PriceyHaha.... scheduled to talk at lrl us00:06
PriceyMatthew Garrett (Power Management / Anger)00:06
PriceyI wonder if that is power as in "rawr I have ops!!! I had better be careful how many people I kick", or "hmmm laptop won't turn on"00:08
Priceylugradio live00:12
LjLPricey: i bet it is more like "how to make your keyboard last more than 3 months modulo coffee drops"00:12
PriceyLjL, so are you driving up for lrl uk?00:14
LjLPricey: yup, i've even fitted my car with some floaters to pass the channel00:14
PriceyLjL, you can take it on the train...?00:14
LjLPricey: yeah, well, anyway, it was a no :)00:15
Priceyhow rude00:15
* LjL sometimes crosses the city border, but is always anxious when doing so00:16
LjLbesides, i don't see myself driving on the left either00:17
Seeker`LjL: its not that hard to get used to00:35
naliothLjL: no, it's actually not hard to get used to at all00:40
Seeker`its driving on the right thats odd00:40
nalioththe first near head-on collision will cause your brain to keep the correct side of the road foremost in your mind00:40
Seeker`I've known people that have driven on the left on the continent, and every time they went to change gear, they ended up hitting the door with their arm00:41
Seeker`nalioth: do they believe in gears wherever it is you are from?00:42
* nalioth drives a huge truck with 5 of them00:42
Seeker`AIUI most americans drive automatics00:42
Seeker`not so sure about the rest of europe00:42
naliothmost americans are *******00:42
Seeker`rest of europe = europe - UK00:43
LjLnalioth: what happens if those first near collisions are not near?00:44
naliothLjL: then you won't have to worry about the correct side of the road  :(00:45
LjLSeeker`: we drive manual00:45
LjLnalioth: point00:45
* Seeker` misses driving :(00:45
LjLand uhm, yeah, i think it might be harder to get used to the position in the car, than to the keeping-the-left thing itself00:45
naliothLjL: i'd recommend renting an English car00:45
LjLbut if i came with my own car that wouldn't be an issue00:45
naliothLjL: it's harder in your own car00:46
naliothyou revert back to your usual driving habits (and veer into the right lane as is your usual wont)00:46
* Seeker` wonders if the pedals are reversed in a Left hand drive car00:46
naliothSeeker`: nope00:46
LjLbut i'd put in the fifth instead of the first! =)00:46
LjLSeeker`: ...00:46
Seeker`LjL: ?00:47
LjLSeeker`: what an interesting idea :P00:47
LjLanyway i thought left-hand cars were also relatively common in the uk00:47
Seeker`not afaik00:47
Seeker`they do exist, just not that many of them00:47
Seeker`99% are probably right hand drive00:48
LjLanyway what is true is that, by foot, it was easier to learn to look right first when i went to the UK, than to re-learn to look left when i went back home00:48
LjLi guess it was obviously because i was paying attention in the UK, while when i came back i wouldn't00:49
Seeker`I recently did "pass plus", which is something for drivers who have recently passed their test - they do 6 hours of driving with an instructor covering night, all weather, town, country, dual carriadge and motorway driving00:50
Seeker`my instructor would often ask me why i was in gear x coming up to a junction00:50
Seeker`and I quite often couldn't tell him, becuase I just did what seemed natural, I wasn't thinking about it00:51
LjLnalioth: also you know, while of course it's not comparable to reality, i used a little driving simulator software based on US roads (and also one based on european ones), and i was *really* put off in the US one by the fact that the traffic lights were only on the opposite side of the crossing, not your own. now i've no idea if that's like that everywhere... but i always ended up not noticing the light00:51
LjLSeeker`: i'm usually in gear X because it's what keeps me around 2500 RPM ;)00:52
Seeker`although I think his choice of gears was a bit dodgy - we would be driving through town at ~25mph, and he would tell me to keep it in 2nd - his poor engine was whining so badly :(00:52
Seeker`but as soon as we got out of town, he would complain that I dont go up to 4th quick enough00:53
naliothLjL: we have traffic lights on poles on our side of the street, on poles on the opposite side of the street, on wires on our side, on wires on the other side, etc00:55
Seeker`nalioth: where do you live?00:55
naliothSeeker`: Texas00:55
