i.e.  <>|04:01
cicero123intelikey: sorry. i am just learning this stuff. one week and a couple of days.04:01
intelikeycicero123 we're patient.  just hang in there.04:02
sub[t]rnli'm not!04:02
cicero123intelikey: hehe. i really like the system, and you guys have been great.04:03
intelikeycicero123 change the word   <mount\040point>   to  /media/hdc104:03
cicero123intelikey: fstab- kate came up with a bunch of stuff04:03
intelikey kdesudo kate /etc/fstab04:04
intelikeychange the word   <mount\040point>   to  /media/hdc104:04
intelikeysave and exit.04:04
intelikeyerr actually  line 11 #   " /dev/fd0 /media/floppy0 auto user,atime,noauto,rw,dev,exec,suid 0 0 "   should probably read   " /dev/fd0 /media/floppy0 auto user,atime,noauto,rw,dev,exec,sync 0 0 "04:05
cicero123intelikey: keen. kate is a text editor. (didnt mean to be so dense.lol)04:06
intelikeycicero123 you probably only have about 8 or 9 text editors installed at the moment.  and that assumes you only have kubuntu-desktop   not multiple desktop env's04:07
cicero123intelikey:  can' have enough text editors. lol04:08
intelikeytrival and OT     but i usually am.04:08
cicero123intelikey: k. i replaced line 11.04:08
intelikeyyou did edit line 12 also04:09
ubotu#kubuntu is the official Kubuntu support channel, for all Kubuntu-related support questions. Please use #kubuntu-offtopic for general chatter. Thanks!04:09
cicero123intelikey: okay, i am still getting permission denied errors when trying to mount the hard drive from dolphin.04:09
intelikeyoloughlin75 so you can see that i usually am...04:09
intelikeycicero123 close it and reopen it.   maybe04:10
intelikeycicero123 heck.  even reset xorg just to make sure all env stuff is reset.     close all windows and   ctrl+alt+backspace04:11
cicero123oops the error is from the kio_media_mounter. it reads:  Error opening partition device: Permission denied Failed to mount '/dev/hdc1': Permission denied04:11
oloughlin75cicero123: sudo -command-04:12
oloughlin75cicero123: for whatever you just did04:12
intelikeyno  not in kio oloughlin7504:12
intelikeyespecally not sudo04:12
cicero123trying to get a ntfs hard drive to mount04:12
cicero123intelikey: k. i will reboot. bbiab.04:13
intelikeyok.  but i didn't say reboot.04:14
cicero123intelikey: sorry. i misunderstood04:14
intelikeydo how you want to.   i only mentioned resetting xorg  not the whole system04:14
cicero123intelikey: i hit cntrl+alt+backspace.04:14
intelikeycicero123 oh.  kde4.    umm   sudo /etc/init.d/?dm restart04:15
intelikeysudo /etc/init.d/?dm restart04:15
yasahiro?dm... thats.. interesting...04:16
oloughlin75does kd4 break all the system settings things in kde4?04:17
oloughlin75kde4 kde3*04:17
unagi?dm restart doesnt work for me04:17
intelikeyyasahiro why so ?     using ? for a cli wildcard for any single char started in the 1980's04:17
intelikeyunagi not using a dm eeh ?04:18
intelikeythen it should work.   you sure you sudid it ?   sudo /etc/init.d/?dm restart04:18
oloughlin75lol why not use *?04:19
unagihow different is unix from linux04:19
intelikeyoloughlin75 cause * matches things i don't want to match.    echo /etc/init.d/?dm      and then  echo /etc/init.d/*dm   and you'll see04:19
ubotuUNIX is an operating system created in the '70s, which has many direct derivates and inspired systems like Minix and !Linux. Most "UNIX-style" systems try to somewhat adhere to the POSIX standard.04:20
intelikeyunagi there are large differances.   like brother and sister  twins04:21
unagiis unix all text or gui based04:21
intelikeya lot alike   a lot different04:21
intelikeyunagi no04:21
student__денис лох04:21
ubotuПожалуйста посетите #ubuntu-ru для получения помощи на русском языке  / Pozhalujsta posetite #ubuntu-ru dlya polucheniya pomoshi na russkom yazyke04:21
unagino to both?04:21
intelikeyunagi yes no to both.  you did not supply an otpion for "has both"04:22
studentмы вообще где ?:)04:22
unagithe question was is unix text based....or is unix gui based04:22
unagiif it isnt either then what is it, punch cards?04:22
intelikeyunagi you said "is unix all text or gui based"   the answer to that is "NO"   it's textbased with several gui's04:23
intelikeyunagi much like linux04:23
intelikeycicero123 report ?04:24
cicero123reHello the computer locked up. i had to manually shut it off after that command. lol. but everything is running 3X faster and the drive is mounted. :)04:24
oloughlin75good :D04:25
intelikeycicero123 ummm   probably an issue with disk i/o   on <mount%20point>   which is a really bad idea. :)04:25
cicero123intelikey: i dont think the slumber, and shut off settings work right. but the system is running much faster and i can access the drive. :)04:25
intelikeycicero123 ok if you are finished with me for a while.  i have other things to attend.04:26
cicero123intelikey: thanx again, intelikey04:26
intelikeyshalom !04:27
cicero123thank you everyone. :)04:27
=== student is now known as DeVa
mefisto__how do I autoidentify with konversation? what do I put in under "service" ? "/msg nicserv identify" ?04:28
oloughlin75mefisto__: i think all you do is add a password to your server and itll identify you04:28
oloughlin75edit the server and add the password04:29
mefisto__oloughlin75: there's a "service" field and a "password" field04:29
DeVai'am sorry. wher we are   ? ))04:29
no0ticmefisto__, service NickServ, password, your password04:29
DeVapeople, we just student) help us))04:30
oloughlin75DeVa: what?04:30
DeVa<oloughlin75>, we are russian students)04:31
ubotuПожалуйста посетите #ubuntu-ru для получения помощи на русском языке  / Pozhalujsta posetite #ubuntu-ru dlya polucheniya pomoshi na russkom yazyke04:32
Berzerkercan linux read a FAT32 drive on a GUID partition scheme?04:38
oneeyedelf1Is there a program I can install to control the guidance cpu throttling?04:38
oneeyedelf1someitmes I wanna turn it off04:38
oloughlin75oneeyedelf1: on  laptop, right click the battery and change the cpu policy04:39
oneeyedelf1not on a laptop04:39
oloughlin75not sure than :/04:39
oloughlin75Berzerker: i think it can04:40
ubotuПожалуйста посетите #ubuntu-ru для получения помощи на русском языке  / Pozhalujsta posetite #ubuntu-ru dlya polucheniya pomoshi na russkom yazyke04:40
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kioskkubuntu rocks!04:42
Tw|sTyeah, it really does04:43
Tw|sTI dig it too, hardcore like04:43
Tw|sTI've been deploying it like mad04:44
kioskdoes gusty kernel come with IPX support?04:44
kioskor do I need to make a special one04:44
kioskI am just a home user04:44
kioskBut I am going to set up my family and friends with it if they let me. . .04:45
Tw|sTkiosk: , have you ran a google search for 'Ubuntu IPX' ?04:45
kioskTw|sT: I'll give that a try04:45
Tw|sTit'll probably be the quickest way to that answer.  that's what I always check first, then if in doubt, I check here.04:46
mefisto_ I'm considering compiling/installing a patched ati driver to get TVout to work. If it doesn't work and I want to revert to my current ati driver from official repos, how do I uninstall the patched driver? Do I just reinstall the standard ati driver from repos? I'm following this guide: http://wiki.cchtml.com/index.php/Tvout04:47
soldanrhey guys, I am having trouble using the ntfs-3g package, it installs but I can't mount the drive04:47
Tw|sTkiosk : also as around #Ubuntu, since both Ubuntu & Kubutu are at their core the same OS.04:47
Tw|sTkiosk : err, ask, I mean... heh04:47
Tw|sTnot as04:48
=== dark_suic is now known as dark_suic_away
Tw|sTThe major differences are the desktop environment loadouts and the desktop managers that are loaded by default for each.  Personally, I prefer to install Synaptic Package Manager, then both the KDE & Gnome Metapackages.  This gives me a full environment to start with, which I customize to need per system from there.04:49
kioskTw|sT: did i type the pm correctly for IRC?  (in red?)04:49
Tw|sTkiosk : try /query Tw|sT04:50
Tw|sTthat'll open a separate message window04:50
kioskTw|sT: says I'm blocked because I'm not registered.  Neat though.  I should register so I can use that04:52
=== sjck_ is now known as sjck
Tw|sTHmm...  yeah.  just register your nick thru nickserv.  should be something like /msg nickserv register yourchoiceofpassword youremailaddress04:53
Tw|sTatleast that's what it is on the network I run, which uses a platform nearly identicle to freenode's04:54
Tw|sTthey use Hyperion IRCD, I use UnrealIRCD.  Not sure what they use as far as services though, but I use espernet IRC services.04:54
Tw|sTI run them on a 64bit AMD system running Kubuntu x6404:55
Tw|sTIt's mostly local techs, but we have a few international users04:55
Tw|sTSorta a small technical community04:56
Tw|sTwe use teamspeak in combination with IRC when we have to do any kinda massive collaboration... and sometimes Video chat.04:56
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ubotuПожалуйста посетите #ubuntu-ru для получения помощи на русском языке  / Pozhalujsta posetite #ubuntu-ru dlya polucheniya pomoshi na russkom yazyke05:01
default_ophi  all.   What's the difference between firefox and ubufox?05:05
default_opwhich is faster?05:05
default_opalso do others get slow downs when firefox displays flash sections?  like youtube images before you press to watch05:06
yasahirodoes anybody know if the iBasso D1 is compatible with kubuntu?05:06
LeeJunFandefault_op: yeah, flash uses a ton of CPU even when it's not playing the video it's usually got something goin on.05:08
LeeJunFanyou really notice it on a laptop where the CPU steps up as needed, don't leave a youtube video sitting idle while you're on battery.05:09
default_opLeeJunFan: thanks I thought it maybe my own problem.05:09
mefisto_default_op: the current flash plugin works much better for me. put about:plugins in firefox to see which flash version you have installed05:09
default_opmefisto_: ok. what do you mean by put about05:10
mefisto_Shockwave Flash 9.0 r11505:10
default_opok wait.05:10
mefisto_default_op: in the address bar, type "about:plugins" and enter05:11
default_opmefisto_: Shockwave Flash 9.0 r11505:12
default_opmefisto_: so same version05:12
default_opmefisto_: there definitly seems a problem as windows doesn't slow down.  a bug needs to be fix I guess05:12
mefisto_default_op: I'm also using the firefox-3.0 beta preview, which seems noticably faster than firefox 205:13
default_opoh.  I installed that but how do you use it?05:13
mefisto_default_op: should be in internet sub-menu as Firefox 3 Web Browser05:14
mefisto_default_op: if not, alt-f2 and enter firefox-3.005:14
AndreSTCdamn, i acidentaly uninstalled part of my libxml2 library, and now everything is f³%¨&%& up... i cant even startx or anything05:14
default_opnpe no firefox 3 icon there05:15
default_oplet me look in user bins05:15
default_optrying f205:15
mefisto_default_op: did you install firefox 3 from official repos?05:15
default_opmefisto_: it runs gran paradiso05:16
default_opis that f3?05:16
mefisto_default_op: that's what I originally installed, but a few days later there was an update that upgraded it to 3.0b3pre (from firefox help menu, about)05:17
default_opmefisto_: ok05:18
default_opI'll fetch updates in Adept to see if there's updates05:18
default_opmefisto_: do you know of a firefox repository05:19
default_opmefisto_: in fire3 you can select what plays the flash.  I'm going to test out the VLC addin for firefix and have that playt he FLV content05:21
fidelioI am trying to get VPN access and the java applet gives back this message: RPM query for openssl failed.  Anybody know what is it?05:22
default_opmefisto_: I'm really loving Kubuntu05:22
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mefisto_default_op: it came from official ubuntu repos, universe. if you still have adept running, go to "manage repositories" and see if universe is enabled05:23
default_opmefisto_: I'm using local ISP rep for data saving.  I might check what it find with official05:24
default_opmefisto_: the flash is much faster than fire2, but going to test vlc soon05:24
mefisto_default_op: you're in australia, yes?05:25
default_opmefisto_: yes05:25
default_opmefisto_: on netspace melbourne05:25
mefisto_I've got http://ftp.iinet.net.au/pub/ubuntu in "download from" in adept's manage repositories05:26
default_opmefisto_: cool.  I use netspace as it doesn't chew my data allocation05:27
default_opif I use other pipe pops then I'll clock up data use05:27
mefisto_default_op: same with me, iinet downloads aren't metered05:27
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=== sp219 is now known as speaker219
default_opmefisto_: I guess you have night and day allocations.  In my night I use all the allocation up and then pump pipe for full free data.05:28
=== zakame__ is now known as zakame
default_opmefisto_: use ip filters in utorrent, etc.  on adsl2 so netspace doesn't allow pipe fre eunless on netspace themselves05:29
default_opmefisto_: where do I find manuals?  I've downloaded postfix docs but don't know where they are.  the help display wont search them05:30
default_opmefisto_:  brb.05:30
tuxwulfhal-storgae-removable-mount-options refused uid 1000 .... how to fix that?05:42
user_has anyone here managed o get the eciadsl drivers working?05:55
=== sjck is now known as sjckaway
user_has anyone here managed o get the eciadsl drivers working?06:03
shaffydoes anyone know why the sun-java6-jre package cannot be downloaded?06:17
ecuehey everyone06:18
ecueanyone feels like hand holdin tonight? i need someone to walk me through something06:18
ecueif you can, send me and instant message on AIM to "qstormproduction"06:19
ubotu#kubuntu is the official Kubuntu support channel, for all Kubuntu-related support questions. Please use #kubuntu-offtopic for general chatter. Thanks!06:19
zenowhats the aptitude option to fix broken packages06:19
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about fix-aptitude - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi06:20
ecuei need someone who can take care of an ATI problem i have06:20
ecuei red a million how tos and still nothing06:20
surgy!ask | ecue06:20
ubotuecue: Please don't ask to ask a question, ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely answer. :-)06:20
surgyhow can i help you ecue06:21
ecuei have ati radeon 9800, it keeps crashing my computer everytime i arm dual monitors06:21
stdinzeno: same as with apt "sudo aptitude -f install"06:21
ecuescreen goes black06:21
ecuethanks surgy06:21
ecuethe driver i have is what kubuntu came with06:21
ecuei'm brand new06:21
ecueif you couldn't tell06:21
default_opshaffy: I have it in my Adept06:22
ecuerunning kubuntu 7.1006:22
default_opshaffy: using pretty standard repositories too06:22
surgywell basicly you need to open system settings in your kde menu and then go to advanced tab and go to restricted drivers, go into administrative mode, and then enable the proper driver, there should only be one choice06:22
ecueyep, i've done that06:23
ecuethen it says restart06:23
ecuedid that06:23
ecueit comes back ok, after that what's my next move06:23
ubotuInformation about dual-head on linux can be found on http://wiki.linuxquestions.org/wiki/DualHead - See also !Xinerama06:23
ecuei read that one, maybe i'm missing something, i've not been able to work it06:24
surgyecue:  a big peice of advice for you, get an nvidia card if your gonna be serious about graphics in linux06:24
ecuethat's what i was thinkin06:24
ecueati is garbage i hear06:25
ecueit worked great on win xp, but this isn't xp06:25
ecueso is ATI a lost cause?06:25
ecuei wanna use both of my monitors, but it just crashes everytime i arm dual monitor mode and do big desktop06:26
surgyecue: no nothing is ever a lost cuase, its just that nvidia is far superior using opengl than ati, and nvidia actually likes linux users and ati just hates us06:26
ecueis it possible someone could've wrote the driver for a monkey like me? something i can use right now?06:27
ecuei really want to run linux, but i'm just getting overly frustrated06:27
ecuei hate to ask, but anyone feel like volunteering some time to try to help me figure it out?06:28
surgyecue:  well your doing an intermediate level task and your a beginner, what do you expect? take a step back and learn how to copy things, how to use the terminal, and other basic linux things, like editing the xorg.conf to change your resolution and making a backup of it and so forth06:28
surgy!ati | ecue06:29
ubotuecue: To install the Ati/NVidia drivers for your video card, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BinaryDriverHowto06:29
surgyecue: if that doesnt help then im not much help either06:29
ecuespeaking of editing xorg.conf06:29
surgyi dont have an ati card threw mine out when i switch to linux06:29
ecuewhat's the code for that in the terminal06:30
surgyecue: open a terminal and type kdesu kate /etc/X11/xorg.conf06:30
surgyits a "command" not a code06:30
ecuethank you so much surgy, i hate being a rookie06:30
surgykdesu give you su permisions for the kde windows manager for gui elements06:30
ecuei'm a quick learner06:30
surgykate is the text editor06:30
ecueright right, command, not code, my bad06:31
surgyand /etc/X11/xorg.conf is the directory of the file kate will be opening06:31
surgyhave you updated and upgraded using the terminal? thats a good beginners step06:32
ecuethanks surgy06:32
ecueyeah i belive i'm up to date06:32
surgyno problem06:32
ecuei did it using adept06:32
ecuethat's what you're refering to, correct? in the begining of the install06:32
ecuei mean begining after install06:32
surgyaptitude is better for me in the command line06:33
ecueyou tell me what works i'll do it06:33
surgysudo apt-get update is the command to update everything06:33
surgyand sudo apt-get upgrade respectively06:34
surgyyou want to search the repos for a package? sudo apt-cache search packagename06:34
surgyinstall that package? sudo apt-get install packagename06:35
ThecksFor what ever reason Evolution keeps crashing on me when trying to connect to an Exchange server. Does anybody know of another application that works with Exchange?06:35
ecueso when i run the sudo apt-get upgrade06:36
sub[t]rnlThecks➜ http://linuxmafia.com/faq/VALinux-kb/ms-exchange-replacements.html06:37
ecueit upgrades all missing packages06:37
NickPrestaThecks, Evolution is the only client I know that works (directly via RPC connected to the Exchange server). You can use the Exchange server as a POP or IMAP server and use what ever client you like.06:37
NickPrestaAnd look at sub[t]rnl's link too :)06:37
surgyescue no it checks which packages you have and then checks for new ones06:38
surgyit only checks the repos in that are mentioned in your sources.list file though06:38
ecueoh ok, i see06:41
ecueok, so back to my ati problem, do you recomend not trying to mess with stuff like compiz or beryl06:42
ecueon my ATI card?06:42
ecueor even arm my dual06:42
mefisto_ I'm considering compiling/installing a patched ati driver to get TVout to work. If it doesn't work and I want to revert to my current ati driver from official repos, how do I uninstall the patched driver? Do I just reinstall the standard ati driver from repos? I'm following this guide: http://wiki.cchtml.com/index.php/Tvout06:47
Daisuke_Idomefisto_: keep your build directory and sudo make uninstall (whereas to install it's sudo make install)06:48
Berzerkerhow would I connect a bluetooth device06:49
Berzerkerfrom the CL06:49
mefisto_Daisuke_Ido: can I be sure make uninstall will work? there doesn't seem to be a file named uninstall.06:50
sub[t]rnl!hi | Vratha06:52
ubotuVratha: Hi! Welcome to #kubuntu!06:52
Vrathawhat package do i need to install on kubuntu 7.10 to get all the header files?06:52
Vrathaheader files that go in /usr/include that is06:52
Berzerkernever mind06:53
sub[t]rnlsudo apt-get install linux-headers-$(uname -r)06:53
sub[t]rnl!info bluez | Berzerker06:53
ubotuberzerker: Package bluez does not exist in gutsy06:53
sub[t]rnl!info bluez-utils | Berzerker06:53
ubotuberzerker: bluez-utils (source: bluez-utils): Bluetooth tools and daemons. In component main, is optional. Version 3.19-0ubuntu3 (gutsy), package size 460 kB, installed size 1272 kB06:53
BerzerkerI got it06:53
Vrathanot linux headers; those go in /usr/src06:53
Berzerkerit's ok lol06:53
Vrathajust the standard development headers06:53
Berzerkernow what's the synaptics trackpad manager?06:53
Berzerkernvm, go tit06:55
Daisuke_Idomefisto_: and the file called INSTALL isn't part of the makefile, it's a readable text file06:56
Daisuke_Idomake install puts files where they should be.  make uninstall removes those files06:56
sub[t]rnlVratha➜ the build-essentail package?06:58
Vrathasub[t]rnl: yeah, i thinkt hat sounds right; thanks!06:58
sub[t]rnlit'll have the libc*-dev packages06:58
mefisto_the file is instal-sh, which is an executable script. I don't really understand how compiling works and don't want to mess up a perfectly working kubuntu06:59
Berzerkerhow would I go about setting up wireless? (I'm on a macbook pro)07:06
sub[t]rnl!wireless > Berzerker07:08
mefisto_so both INSTALL and UNINSTALL are in the makefile. have I got that right? the install-sh script has nothing to do with it?07:11
=== litbang is now known as riefzu
tcmmefisto_: most of the times you can run 'make uninstall' to uninstall07:21
mefisto_"most of the time" is what worries me. what if I can't undo it all with "make uninstall"?07:23
default_opAny recomendations for a video editor?07:24
default_opmpeg to xvid encoder...07:24
mariok_salut .nouveau kubunteros07:24
Riskbreakerhey guys. is there a way to have kmail import my mailbox from a thunderbird profile?07:25
mefisto_is it possible to create a .deb and install that way instead of "make install", so I can uninstall with apt?07:26
JoshOvkiRiskbreaker: read this   http://jajoma.blogspot.com/2005/01/how-to-import-kmail-into-thunderbird.html07:27
default_opRiskbreaker: have you tried Evolution?  it has good import feature and is really good client07:27
Riskbreakermuch appreciated, josh07:28
Riskbreakerim not a fan of evolution07:28
jussi01default_op: kdenlive07:29
scottWhat is the command in Konqueror to get to the font installation?07:29
mefisto_default_op: do you want to edit, or just encode?07:29
default_opedit as well07:30
default_opjussi01: thanks.  will test out.  I want something like Abode Premier iwhich is a big ask. but anything that allows editing and encoding without audio sync issues07:31
Riskbreakeroh as it turns out typing kmailcvt in terminal got me a nice little wizard07:31
Riskbreakerthanks anywaysg uys07:31
JoshOvkiRiskbreaker: i was just typing about that then07:32
Riskbreakersnooze you lose ^_^07:32
mefisto_default_op: kdenlive is quite like premier, but makes more sense to someone (like me) who hasn't done much video editing07:32
JoshOvkiyup, but in all fairness it is 7:30am07:32
JoshOvkitalking of time i must go, got to go to work :(  catch ya all later07:34
default_opmefisto_: thx. & to Jussi07:50
crwebhas anyone seen imbrandon lately?07:51
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surgyhey guys07:55
surgyi have my dual screen set up and working right07:55
surgyonly problem is the second screen only goes up to 800x600 how do i get that up a bit higher?07:56
surgynvm got it07:56
