choudeshodd, seems the fgl driver should work00:00
choudeshcan you please pastebin your X11 config file?00:00
DanaGs/brokenness/nvidia brokenness/00:00
choudesheklof, and please install xserver-xorg-video-radeonhd-dbg00:01
eklofhang on a sec00:01
eklofchoudesh: http://slask.eklof.eu/xorg.conf.txt00:05
eklofchoudesh: http://slask.eklof.eu/lspci.txt00:06
choudesheklof, install xserver-xorg-video-radeonhd and see if that helps00:06
eklofchoudesh: ok00:07
eklofchoudesh: nope, only 2 screens after reboot00:11
choudesheklof, thanks ok.00:11
choudesh~thats ok.00:11
choudesheklof, now run aticonfig00:12
choudesheklof, give me a sec, need to destroy my setup so I can walk you through00:12
eklofaticonfig is command only, what parameters do you want?00:13
choudeshaticonfig --initial=dual-head00:14
eklofthis will be intresting :)00:15
choudesh        Screen      0  "aticonfig-Screen[0]" 0 000:15
choudesh        Screen         "aticonfig-Screen[1]" RightOf "aticonfig-Screen[0]"00:15
choudeshnow set up your quad screen following the duel screen setup in xorg.conf00:15
choudeshsetup your "Server Layout"00:16
eklofchoudesh: do I need to add the paste?00:16
eklofok so I change server layout to what you pasted?00:16
choudeshto however you have your's setup00:16
choudeshso, in the server layout you may have00:16
eklof        Screen      0  "Default Screen" 0 000:17
eklof        Screen         "screen1" RightOf "Default Screen00:17
eklof^that's what i have now00:17
choudesh       Screen      0  "aticonfig-Screen[0]" 0 000:17
choudesh<choudesh>         Screen         "aticonfig-Screen[1]" RightOf "aticonfig-Screen[0]"00:17
choudesh        Screen      0  "aticonfig-Screen[0]" 0 000:18
choudesh        Screen          "aticonfig-Screen[2]" RightOf "aticonfig-Screen[1]"00:18
choudesh        Screen          "aticonfig-Screen[3]" RightOf "aitconfig-Screen[2]00:18
choudesh        Screen         "aticonfig-Screen[1]" RightOf "aticonfig-Screen[0]"00:18
choudeshsomething like that - however you have yours monitors setup00:18
eklofI get it00:18
choudeshthen create the monitors in the monitor section00:18
eklofthey are created00:19
eklofi have three there now00:19
choudeshthen create the devices...you can cut and copy what they have and just change a few things00:19
eklofwell this is to much, bound to screw something up00:19
fferSystem -> Administration -> NVIDIA X Server Settings (that's new)00:35
Dr_willisthey added a icon for the nvidia config tool finially? or is it a actal new tool?00:44
RAOFWow.  Someone seems to have turned on the "make the kernel much more power-efficient" button.00:48
RAOFnVidia's 60Hz interupt is now more than 25% of my total wakeups.00:49
fferDr_willis, icon for nvidia config tool finally01:15
Dr_willisffer,  if this was windows.. they would put a link to that tool right there on the main desktop right click menu.. where you alwyas see it..and never need it.... :)01:28
Dr_willisthere seems to be a bad trend where they are tryong to make  EVERYTHING easier to get to..and just cluttering up everything else. heh.01:28
* Dr_willis is glad his Ubuntu menus are not clutteed with lots of 'uninstall thisorthat' icons.01:29
billytwowillyin the text installer,  when it gets to the hard drive configuration how do I see the partitions already installed? I click manual and it just shows me the hard drive, no parititions01:30
billytwowillyI know there are three on there, one being ntfs for windows vista.01:31
Dr_willisbillytwowilly,  i often go to the other consoles (alt-ctrl-f2 through 6) and use sudo fdisk -l01:31
Dr_willisto see whats on the various disks01:31
fferthey add an icon on the task menu running, yeah right click menu, control panel... where else? =)01:31
billytwowillyok, but it should still show up.01:32
billytwowillyand when I go fdisk -l I see all my partitions.01:33
fferDr_willis, it's a different way of thinking, put it everywhere so everyone can find it, but when you got one place and it's consistent with everything else that could be easy also =)01:33
odioushey guys. just wondering if i can upgrade from an alpha to the final release when it comes just by doing an apt-get upgrade?01:33
billytwowillyhow do I tell it which partitions to use for / and /home if I can't see my current partitions?01:34
billytwowillyThis is pretty lame guys.01:35
fferDr_willis, nice that it has a home, you don't have to enable it in Applications menu or call it from the command line, It's still not up to par with the windows one though... few things to add to it, but nice to see it there01:35
billytwowillyhmm. the same thing happens in   gutsy...01:36
billytwowillyreally lame.01:36
RAOFodious: Yes, possibly modulo configuration stuff.01:37
billytwowillyall I need is for the stupid thing to see my current partitions.01:37
odiousRAOF: modulo?01:39
RAOFodious: Yes, the final will be just an alpha + all the updates.  There may be differences between a clean alpha, fully upgraded and a clean fresh install of the final though.  If the installer changes or the default programs change, etc.01:41
RAOFWait around, darnit :)01:42
billytwowillyso when I look at the output it looks like libnewt, rdate-udeb, efi-modules doesn't exist and so partman-bas finds no matching physical volumes, no volume groups01:43
Dr_willisbillytwowilly,  mount the partitions and look as to what is on each one?01:59
Dr_willisI normally know what partitiosn i am using for / and /home., :) the first one on the hd is / the 2nd is /home02:00
billytwowillywhat I'm saying is that in the text installer the partitions don't show up, all I see is the device.02:03
Dr_willisNever noticed. -  You can still see what partitions are there with fdisk -l.02:04
Dr_willisif you have ide drives. be carefull - they often show up as sd%% disks now.02:05
billytwowillyyes, but how do I tell the installer which ones to format and which one to install everything on if the installer doesn't see them?02:05
billytwowillyit's all sata.02:05
Dr_willisIm wondering its not looking at the wrong disk.  -02:05
billytwowillythere's only one. It's a laptop02:05
billytwowillyunless it thinks the cdrom is a 120 GB drive;)02:06
Dr_willischeck sudo fdisk -l, and see what it sees.. sounds like a bug in the installer to me.02:06
billytwowillyI think there's a bug.02:06
Dr_willisI normally leave a large part of the hd unalocated and let the instalelrs auto partition it.02:06
billytwowillyin the dmesg like output in tty4 it says "menu item 'partman-base' selected02:06
billytwowillythen partman: no matching physical volumes found02:06
billytwowillypartman: no volume groups found02:06
billytwowillypartman: reading all physical volumes. This may take a while ...02:07
billytwowillyit's all allocated because I'm blowing away a gutsy install.02:07
RaspberryI just blew away Gutsy and installed HardyA4 on my Thinkpad with a 160gb SATA drive02:11
Raspberryit did a good job, left everything alone and Vista still dual boots02:11
billytwowillydid you use the text installer?02:16
RaspberryI booted off the live CD and installed from there02:28
Raspberrymy sound isn't working after reboot in Hardy02:44
Raspberryany suggestions02:44
RaspberryIntel HSA02:44
Raspberrysorry HDA02:44
Raspberryit worked during the install and up until I went to bed02:44
billytwowillydamnit, even the desktop installer doesn't see my darn partition table!02:45
Dr_willisbillytwowilly,  i wonder if the controller/disk in that laptop is hacing issues with the kernel then.02:55
billytwowillyI mentioned the partman errors already.02:55
billytwowillyand now "program parted_devices is using a deprecated SCSI ioctl, please convert it to SG_IO02:56
billytwowillyIt's a hitachi sata disk.02:56
Dr_willisBe interesting to see if any other linux live cd's see the disk properly02:59
Dr_willisThis system has worked with linux befor?02:59
Dr_williswork time for me. byee03:00
billytwowillyI installed rc5 of gutsy on it.03:00
billytwowillyand fdisk sees everything fine.03:01
billytwowillyit's the stupid ubuntu installer that is broken.03:01
billytwowillyand it sees the hardrive it just shows up as "/dev/sda" with no partitions when fdisk sees them!03:02
billytwowillysame thing with gutsy.03:02
billytwowillyIt's quite annoying.03:02
TrelHave there been any new developments in EXA acceleration for Intel video in Hardy or X.org's latest sources?03:05
choudeshbillytwowilly, can you log a bug please03:06
billytwowillyI think I might know why this is happening.03:08
billytwowillyhow do I blow away the mbr?03:08
billytwowillywhat is the linux equivalent of fdisk /mbr ?03:09
chapoceroHey guys, can somebody give me a hand? I am currently running of the live portion of a dvd for the 64-bit AMD version of Ubuntu. And as I am trying to install the operating sytem to the second partition of my hard drive, I am getting a "No root file system is defined. Please correct this from the partitioning menu." error. I have my single hard drive partitioned in 4 parts. With one 30gb for Vista, and two 10gb partitions for Ubuntu and 03:28
Raspberryanybody else having issues with Intel HDA card with the latest updates03:40
heret1cRaspberry> everything else, but that.:)03:42
Raspberrywell I'm guessing it was some update since installing Alpha403:43
* heret1c peers at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardyReleaseSchedule03:43
Raspberrythis is a weird problem03:44
Raspberryebcause everything works fine03:44
Raspberryexcept the sound03:44
Raspberrythe alsa loads03:44
Raspberrythe mixers show the sound going through03:44
* Raspberry goes to crawl under the desk03:44
heret1ca zero volume setting somewhere?03:45
heret1cgnome or kde?03:45
RaspberryI went through the mixer03:45
heret1cmaster sloder on max or 90%?03:46
heret1cmaybe https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DebuggingSoundProblems can help.03:48
Raspberrymax in the alsamixer or in the gui?03:48
heret1cbut max often hives distortion. use around 90.03:49
TrelALSA was replaced by PulseAudio as far as I recall.03:50
TrelMight want to look into that.03:50
heret1cunless  toy're aspiring for a berth in Spinal Tap ... ;-)03:50
Raspberrywell it was working with Alpha4 -- so I'll have to see what changed in the last Kernel update03:51
Raspberrymaybe going back to -4 instead of -8 that'd do it03:51
Raspberryso why'd they replace alsa with pulse03:54
Raspberrywe just got alsa stable :P03:55
Raspberrynone of the palse stuff was installed03:55
[Gutsy]TuTUXGis the only firefox include in hardy gonna be firefox3?03:56
Raspberryi'd hope so03:56
[Gutsy]TuTUXGso how do u guys get the acroread and mplayer plugin working with firefox3?03:57
Raspberryput the plugins in the /plugins directory03:57
[Gutsy]TuTUXGi did03:57
[Gutsy]TuTUXGnot work03:57
[Gutsy]TuTUXGthe only thing works is flash03:57
[Gutsy]TuTUXGi ll try again i guess03:58
[Gutsy]TuTUXGbut firefox3 is still in beta-rc1 right?03:59
