Kanohi, did you see the new security update for ntfs-3g?00:09
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Kanoi updated it for kanotix already...00:47
superm1Kano, please file a bug and mark it as a security vulnerability01:10
Kanohow about you01:11
* TheMuso shakse his head.01:15
zulwelcome back Hobbsee01:42
Hobbseety, but i'm still on VAC01:43
superm1Hobbsee, where to?01:45
Hobbseesuperm1: adelaide01:47
* Hobbsee has finally renewed ubuntu membership01:47
lamontslangase`: heh02:38
lamontyour k got eaten.02:38
lamontwondering about your thoughts on making the 64-bit implicit-ptr conversions fatal for hardy..02:38
lamontlifeless: that's what I does. yep.02:41
lifelesslamont: better to make it fatal in debian ;)02:42
lamontlifeless: it is02:42
lifelesslamont: ah, then you have my vote02:42
lifelesslamont for prez!02:42
ScottKDear lamont: You're postfix package doesn't automatically bathe the baby and feed me candy.  Plz fix.  kthnksbye.03:16
ScottKSorry.  Tiring of reading postfix-users and "I installed postfix on Ubuntu and used some random 3rd party web site cargo cult script to configure it how come it doesn't work?" posts03:17
* StevenK still has to figure out how to do SMTP AUTH with postfix.03:24
koolkatHow do I become a Documentation Member?03:24
nixternalkoolkat: you were int he right channel, but left before I could say anything :)03:25
koolkatwhat chanel was that?03:25
koolkatnixternal: so how do I become a member?03:26
nixternalgo to #ubuntu-doc and we can talk about it there03:26
ScottKStevenK: Give me a root login to your server and I'll be glad to set it up for you. ;-)03:34
nixternalcareful now, ScottK stole my credit card and social security number with that trick :p03:35
StevenKScottK: Like I even trust myself with root access. :-P03:40
ScottKStevenK: I trust me more than I trust you.  Why shouldn't you too?03:41
* StevenK blinks, trying to dereference03:41
StevenKScottK: My main problem is "Postfix SMTP AUTH (and TLS) HOWTO" is all Postfix 1.x03:43
superm1nixternal, those are replaceable, at least he didn't take your gpg key like he took mine with that trick03:44
ScottKStevenK: IIRC Ubuntu postfix docs are sensible.  I'll find you a link if you're interested.03:44
StevenKScottK: Sounds great03:44
ScottKStevenK: Which release?03:45
StevenKScottK: Dapper03:49
ScottKStevenK: https://help.ubuntu.com/7.10/server/C/postfix.html#postfix-smtp-authentication isn't exactly how I do it (I use sasldb and auxprop), but I believe this will work for Dapper - Gutsy.  For Hardy I'd recommend Dovecot.03:49
TheMusoWhat package in hardy provides the gpg agent facilities?03:49
ScottKTheMuso: There are several.03:50
TheMusoWhats used by default then.03:50
TheMusoah seahorse03:50
StevenKScottK: Yes, since I use dovecot for IMAP/POP3, I was pondering waiting for Hardy03:51
lifelessI used gnome-gpg03:51
lifelessI likes it.03:51
ScottKTheMuso: gnupg-agent will be used by Default actually.  I think it's the only one in Main.03:52
TheMusoWell I need to investigate why 1) seahorse gpg sign passphrase windows don't get proper focus, and 2) why they are completely inaccessible.03:52
ScottKTheMuso: For gnupg-agent the U/I is provided by pinentry.  I don't know if that relates at all to Seahorse.03:53
StevenKHrm. I have SMTP AUTH half setup03:53
StevenKI think03:53
ScottKStevenK: If you've got a recent enough Dovecot for SMTP Auth (I'm not at all familiar with that), I do know the Postfix in dapper-backports will support it.03:54
StevenKScottK: I don't think so, I think it requires a newer dovecot. Besides, I don't like running backports.03:55
ScottKStevenK: Sure.  If it helps any on this one, lamont runs a backported Postfix on his Dapper boxen and he did the backport.03:56
StevenKHrm. I think I have all of the bits, it just doesn't work ...03:57
* StevenK is unsure03:57
ScottKStevenK: If you want to get it sorted I'll be glad to help.  Here or on #ubuntu-server (where help is in fact on topic).03:57
StevenKScottK: I think I need to sort out two things -- 1) Does my SASL setup work, and 2) Does Postfix then work, since it looks to be configured correctly03:59
ScottKWhat do the logs say?04:00
* StevenK tries to remember how to speak SMTP AUTH04:02
ScottKIf you're doing it by hand you'll have to speak TLS too if you're set up correctly.04:04
StevenKI just turned off TLS so I don't have to speak that bit.04:05
StevenKAck. Can't remember enough about how to speak it.04:08
* ScottK neither. I usually just use an MUA and read logs to figure out what I forgot (for me it's usually forgot to copy the update sasldb into the chroot - won't be your problem if you're using the documented approach)04:09
ScottKIf someone's got a minute, I'd appreciate a look at http://launchpadlibrarian.net/12048829/buildlog_ubuntu-hardy-i386.kdebase_4%3A3.5.9-0ubuntu1_FAILEDTOBUILD.txt.gz - it's claiming dependencies that I'm pretty sure should be available weren't.04:11
nixternalScottK: I think there is a repo issue04:14
ScottKnixternal: Do you know if someone is working on it?04:15
nixternaldon't know...myself and superm1 are having the same exact problem04:15
nixternalbecause graphviz is fine, I just installed it here04:15
* ScottK too.04:15
superm1it was reported in #launchpad yesterday by Fujitsu04:15
superm1and cprov said that its probably further in the mirroring mechanics04:16
nixternalya, if I do 'sudo apt-get update' it flies through, and I know there are a couple of updates available04:16
ScottKnixternal: lifeless figured it out.  libgraphiz4 is in Universe.04:18
ScottKOr however you spell it.04:18
StevenKAnd there's the smoking gun.04:18
nixternalyou were close, forgot the v :)04:18
nixternalScottK: but why would it be a problem now, and never was a problem before?04:19
nixternalis the universe repos bunked up or something?04:19
StevenKnixternal: Because kdebase is in main ...04:20
* StevenK goes to take something for his headache04:20
ScottKnixternal: My guess is a soname jump when graphviz 2.16 was uploaded on 2/7 and the new lib version got left in Universe by mistake.04:20
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ScottKMaybe slangase` is still present and up for a little archive admin work so we can build it.04:21
blistovhey, why is the ubuntu livecd automatically killing all my mbrs from every disk it finds, on boot?05:24
blistovI put in the cd, booted off it, the framebuffer never loaded correctly, waited 5 minutes till i was sure nothing was going on, tried again in safe mode (i assumed that wouldn't use a splash, no change, took the cd out, rebooted, and of my the mbr's from both raids, and my one single drive, were all wiped out.05:26
blistovi booted off a backup usb drive, put grub back in the mbr to all disks, reboot, everything works again. boot the ubuntu cd, and once again, the mbr's all die.05:26
blistovany ideas on this? is ubuntu cleverly installing something to the mbr of every disk it see's?05:27
TheMusoblistov: Which live CD?05:31
TheMusoblistov: Is it a hardy daily image?05:31
blistovI hate to bitch, especially to the devs, and more especially, when i'm not even part of the ubuntu community, but it seems like every time I try a ubuntu livecd, it results in something being deleted, formatted, repartitioned, or broken in general, without input from me, and i can't very well stop it because the live disks always use fbsplash, which i've never seen work on any recent hardware.05:33
blistovI can't imagine my experience is the majority, as there is a huge userbase.05:34
blistovI keep thinking of moving away from Gentoo because of the idiot politics with communtication between userland and dev, but I run into major limitations in every other direction (ie, the live disk wipes out my mbr's without my knowledge.)05:35
blistovAm I running an unstable/untested version of the livecd?05:35
StevenKblistov: That filename indicates that it's the released version. I've never seen a Live CD touch the MBR of another disk like that, either.05:37
