juliaet30i hate being set up do you?01:13
MythbuntuGuest60Hello everyone...  I am new to Mythbuntu, switched from MythDora and am needing 2 issues resolved...01:29
MythbuntuGuest60Is there anyone here that can help...  I have been unable to resolve issues myself01:32
ubotuPlease don't ask to ask a question, ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely answer. :-)01:32
MythbuntuGuest60Thanks...  Using Mythbuntu 8.04 apha 201:33
MythbuntuGuest60Cannot get the MythBackend setup...  Getting error "cannot login".01:33
superm1so what have you done so far?01:33
superm1you when through and it copied everything01:34
MythbuntuGuest60Trying to setup the password for Mysql:  get error Password: NO01:34
superm1and the button at the end isn't working?01:34
superm1or you've already rebooted?01:34
tracer903i've had mythbuntu 7.10 for about a week now, and my tv out keeps shutting off when I play some videos.  my xorg.conf lists my monitor as "failsafe monitor" can anyone help!01:34
MythbuntuGuest60Rebooted, followed the "troubleshooting" instructions to setup the mysql password...  Lets just say I have been working on this for most of the afternoon and havent gotten any further.01:35
superm1MythbuntuGuest60, okay well for starters01:35
superm1did you change the password during install?01:35
superm1or leave it be01:35
MythbuntuGuest60think I set a password.01:36
superm1okay so you set a root password then01:36
superm1but nothing more01:36
superm1a root mysql password that is01:37
MythbuntuGuest60yes, I did... Not the SU password01:37
superm1k, now did that have anything non alphanumeric?01:37
superm1(there is an ongoing bug related to that)01:37
MythbuntuGuest60yes... using \\\\\\01:37
superm1that's your issue01:37
superm1please reinstall without setting a root password (at least atm)01:38
superm1or set one with just alphanumeric characters01:38
superm1the internal code for setting the passwords currently doesn't properly escape a lot of characters01:38
MythbuntuGuest60sudo dpkg-reconfigure mysql-server-5.001:39
MythbuntuGuest60set to home01:39
superm1there are other things that got touched01:39
superm1during install01:39
superm1that's why i was saying it'd be easier to just reinstall01:39
MythbuntuGuest60so do a complete reinstall - when I get to the prompt to set root password leave blank?01:40
superm1that'd probably be the easiest route at this pint01:40
superm1just dont check that box for setting a root password for mysql01:40
superm1and then it will just go through01:40
superm1bug 16036801:41
superm1that's the bug01:41
MythbuntuGuest60So I do this correct...  set login name and password01:42
MythbuntuGuest60Should I check the box "MythTV Service?01:43
superm1that's up to you01:43
superm1that's if you have remote machines01:43
superm1that need to connect01:43
MythbuntuGuest60That wont have an effect on Mysql....  Using Media MVP so I think I will need to enable that function "mythtv service01:44
MythbuntuGuest60great, will give it another go!  Might you have any information as to getting TV and Monitor working (Twinview/Clone)01:45
superm1open mcc after install01:45
superm1and pick the nvidia button01:45
superm1and there is a nice gui for it all01:45
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about mcc - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi01:46
superm1mythbuntu control centre01:46
superm1you'll see after install01:46
tracer903could someone look at my xorg.conf file and advise me.  my tv out stopped working. http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/56438/01:46
MythbuntuGuest60Think I did that... Looks like I have another issue..  Will try after I get MythTV working.01:47
MythbuntuGuest60THANKS FOR THE HELP!01:47
superm1np MythbuntuGuest60 good luck :)01:47
superm1tracer903, you're not using the proprietary driver01:47
superm1er yeah you are01:47
superm1but you did some weird stuff in that file01:47
superm1tracer903, open up mcc and pick the nvidia button01:48
superm1you should be able to reset it there01:48
superm1to do tv out01:48
tracer903if i click on restricted drivers it says NVIDIA accelerated graphics driver   in use01:50
tracer903when i click on launch xorg.config, it won't do anything01:50
superm1tracer903, in mcc there is a special button for nvidia cards01:51
superm1that's the one you pick01:51
juliaet30what to do with people who thinks that they know what are my ambitions are and what i am about to do and if i even want to do my own thing i am trying to please them and made it up right there and right then? :D thank you01:52
superm1huh juliaet30 ?01:52
tracer903yea, under propietary drivers, there is "Launch restricted drivers manager" "launch nvidia settings" and "launch xorg.config"01:53
superm1yeah launch nvidia settings01:53
superm1that's what i'm speaking of01:54
MythbuntuGuest60Setting partitions and want to make sure this is correct;  10 gig (ext3, /) 2 gig (swap, NUL) 238 Gig (xfs, /var/lib)01:54
superm1yeah that sounds sane01:54
tracer903it won't let me do anything under tv-001:55
MythbuntuGuest60I often use WinSCP to connect to the mythbox (load movies, ect)...  Do I set VNC Service or not01:56
superm1MythbuntuGuest60, something is broke with VNC in 8.04's alpha right now, so i wouldnt bother with it atm01:57
superm1it will be fixed eventually, but its a messy situation right now01:57
superm1tracer903, but you should be able to adjust which monitor its output to01:58
superm1and turn on and off different monitors from inside there01:58
MythbuntuGuest60k, thanks...  INSTALLING NOW>01:58
rhpot1991superm1: trunk has storage groups right?02:00
tracer903ok, i got tv back up but now monitor is zoomed in02:00
rhpot1991I wonder if I could use them to fix my network playback issue02:00
superm1tracer903, hit the save button and reboot.  the behavior may change after you reboot02:00
rhpot1991and nfs mount things, since they seem to play fine like that02:00
superm1well i've not considered doing a storage group on nfs02:01
superm1so i'm not sure how nicely that would work02:01
rhpot1991unless you got a better idea?02:01
superm1i'm full of ideas, but better idea02:01
superm1i dunno02:01
rhpot1991not really getting anywhere with it currently02:01
rhpot1991fire away if you got something02:01
superm1as i said before :)02:02
rhpot1991booo :(02:02
rhpot1991let me see if I have any long enough to do a test02:03
rhpot1991wife isn't gonna like it though02:03
MythbuntuGuest60RIGHT ON...  Its alive!!!02:07
MythbuntuGuest60thank you superml!!!02:08
superm1MythbuntuGuest60, please comment on that bug if you can to notate what it was that broke it for you02:08
tracer903superm1, been playing with the resolution, I can't get both to display properly.  one of them will be zoomed while the other will show entire desktop.  I guess I'll save a reboot02:08
superm1which weird characters you used02:09
MythbuntuGuest60no prob, where?02:09
superm1that bug i posted02:09
MythbuntuGuest60logged comments...02:16
MythbuntuGuest60superml, if I am using MediaMVP should I set the Local/Master Backend IP ADDRESS to the STATIC IP Address?02:17
MythbuntuGuest60currently it is default
superm1MythbuntuGuest60, to your local address yeah02:22
=== foxbuntu___ is now known as foxbuntu
MythbuntuGuest60At VIDEO SOURCE SETUP;  Perform EIT Scan, leave as default or input us-bcast,cable,hrc,irc???/us-cable/irc,02:31
MythbuntuGuest60Sorry,,,,  Check the box for EIT Scan? or will this go against Schedules Direct information?02:32
superm1depends on your card02:37
MythbuntuGuest60This is weird, I have a PVR500...  Getting Default input as Tuner 1 for both video0 and video1... Is that correct?02:37