[Gutsy]TuTUXGor by april it gonna be final when hardy release03:59
Raspberrypulse isn't working either04:02
RaspberryI don't think this is a hardware problem04:03
Raspberrybut I don't neccessarily think it's a linux issue :P04:03
Raspberryintresting :) https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/alsa-driver/+bug/18336404:10
ubotuLaunchpad bug 183364 in alsa-driver "[hardy] lost sound when upgraded from 2.6.24-3-generic to 2.6.24-4-generic" [Low,Fix released]04:10
RaspberrySadly enough, the -5 revision didn't include it. Now the the 2.6.24 kernel is officially out, I hope we'll soon have a stable package and be able to enjoy music again.04:11
Raspberryapparently the fix is to suspend the computer ... then unsuspend and sound starts working :P04:12
heret1cbug or feature?04:14
Raspberrythis is a total bug04:14
Raspberryfor over a month apparently :P04:15
heret1cdma on my lt hasn't worked since Dapper.04:16
heret1cmesns hd stuff is 8-10 times slower.04:17
heret1cDMA disabled on device MATSHITA - CDRW/DVD UJDA74004:30
heret1cWith most modern CD/DVD devices enabling DMA highly increases read/write performance. If you experience very low writing speeds this is probably the cause.04:30
heret1cSolution: Enable DMA temporarily as root with 'hdparm -d 1 /dev/hdc'.04:30
heret1c /dev/hdc:04:31
heret1c setting using_dma to 1 (on)04:31
heret1c HDIO_SET_DMA failed: Operation not permitted04:31
heret1c using_dma     =  0 (off)04:31
Raspberrythere needs to be a better explaination of these packages in ubuntu04:34
Raspberryso we know the date they were comiited04:34
Raspberryno commitment date: http://packages.ubuntu.com/hardy/sound/alsa-base04:34
Raspberryso I have no way to tell if it's been updated recently and it's what caused my problem04:34
billytwowillyanyone ever heard of logging in with kdm and instead of logging in you get a black screen and x restarts? How to fix?04:35
heret1cneed to tell the person who wrote the build-bot. (timestamp = reqired field". Or something.04:36
RaspberryI can find out when the updated backages were added, but  I have to find that by going through te change logs04:38
Raspberrytypically you'd think date updated/ changed would be something you'd want to know04:38
RaspberryI can't downgrade alsa-base w/synaptic either04:45
Raspberryforce version isn't available for that package04:45
* heret1c observes, "thee's some way to go before Ubuntu can be considered suitable for the casual user"04:46
Trelheret1c: Have you tried to use sudo with it? I know it is a bit of a stupid question.04:51
heret1ctrel> that's "yes" and "yes". :)04:52
TrelInteresting about DMA04:53
heret1cLooks like a hdparm and/or kernel issue.04:53
Trelheret1c: run the 'lspci -v' command, from the output try to find the name/vendor of the IDE interface chip:04:53
heret1cthe IDE HD is designated "sda".04:54
TrelThe sudo question may have been a bit basic, but it is always best to assume the most common cause first and then go from there.04:55
heret1cassumptions is the mother etc.04:56
TrelDid you find which controller chipset you are using?04:57
heret1cIntel Corp 82801DBM (ICH4-M)04:58
heret1cbog standard, afaik.05:00
TrelThe general consensus on the mailing lists appears to be the cdrom drive itself being the cause.05:03
heret1cTop 168 results of at least 4,484 retrieved for the query dma sda hda hdparm05:07
heret1csince few report such problems, multiply by a factor of at least 10.05:08
TrelYou can file a bug about it at the launchpad.net website. That might lead to some more investigation and a possible fix.05:09
heret1cby that yardstick, the ubuntu devel team ignores 45000 users.05:09
heret1cbug is filed.05:10
heret1cnoot by me, sbdy else.05:10
TrelWhich bug?05:11
heret1cthe ubuntu-thinks-ide-is-scsi- bug.05:11
RAOFheret1c: That remains not a bug :)05:12
* slackern chases his isp down for changing his firmware to a 8/1 for no reason =/05:13
heret1cag, it applies to other distros as well.05:13
RAOFheret1c: Because it is the (new) intended behaviour.05:13
heret1craof> really?05:14
RAOFYes, really.05:14
RAOFBecause SCSI was the first subsystem to be decently generic, the generic disc access layer comes from there.05:14
RAOFAnd you build libata on top of that, and your actual _drivers_ on top of libata.05:15
RAOFAs I understand it.  Particular details may be wrong/misrepresented.05:15
* heret1c nods05:15
RAOFHowever, the take home message is: "sooner or later, all your drives will be handled by something built on the SCSI system".05:15
RAOF /dev/sd? is teh futu0r!05:16
IdleOnethis is not a Hardy issue but really need some help with http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/56446/ and I think there are probably a few people better suited in here05:16
heret1craof> I think the crux is that I cannot enable dma on neither hd or dvd, and suffer a speed penalty of 10-15 x05:21
heret1cas a result.05:21
RAOFheret1c: Right.  So, the real bug is that DMA is not enabled by default on those drives.05:21
heret1craof> is under dapper.05:22
RAOFSo it's probably fixed by a new kernel.  And worrying about Dapper bugs in #ubuntu+1 is not particularly productive :P05:22
* heret1c runs hardy.05:23
slackernLets see how this upgrade works then :)05:23
RAOFheret1c: Oh.  So what you meant was "DMA is enabled by default in Dapper".05:24
RAOFheret1c: Have you filed a bug?05:24
heret1cslackern> pending dixed dependencies.05:24
heret1craof> spot on.05:24
RAOF(Because if it's not on Launchpad, the kernel team won't know it exists)05:24
heret1cit's there.05:25
slackernheret1c: had it installed earlier and it upgraded/ran fine, hope it works just as smooth this time too :)05:25
slackernMaybe i should rip this old wifi card out of my pfsense machine to see how it works in 8.04 too and give the new networkmanager a peek05:26
=== der0b\ is now known as der0b
zqwestrange... new GPRS setup feature of network-manager have not field to enter phone number which i should call05:41
zqwe*have no05:41
zqweits *99***1#, maybe it is default number for all gprs networks and network manager will call it?05:43
zqweplus, i required to enter special init command, and network manager not allow it either05:44
Heretic43slackern> crash?05:57
slackernHeretic43, Nah just reboot, in hardy now playing music and everything back as normal :)05:57
* Heretic43 plays music as well (shoutcast)05:58
slackernTook a little while to install, my isp managed to downgrade the firmware on my cablemodem so down to 8/1 speed instead of 50/2 :P05:58
simihimy  screen resolution is not saved betwen sesions,05:59
simiany ideea?05:59
Heretic43I only have two issues; dma, and the one topic sez not to discuss (unmet you-know-what)06:00
slackernNow i just want the radeonhd drivers :)06:01
Heretic43simi> ah, add that to my issues. fixed it with KRandRTray. methinks.06:03
Heretic43slackern> tried using the windoze one?06:04
Heretic43restricted driver06:04
Heretic43worked with my wifi stick. driver off w. cdrom.06:06
slackernHeretic43, Aye, slight problems with my X1950Pro AGP card on a Nvidia chipset though, So versions 7.7/7.8/7.9/7.10/7.11/7.12/8.01 doesn't work on my card since there are problems somewhere but now that they finally fixed it in windows it's still not working in *nix with the latest fglrx driver from them, tried both repos and their official one, just leaves me with a black screen and a lockup06:06
slackernHeretic43, But since they found the issue in the Windows drivers now i got a little more hope for them nailing the issues in *nix for me06:07
=== Heretic43 is now known as heret1c
slackernheret1c, been using the radeonhd opensource driver that they are developing mostly now, about same performance as vesa but it's good since i could provide som feedback for better support for this card atleast :)06:08
heret1cslacker> aho.06:08
RAOFslackern: Seen airlied's talk at LCA?  It's on the web, is called "bringing kittens back to life", and he talks a bit about radeon vs radeonhd.06:10
slackernRAOF, hmm no i missed that, will go have a look06:11
slackernhaha first hit on google for LCA kittens :P06:12
RAOFslackern: The impression I got from watching it was "use radeon, it works better" :)06:12
Trelfor now anyway06:12
slackernRAOF, ahh yes but radeon doesn't support my newer card =/06:12
RAOFMaybe it needs a newer radeon than we've got :)06:12
slackernRAOF, Yes i saw some talk about it in #radeonhd guess they are taking the best from both drivers and working on it at the same time or something like that06:13
slackernradeonhd still has alot of work in it since it started from scratch not so long ago06:14
* RAOF is going to have to try to duplicate his end-of-talk demo on his laptop.06:15
Treldoes the fglrx driver support your newer card?06:21
slackernsorry was on phone, friends car broke down ^^,  It's a X1950 card and it says it support the X1900 series so it should, i can get it running with certain versions but 3d is just a dream06:23
slackernor any kind of acceleration06:23
simiHeretic43: how did you fix the resolution not beeing saved?  KRandRTray sounds like KDE applet, i am using ubuntu with gnome06:24
heret1csimi> for all I know, it works with the gnome panel. not sure.06:25
heret1ccan someone wise in the ways of dpkg cast an expert eye at http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/56449/ ?06:26
slackernTrel, If i try the binary driver it even shows the card as compatible with the drivers and supported but i guess it'll work out sooner or later just as it did with the windows driver, they managed to get a working driver there only this month since the 2007-07 driver on my combination of hardware06:26
slackernthink i'll compile the radeonhd driver and give it a go in hardy :)06:28
simiheret1c: but what it does in fact? edit something? i seen that xorg.conf has changed a lot06:29
heret1csimi>  lets u set res, refresh, orientation, etc.06:30
Raspberryhow can I downgrade the alsa-driver package in hardy06:32
Raspberryi should ask -- is there a recommended way to do it :)06:32
Raspberryalsa* 1.0.16 is crap06:32
Raspberryneed to go back to a .15 rev06:33
Raspberrybut I'm having trouble finding the older packages anywhere06:33
RaspberryI tried building my own modules, but that didn't help since they were built with 1.0.1606:34
zqw2its not how system work, it work by increasing numbers, not decreasing :/06:34
* heret1c can't proceed without the http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/56449/ thing being fixed.06:35
Raspberry wow06:35
Raspberrythat looks fun :P06:35
crimsun_Raspberry: huh?  How is it "crap"?  Unless you're manually compiling alsa-source, there shouldn't be a problem, as the alsa-driver source only generates linux-sound-base and alsa-base debs for use by default.06:35
heret1cthe topic is very useful to read BEFORE one installs hardy, AFTER it's somewhat moot.06:36