blistovOk. Well... It did, and does.  I'm not sure why.  I don't know if anyone is interested in the Ubuntu community.05:39
blistovIs there any known weirdness with geforce 8800 cards and fb/gensplash?05:39
mjg59We don't use fbsplash or gensplash05:39
blistovWhat's used?05:39
mjg59But there is an issue with x86emu and recent nvidia BIOSes05:40
mjg59I need to find some time to work on that05:40
blistovBut no one's ever heard of the livecd arbitrarily wiping out mbrs?05:40
mjg59If it's reproducable, it's certainly concerning05:40
mjg59But there's no code that touches the hard drives until you hit the installer, and that's not autostarted05:41
mjg59So there's no obvious reason for it to be happening05:41
mjg59Which makes it weird and awkward to diagnose05:41
blistovk. well its possible (not plausible though) that i accidentally and quite blindly started the install...05:41
blistovany idea why the video never comes up?05:42
mjg59Yeah, that's also weird05:42
mjg59The lack of splash is easy enough to explain, but X ought to start eventually05:42
blistovI left it for 5 minutes exactly.05:42
mjg59I'm relatively sure that you can encourage the livecd to start without a splash05:42
mjg59One of the F keys should give you a dialog that lets you edit the boot options - delete quiet and splash from there05:42
blistovIs there any chance on a  6.8Ghz machine with 2GB of 1Ghz ram, would take longer than 5 mintues to start x?05:43
blistovmjg59: i did that.05:43
mjg59And no text output at all?05:43
mjg59You should at least get the kernel startup output05:43
blistovno, i got a console, but it almost immediately failed to mount vfs05:43
mjg59Something is very horribly wrong.05:43
blistovtook about 5 seconds till it paniced05:44
mjg59Are you able to scroll the output with shift+pgup?05:44
blistovbuuuut, when i leave the splash on, it runs and does stuff for about a full minute before the hd's stop and cpu stops doing anything (external cpu monitor)05:44
blistovnot able to scroll.05:44
blistovsaid something about hd8,0 vfs05:44
mjg59Sigh. Sometimes the kernel is mean.05:45
blistovHrm.  Any suggestions?  I'm getting fed up with the Gentoo devs, so I do need to start looking at an alternative.  In the past, I've been turned off by Ubuntu simply because it wasn't as easily scalable in the long term, but I've heard that's changed.05:46
mjg59Nope, no suggestions05:46
mjg59(Sorry, it's past midnight here - I'm not necessarily as sharp as I could be05:46
TheMusoblistov: Have you tried an alternate CD?05:46
mjg59In fact, I really need to hit bed now05:47
blistovheh, i'll give the alt a try.05:51
blistovany chance some of the weirdness could be caused by my bios initially forcing the tertiary sata controller to present itself as primary for the purpose of bringing up grub ?05:53
dholbachgood morning05:53
ion_good evening05:54
blistovwait, any chance the x86 build doesn't run at all on a 64bit cpu?05:54
TheMusoblistov: No idea at this stage sorry, have you tried updating your BIOS?05:55
blistov(i can't imagine why..)05:55
blistovBios is up to date.05:55
TheMusoblistov: The i386 build shoudl work fine.05:55
blistovMeh, I'll try alternate.05:55
blistovThanks guys.05:55
TheMusoblistov: np, good luck.05:55
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pittiGood morning06:09
pittithegodfather: mythplugins> looking06:10
thegodfatherpitti: just read a few lines more in the scrollback06:11
thegodfatherpitti: it seems to be a known problem with the mirroring06:11
pittithegodfather: on drescher it looks good, can't check LP until my dist-upgrading is done and ff works again06:12
pittithegodfather: on, I see06:12
thegodfatherbut it's still broken.. that's for sure06:12
pittithegodfather: didn't see anything truly enlightening in scrollback; that's something for IS, I think06:14
pittithegodfather: drescher-wise it's fine, and that's where my powers end06:14
thegodfatherpitti: yes i know. thanks for checking. I thought in the beginning it was a publisher issue...06:16
thegodfatherwe will need to check with elmo and cprov when they are around06:16
pittiRiddell: did you see the last comment in bug 184149? that worried me a bit06:22
ubotuLaunchpad bug 184149 in kdelibs "[hardy]xembed and flash support patches doesn't work for konqueror" [Undecided,Fix committed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/18414906:22
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slangaseklamont: 64-bit implicit-ptr conversions: fatal on which archs?06:32
warp10Good morning06:57
pittihi warp1007:04
warp10Hey pitti07:05
thegodfathersuperm1: ping? :)07:43
thegodfatherslangasek: i assume ia64 and others :)07:44
slangasekthegodfather: the "and others" that would be relevant here is amd64...07:48
thegodfatherslangasek: probably... :)07:49
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mdkehiya dholbach08:02
pooliei'm working on bzr packaging08:05
poolieand am getting an error from pdebuild if i have a build-depend that in turn depends on a virtual package08:06
pooliein this paces08:06
poolieThe following packages have unmet dependencies:08:06
poolie  graphviz: Depends: libgraphviz4 (>= 2.16) which is a virtual package.08:06
poolieResolving dependencies...08:06
poolieremoving that lets it pass08:06
slangasekpoolie: libgraphviz4 was stuffed in universe by mistake; fixed in next publisher run08:07
poolieoh i see08:07
poolieso, i should just go ahead and upload with that dependency to our ppa, and it'll come out in the wash?08:08
slangasekwell, I don't know how often ppa failed builds are retried; for guaranteed results you may want to wait a couple of hours08:09
pooliebut, basically, not my fault08:09
mdkedholbach: thanks a lot for those uploads08:12
dholbachmdke: no problem08:13
mdkedholbach: were there any major problems with ubuntu-docs?08:14
dholbachI just added myriads of (LP: #xxxxxxx) entries08:14
dholbachmdke: I'll attach the diff08:14
mdke:) thanks for that. I was thinking about it but didn't know how to include more than one of those entries. Now I see they are comma separated, I'll do it in the future08:15
dholbachno problem08:16
dholbachmdke: attached08:16
mdkemmm, lots of closed bugs :)08:18
slytherinIs anyone already working on evolution build failures?08:52
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loolslytherin: bug id?08:58
slytherinlool: I am looking for bug. I was checking build logs and see FTBFS for everything except powerpc. And surprisingly it doesn't let me upgrade on powerpc due to some version conflicts.08:59
seb128slytherin: looking08:59
seb128it just needs a retry08:59
seb128pitti: can you give a retry to evolution?09:00
pittiseb128: done09:00
* seb128 hugs pitti09:00
seb128pitti: hey btw, had a good week end? ;-)09:00
slytherinseb128: That is waht I thought. But I am trying to build locally just to make sure09:00
seb128slytherin: upstream should learn to update the evolution-data-server configure requirements09:01
pittiseb128: yes, it was wonderful; we celebrated our 7th anniversary and our 0.5th wedding anniversary :)09:02
pitti(same day)09:02
pittiseb128: brunch at the Sarrasani circus/variete09:02
seb128ah, nice ;-)09:02
pooliehello europe09:08
pooliei'm trying to build a bzr backport using pbuild09:09
pittihi poolie09:09
pooliepbuild returns 0 and doesn't give an obvious error, but doesn't give me a deb either :-/09:09
poolieany clues?09:09
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pittipoolie: you did look in /var/cache/pbuilder/result?09:09
pittiit's not there?09:10
pitti(that's where pbuilder puts them by default at least)09:10
pittiI don't know the pbuild script, sounds like a wrapper09:10
poolieyes, it's there09:10
* pitti just knows "pbuilder build" and "pdebuild"09:10
pooliesorry, i meant pbuilder --build09:10
poolieso there's a deb in /var/cache/pbuilder/result09:11
pooliebut i thought previously it was copying them back to the directory above my source directory09:11
pooliewas i confused before?09:11
* slytherin declares pbuild as new acronym for 'pbuilder --build' :-)09:11
Fujitsupoolie: I don't believe pbuilder ever does that, though sane builders like sbuild do.09:12
