joebob777as7hey i've got a simple networking question... I am trying to make one of my boxes that has a static ip of access my network. my current interfaces file looks like this: http://pastebin.ca/90811703:45
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faulkes-what is the gateway to
ScottKfaulkes-: He's already gone.04:34
faulkes-ah, didn't see the signoff04:35
catenatewhen you talk about "ubuntu server" it really means the LTS version, right? are all the cool things with virtualization and the like only really happening against hardy so that once it comes out it'll be feature frozen until the next LTS?06:39
catenateor does all that move forward with every version as well?06:39
catenateI know this is kinda vague06:39
catenatemaybe I'll phrase the question better and put it on the mailing list06:41
CrummyGummyHi all, I've got a wierd problem I've seen way too often. I have a cron job starting a service that falls over too often (not ideal I know....) The cron job runs in init.d script that runs the service via start-stop-daemon, I have a PID file specified. The start script opens multiple instances of the service. Any one seen this before?08:24
avatar_CrummyGummy: try daemontools for keeping services running08:27
CrummyGummyavatar_: Thanks I'll look at that. is start-stop-daemon not recommended then? It really does seem to do wierd things sometimes.08:29
CrummyGummyavatar_: Also, is that the daemontools-installer package?08:32
avatar_CrummyGummy: daemontools license prevents ubuntu from including it in binary in the repo's08:38
CrummyGummycool, thanks.08:40
avatar_http://debit.bit.nl/ubuntu/ has the binary package08:40
_rubenavatar_: wonder if that's still the case .. "recently" the licence of qmail changed in that respect, and its from the same author08:45
avatar__ruben: can't find anything about the license change of qmail on http://cr.yp.to08:50
avatar__ruben: i've seen the rumors about the license change of qmail. But not about license change of daemontools08:52
_rubenand it could very well be that daemontools still has its old restrictive licence08:58
avatar__ruben: ah thnx09:01
avatar_hi zul12:06
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avatar_hardy at the desktop is running fine for weeks now12:42
avatar_maybe time to give hardy a try at my colocated server...12:42
avatar_welcome spiekey12:48
faulkes-hmmm, UDW starts today12:59
sorenIndeed it does.12:59
faulkes-well, I've already booked off time each day this week to attend13:00
faulkes-including your presentation on the virt stuff13:00
spiekeycan someone please verify is this authentification diagramm is correct? http://i31.tinypic.com/2gwgphf.jpg13:01
spiekeyi think samba does not actually contact nss at all.13:01
soren"authentification" is not a word.13:01
sorenit's called "authentication"13:02
spiekeyoh, thanks! :)13:02
avatar_hmm, upgrade from feisty to gutsy is braking for me with do-release-upgrade :(13:03
spiekeycome one soren....hit me! ;)13:07
sorenspiekey: I'm thinking :)13:08
sorenspiekey: Well, it's sort of right, but what's important to understand, I guess, is that pam and libnss is not separate services, but libraries.13:08
spiekeyoh yes. I got that13:10
sorenspiekey: i'll get back to you. I'm a bit busy right now :)13:17
spiekeyok, no problem. I will improve it and just send you the link. then you can have a look whenever you want13:18
spiekeysoren: http://i28.tinypic.com/sblzcl.jpg13:22
spiekeyi am really not sure about Samba <--> NSS13:22
youngmusicHi. I'm trying to migrate some fedora core servers to ubuntu. But i don't succeed in transferring all ldap records. More specific, my fedora ldap server used the additional schemes rfc822-MailMember, autofs and kerberosobject. The are RedHat schemas and there isn't a version for ubuntu, it seems. Does anyone have some experience with this?13:54
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sorenyoungmusic: You can just grab the schema definitions from your current ldap server and dump them on your new ubuntu one.13:56
youngmusicsoren: Thanks! That was obious. The reason i did not try that was because i tried to copy those schemas once from an older fedora version to a newer one, and they were not compatible. Apparently that isn't a problem anymore.14:00
sorenGreat! :)14:02
rooneyi have a two node cluster with ubuntu gutsy, with cman&clvm, when i boot the second machine it joins the cluster, but at the same time the kernel says panic and cman/clvm hangs and disconnects from the cluster14:24