Riskbreakeranyone know how to get the kmail system tray thing to show up08:00
Riskbreakerthe thing that tells me if i have new mail08:00
pulaskiHas anyone here experienced bang line failures with #! /usr/bin/python on ubuntu 7.10?08:06
takedashingenI had a problem with my bang line failing, but the doctor gave me some pills and that cleared it right up.08:08
pulaskilol takedashinge, got any more?08:10
takedashingenUnfortunately no, but that's an odd thing to have an error with.08:11
takedashingenNot that I know all that much python.08:11
MrJigsawAny program that i can use for printing labels on DVD's in kubuntu ?08:11
pulaskiyeah, I was over in #python and tried a bunch of stuff to no avail.  Don't loose any sleep over it takedashingen,  I'll figure it out and come back someday with a fix.08:13
=== gerry_ is now known as blokoloko
surgyi know a bit of pything can i help?08:23
pulaskithanks surgy,  Have you had failure problems with the bang line "#!/ust/bin/python" using ubuntu?08:24
pulaskiI can invoke the parser fine08:24
pulaskisurgy, I'd like to run python scripts without having to do that.08:25
surgynope dont even know what your talking about as far as some mythicle "bang line" goes08:25
surgyassociate all files with the .py extension with the python interpreter08:25
stdinyou need the #!/usr/bin/python there or else it'll get interpreted by /bin/sh on the cli08:26
stdinor you can use #!/usr/bin/env python08:26
pulaskiThanks for taking the time to respond stdin,  I can run .py scripts if I invoke python first.  I'd just like to run them without doing so.  Have the script itself invoke the parser.08:28
stdinthat's what the #! line is for, it tells the shell what to use to parse the file08:28
stdinyou also need to make sure the script is executable too08:29
pulaskiThank you stdin, I know this.  Perhaps there is something else going on.  I just thought someone here has also experienced this problem.08:31
stdinpulaski: what's the output when you try to run your script?08:31
stdinif I do " echo -e '#!/usr/bin/python\nprint "Hello, World"' > test.py; chmod +x test.py " running ./test.py works fine08:33
pulaskistdin, I can invoke python and run scripts fine on the command line using "python script.py"08:35
stdinpulaski: what happens with just "./script.py" though?08:36
pulaskibash: ./script1.py: /usr/bin/python: bad interpreter: Permission denied08:36
surgychmod +e /usr/bin/python ?08:37
pulaski"/usr/bin/python" is owned by root but I can invoke python fine as an ordinary user.08:38
stdinpulaski: what does "ls -l /usr/bin/python" show?08:38
pulaskiIts a sym link "lrwxrwxrwx"08:38
stdina link to what though?08:38
stdinand what are the permission on /usr/bin/python2.5 ?08:39
pulaskiI'm playing around with chown, chgrp from root to my username.08:41
stdincan you post the 1st line of the script? (the #! part)08:42
pulaskisure, btw I appreciate your taking the time to work with me on this just a min.08:42
stdinthat's odd indeed. what happens when you change it to #!/usr/bin/python2.5 ?08:44
pulaskisame as above stdin.08:44
pulaski"bash: ./script1.py: /usr/bin/python: bad interpreter: Permission denied"08:45
pulaskiperms are ok08:46
pulaskichown. chgrp on the target changes nothing, listen I don't want to waste anymore of your time.  Its not that important right now.08:47
stdinit's an odd issue, sorry I couldn't help08:48
caris_merehow can I access (install) fonts through konqueror?08:55
bowohi all08:56
stdincaris_mere: you mean via fonts:/ ?09:00
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about mantis - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi09:01
caris_merestdin: yes, thanks09:02
tuba_тут по русски кто-то говорит?09:15
pocketsnookerhttp://refpaste.notlong.com "Freenode started to ban Hong Kong IP Adresses due to political interferences..." <-- what the hell is this?09:18
stdinpocketsnooker: I know what that is, it's offtopic09:19
stdinchanserv lag...09:20
tuba_i'm hawe trouble, can somebody help me?09:27
vlt!ask | tuba_09:28
ubotutuba_: Please don't ask to ask a question, ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely answer. :-)09:28
vlt!ru | tuba_ (modzet bytch lootsche)09:31
ubotutuba_ (modzet bytch lootsche): Пожалуйста посетите #ubuntu-ru для получения помощи на русском языке  / Pozhalujsta posetite #ubuntu-ru dlya polucheniya pomoshi na russkom yazyke09:31
tuba_when i'm starts Kaffeine, it get 11 signal, and in log Using host libthread_db library "/lib/libthread_db.so.1".09:31
tuba_(no debugging symbols found)09:31
tuba_thank's for channel09:32
tuba_on russian channel only dummies :(09:38
MikeThey, is anyone running wow under wine?09:45
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intelikeyi did apt-get source bash   ran configure (no errors)   ran make and get this.10:12
intelikey# make10:12
intelikeyyacc -d ./parse.y10:12
intelikeymake: yacc: Command not found10:12
intelikeymake: *** [y.tab.c] Error 12710:12
intelikeywhy yacc ?10:12
intelikeyinstalled byacc   make seems to be running10:18
intelikeyseems to have worked.   ls -l bash10:20
intelikey-rwxr-xr-x 1 root root 1865240 Feb 18 10:19 bash10:20
intelikeysize bash10:20
intelikey   text    data     bss     dec     hex filename10:20
intelikey 637331   31640   19516  688487   a8167 bash10:20
=== etienne_ is now known as galbatorix
intelikeyseems to be three times the size of the factory bash.     it will probably work.      now to see if it is fully posix.10:21
twosouls82intelikey: the debian/control file lists "bison" as a build dependency, propably because it is a yacc compatible parser10:27
intelikeyit is works.  i have bash now for one private user shell heh.   static and posix compliant.10:30
add616how to add account in kubuntu10:31
intelikeyuseradd   or adduser    or the kuser  applications10:31
twosouls82add616: or using systemsettings10:31
intelikeytwosouls82 is that not kuser ?10:32
twosouls82intelikey: I don't have it installed and systemsettings still works :)10:32
intelikeyhmmm may be a konsole snipit10:33
intelikeyerr not konsole   duh    kcontrol10:33
intelikeyshoot i should do something else for a while.10:33
intelikeythink i will.   be back in about three or four days.10:34
twosouls82intelikey: it seems to be part of "guidance", and it is a kcm module; kcm_userconfig.so10:35
zenotrying to boot off the live CD; after i hit check CD integrity or install os it says "monitor connection lost" or something and then black screens.  help?  (im connecting my monitor via video card, displays right on bios)10:40
add616what do you think in kubuntu linux10:40
add616do u this os is friendly user?10:40
jpatrickadd616: yes10:40
vltHello. How do I add a locale to a system? I tried `dpkg-reconfigure locales` but it just prints the installed ones and exits. Any idea?10:41
twosouls82vlt: "sudo aptitude install localeconf && sudo dpkg-reconfigure localeconf" is a way to do it10:43
=== fideas_ is now known as fideas
twosouls82ow, it must have been10:43
twosouls82package does not seem to exist10:43
vlttwosouls82: Thank you10:44
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ronnieI'm considering buying a new computer, but don't quite understand the whole dual core thing, so I have a few questions so I don't get scammed by an eager salesmen like I have with this computer10:47
add616i plan to install virtual box in kubuntu in order to boot windows xp10:47
vlttwosouls82: This does th same as `dpkg-r... locales`. hoe can I get this blue menu where I can choose which locale to install?10:47
add616many user freak with windows xp10:48
SlimeyPeteronnie: dualcore means your computer will be better at running multithreaded applications or running multiple applications simultaneously. Kubuntu supports dual-core processors.10:48
add616so i decided to use kubuntu and virtual box to invade windows xp10:48
twosouls82vlt: I think that localeconf is that menu, but since it doesn't seem to exist anymore you can use "locale-gen" as described on https://help.ubuntu.com/community/LocaleConf10:49
appelzahow can I add a command to sudoers that doesn't have the full path?  ie, anything this_command instead of /usr/bin/this_command10:50
ronnieI'm looking at a 64x4000+ processer, but it says the prosesser's speed is 2.60 ghz so is this x2 cause it's dualcore,10:51
SlimeyPeteronnie: it's got two 2.6ghz cores. That does not mean that you will see the same performance as a 5.2ghz processor.10:51
SlimeyPeteronnie: for single-threaded apps (most apps) it will only use one core. However you will be able to run two such apps simultaneously at full speed.10:52
SlimeyPeteronnie: some apps (particularly compilers, maths software and modern games) will use both cores.10:53
ronnieok thx still thinkn bout just one processer with high ghz, but I do like gaming10:53
SlimeyPeteronnie: bear in mind that the cores in the dual-core chips are more advanced so even one core is usually better than a single-core processor.10:54
SlimeyPeteand ghz isn't everything ;)10:55
zenotrying to boot off the live CD; after i hit check CD integrity or install os it says "monitor connection lost" or something and then black screens.  help?  (im connecting my monitor via video card, displays right on bios)10:55
ronnieok thx I want the best performance , mine now is only 2 ghz with 768 ram, (single-core)10:56
ronniea salesmen at the store told me dual-core is 2 processers intergrated working together, but core 2 duo is 2 seperate processers, is this true? & does one perform mulit-tasks better?11:01
SlimeyPeteronnie: the salesman is talking rubbish11:02
SlimeyPeteCore2Duo is a brand name for Intel's dual-core processors. It is one processor with two cores.11:02
ActionParsniphi all11:03
ronnieok thx, just don't wanna be scammed again : )11:04
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ronnieso I'm going to look for dual-core with high ram on it, tho with 3d high graphic gaming of today, what kinda speed should the ghz be at the very minium?11:08
jussi01ronnie: I suggest you take this to offtopic - its not really kubuntu support and you may get more answers there11:10
ronniek ty11:10
vltWhich package does contain the locale de_DE.UTF-8?11:13
ubotupastebin is a service to post large texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org (be sure to give the URL of your paste - see also the #kubuntu channel topic)11:24
gundam_rx78nt1good morning.  Has anybody had this problem: http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/56469/ ?11:25
gundam_rx78nt1I just tried to update my system and it failed when trying to update the kernel.11:28
gundam_rx78nt1I have pasted the output to pastebin.  # http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/5646911:29
gundam_rx78nt1can someone give me a hand?11:29
prince_jammysgundam_rx78nt1: i don't know -- this is while updating kernel?11:30
prince_jammysgundam_rx78nt1: sorry just read the above -- i see it is11:31
gundam_rx78nt1this was during the last adept manager update from last week.11:31
prince_jammysgundam_rx78nt1:  gutsy, correct?11:33
prince_jammysgundam_rx78nt1: i found a post with what appears to be your problem11:40
prince_jammysgundam_rx78nt1: it's in spanish, tho ....here's a translation by google ... at the bottom is what seems to be the solution:::11:41
gundam_rx78nt1I am fluent in spanish.11:42
gundam_rx78nt1what is the non translated page?11:42
prince_jammysgundam_rx78nt1: ah, perfecto:::: fijate::: http://www.psicofxp.com/forums/gnu-linux.50/595228-problema-linux-image-2-6-22-a.html11:46
gundam_rx78nt1prince_jammys: it is failing when trying to update the initrd.img-2.6.22-14-generic11:54
gundam_rx78nt1y no quiero tener que re-instalar kubuntu.11:55
pawanhow to automatically login in kubuntu12:00
prince_jammyssorry, i just found that online --- but i don't know the answer myself .... try #ubuntu .. this problem is not kde related12:01
prince_jammysgundam_rx78nt1: ^12:01
gundam_rx78nt1pawan: w/o passwords?12:01
gundam_rx78nt1gracias prince_jammys.  Where are you from?12:01
gundam_rx78nt1with out typing passwords.12:02
gundam_rx78nt1ok. Puerto Rico.12:02
prince_jammysmucho gusto , good luck12:02
ActionParsnippawan, go to system settings -> advanced -> logins12:02
ActionParsnippawan, its under convenience12:03
gundam_rx78nt1pawan: go to kcontrol and click on System Administration.12:03
ActionParsnippawan, you will still need your pass when you sudo etc though12:03
gundam_rx78nt1Select login manager12:03
Tm_Tgundam_rx78nt1: you're late12:03
gundam_rx78nt1then click on the convienience12:04
gundam_rx78nt1Tm_T: ?12:04
gundam_rx78nt1late for what?12:04
gundam_rx78nt1I have been here all night. LOL.12:04
prince_jammysthey just answered a second ago12:04
prince_jammysscroll up12:04
ActionParsnippawan, there is documentation for that everywhere online.. Did you seach for the answer yourself first?12:04
gundam_rx78nt1I don't type that fast.12:04
ActionParsnippawan, please try to help yourself first before asking stuff12:05
ActionParsnippawan, we are here to help but if you can get it yourself then its cool :D12:05
prince_jammysdoes system-settings let you search for text the way kcontrol does?12:07
ActionParsnipprince_jammys, not sure, mind you I dont use it so much since I got my rig sorted :)12:07
prince_jammysie..  like type "print" to see where the settings for printers are?12:08
prince_jammysi'll try it out -- a while ago it was crashing so much that i switched to kcontrol12:08
ActionParsnipprince_jammys, well if the shoe fits .....12:09
prince_jammysfor some reason, system-settings is the default now12:09
ActionParsnippawan, hi12:10
ActionParsnip!hi | pawan12:11
ubotupawan: Hi! Welcome to #kubuntu!12:11
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vltHello. When a user logs in via XDMCP his locale is set to POSIX. Where do I have to tell kdm to set it to de_DE.UTF-8?12:24
Xbehave(k)guidance-power-manager isnt listing conservative as cpu policy options12:25
rodolfohola alguien habla en español?12:34
emilsedgh!es | rodolfo12:34
uboturodolfo: Si busca ayuda en español por favor entre en los canales #ubuntu-es o #kubuntu-es, allí obtendrá más ayuda.12:34
maltronHi all.  Can anyone tell me how to suppress kernel modules from being loaded?12:35
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stdin!blacklist | maltron12:38
ubotumaltron: To blacklist a module, edit /etc/modprobe.d/my_blacklist and add « blacklist <modulename> » to the end of that list - To explicitly load modules in a specific order, list them in /etc/initramfs-tools/modules and type « sudo update-initramfs -u »12:38
vltHello. When a user logs in via XDMCP his locale is set to POSIX. Does anyone know where to tell kdm to set it to de_DE.UTF-8?12:58
pawanhow to hide desktop icons13:01
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=== Extrapan100^BNC is now known as Extrapan100
pawanhow to hide desktop icons13:14
kiSo let's get a party going (let's get a party going)13:14
kiNow it's time to party and we'll party hard (party hard)13:14
kiits not my fault you see13:14
pawanin kubuntu13:15
pawanhow to hide desktop icons in kubuntu13:18
ki12/F/CALI, U?13:22
kiover and out, xxx13:22
sun_hi all13:27
LeeJunFanman I had 675 days uptime on an ubuntu server, and yesterday the power went out for 9 freaking hours.13:29
PiciAt least it wasn't a system error.13:30
|Dreams|can anyone help me with mono13:30
FearMothHi, I'm running Kubuntu Gutsy, is there any way to edit the right click context menu in Dolphin?13:40
sveriFearMoth: i dont think so, it surely is hardcoded13:43
sveribut i am not 100% sure13:44
gundam_rx78nt1ok, now I have a question... I have had problems with the virtual terminial (tty1-6) not displaying.13:47
gundam_rx78nt1I did a work around that made changes to the font sizes via the initrd.img13:47
gundam_rx78nt1Now I need to reset it back to normal font sizes.13:47
gundam_rx78nt1how do I do that?13:47
gundam_rx78nt1I have been looking for that work around for the past 1.5 hours and would like to get this reversed.13:48
vltHello. When a user logs in via XDMCP his locale is set to POSIX. Does anyone know where to tell kdm to set it to de_DE.UTF-8? I tried to set "Language=de_DE.UTF-8" in the [Desktop] section of ~/.dmrc which didn't help.13:48
NullNameCan ANYONE please tell me why an scp transfer times out after 5 min or so?  I can send small files, but large or multiple small files stop transfering, and I get an error saying that the ubuntu ssh server is not responding.  I'm transfering through a local network.  Ubuntu is sending files and windows with cygwin is receiving files.  Any ideas??13:54
tech0007hi...i just did 'sudo apt-get install kubuntu-desktop' to try out kde.  how do i remove it?14:06
prince_jammystech0007: sudo apt-get remove kubuntu-desktop14:08
senorpedroapt-get remove --purge kubuntu-desktop14:08
senorpedroaptitude purge kubuntu-desktop14:08
jussi01meh, neither will work14:08
senorpedrowhy not?14:08
tech0007i tried that but kde is still installed...it just removed the metapackage but not the entire kde desktop14:08
jussi01see that^14:09
Piciapt-get autoremove may remove the other stuff after that... although I'm not too sure.14:09
jussi01autoremove should do it... but could be dangerous14:09
PiciIt could be.14:09
jussi01heh, Pici beat me too it14:09
wsjuniorhello guys, i have a problem. using fglrx driver i'm not able to logout, reboot or halt kde14:10
tech0007nope...when i did install, it added somethin like 600mb of files14:10
wsjuniori already edited kdmrc to set terminateserver=true14:11
wsjuniorbut still cant logout, reboot or halt my laptop correctly14:11
wsjuniorit stays in a black screen like it wasnt capable of get out of the x server and the laptop turns completely unusable14:12
wsjuniorany idea?14:12
wsjuniorsolution found:  sudo /usr/sbin/update-rc.d -f atieventsd remove14:15
ConstyXIVis there any way to kill single-click in dolphin?14:24
ubotuYou can find the mouse-related settings at: KMenu -> System Settings -> Keyboard & Mouse -> Mouse14:26
AuthorityConstyXIV: it uses the global KDE setting14:26
twosouls82ConstyXIV: "kcmshell mouse" and see the settings under icons14:26
schisteHi, do you know if there's any software/script to run a global diagnostic on a computer. I do have several troubles and I don't know where they come from.14:27
BluesKajschiste, what troubles ?14:28
ConstyXIVthat, and does konqueror have an equivalent of noscript?14:28
schisteTroubles with the sound system, to reboot, to boot mainly :)14:28
wsjuniorkubuntu used to automount my memory stick but its not working anymore, does anybody know anything about it?14:29
wsjuniordmesg shows only this:14:30
wsjunior[  503.788000] tifm_core: MemoryStick card detected in socket 0:214:30
wsjunior[  503.832000] tifm_ms: Unknown symbol tifm_has_ms_pif14:30
wsjunioris it a problem with tifm_ms?14:30
wsjunioractually the problem is with tifm_ms14:33
wsjuniormaybe the ubuntu kernel has been updated recently14:33
wsjuniorFATAL: Error inserting tifm_ms (/lib/modules/2.6.22-14-generic/ubuntu/misc/tifm/tifm_ms.ko): Unknown symbol in module, or unknown parameter (see dmesg)14:34
jussi01nusret: what are you trying to do?14:35
vltHello. How do I set my locale to de_DE.UTF-8?14:41
Pici!locale | vlt14:41
ubotuvlt: To set up and configure your locales, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/LocaleConf14:41
stdinnusret ?14:46
Tm_Tstdin: hug me14:47
* stdin hugs Tm_T 14:47
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vltPici: Thank you for the link. I couldn't find anything helpful there, the user has no "sudo" rights. What's the command to set my current locale from POSIX to de_DE.UTF-8?14:47
nusretneue und kostenlose versionen von kubuntu linux14:47
Tm_T!de | nusret14:48
ubotunusret: Deutschsprachige Hilfe fuer Probleme mit Ubuntu, Kubuntu und Edubuntu finden Sie in den Kanaelen #ubuntu-de, #kubuntu-de, #xubuntu-de und #edubuntu-de14:48
shaffydoes anyone know why the sun-java6-jre and sun-java6-bin can't be downloaded?14:56
PiciAre you getting an error?14:57
shaffyPici: yes, i am.14:58
=== clemenml is now known as mallize
PiciWhat error are you getting?14:58
BluesKajerr, java needs you to agree to terms, sometimes ppl forget14:58
shaffyhere let me get it again,14:58
vltHello.  What's the command to set my current locale from POSIX to de_DE.UTF-8?14:59
vlt`locale -a` tells me, it's available.14:59
shaffyoh that's so embarassing.  thanks Pici and BluesKaj.  i wasnt' agreeing to the terms.   :S14:59
BluesKajvlt,kcontrol, regional & laguage15:00
PiciHeh, its okay :)15:00
BluesKajnp shaffy , it happened to me too :)15:00
vltBluesKaj: Ok, and then?15:00
shaffythanks again both of you.15:00
BluesKajchoose your region & language, vlt,  UTF-8 is  the default i believe15:01
vltBluesKaj: I chose my Country and Language. I set my language to the top. But I can't find where to set the encoding.15:03
BluesKajvlt , spellchecker15:04
vltBluesKaj: sorry?15:05
vltI already set "Language=de_DE.UTF-8" in the [Desktop] section of ~/.dmrc15:05
vltDidn't help15:05
BluesKajvlt check system settings /regional&language/spell checker15:06
faemircan someone tell me the name of the packages/s needed to play mp3 files in amarok? The find codec thing did not work.15:07
Picifaemir: ubuntu-restricted-extras iirc15:07
Tm_Tfaemir: xine-ffmpeg15:07
Tm_TPici: kubuntu-restricted-extras in this case could work yes15:07
BluesKajppl keep teeling me kcontrol is a better way to set things up, but I find system settings more comprehensive with more apparent options15:07
PiciTm_T: (too much time spent in only #ubuntu) ;)15:08
Tm_TBluesKaj: matter of taste mostly15:08
* Tm_T slaps Pici 15:08
prince_jammysgo kcontrol15:08
prince_jammysmy problem was that system-settings kept crashing15:08
sigma_1234kcontrol is easier to navigate. dont know why they replaced it15:09
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prince_jammysbeats me15:10
BluesKajprince_jammys, find spell checker/options in kcontrol for me :)15:10
sigma_1234has the kde4 hardy cd been released yet?15:10
prince_jammysBluesKaj: found15:10
sigma_1234ive seen spellchecker options in it15:10
prince_jammysBluesKaj: i just type spell in the box and it shows me the relevant menus15:10
* BluesKaj searchesprince , what if you don't know where to look 15:11
prince_jammysyou type what you want15:12
BluesKajoops prince_jammys15:12
BluesKajUTF-8 doesn't show up15:12
prince_jammysdoes for me15:12
BluesKajhmm, prince_jammys, then you must ahve a different kcontrol than I have.15:13
prince_jammysi never browse those menus, there's too many -- i just type "print" "icon" -- etc15:13
prince_jammysKDE control center 3.5.815:14
theunixgeekHow do I install the hicolor icon theme from KDE 2 and back? ;)15:18
BluesKajI think, system settings is easier for ppl who don't know where to look for solutions.15:18
vltBluesKaj: hmm, there's no "spell checker" setting in "region/country" ... I'm on 6.06 LTS, btw.15:18
ki shut up youre watching top gear donkey sex on steroids that physically makes you hurt sometimes if you are not cool after playing chess cranking that soulja boy that sings different to teh way they sound meaning that sometimes they go outside15:19
Tm_Ttheunixgeek: hmm, by, hrr, editing theme.desktop file in /usr/share/icons/hicolor/15:19