poolieshould i be using sbuild insteadL09:12
pittipoolie: maybe pdebuild does that, but I haven't used it much (usually I want to build a .dsc, not an unpacked source)09:12
slytherinpoolie: pbuilder doesn't do that. But if you build packages using dpkg-buildpackage -b the you will get the deb where you are looking right now09:12
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pooliei probably saw a file produced by another command, maybe pdebuild09:12
pooliethere are certainly a lot of different tools09:13
pooliei'm basically just trying to run it here as a dry run for a PPA upload09:13
poolieto get a result with less delay09:14
FujitsuYou should always do that anyway, rather than uploading builds that you don't know to work...09:14
poolieso what's the best way to test that something will build on say dapper?09:16
pooliei agree that it's a good practice09:16
poolieboth wrt launchpad cpu resources, and also latency of waiting for the rebuild09:16
FujitsuOne can use the pbuilder-dist script to use pbuilder for multiple releases, but I use sbuild with a chroot for each release.09:17
poolieso sbuild is an alternative to pbuilder, rather than built on top of it?09:20
TheMusopoolie: Yes, but its a little more involved to set up.09:21
sorenIf you use kees' mk-sbuild-lv.sh from ubuntu-dev-tools, it's quite trivial.09:22
soren..assuming you already have lvm set up.09:22
gesergood morning09:24
slytherinseb128: evolution built locally. It was really just a matter of retry. :-)09:28
seb128slytherin: I didn't doubt it, I built it myself before uploading09:28
slytherinNo will have to check whether it updates properly on my ibook09:29
geserpitti: Hi, can you move libxstream-java from universe to multiverse please. It build-depends on sun-java6-jdk.09:34
cjwatsonthegodfather: mirroring brokenness is (ultimately) my fault, so don't bug cprov about it please; I'll work on it09:40
pittimvo: any idea why bash autocompletion for apt-get stopped working?09:42
mvopitti: no09:45
mvopitti: did it maybe moved to the bash-completion package or something?09:46
pittino idea, I just noticed it09:47
pitti(while cleaning up the old kernels)09:47
pittigeser: will do as soon as my ssh gets unbroken ((#*$# ISP)09:47
geserI see libgraphviz4 got moved from universe to main today. Could an archive admin please also move libgraphviz-dev too? graphviz-dev (main) depends on it and imagemagick is in depwait on it. Thanks09:47
pittihow come that this is something new?09:48
Chipzzwhile on the topic of bash-completion; could that file please be split up in smaller files?09:48
Chipzzit is a very real performance hit on starting a terminal and such09:48
pittigeser: oh, it was graphviz-dev before, I see09:49
mvopitti: slangasek mentioned libgraphviz got accidentely moved to universe I think09:49
thegodfathercjwatson: ok, i didn't even ping him tbh as i was told he already knew09:49
Chipzzdoko is not on IRC anymore?09:51
Chipzz!seen doko09:52
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about seen doko - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi09:52
* Chipzz kicks ubotu :P09:52
Chipzzsince bash-completion got split out of bash09:53
ChipzzI think it would be a better idea to split the script in small pieces and ship those pieces with the relevant packages09:54
Chipzzhow does that sound?09:54
Chipzzmvo: would that be possible for apt for example?09:57
jpatrickChipzz: /msg SeenServ seen doko09:59
mvoChipzz: sure09:59
cjwatsonsome packages do that already. Looking at e.g. the ssh completion, the main obvious problem for me in shipping that separately is that it's not a trivial chunk of code to copy and paste, and it would require me to take on maintenance of it; as soon as I copy it then we lose out on the benefits of the work done by bash-completion upstream.09:59
Chipzzcjwatson: bash-completion is unmaintained upstream09:59
cjwatsonthat's an accident and might well not always be the case10:00
Chipzzcjwatson: says both on https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/bash-completion, and the last update on the homepage is a long time ago10:00
tjaaltonlet's switch to zsh \o/ :)10:00
Chipzzcjwatson: the problem is the delay from having bash_completion enabled in .bashrc is very noticable; ie over 1 second delay when starting a terminal10:01
cjwatsonzsh is an interesting thing to mention. It also ships a lot of completion. How many shells should packages ship completion for?10:01
cjwatsonone? two? 300?10:01
cjwatsonit's not entirely obvious whether it belongs in a shell-specific package or in a feature-specific package, is my point10:02
Chipzzpoint taken10:02
ChipzzI don't think there's that many shells to start with, and even less that support completion?10:02
cjwatsonsure, but I certainly couldn't maintain zsh completion rules because I don't speak zsh10:03
Chipzzdash/ksh variants/etc all don't even support completion at all10:03
cjwatsonso even right now it is impossible for me to cater in the same way for all shells supporting completion10:03
cjwatsonthe shell maintainers will do a better job10:03
tjaaltonzsh upstream maintains all the completions10:03
Chipzzcjwatson: but I guess my reply to that is: zsh completion is optional; if it's already written, integrate in your package; if it isn't, accept patches that do implement it10:04
cjwatsonon the performance hit, I would suggest simply disabling it, and sourcing it when you need it10:05
Chipzzthat way you wouldn't have a feature regression10:05
cjwatsonthat's what I do10:05
cjwatsonand doesn't seem significantly more complex than sourcing a bunch of different files whose names are likely to change over time, etc., etc., tedium10:05
Chipzzwell the thing is that there is some functionality of bash_completion that I use on a daily basis10:05
cjwatsonplease don't do that thing with putting conjunctions on a single line of IRC10:05
Chipzz. /etc/bash_completion doesn't complete very nicely10:06
cjwatsonwell, it's in /etc, you *could* just strip out the stuff you don't want :-)10:06
Chipzzmaybe we could consider splitting out the most often used parts of it10:07
Chipzzaltough it wouldn't be immediately obvious what those parts are or how that's going to benefit10:07
Chipzzfor me the most often used functionality is ssh completion and apt/dpkg completion10:08
Chipzzcjwatson: as a reference point, last upstream update was 20060301, which is almost 2 years old10:11
loolcjwatson: I filed bugs against quilt, dpatch and cdbs to use touch --date or similar to set the timestamp as dpkg-source does10:12
loolI was surprized to not find any bug on this subject on all three packages10:12
cjwatsonlool: cool, thanks10:12
loolcjwatson: Thanks for the idea; I didn't know dpkg-source was clever10:13
cjwatsonlool: it hadn't occurred to me that they would have the same problem, though it's obvious in retrospect10:13
loolFirst I suspected it had a broken trick such as sorting files or so10:13
ogracjwatson, is there *any* documentation of gfxboot somewhere (beyond teh code) ? i tried to wrap my head around it on the weekend but failed (actually i wanted to have a patch for an LTSP entry in the modes menu ready for you)10:14
ogra(and the basic knowledge to get the addon welcome screen going)10:14
cjwatsonogra: there's language-evel documentation in gfxboot/doc/ (you have to build it), but otherwise no10:15
ograi'll look at that10:15
ograit looks like it is using its own interpreter language10:15
cjwatsonit will at least give you the minimum knowledge to decipher the language - unfortunately practical use requires building a bunch of stuff on top of the basic facilities10:15
cjwatsonit's a forth-like bytecode-compiled language10:16
cjwatsonor postscript-like, if you prefer10:16
ograps is something i used before ... forth now really :)10:16
pittigeser: both done (multiverse/main)10:17
geserpitti: thanks10:17
Riddellanyone know why graphviz was moved to universe?10:40
pittiRiddell: I just kicked the binaries back10:40
pittiwrong override apparenlty10:40
