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ubuntuwestbengalhi Jono, I just submitted an approval application for Ubuntu West Bengal14:59
jonohey ubuntuwestbengal14:59
ubuntuwestbengalsir, how long will it take for our team to be approved?14:59
jonoubuntuwestbengal: did you email me about it?14:59
jonoor add it to the CC meeting?15:00
ubuntuwestbengalyes sir15:00
ubuntuwestbengali sent the link to you15:00
ubuntuwestbengalin an email15:00
ubuntuwestbengaljono@ubuntu.com i think15:00
ubuntuwestbengalSir, it would be great if we got approved. It would be a privilege for all of us here.15:01
ubuntuwestbengalsince we are putting in our best to add to the Ubuntu community from our side15:02
ubuntuwestbengalSir, is there any other input required from our side?15:04
ubuntuwestbengalPlease do let me know if there is15:05
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