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shirishguys I'm on the launchpad user's list launchpad-users@lists.canonical.com. I tried to send a mail but it came back saying postmaster@att.blackberry.net has not been delivered to the recipient's BlackBerry Handheld.03:29
shirishThe returned error status is <DB_USER_SUSPENDED_MODE>03:29
shirishCan somebody set it up right, thanx03:29
lifelessshirish: that is almost certainly another subscriber03:31
lifelessshirish: *they* have a problem, not the list.03:31
shirishlifeless: then why did it came to me with that e-mail address?03:31
lifelessshirish: because your mail gets forward to some number of people. and if their mail servers have trouble the error is routed back to you03:32
shirishlifeless: aha, ok then its a non-issue, sorry for the trouble. 03:33
lifelessits meant to go back to the list server software, but some folk have badly configured mail gateways.03:33
lifelessand it sounds like at&t are one of them :)03:33
shirishlifeless: ok, thanx for ur time, back to mundane life existence :)03:40
ScottKAnyone available to help sort out apparent soyuz oddities?04:16
ScottKhttp://launchpadlibrarian.net/12048829/buildlog_ubuntu-hardy-i386.kdebase_4%3A3.5.9-0ubuntu1_FAILEDTOBUILD.txt.gz claims missing depends that aren't missing.04:16
lifelessmain vs universe perhaps ?04:17
ScottKThat's it.  Thanks.04:17
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mithroHI! The launchpad timeout error page is crashing epiphany (when I'm trying to log a bug about epiphany)06:08
mithrois launchpad having problems? I can't seem to see any bugs06:28
jameshmithro: use another browser temporarily?06:35
jameshmithro: Launchpad shouldn't be doing anything funky06:35
BrongerLaunchpad can scan external pages for new downloads available.  I don't know the required format of the external site, however.  Do you think it will work with http://download.origo.ethz.ch/origo/06:59
jameshBronger: it should.  The main thing that trips it up for HTTP sites is when the admin has disallowed directory listings07:29
jameshBronger: make sure your tarball pattern only matches the source tarballs though07:37
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mdkemorning carlos 07:59
ubotuNew bug: #192839 in launchpad "Attachments should show and edit/delete link" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/19283908:05
poolieany ppa hackers here?08:42
pooliewhy is there such a long delay between getting an "accepted" mail and seeing a build record - at least a "needs to build" record?08:45
Fujitsupoolie: The cron job that creates the build records runs hourly, and takes about 40 minutes to complete. I believe it is being worked on.08:47
poolieok, thanks 08:48
FujitsuI heard at one stage that is was going to be more event-driven, with build records created at upload time.08:48
pooliei'd assumed that was how it worked08:49
geserFujitsu: did you contact somebody about archive.u.c being out-of-date?09:40
Fujitsugeser: The sysadmins have been poked a few times by a number of people, without response.09:44
geserFujitsu: cjwatson seems to be working on it (if I guessed the context on #ubuntu-devel correct)09:50
Fujitsugeser: Looks about right.09:57
frenchyHi all, how do I delete ~vcs-imports/me-tv/trunk and associated branch lp:me-tv/deleted?11:10
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ubotuNew bug: #192885 in malone "firefox keeps crushing" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/19288511:25
kikofrenchy, are there subscribers, and are the branches linked to a bug?11:32
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frenchykiko: No subscribers and no open bugs.11:34
kikofrenchy, then click delete branch.11:34
frenchykiko: That's what I read, but the link is not there.  Does that mean that something it still attached?11:35
kikofrenchy, are the branches tied to project series? that could be it. just so you know, launchpad's next release will offer you better indication of what's wrong.11:35
frenchykiko: Thanks. Yes, it's my old trunk from SVN before I switched to bzr.11:36
kikofrenchy, ah, what's the project name?11:37
frenchyMe TV (me-tv)11:37
frenchykiko: I've renamed it to "deleted"11:38
kikofrenchy, what you need to do is to visit https://edge.launchpad.net/me-tv/stable and https://edge.launchpad.net/me-tv/unstable and unlink the branches there11:39
frenchykiko: Huh?  Was that aimed at me?11:39
kikoyou unlink the branches by doing Edit source, btw11:40
kikoit's a bit arcane11:40
kikojust keep asking :)11:40
