koolkatHow do I become a Documentation Member?03:21
nixternalif you would have stayed a minute longer, I would have told him03:24
nixternalman, I talked to him yesterday about MOTU, this guy really wants to help03:24
FlannelHe's still around, query him03:25
nixternalya, talking to him in #ubuntu-devel03:26
nixternalhe is coming now03:26
nixternalright now!03:26
nixternalman, I stink03:26
nixternaldamn, 3 seconds off :)03:26
nixternalkoolkat: you use Ubuntu or Kubuntu?03:27
nixternalfamiliar with DocBook/XML?03:27
nixternalfamiliar with Bazaar?03:27
nixternalOK, can you do HTML?03:27
nixternalgreat, so DocBook/XML should be easy to pick up03:27
* koolkat wonders what your talking about03:28
nixternalBazaar is similar to Subversion03:28
koolkatSo...that are you talking about :-?03:28
nixternalwell, we code all of our documentation in DocBook/XML, and all of our code lies within a Bazaar repository on Launchpad03:28
koolkatOh...I know how to do the Doc stuff03:28
nixternalthat has some good information on how to get involved03:29
koolkatI already did like 20 today03:29
koolkatso .....how do they make me a member?03:29
nixternalsign up on the documentation team mailing list at https://lists.ubuntu.com/mailman/listinfo/ubuntu-doc03:30
koolkatare you a member?03:30
nixternalwell, you have to contribute for a while before you become a member03:30
nixternalyes, myself and jjesse who isn't around maintain all of the Kubuntu and KDE documentation03:30
koolkatyou want to slip in a few good word for me.....wink wink03:31
nixternalthe head people for the Ubuntu side are mdke, who is obviously sleeping right now, and Phil Bull, who I don't see on IRC much, but he is all over the mailing list03:31
nixternalwell, gotta see your work first03:31
nixternalthere are student memberships available, and if you ask about it on the mailing list, Phil will probably fill you in on that team info03:32
koolkatmy work.....I am doing a lot in the applications list...and03:32
koolkati cant remember03:32
koolkatwhat i wasgoing to say03:33
nixternalwell, if it is Gnome related, there is a 99.9% chance I will rarely see your work03:33
nixternaland Phil should have a list of jobs available either now or fairly soon for Ubuntu 8.04 documentation03:34
koolkatnixternal: i subscribed to the mailing list03:36
nixternalit isn't all that high traffic, so it is easy to keep up with03:37
koolkatanything else that i should do?03:37
nixternalfamiliarize yourself with docbook, bazaar, and some of the things mentioned on the wiki page and you should be good to go03:38
nixternalalways good to know the release schedule for this cycle as well03:38
koolkatSo how do I get notice by mdke or Phill Bull?03:39
nixternalcontribute patches to the mailing list for any projects they may have03:40
koolkatmy username on the doc stuff is aakashpatel03:40
koolkati dont know why just said that03:41
koolkatbut there you go03:41
nixternalhehe, no prob, thanks03:42
koolkathow does this look? https://help.ubuntu.com/community/CompositeManager/Xgl/simple03:42
nixternalnice, clean, and simple..just the way we like it :)03:43
koolkatIs this the page to list all of the software availibe for ubuntu? https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Software03:45
koolkatBecase i just added like 8 programs03:46
nixternalI guess so03:46
nixternalfirst I have noticed that page before honestly03:47
koolkathave or havent?03:47
nixternalI haven't seen it before03:48
koolkatso what do you write in03:49
koolkatwhat sections?03:49
nixternalI haven't been on the community wiki in a while actually03:49
koolkatbut isnt that where Im supposed to start?03:50
nixternalI have been spending a lot of time with Kubuntu and KDE development that documentation has been on a back burner for me here lately...gotta change that though03:50
nixternalkoolkat: yes03:50
koolkatwhere should "I" start?03:50
koolkatin ubuntu03:51
nixternalI always say "scratch your itch"...fix things that relate to you, work on things that relate to you..therefore making it easier on you03:51
nixternalthere are so many places to start in Ubuntu....documentation, user support in #ubuntu, bug triage, packaging, there is even some marketing and LoCo team stuff as well03:52
koolkatwhat does LoCo do?03:55
nixternalLocal Community Team...they do advocation for Ubuntu and other types of work locally within your home community03:59
koolkatdo you have a linksys router?04:02
koolkatI thought they only make those expensive ones.04:04
nixternalI tend to stay away from the consumer products, plus I got my PIX 501 for free04:04
nixternala friend of mine04:05
koolkati got to go04:10
mdkemorning all07:56
=== Gabz^laptop is now known as Gabz
Lhademmorarh, screw this12:25

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