mon^rchneed help with manually editing my t-bird profile and adding the news server (program bugged and wont add it via gui) ubuntu feisty01:33
mon^rchwhich file do I edit please?01:34
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[reed]woo, my new laptop will be here today09:29
asac[reed]: what kind?09:38
[reed]ThinkPad X6109:39
[reed]portable laptop to go with my current ThinkPad T60p09:39
[reed]asac: ^09:42
asacsounds great09:46
asacwhat screen resolution?09:46
[reed]not sure yet09:52
[reed]I'll find out when I get it!09:52
hellboy195asac: norsetto said maybe it's a sync if the buid dep on ff isn't necessary11:38
asachellboy195: what about the gtk deprecated patch? i stha tin debian as well?11:39
hellboy195asac: yep11:39
hellboy195asac: otherwise we couldn't say it's maybe a sync ^^11:39
asacanyway, iceweasel provides x-www-browser as well ... the dependency exists just as an explicit tie-break rule afaik11:40
asaci would keep the diff11:40
hellboy195asac: cool, thx for you help :)11:41
hellboy195Thanks again and bye @ all :)11:45
* asac out shopping18:28
asacback for a while18:56
UbuletteFailed to fetch http://ftpmaster.internal/ubuntu/dists/hardy/main/binary-i386/Packages.bz2  MD5Sum mismatch20:27
UbuletteFailed to fetch http://ftpmaster.internal/ubuntu/dists/hardy/universe/binary-i386/Packages.bz2  MD5Sum mismatch20:27
UbuletteFailed to fetch http://ftpmaster.internal/ubuntu/dists/hardy/multiverse/binary-i386/Packages.bz2  MD5Sum mismatch20:27
Ubuletteasac, http://paste.ubuntu.com/4731/20:44
Ubulette(just FYI)20:44
asacUbulette: which commit?21:03
asacFix for bug 403240 - threads hanging in nss_InitLock . r=wtc,nelson21:04
asacmozilla bug 40324021:04
ubotuMozilla bug 403240 in Libraries "threads hanging in nss_InitLock" [Major,New] http://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=40324021:04
asacwow that looks like a glitch21:06
asachmm ... was secoid_init present in nss 3.11?21:10
Ubulettejust look at the diff. it was in b321:22
asac3.11 ;)21:25
asaci was wondering if that symbol was in 3.1121:27
asacor if that is just 3.12 development noise21:28
Ubulettei guess the later21:28
asaci hope so :)21:28
[reed]I have my new laptop21:32
[reed]should I try Hardy, or am I better off with Gutsy for now?21:32
asaci'd say hardy21:34
asaclatest daily CD ;921:34
[reed]give me a good reason :)21:34
asacdunno ... i think there is ffox 3 on it ;)21:34
[reed]I don't use your firefox anyway :p21:35
asacnevertheless, otherwise you get firefox 2 ;)21:35
[reed]your firefox is the first thing to go21:35
[reed]replaced with my local copy21:35
asacthats a bad start ;)21:36
asacits good to rest half a day after install and honour the pure distribution feeling21:37
asacthen move on21:37
asacstart messing around21:38
Ubulettei'd go for hardy too. why would you want an obsolete desktop on your brand new hardware ?21:39
Ubulettehm bzr broken :(21:39
asacUbulette: you should use bzr.dev branch ;)21:40
Ubuletteit's my bot21:40
asacthe package is frequently an annoyance ;)21:40
[reed]I just don't want to be screwed21:41
[reed]by some hardy problem21:41
asac[reed]: use livecd ... if that works, then install most likely will be good as well21:41
asac[reed]: so what screen solution do you have?21:51
[reed]looks like 1024x768, but that doesn't seem right... it's a 12.1" screen21:52
Ubulettethat's small21:53
[reed]well, it's supposed to be my portable laptop21:53
[reed]I have my large 15" ThinkPad T60p if I want 1600x120021:53
asaci 1024x768 is the default for think pads (12 inch)21:54
asacthats why i am still not sure ;)21:54
asacthere are 12 inch laptops with 1280x860 ?? or something like that21:54
jcastromy hp has 1280x860 or whatever22:24
jcastrothe thinkpad X series are the ones stuck on 1024x768. :(22:25
Ubuletteasac, did you ask for daily builds in ppa ?22:29
LisetareHi i am sorry to bother you with my question, but i couldn't find solution for my problem. I don't have any sound during surfing net, for example in youtube - video plays without sound. I have installed restricted extras package and flashplayer. What could be my problem?22:34
asacLisetare: does your sound work at all?22:35
Lisetareyup, in all other programs sound works great (ogg and mp3 and any other possible formats)22:35