Priceyif he told you that he'd have to kline you00:55
* Pricey loses00:56
LjLnalioth: *shrug* that simulator had them only on the opposite side... anyway it must be like that in some places of the US, because i'm pretty sure i read it somewhere in a "what's different when driving in europe" for americans00:56
* nalioth loves guests00:56
Priceyparty at nalioth's place!!!00:56
naliothLjL: you come visit me, and i'll show you all 4 types i mentioned above, plus some you'll absolutely freak out when you see00:56
* no0tic joins LjL in his trip00:57
naliothLjL: oooooh, and when you come, bring money and I'll take you to New Jersey and show you that clusterf*** they call a street and road system00:57
LjLnalioth: well we have some i love here. such as the all-lights-on ones. you can get a green arrow, a yellow, and a red all together - and in turin i'm pretty sure i've seen some where the green wasn't an arrow, just a plain green... i suppose it still meant you couldn't turn, but i'm still not sure00:58
naliothall green and not an arrow here means you don't have a protected turning situation00:58
* Seeker` wonders how people would feel about the magic roundabout in swindon00:58
LjLnalioth: but green *and* red?00:59
* nalioth has been through many roundabouts in Europe and the UK00:59
LjLSeeker`: i'm sure most of us have seen pictures. i'd feel like i'd instruct my GPS to avoid it.00:59
naliothLjL: we never mix our colors here00:59
Seeker`nalioth: You seen the magic roundabout?00:59
naliothSeeker`: not sure, i've been through quite a few00:59
LjLnalioth: well what i'm saying is *all* lights were on - red, yellow and green00:59
naliothLjL: sounds like a fault to me01:00
Seeker`that roundabout in swindon is actually on a couple of driving test routes01:00
LjLnalioth: could be, but i think i saw more than one. anyway, the milan ones (i.e. green arrow, yellow, and red all together) are already a bit baffling to me - although i've got used to understanding what they mean01:01
LjLSeeker`: hm the WP article doesn't have the most impressive photos though01:01
Seeker`LjL: No, but it gets the idea across01:01
LjLyeah but this is better http://vanrees.org/thesis/swindon.jpg01:02
no0ticLjL, I saw them too01:02
naliothSeeker`: didn't make it to Swindon, unfortunately01:02
* nalioth took a German car to the UK 01:02
Seeker`nalioth: whereabouts in the UK have you been?01:02
naliothsome other places that I don't remember as I was driving around01:04
* nalioth drove around the whole of the UK01:05
Seeker`any particular reason?01:05
naliothjust went there to have a look around01:05
Seeker`fair enough01:05
Seeker`any parts you particularly liked?01:05
naliothwell, i found London very interesting and could have spend my entire vacation time there01:06
naliothunfortunately, my friend wanted to see specific spots all over the UK and Europe during our vacation time01:06
LjLyeah i'm tired of this lapland now, let's drive to sicily01:07
Seeker`Bath is nice :) as is quite a lot of cornwall01:07
Seeker`Lands End was fun01:07
* nalioth was chased by a crazed Scots storekeeper01:09
Priceylol.... nalioth drove around the UK for fun...01:11
naliothyep, it was fun, too01:12
* nalioth loved the looks he got from fellow drivers when he unrolled his window to ask for directions at the traffic lights . . . 01:12
Seeker`did you have to do that often?01:12
Seeker`how long ago did you do this?01:13
nalioththis was back in 199101:13
Seeker`wow, quite a while ago then01:13
naliothback when you lot were mostly kiddies01:13
Seeker`(I was 5 at the time)01:13
Seeker`nalioth: does that make you feel old?01:15
naliothi don't feel old at all01:16
LjLi do, and i was a kiddie in 9101:22
* no0tic 8 in '9101:24
ubotuIn #ubuntu-us-oh, tnseditor said: ubotu is a bot, and eddieftw is from Chicago01:52
ubotuIn #ubuntu-offtopic, recon said: !furby is fun to microwave.02:34
nzkAlright, it had been over a year. 13 months, give or take a few days. Can I finally be unbanned from -offtopic?04:09
nzkI think it was Hobbsee that banned me, if it helps at all.04:18
nickrudnzk: seems like the regular ops aren't around right now, you should check back in an hour or two04:19
nzkAlright. Is it okay if I wait here?04:20
nickrudyes. 04:20
vircuserhello. I wanted to ask about bundling systems that we sell with ubuntu05:27
vircuseris anyone here who could give me an official contact I could forward my questions to?05:28