superm1they each can use a tuner02:37
MythbuntuGuest60So at INPUT CONNECTIONS I have Tuner1 in both video0 and Video1 fields...02:38
MythbuntuGuest60Storage Group is new?  Set recordings to go in LiveTV?  Do I "Add New Directory"?02:40
superm1storage groups are part of 0.2102:40
superm1i've never done a new install on them sorry02:40
superm1only upgrade installs02:40
npurcifulhey does anyone know if HDhomerun supports multirec02:41
MythbuntuGuest60Cannot say Ive used them either (had MythDora prior).  Suppose I "add directory".  This will create a folder and dump recordings into it?  There is no information in the setup manual.02:42
superm1i dont think it does npurciful, but i havent tested it with mine02:42
npurcifulsuperm1: trunk builds still failing02:43
superm1npurciful, ugh again..02:43
superm1man i've pushed that thing 4 times today02:43
superm1what is failing now!?02:43
npurcifullooks like a patch02:44
npurcifulapplying patch 09_perl_bindings_prefix to ./ ... failed.02:44
npurcifulmake: *** [patch-stamp] Error 102:44
superm1ugh. okay lets see what happened :)02:46
superm1they keep on absorbing patches that i sent upstream02:46
superm1has been the biggest thing02:46
npurcifuloh i tried the hardy mythbuntu, looks good02:48
npurcifulwell just the live, havent tried the install02:49
superm1npurciful, okay i think i cleaned up that patch02:53
superm1silly upstream changes...02:54
rhpot1991superm1: just remembered why I never tried cat5 as a solution03:00
rhpot1991box doesn't have ethernet03:00
rhpot1991standing there with a wire with nothing to plug into03:00
rhpot1991when its done recording I can swap out the wifi card and try it out03:01
rhpot1991heh, yep03:01
rhpot1991its living off of pci slots03:01
rhpot1991raid controller, wifi, tuner, sound card03:01
rhpot1991all needed for mythtv03:01
rhpot1991p4 with rdram, I've looked at replacing the mobo (which I can describe as flaky at best) but it would involve replacing most of the box at this point03:02
npurcifulyeah, i hate that, i am having problems finding a mother board to my liking in socket 47803:03
rhpot1991luckily the box isn't much more than a glorified frontend which records my wife's shows03:05
npurcifuli am running a microfly case (cube shaped) but would like to build a mythbackend with a settop style box, and move all the tv stuff out of my computer03:07
npurcifulmake my computer just a frontend03:08
npurcifulbut i was having problems find small / low profile hardware that would support dual tuners 1tb storage, cd and such03:09
npurcifulbut i think i am going to order a HDHR and a ITX minicomputer for backend03:10
npurcifulor a pundit03:11
rhpot1991might want to wait for the new hauppauge HD box instead of getting a HDHR03:15
npurcifulwhat is the HD box03:16
rhpot1991would suck if linux support didn't happen right away though03:18
npurcifulthats pretty cool03:19
npurcifulyeah, that would suck03:19
npurcifulmight get the hdhr and HDbox03:20
npurcifuluse the hdhr until or when hdbox and driver suport is there03:21
rhpot1991I've heard good things about the HDHR so you prob can't go wrong03:22
szakulecanyone using a PVR-250 card here? had a strange experience, and was left with some questions03:25
MythbuntuGuest60trying to get twinview to work... Using nVidia 6200...  Option NVIDIA Driver Config Util is greyed out (MCC)03:29
MythbuntuGuest60Do I need to download another driver or should this be included and Im not enabling it?03:32
npurcifulyou have to enable the restricted driver03:33
MythbuntuGuest60I have...  It is "green"03:34
MythbuntuGuest60This is a fresh install of Mythbuntu 8.04 alpha 203:35
npurcifulhave you restarted since you enabled it03:37
MythbuntuGuest60yes i have.03:37
superm1MythbuntuGuest60, can you try to run sudo nvidia-settings03:37
superm1from command line?03:38
MythbuntuGuest60Status: In Use03:38
MythbuntuGuest60no, MCC03:38
superm1MythbuntuGuest60, but i'm saying to pick the terminal in advanced03:38
superm1and type03:38
superm1sudo nvidia-settings03:38
superm1and see if it opens03:38
superm1you might have found a bug03:38
MythbuntuGuest60command not found...  hang on.03:40
superm1it should be part of nvidia-glx-new03:40
superm1or nvidia-glx03:40
superm1MythbuntuGuest60, yeah it looks like something changed with it03:42
superm1sudo apt-get install nvidia-settings03:42
superm1its not provided in the newer binaries it appears03:42
MythbuntuGuest60Have linux-restricted-modules-2.6.2... installed03:42
superm1will have to add a hook around that03:43
MythbuntuGuest60Getting error; unable to lock the admin directory (/var/lib/dpkg) is another prcess using it?03:45
npurcifulholy crap, myth is taken 26min to build so far03:45
superm1MythbuntuGuest60, what else is open?03:45
MythbuntuGuest60nevermind... Had the priprietary driver open.03:45
MythbuntuGuest60reboot or log-off afterwards?03:46
superm1should just be available03:46
superm1you might need to hit revert in mcc03:46
superm1or restart mcc03:46
superm1otherwise it will just be there03:46
MythbuntuGuest60verygood...  the tv is getting feed...  Rebooting as the resolution is messed up.03:49
MythbuntuGuest60Was this a "bug" or user error?03:49
superm1that was a bug03:50
superm1regarding the nvidia-settings thing03:50
superm1something changed in the archive that i wasn't aware03:51
MythbuntuGuest60Resolution is off...  Set it it to what resolution?03:51
MythbuntuGuest60Currently set to auto.03:51
Eggheadwhats the best way to start using the svn, im currently using 7.10, is there a how to on this?03:52
superm1Egghead, look at mythbuntu.org03:52
superm1take the auto builds link03:52
superm1that's the best way03:52
superm1MythbuntuGuest60, well auto works for most people, but if it doesn't, then look in your tv manual to see what your tv supports03:52
Eggheadahh cool, i think i looked at that page but, di know the auto build was same thing03:52
Eggheadthanks superm1 :)03:53
MythbuntuGuest60Ive had this working fine on MythDora...03:53
MythbuntuGuest60I know the video card and tv both work with the nvidia software...  Just having a pain getting this setup.03:54
superm1MythbuntuGuest60, well what resolution did it use before?03:54
MythbuntuGuest60Ive got it set as clones / the Monitor has good size.  The TV doesnt...  Tried highest at 1024 x 768 and still not getting part of viewing area.03:55
MythbuntuGuest60Cannot recall as I setup MythDora a year ago or so and didnt mess with that... If I recall however, MythDora supplied a the config file... Just had to replace in X11 directory and everything worked.03:57
superm1well the default config file here is setup for autodetect03:58
superm1so if your tv provides EDID it's set typically03:58
superm1via the resolution "nvidia-auto-select"03:58
superm1in xorg.conf03:58
MythbuntuGuest60Ive tried all resolutions...  The smaller the worse it looks.03:58
MythbuntuGuest60so manully edit the xorg.conf file?03:59
superm1well you can try to manually edit it03:59
superm1add that resolution if its not there already03:59
superm1and reboot03:59
MythbuntuGuest60Here is something weird, the walpaper on the monitor (auto) changes in size when resolution is changed on the TV> never fills the entire screen although the top nav bar never changes in size.04:00
MythbuntuGuest60Well, dant bitch....  Getting tv now and eirlier couldnt even get the mythdilldatabase to work...  Will try in a few. Have to put my boys down for bed.04:05
npurcifulsuperm1:  you said you have a HDHR how big is it04:17
superm1very small04:18
MythbuntuGuest60what was the command to update myth plugins?  yum update /*myth/*04:18