Riddellpitti: ok, could you give back kdelibs10:41
geserpitti: please also give-back: bzr doxygen. It FTBFS because graphviz wasn't installable. Thanks.10:44
pittigeser: done10:45
loolpitti: Do you know why Debian's sysvinit didn't merge "multiuser"?10:50
pittilool: they changed sysvinit to respect the LSB headers10:51
lool(I'm seeing this in the dbus package and I guess it speeds up shutdown as we don't need to stop dbus10:51
pittilool: but it's not enabled by default AFAIK10:51
pittiI think this is a better approach than our multiuser hack10:51
loolSo we should stop using multiuser in ubuntu and simply list nothing in stop levels?10:51
pittibut nobody had time to work on that yet10:51
pittilool: ideally yes, but the code doesn't respect it by default ATM10:52
pittiand we haven't merged sysvinit for ages10:52
loolThe sysvinit one?10:52
pittiyes, because of upstart & co10:52
loolDo you know whether it's honored in Debian at least?10:52
pittinot 100% sure, but I think it's not enabled by defautl10:52
loolAnyway, doesn't hurt to list nothing in stop-levels10:52
loolpitti: (thanks!)10:54
geserpitti: did the give-back of bzr succeed? because https://edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/hardy/+source/bzr/+builds shows no sign of a new build attempt10:54
pittiI wasn't asked to give it back10:55
pittidone now10:55
geserpitti: [11:44:56]        geser | pitti: please also give-back: bzr doxygen.10:55
pittigeser: oh, that slipped my mind, sorry10:55
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pittiseb128: is it safe to restart the i386 retracer?11:12
seb128pitti: if it doesn't crash yes11:12
seb128pitti: it has not been stopped on purpose, it's just crashing11:12
seb128pitti: did you figure what was wrong?11:12
pittiValueError: Unsupported attachment-type '<type 'set'>'11:12
seb128yes, that one11:12
pittiseb128: no, I haven't looked into it at all11:12
pittifirst time I see it11:13
seb128I told you about it some days ago11:13
pittithekorn, any idea?11:13
pittiseb128: yes, that it's stopped and that you asked thekorn about it11:13
seb128pitti: https://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/python-launchpad-bugs/+bug/19196311:13
ubotuLaunchpad bug 191963 in python-launchpad-bugs "ValueError: Unsupported attachment-type '<type 'set'>' " [Undecided,In progress]11:13
pittiseb128: Friday was too crazy to look into it, sorry11:13
seb128pitti: that's alright, thekorn said he doesn't got the issue and that he would try on a dapper vm later11:14
seb128pitti: maybe untag the bug which makes it crashing for now and restart?11:14
pittiah, thanks for the bug #; subscribed11:14
seb128pitti: you are welcome ;-)11:14
thekornseb128, pitti , sorry forgot to mention, I can not reproduce this error in a dapper vm11:19
seb128thekorn: hum, ok, thanks11:20
geserthekorn: is there an other way to specify the cookie python-lp-bugs should use instead of "exporting" the lp cookie with a small script from cookies.sqlite (Firefox 3) and writing it into a file?11:26
geseror is the old cookies.txt format the only one supported by python-lp-bugs?11:27
thekorngeser: I'm working on a solution for the .sqlite format, but in the hardy version of py-lp-bugs you can also use:11:28
thekornBug.authentication = {"password":<password>,"email":<email>}11:28
thekorngeser, where password and email are you login data in LP11:28
gesergood to know11:30
=== pochu_ is now known as pochu
davmor2How's Alpha 5 shaping up, is it ready to test?11:36
cjwatsondavmor2: seems a bit early yet11:41
cjwatsondavmor2: a few bits of the archive and CD processes are busted at the moment so probably not very11:42
davmor2cjwatson: np's just queried as there had been no daily updates so thought it might be safe to test.11:42
cjwatsondavmor2: that's due to the archive bustedness :-)11:43
cjwatsonthere have been updates, they just aren't getting mirrored out ...11:43
ograpitti, about the classamate-settings package, i can drop the user parts (can go to the installer script) as well as the firefox cache disabling (can go into an initramfs bottom script) ... but i cant drop the static xorg.conf since i have to a) force a driver we dont detect for that card and b) need to have a virtual screenwhich we dont support at all in the default configurator in any case11:45
pittiogra: why does it have to be a package at all? this seems to unfitting11:46
ograpitti, would the package be ok with you with tehse changes ?11:46
davmor2is it possible to get f-spot to change backends for burning or not does anyone know?11:47
pittibreaking X.org's configuration file is still bad IMHO11:47
ograpitti, we will always need to ship a static one for classmate11:47
pittiseb128_: retracer is running again for now11:47
pittiogra: we can't fix the X.org detection to properly treat the classmate?11:48
ograpitti, we have an agreement that we will support screen panning thast something we (and upsteam) just weeded out completely from the config ools11:48
pittithat will improve it for similar hardware, too11:48
ogradetection is only one part of it11:48
pittiogra: ok, I see11:48
ograand we cant do any detection mechanisms during bot anyway11:48
pittiwell, why not make it part of the install script then?11:48
ogra(i.e. like the livecd does)11:49
pittimeh, retracer already failed again11:49
ograpitti, it will even get more tricky as we probably have to support two diaply variants ... both dont return any EDID data11:49
ogra(its not clear yet if we need to support both for hardy final though, but if thats the case i need t even supply two static files that are used alternating depending on the HW it runs on11:50
MacSlowasac, is a corrupt language-support-writing-en package perhaps moe more issue due to firefox3? I just ran into that.11:51
pittiMacSlow: that got fixed this morning11:52
MacSlowpitti, but why does it show up for me then still? New/fixed packages not yet fully exposed via the repos?11:53
pittiMacSlow: might not yet be published11:53
ograMacSlow, btw cairo-dock rules the world on the classmate :) i tried a setup with cairo-dock, pcmanfm an metacity with composite enabled yesterday ... its the fastest and most responsive desktop setup i've tried so far :) (things like awn just eat your ressourcesm, cairo-dock seems to not do that by some reason)11:53
seb128_pitti: cool, did you workaround the bug or just untagged the bug?11:53
pittiseb128_: just untagged; but as I said above it already failed again on a different bug11:53
pittiand if my ssh ever comes back, I could actually report it and untag/restart11:54
ograMacSlow, is there a roadmap anywhere for it ?11:54
seb128_pitti: you likely commented when my dsl disconnected11:54
MacSlowogra, well I don't know how much of the original approach the french folks, who picked it up changed... but back when I started it, I made sure to stick to best practises regarding cairo-usage11:55
pittithekorn: FYI, bug 19289211:55
ubotuLaunchpad bug 192892 in python-launchpad-bugs "TypeError: argument 2 to map() must support iteration" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/19289211:55
pittiseb128_: ^11:55
pittiMacSlow: right, not published yet; fixed in version 8.04+2008021811:55
ograyeah. its incredibly "non stuttering" on that HW ... all the others do their autohide "in several steps" :)11:56
MacSlowogra, maybe... I never wanted to do more than experimenting with cairo, when I started cairo-dock... I'm actually surprised that it stayed "alive"11:56
MacSlowpitti, ok11:56
ograwell, compared to AWN or that wxwindows based one its just a ton better11:56
MacSlowogra, I cannot really remember if I did add image/xlib/glitz-surface support in cairo-dock, like I did for some other cairo-things I wrote... that would allow the user to choose the best available option for rendering (acceleration)11:57
ograit depends on glitz so i think you used glitz functions there11:58
ogranot sure it does that b default11:58
MacSlowogra atm it is expected to get best results form using cairo's xlib-surfaces (which would benefit from EXA... if the xorg-driver is properly written/complete)11:59