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nox-HandGood day15:29
leonelit is15:29
nox-HandHow big a difference is there between ubuntu-server and ubuntu-standard? I am trying to find whether there is a difference, as I want only the -standard bit (a simple cli enviroment but with some comfy stuff with it, and apt)15:29
sorennox-Hand: Different kernel.15:30
sorennox-Hand: That's pretty much it.15:30
sorennox-Hand: ...and you can just replace that after installation, of course.15:30
nox-Handsoren: Ah. Then I think the server edition will fit me perfectly :)15:31
sorenOf course it will. It's awesome!15:31
nox-Handsoren: I run it on my server already :) Just a small home server, nothing big, but I love how Ubuntu JustWorks(tm) :)15:31
nox-HandUsed to run Gentoo and stuff, but why bother when Ubuntu is so simple but still advanced? =D15:32
sorenGlad to hear it!15:32
nox-Hand(advanced as in potential for expansion is huge!)15:32
nox-Handsoren: Danish, Swedish or Norwegian? Or am I mistaken :)15:32
sorenDanish :)15:32
henkjani'm just lovin ubuntu, but just got disappointend. my do-release-upgrade from feisty to gutsy realy broke my colocated server :(15:33
nox-HandSaadan skal det vaere :) -- but yeah, let's keep it International :)15:33
nox-Handhenkjan: Did you wish to downgrade to get the LTS version?15:34
sorenfeisty->gutsy is an upgrade.15:34
henkjannox-Hand: feisty->gutsy is an upgrade. Both no LTS15:34
sorenhenkjan: How did it break?15:34
nox-HandWhoops, sorryk, I read that as feisty to dapper :|15:34
* nox-Hand usually reinstalls instead of upgrades - I find it leaves trouble in trails for weeks to follow =]15:35
henkjansoren: segfaults while configuring lots of packages15:35
nox-Hand(with a few confi+app file + setting backups, it takes no time to reinstall :)15:36
henkjanand stopping with dpkg: too many errors, stopping15:36
henkjandpkg: ../../src/packages.c:252: process_queue: Assertion `!queuelen' failed.15:36
nox-Handapp list file*15:36
sorenAnything that breaks during an upgrade is considered a bug. The fact that you can upgrade is considered an important feature.15:36
sorenhenkjan: Erk... Scary looking :)15:36
nox-Handhenkjan: That does indeed look scary =|15:36
sorenhenkjan: Hm....15:37
nox-Handsoren: Indeed, it's a great feature for it to fix itself an upgrade so easily :)15:37
henkjandpkg --configure -a gives the same output15:37
sorenhenkjan: Hang on... Looking at code.15:38
henkjanit was a Xen Dom0 with Xen domU's on lvm.15:39
henkjanreinstalling a dom0 and powering up the domU's would be the easiest way to fix :)15:39
sorenhenkjan: Apart from that last assertion, what other errors are you seeing?15:41
soren(from dpkg, that is)15:41
henkjansoren: don't put to much effort in it. It just a private server to play with. Running some personal websites and most important screen+irssi :)15:46
sorenhenkjan: Is one of your disks full, by any chance?15:47
nox-Handhenkjan: Just make sure you get a backup of your files, perhaps /etc (or just the relevant configs), your /home , and a list of all apps installed on your server (there's a command to do this).15:47
nox-HandThen if you reinstall, then it'll be rather quick to restore :)15:47
nox-Handsoren: Good idea to ask that =D15:47
nox-Handhenkjan: df -h15:48
nox-HandThat shows it :)15:48
henkjanno full disks15:48
nox-Handhenkjan: Righto15:48
henkjannox-Hand: i know my way around on unix systems :)15:48
nox-Handhenkjan: Ok, apollogies :) Althoguh I do the same, I always assume people asking for help are newbies -- yet I ask tons of questions myself :|15:49
henkjani'm working at an isp (www.bit.nl) as unix engineer. OS of choice is ubuntu and we are running it at 150+ servers :)15:50
henkjannox-Hand: i'll do the reinstall on a new harddisk, so risk of losing data would be minimal15:52
nox-Handhenkjan: Spiffing :)15:52
pteagueanybody know of a good cli torrent app ?15:56
nox-Handpteague: I tried a few, but never did quite get my head much around them, so not really, no :| There is this new one out, Deluge, it has a Web UI, so maybe you can run it in cli and connect over Web UI?16:00
sorenWell, if basically everything is segfaulting, it could be memory corruption, or some of the basic libraries (libc6, libstdc++, libnss, or something like that) being corrupt.16:05
sorenIt's hard to tell as your debugging options are (clearly) limited.16:05
zulhi mathiaz16:06
mathiazhi soren ! & zul16:06
henkjansoren: corrupt libc6 is a good guess.16:06
