DPicHow does this look? https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MarketingTeam06:21
juliuxmorning katkin 09:10
katkinhey juliux09:11
juliuxkatkin, can you ask gerry who much cds we get for cebit and when?11:16
katkinjuliux: I thought he had already confirmed this? The mail that you send on 6th Feb said it was all sorted11:18
juliuxkatkin, there was confirmed that i get cds, but now when;)11:18
katkinI see11:20
katkinok, well I would suggest writing another e-mail to ask him and copy me in, so I know11:22
katkinhow many would you ideally like?11:22
juliuxok i will write him a mail11:23
katkinjust copy me in, so I know11:27
katkinI can send you some server CDs for sure11:27
katkinyou can say that I have already confirmed that with you11:27
katkinwould you have a need for giving out server CDs?11:27
juliuxserver cds are exallent11:27
juliuxon cebit are a lot of business people who want to use ubuntu on the server11:28
katkincool - well I can send you some 32 and 64 bit11:29
katkinhow many do you think you would need to give away of each?11:30
juliuxi think 300 32bit and 100 64bit is enough11:31
katkinok, cool I can easily arrange to get those sent out, so feel free to confirm that in the e-mail to gerry11:31
katkinin the e-mail can you also confirm the delivery address and the date you will need the CDs delivered by?11:32
katkinquick question, does anyone know what alan pope's e-mail address is/15:24
jchase<alanpope AT ubuntu DOT com>15:26
jchaseI believe, according to his wiki page15:27
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jendajuliux has the interesting habit of leaving just before I want to talk to him :)16:34
desertcAnyone know how to do Text Shadowing in GIMP ?18:03
desertcMaybe it is called a Drop Shadow18:06
desertcAlso, I'm trying to find a font that does "all capitals" with lowercase letters shown with smaller capital letters.18:12
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DPicwhat do you think of what i've done to the wiki? 19:33
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desertcLooks kind of the same... What was it that you did?20:24
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DPicdesertc: before there was just one messy page. now there's a menu, and everything is organized...20:36
DPicyou don't see the difference between this https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MarketingTeam?action=recall&rev=240 and this https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MarketingTeam/ ?20:39
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desertcI like it.  I am going to put these up when I speak at MTSU in a couple weeks.21:53

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