ki shut up youre watching top gear donkey sex on steroids that physically makes you hurt sometimes if you are not cool after playing chess cranking that soulja boy that sings different to teh way they sound meaning that sometimes they go outside15:19
theunixgeekTm_T: but there are no icons in /usr/share/icons/hicolor :P15:19
Tm_Ttheunixgeek: hu?15:20
theunixgeekTm_T: nor a theme.desktop15:20
Tm_T /usr/share/icons/hicolor/index.theme15:20
Tm_TI have that15:21
theunixgeekTm_T: ditto15:21
theunixgeekTm_T: but all the icons under 128x128 are the Crystal SVG or whatever15:21
Tm_Thicolor-icon-theme - default fallback theme for FreeDesktop.org icon themes15:21
BluesKajvlt, first, open system settings>regional&language15:22
Tm_Ttheunixgeek: if you want the old one exactly, dig it from old sources? dunno other way15:22
vltBluesKaj: Done15:22
theunixgeekTm_T: where would the old sources be? ;)15:22
Tm_Ttheunixgeek: kde.org website has it15:22
BluesKajvlt, on the left there should be an icon spell checker15:23
BluesKajvlt, not kcontrol ..I'm sorry if I misled you there15:24
Distro^Junkiewhat do I need for editing tags in mp4 format in amarok ?15:24
prince_jammysdoesn't amaroK do this on its own?15:25
Distro^Junkieit'll work with mp3 but not mp415:25
prince_jammysDistro^Junkie: ah15:26
martijn81when will macos exposé be implemented in kde4?15:28
unagianyone know how to get the side buttons of a mouse working in kubuntu?15:28
jussi01martijn81: isnt it already?15:29
jussi01!compiz | martijn8115:29
ubotumartijn81: Kubuntu is not shipping with compiz installed or enabled by default. You can still install it and have your eyecandy goodness. The instructions are at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/CompositeManager/CompizFusion - further help in #compiz-fusion15:29
vltBluesKaj: So, I opened SystemSettings»Regions. No spell checker settings there.15:29
martijn81jussi01: but does that also work under kde?15:29
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=== usl02_ is now known as usl02__
jussi01martijn81: yes15:30
unagimartijn81: not very well15:30
jussi01unagi: it works perfectly here15:30
BluesKajvlt , well then kcontrol may be your only option, it may be in there on dapper but , I can't find it on gutsy , sorry :(15:31
unagikde decorations crash for me all the time15:31
jussi01unagi: change the settings to a flat file backend15:31
unagiit is set to flat15:32
unagiany other ideas?15:33
jussi01unagi: join #compiz-fusion and ask ;)15:33
NightBirdmartijn81: kde4 has a expose enhancement.  I don't know if it's enabled by default... if it is, it should be Ctrl+F9.  if it's not, go to system settings->desktop->desktop effects->all effects-> and enable Present Windows15:33
NightBirdalso, take your cursor to the upper left corner of the screen to also enable it besides the keyboard shortcut(you can change which corner in the settings)15:34
vltBluesKaj: kcontrol is there on dapper. But no spell checker either15:34
martijn81thanks NightBird15:34
NightBirdyou may need to enable desktop effects, I don't know15:34
prince_jammysvlt: in the kcontrol box at the top, type "spell" --- nothing happens?15:35
vltBluesKaj, prince_jammys: I found it: Under "KDE components".15:37
prince_jammysvlt use the search box - it works very well - you just type whatever youre looking for15:38
vltBluesKaj, prince_jammys: It says "dictionary: German, encoding: UTF-8"15:38
BluesKajvlt, is that what you want ?15:40
podr0znikhello everybody15:40
BluesKaj!hi | podr0znik15:40
ubotupodr0znik: Hi! Welcome to #kubuntu!15:40
podr0znikhow nice BluesKaj :)15:41
podr0znikok... installing JRE once should be enough, right?15:41
podr0znikor do I need to repeat that 4 or 5 times?15:41
BluesKajpodr0znik, which one ?15:41
podr0znikI tried the one which Firefox suggested me15:41
podr0znikalso the one which Adept suggested me15:41
podr0znikand the stupid chat window is still not working15:42
vltBluesKaj: `locale` still says POSIX and all files containing UTF-8 characters are displayed wrong. Any idea?15:42
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about btnx - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi15:42
podr0znikI downloaded the self-extracting version from java.com15:42
podr0znikhttp://java.com/en/download/help/5000010500.xml#selfextracting <-- followed exactly these instructions15:42
podr0zniksystem properly installed it15:42
podr0znikbut still no effect15:43
podr0znikdo I have to do sth with ff first?15:43
BluesKajpodr0znik, use the adept one , it will install the app "globally" on your computer , only one install required that way15:43
podr0znikI installed the other one as "su", so that should be globally also15:43
podr0znikin /usr/java15:43
podr0znikbut the adept one also didn't help :) tried that already15:43
podr0znikmaybe sb feels like trying out the website? ;) maybe it's a problem on their side...15:44
BluesKajpodr0znik, in the konsole : sudo update-alternatives --config java ..choose the latest , prolly version 6 from the list15:45
podr0znikerm... I think I'm crying too fast :)15:45
podr0znikI see on the website that I forgot the "enable and configure" part :)))))15:45
podr0znikdon't laugh at me too loud now :P15:45
podr0znikplease :)15:45
BluesKajpodr0znik, read above!15:46
martijn81alt+F9 you said?15:47
martijn81BluesKaj: no go there15:48
podr0znikwhat's the default installation dir of moz firefox?15:48
BluesKajmartijn81, that's what NightBird told you15:49
NightBirdmartijn81: then you may need to enable it, or change the setting15:50
martijn81NightBird: which option do i need to confingure then, do you happen to know that too?15:51
podr0znikworks :)15:52
podr0znikthanks BluesKaj15:52
martijn81hmmm, i indeed see the setting is enabled of ctrl+F9 but it does not seem to work15:53
martijn81how come/15:53
NightBirdgo to system settings->desktop->desktop effects->all effects-> and enable Present Windows15:54
NightBirdis the enable effects on the previous tab clicked?15:54
MrJigsawAnyone know a place to get wallpapers with TUX for dual-moniter ? :]15:54
NightBirdit may require that to be enabled15:54
martijn81NightBird: yup, that is enabled15:54
NightBirdand the checkbox next to the plugin name is checked?15:55
vltWhat do I have to do to display the filename Überfile.txt not as �berfile.txt (in Konqueror and on the Desktop, for example)?15:56
NightBirdif that's the case, then I don't know.  I also need to go to work right now, so my helpfullness ends here either way15:56
martijn81yup, but but that does not give me any exposé effects15:57
BluesKajpodr0znik, YW :)15:57
martijn81thanks anyways15:57
vltWhere can I change locale to de_DE.UTF-8?15:58
prince_jammysvlt: have you tried #ubuntu-de ?15:58
vltprince_jammys: not yet.15:58
prince_jammysvlt probably get an answer faster over there15:58
BluesKajvlt, #kubuntu-de might be worth a try15:58
BluesKajkinda hard for me as an english speaker to understand what ppl have to deal with using other languages.16:01
=== Sbucatone is now known as Sbucat
Authorityvlc: are you trying to set the locale for KDE or for the command line?16:03
Riskbreakermorning fellas. i'm trying to get rid of the korganizer reminder daemon in the notification tray. any one know how to do that?16:04
prince_jammysAuthority: yes    vlt^16:04
BluesKajhe's trying to set the code to UTF-816:04
prince_jammysRiskbreaker: right-click on it, quit? *maybe*16:05
Authorityright, I meant vlt, but I was also trying to start vlc at the same time :-\16:05
Riskbreakerit comes back whenever i load up kontact16:05
prince_jammysAuthority: yeah just trying to alert him, he's been at it for a long time16:06
BluesKajRiskbreaker, kdesu konqueror /usr/share/autostart , then delete it16:06
Riskbreakerit doesn't show up at startup. it shows up whenever i use Kontact16:08
Riskbreakerwhich is what i'm trying to disable16:08
BluesKajyes, Riskbreaker , it'll stop16:08
Riskbreakerit's not in there16:08
Riskbreakerunless its korgac.desktop16:09
BluesKajit was bothering me too and that solved my prob...it's a daemon that waits for you to open contact then itsits in the panel afterwards, well deleting it from the autostart prevents that16:10
BluesKajyes korgac16:10
Riskbreakerk i'll give that a shot16:10
=== fophillips_ is now known as fophillips
Riskbreakerexcellent, it worked. many thanks16:11
Distro^Junkiewhat's needed for svn  ?16:14
BluesKajyou have to download it , there's a site SVN16:15
BluesKaj!svn | Distro^Junkie16:15
ubotuDistro^Junkie: svn is Subversion: an open-source revision control system, which aims to be a compelling replacement for CVS. See http://subversion.tigris.org/16:15
unagiwhen i ran ubuntu xev captured my side buttons but kubuntu doesnt anyone know why?16:15
Jack111i have got the problem that whenever i try to open a openoffice file, firefox opens too,which is quite annoying since it slows the loading of the doc down16:15
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about ondemand - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi16:16
Xbehavei cant switch to the conservative cpu scedular using the battery icon, is there a way around this?16:17
BluesKajXbehave, cat /proc/cpuinfo16:17
=== solid_liquid is now known as solid_liq
Authorityunagi: what did xev capture them as?16:18
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about scaling - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi16:19
BluesKaj!info scaling16:19
ubotuPackage scaling does not exist in gutsy16:19
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about cpu - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi16:20
Jack111is it possible to edit a file within konqueror qith koffice?its hand16:20
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about stepping - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi16:20
Xbehavei have stepping working  its just the gui doesnt show the cpufreq_conservative option16:21
unagiAuthority: xev doesnt capture them as buttons, even the scroll seems to be wrong, and my right mouse button is being captured as mouse 316:21
DarkTan_my kunubtu ran away16:21
unagiAuthority: and the wheel up and down is being captured as 4 and 516:22
DarkTan_i had to reinstall windows XP on the win partition, not the grub loaded doesn't come up and i can't access linux16:22
nosrednaekimDarkTan_ » go catch it!16:22
jussi01!grub | DarkTan_16:22
ubotuDarkTan_: grub is the default Ubuntu boot manager. Lost grub after installing windows: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RecoveringUbuntuAfterInstallingWindows - Making GRUB floppies & other GRUB howtos: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GrubHowto16:22
Authorityunagi: well all that sounds right16:22
unagiwhat about my side buttons16:23
Authorityunagi: xev doesn't even register an event when you press them?16:23
DarkTan_ok, is useing the supergrub disk from within windows a good idea? i'm in belize right now at an internet cafe where they charge $4 and hour to use the highspeed and i left my 7.10 disk at home16:24
unagiDarkTan_: thats why i keep an image on my laptop16:25
DarkTan_i didn't have enough space, what with all my movies, anime and games16:25
unagi::Shrug:: priorities my man16:26
DarkTan_that and i don't have any CD, the cost a ton down here, and my image was a dvd, no dvd burned on the laptop16:26
unagiwhy do you need the dvd16:27
DarkTan_the help file says to use the dvd to reinstall grub, it also gives the option to run the grub loader by itself, but i can't burn a CD16:27
BluesKajDarkTan_, trying to restore grub or mbr ...shouldn't take long for either one16:28
BluesKajusing super grub disk16:28
DarkTan_it says i can run it in windows, is that a good idea?16:28
BluesKajDarkTan_, you should have super grub boot on it's own , it's a live cd16:30
snarksteranyone know how to mount an itouch to copy some jams over?16:30
unagiAuthority: any ideas?16:30
ubotuFor information on how to sync and add tracks to your iPod, see the guide at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/IPodHowto See !rockbox for information on liberating your iPod16:30
DarkTan_i don't have any of the cds with me, and buying CD-Rs in a thrid world nation is a bit expensive16:31
unagiDarkTan_: then wait till u get homr16:31
DarkTan_i here for another week, and i have a bunch of files on the linux partition i need.16:31
Authorityunagi: well ubuntu and kubuntu should have the same X setup, so I'm not sure why they would act any differently as that low of a level16:32
* BluesKaj thinks if DarkTan_ can afford to sit and drink in an internet cafe , what's the price of a cd in comparison ? :)16:32
Authorityunagi: so you press the side button and absolutely nothing happens in xev?16:32
DarkTan_i'no drinking, and i hope to bout ut of here in under a hour16:32
unagiAuthority: right16:32
unagiDarkTan_: so what exactly is it you are looking for16:32
DarkTan_i just want to know if running the super grub disk from windows is a good idea or bad idea16:33
unagiAuthority: so then maybe i should start from scratch16:33
Authorityunagi: can you pastebin your Xorg.0.log16:33
Distro^Junkiewhat's needed for building in svn ?16:33
DarkTan_eh, what the hell, i'm gonna try it16:36
jussi01Hmmm, what is the kde icon editor called?16:37
jussi01nosrednaekim: thanks16:38
Authorityunagi: I don't know, looks good to me16:41
unagihow annoying Authority =)16:43
=== ubuntu_ is now known as heret1v
=== hdddd is now known as SeeDaa___
snarksteralot of stuff to do to get this touch to mount..16:44
snarksterIm not doing it.16:44
snarksterthank you tho for your help16:45
=== heret1v is now known as heret1c
BluesKajDistro^Junkie, go to the svn website , there's a "how to's , especially if you're trying to install kde416:46
=== kblizzzek is now known as blizzzek
xxBasYxxhi what can i use for capturing video avi of my desktop?16:48
Pici!screencast | xxBasYxx heres a few16:48
ubotuxxBasYxx heres a few: Some programs to capture your screen are recordmydesktop, Istanbul, Wink, Gvidcap, Xvidcap, vnc2swf, demorecorder.  Also see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ScreenCasts.16:48
BluesKajDistro^Junkie,  /join #svn16:50
BluesKajxxBasYxx, do you have a "Prt Scr" key ?16:53
ublongatahey anyone running KDE 4.0.1, can you set shortcuts using the Windows key?17:07
BluesKajublongata, KDE 4 support in #kubuntu-kde417:08
onesandzeroshello all.  About kubuntu's Xorg... When I start my system, kdm comes up automatically.  However, the display is sized incorrectly and is off-center.  When I log into my account, however, the screen resolution/position/refreshrate/etc change.  Are there two different xorg.conf files being used?  I can't think of any other explamation, but I have only one xorg.conf17:08
ublongataBluesKaj: thanks17:08
jhutchinsonesandzeros: Yes, kdm relies more on kdmrc.17:09
onesandzerosIs there any way I can adjust that one?  Or make it reference /etc/X11/xorg.conf?17:10
sub[t]rnlonesandzeros➜ kdm's resolution is based off the first valid one found in your xorg.conf  If its taking up more area than the monitor allows, Kill the "Virtual" line out of the xorg.conf17:13
onesandzerossub[t]rnl: nice, thanks17:13
khelllhow to install realplay plugin for firefox17:15
jpatrick!realplayer | khelll17:15
ubotukhelll: For multimedia issues, this page has useful information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats - See also http://help.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/desktopguide/C/common-tasks-chap.html - But please use free formats if you can: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FreeFormats17:15
wadYeesh, it sure is a pain to get a kubuntu box to play a normal DVD.17:15
Arwennah, not really17:17
vinay_i'm using ubuntu right now.  is kubuntu worth trying out??17:18
vinay_any advantaqges???17:18
Arwendunno, do you have Ubuntu?17:18
wadvinay_: not DVD playback.17:18
Arwenif you dislike GNOME, maybe you want Kubuntu. Otherwise, it'd be a waste of time.17:18
=== mikahein is now known as Lumooja
prince_jammysvinay_: get it17:18
prince_jammysvinay_: and if you dont like it, you just remove it17:19
ceedoes anyone know a good howto for undeleting files from a memorycard from a camera17:19
vinay_thx Arwn17:20
vinay_ any advantages???17:20
Arwenone question mark, please17:20
Arwenand as for advantages... you get to use KDE :-P17:20
prince_jammysvinay_: yes17:20
BluesKajcee, undeleting ?17:20
llutzcee: recoverjpeg maybe17:20
onesandzerosalso, related to Xorg... I'm used to getting a basic xorg.conf through xorgconfig or xorgcfg and then madifying that.  That doesn't seem to exist, and I'm not seeing it in Adept.  X performance seems a bit odd, and I put my old gentoo xorg.conf in place, but it crashes out.17:21
ceeBluesKaj, yes.. i have accedently deleteted some files. And i actually read a howto just some weeks ago about this17:21
onesandzeros*modifying, heheh17:22
jhutchins:info scotty17:22
vinay_<prince_jammys> vinay_: yes COULD U GIVE SOME EXAMPLES???17:22
ubotuPLEASE DON'T SHOUT! We can read lowercase too.17:23
BluesKajcee, do you have the jpegs on the hdd ?17:23
prince_jammysvinay_: kde apps are more configurable, have more features17:23
onesandzerossub[t]rnl: just reread your line... actually, the kdm screen is taking up less than the full screen.  Whether the resolutino is right (16x12), I'm not sure.  It's hard to tell.17:23
ceeBluesKaj: i have the memory card17:23
ceei will try to copy the raw image and use this recoverjpeg17:24
unagianyone know how to get the side buttons of a logitech mouse working?17:24
prince_jammysvinay_: useful features --- like for example in "kate" (the default text editor) you can open a terminal inside the program as you edit text.  you can also do this in konqueror (a file/web browser) ... and more17:24
Arwen^^ - that sounds like the single most pointless function ever17:24
Arwenwhy not just open the program and then open a terminal?17:25
prince_jammysArwen: i'm not understanding17:25
Arwenthen read it. One word at a time.17:25
jhutchinskde also uses more overlapping code so it can do more in less memory.17:26
prince_jammysArwen: because editing a script and running it while i look at it in one window is handy17:26
stdinArwen: maybe you're writing a script and want to test it? or writing code and want to compile it without opening another term? not a useless feature after all17:26
prince_jammysArwen: read mine and think about it17:26
Arwenum... you could do that with a side terminal too...17:26
Arwenso yeah, it is stupid17:26
stdinwhy open another application just to do that?17:26
osiris_any idea why my server FS is read-only after a re-boot ?17:26
prince_jammysArwen: yes, i could also do it in seperate consoles17:27
osiris_what can i do remotely to troubleshoot this ?17:27
Arwenstdin, yes, because all of our apps should do everything possible at the exact same time17:27
prince_jammysArwen: actually why not just use two seperate computers17:27
ArwenI definitely want my web browser to run an ssh server17:27
Distro^Junkiechecking for X... configure: error: Can't find X libraries. Please check your installation and add the correct paths!17:27
ArwenAnd I definitely want GIMP to make powerpoint presentations17:27
stdinArwen: just because *you* don't have a use for it, does not mean it's useless to everyone...17:27
ubotuWhen a program or configure script asks for "X includes", you should probably install the following packages: xlibs-dev   xlibs-static-dev   xorg-dev17:27
Arwenjust because someone might use it doesn't make it a good idea17:27
stdinArwen: kparts are built into kde, it makes sense to use therm where it'd be useful17:28
=== osiris_ is now known as BluDog_Anchorite
stdinit's not like someone just built a text editor and built a terminal into it, kate uses the konsole part17:28
fidelioHi everybody. Newby (48h of ubuntu) with few questions on synce..anybody expert on the subject?17:28
BluDog_Anchoriteplease pm ideas for fixing a read-only FS.  I will be stepping away for a moment.  I have remote access to the system, but no local.17:29
NickPrestafidelio, hey. Welcome to Kubuntu. What do you need help with?17:29
Distro^JunkieE: Package xlibs-dev has no installation candidate17:29
unagiill give anyone that can get my side buttons working on my mouse 100 dollars in monopoly money17:29
NickPresta!mouse | unagi17:30
ubotuunagi: Enabling extra mouse buttons: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ManyButtonsMouseHowto  - Enabling serial mouse: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SerialMouseHowto17:30
unagioh my17:30
unagithe buttons are configured wrong17:30
stdinDistro^Junkie: just try xorg-dev, that should grab everything X includes needs17:30
fidelioNick: trying to get my phone recognized on USB port to sync via synce.  I insatlled all synce pachage but when I connect cable to USB port nothing happens.  I found out that ttyUSB0,1,2....etc don't exists17:31
wadHmm. Any idea why CTRL-ALT-F1 just gives a blank screen on my new Kubuntu box?17:31
Distro^Junkiethanx stdin17:31
BluesKajwad, that's the TTY prompt like the konsole17:32
wadBluesKaj: yeah, on the rest of my linux boxen, I get a console. On this one, my monitor just turns off. :(17:32
unagithis is going to annoy me, my mouse wheel isnt working right17:32
NickPrestafidelio, hmm. When you run synce-kde from the command line, do you get any errors or warnings?17:33
BluesKajwad, try ctrl+alt+F7 to back to the desktop17:33
wadI wonder if I have to *shudder* edit my xorg.conf file...17:33
wadBluesKaj: yes, that works. Otherwise I wouldn't be able to talk to you right now. :)17:33
BluesKajwasd, to get back17:33
fidelionick: $ synce-kde --> command not found17:34
BluesKajwell there's irssi irc client that works on TTY and konsole17:34
wadThat's true. Bitchx is a good one.17:34
wad:) Why would the TTY not show on the monitor?17:35
BluesKajTTY runs without X17:35
wadIn my case, I don't see anything at all.17:36
=== mikahein is now known as Lumooja
stdinwad: try disabling the boot splash, that can sometimes mess with TTYs17:36
wadI discovered this a few minutes ago, when my X was all screwed up. I wanted a console to kill mplayer17:36
wadstdin: Ah, is that in menu.lst?17:36
stdinwad: yes, just remove all the instances of "splash"17:37
NickPrestafidelio, hmm. I actually haven't used synce before. I just installed the `synce-kde` package thinking it would give a GUI for synce, but it didn't. What did you run normally to start synce?17:37
* wad reboots17:37
fidelionick: never started synce...don't kwno how.  I start multisync..bu need ttyUSB0 setup...I start missing windows plugandplay17:38
blekosdoes anybody know if kde4 consumes more battery than kde3.5.x?17:39
wadNope, that didn't do it. :(17:39
ConstyXIVdoes konqueror have an equivalent of noscript?17:41
Lumoojadoes apt-get have a command to force-remove something?17:44
stdinthat's a dpkg option iirc17:45
Lumoojasays option not recognized17:45
fidelioanybody has experience with Synce?17:46
Lumoojaor is there another way to fix broken links in Adept Manager17:46
anabananahello world! does anybody knows a msn client that supports offline messenges?17:47
vinay_ if I want to someday work on linux, including "improving" a distro, HOW SHOULD I BEGIN??17:47
apol|workvinay_: #kubuntu-devel17:49
apol|workanabanana: amsn does afaik17:49
Lumoojaok, fixed the broken llinks, dunno how, just several apt-get and dpkg... :)17:49