Raspberryit's fine that it's broken06:36
Raspberrybut typically with a debian based OS you can downgrade packages06:37
RaspberryI can reinstall Hardy and just freeze the alsa packages from updating06:37
Raspberrythe alsa mixer works and it acts like it's playing the sound06:38
Raspberrybut nothing comes out of the speakers06:38
crimsun_Are you referring to the drivers themselves as shipped by default in linux-ubuntu-modules-2.6.24-8-generic?06:38
Raspberryit works off the live CD06:38
Raspberrythe Alpha4 live Cd06:38
Raspberrybut after running the updates it doesn't work whether with Kernel -5 or -806:38
RaspberryI did a module-assistant build and install of the alsa drivers and that didn't fix the issue06:39
Raspberryand it didn't work prior to that -- so I'd assume it's with the alsa code itself06:39
crimsun_of current hardy?  You don't have the latest ones that I uploaded.06:39
crimsun_the ones I uploaded last week are queued for archive admin approval and should appear early this week.06:39
Raspberryok -- where can I get them? :)06:40
Raspberryi checked pre-release06:40
Raspberryand they're weren't any available up there yet eihter06:40
crimsun_the source should be available from LP if you want to grab the diff.gz and dsc06:40
Raspberryit's basically this issue, but it isn't limited to kernel 2.6.24-3 and 4 https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/alsa-driver/+bug/183364https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/alsa-driver/+bug/18336406:40
ubotuLaunchpad bug 183364 in alsa-driver "[hardy] lost sound when upgraded from 2.6.24-3-generic to 2.6.24-4-generic" [Low,Fix released]06:40
slackernbtw anyone else notice any kind of "stuttering" while playing music?06:40
crimsun_Raspberry: I need to know "lspci -nv|grep -A1 040[13]"06:41
crimsun_slackern: that's much too vague.  What type of file, what application, what audio card, etc.06:41
Raspberry00:1b.0 0403: 8086:284b (rev 03)06:41
RaspberrySubsystem: 17aa:20ac06:41
heret1cslackern> playing from what medium?06:42
slackerncrimsun_, oh sorry, just did an upgrade and while moving windows and such i get a stutter in the sound while playing mp3's in rhythmbox06:42
slackernMaybe i should add that this is from a NTFS partition also06:43
heret1cer, dma?06:43
crimsun_Raspberry: are you using any model?06:43
crimsun_Raspberry: e.g., options snd-hda-intel model=foo06:43
slackernheret1c, It's a SATA drive if that matters06:43
Raspberrynot that I'm aware of no06:43
crimsun_Raspberry: please confirm that you are(n't).06:43
crimsun_slackern: with compiz enabled or disabled?06:44
heret1c/ne hazards http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/56449/ again (dpkg hell)06:44
slackerncrimsun_, disabled, using the radeonhd driver with shadowfb acceleration only06:44
Raspberrycrimsun_:  in my alsa-base...  options snd-intel8x0m index=-206:45
crimsun_slackern: is the same symptom reproducible when you're only logged into a tty and using gst-launch playbin ..?06:45
slackerncrimsun_, It's not all the time, happens when i least expect it or how i should explain, now that im trying to do it again im failing miserably06:45
heret1cslackern> er, w8...06:45
crimsun_Raspberry: not relevant; you're using snd-hda-intel06:45
Raspberryi don't even see that listed in the modprobe.d/alsa-base06:45
crimsun_Raspberry: correct, it shouldn't be.06:46
=== DarthShr2ne is now known as DarthShrine
slackerncrimsun_, I'll have to try that, should it be without X running?06:46
crimsun_Raspberry: which ThinkPad/Lenovo model?06:46
crimsun_slackern: correct, which means you need to reproduce the symptom solely through ALSA.06:47
heret1cslackern> what happens if you do >sudo hdparm  -d1 dev/hda ?06:47
Raspberrycrimsun_: X61T 776298U06:47
slackernheret1c,  HDIO_SET_DMA failed: Inappropriate ioctl for device06:47
slackernNever been able to set DMA for SATA though i belive06:48
slackernOnly got /dev/sda on this machine06:48
Raspberrycrimsun_: where would I find the options line -- I would have thought it'd be in the alsa-base file in modprobe.d06:48
crimsun_Raspberry: there should /not/ be one by default for snd-hda-intel06:49
Raspberrycrimsun_: there isn't06:49
crimsun_Raspberry: I would wait until alsa-source 1.0.16-0ubuntu2 is available06:51
crimsun_Raspberry: please use "sudo m-a clean,a-i alsa-source" after it is upgraded06:51
Raspberrythat's listed as the current version06:51
crimsun_...which may be in a few hours.  It has already built and is available, according to LP.06:51
Raspberryyeah :)06:52
RaspberryI'll just cleanup my alsa build mess now06:52
Raspberrysince there's no sound06:52
crimsun_if you're really, really hard up, use http://launchpadlibrarian.net/12033371/alsa-source_1.0.16-0ubuntu2_all.deb06:52
RaspberryI appreciate your help06:53
crimsun_if it's still not audible by default after rebuilding and rebooting, please file a bug report and ping me with the bug report # here.06:53
crimsun_I have only intermittent e-mail access, so giving me heads-up here on IRC with all the relevant info is much more efficient.06:54
crimsun_with that said, I'm off to sleep.06:54
Raspberrythanks again06:54
heret1c'morning dana.07:00
* heret1c assumes07:00
heret1cor is it 'noon? :-)07:01
DanaGI'm in Pacific timezone, so it's 11 PM here.07:11
heret1canyone have similar experiences?07:21
zqw2does alt-tab supposed to work for switching to desktop from full-screen game? cut it seems not working and this cause problems, if game is locked for example some way07:33
zqw2alt-f4 to close games dosnt work too...07:34
slytherinanyone using amd64 here?07:35
zqw2another problem if when game is cause X to kind of freeze, it looses full-screen, but continue to run, and keyboard stop working07:35
zqw2mouse too07:36
zqw2i loosing my data this way, cuz i required to restart X cuz game locked it07:36
slytherinzqw2: which game?07:37
zqw2with compiz enabled it happens with all 3d games with some time of playing07:38
zqw2with disabled it is just happened with urban terror but never happened with other games, freezes i mean07:38
zqw2but i may have similiar issues07:38
zqw2like game not setting refresh rate correclty and monitor switched off07:39
zqw2and i cant quit game, and cannot switch from it07:40
DanaGTry to VT-switch to a console and 'killall' it.07:42
zqw2well X still stays in incorrect refresh rate stance with this resolution, i have another workaround for this, like change videomode ctrl-alt-+/- but its just workaround07:44
zqw2not tried that with urban terror07:44
slytherinanyone using amd64 here?07:44
Trelslytherin: Yep07:44
zqw2i want ability to swich to desktop07:45
slytherinTrel: Can you tell me what is output of 'uname -m'?07:45
zqw2and closing games07:45
slytherinTrel: No, you did unsame -r, Iwant uname -m07:47
TrelRight hen07:47
slytherinTrel: Raspberry: thanks07:48
Assiddammit.. when are they gonna update the repositories. its stuck on partial update since eons now08:50
slytherinAssid: What do you mean by partial updates?08:51
gretlis there still a bad link with the nvidia drivers? ...08:51
Assidi cant enable any off those applications from there08:57
Assidits crazy man09:00
Assidive been waiting since ages09:00
slytherinAssid: Which repository are yu using?09:03
Assidtried the main ones09:04
Assidalso tried indian mirror09:04
Assidsame damn thing09:04
slytherinAssid: Then you probably need to fix your system. Because I don't have any problem. Make sure that you have all the hardy repositories in /etc/apt/sources.list and try 'sudo apt-get -f install' from command line09:07
Assidim gonna try and --reinstall it09:08
Assidthe packages that arent updating09:08
Assidim gonna sit and do this later.. atm i need to work09:10
wobboi am missing the tool in under the location panel menu "connect to server"09:21
slytherinwobbo: you are not the only one09:27
wobbois wine-0.9.55 in the repo still bad?09:30
Trelwobbo: What problems are you seeing with it?09:33
wobbo"Segmentationerror (core dumped)"09:39
wobboTrel: Can't imagin i am the only one?09:41
Trelwobbo: Which build are you using?09:41
Trelbuild of Ubuntu I mean09:41
wobbolatest alpha 409:42
wobbosorrie was getting me cafe,i38609:51
TrelI've seen a bit of an issue with it in AMD64 too09:53
TrelHave you tried to trace it or run gdb against the core to see what went wrong?09:53
Raspberryyeah 0.9.55 is still bad10:26
RaspberryI'm running amd6410:26
gold44anyone running alpha4?10:36
gold44is it stable?10:36
gold44i have extra machine, thinking installing alpha there10:37
jpatrickgold44: see /topic :)10:37
gold44*sign* ok10:38
* gold44 walks to the corner of the room and cuddle up and stair at the wall10:38
jpatrickI'm sure there's people running it here10:39
* jpatrick is currently on a windows boz10:39
gold44i think upgrade may not be possible when final comes out10:40
heret1c1.5MB/s transferrate hda1 -> hda110:54
* heret1c is tempted to downgrade to Dapper LTS10:55
heret1cDMA disabled on device MATSHITA - CDRW/DVD UJDA74010:58
heret1cWith most modern CD/DVD devices enabling DMA highly increases read/write performance. If you experience very low writing speeds this is probably the cause.10:58
heret1cSolution: Enable DMA temporarily as root with 'hdparm -d 1 /dev/hd10:58
slytheringold44: This is #ubuntu+1, a channel for those who are running ubuntu unstable version. :-)11:02
gold44slytherin: yeah. just want to test the water.11:03
slytheringold44: I am running hardy on my pc, office pc and my ibook. I ran into some problem on ibook but rest of it is fine. Does that satisfy you? :-)11:03
sabayonlive-2718hello fellas11:04
sabayonlive-2718I just installed ubuntu hardy from the mini.iso and it failed installing grub211:05
sabayonlive-2718can somebody tell me howto install it manually?11:05
gold44slytherin: sounds good to me =)11:05
sabayonlive-2718I do not know why it failed :(11:06
gold44slytherin: i am prepare to reformat if upgrade is not possible on the alpha release.11:06
slytherinsabayonlive-2718: what mini.iso? And hardy doesn't install grub2 by default.11:06
gold44slytherin: it's an old box from a hand down.11:07
slytheringold44: upgrade shouldn't give any problem I think provided you are upgrading from either fristy or dapper11:08
gold44slytherin: no, upgrade from alpha to final release for  hardy11:08
slytheringold44: Shouldn't be a problem in majority cases11:09
sabayonlive-2718can somebody tell me howto install grub2 manually? I mean it did not work automatically so something seems to be wrong11:09
gold44i think grub 2.0 support grub-reboot command11:11
gold44grub-reboot does not work on ver 0.9711:11
sabayonlive-2718dude I have NO grub2 because it failed installing11:11
sabayonlive-2718and I installed from netisntall11:12
gold44dude, i am just saying, it will be kick ass if you have 2.0 instead of 0.9711:12
gold44good luck11:12