mathiazhello nijaba !16:06
sorenhenkjan: Although, I'm curious why dpkg would even run at all if that were the case.16:06
* nox-Hand wonders -- what does one have to do to get a ubuntu member hostmask? =)16:07
sorenhenkjan: dmesg is silent, you say?16:07
sorennox-Hand: Become an Ubuntu member.. :)16:07
nijabahey mathiaz :)16:07
nox-Handsoren: Where do I sign up? =)16:07
henkjansoren: i've rebooted the server16:07
henkjansoren: if you're realy interested i could give you a shell on it :)16:08
sorenhenkjan: That could be fun.16:08
frame45can I use any regular box to setup an FTP server16:44
frame45I was given an older box with an AMD 1.4Ghz and 512Mb Ram16:45
henkjandepends on the traffic volume16:45
henkjanbut a box with that specs should run fine16:46
frame45just personal use- me and a couple of friends16:46
frame45do i need to load Ubuntu Sever edition or Desktop edition?16:47
mok0frame45: doesn't matter16:49
mok0frame45: if you need desktop environment use the desktop16:49
mok0frame45: if the box does not have a monitor, use the server16:49
mok0frame45: screen16:50
mok0frame45: We don't have monitors on our servers16:50
mok0frame45: only if there's a problem :)16:51
frame45so do you just ssh into it to use it?16:51
mok0frame45: yep16:51
mok0frame45: actually: to configure it.16:51
frame45sweet, I'd like to set it up for an FTP via HTTP and a file/backup server for my home network.16:52
mok0Your amd box will be great for ftp server.16:52
mok0frame45: Just make sure the bios setting is such that the box can boot without monitor and keyboard16:52
frame45do i need to hook up a monitor keyboard to load the Ubuntu server edition16:53
mok0frame45: I usually hook up a monitor, mouse & keyboard when setting the system up16:53
mok0frame45: once its running, you can disconnect them and shove your box into a corner :-)16:54
mok0frame45: ... and access only via ssh16:54
frame45does it work like... ssh then when i'm in use sudo apt-get install...16:55
mok0frame45: yeah16:55
mok0frame45: it's just like a term16:56
mok0apt-get update etc16:56
mok0frame45: linux is perfect for your project16:56
frame45so if i want to access my FTP from my Ubuntu Laptop @ work do i need to open ports 20-21 on my router16:58
mok0frame45: are you running a firewall on your router?16:58
frame45dunno just a buffalo wireless-g router standard config w/wep 128bit16:59
mok0ftp is bad with firewalls because it opens up all kinds of port numbers16:59
mok021 is only for the initial request16:59
frame45is SFTP any beter?16:59
faulkes-frame45: you would be better off with sftp or scp16:59
mok0frame45: I think yes16:59
frame45what is SCP?16:59
mok0frame45: but why not just http?17:00
frame45sure that's good for me just don't know how/17:00
mok0frame45: scp is copy via ssh17:00
faulkes-frame45: a less interactive version of sftp17:00
faulkes-scp host1:/path/to/file host2:/path/to/newfile etc.17:00
faulkes-instead of issuing gets17:01
mok0frame45: Set up an apache2 server17:01
mok0frame45: Put the files you want to distribute in DocumentRoot17:01
frame45mok0: seems like alot of work?17:01
mok0frame45: ? apt-get install apache217:02
mok0frame45: you said you wanted http17:02
mok0frame45: set up your box first, then come back here and ask :-)17:03
frame45mok0: ok using apache2 and http can i create user login's?17:03
mok0frame45: you create user logins using the tools in the system menu... I guess you do want to hook up a monitor17:04
frame45thansk for the help i'm just trying to scope it out before i start on it.17:04
mok0frame45: not much work after the box is installed17:05
mok0frame45: good luck with it17:06
frame45I loaded ubuntu server on a similar box didn't know what i was doing and i didn't understand the command line so i loaded ubuntu desktop on it and gave it to a friend17:06
mok0frame45: still your friend :-)17:06
mok0frame45: put the desktop version on it.17:06
mok0frame45: then you can use all the nice sysadm gui tools17:07
frame45does apache2 and everything work the same under gui17:08
mok0frame45: I configure apache by editing the config files... I think there is a gui but I've never used it17:09
mok0OK gotta go ,see you later17:10
frame45i have read some stuff about port forwarding. is this what I need to do to make this box accessable via ssh and FTP/HTTP17:11
faulkes-frame45: yes17:12
faulkes-however, note that with FTP, most clients will attempt to use PASSV when initially connecting, in a port forwarded situation, it will cause the client to hang17:13
