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jgonzalezhi there, is this the right channel to do questions about doing automated installations using preseeding?12:39
cjwatsonjgonzalez: yep12:40
jgonzalezsorry to reapear the question, I got disconnected...12:46
jgonzalezhi there, is this the right channel to do questions about doing automated installations using preseeding?12:46
sorenIt is.12:48
jgonzalezI'm trying to automate installation of servers for my customers, so I provide default values for almost everything but things like hostname and domain. Domain seems to be a medium priority question, so I don't get the chance to change it unless I specify debconf=medium, but in that case I get the installer menu and the installation is no longer automatic... is there any way to change the priority of a question using preseeding?12:50
cjwatsonfirstly, no12:53
cjwatsonsecondly, priority isn't relevant to whether you can preseed something12:53
cjwatsonthirdly, you're probably running into http://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=343269, unfortunately12:54
ubotuDebian bug 343269 in netcfg "hostname/domain name preseeding is quite broken" [Normal,Open]12:54
cjwatsonunless you're trying to provide a default but intentionally have the question asked to whoever's monitoring the installation?12:54
cjwatsonunfortunately that isn't possible at the moment; 8.04 will be better in this regard because it asks the domain question at priority high if you're doing static network configuration12:55
jgonzalezthat's what I'm trying to do... I provide a meaningless default, and I want hostname and domain to be filled up in every installation12:56
jgonzalezis there any way to do this?12:56
jgonzalezso there's no way to fix this using 7.10?12:58
cjwatsonjgonzalez: one moment12:58
cjwatsonjgonzalez: are you installing from the network or from a CD?12:58
jgonzalezfrom a CD12:58
jgonzalezI use chained preseeding12:58
jgonzaleza pressed file in the CD and another one from the Internet12:59
cjwatsonwow, complex12:59
jgonzalezI just wanted to avoid having to burn new CDs if we change anything in the default values12:59
cjwatsonjgonzalez: are you using DHCP or static configuration?12:59
jgonzalezin the CD preseeding file I just preseed the network providing default values and asking the questions any way (seen false)13:00
jgonzalezI preseed the rest in the file located in the Internet13:01
cjwatsonjgonzalez: ok, a very nasty approach is to have preseed/early_command re-ask the question by hand13:03
cjwatsonsomething like this:13:03
cjwatson. /usr/share/debconf/confmodule13:03
cjwatsondb_input critical netcfg/get_hostname13:04
cjwatsondb_input critical netcfg/get_domain13:04
jgonzalezumm... should I save the last 5 lines as a shell script and invoke it using early_command?13:05
cjwatsonand then substitute $HOSTNAME and $DOMAIN back into at least /etc/network/interfaces, /etc/hostname, /etc/resolv.conf, /etc/hosts13:05
cjwatsonyou'll probably want to make your dummy preseeded ones be easily substitutable using 'sed -i'13:05
cjwatsonshell script> yes13:05
jgonzalezand then another script making the substitutions and invoked using late_command?13:06
cjwatsonsomething like 'sed -i "s/DUMMYHOSTNAME/$HOSTNAME/g; s/DUMMYDOMAIN/$DOMAIN/g" /etc/network/interfaces /etc/hostname /etc/resolv.conf /etc/hosts'13:06
cjwatsonno, it has to be in the same script13:06
cjwatsonyou might need to wrap that in a loop to detect whether the files exist13:06
jgonzalezbuf... I guess you can't turn 8.04 into 8.03, can you? :P13:07
cjwatsonno :-)13:07
cjwatsonif you're wondering why this is in early_command that's because this is editing the files used by the installer itself which are then copied over to the target system later13:07
jgonzalezyes, I guessed so13:07
jgonzalezok, I'll try it, thank you very much13:08
cjwatsonlet me produce a better version13:08
cjwatsonthe suggestion above is a bit buggy13:08
cjwatsonhttp://paste.ubuntu.com/4709/ should be a bit better13:09
cjwatsontotally untested though13:09
jgonzalezok, I'll give it a try, thank you very much13:10
xivulonWould it be possible to append (cat) the md5sum of an ISO to the ISO file itself? So that the last n bytes are the checksum of the preceeding chunk?13:31
cjwatsonit *might* be technically possible but who knows what a non-standard approach like that would break13:38
cjwatsona phenomenal amount of software deals with ISO-9660 file systems and trying to invent extensions in ways not provided by the standard isn't a good plan IMO13:39
xivulonwould you say that if I check squashfs.filesystem I should catch most of the issues with corrupted CDs?13:50
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xivulonOther cryptoquestion, it would be nice to verify remote metalinks. I was thinking of using a cross-compiled version of gpgv with a keyring embedded within wubi.14:40
xivulonThen always download XYZ.metalink + XYZ.metalink.sig. Is such approach reasonable?14:41
jgonzalezwhere should I put scripts invoked using preseed/early_command or preseed/late_command?14:59
cjwatsonjgonzalez: I'd use /tmp14:59
jgonzalezcjwatson... can I include the script in the remastered CD and invoke it using a full path? kind of /cdrom/whatever/script.sh15:00
jgonzalezwhat about hosting the script in the same place where the second preseed file is? I mean kind of http://myserver.com/path/to/script.sh? would that work?15:02
jgonzalezno answer :) gonna try it15:03