slytherinsabayonlive-2718: That is what I am saying, Ubuntu does not have grub2 on ISO images. grub2 is still in universe repository, not good enough to be included in 'main' and on CDs11:13
slytherinsabayonlive-2718: So now if you have a system that boots properly, add universe repository and install grub211:13
sabayonlive-2718slytherin haha I have a mini cd with a netinstal it just sucks everything it needs from the nets and this includes grub2 somehow11:15
slytherinsabayonlive-2718: Then you should file a bug11:15
sabayonlive-2718If I knew what the bug is..11:17
sabayonlive-2718It seems to be a dependancy problem11:17
sabayonlive-2718but am not sure11:17
sabayonlive-2718lilo didn't work either11:17
sabayonlive-2718will sudo apt-get -f -V install grub2 do the job?11:20
sabayonlive-2718or do I need to do other things to overwrite the mbr?11:20
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heret1cbugger. 6th DVD gutsy/hardy has x'ed up. :-/11:25
heret1cto downgrade or not downgrade, that's the question.11:29
heret1cimo, (k)ununtu has become buggier and buggier since Dapper - which were stable on this box, at least.11:29
heret1cWait until HH becomes stable? Or run Knoppix, take backup, <unspeakable command>, install Dapper?11:35
gold44heret1c: kde desktop 4 or you referring to kde 3?11:38
heret1cgold44> I'm on 3.11:40
heret1cHave 4 installed as well, but don't use it. Prefer 3. In 4, they've concentrated too much on gizmos, not functionality.11:41
heret1cmy tuppence. :-)11:42
gold44kde stuff are very innovative. if you use kpdf, it has a clock to tell you how many pages you read. like a pie chart11:43
heret1cTake such an obvious thing as seamless integration with mobile phones/PDAs. Lacking.11:43
gold44no other pdf view does this ikind of stuff11:43
heret1cgold44> that's what I mean. u describe a gizmo. hip, but not crucial. synching with mobiles is.11:44
heret1canyway, I'm stuck with an installation which a) can't use DMA, and b) has apt/dpkg messed up.11:45
gold44heret1c: when i am reading a 1 thousand page pdf book. i find the clock thing to be very important. have you used it before?11:47
sverigold44: am i right that it tells me how much time i need to read one page?11:47
heret1cI have kalarm, and an alarm plugin for xmms. sufficient, imo.11:47
sverigold44: or how much time it took me to read the whole document?11:48
gold44heret1c: you should try it.  it's more like a pie chart, to tell you were you are at. so you know how much you read and how much more you have to read.11:48
gold44sveri: no11:49
* heret1c mutters something about the Total Perspective Vortex11:49
gold44if the pdf book has 12 chapters, and you are at chapter 5, it will say five o clock.11:50
sveriah, i see11:50
heret1cgold44> DMA doesn't work. Can't upgrade. To =)(/ with Kpdf.11:50
gold44sveri: i am not good at explaining11:50
sveriit tells me when i am ready with reading11:50
gold44heret1c: yes. i know. but  i don't feel your pain. sorry bro11:50
heret1cgold44> no sweat. 8)11:51
gold44dma no work, so you can't access hard drive perhaps?11:51
heret1c48 hrs of this hassle could turn mother theresa into a mass murderer.11:51
heret1cgold44> can access - at 1.5 MB/s.11:52
heret1cinstead of 20.11:52
gold44ah... maybe. but i can't be sympathetic to you.  not feeling your pain, unless it happens to me =) hahah11:53
heret1cBurning DVDs is out. Have to use Knoppix for that.11:53
sverihehe, that why mother theres doesnt fiddle around with computer thinggs11:53
gold44all i wanted to say it that , that pie chart thing is pretty cleaver and cool. and i think adobe will copy it and make $ out of other's innovative ideas =)11:54
heret1canyway. not fishing for sympath, but competence.11:56
heret1c /solutions11:56
* heret1c afks to make his 6th cuppa this morning11:56
gold44is it distro specific ? you mention knoppix.11:57
gold44dma works for another distro maybe? ...ah... i dont know.11:58
* gold44 runs away11:58
heret1cworked in dapper.11:58
heret1cand it's an unmitigated scandal it hasn't been fixed for hardy.12:00
heret1csbdy have this file; /var/lib/python-support/python2.5/bootconfig/__init__.py ?12:02
heret1cfilm @ http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/56449/12:08
sveriheret1c: i dont have that file12:08
jan_Hi, I'm running latest hardy, does the ~/Desktop folder items appear on the desktop atm for you?12:09
heret1csveri> and you've no problems updating/installing?12:09
sverijan_: yes they do here12:09
jan_When I log in I see nautilus opening several time and closing12:09
sveriheret1c: no, i've made all updates until today that where available12:09
jan_seems as it is crashing and tries to open a couple of times12:10
sverijan_: i use kde, maybe i should mention that12:10
heret1cjan_> yes here as well, except I use KDE.12:10
slytherinjan_: Some problem with your upgrade.12:10
slytherinjan_: I have no problem with nautilus12:10
heret1cis it hidden? .Desktop ...12:10
jan_the same thing happens when I try to connect my bluetooth mouse: I get an error saying that nautilus cannot open mouse_address and nautilus pops up and crashes several times12:11
jan_since I upgraded might it be some issue with previous confs?12:12
scizzo-jan_: tried it with a different user?12:15
jan_scizzo-: didnt12:16
jan_one moment12:16
jan_by the way, is bluetooth input supposed to be working? there was a bug but it has been marked as fixed for a while now12:17
jan_scizzo-: in other user not such issue with nautilus12:20
jan_same problem with bluetooth tough12:20
so1was here on saturday ... because a laptop (cable: SIS 191 GBE Adapter Rev. 02; wireless: Atheros AR5006GE 802.11)12:21
so1just wanted to say that at least the wired one works in hardy12:21
jan_scizzo-: what's responsable for displaying ~/Desktop contents on the .. desktop?12:21
slytherinjan_: Nautilus does it.12:23
slytherinjan_: The bluetooth problem seems to be fixed for some while not for others.12:23
jan_slytherin: do you know how can I reset nautilus conf? is deleting .nautilus is or does it store something on gconf?12:25
slytherinjan_: I guess nautilus uses gconf, you so have to loo inside .gconfd or .gconf in your home directory12:26
ubotuUbuntu releases a new version every 6 months. Each version is supported for 18 months to 5 years. More info at http://www.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/releases & http://wiki.ubuntu.com/TimeBasedReleases13:37
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=== avatar_ is now known as henkjan
Takuhey people =)14:02
Takupeople, has anyone experienced problems with gspca drivers (for webcams) in hardy ?14:03
Gninefinally compiz has crashed for good on alpha 8, there is a workaround in the forums but i iz waiting for the appropriate system update to fix it.14:09
=== _emgent is now known as emgent
c0dehi out there14:09
c0dei think i have a problem with apt14:09
c0dedid any updates come this day or yesterday to hardy?14:10
PiciRather, not for me.14:10
Gninelatest update i do not recommend14:10
c0deah i see14:10
sveriGnine: alpha 8? did i miss something? today alpha5 should come out14:10
sveric0de: ne updates here too14:10
c0deyesterday i had a problem with my ext3 and since then i did not receive any updates14:11
PiciI've had the hyphenation update broken all weekend, no changes.14:11
c0deso i thought my apt is broken ^^14:11
Gninealpha 8, is not doing too good. a silly error does not load xgl thus braking compiz and screenlets and even AWN14:11
sveriGnine: what alpha 8?14:11
sveriGnine: there will never be an alpha 8, at least there is none planned in the release schedule14:12
sveriGnine: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardyReleaseSchedule14:12
Kalpiksveri, i think he means alpha of 8.04 :P14:12
Gnineoh.. missinterpreting.. updates with the 2.6.24-8 were broken14:12
PiciI think its a typo14:12
Kalpikah ok :P14:13
sveriah ok14:13
Gninejust woke up here14:13
sverihehe, ok14:13
sverithat excuses a lot14:13
PiciGnine: Broken how?14:13
Raspberryanybody have working audio :)14:14
Gninescroll up few lines14:14
sveriRaspberry: here :D14:15
Gninei guess the issue is a libxgl.so file that is not being addressed properly14:15
Raspberrymy sound is broken ... hda-intel14:15
ubotuFor fixing your Intel HDA sound this page has useful information https://help.ubuntu.com/community/HdaIntelSoundHowto14:16
PiciThis *may* work on Hardy, I havent tried it.14:16
Raspberryi've rebuilt the alsa drivers14:16
Raspberryand rebooted14:16
RaspberryI'm even running 1.0.16r2 which was just released today14:16
sveriRaspberry: do you have another soundcard installed?14:17
Raspberrythis is an Thinkpad X61t laptop14:18
sveriah ok14:18
Raspberryis this new pulseaudio stuff screwing around with things?14:18
Raspberrydmesg detects the card but not sure if it's doing anything else14:20
Gninemetacity performance is also affected by this compiz bug. which doesnt even generate a crash report either.14:24
Gnineeven if it wasnt directly related it is also buggy too14:25
Raspberrydoes the indexer ever stop indexing :P14:26
Raspberryseems to just run and run14:27
Raspberryleft the machine on over night and it was still running this morning14:27
Raspberryit's a brandnew install it can't have that much to index14:27
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TrXukHi all, anyone alive14:44
=== HiDeo_ is now known as HiDeo
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TrXukopenoffice.org-hyphenation-en-us_2.3-5_all.deb errors on install trying to overwrite `/usr/share/myspell/dicts/hyph_en_US.dic.. But it cant as that file allready belongs to openoffice.org-hyphenation. Manually forcing remove of openoffice.org-hyphenation then installing the en-us package first dosnt work either due to dependancies... and moving the file so it has nothing to overwrite does not help.... may be a piss easy thing to f14:48
TrXukix and I have just missed something... but I thaught i'd let you guys know14:48
TrXukgreat work so far anyway!14:49
Raspberryyeah, we don't fix bugs here14:49
Raspberryuse bugs.launchpad.net for bugs14:49
jussi01TrXuk: thats a known bug in todays build/update14:49
ubotuIf you find a bug in Ubuntu or any of its derivatives, please file a bug report at: http://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu  -  Bugs in/wishes for the bots can be filed at http://launchpad.net/ubuntu-bots14:49
TrXukNot asking for it fixed, just thaught I would let someone know, jussi01 Cool, as long as it's been noticed :D14:50
Raspberrytelling us about bugs here is like telling a carpenter about a burning building14:51
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TrXukRaspberry, Apologies.. cant say I really know how the ubuntu dev effort works.. I've just been playing with the alpha and thaught #ubuntu-dev was a good place to start, that had a banner saying all things hardy were in here14:53
Raspberryif you're having a problem with something we can help work through it :)14:53