asacUbulette: i don't think i have .... added to my whiteboard TODO list again22:36
asacLisetare: start firefox from the command line ... maybe you see some errors that give a hint22:36
Lisetareok let me try22:36
Lisetarenothing, it just open firefox and nothing else22:38
Lisetarealso i've tried to reinstall flash plug-in by terminal - it also didn't help22:39
asacno idea then ... try #ubuntu or the forums. they are more focussed on user support and might be aware of more corner cases where this happens.22:40
Lisetarehave tried #ubuntu, they have no clue. ok maybe in forum someone will help.22:41
cheguevarasearch the forums22:42
asacyeah content on forum sticks a bit longer on radar22:42
cheguevaraits a common problem for flashto have no sound22:42
cheguevara*flash to22:42
Ubulettelooks like the device is busy (either /dev/audio or /dev/dsp).22:42
Ubulettedo you use esd ?22:42
asacyeah, but busy device would be dumped to terminal afaik22:42
Ubulettebtw, is it hardy or gutsy ?22:42
Ubuletteok so esound is still used. try to "killall esd" and restart firefox22:43
Lisetarewhen i use alsa - it says device is busy but it affects all system. so i chose AD 198x analog22:43
Lisetareit says process wasn't killed22:44
Ubulettehm, if you start it (esd), does it help ?22:44
Ubulettei mean, start esd before ff22:45
asacesd never did anything good for me22:45
Lisetareno :(22:46
asacand you don't have sound server enabled in sound config?22:46
Ubulettedepends a lot on the sound card. some don't even need sound daemons as they are able to share in h/w22:46
asaclast i heard is that esd it complete crap22:47
asacwe only keep it for some obscure reason22:47
Lisetarei don't know what is sound server :( i am blonde in linux completely22:47
asacLisetare: in sound config22:47
asacsystem -> preferences -> sound22:47
asacthere is a tab "Sound" ... ther is checkbox that enables sound server (in hardy it reads: Enable sofware sound mixing (ESD))22:48
asaci think in gutsy it should read different22:48
Lisetareit is on there22:48
asacmaybe disable it then22:48
asacand restart X (relogin)22:48
asacmaybe it even works without relogin22:49
Lisetareno :( again doesn't help22:49
Lisetarerelogin... ok let me try22:49
Lisetareno it doesn't help :( also i forget to say - sometimes firefox stops even when i start to play any sound in web22:51
Ubulettewhat does this command gives you ? lsof -np `pidof firefox` | grep dev22:52
Lisetarelsof: no process ID specified22:53
Lisetarelsof 4.7822:53
Lisetare latest revision: ftp://lsof.itap.purdue.edu/pub/tools/unix/lsof/22:53
Lisetare latest FAQ: ftp://lsof.itap.purdue.edu/pub/tools/unix/lsof/FAQ22:53
Lisetare latest man page: ftp://lsof.itap.purdue.edu/pub/tools/unix/lsof/lsof_man22:53
cheguevarayou can try this22:54
cheguevarasudo aptitude install alsa-oss22:54
cheguevarasudo gedit /etc/firefox/firefoxrc22:54
cheguevaraand then put FIREFOX_DSP=”aoss” in there22:55
cheguevaramight need to log out and log back in or reboot22:55
Lisetarewithout logging out it didn't help22:56
cheguevarayeah you might need to reboot or log out22:57
Lisetareщл цуте ащк куищщештп22:58
Lisetareok went for rebooting22:58
cheguevaracyrillic :)22:58
cheguevarayou russian?22:58
Lisetareyes i mean :)22:58
cheguevarayasno :P22:58
Lisetarein russian channel nobody help and all clever russian sit here :)22:59
cheguevaraLisetare, zvuka tol'ko vo flashe net ili voobshe vo vsem browsere?22:59
Lisetaretolko vo fleshe23:00
cheguevaraLisetare, yasno, perezagruzis' poprobui, potom posmotrim23:00
cheguevarapersonallyall my sound on hardy disappeared with one of the kernel updates23:01
asacLisetare: if flashplugin-nonfree package doesn't work, you can also try mozilla-plugin-gnash :)23:05
Lisetarewoow thanks it helped :) thanks-thanks-thanks23:05
asacthats not perfect, but maybe youtube woirks then :)23:05
asacLisetare: what did you do?23:05
cheguevaranot perfect is an under-estimation :P23:05
Lisetareeverything i need works :) thanks a lot.23:05
Lisetarei did those commands... changed in firefox none to alsa or something like this... even i didn't understand good what i did23:06
cheguevara<cheguevara> sudo gedit /etc/firefox/firefoxrc23:06
cheguevara<cheguevara> and then put FIREFOX_DSP=”aoss” in there23:06