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frame45ok once I do that how do I get to it?  example:
faulkes-this is due to the fact that PASSV sends back the IP of the server to the client, internally on your network, that's usually something like 192.168.1.XXX, however, externally, the client see's the WAN IP17:13
frame45how do i find my WAN IP17:14
faulkes-frame45: if you port forward pory 80 to your linux box (which is running apache), you treat it like you would any normal browser request17:14
faulkes-frame45: if you log into your router, typically under a status section, it will tell you17:15
faulkes-remember that WAN IP's on cable/dsl type systems are in general, dynamically assigned17:15
frame45ok, is the WAN IP my gateway? or is that my router's IP17:15
faulkes-so you may wish to investigate using a service such as dyndns.org17:15
frame45I'm pretty sure that my WAN IP is Static17:16
faulkes-internally, your network probably sees the gateway address as 192.168.1.XXX or some such17:16
faulkes-externally (the WAN IP) is assigned by the provider, I couldn't tell you if it's dynamic or static17:17
frame45thanks for the info, I am new to linux I've only been messing with it since Sep-Oct 0717:20
faulkes-we were all new at one point17:20
frame45I really like it though. Just the fact that I can make my own Server for free (all I have to do is learn how)17:21
frame45the community is really great so far I just started using IRC like a week ago, and I have already got freat info from alot of people17:23
nox-Handsoren: How do I install the standard Ubuntu kernel now then?17:32
faulkes-you mean the -generic kernel?17:32
zulapt-get install linux-generic17:33
faulkes-sudo apt-get install linux-generic ;)17:34
nox-HandCheers, that was easy :P17:34
nox-HandFigured I'd need kernel name and stuff, version, etc17:34
faulkes-you can do it that way, however it's more complex, iirc, the linux-* are meta packages which contains all the associated requirements17:37
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sergevnDoes anyone has any experience with installing Ubuntu server on IBM x345 Series18:34
faulkes-I've installed linux on x330's but not ubuntu specifically19:08
sergevnfaulkes-: and the raid driver worked out of the box?19:09
faulkes-on the x330? iirc yes19:10
faulkes-what raid card is the 345 using?19:10
* faulkes- !'s zul19:11
sergevnill look it up, sec, i know it's serveraid19:11
sergevnsome version19:11
faulkes-more importantly, what does ubuntu think the card is ;)19:12
sergevnwell at the installation it couldnt find any drives19:14
sergevni prefer ubuntu, because it's going to be a vmware host platform19:15
faulkes-we would need more information to diagnose what the problem is19:19
faulkes-vendor/model of the card, drives, etc.19:20
iclebytewhich group should users be in to allow them to su to root?19:41
iclebytei thought so19:42
iclebyteunknown group wheel19:43
krautthat's the default. you could put your own in the suders if you want to19:43
iclebyteyea i thought about that but i wanted to keep the system 'inline with ubntu standard'19:43
sergevnfaulkes-: i dont have the server right here tough :(19:57
faulkes-that makes it rather hard to diagnose, I would say lookup what the default x345 ships with from ibm's site19:59
nxvl_workanyone knows where is mathiaz?19:59
faulkes-near as I can narrow it down19:59
nijabaserver team intro by mathiaz in #ubuntu-classroom -> now20:01
sergevnfaulkes-: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/4730/20:03
sergevnfrom detailed spec. sheet for the x345, gives not much :S20:04
faulkes-google search "linux ibm x345" which will turn up a wealth of information20:10
faulkes-the first is a bios update20:10
faulkes-in addition, this page, which contains guides20:11
faulkes-although no ubuntu specific, I imagine they have useful information for you20:11
faulkes-mathiaz: good talk21:44
faulkes-oh, are the UDW talks being recorded somewhere?21:53
faulkes-I missed the packaging one and it's unlikely I can attend the one on friday21:53
mathiazfaulkes-: thanks.21:57
soneilfaulkes-, follow the linked sessions from https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuDeveloperWeek   those past link to logs21:57
mathiazfaulkes-: yes - there should be put online21:57
mathiazfaulkes-: /there/they/21:58
nxvl_workif a bug has been fixed on upstream, how do i mark the bug? as fix commited?23:20

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