TrXukThanks.. apart from that (which is a known bug so I dont have to go and report it on launchpad) Everything's good... had a little issue with no mouse movements.. so disabled logitech evdev driver for now.. and cant wait to see the pulseaudio stuff it the finished version :D14:54
TrXukGuess I just come from the gentoo background, where everyone can be reached via IRC :P14:55
TrXukIs there a central place that documents progress/known bugs for hardy? in like a summary page so you can just have a daily glace to see what you should / should not expect from thdays updates?14:59
TheInfinityTrXuk: launchpad15:00
Gninepay no attention to Raspberry , having a bad hair day cuz no sound.15:00
Raspberryno I've just been up 30-some hours coding a project15:01
Raspberryand I'd like to listen to some music while I work :p15:01
TheInfinityuse windows *scnr*15:01
TrXukKnow what you mean.. I cant code without music :P15:02
TheInfinity<-- cant code and cant design without music too ...15:03
Gnineit is true that here we dont fix bugs but this is the place for hardy. disclosing issues is good for those few devs that do watch whats going on here15:03
PiciBut its not a replacement for filing a big.15:03
Raspberrypici said what I mean :p15:04
TrXuknp :)15:05
Gninewithout the jesus pun15:06
Gninei also ran into the bug TrXuk mentioned15:08
TrXukGnine, I think it could be everyone..  jussi01 Said it was a known problem with todays updates/build15:09
Gnineapport did not generate a report for that either, i guess that'd count as another bug too15:09
jussi01the best thing you guys could do is go find the bug, and confirm it. that way it gets fixed quicker15:10
TrXukHow do you guys st15:12
TrXuk*stick totight releaseeeeeee schedule?15:12
TrXuk*sorry for the extra chars... synergy playing up :P15:12
Raspberrywhat's this mean? /sbin/alsa: Warning: Processes using sound devices: 6226(pulseaudio) 6399(mixer_applet2).15:13
Raspberrywarning means processes are using it15:18
Raspberryyou have to do a force-reload15:18
TrXukBug confirmed :)15:24
dholbachhttps://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuDeveloperWeek about to start in 24 minutes in #ubuntu-classroom15:36
regelwhat happend to xorg.conf?15:45
regelit's so short15:46
regelthere's nothing in it15:46
regelwell, pretty much nothing15:46
regelit's empty!15:46
hmullerOther than writing a script to parse /var/log/apt/term.log, is there an easier way to identify all packages installed by the user?15:48
regel'dpkg --get-selections'15:50
regeldoes that work?15:50
hmullerregel: that seems to grab everything.  I'm looking for something simple that grabs all selected packages that were previously unselected15:52
hmullerI thought there might be an easier way than writing a script, as I am famous for doing things the hard way if there is an easier one.15:53
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Mark_MHow do I turn on compiz again?  I turned it off via System>Preferences>Appearance because Nautilus kept opening and moving all over my desktop when I loged in.16:00
crimsun_Mark_M: same menu, Visual Effects16:03
Mark_MHey crimsun!16:03
Mark_MJust click on extra?16:04
Mark_MThen go into the Advanced Desktop Settings and play away?16:04
Gninealt-f2 - compiz --replace   OR   in terminal: compiz --replace16:04
ryanakcaick... firefox 3 is still waay to unstable. At least here ;)16:06
kdubryanakca: i agree16:06
AssidErrors were encountered while processing:16:07
Assid /var/cache/apt/archives/openoffice.org-hyphenation-en-us_2.3-5_all.deb16:07
AssidE: Sub-process /usr/bin/dpkg returned an error code (1)16:07
PiciAssid: Its been like that for a few days.16:07
Assidlibmyth-perl is broken too16:08
Assiderr brb16:08
Assidneed to reboot16:08
kdubAssid: i just worked through that too16:08
Mark_Mactually compiz --replace& works better16:09
Mark_Msince I don't kill the process when I close the terminal window16:09
Mark_Mthanks Gnine and crimsun16:09
kdubwhy is everything giant in firefox 3?16:09
Mark_MMy entire FF profile was blown away yesterday for no reason16:10
Mark_Mgood thing I had a backup from Saturday16:10
Mark_MFF is now big like the rest of Gnome16:10
kdublooks like mine was too16:10
Mark_Mthey just made it Gnome-like16:10
kdubno, like the icons are disproportionally large16:11
Mark_MI'm gonna logout and back in to see if I still have the exploding windows on startup16:12
ryanakcahehe, if you think it looks bad in gnome, you should see how bad it looks in KDE4 :P16:13
^Tomhas anything been improved in the way of via graphics drivers in hardy ?16:14
ryanakcaincredible how hard it is to downgrade firefox16:14
wobbo I was hoping the bug with compiz+nvidia, the windows title bar not showing correctly (partially grey) would have been fixed in Gutsy, seems it16:14
hitryanakca, agree16:14
wobbo's an everlasting bug?16:14
kdubim just gonna use opera for a while16:15
PiciI like FF3.16:15
ryanakcawobbo: it worked here in gutsy... and it worked under hardy... but it broke here a few days ago16:15
ryanakcaPici: yeah, but the webdevelopper plugin doesn't work, nor do any of my themes...16:15
ryanakcaPici: if even just the webdevelopper plugin worked I'd be happy :)16:15
wobbowell, the bug was never solved in gutsy16:16
Piciryanakca: have you tried forcing it by using the nightly tester tools extension?16:16
ryanakcaPici: nope... but meh, I've just downgraded firefox, I'll try it whenever I next use FF3 :)16:18
Mark_MI'm back16:19
Mark_Mfor some reason Nautilus runs then stops about 6 times when I log in16:19
Mark_MI don't know why it is doing this16:19
Mark_Mit was really screwing up compiz so I had to turn off compiz16:20
Mark_Mthis just started last night16:20
wobboryanakca, bugs like this http://www.documentjes.nl/Schermafdruk.png and other variations of grey16:20
kdubthe joys of running beta OS-es....16:20
Mark_Malpha 416:21
Mark_Mis there some sort of gnome startup file that may be doing this16:21
Mark_MI looked under sessions but don't see gnome set to run16:21
Mark_MI know Nautilus has some wierdness in it but I haven't experienced this problem16:22
Mark_MHas anyone seen Nautilus attempting to run multiple times on startup?16:24
ryanakcawobbo: dunno16:24
wobboanyone else? if have posted this bug a couple of times allready and i have seen it on a lot ubu pc's with an nvidia car 7*** / 6***16:28
ryanakcaheh, looks like I have a firefox-3.0/firefox- hybrid...16:29
Mark_MWhat's wrong wobbo?16:29
Mark_MI don't see anything in the picture16:30
ryanakca(nor did I)16:30
wobboWell, i am hungry and to lazy to get out of my chair and get myself something to eat, but besides that, compiz has a long lasting serious bug on machines with some nvidiacards.16:31
PiciWhat bug?16:31
Mark_MI was running compiz with my nVidia card without too many problems16:31
PiciMe too.16:31
wobboi will post some more screens.16:32
Mark_Mmy problem is that I still can't figure out why Nautilus is running so many times when I log in16:32
^Tomheh - all you people with nvidia cards who complain about broken compiz, if only i had those graphics problems ;)16:32
wobboneed to reboot brb16:32
Mark_MI searched through all of the hidden directories to see if there could be something starting it...no luck16:32
PiciMark_M: What gives you the impression that its starting multiple times?16:32
Mark_MThe File Manager window opens and closes multiple times although I never see multiple processes in System Manager16:33
Mark_Mperhaps it is only one instance running but why would the window be opening and closing multiple times?16:33
PiciDo you have any remote shares on your desktop? Perhaps its gvfs bugging out16:34
Assidoh man16:35
Assidfirefox2 is gone?!16:35
Mark_MI am only mounting two NTFS volumes on other partitions on the same machine, but I am sharing four directories16:36
Assidthey seem to be breaking more things than fixing recently16:36
Mark_MI don't yet have SAMBA fully configured and the Sharing Folders application is less than complete16:37
Mark_MDo you think that it could be the Folder Sharing application Pici?16:37
PiciMark_M: I dont think it would do that.16:37
Mark_MShared Folders that is16:37
Mark_MI rebooted, restared X, and relogged in multiple times yesterday since setting those up16:38
Mark_MThis problem only stared late last night after installing Java, Banshee, Miro, libdvdcss2, and the w32 CODECs16:38
Assiderr which is that other channel.. where all the developers are conferencing currently?16:40
PiciAssid: #ubuntu-classroom16:40
Assidyou think they will listen to me if i tell them X refuses to shutdown16:40
PiciIn fact, I wouldnt join there unless you want to participate in Developers Week, thats not a general support channel.16:41
=== ubuntu_ is now known as heret1v
heret1vmy hd died. :-/16:44
=== heret1v is now known as heret1c
heret1cmy hd died. :-/16:46
Piciheret1c: okay?16:47
heret1cpici> no.16:47
Mark_MCompiz is running but I am afraid to logout and back in16:48
Assidyou know what16:52
Assidi think killing xgl was a ploy16:52
Assidto give the guys some breathing room to check all the compiz bug16:52
wobbook here is a compilation of screens of the compiz bug: http://www.documentjes.nl/uploads/compizbug.jpg16:54
Assiderr.. openoffice hyphenation package has messed up my apt16:54
Assidand now i cant really install other stuff16:54
Assidanyone know how to circumvent this16:59
heret1cassid> my hd died. lack of DMA (probably= killed it.:-/17:00
Assidgood chance its not dead17:01
Mark_M Does anyone know where Gnome looks for startup scripts when someone logs in besides .profile and .bashrc?17:01
Assidis it detectable in bios?17:01
Assidoh man17:01
Mark_MNautilus runs and terminates 8 consecutive processes everytime I login17:01
Assidjava doesnt work in firefox3 .. says its installed.. i dont see crap17:01
heret1cassid> don'y have the pwd for nios.17:01
Assidnios ?17:02
Assidheret1c: whose machine are you sitting on? or did you steal it from someone ?!!?17:02
heret1cit's a laptop with a broken display. I got it for fishing out the owner's doc%settings after windoze died.17:03
heret1ctried running qtparted - won't start.17:03
* heret1c is using the hardy alpha now, btw. ironic, eh?17:04
Assidhardy broke it ?!?17:04
Pici*gasp* an alpha broke something17:05
AssidPici: breaking software is one thing.. hardware!? quite another17:05
void^sounds unlikely17:05
heret1cpici> even alphas aren't supposed to zap metal.17:05
Assiderr didnt these guys think before removing firefox2 ?17:06
ubuntuxhi, i have random lockups in hardy17:06
ubuntuxhow can i troubleshoot them17:06
Assidhehe welcome to hardy17:06
ubuntuxi dont know whats causing it17:06
Mark_MI haven't checked but I thought both versions were on Hardy17:06
Assidi cant get jre to run on firefox 317:07
PiciAssid: Why?17:07
=== Martinp24 is now known as Martinp23
Assiddunno.. it says the java6-plugin is installed17:08