drbrownI am having problems with my sata HD coming up as IDE,  Why would this all of a sudden happen?17:50
fidelioAnybody has experience with synce? nobody sync their device in linux?17:51
unagican anyone help me figure out why my side buttons dont send any events to xev?17:51
* nosrednaekim <3 the kmail feature which prompts you for an attachement if you have the word "attach" in the message but no attachment17:52
xerxes1358How stable is the New KDE 4 working for you guys? Would you recommend it for a working laptop? How many crashes / bugs have you had ?17:54
nosrednaekimxerxes1358 » very few bugs here, mostly a lack of features17:54
nosrednaekim4.0.1 hasn't crashed on me once17:54
nosrednaekimand neither has any 4.0.1 program17:55
xerxes1358what function do you miss ?17:55
Daisuke_Laptopbut it's still not the bee's knees, the mutt's nuts, or any other parts fo any other animals.  yet.17:55
Arwennosrednaekim, time to upgrade then?17:55
nosrednaekimxerxes1358 » mostly panel applets and panel config.17:55
Daisuke_Laptopthe most annoying thing about kde4 is the desktop (that i've run into)17:55
Arwenoh yeah, what hasn't been ported to KDE4 yet?17:56
unagiim not on kde417:56
xerxes1358What are these applets ?17:56
xerxes1358I am coming from windows17:56
anabananaapol|work: amsn supports offline messages?17:56
nosrednaekimArwen » knetworkmanager and guidance-power-manager are the ones i'm missing17:56
Daisuke_Laptopevery icon that's there is considered a "widget" with its own controls, which makes everything incredibly cluttered and just...  annoying17:56
Arwenoh, I don't use those anyway. What about amarok?17:56
nosrednaekimArwen » xerxes1358 though of course you can use the kde3 ones17:56
Daisuke_Laptopamarok works17:56
nosrednaekimArwen » amarok 3 still works fine17:56
Daisuke_Laptopno reason it wouldn't17:56
Daisuke_Laptopbut of course, amarok 2 isn't out yet17:57
nosrednaekimxerxes1358 » i'd reccomend installing the kde3 version of gutsy and then installing kde4 alongside kde317:57
Arwenis kde4 default in Hardy?17:57
|Dreams|on this link http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=167749 the man at the botoom says he apt-get reinstall etc etc what do i type in to do what he did17:57
apol|workanabanana: I think so, check amsn.sourceforge.net17:57
* Arwen was gonna migrade eventually17:57
fideliowhat anybody reccomend for securty/protection on ubuntu? I have firestarter, kclamAV and nessus....anything else I should install?17:58
nosrednaekimfidelio » thats plenty17:58
|Dreams|just make ur own home router using smoothwall on an old pc17:58
Arwenfidelio, that's actually overkill probably :-p17:58
nosrednaekimArwen » there will be a kde3 and a kde4 CD17:58
Daisuke_Laptopfidelio: this isn't windows, you aren't targeted by every joe schmoe script kiddie17:59
Daisuke_Laptopyou're already more than protected with just a few good rules in firestarter, the rest is, as Arwen mentioned, overkill.17:59
llutzfidelio: nessus? you don't know what that's for, don't you?17:59
vinay_THX   <prince_jammys> vinay_: useful features --- like for example in "kate" (the default text editor) you can open a terminal inside the program as you edit text.  you can also do this in konqueror (a file/web browser) ... and more17:59
vinay_<prince_jammys> vinay_: kde apps are more configurable, have more features  I SEE18:00
ArwenDaisuke_Laptop, actually, that statement wasn't linux-specific. For any platform, I find the only meaningful protection is a good firewall.18:00
ArwenAnd even that may be overkill.18:00
fideliolluz: sure I do.  and you ...konne sie?18:00
Daisuke_LaptopArwen: nor was mine.  hence "just a few good rules in firestarter"18:00
Daisuke_Laptopknowledge and common sense beat loads of protective software on any platform18:01
llutz^^ full ack18:01
Daisuke_Laptopokay, i did say "this isn't windows", but yeah18:01
fideliook then...thank you for your comments.18:01
jpatrick!de > fidelio18:02
llutzNo so called firewall needed if you have a correct configured system18:02
=== lex79 is now known as lex79|Away
jpatrick!away > lex79|Away18:02
nosrednaekimDaisuke_Laptop » I may be getting a 1420 for college,hows yours holding up?18:03
Daisuke_Laptopabsolutely awesome18:03
Daisuke_Laptoprunning gutsy18:03
Daisuke_Laptopthe 965 is still problematic sometimes, but it's a lot bettter than it was originally18:03
nosrednaekimmy current laptop is rather underpowered by way of graphics, probably won't handle CAD well at all.18:04
nosrednaekimyeah, i'd get the nvidia option18:04
Daisuke_Laptopi wish i would have18:04
Daisuke_Laptopbut as far as the machine goes, nice and stable18:04
Daisuke_Laptopsound has a bit of a problem coming out of suspend18:05
unagianyone know why my side buttons might not report in xev?18:05
Daisuke_Laptopyou have buttons on your side?18:05
ubotuEnabling extra mouse buttons: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ManyButtonsMouseHowto  - Enabling serial mouse: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SerialMouseHowto18:05
ubotuVai su #ubuntu-it se vuoi parlare in italiano, in questo canale usiamo solo l'inglese. Grazie!18:05
siofwolvestalking of firewalls, i'm running ktorrent and i get the warning triangle in the bottom left of its window 'No incoming connections (possibly firewalled). is there somewhere i should open the port i'm using ? i didn't have this problem when i used to use windows.18:06
ecueHey everyone18:06
Daisuke_Laptopktorrent's upnp plugin should take care of that18:06
ecueSome help with Compiz?18:06
siofwolvesDaisuke_Ido, ok. i'll look into it. thx.18:07
ecuehow do i go about installing it18:07
ubotuKubuntu is not shipping with compiz installed or enabled by default. You can still install it and have your eyecandy goodness. The instructions are at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/CompositeManager/CompizFusion - further help in #compiz-fusion18:07
DragnslcrHas anyone tried the Firefox 3 beta from the repository? Does it run well without destroying the Firefox 2 install?18:07
Daisuke_LaptopDragnslcr: yes and yes18:07
Daisuke_Laptopimports everything directly from youf ff2 profile without damaging anything18:07
nosrednaekimDragnslcr » yeah... it doesn't affect 218:08
DragnslcrThanks. Thinking about giving it a shot on my home computer18:08
Daisuke_Laptopit's pretty nice18:08
Arwenalthough, firefox3 has that hideous interface...18:08
Daisuke_Laptopi'm still having problems getting java to work18:08
Daisuke_LaptopDragnslcr: don't mind arwen, he's peeved about the built-in address bar search18:08
* nosrednaekim is going to switch to konqueror 4 one of these days/18:08
llutzuPnP = security nightmare, read and thinkabout if you really need using it http://www.gnucitizen.org/blog/flash-upnp-attack-faq/18:08
ArwenWhen I type in an address, I want it to go there. I never asked for a dozen unrelated suggestions that fill up my screen...18:09
unagiomg what am i doing wrong why wont xev see my side buttons???18:09
DragnslcrYeah, the interface doesn't worry me too much. As long as I can uninstall it if it bombs18:09
nosrednaekimwhat is xev?18:09
prince_jammysnosrednaekim: "x event" try it18:10
llutzxev (1x)             - print contents of X events18:10
Daisuke_Laptopthen another option would be to open the proper port in your router18:10
Riskbreakerso here is a screenshot of my ksysguard process list,18:11
Riskbreakerthere is a lot of kio_file and such. is that right?18:11
nosrednaekimoh.... thats nice :)18:11
Riskbreakerkio_file, kio_http. whole lot of them. that seems to me like it's a bad thing.18:12
nosrednaekimRiskbreaker » do you have alot of filebrowsers and konqueror web pages open?18:13
Riskbreakeri have firefox...18:13
Riskbreakeri don't use konqueror..18:13
Riskbreakeri currently have firefox and konversation open, and nothing else18:14
Riskbreakeryou know, i am looking at the proc list now18:14
Riskbreakerand it's gone back to looking reasonable18:14
nosrednaekimRiskbreaker » are they using alot of CPU or mem (sorry, can't load the pic right now)18:14
Riskbreakeri just have two kio_files now18:15
Riskbreakerno kio_http18:15
Riskbreaker26,000 each18:15
Riskbreakerthat sounds more reasonable to me18:15
Riskbreakeri just get worried when i see things like that18:16
nosrednaekimsounds good18:16
s1iderhi guys18:16
s1iderhow can i enable mouse scrolling in kubuntu 7.10?18:17
BluesKajs1ider, scroll wheel ?18:18
vinay_slider, http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?p=434422618:19
vinay_hi unagi18:19
=== darlio is now known as darlio_
siofwolvesDaisuke_Laptop, thanks for that ktorrent tip, that nastly little triangle has gone. :)18:20
unagiccan anyone help me figure out why xev doesnt see my side buttons?18:20
Daisuke_Laptopsiofwolves: it's better to forward the port, though the upnp is a quick fix18:20
siofwolvesDaisuke_Laptop, i believe my router is set correctly as it still works when i rarely use windows.18:21
llutzsiofwolves: then ktorrent uses different ports than your win-torrent-client18:22
schultzahello all18:23
barthkikunihow are you all18:23
barthkikunihow speak french18:23
prince_jammys!fr | barthkikuni18:23
ubotubarthkikuni: Allez a #ubuntu-fr ou #kubuntu-fr pour de l'aide et de la discussion en francais.18:23
schultzanein. spreche englisch18:23
ubuntu_hi all! i have a hot problem! i'm on kubuntu live18:24
ubuntu_there was 2 op-system on my pc18:24
ubuntu_windows and kubuntu18:24
BluesKajDaisuke_Laptop, siofwolves .. a hint about ports..some euro ISPs are blocking port 6881 , so the solution seems tobe to open the portsb above 50,000 to access certain scandinavian sites (ahem) that have been bloacked in past weeks.18:24
barthkikunimerci, mais comment faire18:24
prince_jammys!enter | ubuntu_18:24
ubotuubuntu_: Please try to keep your questions/responses on one line - don't use the "Enter" key as punctuation!18:24
ubuntu_but i want to delete the kubuntu18:24
llutzBluesKaj: euro-ISP like comcast? ;)18:24
BluesKajllutz, the large danish ISP for one18:25
siofwolvesllutz, BluesKaj, i use port 65007 on both OS's18:25
ubuntu_i deleted kubuntu, and now windows don't boot...because: grub failure!18:25
BluesKajsiofwolves, good !18:26
xerxes1358What is the newest kubuntu called18:26
xerxes1358guttsy gibbon?18:26
llutzsiofwolves: anyway, think and read about uPnp before using it. it's really dangerous18:26
ubuntu_xerxes yes18:26
BluesKajubuntu_ , find help in #windows18:26
SlimeyPeteubuntu_: yep, that's normal. You need to boot your Windows CD, go into the recovery console and use fdisk -mbr18:26
SlimeyPetebut yeah, #windows is a good place to ask.18:26
SlimeyPetefor further details.18:27
ubuntu_i think grub isn't a windows program18:27
unagiis there a reason dolphin doesnt show file info anymore when i hover18:27
=== mikahein is now known as Lumooja
schultzait isnt18:27
ArwenWhere is my tree view in dolphin? It's broken!18:27
siofwolvesllutz, ok. i was enquiring if there was something i should be doing in kubuntu as it may have ports blocked by defualt.18:27
SlimeyPeteubuntu_: indeed, but you need to overwrite it with the Windows bootloader, which *is* a Windows program.18:27
ubuntu_and i have problem with the grub18:27
Daisuke_Laptopbecause d3lphin (which is what you're using if you're using kde 3) is trash18:27
SlimeyPetewell, Windows-related18:27
ubuntu_SlimeyPete: okay18:28
schultzaim fairly new to grub as well18:28
BluesKajMBR - windows Master Boot Record18:28
unagiwhats wrong with d3lphine =/18:28
Arwenit has a 3 in it18:28
schultzabut i have it recognizing windows.. had to dismount the drive for linux (hd0) and used my windows cd to repair the startup files.... then have bios mount my drive with linux back on and it all works18:29
xerxes1358hm sweet Bittorrent download speed of Gutsy is getting above 800kbit.18:29
Arwenthat's 100kB/s, not very fast18:29
nosrednaekimxerxes1358 » lots of people getting it I guess :)18:29
schultzaid like to have your internet pipe, xerxes18:29
SlimeyPeteschultza: if he's removed his kubuntu partition then he has removed his grub config files, so it won't work now.18:29
schultzafaster than mine18:29
Arwenhow can we all be envious of 100kB/s?18:29
schultza67 kbits18:29
ubuntu_okay thanks for all.... i will try it now18:30
ubotuDolphin, or more properly D3lphin, is the new default file manager for Kubuntu 7.10 Gutsy Gibbon. If you would like to make Konqueror your default file manager again, go to Konqueror - Settings menu - Configure Konqueror - File Associations and change the association for inode/directory and inode/system_directory to Konqueror at the top rather than Dolphin.18:30
schultzasorry kBs18:30
xerxes1358schultza, no you wont. The speed somehow has dropped to 5 kbit suddenly. Something is wrong18:30
Lumoojais there supposed to be compiz-fusion in kubuntu 8.04 in the adept manager?18:30
nosrednaekimLumooja » yes18:30
schultzastill faster than mine18:30
ubuntu_yes my grub files are deleted18:30
xerxes13585kbit ?18:30
Lumoojanosredaekim, how is it called? i can only find parts of it, but not the main program18:30
BluesKajschultza, dialup?18:30
schultzathought you said it dropped by 5kbit.. nvrm18:31
ArwenI think you guys all mean kbyte instead of kbit........18:31
ubuntu_the linux partition formatted but what if i copy the windows boot loader files to that partition?18:31
Daisuke_Laptopbecause ktorrent shows KB/s, not Kb/s18:31
xerxes1358what does DISKOVERLOAD means in bittorrent? I have enough space left.18:31
SlimeyPeteubuntu_: you don't put them in a partition. You installed them to your MBR (a section at the beginning of the hard disk)18:31
schultzagoogle it, xerxes.... at least try to research before asking....18:31
xerxes1358schultza, you are right sorry.18:32
ubuntu_hmm i see18:32
SlimeyPeteubuntu_: seriously, if you ask in #windows someone should be able to tell you exactly what to do, it involves the command "fdisk -mbr"18:32
schultzasorry on my end too...  but i keep getting that at work... i have to research something... before asking the L2s for help18:32
xerxes1358schultza, yeah I get carried away in excitement sometimes. Stop, count to three, think, research and then ask is a good way :)18:33
xerxes1358schultza, anyways it is a limitation of uTorrent it seems.18:34
MIMB1ubuntu_ this should do it:  http://ebestagent.com/wordpress/windows-tips/fix-mbr-or-master-boot-record/18:35
unagiccan anyone help me figure out why xev doesnt see my side buttons?18:35
fidelioanybody has experience with synce?18:38
ScorpKing!grub > ubuntu_18:38
ClaudioFelixHi all.. i have just installed kubuntu and i want to change its default language18:39
xerxes1358Sweet I am on 1.6MBit /sec download on Bittorrent again18:39
ClaudioFelixi already tried to to to Country/Region & Language18:39
xerxes135846minutes to go to install Kubuntu18:39
ClaudioFelixInstall New Language18:39
ClaudioFelixbut it only displays english18:39
ClaudioFelixHow can i add another language to it?18:40
ClaudioFelixI also found strange that adept is showing some apps grayed out..18:40
MIMB1unagi:  You may take a look at the information here.  It has alot of examples setting up mice in X.  http://ftp.x.org/pub/X11R6.9.0/doc/html/mouse7.html18:41
ClaudioFelixfirefox for instance is showing like that..18:41
ClaudioFelixis there any way i can enable it?18:41
unagimy problem is more or less that the side buttons arent sending signals18:41
Lumoojaman, kde4 on kub8.04 looks insanely good :) like an OS 20 years ahead of time...18:43
Aikurnso true18:43
BluesKajlooks good eh ...wonder how well it works tho ?18:43
MrJigsawkub8.04 ? What is that ?18:43
unagiis kde4 out of the bug stage?18:43
MIMB1unagi:  I can't help much more, but if memory serves it may be the Option "Protocol" you are using in your xorg.conf...18:43
Lumoojamrjibsaw, i meant kubuntu 8.0418:44
wesleycan someone help me the taskbar in kde4 will not boot by default18:44
MIMB1I'd look there, and at the Option "Buttons"18:44
ClaudioFelixoh.. by the way.. i just intalled kubuntu 7.1018:44
unagiwhat should protocol be18:44
MIMB1unagi:  depends on the mouse.18:44
unagilogitech v22018:44
AuthorityClaudioFelix: check that the kde-I10n-<lang> package for the language you want to use in KDE has been installed18:45
ClaudioFelixthanks authority... but where do i do that? in adept_manager?18:46
AuthorityClaudioFelix: oops, that may only be for KDE4, let me dig some more18:46
richieI am converting my kde3 system to kde4... I want to remove the kubuntu-desktop package with all its dependecies, right now its only removing the package and no dependencies... how can I fix this?18:46
unagihow do i find out what protocol MIMB118:46
Lumoojarichie, you shouldn't perhaps remove kde3, since if you get problems in kde4, you can't switch back to kde3 and fix them...18:47
richiei got a fresh install18:47
richieso if anything goes wrong18:47
richieit dont matter18:47
Lumoojarichie, i just had kde4 hang because i didn't load nvidia drivers before i activated 3d effects...18:47
richieim just testing18:47
AuthorityClaudioFelix: yes, you would use adept for this.  I think for KDE3.x, you want one of the language-pack-kde-<lang> packages18:47
richieI dont like mixing packes18:47
richieit gets confusing18:47
MIMB1unagi:  Sorry, no experience with that particular mouse, and I don't have time to wade through a google search.18:47
Lumoojarichie, well it won't be needed when kde4 is released, but for alpha testing it might be better :)18:48
richieI really like the look of kde 418:48
richieit made me say wow18:48
ClaudioFelixit doesn't show up18:48
Lumoojarichie, yeah me too18:48
ClaudioFelixmaybe i have to fiddle with software sources to include other repositories than the official 7.10?18:49
BluesKajkde4 looks like OSX :)18:49
Lumoojarichie, the menu system feels first a bit clumsy, but once you realize that it remembers the spot where you where, it's very powerful18:49
AuthorityClaudioFelix: what language are you trying to install?18:49
ClaudioFelixit's funny.. because i come from slackware, and with it we just install the packages directly from kde.. or compile from source..18:50
vinay_lovemodo, this is a movie on linux...................must watch.........(http://www.revolution-os.com/)..for download, use http://thepiratebay.org/tor/3211770/Revolution_OS                   U have No copyright problem.18:50
ClaudioFelixand here with all these managers i'm a little lost :P18:50
ClaudioFelixi guess i got it18:50
MIMB1unagi:  Okay, found something on the ubuntu forums..  you may want to check it out too:  http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=24996918:50
ClaudioFelixi went to manage repositories18:51
ClaudioFelixi checked some other repository boxes18:51
ClaudioFelixnow its downloading some more package listings18:51
Daisuke_Laptopnice, ff3 will install flash automatically if it's needed18:54
Daisuke_Laptopor not18:54
Daisuke_Laptopit looked like it would18:54
emilsedghthats Fx, not FF or ff or Ff or fF!18:55
AuthorityClaudioFelix: I've never actually installed another language, but if you just search for portuguese, adept should return quite a few apropriate packages18:55
Xbehaveit fails, just download manually and unpack unless the repo has been fixed18:55
Daisuke_Laptopemilsedgh: what?18:55
emilsedghDaisuke_Ido: Firefox is Fx, not ff :D18:56
ClaudioFelixindeed authority18:56
ClaudioFelixit was only that inmanage repositories there was nothing checked18:56
ClaudioFelixin downloadable from the internet18:56
Daisuke_Laptopyou can use your own little shorthand all you want, but the vast majority of people that use firefox understand the shortened version to be ff18:56
ClaudioFelixafter i checked "canonical supported..."18:57
ClaudioFelixall those missing packages appeared18:57
ClaudioFelixthanks for your help anyway!18:57
emilsedghDaisuke_Ido: im not forcing you man :)18:57
draikWhat can I use to edit a song? I want to get just a snippet for a ringer on my phone.19:05
draikSlimeyPete: Weird... it wasn't installed19:06
Lumoojaumm, wth: firefox 3.0? in kubuntu? :)19:07
Lionoany ideas for linux net cafe? how to make a start?19:07
ScorpKingLiono: there are a few ways. join #kubuntu-offtopic .will talk in there19:08
vinay_ lovemodo, this is a movie on linux...................must watch.........(http://www.revolution-os.com/)..for download, use http://thepiratebay.org/tor/3211770/Revolution_OS                  I have watched the movie "Revolution OS". I downloaded it from here .19:09
vinay_i think it is non-copyrighted.19:09
vinay_I really enjoyed watching it, because it was so informative. It featured Linus Torvalds, Richard Stallman, Eric Raymond, etc., i think that it is a MUST-WATCH.19:09
SerenI got a problem with kicker19:10
SerenI can't "unlock panel"19:10
ScorpKing!ot > vinay_19:10
Serenit stays locked and I dunno how to unlock it19:10
Sereni alreaday tried to erase .kde/share/config/kicker19:10
Serensudo dkpg-reconfigure kicker without any success19:10
Serenanyone got other ideas ?19:11
cheguevaraSeren, what do you mean by locked19:13
Tm_TSeren: rightclick panel -> "unlock panel" ?19:13
Serenyou can lock and unlock kicker with a rigt click19:13
GuiBlancohi... I have a partition mounted as /var/www using vfat fs. I am trying to checkout a project which contains sym links. The svn co does not work (operation permitted) when it reaches these files. What can I do to solve it? Here is my fstab line19:13
Serenyup Tm_T19:13
GuiBlancoUUID=9234-46BA  /var/www        vfat    owner,users,rw,defaults,utf8,umask=000,gid=46,uid=blanco,auto 0       119:13
Tm_TSeren: that should unlock19:13
Serenit does not19:13
Serensomething is broken on my installation19:13
cheguevaraSeren, there's a kickerrc file somewhere in .kde try finding it and deleting it19:14
cheguevaracan't check where since i only got kde 419:14
Serencheguevara> I tried already19:14
Serenit does not work either19:14
BluesKajSeren, try to change settings in kcontrol/taskbar19:14
cheguevaracan try deleting the whole .kde dir, but thats too extremem i guess19:14
Serenwhere is the taskbar configuration in system settings ? I don't remember19:15
BluesKajSeren, alt+F2 , kdesu kcontrol19:16
Serenok thx19:16
Serenthat's funny when I change something in kcontrol and click apply nothing happens19:17
Lionois there a way that i can give a user readonly acces to his home folder?19:18
=== mikahein is now known as Lumooja
Daisuke_Laptopwhy would you restrict a user to read-only in his *own* home folder?19:19
Seren(ok without kdesu it works better I can somewhat modify the panel )19:19
LumoojaOMG firefox 3 rocks! :)19:19
Daisuke_Laptopwait, i forgot, nevermind19:19
Lionoi heard that its impossible to give the user readonly acces only to his home folder as it belongs to him and he can make changes any time?19:19
BluesKajLumooja, did you get it to put an icon on the desktop ?19:19
Lumoojablueskaj, yes after reboot19:20
Jack111how can i make konqueror store passowrds in kwallet?19:20
Seren( I style can't unlock it though)19:20
aldaekcan you install firefox via apt-get|aptitude?19:20
Lumoojablueskaj, or well, it appeared in the k-menu after reboot19:20
BluesKajLumooja, does it replace FF219:20
Lumoojablueskaj, yea way much19:20
sfiremakes you wonder what kinda bugs are in the new firefox19:21
BluesKajdid you use adept Lumooja ?19:21