ograwell, anyway, we should look into that for a lowend desktop variant in hardy+1 :)11:59
pochupitti: did you get libcrypto++ out of NEW? It's already available in archive.u.c for amd64 and ppc, but missing for the rest. (bug #189243)12:00
ubotuLaunchpad bug 189243 in libcrypto++ "please sync libcrypto++ 5.5.2-1 from Debian testing" [Wishlist,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/18924312:00
ograi'd like to get away from gnome for the classmate if we have to do more images for that ... its just to heavyweight12:00
ograand i guess such a desktop would help with the other subnotebooks as well ...12:00
geserpochu: a.u.c is out-of-date since Friday12:01
pochugeser: oh, that would explain it.12:03
pochupitti: ^-- nevermind. thanks anyway12:03
mdzwhat's the difference between ~/.Trash and ~/.local/share/Trash?12:05
mdzI have files in both12:05
pochugeser: I assume there's someone working on it? :)12:06
pochumdz: the latter is the new one in gio. I thought there was a migration path12:06
pochuthe latter is fdo compliant12:06
mdzif so, it doesn't seem to have worked for me.  on my desktop, I have files in both places.  on my laptop, all my trash is in ~/.Trash, but the trashapplet only looks at the other one12:06
geserpochu: afaik cjwatson_ is working on it12:07
pochumdz: there's http://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=509759. Perhaps I was wrong with the migration path12:11
ubotuGnome bug 509759 in trash applet "Migrate from GnomeVFS to GIO" [Major,Resolved: fixed]12:11
=== cjwatson_ is now known as cjwatson
cjwatsongeser,pochu: yes, I am, amid other things12:15
davmor2cjwatson: can you change the burning backend of f-spot to use gvfs if so how?12:17
cjwatsondavmor2: I have no idea, and am not quite sure why you're asking me :)12:17
ogradavmor2, thats rather a question for one of our gnome guys12:17
seb128_mdz: .Trash is the old gnome-vfs location, .local/share/Trash is the new gvfs freedesktop one12:18
davmor2sorry just thought I'd ask12:18
seb128_mdz: upstream will add some code to migrate .Trash to the new location, likely to gnome-session, that has not been done yet though12:19
cjwatsonI don't mind being asked, but you'd have a better hit rate from picking somebody who works on the package in question12:19
davmor2np's I've written a bug report for it anyway just wondered if anyone knew.  It's still using gnome-vfs by default.12:20
seb128_davmor2: gnome-vfs doesn't do burning, I don't know the f-spot code though12:28
pittiyay, I think I fixed the p-lp-bug12:29
* thekorn hugs pitti!!12:32
pittithekorn: I dumped it all into the bug report, including a patch12:33
thekornpitti, reading it12:33
davmor2seb128_: bug 19251012:41
ubotuLaunchpad bug 192510 in f-spot "F-spot still depends on gnome-vfs to burn cds and fails" [High,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/19251012:41
davmor2seb128_: there is a screenshot attached of the bug I get12:42
Riddellpitti: mega giveback if you could.  kdebase kdeaccessibility kdeadmin kdebindings kdeedu kdegames kdegraphics kdemultimedia kdenetwork kdepim kdesdk kdetoys kdeutils kdewebdev kdevelop12:45
MacSlowbryce, didn't the patch for fixing the drop-shadow-decoration rendering under EXA (intel, i965) work?12:58
=== ogra_ is now known as ogra
pittiRiddell: done13:19
pittihmm, just started current live CD13:25
pittiwhat's the difference between "Try Ubuntu without any changes" and "Install Ubuntu"? Shouldn't both be a live system with ubiquity?13:26
mjg59pitti: The latter just starts the installer, not a GNOME session?13:26
pittiPossibly; haven't tried it yet13:27
cjwatsonmjg59 is correct13:27
cjwatsoncf. hardy-bootloader-review13:27
ograseb128_, where do we hide the ssh connection options for nautilus nowadays ? i just searched my ass off but seem to be to blind to find it13:33
seb128_ogra: what ssh options?13:34
ograit was called "connect to server" once and created a folder with the connection transparently on the desktop13:34
seb128_ah, no13:35
ograseems that whole thing has vaished13:35
seb128_the thing is that gnome-vfs didn't have persistent mount, it was just using the URIs13:35
seb128_those were a workaround to sort of "bookmark" the connection for easy use13:35
seb128_the new gvfs stack mounts thing on first access and they stay mounted for the session13:35
seb128_so that's not required13:35
ograwell, i cant create the connection first place13:35
seb128_the first time you access it in nautilus it'll be mounted and be listed in all applications13:36
ograsince we dont have the UI bits anymore13:36
seb128_just type the ssh url in nautilus13:36
ograah, k13:36
seb128_you can add standard bookmarks and use it too13:36
seb128_you are not the only one confused though13:36
ograwill we get a UI for final ?13:36
seb128_they will add a connect to serrver which creates bookmark before GNOME 2.2213:36
ogra(feels very KDEish to have to type urls in the filemanager :) )13:37
ograah, cool then13:37
ograhmm, doesnt seem to want to connect13:39
seb128_what is the prompt you get using ssh on a command line?13:40
seb128_did you specify an user?13:40
ograi tried both: ssh://ogra@rookery.ubuntu.com/ as well as the same with sftp protocol13:41
seb128_and without specifying an user?13:42
ograhmm, wait a sec, seems not to work on cmdline13:42
ograseb128_, hmm, it helps to have ~/.ssh/config in place :P ...13:47
ograbut beyond that it always only offers me to have a connetcion to / on my desk, seems the mount doesnt handle subdirs13:48
seb128_ogra: ;-)13:48
ograso drag n drop like i had it before would end up in / on rookery if i dont open a browser win and navigate to the dir forst13:48
seb128_ogra: that's a mount, the same way than mounting a partition or a CDROM or an usbkey only mount the device and not subdirs13:48
frafuHello doko, I wanted to let you know that Henrik and Luke have replied to your question in the mir process of mousetweaks: https://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/mousetweaks/+bug/19020813:49
ubotuLaunchpad bug 190208 in mousetweaks "Main Inclusion Report for mousetweaks" [Undecided,Incomplete]13:49
ograyeah, but te former variant offered me to have a shortcut on the desktop with the right dir directly selected13:49
seb128_ogra: use bookmarks13:49
seb128_what with wrong with adding the directory to your bookmarks?13:49
ograapparently i cant drag a bookmark from the treeview to the desktop  ...13:49
ograwaht i used to use before (i.e. for screenshots) was a folder on the desktop that scp's to my public_html on drop ... tahst apparently not possible with te new way13:50
seb128_ogra: not yet, those are lot of changes13:51
ograand dragging from te places menu starts to copy / from rookery !!13:51
ogra(copying 3.9G)13:51
seb128_they are working fast a fixing regressions and issues don't worry it'll be in shape for hardy13:52
ograwould be odd if our users suddenly find the / of their servers everywhere *g*13:52
MacSlowseb128_, there's a debian/control and debian/control.in file in libwnck. Which sould I touch if I want to add a new build-/dependency? Just the debian/control.in I assume?!13:52
ograthabnks for the hints, i'll live with what i have atm :)13:52
ograohh, the trayicon is sweet :)13:53
pittithekorn: ah, thanks for the patch; that might explain other spurious bugs, too13:53
ograso back to what i needed the scp for ...13:54
ograasac, http://people.ubuntu.com/~ogra/firefox_weirdness.png13:54
asacogra: known issue13:55
asacogra: if you have a chance to use EXA ... that will fix it13:55
asacits a bug in XAA create picture implementation for REPEAT_NORMAL13:55
ograi dont think my thin client has EXA capabilities13:55
asacnobody knows how to fix :)13:56
seb128_MacSlow: control.in13:56
ograi can try to tweak xorg.conf though13:56
asac(well we have a patch for that for cairo ... but thats a workaround)13:56
MacSlowseb128_, ok, thanks13:56
seb128_MacSlow: it's copied over the control during the clean target13:56
seb128_you are welcome13:56