superm1that's mine04:18
MythbuntuGuest60that is MythDora04:18
superm1MythbuntuGuest60, its apt-get update here04:18
superm1MythbuntuGuest60, although word of warning04:19
superm1the mirrors are a little out of sync on hardy right now04:19
superm1will be sorted in a day or so04:19
MythbuntuGuest60so apt-get update /*myth/*04:19
superm1just apt-get update04:19
superm1will update the system04:19
superm1if you want some more control of things, you might look into using synaptic instead04:19
MythbuntuGuest60upgrade then update?04:19
superm1well update then upgrade04:20
superm1better yet04:20
MythbuntuGuest60well, I think I will need to pick this up tomarrow as it is getting late... Have 3 issues to get resolved; 1.resolution on TV  2.Mythplugins are not older than the program; wont let me get them open  3.Need to setup MediaMVP (think this will be the biggy).04:30
MythbuntuGuest60Thanks for all your help superml...  Was about to scrap Mythbuntu and go back to MythDora as I knew how to get it to work.  I must say the MCC is REAL nice!!! Other than that, think Ubuntu is better than Fedora.04:32
MythbuntuGuest60So, I hope you or someone else with knowledge and patience will be online tomarrow!04:32
npurcifulhum, mythplugins dep wait04:43
superm1on waht04:52
superm1better not be on something new...04:52
npurcifulsuperm1:  failed applying patch 01_flix-png-fix to ./ ... failed.05:07
superm1npurciful, man this has been the roughest weekly build.05:08
npurcifulheh, i have been watching the build fail all weekend05:08
npurcifulI am banging my head on the keyboard for you05:09
superm1that applies cleanly for me locally on hardy05:12
superm1on 1612705:12
rhpot1991superm1: mythvideo imdb grabber on the gutsy trunk builds doesn't seem to be working05:27
superm1rhpot1991, yeah i'm trying to get a new trunk build in05:29
superm1i've been struggling all weekend on it05:29
superm1as npurciful has noticed05:29
rhpot1991I'm seeing traffic @ 3-7 Mbps while playing a recording05:29
rhpot1991more spiky than yours05:30
rhpot1991but in the same rangish05:30
rhpot1991gonna go try a cat5 cable to see what happens with that05:30
superm1i bet if i go out of this room though i can achieve that same speed05:30
rhpot1991the other box is about 12 feet away, in the next room05:31
npurcifulheh, back someone told me that bestbuy had 1tb WDC GP HDD for 230$05:31
darthanubisjust to make sure I understand the oder of operations:05:32
adaptr1. collect underpants05:32
darthanubismythtv will autoflag commericilas then mythtranscode to nuv extention with the commericials cut, finally nuvexport-xvid transcodes the already transcoded .nuv to a .avi?05:33
darthanubisresulting in a xvid .avi with no commercials?05:34
rhpot1991darthanubis: I wouldn't do that without verifying the flags05:35
rhpot1991gonna be sad when you strip useful programming away to nothing05:35
darthanubiswhat do you mean?05:35
darthanubisyou don't trust commflag?05:35
rhpot1991also it depends on your tuner as far as what your recordings are, for instance my hauppauge cards have mpeg2 files sitting there for me right off the bat05:36
rhpot1991no, I don't.05:36
darthanubisI have a hardware encoder card as well05:36
rhpot1991I've seen many shows that have a 10 second clip on the end that commflaging thinks is still part of a commercial05:36
rhpot1991there is no way to pragmatically detect that05:36
foxbuntuactally that shows up allot05:36
npurcifulooh. ooh, i love it when it just leaves commericals05:37
darthanubisits accurante enough for my needs05:37
rhpot1991npurciful: I've seen some of those05:37
rhpot1991or when you get school cancellations and it finds 0 commercials cause there is a constant blue bar at the top/bottom of the screen05:37
darthanubisI'm just now trying to fine tune the userjobs to leave me with xbids of a reasonable size to store05:37
foxbuntuI have never had issues with archviing (or nuv export) letting it strip commercials, sometimes I lose some video but for the times it happens doesn't bother me much05:37
darthanubisless than 700mb for a 30min show05:37
darthanubisfoxbuntu, do you know if I have my order of operations correct?05:38
foxbuntudarthanubis, sounds right05:39
darthanubisnuvexport is used on the .nuv files not the .mpgs left by the card right?05:39
rhpot1991nuvexport can take mpeg2 files05:39
* rhpot1991 has done it05:39
darthanubisI know it can, but this prevents the commerical cuts05:39
foxbuntudarthanubis, rhpot1991 is the mythbuntu nuvexport guy05:39
rhpot1991not so much05:39
rhpot1991I've used it a few times, and made my own ipod stuff05:40
npurcifulyeah, and the superbowel had 143 commercials05:40
darthanubisI just want to make sure my setup is correct to allow clean xvids, clean= commercial free05:40
rhpot1991darthanubis: as long as you wont mind missing some recordings from time to time, then you can do it on the fly05:40
rhpot1991for important stuff I'd watch it in its whole and skip commercials by hand, then set a job to remove them and start the process05:40
rhpot1991it sounds like the right order to me05:40
darthanubisfirst time getting myth the way I want it05:42
npurcifuldiddo, watch most stuff and skip commercials buy hand (note npurciful falls asleep with remote in hand)05:42
darthanubisI had to compile ffmpeg and nuvexport from source05:42
darthanubisthe nuvexport from repos did not install the perl modules needed05:42
darthanubisffmpeg was not enabled for divx, xvid, mp3 etc05:43
darthanubisfollowed the forum post to the letter, it was a pain, but I believe its all working now05:43
darthanubisI still don't see where mytharchive comes into play05:44
foxbuntumytharchive will do all of that automated but builds to DVD05:44
foxbuntuor you can just archive the files from you backend to disk05:45
darthanubisoh yeah05:45
rhpot1991darthanubis: medibuntu has a good ffmpeg05:46
darthanubisyeah, depriciated though05:46
rhpot1991MCC enables the medibuntu source when you enable dvd playback05:46
darthanubisdid notfor me05:46
rhpot1991gutsy or hardy?05:47
* foxbuntu reminds rhpot1991 about the essential equation Mythbuntu > Mediabuntu05:47
rhpot1991ya I've heard the hardy one isn't up to par yet05:47
rhpot1991hmmm this is gonna be a pain, no idea what IP this box is gonna get05:48
rhpot1991superm1: get me a better mobo from dell to replace this one05:48
* rhpot1991 is tired of needing to swap hardware constantly05:48
superm1rhpot1991, dhcp.leases05:49
superm1on openwrt05:49
rhpot1991superm1: already there05:49
darthanubisneed to build a better BE05:49
rhpot1991darthanubis: who doesn't? :)05:50
darthanubisI bet05:50
rhpot1991what the heck, eth1 and eth2, where is eth005:51
darthanubisnext project is to get a secondary BE to help with the workload05:51
foxbuntudarthanubis, how much recording are you doing?!05:51
rhpot1991I have 2 BE's, only cause I wanted to use tuners and hard drives on both05:51
darthanubislike 100 sessions05:51
rhpot1991also comcast recently promised me that the STB they are giving me will have working firewire05:52
darthanubis200 are set, 6 conflicting, about 113 will record05:52
foxbuntuI have a single backend and I watch way too much TV05:52
rhpot1991they best not be lieing to me05:52
darthanubismost I don't keep05:52
rhpot1991sweet jesus05:52
rhpot1991no way you can watch that much tv05:52
darthanubisbut seeing as how Iam just getting the transcoding to work right, allot of transcoding is happening05:52
rhpot1991I get a conflict once every month or so, between 2 tuners and 2 people picking shows05:52
rhpot1991transcoding is cpu intensive05:53
darthanubisyour right I can't, its too much05:53