frenchykiko: Ta, I'll have a look.  Thanks!11:40
lar2Hi, newbie asking...I tried the Launcpad FAQ/Doc, but cannot find out how to reverse an "Also affects project" (misinterpreted the meaning of that...)?11:47
kikolar2, mark it as invalid.11:48
kikofrenchy, let me know if you want any project series deleted11:49
LarstiQkiko: reverse as in undo or reverse lookup?11:49
kikoundo. ;)11:49
lar2kiko: Thanks, I already did that.  That is enough, then?11:49
kikolar2, it's all you can do. :)11:49
LarstiQkiko: seems you got the right meaning and I picked the wrong one :)11:49
kikoLarstiQ, will you be in london in 2 weeks time?11:51
frenchykiko: Sorry, I don't think that I understand the components.  I want to delete the "deleted" series, which is somehow linked to ~vcs-imports/me-tv/trunk.  The other series (stable, unstable) shouldn't be affected, should they?11:54
lar2kiko: OK, thanks!:)11:55
kikofrenchy, okay, separate things. first, to delete the branches, you need to unlink them from the series. you do this in the series' Edit source page.11:56
kikosecond, only admins can delete the series themselves, so once you've unlinked them I can delete for you.11:56
frenchykiko: But nothing is linked from my end, is it?  It's linked to VCS imports isn't it?11:58
kikowell, not exactly11:59
kikoeven imported branches are just branches linked to series11:59
kikoand you need to unlink them doing edit source11:59
frenchykiko: But I don't have an "Edit source" for https://edge.launchpad.net/me-tv/deleted.  Sorry, I know that I'm missing something.12:01
kikofrenchy, you can't access https://edge.launchpad.net/me-tv/deleted/+source ?12:01
frenchy       Not allowed here               Sorry, you don't have permission to access this page.           You are logged in as Michael Lamothe.          12:02
kikofrenchy, that's really weird. you own that page!12:02
kikoI'll fix it anyway12:02
kikofrenchy, btw, your project is pretty neat. why don't you add a project icon for it and I'll add it to our featured project list?12:03
frenchykiko: Thanks, LP has helped a lot.  But I guess I don't need to tell you guys that.  Thanks for fixing.12:04
frenchykiko: I think that I'm misusing "Blueprints" for people to add wish-list items, but I use FDD (Feature Driven Development) a lot at work, and it's nice to separate the bugs from the features.12:07
frenchyIn short it's working very well for me and other users.12:07
kikothat's really great to hear12:07
kikoI think separating bugs is nice,  but I think I wish specs were numbered.12:07
kikofrenchy, btw, it's interesting that deleting your deleted branch is triggering a really hard to find oops in launchpad, so I'll wait for matsubara to show up before nuking it via the DB.12:08
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frenchykiko: Thanks for your help.  On https://edge.launchpad.net/me-tv/deleted/ it says this, "You haven't yet told Launchpad where your source code is for Me TV Series: deleted", amongst other things.12:14
kikoyeah, leave that to me12:14
frenchykiko: Don't I have an icon?12:17
kikofrenchy, I think you lack a project icon12:17
kikoah, you do. you just don't have a logo.12:17
kikoit'd be nice to add you. but you're a featured project now too!12:18
frenchyI'll add one now.12:19
frenchySo how long do I stay a featured project for?12:26
kikofrenchy, we reconsider the list every month, but we've only added projects, not removed any yet.12:35
frenchykiko: Ta.12:36
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ubotuNew bug: #192925 in rosetta "Duplicated code in translations upload forms" [Low,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/19292514:21
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thorwilhi! i would like to delete and attachment to the logo submissions page because i updated my design. is there a way?17:14
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pixelpapstand good evening everyone18:57
pixelpapstany LP admins around ?18:58
kikopixelpapst, there always are, just ask your question!19:02
pixelpapststatik maybe ?19:03
pixelpapsti want to register a distribution19:03
pixelpapstif possible, before tomorrow's deriv session ;-)19:03
pixelpapstkiko: on saturday, there were none :)19:03
pixelpapsti submitted a question to LP ( https://answers.launchpad.net/launchpad/+question/24847 ), but would like to poke somebody about it, as it's dev week and all19:05
kikopixelpapst, do you have a team for the distro members?19:06
kikopixelpapst, and what's the domain name for your distro?19:06