seb128_do you can "debuild clean" to update control13:56
ograasac, ok, just wanted to show it in case its not known yet ... its funny that the url bar updates if i type in th real one :)13:56
asacseb128_: any news on fixing the issue that configure is run during clean for all gnome packages btw?13:57
asac(i bumped into that for seahorse today again)13:57
seb128_asac: is that bug discussed upstream? We got a libcairo debdiff from fta I think but I prefer to not apply workarounds if the issue is not being worked at the right place13:57
seb128_asac: no, it doesn't annoy me and I've other things on my todolist to do before looking at that ;-)13:58
MacSlowseb128_, would the "+git20080214" of "0.6.99+git20080214" belong to the version-number one has to state in "package (>= some.version.number)" in debian/control?13:59
asacseb128_: you have a bug id for fta patch?13:59
asacseb128_: upstream knows about it14:00
seb128_asac: bug #18618614:00
ubotuLaunchpad bug 186186 in xulrunner-1.9 "web page background render errors" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/18618614:00
seb128_MacSlow: yes14:00
asacseb128_: commented14:05
seb128_asac: thanks14:07
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cjwatson_ogra_cmpc: please excuse the zillion Edubuntu CD builds today - I'm using you as a test case14:38
=== dholbach_ is now known as dholbach
=== cjwatson_ is now known as cjwatson
ogracjwatson, dont excuse :)14:39
ogras/excuse/apologize/ :)14:39
frafudoko : ping14:42
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HighNoare there gdebi developers available?15:13
lamontslangasek: if we deployed it, it would be on all archs (which would mostly mean that it failed on amd64/ia64)..15:13
mvoHighNo: yes15:13
HighNoMy problem is a hand edited .deb file gets installed perfectly by dpkg but get rejected as being unreadable or corrupt by gdebi15:14
mvoHighNo: I see, could you please file a bugreport with the deb attached ?15:14
HighNomvo - ok, will do15:15
HighNomvo: created as https://bugs.launchpad.net/gdebi/+bug/19293915:23
ubotuLaunchpad bug 192939 in gdebi "gdebi rejects a package that dpkg does accept" [Undecided,New]15:23
HighNomvo: ah - forgot to say I am running feisty15:23
dholbachhttps://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuDeveloperWeek about to start in 25 minutes in #ubuntu-classroom15:35
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mruizhi all . I tried to install five-a-day but it complained:   five-a-day: Depends: python-central (>= 0.5.50) but 0.5.15ubuntu3 is to be installed16:24
looldholbach: ^^^16:32
dholbachlool: python-central has built on the buildd, but it's not published yet it seems16:33
loolnm then, sorry for the useless ping16:33
dholbachbut it's since a few hours already16:33
dholbachI wonder if soyuz has a hiccup16:33
mruizthanks dholbach16:38
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sorenHas anyone tried the daily alternate installer lately?16:55
ogra_cmpcsoren, friday the last time16:57
sorenogra_cmpc: And it worked, I suspect?16:57
sorenWhat are the memory requirements for the alternate installer?16:57
ogra_cmpci just checked, it was the image from the 14th though16:57
ogra_cmpci think something around 64M should work16:58
sorenogra_cmpc: Ok, that's not it, then.16:58
ogra_cmpcmigth have increased though, i ddint test d-i in such small setups lately16:58
sorenI'm reliably informed that it gets stuck during "saving language settings" if you run it inside kvm.16:58
sorenMeh... I'll look into it.16:59
mvosoren: I did a netinstall at sunday17:00
sorenmvo: That doesn't help much, I'm afraid. The server install works just fine, too.17:01
sorenDon't worry about it just yet. I'll test it myself and do some digging.17:01
slangaseklamont: ok; I'm concerned there that, TTBOMK, the amd64 loader will rarely map libraries above the 32-bit mark, so it seems kinda late in the cycle to add a bunch of new RC bugs for an issue with no practical impact on the release archs17:01
ogra_cmpcsoren, savaing language settings is the very end before grub-install starts i think17:02
ogra_cmpcmight be the grub part locking up here17:02
sorenogra_cmpc: It could be, but isnt :)17:02
sorenogra_cmpc: Thanks for the hint, though.17:02
ogra_cmpcah, no, it canht, the screen would have been cleared already if you are i n the next st4ep17:03
ogra_cmpcmeh i need to train more on that keyboard again17:03
sorenogra_cmpc: Also, the syslog shows when each finish-install script is invoked, and it doesn't say anything after localechooser (afair)17:03
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mtaylorum... why does ubuntu-minimal depend on alsa-base alsa-utils? Do I really need sound on a minimal system?17:17
crimsun_that point has been raised several times.17:18
mtaylorany chance there's a ranting web page explaining the choice somewhere?17:19
crimsun_I don't know offhand.17:19
Nafallocrimsun_: what's your opinion on that one? :-)17:20
Nafallojust curious17:20
crimsun_it should be at most Recommends.17:20
* mtaylor thinks that if we think sound is an integral part of the system, there should be an alternate ubuntu-server package one can install ...17:21
Nafalloyea. of standard :-)17:21
Nafallomtaylor: all servers are diverse and different. so I don't believe in a server seed17:21
mtaylorNafallo: I don't really either...17:22
emgentheya thegodfather17:22
mtaylorNafallo: I'm just saying that if minimal is going to stick desktop need in... I would like a server thing that doesn't have them17:22
cjwatsonmtaylor: the reason we put that stuff in ubuntu-minimal is because alsa-* is needed for stability of hardware detection17:31
mtaylorcjwatson: wow. really?17:31
cjwatsonmtaylor: all possible server profiles are by design supersets of minimal17:32
cjwatsonwe certainly won't be offering anything that's less than that17:32
mtaylorcjwatson: I would certainly expect them to be supersets of minimal17:32
cjwatsonI would like to see stuff organised such that we didn't need alsa-* in minimal for stability though17:32
mtaylorI would agree.17:32
mtaylorI can understand their existence there for that reason - but I would suggest that it's a bug in hardware detection that that is the case17:33
cjwatsonit's not as important as it used to be, actually17:33
jwendellasac, have you noticed that java plugin doesn't work with firefox 3?17:33
cjwatsonit used to be that the installer was two-stage; after installing a minimal system, it rebooted to install everything else, and then dropped you into the final system without rebooting again17:34
cjwatsonso, if stuff like alsa-base that provides /etc/modprobe.d files and alsa-utils that provides udev rules weren't installed in the first pass, your first boot would be different from all the rest17:34
cjwatsonhowever, in dapper, we finally got the installer reorganised so that it could all operate in a single stage17:35
cjwatsonso I think there is now a case for moving alsa-* to desktop17:35
cjwatsoncrimsun_: what do you think?17:36
crimsun_cjwatson: agreed.17:36
asacjwendell: which java plugin?17:36
jwendellasac, sun-java6, which doesn't even appear in about:plugins17:36
jeromegasac: jwendell : there seems to be bugs about it17:37
jeromegbug 192962 for example17:37
ubotuLaunchpad bug 192962 in sun-java6 "sun-java6-plugin does not work in firefox3" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/19296217:37
jwendellreported 11 minutes ago hehe17:37
asacjwendell: yes, the package post* scripts haven't been updated yet17:38
ogra_cmpccjwatson, why not have an alsa-common that only ships modprobe.d files and udev rules ?17:38
cjwatsonogra_cmpc: no need, per the above17:38
jwendellasac, but the slinks seem to be ok... is there any other thing that needs to be done in order to make it work?17:39
mtaylorcjwatson: should I file a bug somewhere?17:39
asacjwendell: which slink?17:39
mguneshi all. when submitting a debdiff for sponsorship by u-m-s should I keep the maintainer field intact and add myself to "Uploaders"?17:39