rhpot1991I generally don't keep stuff so I don't bother transcoding unless it has a purpose05:53
foxbuntuI used to transcode everything, and recently i stopped transcoding all together05:53
darthanubisyeah, I'm trying to get there05:53
npurcifulcrap are you record everyshow or what05:53
foxbuntuhave had better video results and faster commflags, makes me happy05:54
darthanubiswell I'm a Law and Order CI freak05:54
rhpot1991what the heck, since when do changes in /etc/network/interfaces happen when I write to that file and not restart networking?05:54
darthanubisand they always have marathons on05:54
foxbuntudarthanubis, I like CI too...but I only record on my HD now05:54
npurcifulme too05:55
rhpot1991my stance on transcoding is that HD's are cheap, better to buy more and add to a LVM than to make my cpu crunch on recordings when I can use XvMC with mpeg2 files05:55
darthanubissolarbaby, alot of the older episodes recorded, then I had to play catch up05:55
npurcifulan i have seen most L&O's so i filter New episodes05:55
npurcifulPower Search05:56
npurcifuldo the same with CSI & NCIS05:57
npurcifulthat gets me down to about 5hr of prgraming a day05:57
foxbuntuI like the orig csi, and never got into ncis05:58
npurcifulwith the late shows and stuff05:58
npurcifulncis is pretty cool05:58
darthanubis"The Universe" has peeked my intereset05:58
npurcifulsuperm1: your now bangin hard enough, its still broken. J/K05:59
rhpot1991superm1: :(06:05
rhpot1991cat5 == working :(06:05
superm1didn't help?06:05
superm1how is that bad?06:05
rhpot1991cause I can't do cat506:06
superm1sure you can06:06
superm1you just dont want to06:06
rhpot1991can I live with you when I put holes in the walls and get kicked out?06:06
darthanubisfinding mythweb more useful than mythtv-setup06:06
rhpot1991is there any chance that it will work with wifi again?06:07
rhpot1991there is also the part where I was going to replace a long wire + old router with a wifi router when I move too06:09
rhpot1991master backend plugs into that06:09
npurcifulwell i am goin to go watch some tv and relax it is 12am06:12
npurcifulgood luck superm1on the build, looks like you going to need it06:12
rhpot1991oddly my router isn't showing me difference in traffic when watching a recording now either06:19
rhpot1991I guess there is no in or out, cause its all within the lan06:20
rhpot1991superm1: anything else you can think of that I should try before I hook this wifi back up and go to bed?06:24
superm1rhpot1991, any recordings before the switch?06:24
superm1perhaps try one of those?06:24
rhpot1991ya there are06:24
rhpot1991with wifi you mean right?06:24
rhpot1991I am fairly sure I originally tried with recordings pre-switch, but I will verify06:25
rhpot1991superm1: ok, recordings before the switch are doing the same thing, but....06:54
rhpot1991I have a real old recording done before I modified the bitrates at all (so its real low quality), and that plays ok06:54
superm1so its the new bitrates?06:58
rhpot1991well the "new" bitrates worked with the old mythtv06:58
rhpot1991I haven't modified the bitrates since I got my setup working well in the first place06:58
rhpot1991I still might have them too high06:59
rhpot19919000 bitrate, 12000 max06:59
rhpot1991and I'm only recording SD06:59
superm1that is probably excessive then?07:00
rhpot1991but it worked with the old, and works with nfs, so I'm not sure what to blame at this point07:00
superm1i dunno07:01
rhpot1991any idea what the recommended bitrates for SD are?07:02
superm1i can check mine i suppose07:10
superm1where do you find out?07:10
rhpot1991setup > tv > recording profiles07:10
rhpot1991its 3 or so pages in then07:12
rhpot1991also I have my res bumped to 720x480, not gonna change that though, makes the picture a lot better07:13
rhpot1991superm1: I'm heading to bed, if you get a chance to look up your bitrates let me know, I'm gonna try to figure out what dvd bitrates are tomorrow and set them up07:24
superm1rhpot1991, okay i'll let you know in the morning07:24
superm1sorry a DD showed up07:24
superm1and wanted to help me get someting in debian07:24
superm1although i should be in bed....07:24
rhpot1991heh alright thanks07:24
rhpot1991want to just shoot me off an email about them?07:25
rhpot1991thanks, cya later07:25
NikasYo. Does any one know when we can see nen trunk builds for the plugins? Got updates for frontend and backend today but not for any of the plugins so mythweb does not work among others.11:55
Nikas"Incompatible protocol version (mythweb=39, backend=40)"11:59
directhex|bspoh shit, they jumped protocol again?12:01
Nikasmy build of mythweb does not like it ;)12:08
Tuv0kanyone using it?14:06
Tuv0klooking to run it upon start, not using sessions14:06
Tuv0kOne way to do this is to modify the ZM startup script to also start/stop mythzmserver.14:07
hugolpTuv0k:  zm is zoneminder?14:15
superm1Nikas, hopefully today. They failed  to build probably about 8 times today14:41
superm1er this weekend14:41
NikasThanks for your answer. I'll be waiting for them. ;)14:44
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Nikascan't be installed or upgraded.14:46
rhpot1991_laptoptry to install it by hand, and see what the dependency issue is14:47
rhpot1991_laptopI am guessing you are on hardy?14:47
Nikasnot on that machine14:47
Nikaslibnet-upnp-perl seems to be missing..14:47
Nikasor broken14:47
romanJust installed Mythbuntu 7.10 on a PC w/ an AverMedia HD A180 -- but I can't get it to scan cable channels. dmesg shows all kernel modules are loaded, so I am kinda lost. Tried to find a HOWTO for my card in particular but no luck. I am in Toronto Canada and am using Rogers Cable14:48
superm1Nikas, its in NEW14:51
superm1you can also grab it from the ~mythbuntu PPA until it clears NEW\14:52
superm1https://edge.launchpad.net/~mythbuntu/+archive?field.name_filter=upnp&field.status_filter=published Nikas14:52
Nikashehe i'm really new to this. Started using Linux again when i started to use MythBuntu in the end of 2007. Before that i had used linux around 2000 the last time so..14:53
superm1Nikas, an archive admin has to ack it before it shows up in the regular archive14:53
Nikasi se14:53
superm1so for now, you can just go to that website and grab the binary (.deb)14:53
rhpot1991_laptopthere we go, I was looking for a link but couldn't find it14:53
superm1and install it from there14:53
Nikasah okey. thanks14:54
directhex|bspsuperm1, is the protocol version bump in trunk or 0.21-fixes?14:57
superm1they aren't committing back to trunk until 0.21-fixes is done14:57
directhex|bspaha, okay14:57
directhex|bspso i'm "safe" running the weekly builds for now14:57
superm1well unless that changed :)14:58
superm1look on mythtv-devel14:58
superm1and see14:58
superm1between stuff like that FFe for the archive, and the archive.ubuntu.com website going down, keeping these all in sync is a living nightmare14:58
directhex|bspsuperm1, you sound tired. go have some bacon14:59
rhpot1991_laptopI'd recommend some tea or coffee (yuck)15:02
directhex|bspbacon. it's nutritious and delicious!15:02
superm1well i'll have a waffle and get to work. later guys.15:02
AquahallicMornin' folks15:35
AquahallicI have that optimize db script running nightly through a cron.... when I go look I don't see any evidence of it running....is there a way I can set it to run with an output to a log file?15:37
rhpot1991_laptopcheck /var/log/syslog15:38
rhpot1991_laptopI believe that cron jobs get displayed in there15:38
Aquahallicyeah I've looked there.... should I see the actual file name running?15:38
rhpot1991_laptopAquahallic: did you do the cron daily yourself, or use MCC to do so?15:44