kikowill you be using launchpad for bug tracking?19:06
kikowhat about answers?19:06
pixelpapstteam: not yet19:07
kikocan you create one, please.19:07
pixelpapstat the moment we have an issue tracker, which combines bug and answers19:07
pixelpapsti'd like to keep that for our internal support (answers) and maybe move bugs out to LP in the medium run19:08
pixelpapst(can't open up that part to the outside yet as our users are a bit careless with private info) :-(19:09
kikosure thing19:10
kikoso I need a URL and a team.19:10
PibbRelay<swined> kiko: are you planning to create a PPA for debian? or it's for ubuntu only?19:10
pixelpapstthe publically visible part so far is https://projects.yomu.de/kairos/19:10
pixelpapstalhough it's still a bit bare, sorry :-/19:10
pixelpapstcreating the team now...19:10
kikoPibbRelay, currently for ubuntu only.19:11
PibbRelaykiko: Error: "currently" is not a valid command.19:11
kikowhere is PibbRelay relaying from?19:12
PibbRelay<swined> pibb.com19:12
kikoanyway, swined, currently they are for ubuntu only. we need to do some extra work to get debian working -- the chroots would be a problem!19:13
PibbRelay<swined> i hope we'll see it soon :)19:14
mtaylorkiko: I want the debian too :)19:15
mtaylorkiko: I know that doesn't really affect much... but I figured I'd be annoying anyway :)19:16
PibbRelay<swined> everyone wants debian :) at least i use them both and want to use the ppa for both of them19:16
mtaylorkiko: that's actually #2 on my list of desired features... 19:17
pixelpapstkiko: team is ~kairos-dev19:18
mtaylorkiko: my personal #1 is being able to upload a source package with a magical something and have it build for multiple versions... like version=dapper-hardy :)19:18
mtaylorbut I do understand that the world doesn't revolve around me19:18
mtayloras much as that pains me19:18
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kikothere are some technicalities around that.19:42
kikopixelpapst, done: https://edge.launchpad.net/kairos/19:42
kikomtaylor, you can however reupload the same package to be built against multiple releases19:43
pixelpapstkiko: thank you very much19:43
pixelpapstwill upload the intro text i just translated right now :-)19:44
mtaylorkiko: yeah... that works great and is what I do right now...19:44
mtaylorkiko: but it's less effort for _me_ if the other thing happens. :)_19:44
kikomtaylor, well, we could allow you to just click-n-reupload via the web19:46
mtaylorkiko: I have to make a new source package to reupload right now, right? or is there a way for me to tell it to build for a different version than is listed in the changelog? 19:47
kikocprov, ^^^19:48
* cprov -> phone19:50
cprovmtaylor: yes, you have to make a new source package (version tweak) in order to have it rebuilt in other suite.20:36
mtaylorcprov: ok. that's what I've been doing... 20:37
mtaylorcprov: just wanted to make sure I wasn't missing something easier20:37
mtaylorcprov: thakns!20:37
cprovmtaylor:  soon, we will allow you to *copy* sources and binaries to another suite via the UI 20:37
kikocprov, binaries too?20:39
cprovkiko: yes, copying source & binaries from one suite to another inside the PPA could be useful20:40
mptGooooooooooooooooooooooooood morning Launchpadders!21:58
matsubarahey mpt22:02
matsubaramorning? are you back to nz?22:02
SeqHello, I was curious if anybody can comment on a "failed to upload" problem I have been experiencing. created a bug report on the weekend: https://bugs.launchpad.net/bugs/19271322:08
ubotuLaunchpad bug 192713 in soyuz "PPA packages fail to upload but build successfully" [Undecided,New] 22:08
mptmatsubara, yes, in NZ until April22:09
matsubaranothing like summer :-)22:10
mptmatsubara, how's QA going?22:43
mptIs the number of Unconfirmed going down, etc?22:43
* mpt wishes Launchpad showed graphs of that sort of thing22:43
matsubarampt: not really22:44
matsubarampt: i've been neglecting those :-(22:44
matsubaragood news is that the aging and better triage reports should be scheduled to somewhere near the 1.2.422:45
matsubaraI'll talk to Bjorn about it next week22:45
mptBjornT, what do you think of increasing the default bugs batch size to 100?23:02
mptPerhaps we could try that on edge in 1.2.3 and see if it causes any timeouts?23:02
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ubotuNew bug: #193091 in launchpad ""Package maintenance report" is empty when person maintains no packages" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/19309123:50

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