heret1cnothing in /mnt17:08
Assidbut i dont see it in about:plugins either17:08
Assidand i cant do anything with apt.. cause of the openoffice hyphenation package17:08
Assidso im stuck :(17:08
ubuntuxAssid, remove that openoffice package17:08
Assidtried didnt let me17:09
wobboAnyone recognizing this problem: http://www.documentjes.nl/uploads/compizbug.jpg i have had it since 7.04, and still 8.04 a4 has it. On 4 machines with Nvidia (agp and pci) 6*** and 78**17:09
ubuntuxAssid, use synaptic17:09
ubuntuxas root17:09
AssidE: /var/cache/apt/archives/openoffice.org-hyphenation-en-us_2.3-5_all.deb: trying to overwrite `/usr/share/myspell/dicts/hyph_en_US.dic', which is also in package openoffice.org-hyphenation17:10
Mark_Mapparently the Java plug-in installer puts it where it expects FF to be and not where it actually is17:10
Assidand if i try to remove it.. it says i cant17:10
AssidMark_M: FF2 was removed17:10
ubuntuxassid, go to broken packages in synaptic and right click that package and select remove17:11
Assidubuntux: doesnt show as installed shows as needs to be installed17:11
ubuntuxand if you right click there?17:11
=== hit is now known as hit`
Assidubuntux: mark for installation !?!17:12
Assidim comfortale with apt-get and that doesnt let me do squat either17:12
ubuntuxstrange, i did manage to remove it that way17:12
Mark_MDidn't know that Assid17:12
Assidthere.. thats what i had to do to get rid of it17:14
SecretLineAssid did you search it by internet?17:15
Assidsearch what SecretLine?17:15
SecretLinethere are some fix to it17:15
Assidi just removed it for now.. till the packages FIX themselves17:15
ubuntuxthats the way :)17:16
SecretLinei prefer fix it by other way, and when the packages are fixed17:16
SecretLineremove old ones17:16
Assidnah then you gotta keep track of your changes17:16
PiciI perfer it when the developers fix the packages, rather than when they fix themselves.17:16
SecretLineit will take time, so i fix it first, then i apply fixed packages from developers17:17
ubuntuxso how do i troubleshoot my lockup problem?17:17
void^ff3+java works, you have to fix the java+libxcb issue though17:18
Assidsay what?17:18
Assiddoesnt show up in about:plugins17:19
void^well, i ln'd the plugin into ff3's plugin directory.17:22
Assidand wheres that17:22
=== Mark_M is now known as Mark_M|Away
=== Mark_M|Away is now known as Mark_M
Mark_Mhad to go back now17:24
Mark_Mjava and ff17:24
Mark_Mthe java plugin installer expects to put the plugins in /usr/lib/firefox/plugins17:24
kdubhow do you downgrade back to firefox 2?17:25
Mark_Mbut firefox is really in /usr/lib/firfox-3.0b317:25
Assidyou dont17:25
Mark_MI believe that you have to move the plugins from /usr/lib/firefox/plugins to the equivalent directory under firefox-3.0b317:26
Mark_MI have'nt tried it yet but I am going to in a minute17:26
Mark_MI am using Chatzilla so I have to logoff17:26
PiciYou could always symlink them over if you want a quick fix17:26
Mark_Mbrb and let you know if it works17:26
Mark_Mthat works too17:26
Mark_Mactually it is a better solution for when firefox ends up in /usr/lib17:27
Mark_M /usr/lib/firefox that is17:27
Assidthey shuld fix it17:28
kdubany ideas on how to fix this then? http://imagebin.ca/view/vNsaPtH.html17:28
Assidmeanwhile im stuck without language-support-en  firefox-2  mozilla-firefox-locale-en-gb  openoffice.org-hyphenation-en-us   language-support-translations-en  language-support-writing-en17:29
PiciI'm not sure what you're expecting, this always happens.17:30
Assidi know17:30
Assidyou gotta remove all those packages17:30
Picikdub: Whats the issue?17:30
PiciAssid: I'm just going to wait until they're fixed.17:30
Assidyeah.. same here17:30
Mark_Mrestarting ff to see if the symlinks worked17:31
void^with regards to ff3, i only hope they fix up that address bar dropdown.. it's extremely sluggish17:31
kdubPici: the giant, weird text and icons17:31
Picikdub: Right click on the toobar, go to customize and check the status of the 'use small icons' checkbox, try toggling it17:32
kdubtheyre still really pixelated though17:33
AssidPici:  does your X stop fine when you want to logout/shutdown/restart17:34
PiciAssid: I dont remember.17:35
Mark_MWell the java test completed in FF3b3 but it did not display dancing Duke17:36
Mark_MI wasn't prompted to install the plugin so I am close17:36
Mark_MI'll have to search more for an answer17:36
Mark_MI thought I was on to something17:37
regelspamzilla's post17:37
regelthat did it for me17:37
Mark_Mflash seems to work though17:39
dfgasis hardy still alpha?17:42
Unksialpha 4 atm17:43
Mark_MThe Java plugin fix from the Ubuntu foums worked for me17:51
keonghi, can i ask ubuntu question here?17:52
Mark_Mask away17:52
keongi installed gusty at my laptop. however, my screen get in black color under startup screen. it revert to normal color after login. how to fix it?17:53
Assidim gonna wait for the packages17:55
Mark_MDo you mean that the screen goes black for a bit until everything loads after logging in?17:55
Mark_MIs the black sceen displayed before the login screen or background once the system comes up17:56
keongyes, the screen goes black at startup screen (enter username). but get into normal color after i login to system.17:57
Mark_MAh I had this during fast user switching yesterday17:58
Mark_MYou can hit <alt>-s and that will bring up your login screen17:58
Mark_Mor just type your user name and password17:58
Mark_Min the black screen17:58
Mark_MThere is a bug open on this issue and a workaround17:59
Mark_Mlet me see if I can find the work around17:59
keongthe screen act will goes to normal color after login. it just weird if everytime like this :P17:59
Mark_MYou want to open up /etc/gdm/gdm.conf-custom as root18:00
Mark_Msudo gedit /etc/gdm/gdm.conf-custom18:01
Mark_Mgo to the [daemon] section and type in18:01
Mark_Mthen enter a new line with18:01
Mark_Msave, close gedit, and hit <ctrl><alt><bksp> to restart Xserver18:02
Mark_Mthat should do it18:02
keongok i am done for this setting. will test this after this question :P18:02
Mark_Mif you want search in the Hardy Developer Forum for the AlwaysRestartServer=true string to read the discussion18:02
Mark_MI am too lazy to look it up for you18:03
keongthis regarding my sound. my sound will back to the loudest volume on everytime i reboot system.18:03
Mark_MThat fix made it go away with my nVidia card every time I logged out18:03
Mark_Mcheck your sound preferences18:03
Mark_Mset your mixer device to ALSA18:04
Mark_Mopen up the mixer and set the volume to the desired level18:04
Mark_Mlogout and back in to see if it sticks18:04
keongu mean the sound playback? or default mixer track?18:05
Mark_MDefault mixer18:05
Mark_MI;m less sure on this solution18:08
mrtimdogJust having a problem with compiz and autohidden panels in gnome. They're difficult to unhide!18:09
keonghello mark. soli to tell u tat the problem still there18:13
Mark_Mthe sound or black screen problem18:13
Mark_MI wasn't so sure on the sound problem, but I had the exact same problem with the black screen18:15
Mark_Mthe fix I told you solved it18:16
Mark_Mgo into System>Administration>Login Window18:16
Mark_MChange your login screen and see if that helps...just a guess though18:16
Mark_Mit doesn't hurt anything18:16
Mark_MI would remove those two lines from your gdm.conf-custom file too18:17
Mark_Msince they didn't do anything18:17
keongokie. i shall give a try. thank u so much for the help :P18:17
keongappreciate it :P18:17
Mark_Mno problem, I hope it helps18:17
keongi am trying to setup ubuntu at my new laptop acer 4520. seem to be quite a lot trouble :P18:17
Mark_Msame here18:18
keongu use same model oso?18:18
Assidwhy cant the usplash use the same resolution as X does?18:21
Assid1024x768 looks horrible for high res. monitors18:21
Assidbut then if you move a higher version on a lower res.. that looks sucky18:22
Assidit should be configurable!18:22
* Assid thinks its usplash (whatever the loader is)18:22
Mark_MMy usplash is 1280x102418:22
Assidwhich us usplash again?18:23
Mark_MI recall tweaking a config file yesterday that bumped it up.  There were only two parameters in there for X and Y resolution18:23
Mark_MI think there is a Gnome applet to change the usplash and various parameters.  Search the repository or the Gnome web site.18:24
Mark_MI had it on Gutsy but not on this Hardy installation.  I'll probably put it back on just to muck with the usplash18:24
Mark_MDoes anyone know what scripts are executed after login besides .profile and .bashrc?18:25
Mark_MI need to find out why Nautilus is being executed 8 times when I login.  Sorry for asking this again.18:26
Assidwhere mate ?18:27
Mark_MWhere what Assid?18:27
Mark_MI just got hit with 65 new updates while adding some codecs for Banshee18:42
Mark_MWas this due to a new repository being added or did Ubuntu push out a slew of updates?18:42
jmiShould I be reporting bugs like "libnet-upnp-perl has no installation candidate" yet or is it still too early in the release cycle?18:45
fidelioHi everybody.  Any expert on Synce?18:45
Assidjmi: wait 2 days18:46
jmiAssid: Cheers18:46
Assidbut thwen i could be wrong.. normally id wait 24 hours18:47
Assiderr.. is this site going decently fast for you guys?18:48
Mark_MHey Assid have you been it with an upgrade yet?  I just was prompted to update 65 packages while adding some codecs for Banshee.18:48
AssidMark_M: my apt was broken till this evening18:48
Mark_MAlthough my sources.list has not changed since about 1.5 hours ago, I am suspect that they may be from the ugly repository18:49
Assidi finally reinstalled the applications which was causing synaptic to partial update18:49
fidelioNew to Linux....Started 48h ago with ubuntu 6.0.. how do yiu get your phone/device recognized on USB port?18:49
Assidfidelio: and your on hardy1?!?!18:49
Assidhrmm phone.. thats something i havent figured out yet18:49
Assidwe need better phone suport18:49
TrXukwhoops :P18:50
Picifidelio: Is there a reason you are using Hardy? Its not meant for new users18:50
AssidMark_M: oh man 106 updates here :(18:50
Raspberryand my sound still doesn't work :p18:50
Mark_Mah they did push out an update18:50
Assid10 mins more of my life gone waste18:50
jmiAssid: Site seems fast enough to me, if a little light on content18:50
Assidjmi: cool thanks18:50
fideliowhat is meant for new user then?18:50
Mark_Mmust be alpha 5 or beta 118:50
Assidyeah still under development18:50
Mark_Mmaybe the Nautilus fix will be in18:50
Raspberryfidelio: Ubuntu Gutsy 7.1018:50
fidelio6.0, 7.0, 8.0 don't cross talk?18:51
fideliodifferent OS?18:51
* Assid changed the way he codes18:51
Raspberryfidelio: they do ... but they don't share the same software versions18:51
Mark_MAssid to you use Banshee?18:51
Picifidelio: 8.04 is is in alpha status right now, its not ready for end-user use.18:52