naliothvircuser: try #canonical05:28
vircuserok thanks05:29
vircusernope, doesn't work..05:30
vircuserredirects me to an https domain05:30
Hobbseetry #canonical-sysadmins05:33
emmajaneOut of curiosity: is there a way to NOT allow the user name "stupidgirl"? Check #ubuntu05:57
stdinemmajane: I don't see them misbehaving in #ubuntu05:59
emmajaneerm. it's the name itself.05:59
emmajanei take issue with "stupid" being used as a name and especially when associated with "girl"05:59
stdinhow do you know that the user isn't female?06:00
emmajaneI don't really care what gender they are.06:00
emmajanethat's not the point.06:01
emmajaneI have an issue with people seeing "stupid" next to "girl" repeatedly.06:01
Seveasemmajane, this is not a place to get help with your "issues"06:02
tonyyarussoI don't have an issue with the name, but iirc we have had problems with that user before, so worth watching06:02
Seveastonyyarusso, yup, was about to say06:02
* emmajane has an issue with the name and if these are the ops then I'm pretty sure this is the place I'd report having an issue. Am I wrong about that?06:02
Seveasemmajane, yes. Ops don't deal with people's emotional issues. Only channel management06:03
emmajanethis is not an "emotional" issue.06:03
emmajanethis has to do with the name being offensive towards women.06:03
emmajaneYou've read the code, right?06:03
stdinwould it be ass offensive to you if it were "stupidboy" ?06:04
Seveasstdin, :)06:04
emmajaneyes, it would.06:04
emmajaneI don't like the word "stupid" associated with either gender.06:04
Seveasbtw, stupidgirl is a girl and history has shown she's stupid as well06:04
emmajaneor race06:04
emmajaneor whatever.06:04
nickrudshe certainly isn't stupid06:04
emmajaneGenerally family friendly means all ages.06:04
nickrudnot clueful, but not stupid06:04
emmajaneMy kids are definitely not permitted to use the word.06:05
stdinI think you're a but to sensitive (IMO), I would not have a problem with someone calling them self stupid if they wanted to06:05
Seveasnickrud, I consider trolls to be stupid :)06:05
emmajanestdin: I think I'm trying to advocate for friendly language.06:05
nickrudSeveas: haven't seen the trolling part, but I'd agree in principle06:05
Seveasemmajane, then be friendly and let someone call herself stupid if she wants to06:06
emmajaneSeveas: You're missing the point.06:06
stdinwe can't possible moderate every user in the channel so they can't possibly offend anyone, I'm afraid we have to pick our battles a bit06:06
Seveasnickrud, I refered to that when calling her stupid. Not her actions right now :)06:06
Seveasstdin, you offend me. Change your nick to stderr to admit you are wrong.06:06
tonyyarussoemmajane: If a user was calling another user stupid, you would have a case, but I don't think any of us see a problem with self-reference.06:06
* emmajane notes the lack of respect taht her issue is being given. Duly noted and thank you for your attention.06:07
tonyyarussoDisagreement is lack of respect now?06:08
* stdin could come up with a woman joke here, but won't for fear of offending the pope06:08
* nickrud looks around, and notices it was all male06:09
SeveasI doubt elkbuntu or hobbsee would disagree with it06:09
tonyyarussonickrud: True, so we'll have this line ping elkbuntu in case she'd like to chime in.06:09
tonyyarussonickrud: although they said it didn't matter which gender it was, so if we simply believe that it's not a problem.06:10
nickrudtonyyarusso: <emmajane> i take issue with "stupid" being used as a name and especially when associated with "girl"06:11
stdinI don't think they would have cared so much if it was "boy"06:11
stdinor they'd have asked for a ban on *stupid*!*@*06:11
tonyyarussonickrud: I'd rather pay attention to the latter of the two contradictory statements, since it supports my point better.  :P06:12
nickrudanyone seen LjL 's cumulative #ubuntu irc stats <preens> 06:13
* nickrud wonders why he spends so much time there06:13
* no0tic had06:14
no0ticnickrud, nice job06:14
nickrudThe really amazing thing was bob2 was so high in the list, and he hasn't been around for at least a couple years (that I've seen)06:15
no0ticnickrud, counting lines, not chars06:16
no0ticnickrud, yes, chars too, indeed :)06:16
nickrudhe was the abolute best I've ever seen06:17