Nikasare you using optimize_mythdb.pl?15:48
EgonisI am trying to scan for channels, but it keeps saying timeout, I read that I should be using dvb-utils to run a scan instead -- is this true? According to a posting somewhere, my area is QAM-256. I am lost, and have never done this before (AverMedia HD A180)15:48
NikasAquahallic: Look here: http://www.mythtv.org/wiki/index.php/User_Manual:Periodic_Maintenance15:49
Nikaslook under "Optimize the Database" and use that optimize_mythdb.sh15:50
rhpot1991_laptopNikas: MCC will do that for you15:50
rhpot1991_laptophe is just looking for proof that something is happening15:50
Nikasah okey, i did it myself and have the logfile as stated in the file15:50
rhpot1991_laptopmy version installed via MCC doesn't show up at all in syslog, just a blurb about cron.daily running15:51
rhpot1991_laptopwhere do those logs live?15:51
rhpot1991_laptopah nevermind, they create a script to make logs15:51
NikasI have mine here /var/log/mythtv/optimize_mythdb.log15:51
egghead3hey aqua16:02
EgonisI think I figured out why I cannot scan for channels -- I am getting a series of errors on i2c 'timeout on nxt200x waiting to init' and such -- should I pastebin this here, or should I post to a different channel? Any help is greatly appreciated16:06
Tuv0khugolp, yes16:31
MythbuntuGuest07I added 50 dvds this weekend...I am trying to use IMDB this morning to add info for all the titles. It will not work manually or auto serach...can someone verify if it is me or is the IMDB down?16:48
NikasDoes not work for me..16:50
mick_laptophi everyone16:50
NikasI have the latest imdb.pl too16:50
MythbuntuGuest07whew...glad it wasnt just me... Thanks Nikas16:50
tracer903will the smk usb blaster work with mythtv?  i can't get it to change channel on my model 322 dish network box17:32
tracer903do you have to create a change_chan.sh script and point mythtv to it to get  your blaster to work?18:16
levanderAre there decent instructions on how to add a mythfrontend to an existing Ubuntu desktop?  I followed the instructions in the wiki and my computer wouldn't boot, it reconfigured my custom networking I had setup, reconfigured X which I'm having trouble fixing...  And, the next step in the instructions is to just start mythfrontend and tell it where the backend is.  I did this, and now when I start my mythfrontend I just get some d18:17
levanderHas someone seen better instructions on how to add a frontend on an existing Ubuntu desktop install?18:18
AquahallicAfternoon egghead318:18
tracer903levander. have you tried installing it from synaptic?18:19
levandertracer903: I 'sudo apt-get mythbuntu-desktop' which should just be the same thing.18:20
levanderAs what were in the instructions.18:20
rhpot1991_laptopif you just need a frontend, there is just a package for that18:21
rhpot1991_laptopeasiest way is to sudo apt-get install mythbuntu-control-centre (notice the spelling)18:22
rhpot1991_laptopand use the system roll selector there18:22
levanderrhpot1991_laptop: I saw the system roles.  But, I don't want this to be like a dedicated mythfrontend.  I use it as a regualr desktop.  but, I'd like to be able to pull up mythtv and watch TV from my myth back end occasionally.  Is there a role for that?18:23
levanderI didn't think any of the options let me choose that.18:23
rhpot1991_laptopsudo apt-get install mythtv-frontend18:24
Aquahalliclevander: yes... just install mythtv-frontend18:24
rhpot1991_laptopubuntu-mythtv-frontend, will set it up to automagically login for you18:25
levanderWell, it's a little late for that.  I already got mythbuntu-desktop on there.18:25
rhpot1991_laptopif you just install mythtv-frontend, then you can launch it by hand whenever18:25
rhpot1991_laptopI'm not sure exactly what mythbuntu-desktop entails, sorry18:25
AquahallicI have an ubuntu running on my laptop... and I just fire off the frontend when I want18:25
Aquahallicso uninstall it levander18:25
levanderI don't care that it's on there.  Unless uninstalling it will give me back my custom network config I had before, my old X config, etc..18:26
levanderWhich, I don't think it will.18:26
rhpot1991_laptoplevander: it backs up any configs18:27
levanderrhpot1991_laptop: Where does it back them up to?18:27
rhpot1991_laptopcheck where they live should be a backup with the world mythbuntu in it18:27
rhpot1991_laptopfor example I have a lircrc.mythbuntu-old18:27
rhpot1991_laptopin the same place where my lircrc lives (.mythtv)18:28
levanderJust looked in /etc/X11 for an xorg.conf backup and in /etc/network for a resolv.conf backup - nothing.18:28
rhpot1991_laptopI don't think it would change your xorg or networking18:28
rhpot1991_laptopare you sure that it did?18:28
levanderrhpot1991_laptop: It even ran some initramfs script.  I *think* it ran that just to change the usplash image.  No, I have to add a boot option to not show the splash image when I boot - or the system doesn't boot.18:29
levanderI'm gonna kill whoever wrote "MythTV Gutsy Frontend Desktop" in the wiki.18:30
rhpot1991_laptopthats for adding mythbuntu to ubuntu18:30
rhpot1991_laptopwhat wiki were you following?18:30
rhpot1991_laptopcause it sounds like you just needed to install the frontend18:31
levanderrhpot1991_laptop: That page has me install mythbuntu-desktop also.18:31
levanderThis is what I followed: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MythTV_Gutsy_Frontend_Desktop18:31
rhpot1991_laptop(1:30:48 PM) rhpot1991_laptop: thats for adding mythbuntu to ubuntu18:32
rhpot1991_laptopbesides the splash problem, anything else not work right?18:32
levanderI have to reconfigure networking - it overwrote my custom networking setup with just a basic DHCP one.  There's some weird flicker on my X-Windows screen...  I've tried 'sudo dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg' but still can't get rid of it.18:33
levanderThere were a few things last night.  Give me a second...18:34
tracer903i've installed mybuntu7.10 about 10 days ago, and it keeps locking up, seems very unstable18:34
levanderOh yeah, I have to say "nosplash" as a kernel option when I boot now.  If I don't, the system crashes on reboot and tries to boot again.  nosplash and it boots fine.18:34
levanderI've got a clean install of mythbuntu 7.10 on another machine and it works great.18:35
rhpot1991_laptoplevander: I have the splash problem on regular ubuntu on my amd6418:35
levanderI got all these problems when I installed mythbuntu-desktop on top of an existing Ubuntu install.18:35
levanderI wish I knew just to install mythtv-frontend last night.18:36
rhpot1991_laptopyou've checked that all the packages are up to date now?18:37
levanderyou mean a 'sudo apt-get upgrade'? - no I haven't done that since i've installed mythbuntu desktop18:37
rhpot1991_laptopI'd try that18:37
rhpot1991_laptopmaybe the splach/xorg are out of date18:38
tracer903I'm trying to get my blaster to control my dish network box and don't know where to start, I think I need to make a change_chan.sh script18:38
levanderrhpot1991_laptop: Yeah, I'll try that.  I need to reboot first though because I was just playing with "Restricted Drivers Manager" to try to get my X config back.18:41
levanderEnabling the binary nvidia driver in Restricted Drivers Manager got rid of the flicker in X.18:45
levanderI guess that flicker was because I used the nvidia driver in configuring X, but didn't enable the kernel module.18:46
levanderAt least that's my guess.18:46
levanderThe nvidia kernel module.18:46
levanderSo, at least I know I can get back to where I was before installing mythbuntu-desktop.18:46