aldaekcan you install ff3 via apt-get?19:21
Lumoojasfire, konqueror crashed quite often19:21
Daisuke_LaptopLiono: this is going to sound mean, but if you're going to be a sysadmin, it helps to be familiar with the OS you're administering FIRST.19:21
Daisuke_Laptopaldaek: sudo apt-get install firefox-3.019:21
Lumoojaaldeak, yes at least in kubuntu 8.0419:21
draikCan AMR audio be converted to mp3?19:21
GuiBlancocan anyone help me?19:22
LionoDaisuke_Laptop can you tell me the answer first?19:22
Lumoojablueskaj, yes i use adept only... except when it crashed or gets broken links...19:22
Daisuke_Laptopno, because i don't think there is one19:22
BluesKajok Lumooja, thx19:22
aldaeki dont think its out yet... non-beta19:23
aldaekor is the devel releases pretty stable?19:23
SerenSo I can somewhat modify my panel through kcontrol19:23
Daisuke_Laptoprestricting a user to read-only in his own home directory is not only difficult (if not impossible), it's stupid.  any program he launches?  settings get stored in that home folder, and with readonly access, he's going to spend more time screwing around trying to get the settings right than if it were just read/write19:23
Serenbut still can't unlock the panel and move applications around19:23
sfireplus.. who cares about a user directory19:24
sfireyou NEVER store anything important in a user directory19:24
aldaekdo you have to use write access to use execute rights?19:24
aldaeksfire: why not?19:24
Daisuke_Laptopsfire: i thought that went without saying :)19:24
GuiBlancoI have a partition mounted as /var/www using vfat fs. I am trying to checkout a project which contains sym links. The svn co does not work (operation not permitted) when it reaches these files (even when co'ing with root). What can I do to solve it?19:25
misticwarriorI need some help. I'm trying to configure a belkin wireless card. KNetworkManager doesn't work since I've tried to configure manually, and some commands like "sudo iwconfig wlan0 essid myEssid" do nothing19:25
misticwarriorcould someone help me ?19:25
SlimeyPeteGuiBlanco: I imagine you'll have to checkout to somewhere else. I don't think you can make vfat do symlinks.19:26
sfiremisticwarrior: is the wireless adapter even showing up when you do a ipconfig ?19:26
GuiBlancohm.... ok SlimeyPete!19:26
GuiBlancothanks for the info19:26
Lumoojaaldaek, once you know where it crashes, it's pretty stable :)19:26
misticwarriorsfire: do you mean ifconfig ?19:28
aldaekis there a guide/tutorial about crash recovery and instrusion detection?19:28
sfireyes... sorry.. too long in the windows world19:28
BluesKajFF3 , is fast ..impressive19:28
misticwarriorsfire: iwconfig and ifconfig show my connection named "wlan0"19:28
akh_hi, some fast help. I want to name a folder in sda1 with capsl letters but it keeps reverting them to lowercase letters.19:28
aldaekakh_: where is this dir?19:29
aldaekand two, are you entering it in caps19:29
Lumoojablueskaj, yeah now when you say it i noticed too that it's insane fast. i was just paying attention to the awesome url bar features and bookmarks and stuff19:29
akh_aldeak: a usb drive, and I use shift to write the folder name19:29
misticwarriorsfire: and my card worked with KNetworkManager, automatically. But I had to click on my essid and enter my key each time it started. And I want my connection to be started before kdm, like with a wired connection. So I tried manually and I cannot configure it efficiently... :S19:29
BluesKajLumooja, it saved all my stuff19:30
aldaekdo you also have the caps lock on while using shift?19:30
aldaeki know ,its a double shift = no shift....19:30
akh_aldeak: no, i've also tried to copy the folder and subfolders in capitals but it reverse them to lowercase again19:30
Lumoojablueskaj, "Unfiles Bookmarks" is also cool idea... no more 10km long lists :)19:30
warrendis it normal that gdebi-kde crashes when installing a package?19:31
aldaekoh... is usb formated with fat or ntfs?19:31
sfiremisticwarrior: sounds like a problem kwallet19:31
sfirethat stores all my wireless passwords and such19:31
akh_aldeak: it's a vfat19:31
Hawk_hm, what's up with"Package openssh-server is not available, but is referred to by another package.19:31
Hawk_This may mean that the package is missing, has been obsoleted, or19:31
Hawk_is only available from another source19:31
Hawk_E: Package openssh-server has no installation candidate"?19:31
Hawk_obsoleted, but by what?19:32
aldaekHawk_: what vers?19:32
akh_aldeak: i'm trying to import a few things to my ps3 but it will only accept if it's written in capitals19:32
aldaekof *ubuntu?19:32
Hawk_latest kubuntu, hardy I believe?19:32
DaveHelp, I went to www.kiro710.com and listened to the stream on liquid compass, now I dont have a Task bar even after reboot19:33
aldaekis this usb a direct cable to the ps3 or a usb flash drive?19:33
misticwarriorsfire: no, I configured KNetworkManager not to use kwallet. And in fact, my card should work WITHOUT KNetworkManager... I just wan KNetworkManager to show me the status of my connection, not to configure it -.-19:33
Seren__dave > ALT+F2 kicker19:33
aldaekum.. hardy is 6.06?19:33
BluesKajstrange Lumooja my desktop icon dialog says FF3 , but after launching and checking "about FF" , the version is 2.0012. That's strange ?19:33
Lumoojaaldaek, no19:33
AuthorityHawk_: you could try apt-cache search OpenSSH and see what packages look like it might install what you want19:33
akh_aldeak: a stand alone usb drive.19:33
Lumoojaaldaek, hardy is 8.04 alpha4 at the moment19:33
Hawk_Auth, oh you mean like:19:34
Hawk_sparhawk@crow:~$ sudo apt-cache search sshlibssl0.9.8 - SSL shared librariesrdiff-backup - remote incremental backupopenssh-client - secure shell client, an rlogin/rsh/rcp replacement19:34
DaveSeren__: then what?19:34
Hawk_there's nothing there?19:34
Lumoojablueskaj, well mine is 3.0b3, with some cool robot  :)19:34
Seren__then you will get a taskbar ?19:34
aldaekok... now its a hard drive or hard drive like.. so it has a file format.... is it ext3, fat, ntfs... what format is it?19:34
Hawk_openssh-server isn't even listed19:34
Lumoojablueskaj, maybe you need to uninstall ff2 first19:34
Hawk_and I tried updating the repos, it says it's up to date19:34
Seren__by task bar you mean the default one at the bottom ?19:34
Hawk_just installed the openssh-server package on my Ubuntu 7.10 main desktop19:34
Daveno, thats a run command dialog19:35
Seren__type kicker in that19:35
AuthorityHawk_: well no, that's not exactly what I said19:35
akh_aldeak: it's a Sony Memory Card Pro Duo (1gb) attached to a psp, using it as a cardhub.19:35
BluesKajfunny tjo Lumooja , adept says FF3 is installed ...weirdness here :)19:35
Seren__you should get your taskbar back at least for this session19:35
Lumoojablueskaj, did you reboot?19:35
Seren__( or your taksbar is simply hidden somewhere )19:35
Daisuke_Laptoprebooting is NOT a solution19:35
aldaekdid you format this drive? or begun using it as-is?19:35
akh_aldeak: and like a said the filesystem/format is vfat19:35
AuthorityHawk_: what are you trying to install?  OpenSSL or OpenSSH?19:36
Daisuke_Laptopunless it's a kernel update :D19:36
akh_aldeak: i haven't formated it. i'll try that.19:36
Daisuke_LaptopBluesKaj: from a terminal: firefox-3.019:36
aldaekfat based formats are not case sensitive19:36
DaveSeren__: nope, nothing happens19:36
Lumoojasaisuke_laptop, bullshit, rebooting fixes kde4 menu entries19:36
prince_jammysemma killall bonobo-activation-server19:36
aldaekyou cant have sda1 and SDA119:36
Daisuke_Laptopaldaek: but bash/dash are19:36
aldaekin vfat19:36
Seren__dave > launch a Konsole the same way19:36
Daisuke_LaptopLumooja: rebooting is not a solution, and watch your language19:36
Seren__and type sudo apt-get install kicker19:36
Seren__( it should be installed anyway )19:37
akh_aldeak: is there a fileformat i can use instead?19:37
Daisuke_LaptopLumooja: AT MOST, you would restart X19:37
Lumoojadaisuke_laptop english is an international language19:37
Hawk_Auth, like I said, openssh-server19:37
misticwarrioranyone else could help me to configure "etc/network/interfaces" ?19:37
Daisuke_Laptopjust because rebooting works doesn't mean it's the be-all end-all solution19:37
aldaekDaisuke_Laptop: i understand, but he's writing to a vfat.. not ext#19:37
Daveit was it went away  after i visited the site19:37
Daisuke_LaptopLumooja: i was referring to your cursing, which is unacceptable here19:37
Hawk_which installed fine on a ubuntu 7.10 but this kubuntu (7.04) will not find it19:37
AuthorityHawk_: well why did you search for openssl?  search for openssh and see what that returns19:38
Hawk_I'm assuming they'd default to the same repositories19:38
Lumoojadaisuke_laptop hmm ok, althought in britain it's not considered cursing, just smalltalk19:38
Hawk_I didn't, I searched for "ssh"19:38
Hawk_that's what came up19:38
Daisuke_Laptoplike you said, it's international19:38
Hawk_three hits, no server19:38
Lumoojaok, point taken19:38
Daisuke_LaptopHawk_: make sure your repos are right19:38
SlimeyPeteerm, it is considered cursing in Britain.19:38
Hawk_Daisuke, how would I go about doing that?19:38
Daisuke_Laptopi just did apt-cache policy openssh-server (gutsy) and it's there19:39
aldaekconfiguration settings, not that its up-to-date19:39
Lumoojaslimeypete, oh yeah i meant "bollocks"19:39
Hawk_since this kubuntu is obv not looking in the same place that my existing ubuntu is19:39
DaveSeren__: nothing happens no matter what i put into the laincher19:39
Daisuke_Laptopbollocks is different :)19:39
Lumoojayeah sorry, it's just my bad english19:39
Daisuke_LaptopHawk_: they use the same repos19:39
SlimeyPetethat word is also considered cursing in Britain...19:39
SlimeyPeteyou can't say it on TV before 919:39
Seren__dave > I don't really understand what happened to your computer, what happens if you relaunch a session ?19:39
Hawk_Daisuke, I would assume so19:40
Hawk_so how do I explain this not working?19:40
* SlimeyPete shrugs... doesn't bother me either way tbh ;)19:40
Hawk_only thing different was that this kubuntu didn't have internet during the initial install19:40
Lumoojahawk_ you mean 8.04?19:40
Hawk_could that maybe have made it somehow not properly be connecting to the repos?19:40
DaveSeren__:no taskbar comes up even after  reboot19:40
AuthorityHawk_: then you probably need to check your /etc/apt/sources.list19:40
Hawk_hrm. whatever the latest one off the website is, Lumo19:40
Lumoojahawk_ that would be 7.1019:41
Seren__when you type ALT+F2 then "konsole" do you get a console ?19:41
Hawk_# Line commented out by installer because it failed to verify:#deb http://security.ubuntu.com/ubuntu gutsy-security universe19:41
Hawk_heheh thx19:41
Hawk_Lumo, then it's 7.10. :)19:41
DaveSeren__: had auto hide on, now it seems to be perminantly hidden19:41
DaveSeren__: yes19:42
Seren__then you can try to launch kcontrol19:42
Seren__in "taskbar" you can rollback to default19:42
DaveSeren__: the kcontrol comes up19:43
AuthorityHawk_: no problem19:43
Davejust a sec19:43
Seren__ok it is then in desktop\Panels, "hiding" tabs19:43
Seren__and try default then apply and see what happens19:43
warrendsomeone know why gdebi-kde can't install a package?19:43
misticwarriordo someone know how to configure manually a wireless card (already installed with ndiswrapper and recognized by the system)19:44
Hawk_there we go, it's updating from sources... had to uncomment all those lines19:44
Hawk_*grmbl*  well thanks guys. :)19:45
murshedany 1 here plz19:46
Hawk_<3 #kubuntu19:46
jpatrick!anyone | murshed19:46
ubotumurshed: A large amount of the first questions asked in this channel start with "Does anyone/anybody..."  Why not ask your next question (the real one) and find out?19:46
DaveSeren__: still no taskbar19:47
murshedneed a help19:47
murshedhow i chang boot image19:47
Seren__what happens if you try to move it around and put it at the top ?19:47
murshedi use a ANKURBANGLA kubuntu in Bangladesh. plz help me. i want to chng my bOOt screen19:48
murshedi use a ANKURBANGLA kubuntu in Bangladesh. plz help me. i want to chng my bOOt screen19:48
Pici!usplash | murshed19:48
ubotumurshed: To select the usplash artwork you want, use "sudo update-alternatives --config usplash-artwork.so && sudo update-initramfs -u" - See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/USplashCustomizationHowto for adding your custom artwork19:48
Seren__you can try "dpkg-reconfigure kicker" but I am not sure it will do anything19:48
murshedUbuntu thnx19:49
DaveSeren__: put what on top?19:50
murshedthnx many many19:50
Seren__your taskbar19:50
Seren__in kcontrol \ panels19:50
DaveSeren__: there is no taskbar to move arount19:50
Seren__in kcontrol you can select another position, if it works you should see your (invisible) taskbar moving19:50
cheguevarais anyone running hardy and has wine installed?19:51
Seren__dave > well I am out of ideas, try to find someone more knowledgable19:51
murshedUbuntu: can i chng my OS UBUNTU name.... how can chng name UBUNTU. i want replace UBUNTU by fahim or EBUNTU. how can i do it. for give me i'm not well in english.19:51
DaveSeren__:ok thanks for the help19:51
Lumoojahmm is there seperate channel for 8.04?19:52
=== markus is now known as remotechief_311
Davehelp, i lost my taskbar after going to a specific site,(think i have a virus)19:52
murshedUbuntu can i chat pvt plz19:53
murshedUbuntu can i chat pvt plz19:53
ubotuHardy Heron is the code name for the next release of Ubuntu (8.04-LTS), due April 2008 - For more info, see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardyHeron - CONSIDER IT TO BE PRE BETA (ALPHA) SOFTWARE - Discussion and support in #ubuntu+1, NOT #ubuntu19:53
ScorpKingLumooja: there ^19:53
Lumoojaubotu ok thanks, so it would be then #kubuntu+1 for me19:53
ScorpKingLumooja: no, #kubuntu+1 does not exist19:54
Lumoojascorpking yeah i noticed, that sucks19:54
Daveguess ill try ubuntu19:54
Lumoojascorpking i wanted a clean channel with no obsolete version and gnome users...19:55
Lionoi am playing a game on wine. but its mouse moves like in peaces. slow. like a picture with low frame rate. and i cant scroll smoothly too. whats wrong.?19:55
unagican anyone help me figure out why now xev doesnt detect anything from my side mouse buttons19:55
akh_thanks everyone19:55
Lumoojamurshed, cursing is not allowed in this channel19:57
sparhawk_hm, oh, OK19:57
* sparhawk__ looks at sparhawk_19:57
Seren__how can I reset my kde installation ?19:57
Seren__( something lighter than removing .kde if possible )19:57
ScorpKingSeren__: mv .kde .kdeold19:58
murshedany OP here19:58
Seren__i will try that and see what happens :)19:58
ScorpKingmurshed: a few so plz behave ;)19:58
* unagi cries out for help19:59
jpatrickhi unagi19:59
murshedany OP her plz19:59
jpatrickmurshed: what's up?19:59
unagii just want my side buttons to work again =*(20:00
ubuntuhi all20:00
murshedjpatrick:  how to creat a channel and save?? here20:00
murshedwc Ubuntu wc20:00
murshedwelcome back ubuntu20:00
ubuntucan you read me?20:00
murshedUbuntu can i chat pvt plz20:00
Piciubuntu: roger that.20:00
murshedyEs ubuntu20:00
jpatrickmurshed: /msg Chanserv help register20:00
JoshOvkino ubuntu :)20:00
ubuntui cant20:01
ubuntuthis version is baad20:01
JoshOvkiubuntu: you cant what?20:01
ubuntui cant chat in private20:01
ubuntui dont know why20:02
ubotuTo install a Java compiler/interpreter on Ubuntu, look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Java - For the Sun Java runtime install sun-java5-jre from the !Multiverse repository. Enable the backports repository on Edgy to install sun-java6-jre. Please don't use Adept to install Java if you are on Kubuntu 6.10 (Edgy) or earlier.20:02
jpatrick!register > ubuntu20:02
jpatrick!msgthebot > Qrawl20:02
jpatrick!ot | murshed, ubuntu20:03
unagiill give someone a cookie to help me figure out this mouse button problem20:03
ubotumurshed, ubuntu: #kubuntu is the official Kubuntu support channel, for all Kubuntu-related support questions. Please use #kubuntu-offtopic for general chatter. Thanks!20:03
unagi2 cookies?20:03
Authorityunagi: have you tried using evdev as your mouse driver?20:03
=== sparhawk_ is now known as Hawk-
murshedHELP. how can i RUN windows Soft??? plz help20:04
murshedHELP. how can i RUN windows Soft in UBUNTU??? plz help20:04
Hawk-murshed, apt-get install wine20:04
Hawk-or try Virtualbox20:04
murshedwhere it found20:04
murshedi'm new user20:04
murshedbut i intrest LINUX20:04
murshedit nice also WINDOWS20:05
Hawk-either use synaptic, or apt-get/apt-search from a terminal20:05
murshedplz tell me20:06
murshedwhere i found20:06
unagiAuthority: ive tried a bunch of things =/20:06
murshedlink me plz20:06
=== Hawk- is now known as Hawk--
X314!wine > murshed20:07
Lionoi am playing a game on wine. but its mouse moves like in peaces. slow. like a picture with low frame rate. and i cant scroll smoothly too. whats wrong.? do i have a wine config problem that the game doesnt runs good? (redalert)20:07
=== Hawk-- is now known as Hawk-
unagioooh Authority you messed up my pc20:09
Authorityunagi: I did?20:10
unagii changed the driver to evdev and x wont start20:10
unagihooray for irssi20:10
ScorpKingunagi: hehe. try vesa20:10
X314Liono: might be that everything has to go through wine and all and that just makes it slow. has it worked properly before?20:10
Authorityunagi: do you have evdev support in the kernel?20:10
ScorpKingunagi: and please next time make a backup of any files that you plan on changing :P20:11
X314unagi: playing with x drivers is no fun -.- I have crashed myself many a time with that :p20:11
LionoX314 this is the first time iam using wine20:11
unagiAuthority: how do i tell20:11
NthDegreeLiono: Wine is still in BETA20:11
unagiX314: i dont mind much anymore, it doesnt scare me when x doesnt start20:11
unagiespecially since i figured out irssi =)20:11
NthDegreeLiono: not all apps will run smoothly on it especially games20:11
Authorityunagi: um... lsmod|grep evdev20:11
unagiit use to freak me out!20:12
X314unagi: I mostly get annoyed :p20:12
LionoNthDegree X314 do i have any alternative for wine?20:12
NthDegreeLiono: all the alternatives are in BETA too20:12
NthDegreethough Cedega may do it20:12
Authorityunagi: I break X all the time20:12
unagievdev 11136 5 is the output Authority20:12
NthDegreebut that costs20:12
unagii like how x tells you why it wont start =)20:12
NthDegreeLiono: talk to #winehq and see if there are any tweaks they know of20:12
unagimost of the time anyway20:12
Authorityunagi: can you pastebin Xorg.0.log?20:13
unagiif you can explain to me how to do that from the command prompt20:13
Authorityor lynx20:13
Authorityor wget if you're hardcore20:13
unagier virtual terminal.....whatever the heck its called20:13
ubotuBrowsers available for Ubuntu: Firefox (GTK, Gecko engine), Konqueror (KDE/Qt, KHTML engine), Epiphany (GTK, Gecko engine), Dillo (GTK), w3m (terminal-based), Links2 (terminal-based or graphical, see !man page), edbrowse (command-line), Opera (Qt, proprietary)20:13
ScorpKingunagi: did you edit xorg.conf?20:14
unagiScorpKing: sure did20:14
Authorityunagi: or you can just paste it in a /msg to me20:14
unagihow do you copy and paste from the shell20:14
unagiwithout x20:14
Authorityunagi: gpm20:14
unaginot files seren_ text20:14
unagiAuthority: dcc send?20:14
ScorpKingunagi: when i run out of ideas getting x back i boot from the livecd and copy the xorg.cong to the disk and all is well again ;)20:15
Authorityunagi: I doubt that will work.  there is "pastebinit - command-line pastebin client"20:15
unagii could fix it ScorpKing i just dont want to, im trying to get my 5 button mouse to work20:15
LionoNthDegree X314 what alternavitives will i have to play games on linux?20:16
ScorpKingunagi: ah ok. play time then. have you tried google? i've seen some forums on the topic20:16
X314Liono: well there are games For linux.20:16
=== weneli is now known as amnesiac_hackers
LionoX314 not as good as for windows20:17
Lionodo i need to have ms direct x or some 3d accelaration thing?20:17
=== amnesiac_hackers is now known as c0demonkey
X314Liono: well. why dont you just make a 2nd partition on your HD and run windows Just for games then?20:18
=== c0demonkey is now known as weneli
=== weneli is now known as amnesiac_hackers
Authorityunagi: any progress?20:19
unagi1 sec20:20
* Sbucat io odio i pignoli!20:20
unagisorry answering phones at my parents computer store20:20
AuthorityLiono: if you're really interested in playing Windows games on Linux, check out http://www.transgaming.com/20:21
Lionowhat are other ways to run windows games. other than wine and virtualistaion?20:22
seren_dual boot :p20:22
unagiAuthority: paste.stgraber.org/71820:22
ScorpKingLiono: there is something else. let me get the link20:22
ubotuInstant Messenger Client Kopete (http://kopete.kde.org) is supporting MSN, Jabber, AIM, Gadu-Gadu, Novell Groupwise, ICQ and IRC. See also !gaim20:23
unagikopete crashes on me alot20:23
LionoScorpKing emulation ?20:23
LionoAuthority ^ ?20:23
ScorpKingLiono: http://www.kde-apps.org/content/show.php/Linux+Unified+Kernel+?content=7548420:23
BluesKajunagi, ppl are switching to pidgin, dunno for sure, don't use IM much20:24
ubotupidgin is the new name for Gaim forced by AOL's legal dept. It is available in Ubuntu 7.10 (Gutsy), but not previous versions. See http://www.pidgin.im/index.php for more info. To install Pidgin please see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/InstallPidgin2.020:25
Lionodo you vote vmware  or qemu for playing games in terms of performance20:25
Authorityunagi: can you pastebin the output of20:25
nosrednaekimLiono » vmware or virtualbox20:25
Authority'cat /proc/bus/input/devices'20:25
blekoshi, in every tutorial I look for back up with I tar I see I should exclude /mnt directory, but nobody refers to /media directory why is that?20:25
nosrednaekimLiono » but niether can do 3d accel20:25
Authorityunagi: and your xorg.conf20:25
Liononosrednaekim sure?20:26
nosrednaekimblekos » /media is, AFAIK, not a very standard location to be mounting things, but ubuntu uses it anyway :)20:26
nosrednaekimLiono » yup.20:26
Lionothen what can do 3d acceleration?20:26
nosrednaekimLiono » WINE20:26
blekoswhich is best wmware or virtualbox?20:26
nosrednaekimvbo IMO20:26
Liononosrednaekim any thing else?20:27
nosrednaekimLiono » for windows games?not as far as I know20:27
Liononosrednaekim you said vbox cant do 3d acc20:27
AndreSTCANy1 know what may be causing this? http://putimg.net/uploads/1203366213DSC01347.JPG Im getting this screen when kde is loaded, thats the login screen. It just happened to my notebook...20:27
nosrednaekimLiono » uhh yeah....20:27
Lionoany alternative to wine ?20:27
nosrednaekimLiono » Cedega,which you have to pay for20:28
seren_anyone using strigi right now ?20:28
Liononosrednaekim vmware can do 3d accel.20:28
nosrednaekimLiono » really? I did not know that... could give me a link for that?20:29
benbreadHey i just changed from kubuntu x86 to AMD64, at least i think i did - is there an easy way to find out which archetecture i'm using? Thanks :)20:29
nosrednaekimbenbread » uname -a20:29
dhqwhat is the next release of kubuntu20:29
AuthorityLiono: hardware acceleration requires direct access to hardware, which virtulization is explicity designed not to allow20:29