Mark_MHell it isn't read for us to use it18:52
AssidMark_M: nope18:52
Picifidelio: I suggest you install 7.10 if you want the latest version.18:52
Raspberrynope, it's not... my sound still doesn't work :P18:52
RaspberryI might reinstall :)  Just because sound WAS working in Alpha4 :P18:52
Mark_MI love being on the bleeding edge18:52
Assidwho doesnt!18:52
Assidfor a desktop .. bleeding edge rocks18:53
Assidfor servers.. well.. not really18:53
Mark_Mjust curious because Banshee doesn't see to owrk for me18:53
fidelioThanks Pici...what's wrong with 6.0? and how do I upgrade to 7.0 without loosing my stuff?18:53
AssidMark_M: dont listen to much music.. rhythmbox otherwise18:53
Picifidelio: What version are you running now?18:53
Assidi should load it up18:53
Raspberryfidelio: you've only been on Linux for 2 days -- how much "stuff" do you have?18:53
Mark_MRythmbox works18:53
Mark_Mtime to update18:53
fideliodidn't sleep in 48h18:53
Assidyeah i got mine updating as we speak18:53
Mark_Mfunny that the updates hit as I was adding codecs to Banshee18:54
* Raspberry is updating here too18:54
fideliopici 6.018:54
Assidyou guys are eating my bandwith!18:54
Picifidelio: Then you'd have to upgrade to 6.10 then 7.04 then 7.10.18:54
Raspberryfidelio: from the command line do a update-manager -d18:54
Pici!upgrade | fidelio18:54
ubotufidelio: For upgrading, see the instructions at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UpgradeNotes18:54
Raspberryyeah, read that ^^^18:54
Picifidelio: Regular support is in #ubuntu not #ubuntu+118:55
Assidany of you guys do j2me development?18:55
fideliook Pici...18:55
Mark_Mhope my nautilus startup problem goes away18:55
Assidif you really want to find bugs. give me 20 mins with a box. i;ll crash it in atleast 5 different ways18:56
RaspberryI'm having interesting Video latency issues :)18:56
mEck0Hi! when I close my laptop lid or something like that which sends acpi events, X crashes and I can18:56
AssidRaspberry: put off your monitor.. problem solved18:56
Mark_MBloody Banshee18:56
mEck0opps, dont finished, ... and I can't do anything18:56
Raspberryonce a screen saver kicks on ... or I run the machine for an hour ... moving windows and scrolling in firefox gets really choppy... and I have Visual Effects set to NONE18:56
Assidanyone here tried to work a trendnet TEW-424UB ?18:57
Mark_MMaybe the new ubuntu-docs will say 8.04 now18:57
Raspberryaren't they supposed to be in a feature freeze this week?18:57
Raspberrystarting this week18:57
Mark_MThat's why they pushed out these changes to give us time to bang on them18:58
Raspberryyeah but they gotta start fixing things :P  not breaking Other things ;)18:58
Assidgood luck18:58
Assidim still waitin for my X to shut down without me requiring to CTRL ALT backspace18:58
RaspberryI know that's why I moved up to 8.04 ... because they flagged MESA library issues as WONT FIX in 7.1018:58
PiciLots of KDE updates... I don't even use KDE....18:58
Mark_Mhence the reason for the content freeze18:59
Assidanytone else have this issue18:59
RaspberryAssid: maybe you have a stuck app18:59
Mark_MI moved for the new sound system and hope that they would fix the quickcam drivers18:59
PiciAssid: I actually couldn't use ctrl-alt-backspace to restart X, it would just hang.18:59
Mark_Mstill applying changes18:59
Mark_Mabout half done18:59
Raspberry75% done with applying pdates here19:00
Mark_Mnew kernel means I have to rebuild it with my tweaked drivers19:00
RaspberryI didn't see a new kernel19:00
Raspberry-8 isn't it?19:00
Raspberrythat's been out for at least 24hrs already19:00
Mark_Mlooks like new nvidia drivers too19:01
Raspberry-8 is what broke my audio drivers :)19:01
Mark_Mfix for the GLX_EXT issue?19:01
Raspberryupdate is done19:02
Raspberry77 packages .. and it's not recommending a reboot19:02
Mark_MI will have to at least restart X19:02
RaspberryI think I'll use some of my windows instincts and reboot anyway19:03
Assidthere are nvidia updates?19:03
RaspberryI have an intel card19:03
Mark_Mactually reboot with new nvidia drivers19:03
Mark_Myeah nvidia-new19:03
RaspberryI'll have to reboot and then build the new alsa modules19:03
Mark_Msee ya19:03
Raspberryi k now you can't wait until I'm back :p19:03
Mark_MHOpefully you will be back soon19:04
Mark_MLast time this happened I had to rebuild19:04
Mark_Mbut then again I had a USB device fail in the middle of the upgrade19:04
Assidmines applying the new updates now19:04
Mark_MI'm still unpacking debs19:05
Assid50% done19:05
Assid106 packages19:05
Mark_Mbetter start shutting down some apps upgrade slowing19:06
Raspberrynope sound is still broken :P19:07
tdoggetteI'm running Hardy x64 of the repository, and I've got no java applet support. What's the best way to get this working?19:15
kbrooksare there any new features in 8.0419:38
mnemonic_Some more here: https://blueprints.launchpad.net/ubuntu/hardy19:40
mnemonic_I can't partition my system using the Ubuntu installer (or no parted based system for that matter) because parted only says 'Error: Can't have overlapping partitions.'. fdisk works fine, fdisk -l output here: http://nopaste.php-quake.net/1726919:43
mnemonic_My hardy installation doesn't boot without acpi=off, while my gutsy did just fine without it - there is a bug filed about it, however with acpi=off my network card isn't recognized. Any hints?19:47
Assidi wish they will fix the crazy lcd issues19:51
Assidmy brightness goes up and down like a yoyo19:51
Lumoojais there a specific forum where i search for reported bugs, so i dont' report them twice?19:59
ubotuIf you find a bug in Ubuntu or any of its derivatives, please file a bug report at: http://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu  -  Bugs in/wishes for the bots can be filed at http://launchpad.net/ubuntu-bots19:59
Lumoojak thanks20:00
swpalmerSome recent update has broken printing for me (both to my printer and PDF files) .. jobs just end up in "Stopped" state and I don't know why.  Where should I look for clues?20:01
PiciIs there anything in /var/log/cups/ ?20:02
swpalmerAh, yes.. error_log states "Job stopped due to filter errors."20:03
swpalmer"PID 7150 (/usr/lib/cups/filter/pstops) stopped with status 1!"20:03
Assidi got a pdf file which i created by printing to cups/pdf20:03
Assidand now a person on windows cant see that pdf20:04
swpalmer"PID 7148 (/usr/lib/cups/filter/pdftops) stopped with status 1!"20:04
Assidanyone know whats up why they cant see it?20:04
jmiAssid: Can you read the PDF (i.e. do you know it printed properly)?20:16
Assidjmi: on my machine.. which made the pdf yes20:16
Assidi was gonna try it on my laptop.. but the desktop is off now20:17
jmiHmmn. Don't have any Windows boxes handy, but I'm using a Mac just now. I can take a look if you want?20:18
Assiddont have the file atm.. its on my desktop20:19
jmiAhh, OK20:19
PulsatingQuasarwhat happend to compiz?20:23
Assidwhat abt it ?20:24
Assidjmi between the mac and linux box. which one do you personally prefer?20:24
PulsatingQuasaris there an intermediary solution to get it going again?20:26
jmiAssid: Umm, neither. Both are UNIX-y, so I'm happy with either.20:29
jmiGot 2 desktops (the G4 I'm using just now) and a Shuttle running 8.04a that I'm trying to get Myth running on20:30
Razor21hi, i've got a slight problem with Hardy and power management (perhaps related to anacron)20:30
Razor21even if the AC is connected, the kernel thinks the battery is discharging20:31
Razor21anybody with the same problem, or does it comes from my laptop?20:31
PiciRazor21: I havent had that problem on my ThinkPad.20:31
Razor21I keep getting this in my syslog :20:33
Raspberryso I fixed my sound problem20:37
Raspberrywhatever the hardy alsa updates were totally thrashed my sound card20:38
Raspberryit wouldn't play sound AT AL20:38
RaspberryAt aLL...  reboots wouldn't fix it -- nothing ....  So I booted off the alpha4 live CD that I knew had worked...20:38
Raspberryit didn't work anymore either20:38
MagicFabUsing Hardy a4, can't find "Connet to server..." in nautilus. Where has it gone ?20:38
nemoMagicFab: hardy is ditching gnomevfs20:39
nemothank god20:39
Raspberryso I tested the audio cable... it worked with my stereo... I tested the speakers -- they worked... so I booted into windows just to see if the hardware had failed...20:39
Raspberrythe sound worked in windows...  I booted back into Linux and sound worked again20:39
RaspberryI've NEVER seen that behavior before20:39
nemoMagicFab: well, more like *gnome* is ditching gnomevfs ;)20:39
RaspberryI've probably build alsa modules and rebooted about 15-20 times in the last 12 hours20:40
* nemo shrugs20:41
nemoglad you got it working.20:41
nemoRaspberry: did you file a bug with your HW combo?20:41
MagicFabnemo, tx. Now I remember seing that fly by me.  Too bad that GUI is gone too20:41
RaspberryI have to look through the existing 1400 bugs and see if it already exists20:41
nemoMagicFab: well, it never worked right, so I'm not sorry20:43
nemothere does need to be a good gui though20:43
MagicFabnemo, ssh:// works just fine for me - and yes, it's much better :)20:44
nemoMagicFab: Samba over gnomevfs was the worst of the bunch IMO20:44
nemossh was usable.20:44
nemoMagicFab: http://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=50960021:02
ubotuGnome bug 509600 in general "Need network: backend implementation" [Major,New]21:02
nemoMagicFab: that one mildly annoys me21:02
AssidE: /var/cache/apt/archives/python-apt_0.7.4ubuntu5_i386.deb: subprocess pre-installation script returned error exit status 121:04
Assid 21:04
nemohm. I wish linking to remote dirs was more convenient too21:06
nemoAssid: that isn't going to be useful without the info before :)21:06
nanonymewhat's up with Hardy?21:06
wobbothe compiz bug i refered to earlyer (http://www.documentjes.nl/uploads/compizbug.jpg) has to do with the human theme, all other themes don't have this problem.21:08
nemohm. I created a link on desktop to ssh://server/home/nemo21:09
nemowhen I doubleclick on it, it 1) creates a mount of of sftp://server/  (the root dir, not /home/nemo)21:10
nemo2) crashes when I close the nautilus window that pops up to /home/nemo21:10
Assidit aint updated nemo21:10
nemo... kills nautilus I mean21:10
Assidpackages being updated apparently21:10
Assidnanonyme: explain?21:10
nemoAssid: yeeeeeah. and why it hasn't updated would be related to some prior error probably :-p21:11
nemowhich one would need the full log for21:11
nanonymeAssid, i was just asking: are there any issues with it21:11
nanonymeknown issues21:11
Assidnemo: didnt know apt logs :|21:11
scizzo-don't think that ssh://server/home/nemo/ is the right syntax really. You should try to use ssh://username@server:/home/nemo/21:11
Assidnanonyme: new updates rolled out..so i guess give it a day or 221:12
scizzo-or something like that21:12