levanderWay calmer now.18:46
levanderAnd, enabling nvidia driver in Restricted Drivers Manager, now I don't have to turn off the splash screen to get my system to boot.18:47
levanderSo, whoever had that problem with the splash screen and amd64 - it's probably because of your video driver.18:47
levanderThat's what it was here.18:47
Aquahalliclevander: when you installed that... did it change your desktop wallpaper too??18:47
levanderWhen I install mythbuntu-desktop?  No, that did not change my wallpaper.18:48
Aquahallicbut it came with the mythbuntu control center??18:48
levanderAquahallic: And with all the problems I've mentioned - it's really weird your concern is wallpaper.18:48
levanderWhat came with control center?18:48
AquahallicI'm trying to figure out how DEEP it went that's all18:48
Aquahallicthe mythbuntu-desktop18:49
levanderwallpaper and that deep my friend18:49
levanderAquahallic: It went deep.  It re-ran initramfs.  It ran that script just to change the splash screen.  But, initramfs is a pretty serious script.18:49
rhpot1991_laptopI thought it installed mythbuntu wallpaper too18:49
levanderain't that deep***18:49
levanderWhy is everyone so bothered about the wallpaper?18:50
levanderTo address concerns about wallpaper:18:50
rhpot1991_laptopheh, just stating something18:50
rhpot1991_laptopso all thats busted is networking now?18:50
AquahallicI was just curious if it totally re-vamped your desktop18:50
levanderI just right clicked on the desktop and chose "Change Desktop Background"18:50
levanderA dialog pops up and under the "Backgrounds" tab, only my old three wallpaper options are available.  Nothing that looks like Mythbuntu wallpaper.18:51
AquahallicI have a laptop with ubuntu and compiz running on it... I did a mythtv-frontend install... and it didn't touch anything only put the frontend on here18:51
levanderrhpot1991_laptop: Yeah, and that's not really busted.  I know how to configure that by hand.18:51
AquahallicI didn't get the control center either18:51
rhpot1991_laptopjust do that and call it a day18:51
Aquahallicso I was TRYING to findout how much of your ubuntu it jacked18:52
levanderAquahallic: Yeah, but I wasn't that smart.  I followed the written instructions and installed mythbuntu-desktop.  Even though it's clear to me now, with the wisdon in this channel, that that was way overkill.18:52
levanderrhpot1991_laptop: It seems like I'm never done configuring Linux.18:52
Aquahallicyeah I think that tries to reconfigure your install of ubuntu into  a full mythbuntu installation18:53
Aquahallicthat's why I was asking if it changed your wallpaper too18:53
rhpot1991_laptoplevander: wait till you run linux on random things like your routers, even more things to constantly break18:53
levanderSometimes I think it would be nice just to browse the web and read email like most people.  Then I could have so much more time just to complain about how bad computers are.  I could complain as much as everyone else if I just surfed and emailed.18:53
levanderMaybe I should start using myspace?18:54
rhpot1991_laptopplease don't18:54
rhpot1991_laptopI couldn't be happier if myspace would just die18:54
levanderAm I going to get kicked if I start cussing Aquahallic out over this wallpaper thing?18:54
rhpot1991_laptopinterweb is filled with enough junk, no need to give no knowledge people a way to put flashy stuff in front of my face18:55
rhpot1991_laptophe has a point levander, I thought it should have installed it also18:55
Aquahallicsure.. .CUSS away... MINE works.. YOURS DON'T... I was ASKING you some questions to see if I could help you!18:55
levandermyspace is such junk.  Eventually the web is going to be full of small communities.  myspace is like bringing network television to the web.  The web is so much more capable than that.18:55
rhpot1991_laptophe is just theorizing the difference between installs18:56
Aquahallicbut I'll just leave you to your misery and you can %^& it up MORE18:56
levanderAquahallic: I suggest you refer your wallpaper issue to launchpad.  That's as much as I can help.18:56
AquahallicI don't have a problem with my wallpaper18:56
Aquahallicmine works FINE!18:56
AquahallicI was askin YOU to see how much of your desktop got JACKED from the install18:57
levanderRelax Aquahallic.  I was joking.18:57
levanderI thought you were too...18:57
rhpot1991_laptoprelax, everyone18:58
AquahallicI think when you do that mythbuntu-desktop it tries to reconfigure your entire ubuntu installation as a mythbuntu box18:58
Aquahallicsounds like you want what I'm doing... normal ubuntu with a frontend app on it18:59
Aquahallicthat you can fire off when you want18:59
rhpot1991_laptophe should be ok with where he is at now19:01
rhpot1991_laptophas almost everything fixed, and he can still fire it off as needed19:01
=== tgm4883_laptop_ is now known as tgm4883_laptop
AquahallicI did the frontend only install only because I've run mythtv on several different distro's and knew what I wanted.... I was just trying to see if that mythbuntu-desktop did infact try to revamp the entire machine to a mythbuntu box hijaking gnome and everything else with that mythbuntu control center... that's prolly what borked his install was that control center19:05
levanderAquahallic: It's whatever tries to reconfigure X and the networking that borked me.  I found changing the splash screen annoying - but kubuntu-desktop did the same thing when I tried installing that awhile ago.19:07
levanderI'm pretty sure mythbuntu-desktop did the splash screen.19:07
levandercontrol-centre may have done X and networking19:08
levanderand no, when I log in, I'm still logging into gnome.19:08
levanderit didn't change me to XFCE19:08
Aquahallicyup.. that's what I'm thinking.. it has all those config scripts19:08
tgm4883_laptopAFAIK, installing mythbuntu-control-centre doesn't change a single thing in itself19:08
levanderHas anyone tried 64 bit mythbuntu (if it exists) - I haven't upgraded to 64 bit on my desktop because of java and flash on my desktop - but, I don't use those two on my myth box.19:09
tgm4883_laptopworks fine19:09
levanderAnd, I assume a 32 bit mythfrontend could talk to a 64 bit mythbackend?19:09
tgm4883_laptopin fact19:09
tgm4883_laptopjava and flash work fine too19:09
levandertgm4883_laptop: But, does it work better?19:09
levandertgm4883_laptop: I've read flash is flaky under 64 bit.19:09
tgm4883_laptoplevander, well that would depend on what you are trying to do?19:09
levandertgm4883_laptop: What would depend on what I'm trying to do?19:10
tgm4883_laptoplevander, you may have read that, but then again.  I'm using it.  so your call19:10
AquahallicI'm assuming the transcoding would smoke along much better..19:10
tgm4883_laptopwell 64-bit helps in number crunching apps19:10
tgm4883_laptoplike transcoding19:10
tgm4883_laptopyou can see a 30% increase19:10
sebrockwhen setting up a weekly cron job, on which day of the week will it be executed?19:10
Aquahallicyeah... most of your backend processes aren't real CPU intensive... 'cept the transcoding and such19:11
tgm4883_laptopi've also heard of some compatibility problems using a 32-bit OS on 64-bit hardware.  But I have actually never seen that happen19:11
levandersebrock: you can configure which day of the week it executes in your crontab file19:11
tgm4883_laptopit may also help when doing commflagging, although im not entirely sure on that19:11
sebrocklevander: ok I put @weekly now19:11
sebrockand I thought that meant sunday, but nothing has been executed ...19:12
levandersebrock: I don't have the notation memorized, sorry.19:12