ubotuHardy Heron is the code name for the next release of Ubuntu (8.04-LTS), due April 2008 - For more info, see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardyHeron - CONSIDER IT TO BE PRE BETA (ALPHA) SOFTWARE - Discussion and support in #ubuntu+1, NOT #ubuntu20:29
benbreadnosrednaekim: Thanks :D20:29
benbreadI'm assuming x86_64 is right20:30
nosrednaekimAndreSTC » looking BTW20:30
Liononosrednaekim nemo told me that in ##linux20:30
LionoAuthority ^20:30
nosrednaekimLiono » well, get nemo to get me a link.20:30
AuthorityLiono: I use VMWare, it doesn't support hardware acceleration20:31
nosrednaekimAuthority » BTW.... VMware fusion for mac can do 3d accel20:31
AndreSTCnosrednaekim ?20:31
runleveltenthere's experimental hardware acceleration in vmware - I've used it20:32
nosrednaekimAndreSTC » woah...20:33
AndreSTCnosrednaekim bad, huh?20:33
nosrednaekimAndreSTC » thats screwed up..... does it flicker?20:34
AndreSTC[nosrednaekim]: no20:34
Liononosrednaekim Authority vmware fusion does20:34
xerxes1358What is the minimum disc requirement for Kubuntu + VmWare + Windows XP install ?20:35
AuthorityLiono: so it seems.  but you can't run fusion on your kubuntu machine20:35
unagiAuthority: paste.stgraber.org/71920:35
xerxes1358What is the minimum disc requirement for Kubuntu + VmWare + Windows XP install ? = OpenOffice.20:35
ScorpKingxerxes1358: RAM for kubuntu + RAM for XP20:35
NickPrestasub[t]rnl, you there?20:35
xerxes1358ScorpKing, what do you mean20:36
nosrednaekimxerxes1358 » i'd say about 10 gigs to be safe20:36
unagixerxes1358: that depends on how much you want to give for xp20:36
xerxes1358unagi, I need to run Office 2007 in XP. I have 2.5gb ram.20:36
RogueJediXHey. I have two soundcards, but the one I'm using is not set as default. What should I do?20:36
ScorpKingyou'll need enough ram to run kubuntu and xp at the same time. say 512 for both so that's 1gb then20:36
unagi1/2 to 1 gig of ram and 8 or 10 gigs of space for the vmware20:36
unagiAuthority: are you still here?20:37
nosrednaekimxerxes1358 » thats plenty. does office2007 support windows 2000?20:37
xerxes1358I dont think so20:37
Authorityunagi: you didn't configure evdev correctly.  try reading http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=219894 or pastebin /proc/bus/input/devices and I'll walk you through it20:37
nosrednaekimah.. ok, cause 2000 uses fewer resources20:37
unagiAuthority: paste.stgraber.org/72020:38
AndreSTC[nosrednaekim]: any idea?20:38
nosrednaekimAndreSTC » does the screen flicker?20:39
nosrednaekimAndreSTC » ah nm.. I see your answer now20:39
nosrednaekimAndreSTC » lets see if its a kde issue first... can you get into failsafe mode?20:39
Authorityunagi: is that a wireless mouse?20:39
nosrednaekim(from KDM)20:39
AndreSTC[nosrednaekim]: im new to all this linux stuff, can you be more specific :/ ?20:40
Jack111i have got the problem that i can neither watch youtube vids nor eg use gmx to send text messages from konqueror20:40
unagiyes Authority20:40
Jack111the flash plugin is installed20:40
unagiwhoa man dont flood20:41
nosrednaekimLiono » heh... seems the latest version of VMware server does support 3d (albeit in extreme beta functionality20:41
BluesKaj!flashissues | Jack11120:41
ubotuJack111: The Flash plugin installation has been broken for some time. A fix has been released now, although it might not have yet reached all mirrors. If the update fails to install Flash, try « sudo apt-get --purge remove flashplugin-nonfree ; sudo apt-get install flashplugin-nonfree »20:41
thomas_newbie__how can i edit a file to change the default run level on boot?20:41
thomas_newbie__which file?20:41
unagior was that a msg20:41
Liononosrednaekim thats not free20:41
oloughlin75thomas_newbie__: you do NOT want to be root.20:42
Authorityunagi: that was a /msg20:42
nosrednaekimLiono » I think you can get a renewable trial version...20:42
unagiAuthority: thats all i need in my xorg?20:42
RogueJediXAny idea at all?20:42
thomas_newbie__oloughlin75: no i want to change default run level20:42
Authorityunagi: replace your current mouse configuration with that20:42
unagiAuthority: should the name be Logitech v220?20:42
AndreSTC[nosrednaekim]: im new to all this linux stuff, can you be more specific :/ ? How can i enter on failsafe mode ?20:43
nosrednaekimLiono » seems its in workstation too...20:43
oloughlin75thomas_newbie__: look in the User Management under system settings20:43
Authorityunagi: it has to match a name from /proc/bus/input/devices20:43
nosrednaekimAndreSTC » on the KDM login screen, there is a sessions button, click it and select failsafe20:43
simon12aoooww :( Any one understand why I get his when I run compiz in console? http://pastebin.ca/90892220:43
Authorityunagi: which in your case, would be "Logitech USB Receiver"20:43
AndreSTC[nosrednaekim]: i cant see any buton...is there any hotkey?20:43
unagiok done20:44
unagirestart kdm?20:44
Authorityunagi: you can change the Identifier to any string you want20:44
Authorityunagi: yep, fire X up20:44
unagik brb20:44
unagix still isnt firing20:45
thomas_newbie__oloughlin75: how does user management have to do with that20:45
nosrednaekimAndreSTC » should look like a little menu button...20:45
unagifailed to initialize core devices20:45
unagifatal io error 10420:45
AndreSTC[nosrednaekim]: i know, but i cant see it... my screen is fucked up20:45
Authorityunagi: start pastebin'ing  :-D20:46
unagi!ohmy | AndreSTC20:46
ubotuAndreSTC: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family friendly.20:46
unagiAuthority: what do you want first20:46
AndreSTCunagi sorry20:46
Authorityunagi: log file20:46
nosrednaekimAndreSTC » oh.... you can't even get to the KDM login screen?20:46
unagiAuthority: paste.stgraber.org/72120:46
thomas_newbie__anyone know how to change default run level?20:46
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about runlevel - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi20:47
AndreSTC[nosrednaekim]: yea... the problem starts exactly at the kde login screen20:47
BluesKaj!info runlevel20:47
ubotuPackage runlevel does not exist in gutsy20:47
nosrednaekimAndreSTC » ok, can you go ctrl+alt+f2 and get a text login?20:48
AndreSTC[nosrednaekim]: yes, im there20:49
thomas_newbie__BluesKaj: then what modifies on boot?20:49
unagiis it possible to change the resolution of the terminal? :D20:49
AndreSTC[nosrednaekim]: i logged in there as root20:49
nosrednaekimAndreSTC » cd to your home DIR20:50
xerxes1358Ok guys I am burning Kubuntu now. Finally moved everything from laptop to External HD20:50
xerxes135820 minutes left to install Kubuntu :)20:50
unagixerxes1358: id like to reformat but im afraid i wont save everything20:51
AndreSTCnosrednaekim done20:51
thomas_newbie__BluesKaj: but i can't find any /etc/inittab file20:51
ElvanorHello, I just installed Kubuntu latest version20:52
Elvanormy wifi network does not work20:52
oloughlin75Elvanor: you might need to use ndiswrapper20:52
ElvanorThe driver is correctly loaded but I can not get iwconfig to associate to my AP20:52
oloughlin75!ndiswrapper | Elvanor20:52
ubotuElvanor: Wireless documentation can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs20:52
Elvanoroloughlin75: no, the driver is OK20:52
Elvanoriwconfig shows up the interface20:52
Elvanorbut iwconfig key MYKEY does not associate...20:53
lcplease help, this is urgent20:53
Lionohow about play station games. i think linux would have an emulator. pcsx i think?   dont you think playstaion games are much better than windows games?20:53
AndreSTCnosrednaekim im on my home dir20:54
Dragnslcr!ask | lc20:54
ubotulc: Please don't ask to ask a question, ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely answer. :-)20:54
nosrednaekimAndreSTC » yeah ok...i'm trying to figure out what to do20:54
AndreSTCnosrednaekim oh, ok. take ur time20:54
oloughlin75Liono: you could give pcsx a shot20:54
DexterFis there anything like ebay turbolister for linux?20:54
lcplease help, kde just got deleted while resizing resolution. How do i get it back?20:54
xerxes1358unagi, are you on windows ?20:54
nosrednaekimAndreSTC » lets try moving your .kde run "mv .kde .kde-backup"20:55
DexterFlc: nothing got deleted, the X server crashed obviously (the graphical system). what happens when you just restart?20:55
nosrednaekimlc » I don;t think it got DELETED20:55
lcblack screen, when i run kde, it says no such command20:55
Lionooloughlin75 ok20:55
nosrednaekimlc » run "sudo /etc/init.d/kdm restart"20:56
BluesKajDexterF, ebay turbolister , does it run in a browser20:56
AndreSTCnosrednaekim done20:56
DexterFBluesKaj: uh.. highly unlikely20:56
DexterFebay web interface != TL20:57
lcno such file or directory20:57
AndreSTCnosrednaekim should i restart?20:57
lci have restarted x, restarted pc...20:57
DexterFlc: this is a little odd, indeed. all you did was change the screen res?20:57
lci cant get it to run as root20:58
nosrednaekimAndreSTC » no, just run "/etc/init.d/kdm restart"20:58
lcwhen i run sudo apt-get install kde20:58
ElvanorHa , I got it working by running kdenetworkmanager20:58
lchave done20:58
misticwarriorhow to stop a module like ndiswrapper ?20:58
lc135(?) packages NEW20:58
nosrednaekimElvanor » :)20:59
AndreSTCnosrednaekim restarted, but the thing is still the same20:59
DexterFlc: did you mess with sources.list? ran upgrades?20:59
Elvanornosrednaekim: strange that manual configuration via iwconfig on the command line did not work20:59
lcno, but i have changed before20:59
ElvanorNow I need to install some languages20:59
nosrednaekimAndreSTC » ok... something with X then. run "sudo dpkg-reconfigure -phigh xserver-xorg"20:59
Elvanorhow do I do that?20:59
Authorityunagi: I don't know man, I don't see anything wrong...20:59
lcyes, ran upgrades20:59
nosrednaekimElvanor » do you have encyrption?21:00
ElvanorWhen I installed Kubuntu I selected  Russian and it said my whole system would be in russian21:00
Elvanorbut it is in english now21:00
nosrednaekimAndreSTC » and run "mv .kde-backup .kde"21:00
Elvanornosrednaekim: encryption?21:00
Elvanormy wifi has a WEP key yes21:00
nosrednaekimElvanor » WPA, WEP21:00
nosrednaekimElvanor » thats why it didn't work :)21:00
AndreSTCnosrednaekim it said xserv-xorg is not installed21:00
Elvanornosrednaekim: why?21:00
ElvanorI did specify the key21:00
nosrednaekimAndreSTC » xserver-xorg21:00
nosrednaekimElvanor » oh... ok. well, sometimes it gets the size of the key messed up.21:01
lcstill not working, tried all that you have said so far21:01
oloughlin75Elvanor: you can change the language in System Settings -> Regional and Language21:01
ElvanorI am new to Kubuntu, but am fairly advanced in Linux ( I am a Gentoo dev)21:01
DexterFlc: weird. got a fast line? then I'd say go and reinstall the packages. perhaps the filesystem really took a dent21:01
Elvanoroloughlin75: when I go to that place only one language is displayed, English21:01
nosrednaekimElvanor » you've connected with iwconfig before?21:01
lcya, wierd, but do i just plug in ethernet and go?21:01
lcit is laptop21:02
oloughlin75Elvanor: click install new language21:02
Elvanornosrednaekim: yeah, all the time with my gentoo boxes21:02
AndreSTCnosrednaekim all done21:02
Elvanoroloughlin75: install new language does not show anything more than english21:02
Elvanorlet me try again now that I have the network21:02
DexterFlc: well..  mostly... tho if you got the DVD or CD you can use that again, too. unless you already got updates via the web21:02
nosrednaekimAndreSTC » try restarting kdm21:02
lci put the cd in and tried apt-get, but it failed21:02
DexterFlc: you didn't change res while upgrading to a new version of kubuntu in the background, didn't ya?21:02
oloughlin75Elvanor: there should be a list. :/21:02
nosrednaekimElvanor » there should be a "add language" button21:03
AndreSTCnosrednaekim damn, i love you =)21:03
AndreSTCnosrednaekim working fine now21:03
lcno, just changed res21:03
AndreSTCnosrednaekim thanks a lot.21:03
oloughlin75nosrednaekim: the add language is only for installed languages21:03
Elvanorthe add language button does not show more than english21:03
oloughlin75need to install new language21:03
DexterFlc: you're in win now?21:03
ElvanorMaybe I need to run apt-get something?21:03
lcno, mandriva machine21:03
Elvanorbecause the list is empty...21:03
nosrednaekimElvanor » oh.. and there is a "install languages" button ont he bottom21:04
Elvanoryes, that's the one I clicked21:04
oloughlin75Elvanor: is Russian in Slecet System language?21:04
Elvanoroloughlin75: yes, it is21:04
oloughlin75can you select it?21:04
NorthByNorthWestHi all! Does anyone know how to disable compiz from autostarting using the terminal?21:04
ElvanorI can, but it does not change anything21:05
DexterFlc: ok. well, plug in the cat5, use your fav editor to hack up /etc/apt/sources.list (can paste you mine if you want) and reinstall kde. are you on 7.04 or 7.10?21:05
lci would just reinstall system, but i've downloaded tons of apps, over 8gb, and won't remember them all21:05
nosrednaekimElvanor » have you run "apt-get update" yet?21:06
lci heve one cat5 so i will be right back... hold this line21:06
Elvanornosrednaekim: no21:06
ElvanorShould I?21:06
DexterFlc: well, you just reinstall packages so you wont lose any data you donwloaded unless the fs is borked. you didn't dl 8gb of linux packages manually, right?21:06
AndreSTCis there an easy way to look what drives need to get updated?21:06
nosrednaekimElvanor » yeah... to update your package lists21:06
nosrednaekimAndreSTC » drives?21:06
lcusing synaptic21:06
AndreSTCnosrednaekim drivers21:06
nosrednaekimNorthByNorthWest » it shouldn't start automatically unless you put a link to it in Autostart21:07
nosrednaekimAndreSTC » oh, you lost your 3d accel?21:07
DexterFwhy on earth does someone use synaptic when he can have adept? :)21:07
simon12Please help me run compiz. :( I started trying 28 hours ago, I cant get it to work.21:07
ElvanorI just did apt-get update21:07
ubotuKubuntu is not shipping with compiz installed or enabled by default. You can still install it and have your eyecandy goodness. The instructions are at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/CompositeManager/CompizFusion - further help in #compiz-fusion21:07
NorthByNorthWestnosrednaekim: well... I cant find .kde/Autostart21:07
AndreSTCnosrednaekim no no... the thing is that the notebook is new, i want to know if i have everything up-to-date here...21:07
Elvanorbut I think the only sources are in the CDROM21:07
Elvanorare the network repos available by default?21:08
AndreSTCnosrednaekim or if there is any driver i can update..21:08
simon12WHen I run "compiz" in the console it says: http://pastebin.ca/90892221:08
Elvanorif no, where do I add them?21:08
simon12I dont understand...21:08
NorthByNorthWestnosrednaekim: (I have a fresh install... enabled Desktop Effects and now the screen is black when loggin in... am in terminal now)21:08
DexterFoloughlin75: thought 7.10 has compiz-fusion by default?21:08
nosrednaekimAndreSTC » ah ok, well "sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade" should update everything, but I doubt there are any updated drivers21:08
oloughlin75DexterF: nope21:08
* DexterF is puzzled21:08
oloughlin75compiz doesnt run that good in KDE21:08
oloughlin75its un ubuntu i think though21:08
nosrednaekimElvanor » you may have to disable the CDrom repo, edit the /etc/apt/sources.list21:09
NickPrestaoloughlin75, compiz-fusion runs fine for me, in KDE. It has been for the last year or so :)21:09
DexterFNickPresta: nv or ati?21:09
thomas_newbie__do i have to parition my data to create a logical volume?21:09
oloughlin75NickPresta: A lot of people have problems -- including me :/21:10
NickPrestaDexterF, nvidia, of course :)21:10
NickPrestaoloughlin75, what sort of problems? What card?21:10
DexterFnyah nyah nyah :)21:10
unagican anyone help me figure out why my side buttons do not send signals to xev?21:12
Authoritywelcome back unagi21:12
oloughlin75NickPresta: nvidia, lots of random crashes21:12
unagity Authority21:12
oloughlin75well not a lot, but occasionally windows would disappear21:12
DexterFunagi: xog.conf properly set up?21:13
unagii guess21:13
unagiset up enough for my mouse to work21:13
thomas_newbie__do i have to parition my data to create a logical volume?21:13
unagiwhat set up am i looking for21:13
lc_ok im back21:14
oloughlin75thomas_newbie__: you need to split up your hard drive, but if you do it correctly you will not lose any data21:14
lc_was it Dresken_ i was talkingto before?21:15
lc_lc is now lc_21:16
lc_kde problem... remember21:16
unagiDexterF: ?21:16
Jack111eventhough in kcontrol konq has in file assocatiions in directory and sys directory the highest rank,links are still opened by firefox and ff seems to be the default browser21:16
DexterFunagi: ?21:16
unagii guess i have it set up right, enough for my mouse to work, what set up am i looking for DexterF21:17
DexterFunagi: button mapping in xorg.conf21:17
unagimore info?21:17
* Liono needs maximum gaming support in linux . for windows games and playstation games. any final suggestions? and what things should i keep in mind before buying new computer and hardware . mainly for gammings?21:18
DexterFsomehting like...  Option          "ZAxisMapping"          "4 5" , but there's gotta be more if you have more than 3 buttons and a wheel21:18
lc_liono, try tremulous21:18
lc_and planeshift21:18
nosrednaekimLiono » for windows games... windows is still best :)21:18
lc_nosrednaekim>> have you seen Dresken21:19
Liono i have a net cafe. and for security reasons. i cant run windows. iam happy with linux21:19
nosrednaekimDragnslcr ?21:19
unagizaxismapping is the up and down of the mouse wheel right DexterF?21:19
DexterFunagi: yup21:19
nosrednaekimlc_ » I think you mean DexterF21:19
DexterFlc_: hows it comming?21:20
unagiwhat would the option for left and right be21:20
jpatrick!enter | lc_21:20
ubotulc_: Please try to keep your questions/responses on one line - don't use the "Enter" key as punctuation!21:20
DexterFunagi: good question: google21:20
lc_great, the cable is fine, and it will be done it around 6mins21:20
unagiive tried google21:20
unagimany times21:20
oloughlin75Is there a way to make the album cover on the OSD in amarok bigger?21:21
DexterFlc_: still odd. used a funny file system?21:21
nosrednaekimoloughlin75 » not AFAIK21:21
lc_sorry, ive never properly used irc before, so im not sure of all ettiquete21:21
oloughlin75sad ;(21:21
aldaeki installed teamspeak server from apt-get... where do i go to set up the settings?21:21
lc_no ext3, just areally wierd happening. Im quite new to linux, but still21:21
Elvanornosrednaekim: ok, russian installed now21:22
Elvanorall the sources were commented in /etc/apt/sources.list21:22
DexterFunagi: first google hit for "side buttons mapping xorg.conf" is https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ManyButtonsMouseHowto - have a look at that21:22
ElvanorI uncommented, upgraded, then could install russian21:22
nosrednaekimElvanor » what version are you using?21:22
Elvanor7.10, latest21:22
oloughlin75nosrednaekim: spliting up the artist and song on different lines works!21:22
unagiDexterF: that wiki is very vague21:22
unagiimwheel nore xev see the side action21:23
nosrednaekimoloughlin75 » I was going to say try making the font bigger21:23
nosrednaekimElvanor » thats weird.21:23
Authorityunagi: have you installed lomoco?21:23
ElvanorI think I know why21:23
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about lomoco - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi21:23
Elvanorduring the install, the network was unavailable21:23
unagi!info lomoco21:23
lc_DexterF>> the command apt-get install kde is giving me loads more packages than i had before.21:23
ubotulomoco (source: lomoco): Logitech Mouse Control for USB mice. In component universe, is optional. Version 1.0beta1+1.0-5 (gutsy), package size 15 kB, installed size 124 kB21:23
Elvanorso the installer disabled all that21:23
nosrednaekimElvanor » ah... thats possible.21:23
ElvanorApparently, it is better to have network support during the install.21:24
DexterFunagi: it is? I find it quite exhaustive, then again I never had more than 3 mouse buttons :)21:24
Elvanornosrednaekim: I am impressed by Kubuntu, btw21:24
Elvanornice little distro21:24
nosrednaekimyeah... it will automattically fetch the package lists and all.21:24
unagithen you wouldnt need that wiki would you DexterF21:24
lc_i lobe kubuntu, coming from windows, then from mandriva21:24
ElvanorGentoo will remain my distro of choice of course, but for a fast install, Kubuntu is very nice21:24
unagiok lomoco is installed now what21:25
nosrednaekimElvanor » now go tell my brother that....;)21:25
Authorityunagi: lomoco -i21:25
lc_30 secxonds until i get kde back!21:25
DexterFno, I just dug it up to demonstrate google does the job. the info there looked good to me. well, try that lomoco thingy....21:25
nosrednaekimElvanor » am64 arch tester for gentoo ;)21:25
Elvanornosrednaekim: I was on amd64 for a long time on Gentoo21:25
Authorityunagi: does that return a seemingly reasonable response?21:25
Elvanorthen switched to x86]21:25
unagi003.002: 046d:c51b Unsupported Logitech device: Unknown21:26
Elvanorfor a reason unknown to me the amd64 profile was running like 5 times slower than the x86 one21:26
DexterFElvanor: why? a64 no good?21:26
=== ubuntu is now known as xerxes1358
ElvanorI think it was kernel related21:26
oloughlin75Elvanor: what is gentoo like?21:26
nosrednaekimin kubuntu, I cannot see a performance difference21:26
ElvanorDexterF: unfortunately, amd64 was awful for me21:26
Authorityunagi: oooh, that doesn't look good21:26
Elvanoroloughlin75: it's a nice distro if you like to custmoize everything21:26
DexterFunagi: what mouse is that anyway?21:26
lc_bummer, dexterF>> i take it just saying 'kde' would give me 3.5, not 4.0?21:26
unagilogitech v22021:26
Elvanoroloughlin75: like, you have total control21:26
ElvanorIt's also very nice because it has *tons* of packages in repositories21:27
DexterFElvanor: and total 100% cpu usage from gcc ;)21:27
nosrednaekimElvanor » take a look at our repositories ;)21:27
Elvanornosrednaekim: they probably are very good too, I dont doubt it21:27
nosrednaekimbut yeah.. gentoo is smokin fast....21:27
Elvanorbut probably still less stuff than gentoo's repos21:27
nosrednaekimElvanor » yeah its kinda hard to compare numbers since ubuntu splits things up into -dev packages21:28
ElvanorDexterF: 100% cpu usage only one hour per week is not too bad... :)21:28
xerxes1358How do I forece Kubuntu to install a MINIMAL install21:28
oloughlin75xerxes1358: no such thing!21:28
lc_lc_ is still here21:28
nosrednaekimxerxes1358 » use the alternate installer21:28
Authorityxerxes1358: what is minimal?21:29
DexterFxerxes1358: get slackware :)21:29
oloughlin75xerxes1358: if you want minimal, fluxbuntu is quite small21:29
DexterFor DamnSmallLinux21:29
xerxes1358I dont need all the extra software. Do I have to manually uninstall them?21:29
DexterFxerxes1358: but it has to be kubuntu? and: *what* extra software?21:29
nosrednaekimxerxes1358 » there really isn't much extra software unles you are using the DVD21:30
xerxes1358like HP printer software for printers etc.. or games21:30