cheguevara<cheguevara> might need to log out and log back in or reboot23:06
cheguevarathis :P23:06
Lisetareexactly :D23:07
cheguevaraand <cheguevara> sudo aptitude install alsa-oss         before that23:07
asacwho needs sound ;)23:07
Lisetarealsa oss was installed though23:07
asacLisetare: maybe that was the initial reason then?23:07
asacoss is deprecated23:07
asacor is it installed by default?23:07
cheguevaraasac, but things will use alsa directly by default23:07
cheguevaraso having it installed changes nothing23:07
cheguevarabut on some computers it helps when firefox uses alsa's oss compatibility layer23:08
cheguevarafor some reason23:08
asacyeah ... maybe flash doesn't even work with alsa23:08
asacwould be in line ;)23:08
Lisetarei installed ubuntu yesterday and i don't know why at first it didn't want to look for packages in repositariums23:08
Lisetareso at first i installed many packages by myself23:08
asacah ok23:08
Lisetarewell anyway thanks. Sorry for bothering you23:09
Lisetarewish i ever knew linux as much as you do23:09
cheguevaranp :P23:09
cheguevarathanks for trying to fix your problems and not giving up like some do :P23:10
Lisetarewell... it is kinda my dream now to be first blonde who learn ubuntu :D23:10
cheguevarawe don't get many girls around here anyway :P23:11
Lisetarei want to work in telecom company, it is actually my specialty, but everywhere they need experience with gnu/*nix23:11
cheguevaraah right23:12
cheguevaraLisetare, which town is that?23:12
Lisetareaha how you guess?23:13
cheguevarai have my ways :P23:14
cheguevaraits good to see that open source software is doing good back home23:15
cheguevarahaven't been there in 4 years now :(23:15
cheguevarathere = Russia23:15
Lisetarewhere do you live now?23:16
Lisetarecool )23:16
cheguevaramiss it though :P23:17
cheguevaraeurope is too boring23:17
cheguevaraUbulette, whats new in your firefox packages from your ppa23:18
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Ubulettenothing ubuntu specific, just bug fixes from upstream23:22
cheguevaraoh so just a new snapshot23:22
cheguevarasorry, updatemanager doesn't show from what version to what its updating anymore for some reason23:23
Ubuletteyes, i find that really annoying23:23
cheguevarais it a bug or a feature?23:23
Ubulettedon't know. apparently a feature23:24
Ubulettewhy do people keep confirming bug 19299223:25
ubotuLaunchpad bug 192992 in python-central "[hardy] pycentral crashed with ValueError in parse_versions()" [Medium,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/19299223:25
cheguevarabug 18940623:26
ubotuLaunchpad bug 189406 in update-manager "[Hardy] Update Manager doesn't display package versions anymore" [Low,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/18940623:26
cheguevaradamn it23:28
cheguevarai just pressed install all updates23:28
cheguevarabad timing Ubulette :P23:28
[reed]those are why I want gutsy23:28
cheguevarano breakage == no fun :P23:29
cheguevarafunny how after feature freeze more things started breaking then before :P23:29
Ubulettei'll do only a third of today's update23:35
cheguevaradamn wine is broken as well23:36
armin76ricers :P23:37
cheguevarasays the gentoo developer23:37
armin76gentoo is not ricing23:43
cheguevaraarmin76: but it makes ricing possible :P23:45
armin76like hardy :P23:45
cheguevarahardy doesn't let you change your C/CXX/LD FLAGS23:46
cheguevaraand it has a new upstream version freeze compared to ~x86 :P23:46
armin76use x86 then :)23:47
armin76probably the same versions as hardy23:48
cheguevarabut then i don't get the latest version of everything23:48
armin76then you are the ricer :P23:48
cheguevarai can't live like that23:48
armin76yeah, like what package? :P23:48
cheguevaraCFLAGS="-O2 -march=native -fomit-frame-pointer -fno-ident -fweb -pipe -msse3"23:49
cheguevaraLDFLAGS="-Wl,-O1 -Wl,--hash-style=gnu"23:49
cheguevaranot too bad :P23:49
cheguevaraarmin76, do you remember that update to bash, which fucked up people's baselayout and the unlucky ones who rebooted ended up with a non bootable system?23:51
cheguevarathats was quiet bad23:53
cheguevaratoo be honest personally i never had a problem because of running unstable23:53
cheguevaramay be i am just lucky23:53

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