nanonymeAssid, yeah, i was mostly asking about the current status :)21:12
Assidhere you go21:14
Assidnemo: check that url21:14
nemolooks like I just ran into this error, myself...21:16
ubotuLaunchpad bug 187200 in gvfs "gvfsd-sftp crashed with SIGSEGV in g_data_input_stream_read_line()" [Medium,Triaged]21:16
ubotuLaunchpad bug 85860 in python-central "Update crash in packages python2.5" [Low,Invalid]21:17
[Gutsy]TuTUXGthe new update-manager update give me error:  /var/cache/apt/archives/python-apt_0.7.4ubuntu5_i386.deb: subprocess pre-installation script returned error exit status 121:17
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nemooh. Assid disappeared21:17
[Gutsy]TuTUXGwhy it's invalid?21:19
nemothat bug?21:22
nemoyeah, was tagged invalid for another reason21:23
nemoseemed like a similar bug though21:23
[Gutsy]TuTUXGnemo, i couldn't updgrade anything do to that error21:23
nemooh. um. you're Assid?21:24
[Gutsy]TuTUXGonce pycentral broke, update-manager breaks21:24
[Gutsy]TuTUXGAssid is a name?21:25
Assidokay .. seriously.. the loads on my lappy stays too high even just for compiz21:27
Assidand if i access the appearance preferances, cpu goes nuts21:27
=== crimsun_ changed the topic of #ubuntu+1 to: Yes, python-central is broken. | Welcome to #ubuntu+1 "Home of the Hardy Heron" | dapper/edgy/feisty/gutsy in #ubuntu | If you are here to ask questions such as "what repositories do i use?", "is hardy going to break for me?", update without checking what is to be updated, or do not know how to resolve dependencies with apt, DO NOT RUN HARDY | Help test LTS upgrade: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LTSUpgradesHowto
nemoAssid: ah. you're back21:29
[Gutsy]TuTUXGAssid, u sure there is nothing else cause that?21:29
nemoAssid: someone here with same prob I think21:29
[Gutsy]TuTUXGi do21:29
nemocrimsun_: heh. python-central ?21:29
Assid[Gutsy]TuTUXG: the appearance preferances has  eaten full cpu since a longggg time21:29
Assidmaybe 3 weeks21:30
Assidor more21:30
Assid5611 root      20   0  160m  67m 8640 S  7.7  8.9   1:55.57 Xorg21:30
crimsun_nemo: yes, the latest merge is broken.  As a result, everything using the new Python policy that relies on it is broken.21:30
nemocrimsun_: is that what these people are running into ?21:30
Assidnemo: yeah21:30
crimsun_nemo: with bzr, update-manager, etc.?  Yes.21:30
Assidtoo much cpu usage :(21:31
nemocrimsun_: well, Assid linked to a log with "ValueError: error parsing Python-Version attribute21:31
[Gutsy]TuTUXGand wine is broken too?21:35
[Gutsy]TuTUXGthis is great21:35
nemo[Gutsy]TuTUXG: oh. you got that segfault too?21:36
nemogood thing I don't actually use wine21:37
Assidi do actually21:37
Assidwine has been broken for a while now21:37
Assid3-4 days the very least21:37
[Gutsy]TuTUXGnemo, yes21:37
[Gutsy]TuTUXGnemo, wondering if i install the gutsy verion from winehq would work21:38
[Gutsy]TuTUXGi just wanna test a new game to see if it works with wine21:39
nemohaven't found anything worth using Wine for yet..21:39
mEck0I got an error while trying to update a package from Update Manager. The package is openoffice.org-hyphenation-en-us, and the error message is: "E: /var/cache/apt/archives/openoffice.org-hyphenation-en-us_2.3-5_all.deb: trying to overwrite `/usr/share/myspell/dicts/hyph_en_US.dic', which is also in package openoffice.org-hyphenation"21:40
nemoI'm happy enough with linux games21:40
nemoAssid: what else do you use wine for? :)21:40
[Gutsy]TuTUXGmEck0, download that package manually and use dpkg -i force to install it21:41
nemodreamweaver is a PIA21:41
[Gutsy]TuTUXGi use wine for games only21:41
nemobut I suppose if I had to do flash I'd want the official gui21:41
nemothankfully I don't21:41
[Gutsy]TuTUXGlike warhammer21:41
nemoAssid: Pain in the Ass - generates crap HTML and has an overblown gui to boot21:41
[Gutsy]TuTUXGuse vbox for other stuff p)21:41
Assidnah.. its nice21:42
nemoAssid: my web designer coworker uses it as a glorified text editor which is about all it is good for21:42
nemoand he still had to muck about with it to keep it from turning XHTML page attributes into camelcase21:42
nemoAssid: a good text editor with syntax highlighting and maybe maybe autocomplete is quite superior to dreamweaver21:43
nemoI prefer gvim - but some people like using Eclipse web tools21:43
[Gutsy]TuTUXGhow do i solve :dpkg: status database area is locked by another process ?21:43
Assidi need my gui editing21:43
nemoAssid: oh god. that's the worst part of dreamweaver :(21:43
nemoAssid: oh well, nvu and eclipse both have gui editing21:44
nemoand do about as good a job as dreamweaver. that is, not well21:44
Assiddepends on the person21:44
nemo[Gutsy]TuTUXG: kill the other process? :)21:44
mEck0[Gutsy]TuTUXG, is the "hyphen 2.3.orig.tar.gz" from http://packages.ubuntu.com/hardy/text/openoffice.org-hyphenation-en-us the one I need?21:44
nemoAssid: person doesn't help if the tool generates tag soup21:44
Assidi tried nvu.. has alot of things mssing21:44
Assidas for the bloated tags? which ones?21:45
nemoAssid: I didn't try it 'cause best HTML tool is a text editor :)21:45
Assidi dont see no bloated stuff21:45
nemoAssid: bloated tags? I didn't say bloated21:45
[Gutsy]TuTUXGmEck0, not that, the deb from launchpad21:45
nemowhere'd you get word bloated from?21:45
nemoAssid: generates *crap* layout21:45
nemoAssid: bad semantics, div/table happy, the camelcase attribute thing in XHTML was annoying - what was also annoying was there was no provision for switching between the two in dreamweaver21:46
nemoAssid: you get better results working below surface, and anyway most stuff these days is a template - you only write it once21:46
Assidi dont like templating engines21:46
Assidtoo much overheads21:46
Assidbut i do something similar to it tho21:46
Assidnaywyas. brb21:47
mEck0[Gutsy]TuTUXG, do you mean the whole openoffice package? because I can't find a package for just the broken package I need on Launchpad21:47
[Gutsy]TuTUXGmEck0, ok give me a second i find the link for u21:48
Mark_Mbroken computer21:49
[Gutsy]TuTUXGit's under your /var/cache/apt/archives/ mEck0,21:50
mEck0[Gutsy]TuTUXG, ok. should I just run sudo dpkg -i force install "packagename" from there?21:51
Solarionmmm.  borked packages21:51
[Gutsy]TuTUXGopenoffice.org-hyphenation-en-us_2.3-5_all.deb mEck021:51
[Gutsy]TuTUXGya, u can do that21:51
mEck0yeah ok, that was what I was thinking of, thx, will try it now21:51
Mark_MI don't have any desktop icons or no menu when I right click.  Is there some program that should be running that provides these features?21:52
Mark_MWhen I was hit with 65 updates today, update-manager didn't fuss over the hypyenatiion package21:52
Mark_MWill "sudo rm -rf *" fix everything?21:54
mEck0[Gutsy]TuTUXG, http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/56553/21:54
Mark_MOr is 'mv life >/dev/null' better?21:54
Mark_Mtake out the > and replace it with a space21:55
Mark_MThis package has been broken for a while, it is a known problem21:55
[Gutsy]TuTUXGmEck0, http://ubuntuforums.org/showpost.php?p=4339831&postcount=421:56
mEck0[Gutsy]TuTUXG, thx will try21:56
Mark_MWhat happens when you go to Places>Desktop?21:57
[Gutsy]TuTUXGMark_M, it opens a nautilus window of you ~/Desktop folder21:58
mEck0[Gutsy]TuTUXG, it seems that its working now. I'm just waiting for some new packages to download. Thx a lot!22:01
mEck0Anyway, does anyone know why they decided to not include openoffice-database with hardy? or is it just temporarily because they are working on it?22:03
Andre_Gondim[Gutsy]TuTUXG, http://en.andregondim.eti.br/?p=1122:06
Andre_GondimmEck0, http://en.andregondim.eti.br/?p=11 this can solve your problem22:06
mEck0Andre_Gondim, I think its fixed now (will se when the other packages and downloaded..), but thx anyway!22:07
Andre_GondimmEck0, :D22:08
LimCorewhy ubuntu sucks?22:13
LimCoreabout security?22:13
* LimCore just r00ted his box22:13
LimCoreshouldnt the new kernel fix user to root vmsplice exploit?22:13
crimsun_which new kernel?  The one that was just uploaded (2.6.24-9.15)?22:15
* danielm updating22:16
crimsun_heh, it hasn't even built yet, so unless you plan on {p,s}building it yourself...22:19
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Tuv0kupdates are borked22:21
Tuv0knever seen anything like it22:25
crimsun_see the topic.22:25
crimsun_hint, it's bug 192992.22:25
ubotuLaunchpad bug 192992 in python-central "[hardy] pycentral crashed with ValueError in parse_versions()" [Medium,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/19299222:25
crimsun_here, I'll make it painfully clear.22:26
=== crimsun_ changed the topic of #ubuntu+1 to: Yes, python-central is broken (bug #192992). | Welcome to #ubuntu+1 "Home of the Hardy Heron" | dapper/edgy/feisty/gutsy in #ubuntu | If you are here to ask questions such as "what repositories do i use?", "is hardy going to break for me?", update without checking what is to be updated, or do not know how to resolve dependencies with apt, DO NOT RUN HARDY | Help test LTS upgrade: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LTSUpgradesHowto
RyanPriorAny clue when is gvfs getting support for networking?22:37
crimsun_python-apt is unconditionally specifying that it needs a byte-compile for Python 2.422:37
RyanPriorIs that why Python is crashing all the time with these new updates?22:38
crimsun_see topic.22:38
crimsun_I'm looking into it while I'm waiting for the train22:38
crimsun_which, well, of course will fail because neither python2.4-minimal nor python2.4 are seeded by default in Hardy.22:43
[Gutsy]TuTUXGcrimsun_, any workaround?22:43
crimsun_for python-apt, yes.22:44
crimsun_install python2.4, which will pull in python2.4-minimal as well and allow python-apt to install22:44
[Gutsy]TuTUXGi have both python2.4 and python2.4-minmal installed already22:46
heret1cstill online?!22:57
heret1cye gods and little fishes22:58
crimsun_[Gutsy]TuTUXG: it doesn't resolve update-manager*, as implied above.23:09
crimsun_[Gutsy]TuTUXG: it only affects python-apt23:10
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rskhey i think my locales broke23:35
rski can't write swedish charcters anymore, only in firefox.23:35
=== hit is now known as hit`
rsklocale: Cannot set LC_CTYPE to default locale: No such file or directory23:37
rsklocale: Cannot set LC_MESSAGES to default locale: No such file or directory23:37
rsklocale: Cannot set LC_ALL to default locale: No such file or directory23:37
rskhow do i reconfigure my locales?23:37
rskor fix them somehow23:37
sn0rsk try sudo dpkg-reconfigure locales23:38
sn0anyone else using today's daily? it has been sitting at 82% "scanning the mirror" for a while now23:39
rskok that fixed it.23:42
sn0there we go, disconnected cable and plugged it back in, working now23:44
Dr_willishit it with a hammer23:47

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