cjwatsonmtaylor: no need, I'll just do it and send mail to ubuntu-devel for the record17:39
mtaylorcjwatson: great17:39
jwendellasac, /usr/lib/firefox/plugins/libjavaplugin.so -> /etc/alternatives/firefox-javaplugin.so17:39
asacjwendell: thats the old place. new place is /usr/lib/xulrunner-addons/plugins/17:40
cjwatsonogra_cmpc: do you have a specific concern about those files moving to desktop?17:40
ogra_cmpccjwatson, nope17:40
cjwatsonok, good17:40
crimsun_mgunes: See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DebianMaintainerField.17:40
ogra_cmpci just saw your comment that the only reason were modprobe.d and udev17:40
ogra_cmpcand was wondering why we never solved it like that17:41
cjwatsonogra_cmpc: because this was put in place before the single-stage installer work, and we never revisited it afterwards17:42
ogra_cmpcquite a while :)17:42
cjwatsonindeed :)17:42
ogra_cmpcbut now that you point it out, i need to add it to the ltsp-client deps then :)17:42
* ogra_cmpc notes down on whiteboard17:42
mtayloralso... while I'm being annoying, is there any reason why the ubuntu version of lintian in hardy needs to complain about invalid distro name for hardy and gutsy and stuff?17:43
cjwatsonogra_cmpc: *nod*17:43
cjwatsonmtaylor: it only does that if the package's version number doesn't contain 'ubuntu'17:43
cjwatsonit's a heuristic to try to avoid skew between Debian's lintian and Ubuntu's17:43
jwendellasac, thanks, plugin working now :)17:43
mtaylorcjwatson: any way we could get it to also search for gutsy or hardy, etc in the version number field?17:44
mtaylorsometimes having -1ubuntu1gutsy1 starts to get ridiculous17:44
cjwatsonmtaylor: that sounds like unusual versioning17:44
cjwatsonmtaylor: are these packages in the Ubuntu archive?17:44
mtaylorcjwatson: no17:44
ogra_cmpcthat would be broken17:44
cjwatsonmtaylor: ok, the reason we do this is because 'ubuntu' is actually magic in Ubuntu version numbers17:44
cjwatsonmtaylor: it inhibits the autosyncer from syncing those packages from Debian17:44
MacSlowpitti, any idea if de.archive.ubuntu.com is down? It's being unresponsive for me here.17:45
cjwatsonmtaylor: but sure, I could make that change in Lintian upstream17:45
cjwatsonthough not sure if it'll make it into hardy17:45
pittiMacSlow: same for me17:45
mtaylorcjwatson: it's not _pressing_ of course17:45
MacSlowpitti, pk17:45
MacSlowpitti, ok17:45
cjwatsonmtaylor: right, you can clearly just ignore those warnings17:45
mtaylorcjwatson: my thing is, I'm trying to make ubuntu package of mysql to be distributed by MySQL... so we'll have a feisty, gutsy and hardy package for a release we do, right?17:46
mtaylorcjwatson: and there's no real need in that case to have ubuntu in the version string17:46
cjwatsonmtaylor: the only thing I'd say there is that it's worth following Ubuntu versioning practices as closely as possible in order that upgrades work properly in both directions17:47
cjwatsonmtaylor: but I don't think it'll make a huge difference, and in your position I would probably just ignore the warning17:48
mtaylorcjwatson: yes... I'm actually quite interested in upgrades working in both directions :)17:48
cjwatson-               if ($data->{'version'} =~ /ubuntu/) {17:49
cjwatson+               if ($data->{'version'} =~ /ubuntu|hardy|gutsy|feisty|edgy|dapper/) {17:49
cjwatsonmtaylor: ^-- committed upstream17:49
mtaylorcjwatson: you rock!17:50
ogra_cmpcmtaylor, he does :)17:50
superm1_cjwatson, did you by chance glance over the changes i made to cdimage, to see if they can be merged into mainline?17:50
cjwatsonsuperm1_: I think I missed them17:51
superm1_cjwatson, let me grab the branch url again then, sec17:51
cjwatsonsuperm1_: my main concern is that I'm pretty sure we're out of space to host more derivatives17:51
cjwatsonsuperm1_: so if it's just to have the code merged, fine, but a hosting request is more difficult17:52
superm1_cjwatson, would it be possible to only keep one of the daily images generated, and toss any older ones?17:52
superm1_that way it would be minimal space requirements?17:52
cjwatsonyes, but even then we're really getting painfully close to the wire17:52
* ogra_cmpc sees edubuntu on cdimage seems to buikld now :)17:52
cjwatsonit becomes a serious problem every now and again17:52
cjwatsonogra_cmpc: yeah, I think I got it working, though it needs testing17:53
superm1_cjwatson, well getting the code merged would be a good start for now at least17:53
cjwatsonsuperm1_: could you run it by slangasek and ask him to look at the merge?17:53
ogra_cmpccjwatson, btw, did you see amits mail about the usb suspend ? i'm not reallly fond of having a separate kernel package just for that one change17:53
cjwatsonogra_cmpc: no, where?17:53
ogra_cmpci CCed you in my answer17:54
cjwatsonogra_cmpc: oh, that's been a contentious problem for some time17:54
superm1_cjwatson, sure.  I had figured I should run it by you since I branched I pushed them to http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~mythbuntu/ubuntu-cdimage/mythbuntu-cdimage/, is that not the main branch then?17:54
ogra_cmpcapparently the patch for poersistent USB disks is in the kernel since some time already17:54
superm1_er from17:54
cjwatsonogra_cmpc: it's one of those things where if you turn it on, you break one set of hardware, and if you turn it off, you break a different set17:54
ogra_cmpcbut we never enabled it in out builds17:54
cjwatsonogra_cmpc: Ben has looked into it before17:55
ogra_cmpcah, k17:55
ogra_cmpcso i actually need a separate build :(17:55
cjwatsonsuperm1_: yeah, the public mirror is mine but actually all of ~ubuntu-cdimage have magic write access behind the scenes17:55
superm1_cjwatson, ah okay.  i'll check with slangasek then.  thanks.17:55
cjwatsonthe real master copy is on the cdimage build machine17:55
cjwatsonogra_cmpc: I agree that it would be useful to have it as a boot option17:56
cjwatsonogra_cmpc: but I can't answer as to whether that's feasible17:56
sorenOk, I've reproduced the alternate install CD's stuckage.18:00
ogra_cmpcwhat is it ?18:01
sorenlocaledef seems to be stuck in an infinite loop somewhere.18:01
sorenstrace and ltrace are both silen.18:01
sorenIt's eaten 33 minutes and 16 seconds of CPU time already.18:01
sorenDoes anyone have a physical machine they can try to reproduce this on? (i'm doing this in kvm)18:03
ogra_cmpccjwatson, i assume report.html doesnt gain me any info anymore for the addon now ?18:03
ogra_cmpcseems it lists all packages ...18:04
cjwatsonogra_cmpc: oh, err, yeah, it's probably completely useless18:04
cjwatsonogra_cmpc: please turn it off in cdimage/bin/build-image-set18:04
cjwatsoncheck for [ ! "$CDIMAGE_ADDON" ] or some such18:04
cjwatsonsoren: localedef is notoriously memory-hungry and can easily suck 50M18:05
cjwatsonsoren: how much have you got?18:05
cjwatsonsoren: swap's supposed to be switched on by that point so it isn't normally a problem18:05
sorencjwatson: 128MB. 10 of which are free, and there's 150MB swap free.18:06
sorenI suppose it could be semi-interesting to try it with significantly more memory, but as it's completely CPU bound..18:07
soren40 minutes, 44 seconds (on a 1.2GHz box).18:08
cjwatsonit generates UTF-8 locales by building up a gigantic table in memory18:10
cjwatsonsoren: capture the command line it's using and try it somewhere else?18:10
cjwatsoncould be a genuine locale-specific bug18:10
sorenI'm guessing someone would have caught it.. It's en_US.UTF-8 :)18:11
sorenBut sure.18:11
sorenEr... I can't even kill -9 it.18:13
* soren sighs18:16
cjwatsonsoren: that would suggest a kernel problem ...18:37
ogra_cmpchmm, why cant i9 access lithium anymore18:39
elmobecause it's not lithium18:40
elmoand hasn't been for months18:40
ogra_cmpci didt have to touch it for ages18:40
elmoyou asked the same question last time dude18:40
elmotry antimony18:40
ogra_cmpci use it to rarely ...18:41
ogra_cmpcelmo, thanks18:41
cjwatsonogra_cmpc: I suggest that you keep a record of this by way of e.g. comments in ~/.ssh/config so that you don't forget again18:42