elkbuntustupidgirl is a known troll06:22
nickrudthe question is about the nick itself, though06:23
vircuserwhat about stupidneuter?06:47
vircuserthat wouldn't offend a gender would it?06:47
vircuserwould stupidgenius offend geniuses?06:47
vircuserhow about stupidvista? ;)06:51
elkbuntuthere's been unofficial bob2s over the years too07:11
ubotudgjones called the ops in #ubuntu (pocketsnooker (spamming a game website & trolling earlier))09:19
dgjonesHi if anybody is here, pocketsnooker is back spamming his games site link again, just done it one so far09:54
dgjonessorry, in #ubuntu09:54
Garyhe is kickbanned now09:54
dgjonesThanks Gary09:55
* jussi01 walks in10:30
jpatrickyo jussi01 10:30
jussi01heya jpatrick anythin interesting happening?10:32
jpatrickat school forced to code VB10:32
jussi01heh, me also - stupid thesis prep course10:32
jpatrickwe need to learn real languages10:33
no0ticjussi01, thesis prep course? they teach you how to write a thesis?10:33
jussi01no0tic: yeah... sigh... 10:33
no0ticjussi01, nice10:33
vircuseryou can always make a  'grown up' language out of it by adding assembly code ;)11:44
ubotuping yourself ;-) really the diodes all down my left side are sore12:25
PiciI dont think we should be suggesting ebox.13:22
ikoniaI mentioned this earlier13:22
ikonia(as in a few weeks ago)13:22
ikonia( I agreed ) 13:22
ikoniaagee I should say 13:22
ikoniaany particular reason your not for it Pici 13:23
Pici(!enter), anyway, ebox-firewall appears to disallow any incoming connections, which is bad if you're installing remotely.  13:23
Picibug 12909013:23
ubotuLaunchpad bug 129090 in ebox-firewall "eBox doesn't allow outgoing connections from eBox server itself." [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/12909013:23
ikoniaThats a bit more of a specific reason13:23
Pici2 People in #ubuntu right now just installed it and lost the ability to do anything remotely.13:24
ikonianot a good situation13:24
PiciI *think* thats the same bug#13:24
ikoniasounds like  reasonable assumption13:25
PriceyAbout the "stupidgirl" nick above.13:46
PriceyIf 'she' had come into the channel, and started "oh I'm a girl, but I'm so clueless, won't one of you strong men help me?" then yeah just kick them out. If they're acting fine then leave it.13:47
PriceyI see no problem with the nick itself.13:47
PiciMe either.13:47
Priceyvircuser, WarrenHW, Hello there. Can I help you?13:48
PiciI refer to figure 1: todays xkcd.13:48
PriceyI don't get the math...13:49
Priceybut the generalisation is fun.13:49
PriceyI still haven't gotten over 383 though :(13:49
Mez383 = Randall Stalking me13:59
ikoniaPici: I see what you mean, another use with ebox issues has join #ubuntu14:17
ubotuNthDegree called the ops in #ubuntu ()14:39
PriceyHey there stylus_, how can I help?15:19
stylus_pricey: sorry, kind of joined by accident.15:20
stylus_this channel was on the autojoin list from a long long time ago. 15:20
Tm_T1719.02 -!- ki [n=helppp@cpc1-flee1-0-0-cust387.glfd.cable.ntl.com] has joined #kubuntu15:24
Tm_T1719.02 -!- ki is "tomcruise"15:24
Tm_T1719.04 < ki>  shut up youre watching top gear donkey sex on steroids that physically makes you hurt sometimes if you are not cool after playing chess cranking that soulja boy that sings different to teh way they sound meaning that sometimes they go outside15:24
PiciTm_T: I know.15:24
Tm_TPricey: do you know?15:24
PiciTm_T: I informed #freenode about it.15:24
PiciHe did the same thing in #defocus15:25
Tm_TPici: aah, splendid :))15:25
PriceyHi hk2999, how can I help?15:37
hk2999i was banned from ubuntu-offtopic years ago15:38
hk2999uh... months actually15:38
hk2999i want to know if i can be unbanned now.15:38
hk2999i think the name of the one who banned me was Pici15:39
* Mez shoves sock in Myrtti's mouth15:39
Myrttimy bad15:39
Priceyhk2999, remember why you were banned?15:40
Priceyquiet children15:40
* Pici is here, fyi.15:40
hk2999i compared sabdfl for hitler15:40
Priceyyou can deal with it if you want then Pici? :)15:40
hk2999hey Pici, it's been months now, and i miss my offtopic, so can i be unbanned now?15:41
Picihk2999: Its been 18 days. Secondly, thats what you were banned for, do you know *why* you were banned though?15:41
hk2999yeah, the hitler thing?15:42
* hk2999 is never gonna do it again15:42
MezPici, 17 ;)15:42
Picihk2999: I need you tor ead some links before we can concider removing the ban.15:43