lc_DexterF: kde still says command not found, even after installing all lde packages through apt21:30
nosrednaekimxerxes1358 » well, you can uninstall that stuff easily21:30
Davehelp, i have no taskbar!!21:30
Jack111i remember there was a shortcut to select two apps and split the screen giving each half and half21:30
DexterFlc_: oO  well.... what does   which startkde  give you?21:30
Jack111can someone help?21:31
DexterFDave: alt+f2, run "kicker"21:31
lc_dexterf: unable to start display ''21:31
DaveDexterF: then what?21:31
DexterFlc_: are you remotely logged in to the broken machine?21:31
DexterFDave: then it should reappear21:31
lc_no, logged in on command line21:32
DaveDexterF: tried that nothing21:32
unagican anyone here help me figure out why xev doesnt get a signal from my side mouse buttons?21:32
nosrednaekimDave » you may need to do "dcop kicker kicker restart"21:32
DexterFDave: entire taskbar gone?21:32
DexterFah, try as nosrednaekim says21:32
lc_oh dear, now saying kpersonaliser cannot connect to X server - over and over again21:32
DexterFlc_: kpersomaliser?! what should even call that...?21:33
lc_i dont know, but is flooding the screen21:33
xerxes1358Is Kubuntu (much) faster / slower than ubuntu?21:33
nosrednaekimxerxes1358 » about the same21:34
DexterFxerxes1358: nah. all buntus are kinda slow imho21:34
unagidoes anyone here have a 5 button mouse that works with kubuntu?21:34
xerxes1358DexterF: I should install it for my gf. She likes slow.21:34
Davenosrednaekim: you ROCK...Thanks it worked, what happened?21:34
DexterFunagi: treid adding  "Option "ButtonMapping"         "1 2"  ?21:35
lc_DexterF: any further ideas, really pissing me off now21:35
nosrednaekimDave » just restarted kicker(the panel)21:35
DexterFlc_: thinking21:35
unagi1 and 2?21:35
lc_DexterF: kk21:35
DexterFunagi: that mouse has a left and right button you said? thats two buttons to me21:35
Davenosrednaekim: thanks again21:35
unagiit has 5 buttons21:35
aldaeknow wheres the firewall settings21:35
|Dreams|is wine doors any good?21:35
ubotuUbuntu, like any other linux distribution, has firewall capabilities built-in. The firewall is managed using the 'iptables' command (see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/IptablesHowTo), or GUI applications such as Firestarter (Gnome) or Guarddog (KDE).21:36
DexterFunagi: well, the PS2 protocol should cover the usual three21:36
nosrednaekim|Dreams| » heard good things about it21:36
unagiDexterF: which would be great if i only needed 3 buttons, i have 521:36
|Dreams|ok thats ok then i have it installed21:36
aldaekdoesnt it use a new fw?21:36
nosrednaekimaldaek » apparmor?21:36
DexterFunagi: and thats why I point out the extra line with button 1 and 221:36
unagiyou lost me21:36
aldaekyes.... isnt that installed by default?21:36
DexterF"button 1/2" should mean "button 1+2 *after* the usual 3"21:37
nosrednaekim!apparmor| aldaek21:37
ubotualdaek: For information about the AppArmor security framework employed in Ubuntu (since Gutsy Gibbon), see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/AppArmor21:37
DexterFi admit im guessign here but sound sane to me21:37
=== vzduch_ is now known as vzduch
unagiwont that confuse it with the normal 1 and 221:37
DexterFunagi: I dont think so21:37
unagibutton 1 and 2 are already mapped21:38
DexterFunagi: ok, no idea then21:38
unagi1 and 2 is left and middle21:38
DexterFno, left and right. middle is 3. at least should be.21:38
unagiin windows it is21:39
DexterFlc_: what if you run the kdm restart now?21:39
unagiin linux middle is 2 right is 321:39
Davenosrednaekim: what would cause the problem i had(so i know not to do it in the future)21:39
nosrednaekimDave » its really not predictable.... just a crash.21:40
nosrednaekimDave » I haven't seen any pattern at least21:40
lc_DexterF: Still no, startkde just says no x21:40
DexterFlc_: not startkde, umm.. wait...21:40
Daveseemed a website did it21:41
xerxes1358Ok I have a 80gb harddrive. What is a good partitioning ?21:41
DexterFlc_: the line about kdm... cant find it right now...21:41
lc_DexterF: kdm restart does not work eiter21:41
xerxes1358what partitions do I need21:42
DexterFlc_: odd. installign kde should have drawn X as a dependency. maybe run sudo dpkg --configure -a to repair the package database, then try and reinstall some minor kde part or an app21:42
lc_[4]DexterF: could it be x, and if so, what do i do to restart [/4]21:42
DexterFxerxes1358: I'd go for 10GB root, 4GB var, rest home for a desktop system21:43
DexterFah, and 1-2gb swap ofc21:43
xerxes1358does the order matter ?21:43
xerxes1358first swap ?21:43
DexterFdoesnt really matter a lot21:44
BluesKajswap last , is traditional21:44
DexterFBluesKaj: faster angular velocity in outer tracks?21:44
Authorityunagi: you may want to join #lomoco and see if they can help21:45
mad_About to go postal... fresh install, and go to adept to fetch updates, and it just keeps saying another session is running, no matter what i do, reboot, attempt to resolve, nothing... comes up says unlocking, then goes to a debug screen, then closes... clues? hints? hammer?21:45
xerxes1358what is the best and Fastest File system out there ?21:45
BluesKajmaybe if it was oldtime vinyl , DexterF21:45
Jack111when i have eg 4 apps in the kicker bar, is there a way to select them and to split the screen between them?21:45
DexterFBluesKaj: then it deosnt matter :)21:45
Davegrrr... my taskbar is gone again21:45
Jack111i remember that was possible21:45
DexterFlc_: outta ideas. what does which X say?21:46
DexterFthe command. just    which X21:46
lc_DexterF: ' ' doesn't say21:46
unagidoes anyone know of reasons why xev might not recieve my side button signal?21:46
BluesKajDexterF, partiton editors are easier to use with smaller partitions at the end of the drive21:47
lc_DexterF: new idea. how do i back up all programs and files to external drive21:47
Davewhats the command to restart the kicker?21:47
DexterFlc_: I like mc :)21:47
DexterFDave: dcop kicker kicker restart  iirc21:47
ecuehi i'm trying to install my compiz21:47
ecuei followed all instructions and got the advanced settings manager to work21:48
lc_DexterF: just got mc, how do i use21:48
ecuebut still no cube no window effects21:48
mad_I'm assuming i'm the only person in the freeworld that is having adept crash continually on multiple systems, different configs..:/21:48
Davetheres a big bug in the autohide feature21:48
DexterFlc_: simply call it from command line. switch tabs with "tab", copy=F5, move =F6, "insert" marks/unmarks21:49
lc_kk, so if i just copy /usr21:49
DexterFlc_: umm, you plan to reinstall?21:49
lc_cos home is seperate partion (YAY)21:49
DexterFlc_: backup /home, kill everything else21:50
lc_nooo, i need to save the packages21:50
DexterFlc_: and those 8gb, wherever you put them21:50
thomas_newbie__could someone help me with logical volume management? i don't wanna mess up my comp21:50
xerxes1358Ok guys I am installing21:50
DexterFlc_: lemme ask again, why did you download 8gb of packages manually?21:50
lc_if they all installed to normall location, that would be /usr/ right?21:50
lc_using synaptic21:51
=== u^A_ is now known as u^A
BluesKajthomas_newbie__, DL and burn GParted Live CD partition editor , it's simple and easy to use.21:51
DexterFlc_: seriously, just reinstall them with adept or aptitude or synaptic if you absolutely want to after the reinstall.21:51
lc_so dont backup /usr/21:52
DexterFlc_: you could make a list of installed packages and write them to a text fiel, so you can aptitude to tell to install those packages again after you restored /home21:52
DexterFlc_: no, no usr. it seems broken anyway21:52
lc_ok, is there a way of making a list of packages in to a text file?21:53
DexterFecue: there's a compiz channel on this serv21:56
DexterFlc_: yes... with dpkg I'd say...21:56
DexterFbut how...21:57
dimsby24hello does anyone know how to get kopete working21:57
lc_im installing icewm so that i can work with a gui21:57
dimsby24it keeps on coming up with crash handler21:57
DexterFlc_: dpkg -l21:57
lc_aha, "Can't open display: <none>. X must be running and $display set"21:58
xerxes1358How do you guys watch .wmv streams and listen to radio?21:58
lc_there is a pointer21:58
DexterFlc_: redirect the output to a file with like dpkg -l > /home/lc/list.txt or so21:58
dimsby24any1 know?21:59
DexterFxerxes1358: kaffeine and beep-media-player, but that only my choice21:59
dimsby24please advise21:59
DexterFdimsby24: kubuntu version?21:59
oloughlin75i use the mplayer plugin for streaming, and dont listen to the radio much22:00
DexterFdimsby24: any accounts set up so far?22:00
BluesKajdimsby24, type kopete in the konsole and post the error on pastebin22:00
mad_About to go postal... fresh install, and go to adept to fetch updates, and it just keeps saying another session is running, no matter what i do, reboot, attempt to resolve, nothing... comes up says unlocking, then goes to a debug screen, then closes... clues? hints? hammer? or a possible way of closing adept alternately or forcing it to go? any fix would be appreciated...22:00
DexterFlc_: yes, I geuss X is broken as well22:00
dimsby24i set up 1 account22:00
DexterFmad_: "debug screen"? *who* comes up with this?22:00
BluesKaj!adeptfix | mad_22:00
ubotumad_: If an APT front-end crashed and your database is locked, try this in a !terminal: « sudo fuser -vki /var/lib/dpkg/lock;sudo dpkg --configure -a »22:00
DexterFdimsby24: acc type?22:00
dimsby24i have it onmy desktop and noo problems22:01
dimsby24buit i installed it on the laptop22:01
lc_DexterF: how do i start X22:01
dimsby24and it play up?22:01
DexterFdimsby24: could be a kopete bug. i think I heard sth about broken msn in latest kde... ask in #kde, my guess22:01
DexterFlc_: startx :P22:01
dimsby24oh thanks22:01
DexterFlc_: or startkde for that matter22:01
lc_errors, Fatal IO error 10422:02
BluesKajdimsby24, or perhaps #kopete22:02
dimsby24im new to this world lol22:02
DexterFlc_: yikes. make that list, backup home, reinstall, something is seriuosly borked there. ask smartctl to check the disk for health, too.22:02
dimsby24i wqas using ubuntu before still am on my 3rd latop22:02
ubuntuerror 15 : file not found error22:03
dimsby24oh i managed to get my web cam to work perfectly22:03
BluesKajdimsby24, #kopete is a support chatroom22:03
lc_stupid question, how do i make list.txt22:04
ubuntuhaving problem with grub22:04
ubunturunning now from live cd22:04
DexterFubuntu: we cant read your mind and see what you're doing or trying to accomplsih. elaborate more.22:04
lc_DexterF: how to make the tyext file??22:05
ubuntuchecked my partitions and sda1 ntfs /sda2 linux22:05
xerxes1358I am regretting KDE already. I wish installed Gnome.22:05
DexterFlc_: redirect the output to a file with like dpkg -l > /home/lc/list.txt or so22:05
lc_yes, but says file does not exist22:05
ubuntuhave dual boot xp/kubuntu using one drive22:05
DexterFxerxes1358: sudo aptitude install gnome-desktop. no problem22:05
oloughlin75xerxes1358: you can install gnome too22:06
xerxes1358Yeah that suits my needs better I think22:06
DexterFdisgusting ;)22:06
xerxes1358Just waste of space though with kde22:06
xerxes1358DexterF: he he22:06
ubuntuanyway I can delete linux partition using live cd and reload kubuntu?22:06
oloughlin75ubuntu sure22:07
lc_how do i make the textfile???22:07
dimsby24u people are way to advance for me22:07
oloughlin75lc_ just a general file?22:07
ubuntuwant a clean install for grub is messed up22:07
DexterFlc_: dude I told you twice. dpkg -l >> /home/somefile22:07
oloughlin75lc_: you can right click on the desktop and create new -> text file22:07
xerxes1358how much space does KDE take anyway ? I would like to keep amarok and k3b though. I like these 222:07
lc_ya, but it says file does not exist22:07
oloughlin75xerxes1358: you can install them under gnome22:08
DexterFlc_: then try >, not >>22:08
lc_i have no desktop, i have no kde22:08
xerxes1358oloughlin75: will they not require KDE base though?22:08
oloughlin75the require a ton of libraries22:08
lc_that is what i am typing#22:08
xerxes1358YES! my install is complete.22:08
DexterFlc_: > and >> redirect, so they create that file. it cant say "not found" on this22:09
oloughlin75xerxes1358: when you install them, their dependancies will install too22:09
lc_i am soooo dumb.22:09
DexterFyou put << ?22:09
xerxes1358this kde is too advanced for me.22:09
ubuntumy grub is messed up, error 15 file not found22:10
lc_my user name is luke not lc on my laptop!!! lol22:10
ecuehi, can someone help me with compiz?22:10
DexterFuse the force, luke22:10
xerxes1358brb rebooting22:10
lc_oh, one othrething. it tookme ages getting my wireless working. i am sooo pissed22:10
oloughlin75lc_: is it working?22:11
ubuntucan I delete my linux on live cd and reload?22:12
oloughlin75ubuntu just reinstall and format22:13
ubuntuhave a dual boot and want to keep  xp22:13
shawn_ubuntu will see the windows partition22:13
mad_dual boot it with amithlon..:P22:13
ubuntuI don't want to format for have  split drive with windows/kubuntu22:13
shawn_you what22:13
=== firephoto_ is now known as firephoto
mad_I'm trying to dual boot kubuntu and amithlon22:14
shawn_you need to format your intended linux partition22:14
ubuntucan I delete using qparted  and then install with ubuntu see free space?22:14
shawn_yeah if you delete it and put into free space no probs22:15
ubuntuthis will not mess with windows, right?22:15
fiendskull9I put in my liveCD today, and kubuntu/xubuntu/ubuntu wont recognize my ethernet card22:15
shawn_nope not if it is a seperate partition22:15
Xbehaveubuntu, that could trash your windows system22:15
fiendskull9lspci shows it, and lshw -C network shows it as unclaimed22:15
ubuntuI tried install on live cd and wanted me to use my whole hard drive22:16
fiendskull9and it was working fine yesterday22:16
Xbehaveo right i joined 1/2 way through i thought he was resizing the windows partition22:16
xerxes1358Hi again22:16
shawn_linux still has a way to go strange things happen :P22:16
shawn_its like its keeping you on your toes all the time22:16
fiendskull9shawn_: desktop point to click has a long way to go :P22:16
ubuntuI originally installed windows on 80g with 80gig free space. Kubuntu was used to install on free space22:16
fiendskull9linux is fine22:16
DexterFshawn_: hell yes :)22:17
shawn_its amazing just makes me laugh its like me vs ,y compyuter somtimes22:17
fiendskull9shawn_: you vs ubuntu22:17
xerxes1358DexterF: ok how did you I install Gnome again?22:17
fiendskull9i have problems on ubuntu i NEVER have on gentoo/slack22:17
=== zmile is now known as Zmile
rodrigo_tengo un problema con kopete22:17
shawn_I always beat ubuntu it all works now22:17
Xbehaveubuntu, then you should be fine but theres always the chance it will suffer quantum fluctuations22:17
fiendskull9rodrigo_: que es tu problema?22:17
shawn_i have kubuntu actually22:17
xerxes1358By the way guys. DUring install (where you type in user name and password) my screen was all messed. SUPER large fonts and everything misplaced. What is going on?22:17
StofferI need to reformat my external hdd back to ntfs, but gparted won't do it.  Anything else I can use?22:18
fiendskull9Stoffer: ntfs-3g might have a mkefs command concerning ntfs22:18
shawn_sometimes i prefer to have small lite linux distros that make my new laptop run ridiculously fast22:18
fiendskull9Stoffer: just use fat32 :P22:18
ubuntushould I delete or format linux partition to install new installation?22:18
lc_where do i find my external hdd Dexter?22:18
xerxes1358lc_: mine gets detected when I plug it in22:19
Stofferfiendskull9, that's what I formatted it as, but I need the large filesize option of ntfs22:19
fiendskull9shawn_: i have gentoo on this pentium 3 128mb ram laptop and its nice22:19
DexterFlc_: bbiab22:19
fiendskull9Stoffer: ah, well let me take a look hold on22:19
lc_yes, but where in the file system22:19
shawn_well good22:19
shawn_linux is great for otherwise dead systems22:19
fiendskull9Stoffer: sudo mkfs.ntfs /dev/*whatever*22:19
Xbehaveubuntu i think the installer makes you, not sure if you can get round it with the alt cd22:19
Stofferfiendskull9, I don't have an ntfs option for mkfs22:20
Xbehavefrinuxfr: how long does an update take tho?22:20
fiendskull9Stoffer: sudo apt-get install ntfs-3g22:20
fiendskull9i think22:20
lc_how do i mount using mc22:20
shawn_sudo wretlers haha new game concept22:20
Stofferfiendskull9, I think it is installed already22:20
fiendskull9Stoffer: well, do you still have the livecd? i know for a fact it has mkfs.ntfs22:20
fiendskull9because im staring at it right now on my desktop box :P22:21
Stoffersomewhere, yeah22:21
fiendskull9hunt that baby down22:21
fiendskull9because im not sure which package mkfs.ntfs comes with22:21
shawn_il tell you what intel hd audo control touch buttons are a pain to get working22:21
tuba_в какой пользовательской группе находятся все кде-шные утилиты для настройки убунты?22:22
=== shawn_ is now known as linsux
linsuxxp forever!!!!22:22
fiendskull9linsux: shhh22:22
fiendskull9linsux: just because you dont have the competence to get things working doesnt mean you need to troll22:23
DexterFlc_: plug in the drive. wait 5 seconds. run:   bklid | grep sd  . there should be one entry, sda1 or sda5 or such. mkdir /media/ext. then mount it with: sudo mount -t auto /dev/sdXY/ /media/ext. XY is the part you figured with blkid22:23
linsuxi do actually i have had lots of linux systems working22:23
linsuxim having a joke22:23
linsuxi love linux22:23
Stofferfiendskull9, I think mkntfs will work, I'm installing it now22:23
lc_bklid not found22:23
DexterFlinsux: your joke sucks wet farts from dead pidgeons. troll somewhere else.22:24
linsuxso do your insults22:24
DexterFlc_: sudo aptitude install blkid ?22:24
xerxes1358What is the command for the EXPOSE like thing22:24
lc_aaaagh my home is on seperate partition is that enough...22:24
oloughlin75xerxes1358: alt + space22:24
oloughlin75wrong thing22:24
fiendskull9Stoffer: that sounds like its the package you need :)22:24
Stofferfiendskull9, formatting now, let's see if this'll work.... and if it does, I need to work on getting an ntfs external drive to mount in ubuntu22:25
oloughlin75xerxes1358: that effect is in compiz, but i dont think there is anything in plain kde22:25
xerxes1358oloughlin75: no thats not it.22:25
DexterFlc_: that's even better! then we can back it up as a whole and restore after reinstall given you dont change the partition size22:25
linsuxplug it in :P22:25
fiendskull9Stoffer: if ntfs-3g is installed, just mount -t ntfs /dev/*whatever*22:25
fiendskull9and then port that to /etc/fstab22:25
xerxes1358oloughlin75: so I can have that expose like thing also in gnome?22:25
lc_do i have to back it up22:25
oloughlin75yes xerxes135822:25
DexterFlc_: thats what we've talking about the past... half hour or so, right..?22:26
lc_yes, but is it essential, i am really pissed off with all this crap right now22:26
linsuxmy linux runs much faster than yours and im like its better than yours your damn rite22:26
fiendskull9grrr, note to self - NEVER buy another motherboard with jmicron sata controller22:26
fiendskull9linsux: hmmmm22:26
fiendskull9linsux: your offly bothersome22:27
lc_i have 15gb system space, 2gb swap, and whaterver is left of a 60gb drive for ghome22:27
linsuxim sorry il behave22:27
linsuxto much sugar22:27
DexterFlc_: you can wipe it if you want and reinstall from scratch of course, your choice, just thought there's already data in home. yeah I can see this gets one riled up.22:27
fiendskull9lc_: how much ram to you have?22:27
fiendskull9lc_: 1gb of swap should suffice, if oyu need the extra space22:27
fiendskull9just throwing that out22:27
DexterFnot important now22:28
Arwengah, 7z -mx=9 EATS RAM LIKE CRAZY22:28
linsuxlook on your ubuntu box it will have a licence key type it into google and it will tell you how much ram you need22:28
fiendskull9Arwen: absolutely22:28
oloughlin75at most you usually never need more than a gig22:28
lc_will reinstalling wipe home22:28
fiendskull9linsux: ...22:28
nosrednaekimsweet... I have my mp3 player/external HD booting ubuntu, cept it autodetects X settings on every boot :)22:28
fiendskull9linsux: you are horrificly unhelpful22:28
fiendskull9nosrednaekim: sweet :)22:28
linsuxsorry again22:28
linsuxworked for me22:28
fiendskull9ok afk time22:28
=== fiendskull9 is now known as fiend`afk
DexterFlc_: um, just comes to my mind, you can perfectly tell the install dvd/cd to install to your existing partitions and leacve /home intact by telling the installer not to format /home22:29
DexterFgeez why didnt I thin kof thsi earlier :D22:29
nosrednaekimlc_: you can tell it to use your existing /home22:29
linsuxdont you think linspire is hardcore linux!22:29
jussi01!away > fiend`afk22:29
lc_so if i just do that22:29
jussi01linsux: please keep to the topic, or go to #kubuntu-offtopic to chat22:29
oloughlin75linsux: its so hardcore its almost windows22:29
DexterFI so totally need to run in overkill mode less :D22:29
linsuxok il behave22:30
linsuxwho like dsl22:30
nosrednaekimlc_: yes, just do manual partitioning22:30
linsuxits mint22:30
lc_then get annopyed trying to redo my broadcom wireless driver that has to have ndiswrapper compil;ed from source22:30
linsuxno its not mint i ment mint asin good22:30
lc_and install all those huge programs.22:30
DexterFtough call.22:30
nosrednaekimlinsux: please keep this on topic22:30
nosrednaekimtanks jussi0122:30
lc_y/n as the command line says22:31
nosrednaekimjussi01: are you the one doing the kubuntu session tomorrow?22:31
lc_dexter: do you think i should22:32
shawn_my wireless hangs at 28% :(22:32
shawn_hate knetwork manager22:32
lc_YES OR NO22:33
nosrednaekimshawn_: is it encrypted?22:34
fiend`afklc_: hes constructing an answer, be patient22:34
shawn_nope i have had this problem before i just have to use wifi radar22:34
lc_aha, but it is a simple, yes install, or no do some other crap22:34
fiend`afk6 different distro livecd's wondering why my network wasnt sending packets, and i come to realize my router is unplugged22:34
=== fiend`afk is now known as fiendskull9
DexterFlc_: dude dont shout at me22:35
nosrednaekimshawn_: yeah, knetworkmanager is a pain sometimes22:35
fiendskull9iwconfig ftw22:35
nosrednaekimfiendskull9: lol:)22:35
lc_just getting annoyed at my laptop22:35
shawn_yeah knetworkmanager is lame22:35
DexterFlc_: yes or no what?22:35
shawn_looks nice does shit22:35
lc_can anyone tell me how to do colours?22:35
jussi01!ohmy | shawn_22:35
lc_yes or no install22:35
ubotushawn_: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family friendly.22:35
Zombocomhow do I install kde422:35
ubotuKDE 4.0.1 is the latest major release of the K Desktop Environment. KDE 4.0.1 packages can be found at http://kubuntu.org/announcements/kde-4.0.1.php - More information can be found at http://www.kde.org/announcements/announce-4.0.1.php - Support in #kubuntu-kde422:35
DexterFlc_: id go for it. your installation seems hosed. just remember not to fromat /home in the installer22:36
jussi01Zombocom: please note where the support is for that22:36
ZombocomI will22:36
ZombocomI won't come in here with problems22:36
holasameone is an expet to configure cam in kubuntu 7.1022:36