Aquahallicyour biggest bottle necks with the backend is your disks and network when you're running multiple frontends19:12
levandersebrock: #bash may be your best bet for that?19:12
* rhpot1991_laptop has a wifi bottleneck problem currently19:12
Aquahallicrhpot1991: you using wireless G?19:13
rhpot1991_laptopsebrock: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=10262619:13
rhpot1991_laptopAquahallic: yep19:13
Aquahallicyou using mixed B and G in your network?19:14
rhpot1991_laptopmy network is perfectally fine19:14
rhpot1991_laptopverified that last night19:14
Aquahallicset your router to G ONLY and then set your max speed to be 48 and not 5419:14
tgm4883_laptoprhpot1991_laptop, overhead?  SD or HD?19:14
rhpot1991_laptopI've been messing with it for a while19:14
rhpot1991_laptopif I share the recordings over nfs intsead of letting myth do it19:15
AquahallicI'm running wireless G on this laptop with my frontend and it works ok19:15
rhpot1991_laptopthen it works fine19:15
rhpot1991_laptoponly happening since I upgraded to trunk, been working with superm1's builds to see if that helps at all but hasn't yet19:15
sebrockrhpot1991_laptop:  thanks, but that still does not answer my question. I need to know on what day @weekly is19:15
rhpot1991_laptopI found something interesting last night, an old recording on a low bitrate doesn't have the problem19:15
rhpot1991_laptopso I need to revisit my super high bitrates now I guess19:16
rhpot1991_laptopsebrock: " minute (0-59), hour (0-23, 0 = midnight), day (1-31), month (1-12), weekday (0-6, 0 = Sunday), command"19:16
rhpot1991_laptop0 0 * * 619:17
rhpot1991_laptopwould run every saturday19:17
rhpot1991_laptopat midnight19:17
mick_laptophi everyone19:21
sebrockrhpot1991_laptop:  sure sure, I know how to set it up, but there is also an option to just use "@weekly", and I just wonder what that might be19:24
rhpot1991_laptopsebrock: sorry, don't know much about that, never set it up that way19:24
rhpot1991_laptopmight be able to drop it into /etc/cron.weekly19:24
mick_laptopanyone know how to add a netflix id -- so i can see what movies are in my queue?19:32
szakulecgot a question about the PVR-250 input's- anyone use it here?19:33
tgm4883_laptopszakulec, well the inputs should be the same as the 15019:33
rhpot1991_laptopmick_laptop: last I ran it you had to do : netflix.pl -L <userid> <passwd>19:34
Tr1phttp://www.mythtv.org/wiki/index.php/Image:VideoManagerOSM.jpg is "Search IMDB" working with u guys19:34
rhpot1991_laptopTr1p: wasn't working last night with trunk builds19:34
rhpot1991_laptopI believe superm1 verified it was busted19:34
Tr1prhpot1991_laptop: how come it doesent work? u know ?19:35
NikasIMDB seems broken yes19:35
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Tr1pthat sux , reinstalled my whole system for that19:36
rhpot1991_laptophmmm logs not working either19:37
Tr1pis there an updatepage where i find some info when its fixed ?19:38
rhpot1991_laptopTr1p: as soon as the logs are working again I can tell you what he said19:38
Tr1prhpot1991_laptop: oke19:39
szakulectgm: the reason I ask is that to record from my VCR I have to use input 6 (composite 3), but TV is recorded fine using input 2 (composite 1)19:45
szakulecis there a guide to the different inputs and using the other video devices (video24 and 32)?19:46
mick_laptopsorry - mythtv crashed my box19:57
mick_laptopi wasn't sure if anyone answered my question about netflix :)19:57
rhpot1991_laptopmick_laptop: last I ran it you had to do : netflix.pl -L <userid> <passwd>19:57
mick_laptopah ok -thanks19:59
rhpot1991_laptoplast I used it updating your queue didn't work so well19:59
rhpot1991_laptopI looked into patching it, but decided that it was just easier to walk 2 feet to my computer and use that20:00
mick_laptopkind of like when videos get added to /videos :) (and it not showing up in mythtv) ;)20:00
mick_laptoprhpot1991_laptop: i'm actually making a list of all the usability wtfs there are in mythtv :)20:01
mick_laptopso that i can get started w/ fixing them :)20:01
rhpot1991_laptopmythflix is all well and good, but its just so much easier to navigate all that with a keyboard compared to a remote20:02
Aquahallicuse a WiiMote20:02
* Aquahallic gonna try that soon....:)20:02
rhpot1991_laptopAquahallic: That would be even worse20:02
rhpot1991_laptopunless you bring the mouse back in mythtv, its disabled/hidden/something by default20:03
rhpot1991_laptopwiimote in linux isn't that hard20:03
Aquahallicyeah.. it's weird... kids gotta Wii for Xmas20:03
rhpot1991_laptoplast I heard there were 2 versions a perl and a c driver20:03
Aquahalliconce you get your head moving in the way the Wiimote wants you to use it... it ain't so bad20:03
rhpot1991_laptopthe c one supported peripherals I think20:03
rhpot1991_laptopI had them running, but lost interest after a while20:04
AquahallicI turned off hiding the mouse cause I use the frontend primarily from my laptop20:05
rhpot1991_laptopwork well?20:05
Aquahallicand I run it in a window that's really the same size as my laptop screen so then I see my popups20:06
Aquahallicfrontend don't like letting anything get infront of it when it's set full screen20:06
foxbuntuexcept stuff that you don't want to see when watching TV :)20:07
foxbuntui.e. "Updates are Avaiable20:07
Aquahallicwell that's a good thing... .you know they're there20:08
* foxbuntu thinks great...I can get updates...but let me watch me frig'n show!20:08
Aquahallicmy frontend in the family room never reboots so I don't see when it needs them unless it comes over top tv20:08
foxbuntumeh...I am always doing something or another so I turned notifications off20:09
foxbuntuI beta stuff all the time20:09
mick_laptopwhat does "Perform EIT scan" mean?20:40
adaptrExtraterrestrial Information Tap20:42
adaptrstraight from your brain, like20:42
AquahallicThe EIT (Event Information Table) is extra data that is broadcast with a television signal, much like Closed Caption Text in the VBI stream. EIT provides program data for the current show and future shows which can be then used to view on-screen program information, such as title, length, description and more.20:43
levanderOkay, I 'sudo apt-get remove mythbuntu-desktop' and it only wants to remove 1 package, the mythbuntu-desktop package.  I thought apt-get did orphan tracking now and remove all the dependecies for that package too?20:49
egghead3great info on the eit aqua :)20:51
levanderIs there no automatic way to remove mythbuntu-desktop and all the dependencies it installed?20:54
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mick_laptopAquahallic: i thought that this was PSIP?21:20
Tuv0kThis is why I love alpha/bleeding edge21:25
Tuv0kI love new updates!21:25
Tuv0klevander, yeah use synaptic21:26
npurcifulhave a question how do i remove letterboxing on a ATSC recording broadcast in 1080 but is really 480 ( has letterbox all the way around)21:27
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Tuv0kcropping I would guess21:28
Tuv0kvarious ways of achieving the result you want, but I have seen it on mythtv's wiki for sure21:29
npurcifulyeah got that, i was wanting recomendation of tool for cropping21:29
Tuv0kwithin the FAQ21:29
sevlorWhy would a Frontend not play anything off of a backend but yet has it listed?21:29
Tuv0kthe tool is myth itself21:29
Tuv0ksevlor, permissions is alwasy blamed first21:30
sevlorwell i am not able to play live TV nor anything previously recorded21:30
neil__can i get help here for mythtv on ubuntu desktop?21:31
neil__or only mythbuntu21:31
Tuv0kneil__, just shoot21:32
Tuv0kmyth buntu whatever its myth21:32