cjwatsonno, that won't work, though you can have a trivial wrapper in early_command that wgets something and then runs it15:04
cjwatsonp.s. a one-minute delay isn't "no answer" ...15:05
jgonzalezcjwatson, sorry, wans't my intention, I appreciate a lot your help :)15:05
saispocjwatson: it's possible to deactivate automatic generation of xorg.conf in the debian installer ? my metapackage install it and write an xorg.conf automaticaly...16:13
cjwatsonsaispo: that's not an installer function as such; the xserver-xorg package does it in its postinst16:40
cjwatsonsaispo: I don't think there is, and I think you should probably just write over it after xserver-xorg has been installed; but for an authoritative answer you should consult the X team16:40
saispook, thanks, i try with some directive in preseed, will test :)16:42
jgonzalezcjwatson: I've tried using the script you gave me, but it doesn't seem to do anything16:48
cjwatsonjgonzalez: ok, boot with DEBCONF_DEBUG=developer and also put 'set -x' near the top of the script and it should give you a trace16:49
cjwatson(in /var/log/syslog)16:49
jgonzalezI guess this is correct:  d-i preseed/early_command string wget -O /tmp/configure-hostname-domain.sh \16:49
jgonzalez 11        http://puppet.openinput.com/preseed/ubuntu/gutsy/configure-hostname-domain.sh; \16:49
jgonzalez 12        chmod +x /tmp/configure-hostname-domain.sh; /tmp/configure-hostname-domain.sh16:49
jgonzalezgonna try to debug it16:50
jgonzalezAnother question: I'm doing LVM, and if I try to reinstall I machine I've previously installed it fails because it founds a duplicate volume name group, any idea?16:51
cjwatsonI think at present you'll need to explicitly delete the volume group using the LVM tools from early_command16:54
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jgonzalezok... regarding the script issue... does "<-- 30 question skipped" mean anything?16:56
jgonzalezit seems the script gets executed, but it doesn't prompt for values, it uses the values provided in the preseed file16:57
cjwatsonput 'db_fset netcfg/get_hostname seen false' before 'db_input critical netcfg/get_hostname', and similarly for get_domain17:01
jgonzalezcjwatson: ok, now it works, thanks a lot :)17:04
jgonzalezabout the LVM problem... it's quite annoying: I lvremove all volumes, vgremove all groups, and the with fdisk I remove all partitions, I go back to hard disk detection and the complains about "no root file system detected" or something like that (using spanish installation). If I reboot the machine the it works ok17:08
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cjwatsonjgonzalez: cool17:13
jgonzalez$ echo "r00tme" | mkpasswd -s -H MD5 <- Is this correct to generate encrypted passwords to include them in the preseed file? Mine doesn't seem to be working17:20
cjwatsonsounds ok ...17:28
cjwatsonyou're just setting passwd/user-password-crypted to the encrypted text, right?17:28
cjwatsonor root-password-crypted17:29
cjwatsonif the latter, you will also need to set 'd-i passwd/root-login boolean true'17:29
jgonzalezI'm trying tight now with a shorter one, to check if it was my fault while typing17:34
jgonzalezdoes pkgsel/include only work with package included in the CD? If so I guess that to install any package not included in the CD you must use late_command, right?17:44
cjwatsonjgonzalez: right, afraid so17:59
cjwatsonthough strictly speaking that's maybe a bug; pkgsel/include can only be triggered by hand and it's probably ok to have that go to the network18:00
jgonzalezso I'll have to do something like in-target aptitude install whatever package?18:01
jgonzalezanother question18:01
jgonzalezshould tasksel tasksel/first multiselect standard install openoffice and gnome????18:01
CIA-44pkgsel: cjwatson * r100 ubuntu/debian/ (changelog postinst):18:01
CIA-44pkgsel: * Move final sources.list into place before processing pkgsel/include, so18:01
CIA-44pkgsel:  that you can use that to install packages not on the CD.18:01
CIA-44pkgsel: cjwatson * r101 ubuntu/debian/changelog: releasing version 0.16ubuntu218:02
cjwatsonjgonzalez: it doesn't, but the language pack installation shortly afterwards does. preseed 'd-i pkgsel/install-language-support boolean false'18:03
cjwatsonand 'd-i pkgsel/language-pack-patterns string' too18:04
jgonzalezhmmm, so in 8.04 I'll be able to use pkgsel/include to install packages not included in the CD?18:04
jgonzalez:S a-gah = yes???? :)18:05
cjwatsonjgonzalez: yes18:06
cjwatsonthough I'm sure that's not what soren meant to mistype18:06
jgonzalezI have just noticed that the LVM recipe wasn't correctly selected... I'm using 'd-i partman/choose_partition select Finalizar el particionado y escribir los cambios en el disco' (spanish translation, of course I select the spanish locale in the beginning using a kernel parameter)18:14
jgonzalezI meant 'd-i partman-auto/choose_recipe select Separar particiones /home, /usr, /var y /tmp'18:15
jgonzalezlvscan only shows root and swap_118:16
jgonzalezany idea on this? I've noticed that this option only shows when using the expert mode, but this shouldn't be a problem when using preseeding, right?18:25
cjwatsonthe current translation actually seems to be /usr/ not /usr18:39
cjwatsonit has to match exactly18:40
cjwatsonthat whole interface with translated strings is rather unfortunate; there's a bug about it18:40
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cjwatsonevand: any progress with getting the ubiquity-preserve-home bug fixed?22:48

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