lc_ok, thanks for all your help. You have tried very hard for me,22:36
=== Arwen is now known as ubuntu
=== ubuntu is now known as Arwen
DexterFlc_: been there, too :) you're welcome22:36
shawn_Mepis works with wireless ubuntu doesnt sighhh22:36
lc_if anyone wants to contact me, go to www.opensourcesurfer.co.uk22:36
oloughlin75Zombocom: the link tells you how to install it22:36
lc_my site!!22:37
jussi01shawn_: comments like that arent very helpful22:37
shawn_niether are you22:37
shawn_ooops soryyy22:37
DexterFshawn_: wicd turned out to be rather the opposite: ugly but works22:37
xerxes1358some help me out here. It is becoming annoying right now. I am trying to install Gnome and I am getting this error:E: Unable to fetch some archives, maybe run apt-get update or try with --fix-missing?22:37
shawn_wher ei get that22:37
jpatrickxerxes1358: sudo apt-get update and try again22:37
oloughlin75xerxes1358: just click ok, it doesnt matter22:38
DexterFshawn_: google. not in repos yet.22:38
xerxes1358oloughlin75: I cant click ok. It is text based22:38
nosrednaekimoloughlin75: it can matter...22:38
shawn_kool il try it22:38
oloughlin75nosrednaekim: for the installation updates?22:38
xerxes1358It has to download or install another 900mb. Maybe I should start a clean Ubuntu install ? Will that take less long ?22:38
shawn_here is a question how come my laptop fan is so quiet in lux but goes mad in vista22:38
jussi01shawn_: vista is much heavier22:39
xerxes1358shawn_: I have EXACTLY the same problem with vista. My laptop burns my skin.22:39
oloughlin75shawn_: linux might throttle down your CPU too22:39
lc_vista needs so much more cpu, it makes your lappy cook!22:39
DexterFshawn_: vista needs dx9 alone to draw its desktop :D22:39
nosrednaekimxerxes1358: you don't like KDE?22:39
shawn_yeah linux just worried me at first i was like wheres the noise whats up22:39
xerxes1358nosrednaekim: not really.22:39
nosrednaekimxerxes1358: if you don't like kde,a fresh ubuntu install might be better.22:40
xerxes1358nosrednaekim: will that take less time ?22:40
nosrednaekimxerxes1358: what don't you like about it (mostly everything can be changed)22:40
nosrednaekimxerxes1358: probably not, since you will have to reinstall22:40
DexterFxerxes1358: depends on your line speed...22:40
xerxes1358nosrednaekim: it is very crowded (my task bar) and the menus are confusing.22:40
shawn_thing is vista could have been great im not one for bashing other os its either good or bad22:40
DexterFxerxes1358: if you already got the disc, reinst might be faster.22:40
xerxes1358DexterF: I have a 100mbit line. Speed is no problem22:41
Jack111does anybody know how to split screen between the applications giving each equal desktop space22:41
xerxes1358I just reinstall then22:41
oloughlin75xerxes1358: you can organize the menus how you please and switch around the taskbar22:41
nosrednaekimJack111: thats what multiple desktops are for22:41
DexterFxerxes1358: 100!! how? where? how much?22:41
xerxes1358nah I just go to ubuntu. is exactly how I like the menu.22:41
shawn_how long til windows has muliple desktops haha copy cats22:41
fiendskull9DexterF: colleges and businesses often have 100 lines22:41
jussi01shawn_: please make sure you keep ontopic. offtopic chatter in #kubuntu-offtopic :)22:41
xerxes1358DexterF: I pay 6.95 euros per month22:41
DexterFxerxes1358: even in europe?! what ISP?22:42
Jack111xerxes1358: ok, but still..does anybody know?22:42
nosrednaekimJack111: yeah, there was a program to do that... one sec.22:42
nosrednaekimJack111: check into wmctrl22:43
oloughlin75is xorg the only windo system?22:44
Jack111nosrednaekim: kdm, where would that be?in kcontrol?there is nothing22:44
nosrednaekimJack111: kdm? thats the login manager22:45
DexterFoloughlin75: well... technically there's XFree86... but hardly anyone uses it anymore22:45
fiendskull9DexterF: OpenBSD fanatics anonymous :P22:46
holais there someone extper to configure cam22:46
lupulhi. does anyone know where i have to copy the fonts? in windows is control panel - fonts. but in linux?22:46
Jack111nosrednaekim: as window manager i have the choice gdm or kdm, what did you mean?22:46
fiendskull9lupul: i beleive the kubuntu control panel has a font installer22:46
jussi01!fots | lupul22:46
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about fots - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi22:46
jussi01!fonts | lupul22:47
ubotulupul: Font installation basics here: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FontInstallHowto - No fonts in Flash? Install "msttcorefonts" (from !Multiverse), "gsfonts", and "gsfonts-x11". No fonts in MPlayer? see !MPlayer22:47
lupulok thanks22:47
lupuli'll try22:47
fiendskull9jussi01: your a good man jussi22:47
oloughlin75lupul: under appearence22:47
ubotumplayer is a media player. It resides in the mutiverse repository and can easily be installed via applications -> add/remove. For codecs try !codecs22:47
nosrednaekimJack111: oh, choose kdm..... thats display manager22:47
nosrednaekimnot window manager22:47
Arwenhmm? no mention of fonts there22:47
DexterFfiendskull9: i got a bsd based firewall since the other day, still waiting for it to strangle me at night ;)22:47
lupulin kcontrol there's no option to install fonts22:47
lupulonly to use those given22:48
fiendskull9Jack111: Display managers are what controls the user sessions, window managers are what controls the dialogs on the screen :)22:48
Jack111nosrednaekim: ok, so where should i chekc for the shortcut thanks fro clarifying22:48
ubotuFor multimedia issues, this page has useful information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats - See also http://help.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/desktopguide/C/common-tasks-chap.html - But please use free formats if you can: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FreeFormats22:48
oloughlin75lupul: open system setting and click on appearance22:48
fiendskull9DexterF: a few of my servers run FreeBSD22:48
fiendskull9its a real b*tch22:48
lupuldone it22:48
DexterFfiendskull9: servers is one thing. tried on desktop, no go.22:48
Arwenlupul, if you happen to have a Windows installation, you can do "cd /usr/share/fonts/truetype && ln -s <windows mount point>/WINDOWS/Fonts windows"22:48
Arwenmuch faster than trying to download from the (unreliable) sf mirrors22:49
fiendskull9DexterF: i briefly ran it on this laptop, it was alright, but ports is just a little to hectic imo (im a heavy gentoo user, and even it was too much for me :X)22:49
lupulaha. got it thanks22:49
nosrednaekimJack111: what shortcut?22:49
Jack111nosrednaekim: for eg splitting the screen between apps22:50
nosrednaekimJack111: ah right..... try getting and using the app "wmctrl" its heavily command line based, but should do what you are asking perfectly22:51
nosrednaekimJack111: compiz can also do that is I remember corectly22:52
holain which channel have i ask for to configure the cam22:53
DexterFfiendskull9: well, hardware support doesnt match my needs. dvb devices and such.22:53
StrangeletI cannot open .emerald files at www.kde-look.org using Konqueror, it only opens up the file in kwrite. How do I change this?22:56
nosrednaekimStrangelet: .emeralds are to be used by emerald.22:57
nosrednaekimload them from the emerald theme manager22:58
Strangeletnosrednaekim: I know, I went into kcontrol and set it to automatically open up via emerald theme manager. But the Konqueror keeps on using kwrite22:59
nosrednaekimStrangelet: ah...ok, I don;t think the emerald theme manager can take a theme file as a argument22:59
nosrednaekimI may be wrong though22:59
Strangelethm, I think it is something with the site23:00
Daisuke_Idoopen emerald, then add them as themes manually23:00
Daisuke_Idothat's about it23:00
holais there someone extper to configure cam23:01
oloughlin75!es | hola23:01
ubotuhola: Si busca ayuda en español por favor entre en los canales #ubuntu-es o #kubuntu-es, allí obtendrá más ayuda.23:01
gil620I am having problems with apt in both ubuntu and kubuntu23:02
gil620it is freezing while loading the headers23:02
nosrednaekimgil620: running apt-get update?23:03
gil620it gets up to 19% then freezes23:03
snowdonkeyHey, in the CompizConfig Settings Manager where to I set the number of sides of the Desktop Cube?23:03
nosrednaekimgil620: or apt-get install?23:03
=== bj_ is now known as tracer903
gil620I use to use gos and it worked perfectly23:03
nosrednaekimsnowdonkey: general->horizontal desktop size23:03
gil620nosrednaekim: both23:03
hydrogena cube can only have four sides23:04
hydrogensix I suppose23:04
hydrogenits math d00d23:04
nosrednaekimgil620: do you have only the standard repositories?23:04
nosrednaekimhydrogen: lol23:04
snowdonkeyGreat!  Thanks a lot.23:04
gil620nosrednaekim: yes23:04
nosrednaekimthats odd, could you pastebin what exactly apt-get update looks like?23:05
gil620not sure what it could be... I use to use debian 6 years ago23:05
gil620and I have never seen anything like this23:05
JoshOvkidebian and *ubuntu  are simular  expecialy as *ubuntu is based on debian23:06
oloughlin75is there a command to install a package and its recommended packages?23:07
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about emerald - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi23:07
JoshOvkigil620: can you pastebin you   /etc/apt/sources.list23:08
ere4sisudo apt-get "packagename" oloughlin7523:08
NickPrestaoloughlin75, sudo apt-get install23:08
oloughlin75thatll get the recommended packages in one step?23:09
oloughlin75not the dependancies23:09
oloughlin75the ones it say are recommended23:09
gil620I have the cd rom there23:09
NickPresta!ohmy | gil62023:09
ubotugil620: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family friendly.23:09
NickPrestaoloughlin75, apt-get will automatically handle all the dependencies. Installing an application that requires other packages as dependencies is fine. apt-get will handle them23:10
oloughlin75im not saying dependancies23:11
twosouls82I think he wants to install all the recommended packages23:11
oloughlin75usually when you install it says recommended packages: ...23:11
gil620oloughlin75: there is a setting you can set for apt-get to install them by default23:11
gil620oloughlin75: use to be a question when installing debian... a long time ago... so I do not remember now.23:12
NickPrestaAh okay. I must be tired. :) oloughlin75, you can do `apt-cache show PACKAGE` and find the recommended packages. Install them at your leisure.23:13
gil620JoshOvki: http://pastebin.com/d3ccef11f23:13
Authorityoloughlin75: i found this tidbit in the ubuntu forums, not tested:  aptitude has --with-recommends and --with-suggests23:14
nosrednaekimoloughlin75: aptitude automatically installed reccomended packages23:14
gil620I was using the main server but this package manager just swaped it a couple of minutes ago23:15
NickPrestanosrednaekim, ah okay. I don't use aptitude very often.23:15
oloughlin75where emerald store its themes>?23:15
nosrednaekimoloughlin75: probably .emerald23:16
arcticpenguin380is it normal for kubuntu boot in 18 secs?23:16
=== hydrogen is now known as HydroGONE
JoshOvkigil620 whole lot of comments out (not that it should effect it) but ive never seen otenet.gr used before23:16
nosrednaekimarcticpenguin380: no.... but thats great if it does :)23:16
Lionohttp://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=699029  need help. any one arround to check it23:17
nosrednaekimLiono: is that you?23:17
Liononosrednaekim ya ?23:17
arcticpenguin380it took 32 secs to boot on my p2 laptop compared to 53 secs on xp23:17
nosrednaekimLiono: sounds like something you'll have to write yourself23:18
NickPrestaarcticpenguin380, with all the "default" services and such started up, Kubuntu takes approx. 20 seconds to boot up for me. If I use `bum` to disable stuff I don't need, I can get it below 20.23:18
oloughlin75how do i apply an emerald theme?23:18
Liononosrednaekim the PAM  doesnt logs succesful events23:18
nosrednaekimgil620: redo your sources.list23:18
gil620I am23:19
gil620what is the main server23:19
Flare183!emerald | oloughlin7523:19
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about emerald - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi23:19
nosrednaekimgil620: there is a tool in adept to redo it for you23:19
JoshOvkigil620 this is an old thread but might be worth a read    http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=16987323:19
nosrednaekimoloughlin75: set it, and then run "emerald --replace"23:19
ubotukompozer is WYSIWYG HTML editor for easily creating web pages, and the continuation of the dead Nvu project. It is available in !Universe on !Gutsy, !Backports on !Feisty, and from  « deb http://ppa.launchpad.net/tonyyarusso/ubuntu edgy universe » for Edgy.  (Dapper still pending)23:20
oloughlin75nosrednaekim: its not doing anything23:20
draikHey there nosrednaekim23:20
oloughlin75nosrednaekim: do i need beryl or compiz to use emerald?23:21
nosrednaekimoloughlin75: what isn't?23:21
gil620dam this irc server... so much lag. 80 seconds counting!23:21
nosrednaekimoloughlin75: yeah.. you need compiz23:21
nosrednaekimgil620: its not the server :)23:21
ubotuPrinting in Ubuntu is done with cups. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Printers - https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardwareSupportComponentsPrinters - http://linuxprinting.org - Printer sharing: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/NetworkPrintingFromWindows23:21
JoshOvkimy lag is 221ms23:21
gil620140 seconds!23:22
unagi_anyone wanna help me troubleshoot network printing?>23:22
gil620this server is dead..........23:22
norml_advocatewhats better about the kde environment compared to gnome?23:22
norml_advocatesudo apt-get install kubuntu-desktop23:22
* JoshOvki thinks gil620 is about to crash out23:22
norml_advocatewhats better about the kde environment compared to gnome?23:22
Tm_Tnorml_advocate: more flexible and configurable23:23
JoshOvkiyet still depends on what you prefer23:23
norml_advocatetm_t is it as easy to use?23:23
Tm_TJoshOvki: true23:23
Tm_Tnorml_advocate: depends, to me it's way easier to use23:23
NthDegreenorml_advocate: it's all integrated all the parts.. GNOME has consistency but not a high level of integration and code-reuse23:23
norml_advocatewhat is code-reuse?23:23
JoshOvkire using code23:24
nosrednaekimnorml_advocate: using the same code for serveral apps.... such as libraries23:24
norml_advocateim downloading kde right now23:24
norml_advocatehere goes everything23:24
NthDegreenorml_advocate: I must admit KDE 4 isn't that impressive at the moment23:25
arcticpenguin380it takes 20 secs to boot kubuntu on my box23:25
NthDegreebut KDE 3.5 is a real pleasure to use23:25
NickPrestaarcticpenguin380, is that bad?23:25
NthDegreearcticpenguin380: what specs?23:25
arcticpenguin380sempron 3800+ 2Gbs ram23:25
ubotu#kubuntu is the official Kubuntu support channel, for all Kubuntu-related support questions. Please use #kubuntu-offtopic for general chatter. Thanks!23:25
norml_advocatethis is what i typed " sudo apt-get install kubuntu-desktop"23:25
NthDegreeFedora 8 took 8x as long to boot for me as Kubuntu does23:25
norml_advocateis that kde?23:26
Tm_Tnorml_advocate: yes23:26
NthDegreenorml_advocate: yeps that's the standard way to get all the stuff in Kubuntu23:26
NthDegreeand that includes KDE =]23:26
norml_advocateshould i get kde4?23:26
mrEigerhi ALL!23:26
norml_advocateis it better?23:26
NthDegreenot a great idea if you ask me23:26
NthDegreeKDE 4 has only just come out23:26
arcticpenguin380vista takes almost 2 mins on my computer and after a hardpower off it turns to 10mins cuz chkdsk runs23:26
NthDegreethink Vista... when you think of KDE 4 for now ;-p23:26
arcticpenguin380Im glad we have journalling fss on linux =D23:26
NthDegreearcticpenguin380: then you're a newbie on Vista :P23:27
NthDegreeNTFS is journalled23:27
mrEigeri've read that deb ormat has no support for LVM. is that trueth?23:27
norml_advocateso its buggy glitchy painful and downright retarded23:27
norml_advocateand its expensive23:27
NthDegreenorml_advocate: all except the last bit.. for now23:27
NthDegreeit'll be fine when the next Kubuntu is out23:27
Tm_Tkids, this is _SUPPORT_ channel, not chatting channel ;)23:28
NthDegreeshould work well with Hardy23:28
arcticpenguin380i know NTFS is journalled but i ran chkdsk and it took 10 mins just to scan 40k files23:28
NthDegreeTm_T: sorry ;-p23:28
norml_advocatesorry tm_t23:28
NthDegreearcticpenguin380: do a forced fsck on ext3 then :P23:28
Tm_T#kubuntu-offtopic is for chatting ;)23:28
norml_advocatewhere can i be a free spirit and talk about your precious kubuntu?23:28
NthDegreeand I mean a forced full check23:28
console_jockeyI'm installing kubuntu gutsy with the alternate CD.  I'm installing as a dual boot and I'm encrypting the kubuntu installation.  Since it's dual boot I have to partition manually.  I have created an encrypted root and an encrypted swap.  They both require a password.  Is there anyway to prompt once at boot instead of my having to enter the password for both partitions?23:28
norml_advocatechat nazi!23:28
NthDegreenorml_advocate: #ubuntu-offtopic I think23:28
console_jockeyI hadn't considered it before now, but what if I have chosen the random key for the swap?23:28
NickPresta#kubuntu-offtopic for the Kubuntu-offtopic channel :)23:29
console_jockeywould I have need to enter a passkey for the swap then?23:29
nosrednaekimconsole_jockey: why are you encryptin swap?23:29
arcticpenguin380i did and it took 5 mins on my 130GB partition with almost 200k files23:29
scjp_i connected my external hard-drive but cannot see it23:29
console_jockeynosrednaekim: becuase when I don't I get a warning from the install that the swap is not encrypted and it won't let me proceed23:29
console_jockeynosrednaekim: that and the error message makes a compelling arguement that an unencrypted swap leaves swap data volunerable...23:30
console_jockeynosrednaekim: so it seems like a good idea to encrypt it.23:30
nosrednaekimso enter two passwords at boot :)23:30
scjp_i connected my external hard-drive but cannot see it23:31
console_jockeynosrednaekim: but I guess my question is really about the passkey vs random key encryption... if I choose random key will I need to key a passkey?  Does the random key provide me with the key that I still need to key in at boot?23:31
console_jockeynosrednaekim: and more to the point, when I install with the automated process on a machine that is not going to be dual-boot and I use encryption I find I only have one passkey... what's happening there?23:32
nosrednaekimconsole_jockey: passkey may be better so you can access it even if you lose the ability to actually boot the partition.23:32
console_jockeyI'm not sure I'm clear on that last comment.  Given that it's a swap file I really don't want to be able to access it if I can't boot.  The root partition I would agree.23:33
nosrednaekimconsole_jockey:I have no clue whats going on there.23:33
console_jockeys/swap file/swap partition23:33
console_jockeyfair enough.  Anyone else care to take a crack?23:33
nosrednaekimconsole_jockey: right... then make the swap one random key I geuss.... i'm kinda not sure how the whole encrypted partition thing works23:34
console_jockeyhmmm... I wonder if I can change the encryption on the swap file now that I've installed it... I suppose I could re-install ...23:34
nosrednaekimconsole_jockey: you could always format swap. there isn't anything on there anyway.23:35
nosrednaekim(of lasting importance)23:35
unagi_can you set the print quality on a network printer from kubuntu23:36
oloughlin75emerald themes look wonderful, except that the close/minimize/maximize buttons arent visible on ctive windows..23:36
nosrednaekimunagi_: yes23:36
nosrednaekimoloughlin75: are you running compiz?23:36
unagi_where is that option nosrednaekim23:36
Dr_willisi tweaked the emerald themes so the buttons are more visible. :)23:37
eric__Hi guys, should I ditch my ATI X1550 and get an Nvidia?23:37
eric__I'm having a ton of problems23:37
nosrednaekimunagi_: under "preferences" next to teh printer select list box,23:37
oloughlin75Dr_willis: whats the setting?23:37
eric__Mainly I can't extend my desktop to my 2nd monitor23:37
unagi_where exactly nosrednaekim im printing from the pdf viewer23:37
Dr_willisoloughlin75,  setting? I just used the emreald theme tool and edited the themes as i liked. :)23:37
unagi_my bad i see23:38
nosrednaekimunagi_: when you hit print, a dialog will pop up, in the top right of that window there is a button called preferences23:38
Dr_willisoloughlin75,  i took an os-x type theme a  changed those nasty round buttons to be more normal squareish ones.23:38
* nosrednaekim did a nice rose vista theme23:38
Dr_willisemerald is very nifty in the area of theme making/changeing23:38
eric__Anyone have any suggestions for how to extend desktop to 2nd monitor for an ATI card?23:38
unagi_nosrednaekim: i dont see quality in the preferences am i blind?23:38
Dr_willisthe interface is a litle weird.. but its got some power.23:38
nosrednaekimunagi_: there should be "printout mode"23:38
pluviosityhey everyone, in konqueror i have the "Open as tab in existing Konqueror when URL is called externally" option selected....but its not working....any ideas why or what i can do to get it to work?23:39
nosrednaekimeric__: extend?no, all i've done is mirror23:40
oloughlin75Dr_willis: i cant find the setting for the buttons!23:41
Dr_willisoloughlin75,  i dont have emerald on this box. i recall going to edit/custimize them, then there was some change/set gfx that let you pick image files to use for the buttons23:42
oloughlin75Dr_willis: nvm, i cant use pixmap buttons23:42
Dr_willisOh the humanity of it all.. :)23:42
=== fumanchu_ is now known as fum4nchu
oloughlin75has there always been a context help button in konversation next to the minimiz button?23:44
ubotuHi! Welcome to #kubuntu!23:51
ibouis it possible to write an image (iso) on an usb flash memory ?23:51
ibouwith k3b ?23:52
the-ermanyone here have folder called /usr/share/john23:52
the-ermI was going over some cron stuff and found it.23:53
the-ermI'm trying to figure out if I've been hacked.23:53
FuriousMojo[18:53] <FuriousMojo> Is there anyone that can PM me and help me get my dual monitor setup workign.  I just want to extend my desktop to my 2nd screen.23:53
JoshOvkithe-erm: i havnt got one23:53
the-ermreally ... hmmm23:54
ibouthe-erm: me tooOOOOOOOoooooooo23:54
JoshOvkiwhats in the folder?23:54
the-ermibou: you do have one?23:54
the-ermIt appears to be a password security checker.23:55
ibouno, i haven't23:55
the-ermI guess it's part of the john the ripper package ...23:55
JoshOvkithe-erm: would make sence as its called john23:57
JoshOvkii havnt used jtr in years23:57
the-ermSo the security of my system is still intact.23:58
the-ermI was getting worried.23:58
norml_advocatei have three files that are not downloading right now or maybe its just one and says it three times,    its called digikam23:58
norml_advocatewhats the deal?23:58
FuriousMojodamn sub, looks like it wont let me PM you23:59
FuriousMojonot registered23:59
the-ermI'm good not hacked.23:59

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