slangasekinfinity: can you give compiz back on all archs !i386?19:03
danimodid anyone test wine on hardy lately? I get a core dump on like every binary I am trying to execute, immediately on start.20:06
danimoin libwine20:07
danimouni2cp_low is the last useful function I get in the bt, I need to try with dbg packages if that's not a known problem20:08
\shdanimo: it's known and I#m working on it20:08
danimo\sh: ah, good to know20:08
\shdanimo: I'm compiling this damn thing since this morning20:09
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andresjhello! I'm not sure if this is the right channel, but is there a tool for making svn snapshot source packages? I want to regularly upload them to Launchpad PPA...20:33
andresjI want to use blender as my first test. I have downloaded the latest stable source package already.20:33
Chipzzandresj: if you don't get an answer here, try #ubuntu-motu20:35
Chipzzslightly more on-topic there20:35
andresjthanks Chipzz. askin there... :)20:37
superm1_Is there an equivalent package to desktop-base that would provide a similar 640x480 wallpaper for Ubuntu?20:37
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cjwatsonpitti: what's happening with getting Arne's language-support changes merges?21:23
cjwatsonpitti: that really should happen tomorrow if we want it for hardy21:23
cjwatsonwhich I think we do21:24
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lamontslangasek: "rarely" just means that it's a royal bitch to track down when the bug _is_ hit21:47
slangaseklamont: but isn't "rarely" on amd64 really "in extreme circumstances that would only be encountered by users running a ucLinux kernel in their madness"?21:52
slangasekor "load the program, allocate a 4GB array, then dlopen a plugin linked to every library on the system"...21:53
lamontdunno.. I know I had some bind bugs that were related to 64-bit beyond 4GB on amd6421:53
slangasekhmm, ok21:54
slangasekthat's a different story, then.  is there any hope of a rebuild test of main with this option before switching it on the buildds, though?21:54
slangaseklamont: otherwise, without a full rebuild test we have no assurance of noticing the issue before, say, we need to do a post-release security update...21:59
lamontslangasek: I believe that we can process all of the autotest logs...21:59
lamontat least I think we still have these21:59
lamontI'll check with infinity in the morning about where the current autotest logs are, and we can certainly scrape them for the failures22:00
slangasekok, cool22:00
bryceMacSlow: yes the patch I did for drop-shadow-decoration works great; I've got it installed on my 965 laptop and am having no problems with it22:33
bryceMacSlow: I asked tjaalton about uploading it, but he suggested turning on greedy by default instead, which I gather also solves the issue but in a different way, and also addresses performance and other issues22:34
bryceMacSlow: anyway, so I've done up a patch for that too, but it doesn't quite work yet.  Planning on tinkering with it more tomorrow or Wednesday22:34
bryceMacSlow: I also passed my drop-shadow-decoration patch upstream, but didn't get a response22:35
alvarezpPlease excuse me, I'm looking for guides on how to rebuild a package with newer versions of the source code. I already did apt-get source p, apt-get build-dep p, and wget new-source, but I don't know how to tell debuild to use the new version of the source code to build a new package.22:48
tjaaltonbryce: there were three replies to the post ;)22:49
tjaaltonbottom line was that it'll get fixed properly in 2.322:49
brycetjaalton: hmm I only saw jesse's22:50
bryceoh right22:52
brycetjaalton: well eric and zhenyu didn't really give feedback on the patch, just said they needed to "fix it properly in 2.3", but didn't give any indication what they meant by that22:53
bryceso, I got a response, but not quite what I was hoping for...22:53
brycemaybe eric just doesn't like me ;-)22:54
tjaaltonbryce: maybe he doesn't like the state of intel code atm ;)22:56
brycetjaalton: well he definitely doesn't seem to like it when I put up patches to work around the problems ;-)22:58
tjaalton"I'm working on it, leave me alone" :)22:58
bryceheh exactly22:58
brycebut jesse is helpful - "for a work around, that looks good enough" :-)22:59
bryce(aside from that it didn't actually work... but at least I know I'm not way off base)22:59
tjaaltonyep, I'll test it again once you have something23:00
bryceI'm going to allocate tomorrow to focus on it23:00
bryceI'm guessing that either my logic is screwy, or else it requires something in addition to greedy to be turned on.  I'll just slip in some debug statements and that should prove it one way or the other.23:01
lamontslangasek: and then there's the current gconf (one of many with ldap issues):23:05
lamontFunction `ldap_get_values' implicitly converted to pointer at evoldap-backend.c:26523:05
lamontFunction `ldap_init' implicitly converted to pointer at evoldap-backend.c:57923:05
lamontand gnome-mount23:06
slangaseklamont: that's not the current gconf, I fixed that over 12 hours ago ;)23:08
lamontthat's autotest23:08
* slangasek nods23:08
tjaaltondoes gconf now have a usable ldap backend?23:08
slangaseklamont: cyrus-sasl2 still has the same problem, but those are the only two ldap incompatibilities left in main that I know of23:09
slangasekoh, I guess autofs is in main too23:09
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nxvl_workif a bug has been fixed on upstream, how do i mark the bug? as fix commited?23:19
Fujitsunxvl_work: You mark the upstream task of the bug Fix Released.23:19
brycenxvl_work: generally I would use "Also affects project" to link to the upstream bug report with the fix23:20
nxvl_workbryce: already done23:20
nxvl_workFujitsu: but the ubuntu one, stay as confirmed?23:20
Fujitsunxvl_work: Correct.23:20
FujitsuSome people set it to Fix Committed, but that's wrong.23:20
brycenxvl_work: in case it's not clear what the fix is, it can sometimes be useful to also attach the patch to the Ubuntu bug; this way if someone searches bugs with patches, it'll show up23:20
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nxvl_workthe patch has been sended to upstream23:21
nxvl_workand they included the fix23:21
nxvl_workthe upstream part of LP is marked as fix released23:22
nxvl_workbut i don't know how to mark the ubuntu part23:22
nxvl_worksince that bug must to be closed one or other way23:22
slangasekFujitsu: I wonder, why is 'fix committed' wrong? I'm not aware of anything saying /where/ the fix has to be committed to use that status23:22
FujitsuLeave it as it is. It will appear in the list of bugs fixed upstream but not in Ubuntu.23:22
Fujitsuslangasek: It's not committed to anything Ubuntu-related, therefore it can't be right.23:22
slangasekwell, I think the definition of "Ubuntu-related" is fuzzy... if an Ubuntu package is maintained on alioth, is "fix committed" warranted?23:23
FujitsuOne doesn't set a bug in Ubuntu as In Progress just because upstream is working on it.23:23
crimsun_the protocol needs to be clarified/documented on the wiki, at least.23:27
mathiaznxvl_work: you're probably refering to bug 24777 - marking it as confirmed or triagged is the best option I think.23:35
ubotuLaunchpad bug 24777 in openssh "Apply openssh sftp-chroot patch to openssh-server" [Medium,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/2477723:35
nxvl_workmathiaz: yep, this one23:35
nxvl_workmathiaz: ok, so i will mark it as confirmed as i can't use triaged23:35
mathiaznxvl_work: even if it's been committed to upstream openssh, it hasn't been included in ubuntu (yet).23:35
nxvl_workmathiaz: and there are no plans to include it on this release, that's what i thought :D23:36
nxvl_workmathiaz: thnx23:36
mathiaznxvl_work: well - considering that we're in FeatureFreeze I don't think it will be included in hardy.23:37
mathiaznxvl_work: but you can always to try to convince cjwatson_ to include it.23:37

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