Pici!coc | hk2999 15:43
ubotuhk2999: The Ubuntu Code of Conduct to which we ask all Ubuntu users to adhere can be found at http://www.ubuntu.com/community/conduct/15:43
Pici!guidelines | hk2999 15:43
ubotuhk2999: The people here are volunteers, your attitude should reflect that. Answers are not always available. See http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IrcGuidelines15:43
hk2999i will follow it to the letter, please unban me now.15:44
Priceyhk2999, how do we know you won't start doing something silly again?15:45
hk2999well, you can permaban me15:45
hk2999from freenode?15:45
PriceyI hear you were asking for redhat support in #ubuntu earlier for example? odd?15:45
hk2999if i ever violate the tos again.15:46
Priceyi can't no15:46
hk2999well, im using ubuntu to access the rhel server and the problem is concerning linux in general (/etc/passwd)15:46
Priceyso you think that is justified?15:47
hk2999so #ubuntu was the first thing to mind15:47
PiciWhy not ##linux?15:47
Priceyhk2999, you haven't read the guidelines, do it again please.15:47
hk2999i already did. i was just kind of emotionally hijacked when i did that rhel blooper15:49
hk2999will search freenode for the most relevant topic next time, promise.15:49
hk2999i'll brb after another month then. i'll be a good ubuntuer until then. bye ^^15:55
=== credible_ is now known as credible
nzkOkay. I see some of the ops are back, so I'll try again: It's been 13 months since my ban in -offtopic, and Hobbsee (I believe) said that after 12, I would be let back in. So, can I be unbanned from there?16:01
ubotujpatrick called the ops in #ubuntu (Intangir)17:11
jpatrickPici: sorry for the typo17:11
Picijpatrick: you missed :p17:11
jpatrickoh god17:12
jpatrick** yogurt2ungue_ [n=yogurt2u@] has joined #ubuntu-es17:12
jpatrickah, he left..17:12
jpatrickmust of seen me :)17:13
ubotuNthDegree called the ops in #ubuntu ()17:30
stdincan someone update !xincludes, all it needs is xorg-dev and xlibs-dev doesn't exist any more17:32
ubotuWhen a program or configure script asks for "X includes", you should probably install the following packages: xlibs-dev   xlibs-static-dev   xorg-dev17:33
Pici!xincludes =~ s/xlibs-dev   xlibs-static-dev xorg-dev/xorg-dev xlibs-dev/17:33
ubotuIn #ubuntu-ops, Pici said: !xincludes =~ s/xlibs-dev   xlibs-static-dev xorg-dev/xorg-dev xlibs-dev/17:33
jpatrickyou forgot to @login?17:34
stdinxlibs-static-dev doesn't exist either, they are all shared now17:34
ubotuWhen a program or configure script asks for "X includes", you should probably install the following packages: xorg-dev xlibs-dev17:35
stdingood, but xlibs-dev doesn't exist ;) just needs xorg-dev17:35
Pici!xlibs | stdin hows this?17:36
ubotustdin hows this?: When a program or configure script asks for "X includes", you should probably install the following package: xorg-dev17:36
stdinlooks better, at least people won't get a "package not found" now :)17:37
PiciSeveas: ping, regarding a ban.18:23
white_eaglewill you please take off the ban at #ubuntu-offtopic18:29
Piciwhite_eagle: What ban?18:29
white_eagleon my cloak18:29
nzkompaul: Could I talk to you regarding my ban in -offtopic?18:30
Piciwhite_eagle: Have you been in there all day knowingly evading the ban?18:30
white_eaglethe ban isn't there all day18:30
ompaulSending CTCPs or notices to a channel is very obnoxious 18:31
white_eagleit for about 30 mins18:31
white_eaglesorry but I didn't knew that when I /ping18:31
ompaulnzk, I did not implement it 18:31
white_eaglein irssi, it pings the whole channel18:31
nzkompaul: Alright, sorry then.18:31
ompaulwhite_eagle, and what did you think it does?18:31
white_eagleI thought it will only ping me18:31
white_eaglelike in xchat18:31
ompaulwhite_eagle if you are going to use power tools can you at least look at the manual?18:32
Piciwhite_eagle: When did you realize you were banned?18:32
white_eagleit was my first run18:32
white_eaglewhen I couldn't join #ubuntu-offtopic via irssi18:33
white_eaglenothing showed up18:33
ompaulwhite_eagle, you seem to manage about once every 10 days to get banned did you notice that?18:33
white_eagleompaul, ??18:33
white_eaglethe last ban was before 30 days18:33
white_eaglearound new-year i think, not sure18:33
ompaulDec 16 Dec 20 Dec 23  Dec 24 Dec 26 Dec 28 Jan 10 Jan 30 Feb 02 Feb 11 Feb 1818:35
ompaulnot very good 18:35
white_eaglefeb 11?18:35