neil__i've got tvtime playing like a charm21:32
Tuv0kor you could try #mythtv-users21:32
neil__i've install mythv but i'm getting the ol' all available  inputs are being used error21:32
Tuv0kyeah, the capture card must be free21:33
neil__when i hit watch TV21:33
Tuv0kand correctly assigned21:33
neil__free how?21:33
Tuv0kas in not recording21:33
Tuv0kor assigned to another process ie tvtime21:33
Tuv0kor picked up by the system as a webcam or something21:34
neil__how do i tell if another process is using it21:34
Tuv0kfirst you must know which device he card is assigned to, ie /dev/video021:35
neil__seems to be /dev/video021:35
Tuv0kI'll bet tvtime has locked control of your tuner and therefore mythtv cannot use it21:35
neil__ok let me try reboot21:35
Tuv0khowever in the mythtv-setup, you can assign capture cards very easily21:36
neil__well i thought i'd done that21:36
Tuv0kyou'll be able to tell if the card is free or not21:36
Tuv0ksometimes you have to remove the assigned card, adn readd it21:36
Tuv0kits a pain for me, because I have a webcam for zoneminder as well21:36
Tuv0kand in some rare cases, the two get swapped, and myth thinks the webcam is the tuner21:37
neil__it lets me readd it21:37
Tuv0kjust be mindful of that21:37
neil__same error21:37
neil__let me reboot21:37
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sevlorbut yeah, the problem i have is with my mythbuntu frontend, i goto watch tv and the screen flashes black and goes back to the main screen21:41
neil__no dice :(21:42
neil__still tells me all inputs are being used21:43
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sevlorok i got it figured out, i changed the IP address in myth setup in both spots instead of just the bottom spot21:48
Aquahallicsuperm1: you around?21:51
emoryI'm getting crackly audio in MythBuntu with all videos and all players, but not with MP3's.  This was not the case when I was running straight Gutsy.  The crackly audio is... annoying to say the least anyone have _any_ ideas?22:09
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npurcifulis it just with HD video?22:48
tracer903is it better to install mythbuntu 7.10 or to unstall mythtv on certain ubuntu version?23:06
sevlorEither way works just fine23:07
tracer903i've attempted mythbuntu 7.10 and it keeps locking up, but I've done so much stuff to it trying to get my tv out fine tuned, and attempting to get the blaster to work, I'm thinking of doing a clean install to start over23:09
sevlorHonestly I learned a lot more by building a mythbox from the ground up from a base Ubuntu install23:11
tracer903like installing 7.04 and starting from there?23:13
feshaI am having audio problems when I play live TV in mythtv any suggestion?23:19
npurcifulman is the new version of svn truck cleaning up nicely23:23
levanderTo use the mythdvd plugin.  Can I put the DVD in a mythtvfrontend only machine and have it ripped to teh backend machine?23:28
foxbuntulevander, yes that is possible23:31
levanderfoxbuntu: I'm installing the mythplugins package on the frontend now.23:32
levanderI'll see what happens.23:32
levanderBut really, what I want to do is have the DVD in the backend DVD drive, and kick off the ripping from the front end.  Is that possible?23:32
foxbuntuyou will prob need to setup NFS and mount the BE storage point on the FE23:32
foxbuntulevander, Im not sure on that, I want to say No but im not 100%23:33
levanderHow about, can I just run mythfrontend on the backend machine, but have mythfrontend display on the machine I'm sitting at now?23:33
levanderfoxbuntu: It sounds like too much work anyway for what I'm doing.  I'm not gonna try that last suggestion.23:33
foxbuntunot really, you could use x forwarding23:34
levanderwill x-forwarding work for mythfrontend?23:34
foxbuntubut that might not result in a clean video playback23:34
levanderi don't care, i'm just using it to rip a bunch of dvd's23:34
tgm4883_laptoplevander, easiest solution is to rip in the frontend machine to a network drive23:35
foxbuntutgm4883_laptop, agreed23:35
foxbuntuthus NFS23:35
tgm4883_laptopthat is how mine is setup23:36
levanderha! it looks like x-forwarding is working!23:36
foxbuntulevander, good...I didn't see any reason why it wouldnt23:36
levanderOkay, of all the titles available to rip on a DVD, I just rip the longest one?23:38
levanderThis DVD has 29 titles for some reason.23:38
tgm4883_laptopthats pretty usual23:39
levandertgm4883_laptop: To just rip the longest one is usual?23:39
tgm4883_laptopthat 29 titles is usual23:39
tgm4883_laptoplots of titles that is23:39
levandertgm4883_laptop: Do you just rip the longest one?23:39
tgm4883_laptopripping the longest one is usually what i do23:39
foxbuntutgm4883_laptop, thats because you are < 133723:40
foxbuntutgm4883_laptop, see its tgm4883_laptop < 1337< foxbuntu23:40
sevlorWho all has got skip and replay to work in mythdvd?23:41
levanderIt's awesome that x-forwarding works with mythfrontend.  Now I don't have to send all the ripping traffic across the network.23:41
foxbuntusevlor, depends on the player you are using23:41
levanderfoxbuntu: What do you do?23:41
foxbuntulevander, what do you mean?23:41
levanderfoxbuntu: Do you just rip the longest title, or all of them?23:42
foxbuntusevlor, are you trying to skip with a remote?23:42
levanderWhat am I missing if I don't rip all the short titles?23:42
foxbuntulevander, I rip everything but menus subs and extra usually23:42
sevlori have an MCE remote and it has skip and replay which are binded to "z" and "q" which work as skip and reverse in normal play23:42
sevlorbut don't work in mythdvd23:42
foxbuntuIm not sure what the bindings are in mythdvd23:43
foxbuntui would assume the same as the rest of mythtv23:43
foxbuntuhave you tried via a keyboard23:43
sevloryeah q and z don't work for skip or back23:44
foxbuntulooks at the wiki and find out the bindings23:44
foxbuntusevlor, I meant you go look at wiki23:45
tgm4883_laptopor install mythcontrol or mythkey23:46
tgm4883_laptopor whatever that is23:46
tgm4883_laptopthat lets you rebind keys from the frontend23:46
WcktKlwnhow well does mythbuntu run on a laptop?23:47
tgm4883_laptopuh, great23:48
foxbuntuwell what needs to happen as well is an mlg handler needs to be built for it if infact they are seperate from myth23:48
foxbuntuOpenMedia, hey23:54
OpenMediaHi.. Hows things23:55
foxbuntuGood you?23:55
OpenMediaNot bad..23:55
OpenMediaHaving fun getting the NZ DTT stuff working.. So near and yet so far.23:55
OpenMediaHows 8.04 going?23:56
foxbuntuI really liked your presentation awhile back23:56
foxbuntuIts going23:56
OpenMediaWhich presentation is that?23:56
foxbuntuwe have switched to .21 in 8.0423:56
OpenMediaYeah I noticed.. Been testing the 0.21 weeklies23:56
foxbuntuI forget the name of the conf23:56
OpenMediaOSDC or LCA?23:57
OpenMediaThe Consumer presentation?23:57
OpenMediaDid you watch the video?23:57
OpenMediaPleased you liked it. I had quite a good turn out, and some excellent questions.23:57
foxbuntuyeah...sure looked like it23:57
OpenMediaWe also showed off at the OpenDay on the Saturday with some Local MythTV users.23:58
OpenMediaShame 0.21 won't support DTT in NZ without some serious patchig.23:58
OpenMediafor a start we need AAC support for audio to work,23:58
foxbuntuoh no23:58
OpenMediaPlus the H.264 support we need isn't in their current FFMPEG merge23:58
OpenMediaEven patched Mplayer straight off SVN struggles with some of the streasm.23:59
foxbuntuwell you have one big thing going for you that you dont have to fight :)23:59

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