white_eagleI remember Feb 2 was for something similar to this18:36
ompaulnot the point18:36
white_eaglemaybe I'm very stupid18:36
ompaulyou seem to not understand something18:36
white_eagleI was trolling the first days of my use18:36
white_eagleI know18:36
ompaulwell 18:36
ompaulreally i think you need to appraise what you are doing18:37
white_eagleappraise, tell me what that means, a new word to me, really18:37
ompaulwhere is the disconnect and why18:37
ompaulwhite_eagle, in google type    >>> define: appraise <<<18:38
white_eaglemy english is not perfect18:38
white_eagleoh, you mean to judge myself18:38
white_eagleI don't know what more to say to you than a promise18:39
white_eaglethat I won't ping or troll, but the real excuse for pinging, and constant joining and quitting is my sluggish net connection18:39
white_eaglethats one of the best offers I can get over here18:39
ompaul.de does have some real ISPs you know and some of the worst ones also18:40
white_eaglewhat does that have to do18:41
white_eaglewith my problem18:41
ompaulI can't read :)18:41
ompaulI got the wrong ip :)18:41
ompaulI'll lift the ban, you know it would be better to ask what something does or research it before you try it18:43
ompaulafter all doing the wrong thing gets you banned18:43
ompaulbut you are already in there18:44
white_eaglethe ban is on my cloak18:44
white_eaglenot on my IP18:44
ompaulokay let me give you a word of warning18:44
ompaulnever join a channel without a cloak if you have been banned18:45
ompaulonce you are told that part of you is banned all of you is banned18:45
ompaulavoiding bans will get you removed from the server18:45
white_eaglehuh? really?18:45
ompaulreally 18:46
white_eaglenot related to my problem, but why is that nzk guy baned?18:46
ompaulnothing to do with you 18:46
ompaulnow please leave here18:46
ompaulwho is the vircuser?18:46
PiciI dont know.18:47
ompaulwell for not replying 18:47
ompaulhmm bye18:47
PriceyI'd forgotten that the ubuntu developer week has started18:48
Priceyheads up in #ubuntu-classroom and #ubuntu-classroom-chat guys18:49
ompaulPricey, the ubuntu developer week starter18:49
PiciAlready there :)18:49
PiciIts been quiet.18:49
ompaulguys should we do the thing about "locking up the classroom" 18:56
naliothompaul: that is usually the presenters decision18:57
naliothof course, if it gets too unruly . . .18:57
PiciLike I said, its been quiet ;)18:57
ubotuIn ubotu, vinay_ said: Which is the best torrent client for Ubuntu?19:16
Picibot > vinay_19:16
Pici!bot > vinay_19:17
Pici!best > vinay_19:17
ompaulSeeker`, see above20:24
* ompaul rofl20:24
Seeker`I wanted to see if I could pass :(20:24
ompaulto another channel or just some other dimenseion20:25
ompauldimension 20:25
SeveasPici, ?20:26
PiciSeveas: nzk 20:26
SeveasPici, eww. No swearing please20:26
SeveasThat's a permban20:26
PiciSeveas: Well, he wants to discuss it with you, since he thinks hes been banned for long enough.  20:27
PiciI don't want to get in the middle of it though.20:27
* Pici is just the messenger20:27
* ompaul shoots Pici 20:27
SeveasPici, there's no discussion, permban is permban :)20:28
ompaulsaves the others their bullets20:28
nzkSeveas: Not from either channel?20:33
Seveaspermban is permban, holds for all channels20:34
nzkWhy a permaban?20:34
Seveaswe've answered that every time you came in here. No need to waste more time. Goodbye20:35
nzkActually, you never answered that question. How is mild trolling, almost two years ago, and saying one command enough to warrant a permaban?20:36
* Pricey wonders why are trolling and malicious commands ever warranted20:38
nzkIt wasn't malicious20:39
nzkI was wondering if somebody was an operator, so I did the exclamation point ops command, not knowing it's a "911".20:39
nzkBesides, it was 400 days ago...20:41
nzkI even did the math.20:41
nzkPeople are in prison for shorter amounts of time, for worse offences.20:42
PriceyNothing to ever warrant trolling then...?20:43
nzkThe trolling was 542 days ago, and it wasn't even that bad. I wasn't even a Linux user back then, and I was pretty young.20:44
ompaulstill at it20:45
* ompaul wanders off20:45
Seveasompaul, and it was 'little over a year' and 'almost two years' as well ;)20:46
nzk400 days in -offtopic, and 542 in #ubuntu20:46
nzk400 is "a little over a year"20:46
nzkAnd 542 is just slightly over a year and a half, so it's "almost two years".20:46
Seveaswell guess what20:47
Seveasmultiply those numbers by 1020:47
Seveasand maybe you're allowed back in after that time20:47
nzkEven murderers don't get sentences that harsh.20:48
nzkYou even said that I'd be let back after a year, back when I was first banned.20:48
LjLyou aren't in prison in case you didn't notice20:48
nzk15 years banning for asking if anyone had seen a movie... No words can describe that20:49
Seveasnzk, good, then maybe you'll be quiet :)20:49
nzkSo there is nothing, not one thing on this entire planet, that I can do to get unbanned?20:49
LjLSeveas: uhm wait20:50
LjLcash should do20:50
ompaulLjL, he don't have enough20:50
LjLah nevermind then20:50
Pricey"murders don't get sentences as harsh as not being allowed into #ubuntu for a year?"20:51
nzkPricey: Seveas said "he'd consider" unbanning me in 15 years20:51
nzkJust like he said "he'd consider" unbanning me after 1 year20:51
LjLmurderers don't get sentences as harsh as not being allowed into #ubuntu for 15 years?20:52
Seveasnzk, you might be onto something there20:52
nzkI was referring to the time20:52
LjLhe was hinting to the fact that it'll likely be 15^2 years next time20:53
Seeker`Banning people from #ubuntu for murder would certainly reduce prison costs20:53
PriceyWhy can nzk not reply to what I say. If I ask a question he returns answers to different questions. if I make a statement he replies with something else random.20:55
nzkYou didn't ask a question20:55
LjLPricey: you noticed that too?20:55
SeveasPricey, that's his metier20:55
Seveasclassic trolling20:55
nzkPricey: I was responding to your question.20:56
ompaulPricey, you know that Album by Bruce Springsteen - Born to Run perhaps Born To Troll is the phase that escapes you.20:56
nzkAnd you surprise me the most, ompaul. You used to be nice.20:56
Priceynzk, without answering the question...20:57
* nalioth notes that ompaul was replaced last year by an automaton20:57
ompaulsee no powers20:57
Priceynzk, I've not made any opinion of you publically. I haven't stated whether I think you should stayed banned or not. I just think its reeeally annoying you don't respond with related answers or statements.20:57
nzkI apologize, then. I was trying to answer your questions to the best of my ability.20:58
ompaulnzk, see your reply to: * Pricey wonders why are trolling and malicious commands ever warranted20:59
ompaulin the PR world they would say your answer was "not helpful"20:59
nzkI said "...and one command". And assumed it was malicious, so I explained it to him.20:59
ompaulnzk, see - you have had 4 minutes reply positively to the last comment 21:04
ompaulI give up21:04
ompaulback to shell scripting the office 21:05
* Seveas replaces ompaul with a small but efficient shellscript21:07
* mneptok segfaults his pants21:08
SeveasI'm not going to clean up that core dump21:08
ompaulSeveas, it would beat my crud :)21:08
ompaulohh dear21:09
* ompaul head desks21:09
=== tsmithe` is now known as tsmithe
Seveas--- [ASD5A] (n=ooioioio@unaffiliated/asd6a) : JOHN DOE21:14
Seveas--- [ASD5A] #ubuntu-offtopic #linux.de ##/dev/random ##trangle #avs 21:14
Seveas##trangle and arguing in favor of nzk21:14
Seveashow unsurprising21:15
Seveasactually, it is surprising as he's arguing the other way around :)21:16
LjLoh crap21:31
LjLnzk has found -youth21:31
Seeker`LjL: is that a problem?21:31
LjLwait and see21:31
mneptokshouldn't that be -yoof ?21:32
nickrud   /j #ubuntu-youth21:33
Seeker`nickrud: try it without the spaces :P21:33
nickrudheh. I was announcing my intent ;p21:33
* nickrud has statistical answers to everything21:33
Seeker`what counts as a "youth"21:34
Priceynzk is 15?21:34
Priceyjpatrick, ping21:34
jpatrickPricey: pong21:34
Priceyjpatrick, just checking whether you've read above21:35
jpatrickPricey: yep and he's 1421:35
Seeker`what is the upper limit on being a youth?21:35
Priceyjpatrick, I'm referring to more than the last 3 minutes?21:36
ompaulwell he has always claimed to be a lot older than that21:37
ompaulwhich is what I have judged him against21:37
jpatrickPricey: I'm keeping an eye on him21:37
jpatrickompaul: he seemed pretty amazed at my wikipage :p21:38
ompauljpatrick, well there ya go - you got some hero worship coming your way ;-)21:39
unagiare there rules against being facetious?21:57
Pricey"be respectful?" :/21:57
unagi could be21:57
ompaulBumberBot3K  anyi22:16
ompaulanyone got an opinion about that nick?22:16
LjLit's chatzilla22:18
naliothit the person acting the fool?22:18
LjLmaybe he just likes that nick22:18
ompaulI just saw the nick 22:19
LjLwill sneak a ctcp version to be sure22:19
ompaulLjL, the sneak ;-)22:19
LjL[23:19:12] [CTCP] Received CTCP-VERSION reply from BumberBot3K: ChatZilla 0.9.81 [Firefox].22:19
* jpatrick hugs his +C22:19
LjLjpatrick: nice not seeing when the channel is attacked, isn't it :P22:20
ompaulright folks I am off cheers22:21
jpatrickLjL: whoops22:21
LjLjpatrick: better to find a way (if your client has any) to not send CTCP replies (or to delay the sending)22:21
LjLwhat would be cool is a *channel* +C mode...22:23
jpatrickLjL: I'm off to bed, watch -youth :p22:30
jpatrickgot it btw: http://irssi.org/scripts/scripts/fakectcp.pl22:41
LjLuhm that fakes it but doesn't prevent you to be flooded by it does it22:42
jpatrick /IGNORE * CTCPS ?22:44
LjLjpatrick: on my client, that doesn't let you *see* them either22:44
* jpatrick uses irssi :)22:45
LjLyeah, and on irssi an /ignore lets you see the stuff that's sent? don't think so22:45
jpatrickit's what I read here: http://irssi.org/documentation/manual22:46
LjLjpatrick: yeah but that has the same effect as +C... it stop you from the replying to the CTCPs, but it also stops you from *seeing them coming*22:47
jpatrickah ok22:47
goukiLjL, ping22:51
goukiSeveas: ping22:54
mneptokgouki: please state the nature of the emergency.23:00
goukimneptok: Not really an emergency. I want to register a ubuntu- channel and would like to talk about it.23:00
naliothgouki: we're listening :)23:01
goukinalioth and mneptok: Thanks23:01
goukiSo, the IRC channel would be for the PSUbuntu project (psubuntu.com).23:01
goukiThe channel already exist but it's not registered. I was wondering if I can the approval to do it.23:02
goukiThat's it guys. Need to know anything else?23:03
mneptokgouki: what is the channel name?23:03
goukipsubuntu, if possible. Only because it already exist and people know about it, mneptok 23:03
* nalioth forgot to put batteries in his ESP today . . .23:04
naliothgouki: we don't have anything to do with #psubuntu, i'm afraid23:04
mneptokgouki: my personal gut reaction is to use #ubuntu-ps3, as it follows the Ubuntu IRC channel naming convention23:04
goukiI see, mneptok 23:04
goukinalioth: I understand. I preferred to talk to you guys first, even if the answer was that.23:04
mneptokgouki: side projects come and go. but the port is probably going top stick around.23:04
goukimneptok: I understand23:06
goukiWould it be possible to forward from #psubuntu to #ubuntu-ps3?23:07
naliothgouki: again, we have nothing to do with #psubuntu23:07
goukinalioth: OK23:08
nalioththe only option i see is to have an bot spam users when they join23:08
mneptokgouki: official Ubuntu channels start with #ubuntu-23:08
mneptokgouki: as #psubuntu is not an official channel, it's not the domain of the Ubuntu IRC Council.23:09
mneptok(of which i am not a member) ;)23:09
naliothgouki: i suggest goin with #ubuntu-ps3 also23:09
naliothor even <gasp> #ubuntu-ppc23:10
naliothwhich playstation3 runs on, yes?23:10
mneptoknalioth: the architecture differences are enough i can see wanting a dedicated channel. but yeah ...23:10
naliothmneptok: the powerpc port runs on the ps3, i believe23:11
naliothit also runs on the IBM big iron power5 procs23:11
mneptokPS3 = Cell23:11
* nalioth just doesn't want an #ubuntu-g5-ppc750 and an #ubuntu-g5-ppc-950 and so on23:11
naliothmneptok: yes, and Cell = powerpc23:11
goukinalioth: True23:11
mneptoknalioth: Power4, to be precise :)23:13
goukinalioth: I understand your point. But I still believe it would be good to have a separate channel for the PS port.23:13
goukiThere would topics of interest to PS3 owners and not PPC users. Documentation itself differs, etc.23:13
mneptokgouki: let's talk XMB with an iBook user.23:14
goukiIf we decide to go with #ubuntu-ps3, would we be allowed to do it? 23:18
goukimneptok, nalioth 23:20
Priceygouki, yes23:27
goukiPricey: Thank you23:40
mneptoknalioth: i reg'ed the channel until the council decides they want ownership23:55
naliothmneptok: you "good feeling of a job well done" feeling thief!23:56
mneptoknalioth: i'll probably be waiting when you come to bed, too. *wink*23:57

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